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The Night Stalker Part 2. August, 1985. Los Angeles, California. Hard work by the detectives pays off and Richard Ramirez is identified as The Night Stalker. His image is released to the public and an angry mob will chase him down. Years after his arrest, Ramirez will head to trial where he faced many charges related to The Night Stalker's crimes. Was there ever any doubt as to the verdicts the jury would render? We will discuss his movements, his identification as a serial killer, his capture, as well as information on this killer sent to us by listeners. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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This episode is brought to you by peacock bridge. Did the original limited series, a friend of the family, on the story of the Jan proper kidnappings from again Tosca executive producer of the act and candy and direct producer eliza hip and comes a dark. compelling look at the harrowing story through new lands produced which amber, burke herself. The series stars: anna pack, when jake lacy college hanks LEO Tipton and mckenna grace stream now only on peacock, I don't
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Doing good justin how're, you, I am doing great new york was fun. Thank you. Everyone that showed up. I am hence the meet up last minute, because I had no time to make a reservation or anything. So exactly six people showed up and that exactly the number of seats that were at the table so worked up perfect. I had my first I don't know person that recognized me in public the other day earn it was fun and interesting I've, never been recognise just randomly out on the street, at least where they approached you in told you so yes, exactly had people right in and say I saw you yeah, but no one ever comes up as high well thank you, Nora for hello in and thank you for the sweets that you gave me. So I was very kind of you. Yes, we're approach, So you see us out and about somewhere in kansas city or a new year work or wherever then just walk up and say hi, yet
his great a really made my day so as everyone knows, this is the second part of the richard Ramirez episode. So Hopefully we will fill in the rest of the blanks and give you some closure and maybe go back to sleep it after you, lock your doors and windows yeah. Exactly now, if your member from Last episode, richard had gone up to san francisco and committed some murders, and now he's actually travelled back to allay. So that's where we're in the story People in san francisco much like people in los angeles start. buying guns, buying guard dogs walking their doors king, their windows and it's a huge story in San francisco. The mayor mayor, Feinstein once to calm the people and tell them that the police are taking care.
If this handling right turn right and we've covered this and other cases like in the original night, stalker or other cases where people they start to feel like there is no protection, so they have to get guns. They have to get the dogs after find any means of getting this killer, avoid their home people, don't feel if in their mad at the police department, they haven't caught the sky yet, but what We don't realize, is this guy is so random, no way to predict. Where he's going to hit. Next, I mean he's hitting cops houses or neighbours of cops? There's, no way that you can stop this guy unless you either catch him in the act or they find a tie in to identify him but mayor Feinstein gives some details about the case. She says the police are working frantically on this. They have fingerprints,
and they have and a visa shoe print that there too leads that they're going off. And what do you imagine and what do you imagine, this cereal There is going to do when he finds out that his shoes are being tracked, in other words, have found shoeprints it many different crime scenes and so they know. Now. If there is a crime scene, there's a shoe plant, they know it's the same person for sure between the gun, the bullets used and the shoe print. Did this hasn't been in the news. This hasn't been publicized in the criminal richard too stupid to realize he's, leaving shoeprints everywhere. That's the only thing I'm all these scenes together he immediately discards The gun is using and his shoes his call
is that he walked out onto the golden gate bridge and toss them off the side. Why believe him? Don't you yeah? I would to and all the detectives on this case all the police, captains, vey flip shit on mare, Feinstein. Their cases probably jeopardized at this point yeah exactly but they know that he's going to strike again and that's all they can go off of is the next person. That's gonna be victimized the end of august twenty six. ramirez will go to LOS angeles point to too we heard very slowly boy, that's working, on his scooter across the street, will think that really looks like the night stocker artist renditions that I've seen everywhere richard will go to the home.
of bill carnes in his fiance Inez ericsson? He will walk in, he will end. Shooting bill three times in the head and raping his girlfriend yeah billy carnes survive the attack, but Billy's relationship with his girlfriend didn't she was with him. About another two years after the attack, but then go bob and laughed billy, injuries were quite severe. He was shot three times in the head and His family says that this change for ever, he thinks Everything is a joke, so he's And of silly, but he also can be very mean now billy cha. set up to his impulsiveness, and so he can say things that are rather mean spirited. So if his girlfriend a meal, and if he didn't like it, he would just come out and say: how do you expect me eat this shit he would live. next door to his mother because he just and take care of himself.
As he's leaving as richard leaving the thirteen year old boy. across the street, James romero will think I need to I need to remember this. He doesn't realised what richards done. He just sees the car and and thinks that guy looks like the knights darker and he will memorize digits from the license plate. He'll get one of the letters to he'll, get four eight too, and then he gets a tea but can't remember the other two letters, but this is really good yeah, because they will find out that the night stalker has struck
this neighborhood, and this kid actually saw him and saw this car, so this car will absolutely be tied to the night stalker and they will put an a p be out for this car and they will end up finding it in the beverley area of LOS angeles dumped on the side of the road and the license plate will match up. So they'll know that this is the car. Now richard did a pretty good job, wiping the car down, but they will find his fingerprint on the rear view, mirror. You know when you jump in the car for the first time, and he had just the c e adjust the the mirrors. Well, he touched the mirror and he forgot to wipe it down, so they have another
your print that they know is absolutely tied to the person that perpetrated this crime against bill in his and his fiance. This boy puts him at the scene and they have a fingerprint that matches the other fingerprints from the other cases that they ve been. Estimating, but they still don't know what his name is. They still can't figure out who this man is. One romero made note of some things because he was worried about a prowler gaff exactly because he looked really suspicious. I think, as the one of the other things he found a apart from a shoe print. He also found a dead bird beneath one of his windows. They had found. Your prince, but for quite a while they couldn't do anything with them unless they could do it.
Harrison so that a suspect they could get prints from suspect and then compare the prince with the prince that were lifted from crime scenes exactly but all these fingerprints. All this evidence is in a huge room with cardboard boxes full of files, and they said that their could have been up to three million files, So they're all meticulously documented, but there's no database there's nothing. There's no way for them to go in Ok, we have this fingerprint what all crimes it couldn't be associated with now they have of all the cases of all the things that they suspect that the night stalker would be involved with and their able to match fingerprints to prior cases. But they still don't know this guy is they know from different people. What he looks like this
know what he's capable of their slowly figuring out that he hangs out at bus stations an ape. They talk to other drug dealers or people that were at the bus station and their slowly figuring out that his name's ricardo richard or richie. But no nobody knows his last name. They find who is associated with They know that he was selling his stolen property to of offence, a guy that buys stolen proper so they got. It wasn't an anonymous tipp, but they got a call and tip from a woman who says she was the daughter of Jesse Perez and she tells the police officers. My father knows who this guy is. He absolutely deals with this guy named rick and he will tell you, and so the investigators
go to her house and start and start questioning her about who her father is and how he knows rick and jesse, other comes home in the middle of this questioning so late. question him and he's upset at first, because he he feels like his daughters, betrayed hammer. You know, rapid him out or whatever, but he, I appalling investigators yeah, I think I know who he is. Jesse, has a checkered past himself. He he out at the bus station. That's where he met richard. He was also able seas burglar and dealt with drugs and guns and staff, and so he he knew. who he was? But he said I only know what his first name is in its rick. He says if, if you find rick and if you find the guy that stolen car and like a ran it into the back of the bus station, are there was like up police pursuit of a guy that stolen car, because your
I'm the guy, while the the investigators they they believed them, that they believe the story and they say well, we'll give you full immunity. In our view, broke into a home or something if you did anything with them or if you were an associate of his weep. We don't want you, we want him. So what else can you tell us well He stole a car and was on a high speed pursuit trying to get away from cops any wreck the car into the bus station, and if you can find that guy, you can find his name. and he says well, I know the guy that he would sell all his stolen property to because it's probably the same guy Jesse was selling his stolen property to in that guy's name was felipe, though they know he sells this stuff tat felipe and his richards fence, so they get an informant, to try to sell property to Felipe and this
woman, that's trying to sell the property. Felipe doesn't go for it and then they tell her well hey. We got this really expensive gold chain. Let's just take you to his house. In that way, you can sell it. You know seafield by that and she's totally not into this idea, because she doesn't know were fully lives and Felipe knows that she doesn't know where he lives. Could they ve never had that much interaction but the police, thus gaiters, thereby their desperate or taking you and she begrudgingly agrees. She shows up at his house just as he's pulling in to the driveway and ass. She walked up to his car. He jumps out and says: are you a cop get away from here and the task force they jump?
and they take em down. They say: where are you getting this from the leap and their able to tie some of the property back to a few of the crime scene said they know the night starker has hit felipe, will end up, giving them richards last name. So now they have richard ramirez or rick, Ramirez or richie, ramirez or ricardo ramirez, and they start taking those names and searching for the car theft and the accident that happened, but there still not able to fight Anything again, this is the nineteen eighty, so record keeping is crap and they will have a database. They find out that he was staying at the bristol hotel and at the cecil hotel. I'm sure a lot of you probably remember the the seesaw hotel from our elisa lamb episode when they check out the bridge oh hotel, the manager,
shows them the room that he would stay in and they find pentagram drawn on the walls and some creepy stuff there with all. His names and fingerprints and connections. The detectives are able to kind of put together that this is truly the guy that they're looking for. I I think it's Japan was making a super computer with a database at the time and they sold one to California and this system. This computer system or network was called cow iD, which is roughly called
one year I dedication system? Well, they take the fingerprints that they have, that they know are richards and they take his name and they put it through this cow. I d system up and northern california, and this is kind of a pivotal moment because they ve never done this. This is the first time really at least in california, that they ve done a database search with a killer, a criminal or somebody, and it pops back with richard ramirez and has a mug shot of when he was arrested
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They release it and then ramirez sees it could go on the rhine and then they don't know where he's going. They scare him away, but I think if I'm not miss can they decide to run it because that gives the public who definitely wants this guy caught his picture. They'll know hu there looking for and that means that their eyes everywhere they got the public on their side now and they absolute Lee made the right choice and releasing this this photo this. Shot of him. tire world is now looking for this man. If you this guy. We want to know about it. This was the this news story in all of california. In his face was plastered every single magazine and newspaper everywhere, but what they didn't realize was richard had actually left town on a motorcycle and drove out too
his brother in arizona, and he wasn't even around. He didn't know that he had just gone viral. they knew his brother lived in arizona. So when richard got there, he just didn't meet up with his brother. Is bike broke down and he got a ride from a man and he said hey. If you take me to the bus station, you can have my bike. He noticed there was a lot of police presence at the bus station, but he was able to get on a bus and go back to LOS angeles, the lapd and the county police and a special task force had every single bus station staked out, but they were expecting richard to flee. So their standing around looking at every single person, that's walking into the bus station now they're looking at everybody, but they're not expecting richard to get off of a boss, their expecting him to get on.
Bus and richard comes into that bus station on sixth, in LOS angeles, and he sees all these police and instead of going into the bus station and walking out the door, he will walk out the drive that the buses are coming and going from, and he will somehow allude this huge police stake out. That's at this bus station. He will go across the street to a liquor store. He will start to buy a cup of coffee and two hispanic. Women in the back will recognize him They will start yelling, l matador, which means the killer and pointing at him, and he will see his face on the newspaper. He will take off so richards in flight mode now he knows needs to get the hell out of there and he starts it, opting to steal a car, not one.
But what three times yea it could be up to three times he's ran up to cars and tried to get the person to get out of a car and we'll find him off or their husband or boyfriend or run out and try to fight him off. He will actually ended up coming across the santa Monica freeway to get away from the angry mob that is now chasing him. He will get on a bus, he will literally just jump ANA a city bus and sit down slowly. Everyone on the bus starts pointing at him, and this is kind of a a scene out of the twilight zone where everybody knows who this guy is. His face is everywhere, and so he jumps for the bus and he continues running a tries to pull a woman advert car to steal the vehicle and get away when he's trying to he'll. This woman's car. Her husband will here
her screaming and he'll grab a metal pipe and he'll run out to the car and hill hit him and get him out of the car and richard will try to flee, but he will strike richard and the head with this metal pipe in knocking richard to the ground wall. The mob is chasing him, he's hissing at them, he's turning around and hissing and telling them that he has a gun, but nobody cares and they just think he's deranged and they know he's the night hocker, so they're gonna take him down, and now the mob is on him. He cannot get away at this point and it will take police to save his life. This mob will kill him there, being an they are beating him and there angry and they have every right to be angry. I mean he has been VIC amazing and murdering people over the last year, the first
is officer on the scene is a rookie. He has no idea who richard Ramirez is the county police who have been working on this case are all there, but they are not too happy that a rookie cop is the one that ended up taking richard ramirez into custody. It was some weird little disappointment bear that these guys had been working on the case, but this other guy was a nobody and didn't even know who he was and he's the guy that ended up putting the cuffs on Richard Ramirez night detective korea he's sleeping in his home with his gun on his nightstand, and he thinks he hears a sound and he's going through his house. He sweeping his house with his gun, drawn to make sure that richard or that the night stalker is not.
Home. This is driven his family apart and this is driving him crazy and that's when he gets a call that the night stalker seen down and east loss angeles, he will go and, as is in route, he will get the call that the knights darker his in custody- and this is his chance to face this man- he's been tracking for months and then he's been obsessed with yeah They take richard into an interrogation room and they say are right. There rita, misery, miranda rights and they said, do you want to talk to us and he says one a lawyer and they say. Are you sure about that? Any goes. Yes, I want a lawyer pack up there, there folders and their staff, and they start to walk out of the room and richard says will work.
Happens now, and they say well you're you're going to get a lawyer and he goes well what's going to happen to me and they come back and they sit down. and they start talking carrillo getting him to open up at one point, he's talking about richards, family and richard has his head like face on the desk and he starts huffing and puffing and getting really angry and frank salerno is Can it mean korea under the desk in korea. Misinterprets this as stopper or back back off cause you're you're freaking amount
but what he really was saying was keep going. You got him now by korea, stopped and said: let's take a break, we'll get you some food after that, the the interrogation kinder went down hill and he didn't. He asked for a lawyer again and stuck to his guns on that. If you for a lawyer, and then you talk after that and your lawyers and present that can be a bit of legal trouble? Absolute. Do I guess it's kind of fortunate that he did end up taking a break because otherwise, as is more ammunition for the defence, when richard shows
for his first trial date. He is embarrassed ashamed and he hides his face. He shy in when he sits at the the desk in the courtroom. He actually puts his head down between his legs, so people cannot see him or see his face, but after that first court date. He realizes that the whole world's looking at him, he's infamous in here, changes to, and after that he starts, show boating in the courtroom. While they were transporting him along the road to from court. The police officers said that there was a woman standing on a car on the side of the road and she lifted her shirt and the police officers thought it was for them saying:
Q, you've caught the monster, but it's probably more likely that it was for Richard yeah. He had groupies. There were women that were, following his every move and they seemed very interested in him, they would sit in the courtroom and richard would Turn around in his chair and winked at them and get reactions out of them when he's arrested. His family of course finds out their beloved little brother or sun. Richard is the one being accused of being the night stalker absolutely cannot believe what their hearing he talks. This family and he almost seems not only the prize but upset betrayed betrayed because His own people caught him and turned him in it when you say on people you're talking about the hispanic neighbourhood that descended upon him right, the people
on his neighborhood are the ones you stopped him? I I guess he thought They had some sort of loyalty to him, because he can. From that neighborhood yeah, as if large family, oriented catholic hispanic, family this would allow satanist serial killer. Who is terrorizing and murdering them get away. I as if they care what his race color or how he feels even matters. I I just don't get that skewed logic He has there, while he's upset. The rest of us were very happy that they do, what they did to stop him and they- an awarded the people they they add like an award ceremony in allay where they they were. Manuel, who was the man with the steel pipe that was beating him in the hat and a view of the other people that were there. In his family, was upset by this. His lawyer was even upset by this because he said: well, you d,
No and if you're already handing out awards to the people that captured him will now you ve landed ham, indeed swayed the media and the public. How can we get a fair trial here, but not they have a point, but This is the exception to the rule. I think they know. This is the guy. That's the problem. so when they have what amounts to the ceremony at the end of a new hope on star wars and their passing out these metals anywhere chairing I know. I members whose name was manuel. He was man well at the steel pipe yeah manuel, what the steel pipe. Thank you, sir. At the initial capture richard was telling the police office there's just shoot me. You know who I am just save the time in the effort is like I'm not going to jail. I'd rather die, but once it gets to his family, he seems to change
his tune in this reminds me of that case when he was at the hotel and he attempted to rape, the woman and her husband stopped him. While he told his family that it was a whole big messengers. ending in. He first is very open with the police officer saying on the night stocker on I'm the guy but then, as soon as his family finds out. It's like this shame of his family. Knowing of his wrongdoings becomes a point of contention with him and then he starts espousing that he's innocent and that they got the wrong person. I dunno, it just seems weird to me. He tells his first lawyer that he wants to plead guilty, but the lawyer doesn't want to go with that. He that he can defend the sky and he wants to go to trial because I'm I'm assuming he wants to get a little bit of the publicity in the the name sacred
It is simply a possibility, because this is a this- is a real opportunity to judge the biggest. Case and murderer in california, history up and tell me not at this point he's eclipsed the original nights or and a lot of other yeah. You wonder why would he just give this case up exactly if they give the case up, then he me, a brief appearance in the papers and every one forgets who he is so he'll and firing his first lawyer and between that and all the outburst and non cooperation this trial will drag out for very, very long time. Didn't you get the sense that ramiro I was kind of waffling how he wanted to approach. This whole thing I mean he's at the end of his killing spree. So that's over all he has left is either. The trial and become even more notorious or,
try to slink into obscurity by skipping the trial altogether if you remember, when he was caught, he pretty much admitted to all of it. He told the police officers just give me your gun. I will finish this myself, but then, once his family was involved, that's when he seemed to change his tune cause. It was almost the humility of his family, knowing that he truly is, night stalker and then he plays games at the trial and everything else. And then he starts getting be the meat his attention, so I don't know waffling. I think he flipped flops completely on. I want the guy you caught me. Let me die. I don't want to go to trial to oh now on the top dog and on. This yeah he's the centre of attention and he enjoys at its root, these strange. You wonder how stable he is
you said he reacts to his family being involved any city. It's almost as though he needs to continue on then instead of dying, but then eyes in court, then comes a oh yeah and on the centre of attention and oh you're, the victim's family, I There's really there's, there's no remorse at all from him and throughout the trial, the defence kept bringing up questions about. The different murders and Don't know if they were exactly saying that. Well this person who's a family member of this victim can explain where they were. This one won't take a lie: detector task, they just kept throwing you know everything they're, just seeing what would stick but making a lot of claims. saying oh well. This is too questionable you can't laid on richard, but by and the trial. The prosecutor made sure to tell the jury that look they through. lots of stuff out, but none of this stuff is backed up.
I literally just throwing it out there to confuse you. The evidence against richard was very, very good. This case, mean you may say: well, it took them a long time to find him, but you talking about time They didn't just have the easy computer system with dna data base, not that it's always easy nowadays, but back then just more and more difficult. Because richard ramirez was killing and attacking people in different areas, indifferent, police jurisdiction. and they didn't just contact each other. And share all the information, so he was able to attack at random get away and was able to do, for quite a while, because it was so difficult to track him. I think, as less than laid out. They did a really good job with what they had and when it went to try. Are they really had enough to now? This got a wall with korea and and salerno going from the
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hundred thousand highly productive teams using click up today use code podcast to get fifteen percent of clay ups massive unlimited plan for a year, meaning you can start reclaiming your time for under five dollars a month sign up today at click up that come in use code? Podcast hurry. This offer and soon one creepy moment happened during the trial, and so you had groupies there I do see richard the jury many people in the public still fear this man and there is a day where one of the gene, Hers was not present and they had to track this journey, down they found out that she had been murdered and so at first Everybody was worried that somehow ramirez had had her killed, but they able to find out that it was her boyfriend that murdered her and not ramirez. There is one journalist name doreen, Loi and she's taken by richard. She just thinks that he is the the bee's knees she
He thinks that he's the gym morrison of serial killers. She becomes obsessed with him between her and some of the other groupies they'll get into little fights outside the courthouse Doreen will continue her connection with richard after his trial. This will cause her a lot of stress with her family and friends because they don't understand how she could be talking to one of the most infamous cereal whereas in california and all time she wore a spouse that he's innocent and that she thinks that he didn't do these things and richard work I will say that he's edison, he didn't kill anybody, although he'll say I'm evil and I kill people but everything out of it This is pretty much contradiction. Doreen will end up marrying richard while he's serving time on death row. This is this seems to be a thing, and I
that there was the woman that was trying to marry Charles manson recently, but Think Doreen was one of the first richard wool be charged and convicted and he will get the death sentence. Twenty three years later. Twenty thirteen will die of health complications while on death row b cell lymphoma or liver failure. However, you wanna said he turned green. They say he turned highlighter green, weird- and my first thought was like a lizard just seems fitting that such an Whoa person would turn green. There is little bit of a conspiracy that the guards in jail these were now. Giving him the treatments or that he needed or that there was a hit on richard idle
the guinea of that has any merit myself. One of the descriptions of remit. as was that he had bad teeth between his drug use and his favorite drink, which was coca cola. He would only drink soda and he had a horrible diet. He would only eat like of a teenage kid woody, hamburgers and soda. That's all he would do and you could see it in teeth because his teeth were in really bad shape, so him dying in his fifties from liver disease or blood camp isn't surprising to me cause he didn't have very good health. I'm just shocked that penal. Here's, the death penalty, again. We we we see that people that probably have questionable convictions can be put to death in less than ten years Somebody like richard ramirez, sat on death row for twenty three years and it ended up dying from now
causes. I don't even understand what good this death penalty is. If, if we can't even apply to somebody who absolutely appears to deserve it. When he's given the death sentence, which, in his case the gate, they slapped him with nineteen death sentences, there's a quote from him: no big deal that always comes with the territory. I'll see you in disneyland what a guy so that seems to be the demise of richard ramirez, is dying in prison, pretty surprising to me that that's how he went out when, when we announced this case, I remember a lot of people were saying: you covering the original night stalker, or I thought you already covered the night. Stalker the original night stock, her or the east aerial rapist, or how many names they give. They gave the sky high, was never caught.
now everyone knows richard ramirez as the night stalker, but before he the night stalker there were different nicknames being used. There was the screen door, intruder the walking killer and the valley intruder. Of course, none of these are is catchy as the night stalker nineteen. many, there was a movie about a vampire the tiled, roofs, was the night stalker, and this is where, got the name for richard Ramirez IRA, Finally, one of richards favorite songs was was night prowler by a cdc whose lyrics talk about going into somebody's home, the similarities are both of them. Would do home invasion type crimes home and
and type attacks, whereas a lot of serial killers, wool abduct you or invite you to their home. That's what makes these two incredibly threatening and terrible is they come to. You may come to your home, but besides there breaking into homes, it's kind of where the similarities stop, because I felt the the original night stalker would stock his victims for at least a few days before he would do the iter. act right yo, he was definitely a planner and that's where these two men and diverge is the original night stalker who seemed to really plan things out, and then you have richard Ramirez, who was a very random killer. He just with just two somebody out of the blue. I think it was his his reign,
miss people say he sloppy, and he kind of was. He just went on opportunity. That's what allowed him to get away with it. For so long was he had zero pattern. Yeah no pattern, he was leaving evidence. We know about the shoeprints, the fingerprints, but they didn't he databases back then, riga, just take the shoe print or the fingerprint and run it and then get a match it's not what was happening. They literally had to have the person in custody, get their parents and then compare them, so he could be slow. be as long as he was choosing people at random. Whether was a seventy nine year old woman or a ford
six year old man? They had no idea who he was going after and who it was. It made an incredibly difficult, as we know they never caught the original night stalker so heap. He was a planner. He would stock his victims, he would break into their homes, he would rape them and then murder them, and then he would flee in the jump on a bike or, however, he would make his getaway, whereas richard he would always have typically a stolen car and then he would break into the and then he would leave in that same car. So there is there's a there's. Some similarities, but these guys one was a type a and the other was chaos, and I think that richard ramirez, being walking, chaos or walking terrors is a definitely better description of him. We know very little about the original night stocker. We have a scam. but we don't really know much about this individual with richard or me.
As we have a face he was captured, we have video of him and I dont know what scares people more, because both of these people would hunt you in your home, and I just brought up earlier when he said that richard would enter the home and then he would stop and he would wait. Until his eyes adjusted to the dark, any would listen. Then you would feel the vibrations of the home. That's creepy he may not have planned ahead, but once he should the home. He was very business like I think worth things that might make the original night stalker scarier for people that he was never caught and the only real evidence we have if we was may just be, that phone call At the end of our episode for the original night stalker, you can hear that we ve had a great number
what people write into us and say? Thank you so much because I was trying to listen to you guys as usual. While I was lying in bed and then I couldn't sleep, I had to scramble to turn it off because it was so terrifying and in it is, and I only poligized that we didn't warn you, but it's freakish it's scary is hell yards, people even said that they threw their headphones across the room and I is the call where I did and how I did, because I thought it would be more effective and I would say it was absolutely any final thoughts on richard here. You know some people probably don't put too much into satan or people who worship satan. But will you get richard Ramirez here, definitely living that lifestyle, and I don't think it's
just for show that he was drawing penta grams on his hand. I think this something he was really trying to invest in for whatever reason whether he thought it in power, or, with your or whether he was just rebelling against christianity. Every time talk generally about any religion on the show. We always end up getting an email about it. I don't even like bringing it up, but he was raised catholic His version of satan was definitely more of the machine or catholic version of a deity and pure evil he would end up meeting and on the way at some point and going to some sort of mass with him, but and Tom obeys version of satanism is nothing like what richard was due
Any real levey follower would tell you that they don't align with anything that richard ramirez, is doing one ramirez didn't hang around right, I mean he did it once and then that was it yeah and he wasn't really a member of the church, and he just was, as one has thing he's probably just curious, because aunt em, they was thee name in satanism at the time and for him to be able to meet him. Probably more akin to meeting a celebrity at the time, nea absolutely and In time of actually said that he thought richard was shy and quiet. I had read the book the night stalker by philip carlo about this, and it is the definitive book about richard ramiro. it's very informative, but philip has some kind of interesting descriptions that he uses and
I dont know if I agree with all of his points of view, but it's definitely well researched. There is one part in this podcast that I I changed and I inserted from the book in its when I say he wrote a motorcycle out to see his brother in the book. It says that he wrote a bus out there. But I saw an interview with korea about this delete. Investigator korea says he wrote a bike out there, so I, don't know whose right, but I was going. I was siding with the investigator on that, but We just know that richard went to see his brother now whether he took a boss who wrote a motorcycle, I dont know he wasn't around when his mug shot and everything was posted when he went viral. I hope you enjoyed hearing about richard. It was the he's, the serial killer, that
really got me into true crime and and serial killers. But I want emphasise that when I was a teenager- and I thought these guys were fascinating I no longer hold that opinion any more. These guys destroy homes. They have no no place in society, and now all we can really do is just look at. Why did they behave this way? What caused this and with with Ramirez I I totally could buy in two both a nature anna nurture yea. Definitely add issues in both of those realms. He had his head injuries at ages to and I believe, Then, if you look at the things that were happening with him as as a child and even with his mother, while he was dinner womb, It almost just makes sense. It's almost like when you watch when those superhero movies. A in someone falls in that of toxins, the villain
created in that yes and then the villain comes out. You're like of course, he fell in that green bubbly liquid. What everything you decided is his more or less nature up until the bubbling liquid part, but but then the nurture part is his cousin that shot his wife in front of him and then there's all these dramatic events that happen and that's the nurture and his cousin detailing the murders that he committed in Vietnam yeah. I think you have two things just going against richard and they created among, her and of course you have people at say. Well, I know someone who went through a law that kind of stuff in they didn t, to be a serial killer. This is called perfect storm? And if you look at the murders that richard ramirez committed and the kind of spree that he went on, murdering, raping and robbing He was a monster. Want
it really cemented him as a monster, is that there is a dna test done in two thousand thirteen year they discovered richard Ramirez had raped emerge. a nine year old girl at one point and didn't know about it until much later because of the dna test, that's horrible, it makes me think. Well, are there other victims? that we don't know about whether it is evidence has been. Let go oh destroyed. Is he responsible for a lot more murder because we didn't know he was responsible for this nine year old. Until much later, it's very likely that ramirez old, more people, that we don't How about any of you? when he was committing these murders, the didn't have dna, testing the way they have today? So you couldn't just run the the dna through a database and find him so yeah. There's
probably more murders. If you look at how many people were killed in the way, he did it and how random the ages of the victims were There's no telling how many more of that he is responsible for on this. Case. We received a lot of emails from listeners after we dropped. The first episode part one a lot of people were around when richard was active or they were children at the time So some of those emails are pretty crazy where they oh yeah. one person that wrote to us. Actually, I think it was on instagram, said they knew people who were involved in beating richard ramirez, that's it Is the great image to having your head another message that we got someone add that their mother believes that He had met him because he
he's going door to door selling vacuums, yeah I'd, believe it so now we we have a bunch of unknown, maybe attacks in cases where it's quite possible that you know she said that her mother, remembered in as had really horrible breath and having really bad teeth, which he did was, he a legitimate salesman. I could see sky, going to a pawn shop and buying a vacuum cleaner and then just trying to sell it door to door. So they could check got these homes, I think you're good. I'm too much credit. I think you might stolen a vacuum cleaner from one of his prior victims and then taken it. As for his rob either way. I could see I'm doing this to possibly victimize eyes, people now in this case she said their mother closed the door unlocked it. She was not letting him in, but what, if he had to in a vacuum door to door and was
well to enter a house or two. We can imagine what happened. Thank you for the emails. They were really chilling to read. right adjust. It brings you a little closer to this terrible killer. you're reading stories from people who had met him or had been following the case and lived in the area disengaging. If you grew in los angeles during the time that he's hunting people- you were asleep at night, and maybe you back and think you're. My parents didn't lock the doors at night, and I bet they lock him. No, This is something that we read about all the time and word reading up these cases people this headed different outlook back then they viewed things differently and now, I just going to walk in our home. It's no big deal by is really that later on, after These terrible murders happen. Then people start locking their doors, ass raw little safer for it, but there's also Things are sad about that. Were you just you can't
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