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Trayvon Martin - 119

Trayvon Martin. When a self-appointed neighborhood watchman pursues a suspicious young man no one could have predicted that it would end with a death, a trial, and a national debate on race & profiling. The finding of the jury is well known, but was it correct? Was the shooting justified? Is this case just a […] The post Trayvon Martin – 119 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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of all of our listeners love you no matter what night love you, whether Whatever raised gender whatever it is. I love you all. Thank you so much for listening and tuna it's episode one that divides people, and I hope that you is out- and I hope that you understand that we we took this on with me, with passion and with trying to be gentle towards both sides of the the argument here. So with that, what are we gonna talk about tonight? We're talking to about the trail, martin shooting, which I would say, probably kicked off. The current state of this focus on the police and while this shooting wasn't a police shooting, it definitely got people king about when is it appropriate for someone to be shot
and start to analyze just why people are shot and when their shot and why the laws are like they are when you agree, yeah yeah toilet mean this was a very controversial case. Where damn george Zimmermann, who had a concealed, carry licence and was a gun owner and a contest of proclaim neighbor had watched. I thought was witnessing something that was going a stray. I think most people the story, so we're not no spoilers here, but of trail on Martin, who is a a younger man and who was in the neighborhood and looked like you doing something wrong. There's a lot more to the story than that and a lot of people bring done control laws stand your ground laws, but really, at the end of the day it say
it's an argument of self defence. But how does that go? Win you're, the one that's alive and the person that you shot is dead. I mean it's, a mangled web were hoped at home. You understand that. The others definitely issues there were one person can speak. up and say well here is how it went down, but then you know the other side, but I think he would agree you and I we definitely believe in right to defend yourself, but, as we know, In this case, we might actually touch upon whether that's applicable here necessarily. I won Percent think somebody has the right to defend themselves. I one hundred percent thing
somebody's on top of you beating you. You do have the right to defend yourself, there's other other issues at player so d. The events that happened was Essentially we have george Zimmermann driving in his car right and it it's a rainy day florida and he comes across. Just a little background. George Zimmermann has called the police, many other occasions reporting suspicious activity reporting other people that have broken in and done robberies in the neighborhood, and he is the active role of the neighborhood watch, so. This isn't anything new for him. He's he's been doing it. It sets up a precedent said this: is and something that he just decided to do all of a sudden he's been actively doing this. The police and to be aware of it
They know who he is and they know how it's going down. He spots trail on walking. He diverts from his current path to follow him He calls I dont. I wasn't sure if he called nine when one or if you just called the dispatcher but he's on the phone with the dispatcher and in the very second sentence at the call he gives the dispatcher an address of. Where he's a hat, who he is in what he is observing. So they know where he's out and there is no quorum- quotes sending a squad. Com during the nine one call he actually says the I am watching is staring at me, so trade one is actually noticed. George Zimmerman in his car following him and they've acknowledged each other, they know each other exists goes on to describe the kid in
scribe. What's going on, he says that he looks like he's on it. Eggs or he's messed up at that point about two minutes into the call was about a format to call here you hear him getting out of his car. You hear that, of his door and then here? George Zimmermann can walking in having conversations any mentions that he's following him and the dispatcher says you don't need to do that now by law. George can get out of here or by law. George is free to do whatever he wants. He does not have to listen to that dispatcher, but a dispatch is going to tell you everything they can to keep you out of trouble and to tell you everything they can so they're not liable for your actions.
So they're going to say, don't step off that cliff, you might hurt yourself, don't follow that guy, something bad might happen, I'm gonna! What are you thoughts on that Well, my thoughts are well for one. He didn't call nine one one. He called the non emergency response line, which tells me he probably did do its homework here. he understood you know a lot of people- just call nine one one, because it's easier than looking up a police phone number he actually was prepared to call this non emergency line and so right there right. I think it further syn, this idea that this is something even play. To do and he's taking it seriously. So maybe Some credit to Zimmerman here for that. But by getting of his vehicle. Here's where I think we have our first piece of evidence of something not right
and I think what that is, is he's now taking the law into his hands, because the car he can just report. What's going on that least, can decide to dispatch a unit check this situation out if they like, but that's not what we're seeing happen. Air Zimmermann's, while he's on the phone with the police he's choosing to continue to pursue this aspect or someone here, setters, a suspect just been told- not to follow through on and he continues walking and we know he continues walking because he's told not to follow on like seconds after he gets out of his car and he disregards the you know. The advice from the dispatcher any continues widening for about two minutes is the remainder of the call and and
Cause cut off at that point is pretty much when he's encountered, travel martin now some say that he had actually walked down. A sidewalk entry on had darted between. houses or town homes or something like aside sidewalk and Zimmermann asked him, and then Zimmermann was on his way back to his car. When trade on cut him off were ambushed him or whatever the rhetoric is, but they met. At that point Nobody actually knows what was said or what really happened. All we have. is there side of the story which is he came up? on trade on trade. On said, you got a problem and george Zimmermann said no. I dont and trade said, will now you do and they got into a fight. Well, we should think about this. because he is, he is on this call its recorded and
dispatcher is asking questions about trayvon mark he's asking. since he asks him, if if he knows the subjects race and zimmerman answers black now out there on the internet. There has been some question about what exactly Zimmermann said in this call that maybe he sounds that racist, but I can Say that from my reading, I've been able to discern that, or at least figure out that Some of the audio has been added it out there to make it sound like he's, erases, perhaps or something, but some the actual dispatch Now the unaided, a call he's just answering questions answered all the questions and he gave description so it was pretty. Straightforward. For that its straightforward, the dispatcher wants to know which way trade on going. It seems like
Dispatchers fine was derriman watching where he's going by it is actually asked at one point, because zero says, he's running and despair. ass he's running, which way is running the dispatch. Are you following him and there are many answers. Yeah and the dispatcher responds. We don't need you to do that, and so you do get the dear. The dispatcher does not really want zimmermann following trade on this way in about the I'm he says he's running and he says he's following him- is about the time that Zimmermann has just gotten out of his car. So I think, dream on, saw him get out of his car and started running. That's the chronological order, and so he's cravens, obviously afraid of. What's coming at him,. so he's running that will be in some dispute. Some will say that he's perhaps scared of zimmerman because he doesn't know what he's going to do to him, but other people would say
he's running he's guilty of something I would suspect that he doesn't want salmon. Trailing him he's done with that. he's just gonna, try and get away. There's one sure thing. That's said on the phone call: and the Zimmermann actually says these assholes. They always get away. He doesn't make reference to race, but a lot of people can construe a lot of things from that statement. The we can look at it and say well, does he just mean these assholes, these people, Rob me these people that are breaking into cars, or does he mean a specific race? At that point, I have to actually give germany and a little bit of credit here, a mentor african american kids he's too. Do a lot of community services, and I think he actually testified against some white police officers who had beaten an african american teen
so not completely in line with a horrible races person. He definitely is somewhat prejudice. Against people that are wandering around his neighborhood, because he has. This notion their only there to steal from him. He also voted for obama. What's that I didn't know about his voting record. Well, there's other information too, as I believe even dated a black woman What I would say is that if you dig his past. It really seems as though he isn't racist pellets. Think again, why he's they're here there in this situation, because he's taken it upon himself to be a neighborhood watchdog, and when he says these assholes always get away. I believe it's because he's taken this position, because it him
that people are thieving in its neighbourhood and he's done with it, he wants to put a stop to this, and I think he feels like by having boots on the ground, which are which are his, that he'll have some control over the situation possibly end it to where he doesn't like people know. That's not a neighborhood. You want to go into if you're thinking about stealing anything. I think we can, the altercation, I mean Julie. We're not quite sure how these physical on altercation started, but we know when it ended. Craven was on top of george beating the crap Adam at some point, George pulled his weapon and fired a shot I'm not shock connected, and the fight was over here is where I have. A sort of an issue is both of us
god, our concealing carry licence. Both of us took the class in did the training, in my concealing, carry licence of my class that I took it. Is literally eight hours of roleplaying how to evade conflict and We role played different scenarios. One of the scenarios was actually driving along in your car, you see a man beating a woman. You have your gun on you. What do you do and This person class raises the ariane and they say I get out of the car and my instructor, who is police officer says no, no, you don't. you stay in your car, no matter what Is you get out of the car? You are a threat and your showing intent with a deadly weapon. now we're in Missouri or not in florida, but
conseil and carry does work and ford. We oh there and carry our weapons one thing is when growing up. I was escaped border and I britain we was harassed and bullied by teenagers, football players. Whatever because I was Different- because in the mid west, in the mid nineties, skateboard, was not acceptable at that point. I had long hair died at blue. Read there were new whereas occasions where car full guy It would be wrong down the street. They would spot me they would roll down their windows and yell stuff at me, yell what can I do to me whatever it is. As they stayed in their car. I was cool as long as we could a dialogue through window, I'm ok but It is those guys stopped their carne jumped out. I knew,
were serious. I that they were a threat there. Actually one occasion warehouse walking home little than I broke, my skateboard in half and a lot of guys rosa driver rolls down the window and says we're going. ass, you up did and I said, Hey? I know we're really to run. It was kind of a desolate road. There was witted area. There was multiple guys on the car is soon that driver opened the door and his foot touched the asphalt. I kicked his driver's side door closed as hard as I could because I was outnumbered? I attacked first because I was threatened after I did that. I ran away as fast as I could in that I screamed. I probably broke his leg. I do not care because I know that all those guys got a car. I was dead. Meat
cause as soon as you get out of the car. I'm sorry you're a threat. Now you know. If you get out of the car you kind of picking a fight I know that might not be totally true in every case, but that's how I proceeded because that's what I've pretty I learned all through my life was Somebody harassing he gets out of the car, that's gonna get sick. That's when it's real, you know when you're concealing carry class. What what did you learn like? How would you of their response in the situation. Well, people having taken this course probably have no idea and might even question what we're saying, but it's true. They say that you don't take this course just to learn how to protect yourself physically you learn how to protect yourself? Legally, you know they say it in a spider. Man, films, but with great power, comes great responsibility that you ve, given you ve been given this pearl, to conceal a weapon on yourself now
years, subject to a lot more trouble and so they stress that they say understand you're doing by getting this permit we're not saying you shouldn't, do it but were saying you really are to find that this isn't about being a hero? This is something that if it really comes, into your life's on the line or your family's lives around the line, and you have to draw your weapon better damn well sure that it is a critical moment of life or death If it's not you're likely to be chewed up, and swallowed by the system? It's important that if you take this course that you listen to your instructors, I would say as to the fact that getting out of the vehicle- the threat. I totally believe that that's a very short amount of time zero. ends his call at seven thirteen p m the first police officer, gets on the scene at seven. Seventeen p m. So probably
less than four minutes, I would say, is probably just a couple minutes something bad goes down if we, about the call just from Zimmermann side, because we know travel was on with his girlfriend, I she was sixteen. He seventeen Zimmermann's on found what this not emergency, call dispatcher, I would say, women is clearly saying that trade on trial get away, but he's pissed killing trayvon. If I make a decision here. Based on what I've read. I would say travel did his best to get away and that he felt that Zimmermann wasn't going to let him go, and The decision to stand his ground We said a little too much time trying to be more efficient, no judgment we ve all been there. The good news
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I did see, were travel. Martin was going well yeah, that's what exactly what he did. He was following him. He was getting himself into a situation that could be dangerous and he did it with our arm on his doubling here's here's a scenario that happened to me just a couple weeks ago, I was at home. I got a phone call from the wife. she's telling me that there is a man at her shop. That's freaking her out she's, getting very bad vibes and she doesn't know if he's there to do
harm and what and she wants me they're pronto when I said, maybe you should call please she says I dont want to do that, because, if he's just weird and awkward or something's odd about him and he's not here to be, if you know a jerk, I dont want to call the police, like. I don't know if it justifies a nine when one call as I walked out the door, I took my gun off my belt and left it at home, because somebody's messing with my wife somebody could be causing harm. Guess what I'm gonna, probably going guns blazing, and I know this I know my emotions are gonna take over, so I left my gun at home. I drove to restore faster than I should have, and I confronted and he left immediately now, that's to me the responsible thing to do.
When you have a concealed, carry permanent most people that I'd told story to say no, you should have when you're done with you, that's the exact time. You should- and I completely disagree with that. So here we are back at this situation. He has a gun on him and he food somebody you want to go into a fight. You wanna go to the bar with a gun on you and go find a drunk ion. Follow me around until he gets pissed off at you, because you think well my drive home drunks. I want to make sure he doesn't. Do that mean it. Such a situation here and I think in regards to the responsibility of having a gun, a gun permanent. You have to be a little smarter and make better choices and decisions when it to engaging in something that could turn out to be a conflict, travels, shot and killed. Now,
Here's where everything blows upright- and this is where it gets really interesting with the media and how we paint people, how pretty much george Zimmermann, is now painted, as I can a k number and first pictures of trail on Martin are posted and it shows him as a young kid with his letterman jacket on and then you get pictures of trade on, and you know his twitter feed, flippin off the camera thrown up gang signs really painting a bad pitcher of em. They bring up, on having trouble, in school. They bring up him having drugs on em when people bring up george Zimmermann's background it
interesting, because georgian around had actually been arrested two times prior to this the event, one of the times Zimmermann, was arrested for assaulting a police officer and a second time it was a domestic violence. The domestic violence call was pretty much charges were dropped, but him. his girlfriend got restraining orders against each other, and indeed, as assaulting a police officer call, he took a on alcohol diversion class, so the charges were dropped to a misdemeanor. Now, if either one of those charges was not dropped He stood the chance of having his concealing carry licence revoked, because if you have domestic violence or any kind of violence on the record, you, no longer can carry a weapon. What
other things about by travel that they bring up about. Him emanate really paint a bad pitcher of him in the media. So what now I saw it both ways actually for both of these people, for VON I saw a good stuff. I saw bad stuff same with them. There were people. Essentially, it already joined a team and were steadily poem information on to the internet through twitter and youtube everywhere yeah it really bothers me. We ve seen in other cases too, like Michael brown, where you have based. they. Someone is just about a grown man already a grown man and you see a picture of them at like fourteen or thirteen, and I I just it bothers. me. It's manipulation like seeing this manipulation, I like to see what they look like at the time. Surely we have pictures and sure enough? We saw them later on tray, find it
not have a criminal record and I dont know how far we have to get into it by police obscured the let's say the trouble he'd gotten it you for their own reasons and yet see a lot made this on right wing websites stating yeah. Oh, he would have had a criminal record had a police done their duty, this has to do with travel, was found as stolen goods, and he was also found with a scream driver that was obviously used to break into places with the police could have arrested him and that he would have been locked up at the time instead of being shot by george Zimmermann,
I want to say right now, though, that I think that's neither here nor there you can say the police didn't do their job, but just because trayvon was possibly a a thief, I don't think you can stretch it to say well if he was shot, that's his problem. Just because you could be a criminal doesn't mean you deserve to die, so I think we should toss that right now. You know we ve seen the hashtag out their black lives matter and then, of course, there are people with hashtag saying all eyes matter. Why would be on the latter? But it's easy for me. I'm not part of a group that feels like they ve been oppressed, yeah, I'm just I'm just not in that situation, but I think we would make better progress if we treated everyone the same as there are still lacking sides we see with Zimmermann you had. You, and I are all for the second amendment, but this aid
that just because george Zimmermann, quoting quote, defended himself that we have these gun people supporting him blindly that disgusts me. You know why don't we get all the information in and make a decision then, instead of just oh, he used his gun and he should have because he's defending himself. It doesn't work like that. We ve already said he pursued travel on travel tried to get away it, not though he was just driving along and all of a sudden tray on, attacked him. He pursued tray on for a while before there is now tradition between the two of them, so they paint travel as a thug as a misfit as a criminal. I get that, but one I dont really care. What's on his twitter, if most of us had twitter when we were sixteen years old. I can only imagine the terrible things that we would be. Posting are tweeting. I'm glad
that there wasn't social media when I was a teenager, because if it can be used against me, that's pretty bad air in this fraud dinner's I'm almost forty years old now and I'm pretty yes, well, I t guy and a fortune five hundred company, but when I was travelling martens age, I've been arrested for trespassing, indian dualism. charged and conducted. I was also arrested for grand theft. Auto charges were dropped, but I was still rested for it and I was arrested for loitering skateboarding in front of a candy in store, but it is still considered trespassing and loitering. I had three arrest on my record. By the time I was travelling. Martens age. Does that make me a horrible person? Does that make me
Worthy of being shot, if I got into an altercation, was somebody like when I kick that guy's door closed on, should he have shot me and then use my criminal record against me. It's just perception. Finally, if you look at trail on martin and my record, I'm way, worse than he is, but when I look am I just see a typical teenager might not be the best teenager, but definitely wasn't the worst either right. There's no indication to me that travel was a violent individual and if you want to look at it from a violent standpoint, Zimmermann's the one that shows the violent streak he's the one the domestic now these charge an assaulting the police off now they say trail on god to a fight at school. While I know a lot of people that gun in a fight in high school, so I dont does that mean he's a violent kid? It's it's one of those things were
I cannot just say that he is a way worthless scumbag, because he got into a fight in high school. I can't say is worthless because I see a twitter pitcher with him flippin off the camp. That to me is any typical teenager today. Well, let's talk about something important here, which is zero claimed tray on reach for his gun tried to get his gun from him. He said that in the scuffle his shirt was pulled up, revealing has done everyone said you're gonna die and he pulled his gun and shot trail on. That's there. Very difficult for me to understand therein very closely committee to one another, and when I took a look at this, you know the examiners look over everything they found. scar on one of martens fingers they found abrasion finger, but they could
fine any gunshot residue on his hands, which will tell me that he likely didn't have his hands anywhere near the gun when he was shot. The evidence points to his hands were on Zimmermann, but not on the fire. Ryan weren't even close, see the way I look It is, it sounds to me as though george herman, decided to pull his weapon in shoot trade on because he was getting beaten again. This is gonna come down to how people feel about their travel have a right to protect himself from someone who was being awfully aggressive towards him. Let's say I take Zimmermann's word for completely incorrect well there. You are with a firearm, with a gun on you and you put yourself now in a situation where your firearm can be used against you. I dont have a lot of sympathy there. I just don't
I wish he would have stayed out of the situation, so it hadn't occurred, Can one hundred percent take george Zimmermann's word for it and I still find fault in his actions and decisions right there because it turns into a situation where the last fifteen seconds sure p defended himself using deadly force and if all you lie, Tat. Is that moment in time, then he's totally justified but You can't just look at one mere moment you have to yet all the moments leading up, I mean when we look at any other murder case. We look at Juliet whatever their earth eggs leading up to the event and you have to take those things into consideration. You don't just look at that final moment where somebody murder somebody you have to look at what led up to this. Was it you no preconceived where they are it was it you know what other decisions could they have made and in this case, if you look at the four minutes leading up
there are a lot of options for george Zimmermann to remove himself from the situation and then, if you look there I still seconds george zimmerman, only had one option. So how do you rectify that one? I agree and you can take ceremonies word. I'm beginning to end the put. We think he says, and just say okay. This is all true and it still, it still doesn't work out It doesn't work on his favorite least from where I sit. For all reasons. You say, and in work were somewhat coloured by having taken the Conseil carry coarse and for what a reason. I would blame the governor here, governor rick Scott he could have taken. This can who carry permit away from george Zimmermann, but he chose not to hear because there's no felony tat. He said that he doesn't have the right to pull it to revoke the permanent by
this is dangerous. No, it is there was. Another case they are a youtube or guy that I actually watched his name was tickets, James, eager and he's a gun- the kid on you to hear It gives a lot of good advice in and I was watching him at the time and during some wanna be gunnbiorn long passage jane, said you come and get my guns and I'll shoot you all. He makes an idle threat on youtube and they revoked his concealing then carry permanent for a verbal threat. Now you can say well, he threatened the government. He threatened the present
He did this thing, so we had to take action, but in all reality his threat was words. George Zimmermann has actions under his belt and since the event he's been arrested and had lots of running with the law, of violent natures and where he's threatened his girlfriend or wife, with a shock unto her head in the east. To this day have not revoked his license, which and make any sense to me because to me, you want it responsible gun owner to be able to carry you do not, when somebody that appears to be cannon. This goes to trial right because at first George Zimmermann was cleared when he interviewed with the police officers a clear them all wrong doing its literally his word against a dead man's. But it goes trial because of public awareness
in public pressure because somebody's dead. This is a few years ago, three years ago that he he turns himself in on ape eleven, two thousand twelve, or at least according to the lawyer Now I want to get into a lot of the. Legal malay that happened with bond and all those thanks goes to me. They didn't really matter that much goes just that's just legal play, that's what defence and prosecutors do but There is some speculation that the state of florida- the prosecutor, didn't try very hard to go after in and and didn't try very hard to go after a conviction. George ended up getting acquitted, he ended up getting charges dropped and a lot of people speculate about the reasons why- and I was very obsessed with this case when it happened, and I watched all
Video all according video and everything, and I said, lee and something we kind of skipped over was at the time of the event, on Morton was on the phone with his girlfriend were his friend that was female And the air, whether they were in a relationship you, I did mention it early and he was and he was talking to her about this crazy, workers fallen. Ease he's telling her like somebody's fallen me and he's trying to evade that person She is a key witness for travelling, the key witness for the prosecutor. She is essentially there is, on the whole. she asked to do is take the stand and say trail on feared for his life and he was defending himself. That's it, but that's all she has to say And the case against george is a strong one in
watch the hours of trial testimony where she took the stand. She took this weird attitude and she was combative towards both the defence attorney for for joy, And the prosecutor, who is trying to profit The man that's killed, her boyfriend and I swear- I don't think, there's any I'll I'll take- does it. The prosecutor tried like to throw the cat. I think, his ace in the whole, which was traveling girlfriend, blew the entire case, because when you watch her, you get upset she she didn't even see my she wanted to be there, and it really upset me because I felt that all she had to do. with a stick to a very short script, and this would have been closed case really. My. I would urge you to keep in mind
and I dont dispute your saying, you're you're, saying that she ruin the case for trayvon 's family. I agree, You have to look at your age too. Fr. I know she was sitting there. Thinking I'd rather be a thousand places than here yvonne's already gone, I can't bring him back. I have, idea where she's thinking, but it seems to me that she did not want to be there and she also she did not speak very well. She did not No, how much time they had to prep with her, but she did not care whether anybody understood what she was saying or not. I didn't and her easy to understand myself? She started mumbling and just lee with drawn and whether or not it's an attitude dang or if it's a she doesn't wanna be their thing. But to me, that's That's her shining moment to bring trail on justice,
maybe I'm being a little harsh honor, but I thought this was a pretty straightforward case and I was really surprised that they did not get anything on george and that's the way it is. I mean I'm not I'm not heartbroken about it. I'm more fascinated by the way the process works than the outcome. The jury had three too, his second degree, murder, manslaughter or not guilty, and you look over their choices. It is strange that they didn't get manslaughter, but again it probably rested on. Young woman He totally drop the ball. They. Really only had to consider what they thought. Zimmermann was signed, the truth or not, and I think there is- confusion over what rights. What right does someone have to protect themselves their constantly putting himself in. It situation that dangerous or it is starting trouble, which Zimmermann did.
We can sit here from afar and say: oh well. He just kept going after trail. On I mean it wasn't like craven head just attacked some women he was running off with a television or something to me. He's crazy that he would pursue someone this much and this far in this long for us this mission is not actively. Yeah brings not actively doing anything. Yeah he's not actively committing crime that were aware of its like a pre crime thing. Me, George Zimmermann. He had the right to do what he did in terms of he can follow somebody, but I think he's responsible because trade lines, not the one who followed him. and again, as you say, we need to look at all the circumstances leading up to the event all zimmerman, I'm sure echoing what everyone else has been saying, but just look: a whit george,
women has done with his freedom, since it's the guy who just he keeps finding trouble since then, and he's gotten some speeding tickets, which oh well, but then, ah, he threatens his wife says that he punched her father and threatened her with a gun yeah. That's that's not good! the only other thing I can touch upon here is that george Zimmerman was attacked by trayvon. He was beaten. He had a fractured nose. He you know he was beat up, but again I refer back to what you said. You know here's an armed person, whether trayvon knew or knots beside the point. George knew he knew he was carrying a firearm. He, side to pursue this young guy and he kept going after him? He's the one who pushed this to the breaking point So I can say, is at the of all this, I think travel died a needless death.
Because someone ignored their training tried it. the law into their own hands. Even though there was no appeared I'm going on I dont know how he lives at this. I think that This goes to show what kind of character george Zimmermann, is he someone that just does not care his being irked we're being upset by someone who is possibly a breakin enter thief, that something is more important than whether that and lizard eyes. I think that's a real problem, I'm a little appalled that the gun ship community or the inner ouray didn't distance themselves from this situation day, embraced it, which doesnt really bode well. You know that the dutch
and make responsible gun owners look good here. I am not carrying my weapon to something that I perceive could be an altercation. I will not go into a conflict while I'm armed, I mean when I drive around in my car. I got really bad road rage. But if I have my weapon on me, I'm I'm cool the hindu cow. Somebody cuts me often like her. I just got to deal with it cause. I don't want to ask a late this, because I don't want to go to a firearm to resolve my situation. When you, when you read youtube com, it's when you re comments on any of these shootings. There's a line! There's a divide! It's you this guy's a murderer or disguise a hero who got rid of vermin and where's the middle. You know where we're where's, the people that are like this could have had a differ don't come. You know where, where are the gun owners are like? You know, I'd
I see no everyone. Away alive and in its sad that that's not what you see in the media or online only see the extremes on both sides, and I'm sure that I've probably been categorize to one of those sides already. Yet I carry my gun on me all the time, and I do believe in my right to carry that firearm, but I think the system needs to work little bit better when it comes to other people that the laws are supposed to keep guns out of criminals hands. What's a criminal criminal, somebody that breaks the law, a criminal, somebody that threatens others with harm? And here we have somebody that I would label as a criminal. yet he still has his concealing carry licence the other day, to bring guy. He wasn't in florida. So it's a bad comparison, but it shows what could be.
yeah, what's reasonable here, is reasonable, that you would show somebody hey just because you have and doesn't give you the right to start threatening people like that. Again, it's the responsibility here and so They did the right thing by showing that guy shares responsibility here you didn't uphold your under the bargain with george. That guy just keeps getting passes and hope it doesn't blob in their face because there certainly taking a lot arrest doing what they ve done. I mean meaning, here's the? U! What if if he ends up shooting somebody like his wife for his girlfriend. Well, Oh, you got all the the left side, anti going people saying told you so and then you have the right side programme. People saying well, you know, gets. No responsible, gun owner would shoot their wife well, they dont do it until it happens There are responsible down owner until they're, not in that
something that I think needs to be addressed and when you show signs of not being responsible anymore well, maybe we need to revisit that, but driving a car in owning a gun are two different things once a privilege. Ones are right and if you abuse your privilege or show that you're, not a responsible driver taken revoke your privilege, but soon as you try to revoke somebody's right. You're gonna get a fight on your hands. You know just imagine if they try that revoke you're or regulate you're right to vote or regulate your right to freedom of speech or whatever you're gonna fight him on that and the second amendment is right, and people are gonna fight tooth and nail for just like they're gonna fight for the first woman male concealed here is not evident right now, yeah, that's that's more of a privilege, especially in this therefore of florida. We have to apply for it in you,
to the others is more to this, but I know what you're saying fer a lot of these. The pro gun crowd they're, going to confuse the two, they're not going to take it as oh. It was a privilege that could be revoked. They're just saying He didn't do anything wrong because he was defending himself and they'll defend them. To the end the the the the.
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