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July 23, 2007. Cheshire, Connecticut. Jennifer Hawke-Petit informed a bank bank teller that men were holding her family hostage in their home and threatening to kill them all. She was at the bank to withdraw $15k as she was instructed to do by her family's captors. Despite law enforcement being made aware of what was going on and setting up a perimeter around the home, the Petit family would suffer unspeakable crimes.

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the book in cold blood by trimming capacity, I'm sure most of our listeners know the story, but it's home invasion. Two guys go in looking for me, me and they end up killing an entire family. Well, if there were and in cold blood of connecticut. I think tonight's cases it so with that. What are we talking about tonight? tonight we're talking about the July twenty third: Two thousand seven martyrs the pet of family and Cheshire connecticut. So the The family was made up of william pet, it father. He worked as and s, and he helped right the inside copier of diabetes, he was a medical doctor of the job, diabetes centre at the hospital of central connecticut. Who was his wife? how did they meet jennifer? Ten of
She was a nurse. She worked at. The cheshire academy is a private boy school now she had met her husband and a patient's room. Had the children's hospital pittsburgh, they eventually married. They had two daughters, they had first hayley, then michaela a doctor, william pet. It was aged fifty jennifer hawk pet. It was forty eight hayley pet, it was their oldest daughter. She was seventeen and mikhail a pet. It was eleven. They were you're typical all american family they attend de united this church jennifer hot sunday school. They were fairly wealthy, obviously because he's a doctor she's a nurse, so they dna upper middle class area to very safe family, oriented type of town, after Fur was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,
eighteen. Ninety nine, her daughter, hayley, decide do something. So she started raising money for thee, national am I society, sheep Spain. In the walk m s team, her team is now haley's hope She was the top fundraiser. Raised over fifty thousand dollars over that time. It's crazy now two thousand seven as the year were talking about and year in April, William jennifer, celebrated there, twenty second wedding three hayley graduated from the Miss porters school. That's an all girls academy in farming, ten! Ah, she would end up being recruited for a women's crew team. She was going to study medicine micro father. She would have and her undergraduate degree and twenty eleven in june family celebrated, Haley's, high school graduation, so everything scene
to be going well for this family and its heartbreaking to know that something terrible is going to happen the day before. And we went to church. This was on July, twenty second, two thousand seven and then william and playing golf with his father. The girls swam at a beach and at seven o clock the Kalen, Jennifer went to the grocery store because kayla wanted to make dinner, and so they went to locate the items they needed for that on July. Twenty third There is an employee working at the bank, nay mary lions, jennifer, hawk pet. It walked up to her and she said my family's being held hostage. I need you to get me. Ten thousand dollars. I need to withdraw fifteen thousand dollars or my family will be hurt, so this is a rain situation is not I mean this employ, doesn't really know. What's going on
All she knows is that this woman is telling her that there's a problem and chains fifteen thousand dollars from her account the bank of america, this is a nice area. Stuff like this doesn't happen The story goes, but this teller, she takes jennifer seriously and she resumed since immediately, while jennifer's still in the bank, doing this transaction within minutes, police and swat have secured a permit her around the pet at home and they actually watch jennifer. And this strange man exit the view will it go into the home real question, just in at least the person at the bank felt like they needed to do something so they called law enforcement lawn forest
I responded within minutes, I you know ten fifteen minutes I had the house surrounded, but then they just watch these people go back into the home and they stand back until they watch this house become involved in flames, two men attempt to flee and the pet it family vehicle and end up crashing into police cars just down the street. This all happens what just after ten a m. So have these two men, they assume they started the fire. But what happened here? This went from a woman who seem terrified asking for money at the bank and then enforcement surrounding the petty family home to what this house being often flames and the EU I still have two men now: the fire departments dispatch right at ten, a m, but by the time they get there, they find the daughters
who have died of smoke inhalation and they find jennifer. lying on a coffee table. All of them dead now in the father had actually manage to escape the home around nine fifty in the morning but he was in the condition that his neighbor, who he approached, didn't even I recognize him near idea who this was. He was come, in blood, and he was beaten severely now investigators are going to try to backwards engineer what happened here and, of course, Worse, interrogate these two men and see if Their stories add up to what dave We know what evidence they ve collected. So, let's just to the chase chess and, let's, let's put together what happened based on available evidence and statements. We have these two men. Stephen haze and joshua
commerce or jesse they apparently broke into the home at around three a m? They their truck a mile and a half away in just walked. There they entered the home through this the door they found William? sleeping in a chair on the first floor, Jennifer and the daughters were upstairs as entered the home, they found a baseball bat. They picked up and beat william, as he slept when took him down to the basement, bound him was ties to a com. So he can't move. He can't do anything they passed. it upstairs, where tie the girls to their beds, A neighbor had driven pass the home at around or thirty am, but he didn't
seemed to think anything was out of line. You didn't see any lights on. He didn't see anything weird, but between and for thirty, a m Stephen huh. I went to a BP gas station on main street and purchased for gasoline cans. Apparently, he got lost on his way back from the gas station and called his buddy joshua for actions now Hayes will end up driving the mom jennifer to the bank forcing her to withdraw the fifteen thousand dollars, he told her Nothing would happen to her or her family got him the money and being that jennifer knows that they ve something with her family. They tied the mob. She doesn't know, but apparently thinks that if she the money? This will all end soon, at the bank of america, jennifer
When inside talk to this teller, she didn't have her idea honour because they just turn through in the car to take her to the bank. So she had. Explain herself to the bank manager and that's when she tells them everything that's happening and, of course the teller lion said I just I from the look on her face and the look in her eyes that she was telling the truth. Her eyes told me I'll look from one mom to another mom. now, as all that, thirty a m and, as you said, the police and swat team had set up a perimeter at nine forty five, a mere fifteen minutes later, and they watched jennifer and stephen haze go back into the house. The real bet, haze and chemistry, Jeff ski knew about this family was
cause Joshua had followed the mother, and daughter while they were grocery shopping, so he came interested, and apparently this was a plan that he ended Stephen haze head, cooked up where a target, a family, and then they would rob them and the idea was that they would you now get much money as they could and then burn the house down, but they went through the house. They didn't quite get much as they had hoped for and this is why they have to plan to take jennifer on pet it to the bank sounds so much like the clutter family murders. It's the same mode. it's the same intentions. Now I don't go to deep into this, but There were some sexual assaults here and it's when com, her Jeff ski tell haze. What he did. Michaela, and he took picture
and videos of her tat. He said he need to do same two jennifer and because They have now committed all these crimes. They want you cover. All the evidence. So what are they doing? If you, leave these men. They they say they had intended to put the famine, in the car and then leave and let the house burn but again. There are too many crimes here, they're going to try and cover their tracks, so they take the gasoline cans and they start pouring gasoline all over the house and their attack thing to destroy everything: the house, the people within now, we know from the medical examiners report that the girls died, smoke inhalation, but Jennifer had been asphyxiated now. The sad thing is that Hayley had gotten free and made it the top of the stairs before
succumbed. So we have these two perpetrators fleeing the home as its on fire. One of them has documented a section saw with his phone of an under child and the house. was set on fire, obviously with de gasoline that bed purchase just mere hours before it's not prize that these guys have rap sheets long long histories of violence and criminal behavior. So obviously this case is going to get national attention, but in the state of connecticut and all of new england. It's going to be big news. There went to charge these two men with six capital. One, is each and all The prosecutor is going to seek the death penalty, Steve Hayes
to trial and two thousand and ten an joshua will go to trial and twenty eleven. They have text messages between these two men, they have the floor. They took on the phone and Medical examiner is going to testify about how michaela was raped. He also testifies that the front of haley's. Clothes were more severely burned than her back. Meaning that she was exposed to the fire from the front. What are those text? Messages between these two men say earn I twenty second, at some forty five p m: hey Senate. Two joshua commissar chaskey, I'm chopping at the bed to get Are they need a margarita soon and then later that evening, but an hour later, and on her is then sent another tax saying we still on, and the reply to him was yes, he said soon, and commerce.
just key. Replied. I'm putting kid to bed hold your horses and haze reply do the horses won't get loose hallowell, just the mere fact that Has children that he's trying to put to bed While he's planning a home vision is our this to me, but that sir, the text. Messages say: Now haze will end up making a seventy minute confession, after his arrest and, of course the tactics are going to testify about this confession, two haze. While he took jennifer to the bank Joshua was supposed to put the family in the car and then burn the house down you can see he's trying to since himself from this catastrophe. this crime that happen say hey. I just was at the bank or jennifer, and he was supposed to the other guy, because under
say that after Joshua had assaulted, Michaela That's when joshua told here he needed to square things up, and Even haze will say that he was told do something to jennifer by joshua again trying to since himself, trying to say that he did this under duress or this wasn't the plan. And how much do we believe him now? much. So there was a lot of cod mercy over the police response. in this case the public and the victims. Family members thought that the police should have stopped the car. You were gone into the house and, as we always suspect there The truth is somewhere in the metal, but the police captain we'll take the stand and testify that half an hour passed between when the police learned about the breakin and when the men left the house you'll see
that there were no signs of activity when they arrived, and that's why They set up a perimeter, but They are informed that there's a woman whose family is being held captive. She just withdrew fifteen thousand dollars and they observe her and another man going back into the house, but there's activity, so they just hang back. This is the time are just an especially since we know what happen with rob, alimentary and there's this idea, Yes, that, oh worth it lord of quiet, then maybe we just need to back and wait for demands were wait to see It happens next, but every minute by horrible things are happening that should be assumed, so the family members think that this in Your tragedy could have been prevented if the police had pulled over this vehicle. If they had rushed
this man that was walking with jennifer, if they had just gone, did a knocking talk on the front door after they witnessed. go into the house butter Apparently they were waiting for something to happen. Like a fire, I can think of too many more frustrating situations that I've read about because typically you now, Will things happen and an investigators go and try to figure out what happened and who was responsible? But this case. They were there, they had, they end our place, surrounded, they were armed me. What could these two men have done. If the police had entered the home, they would have been overpowered fairly quickly. even if not I mean just the fact that they are being confronted. And even tried- and these men were able to do whatever they wanted to do now.
not going to sit here and blame every officer. That's there. Maybe we the blame you now proceed? you're right. May we need to blame who made the call here. The tower when to hold back because, as we know, whether its police officers or the military follow orders. There's someone charge one reason I wanted to cover this cases. Hopefully more people are aware of the council. What's his when you do nothing, then I hope that's, it's going to change in the future because so far We know what happens when nothing is done. father william will testify. He'll say that he was beaten. While he was asleep he woke up. Looking at steventon joshua, He said I remember, I welcome today's thinking or feeling o o then warm was running down the front of my face. I saw too
while standing in front of the sofa a person who was walking said if he moves put, bullets in him. Data His wrists and ankles with a rope and plastic ties covered his fur and took him to the basement after they took him to the basement they tied him to the support post war said he felt like he needed to escape when you Somebody say it's gone. To be all over in a couple of minutes, that's when william was able to get himself free and go out through the basement Joshua spoke of william pet. It he heads spoken of in a very belittling way Scully, stating that way m buzz. coward, because as he put it, he had given him multiple opportunities to save his family. He didn't and then
william actually got free. He fled the home. This is pretty much Related to you, so that you understand the kind of person that joshua commissar chaps key is to be responsible for doing this man's family, belittling, am basically blue, bring him for what happened as if we could have done something. They literally ambushed him with a baseball bat. I was supposed to recover from bat and do anything I mean I shall admits is much that when he started hidden but the bat I mean he enjoyed it kept doing it more more. Now from our sponsor better help. You ever get stuck focusing on problem, instead of solutions, have conversations with yours on the card, maybe having some self therapy time it can be. Tough,
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the stand, talk about burn patterns and the house near the bedrooms, which indicated and accelerate was used and also poured on Mikhail a member? She was burned more on the front than on the back we also know who is this all data centrally because of dna swabs and the test. revealed that haze, assaulted, Jennifer, petted And- commissar Jeff assaulted, mikhail pet it now Joshua will claim that he did do this, but the evidence so something much different: yeah he'd disagrees. He says he didn't do that. He also tries to say they ve thought. Michaela was older than she was. He thought she was fourteen or sixteen or something rather than levin, but again these urgent excuses, he's trying to make himself look better than he really is
So how did they end up? Finding stephen haze behaved with them. Guilty of sixteen counts, which included six capital crimes, which we had already mentioned. This was on october for two thousand and ten and On november, eight stephen, hey was sentenced to death now in a weird well. I guess in a weird reply here his attorneys tried Make it out, like stephen, was happy with this because, a sentence of life behind bars would have been the worst punishment. It is the worst punishment. I think death is easy for somebody. That's done something like this There is also something about how stephen hey seem to think that and this is just from my reading and what it said? like to me, but it almost seemed like he was done. He was done so death would be welcome
but that leaves joshua commissar dusky history. started September. Nineteen, twenty eleven he had seventeen charges and they include murder, capital, felony sexual assault, kidnapping us arson and larceny, and of course, the same. It's pretty much the same and of trial, that Stephen haze went through a mean skies person. Way their winning these trials, slamming that's not even a spoil alert as it I mean they were, leaving the home. They left all kinds of evidence behind, thankfully have to add this in because out that we talked about it but long force Never called the fire department immediately. Anyone in this was after the fire took hold, they were left to put it out with a garden how's, while the fire department tried play catch up, but still had plenty of evidence against these guys and commerce.
Ascii, now he said yeah, I I planned the robbery. then beyond that he tries to say that Stephen haze who killed jennifer and started the fire now remember- that's because Jennifer had been asphyxiated where as the other women in the house. They died from smoke inhalation, so he's trying to put this off on his partner there he's trying to say that he didn't intent kill anyone and the night spiraled out of control and he felt helpless to stir what was happening. Although he as the cause of was happening, but yeah he's gonna the blame at all on his body and his attorney labelled I'm confused and easily lead he was trying to say joshua didn't it and to kill anyone. May I hate even reading that justin I hate reading that allowed
me, Joshua was twenty two at the time, stephen haze. He was forty four, but twenty two years old, he's he's still alive one person I understand. How he's trying to pull this card that he planned this this break in this home invasion, but but didn't have any control over what happens next? Just so, clear at I think, We want clear on this, but think about what common just gazed on air raid. a child setting a fire ending this whole thing from the beginning and yet his defence team tries to say Well, you know. Actually he tried to help William. He used a towel that and stop is bleeding and even got a pillow for him I mean we ve seen some strange defence has just impetus, is just it's really insulting what was he saying about the
other and how he was a coward. I mean this is just there's no sympathy here. You know there is a statement given by joshua on the day he was caught and he had told law enforcement that he had taken photos of the daughter Michaela So they could use those photos to pressure jennifer to cooperate by realize. What's going on here, we have. Your daughter, we can do ever, we want you better to cooperate. But this is all stephen hazel fault it's all him doing everything wrong. There's another bit of evidence that really worked against Joshua here, which is they prove that he had gasoline on his clothing. His boots, his pants sweatshirt- and that's because he had said. Oh, I didn't. I didn't pour the gasoline. That was Stephen haze. Well, why does he
gasoline all over everything he was wearing, except for the gloves course. They try to see That, too, is a while he doesn't gas. I've gloves was that tell you It tells me that it didn't splash back up onto his gloves because he was holding the gasoline can and it got all over his clothes. So the way there trying to spend that is interesting, yell, these seventeen charges that Josh a common search is found guilty I actually want to read them out. One murder the aid Stephen Hazan, the murder of china, of her hawk pet it to murder of hayley pet it three murder of Kalen pet it for capital. Felony intentionally caused the deaths of two or more people. Five capital felony intentionally
the death of a person under the age of sixteen six. First greek kidnapping, seven first greek had napping. Eight first greek had napping nine first greek kidnapping, that's the family members, ten capital, felony intentionally caused the death of jennifer, hawk pet it in the course of a kidnapping. eleven capital, felony intentionally caused the death of Hayley pet it in the course of a kidnapping, twelve capital, felony intent, the cause of death of mikhail a pet it in the course of a kidnapping. just in how many times you say it, they can put all com, the charges against you, because I start to combine the you name it. If they want to go out, if they can do it and they're doing it here, they're bringing every charge they can bring against him. I I think I could pop in a more myself but ok destruction, evidence of fleeing a crime scene. Now Well, you got me that I'm sure they could get more there's first degree: sexual assault, they're just
going through the rest, some second degree burglary, first ray arson, second degree assault. So that's a good number of charges. It's enough to go a dozen here and that's what happens, Jury though they actually deliberated for five days. How come you suggest key west? to death on january, twenty, seventh, two thousand twelve, but something happens this months later. Connecticut house voted to repeal the death penalty the governor signed it into law now he did allow. The death sentences to continue for haze and cumbersome. ascii Any other inmates who had already been sentenced to death so retro retroactive. It was from this time going forward and I bet that might be political move, because who wants
be the person to say, haze and commerce, her just scare off the hook cried august, but August thirteen. Twenty fifteen, the connecticut supreme court repealed the death penalty. This turned that non retroactive law so mean literally no ex infusions can take place in connecticut anymore, because of the type of choice judges that and because of the sentencing stephen haze and josh commerce are Jeff. Ski were given six life terms. Each and joshua actually got an additional hundred and forty years on top of that. We're not going anywhere they're going to I behind bars, but do you feel- I know this is just based on looking into this yes trying to figure out where the family was on this. But do you feel like there was justice here or is the pain
the way that law enforcement responded too much. I I oh, that the family members do not feel it was just as I know the family members feel the pool he did not do enough and they, to see these men put to death made not all of them, but a lot of them. I can relate a little to their feelings. I'm not exert agree for the death penalty, I'm not going to argue against it in men's names, I argue against it. When it's cases that are in someone's found guilty on really shaky evidence. I've I r against it as a whole, but This case it wouldn't really matter to me if these men were down or not. I think that there are going to say
for a lot longer and a lot more spending the rest of their lives behind bars. I think when Stephen was talking about welcoming the death sentence grew with them, because that's the easy way out again Think the take away from me is when you know that law enforcement has been tipped off and they can. Literally surround a home contain it and they do nothing. Until the home is engulfed in flames and the perpetrator? fleeing the scene it it's just its it. It's an image. I can't out of my head and I think it it must really haunt the families and I wonder also if it haunts the, sir about I know that police feel like their under a magnifying glass I've. I know that they want to do things by the book. They want to be safe, but I don't think the public would frown on them. If they try
to stop home invasion. I don't think the pub good frown on them if they tried to stop a school shooting and see accidently just something tat what went wrong while they try to stop a major crime, I don't think the public's going to get on them for that. But a lack of action just tell the public that you didn't even try. That's why the family is extremely upset here and why the family members of the children at that school, are extremely because at least try. We have faith in Law enforcement to stop crime, we have faith in them that their doing their best. as long as they show us they're doing something the other police, captain. He talked about this and he said, this was standard procedure in a hostile situation by
when he was asked about. Well, did you attempt to contact anyone there? He said now. What's the next, in that procedure. I wait for that such takers to call who's in charge, Reda the hostage takers and the family. Nobody knew that the cops were even outside because they were so far away from the house if that, The case then cooler- and I guess I can go- rob a bank and taken hostage, and I got all day to do it now. Somehow supposed to work. My way. what the results are here again. I think my main thing here isn't to trash officers trash the police its. I hope that going forward there is an understanding that when you let the criminals, when you let the killers have control The situation when they don't have to have the can because you out number them. You have authority, you have then you have training, then
letting people die. The public corruption is police officers. Fear for lives and use deadly force and somewhat, but nine situations situation. That could have ended with just riding a ticket when there is a actual situation that requires law enforcement to take control, that's at least as of late. People are not our seeing inaction as opposed to action. Now that sir The media will focus on the terrible and they do not fall the good- and they do not focus on the numerous shootings that have been stopped. They do not focus on any time that there wasn't a fatality if police office, were able to de escalate if they were able to stop her well situation and no harm.
Foul that doesn't get the front page, because if it bleeds leads- and I want to try to be- at least that we only see what the media- spoon feeds us- and there are a lot of other cases- stories- and things happening out there, that we don't hear about but dig a little and local papers. You you'll find em. And these stories, but you have to go digging well again. he's just frustrating, I mean if it is situation, aren't you supposed make contact by yes we're supposed to be happy that there is honesty here when the captain replied with no, there was no contact mean you could go, do a anna can talk with a swat team around round the corner, no maybe I'm, maybe have too many lethal weapon movies or something better. I think that knock and talks are fabulous. you just go and knock on the door, and then
They know you're out there agenda just knowing police officers at the door that throws their whole plan off and I would say nine times out of ten they're gonna- be running out. The back door and you can have the swat team waiting form. and it may have saved some lives because if they know enforcement has them surrounded. Maybe they don't want to add to their charges again. They thought we're getting rid of evidence, so they can make their get away. But if they know their surrounded. Maybe went eyes and when you have one of the victims outside had a bank, drive into the house, walking from a car to the house will, if you did nothing to prevent that victim from entering the home, will you added another kidnap victim to your numbers, whereas you could intercept while there
walking into the house, and now you have one of the kidnappers and one of the kidnap victims now under control. I mean if, if Who is going to assume the worst possible outcome, then at least act on what you can control and its some people outside? and the driveway, while you could do something with that before they get into the house and If there's somebody else and the house well, if the worst past the outcome is xx acted than long. That person's going to probably if everyone hostage and do a stand off. Why give them another victim, but This is just me, arms, a quarter backing in the comfort of my own home, but that's how I soon would be standard operating procedure, but never what you think it is her by a thief, gas they had captured stephen haze and then made can't with joshua commissar dusky in the house
a lot of now, hey we gazed around it. We got your buddy, the gig is up. I would like to have seen that I just don't understand the hang back, pretended to have it situation when you're, not even addressing it like it's a hot the situation I would just assume that when you have drop on them outside. You have control the situation when they enter a home hotel room a building. Now it's a stand off and you don't have any control besides negotiation, which, whatever I just assume that that would be standard operating procedure is too. Someone down when they're, not behind closed doors, take someone down when they are out in public, I dont know why that's not a thing maybe it is- and they just made a mistake that day in every police departments differ with their procedures and rules that six They write, this goes down over different area might have turned out very different
I think in Kansas city it would have turned out different at taxes h s n Y c is the next installment of the award winning anthology series american horror story created Ryan murphy and brad fell chuck with to all Episodes airing each week it promised, to be a season. Like no other, it s an Y, see stars returning favorites like Zachary window and Billy lord, along with some fresh. Mrs, including Russell Toby and Charlie carver. Something evil is coming effects it age S and Y see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream on hulu. As usual. There's going to be alive appeals and legal fights that happen, but None of them really go anywhere, and if you want to read up on that, you can it's it's a infuriating too. Here are some other arguments for re trials, william pet it
well in that meeting his second wife Christine and twenty twelve Were volunteering at the family foundation, the pet family foundation and they will having a sun together whose born in twenty twelve agenda impact will be elected to these state house of representatives and twenty. Sixteen, so he's tried as much as it can to put his life together and move on I can only imagine the pain and trauma that he must feel well, if you're interested in a story. There is a way you can get involved. There is the pet it family foundation, it as the memories of jennifer hawk pet. It hayley Elizabeth, petted and taylor rose pet it according to the website it by continuing the kindness idealism and activism that define their lives and foundations. Funds are given to foster the edge. nation of young people
especially women in the sciences to improve the lot as with those affected by chronic illness, and to support the efforts to help and protect those affected by violence Do you want to learn more, go to pet it famine, foundation gotta work
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