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The Mary Morris Murders. October 2000. Houston, Texas. A woman drives to work one morning before 6am. Later that day her supervisor called her house to ask where she was. At 5pm, police arrive at the scene of a burned up Chevy Lumina with the remains of a body inside. Just a few days later, another woman calls a friend to say that someone at a drugstore was making her nervous. Within 15 minutes she would make a disturbing call to 911. Then she disappeared. The next morning she would be found in her car. She had been beaten and shot in the head. The families of the two women, as well as detectives, would be baffled by the similarities between the two cases. Particularly the fact that both women were named Mary Morris... This episode was sponsored by Third Love. http://thirdlove.com/genwhy See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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there too rsvp tonight's case is referred to as the merry morris slayings, or that mary morse murders and in a nutshell, there are two women that live in the houston, area that are named Mary morris ones.
at thirty nine, the other ones. Forty eight and one is murdered, found in her car, which has been burned and the second one will be found, beaten and shot in her car three days later. So the probability of two women named Mary morris being murdered in a less than a week's time in the same general area is pretty grant and that's why this case has so much attention to people. Think there's a lot more foul play. People think that these crimes are very much connected. So, let's jump right in the first
Mary, who was murdered on october, twelfth two thousand. She lives and bade him bay town is its in the gulf coast, region of texas and its within thirty minutes of houston by car. But it's in the use, Houston metropolitan area. It's just on the coast, and she's lived there for five years with her husband, they ve built a house there together she's going to work that morning at a bank. Yes, she's were dead, chase bank for fifteen years or so, and her husband, J morris wachter out to the car.
and as she drove away, he noticed that she was heading towards the gas station, but he said that he expected her to go directly to work after going to the gas station and the gas station was like off to the right, whereas normally her her work would be off to the left. But you know people gotta get gas in the morning on their way to work possibly or she could have stopped to get coffee or who knows what so, he assumes that she drives to work it's his habit, to make calls to or throughout the day to checking with her and talk with her, he can't reach her throughout the day at two p m, her supervisor calls but doesn't ident by herself, and she asked to speak with Mary. Jane is revised, that she's at work. This, the information that out there- and this is the first of information where I said ha, because if I'm the supervisor
and I have a very reliable employ whose for some reason not at work in the house, been saying: oh shit, at work, which is a normal response because he watched her leave in the morning. So you know but it's confusing to me because one and he hasn't been able to reach her all day. and to the supervisor, Who knows you supposed to be at work, but it's going to find out. She actually is and is being told, no she's a work at that point. Say no, I'm her supervisor and she's not been here all day. How come this conversation doesn't happen. She just let it drop. In short, this makes no sense to me at all. None, I think her husband's response is normal. So but he just calls he doesn't know it's her supervisor rights is mary there and he says no she's at work that that's normal there's. Nothing suspicious about
why her supervisor doesn't ask a follow up question. Maybe she thinks I don't want to get involved. Maybe she thinks well she's not at work, but maybe she's doing something else that she shouldn't be. You know whatever, but at the same time maybe she's hurt and in a hospital, maybe she's in harm's way so let's do a follow up question which doesn't seem to happen. There is no information that she's ever skip down on work before and so I think when you have someone that you worked with a long time and that you, you feel you know pretty well, you need soon there's a problem instead of just saying oh there's a character issue here, maybe she's off somewhere, she shouldn't be. There should have been concerned
in and well she's not at work, so we should figure this out this. This isn't happening. So this whole phone call is just a waste. We just know that she never made it to work. Well, I'm just saying that the first thing that popped out at me when I was reading about this that there is some disconnect here, for whatever reason her husband doesn't say. Who were you? Why are you asked about her, have you been trying to reach her? He spoke to her every day when she was at work several times a day, so he can't reach her at all that day. There just should be more questions here then I is Mary there, no she's a work? Ok, thank you. I don't! I don't follow him too much, but I do fault the superbowl I'm going to fall both of him if he could have at least asked who they were
Well, there's a lot more stupid or things that happen. In this case, I left my hang too long on this. One is a problem for me: she's not there. She doesn't come home. So now the husband is a little freaked out and he we calls the bank so because the bank any ass for Mary and they say she's not in here at all today? Now he calls police. He also calls his stepdaughter Marilyn Marilyn Blaylock, who is not. his daughter, but it is married, daughter and on five p m. He is filling out a missing persons report and, at the same time, a call comes in
a burned out car in a remote area. Now this car was somebody had reported it that morning at around ten something, but nobody responded to it because they assumed it was burning, leaves or branches or do somebody. You know burning brush, cause it's texas, so they didn't actually go and investigate this car. because they didn't know as car until much later right. So as best we can tell it was burning from tens, thing in the morning somewhere between ten. and twenty the morning until it now or until five p m, when the authorities got there, so it burned alive time, but we know that whatever happened happened between six a m and ten and the location is remote area is just three miles from her house exact.
but it's three miles the other direction from the the direction she would have needed to take to get to work yeah so we can assume that may be at the gas station. Something happened. She was abducted, something and they took her to this other area that just assumption speculation right because we don't know if if she got there around six and then people that something is burning around ten twenty. It is the law time for her to be on for and then suddenly, this vehicle is burning now they find the vehicle and their are able to identify it. As her vehicle it her car as a chevy, lumumba. It so badly burned and she's so badly scorched that
I need to use her teeth to identify her, so she's been abducted taken to this remote area and lots of gasoline or some sort of accelerant has been poured into the car and on the car and has been set ablaze. It's not a mystery for three days who it was, but it takes three days to confirm that the body in the vehicle was Mary, Henderson morris and is there anything missing off of mary They say that her wedding ring is missing; they couldn't find it. We don't know of any thing else was missing because well it probably got burned up in the fire october. Twelve is the day that she went missing the same day that she's found he's found later that day on october, sixteenth, her daughter, maryland blaylock calls the matter well examiners, office too. About our mothers jury and,
this whole, they will be ready to be picked up when they finished preparing mare for her funeral, which freaks her out because They have already buried her mother, so now she thinks they had the wrong body. She Why don't think she knows what their talk I mean it's so confusing she just thinking. This is impossible because my moms ready buried, and then we come to find out as this. She that body there referring to is that of Mary miguel this morris, who was a nurse practitioner and his aged thirty, nine, a completely
different mary morris, but I'm mary morris nonetheless and she's been killed in her car the day before when they find her. I think it's a truck driver finds her car. It's a tow truck driver, tow truck driver, there's blood in the car, the passenger side door is left, ajar or open, and there is a gun in the car and she's been shot in the head later. An autopsy confirmed that she was more than likely gagged, possibly bound and beaten before she was shot. The gun happens to be her gun, we'll get into that little bit later, and it is alleged that this scene appears to be made to look like a suicide. I can kind of buy that it's her gun and it's in the car.
Er, but at the same time I think well, if somebody just took her gun and shot her or beat her and shot her and then ran off. I don't know if they really put that much effort into making it look like a suicide. Now I, when you read about this, it doesn't come across as a suicide at all. I don't know where they came up with that, because the passenger side door is open yeah. Why is that and then, like you said, if she's appeared to have been bound, gagged and eaten who commit suicide ever binding gagging themselves an end in themselves and then beating themself it doesn't make. Any sense now appears to be suicide. Maybe if you walked up and all you saw was a gun and you saw they were shot had once maybe, but You still have that door ajar, I just don't understand that at all. I dont understand this. It's on
is single article, a news story where it says it appears to be a you know they made it appear to be an apparent suicide, and I'm just thinking. Nobody is that dumb and it could have just been a very rushed murder. They used her gun on her and then left the car yeah background, and on Mary mcguinness morris. She was aged thirty nine. She had been married for seventeen years to MIKE Morris. She drove a what appears to be a brand new dodge intrepid and make a mess did not get along. Apparently, in fact, he was suspicious that she may have been having an affair on him and he would confront her and person, and they were both deny it to hear him say it. It sounds as though he took them at their word. You said that they appeared to be sincere, now. He did report her missing to police and to family and friends. So
he got the word out- that she was missing. and she goes missing on october- fifteenth, which is a sunday- Let's go over what was happening here, she drives out to visit her friend Lori Gemmell and gives her a flu shot, because Mary is a nurse practitioner and then she has some airlines to run post office grocery store whatever and then She heads over to this occurred drugstore, but while she's there she calls lorry gamble and says: there's a guy, that's creeping me out here now law every day in our she says that the way she took it was. It was just a matter of fact. Statement like this guy get me the creeps, not that she's freaked out, but hey this sort of stood out to me that this person is
is looking at me, funnier whatever following me: whatever it may be right, it's giving other creeps, but it is more. I'm just gonna, get out of here now Oh my god, you need to call the police They like that. I Think a lot of women probably have this conversation with their girlfriends. All the time where they're like The others is creeper here at the banker at the grocery store. I'm sure this is some. what normal but creepy enough that she feels the need to mention it toward, but she doesn't say who the person is. She doesn't say that she knew Then what we don't really know because she's on the phone with lorry in this conversation isn't recorded. So all we have to go by is whenever lorry tells us yet,
And this is where some of the information is kind of fuzzy. Yo yo read about this case and some people report that lorry was told that it looked like a friend of a co worker, so a town that day she's running errands. She gives her friend a flu shot. She calls her friend reports a creepy guy and then later she calls nine one if we assume, when she's being attacked or abducted right that much. We know right because its twelve minutes after her call with laurie that she places the name one call they say that normal one collars chilling theirs. To cover here. But let's talk about the coworker real quick before we talk about what happens after the echo drugstore, she has a co worker who she and having issues with at work. Dwayne young,
Dwayne young is one of the suspects in the case. When you read up on this, and apparently he goes to work and starts banging on windows and yelling for Mary and he's asked to leave Now some say that because of the scene, city was making that they fired him, but dwayne, whose very active on line about this case says that he never made a big in and that he had already put in his two weeks and that some he was asked to leave, but he didn't cause a big scene. We have a contradiction here, You watch unsolved mysteries and all these tv shows and stuff they will say, he's making a scene. Family members and lorry will say that he was creeping around at work and ITALY's creepy things and wayne will say it's all bs this This vote is brought to you by peacock bridge
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Fifteen million members who are already saving star all your shopping at racket and outcome or get the rackets an app to start saving. Today, that's racket in our aid, hey, you t e dot com Now there was an incident at their workplace that, I guess you could say, did disturbed Mary and what was that there was a note that was left on her desk. That said, death to her So you could see how that would disturber, because things have been said at work they weren't getting along its. It said that She was getting along with everybody else at work. She had no issues so when this note shows up in the one. And she's having issues with its is going to be assumed that he wrote the note and left it for her to be a jerk. Dwayne is apparently a nursing manager, so it just is it's an uneasy situation, and if you have something like this, where it says
to her honor das, thick that that's pretty inflammatory and we don't know if he left that message there, but but it's threatening and also its threatening, and I think the idea here and- and I believe this is the reason- why is as we go along just. We both found at all family members from Mary mcguinness that have posted about this case. They seem to be very suspicious of dwayne in this whole situation. So I think this is why I think it's because they can point to that and say death to her and then you have the sky in twain young who is acting strangely and then after the murder he's all? for the internet posting about the case and pointing fingers at times So it's sort of like that, but he didn't really get active until after the unsolved mysteries tv show in a got poppy,
Well, yes, in the way he tells it is that he didn't agree to do an interview with unsolved mysteries. so unsolved mysteries throughout the idea that he had caused a big commotion at the workplace and that he was fired for it. That's one of the things that right him out was he wanted to clear that up and he says that he didn't cause a big scene and that he attempted to clarify things with unsolved mysteries. They, basically several that's what you give for not doing an interview with us now, that's obviously his word by tall here said that happens if several people in this case, in another thing I wanted to mention about dwayne- is accordingly. Let me put in his two weeks, but then whether or not this incident happens, they tell him to go employer can do that. You put in your notice and they can tell you to leave right then, and there now technically
we're obligated to fulfill paying you for those last two weeks. If they tell you to leave early so otherwise that you're technically fired and they have to pay you unemployment. So if they don't want you around they'll just pay for those. Last two weeks and walk you out the door, but we can't firm. Whether or not this incident happened. All we have is unsolved. history saying it did and dwayne saying it didn't dwayne, claims he has witnesses that would back up his aversion that's, but also we don't really know when he put his two weeks in if he did now, we don't so it didn't ass. I have to be that day. So with Mary mcguinness, she at a a ring that she wore all the time. They said it's missing when they recover her body. They also say that her purse is missing
Later on, they will find that she had a calling card over two thousand dollars worth of calls are made on this calling card and in their able to track those down to galveston Texas somewhere outside of Houston too, a sixteen year old teenager when they questioned her about it. She says she found the purse at a convenient marked and just took it now you find a wallet whatever it is weird I've. Never again convenience store, convenient, marked same thing. They ask her were the purses and she said she gave it to her, neighbor. The police go and recover the purse. Now the police are there because they were tracking, marries phone card and activity on it. That's how they got here to this sick,
in your old house. It's not just randomly. They showed up meaner, whatever. marries family will claim that this person doesn't exist or this purse never. But long to her, the kind of go back on on the issue. It does exist and there was a calling card that was used so its kind a weird coincidence. I dunno it's just it's something that happened and the neighbor that had the purse gave the purse back to the police, and it's pretty obvious that these you know the sixteen year old girl and her neighbor are not in any way connected to this murder. It kind of reminds me of that whole scene and like the big lebowski when they find the homework and in his car, and they go and start screaming at this kid and doing stuff. It's there's no connection here. Meanwhile, MIKE
Once he finds out his wife's missing, he does call unreported and do the regular motions that you would expect when the police go to question him. he says not without my lawyer. People have a lot of problems with this. They think. Well, if he's worried about his wife, he would want to help the injured the in any way he can. Why would he lawyer up immediately while I kind of undressed? and why he would. I don't think it's that suspicious, but his lack of me innovation or interest for any one to four and his wife after this point does seem suspicious to me. I don't take his. I won't speak to you without a lawyer present as an thing myself, it only seems to matter when you added up to other things yeah, but on its own way
say it all the time you need a lawyer up, you're, just not qualified teachers, not qualified he's also. It's also said that he refused to take a polygraph test. I have my own opinions on polygraph, but you know if he truly, has nothing to do with this and at at at it I, why? Wouldn't he do that people have huge problems with this? I me not so much now he has a daughter. Their daughter katie will end up inheriting a life insurance policy, but the whole allegation with this case was
Mike was supposed to inherit it if you watch unsolved mysteries or a lot of other shows on this they're going to point you at duane as a suspect or they're, going to point you at mike as a suspect, his his motive being either he's going to have his wife killed for insurance money or he's having his wife killed, because he just hates her and wants out of the marriage, and when you put that together, he was having his wife killed, so we hired a hitman the hit man got the two marries confused, killed the wrong one and then corrects the situation and comes back and kills mary mcguinness. Those of the theories yet which, if you watch the tv, shows that's how they spent the first mary. Murder was an accident, but ice identity as a botched hit. They got the wrong person and then this.
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com forward, slash g e n, w h y. Another thing that comes up- and this is a big point of contention for you writer and is the ring that Mary Mcginnis was wearing, is missing. Well, the daughter ends up having it. How does she get this ring? This is the whole theory is when you have a hitman kill your wife. He will take the wedding ring off of her finger when he, after he's, killed her and give that back to you as proof that he's done the job, so this may not have been her wedding ring, but it was ring on her finger and she wore all the time and now all of a sudden, MIKE's daughters wearing this ring, was she wearing it? That day did she leave it at the house.
Michael say: oh well, we found the ring it was at the house. She didn't have it on that day. Right! Yes, who knows our friend saw that MIKE's daughter was wearing the ring. Common knowledge, I think that the ring had been taken out no one has even explain this since then. The explanation is the ring was at the house and now she's just wearing it. Let's talk about the things that were forgotten, possibly amongst these two cases so the first mary morris that died. She forgot herself on that day. She left it at the house, If you believe MIKE not saying he saying that she forgot the ring, but if she, according to others virtually war. This ring every day. That would be a forget right and, of course, both
these women were found to be in the opposite direction of their work. Just interesting notes there amongst the two cases. Now the last thing that people claim as the smoking gun with mike is, he called marries phone the day that she went missing. There is a four minute conversation that happens logged on her phone record. Now, if you take the time of the murder and the time of the phone call spot a two hours difference of after she spoke been murdered, people think that he called her cell phone and talk to the hitman cause. Who else would have answered the phone if marries deceased? Now we go back,
two, how accurate is the phone log at the time. I know a few call a number and hang up. Sometimes it automatically logs it for one minute. If you call and let it ring- and it just keeps ringing technically, you could let a phone ring for a full minute or two. I don't know if you're letting it ring for four minutes, though that's a long time. I have problems with that. Why did he call this number and who did he talk to michael claim that it's a glitch in the phone company's system and they got the time wrong now, supposedly at the time that was murdered.
Husband MIKE, was at the movies with their daughter, seeing urban legends too. Well, that's if you believe dwayne, because again dwayne is all over the internet with all kinds of comments. Accusations theories. So if you read his comments and you read the comments of the relative I find it interesting that everyone's focused on twain, and yet here you have a husband who somehow This ring that he says was missing and out they ve got it, and he also makes a call that is logged as completed yeah. A four minute called that's consider completed, which means that someone had to
picked it up right. I mean your voicemails not going to run for four minutes who would really stay on the line for for that long? So it really doesn't make any sense. So it's just a complete mystery. I guess but MIKE's not looked at much by the family. They believe him I don't think he had anything to do with this, when you have to people that aren't getting along and its well known that their having marital issues, usually the family starts looking at the spouse right away. Yeah because there's your motive they're not getting along. Ok, I'm done with it and some people as we know, don't get divorced. They kill. they don't want to pay alimony. They don't wanna, for whatever reason they don't see away out so murders the option. In their twisted mind, they don't see an easy way out.
I only say that the family seems to take mike side because There are very active on social media and if you read their comments, most of them seem to point the finger at dwayne, not say Dwayne did this, but their common, sir, very they insinuate, dwayne could be investigated, and I dont see at least in my research that many comments towards mike- and I don't know if this is because they he's family. So therefore they don't want him to see it, but Dwayne just some random guys, so they don't care or if they truly do bullied mike had nothing to do with this. Let's talk about the theory here that it was a.
It gone wrong in that the first marry was a mistake and the second mary was the actual hit that needed to be done, for whoever was arranging it. This seems to be the most popular theory and I'll go with this theory, because I I like this theory, it's the one that I kind of with. For this to work, though, you have to assume that this hit was arranged such a way that the husband, if you're, going with husband as the killer are released, the person arranged the hit didn't have direct access to the actual hitman, because we I would like the whole explanation. There is why what we say this is my wife. Here's a photo of her and here's the car she drives and here's where she works. Those are three very basic pieces of information that any hidden
and should have or here's where you can lie in wait for because shall be here at this time. Yeah there's nothing like that. The two marries lived a good distance apart. I think what like forty seven minutes apart close to forty minutes apart, so if he's asking someone put a hit out on his wife something's lost in translation. There, that's a big, that's a big miss and that's why all of the detectives that have spoken out on this case say this is a coincidence because we can't find in it. between the two cases other than the women, do look a little similar views squint they both mary morris, which is the main thing that everyone points out there, both that they have the same name.
But other than that, how does this hit go wrong? That that's the problem? Is it the hits? Probably one of the the most botched worst things ever so either a he's not given the hitman any information. Besides, I want this person dead, her name's mary morris and she lives in this area. General area no address nothing or be the middlemen and well it's just like this. The it we ve seen movies that happens real life. It could be a simple as any drugs by it. I dont know how to get drugs, but I someone who seem shady enough that they might know someone who can get me drugs, so you where this other person is a hey man. Is there any way I can get this, oh, I know a guy or I can find out which it'll be. Can you get me something sure sure that person heads off now? That's a risky because you don't know this other person at all, and you probably don't know this
intermediary person very well either see. I know this is the path. Pillar theory, but I'm having trouble accepting it, because I agree with the detectives. Even the worst hit. Man can't really get her identity wrong because we're talking about specific towns. Now we keep saying Houston, but this is the Houston metropolitan. area? They live indifferent towns for them to get that wrong, where you have the wrong car diversion the wrong age. None of this makes any sense at all, so In the worst hit man's I mean you'd think if they screw up they'll screw up by not murdering the person but not by murdering the wrong person. I mean. Why would the guy do he just went and grabbed a phone book and looked up Mary Morris's and like terminator and going down the list? I wonder who the first mary wasn't list and if it was even mary, lou Henderson morris right
So in the movie, the terminator, he looks it up and you know it's Sarah Connor, that's it I get so he goes around killing the different sir Connor's because he knows he has to get rid of Sarah Connor, so he just takes them all out as best as he can. In this case, you have two different mary Morris's and to me they live
are enough apart their different enough that there is no way that some wicked screw this up. I don't think so. Anyway, I think it's possible, but is somebody's hiring a hitman to have somebody killed. I'm sorry, but dwayne, the creepy coworker he's not hiring a hip person to take out a coworker, that's just unfounded. To me. This is a completely ludicrous. It's just dumb dwayne didn't hire. Somebody to killer if domains that unstable and messed up, I would just assume he would do it himself, but we don't know if you d wanes unstable or anything fact. I've read most of his posts online. He sounds like you just upset that he's been, you know dragged through the mud and been vilified. Meanwhile, I could see a husband or a spouse hiring somebody whether they believe that their cheating, whether that they
get out of the marriage collect on insurance. I can see that I can buy that if death case. There are a lot of holes in this that don't make sense such as they got the wrong marry, so they gave no information. He just posted a craigslist ad with I want this person dead and some random person just grabbed it and ran with it like it. Just doesn't add up greatly to me. but I could see it happening possibly well. One of the things I think that throws this case off is that with the first mary Mary Henderson Morris they safe at a great marriage. Now She was married for a much her time then Mary mcguinness morris, remember, Mary Henderson Morris was married for five years and Mary mcguinness Morris had been
for seventeen years. Anybody who spend married fur seven to ten twelve years. They know it can get rough at times. Now, five years in that still pretty gravy at that point right, but you would think for most people. I think but and I'm not saying this is what went down. This is just another theory that I'm surprised hasn't been talked about. What, if both husbands wanted their wives dead, have ye? It's it's a possibility, think about it. He walked her out to the car, and then he watched her drive to the gas station. If something happened, stewart's at the gas station right is that most likely yeah
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they, there is no link that they can find between the two cases. There's just coincidence, people are trying to make sense they just like. When you see dalia when used, a cloud up in the sky. Your minds as oh, that looks like a bunny rabbit, but it's not a bunny, your mind will try to make sense of things we need and seemed to make sense, so I'm saying it said of this crazy, man theory which to me still seems far fetched because We don't have any evidence that he contacted a hitman and believe me. They come through records. In my mind, you could have just two different matter. Murdering their wives or You could have an opportunistic killing where man, murders, ameri morris and then the who has been thinking about it says a merry morris, was murdered. I
a merry morris that I want taken out and if he kills her, then it throws the whole thing off now wait a minute. This is so weird. How do you have to we're dead Mary Morris's in less than a week. I dunno, if somebody would give it that much forethought myself. There is another one, that's been murdered, so I'm gonna kill my wife. I I just think it's either they were both randomly murdered. Somebody was just Targeting women in their cars I mean, do we know how many other women were targeted in their cars in that area I mean, if there's fifty other people that were murdered, that much in their cars on their way to work. Are there really any indications that there was robbery as part of the motive here? Well, that's. The thing is on the first mary. We can't tell because it was burned up
ever mention that as they they say that? Well, they probably wasn't. The motivation cause doesn't appear, anything was stolen, whereas the second mary, the purse was stolen but would I dont see robbery as a motive for the first mary, because Ok, I want to rob you. I'm gonna, take your purse or I want to do something I want to do whatever and then I'm going to douse you and gasoline and set you aflame. That to me was very intentional. Whoever was doing that meant to do that. The second one could have been possible if you want to go there, bad thing, okay! Well, I got the wrong one. So now I'm doing the the right one, but I'm not going to put as much time into it, I'm not going to douse the place or whatever, because I don't have the time while the the fire would take less time. I think because the actual beating which
longer if your binding someone up gagging them in beating them, I would think that would take longer than splashing a bunch of gasoline on a car and setting out fire. That's the idea of the second. I was slightly more rush because they had to make up for it and I get I get why people think it's up a hit gone wrong, but I do Mary mcguinness when she was found. with her own gun. The reason why she had a gun on her was because she started carrying a gun a couple of weeks earlier. She says, or at least her family says she was creeped out by dwayne, and that is the reason why she was carrying a gun. We don't know she might have been planning to get this gun for a long time and just started carrying it. We don't know of duane, was the reason for this. Also, we don't know the scheme of things. If the hit man
whoever killed her knew she had a goner or if this person that was that killed her just randomly attacked her and then she pulled the gun out or the gun was brandished in some way and she was overpowered and then the gun was used on her, but she had a gun and she'd been carrying it. One more detail about mike was ass, you're. The tragedy mike started receiving phone calls from an unknown number, and somebody was asking if Mary was there. If Mary was home, he would say no. He reported these calls to the police. Who then said give him our number, which was a share, it's department number, so, the next time the person called he said, here's her number! If you want to reach her and he claims that this unknown caller says oh yeah right and then he never hears from him again. Some people say
Hours the the hit man calling, say well, it's just somebody messing with him he's just somebody that are the show in his messing with them. I dont know so this unknown collar the day they trace it to an apartment, building but it doesn't really go anywhere from their gates. of like they drop at that point, so I dont know if they investigated people in the apartment building and then came up empty or what there's no information there If you go online, you can find wayne comments a lot out. Their people have a lot of problems with him doing this. They think it makes him look very creepy. Unsuspicious I've read most of his comments. One I dont know Dwayne had anything to do with this and the again, if you think, Dwayne had something to do with this, then you gotta taken to go the full length of dwayne. Now the guy that hired a hit man and that hit man patch the
Mary and then followed up with the second mary. I I don't buy that or the other way to look at it is, if you believe, Dwayne is responsible Mary mcguinness, his murder. Then it is coincidence that, to marry I get it in the same week, because there's no connection there would be no can because he wouldn't get the wrong mary. No now dwayne has made accusatory comments towards lorry witches marries friend that she saw the day she went missing. She gave her the flu shot an she called from the echo drugstore and lorry is one of the more vocal people that goes after dwayne. If you go out and read, these peoples and you'll see a lot of accusations thrown at each other, dwayne says that he has proved that lorry did it, but just not enough yet to get her convicted.
And lorry will save things like well. This is the suspicious actions of dwayne. I think that dwayne probably got a bad shake on unsolved mysteries and some of these tv shows and he's is actively trying to just go against it? I don't think he's out suspicious. I think of him in lorries. Shenanigans at each other are just two people having a social media war with each other. I dont know what lorries motive would be killing her friend. I am this. doesn't make any sense. You have no motive there like. Why would lower he be the one having a hit on Mary just Add up, so I dont really take anything that dwayne says online about
laurie being be the murder very seriously, and I actually dont think that most of lorries accusations are that serious either. I just think these two people are now blaming each other and accusing each other. the little childish at times. So I am against the grain here. I dont think that this is a botched hit, I don't know what the answer is, but again, like I said you could have two different men wanting to killer wives the second one could have been opportunistic just because Mary Morris already died. If you think about it, the fact that these two died is definitely throwing the families off yeah. I'm not saying it is a coincidence. I'm saying that's just the way I would lean. I think it most likely is coincidence, other people would say there's possibly in
oh here with these women at times are being abducted or the way there being abducted and then killed somewhere else, but I just don't think it's coincidence, somehow orphans, a coincidence. It's more like opportunity, so one mary Morris dies that could have been a random killing. Someone could have attacked her and taken her away and then the next killing of the other mary Morris was hey. I've been wanting to do this. I can do it now and then it'll be taken care of the real question. Here is what would we think
if we were able to hear the nine one one call which apparently includes Mary mcguinness morris being abducted, being attacked, some people say murdered, but I dont think she was murdered at that point who knows, but if she was if she showed signs of being beaten and gagged and tied up possibly, I would think that would take some time. I just think we could hear that call it might affect what we think, but the authorities. Never. Release the call, so we can't hear it proves this creepy guy. She saw this went down pretty quickly and many would assume that person attacked. Her was the person who was in the drugstore which, if that's Oh, it's not like she said. Oh, it was MIKE or dwayne. or dwayne she didn't name any names there are. Some accusations are some suggestions out there that it was a friend of dwiggins, but that's not enough, me because we don't see that everywhere. So
I don't even know how that started. That could be more jests mug being slung around if she It's you someone she recognized. I live. I would think that we would have a name by now. If it happened within twelve minutes over call with lorry, then what happened in those twelve minutes? It may at least from what lorries said that she was going to get out of there and get away. So how does she and at making- and I want one call twelve minutes later- whither along lie in the store and how come? No one saw anything this thus it was sponsored by third love third low, Twenty four seventy shirt bra is the most comfortable bra you'll ever own, its meda. Super soft memory, found that multi or shape and truly gives you the perfect fit. they're going to let our listeners try this bra for free for thirty days. If you love it, keep it and they'll charge your card. If you don't love it send it back, and your card will now.
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