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October 8, 1976. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. In what was supposed to be a fun surprise, 16 year old Trenny Gibson's teacher didn't tell her or the other high school students where the class was going for their field trip until after they had boarded the bus to go. The trip was to be at the Great Smoky Mountains so that they could observe the plants and trees as they were learning about horticulture. The bus parked near Clingman's Dome and the class headed toward Andrews Bald (a grassy meadow at high elevation) as instructed. But despite being told not to take side trails or deviate from the path specified, Trenny disappeared from the group. Had she separated from the group and gotten lost? Or had someone kidnapped her and taken her from the park? Interviews with the students by the teacher as well as FBI agents painted a mysterious picture of what might have happened to Trenny Gibson.

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the people concerned about this missing woman, trendy gibson, her full name is trendy lynn, gibson and she disappeared, october, eighth, nineteen, seventy six from the great smoking mountains national park in tennessee. She was Sixteen years old, she's five foot, three hundred fifteen pounds at the time of her disappearance. She was wearing a blue blouse, blue and white stripes sweater and borrowed plan heavy jacket. Blue jeans and data shoes said she diamond star sapphire ring. They were on a field trip that day to go hike up to andrews bald. Now. The reason that I think we were really interested in covering this case is because the ass time? Anyone saw training, she was bent over looking, the trail as if she had seen something and then
ex thing. Anyone knew she was just gone. So, let's talk about this just in twenty was a junior at bearded high when she vanished We know that she probably smoke cigarettes. She listened to jethro tall and what else did she do? Justin she played cello and the band she also like to help out at home and to read her mother, and her also used to build these hurdles and then jump over them and their backyard, which is kind of interesting As lately I've been watching american ninja warrior and their faith please all over the united states and probably other countries now building these objects. Goals and things the climb up in swing down from europe to practice, if thing. I would say this is indicative of them having a pretty good relationship. I think if their bill hurdles to jump over together. She also
add a little dog poodle named missy, which ice abby siamese cat name at sea, but she passed away in twenty sixteen, this little who nor would wait for her on the back of the couch, and so she can. home from school. On that dog will just be ready to jump in your arms. She had a brother. That was two years older than her, and he was going to be sure. out for the navy just weeks after twenty went missing, That was Robert. She also had a sister named tina and a oh brother miracle. She also worked a job at the west town mall. It was morrison's cafeteria her real dream was too who study, landscape architecture and she was hoping who attend the university of tennessee. She was very responsible, in fact you. baby sat for neighbours and She also babysitter little brother. She wasn't known be dating anyone at the time she did. Dr. She had a driver's license
You seem like a very responsible person, and this, of course, were leading up to the disappeared. Just to say that. This isn't some one who was careless. I dont think let's go to, october, eighth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six the day of her disappearance. It was supposed to rain and it was supposed to get pretty cool, actually pretty cold that friday, this field trip it almost didn't happen. yes, because of the weather they found out when they got to school, that the field trip was on and I guess because it was up in the air twenty one, really dressed for cold weather. Yes, she and brought a heavy jacket with her? So she would end up borrowing, one from Robert simpson, who was a fellow classmate of her hers, there is speculation, that d teacher that took the students on the field trip announce it or tell anybody where they were going. I can't fathom that
A teacher would do that. So I wonder if the students either not paying attention thought the field trip wasn't going to happen, thought it was can old, I'm assuming their some miscommunication there. I wouldn't believe a teacher would take students out to the middle of nowhere without telling them first, maybe my whole question here is that the teacher Mr Dunlap only had one other adult along, and that was the bus driver and they responsible for about forty students and so going out too he's smoky mountains. Area at age seems kind of questionable that that's all the supervision that they had. People get lost in parks alla time right. They drive from knoxville down to the smoky mountains. It's about a two hour drive one way so, planned a park nearer this structure, name named klingons, dome and then to hike for
There are over two andrews bald cling. storm is a observation station post. it's more or less a concrete pedestrian walk. It's over six thousand feet an elevation, so you can see everywhere it's where a lot of tourists go check out. And then at the end there is a large dome, looks like You have almost and you can look out and have it need clear view of the smoky mountains and Rail going up to Andrews, bald is about one point, eight miles. now on the bus twenty had sat with Robert simpson, from the accounts that anybody can find they were getting they were getting along the river. They were just fine, so there's no fight no argument and robert did give twenty
his jacket. It's a c p o jacket or a heavy plaid jacket, because she would be cold, some of it time that they were walking on the trail she was spending with robert. time she was kind of moving in walking with other people and she was walking with a group of friends and one of them. was having some issues with her asthma, so they decided to stop and take a break, but trendy wanted to keep going so at some point they start to head back to the bus. The students are going down the trail and their own little groups. It said that she is left robert, even walking in between groups sore of off by herself but there is students in front of her an behind her, so they watched her continue down. That trail. and this is where she stopped and she bent over and she
as if she sees something off the trail and its at that point where she disappears now it's not like she just vanishes in front of them. People look away. They look she's gone it's that fast, but at the time the they're, not thinking oh, no, they just then either she continued down the trail, the sudden or she headed off the trail. Some of them said that she turned right, but kind of going off. The logistics of the trail right would have been going up a cliff, or just wouldn't have made sense for her to go right off the trail, but That's one account of her disappearances. She bent down I saw something and turned right. They that arrived at this park about one thousand two hundred and thirty. Her disappearance happened about three p dot m, so it about three hundred and forty everyone's getting to the bus, but trent he's not there
and so the teacher and some of the students went back to search. They went back to look for twenty and other stayed behind, which is not a bad idea, because you don't want to take everyone back out and then have anyone else disappear after four o clock? In the afternoon the teacher contacts and p s which is the national park service to report that they can't find the student that twenty gibson is missing. arrange a responded, got to the parking lot about a half hour after that he did his own search but couldn't find anything and then he had an official report and what this means is they're going to escalate this her disappearance with they can pretty seriously and their research efforts mounted as quickly as they could make them happen. Journey also had a injury on her foot. It said that she punctured her heel
she was taking antibiotics or some kind of medication. For this. No one that she was limping or unable to make this hike. So it doesn't sound like it was that severe of an injury, the trails aren't treacherous, but there. Our cliffs. There is a lot of undergrowth, so if you went off the trail, you could fall hit your head. A lot of different things can have so they're taking this as a I guess- an accident, and or she's gotten lost. The bus driver takes all the students back to the high school, but the teacher stays behind to help with the search problem oh is the weather is picking up it starts raining. The winds are picking up and the temperatures are in the low thirties at six thirty p m. They have nineteen people who show up to help us.
Search so even with the bad weather they do their best and see if they can find any evidence of training at all? before the students had left. The teacher Mr Dunlap had even asked them. Do you know thing. Did you see anything? What do you think and most of us and said, they thought that twenty may have just headed if on her own and they weren't too concerned now, it's somewhere between eight and eight thirty, when trend mother is notified, her daughter is lost in this key mountain park. Right I mean that's what the students get back to the high school and the principles notified and everything can comes out. So the rumours are going. The family provides clothing, because there are tracking dogs that are going to be brought in and the Packing dogs, if they have our sense, will do a better I'd, say searching for twenty.
any human. Could that that's my feeling anyway, of course, set in the we trust the dogs. We like the dogs, it's the next morning, that a search begins training a park. Ranger named jack line, a hand. He closes the rule between new fund gap and claimants, dome parking area, and then they send out these tracking dogs, and there are sixteen of them. They search all over the place. They end up finding some things, though they find some wet cigarette, buts and beer can, with some beer still in the can in an area that's near where she had disappeared. Now there are some websites out there that also Oh, that can was freshly opened, but those same what I will say that that can was found the same day that she disappeared. So it's a lot of misinformation out there. This can, and these wet cigarette butts obviously been sitting there for
but do we know that they ve been sitting there for twenty four hours or two hours it's hard to tell they may or may not be connected to this case. We just don't know also before that search began our before her family showed up and actually stayed at a motel, so they could help with the search efforts they wanted. On site where trendy disappeared at. There's no side trail. You already mentioned how there's no side trail so since the terrain around. There is pretty rough in were grown with all kinds of briars and trees and underbrush and there's a stream we can. Imagine that she went that way. I mean it. It doesn't seem like a good idea right, but that's a possibility that she went that way. The search parties have brought in teams of dogs several of the dogs, pick up a scent and follow it down a paved road
food and around klingons dome the parking area over there. This is where some of the theories start to come in is where these dogs went down and found her sent. Some of them didn't find any sat. There were dogs at were on the trail where she had allegedly turned right or bent over and looked at something and the dogs were picking her there, but they were picking her up further down the trail and down to a road, and the idea would be that maybe she was taken out of the park from that parking area which would have meant she got there before the other students yeah and that's where the scent goes away. So we assume it's possible that she got into a vehicle. Her parents were hope and Robert gibson. It seems it like from this point. They believe that trend. He was taken against her will from the park. So that's the fat
Please take on all of us not just in. She wasn't prepared to just take off on her own right. I mean she didn't have the things you think she would take if she were planning to leave on iran cord if she were going to sneak away, we I've, you thinking run away one. How planned was this field trip? Did the students snow or did they not? Now So if she's planning to run away on this field trip than that dictates that the students were informed- or at least this that cared and then you would think that she would have a jacket she would bring her money all of these things. That would help her run away, but she had like a thousand dollars in her bank account an extra clue in belongings at home. There wasn't a lot of preparation. for her if she had planned to run away, but she is sixteen six
in year olds. Aren't that bright, and you know they might just be like screw it. I'm outta here, I'm running away, you know or another way to put that would be, they might be impulsive yeah. It's on the tenth of october nineteen. Seventy six, when over three hundred searchers are trying to find training. They even have air national guard helicopters, thirty park rangers, given the conditions given there at its you can't just by helicopter overwritten, say: oh there's the person we're looking for it isn't like that? It would be very easy if someone had fallen down to get covered up by the underbrush there's a canopy two of trees and what not? So it's really hard to locate anyone via an airplane or helicopter, the western north carolina rescue squad leader was talking to the press and said that given the amount of people who are searching, even if she was in the park which I get some like. He doubted that at that point
said. Even if she were there, he doubted She would be alive because it was but freezing and there is a fifteen miles per hour wind going on, and he just said These aren't conditions that, a young woman like her not prepared to behind those conditions, would survive in the park service. Believe that tracking twenty sent down to the roadway and then finding the beer, cans and cigarette butts there go on with foul play so they poland, the fbi to start investigating. Also poland in the big guns so october, twelfth nineteen. Seventy six is one. the fbi has entered the case, they have special agent, howard swanton. They look into it and say they have no evidence that journey was kidnapped
But they were working on two theories: a dog sent down to a paved road, and then it stops yeah we can assume weaken. Theorize weakens speculate, but there's no hard evidence here? She could have hitchhiked. She could have done a lot of things well, but the fbi's theory is that she could have been taken to payments dome and hidden until they felt it was safe enough to get out of that area Remember. The dogs had gone over that way, but inexplicably no in search claimants down, and there is then a storage area at the bottom of it in the base of it. Where there is a room I mean people could have checked it out. No one did we don't why they didn't. I don't know if it was me- as it was assumed, locked the Theory they had was that because twenty had walked ahead of everyone maybe she had fallen or
had gotten lost. She could have tried to make her way to the parking lot area and either into an accident or again met with foul play. The next step would be there. To interview all of the students. I know that the teacher talked with the students, but Now they have the fbi interviewing the students they just wanted. An idea of who they thought could have been responsible for trainees disappearance. If it was foul any kind of information they have to give them the leads. They need to investigate this case properly pricing, It goes without saying that we're all missing travel right now, but you know, we're missing getting more for less with price. Fine, you can see up to sixty percent on your favorite hotels and you can also get whose deals on car rentals flights and more when used the more you can do more more wow. This view is incredible: more
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exclusively and movie theatres July fifteenth, buy tickets. Now. one of the main things that happens a guy by the name of calvin bowman, it was rumored that he had followed the bus. so something that some people swear to. They swear that he followed the boss out to the park and calvin Men is kind of a serious character because he had a run in with the gibsons prior to this event, he had either forced his way into the house or broken into the house, and her mother hope actually shot him in the foot calvin vowed he would harm them who are threatened to harm them once he was. Released from jail. It said that he had a romantic interest and twenty, but he never really were able to verify. If they had data
or had any sort of interaction before this if he was possibly stocking her that information not readily available, but we do know that he broke into the house and that's pretty through nay and pretty bad, so they shot him and he was later sentenced. to a correctional facility for this breakin. they don't really have a lot of evidence here. They have the beer, can they have the cigarette, but I think they ended up finding a total and back then like they're, going to dna test. Anything. What they do get, though, is an anonymous call, and collar, who was a man called the knoxville police department stating that twenty had been raped and stabbed and that her body could be found at the point where abrams creek and the west prong meet put. This isn't
a good tip. I guess you could say, because these are actual streams there in the park, but their miles apart they never meet. The question is: was the holler calling with good information but didn't know the park that well and was confused. Did they just make it up Did he mean trails and not creeks? Well, I hope that the trails when big name the same thing as the greeks, but it's it's about boy. Well, I can give you an idea, because we covered a case recently, where we got mixed up at one point: calling something canyon in. cavern. I could see where someone might say something and get it confused just because you have creeks and you have to ales. They have similar names. Another interesting thing happened: robert simpson had spent a lot of time which Rennie that day in the park, he'd even and her his jacket. When the gibsons,
we're staying in gatt limburg and helping to surfer trendy robert went by their house put himself in charge of answering their phone. So time. Anyone would call whether was the press. Or anyone who might have had a tip or law enforcement, interaction he's the one that was handling the phone calls, which is quite interest. Because why is he when, as is he doing it because he's a friend or is he doing? to you now keep control the situation there is a answers, dance. She hated rumour that trainees comb was seen in his car after this now. What does that mean exactly if the comb wasn't there? Does that mean that she left it in his car? Or does that mean that he had it? He got
check it back. There's a lot of questions about this, but if he's inserting himself under the search efforts, yet only one or two things: easy, helping the family out, because he feels obligated in is a friend or did you have something to do with it and he's now wanting to manipulate or steer the investigation. He I have been trying to steer the investigation because he had his own theories about what happened in. One of them was, that Kelvin bowman got ahold of training and killed her just ass, he had threatened to do or harm before after being shot in the arm. By her mother hope, the other one was. He said that perhaps he had run off with a horny hitchhiker. And I don't know about you just, but if, if he's a friend of hers, I'm not a friend would say something like that: a horny, hitchhiker forceful, isn't hitchhiker. Some
who gets a ride from you? I ain't she would be getting the right from somebody, so it doesn't make any sense and it is a poor choice of words that he used. But here we are if she was abducted, somebody's forcing her in the car as she got lost and just wandered down the trail to the or if she was running away and then she hitchhiked and got into a car those or other options, the disappearance of troy Gibson had a very negative effect on her family, her brother was unable to focus on his duties in the navy and he was granted an honorable discharge. The family ended up suing the city of knoxville. They claimed the school? They blame the department, education, they blamed the principal they blame the teacher, Who was leading the students on his field trip
in the end, though, the suit didn't go anywhere. Is this miss by the circuit court? The family does was unable to follow through with it, I guess or something, but I think really what its indicative of just a family, that's their their lost, and I don't blame them said the extended family drew away and even their church. I our I won't say that they were uninvited, but It's just said that no one knew how to treat this family because it in what to say when their daughter has just disappeared and that just socks, because there through the worst time in their life and then to have friends family may be pull away from them because it or did they wanted implied, or something is just the worst possible time to do that any time you have an unknown like this. There are people, whose stories will try to fill the void and some stories are very unsettling, there were prisoners who were right,
german say yeah. I know what happened your daughter she was raped. He was murdered. She was killed by three men, so they get we're getting all these stories. The family was hoping that she was somehow alive. Maybe she did run away, they even contacted some relief. Yes, organizations in new york who had reputations these these churches had reputations for hiding people who needed to get away safely and those turned up nothing and sadly, This whole story has now been associated with big foot lore and even the missing for one one stuff there is a website that essentially claims that a suspicious package showed up at dangerous station and inside were I belonging to twenty those.
were covered in some sort of unidentified hair. But when you look at all the dates and everything this statement saying none of them match up, so they don't even get trainees date right when she went missing or anything. So it's just people posting stuff on blog your honor, you no mystery sites just to capitalize offer this travesty. Let's go the theories justin in kind of way in with our thoughts on them. There's this idea twenty ran away. I think you did a good job earlier, talking about how ill prepared she was for this trip and running away again you and you said the sun another episode. You know teenagers can be very impulsive, but you with all this out, I mean: do you think there is any chance that summit is there in the parking lot at some point to pick her up and all
had to do is get there before the other students and disappear. None of her friends said that she had somebody to help her run away now, one of her friends is actually gives some credit to this theory right, there were rumours among some of the students. That treaty was unhappy at home, so there are lots of possibilities with that. She had a friend aim: cam She had spent a lot of time which Rennie they both smoked together. They listen to music together, they talk, they hung, at school? She is of the belief that twenty ran away and that she wanted to get away, possibly to california, I think that's very strange. I dont know what they discuss. They were hanging out together, but this also could just be her friend wanting to believe that money he is alive and that she away and that she started a new life and has kid somewhere in a husband
want to think the worst but nor have any evidence that her home life was good or bad. Nothing we knew that her brother was being deployed to the navy like a week later, and she was closely brother. So why would she take off before this, or maybe her brothers leading edge? I don't leave me at home alone, so on taken off, you can spend it. were you want, but she wasn't prepared. She had money at home, oliver belongings for her to just jet during this trip, would be I would say a very poor planning of a runaway Another theory is that she had an accident in the park. She could have fallen, become unconscious and then How does she woke up? She was left in freezing conditions that she was ill prepared for or she could have been eaten by a bare there.
Bears and all kinds of wild animals. It's the smoky mountains, lots of people, go missing here and just in twenty seventeen. There was another kid one missing. You is a teen. He was out with a step dad. They were actually says king for generating, which is actually illegal, to dig that stuff up. He went missing. He was with his step. Dad they just merely parted ways for, like a moment stepped out, couldn't find em eight days into a search. They call the search off eleven days later this kid his names Austin bohannan comes across some guys, fishing in a boat says: hey. I need your help. The guys on the boat say. Are you the missing kid and he goes yeah? That's me, guy was lost in this area. For eleven days
He only bigfoot, you don't need anything he did. This is just a very dangerous and treacherous place. Thank god. This kid got back but yeah it would be very easy to consider an accident, a fall where she just got law. Still she went off the trail, There was a ranger that was part of the search effort that was interviewed more recently. He talks about his time covering this area, and there was only two people and all the searches that he couldn't find and twenty one one of them? The final theory is that she met with foul play in some way either because of a classmate or classmates Or a stranger, I side more. This one myself, but not that the other ones aren't as legit, but the dogs asking her all around and then going to the
parking lot where the road air it's kind of a red flag to me, yeah, I think gum I had real trouble trying to come up with this theory that someone harmed her just given that it was such an impromptu trip. I mean when she showed up to school. On that day. she didn't know they were actually going again. She didn't bring the right clothing. She's wearing a blouse and staff and she's not wearing a jacket so the hard time bleeding just ran away, but with the dogs tracking her around klingons domin out appellation trail and near the parking lot It just seems to me like there's something to that. We could speculate that they had tractor there because she had been there before
right. I mean if she showed up at that parking lot. Maybe they are still picking her up. Maybe she walked from their up the mountain, so they're, just literally backtracking, her walk up the mountain bike, given that the people with the tracking dogs feel like they were tracking where she went. I have to believe that they tracked her sentence places they didn't expect to find her sent. So we have to give some creed This idea that she met with foul play Why would someone want to remove her from the park? Is the question because that's what this seems to indicate an really the best suspects are either Robert simpson or calvin bowman, or both of them. Well, robert check Glee was the last person with her and possibly the last person to see her although he says that he went off.
In one way, but did Robert return with all the kids that day, oh by all accounts, it seems that he did so. If Robert was involved, he would have had to have had help, because I would just assume that his movements were being followed for the day, but then again this was kind of a chaotic mess, so maybe not as far as Often goes he does have a motive here. He was sent to jail because of this family, so that might make I'm pretty upset, but he was in class that day when its alleged that teachers placed him in school and said, there's no way he could have driven two hours and in two hours back I bear placing them at the school
but then we have the students that say well, there was a car following the bus and it was probably calvin. Could calvin have left school? or at least four hours or could have left school for the rest of the day and gotten away without anyone noticing so specula can that Kelvin bowman had followed the boss, that was, down by the principal frank call of the high school. He said that calvin Ben school that day, the teacher who led the students on this field trip said that bowman never followed the bus to the park, but with lawsuits and things pending. Do you think that it's possible that the who might be covering up anything yet It's it's when those things where do we really know whether they knew what they were saying, it's true or is
it s easier to say yeah. I know this isn't anything to do with us. You know it's difficult to say their most. People believe that She did me foul play in this way that there had to have been two to three people ball, like you said, so, people were seen here there: well, they would need someone who can get her in a way who wasn't being looked at their wherein is possible the head? Weapon knife or a gun, or they just threatened her verbally and she complied, but at the end of the day, I think it would have taken more than one person and then have the cigarette, but the beer can and the roadway where they tractor sat. So I would just think that you would have to have some driving the car and then someone leading her to the car. If none of those theories are good, then maybe she got lost and walked down the road and then tried to
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calm suggestion why code jen? Why so desire The idea that Kelvin bowman and Robert simpson could have may be harmed twenty together. We know that they knew each other. They were both friends. It said of trainees, older brother, So you kind of wonder: what's the connection here knew if their friends with the brother, why, without a? Why would one want to harm, twenty. We know that Robert simpson was rumored to a ban. interested in training, so there. There is some sort of connection here that this kind of loose I feel there are their indications, are something going on with Kelvin, which rennie and robert which Rennie, but Putting this altogether seems cat like a stretch other then they know each other. Like you said, calvin has an actual grudge. He was shot
I had trouble thinking of this as an actual motive for murder, but you point out many times as like. If you get sent away your life's ruined and there are people that could put away and there sitting in there for six months, twelve months, eighteen months they get pretty mad or they have had time to think how much they hate you for doing they perceive as harm to them, ruining their lives, and I don't this means a lot, but I find it weird that Robert would hint that kelvin bowman may have had thing to do a trainees disappearance. If he was in cahoots with them, it doesn't make sense I mean I know that they know each other and what not, but obviously, Robert and twenty were friends, and maybe more maybe but if he's lending her his jacket hey. I don't let my jacket out to just anybody. It is
they arise that Robert could have been tricked into helping twenty disappear. Maybe by suggesting hey. I just want to scare her can be there when this happens? That's just a theory! All of this is really just different theory. he's an when it comes to the disappearance of very large park. Like this, I think you I have to go with your gut instinct, most, the timing, Thank you and I are agreement that the gut instinct here is that someone took her from the park yeah, we have to figure out if it was willingly or unwillingly would say unwillingly because we haven't heard from her sets they gibson family ended up selling the home that they had lived in winter daughter disappeared. They move together to another home, but it some time after that that her parents divorced and they each married again on her mother, Actually,
survived to husbands, but the father passed. way in two thousand for her brother Bob passed away in two thousand at the age of forty two. and her sister passed away and twenty sixteen her mother lives with twenties youngest brother in western, kenya. The sad thing here is, as they, the family still doesn't, have answers her mother, her young. brother they those answers I dont If anyone out there can come up with these ants, Now it's been a long time, but you never want to give up hope All I know is this case kind of gave me chills, because the law time anyone saw training. She was bent over and looking at something off the trail with some interest in it makes you wonder what did she see that day? I had said that this as was pointed out to us by a blogger she had made. point to say that the family-
and herself have been met with threats just because they followed case. They were interested in it because they were reporting on it. She seems to think that this is indicative of foul play that someone out there doesn't want that, getting out. They don't want anyone looking in their direction. What do you think justin? I think the evidence points more towards foul play, I feel like we're getting kind of missing more murray here, but it's it's hard to tell as far as the threats they received. There's a bunch of crazy people out there that threaten you over anything or just want to get involved with anything and be upset. So I don't know if that's related to this case or if that's just some crazy out there- that's making threats. I get weird crazy messages, all the time from people, and I don't know I don't know what to make of it half the time. So it's easy to.
Neck. The two absolutely. But this is so long ago that it would be weird if somebody that that had kidnapped her back and nineteen. Seventy six is still paying attention and sending threatening letters to people Well, however, they're getting threatened. It might also be that some people, even there involved, get upset at anyone scrutinising them in saying, oh, you might be involved, so I could see that that side of it to what I do like about this, though, is This young girl disappeared and people care I mean they care enough that this has been covered by podcast. This has a blog that covers the k, and continues to do, research. Let's talk about the blog here, the blogger that gave the information for the episode I'm gonna give her. Thank you to her. Her blog is. Canadian girl, that's g
r l seventy seven dot com and she has whole website whole blog about turning gibson. I would encourage anybody, interested in this case to go and check it out. pictures maps details that you want to read about. She happy listening podcast their details. You'll forget this is a good place to check out the
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