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The Titanic Conspiracy - 160

The Titanic Conspiracy. In 1912, the RMS Titanic was the largest luxury liner in the world. In April of that year it would set off on its maiden voyage. Carrying over 2200 passengers & crew, the ship was to ultimately travel to New York, but on April 14th disaster struck. An iceberg would damage the ship and would cause seawater to flood and sink her. Just over 700 would be rescued. Many years later, though, a man would come up with a theory. That this 'disaster' was no accident. The sister ship to the Titanic, the Olympic, had been damaged in a collision with a British cruiser, the HMS Hawke in 1911. Because it was damaged so extensively, a scheme was hatched where the two ships would be switched. The Olympic could go down and insurance claims made to recover the cost. Meanwhile, the Titanic could go on to make White Star Line money as the Olympic. Is there evidence supporting this theory? Did JP Morgan really endanger all of those people just to protect his company? See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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I do it's another doing good just and how are you doing great? So there is lotta conspiracies out there huh earth there's flat earth theirs Jeff K, does a tonne This is one that I actually never heard of before, and this is the type annex switch rule,
eggs, which are written with a better word, for it was sure most people have heard of the titanic. Yes, it's a legendary ship, probably because sank down at the time it was the world's largest luxury liner. As we know, later, James care, and would well not very faithful to
his story, but he would turn it into a major motion picture which would become the highest grossing film of all time, at least for now, while to wait and see what star wars does here, the force awakens where we can take a selfie of us like he can be standing there, holding your arms out and I'll hold onto just like the scene in titanic. I now odette, but I imagined for people haven't heard of it by the time cameron's film came out, they did hear of it too many people saw that movie too many people recommended it. As we know these days, there are a lot of memes based around it Oh it's a huge story. We probably won't go into the minute details of it now, but to set up the story somewhat, just in did mention there was a switch room and what boils down to in that regard is their words.
Several ships planned as part of this luxury fleet from white star lines, and the first ship was the olympic, the r m s olympic, the second ship built alongside of it, was the rms titanic. And then a third ship some say was supposed to be called gigantic, but whilst our lines ended up, naming it britannic now these ships were to transport people to and from between, england and america, essentially back in the day. Many these ship lines would very these passengers back and forth, and sometimes they would run into financial issues while J p morgan came in and purchase white star lines from
and is maize father and he kept bruce, is may on as president of white star line to run it, but he was now financially behind it. It is made at the idea for these luxury ships yeah, which I'm sure morgan liked, because they could really catered two wealthy individuals, yeah and and they're going to be traveling between europe and america, and at this point there wasn't too many luxury ships that were of- I guess this fine of caliber, so they could charge a lot for tickets yeah, I think he said it was for first class cabins. It was forty three hundred dollars, one one way in which today's money was over a hundred thousand dollars. There might have been up to hundred thousand dollars
may well been a trip to space, so this is pricey ships were, you could say, dreamt up in nineteen o seven. in the nineteen. Oh eight, that's when the authorization was given to start building and the ships were built in ireland in belfast And they were known for their ship building there, they describe it as a city effort, a city, wide effort Well, if he didn't work on the docks, I mean it was like the small in kansas, everybody works at the factory, so in belfast. It was kind of if you didn't work on the docks. You probably won't work in these ships take about two years to build. Ah, then, it s been a more closer to four or five years so well, they say the keel with its high tech was laid on march thirty, first, nineteen o nine and it was launched.
in nineteen eleven and may the end of may, but yeah literally from the time the authorization was given to launch that's three years so they might launch, but where they plan to travel from his southampton yeah. That's in england, the titanic arrives on April. Third of nineteen twelve. Its maiden voyage is on April tenth, nineteen, twelve at noon. What we're saying here is is this is going to cater to wealthy individuals mostly, but they will take on all kinds like every classes represent on this ship, but according to your classes, where you're at in the ship, so the first class passengers are up top and they have the really nice cabins. I mean these are luxury suite and the best views right. The second class passengers, as they say, would have been first class passengers on many other ships, but the
It is a normal ship. So to give you an idea, how big this thing is. The titanic at the time was immense button today's crews lines. Even the smallest cruise ship today is bigger than the titanic, so exert constant, kill some of the magic there. I didn't look at the small ones, but I did look up the largest cruise ship available on its it's a monster. So the titanic is. Eight hundred and eighty two feet long, which is two hundred and sixty nine meters? What was the largest cruise ship voyager of the seas is one of the largest ones, but it's much larger then the titanic. The length of the titanic, as you say, was eight hundred and eighty three feet. The wager the seas is a thousand twenty one feet. The number of deaths on the titanic was nine. Where there are fourteen on the voyager, the seas,
and cruising speed, is fairly similar. It's only separated by about one point, two knots, but the pasture capacity is it's an additional five hundred and eleven on the voyager of the seas. So in actually constructing the titanic about fourteen thousand workers built the ship and its handmade yeah, they had a design special cranes to build the ship that actually ordered the cranes, china, india and I think they were like thirty thousand dollars. And they also had gone from iron to steal, so they using steel plates and steel rivets. But in order to pop- still rivets. In there they had this big, huge contraption. That would shoot the rivets.
Will a around the curvature of the boat. This contraption couldn't function, so the workers would use iron rivets hand hammered in yeah. They had two different kinds of iron rivets and then they had steel rivets have one We stand at the time, even though ships have been built for a long time. By that point they still didn't understand just what it would mean to use iron rivets here or still rivets there. What would be more appropriate in which place so that may come up layer gaff. So at the time it was the largest in the world it was the largest movable man made object, but it was
very similar to the sister ship, the olympic, so they were almost identical. The captain was edward J smith and he had been captain of the olympic, the titanic, going to be his final voyage- and I know some of you may laugh, but it was supposed to be as final voyage, just not his fatal voyager, because he only had one more trip to make and he would he was going to it. where he was, he was called the most experienced captain around because you is almost to retirement. This was going to be his final voyage cause. I was, he was retiring, so of course you as the most experienced sky around and he was the highest paid captain and the fleet. before we get started on these switch theory here, if you ve seen the titanic movie and I confess have only seen so many minutes of it. Eight dunno that was five minutes or I saw yeah. They are not,
cameron, probably loves the story titanic. I can't question that I truly believe he loves it case done a lot of work underwater, but as as the phone goes, I'm not sure how good as sources were or if he just didn't, really care in the end. He does why the story to work a certain way yeah, but there are characters that we can't. Ben time, because the theory alone to go through and discuss it is going to take too long. But some of these people that were in the film like William Murdoch and some others were not from all accounts were not bad people. I would say just remember, that's a movie, that's all I can say, but yes, there's a switch, that's been suggested that occurred and it comes down to nineteen eleven. The olympic had a collision
with the h m s hawk, the which was a royal liner was ignored, hurry. He gave us a military ship and while they did try to avoid damage, captain smith gave an order that he hoped would help them at least minimize damage, if not try to avoid a collision altogether. But it was just is inescapable and so a collision did happen pretty at it it was. It was a serious collision. It was going to mean that the ship would need to be repaired yeah, but that titanic is there as well. Whoa whoa hold on the the olympic had several mishaps and they. They had to do a lotta repairs and in this collision with the hawk insurance wooden pay out because The hawk was military, thus all and deal. Epic was a civilian vessel, sir, Oh when they did d.
Hearing when they did the whatever they found in full however, of the hawk, because well its military so also they couldn't you made a mistake, but just wondering the hawk was would like what a third Half the size of the olympic. There. The more maneuverable ship the olympic is gotta, be line out of the the bay. So I don't know how the olympic could have done anything different, but they found in favor of the hawk and therefore the insurance or the repairs you know, for the damage to the olympic would not be covered by insurance, who had had to be out of pocket from jp, morgan and and friends, and then I think the alum
It scrapes the bottom of the you know the sea somewhere and one of it's propellers is damaged because they can't have the olympic down for that long. They don't they don't have the time to make a new one, so they went ahead used one of titanic six, propellers and swapped it over with the olympic or put it on the olympic, because it was faster to get it up and running so yeah. The way I remember it is the propeller shaft is what got damaged and the propeller two didn't happen during the hawk. It happened later on when it scraped, but in order to get it back up and running, they used one of titanic's propellers cause. That's like a whole crux
the conspiracy, the shaft in the propeller were damaged, and it is alleged that the propeller was swapped due to time constraints. So the olympic also had another mishap where it apparently scraped deed, and floor or some sort of mass under water, and it messed up d. Propeller and after that it had to come back to dock and They say that due to time constraints, they couldn't get a new propeller built, so it's possible that they had swapped one with the titanic to it, but will come back to that. you tell later so, the overall by d, this is the limping, has suffered. Major issues and is kind of a total doubt car. Be able to
driven any more or they repairs are going to exceed the cost of the the ship So, instead of repairing it or instead of continuing along with the olympic they're going to swap the name tags on the olympic and the titanic, and then they can have the new titanic. Have that ship as the olympic? and they can take the olympic and have an accident with it or do something with it ankle. The insurance, because it's happening to the titanic now, instead of the olympic, Is there a better way to explain that so have to cars that are fairly identical and you ve wrecked one of them and it was your
I'll say your insurance isn't going to pay. You so swap the vin numbers on the two cars on the his in hers and then you take that image. Car is now the new car, and you go and drive it into a brick wall, and- say: I had an accident and collect all the insurance for that car that was already totalled, essentially or salvage store, not gonna, be performing to its utmost ability. The issue at that is sound like that, would be your fault again well, you make it look like an accident, you make it look like something happened, where you can collect acclaim fire claim and collect the the pay out. So that's the The idea behind this conspiracy is the olympic is damaged. Goods titanic, as fresh
So, instead of sending titanic out on its maiden voyage they send the olympic out as titanic and they're going to something to it to make it look like an accident in its a foolproof play, and because there's other Ships around that will be able to rescue. passengers and make it so nobody dies everybody's okay and they get a big insurance check. So that's the switch theory. Well was not just its not just about it being damaged. It's about how many accidents its had so the proponents of this theory. Some of them are actually stating that it was because they felt I mean curse, might be too strong of a word by that there they ve had so many troubles with it. It just feels off my leno gamma.
Whoa scuttle at somehow, and then get your money back essentially looks through some of their claims here. Just we'll just lay him out there. They say that the name sport changed on olympic and titanic. They say while they were in doc firm like a few days, they were able to swap out all the stationary played sir anywhere any branding from one ship to another, and that would be plates on lifeboats vests life belts yeah and they were able to do this with Small paid off team of workers and able to do it over weekend. I guess Well, they also state that, aside from these things, they switch out. That Ships are while, depending on who you are
here. They essentially say there just alike yeah, but they have subtle differences that you can tell one apart from the other, such as the portholes up in the front. So titanic has teen olympic has sixteen titanic has Some windows that are all even an olympics are uneven or vice versa, there's subtle, superficial differences or aesthetic difference. But they say that all this can be done in just a matter of days: yeah, and no one's the wiser back to the impeller, shaft and propeller scraping. They say that when olympic scrapes, the bottom they have to take, one of the heller's offer titanic or use one of titanic propellers and install it on the olympic
and this is a crucial point to the conspiracy- because. Olympic was built in doc. Four hundred and attack was in for a one. So the propellers would be branded with those birds and a lot of hardware, on the boats are branded all the parts in everything separate. So they know where to go with them, so this one propeller from titanic is claimed to have been installed on the olympic and in its fora one. They say that the propeller swap out- should have only taken hours, and then it ended up taking days. You know these are just the claims they throw out there. What are some of the other ones? What are some of the top ones that you know of an can't just change the names on them
yeah yeah, because the the names of the ships are actually reassessed into the metal lab. I don't know what you call it, but so they actually carved yeah carved into it and Painted so they bolt on big blocky fears over the names the olympic after its multiple accidents that it had had a slight list to port and they say when the titanic left port. It had that same list so they're saying. Well, it wasn't the titanic. It was the olympic Some inconsistencies that I find when I'm reading up on some of these. The theories of how they did the swap one was that they both had carpets and they were different carpet, so they tore all the carpets out and left d.
Tile. One of them said that the tiles were different, so they had carpet installed in one of the other to cover up the tile to mask the the switch aroun there claims that there was course strike going on. So how did these boats get too leave and go on a cruise headed the california get to leave southampton and go to the americas without any cargo They also point out that when they did their went out and all these tests for like a day or two, their gold see trot see trials, and then the titanic only lasted until lunchtime, so hence they were swapped so titanic. The fresh bow actually had longer trials in the olympics,
I was limping along, which was rebranded as the titanic. I know this is getting confusing, but they couldn't do the the full sea trials because it was damaged. So there's a lot of claims hear what we're saying I guess. As with the theory, they were protecting the olympic that has now been rebranded as the titanic. Yes, so that they can at least get it out there. So they could continue at this way, so the switch for it to be successful. It has to sink, it has to be lost at sea so that they can claim the money. Oh, they have to make sure they go easy on it, because once it goes out there who knows
it's going to last, because apparently one of the things that happened in this collision and that this is a major point so follow along. They say the keel was damaged. Now the keel is essentially a it's the backbone of the ship yeah the spine or whatever right. So they say that it was. Damage to his bent. This would be a major issue, one of the reasons why they say. Oh will you can't repair it? They have to find a way to sink it. Perhaps they can do so with it out in the ocean, and then it will be an accident though then we can get into the insurance yeah. They have this conglomeration of insurance companies under lloyds of london and the un. This policy was taken out two weeks before the maiden voyage of the so called tight,
oh oil. It actually says five days before people according to the. According to the theory, it was five days before, but if you look it up, it'll often say two weeks, gas, so well to say five days to fit. The theory They ensured it for five million dollars. The ship cost seven point five I am never using: u s dollars here there. It was up to the company itself to make up the difference, yet you self ensure we'll get into more later. So how did they go about planning be the sinking the maid voyage happens on the tenth year now the fourteenth is when disaster strikes. And, of course, the official story is that the titanic? It's an iceberg, yeah and die. images more severe
Then they realize their release more than most people ship realize now korea, this theory these sinking was deliberate and part of the plan included. Opening the sea cox So what are the sea cox? Are they. Like windows under the water, it's mine, yeah. They use them for different purposes, bad they can the way to let water in and out of the ship. And but in this version they would you- Open a mall adjust flood the ship on this ship sinks very quickly. So that would make sense if they just let the water and right so they want the ship to sink and one of the biggest piece of evidence that the theory has is that the owner j p morgan,
we're supposed to be on this ship. Yes, he had a very nice cabin reserved for himself, more, the grandest ones, and he cancelled his trip right before yes, so he wasn't it to be on, he said he was ill or something, but he wasn't there. So because maybe he knew the ship was going down. He didn't like our that. Meanwhile, the president of the company is may is on the ship you have two versions of the the sinking one is they just opened up, These seek ox these ports and just let water in. Second, one is the deliberately hit the iceberg, and they took that as their opportunity to open up these poor, and they say that how could they have hit this iceberg? It was you know a clear night,
no rain or whether it is now where they could. Amidst it, they were getting ice warnings from other ships telling them again actually where the iceberg was so you have willing sort of ideas there. What they're saying, though, is that they plan to sink the ship where other ships were near by so they could get everyone off safely yeah, because they didn't really want to kill anybody. They just want to get rid of the ship, but they had to do in a way that made it look like an accident. Oh look now We need all this help come get. These people help us and they would open up the sea cocksucker flood the ship. The theory states, though, that there is an actual accident here that they headed out that way to the area they plan to go and scuttled SH. yeah, but the titanic really did run into one of the rescue ships dough.
So it didn't hit an iceberg at all. It actually hit ship right. They say that the iceberg story is just a story: okay and now, because the damage caused by this call, Jane was more than they had planned. It sank more rapidly than they had anticipated anticipated and this through their plan but there is a single eyewitness accounts of a second boat or ship involved. In this battle. Well. No, I mean they. They say that the other ship sped away after a wreck with the titanic or the olympic, whichever okay flight it disappears, and then the other ships don't quite cooperate with that, but that kind of contradicts the one
The theories that day they say that the. How could they ve hit the iceberg if most of the passengers didn't even feel the impact, but if their hitting another boat they absolutely would have felt an heard that the ok still going well. You're goin off you claim that we have held this year or I right now, so they say that the ships were expecting shipped come up to them to unload the passengers there, and then they get scuttlebutt. safely. Does. I don't really want to start to early gay. You don't want to frighten anyone now because of the damage with the collision, the other ships. Are being rendezvous with and they're, not responding to. It stress signal because they figure a bullet the titanic supposed to go to them. Now, Meanwhile, the titanic sending out distress, signals and They don't get it because it's not part of the plan.
They say that the distress signals, risk must be red, white and blue rockets fired, and they only saw white rockets and somehow white rockets. Doesn't mean come, save us red, white and blue rockets means can save us, so they didn't put forward the other some disagreement over the rockets yeah anyway. The ship was too damaged in it's original collision with the hms hawke yeah. They just couldn't repair it. So they have to scuttle the ship, so they can actually so they can get their insurance money back. In other words, they can't repair it, so they have to scuttle it. That's the only thing they can do, so they have to pull some shenanigans here for a boat on repair. It made it pretty far across the atlantic. Yeah, that's the crazy part. Is it made it? What four days it made it?
most of the way right and cruising at a good speed. It's pretty surprising. that is ship, so badly damaged is having no problems. So, let's some of the wind out of these sales. Why? like to say before we get started. We have listeners who very much believe in this theory- oh yeah, and let me say when I hear from you and you tell me why this is totally believable legit I get it. because you have a very powerful wealthy man who can maker A lot of people with us? oh paul or a stroke of the pen and who wants things to go his way. I totally get it back just challenge yourself and here is out because of all conspiracies. We've ever covered this, be the easiest one to take on, because there are too many problems here. Let me start with one thing:
when I was first reading up on this case, which was suggested by ethan by the way. Ok, but when it was first suggests to me, it felt preposterous, but I started reading up on it and the author robin gardener, these written for books about this about this, and he says that they keep was damaged that the damage done to the olympic was much worse than anybody was told death. There is a slight problem: and the problem with that is. There was a man who had to appraise the ship to determine what the damage was. So they can figure out: can we repair this? Do we have to claim ensuring, on what we do and this man his name is harry, roscoe he's a consulting naval architect with twenty five years of experience. He upraised it and
that there was damage, but he said the damage toe old, a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. That's it that's it now. Why is that? Well, because the h m ad hoc, unlike what the theory as conspiracy people would have, you believe did not create damage in the spot? They say it created damage and they know this because there are photographs, the ship. They have these in a museum in order for it to damage the keel. The impact had to have been thirty feet lower. and it would have needed to penetrate forty five feet into the ship. Now remember, the ship is massive, so you can't have penetration of eight feet, which was the deepest damage done and hit the keel. You can't even
eight feet and bother the keel. Ok, following along till they, come up with ice in areas and how would happen they say there was a ram on this hawk a ram, would be something on the lower part of the ship in the water that would hit other ships and damage them take them down by it. Yeah the damage done to the olympic was one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars worth and the deepest damage was eight feet. It went from six point five inches to eight feet. That was the the the slough the the the range of damage in depth to the ship, so yeah the keel was not damaged now, even if it were, that doesn't mean the ship's beyond repair no yeah we can keep going on. But that's that's. The first thing I wanted to say was the actual
impact and the damage the keel. The author, has to make it up yeah because there's no evidence of it. The photographic evidence does not support it. There's no documented evidence. It supports it now. Gardener would Will we tell you? That's because it's a conspiracy, everybody's in on it, but everybody lie, but you can't you can't say just because you have how many people and on an errand it doesn't mean it's not true, to say that that's a lot of people to wrestle another point they bring up was the this, the other ship, the california and the other if that were around in the area not responding to the titanic, and the california was the closest ship and was unable to respond to the titanic or didn't responded the titanic because of some confusion. Flares or something like that. But they say that there is no way the California could have laughed because
as a core strike going on in the california left, with a bunch of woolly, jumpers and blankets and and things like that, that's the claim, so it was gonna, be the rescue boat, the Caliph one. was owned by another company, so they would have had to have been commissioned by J p more an or the owners, it was designed to transport cotton. So if it did have cod non it. It was transporting it, but the claim of it, had boeing it's an woolly jumpers and sweaters This is made up there there's nothing that corresponds with this
call strike going on, so they wouldn't have said this ship out empty. Well, it was a transport ship, it was transporting things from europe to america, so that's how they get paid in the coal strike, obviously wasn't hampering above just ships from leaving because they were leaving in wasn't just titanic. In california whirlwind pick, there were a lot of ships that were out and about at this time so currently the call strike is. really stopping from sailing port numbers, we want a cover. Those a lot of components of the ship were stamps lash branded yeah with the number four hundred or four hundred and one. And these are yard numbers where they were built. Yes- and this is because you mark those parts- and indeed
what yard to send him to death and they can just put him on the ship to be cleared Both ships started with the same set of plans that the plans are actually designed on linen What happened was as they were, building m little modifications would take place. You know what the wheel house, I kind of want this one to be rounded, etc. You know, so they would make little modifications they didn't write. Every little change down by the ship's didn't end up being identical, and one of the reasons are not perfectly identical is because of these numbers. So since so many opponents have these numbers in order to switch a ship. How would you change all that stuff out exactly
so because you can't send a titanic ship through a port authority and just say yeah. This is the olympic or what have whatever's or back and forth or whatever, and expect them just to accept it with these differences, one of which is these yard numbers yeah. I mean no one's going to notice that and to this day, titanic's down in the bottom of the ocean and and many subs have gone down there and visited it yeah. I watched a documentary recently where you can see where the ships being damaged by these subsidizing the ship they ll really will land apart. That's clear and they'll just break through a bit worried damage in all of these. Travel channel discovery channel. All these expeditions to go visit the titanic at the bottom of the ocean. not a single one of them has noticed that it wasn't the titanic.
or are they all in on it too? Is there a reason reject any one at this point? Yeah what is if the documentary channel care and stuff has been brought back and every time it as titanic's numbers on it? Yeah four zero one of the propeller idea here that the olympic had one of titanic's propellers swap to it, and so they actually have a pitcher of for a one on this propeller like see it had that propeller swapped out and therefore its you know. It's the olympic The olympic was four hundred the titanic, as for a one. And you're showing near propeller that has for a one stamped on it showing the propeller that has four hundred stamped on it, which would prove it was the women I don't even know How this is proof
why they even point this out I'll I'll. Explain it to you real, quick if cause they're apart from the titanic was put on the olympic, it would have four hundred and one on it. So the very fact that it's titanic at the bottom- but it's it's really olympic, but it has the titanic's propellers on it. It should have that number on it. So they're right, but but you have to show me four hundred. No known no they're, saying that this paper Are we taking proven that it's the titanic you're missing? They got the propeller from the titanic and put down the olympic So when they, when the alembic out sunk, it does have the dynamics number on it. I again
you're not proving anything? Until you show me the number four hundred and and and have you met again thrive to say this one hundred times? Listen to me? Okay, let's put it this way. Let's put it this way. Olympic has a titanic has b they take the b part and put it on the eh. Ok, it's supposed to have be on it. Daresay I'm saying the only problem with this is to the rest of the the world. They're saying it's supposed to have been, because it's Omby amby drop in ankara, that one in say no, do you to show me that it has both a amby before I listen I guess you're saying now. Ok, that makes more sense of bitter saying, fine that shit. For a one on it, but then all the other propeller should have four hundred exact died. They have four hundred and one they all have four hundred and one fact they can't find anything with four hundred I can, I know.
Can't. This is like a vin number four on a car, but it's the the yard number in all of them say for a one titanic and remember. This switch was supposed to happen over a week and essentially yeah because they had the plan after the two ships were side by side for a week s so when they start thinking of the plan, a day or two and who knows by the weekend there already acting on that. So let's go to the ports portholes of at the front, a had. Sixteen titanic has fourteen and when you see the titanic leaving for its maiden voyage officer has sixteen. So that's the olympic. It's not. The titanic does there's too there's two more holes there. Whether tight titanic should have had a
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for what you already are shopping for racket and has fifteen million members who are already saving star all your shopping at rackets and outcome or get the rackets an app to start saving. Today, that's racket in our aid hey you t in dotcom dot, checkmate man does to theirs. You can count them, you can go and count the portholes there is sixteen in the titanic only had fourteen. What they dont tell you is actually both ships had fourteen and both ships, modified to have sixteen. They just war modified at the same time, because the olympic was built first They made the modifications later to add light to certain
areas of the ship, but that's totally disregarded in the conspiracy theories mine. They just look at the poor halls and say their different, and here you have it. So let me pete that they both were planned in built with fourteen and they both were changed to sixteen. That's just the way went. de the windows on whatever deck one one were even space than the other was unevenly spaced. Again, they actually were both Built the same way, and changed later I for a static reasons, whatever it, whatever you wanna say. I don't know, but the poor holes is a big deal so gotta address that
Well, one thing that really gonna manoeuvres is: if you watch the documentary they keep pointing out. There's this ship sailing off yet, but though often use the wrong ship now, this helps their theory, because they can point and say see it's the olympic. It's not the titanic right, but it is the titanic yeah. Now, if you can pull up a picture of the titanic and a picture of the olympic, they have plenty of pictures side by side on the internet, for you to find the a deck, which is the first class deck the forward part of that on the titanic, is enclosed and on the olympic It's open all the way around. I mean it's open its, not close. So there are pointing this out. Oh this is this: is this ship? They have no idea what you're talking about
They don't even know what ship three they're using the ship that fits their theory and it it it's him with my theory that people there promoting these aid, his don't understand ships at all. No, they don't they're just coming up these theories because while Morgan's a bad guy, he had to have done this evil. which one per centre and he doesn't care about human life right doesn't at all, so they never stop. Think hey they're, all! people pointing out on you to Ben Ali's forums, saying that's the titanic yeah, because its enclosed in full, enough, when the press and media would photograph or film these ships or do a pressure package, whatever they called it. Half the time they were on the other ship, Like our we're doing have a promo package for the olympic will, the
dick was out and about so the titanic was sitting in the dock. It would take pictures of the titanic so it is a little confusing because they would just take a pitcher of one in say it was the other. It wasn't malicious. It was just lazy or time constraints right for the media that the picture of one s, whatever its close enough, their sister ships a subway deal. They don't understand the harm that they do, because now the theorists go and say: oh look at this year. This says is the olympic. there are so many differences between the two ships. It's it's just unbelievable. They say that the ships were identical, but they roll Identical conceptually at the beginning, yeah they use the same plan, especially after they launched the olympic. They would come up with ideas on what to do a titanic based on what they are
seeing and how is being used and say. Oh, you know what we should add some work, and here are we should go through saw them. Titanic did have some additional cabins on deck. A promenade area around the f staircase, the paintings in the smoke room on the titanic, approached at plymouth, harbour and the olympic approach to the new world. So the style of the iron gates for the three elevators on the titanic were different. Then, on olympic titanic had a thousand for gross tonnes more enclosed space than the olympic
The porthole arrangement on shelter deck see between the two ships were different. The lounge furniture on both ships had their ships names on them, but you could swap those out in a weekend, and while I owe the top of olympics break water was painted. Brown and titanic's was white, so there'd have to be a lot of modifications being made, and my guess is all this work I mean plus repairing damage, that's more than just repairing the damage. Am I right yeah yeah? That would be it's unbelievable. How far you would have to go to swap his two ships, the olympics bridge, roof was white and the titanic's was greyish. Titanic was four inches longer, while no one would have noticed that not the port authority either.
There's a lot of controversy over the propellers in having different pitches and not being interchangeable yeah. So what I said earlier that the damage the propeller, the claim, as they took one of the propellers oft at and threw it on the olympic laterally. Actually they probably didn't do that probably just put on a new one have to use one from titanic. The wireless room on the olympic was on the port side of the officers deck house on the titanic. It amidships. Now there are so many of these differences that you can find that this is no way. I mean you to steer almost talking about redoing they entire shit. Me. I might as well, because everything so brain
so remember when we said that they created from scratch. It took well basically three years because from the time they gave the go ahead to the time was complete was about three years and they are trying to say that all these things were changed. Get this really crazy thing is photographs of the olympic because it continued on and in later photographs, does not resemble the titanic at all. Now I dont understand what's going on, but it's like, they want to say. Will hear it is here's the olympic and see how it looks and here's the titanic and see how it looks. Well, though, the photographs of it after this point look completely different so where they do go in change everything backward change things drastically or what are they? Well, the olympic did go on to be a milton transport ship and I'm sure did have some modifications during that time away do and you know, but again it doesn't look like what they say. It's supposed to look like
The final issue that I really took was with the name change in how they bolted on matters on the outside in that The original names were underneath these letters to somehow I don't, oh how you would cover titanic. An olympic up with letters like that, because a tea is knocking covering oh and vice versa, but this is their idea here, but when you're watching their little documentary in theirs, multiple documentaries out there that claim the switch and they contradict each other. Just like most conspiracy theories and big footers and everything else out there is they can't you at the same consistent story but when you watching this, it's it's comical to me because they their showing video footage. High death video footage from one
the submarines floating around the titanic wreckage. And they're like ok, you know you're doing this, and you see this, and here's where you can see were the name olympic, is underneath the titanic. All of a sudden. The video changes from this for wide screen high death video to this horrible crappy siege die from aimed in spotlight dumb. thing, and you know I'm real sensitive to c g. I don't like c g I and all of a sudden The video changes it go. over a siege, I created both in focusing on the name. Dave cd eyed, the tea and then they cgi, like an m later on in is their claim that they changed the name on the side of the boat. This is
their evidence is made factored see gee, I it's not the discovery channels. High death, video, the titanic fact you can barely make the letters out when you watch there's, because so many barnacles- and crap on there, but he eat you get me get the idea. The name change You only evidence is the concern, Bessie theorists own generated cgi. looks so bad that, if any one false for then I guess mermaids floated up in washington and they found skeletons in regular down his mega. That yeah, I mean that's how bad the cd eyes. It infuriates me I am not even kidding like when I saw this about, fell off the couch screaming at the television. This is
dumbest thing. I've ever seen in my life all other conspiracies aside. This is this stupidest one I've ever heard in the east. Wondered bunk I'd say The major point that debunks, this even worse than the differences on being closed, a dagger open, a deck of ships is insurance question. I know that you have people out there saying always insured for more money than it was worth. The ship cost. Seven point: five, million dollars you s at the time to build gay. They ensured it for five million. We know this because some one has that document. So they lost well weapon. Is they ensured for five? It's a lot of money.
and then they self ensure the rest here but saying self ensure the rest implies that they ensure that for two point, five on their own end, that's not what happened fact is best. I can see they ensured it may be for up to five hundred thousand dollars. So five point: five. if they're lucky right by that's, that's losing money now remember when they had this in, and an analysis done after the olympic was damaged and there's photographs to support this, that the damage wasn't that bad. It was a hundred twenty five thousand to repair, so the theorists would have. You believe that it would make more thence to scuttle a ship that heads a minor damage to it, vantages repair it but we already won over ticket prices a couple
if this thing was see worthy enough to make it most of the way Obviously it wasn't damaged beyond repair. Secondly, if the thing could have just gone a few trips, it would have almost paid for itself what those two prices, I mean it, it did, it makes more sense to keep, in service. Then it would be too scuttle it, but that's the whole point. Right is that they they made out like bandits they or at least broke even somehow and didn't have to deal with the ship, but they built these things to make money not discuss them and get the answer that and why people think that they made money on the loss of the ship was because the insurance companies paid out over ten million dollars. The problem is,
that wasn't all to J, p, morgan and crew. It wasn't too the whites our lines. It was to all kinds of things people put claims on their law. loved ones. There was bought and drop city right. There were lost passengers that was property. There were lots of claims made, so some pino they put together a total of how much had to be paid out on this, and everything was paid within thirty days. Now. It's pretty amazing but not all of it went to white star lines. We know this because again it's documented, but they just in that number and saying well he's taking that total number. They made double its. It's like. Don't look at the thought, the fine print. Don't look at the details. Just look at that number c, a big number there that's what they got to
They didn't get that don't don't pay attention to the bad cd. I this is the real name on the side of hope that another thing about cure lettering by the way those plates over the carved names. It would cause rusting very quickly from what I understand It just didn't happen. They say it happened in that All the more evidence there is is an allegation. The only they have is bad cgi yeah. They created a cd ice segment in a video to convince you had happened yet we ve had all kinds of people exploring the rack in high death and everything fits with titanic everything stuff. They ve brought up at all. it's what I tank this conspiracies up a river without a power right now, it's almost like the conspiracy continues. Well afterwards. Now the only thing- I guess it is because I, as
is poking around on the internet, looking for information on this case, I saw that David Eick, the lizard man. I call him the lizard man because he believes are lizard people amongst us in the highest offices of the world. Oh yeah, africa, about that guy yeah. He had information on this, and so I wonder if await lizard man's a titanic olympic expert. Now, while I'm sure okay, but he knows the truth, so you can't question him there, but I'm saying maybe the people behind this are lizard people and they're still around. Right within a hundred and three years and some change right yeah. I would like to explain how this boat really sank, because there is, people outfall here there is some mistakes made yeah. There are people fall by eta
And this is where you know people would say we're going to easy were covering for the evil wealthy guy. I know now now, let's, let's slam him a little bit right now, yeah, we can say that again. This is like any other conspiracy recover. You don't have to make up something. No generally speaking, people in our abuse. That power or make mistakes as they they're not an individual there, a big blue Big conglomerate. That does one hand doesn't speak to another, and they run as efficiently, as anybody else the rivets, the iron rivets, that were you is doing on the curvature of the boat where they couldn't you, the steel ones. Well, now, only did they use iron rivets that are way weaker than steel or of its, but it was real, crappy iron, so one high quality and then you got the stress tests
These things are gonna not go so well. So when the boat, merely glances an iceberg. All rivets, fail. They just happened to hit in that specific spot. The rivets you know, like I said before there were three types used. There are two different iron. And one steel and, as you said, the used certain iron ones in certain places because they couldn't get a steel or feasible yeah. There's something that's developed over time. They figure this out. It's called brittle fracture these things that you think our permanent like these iron rivets they're, not so permanent, because you get him in low temperatures and you apply tensile stress to them. They can undergo brittle fracture, and this is where they just snap so like under extreme strain. Normal rivets can just be pulled out, bent pulled out
and then broken, but they dont feel snap. These just completely fail right. You can see the way some of these things did suffer brutal fracture. It didn't help when it struck the iceberg. So going back to the differences between the two ships, they want to make the stairwell in de titanic, more grand, in order to do that, they just didn't have enough space inside the ship, so something had to go and there is bulkheads. go down the ship and these are their flooding compartment. So if the ship is taking on water, you can have you no two to four compartments flood in your good you're. Ok, it's like, I guess you could call you know. Think of the fires in your car, and these have to be above the water line by a certain amount in order to function properly.
Well, in this time, hey she safe, she's, unsinkable, lower the bulkheads, so we can make up an aesthetic stairwell, so they lower them. Well, that's just adds to the problem. Now. Let me say at the time I really was is may said it was practically and single yeah, but people drop they practically because nothing's unsinkable now and they knew it to a part of their policy for their officers- was that you are best insurance, or judgment is the way you handle a ship, that's going to ensure the ship better than we can ensure through insurance. So they need to be careful with the ship. They need to be diligent and that's what's going to be the best.
Insurance, so they understood is solid. This, it add, do whatever you don't fall asleep at the wheel. Now they they let their officers. No. This is expensive, hardware take care of it: multi million dollar ship. So right there, you go insurance, costs, money! Think about your car, you don't just say a will. You ensure this thing for for fifty million for me and then oh Ninety that fifty million no you're spending money and the higher premium were higher the print it it's going to go up the, how much you pay and they don't. You don't really want to spend all your money on insurance, so there's Fine line of where do we put that number out now in the case of white star lines there probably thinking there
king, while we won't shirt for the full amount, because if we do suffer, a loss, it'll be less loss and then for a very wealthy person like JP morgan is like a that was that was too bad, but it's not breaking am I. Absorb that I can absorb it also eager captain edwards that name. His name is edward psmith, edward smith. This is his last crew. this is his last voyage. Think about your last days at work. Think, about your last day at work, you crews and new sailing. You're, not anticipating an incident. You're already, you know, retired one foot out the door, so this guy he leaves the bridge He goes and goes to sleep. You know he's not in this boat, all night long he's not so diligent, So, at the time when they took on the titanic there
they pulled, some of the officer from the olympic and replaced the officers on the titanic. With these other officers, wool It is said that one of the titanic officers who was quorum quote: let go. He had the binoculars for thee. The closeness to watch nest there, the iceberg watcher guy spotter, he didn't get the butt. you out when he left. He just left him in a locker locked up nobody thought to ask hey where these add we kind of medium. The captain actually diverted his route. I think two thirty miles south Trying to avoid the ice trying d will avoid the icebergs at came down He did his due diligence to get away from the ice
and they didn't quite understand where the line was of how far down these icebergs could go, and apparently go well within the shipping lane. They just didn't think they went down that far south, but dick and anticipating this even went down further south, so they're really not expecting to run into these dangers, and that's why they're running twenty to twenty one, not that's nearly full speed for a shit, that's dave. He has society. That in there and then you have the ice warnings from the other ships telling them hey. There's theses icebergs there tell him where the rat and the titanic does not differ. Worse and does not slow down one. These these warnings come in through the are you know what you call it that weird wire, the deed, it's not even a radio. It's like a b morse code thing,
So we got a guy there, whose taking in these messages- and inscribing them he's, giving the messages up to the captain or the bridge, but his main job. You would his main job would be. Oh there's an iceberg. Debt ahead, so yeah, let's born somebody but his actual main job is the money making job which delivering messages for the passengers, so it's like when you're on airplane and you want to call somebody and you have the little fish on the back of the tariff cuts first you, d swipe or credit card, and now your pants but a minute to talk to. You know you're significant other and say I'm up in the air flying six animals per hour, whoop de- do that's what the skies doing Is he sending messages from the titanic to other ships? relay it to land, so messages get out and the passengers pay a pretty penny for these messages.
That is his priority, because that is the money maker and taking in ice warnings all night long is morbid, fraction to him but in all reality We know how that works. I work in corporate amerika. I have I am told, is the priority, meanwhile, I'm seeing a fire burning, the building but they're like yeah just and that we really want you to focus on this and I keep telling them. There is a problem but they don't listen next thing. You know there is a catastrophe, as just corporate amerika. it wasn't much different, then so this guy, he relays, the messages they're not getting to the captain. There just go into the bridge captains in bed asleep People up in the rose ness, whatever their not painted and they don't have the equipment they need in there and a ship that is not designed to take an iceberg strike. Well, I would, I would say that they were paying attention.
But, as you said, they don't have the binoculars. They don't have the arena, they don't have. The right equipment turns looking yeah. It's just that, given the conditions, this is late at night. The iceberg as near as they can tell, was a black burgh. So what it is it's a normal iceberg, and so the top would be like whitish and then the bottom would be more clear. It'd be it'd, be different, So when it flips and ask what happens with this iceberg, flips at some point recently also its clear under me, so it actually takes on the collar of everything around it. So it's night time due to the way the water isn't everything it's dark. So then it's dark, it just disappears. Do so, by the time they see it both time. They notice it it's too late, because now they have to call down, then it be called, or the captain of the cap nasby learn other cap ass pharaoh. What's going on then here
If you're on a course of action, but by that time there already on it My understanding was that indeed even get to the bridge. By the time they were striking, this ice I heard that it was like the first made or whatever delivers the sex. In command. Why think it's william ardent yeah? He he actually was, like you know, term Turn left go around it. You know get good at it. Let's, let's try to avoid it. He almost did, but in this situation all He considered if you, We have known scrape along the side of this boat, is going to cause a huge seem to open up because all the rivets are made with crappy metal and my bulkheads our way too short. Here been better off ramming the iceberg dead head straight on, because the highest bulkhead was the actual forward bulkhead in the ship and
you metal plates coming together and at a v point again, have a lot more structure, integrity as opposed to the side of the ship. Well, that's a theory, and it could be true, but I just think that they didn't have much choice at that point in time they made a quick decision. It's hard to criticise here this guy, that's having to make these decisions last may I mean- I know it's kind of in slow motion here, but you know when you're in your car and an animal runs out in front of your car you're, going to jerk the wheel or you're going to stop or you're going to stop, but you never think ram it not be better off, you think avoided. So that's what they're doing they're trying to avoid it. That might be a natural instinct tat, his Perfect storm? Here's the issue, the side of the boat, is not nearly as strong and it's because of design flaws. the bulkheads are lower, where the strike
happens. It's the terrible situation in time? annex sinks in less than three hours after they hit this iceberg. What were initially hits they have to try and figure out how much damage was done. You know, and what to do next. So, of course, there's some controversy over well. How come they couldn't get everybody out to the lifeboats? Well, there are rules for these ships still its policies. There has to be a certain number of lifeboats to be able accommodate a certain percentage of the people on board, because the lifeboats aren't for people sit around and hang out in for a day or two or four twelve hours. There meant to ferry people to safety near him, saying so when they finally start realizing that this is catastrophic event. This is not good, they do start getting people out
lifeboats, because I don't want to worry people at first. They they don't know how bad the damages they don't know that the ships sinking at at the initials- like one, not every realises it, but there is an order put out women and children, so they start trying to put women and children on these. These boats of these men in our having to say goodbye to their families and sailed I'll see in new york, and in the chaos of course, at sea. As though the third class people aren't exactly shown where the lifeboats are yeah. The rapporteur captain down, where the rat and in their say, women and children first, but it's like they're putting half full boats. Out there just throwing some women and children on one and ah it's that one's done. I think I know why that say: there's some people up on the deck there is some lifeboat.
Ok, well, we need women, children send them in and then they might put a crew member on their to row. Well, we are having more women sure will send this one on here. I think the reason is because they thought they had a ship coming help and they value as a car, and they actually thought that they had enough lifeboats to which they did Now I think was. Is they thought wills, and those people over and the lifeboats would come back- will put more people on him. Send those over able to keep that process going. But what s up happening was the men that would row these boats would think. I'm away yeah I'm going to live, it's called selfishness scott self preservation either way, so they want to roll back. On the other hand, probably tiring work, yeah
so we have you ever wrote about. Oh yeah, I've wrote about before effort. She think out. This is kind of this sucks, something like that. I don't know but yeah. Can you imagine trying to do that on the ocean? The whole problem with the lack of if boats was they wanted a more spectacular upper deck, and I think the quote is people dont pay to look at lifeboats people paid a look at the sites, and so it went from like. I think it was like forty eight lifeboats down the legs sixteen or thirteen I forgot the actual number. But it will. It was like a third of what they should have had. No because they had more, then regulations said they had yeah they had another had two or more than they were supposed to have, which is insane, but they had less than they had originally planned for her. That's what we're talking about here
they did originally plan to have more, but would it have made a difference? That's the question exactly it? Could they have actually even gotten that many people on forty eight lifeboats in time? I think it probably probably wouldn't have even had time to do that, while the ones that left and didn't come back, which was all of them, yeah, yeah, who's to say, yeah. This probably isn't good for the conspiracy theory either. But when you have the president of the company- is made on this ship. It sinking unease on it, along with the captain. you could say. While he got away, he got on a lifeboat, but he was put in danger and I know they'll say also- although they had plans do this and that they just had a collision with another ship, that's what they say Morgan was out there. Why would any the top guys risk themselves best laid plans and
I guess we blew thou another water. I think we know about titanic because it sank in the that it did and the reason why we have a conspiracy theory is because J p morgan own the company that had ordered this ship to be built. I cannot read, had around it. Every single piece of every point they point out. There is, their an explanation, or it's just a straight out? Why we didn't go into the coal strike. We didn't go into dockworkers. We didn't go into a lot of little eye, witness account things cause. There's just there's no value to it all. I really didn't find it, so may I kind of wish we got into more detail on people that have been on the olympic went over to titanic. They didn't notice. They were on the same ship yeah that never occurred to them and, as we said, there are too many differences too many different rooms. When you get into the paint schemes
so many different things in it. If they actually changed all the deploring the fin ordering yeah, it would have taken a lot longer than a weekend to change all these things. You say there are too many people involved, but you can't say that. Well, then, all the expeditions that have gone down to the bottom of the ocean and seeing the titanic none these guys are in on it all. These guys are are just explores, funded not by j p morgan, I guess I can't keep going with that. It's ridiculous, all these other. Well, people exploring it can't be an eye that ships for me, yeah I mean in a nutshell, you have to you can't say that the keel was damage, there's no evidence for it. That's made up by gardener. He made it up his first book that he wrote he wrote with a man whose name was van der vat
and towards the end that both vander vat actually says. That theory is no good. It's no good any right any more books. With gardener. Now gardner wrote three more books which were pretty similar cause people buy em yeah he's making money off this. He knows that people will buy it because they don't trust people with money or people with power. I am not suggesting that should because, as far as I know me morgan was all too happy to fire people, any interest to saving money, and this disaster there's a lot of fun That happened. There's a lot of negative fall out and morgan is no saint and you dont have to like him. I just I would say, don't look foolish by buying into a theory that as way too many holes in it, it can't float it can't. The theory is awful. Sixteen or fourteen holes in it yeah that's great bs,
along the way. They say that the queue was bent. Then they start swapping the ships, as are saying which one is which to try and tricky you. I suppose the differences are right there in front of you. If you just pay attention so fire up those youtube videos bring up the images online, the apparent to you. There are people out there that highlighted them a different color. So you know what you're looking for it say. You know like yeah, a decade area, no blues deck b, and you can see the differences with your own naked eyes and again, as we said, it's kind of like the the moon landings where people say oh weeding out of the moon either we ve done fly Overs cannot remain here. We ve survey, the entire moon you can. See all that crap still down there because it has gone anywhere. It's like the flat earth, conspiracy, eared just go outside and look around looks flat me that's
the evidence they mean. Do you hear that. It's a little space for mindfulness become a meditation pie. Gas in fifteen minutes are, alas, become yours Is to unwind listen, excuse, thirdly on amazon, music or simply tell I could devise alexa play the podcast become
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