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The Happiness Lab Presents: Checking In with Susan David


The Happiness Lab Presents: Checking In with Susan David, a podcast where Susan David—a psychologist at Harvard Medical School— offers strategies to cope with our heightened emotions during this global pandemic. This show is an urgent response to an urgent moment—a support system, toolkit, and understanding voice during a time of great uncertainty.

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How happiness lab listeners. I want to tell you about a new podcast. I think you're like it's called the last archive and it features one of my favorite new Yorker writers. The Harvard historian Jill Uproar Jill asks the big question who killed truth. She looks for clues and events across the twentieth century from a brutal death in Burma to the invention of the lighted factor to the release of the polio vaccine. The last archive is, unlike any podcast you ve heard before it brings history. The life with archival tapes, intrepid field reporting, an old, timely radio drama reenactments. The last archive unfurled, like a classic nineteen thirties mystery but takes on the big issues of today. Wouldn't you like to know who killed truth then check out the last hour. Five brought you buy. Pushkin industries have included a trailer at the end of this episode. You can subscribe to it
on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcast hello happiness, lab listeners. My goal during this challenging time of covert nineteen to share as many evidence based tips for protecting your mental health, as I possibly can and that's why I'm excited to share an episode of a fantastic new podcast. It's called check in what Susan David Susan psychologist at Harvard Medical School and she's, put again an entire podcast on how to manage the fear, boredom grief and confusion that we're all feeling right now, she'll get you even more science based tips for how to navigate your emotions during this tough time. Her first episode but he helped me to feel a little less anxious, and so I hope it will help you to, and so here's your seat, peak to checking in with Susan David You can listen to the rest of her episodes wherever you download your podcast high everywhere Susan David here and this is checking in a show that.
For strategies for coping with emotions during this global pandemic. I'm a deposit medical school whose work focuses on emotional agility. The critical national skills that help us to bring the best of forward in how we love love parent. Indeed- The show is an experiment and Odin. Response to an urgent moment. It'll go for as long as we need? This is an unpaid at a time when we need support and tools to get us through its my hope that you'll find those here. Ok, let's diving, What I am hearing right now is that so many of you are feeling the group of fear and panic, but underneath there's a whole lot of other things going on to his anger, confusion, sadness and even grief.
I'm with you in this reality, it feels like just yesterday that my husband and I were leaving posted notes for each other about who was gonna, buy, groceries and who's going, gonna, be cooking dinner and now but we're exchanging is emergency contact information and what would happen if one of us, was unavenged later he's a physician and I know that the reality is that he will likely be exposed to the krona virus in his day to day work and so are we having conversations about if he comes home with us? Where is he this day. Is it not going to see the kids? Is he gonna, quarantine himself, Vienna, hotel and when we get to see them again? This is difficult. It's difficult for all of us and it so easy to become consumed by fear, a news and all of this ass. It seems around us. We all know the growing of is spreading at an alarming rate, but few
and panic and spread even faster. Fortunately, The steps that we can take today too, boost our social immunity to these contains we humans are social animals have any motions? Don't just emerged from within ourselves that deeply influenced by the people, those are rushing to Walmart by thousand roles of toilet paper, didn't make the choice in isolation the noose likely showed them images of their neighbors emptying the shops, and this compel them to stock up for themselves. Recent shows that this tendency of social contagion and copying other people's behaviors and Even emotions is present even in times have relative calm. We ve all experience this we go into meeting in one person's on their cell phone, so we take hours Perhaps you remember several years stretch weights Everyone you knew was getting married office couples
didn't reached that decision in a vacuum. Wedding fever spread through Shared social network and sudden Your summer weekends were all booked up. Its impact tend to be aware of social contagion, even in the best of times, but in time, of crisis, the phenomenon can have a life or death stake. Just look at your facebook feed, or turn on cable news and you'll see how these social contagion can put our own health at risk when Peter see their friends and neighbors wearing surgical mosses, they walk the dog or make a trip to the grocery store. Many will feel compelled to hoard and stuck up on must themselves and this house It has contributed to a shortage of mass for the healthcare workers on the front lines, actually fighting the pandemic. How do we better understand this human instinct that we seem to be saying with people hoarding mosques and toilet paper, one of them
interesting psychological theories that can help us to understand what actually going on for people is terrible, judgments theory terms theory, basically posits that we spend a huge amount of time every day, avoiding things that make us fearful, for instance, death the fact that all of us, at some point we'll die. Then what happens this thing? that we fear the most that we spinning resources. Not thinking about is put right before our eyes. There is a virus, you might. Infected- and you may or your loved ones, may even die. What this does is it brings What is usually at the periphery of our consciousness right in to almost a front and send to experience, and whatever management shows, is that when this happens, people have failed dictum responses they become. More us and them much
stereotyping, much more tribal and so much of what we ve seen in supermarkets and folding day by day. Is this. City mentality, I'm gonna get what I can to protect myself. Fear and panic a really powerful emotions, despite the narratives that we hear and society of becoming fearless thou, not emotions that we want to do away with. Emotions, like fear and panic, evolve to help us as a species to survive to protect ourselves. But what can sometimes happen? when we experience? Fear and panic is we have a particular cause? must reaction to that fear and panic, and that and hold us back and imprison us in a way that dot owning us rather than us, owning it. So how do we protect solves from social contagion. What does energy that are healthy and that are available to each and every one of you listening right now
first is to just be compassionate with yourself. This fear that you are feeling is your body? Your psychology, your emotion, your evolution? ray power as a human being doing its job, which is to feel fear, but our emotions are feelings down, not fact just because feel fear and because we feel driven to run to the supermarket and hoard, for instance, doesn't mean we have to do it what we can be instead is we can be compassionate with ourselves. We can note the feeling I'm not seeing that I'm feeling fear We do when we notice that for what it is is we creates inside of ourselves where we are no longer defined by the fear, but instead we are seeing the fear for what it is? It's why of many emotions or many experiences, many intent.
That we can bring to the situation and other Then we can start doing as we can not really trying to ground ourselves in this idea that courage is not the absence of fear Courage is about noticing your fear with compassion and curiosity and then doing what matters in your life. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is fear, walking see if you can notice your fear with compassion, but then see if you can ground yourself in your values I use the word values, but what exactly are values this work flung around a lot and they can take and nebulous so almost abstract idea, but the way that Think of values is that they are not abstract. They are qualities of action. They are guidance systems of how we want to live our lives what's important us the direction.
We want our lives to take every day, even in normal com times. We get thousands of choice, points and these choices. Allow us to bring ourselves either towards our values are away my values it's the same with our values. In times of a pandemic, a value might be. I care about. My parents and vague Maybe the thing that drives you too stay away from them in these times, rather than too meet up with it. These are choice, point and if we stepped back- and we say what are the values that drive these different decisions- it really help, not to win it, but to have clarity as to how we want to move forward when define our values and give clarity But those are we openness. Beyond the specific emotion of fear that we are feeling right now into other parts of ourselves, because we are more than alpha
we are also our intentions are wisdom, our compassion and the? all honed and driven and become capable through I'll, say, what our values are, if you feeling consumed by fear or panic, worry or any other difficulty motion, she has an exit. As that can help you name it. And then ask yourself what is the function of that emotion? we often don't think of emotions in these terms that they have a function every single emotion is a flat, King arrow of something that you care about when you feel grief that grief because you fill a loss of connection with someone that you value and care about, and the sun who's there is that you love, and that love is important to you. If you feeling guilty as apparent right now that guilt might be a signpost you?
you value presence and connecting us with your children and that in all the chaos there's not enough of a meaningful connection. That's the sign posts to you, If your fear is the fear that you are going to lose people who you really care about that sign post is that you care see if you can reach out those people today. What we doing here, is we not ignoring the emotion instead, asking ourselves what the funk, in other words, What's the function of the emotion what's a tunnel not to me what's a telling but who I am and what I care about its that function. That provides a guiding like for you as you move forward with your day, if you feeling things are chaotic, and you need to just a ground yourself into the ring Letty of the here and now, and most rekindle, the sense of who you are find yourself amidst the chaos
She has a really simple exercise that you can do sit down just for a couple of minutes with a piece of paper in front of you and ask ourselves this question even. The midst of this chaos, who do I wanna be what is important? me and how do I want to bring myself forward and then just right, you might write for a minute geometric for two minutes, page or three pages, What we know is that this values affirmation exercise is an incredibly powerful, protect, of social and emotional contagion. What it does is. It moves us from the space of thinking that values are abstract ideas into ways. That our values can become front and centre into being more edge, all well focused and more connected, and we all need- more of all of those things in our lives right now, as you move through the weak.
It's gonna be news and media social media. That's gonna be conspiring for your attention, you hoddan as your friends, your children, your loved ones. Gonna be conspiring for your attention to it's gonna, be so easy to be caught up in social contagion, fear and panic, but see if you can keep this idea, front and centre who's in charge. The thinker other thought. That's all for today be well stay, safe and chicken next week. A strange, happened to me in the library, while back, I needed to pick up a few books this was before the quarantine, a question: was nagging me. It had been nagging me for a long time who killed truth this truth problem. It isn't just bad its deadly
It's also way older than it might seem this mystery its historical. Jennifer and I'm a historian at Harvard and staff failure at the new Yorker has been a lot, time trying to solve mysteries like this one, so anyway, I was at the library Everything seem normal, hum swiped, my card. The elevator down to the basement. Report volumes of the shelves and then I saw it something I never seen before down here: at the end of the rope hidden in the shadows. Green door, was a sign on the door tarnished breastplate. We barely make out the words it read the letter Archive
Everybody, tv and radio confuse hello. Right right hello. How are you No one's there the voice from the past places, ray, We waited period prior, woe heralded the discovery which assured and who want to ban time was granted in here, he's lying before Corona virus, a congressional debate about the government's role in developing a vaccine. Is there any other term for them as socialized medicine, old, horror, movies therein? Here too,
punch cards from the forgotten history of the National Data Center network, referred to as being that work is now and operate in record's records of bird songs. Considered. America, foremost songbird hermits rush All these voices from the past sound Nobody is heard for decades. Maybe somewhere in this vast last archive this corridor of the mind, I can find what looking for, an answer to that question. Who The truth, I decided to start a podcast. It's called the last archived hotel stories from hundred years a history of America. In our arguments about truth and evidence if you wanted I found Mimi back here. I leave the door, unlocked the last archived coming brought to you by Pushkin industries,
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