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April 5, 2015. South West England, UK. Victoria Cilliers decided to jump out of a plane as her husband suggested she should. She was an experienced parachutist and instructor. Parachuting might be just the thing to do for herself. But after she jumped, she realized soon after that something was wrong. Her parachute wasn't working and the reserve didn't work correctly, either. Victoria plummeted to the earth while her fellow parachutists watched in horror. Join us as we discuss a case involving love, betrayal, and devious plots.


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From wondering I dont another readjusting, how are you doing good? We have a bunch of updates real quick for this episode. First off I was on a podcast called my passion case check it out. It's his first step, out, but other announcements reactor I'm still waiting for word,
and when frame season, two will be released so stated Sorry, but things happen and were really try to do our due diligence to make sure it's as good as we can make it and speaking of other pod ass were working on, some of you may have heard, that I just released deadly adventures I partnered up with minds of man this and the first two episode they're out there go check it out. You can find them on wondering plus also this is the last announcement of this before the show happens, just then I will be at panic fast in Kansas city at the armor theatre on january, twenty fourth of twenty twenty and with us we'll be charlie from crime lines. We deftly would recommend, checking out her shout and retired detective gary genk who is the host of gang land wire. So if you're in a mob stuff check that out, get your tickets at panic, film, fest, dot, com,
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how an extent vacations so I've promise everybody that this year, they do a lot more international cases. Technically. This will be our first international case non american case and while I give much more away by unexcited to cover this cases, things are not your typical. Murder, mystery, podcast kind of thing we can say is when love is blind. Could the law of your life. Try to kill you not once but twice. What do you think there well. We know this is something that does happen absolutely so, with that one we talk about tonight time talking about a case out of the uk. Actually in ITALY, in case that cop many people answer mine included because of the particulars of the
As so often we say the husband did it, the boyfriend did it, but man in this case is like what did he do? When we get into the details, they're pretty alarming, but man it goes to show it doesn't matter where you live. There is always some time bull individual, who has now thing, but a self serving greeting nature, and they don't air who they run over to take care. Numerous bruno we're talking about a married couple there, the sailors emil and Victoria and They live in amesbury, wilt, sure, uk its in between bristol and london kind of a little south, if you're from there, you know exactly what we're talking about, if you're, not from their just go west of one victoria was raised in addington, that's east of edinburgh
and she attended the edinburgh academy pretty nice, school costs. Thirty three thousand a year She lost her mother and ninety ninety two, but the one thing that everyone you about Victoria, that she had a lover parachuting. She done this, since she was sixteen years old and by twenty fifteen. More than twenty six hundred jobs and what an accelerated freefall instructor. Now it's because of her career that she met meal emil ciliary had injured himself. We think he had some sort of knee injury, he needed rehabbing, and so he went for physical therapy and that's when he met Victoria there both in the military. She had joined the royal army medical corps that she trained, as is physiotherapy officer that was in Eighteen, ninety eight she became a cow,
captain and served at a field hospital in Kosovo. She was married before thousand, for she had married a man by the name of Liam Fitzgerald finch. He was a captain, they weren't together very much. She leaving him because he was unfaithful she later met and in may emile cilliers. They got in his home country of south Africa september. two thousand eleven that. kids together, the youngest was only weeks old when this incident occurs that will be discussing. Let's talk about a meal what he was born in south africa. His parents were hope. I get their names right, son, his mother and his father stalls apparently had a very religious household, very religious upbringing, and attended private school. Now he worked with his father for quite a while by age. Sixteen he was already. I guess you could
wooing the ladys, and I say that because his first girlfriend was nickel in shepard and she was thirteen years old at the time now, according to her, he knew exactly what to say and how to say it, and he would very much impressed the ladies guess that religious household sort of backfired honour his behaviour. Yeah is no telling by hand having to children with nikkolon one the daughter and two thousand and then in two thousand to she became pregnant with a son, a meal then sticker. around here, believing south africa. For the uk wanted to work and make some money in the uk, but it's not like said I'm leaving you good bye. He said I'm going to the uk cause, I'm gonna go work and just didn't come back
Fathers glad for cigarettes just never come home, so nickel intercourse was true, figure out what happened to a meal. She got a hold of his mother. And she was informed that a meal had married a woman in the uk named carly Taylor wow little surprise but in two thousand and six nicotine had been fielding law questions from her daughter that was her older child, about where her dad was. She didn't really want to get a whole of amelia work. She probably fellow upset with them or whatever, but she's like you, get a hold of them, because his daughter wants to know who he is, and so She reached out to him, and he said: hey you no fun. you're calling me I'm getting a divorce so tee thy. Well, maybe we can see what happens you know, but a month later,
She thinks that she and a meal are starting to kind of get closer in a meal is away at work, but his phone is still at their place where they were staying. She answers the phone and it's carly meals, wife, they have a conversation and carly's like all now we're very much married, and we have two kids he's got to women is life with kids and he's lying to both of them. This the first time this has ever half an obviously, but these two women decides to ban gathering talk to miss a meal sailors and get this straightened out by it. Apparently he didn't seem to unnerved by them approaching him and his wrist. Then was well here. We are which if he wants me very arrogant yeah I'll say I don't know what the response from many of you is, but my thought is:
guy can't get enough of himself here. care what he did wrong his eyes. It's basically like I make a choice and, of course, the way he hooked these women. They very much loved him, because he was the perfect gentleman. Then the way he treats them after marriage, the way he treats them after the relationship is like dirt and he just expects them to deal with it. while this very much turned off nicklin and she laughed but carly, she stage to keep a meal in her life. Now a meal wasn't really done with nicklin. Yet so he tried reaching out to her, but she wasn't interested so he moves on and he meets several more women on dating apps and even there's escorts and sex workers in this relationship not staying faithful at all two thousand and nine emil and carly their relationship
pretty much done with these as far as the meals concerned. Any he's not been treating Carl, very well so it looks like them is in trouble, but it's that year when emil met victoria at army, jam and ted worth now he was very much and to any kind of adrenalin sport. He found out that she was, skydiver and man he was like, me all about this. I want to try it she's, helping him with physical therapy, she sang I'll teach you how to skydive. so they hit it off. he and Victoria, like I said they ended up having to children. So out of the three relationships with nick alene carly, and Victoria? Each of them had two children with a meal, but let's talk about why were here, just tell why we're doing this episode, because this guy's, obviously all over the place. You can't been him down, but something unbelievable happens
while their planning on a day trip out with the family families gonna, watch her jump out of an airplane. So the couple and their kids, which they the daughter whose three and a little son, who is just weeks old, go to neither raven airfield for Victoria's jump and the Victoria understood it meal had a rain this jump because it sort of like less so right the recent birth of our second child, but also the relationship. Been very strange and a way for him to say. Let's do something for you so This is on Saturday April. Fourth and whether isn't great now, it said that, at least in the reports that I've read from and this according to victorian, other people die emil had really watched the weather for whatever reason, despite his supposedly washing the weather. The weather was good on that April. Fourth and
It is questionable whether she'd be able to do the job now her pair shoot that she only use was away for inspection, so husband, a meal had to rent went out after he got the parachute he then ended up telling his wife, hey her daughter, ask or the bathroom, so I'm gonna take her, but he took the parachute with him, thus staggered a typical because the stalls are pretty small. Its take a child and a parachute into a bathroom is right before a jump in our just assume that she would be needing to get set up and check parachute herself, I mean she's very experienced jumper here, but now he takes it with him. I guess what typically happens. Is everyone leaves their parachutes in the hangar before they jump, and he said I dont want to leave it unattended there. Always leave them on attended in the hair for actual safe keeping, but he's deviating from the norm. Right now
Well, the weather wasn't good enough. The cloud where was very low, so the jump was cancelled, then a meal. told Victoria, I'm going to put your pair shoot in your locker, because it'll save you time tomorrow. When you come back in as against policy by said that maybe she was just like well. We've had trouble lately he's trying to me with this jump and make everything easy for me. So, let's not start problem here, so they left she returned April. Fifth, to try the jump again now her husband home with the kids and I guess she started to feel like maybe- He wish she had just stayed home. She just wasn't feeling it maybe, here, inkling of your spidey sense, going off, saying: something's, not right, but there she is weather is still not great, so
instead of doing the regular jump, they do what's called a hop and pop, which is a four thousand foot jump which is much lower than a regular jump gathered. Paul There shoot pretty much right after they get out of that plane. He had messaged her husband said So maybe I should just be at home, but had said now. This something loved to do. You really should do this. You know it and so she agreed at four- twenty seven in the afternoon victoria jumped out of that plane. Now before she jumped She had apparently high five people on was trying to get the mood she jumped something happened now obvious if you're trained or even, if you're, an instructor. You know she was very much. instructor. He was highly trained and she actually trained to save
other people who had catastrophic parachute failures that was her job. She was top of the line shoot jumper? We can't under sell that enough, when main shoot had a problem. She knew just what to do. She cut the lines, because it was all tangled up. She wasn't If ever deploy her main shoots ass, she went to the reserve, but that too failed. Now when she jumped there was a group of them jumping and there were going impairs so the guidance was jumping with saw all of her failures happening in the sky as she was struggling with her shoot by the time he got down to her reserve shoot which wooden deploy correctly either he's like she's dead. This will be the first casualty with add, and there were a very tight knit group and he was
really crying on his way down, because he knew that they lost somebody and he said he could see her going in and out of consciousness as she plummeted passed him justin. She fell four thousand feet to the ground and the ground that she hit was a freshly ploughed field, Wait what happened happen mean they say that you're not going to survive a jump out of a plain. Meanwhile, I've actually started another Podcast called deadly misadventures. Where I talk about people a fallen out of aeroplanes and lived well? This was relatively low height, and she- had a relatively soft landing and when she hit the ground broke, her pelvis broke most of her ribs She sustained serious leg,
spine injuries and the collapsed lung, her partner who had jumped with her was let's just say, astonished that she had survived a four thousand foot jump out of a plane. Now this is a tight knit group parachute club? They are all very highly trained. So when something like this happens,. It doesn't take long for them to figure out what the failure was, because one The chances of a failure like this are one in a million and too They don't want it to ever happen again, so he looking at her parachute immediately notices that there wives, in cords that are just crossed. He sees at their our lines that have been cut, and these are not free line Caesar cut, like somebody took a night,
for paris, scissors and cut them and he's thinking. This was intentional. so he tells the rest of the group They immediately call the police because they're freaking out yeah, they call the police the very next day there is a little bit of a delay since because they really wanted to make sure they weren't just calling got instinct, they really want to make sure they knew that they needed to call the police. The police got the parachute, that they create used and they sent it to the british parachute association for were testing now there obvious signs of tampering right away. The other thing that really stood out, though, was that this is something that happens, you don't have your main anger reserve fail like this. That's like in a billion also
and this is really interesting- I think, because from about april tenth on the police start getting calls from people who knew Victoria and their cause in saying here something I know that you should know your stuff about her husband, our comments she had made so on for so it's almost like, without even asking for the public's help public's already there for them now, the police are wanting to talk victoria course, she's in the hospital major injuries like she has, and they start questioning her saying. Is there thing happening between you and your husband that we need to know about. It appears that he had tampered with your parachute she says something that really freaks. The investigators out she says. Well, we did have a gas line leak a week before
so happened why that sort of out of the blue, but this re emphasize is why the Investigators are coming after her husband, so the police go to her house and they look at the pipes and its obvious that one of them has been loosened with a pair of They call more groups over there and the uk, but we call vice groups here in the states. And they leave marks on the pipe now they have kids in the house. And there is no reason for a homeowner essentially to mess with a gas line. In all my years on this planet erin, I have not mess with the gas line. I barely mess with plumbing. So what's a meal doing with the gas line
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quality ingredients mean a healthier and happier life for your kitty. Try smalls today, customize your sampler through a short quiz at smalls, dot com, gen Y for a total of fifteen dollars off your first order that small calm last? Why code jen? Why we'll twenty eighth, a meal was brought. For questioning and told he was being arrested for the attempted murder of his wife. Now they said he was who was a cucumber and that he was just said that, when the arrest was being made that he was being arrested in front of his subordinates, because is being arrested at work. He didn't even flinch because This is a guy who thinks he's. Smart, and better than everyone else in the room was about a month after Victoria's, near fatal jump that The british parachute association delivered their report. Pulse the senior investigating officer said
evidence showed signs of tempering, so they could see the see the parachute was tamper with, and that main parachute lines have been wrapped around the parachute, so it couldn't inflate properly, and the reserve chute, which is what they call sk you pursue their tippit. Four lines attaching to the shoe Pack- and this links or the soft links that attach his lines from the parachute to the harness. Two of them were removed So there was no way this thing could work, and I read that heating and half there if we assume it is point that her husband had done this. You wouldn't after a move to wear them, you could remove one and it would follow the whole thing up. now. They also said that they found records because parachutes have to be inspected every so often over the lifetime. His parachute there were about ten different inspectors and
they make sure that everything is in order. So they found the last person to inspect the shoe was Helen Wesley. He added did this issue about two months before the incident over there to a meal. He said Ellen wesley. Yeah. He might have been having an affair with my wife and he might actually be our sons actual father. So Alan sabotaged a shoot, a rental parachute two months before the insight, no one else use that shoot, and it just happened to fall in the hands of yeah. Ok, I'm just chances of that are astronomical. but what we do know is a meal handled the shoot before the job. The chief parachuting instructor at another even mark by voted. A lot of time to this investing in team.
None of them had any parachuting experience or any knowledge about parachutes. So he took them step by step through everything because it would aid in their investigation. What are they looking for? How do we know this is sabotage? How do we know who would have had the means and the opportunity, and so there, Compiling all this information, with his help during a meals first interview, which last about six hours, they say he was, asked about his marriage with victoria, and let me tell you something: The minute he starts talking, it's like he doesn't want to obscure the stuff that he's been up to four the most part because when they ask about the status of his marriage guys go always go, it's gone my wife, not him now guy he said, is not a marriage. I would want to be in any more. I can't see my of being in the marriage in ten or fifteen years time,
and then he goes on to talk about sex just goes on and on and on about his sex drive to the point. Where almost creepy. That's all he thinks about that. Only thing on his mind, and meanwhile he's trying to show off to other people like, but find out that during this time, as a girlfriend that he's with me stephanie collier he's been in a relationship with her for a while. I need claims that victorious sex drive is not up to par and they barely have sex more than twice a week, So therefore he has to have a girlfriend on the side. They start going through his text. Messages They find that not only does he have a girlfriend on the side, but he's seeing escorts on top of that.
They also find out that he had been to a swingers club. That has a glory hole in it, If you don't know what that is, you should google it when you're not at work, but at this here's club. He asked so you got aggressive with another female patron and was kicked out now wow. It takes a lot of talent to get kicked out of. Swingers club I mean I've been kicked out of a toys. Are us once and I took some town, but this guy is just an area, jerk to everyone around him and he uses people and they have this whole plethora of text messages. When all of these people, even when his wife's in the hospital being treated for major injuries he's texting with his girlfriend. He's too thing with all these other women with the care in the world for his wife, not only that, but he attacked
really brought some insurance documents to the hospital for that. actors. Design. Nice and he gets paid out with some insurance money right. Well, listen talk about how you get paid for each broken bones things like that, but since he was under arrest. He had to make bail which they allowed him to do under the condition that he couldn't return to the home that he and Victoria had with their kids, Oh he get some money to cover living expenses and apparently takes that money and immediately heads out and buys a new cell phone and a gaming council. I think it was a play station so now the money goes to victoria and he's just using it for videogame councils but vic, warrior as she's recovering at the hospital is upset because she's being told, about what's going on and she saying no, no, no. I can't
this without a meal, our kids need him. I need him, there's stuff has to be done. I mean who's, gonna watch the kids and so of course she has family who are saying: don't worry about a meal. We can take care of the kids prepare actually head down to help with the kids cheese being told about the irrigation and about what they find about steph. galler and that it seems like he was getting ready to leave her to be with Stephanie and they even denied being the father of their son, so we they is, she upset not really is really weird. This state of mind is such that she's. Like wait a minute she starting to connect, and she says this is she tells them about the gas pipe. That it occurred on marks thirtieth. Think about it. first time she was supposed to parachute was on the fourth of April. To this just days before and of course, and we talk by the pipes were taken, there
Two gated analyzed september emil is brought in for a second interview. Now, in the meantime course, his wife is phillips, she's not wanting him arrested. She doesn't want him in prison or anything she just. we're about. What's gonna happen with our kids how she's gonna make it and so There is a second interview with a meal he said laying out his whole you could say relationship with Stephanie and they expect him to say yeah, I'm blind and make a new relationship here with Stephanie but now he sang air were not really together anymore. And this is the thing is they ask Questions that Any normal person who is just a ten- the two murder, their wife. You would expect them to. I don't know deflect whatever but you know they'll, ask em like oh: did you work on the pipe and he's like I don't remember like? Did you use
his vice groups on it, or did you use these more groups on its knees? Like I just told you, I don't remember just very nonchalant, but then he'll put himself in situations where like well did you. Deal with her parachute. I handled it. So it's this weird cat and mouse of he's being fairly honest, yet not pudding self in any sort of situation that would actually make it look like Smoking gun, like he's guilty, there's a book out there, spy. The lie were talks about people's options when line has every human has their own tells and where very similar disguise. Interviews with police wow. You can just sit there and break it down line by line it incredible to see such narcissism at play police obtained, who years worth of messages between a meal and Stephanie that were changed over. What's up,
Let's just say they don't really buy, that they were no longer together. There would be a interview and that occurred before. The end of twenty fifteen? They asked emil. When was the last time you use your pliers and, of course that's what denied using them or not remembering when using them by this point I already had all the information, the pipe they knew about the blood they knew that them eggs were definitely made by them. perhaps that he used they were found. Utility room. But this is the problem, the interview is they're trying to catch him why any and give them enough information for them to be. Like ah see you, you said this, but we we knew that you had use them because your blood was he just as I remember or yeah handled it, but I didn't do that, so they can't, leverage on him, an ally, but at the same time they're getting leverage on him in just a sense that he looks guilty as hell.
They do get leverage because of his relationship and his relationship with Stephanie galler is really thinking at this point, aside from its hampering of ie or apparent tampering gas line because He sang yeah we're not really together anymore, but he had sent tax to her like from April. Onward, I can do random and spontaneous now given that his wife almost died in early April. What does that say? Because that way? Their looks like he's saying, hey from April on What you gonna do whenever you want to do it on their I'm freak why in the hospital or dead yeah? Maybe at that point, when he saying this, it was previously that time so it he sang from month onward. I can do every like he actually was
doing: internet searches for a wet nurse prior to the jump for other child. Why would you need a wet nurse if Mommy's around away normally. I dont care about people's search history that much normally adam care about their extramarital There's that much. I know they're all factors here. I know I'll give motive but wow, the situation? Is every single thing this guy did is screaming. I planned this now course. They ask him hey what this message you sent to Stephanie about you and be free from April onward, and he goes I don't know why. I said that it probably isn't important. So yeah he's cools a cucumber, but police are looking at him. Like yeah. We have all this stuff, that's line up at least you could say it. Substantially leading up to you,
We set this up. You set your wife up to die, so it seems june of twenty. Sixteen, when the crown Prosecution service agreed that police had of evidence to charge a meal with two counts of attempted murder and one count of reckless endangerment. A meal said I do any of this stuff. one interesting note, though their headed trial, but one lead investigators, name Mattie Hannah said that she thought the eyes were against them, getting a conviction, because as there was in her mind, may be enough, sir, what evidence showing that a meal had tamper with the pipe or the parachute. So you're, leaving it up to the jury, too follow your lead and valued on that path of all the circumstantial evidence, but they don't have video proof, so she put the eyes like it. Seventy thirty against us now it's the black of direct evidence but
all circumstantial and when you take in the totality of his extramarital affairs. His please, in our views, he's the one, person to mess with parachute, Obviously, was the last person to mess with the gas pipe, they think they got enough and then one week into the trial they find out that he has a bunch of debt, also like thirty thousand dollars worth almost and he was going to get a life insurance pay out of a hundred and twenty thousand. Then you find out that he was borrowing money from Victoria and never paying it back. He had really poor spending habits, he needed everything brand new criminal crop. All the new toys because it wasn't his money. He was spending was other people's money and why not right, but he was also spending money on his girlfriend exactly when you have
multiple women in your life. That's gonna be a costly. So now we have not only was he unhappy in his marriage, but we have life insurance pay out. So we have multiple motives here for murder. The process you can really wanted to drive this home. Hey had the motive. He had the opportunity we're gonna show how he did it. They took the jurors the twelve, yours out, another even airfield and they walk through through all this stuff parachute and how he would have tampered with it, and how they know this was done on purpose. wasn't some sort of accident or some fluke, there's no free edges to the lines there. Clean cuts she was checked and reach act and packed, and then all of a sudden
lines are just wrapped around the main shoot in the reserve. She's been cut it so obvious that this was intentional, and Prosecution was starting to feel pretty good about their case, because had the money motive and then Victoria had told them things that really made a pie. Sport. It gave a meal enough time to tamper with things she said that when he took their daughter to the bathroom that he was for about ten minutes. That's plenty of time to tamper with the parachute So they brought her on as their star witness they ve got the person who was the intended victim on the stand and can give tee alimony- because not only was she the intended victim but she also knows parachutes she knows all about jumping she was an instructor. So Is there a moment, a snow? They get her. The stand, but then oh see I see changes her mind, she says that
She exaggerated the timeframe that he had the parachute in the bathroom because he was upset said it was only mere moments, as opposed to ten minutes she went on to say that she, about or exaggerated about deep shoot the main shoot and how it was not as bad as she made it out to be and that she was kicking herself for cutting away a perfectly fine shoot. although the evidence is clearly to the contrary, because the shoot did not deploy because it was wrapped in the lines so when she cut it away in action. fell to the ground in the same configuration that it was in so She can say that she cut away a perfectly fine shoot, but the evidence to the contrary.
and she doesn't really have much of an explanation for the reserve- shoot besides well stuff happens, and then, when they get around you asking her about the gas line in the house. She says that I must have bombed at her eye. I might have listened it myself. It wasn't him. wow that's what this came down to it couldn't have been a meal is probably me so even Prosecution was doing their best the jury had to consider what victorious that on stand, and they liberated for about four days. They couldn't decide Our verdict will this whole case was very pivotal on her testimony to bring it altogether and when she turned on the prosecution and wasn't willing to go along with the narrative, the jurors or like maybe sheet it to herself. Can we really prove that he did beyond reasonable doubt so
hung jury right november, twenty third two thousand seventeen a meal walked out of court, but this wasn't a case that ended in a not guilty and it didn't end. guilty that man they can take other stab. At this most of you know, I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now audible offers, incredible selection of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities, renowned experts and as an audible member, I get access to a growing selection of audiobooks, the originals podcast. It's all included in my membership get one title a month to keep, and I get to hear exclusive podcast that I can't find anywhere else. I just but the audio book anti social about online. Extremism, techno utopians and the hijacking of the amount? in conversation, let audible hope you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members contrived for free for thirty days, vizir audible
calm, slash gaeta, BP, were text guida, BP, two five hundred five hundred, that's audible, dot com, slash cheetah, BP or text guida BP, two five hundred five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days, audible doc. Slash gwp on April eleven twenty eighteen, a meal was brought back to port. This time you talk about character, stuff, they ve unleash all of it. part of the operation wainwright, that's what they call the investigation into emile cilliers, they discovered about Fifty thousand messages that went to and from a meal man they created all these timelines, showing all the different relationships. City was in including maintaining sexual contact with his former wife carly, the escorts you name it. Just the gloves were off this point and they're going to character, assassinate him because they thought that in the first,
What we have is the of the intended victim, so we don't have to go through all this. was, it really character assassination, because I feel like that might be a bit rough. I mean What they're trying to show here, as this is a guy who was are concerned about his wife, in fact very much the opposite, he was intending to harm her, and they could show that everything he was doing was against her, so they went through all of the finances they went through the relationships. This was it I who was spinning out of control really and so with his internet, searches, his messages, finding that just days before, Victoria's jump, He was searching like you said, for a wet nurse and that's because each fact: it his wife not be around to care for their young sun, and they also found that Victoria had removed him from will get in december of twenty fourteen. She, removed her husband from her will because
you ve been having a lot of money issues and it was because of a meal. He had maxed out credit cars he had borrowed about twenty thousand pounds from his wife and pay. Much of it back and continued to make up stories about why he couldn't pay her back he kept saying one having trouble with the people who are helping me with my finances and so its holding up the money. I think really. you're looking at the time line of why he took action when he did it's, that desk, we're twenty fourteen time where these see it coming to a head, and it's that stress of my wife's, come after me, she wants Why the money keeps disappearing. They shouldn't be in the actual straits that they were in and he had promises to her like. Oh I'm, not gonna, take loans out a mock. I do this in that, but he did exactly that you think all these lies would have screwed up his relationship it
spinal that his wife's stuck with him. for the relationships in. Oh there was clean shepherd. His first girlfriend who had two children with She knew very much about how he could almost brainwash people, so anyway. You take all the forensic information and is if Victoria out of it, because you can't have her on the stand talking about her husband and saying it wasn't him it couldn't have been had to be me- I must have screwed this up. I must have done that. You can't have her on the stand so now, I have to say we're going to let the forensics talk we're going to let our best negation speak and that's what they did. What difference it makes when you don't have someone sabotaging their own case? Let's take a moment to talk about that because, you know it's one thing to say: why would she do that you know, when you're in a relationship and essay if you're, in an abusive relationship where someone is manipulating you
Can you really see the truth exactly she has children. She needs help raising them. She thinks season Ok, guy all he's capable of is not paying her back for some money but murder. Oh, never! yeah you cheat dummy bet he wouldn't harm me. You wouldn't do that. He wouldn't kill me so it just doesn't make sense to me it's further proof of the results of his labour. He worked hard at manipulating his wife and other women in his life. So when it came to it. She couldn't just its gears even after that it happened. This trial lasted six weeks long time the jury took three days to deliberate, and they found him guilty on two counts of attempted murder and one count of reckless endangerment guilty on all counts,
He was given a life sentence with minimum of eighteen years before he could be paroled I think that's a thirty six year sentence, isn't it yeah over there? It is. That's a lot of time and I would say You know, even though no one died, this is credible, I mean your reason. His wife didn't die was lock in. This might be the first case that we ve, covered by murder. Kind of gays were no, died. We ve done missing persons, we ve done mysteries and stuff, but we always have a murder of it so this is sort of an anomaly for us to cover a case like this and its Firstly, an anomaly for her to have lived through to it, on her life and yet still not want to accept the fact, This is something that I just want to pause on for a minute, because I know
people out there screaming at their speakers, ike avi He tried to kill you and I, member that the documentary of abducted and plain sire, when just screaming at the parents, like you, freaking, idiots don't you know better here we have it. People can be manipulated. People can be brainwashed lied to it happens every day and is frustrated as I am with her initial response and reaction to this attempt on her life yeah. Well, they got justice later with this second trial. Without her. Not everyone believes that he's guilty here. as his parents and his younger brother forcing him and saying he wouldn't do this. They have it wrong, You can say he wouldn't do this, but prove he didn't, there's a difference there and its obvious. He did it, regardless of if he could
done this year. They go on about how he was raised. The christian faith in the family has a guy got, kicked out of a place with glory hole in it. So I dont care about his christian a bringing here. Yet this is what they keep referring to and they're saying it couldn't be him and it's not just his family after this verdict. Victoria was asked and she has not made a lot of statements. She's been pretty guarded, but after this and she spoke to the guardian a major news media out there in the uk said have to go, I suppose, with the verdict. It's almost like peer pressure to conform, my family friends, everyone seems to think they know more than I do. They see different evidence to me. He'd been unfaithful. He had issues with money. But that is not attempted murder. I'm her angry. That can I see him is capable of murder. No! So once again don't think about in the forensic evidence, don't think about the parachuting
bring that they know happened, they He knew how to mess with the parachute because he worked for quite a while as a parachute packer he didn't finish his training with the reserve shoots, but he knew exactly how to mess with these things. This is the power. Of denial She has even more training than he does as far as things that can go wrong while parachuting and she won't accept the facts and the evidence that are in her face denial and just a river in Egypt. You know I dont even know there would be denial, because I think this is just the man population holding on all the work that he had put in two manipulating her still there, as I was going, and so she can't get around it and they say that you have to have a separation between the two for a while, but or if there is any chance, usually of so coming to their senses as it were, or seen. Clearly, yes, Clearly, what happened here was that
activity that you need, but you can't find neither blinders on north to a meal. Now we could talk. On and on about how you know she should have been able to see this new. I think about the gas sign in sudan, you know he is obviously hoping that something devastating would ve happened. Do that house? Well what about the kids goods were there? ruptured gas lines don't discriminate between adults and children. everyone in the house would have died. But again, oh, I must have bumped it. I must have loosened it myself and not remembered that the power of abuse and manipulation. In october of twenty teen victoria failures went perishing again for the first time now she the tandem jump where she was strapped to an instructor didn't jump on her own. Obviously this is something that would have been
pretty intense. I love the fact that she went for another jump. She said. If I didn't jump, I couldn't fall. She did jump at the london parachute school, airfield and oxfordshire, uk and she done it for charity. The fund for going to the sure air ambulance. This is the group that, save her life today that she had the ground and she said that She had considered jumping many times, but she needed a push and so when she thought about the charity and action It help raise money for this group for the welsh her ambulance that made up her for she was ready. Justin you washed a documentary called the pair, shoot murder plot a journey. as Fiona Bruce really. Oh then too, I guess you could say the pretty pillars of this case, it's on em. Prime, what did you think of it? It's very
well done it's about forty five. Fifty minutes long, you get to see snippets of his interviews. You get to see interviews with but I knew him family and friends, and I realize it memories can be very biased, but I think they stay true to the facts and this one, I'm still just ah of how he was able you get away with this lifestyle as long as he did even taking out the attempted? Murder plots just being just such a arrogant jerk, but turning on the charisma to hook, people in and then I don't see any red flag. Because he's such a nice guy and then you got him. He would take us, friends, Stephanie galler to the mess hall, and everyone there was like. Oh, he must not be with his wife anymore, he's brazen yeah, just brazen now the last time. Anybody knew any comment from there
korea, sellers. She was saying that she wasn't planning to divorce her husband couldn't believe that he had ever tried to kill her? She could accept it, but in April twenty twenty, There is a new book coming out, titled falling I had a loving husband, then he tried to kill me a true story writ I victoria sellers. Maybe based the title and the little blue. I read, maybe she has some something she's going to get off my chest and I think it could be a very interesting read so afraid of you wanting find out where she stands today. That might be where to go absolutely, and I think that a time and distance might have helped her secret early, that she was absolutely a victim in this situation and that's why We shouldn't judge her. We can say or what about this? What about that? But she was very much. The victim in this case, just because
was arrested just because he was tried and convicted didn't mean that everything from now on I was- still his responsibility, because he spent a long time manipulating Victoria
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