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Zebb Quinn. January 2nd, 2000. Asheville, NC. After work one evening, a young man named Zebb follows an acquaintance, Jason, by car to look at a vehicle he is interested in buying from an auto dealership. A call to his pager, though, would interrupt his intended drive and cause him to become very anxious. He would leave in his car to find a pay phone. When he returned to where Jason was waiting for him, he was so upset that he struck Jason's vehicle with his own. He promised Jason that he would settle up with him later, but that he had to go. About two weeks later, Zebb's car is found in a parking lot across the street from the hospital his mother works at. There was no sign of Zebb. Bob Ruff, host of Truth & Justice Podcast, will join us for a discussion of the case and what each of us thinks led to the disappearance of Zebb Quinn. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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I'm doing great just in how are you doing wonderful, but to take a trip so we'll be without me for a little bit sorry about that quickness, We are about to launch our new shirts so keep an eye on our website jen. Why pod dot com tonight's case is,
The disappearance of Zeb Quinn, who was at the time? Eighteen years old? he disappeared on january second of two thousand, he lived with Mother Denise blah hotchkiss and his sister brandy, it was very close with them. His father was jerry Quinn, who was a vietnam vat the parents divorced, win, savages, child he enrolled at asheville technical community college, and he worked in the electronics department at walmart he wasn't known to have any real friend Although he had a lot of acquaintances, people that would stop and talk with him about the only good account. He said he had was robert jason owens, who he would play pool with. Sometimes Zeb was known for having a gentle nature, four, also having a learning disability and they think that may have impacted his social life
He was considered to be a little socially awkward for extracurricular activities. He was into scouting football. He really going fishing and that something he could do on his own and he enrolled in the irish sea programme and he really enjoyed that. It was something that they didn't know if he would take two, but apparently, if he would have, if you'd still be around, he might have on into the military now the evening in question. On january. Second, two thousand his shift ended at nine p m and he met someone after a shift ended. Did he not yet him and jason decided they were going to hang out and go look at a car. That Zeb was interested in buying at aid dealership since nine o clock at night. So obviously the dealerships closed and there just gonna go look without the presence of a sales person.
well Zeppa had been driving a Mazda protege, not a very cruel but he was getting a mitsubishi eclipse la more sporty Zob follows jason in his car and they end up stopping to purchase sodas at a gas station, sit co or something, and that they take off again and then according to jason, owens Zeb no, it's flashing is headlights at him and they pull over zeb, let him know that he got a page and that he needed or find a found. Any asked jason at a founding jason said, no, that he didn't have one, but said: there's a gas station he could go to and they are pay phones there. So Zeb said he would be back greater jason? He waits there on the side of the road ten minutes yet about, ten fifteen minutes later here comes I've only he's approaching
hastily- and here if smacking into jason owens truck and Zeb jumps out, he seems agitate, seems upset. And he said I'm sorry. about this. I will I'll settle up with you later, but I have to go and he takes off there The end of the story, according to jason, is zepps, never seen again. Yeah from that point on, no one ever see, There was a witness who passed by the tv poles and said it did appear as if their a minor accident. Now this evening Zepps mother was true. To get a hold of them, because she was going out to dinner with her fiance and she page to him a couple before leaving to go eat after she back home. She tried all again, and there was still no answer- and this was running to her unlike Zob, so, would always get back in touch with her and
bout every hour over a twelve hour period, she kept paging him and it would be the next day at three p m Denise, his mother file and missing persons report on his behalf and the police start the investigation, now generally forth, two days after Zeb proviso. Walmart patty king gets a call and the person who walls is claiming to be sad and says that they are feeling good and they won't be at work. That day. now. She knows that very well, and she knows that this not zeb on the line. She doesn't recognise the voice and so she keeps the person. The line tries to ask more questions like which shift reworking again and doesn't get good, says so after the car or hangs up. She uses star sixty nine on her phone and she discovered that the call had come from volvo construction equipment,
after that, she calls ebbs mother and tells her about the call underneath and calls police to. Let them know about it, so the police discover the same thing which is jane, an owens works at that company. So please go in question jason and he fully admits to making the phone call. He doesn't deny it and he says oh zeb- asked meta to call in forum, and I was doing I'm a favor wise ebb can't call on himself. We don't know but jason saying I'm I'm doing this. For my friend I was his calling in his him And then, after that, economy stops cooperating with police officers and he becomes pretty much their number one suspect or person of interest, The police learn that jason Owens called into work the day after that disappeared. To say,
he would be late, Annie claimed to a ban in an auto accident. Worrisome they need a head injury and a broken rib in front of a waffle house. Were they don't fight Any report of an auto accident and no insurance claims from this accident now his truck had minimal damage, so the police are, specious, because if he was in two accidents, maybe the trouble more damage than what it was showing and his injuries don't really seem consistent with the car accidents. The one thing did confirm, though, was owens was treated at in urgent care center on January third for head injury and cracked rib. Now fast food a bit on january, fourteenth is twelve days after have disappeared, Mother receives a call lot work, and she works at this hospital and worker says that zepps car is in a restaurant. parking lot across the street from where they work
Zeb car is in a strong parking lot and it appears to be, parked in a way that it would be noticed. The headlights were on the windows were cracked on the back window. There was a drawing of a pair of lips inside. the car they discover hotel key card to pool queues and a live three month old, labrador mix, puppy and a jacket that didn't appeared belong deserve. This episode is brought to you by peacock bridge ending the original limited series, a friend of the family, on the story of the Jan proper kidnappings from again Tosca executive producer of the act and candy and direct producer eliza hip and comes a dark compelling look at the harrowing story through new lands produce which amber burke herself the series stars, anna pack, when jake lacy college hanks, LEO Tipton and mackay, grace stream now only on peacock
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side. Note: the investigating officer sergeant, chuck sam's, who was first on the scene. He ends up adopt the puppy and aiming at katy. So the puppies, ok, everyone, but the hotel key card which they say is a hotel key card. They could never confirm what it came from they looked into many hotels and couldn't find one that it would have belonged to which. I find a little odd just because if you have any kind of credit card swiper, you can put that up and read the magnetic strip off any car and have a dump into a text file Then again, this is Asheville police. They might not know. This year we have a way of knowing if they even attempted such a thing. As far as you can see at this point burgess jason owens a good acquaintance of Zeb Quinn's appears to be a good suspect.
That is not really the only person in this picture. The other person Is a woman named Mr Taylor, who zeal had been informing ever. what about saying He was seeing her. He would call her and really wanted to be her boyfriend. He was pretty infatuated with her and Zeb mother didn't exactly like the relationship because, as it turns out, misty has a boyfriend and a child. So Zeb is now the other man kind of having an affair with misty after getting together with Zeb, took about three weeks for her open up and say: yeah have a boyfriend, and I have a child so awkward, and yet we can tell them
zeb pursued her because on one occasion he borrowed as mothers, cheap and drove misty her child and- the child she was watching to them all to go shopping and he did some things close to this time where he went missing. That could have come as several issues. He visitor house once without checking in first to be sure that her boyfriend wouldn't be around and his home and there in no recalled- and we don't know if forgot or did it on purpose, but we imagine he probably forgot that he didn't you star sixty seven before calling her house once and her boyfriend,
you're out that separate, called stores sixty seven blocks your number from collar, I d so and Zeb had yet. This is the year two thousand, so this is below that older technology. Here, mrs boyfriend Westley didn't want Zob involved with her at all. Can you blame them? How does she factor in well? One of the things about zepps protege was his driver seat appeared to be positioned much closer to the wheel It would be about the position that someone of misty size which needed to be in for her to be able to drive the car and a couple reported on january, twenty fourth of thousand that they saw what appeared to be zepps protege. living with a woman behind the wheel and they had a partial plate number that they gave that match the car and they also sat down with a sketch artist and the result things sketch look
very similar to Mr Taylor. Also the lipstick They are the lips on the back window, drawn with lipstick, obviously that in furs of females been involved, the puppy I guess you can't say whether that's a male or female, but I I just kind of think that would be more of a a female thing to do with a puppy and what is the puppy mean? Maybe it's put in there. So people see the car in. draws attention to it, or maybe it was a act of I gotta go in the puppies in the car and I don't have time to get the puppy, but I just don't see most guys driving around the puppy unless it was a gift.
or a woman. What did they discover when they looked into the call to his pager? They discovered that he had a page from anus number. Anna is his aunt, who is actually was going into a business venture with MR mother and two like a restaurant or something, and that last page for that night, we obviously his mother was paging all night, but one of those pages came from china's number and Einer reported a break in that night, and then she kind of said, I'm kidding or they only moves and pitchers around and in said, she never reported the break in and none them face up to this phone call that was made.
Lee from the number that came in to zepps pager. So we have a number That absolutely on the record that they can explain and it sounds like the first explanation was someone broke into my house and called it called the pager which that doesn't make a lot of sense, but they just yeah. So we have this pager, we have a jealous boyfriend. We have a puppy, lipstick. The car seats moved in a jacket, very odd circumstances and if Zeb did get a page that night that he was going to respond to so urgently, it would only be from misty
so was jason telling the truth and Zeb took off to go return. This page is jason. The liar I mean there's. So many ways here, and we can't connect the two parties either in march of two thousand fifteen, Jason. Owens is, Instead, he is arrested for the deaths of Joseph COD and Christy COD, who had been reported missing christie com. Was a contests and on the tv show food now. star. Jason owens at this time in two thousand, fifteen he's. Thirty seven he was shot where to council first degree a one charge of breaking and entering larceny and free text, felony he's also charge with funniest murmur of an unborn child, because Christie was pregnant
I'll always on wife has been divulging. Information in this case to the authorities and. she told the instigators that her husband, said he was driving truck that belong to the victim, admitting hitting killing Joseph COD. remains, were found in a would stove on owens property and they suspect that it is the cods but because of the damage done to the remains I dont know if I did. Education has been that successful, but what they do now Oh is that owens has admitted to storing and destroying the remains of this couple so add that too his suspicious behavior related to the Zeb quinn case and Now you have an even better suspect.
Owens lived within a mile of the cards and had done work for them. Now the cause for concern pretty good people act. They had higher jason owens partially to help him out. Owens was deeply in debt, any kind of work you get be very helpful for him and his wife. They suspect that Joseph Cod was just the kind of person who would help out someone like jason owens, that if I had been homeless for a while, just two sand what it was like to be homeless. So he was seen as an advocate for underdogs occur, to someone who grew up with him. He was always people out that way? is known as a giving person, and if was down their luck. He was happy to help out in some way the kind of
things that owens was doing for the cods. He was clean trees and he felt a well house for them and the odds and turn gave him about seven thousand dollars and they are I gave him a key to act, their storage shed and be able to use their tools, which is interest. Because the cards before the murders would end up reporting that tools were stolen from their property and some are yours, I've heard or close to five thousand dollars worth By reason why owens really got into trouble and that he became the main suspect in the cods murders raven the fact that they ve now that they were murdered, was that someone made a call and reporting seeing someone specious dumping items into a trash container.
It just didn't seem right that an instinct about this they had a gut feeling that something wrong was happening and a search that trash container will turn up christie, cods identification. They tracked down owens, who admitted taking those. And dumping them and so secretly. A search was made of omens property and that's they find more suspicious things, including what they will if our human remains now the actual from what we know about. That is owens wisdom having eighty thousand eight dodge ram that belong to Joseph COD and he struck and killed with his own truck by its ever been reported, or at least he's never said publicly how Christie died. So that's a bit of a mystery, joining us now to go over theories, and
speculation. Is bob rough bob welcome to the show thanks guys they brigitte me on well, I think, there's too what is involved here just to summarize theirs, of course, jason owens, who last listen scene with him and really have an by or whereabouts for that night stopped cooperating with police and has this weird injury and he was late for work the next day and then jason goes on to. Murder, people so kind of a number one suspect in my mind, but then you turn around, and you have his kind of semi guy friend ms oddy, yeah zepps girlfriend misty and her jealous boyfriend wesley.
and on the car you got the lipstick, yet the dog I mean the car thing really is confusing to me when I was reading it like it almost seems like. Like a forensic countermeasure leg. It doesn't. I mean. Obviously, if you are, if, if lipstick and a puppy is something that's going to tell you, I just don't think it's going to tell you who did it right? So if you are just basic human behavior, if I'm a person, that's a lipstick and a puppy is going to indicate that it was me, then. As a the thing that might put on the car he knows. I I think that you know it would be more likely that a big burly tattooed guy would put lipstick on the car and a puppy in it. Then you know a girl with a puppy
it. It just seems over the top and like almost like a forensic countermeasure that gets as opposed to point you in the wrong direction. To me, I almost took it as the wesley was the guy that took Zeb out and in misty felt bad about it and wanted to leave a clue like almost a a guilty kind of thing. Leave the car in plain view right across the street from Zeb mother. You know the hospital like almost a planted there, so it's found and they can search for him or something. But it's tough on that one because I don't know of jason think of lipstick can and lips, and all that I think that it was. It was meant to send a message- and I just I just that we don't know what that message was. Whoever did it in the other either the lips with the excellently
in point on both sides- yeah you're- that that was meant to send him a particular message to some one, probably yes into his mother or his mother and sister, worked at that hospital re, yeah yeah, that's it you see to me like someone making a statement, but it doesn't seem like anybody has ever figured out what that statement is. I think I have a theory on that, which is that night. If we go by jason owens word, which I know that sounds ludicrous. That. He said that Zob got a page and then he went off to make a phone call and when he came back, eu is like his aims: it was through the roof. So the only thing that I could think of that would get him that up because he wasn't guy with friends, was a woman or a girl, so I can well imagine that if I was in his bottle get me that upset. If I got a call, my pager, and I return that call, and I knew The girl, in the other line that I was interested in, was going to
breaking up or breaking off with me to where I couldn't speak with her anymore. She will say we're in trouble so now. I even think it's in trouble. I think it's. I really think this has to do with her cutting off saying you know we need to talk like I can't see you anymore because there's the jealous, boy friend she has the child. She can't be mixing up with this. Naive guy who is taking this further then she can allow it to he's been everyone that that's his girlfriend, that he's interested in her and yet everyone's like wolves she's, already got a boyfriend, but his mind he locked into her so that's how I see it and seemed very, very upset like he had to go, do something like. Maybe he rushed off hoping to speak with her so in my mind, he's told this too jason owens, I think someone's gonna miss the I gotta go talk to misty and jason's part. Already heard this about
It's the I don't know how many times oh great there he has run off to this girl again and even if Jason Owens is responsible, I think he knows that Zeb was all mixed up in messed up about a girl. Hence the perhaps he might have been mocking him and the dog they say, and this is Speculation was to draw attention to the vehicle, because people will call about a dog being locked in a car right, and that would order the headlights left on it as well. Yeah yeah, like the headlights, were on the windows were down, there was a puppy in it and there was the the lipstick and exclamation points and it really was tricky for me when looking at this case was there's like two completely different, angles that both look really bad. It's almost like they're there. I feel that there needs to be a connection there. I have no idea if there was one, because I think I think you're right, that the thing that makes the most sense from that page was that it was from his. You know the girl
where from misty, because it didn't say, did he tell us family just a day or two before that? He in trouble. Now, because now the boy branded found out they had been speaking because he forgot to block as numbers something like that. I forgot to our sixty seven? He also showed up over there without announcing first ryan, that got him in trouble too. So there were a couple of events recently that got him in hot water with Wesley yeah, and so for me, I'm looking at it from the first thing you try to look at is: is victim ology, you know what what are the risk factors in given that this gives him. So he was a nice care with the non walden drugs on walden alcohol. Any that stuff didn't have a whole lot Social life, like the only risk factor in his life. Was this girl's boyfriend yeah you're, when you look at a prior to
the night he disappeared, I mean there's looted, there's not a single other respect or other than you know. The x factor, which is you know, a a crazy psychopath who just wants to kill somebody which I think Jason owens bray may very well have Ben yeah. That sounds like you have there's. Only two possibilities were to be murdered by a psychopath or by the one person that he was at risk at beforehand in their bowl suspects, yelling that in the end they're not connected at all. It's just it's a strange case. My only motive. For for these guys, I mean obviously wesley he is passed because this deeds moving on his girl on that's jealousy in hate, but with jason owens estate. If he'd made was Zeb had cash in hand to buy this car. I was going to ask you guys that cause I hadn't come across that cause. They said they were going to look at card is so he did have money with him. What I haven't been able to see if he
I withdrew money or anything like that, but according to jason, he had cash in hand, but on the whole he wasn't going to go, buy a car at nine something at night when the dealerships closed, but it did have thousands of dollars on him. Now. Jason has a motive of well. You've got a bunch of money on you and I want that money right. You know in in the do you guys know if, in the investigation like did the police ever confirm any of this like did they confirm that? Did they ask jason, which dealership which car was there actually mitsubishi eclipse at this dealership or was the whole thing, a ruse? that's that's the thing where I don't think they ever really confirmed it, because Jason's
story was we were on our way to the dealership and we stopped and we never made it there, because Zeb took off before that happened right. Well, you know in a point about that too, with yum, you were just saying about the the the page. they got. I just saw today and in the final better research I found there was a discovery. Idee documentary about this case ends. they had said in their documentary that they confirm the police. Through the pages records. That page was confirmed to have come from his aunts house yeah in in the aunt said that she was with misty and wesley there at their house, get in and also she said that her house was broken into at that same time,
but they moved pitchers and it's ventilators and then later claimed that she didn't ever say that I mean that's, that's a red flag to me, but it doesn't point to really anything. It's just okay, the page came from her house and they have no explanation for it or their explanations very shady and shoddy yeah. You know I I try to look at things from every angles in my purse kind of look The obvious suspect, which is jason, owen and there's all kinds of red flags I mean eben, I literally was like well. This is stupid. He obviously killed them yeah and then I had to look at the other ankle and sequels. Show me: there's no solid evidence there. We can say they did it, but there is certainly a lot of red flags. I mean the fact that that page came from her how she was lying about this break and think she happened to be with misty unwisely. That night I mean there's it's it's like that. It I am most there has to be a connection between
these two groups of yo between jason, owens and misty and wesley in it in his aunt that would make it simple. Wouldn't it oh yeah ll be easily be done but we must understand how that would work, because why would Jason Owens work with other people on this right work with him? How would they even know about him? Yeah than in the other thing is, it could be with my initial thought was enormously as far as where am I gonna lean. Is that the whole misty angle is is kind of a red herring where this is again a weird stuff going on. But I really think that there is something that I caught reading through all these files about owens dead. That really makes me think that it is a real possibility was him and if it is not the ebbing away, they went in and was searched his property and they
burn the house down, and they they had. What did they have a tip to go out where he was digging a pond or somewhere and they had some kind of materials out there yeah in the concrete and stuff yeah where he burn things all the time, but there there was something did when it comes down to kind of m o. So the fact that two days after Zeb quinn went missing, jason called his work, pretending to be him right and then hover right yeah, I mean I mean that's clearly a a forensic countermeasure, but then in the murders that you know he he just committed. That he's an think he's confessed to. If I was reading the stories right in what two thousand fifteen just last year rate about living odds yeah in that the thing that I caught?
in the middle bonobo stories was that that couple, two days after they were missing, he used their cell phone to tax, the victims, mother ass. Her did you go got that already: that's that's what you're talking about with emma, where he did IRAN and that he did it again. Did it warmongering action there yeah I did at once and it worked, and then you all these like as Emma, he spent some time in jail in prison, since that queen went missing yet you know, and then you're there. It is europe ten years later he kills these two people you too them and burns their bodies? Two days after they're gone, he text the victims, mother from her phone to throw the mob saying that it's her and she and he and she's okay. It's the exact same thing that he did with me rephrase that exact same thing that someone did was deb quinn back in two thousand and one
I took the him calling into work late, the next day with those injuries I I have a hard time getting over the the second car accident. He claims he was in erin and I were discussing earlier. I was a psycho what, if he hadn't education was ebb and that's where he got the injuries from and then ray was up all night disposing of Zeb and then called in late to work. Because of this right I mean that that makes the absolute most sense to me. I agree I mean because all I on the report were that his injuries were not consistent with the damage to his vehicle, then for me, from being, if if vital. All these years, I see he's got bruised ribs in head
think the only way you can get those kind of injuries from a car accident, as is typically from a driver's side, t bone collision. You know how: how do you hurt this idea? Ribs, when you get your rear ended is I think that it must have been something obvious where the police were able to clearly say these injuries were not consistent with the damage to his car, meaning there's not a big dent in the driver's door of his car, or he didn't total it to the point where he would have been thrashed around in the cab right and what, if this call to his pager? What if that set owens off the as he knew, that Zeb was going to be taking off with the money and he wanted the money. If he did at money on him and he went- that money? And this was a ruse and they know what
he'll or ship he was intending to take him to, but I'm sure he could have just attacked him and that's where he did get his injuries is in some sort of alternation. With said yeah I mean that makes a lot of centrally, like you said, who's going to a car dealership at nine o clock at night. The dealerships closed. I mean I've, I've gone and looked at cars when the dealerships closed, because I don't want to deal with the high pressure salesman. So I get that, but then their driving separately ya mean It is strange because they met outside the walmart right, so why couldn't they just gotten into one vehicle. Yet
where did they live real? These are lobbying the facts that you know. I don't know from just looking at this. I gave to get back to source documents and all that but like where did they liberal of into the walmart? You know, because you look at behavior now, do they live out towards that car dealership makes sense, maybe to take two cars. They both live back near the walmart. Why the hell? Would you take two cars when you could just in one go: look at his vehicle. There was used. You said that they do no, which dealership there were supposedly going, do yes plaster, yes, oh and then I would assume maybe the police police would have checked to see if there is a mitsubishi eclipse there I mean it his mom said now. Try to remember what is more, it is animal. His mom said he's looking for that particular car believed look at something sportier it was emits, be she eclipse right, ok and that it supposedly white jason, when said was at this dealership, I don't
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and then, if you look at that the known murder that he committed murders you what and he murdered these people. Doesn't numbered their body burned it. I don't know that I I didn't see in that case what he eventually did with their vehicle. I know his wife, it sounds like is when actually eventually like turned him in yeah. Yes, because he spoke with her and told her some things, and so that was sort of considered his confession right so, but but did did you guys ever catch what he did with the vehicle? I know he was driving their truck at one point. I thought he just dumped it back on their property, but he was using their truck. Like of why that's odd, but then again hey, you know you just killed some people, that's otter, so
right, yeah and dismembered their body and put them in your wood burning stove like okay, that's and then, and then there was that weird thing that was like another house on his property that, after he got arrested like all of a sudden caught fire and burned to the ground, yeah yeah like two days after he was rest of the house burned down yeah, and that I mean is there a possibility? That was an accident sure I mean it's, but it's pretty convenient and it would make you think these already on the hook for these murder, they already know whether remains were so strong evidence. Yes, a what could he be destroying in this other property? When he's already got, they already have all the evidence for this crime. I'm it would make sense that it is evidence from, previous crime and also their did to me everything everything to me points to jason owens, but then there's these red herrings. With this. This
retailers situation in wesleyan and that we are paid from his odd. But I think that the that theory you thought I had really thought of is if this old, was a ruse for adjacent to stay all his money on the way the car dealership in that that page caused him to change his mind. That could have been the trigger to make it all happened. Personally, I think that jason Owens is, I think you pretty much. Have to be a psychopath to kill, lay in the literal sense of the word in order to kill a couple, one of whom is pregnant and to be able to dismember a body but bodies in burn them, I mean the guy, I mean to put it lightly. The guy's not write it also
in in in. If that's the case, there doesn't necessarily need to be an obvious motive for this to happen. There doesn't really need to be, or it doesn't need to be that serious, a motive. It could just be money or, like you said, he's not right. So, who knows he may have just gotten sick and tired of hearing it is bullshit yeah? It could have been anything I mean. Who knows he was the only one that really hung out with Zeb from what I understand other than Zeb sister, and he and Zeb would go and play pool now and again, yeah and yeah and his his family just even his his family's daily. did it really have any friends they said he had Was it a learning disability, yes of some kind in he was I was wonder if the way they described to me it's. It almost sounded like like an Asperger's type of situation, and I don't I don't know that's the case. Is that just based on no one ever said like what he was diagnosed with it
Instead, he had this this disability. He had a hard hard time, socializing and socially awkward. He didn't make friends and it just I used to work at a school for emotionally impaired children, and that was. Would you describe that? I was picturing the children that were that I worked with were diagnosed as aspergers kind of yeah. I don't even know if they actually diagnosed him ever just his mother knew he had certain problems and there it was, and they just dealt with it right. Gazed me seem really really easy to gotta figure out who did it? ill all of the the peripheral stuff with the girl friend and her boyfriend, and all that would what do you think of the witnesses that say they saw the girlfriend driving Zeb car. Yet that was one of that one of the biggest ones. So its aid even knowing the tax and all that it will. It doesn't matter. we know who was with him last? We know
is risk factors. We know this guy has murdered and a real good job of disposing of bodies before there's the whole deal they contact two days after then? Yes, somebody gave a police sketch that looked just like MR taylor driver there was opposed to driving his car. I made it, so it is enough to make me think. Ok, maybe not for sure, but you again it's it's eyewitness testimonies. Somebody driving pass somebody down the road, but that was that sketch was pretty spot one and it matches the description when they found the car. They noticed that the driver's seat was pushed all the way up as if for a shorter person right yeah, and I think they even said the the people that drove by identified even the part of partial tag, number right on the plate. Yes in that match perfectly the part that they mention, but so there's there's something strange with that, too, though it was, if,
I remember correctly. They saw this vehicle because there was new. I guess it was on the news to be on the lookout for this vehicle. They saw it. They paid close enough attention to be able to give a good composite sketch wrote down a tag number in the never called the police until after the vehicle was found. that's that's my problem with it is, they would have already had all the information about the car and possibly a partial license plate or the full license plate and their reporting. It After all, this information is key have readily available to the public right or the orb. You look at it I didn't hear. You guys know how long it was after the vehicle was found. When that call came in, I just read it. It was ass
I didn't know it could be a day an hour a month. I have no idea where the car appears twelve days after Zeb went missing. Okay, that's when they found it, that's when they find the car yeah and what I'm wondering is when the call came in and was the call anonymous cause. I never got that either artists or do they have documented who the person was amid the call? Oh, no, they know who they are have they. They do know for sure who it is okay now cause that was. That was the other question I had was okay, so maybe it's the person who put the car there that you know that is trying to point the police in that direction, or maybe Jason, trying to point the place, but that's what I mean they made their call ten days after the car is found ten days, ok and they said? They saw the car with what appeared to be a woman. behind the wheel and they gave a description of her and the sketch looks a lot like. Mr Taylor. Here's. The thing that I'm wondering is too: how would they
What about misty taylor right now? That's what I'm wondering who these people are and how much of it was checked to see if they have any connection with any of these people, I mean the whole thing is It also emmy put yourself in opposition, there's something on the news. There's flyers: whatever look out for this car, this person's missing the police are looking for this vehicle and you see something that you're so sure that the equally right on a plate number you focus on who the driver is you take all that information and then back? Why did you do that if it was not to call the police and then ten days after they ve already found the car? You call and say hello, hey by the way I saw that car before you found it, and let me give you a detailed sketch from weeks. Later. That looks exactly like the girlfriend yesterday, as ours incredibly suspicious to me. It does and when I talked about it, justin. He was saying the same thing, which was you know. I know it sounds legit, but he said it just seems like
that's too much time to go by before they call it in. He said that at that point it just stinks to him yeah. It doesn't make any sense. It's not like. They just saw the car and after the car was found. They said. Oh hey, I remember seeing that car. They knew the police were looking for that car when they saw it, that's why they wrote down the license plate that why they paid attention to the driver? Yes, so it was important to them, but they didn't call the police, it makes no sense for them to call the police than ten days later after another ten days later attended after the car was found. You know that was is not like they didn't you not. I mean it's not like they didn't realize. This was significant at the time they did realize it was significant, supposedly according to their story, Right, if you take them at their word, then what are they hiding right exactly where their true intentions with this yeah that so you know if I was investigating this case me if I had to actually all the case files in the source documents and everything that would be a really good.
Starting point for me is to figure out who these people were, that made, that call and then and then check their background and their connections and see Are they connected to one or the other? It would be really interesting to find out that. Oh hey, this couple is jason owens. You know aunt and uncle or something like that, and did they call Well, after the reward money went up or something yeah cause that that significant to yeah? If it was you know, all sudden, I mean there'd be assholes, if that's the case that they had the information beforehand and they waited reward money was out, but but yeah there's there's a lot of factors. I think that those people probably hold a pretty significant key to this case. To figure out. You know who was actually connected because they they call just reeks of bs to me and and there's a reason for it, they're connected to one, I think most likely the end. If you were to throw out their story, I think misty starts to look a lot less suspicious.
Oh yeah, you throughout their story and and jason owens, did it yeah. You know his theory wise that that's how I feel about it is either jason Owens is telling the truth and Zeb took off when he says he took off and he went to meet up with with misty and boom. That's the end of the night for Zob or jason's lying and how, Other things like you, said a red herrings, as are the two conclusions that I come to an end. As I see it, a connection between the two parties here, so it's got to be one of the other. So, again, it comes back to jason. Knows that he's getting page by misty any no. That zaps instinct is to run off to the girl right it represents. you can say yeah, he had a phone call and he had to go, and I don't know where he went but but at the same time he doesn't say he had to go, call misty back. He said Zeb didn't explain it. Why wouldn't zeb explain it
Why would you know it's pretty out in the open that he's involved with this girl right? But then you, if you figure that, although it is a possibility that jason, the one that killed him, then you pretty much can't believe a word that he said yeah. He knows what he did to consider. His testimony is is worthless at that point, but there's, some other things too, that when he was at this last more right? Eight. I spend a lot of time reading about this. This last set of murders that he committed at ease in prison for right now in italy, Did you notice some of the elect the district attorney and oppression? preserving they have this. I can't speak about the Zeb quint gaze. I can, I think, they're not they're, giving nothing about their consistently saying. They can't talk about it, but then there they're? Sending teams out two x ray ground piercing x, ray out at some greek some park somewhere and are digging up his his back yard.
Did they. I almost wonder if he's talking to them is because he isn't what to trial right now. Yet now, not yet yeah I've I feel like he is possibly the we don't know about that. He is working with the district attorney's office and giving them information. Dont. Give me the death penalty and I'll tell you, as is right, something like because, like why would they they're in private meetings with him and they leave and they go to some random park and start using ground piercing radars to to to to look on the ground in this park area, and they can't talk about why they won't say why they did that, and there was a couple of other things effect. I looked through my.
It's where elisa they. They are not giving an explanation for why they're doing these things out looking but like the only place that information could come from would be from jason, I would think, or his wife exactly and and who are they looking for I mean, is he suspected of killing other people they're? Looking for Zep, I mean that's to me the obvious answer. Yeah like I wanted like really, after really studying jason, owens and kind of his criminal history, and this last set of murders like I went through, and I was looking for the missing persons cases in Asheville north carolina like like how many other people are out there that he that he might have killed too. I mean that's how out his behavior really struck me as his psychopathic. I mean completely completely just to be able to think about dismay that there's a lot of ways to dispose of a body even burning it, but liked to sit there and look at
Your other human beings, that are that you just killed and chop them up it like that that takes a special kind of that takes a special kind of crazy to do that. He- I was thinking about that too, because he has a known history of problems with alcohol right and I know some people they get on alcohol and they become violent. By again, like you're, saying this dismember have bodies that that takes it to another level. Yeah I mean I sing elvis songs and karaoke bars. Have I drink too much item that could chop anybody up? I mean it's, it's it's it's just it's so over the top. It's ridiculous in here we have robert durst getting away with it. It is literally admitting to chopping a potty up and throwing it in the lake and walking yeah
it's a whole. You guys have covered that one already right, yeah yeah! I always come back to it, though, are ridiculous. How many people ask you if you've seen the jinx, oh yeah, and there was I- I thought it was a great documentary oh so when it comes down to it, Robert Jason, owens, I'm eighty percent, jason owens, still twenty percent wesley and industy. I still have my doubts about the and on the off chance at everything, jason said was the truth. Did it totally fits that it was the other guy If I go by weight, the aunt said, and their statements made over on that side. I would feel comfortable, saying it's robert jason
wins and that the other stuff just happened to be coincidental yeah. I I think I mean my obvious. Most likely theory is Robert jason owens in and I I honestly can't even say eighty twenty for me. I think that there are some odd circle daniel things, leaning toward your the ant and the girlfriend and in the boyfriend, but there's nothing really there in even the one thing that really ties them into this case is incredibly suspect, the way that they call came in and everything and when I look at em in the worst thing that jason owens did for for me as far as investigation looking at it is commit. This other set a murderer because we got to see how does he behave when he commits a murderer and in the lot of? That is why I think that I would say ninety represent burmese jason, owens yeah I'd agree, if not more, that definitely helps. I think if he had never committed those other murders
sure we would have as higher percentage there we might have to back it up a little bit by bit again. It just seems coincidental not to mention the fact that there are too many people that have to be wyatt on the other side, with jason, owens he's only really got himself was alone woven the whole thing. If he did it and you know I mean look at the documented friends countermeasures he took calling the were calling his work the next day, and it was a two days later. It was two days later yeah pretending to be him and call it like Why would he do that? If he didn't know that he was dead? You exacted it's ridiculous thing to think that someone would just do that.
in an in a reason, for it was a well said called me, and I was flemings alive than said. Called me in want me to call up. Zeb was able to call why? Wouldn't he just called the eminent damn it that those are? I am surprised that the police never pushed for a problem, gauze arrest warrant to get him to interrogate him just just based on some of those things. Last person to see him alive natural? You have to work the next day, bullshit story about where his injuries came from and another accident all that stuff just just definitely points right towards him. I agree yeah, I don't know, that's a good, that's a good name, but it's a great conversation, because we've been wrestling with this back and forth, but hashing it out with you like this It really puts everything into focus the arctic. You guys in four were on my cases I have known to other intelligent people adopted.
because I sit in my office by myself, repeat by etiquette, arguing I'm having these arguments of myself. Although I hadn't thought of the emo angle of his other murders, just hadn't, I just oil is a psycho murderer, but I didn't think about will wait a second. There are some similarities there, but I caught that in these in murders that, like two days later, he used her phone to text. Her mother was actually shed at the exact same thing. It was the exact same thing he did was Edwin pretended to be him two days later to judge, but it looks as to buy yourself. Some time is what it is. kind of cover your tracks, but not really yet. Well, I mean it. Obviously, someone's gotta figure out, I'm and I looked at It- is- is by in time so you're trying to both, because you know if you're burning and you get Adam, you guys covered the stuff on the stephen avery pace and all that. But you know in order to burn a body to the point,
Where the bones are, you know, you're really disposing of it. I mean it takes a lot of fire for a long period of timely, even days so ill buy. Two days later. You know a checking in I'm okay, you're you're you're by yourself a little bit extra time before everybody really starts calling in the cavalry, but I hope people look at this and and realize that if this guy was able to burn bodies in a wood burning, stove a bonfire is not that far fetched stay. I know a lot of people say that's impossible and, unlike I, don't think it's that impossible. I think that's a stretch. That's where he's got it draw the right now, I'm in it in and if I read it correctly, that that their bonfires- was having all these fight was like remote gonna back of the property like where you can kind of get away.
I these. I know it was remote from the house like an inconvenient place. I think I read from the house. I mean it definitely wasn't viewable from the road, because that you know the property was forty, something acres. What are right, but I actually thought it was in front of the house like or at least in front of avery's trailer off too if you're facing is trailer was I was talking about this? What? Oh? Yes, my psychic,
too many psychopaths, burnham people. I know. I know, though I thought this was the wood burning stove like either on his back patio or in the house itself. Yeah. I think this one. If, if I mean, of course I you to read with the little bit information you have, but I pictured it being a wood burning stove in the house yeah I did too, but then they were saying that there was reports of someone saying that back where he was digging the pond that he had an area where he was. He would constantly have big bonfire right around the time that the Zeb disappeared. He was having big bonfires back there and then he stopped burning. The bonfires are easy. Stop.
Digging the pond and then men are pouring some concrete and push filling it all back in like right around the time. Zeb was from different eras yeah and that's why they were checking out the material and and going and looking at that worried, poured concrete and everything. That was the exact reason for that pretty much yeah yeah and I mean everything, looks like that's, probably where he burned up Zeb gwent, hey, thank you so much for joining us and I bought it was my pleasure at any time and at some point or day because overrun true truth and justice. Do I I really like what you you're doing, and I think that this kind of new day in in true crime, podcasting and your island? I work over with you guys in collaborating with other people that are doing there. So I let me let me be on the show in number. We can work together again, some time please give Your web address, you can
find me at truth and justice pod, dotcom, think about it. Think you guys we'll talk you later Do you hear that It's a little space for mindfulness, become. The medication pie gasped in fifteen minutes are, alas, become yours. is to unwind. Listen excuse.
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