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The Night Stalker Part 1. April, 1984. Los Angeles, California. A home intruder is raping, robbing, and killing residents in the Los Angeles area. A 79 year-old woman who lived in a Glassel Park apartment was raped and stabbed to death after her killer entered through a window. Her place was ransacked. There would be many more victims. Determined detectives would gather clues such as fingerprints and shoeprints but the investigation was complicated by the randomness of the attacks and no apparent victim type. Anyone could fall prey to this killer. While the media would give this boogeyman many nicknames, only one would stick. The man who caused sleepless nights for so many would become known as The Night Stalker. In this first episode we discuss Richard Ramirez's origins, his childhood, and his early crimes. (Part 2 will be released on April 2nd, 2017) See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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I'm doing pretty good just now. You do a good little busy this week, but we're going to make it work this cases as far as serial killers go? This is the one that I've always wanted to cover episode is brought to you by peacock bridge ending the original limited series, a friend of the family.
on the story of the Jan roper kidnappings from nick, and sky executive producer of the act and candy and direct producer, eliza hip and comes a dark compelling. Look at the harrowing story through new lands produce which amber burke herself. This theory stars anna pack, when jake lacy college hanks LEO Tipton and mckenna grace stream. Now only on p, fuck, I don't have a lot of time to sit down and read a book, I'm always on the go going from one festival or meetup to another. An audible offers me an incredible selection of audiobooks across every genre, although I think I stick to mainly the thrillers and true crime section as an audible member, I can choose one title a month, including the best sellers and new releases, all audible members get access to a growing selection of audiobooks, audio, originals and podcasts that are included with your membership. You can listen all you want and more gets added every month gillian when is going to be putting out a new book soon.
all the news about sharing penny. You might want to go back and give gone girl or listen. Let audible help discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members contrived for free for thirty days, visit, audible, dot com, slash gaeta, BP or text Judah BP, two five hundred five hundred, that's audible, dot, com, slashed cheetah, BP or text gdp to five hundred five hundred to try, audible free for thirty days were more time. Audible, dot com, slash gaeta, BP; typically, we We get an author on when we do a serial killer, something I sometimes we do it ourselves, but This is a big one when I was growing up in California, it's about an hour north of los angeles, and that was the nineteen eighties. But I was a little kid and I remember seeing the night stalker,
and news broadcasts. I remember hearing the name richard Ramirez and I didn't leave california until nineteen eighty eight, so this was all sudden done by the time I left. So obviously richard ramirez was the talk of the town in California fer a couple years, if not longer, even after his capture He was more popular than the hills. Strangler, more torreon than a lot of other serial killers. I he was what everyone said he was. He was or a rapist, a killer, a home intruder like some of the other serial killers. We discussed even the original night stalker. He didn't plan that much ahead. He was more of an opportunist in the moment. Can a guy the original night stalker might actually stock is victims for a few days.
Or dennis raider or any of them. They watched their their target or their victims movements there what they were doing. is richard, had no real person. He went after he just their homes and whoever was in. There was going to be his victim this rose him off from a lot of other serial killers where he didn't have a a victim type. He didn't have a strict ammo, ryan. That's what you're getting at he didn't have a certain and that he used he didn't have a target will think back to ted Bundy He went after a certain victim type and if you look at richard ramirez, he attacked people of all ages all genders, There was a few times red follow. Some the home, but they were just happy
it'd be passing by him on the highway or on or on a street, and then he would just get behind their car and follow them, but he didn't have a strict emo in like the zodiac kill. we we somewhat criticise whether or not we believe in the zodiac, because his emma was all over the place. Yet here we have richard Ramirez he does how more or less in emo of breaking into houses and wiping the people out better inside but as far as using a gun, a knife, strangling or beating. He did it all that chaos. That unpredictability is what made him so hard to cat. And what made him so. Terrorizing nobody knew who is safe because you didn't have a victim type. They at one point they thought Ten houses were what he was going after cause. He did to ten houses in a row, so people wanted to paint their houses blue.
If he didn't it was the middle of the night. He didn't know what color your house was. So this makes some really scary and when he is breaking in homes when he is killing the men in, raping the women, brutalizing everyone killing entire families, and then throw in satanism or his his self proclaimed. satanic motivations. This is everything the media wants. This is everything that america looks for in a pure evil person. This is what they want in a serial killer and I was wrapped up in him When I was a kid- and he was probably the guy that guy the interested in serial killers and got me interested and true crime. It's a story of evil socking streets, and invading your homes. We to listen to darker music in
I I remember, I was a little death rocker and listened a metal and staff and richard ramirez listen to metal. He listen to DC dio Judas pre he's iron maiden and I remember I listened ministry at the time and I couldn't or that the song. So what was about richard ramirez or sing from his point of view? Now I don't think that's true now, but at the time I thought that song was about him, so it was, sort of when you're, young and sort of night Even you think that serial killers are cool, but they destroy families, they'd they destroy society, and then you grow up, and I think a lot of us realise that they're, not so cool anymore. so February. Twenty nine nineteen sixty is when richard ramirez is born in EL paso texas. His Other is julian, and his mother
mercedes ramirez before he's born. Now they lived in in texas and They lived in a town where, back in the nineteen fifty's one the? U s. Government was doing nuclear bomb task over a new mexico. If the wind was blowing right, it would send fall out. Nuclear fall out to their town and their town had lots of birth defects. High infant death mortality and it wasn't the best place to raise a family. Let's just say the father, Julian was not legal at the time, but the rest of the family was he was caught. With fake idear, whatever it was, and they ended up deporting the entire family and so
They moved down to war as mexico, where mercedes would get a job at a factory, but they would not give her a respirator or any type of protection and working there made her very sick. Her breathing in these chemicals in the air was just not good for her and who knows what it would do to children or if she was pregnant. their first two boys ended up having lots of issues where yeah we're talking about birth defects, and I imagine we would a tribute these birth defects to She was working. Yeah was either a combination of nuclear fallout, chemical she's, breathing the eldest brother almost die. at a very young age. He was in critical condition for weeks the other brother had curved bones has bone.
would not grow straight, so he had to go through multiple surgeries to correct that rich it was the youngest, call him rick, Ricky Ricardo and they were happy because they felt that this was their healthiest child. When he was born, they felt this was the one boy that was goin to do the best he was going to be the the one that did the best with his life so we talk about how he seemed to be the healthy one. But richard had two incidents re hit his head and was knocked on Jesus at age to dress her fell on him and at age five swing hit him in the head, and he also suffered from seizures down. Yet
and maltese seizures and his parents would take him to the doktor for this and the doktor said something to the effect of well help. He'll grow out of it. So there's not much. We can do so. He did not get treatment for these concussions or these seizures. I guess he was an epileptic, but no treatment, richards brow Hers had trouble with school, so they were. Placed in a special education class, the sure would visit them. Their home or we drive them back to his place. It was later discover that he was a pedophile and had molested richards older brothers, because richard was around. This teacher some believe that he could have been molested as well, although he never saw that he was his older brothers. Gets a real possibility, though his father a railway worker yeah
He was away from home for long hours, if not days his fur father and grandfather were very strict, and they discipline their children with beatings. They would, tie them two trees and beat them with hoses and stuff like that, so richards, father Julian. He didn't want to be that guy, but the cycle of abuse goes down Julian very short temper. He would get so angry at just trying to fix the sink and if a bolter or something didn't fit here, take the hammer and smack himself in the head and tell you is bleeding: if any of the children screwed up, he would fly off. They handle at them, mostly the older brothers, and he would beat them if they did anything wrong, but his
I'm away from home working put a lot of stress on the family. They were. highly religious, highly religious catholic family and very much were god fearing and believe that the devil had power. They very much believed in black magic and at work. Point. They think Julian has a curse, put on him. would hire a white which to counteract the curse. They vary much work superstitious in that way, rich its brothers would sniff glue and half paint and they would try to get richer to do it to his eldest. Brother was probably the worst. Paved. They would go around the neighborhoods, get into trouble, steel things and Richard would follow along because he's the little brother, his orders.
after ruth, would try to shelter richard from the bad influences of his other siblings at age. Twelve, his cousin MIKE, gets back from vietnam and he is considered a war hero. But MIKE has a shoe box full of photos that he took while he was serving in vietnam, and there is a lot of questionable things that did when he was abroad. Yeah MIKE was telling richard about his murders. He had committed murders in vietnam. He would tie the enemies, women, the trees and rape mutilate and kill them, and he had taken photographs. I I think there were at least several different women featured in these vote, rafts that he was showing richard and he was telling him about his military training about stealth, and you start to put this together and think
he's teaching them how to kill. That's what he's doing right, he's desensitized him or in getting an interested in this. These kinds of activities, yeah and richard would practice his own stealth. He would go out into the desert me EL paso, texas desert and he would practice sneaking up on live animals such as rabbits or whatever kill them with a knife using the tactics that his cousin MIKE taught him one day richards at his house, and he opens up the fridge, raider and there's a thirty eight caliber revolver in there, and he asks MIKE what's that for wise, wise. The gun the fridge and MIKE says I'm keeping it cool in case. I need to use it and MIKE had married a view
strong latino woman named jesse, and they had two children together well MIKE coming back from the war suffered from extreme ptsd, suffered from extreme bits of rage and anxiety, and he couldn't hold down a job. So Jesse wasn't very tolerant of this. She just felt that he was late Is he or she just had a had enough of him? Not working and her bringing home all the food and in in supporting the family, and she would get on him about this so upon this day jesse comes in, brings in the groceries she sets him down on. table, and she starts lang into MIKE about how he's not helping out around the house. It might goes in grabs the revolver from the fridge and shoots jesse in the face and kills her right in front of his own children and right in front of richard. He tells rich
where'd. You didn't see this, don't tell anyone you were here, you should go now and richard goes back home He doesn't tell us family. What's happened in its not until it or that night, when they're sitting round the dinner table that the phone call comes and they hear that mike has killed his wife jesse and at this point richard knows that what's happened is very real murder is the end all and my gets taken away and julian takes richard to the house, so they could collect. Some makes things that he needs and richard is turned on at the sight of the blood and he is mesmerized by handling jesse's things knowing that she's dead and that these things do not belong to him, but he has free reign over the house and he can do it every once in a sort of thrilling too.
Jesse's family is the family that is suspected of putting a curse on richards father julian because their fighting over where the kid should go, they they have a family dispute and that's when they suspect that Julian has had a curse placed him. During the same time, richard doesn't enjoy seeing his father's behaviour when he flies off the handle. He can't sleep at night and whenever he wants to get away hill he'll go to near by cemetery and heel and ups. Creating a little spot where he sleeps at night in the cemetery. So it's kind of morbid, but it's a quiet spot for him to get away from the chaos of his decision. no family, that's a real question. Some people free is that as he wants to sleep among the dead, but perhaps he just once to get away and whose,
to bother him in a graveyard at night, exactly His cousin MIKE will be tried for murder of jesse, but they will find him not guilty for reasons of insanity and they will play up He is a a war hero he suffering from ptsd and that he needed to get treatment and the jury will. Fine in favour of of mike- and he will be put- he will be institutionalized for little over four years and when he gets out human richard will continue their time. About murder may have and how to kill, and worshipping the devil yeah, that's that gets peppered in there. I think at this point to and richard feels that he's a creature of the night and that god is not looking out for him, so he starts site.
More what the devil there's a lot of different reasons why he he gives eddie gets into the devil, but I think its influence and He feels he's more of a night owl and he's turned on by more morbid things that would displease god and so catholicism, just isn't working for him now, at the same time, Your sister, older sister ruth, has found a boyfriend and they end up getting married. But at this at this point, he's not satisfied sexually by ruth and she catches him here. He tells her day after they have sex that he goes around two other houses and peeps in windows. Well, human richard become friends, now richer his tailing around roots, husband and becomes a peeping tom. This just sort of adds to everything It's almost like his first steps, yeah his brother,
those are teaching them how to break The homes is cause, teaching them how to kill, and now his brother in law is teaching them how to be a peeping tom and a pervert. Richard would get a job at a hotel. He would flirt with some guests and a few of them complained. So the hotel owner pray much told em, you need it. You need to cut that out, but richard would end up getting a master key from another worker and he would go into the room. Homes and start stealing people staff, but he found that most of the valuable stuff was in there when the people were in their. So he would Nickel in the middle of the night, with his master key, he would open the hotel door real quiet and
he would get down on the floor of the hotel room, so they couldn't see him and he would let his eyes adjust to the darkness and then he would get up and steal stuff. While the people slept in a hotel room and get it. with it. He would watch the women shower. He would watch people have sex, and their hotel rooms, and eventually he got to the point where he wanted more, so he waited for a woman. to come out of the shower and he attacked her and he jumped out and grabbed a hold of her and he started to bind her hands. And was dragging or under the floor when her husband came back into the hotel room, rich still a teenager at this point and husbands a grown man and he beats richard to a bloody pulp. Get some two black eyes. Just beats the crap out of them and richards arrested for
or attempted rape. When richards family hears about this, then I can't believe it. such a nice boy, such nice, kid and richard tells them they wasn't. You know, that's not what happened. It's total misunderstanding He came on to me. She invited me back into the hotel room and I went in there and her husband was very upset. This couple was visiting from out of town and they didn't want to stick around for trial or anything, so the charges are dropped. This is richards, first attempted rape and- and I think life might have been different. If He would have been charged with this crime. Do you think? I also wonder if this husband adding two the fact that they were from out of town thought he already got his justice by beating the crap out of richard yeah. Exactly sorry didn't want to deal with this any longer, but I think a ball was dropped at this point
We don't know how many people he tried to abduct We don't know how many people he raped but didn't murder. There are tons of attempted abductions that seem to suggest that it might have been richard, but because they weren't investigated that much where there was no no clues or evidence to go into. There's there's no telling how many attempts he made before he. He got success one since these are stranger. Rapes is probably very difficult to investigate these. I would say the loosely richard Ramirez war go to los angeles. It's the early eighties it. Anyone that knows, hollywood, boulevard, back, the eighties, even the early ninetys they'll know that it was porn shop after porn shop, sex workers walking this
you could buy guns and drugs at any corner. It was a different world. Richard would hang out at the bus station He was still young guy, but he felt that these people on the street were his people. He could be himself he could explore satanism, he could steal things and seldom Few people and there was plenty people willing to buy his stolen property standard rules, did not apply now. He would also take on a pretty vicious cocaine habit and even shoot cocaine entered earnestly richard would be arrested in eighteen. Seventy seven for petty crimes again in eighteen. Eighty, two or marijuana possession, but I eighty three he's arrested for stealing a car, this is when he'll serve some time yet as five or six months and he gets a a mug shot
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way to kill somebody with a knife. Her body was discovered by our sun jack, who started calling for after noticing a window screen was missing, and then he found her front door was unlocked, so he in to see them manager and told mccall police jacket found that his mother had been murdered. He and through a window which was typical I he would actually try the front door of the front door was unlocked. He would go in if he couldn't get in through the front door. Would trial the windows at this house. He actually would take off one of his gloves and he usually war fabric, gardening, gloves cheap fabric gloves, but he couldn't get the screen off so he actually takes one of his gloves off and he ends up leaving a fingerprint on this screen window march. Seventeen nineteen. Eighty five, a couple of roommates Maria Hernandez and dale oak Zaki. They live together,
in a condominium marie had arrived back at their patter place and was leave in the garage with her keys in her hand, and she was to close the garage door when she realised that there is someone else in the garage with her. He had followed her in and he had a gun on and she held up her hands when he lifted the gun up and aimed at her, but the garage door light actually shut off right before pulled the trigger, so he didn't know what he was shooting out, but he knew that he had it levelled at her head fortune. a firm. The bullet would actually strike whenever keys. Now it still caused her hand to fill of heat in pain and she described it but she wasn't going to die from here I ramirez would enter into the The condominium dale had hidden herself and she was peak behind something and remit
I had been waiting for and pulled the trigger and shudder and forehead remit. as a summa that Maria was dead because you'd pulled the trigger with a gun to your head and she had fallen down and she, make a noise, so he went into the house and then ended up killing a roommate. He comes back out and maria is running through the front yard, and she says, don't shoot, don't shoot and he points the gun at her and caesar, but he decides not to shooter. for whatever reason on his way in into the garage. His blue a c d c ball cap will fall off of his head and he ll leave it at the scene and maria gets a good look at him yeah. So we have our first, I witness because he just shot these two women. He didn't you didn't get you kill anyone with his bare hands. You didn't get to sexually
alt anybody. He was still going and so right after he leaves this place, he jumped back in his stolen car. He jumps on the highway. another car driving along in this is running a you sayin she's thirty years old. He decides to follow her into her neighbourhood. She notices that he's following her. Every turn she makes, and so she pulls over to the side of the road and he goes in front of her and then she starts following him. She doesn't realize what she's doing she just thinks this guy's a jerk and wives. Why is he following her, so he stops and gets out of his car and she pulls in behind them the rolls down her window and started yelling at a stretch of verbal altercation saying. Why are you following me and he says I wasn't. I thought I d east,
I thought you were someone I knew. Why are you following me and ease there? Their arguing richard wool grabber through the window and try to pull out of the car she's got her seat belt on she's fighting so he vaults over the car, and I gotta realises slender he's tall, so he gets over the top of the car over. The hood opens up the passenger side door jumps in in his trying to grab her keys and grab her, but she's not happen. anything to do with it. She's fighting him. There happens to be some neighbors down the street that are watching this whole thing take place. He will shoot her in the side and she'll get her door open and, as she is running away, he will shoot, hurt and she'll fall on the street he's murdered wrong
Okay, and we have two people down the street that were sitting in their front yard watching this happen, so we have more witnesses that are giving sketch artist descriptions of of richard. There are multiple police officers work in this case, but that the two names you'll hear the most are free. salerno and gill, korea, detective korea, he's the youngest detective on the homicide squad, he serves alongside detective salerno. Who happened to be the lead detective on the hillside strangler case, so this guy's famous within the departments, and everyone knows who he is gill gilbert. He goes by gill he's. Looking into these these murders, these attacks and the first when he comes cross is the dale and maria shooting he
these things. Will this has got to be a love triangle gone wrong. You have two women in theirs. There's gotta be a boyfriend involved or something like that, but because Maria lived she says, no, I'd never seen this man, he followed me to my garage- and this was just totally random and then he finds out about the veronica you shooting. The descriptions of the of the assailant are very similar he starting to put together that this is probably the same person. He also knows that there is a shoe print at the first crime scene of at jenny. Think how but there's nothing else tying to it. So he's just moling this around that these to attack. And this one night seem very connected. It's about eight days later march, twenty seventh nineteen, eighty five vincent tsar, sixty four years old and his wife max
forty four vincent actually owns a couple pizza restaurants, and he works long hours and so he's I'm sleeping on the couch and his wife's in the bed. Richard sees this ass, for whatever reason he chooses it, it just looks like the right one that night you around the yard and he gets in through window. He walks up to Vincent, whose sleeping on the couch, and he shoots him in the head with its twenty two calibre pistol, and then he runs to the bedroom and ties up his. wife, he goes through the house. He ran sacks everything he he dumped. While the drawers out, he is always looking for something to steal that he can go hawk at a pawn shop or with the local fence guy that he normally dumps all of his stolen property on. So, while he's going through other staff maxine
get her hands loose and she has a a forty five pistol. That's in a night stand, but it's a little far way and she has a twelve gauge shotgun underneath the bed, so the twelve age is much closer to her and she's already heard one gunshot, so she's pretty sure her husband's dead. She rolls off the bed and she gets hold of the shotgun she jumped up. She points it at richard and she pulls the trick and what happens when the gun doesn't go off, because that weekend had their grandchildren over as is customary. Her husband, had unloaded the shock on just to be on the safe side
the shotgun goes, click richard understands what just happened in he shoots maxine several times pretty much guns or down. She doesn't die right away, so he gets on top of her and he beats her and then he goes to the kitchen and gets a knife because she got the drop on him and he cannot let this go and he returned to them room. He tries to cut her heart out, but the knife it's either not sharp enough or he just just Can'T- get through the ribcage, so He is a believing pretty much a large inverted cross above her left breast. That just looks satanic, but I dont know if he was actually going for that or if it was just his failed attempt with that. He decides hill, take her eyes
and he them them any puts them in a small jewellery box. He finds he will attempt to rape her dead body. He is unsuccessful, so he leaves with whatever loot he stolen and a cop actually follows him out of the neighborhood. Doesn't pull him over according to richard? It's because he was praying to Satan he's still going because he wasn't able to fulfill his sick and twisted fantasies so that night he'll go down back to downtown L. A and he'll hire a woman to have sex with it still won't work out. So then he will play with her feet because he has a pretty severe foot fetish and he will hire women just to play with their feet. The tsar as won't be found for a couple of days because the next day brutal
hello, who is a manager of one of the pizza restaurants will come by to drop off receipts business receipts as is usual custom. He knows is that the door is open, but it isn't really think much of it. What would you during the next day next morning he sees that the doors in the same spot. Like you know the way it's opened exactly the same and that's when he know something's wrong he'll entered. The house and you'll see that vincent. lying on the couch dead That's when he'll notify the police again ramirez has left footprints around the house and he's used a twenty two calibre pistol to shoot his victims when detective korea catches window. This he's like this is the same guy broke into the house. He went through everyone's, staff. He stealing things. It seems like it sexually motivated. There's this, sir,
tread from the shoeprints that are being left in its a villa shoes. He will go and find out How many of these shoes were sold in the? U s? How many of them were sent to California how many of them were sold in los angeles and how many of them were. A size, eleven and a half, and he will find that only one pair of a visa issues, size eleven and a half were sold in the air area, this tells them that it's not multiple assailants. It's not multiple perpetrators. That just happened to have nike airs, because this issue is actually very rare, but he goes to the shop where those shoes resold, but they were bought with cash and it read about this they'll say: well, the guy. couldn't remember who had purchase them die out,
how buzzer remember every sail if you, if you're selling shoes, ages doesn't seem likely unless there are reaping customer, which I guess that's all they could learn from this. Is it's not a repeat customer because they don't eat as remember who bought the shoes exactly, but korea keys screaming at the top of his lungs? This is the same guy. but other districts, precincts, departments site. We got this we gotta handled he's. Trying to tell frank, I bet this is the same guy and Frank is like could be here. He's on board, but he's not quite there from the get go. It's kind of like a move. where you know the kids are like it's a mess. Monster, you know it's: it's freddy krueger and all the pair and in all the adults or like not listening to the more a movie about
detective worries. This is the guy and no one believes them, and this is happening to gill this entire time. Now these detectives have certain things there. Looking for home invasions of the issue prince fingerprints and a twenty two calibre pistol may fourteen nineteen. Eighty five that morning richard is looking for another house and he's parked out on the street a newspaper, delivery. Person name, lonnie dempsey, sees richard park there, once they pass by build away. He was sixty six years old, japanese during war too? He was actually put in a in terming,
camp but was later released and ended up serving in the. U s: military and became became a decorated, worship row. His wife lillian was an invalid and she couldn't get out of bed. She could barely speak and bill was taking care of her bill would typically sleep on the couch, and would be in the bedroom. So again, richard looks in through the windows kind of This is where everyone satin house, and he will come in bill- would wake up and richard will show in the face now richard has a new twenty two caliber pistol. This night cause you got rid of his old one and the second shot jams so bill is still alive, so richard will end up beating him. Richard wool go back to the bedroom and
He will tie lillian up and be her and rape her one of the things that richard typically would do is he would disabled phones. He would cut phone lines, but because he saw that she was disabled in that is shot bill in the face. He doesn't do that in bill would call nine one one during this He will survive at least tell or early morning and they'll be to none will one calls that bill place they will later die at the hospital it had to have been tariffs. Lying for lillian, because she was an invalid and tying around.
seemed unnecessary, but you wonder if he did it to strike even more fear into her. It's just a control thing and it's a terrorizing thing and it's disgusting, but this goes to show that he doesn't really have a type of victim. He just goes for anyone. That's in the home. Two weeks later, may twenty nine nineteen eighty five mabel bell, who eighty three years old and she takes care of her sister Florence Lang, whose eighty years old florence is pretty much an invalid, also she can't move around Mabel or ma bell is recognised in community and does a lot of things for for her sister, Anne and other seniors. Richard wool break to their home. He finds a hammer in the home, he comes back and he will beat them in the head. He will tell
their hands up killing one of them instantly the other will will live for a little while longer, while attacking them. He uses the clock cord to tie their hands behind their back in the clock. Time was twelve six, so we know that this attack has putting right after midnight. He will use marbles lipstick to draw Pinta grams on the wall and he'll even drop centigram on the back of florence. I, but we have him using a hammer Again, seniors and again we have a visa shoeprints left on the clock but he leaves these penta grams. And what do you think he's doing with that? Do you think he's law The public know that someone evil, as should this home and committed murder absolutely
a few of the other home invasions when he's talking to the women that he's let live or has it. acted with he'll demand money, he'll demand that they give him diamonds or tell him where the safe it and a lot of them will say I have nothing. I swear god. I have nothing and he will correct them and say swear to Satan. He is very out spoken about this satan thing that he's going with. We know that mabel lives on for a little while, but I find interesting is that She and her sister were attacked with this hammer, and we note He lost her sister then, but maybe lived on at least into July, but the two women after being attacked, they were left in the home for about four days. Weren't able where they were discovered. It was at least
two days might have in three, so they were laying their brutalized. It's it's terrible to think that nobody came to help them sooner may thirtieth. Nineteen eighty five carol kyle forty one years old, chisholm, burbank, she's, home, her eleven year old son, her sixteen old daughter. Luckily, is spinning the night at a friends house again: richer will enter the home and he will enter carols room. He said don't say anything or I'll kill you. His language is typically more colorful than that she works with mental health patients and she knows that she has to be calm and compliant is she's. Gonna live through this He will put cuffs on her. He will find out that she has her son and the other bedroom, so he will go to her sons room, but she will run into the room and get in between richer than her son. This is
Pre risky move because normally when there's any amount of resistance or fight, richard will kill you on the spot, but for whatever reason he he caught her son in her and puts them in a closet, then he goes their house and starts ransacking the place she will say. Just please don't hurt my children and you'll see how many children do you have, and she says well, my son and my daughter, and he goes where's your daughter. She says she's, not home, he goes well. When will she be back? She says well, she's spending the at a friends how she'll be back in the morning and richard says, maybe I'll wait see. This is so strange. does he not understand who she's dealing with me. Why give information like that. It's just the the heat of the moment, but she turns around because he would leave her son in the closet and he'll bring her out
start sodomizing, earn trying to rape her, and she will tell him among my period- and I- and I have a disease- So he will end up leaving them with the stuffy stone and her son will end up calling the police calling nine when one early june richards stalking hunting again any sees a house without a porch light on, so he thinks. While it's dark, I'm going to go check it out. He goes over to the front door. It's locked. He goes to a couple of windows, they're all locked. He goes to a side kitchen window in it's not locked, but it won't open and he pulls out a screwdriver and he can tell that it's been painted closed, so he cuts through the paint with his screwdriver and he starts opening the window. This house happens to belong to officer John,
a rigorous and his wife, Susan. His wife, is on the couch and johnson bed. She hears this window opening and she calls out to John did you open a window and John yells back? No, I pay to close. That window hasn't been open in months, richard here's this and he takes off John I see that the window was indeed opened and he will call you'll call the police but he is a cop, so they did their very quickly because it say attempted breakin asked years of fine print contracts and getting ripped off by big wireless providers? If we ve learned anything it sat, there is always a catch. So when I first heard that mid mobile offers premium wireless starting at just fifteen bucks a month, I thought what's the catch. But after talking to them. It all made sense. There isn't one mid mobile secret sauce is at their the fur
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Et de quoting a progressive dot com to see if you could save progressive casualty, insured company and affiliates premium, is for state minimum liability coverage and exclude state fees in taxes rates. Not global in massachusetts. Discounts not available in all states are situations, and he will see shoeprints right outside the window. That was opened guess what a vs shoeprints and once salerno. End gill, find out about this. They know that the night starker had attempted to break into this officers. House has richard is fleeing the scene in a stolen car. You will get pulled over by motorcycle cup, and this cop wool say: hey you're, not that guy that's breaking into people's homes and killing them are you enrich? It will say now you need to catch the eye and the kabul say: okay, let me go check out some staffing, richards already thrown anything, that's incriminating
The window before he got pulled over richard will run from the scene and hop a ten foot wall and run across some very busy streets to get away from this police officer. The motorcycle couple have the car process and impounded because of the attack. Did break in that happened. Tat same night salerno in korea will want to look at this stolen car. That's in the empowerment lot, but the police there a different district different station and they won't let em say now: that's our car, you can't look at and their like. We need to does it for prints, they just get stonewalled, so they go to their captain. Who happens to be captain grim and they say we need access
this car and detective salerno is now backing up this theory that these murders that these attempts at attempted abductions ease we are all connected and captain grill is the top a guy that goes to bat for his guys. So he makes some phone calls and he gets them access to this car, but it takes days and in the time it took for them to get access. This is the hottest summer in probably a hundred years on record and the sun has burned off any the prints on the outside of the car they're doing scheduling for the next month and salerno as partners in the hospital in korea. Partners on vacation- and so captain grim says- I think you guys should just be partners- and this makes creole just it because he's like I'm getting partnered up with the hillside, strangler guy
These two powerhouse detectives are now partners, and there are the only ones that have been ringing. The alarm bells that these are all connected. They knew this was a serial killer or a spree killer. From the get go there first day as partners, there called To a house of a woman named patty, Alain Higgins, whose throat has been stab slashed she's been sodomized, but there isn't any. A sign of break in there isn't any footprints or shoeprints. They can't tie it back to richard Ramirez But maybe it's the heat of the moment that they feel that this is connected, but there they will never be able to connect this murder on their first day as partners back to richard Ramirez. Their captain will, start going to bat for the more and more. He will ask these: Other divisions. These are the precincts for help and will have a police summit where they start
pulling together, all their resources, all their evidence and they will find a villa shoe prints, tied to attempted abductions of other people they will have other sketch artist, drawings, ever mirrors and other attempted robberies. It attempted burglaries. There really starting to see how widespread richard has become, maybe because richard was unable to get anywhere with the deputies house July. Second, nineteen, eighty five mary louise cannon, she seventy five years old. She lives in our katy. He goes to the home. He tried the door, it's unlocked, he walks right and he goes to a room. He can kind
hell that they're probably isn't a lot for him to steal. So he walks to marries bedroom. He grabs a lamp in he beats her over the head with it. He goes, he grabs a knife and he comes back any kills her. It's just real to the poor He just coming in in an brutalizing and murdering it this murder that frame salerno truly believes. Yes, this is the same guy and he is one hundred percent on board with this is the night stalker, it's all connected right after the fourth of July July. Fifth, whitney bennett. She is sixteen years old. This one is crazy, richard breaks into the, and, as usual, he gets low. He waits for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, and he goes
in the home and the entire family's home, but asleep he gets a tire iron. He comes over and he just starts beating whitney in the head. While she is asleep, he takes the telephone cord. Annie starts any attempts to strangle her and she kind of gasps for air. He thinks that she's dead and he will leave the house and the rest of the family doesn't even realise that their daughters been attacked in the middle of the night right down the hall from their bedrooms, he's beater in the head. So badly that its its blood all over the blankets as he drug or out of bed, he left a bloody ivf, on one of the covers, her father will wake up in the morning and find a sixteen year old daughter who looks like she's been in a car wreck, and he will have no idea how this could have happened in the mills
in his own home July, seven nineteen, eighty five richards parked outside the home of joy, Lucille nelson sixty one and remember that newspaper d free person lonnie Lonnie drives back by and notices richards there again. Richard will come in and beat Joyce to death with his fist. He will leave footprints again before he leaves tat same night. He will go on to sophie dyckman house. She sixty three years old. He will gain access through a dodgy door. He will ensure Sophie's home. He will tie her up rape, her sodomize her
leave sophie's next door. Neighbor happens to be a police officer and she will scream for help and tell the deputy next door will come over and respond to her. This once crazy to me, because there's a cop that lives right next door July, twentieth max needing and lila Ellen max's, sixty eight lila sixty six, they live in glowing, glinda richards purchased a machete and he He thinks he's going to cut his victims heads off and be real grotesque. He enters their home. He stands in front of their best he turns on the light he would say: wake up in a very colorful way when max wakes up. He will strike max in the throat with this machete it will cut into max, but it will not kill and he wore swing at lila missing her, but he's
to realize that this brand new machete hadn't been sharpened, so he will pull out his gun and he will gun them down. So you say that he had planned to kill them in a gruesome manner, but that sounds a gruesome days using yeah machete. That needs to be sharpen, yet I think he was expecting to decapitate them easily and it just didn't happen and in a moment he will always fall back on a quick kill, shooting them with a gun if, if did the same night. He will go down two son valley from glinda, and he will enter. but you're this guy's name but china wrong cavaignac in his wife son kid he, walk in, and this is one of his typical emma was he will shoot and kill the male immediately and then attack the female. So he should.
It's him in the head, kills him instantly and then he will take his wife son kid and he will rape her on the bed lying now. to her dead husband. He will then go in through the house go through the things he will demand money in diamonds show say that I dont have any. I dont have anything. I swear to god and he'll correct her and say swear to Satan she will give him some stuff, but he will end up raping her three times that night There are eight year old son was home. He will be him an eight year old. We have more descriptions of him from any victim that survives. This attack August six, Christopher petersen and his wife, thirty eight and twenty seven they live in diamond bar, which happens to be very
close to where detective korea lives. He will shoot both of them in the head, but they will survive this. This attack unbelievably, but this sets creole off because now his family, his wife, his children, are scared, his wife and him that she's leaving to go stay with relatives and he actually agrees with hurry, says take the kids I dont want you, I don't want you staying here. This is too close to home. He will sleep with a gun on his night stand because he's scared richard wool, rape and kill another couple. He will feel as if there's too much, he going on too much media attention. These catch artists, drawings of him. He will drive up there. Goes to san francisco court, to him he will fall. Oh and older asian lady down a hallway and be her to a bloody
we don't know if this woman lived or who she was. This is strictly according to richard that he is this. It's just. The unprovoked attack and on august seventeenth, he wore shoot at sixty six year old. san francisco man, Peter pan. He will be in shoot. Barbara Peters, wife, Rio and salerno wool just happen to hear about this. Servants go attack, oversee radio and I don't know how he does it. But korea says he's in san francisco and he knows that at the night stalker has gone north It's such a crazy assumption to make I mean: there's there's murders that happen everywhere. Theirs home invasions rapes, but disguise on it, if there was ever a super detective. He gets it
immediately calls the san Francisco police department talks them about this, and, as he's flying to san francisco He notices that there is actually news reporter on the back of the plane, who doesn't recognize him and tell their departing the plane, because, just like The night stalker salerno and increases faces are all over the newspaper to as being the detectives hot on the trail you have been listening to the night. Stalker part one Next week we will release part to stay tuned. Do you hear that. It's a little space for mindfulness become, the meditation pie guest in fifteen That's her less become your space to unwind. Listen. Sclusively on amazon, music or simply telling I could devise. Alexa play the podcast become
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Corrupted couldn't can I just say watching a one off the e in his full were galea is the mice and everything. So if you want a deep dive into every episode, watch the rings of power on prime video and listen to all eight episode of the official, the lord of the rings, the rings of power podcast for free on amazon, music, download, the amazon music app now.
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