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The Philadelphia Experiment. Philadelphia, PA. In 1943, the USS Eldridge is said to have been outfitted with special equipment. Tests were conducted to see if the US Navy could achieve the unbelievable. Albert Einstein's unified field theory sought to be the ultimate achievement. A theory of everything. With such knowledge the unbelievable could become possible. In the case of the Eldridge, the Navy was going for invisibility. The enemy cannot hit what they do not see. During testing, though, strange events would occur and testing would be halted. What happened to the crew aboard the destroyer? Did the destroyer actually disappear? Were some of the sailors partially buried in the metal of the ship? The Navy denies any such tests occurred. Is there any truth to the story of The Philadelphia Experiment? See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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I guess I do pretty good justin, is a special listener request correct, that's right, we had a contest two long go on our facebook page and just in has been harping on me to publish the answers yeah did put them out there and everywhere
who you could say one the contest, because we had multiple winners. They also the answers by let us now. If we really want to see the answers, I will put them out there again put them out there with this episode. a way. Maybe it's depends diana one hour contest in again for those that don't know we had a contest which was on our facebook page. We have a cover image that was supplied to us by MIKE Richardson from the uk. He did a great job with it. It's really cool diana and two other people tied three way is its high, and so what I did was, I said: well, there's a tie off the draw winner randomly right, and I found a website where a guy had coded a random number generator so to work, All you do is you put in the max number and then you hit ok
and it'll spit out a random number from within that sequence. So if we had three winners, I put in the number of winners and I had it spit out you put into a lot effort that I would allow it alike, flip the coin from the first two and then whoever one that would be a head to head within the third reich. I wouldn't have done all the I just took up my notebook and I wrote down all three other names and assigned Eminem Diana. Was the last one yeah she was for three and then the random number generator spit out three. So congratulations to her and because she won she got to choose our topic as well as an item from our shop, which he chose are fantastic, zodiac hoodie, which, if you're into hoodies you have to get this thing because it so comfy. But He wrote in and she said she wanted us to cover the philadelphia experiment I remember this from when I was a kid and this
is an interesting story about a military experiment, gone wrong or right. I don't know Yet there it was called project rainbow and then scrapped later. I guess you could say wrong its inspired a lot of other ideas and shows such as ex why else does a very similar story about this? The movie the fly has teleportation ideas in it. So the way the story goes back and war too, they had destroyers.
ips that would their heavy weapons essentially on the ocean, but they would have to escort convoys in the convoys were typically cargo ships had precious cargo and the german? U boats had a very tight turning radius and these big ass destroyers didn't have the maneuverability as the? U boats and the? U boats could get in and take out the cargo in the the escort or take out the convoy evading the destroyers. They could attack the destroyers as well, so they came up with a new destroyer. Cannon class destroyer and it was a smaller destroyer that had more maneuverability, but wasn't quite as fast but it was more or less a sub hunter is what they called it because they are coming up with this new ship. They thought wow woman.
This ship more maneuverable and because einstein was helping out with the navy at the time and he has his unified field theory, which is the power to bend light. Essentially, it's like predator, you know invisibility. They also call it the theory of everything as if, if you If this theory could be, how do you call it understood solved that we could achieve unbelievable things at the time they had de gaussian units, which were these big electric coils, that they wraparound ships and they would make the ship invisible who magnetic field mines the other minds on the work they have put into the ocean, but by degrees. seeing the ship, the mine, and be wouldn't detect the ship right and set off, but
They figured out a way to take these de Gowers in shroud the ship in a electro magnetic bark, creating and visibility some of the descriptions of the equipment were naval type magnetic generators which were pulsed at rest. frequencies as to create a tremendous magnetic field all around the docked vessel. Some describe a tesla like coil, that rose up above the ship Carl I come amassed like a sale, but it was actually at a coil, and that is where the electricity or the fog would generate from encompassing the ship, and there were huge recoils that wrapped around e inside of the hall or even on the outside, there's different descriptions of these coils that encircled
entire ship and in these actually would be in line with regular. De gouging equipment. Now the I'll. They say is in philadelphia. Yes, the eldridge, as you says, a cannon class destroyer, it's twelve hundred tonnes and it's been outfitted to become invisible while they have to test it. So they have of roads his crew Skelton grew skeleton crew. This is in summer of nineteen forty three that they're going to run this test, and so the first test. What happens well They kick our knees when they be generators. Yeah luck. generator degage in unison, okay, so they kick on the equipment.
The whole ship gets enveloped in a greenish bog. Yes and it almost becomes invisible, so it appears like it's working sort of, but not quite how they wanted to now, depending on the chronological order of events. Here, it either disappears and then reappears out in norfolk virginia well. The ship disappears, yes and then it comes back like it reappears, but then there like a flash of light and then it disappears and is suddenly appears in virginia yet so teleportation and and ability on one that's right, so they're gone
for invisibility, but they just you know, stumbled upon teleportation, that's a bonus yeah. This is nightcrawler stuff right here, there's a flash, it shows up in norfolk, some accounts say the ship actually was gone for four hours or many hours. Then it's back in the philadelphia dock. When the crew and the ship re materialize, some of the crew is now melded in with the the metal like they. You know their molecules got scrambled on the teleportation back. They say that some of the crew is on fire, they say some of them are buried in the metal. Some of them have gone crazy. Some are missing some arbutus gone completely. Others have really bad health effects? Yeah they
some of the surviving crew suffer from a condition called freezing when freeze Some of the sailors would be locked in time? I guess so they would face in an out or walk through solid walls, because they say they phase in and out of reality they go invisible and then re materialise. When this experiment is happening, there are other people around that are witnessing it and there is a a crew member on another ship close by the shipyard in his name is Carlos Miguel. I n yes, and he is witness to this event of this disappearing and reappearing, and people buried in metal? That is the philadelphia experiment. Is this experiment gone wrong in this crew? Being
traumatized by this they say that some of the sailor from the ship are at a local tavern and they get into a brawl broad, their fighting and their phasing in an hour and all the members in the bar, all the patrons are freaking out, because these guys are disappearing and reappearing as their fighting. How they pull this off is they have to
change the ship logs of where the ship is located in higher and a skeleton crew to do the test with and keep the whole thing classified and all the surviving sailors from the ship and the experiment have to sign non disclosure forms saying you can never speak of this again. Then they scrap it due to the ill effects that happened to the sailors in the fact that they can't control what's happening to the ship and the crew. So therefore they deem it a bad experiment or an uncontrollable result. So they're not going to use this it's too dangerous, yeah, I'm pretty shocked. I mean there seems to be a lot of witness accounts about this aaron.
this time you have a lot of other things happening. You have the war effort later on. You have books being written about your foes teleportation us using you ufo technology. Things like that this witness is. He write some stuff about this event and get it they're trying to expose the military and this experiment as military guy, Overboard gone gone, wild, we'll who do you contact you have information like this. You can't just said into the new york times right now, but at the time there's an author whose also professor name more escape jessup and he writes a book the case for the: u s? Oh, and if you have any questions about your foes, I'd ever flying objects, or what this probably should have been called was the key
for the flying. Saucer read this book only there's more than one edition of this book. The original book is the case for the ohio, but there is also an addition of this book, known as the barrow edition the varroa addition exists, because one came along and annotated. The book included extra information change, some information liner notes, a lots of liner, it's. So the very edition of you look it up. There is the usual book, but also included. is information written in three different colors of ink and the ink colors, our green, blue and purple and where they represent our three different aliens. Oh there's, MR a,
mister b and jimmy J E. Am I right they give you information that only aliens with now again. I swear you ought to save little bit of money. But if you amazon. They sell this for a dollar fifty, but what about morris jessup Elizabeth, this guy more as jessup dispose id professor? Is he really? sir, he was an auto parts salesman. Oh well, that's close enough right! Sure the aliens are writing colour coded it, so you can tell them apart. Oh okay, yeah, alright, and they give really good
formation so again. I would urge you, if you want to know about aliens and alien craft in what they think of albert Einstein, because they like to talk about albert einstein by the way who has the unified field theory that he worked on red the arrow asian. I've read some of it now inside the barrow addition are included letters from Carlos, I allende to morris Jessup, it's funny because he first contact them about this nation that he has, and the first thing that really stood out to me in and by first thing I mean the fur moment when I went what whereas when he signs off on the letter- and he says very disrespectfully- yours carlos- I andy disrespectfully. He sounds a little angry during this latter. Why do you think he's upset?
I think he's shouldering its way onto the scene. He went to the one guy who's really trying to make the case for the flying saucers for the euro foes, is basically alone. I think, because the vast majority of people, including the governor, like whatever. But he wants led this guy. I know he's got exclusive information, insider already. You can see the very additions exciting because it has the original book from morris Jessup. He was a professor in mathematics, sinister economy- and he always had an interest in strange things like this, but included The book are notes from these aliens and, of course, in six plain that its translated, so they did the best they could bidding her babble fish back. these aliens right? If you just take him, its value here, army. If you, if you just read what they're saying the writings lacking, you can't you
these aliens are being good english, but their foreign. So it's understandable, and the these letters from Carlos only they change after the first letter, it seems like he gets a lot nicer, now included in these letters is a siemens identification. Number. Yes This is a little important because it can be years later to identify the true author through carla smee gallienne day, and it can be used to track him so these letters that were written into morris Jesup were written, in the fifties. Morrison, ass. It was actually summoned to thee oh and are because the navy wanted to know who had sent them this book and morris knew it was Carlos, because Carlos hudson tim letters about this whole crazy incident. I said that copies were being made
in order to spur something odd, because just the book being out there is not enough cause who's reading it yeah. Will you have to get the right people to read, so they sent it to the office of naval research? Oh and are hoping that it would make something happen after all, this book talks about how much cooler would be if we got away from- normal modes of transportation, just think about it. If we get revolutionise how we fly wicked, go into space right space planes, so we can have like anti gravity But because it because this is sent to the owen, are they call jessup in and they want to talk to him like. What's this all about, I'm sure it take him long to figure out that this auto parts salesmen did really have the keys to spain, his in special electromagnetic, free energy and teleportation and yeah
So this is funny we have a guy who can't right and we have a guy. You can write. But his writing about flying saucers, ok, so in beginning of this book. Morris Jessup has almost a plea for people to take you are those and the study of them seriously yeah and the reason. Why is because there is evidence of their existence and there are many different species or types of alien out there. Some friendly some foe now went in there, says the writing in blue is from MR be so that should help you if you're reading, through it mister green and Jemmy is purple forget so mister b says and this is from the barrow edition and this is in response- I think- to jessica comment about wanting people to read his book.
And no it's a serious attempt. They he wants people to take this subject more seriously and give it more investigation. You know, do more investigation on it, let's figure this out. So it's a plea now Mister b says: if he does succeed in, evaluation? Nobody cares enough to bother believing him, for that would require the effort of courage and they gave our are such cowards and conformists. Even if believed nobody would dare say so, for that would require action and they dare act, be half of a belief that interferes with the usual living. This episode is brought to you by peacock bridge Did the original limited series a friend of the family based on story of the Jan roper, kidnappings from nickel sky executive producer of the act and candy and direct producer, eliza hip and comes a dark. compelling look at the harrowing story through new lands produce which amber
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What are u s? Government says is whether conspiracy is. Is the government won't let us know about alien visitation, because we can't comp hand or were not level headed enough to deal with such a paradigm shift. It caused mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together. Mr a Has written something in here that I found interesting, which is. anyone reading this book would have to know that electron quantum etc. Within molecular structures are similar in scope of field as planets orbits. They would have to know that electrons in metal go across. What in planetary systems would be billions of miles, leaving three a gravitational field dead, spot of knowed, dead, spot or knowed
or vortices or neutral. As this one thing is variously called realized this, as DR albert einstein did. It shows clearly how solids may become energy or diesel, and how they may pass easily out a visual scope instantly. This is merely one clue gleaned from einstein, theory of a unified magnetic field through all substances and throughout whole, intergalactic universes. U S, experiments! Nineteen forty three on one part of it proved plenty so this is, is this insinuating how they pulled off the filled up the experiment with this The science behind it is that kind of aliens are now giving credit to the story of the philadelphia experiment. Yes, you can glee math that mess paragraph they're not good at english and they also capitalize at odd times again. I recommend reading the barrow addition, it's the better edition
You won't laugh during the other one. I just assure you that so, along with this very addition, we have another man we're way you're leading the varroa dish I'll, not our only. We can continue what else I just wanted the aliens to speak, be ok, you're, not everyone is going to read the barrow addition it. It is not going to happen so we ve gone. We heard from MR b MR b, then we heard from MR a okay now we're going to hear from Jimmy. This is mister, a ok and he says Jimmy, so they talk to each other. During this book. yeah, well you're, getting a conversation between aliens here, and I cannot stress enough it. How amazing this is aunt, mistresses Jemmy. He may reason clearly, but only to the point where logical deduction stops and emotion, I'm takes over as do all humans, modification or pride or lack of enough evidence may put him on a soap box level. Yet he is a scientist and, as such me
oh no such traits as are usually found and gary. I see your point Jemmy. He could convince the whole thing then. Have you ever tried to tell the honest truth about something of which only you have observed? True enough, it cannot be done so, but see what this man has in ways of doing so, a so again we're going through, and these aliens are talking to each other about what jessup has tried. to accomplish here and it looks dire. It looks like they dont know if he can accomplish it, but he is scientist and he may not have the usual traits of humans. He is trying they're trying to relate to something that's alien to them: now. You might wonder how these aliens view s me. Obviously,
don't give us a lot of credit so far, but if you think those, if you think MR a mr b have failed to give credit to humans just check out with Jimmy says yet every science breaks down when it is forced to contemplate the origin of man's intellectual, develop and if what inspiration caused man to become man by starting to use tools, whence came the idea science says of necessity, but the sameness s The exists for apes even now, so in other words jammies, like Come apes have evolved, my yeah and anti evolutionists cell he says random things like such pre glue, sure age works of civilization are generally known, but must be denied a place in history, for they are for they all are mysteries. you're getting
random thought burps or something from Jimmy Jimmy sounds like the alien working in the junk yard where the Your phones are go to die like he's, not the brightest star. In the sky, the connection here is Carlos is the one. right, but we have to keep in mind, is while this story sounds fantastic, we have to realise that you need witnesses. You need some sort of verification to show that its true this author has received letters and there is apparently been alien communication here, So is this are evidence that we ve been looking for right, yeah, ok, Morris Jessup has this book and you might think that he would be upset by the fact that now this,
book is being printed as a varo edition with writing in it that isn't his. Some one has taken his book and altered it, and now other people are copying and printing it. So it's kind of an underground thing here: yeah and they're, taking the ideas from it and writing there books based off at that. Well, originally, what what's happening is someone sense it into the navy. They send it in four for verification purposes. I'm sure morris jessup at some apparently has like a breakthrough. He discover something right in who said that he is going to meet. Colleague of his name, doktor manson ballantine, which is a hell of a neighbour. I like that name, that's us! I mean how do you picture this guy? I pitcher a handlebar mustache swayed suit purple
red highlights reg exactly exactly that's exactly what I saw in my head now. He's going to meet with him, but when you know it something happens, and this is where we get our first taste of a conspiracy, possibly right yet because morris doesn't get there he's I found barely alive and his vehicle with a whole running from the exhaust into the vehicle. Yeah carbon monoxide poisoning suicide, apparent suicide, and he doesn't end up making it yeah. So shutting down the storyline wait a minute this guy to break through, and now I can't talk. He can't talk to valentine here yeah. That sounds like a problem for me. I'm really suspicious. That why this is already lent more credence to the philadelphia experiment. They don't want you to know the truth in you realize what they're up against you the aliens are already saying that humans don't really want to know anything.
they're fine in their own little paradigm, and then the people that are fighting to give you the truth. They are not allowed to live to tell you turn up dead, they're turning up dead already. This is just off topic. I was told that cars burn so cleanly today that you actually couldn't commit suicide in the way That this man did like you, if you just sat in your garage and ran your car, it actually would not build up enough carbon monoxide in your garage, sir can we. I was told that if you ran a hose from your exhaust pipe end your car and rolled up the windows, it would take too long like you would probably get bored and leave before it actually would kill. You I'm wondering if that's true, actually wrote that into the myth busters, but they never tested it for me, but back then cars, didn't burn so clean. Now, as we know, other people, like you said, are writing stories and making
use of the content. Subject matter the subject matter of the philadelphia experiment and there's a man That walks into the aerial phenomena, research organization, apropos, carries a book in with them, which is the barrow addition any, as I made the whole thing up. What does he say? His name is. And his name is coral. Meredith, Alan coral, aoun. He says he made the whole thing up. This is kind of a kick in the face of the whole philadelphia, except I meant now and how you wonder. What's going on right now and and and it's a kick in the face to the alien phenomena and- and I guess that same year the I think it was like. The. U s. Air force stopped their research into the paranormal and supernanny.
Ro, so lots of setbacks here, while there is a group, will, for instance, the- office of naval research began a nineteen forty six and it was attempting to look into unidentified fly objects. A little bit later after the philadelphia experiment took place. You have roswell, so we have lots of activity happening all in a short period of time. So in nineteen, seventy nine- and I found this interesting because we covered the bermuda triangle. The authors of that book wrote a book on the foot of the experiment, better to write the book on it? Now Carl Alan decides to we can't it's not a hoax for its real, it's real think it's because he realizes with this book becoming so popular by saying it's a hoax he's getting a profit.
Nobody wants to hear the DE bunker. They want to hear that its real name. That's true! I am surprised we have the fan base. We do cause, we tell it like it is. I wish we just say: bigfoot real in sunbathing on the side of the shore line of loch ness, but I just can't bring myself to do that for double the audience. Really cool thing about this is there's a man by the name of robert gorman he's got it tries to find car. nineteen, seventy nine. He sets out to find Alan now what no about Alan well because of his letters suggests that we find out that Karl Alan. and Carlos I n are the same person. Yes, but they were sent from a particular place, postmarked right, new kensington pennsylvania and are free
and lives there. Yeah robert gorman is like wait a minute. If I'm looking for this guy, maybe lives in my same town that he does so. This is a crazy thing is at some point he's talking to a neighbour and that man says hold on, and he goes inside the house. He brings out this big box any. You can use whatever you want, and so he pulls it open and is picking up the first somebody documents in it. And inside those narrowly siemens papers, naval idea, paper marine, I believe changed I d number yeah and what do you know the siemens papers had seven for one six, one cent: five those were on the early letters and there on these birds- and these are official papers- yes, yes and wait a minute. I found him and the man says. Yes, that's my son and what's crazy is gone,
Men and alan are, I guess, there's some tension their gorman was a sigh, fi enthusiasts errand more researcher and apparently. bunker, which is what caused that rift. I guess Alan even rice was then said that the only reason he hasn't killed, em it is. He hasn't Madame yet who is very threatening very upset, rolled up but these to meet Dante, Alan not even really that tonight she's sore intimidating in person. Let's say it's kind of a wishy washy flaky guy is that the best way to put his anger probably stems from his bitterness You didn't get to cash in and, as we know, books movies tv shows, as you said in The wincing other shows stories, whereas the upside fur carlisle and hear guy, should I wrote a book let's get in
there's a reason Carl Allen did not write a book, there's a reason that he annotate someone else's book, that is, he is unable to write, is out there I would say that not everyone can write a story. These literate. He just can't write his terrible writer. Remember I was reading to you from the barrow addition a b and jimmy avian jenny. That's his writing! Yeah he's terrible at it. I didn't think it was that bad, it's pretty bad. But what I would say it is pretty funny, but yes, he can't write his own book. He can't do it but he obviously has an imagination? Yes, yes, he does. I think that with a little bit of help that guy has a future as the next evening. King Can you say that without a thinker nose if possible, yeah he's,
he's pretty horrible and he seems I gay oddball of a guy pictures of him. I mean he looks weird thy word: crazy, hats and dusters and stuff, so we're getting an answer. Look into Carl Alan, obviously later on the navy says no such thing in a happened right. They actually say the rainbow project did exist, but it was referring to the access powers. Germany, ITALY, and Japan, but it wasn't really a project which is the way that they yeah code name rainbow was that it was just a code name for the access, and of course later on in life, t ninety nine, a group of former eldridge crewmen man, and they denied that the experiments ever happened, including the captain of the ship,
And they also said it was never in philadelphia. But here's. The thing is its at this point. They say it was never in philadelphia. Dad too conspiracy story says: oh, you know they modified. the shipping logs and when these guys say it never happened, they say: oh well, you weren't the crew that was on it. It was a temporary crew just for the test, but some of these crew members were there when the ship was being built and stayed with it the entire time, and if you check the ship logs in the I think, they're called wartime logs. You can follow the history of this ship from beginning to end, and so you know where it was built, and you know where it went in there, men that were on it this entire
but now, oh well, they were sworn to secrecy and the ship logs were altered. Okay, I would just assume that if this experiment took place, you choose a ship that actually was in philadelphia. Before like the ship that Carlos was up. Why couldn't have been that ship in? I think he not expecting people fail to get to the bottom of it. I guess the internet's a killer, but one now also the einstein angle: einstein was working on the torpedo project and see mine or naval mine projects for the navy, you whether to counter them or make them more efficient. Being that you boats were destroying our ships and laying minds out for our ships.
that, would make sense that he would be working on counter measures for these things and gaza and more maneuverable ships are logical countermeasures here, so einstein being involved, yes, but torpedoes. That's just an underwater missile with a propeller on it. I mean this isn't invisibility, that's a big leap and technology between what he was working on, two teleportation and invisibility, Yes, he has some of the best theories and ideas of how the universe works, but in practice all they were doing was working on countermeasures during wartime. You can also follow this ship and its wartime see logs all the way to its, my eyes and it gets sold- are transferred off and I think the the greeks actually end up owning it, and there is a
eighteen. Ninety six october edition of playboy that does spread on this boat, which is now called the Leon, its decommission go out and pick up that addition. I think find out the whole story of the uses eldridge and its life span. So we covered that it probably wasn't in philadelphia that none of the crew members have any testimony to this einstein was not working on it. Rainbow project referred to something else, and there was no further incidents with the ship with other owners. The ship went on until I think ninety nine The two before it was decommissioned. That sucker was ran a long time and I kind of don't understand why they would sell this ship or transfer it to another country if it was used in such a highly classified experiment that could have long lasting effect
I mean, if sailors are phasing in and out of reality after the effect, then why would they want to hand this boat over to another country when it could be used against us? If it has the power of you know, invisibility now, there's another character. Involved in this story and it's a man that claims he was on the signs, research team for the experiment at that's better than this being a witness crossed away right yeah. He was setting up the experiment and twenty days into it. Him in some of his colleagues, said this is dangerous stuff and we should back off, and that is how for dealing with what is he claim Will he claims that dialogue is a more recent name bet that back then he had a completely different name. He says back, then he was known as edward cameron and that his father had kids with different ladys, and I think you may have been married to two from women at the same time as her etc.
he said when he and his brother, a young, their mother had married a wealthy person, and so they had access to good schools, which is what their father urged him to do. Of course he claims he's into physics. Is there any record of him being on the research team, for there are even being I research science team for the USS eldridge. If you're just going to cut right there, okay you'll go on to some of alfred's claims here, so I ve got you does. One thing is: is he's been on with our bell? In the past costs caused am back in ninety ninety three year, which is when I start listening to it
and he made some extraordinary claims and he detailed what kind of equipment they used, people look at a d gouging device, they don't quite understand what that does they go? Well, that's a lot of power going through a lot of coils or why are you doing this? This guy claims he worked on it he that that enlightened, tell partnership, but now are we talking about bending light with einstein's theory? Are we talking about just day a brute force, binding the space time reality. I guess to the lay person he sounds very legitimate. This is a first hand account for people at her saying
Wait a minute sounds: are you guys already do bunk this well I'll, be like a edward cameron, which is what he says is real name is says that it was tesla who helped developed us, not einstein. Okay, so I'll be lick, says that he was there with his brother now his brother Duncan cameron. Both jump off the eldridge at the last minute, they're not buried a metal, are, they know, where do they go? Remember the x governments that happen he said he's there. We already talked about what happened. Baby is as Cameron he was there and he and his brother jumped off. they land in the year? Twenty one, thirty, seven yeah! I remember this now. I forgot about this whole psychotic diet, It's really amazing because, depending and when you listen to him, he says some fantastic things right. I don't.
Amber really the order, and but it's like they go into the future. They see things and then they go further into the future like they bounce around. The lie Oh they spend time in twenty one, thirty seven and then they end up in nineteen. Eighty three at more talk, which is too big. Conversation to get into by its tied into this, but I do want to give people a bit of an idea about what be like says about the year: twenty one there seven, let's blushes, set it up. So he said that he and his brother Duncan cameron, bailed from the. U s s elder it when everything was going down so when they jump off the ship They actually enter hyperspace, apparently because they
have been twenty one: thirty, seven in a hospital and there being treated for radiation burns and the ill effects from being an hyperspace. one can only imagine what those are they spend six weeks in a hospital. Now I said that the medical treatment that he received was different, then We were then what were accustomed to today, but he said the hospitals. doesn't really look any different. In fact, even the tvs look, they did in the year, two thousand so their mount. from the ceiling and he's watching programmes on the tv wise recovering, and he said that there does not appear to be any entertainment programme. he said there all news or educational programmes so he's watching these seeing that there are major earth changes that have taken place in the years leading up to
they went thirty seven and one of the first things you notice is when their showing the way hold on t v, continents, countries, states, everything, looks different and he says that the ocean levels have risen so high that continents look different The coastlines just in the united states, have changed fifty two hundred miles in someplace as cities that used to be a hundred miles away from the coast are now on the coast. The great eggs have become one large lake. So if you michigan sorry, the mississippi river has become an inland waterway. He says, and he said these changes took place
starting in the twenty first century to twenty twenty five. He said the? U s. A and canada are now even referred to as nations anymore, that the? U s was largely under martial law. Now one of the things that happened was world war. Three I'm not mistake. I think he says that it happens in the early two thousands which we know now is it didn't happen, but between world war, three fan an alien invasion and aliens eating people. The worldwide population fell to three hundred million people and in the u s it was about fifty million people. So I mention that aliens eight people. He said that the alien we're. Finally, driven out by: u s military as well as militias? It's a pretty fantastic story, and that's I'll be like
a k, a ed cameron story, time travel. You have invisibility telltale invitation and you have time travel Why would the navy wanna mothball this? This is phenomenal, but then you know it said that they didn't mothball. It were officially they mothballing but unofficial, either there still try these experiments. So while there in montauk they need, your john by norman. It's a real guy. By the way, and he sends them on emission. You have to go back, you have to go back to the elderly, We have to destroy the equipment. This sounds it's like a movie, I would say, because he's successful that that's why hours recruited to work at montauk organic? Isn't it his mission? You know now. Ok, you have to reward someone that does what you need them to do. What are some of the higher points that Alfred
makes- and although he says, because he's recruited work, montauk is able to do mind, control experiments and works in time travel products. I think because of the kind of life that is lead that he's kind of a complex guy he's been through a lot and he likes to tell a story to people, so they understand and can comprehend time, travel and the alien. So, therefore, when these things come to be common, This will be ready for them. I guess the real question is: was he able to make money off of this because, as we know, Carl Allen sort of failed yeah? he dies a nursing home in nineteen. Eighty four Believe so you wonder of bealach, whose staff, and up the game here, beale outcomes. Long and he has this amazing story that goes on for hours and there's, no break! I mean the guy can talk and talk and talk.
Ask him tons of questions and he has answers. How can be wrong well. I'm sure if you asked our hubbard a bunch of questions about space, travel and other things where, if you asked even stephen king about monsters or if you asked clive barker about demons, they could give you a lot of answers right off the coffin and talk and talk and talk, because they're just really fluent in these ideas that they have these fantastical worlds. They live in, he's been investigated. Yeah yeah his stories are too great right.
So a group of guys got together as our hunting down all this information. He was never a part of the: u s: S! Eldridge! Now Eldridge was never and boot up here either. One of his name was ever tied to the usa's elvers weatherby, Alfred or add at cameron yeah speaking of l b lick. There was a group that investigated him. They discovered that he isn t he says he is. He was never at cameron. In fact, if you go to his website, he is careful to me All of the images on that site. Incredibly, small see you can't just click on them and enlarge them and actually look them over and there's a reason for that. The people who investigated em used his own website as a good starting point to investigate him. In fact, some of the images
they were able to discover where they came from originally by looking at the description inside the content of the web page so Cameron, the image visas on his page, is actually some other man named cameron who went to princeton, but it's not him We could go on and on and talk about all the reasons why be lake is not telling the truth, but we can leave that to you. You can look that up. If you wish It really stems from the fact that he is capitalizing. I believe, on this story, just like Carl Alan attempted to capitalize on. It I dont know if be like, has done any better in this regard, then Carl Allen did, but I would suspect so because
be Alex actually been on coastguards. They am, I mean how cool as that, and he sells a set of discs for just under thirty dollars on his website. Because his story is so big. It wouldn't fit on a single disk who I think it might be sixteen hours long of content. So it's quite impressive. So if you're into fantastic Dick stories, you know where to go many way, there's a whole site out there dedicate if you want to find out more to this fascinating person, but I would just urge you to listen to His interview on coastguards am because it's it's fantastic. I can talk. There's tonnes a youtube videos out there. I watch some of them but some of them are a little bit misleading because some of them he doesn't actually get into the story he just rambles on and on, but there is
website out there, that's kind of like the guy, our friend that debunks the billy Meyer guy right does a whole website. That's discounters his points and his background. In his story, yeah point That is all the issues with what he sang who he is etc. But let's come full circle, well, because Carl Allen, it is said, made up this story because he was hoping to inspire people to finish einstein's unified field theory that he wanted to see us advance. If that's true, then why did it seem to irk him so much that people were profiting off his idea? Does it work both ways shouldn't if you're talking about progress in humanity and free energy, and all these other things that they cite as
accomplishments, know anyone and everyone talking about it and putting the idea out. There should be a good thing, but if you're into conspiracies like government conspiracies, then forget, all the stuff we said about any debunking now this and go and get Alfred, be looks books and discover that truth about? What's really going on cia cia, spaceships time travel drop connected, the
The do you hear that it's space for mindfulness become is a meditation pie. Gasped in fifteen minutes are, alas, become your space to unwind. Listen, exclusively on amazon, music or simply tell I could devise alexa play the podcast become
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