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AOC Puts Biden & Party Ahead of The People!

2020-07-30 | 🔗

DNC blocks Medicare For All on Democratic Party platform!

Bernie delegates revolt but Bernie does nothing!

Phone calls from Vince Vaughn, Joe Biden, George Clooney, and Bernie Sanders!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Paul Kozlowski, and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The door, show hey. You know what we haven't heard from a friend of the show, Vince Van and some time. Let's see we do it, identify yourself, please, hey Vince, it's Jimmy door! Oh hey, Tibby! What's up. Have you gone Jimmy you son, little down Vince. You know what James Dor Esquire. I have to admit. I'm not my usual chip herself today, I'm a little miffed. If I be completely honest with you myself and the God of all evident. I will Is that why you myths excluded and feeling exploded, is never good I think that a universal the human condition I feel confident and say that. Obviously I used to feel it. polluted by the Hollywood establishment had left goes liberally, but today I am feeling excluded by old, tried at different Jimmy
what happened happen. Bids Did I see what the travesty to pack travesty adjusted You know what I'm talking about. I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. They announced the list of concerns. celebrities, who would be speaking at the two thousand and twenty online republican National Convention and instead of Trump loyalty America's beloved: double they got. Nugent Skype video die bedded fucking silk. Editorial so bad weather, the that is junior moods, nobody told me, I waited it's cool god dammit. What is Skype bitted lately. Is there something Charles even more in charge, reboot bullshit on Netflix right now that I don't even know about how long has it been. that don't you daddy had record the lifetime. Somebody said Leslie,
angle on ironically Ronald Reagan at zero bullet holes in him in. But I you know what, I don't care study, but a real Could that you daddy way out? till they get? A stage is be Going to be over some or some shit, I'm not doing that. I don't assume. That's gay! You know me, I'm a proud loo! I people started. Getting email addresses. I said: that's gay social media not all super gay. I would still you gave a bridge. What have you, but I'm not supposed to He's going to stop its rids whack bids, that was a hoax. It was fake news. I know it
got spread around is back for a few days, but it's been to bunk, it's not real yeah. I knew that. Well, it did sound like you did yeah well, I was testing to see. If you do it, I mean you're. Always the one fall for fake news, not me actually Vince. We double check our stories over here yeah. I bet you do anyway. Whoever felt that was a sucker and I'm not a sucker Scottsdale give me a break what I just fall off the turnip truck, I don't think so Jimmy Door. So if you were asked to speak at the republican convention. You would I mean that's, not necessarily the oppression. I was trying to give a fairly ok for future reference. You may want to check. You know our show, try I'll, be getting my coal hard, fax from Newsmax and Matt drugs like I always have, and hey Vince I'm
seeing right now here, actually that RON silver will be speaking in front of Congress about how Hollywood a bunch of guy a pipe dream? What he talk about that bad thing? God He again bids you dirty son of a bitch. sliding down the street and Johnson Meeting some had the chance to show everybody welcome this week, Gb Giorgio, hey, let's get to the joke before we get to the joke, Shelley and I know, I know things are really bad right now and Did you a comedy show in times like this, but thank goodness
It hasn't reached the point where people's have stopped posting pictures of their lunch a man in Hartford Connecticut. This is how bad things are. Getting people are going nuts, a man in Hartford Connecticut was arrested for Israel and Lords head off over a rent dispute, the says he's been charged with violating his lease and probably won't give this deposit back that he wants a will do no, that you on mosque, George punishment, about this Elon Musk is going to sell his own brand of tequila. No, it's called Are you ready for this tests? Lucky LE after you buy it? You're friends, will think you're an asshole and you'll end up drunken stranded on the road Did you know that, for the last three weeks in Russia, tens of thousands of Russians have been Protesting Vladimir Putin in Eastern Russia MSNBC,
says, Putin is probably behind this risk of their job. Hey, what's coming up on today, show Alex cause. Your Cortez puts Joe Biden in the Democratic Party ahead of the people plus D. Blocks Medicare for all from the Democratic Party platform and Bernie Sanders delegates are fighting. What Bernie is doing. Nothing Plus CNN lawyer attacks Julian Assange and a supposed feel good story exposes the failure of Joe Biden's America plus we got phone calls today. from Vince Bon Bernie Sanders, George Clooney and Joe Biden plus a lot lot more, that today, the Jenny worship
So I've been urging people to pressure their favorite politicians instead of making excuses for them when they stab you in the front, and it turns out Bernie's delegates Bernie on delegates are the ones doing this standing up. I mean so look look at this scoop, more than three hundred and sixty democratic delegates, most of whom back Bernie Sanders have signed down to a pledge to vote against the democratic parties platform if it does not include support for Medicare? For all, say the petitions organizers. A revolt is brewing among Bernie Sanders delegates three weeks of the Democratic National convention. the art they they argue that single payer healthcare is an urgent priority amid a worldwide pandemic and the biggest unemployment crisis since the great depression. You would think that single pair, how
there is an urgent priority amid a worldwide pandemic, but it turns out it's not. I mean for our rulers. Remember you don't live in a democracy in this story is been approved that look at that. a record five point? Four million Americans have lost health insurance study, finds that's from July thirteenth. This pandemic has shown us that our private health insurance system does not work for the american people. Millions of people have lost their jobs and their healthcare at the same time said: Judith Whittemore, that's a say, this delicate and chair of the convey Djinns Nevada delegation: there is peace, bull leaving the hospital now with millions of dollars and medical bills. What are we gonna do about that? The warning is all but certain to set up a clash between Sanders. Most dedicated supporters and presumptive democratic nominees, Joe Biden who opposes Medicare for all.
At a time when the party is seeking to demonstrate unity ahead of its August convention. Organ eyes is also said: they are not being divisive. we're not given you health care and that's not divisive. we're not giving you a you, be I that's not divisive. What. They say it's. The party leaders, overruling the grass roots, are being divisive. Exactly telling people I can't have Medicare for all when the rest of it Western world has it that's divisive. Say demanding it is not. Demanding we have Medicare for all, is not to visit because guess what the majority of the country wants medical for all, including Republicans, but about ninety percent of Democrats and so by not putting it in the platform Joe by
and is being deferred divisive. He follow this logic. I hope so so. The progressive Bernie Sanders delegates who aren't gonna horse putting their foot down. They point to exit poll showing that majority of democratic primary voters across the states are in favour of men Care for all last week the deal Committee released a draft platform that did not include support for Medicare for all or other top progressive priorities, such as a jobs guarantee a green new deal. No Won't. Even first of all, do you understand that the platform is less than me? He couldn't be less meaningless, doesn't mean anything and they won't. Even do that, that's what I said last Hillary Clinton would even give us lip service that she was gonna, give us healthcare chewed. Even she would still we time she got animated and the whole twenty. Sixteen campaign is when she was screaming about how a medicare for all will never happen. It will.
Never come to pass. They won't even give us lip service. You have, two parties in America, or a crazy right wing party and a mob, right wing party. You have no moderate party, you have no centrist party, you have no left party, you have no centre left party, you have. You have nothing. I mean viable. So they're not putting in Medicare for all or agree who deal or jobs guarantee. Despite senators set Sanders. Aid efforts to include them as planks and what burn it? What is
Bernie Sanders supposed to do in that situation. What Bernie Sanders disposed to do is tell Joe Biden to go far compound sand. I tell him I support as the back you until you give people healthcare you piece of shit. That's what he's supposed to do. You want even give us lip service for it. Fuck you that's what he's supposed to do, but Bernie is a cock, as cow Kalinowski has pointed out, time and time again, Bernie is a cock and he's been cocked. And so he can he ain't gonna, get you healthcare, he's gonna! Let the machine role right out over you he's. Having pushed the machine. in the Democratic party. There's an attitude that we have to read our platform to match the candidate Whittemore said we want to get back to the way it should be, which is the people. rate, the platform based on our values and principles and what we want the candidate to support.
Dnc, committed Hawks Medicare overhaul from the twenty twenty two applicant for that's our update. That's from July, twenty seventh Dnc Committee blocks Amerika for all from twenty twenty Dr Party platform. Democrats blocked at attempt to include Medicare for all the parties, twenty twenty drab platform Medicare for all advocates? thwarted by one hundred and twenty five Dnc committee members, the amendment which will be further debated at the national convention next month. Received thirty six votes in favour. What kind of a party.
Has ninety percent of its registered members wanting a thing and it not giving it to them. overwhelmingly, not giving it to them over one hundred twenty. Five. Thirty overwhelmingly. How is that a? How is that a real political party? That's not that's, Organization set up by oligarchs to fuck you that's not a political party history. not judge this kindly Dnc Platform Committee votes down Medicare for all amendment Like opposing the new deal during the great depression, its unforgivable So, do you understand why you're supposed to be pressuring your elected leaders not apologizing for them or defending them.
Roots dot, org action, cofounder Jeff Cohen, wrote that the fact that our nation is indeed the only advance industrial country without Universal health care cannot be blamed, Republicans, obstruction alone. It is also caused by democratic leaders who have spent decades catering to court. interests, while collecting their campaign donations and refusing to fight for universal coverage, the can We also voted down separate amendments attempts to include support for x, Ending met occur to include children, no voted down Hake weeks. We expand Currently, children, no. Dropping the Medicare eligibility aid from sixty five to fifty five. They said. No, you know Hillary Clinton offered to drop the Medicare age to fish they won't even drop it to fifty five. You know we're going backwards.
By huge leaps, going backwards,. and is solution is still vote. Blue. That's your still! That's solution that still think you think is get us get us because real Happens when you vote Joe Biden and Democrats, look at all change we ve had, since the Democrats took over the house, look how they ve given trump. Absolutely everything he's asked for and an extra hundreds, Thirty two billion dollars for military spending that they gave to a guy who they say it ready to our country, plus the expanded spying powers plus they gave him money to build a wall all at this. Time. They turn their back on Daca. They turn their back out a job. guarantee they turn their backs. Medicare for all a green new deal. You be, I anything to help you Democrats, no, you can't have it this autumn, Would you go turn on all the others, all the other you tube, lefty shows and they're I'll. Tell you a grateful
can people we have the Democratic Party in how we gonna to stand by the probably fundraising for them, and now you know why were you probably fundraising for them, and now you know why were in the shit's show wherein because our fuckin people who considered cells, lefty media are in bed with the fuckin problem. That's real They will even legalised Vulcan marijuana, I'm sorry stuff. They want to vote legal, his marijuana these pukes. This is your democratic party. This it you're, not screaming Bernie Sanders isn't screaming at the top of his lungs that the democratic parties betrayed us. No, he's betraying you no worries. I just wanted to go backwards. Saint expanding Medicare, two children right in there now
No, we can't know by the way you know just as you are reading, I like it just. How does that not like just not the wind out of you? I know you're not going to take care to ok, but I just want to add to this too that the statistic is two point: five million children are homeless. two point: five million children in America, America are homeless and that the Democrats are completely inept on purpose on purpose they would've but Hillary Clinton did better than this they're going backwards. In by huge leaps and that's what Joe Biden means when he says nothing will fundamentally will chain actually means no one's going healthcare, no one's gonna job, to be more like Brazil every day, and if you want to vote for that, you're a fucking idiot and it turns out half the country are fucking idiots the whole countries, a bunch of us
Canadians, that's how we got these. Did our leaders like that people? Think of Rock Obama, was a good guy and the other half the country things broken Donald Trump? Actually, sticking to the establishment as he gives them everything they ever wanted. Tromp presided over the largest upward transfer of wealth in the history of our country. Don't ever fuck it forget that he is not your friend he's all talk. He is a bullshitting con man. which is why you don't have healthcare, which is why you're afraid to get sick, which Why you're afraid to lose your house right now, which is why you don't have a job Bernie Sanders spokesmen. MIKE Caska on many of his delegates pledging to vote against the Democratic Party platform that doesn't pack Medicare. For all, he says, Senator centres. Leave that the Democratic Party platform should advocate straw
only four medicate for all and that, of course, is a major reason why we fought so hard for the nomination. Descended a priest States that amid a deadly pandemic, which creating a national healthcare mercy. His delegates understand that now more than ever, we must guarantee healthcare as a human right except eunuch. ever going to do anything to make sure that happens, Bernie except Fucking station like that what you should do right now, now, as they know, I'm telling my people do not vote for you, Joe it's, you promised to give them Healthcare ITALY's promise. I know you to do it, but at least you have to promise, or else I'm going to look like a fucking idiot in front of my people. Bernie Sanders does not care about. Looking like a fucking sell out in front of his own people, He cares about looking like someone who stood up for you in front of the establishment. That's a burning Sahara's is doing right now.
She says Sanders will vote for the party platform. Oh you will. Why not vote against it, make a stand because you're, a fucking, less wonder who props up the Democrat. Credit party and squashes, a third party movement. That's what Bernie Sanders does it might be hard to here right now, but in a few modules But like all goddamn right, Jimmy was right. Sanders will vote for the party platform as a super delegate. The fucking irony, it's per an aid to him. As I said in my story today, the pledge by many Sanders delegates to vote against the platform without Medicare for all represent something of a split over, Strategy between him and his supporters,
mean a split on strategy me, like his supporters, actually want to try to get it and he doesn't give a fuck. You may like that kind of a split and strategy Bernie strategy is to do absolutely nothing to make sure Medicare for all happens. His supporters actually want to pressure Joe Biden. Bernie says: fuck, you go pay, And his supporters say no, maybe we should hold out Bernie, says fuck off you're, not getting health, care vote for Joe Biden I'll be dead in a few years. Who gives a fuck? That's a Bernie says. The Democrats are making a fatal mistake by turning their backs on Medicare, for all this will backfire and they won't be able to blame Bernie Sanders. This time he's accompany man. Now you, oh yeah, is always it is for trying to come out and say: I'm gonna expand Medicare to cover everybody in the middle pandemic, I'm gonna give everybody a you, be I, and if you want a job, will give you a job.
he s all by the way we're gonna get out get out. I have gained a parasol just one of those when, under the election. but what he ran on last time was giving you healthcare. You trump ran on that and getting us out of other men least wars. He ran on that and everybody these jobs, he ran on that He didn't do any of those and the country still wants them. Joe Biden- is an offering you any one of those three either. Neither is trump. People still want them. That's how easy it is for trumped up in this election if you wanted to he's back east these he's down by ten points. All you do come at. One of those things have got to get us out of Afghanistan were starting tomorrow. I asked the general to draw up a plan: hey what we're going to Spain, Medicare to cover everybody until sir, you for the next two years to so out of this depression, everybody
give offer a job. Anybody wants one during this depression. and you got your new president. That's how bad it is. They won't even say tromp was at least saying it in twenty. Sixteen that he's gonna get everybody. Healthcare gives out of the Middle EAST wars and everybody go, job. He was least saying it. Hilary wouldn't. Now Joe Biden won't saint. Neither will trump that's how good that's, how good Democrats are doing. They won't even fuckin legalised in the plan One which is meaningless, you understand what a giant ready. White and blue middle finger. The democratic party is giving to you right now. You understand that giant, red white and blue middle finger is jamming in your eye, but you gotta, Vulcan Joe Biden Hill least. Listen to you. You could really he's not Listening to you be for you vote for him. You jack ass. You unbelievable moron he's
Listening to you before you vote for him huge you stupid, dupe on purpose. you, gonna be able to move well, how least get in the way you can stay. I like the about of naivety and on purpose. Stupidity of people will consider them left. Is mine blowing theirs Tom is any tea party bagger. Whatever fanny fact there are even dumber. no, you gotta go bite and why? Because he listened to us, we can work with him. What? What What is your evidence for that I'm pulling it out of my ass cassettes, never been the case. Joe Biden has never listened to us ever any that doing right now, in fact, he's giving us the biggest red white and blue finger right in our eye come on Jimmy. Why would the Democrat Party legalized pot? How is that going to continue to fund they're
prison that's right. This is all about our non prisoner, Olive Lloyd S, writings on any continues to be tied and if he picks commonly hairs, they'll be on the same page about explaining people. So What do you know what this is? This is what's called a rapacious oligarchy, meaning the Democratic Party is not just wrong or corrupt their evil. Bernie is supporting evil he's been doing evil a lot. Lately he voted the Cares act, that's evil. He did it This is evil there now evil there. Now, advocating for locking up Human beings in cages to benefit the bank account of some other people and their using marijuana to do it. That's the democrat evil not just wrong, not just corrupt, but actually evil you could look into work anyone's I and tell them they have to vote for that. You, you are soulless. You know,
Before you do that, you're so leads your body. Did you know that? That's why I feel so fucked up when you say it. When you tell somebody, you have to vote blue, you know a fucking feels weird right now, that's because your One has to leave your body first hundred and five to sixty. They voted down blurt hundred and five sixty. That's your party. The platform is unlikely to ever endorse full legalization since Joe Joe Biden, presumptive nominee does not back the policy Denisov dusky Adele, Yet who introduced to legalise legalization amendment noted that the current document is a step backwards from the forty sixteen platform which supported providing a reason pathway for future legalization Iowa. Supervisor. Stacy Walker argued that the current federal laws disproportionately affect black people.
I'm imploring all of you to approach this with an open mind and heart? Do something big here, Walker said: take one small but meaningful steps. Towards changing the course of history. If my black life life matters to you, you will consider this amendment. No, your black live does not matter to the democratic oligarchs. You don't be silly. breaking by a hundred and seventeen thirty four, the Democratic National Committee Platform Committee, the Democratic nasty and see platform committee member vote to oppose proposed language that would express the party's opposition to israeli settlements in the West Bank and support shooting aid to Israel in response to annexation. They voted that down. They can't even say in a platform. That Israel should have to follow. The law.
They can't even do that, so there you go. There's your democratic party, that's kind of Jaw dropping how could you gonna turn on every other show and they're gonna tell you have to vote for Joe Biden. You have to tell you that it's ok, they're dead you that Bernie Sanders is fighting for you, they're gonna tell you that they're not not. None of them are Braun was on the show representative Privilege Annabel, whose number one issues Medicare for she's she's, not fighting anymore. She already told me she's, not gonna, do that. Not fighting for Medicare for folly more funding for anything. She said she wait until January, so, while people while three million people get kicked out there, how some people say twenty seven million, and
I still don't have healthcare in the middle of a pandemic and nobody has a job and we're still in seven wars. Your progressive elected officials are they're done, they're not going to work for the rest of the year They're done advocating for you they're just going to do whatever the FUCK and Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi tells them to that's what they're saying. And you gotta vote blue, no matter who you get to vote Democrat for real progress to protect people, well Bernie Sanders is calling in hello, Bernie, hello. Jimmy are you calling to remind you? This is the next one hundred days may be the most important one hundred days in the history of our country. All right, satisfy you, so why did you find it out through the convention because I dont, like Joe Biden, would have withstood the straight reaches velvet as it better conditions that guy right
just film just died, worry so Are you supporting the seven hundred delegates who just pledged to vote against the party's platform unless it contains Medicare for all, I'm very, very close to that? Only now it's masks for all, not Medicare. For Mass for all is not meant to care for all Bernie. I beg I gotta. May I speak lease every credible doktor at scientists tell us that way. Ask this critical, but saving lives and stopping the spread of cold with nineteen and sold. Firstly, therein lies basis for my masks bill, but wouldn't men for all Cover masks for all your problem and I think you could even the place the up what the number four like the other one see, so, are you supporting the delegate revolt for single page
air or not questioned Jimmy, and I'm glad you asked as you know, I have initiated the committee to look into setting up a task force exploring the subject. It's called the mask Medicare for rule unity, Where do when can we expect the results of this task force, but about and will at once the convent Jim Bernie, but that's no time at all to do anything Oh now, you want to do something fight. Is there now? I beg your complaints, but what happened Into your revolution, as I said from the beginning, this race is even about me Should we support the delegate revolt. We must unite by fighting debate our greatest challenge. Ok,
I'll forget about Medicare for all and build for Biden. It's just cult. You idiot for yourself all right I'll thing for myself that we felt just because I tell you don't have that I've done confuse now. Of course you are, I was confused, touched, to unite behind job. Two days ago, you treated Medicare should be expanded to cover everyone all right. Well, are you gonna believe me or my twitter posts? So let me get this straight. You won't back the delegate, move it to include Medicare for all on the platform, but you are demanding the Senate pass a bill this week to expand Medicare for all, but but but Alright look in four years: we've gone for Medicare, will never happen. The mayor right up. so tat a wired over your face, shut. The fuck up and vote for job before it be delivered, should already understand now, jagged eggs Bernie, say cries out.
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You oughta me how he started don't tequila brand called Tesla Kila. No, that's a cheap on right. He took the name of it in his car and put KIA at the end. What's that about and he's threatening your business, oh because of bad mouth is dumb. Stupid Car twelve years ago, what what what did you say about it? One, change and I kept breaking down. I spent more time on this side of the road and driving it, but you know why guys when I got the idea for especially brand tequila, rude brood by Hollywood's George Clooney, on the rocks by the shot or stricken above the rest history. We well what what are you gonna do about it? Take it slow, easy, my friend, the clown way
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Amigos smooth going down smoother coming up, but he's, but he's already got one hundred ultra rich donors record over Audio higher than to ah there's gotta be another billion dollar democratic camp Pain while one third of the country is facing eviction come out, you can afford fifty dollars for zoom tickets. No, and neither can most to the country. George. Well, I'm guessing the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars tickets are out of your range as well. Yes, yes, they are that's two five o large daddy got that Barack Fucking Obama and yours truly, the clue. Mister I'll, take a rain check on that one George Oak to the dickhead.
Every day I give you the job, I don't you worry James, I'm Janeway we're gonna, take care of all health care and legalizing we stop till then dont get sick, Dick God biology, Alexandria, cause your Cortez. how many of you in the New York Times from April this from April thirteenth. How's, your cause, your Cortez has never spoken to Joe Biden. Here's what she would say. in an interview, Miss O Casual Cortez said she intended to support the presumptive democratic, not many, but the process of coming together should be uncomfortable for everyone involved. What seo uncomfortable she's, making it for Joe Biden. Question is Alexandria, cause your Cortez endorsement of Joe Biden, a sure thing. I've always said
That I will support the democratic nominee. Sure thing. what what happened to making it uncomfortable for everyone involved She doesn't really mean that she just says those things, that's that that's not real, that's theatre that's what AOC does she does theater? This is theater. Is that fucking real. you don't make it uncomfortable for anybody. You want to know how I know. What's what? What's with the rest of the interview by the way power concedes, Thing without a demanded never did, and it never will a Yo Bernie and the rest of the progressives in Congress and Senate are demanding nothing, which is why you have nothing, why don't have health care, which is why you don't have a jobs guarantee which. Why dont have a green new deal which is why you don't have. Are you be I in the middle of it,
them shutting down your government, your economy and turning it into a great depression. That's why because They don't demand anything. It's all lip service when Ale see says yes to make this process uncomfortable, when she means no one he's lying to you. How do I no she's lying. Can you give me some examples of areas that you want to see him get uncomfortable? She says they floated. Is olive branch to the progressive left of lowering the Medicare age to sixty it's almost insulting, but I'm going to support it anyway, right Alc, it's insulting, but I'm a fucking door. I'm really a party climber, the party is the most important thing in my then me second and my constituents of distant third, that's what she saying.
I think Hilary was looking at policies that Lord it's fifty so we're talking about a progressed Of concession that is ten years worse than what the nominee hadn't twenty sixteen and yet she still gonna back it. she's, not telling anybody she's, not making Joe Biden nervous for one second, that he needs our support, question but Biden has gotten to this point. By rejecting those things. Aoc says, I think the idea Logical argument is a false one and I think that's backed up by exit. Pulling while Biden is the nominee we so I know that he didn't win because of policy. I dont think he won't be because of his agenda in state after state, after state democratic voters support a progressive agenda. which is why you should hold out your vote in support of Joe Biden and say I'm standing with the people, but that's not what I see
do what you say: fuck the people I'm going to do with the party tells me too, because it's easy and I'm a corporate climber and I'm a plea, I'm theatre. He won for a lot of different reasons, but I don't think he won, because Americans dont want Medicare for all. This is ABC speaking and in this small when I wouldn't be surprised if what we are seeing with corona virus didn't further change people's views and further support of progressive agenda. It does it matter First of all, a cheese pretending like all, but if we get it off, people behind you have. Ninety percent of your own party is for it. and you don't ever go wild baby. This is broken. Maybe I should not support this. just as a human being.
any number of communities whether it's the Bronx Latinos, or whether it's people of color, whether it's women, whether it's young people, whether it's people at students at whether it's working class people or people with no health care, all those people, you're gonna, say go fuck yourself, because I got support support Joe Biden, those different people, people in the Bronx, whether it's Latinos, whether it's people of color women, young people, students with debt, working class people or people with no health care, you're telling them all fuck off, go pound sand, Joe Biden Gonna, give it to you and work, not gonna help him, and you know I'm not trying to be divisive. She says, but when you talk about lessons from twenty sixteen one of the boat The visit things that we can do is just mother in silence. Legitimate points of critique especially from people whose lives are most at risk. In this administration's.
you're selling out the people whose lives are most at risk left and and bright without a fight at all, a Yossi its plain to see. Because for some people this argument of returning to normalcy sounds like an argument of respectability, politics and civility, and for other people it's sounds like well. Will my child be putting a cage question? What if Biden doesn't do it here we go If Biden doesn't do it, what if he doesn't get uncomfortable and you only gives kind of aesthetic in name only concessions to the left, he's not even giving that. he's not even giving their what, would you do what would she do like a true automaton? She said I will be supporting the democratic nominee in November. I just of the nominee supports our communities. Do I will be
Supporting the nominee in November, I will be supplied. The party nominee November I'll be support. in the party nominee the party, the Party, the party? I have my allegiance to the party and my leads to me second and my leads to the people. Third, the elite, This is always to the party. The party I be voting for the party. I will be voting for the party, so Joe Biden does fuck it. Not nothing, What are you gonna do Elsie to get him to move? I will do nothing to pressure Joe Biden Apps, absolutely nothing. and guess what she's doing the pressure, Joe Biden Absolutely nothing guess what she's doing, Pressure Nancy Pelosi, absolute Leave nothing guess you have advocating for your gabarus absolute Thirdly, no one question had.
The binding campaign reached out: do you even know. Why would they. You already pledged your support to him. You I can go along spineless, not less wonder who is Party dupe on purpose, Why would Joe Biden ever reach out to you? You already pledged your vote to him and you know our politics works so now he doesn't have to reach out to you, and you know that too, but you're such a lemming, such a she partner of progressives into a fuckin anti progressive party that you don't Mind your transparent in your fuckin bullshit, because that's what this is a yo see complete. bullshit. This is: u selling us out in favour.
Your place in the party, that's what this is. power conceal nothing without a demanded, never did and never will. You know why Joe Biden hasn't called you Elsie cause. You already pledged report your support to him, the party to corruption. Why because your corrupt, also because You go along with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, while selling out your constituents For what I don't know, I guess your could you, like you really want that committee assignment and again, can watch any other Youtube shown. They won't say this they'll tell you all that stuff that, She's trying to push back she's, not the way you push as you told your bided, I'm telling my people not to vote for you until you take care of them, we're not taking a step backwards. That's what you say: we're not going backwards from twenty. Sixteen! That's what you say, but that's not what you saying. What did she say?
she's saying I will be supporting the democratic nominee in November. I will be. supporting the democratic nominee in November. I will be supporting the democratic nominee in November. I will be supporting the democratic nominee November, say with me I'll, be supporting the democratic nominated member. I will be somewhat: what have they fuck you? I will be supporting the demographic now. What, if he's worth the trouble, I will be supporting the democratic nominated. What have we prize to make marijuana illegal twice? I will be supporting that matter. What if Joe Biden literally sticks his finger in your fucking? I not figured, but literally, I always have borne the party nominee in November you know what I like is I'm going to try to do more positive news stories right because it it's such a shit work, where even your progressive politicians are stabbing you in the front stabbing you in front when they vote when Bernie Sanders votes for the Cares act. The largest transfer of upward trend for wealth in the history of humankind
Bernie Sanders stabbing you in the front when he tells you to for Joe Biden endure irresponsible. He stabbing you in the front when he doesn't uses movements, To get you even health care in a pandemic, Bernie Sanders stabbing you in the front, so here some good news. I got some good news. This is some good news that comes to us from called reporter called Chloe had and she's an Emerson College graduate boy. Emerson cows, pretty prestigious Emerson College, wow, whew. Here's, your big feel good story, ready, feel good story We all need to pick me up story these days, so this morning, I'm introducing introduce, hang you too born and raised Maynard Jackie heart, she's, Eighty four years old.
Just got hired as a housekeeper at a motel on Southwest Harbor in Southwest Harbor that that story coming up at five? Thirty, six, thirty on new centre main hashtag. Wake me up. So the retirement is just a fantasy. Doesn't that make you feel good? Isn't that a pick me up work until you die. Doesn't that feel great? Isn't that a pick me up? Hey here's, some there's. A pick me up with her into the capital. Is death called. this hundred and four year old just started training at an Amazon Warehouse talk We Grannie, we will tell you: if anyone gets it, don't you feel great she's. Eighty
four years old she's, The four years old this is their pick me up. eighty five year old responded to a Craigslist ad for a pooper scooper Because his savings was drained on medical bills, how uplifting. this nine year old, died in the middle of a shift. It robs what, blessing to go out and doing what you love. That's another pick me up story. as long as we know that when we die profit margins are high. What else can we ask for
a real story from Chloe T boat. I was really helping for a pick me up Jimmy that's a real story. Here's just a little clip, I'm lucky to have a job. I do what they want done and do how they want it done and do what I'm told anything else you want to know we Pick me up, I felt better. They I feel better here is some of the responses to Chloe's tweed about this pick me up story. That's really sad! she's, eighty four, four f sake: she should be spending her days, relaxing and doing a hobby. She loves the next one. Eighty four year old, cleans toilets to survive during pandemic in the world's richest country. Not to pick me up story, you absolute ghoul, says Natalie,
I'm assuming your company is owned by Sinclair, because this is revolting. Here's. If you were born in nineteen, fifty eight, your current earnings, thirty one thousand dollars your bears, what your benefits would be, if you retired at sixty two in twenty. You get eight hundred dollars a month. You waited till you were sixty six year get eleven hundred dollars a month, he waited till your seventy! You get fifteen hundred dollars a month, I say: take eight hundred as soon as you can take. The money is. you can't go, you can die tomorrow. Take the money take it take. It. Senior citizens are replacing. Teenagers is fast. Food workers, while cradle to the grave minimum wage.
Senior citizens are replacing teenagers as fast food workers amid a tight you labour market. Restaurant chains are recruiting at churches and senior citizens centres a r p. This is they effing failure of a country. And here's Joe Biden you want to hear with Joe Biden here's his here's Joe Biden when I argued that we should freeze federal spending. I meant social security as well. I meant Medicare Medicaid, I mean veterans man, I'm at every single, solitary thing in.
The government- and I not only tried it once I tried it twice. I tried it the third time and I tried it a fourth time. I'm one of those Democrats who voted for the Constitution Amendment to balance the budget I have introduced on four occasions four occasions: entire plans, the balance budget, knowing I'm not president and I'm not the leader, but for illustrative purposes. I tried with Senator Grassley back in the eighty s to freeze all government spending. Including social security, including everything we have a deficit, we have Social Security and Medicare looming. The number of people on Social Security Medicare is now forty million people. It's going to be eighty million in fifteen years, Would you consider looking at programmes, age veil, to build cost of living. Put it all in ten years. There's absolutely have me now is one of the things I my you know the political advisers shade amuse. Woe don't touch that. Third luck! The american people aren't stupid is
real, simple proposition, we have to do We in our time Bob Bob Doll. Earlier I was one of five people. I was the junior guy in the meeting with Bob Doll, George Mitchell, when we put so security in right path for sixty years and then forget what Bob all set after we reach an agreement about gradually raising the retirement age said her, he said, look, here's the deal. We all put our foot in the boat. timely kiddo. He stepped like you, step will know about boat and we all make the following deal. If any one of the challengers running against incoming democratic republicans at taxes on this point will all stay together. That's the kind of leadership is needed, so securities not the hard won. The saw Medicare, that is the gorilla in the room, and you ve got to put all of it on the table. Everything everything you ve got to.
We can't keep giving health care to people in the richest country in the world social security. We can cut that no problem Medicare we're going to have to really hurt people. Why? Because my donors want it, there's your pick me up story. There's your guy Bernie's working for, instead of fighting against we're going to have a task force, you mean you're not going to fight them, you're, not going to tell them that if you don't give people health care, you're, going to tell your people not to vote for them and vote for a third party candidate, because you are a third party
Candidate, no he's gonna tell you the vote for the problem, so the only hope is a given the streets go to people's party dot, org they're, going to Congress people's houses every Saturday, their vote this Saturday July. Twenty fifth. Do it do it wow to pick real pick me up, she went to Emerson College toward the Emerson. Col She went down here it is. She went to Emerson College there. It is this. Is your pick me up story? That's for hashtag! Wake me up. Wow! Does someone need to be walking up? I mean I'm just looking at that Jimmy and I'm thinking to myself. Oh my god, if that's my mom
Right, like a virus in this place, that's my mom. In four years. She asks you got a job, clean toy or being a mate glad. I can't take care of my mom like and that my country can take care. My mom, like it just it's off the chart across the channel horse. We can't we just we're just being ruled by rapacious. All dark staff were being ruled by people who are evil. That's that's! That's just a fax. We, your democracy, has already been taken from you. This idea that You're gonna vote. Your way out of this is not real. And it just sad that there isn't a leader in this country worth a shit. There isn't a leader in this country that has the balls it takes to get anything done. I've got more balls out. I tell the truth Russia Gate and the other people who know the truth are afraid to tell it the power
vision to know. The truth are afraid to tell their gutless. Ball is fuckin, self serving climbers inside the party. I don't care if they don't take corporate money, they don't pose Nancy Pelosi. They're all got was cowards, and especially your favorite ones. To my lefty EU tubers your face progressives are fucking stabbing you in the front left and right. You suckers. You were wrong about Russia, gate you're wrong about Syria you're wrong about Libya. Then way: LE gas attacks and you're wrong fuckin cares act in this and what happening right now go ahead. Go ahead, make videos about how wrong and then you'll never make the video about how your goddamn right Jimmy was right. They never do the correct video. They never correct. It.
They never go back as they don't have integrity. But that's! Ok! That's ok!. Boy, if there was a group of lefty youtubers that actually I don't know we're left is that would be very comforting to me. But since there isn't it's very comforting, it It sucks the fun out of this so like what I could travel and live shows. I could meet real fucking people who appreciated what we did veterans lots of veterans Who appreciate what we do and it fuels me, but this I can't I can't keep talking. Is this
opera is what I'm talking. This camera youtube. I think about all the other Youtube shows that are letting you tat. and there's nothing. I can say they won't even pressure, you're supposed to be doing is pressuring who your face? Brad politicians not once you hate or the what Who disagree with you, the ones that who agree with you? That's the ones the ones you like. Those are the ones you're supposed to pressure the most, because those are the ones you have influence that you're not supposed to lie for them. Over the Cares act which almost everybody did you're supposed to pressure there. you already missed your moment to pressure them over the ac you're, going to keep doing it you're going to keep.
when people you gotTA voted for Joe Biden that somehow that's a better path forward that takes us another step closer to Brazil. You start demanding people like Bernie and the squad and every and shared Serato just voted against. The the Pentagon, whose a complete fraud would If you start pressuring those people whose that's it you're supposed to do. You suppose the pressure, those people. You really don't understand how politics works people who their hold my whole life will stand up comedy if I, It affects journalists, came into a comedy club and showed me How to tell a joke. I would fuckin quit comedy, but I a comedian and I easily effortlessly are showing fuckin people whose whole life of journalism, how to do that
Journalism and they still won't. There still pushes CIA talking point. Now being sceptical. There still gonna push the two party narrative as if it's real. there are still going to defend their favorite politicians, that of pressuring them, because their stabbing you in the front constantly it's it's depressing back in twenty fifteen. I felt there was a group of us and we all got it. and then Trump happen, and they all went to shit just like that. They all became. the worst version of themselves. Reactionaries concern You're a seat is without evidence, red bakers, my car,
these swears swearers of people doing good journalism. Coddling the people who are betraying them in Congress, they became the wars version of themselves and they They did, they don't seem to have a shame button. can you imagine Russia gazing at the top of your lungs for fucking three years the Mulder report comes out and you still Russia. At the top of your lungs cause. You don't have a shame button and then, after which revealed that even crowd strike says we're fucked lying. We have no evidence that Russia at the DMZ server, even after that
Still doing that, no shame button, not one video apologizing for all the horrible. This new fuckin inflicted on this country. not one video, not one. It is keep going, Making fun of other people making Of other people, instead of themselves and that's why it so easy for me to have a successful show. I didn't dedicate my, itself to journalism, but it's easy to do. A buch fucking better job than they do people lose every breath is journalism. That's all they wanted to do. They went to college for journalism and they're fucking children Their naive CIA, repeating dupes of the fuckin establishment, and they don't even know it.
and they don't have a shame button and they're always for war. And they're always for war and who are they skeptical of who did they told who do they put their most sceptical lens on people who are against war? Isn't that weird, while they're getting every fuckin story wrong. While there miss reporting Syria, while their re, repeating fuck and see a talking point and smearing people who are sticking their generals to tell the truth and they call themselves journalists- and they call themselves lefties they're, nothing more than fucking useless tools, and I guess I should say thanks, because it helps my show grow. but I couldn't give a fuck about that. The game's over my show is grown. It's done. I don't care.
so if you guys are being shitty so that I can have Most of your viewers, you can stop now, you can, back to actually trying to do journalism and being real, fuckin lefties and haven't fuckin. Try growing a pair you not was wonders. Well, I didn't really believe investigate. Did you do any videos about it? No. I didn't really I'd never bought into the Russia. Did you do any videos, the buggy? No, I didn't do I don t. I stayed neutral. Why cause you're a fucking not with wonder and that's, why The right laughs at the left, because you're a bunch of fucking cowards and you defend cowardice, oh okay,
You see what you see why I don't like doing this. Fucking show anymore. It's all this shit, there's no it does. No good pick me up stories, there's no, positives. I got Nick product. I'm not saying the most progressive member of Congress said she's done fighting in the middle of Fuckin pandemic and depression she's done. He's going along with the establishment? That's Bernie Sanders is now full steam ahead with the establishment. He is job didn't care campaign manager. At this point. You know me parties they haven't. Canada are about fifty. You know why Canada has a utopia is get. You know like.
Anybody telling you to vote two part to keep to remain inside this two party system, without revolting at the top of your lungs, is either a coward or a dupe or part of the establishment or wants to be part of the establishment Most of the people surrounding Bernie Sanders are fuckin career climbers. Most of the people who work, who were for Bernie Sanders enjoining sixteen out of nothing but fuckin career climbers, which has been laid bare to me this time. Around Ok
Good luck, luck, Youtube! I wish you all the best. I wish you best of luck, Youtube. I hope you get your head out of your asses and you actually decide to pressure your favorite politicians instead of kiss their ass and protect them when their stabbed. Us in the front so vice President Joe Biden on the line hi Joe God knows track, the road and man. Ok, the whirlpools Jill go in there with you, pal, just paid up and fly right come on what they do with wounds, try to Julia more got numbers ahead of that guy. What's his name, Trump bigger numbers I would do you think that means for your campaign. Joe tell you what a major cloud up and would shut image,
Medicare for all other forces? Europe cares like number five. One list of concern will was number one, Joe. The you we jump, but that doesn't make sense they're both healthcare issues ok, I know I'm going to win this thing, not only I'm the man for the job, but I am also the job for this man and that's the brass tacks MAC, Josh got to do is watch Trump kill a bunch of more people. up every once in a while. I get a a mole game. A gibes right away, October, surprise, what is your October surprise? Surprise, Of and game of Putin, Memes, like I never seen before a you ever lot has nets
kind of stuff ever worked out. Your model works Hey you know, there's a lot more, that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta, Jimmy Dork, Comedy com sign up it's the most affordable premium program in the business. Today's show is written by RON Lacome Mark Van Lando at step. Samorano Jim Earl, MIKE Mccray and RON your written off all the voices performed, They buy the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found. It might make great. That's it This week, you'll be the best you can be and I'll keep being me.
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