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April 18th - Warmongers Exposed!

2019-04-18 | 🔗

Nancy Pelosi mocks Progressives and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

Julian Assange exposes Democrats that are Corrupt War Mongers!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Mike Macrae, and Paul Kozlowski

Phone calls from Bernie Sanders, Herman Cain, Barrack Obama, and Mitt Romney!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy oh hello, who's. This may I you know why but carried Are you wearing her bed now about what Your wife, wearing hey! That's too bad! a little dog went to jail is not wearing a to do Herman reality people I don't know. How then do What do you want? I know I know, what do you want Herman? Aren't you the people remember your sexual scandal? I honestly don't think people remember that's why you had a drop of what you want to talk about the talk fiscal policy. Ok,
as you know, I'm in the running to be added to the Federal Reserve or because by extensive and financial experience, yet as yet I heard that yes, is but I have a word shopping some campaign slogans and I to random by you and people that worked on yours show. You know Herman, I'm not sure you can pay to be on the Federal Reserve. That's it that's an appointed position It can banning any body all day, I guess not. Do you get caught cheating on your guy? We have it narrowed down to three now what are your honest feedback? Don't pull any punches, thereby need to be lashed by the acidic town, Jimmy Door. So bad.
All right urban laid on me. Ok, first possible campaign slogan. Herman came. Well: what do you not banned? I'm a little confused. What what are you fed up with the exactly none I get it I will bring no nonsense. Common sense approach, the fiscal policy entrance- trades get too. I got a in interest rate get to low tat. She had been come again. Ok, her, but I'm not sure altering the prime interest rate based on some kind of performative crabbedness is gonna help our country's economy. Well, we will table about one sure number two many came
get your money dummy way. What No, I heard I heard it I don't Jimmy everywhere I go. There are poor gas budgets, Did you know some? People can afford health care. They can afford it. very well, at some money domain maybe it's not really that easy for regular Americans to just get money also- in no way is that the purview of the Federal Reserve Board most certainly ass part job would be to encourage financial responsibility on the part of our citizens by telling them. to get the damage it most certainly would not Herman you just don't Do you, I guess not praise made, which brings with it
number three: men came I don't know what go How is that even a slogan? nine nine were what your memory I don't know what to do it just. The fact that I am hurry on qualified for this position ownership. Of that it shows my status, another non elite in a position of governmental power people connect. With someone who is in over there yeah well Well, as always, I don't know what to do You know what Herman? Yes, that's the one I know it
one you over with my down forgiveness. I appreciate your candor Jimmy Door, you be with me- whether you I'm not sure we want that. Of course you do the kid that your and put him pizza really that's how we're going to end this item you, I don't know
the heavy door. Then maybe tearing down our nation and its bags George W today, what with this, which Jimmy Door he'll day we got live Jimmy Door shows gum in may Third word Burbank, California, mate, weltering, Tempi may eighteenth, and Austin Texas in June fifth were in her most beach carbonate. Gee Club go to Jimmy Or comedy dot com for a link for all the tickets for all our lives, Jimmy Door chose. Now, let's get to the jokes. Before we get to the jobs,
hey had don't know. If you saw Nancy Pelosi, was on sixty minutes. Yeah she was, she was bashing, progressives again, Michael, more reacted to Nancy Pelosi, bashing progressives on sixty minutes by saying she and see the writing on the wall and that her old, hired privileged ways are over, while than mine. more fired his staff for talking to a union rep Here's couple of clothes of an era right, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world Indeed, if the only thing that ever has Margaret Mead said that. And then the hears from Nancy Pelosi, that's like five people Did your Bernie did at the town Hall on Fox yeah and its ironically, the only people who are regretting Bernie doing the town Hall on Fox NEWS are the people who work at fault
news and the people who may as well be working at Fox. Hey. I woke up to the news today that the insurance industry stocks, tumbled many a billion dollars because of the medical for all movement translation. Cancer is too big to fail, hey did you here. Did you hear that israeli scientists they just printed the world's first three The human heart de jure about the positives is just like a real heart with real human tissue. The negatives of these really first three deep printed. Human heart that its incapable of feeling empathy enforces of all other organs out from inside. hey did you hear in Indiana? Man is suing his parents for eighty seven, thousand dollars because they threw out his porn stash. Now, remember you have to keep your porn stars properly insured four times,
These. You know the slogan urine, sticky, hands with ball state Hey did you hear Fox news? Is Heaven Amy global jar on for Town Hall Hall, the jeweler that two a dot m to help the people within insomnia Come on up to date, Joe Tucker Karlsson, friends Julian Assange, ha why eyes. He allowed to do that on Fox news. The answer just made: the bride you or will it plus? its policy box, Alexander real cause? Your court doesn't dismisses progressives on sixty minutes. Julian Assange exposes Democrat Fascists and warmongering, which why they want of dead. Plus we have phone calls
Herman came Mitt, Romney, Bernie Sanders Barack Obama, plus a lot lot more than today. varying standards on the phone. Hello Bernie. Are you happy well about what had? I know, you'd, I'm talking about my job, I released by turkish ten years of my god, I think that's great, I haven't read and yet other any surprises ears. The surprised that I haven't come over your place yet to kick, ran up to your brain stem human scale problem. Why, it's so mean Bernie, I'm sorry what you like! speak to the manager of a cot, auto support, folder napkins. Don't look like little part, Johnny Boy, I make my rather coddled tells body that well good for your Richie Rich
well, you haven't seen mean yet, if you think calling out pastors being, in that you got a rude awakening. Coming like the incredible. hope you motherfuckers kickass and not take things taking games strikes me as a priority area in quite frankly. I won't do that, but you had something else. I want to continue to take your bullshit, on a regular basis as that for francs, and for this I couldn't This, then, are you might be losing patience with the way the press has covered you over the years. But that's not me, are you passed have yet to meet your release, your pocket. It I'm waiting, Tiktok, Tik tok all we think you should be happy, though you release your ten years of taxes and they look great whenever they were quite nobody, except for the pot I made one million dollars from my best holy book: Jesus Christ. crackerjack Jack Box, like you, I made half a million while I'm all the focus on asylum
you got me baby of jobs. Does our biting raiders damper? Why don't you It smells like proud, concentrate, I understand your anger, Bernie? Yes, I made a million dollars by writing a desolate book. You should try it at some point, one without pictures, maybe or body a push for the cost has moved. I gotta go made thirty. I can't page stop this week and still Monday any final does before you go. Yes, I want it to be noted
Stars never use the term asshat. Alright Bernie Sanders talks about his taxes, so right, let's get to the story, so is one of the big poo poo point of this show. Missions of the show is to inform people of how we got trump. Okay, so now Nancy Pelosi was completely dismissive of the progressive caucus in the Congress on sixty minutes, and I just want to just tell you that that's how we got Donald Trump. How do we get Donald Trump is because the democratic hardy stopped representing the working class and they got in bed with Wall Street the military industrial complex and be farmer and the help they got in bed with the people that only republican Party. So now we have one party, it's the money party and it's got to write wings and that's why we Donald Trump because people have been hurting
you know back in the early nineties, Bill Clinton said he's gonna give everybody health care, he didn't didn't happen, but. we ve been knowing. This is a problem since ninety then said the babies in the United States and we Still don't have Medicare for all. Here we are twenty nineteen, so like thirty years later. We still don't have it and and why don't we have it, because when we elect people who we think are our lefties, only let people who who say there They give us Medicare for all when they say they're going to end the wars when they see they're gonna break up the banks when they see they're going to protect, means freak when they see they're gonna bring us a living wage when they see they're gonna regulate Wall Street. This is what we actually get This is what we get. We get another Republican. our policies are so mainstream that if, if I'd said, the same policies that I have back in the nineteen Eighties,
we consider it a moderate Republican, I mean so the p I've been screaming for lefty government sense, Reagan and we haven't gotten one. We got two Republicans dressed as Democrats. We got Bill Clinton who private, who privatized prisons part of the prison population, deregulated Wall Street. They lead to the economic grass. He passed, NAFTA cut the legs, from underneath the union's he got it. I'll fair. He did things that Ronald Reagan could only dream about doing, because he was. Republican and gave the corporate Democrats cover and that we we get eight years, George Bush and people revolt. We elect a black eye with a muslim name, any governs like Mitt Romney. Anyway, we would have got his your blame anyway, no matter if we waited for him or Mitt Romney, and so that the problem. So now people like a yo, see and rode Carnea and Bernie Sanders realised that there is a crisis. There is a crisis in that
neither that we need a revolution and- and so we think that's how they campaign and we vote from, and then they they go and they back the problem. As I was saying this at the time, you like will Jimmy. If we don't have Nancy Policy, will get an even more outward speaker even further to the right. I'm saying: don't do it. you, got extract member that and people made videos wagging their finger at me because I said you can you can't do this? You can't back this as a progressive. You can't back the problem. You have to extract something from them and their men. The progressives didn't extract anything. They said they got. Committee assignments. So that's what they said in return for more power. They get. It gets a plum committee assignments. No who decides if those committee bills get voted Nancy Policy, so it doesn't matter.
So here is from the movement for a people's party. send your cause. Your court doesn't Georgia. So this is what happened when they wrote this. When this happened, and they say this is how Democrats have controlled and contain a progressive movement for decades. The party blocks most progressives with rigged primaries then forces the few who get elected to capitulate to its corporate agenda endorsing. Everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party undermined your moral authority and grass roots support, which, in turn, makes elected, progressives more dependent on the party machine and Representative James Now this is what she said about Nancy Pelosi when she endorsed or four speakers. She said. No one can really doubt policies progressive chops, and I do think for the next two
years as we lead into twenty twenty and our coming off. This big way the big blue wave. We. need someone who was smart and strategic and has on this. Nancy Pelosi knows how to lose two Donald Trump Nancy policy. How to get wiped out it at every level of government. That's what Nancy Pelosi knows how to do and what are they, for this. What is what is representative J upheld for this? What is ale, what is EO see get for this. What did they get? This is what they got. Here's Nancy Pelosi, there's no policy on six, Minutes yesterday you have these wings Elsie and her, on one side? Five people now only play there. Again, lay for again: of these wings Elsie and heard
group on one side side, people get the fuck out of here five either progressive who cares without stopping y know. It's five who care we don't, even though we do exactly what we want: no better overall, no living wage, no stopping the wars, no regulating the banks and, yes, dp, big. That's what Nancy Pelosi says I say: go at it. This is dear leader in the twenty twenty. This is your leader. The progressive group, more diverse and progressive here. So now in Bernie says, he's a progressive and indeed and it's here her say: she's a progressive they're gonna go oh Bernie, just like Nancy Policy. no people don't realize furnish running against her. That's what people who aren't
The democratic party don't realize what is this get them? So what this does is this props them up? What what this does when they go out and profit, this props up Nancy Pelosi. They should we have done this, and so now Daisy Pelosi uses that that you gave her all that political juice. You gave her by doing this cover with her unrolling, stone. and lending her your progressive credibility. Now she used that to squash you, so you pumped her up and now she uses that pumping up to scratch you. So I was right about this: and this is what, while each so he'd said, he said That's quite a way to welcome the new generation of mostly progressive women of color entering the Democratic Party who are actively young people, people of color and working class borders of all back raids, ethic.
We want to see you wanna hear how progressive she is. Here's. What Nancy policy has to say about so again, remember the reason why we got Donald Trump is because both parties are republican and people are hurting and they don't offer them anything. So people got desperate and voted for an orange clown business Ban billionaire, who has no interest in helping them, but at least he gave them lip service never gradually been do that. Member Hillary Clinton, Medicare for all will never come to pass you're, not giving it vote for me watch or do the same thing. Arc contending with a group in Congress over here on the left flank? Are these described socialists on the these moderate, and you yourself said that, first of all there not socialists, theirself descried, democratic socialists. Do you understand that there is a big data? where's. She doesn't understand that. That's why she's a reporter for CBS News, the diverse ways,
socialists at a democratic socialists are huge and actual socialist, once the government to control the economy, a democratic socialist just once healthcare and at nice welfare state, a social safety net for people, that's what its democratic socialist, his health care education, prenatal care, that's that's! clean water that this is what this is. What a democratic socialist is, as opposed to a socialist who says the central government should plan the economy. Am I wrong about this? This is. Was Jimmy really quick question. Do we have any socialist programmes in our country? Yes, we have lots of them while really come. I well social security is a socialist programme. Medicare is a socialist programme by the White Medicare is the most popular health insurance programme in the country and its and it's the socialist one. So let's listen to what she says again
Are contending with a grin Ben Congress over here on the left flank are these described Social is on the rise, these moderate- and you yourself said that you're, the only one who can unify everybody in the question, is, can you by and large, whatever the orientation they came to Congress, which they know that we have have to hold the centre that we are doing. go down the mainstream. They know that what for I like we have to get on the mainstream. Would you get too by taking a right hand, turn at donors alley donors alley take a hard right hand turn turn to your right you're gonna be in the mainstream. We have to hold the center. We have to hold the mainstream
Nancy ploy, by the way Nancy Policy is considered a in the same world where she is able to unite the party and that world be in her brain. So she says you get, we gotta go down, that we have to hold the centre and go down the mainstream, cub Sale, down the mainstream, where everyone having healthcare, is just a dream. That's the mainstream!. No wonder billionaires, feel at home. The Democratic Party am I right, you're right. Billy thing, Nancy Pelosi can unite our banks, So she said you gotta go down, they gonna hold the centre. So what that's called is that the third their status quo, Chloe's there being reactionaries and they're they're saying that returned to the status quo is what we really need. No, the status quo is what gave us Donald Trump and that's what corporatist don't understand
that's what people who tell me on twitter while I vote for birdie, but if that he does a win, then I'm gonna boat for whoever the corporatist digits gonna screw us again That thing you ve been doing your whole life that guy you Donald Trump you're going to keep doing that and I'm gonna call an adult idiots here. Is What she's saying is not mainstream. This is what Nancy policy is saying is not mainstream. So there you have Medicare for all seventy percent of the country on Board for Medicare, for all that is super mainstream, Nancy Pelosi will lie to you and deny you health care just like Donald Trump and Mitch Mcconnell. Why? Because he's corrupt Nancy policy, is corrupt, she's, corrupt, like Donald Trump she's. Corrupt, like which Mcconnell she's cool Blood John Vainer and Paul Ryan Nancy policies, corrupt and she's. The one is keeping healthcare from you. She
The one who is keeping the wars going, she's the one who didn't prosecuted torturers, she, he's. The one is keeping you from a living wage she's, the one who won't break up the bank's needs. The policy is your enemy she's, not. Your friend she's, a right winger, that's going to freak some people out. Nancy policy is a right, winger she's, not for any of that shit that makes her a right, winger she's cool with troms? criticism of the Han Omar she's cool Tromp going into Venezuela, she's cool with Trump denying us Medicare for all Nancy Policy is an enemy of yours, she's. Only a few did the donors and the progressive cod guess which has a hundred members in it supported energy policy, as she does. What Prices like five people, like five people in every fuckin voter in the country Seventy percent of the voters- that's like five people and seventy,
percent of the voters. So what they tell people like Ill had Omar and eight c and grow Qana that they have to compromise I saying they have to compromise with people who represent voters. They have to compromise with people who represent donors, that's who they etc, because the people want it. Where do I go? Who do I have to negotiate with in America? What voting block do? I have to negotiate with the gates? seventy many percent of us today. Agree already on single pair. I don't have to negotiate with anybody world for it all. I have to negotiate with the owner class, which owns Nancy Pelosi. so she's just full of shit, she's, a liar and she's corrupt to the core Nancy Pelosi and she's your enemy she's, the face of evil, whose keeping you from health care and she's lucky. She has a guy like Donald Trump, who she can demonized and used as a tool.
Beat you over the head with so you'll keep voting for corrupt pieces of it like her. So I just want to remind people. why? While he also posted this It's a video of CNN just a couple of weeks ago, They had on the Democrats These are real life Democrats and they were interviewing them. and they were most of them were supporting at the time some version of a corporate democrat. But there was only two people in this group that were considered to be themselves big, progressive. They supported a sea or Bernie, Just two of these people in this group- and I want to watch you they're just I want you to watch. I want to show you and I want you to watch their reaction to when she asks these regular Democrats, most of whom are progressives how they react to the mention of EO. See here we go, At Alexandria, Cassio Cortez your thoughts he's better,
man, I load somehow lemming woman. Amazing again. Yes, I mean she's asking the right questions. She, I don't feel like she's playing games, I'm so excited about her. She is Smart she's, intelligent, and I cannot wait to see what else she does. Point you got a democratic party nervous and I mean should be they because cause. You know she does represent the new. The new guard, the new generation, but I think she really kind of personifies where we expected things to go. She is the care of the future. She's got this down. And she has also nailed it and as a woman and a male dominated field. This is how we women in the male dominated fields. We have to work like this all the time she is the candidate of the future.
She'll, get ready for her cause, she's common. Only only troop of those people consider themselves progressive. The rest of them were mainstream and you see how they reacted. every one of them was you see, I got up, that's call I wanna get my ass and I want to go vote for somebody which is, which is that that doesn't happen for job. I'd, and that doesn't happen for Hillary Clinton. That doesn't happen four Kamali Harris that doesn't happen for book Corey Booker it all that happens for people who actually speak about stuff that people want And we know we can have again. This is what we want. This is what parliament handing. This is people want. This is but everybody else gets to have in other countries except the richest country in the world, because we have corrupt pieces. Of it like Nancy Pelosi as our leaders and then other Damn, people who consider themselves left swag their fingers.
You say you have to support Nancy Pelosi, Nancy policies by enemy and I'll, never supporter, and I'm never going vote for a democratic, supports Nancy Pelosi. It's not going happen, get someone else you want, if you need my vote, get someone else. If you don't good luck, you know. Anti policy has been a leader in politics in my old highlights yet industry to California and debt. Would that almost explains why I don't have better health care in the state of California is because of these elected officials? That are supposedly democrat- and you know I see every so often on the chat for the past three weeks that people stop calling them. Democrats stop Zander, NEO Liberal call them what they are. I think we do call them what they are Yes, I just want to also show you, so, let's just go down this really quickly. This go down this list stuff that she
saying is not mainstream; this is what Nancy below they want. You to believe it so Medicare for all is only not mainstream in Washington DC and inside. cable news, green rooms, that's the only place, it's not mainstream Because, if you go to Americans Republicans or for Medicare for all Democrats That's an independence! Seventy percent of Americans informatics for all sixty three percent, for a fifteen dollars minimum wage, sixty percent of six thousand six hundred and four cent of Americans are for tuition free college. Eighty one percent support a green new deal. Fifty nine percent, almost six out of ten Americans, support a seventy. Set top marginal tax rate. This is main stream stuff baby. This is the majority of american stuff and Nancy policies, your enemy, just like trumpeter enemy nets, Please use your enemy just like trumpets your enemy, and if you fuckin vote for an energy policy, you're a chump
she's, the one who is keeping you from this stuff? The Democrats are what's called controlled, opposition and you see what happened you see how they got Nancy pull up. The they got representative Elsie of J of power. They help everybody supported her Nancy Pelosi for first speaker and then this is it. What is the point? Seventy two percent of american support expanding social security. Seventy two percent of Americans support expanding social security, for this goes to show you. We live in an oligarchy. You're democracy has already been stolen from you. This idea that Russia's somehow hacked our democracy. Our democracy has been hacked by Wall Street. Big oil and big pharma- that's who hacked our democracy Johnson Johnson,
In an Boeing and gold, when sacks. That's who hacked r d? accuracy. We don't have a democracy, because if we did, we have this shit a long time ago. but we don't have this. Why? Because we don't have a democracy in voting, doesn't matter right now you don't think these people are getting ready to cheat you again, you're wrong there, all right the cheating us right now I mean Democrats, and I mean Republicans report kids, don't have super delegates and regular primaries. You know, does Democrats and if you're one of the people who think that burning lost, fair and square it you're, probably stupid Superdome in winter. I don't know. You probably went to an Ivy league school to get your journalism degree.
If you think, Bernie lost fair and square, and you don't know that he was the victim of the biggest election fraud in the history of our country of you with a straight face, could look into a tv camera and say: Bernie lost fair and square like you're a grown up, I'm guessing you to Colombia, school of journalism, and you probably pushed a conspiracy theory for three fuckin years. So this is what people want, and this is how you get From when you deny this, two people, that's how you get trump because of people Lives were going great, they wanna voted for Fucking Donald Trump and how do I know that? Because I talk to people in Virginia, I talked to cold minors. I talked of got cooks at waffle houses there. That's how I know it. How do you know it? You talked in it.
heavy green room lately who can give you the inside onto voting habits of people who work in coal mines? So that's what let's keep going Sixty two percent of Americans want to legalise marijuana. Sixty five percent want to reform our incarceration system. Sixty three percent want same sex marriage freedom, sixty nine percent. it set seven out of ten wanna keep rovers is weighed. Seventy five per cent. Think immigration is good. Seventy five percent of Americans think immigration is good. Eighty three percent. What net neutrality sixty one percent want to help? Stop climate change, be set? percent, one campaign, finance reform, which is not what which is now what the Democrats want. We want to get rid of citizens. United, almost six out of ten Americans want to break up the big banks.
You know like that. If, if, if their, if that number was like thirty three percent of thirty three percent, you go well that's kind of a fringe idea, but guess what it's the right idea. So, let's push it and will change people's minds. It's already it's already at six out of ten and they democratic. No. We already have a much super majority, no tax, the rich more. Seventy six percent are tat. Sixty four percent want to guarantee jobs programme. Seventy six one taxing the red, sixty seven taking big data axing, big corporations more and aid. Almost nine out of ten Americans want to use them. Military only as a last resort Nancy, those who would say that that's kooky, crazy, left in only five people want that's enough. And I want to know why the progressive Kok is votes for Nancy Policy. I want to know what the fuck is your strategy. Your strategy is to lose and be,
marginalized. That's what that strategy is extracted, Jack, shit out of Nancy Policy for your vote, nothing! You know who got stuff out of her. The can serve additives in Congress? They got a lot out of her. In fact, the count worse, got a little more conservative. When Nancy Pelosi became the speaker, they move little bit to the right. and Nancy Policy is not a progressive. That's chats her trying to poison that and she's doing it. Ok, god I'd so. Again, do you need I dont again? I would like to understand. I would like to know what the progressive straight, G is when you vote for Nancy Policy, and you don't run someone to her left. You dont runs someone to her left. They didn't run anybody to Nancy's left they even threaten to, and then they come out and say that bullshit they.
say this. This is really what you say. No one can really down policies progressive chops. What do you got to say she, like As you know, it undermines you, you, don't you you don't you you, if your contain your own noose around your own neck. When you do that. would you say- and I do think for the next two years as we leave the twenty twenty and our coming off this big blue wave, we need someone who was smarten strategic and has done this. That's so you need nets. Policy. So this is what this is. Why it super tough, I'm gonna be a revolutionary and I'm gonna run inside O Connor Revolutionary Party. I don't doubt representative J pals intentions. I just doubt the strategy. I don't I don't doubt her heart, I don't doubt at any any of the progressives hearts. I doubt that stupid strategy, that's what I'm talking about extracted Jack Shit
Nancy Pelosi for your support for her speaker and now, she's sticking it right in you, okay, send me for my chat, mention it went by really quickly and I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name, but they said. Do you remember when Bernie said Pelosi is doing a great job in twenty eighteen I don't remember that? No, I don't, but I don't even want to look it up. If I did I'd, probably blocked in pay, I get the people are flawed. I get that I get their burning is not perfect, and now I get all this, I give people a people or people and people have laws but we're in a crisis. This is a word crisis, both the planets in a crisis. The countries in the crisis, students are in a crisis. Old people are in crisis workers, we got. Ten cities veterans are in crisis. It's time to
Do some shit assigned to do something and shaken up quit voting for this Goddamn Democratic party already put the Farragut this name they probably look like she's afraid of you, but if you look like she's, a rate of Donald Trump, being president again? Could she is not. Nancy policy Gloves having Donald Trump as president. She would much rather have Donald Trump as president, then Bernie Sanders or Dulcy Gabert. That's, for God, damn sure every Democrat just about would rather have Donald Trump as president trucks. Humor certainly would the leadership of the damage rats Dennis Stani Hoyer, all of them. They would all rather have Donald Trump as president, and if you don't think that you're a chump sounds like Mitt Romney calling on the phone allow Mitt Romney Jimmy I really love starting out the Sabbath reading the cotton Yama kids with a big old oval of cornflakes. How are you
I usually wake up at noon it down a six pack, a blast Well, I highly recommend my strict regiment, the captain. Commerce really get me a hearty juggle. As you well know, the cornflakes really help toned down my out of control donors. Your word I'll tell you what shall I do? You people on way over the top. This time, YO stop with the new data, green new deal at an end, care for all bull shit, you senator Romney? Why you are usually don't married. My incredibly pressured advice, but here it is anyway you're. Just playing at a Donald Trump hands? What these things nobody cares about! leaving the planet. So why should they give a bucket of warm cooties about giving people proper healthcare. That's really dummy stupid face. What are you Well? What do you like? It The green new deal made. It's ok, Which means
it's just another row block on the way to the rapture you believe in the rapture. All rich people leaving the Rapture Shimmy appeals to the animal is Dick instincts of the forty seven percent to resignation and self evaluation? Why give the masses for a better life would know, only expect good things from it instead. Freedom, some crackpot story by other all going to sit at the sight of Jesus and his prize him your collection, but what about them? The planet club Ebay is only for the very special undeserving among us and you ain't gonna get there. My friend lobbies foreclosures, is cool. officially a planet or a star. Yes, so you think saving the planet is an ill conceived idea. And here's another ill conceived, idea. Medicare. for all our, president, his right, Medicare for all would be dangerously beneficial to those who need it. Most is a non starter. When I don't you,
who were supposed to be the maverick who was supposed to replace John Mccain. All I am Jimmy. I very maverick ask for it ample USA today said I didn't understand trumps attacks, John John Mccain and Political said I, Any turban gave the other day. I don't know We stand at. I dig the on understanding, dinghy Europe, In supporting Herman came to the Reserve Board, yes Jimmy, I'm a direct agreement with President tromp on appointing Herman, came to see the Federal Reserve there I set it gained a gang. Well, it's nice to know that um, republicans care about merit and persons. Qualifications she's colored, I'm sure What did you say about quantum? Nothing? Oh sure my mind to open a new things, maybe a few generations but America, not ready for that. Yet and by America I mean must be credible. Deep within my disease, brain it's all about
or and social status to you. Isn't it meant of course shot. I just don't think black people or anyone who can afford a car elevator should be allowed to hold any political office. Let's go. excellent alot of Americans? I'm sorry Jimmy good, I looked at all the insufferable scumbags. You don't keep a stable of precise horses, those grounds. self respect. Why don't you go there? You have it. I'm a maverick doesn't understand and I think people can your waxy face, John Mccain, ghost some money dummy The Jimmy Door show is brought to you by collusion the fragrance so irresistible. Scheme with anyone to get away with it collusion unclear your dagger open up your back channel. and start your own secret investigation with collusion? Watch your
a special council go from grasping for straws to grasping for you with the new sent that will drive left wingers to distraction. Remember it takes two to collude so tonight make something out of nothing and lead that special someone, finally get the bottom of you with Why regular own election, when you can have a hand from someone else, it feel so much better, so glad collude it's not a crime and by a monuments. Why your pockets? with Google them refreshing emoluments when you have unquenchable thirst for foreign gives, contributes tributes, influence your taste buds with emoluments, now back the Jimmy doors. already in progress. So we all know what's happening with the Julian Assange, and it is remarkable to watch politicians like
Elsie Gabert have to go on new shows in school journalists about journalism. It's not. market will any more actually, because we all know that you know the last couple: years, if not has revealed that there journalism is in sad shape in America that they're not really journalists at his Chomsky, has said all along that they're just there to repeat forward ideas of the elite and the ruling class, that's who they represent. That's why they're there and if they didn't think, the way they think they wouldn't be there if they thought like me. They wouldn't have a job if they thought like add Schulz, they get fired if they thought like filled them, you Jesse Ventre, Ashley bed. They get fired. That's what happens. Ok, so all those people who have those jobs there. Our people, who willingly or unwittingly, told the company line and never say anything to upset them right. The donor class
so there it is amazing to watch them get this Julian Assange thing wrong. It's just amazing. It is amazing, so here's Glennie says when you see. Professional media figures. Decrying Julian Assange is not a journalist or decreasing dirt. Julius It is not a journalist compare how much corruption and criminality by the world's most powerful factions that they ve exposed in their work. To how much Assange has exposed that contrasts will tell you all you need to know so look at the pieces of it who are saying Julian Assange? Isn't a journalist contrast their work at exposing the powerful with Julian Assange as work, exposing the powerful, compare and contrast Here's one more tweet from me says also. The question is ex journalist as though it's it's a credential licence status,
Like being a doctor or a lawyer is deceitful, you dont need to get a credential to be. Journalists were all journalists, we all get the protection of the first I met, you know how you do you're a journalist. You call yourself a journalist, you know how I feel came a comedian. I call myself a comedian, I got on stage and I made people laugh. That was it. I have to go to a certification. I'd have to go to college at and get a degree the same thing with journalism. Through our people go to school for journalism. Those people are known, as jumps usually show the journalists. You know, I can't tell you how many horrible journalists come out of the Columbia School Journalism. I mean rock bottom horrible conspiracy, there is no standards or practices, fuckin horrible journalists come right out of the Columbia schools. journalism. You know that and then they all go to
go mother, Jones and MSNBC. So also the question is accidental list as though It's a credentials: licence status like being a doctor or a lawyer, is deceitful. The first amendment press freedom, protects and activity and activity available to everyone so approve it. Does it just protect a certain class of people doing something it protects anyone doing something and what is that? Something journalism and what is journalism? Jury wisdom is look down the street and reporting back to people. What you saw, that's journalism is that's all it takes. They can't even do that you see how they lie about Syria and they lie above Venezuela and they lie about it, Hon, Omar, the ubiquitous rightly so. The first amendment press freedom,
tax and activity available to everyone, not just a designated priesthood call journalists, that's very important to remember, and so. I showed you why I showed you yesterday and we find it near at hand in. Why should you hurt so here's what so now people like near at hand in Hate Julian Assange? Why? Because Julian Assange revealed that the clinton- and pain was cheating and that there are big cheaters and they revealed a lot more here is something that they reveal about near attendants specifically and who was near at hand is used Hillary Clinton campaigner biology, runs the centre for american Progress, which was found started by John Podesta. Correct will or he was he was also a chair one time.
I Hilary Glens, former campaign manager and now she's the head of the set of former in progress, which is a misnomer, because they're not for progress is the centre for american corporatism. They should be called CAC Centre for american Corporatism and so you look near attendant hates Julian Assange. There are many cultures son, the site. This is heard. Tweet about you lose out being arrested, but the assigned colthurst are the worst. I thought it was this Bernie Sanders Cultures. What turns out the sounds called this are the work first Assange was the agent of protein fascist state. Russia, too, remind democracy. That's not true! That's made up she's lying, that's not true. Even James call me said that wickedly Scott, those emails from an intermediary! So that's not true, Was it the agent of a protein fascist state, Russia to undermine democracy? No one under my democracy was the Hilary Glenn campaign completely rigging the twenty sixteen primary. That was
that was what undermine democracy. So now we have Donald Trump, because people like you, Debbie, Washerwoman, Shilts, Hillary Clinton and Downers. Brazil are frickin, cheating liars, that's why that's why we have trump not because of some proton fascist, eight because of you. We just know about it. You know Wikileaks did they went around spreading the truth about you and here, and so here is one of the things that day. This is an email from their attending. This is about Libya and there debt that that was Hillary Clinton's big doing she wanted to Libya. She was the big push he was head of State Department, Secretary of State and she pushed Barack Obama. Is she was due to do that? They did that they turn Libya into a failed state right after she did a rack member. We didn't vote for in two thousand and eight because of a wreck while she became secretary of state
she did. Libya turned it into a failed state again under a pack ally's that we're trying to help people. This is Friday October. Twenty first from twenty eleven. This is from near attending to someone named fires shook her. She says in the end the subject is: should Libya pay us back? That's what it says. Should Libya pay us back? So I read it to you because I note small it's hard to see a red its. He what it says she says we have a giant deficit, meaning a budget deficit in the United States. Domestically we have a giant deficit, they have a lot of oil, meaning Livia. This is near, attend and talking. We have a giant Is they have a lot of oil? She sounds like Trump paler steel, therefore, gonna go over, throw their country turn into a failed state with open slave.
Trading and a haven to terrorist, let's at least steal their oil sounds like Trump as they are the same their attendant. They are the same What do you think Hillary Clinton went to their weddings and her daughters are best friends, though the same, we have a giant deficit. They have a lot of oil. Most Americans would choose not to engage in the world because of that deficit, so they she's saying that Americans don't want to do for in advance truth wars anymore, because it costs us so much, but if we could just find a way to pay for them, we cast our killing motherfuckers all around the world and everyone would cheer on. People are only set about Iraq and Libya because we didn't steal their oil and pay for it. She sobbed just like TED Cruz Trump right, that's near attendant.
This is- and this is known this is known. So if you get a chance they hear nearer to bring this up. You have a giant deficit. They have a lot of oil. Most Americans would choose not to engage in the world because of that deficit. No most Americans, I wanna. Do regime change war because we're not blood, thirsty maniacs, who think a dead bodies, equal profits. That's why. That's why Americans don't want to do it you out of touch one per set maniac blood, thirsty, maniac near at hand, and if we want you to continue to engage in the world. This is this is what Wikileaks revealed of near attended. If we want to continue. who engage in the world, meaning if we want to continue to bomb the fuck out of people kill them, we better start stealing their natural resources. When we do it in a more blatant way,
he's right now we're just making the weapons manufacturers happy and rich, and we. Should actually steal their natural resources in a more blatant way. Submersion people will be for it. This is what she saying she says if we want to. continued to bomb the shit out of the world's gestures like having oil rich countries partially pay us back doesn't seem crazy to me. That's narrative it that's nor attendant. That's a psychopath! That's us! After Libya, she saying this: that's a psychopath That's a bloodthirsty psychopath who thinks dead bodies, equal money and that's all I care about Hillary Clinton- interacts a great business opportunity that these people are.
There are lying cheating cycle paths and now she's the enemy of journalism to she's. What she's, just like Trump she's in bed, with Trump wanting to imprison. Journalists for journalists That's who these people are fascist, megalomaniacs, let's see how she ends the email. Do we prefer cuts to head start or the Wick program or Medicaid, because we live in deficit politics and that's what is happening we'll be happening even more so she's like hey they're, gonna, cut domestic programmes because We have to keep doing these wars,
should we just steal their oil and stuff, so we don't have to cut programme. Several, let's go kill. Other people pillage their country steal their natural resources, leave them in a failed state. So we don't have to cut programmes back and do you see how create like? That's again? That's not over the top hyperbole! That's what this is megalomaniac Chris. See people bloodthirsty neo, liberal corporatist, whose think dead bodies of the Middle EAST, equal profits. and now you know why near attendant hates Wikileaks,. now. You know why near attend and hates people who and calls people who defend journalism contests and the worst contests. That's what near attendant saying about people who stand up for journalism she's in with Trump imprisoning journalists. That's what she's doing these people are fascist, maniacs- and this is your democratic leadership- is, is it
centre for american progress. If there was any decency in politics in America, she would be cast out of pub polite society for this, but they're all in bed with Trump. They rather have tromp president than Bernie Sanders, which is why we have fuckin trump. President. That, because of me or Susan surrounding or Jill Stein or somebody else, no money. No power is because a new near at hand in and Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who failed this country on purpose, who was a gangster from Wall Street and he kicked Americans either is. It gave those houses to fuckin criminals on Wall Street and then Those they only words his finger at Americans. Why don't? They will never comes back? Any tells progressives. Stapi appears so that these people
are. You want to know you and she calls so that the Associated Press tweets out the latest russian president, Vladimir Putin spokesmen says Russia wants Julian Assange rights to be observed, following the isn't that weird somebody who is supposed to be a big thug is actually is actually demanding rights for a journalist and guess who isn't near at hand and guess who guess who's a fascist, narrow, Tandon, guess who's in bed with the dregs of society trump near at hand in doing what she's she wants to shit on you. If you call for rights for Journalist you see these people. Are you see why you can't vote for Hillary Clinton? You see why you can't do that anymore. You see that we can't tell these people that you have my vote, no matter what that's why you can
do that anymore. It's time for a real fucking revolution, not incremental ism. Shame on you, fuckin! Shame on you for shaming anybody who stood up to this fuckin stupid. Do awfully that tricks. You every four fuckin ears to vote against your own goddamn interests. You want to know why Nancy Pelosi who the fuck every progressive, just voted for a speaker. You know why she didn't fuck, it had died. War criminals, who are now running our foreign policy again, you know why she did it because she would be indicted because Wikileaks feel that to why she for four years living Healy resides Chelsea Manning because she's board too, because she was in it gets with this is this is this is from Wikileaks revealed this
this is a member briefings on enhanced interrogation techniques, so what they had to do the intelligence community, the torturers, the criminals, what they had to do was they have oversight and Congress because they work for us to support supposed to, but they don't so. I have two brief members of Congress and this was revealed by Wikileaks. It says this is from September fourth Twont, two thousand to breed type briefing. Subject: briefing on IE I tease, which is enhanced. Interrogation techniques enhance interrogation techniques. That's what we call a cause, we're Christians. If we're muslim, we call it torture, but we're christian. So it's enhancing cherry asian techniques? Muslims do torture. We do this other thing cause we're fuckin maniacs and we lie about it to ourselves briefings on torture, including the use of torture and abuse
The Vida background on authorities and a description of the particular torture that had been employed needed. They tell who was this and in September of two thousand to who did they brief Porter Gaza, Nancy Motherfucking policy? That is, Middle name, so Nancy Pelosi knew about torture in two thousand to which is why she said when she got control the house in two thousand: six tortured that impeachment off the table, because she, we want to have to answer for this. a big club and you ain't in it near chump, Bethink. Hillary Clinton was your fuckin savior. And you gettin ready to do to get they're going to cheat Bernie again and then is going to tell you to vote for pocket, Joe bided and meanwhile the planet's gonna melt. We're gonna, have ten more wars and are going to start.
in even more journalists. So that's why that's Nancy policies name! So you see you see right there. It's a directed so there's another briefing. This was on September six, two thousand six. It says a director named all thirteen tortures at this briefing and verbally describe most specific mention of water boarding watered down seeing stomach slap wailing or walling, and the methods used to carry out these techniques and who did they tell they told if you look over to it, says the full committee. Now you know why she she calls people who stand up for journalism, fascists. Do you see how we're living in nineteen eighty four this is. This is Hillary Clinton campaign this artillery cleanse friend this is the set head of a set of she's
welcome on liberal talk shows all the time she's calling somewhat standing up for journalism. A fascist she's calling somewhat standing up for human rights, a fascist. You see how fuckin maniacal these people are, the mendacity. That's who these people are. Here's that adheres Nancy policies. Name there. It is September. Fourth, till two thousand too, she was taught she was briefed on torture and all the torture America was doing in our name and she didn't say a goddamn thing, so Nancy policies Kalis Cook, complicit in war crimes, which is why she said impeachment
the table there's some more there's a briefing from November. First, two thousand five: it set an interrogation techniques breathed brief that interrogation techniques, including water board, facial slap abduct. Slap sleep deprivation and walling and who did they tell they told the Senate leadership. They knew about it. This awesome: here's a briefing from September six, two thousand sick. The director provided significant details, naming all the tortures and providing a verbal description of most of the tortures, There was also a specific discussion of water boarding and who did they tell they told Harry, read this and Bill Frist the Senate leadership. They debt, that's what they
old and what did Harry redo about it? Not a goddamn thing eat their complicit, which is why George Bush was never investigated. They never had a fuckin hearing about this because they're all in on it there's another. Do the same thing. Who they brief, and this time the whole committee Senor governments also could become to me now sure governments already been stolen, from you a long time ago, and Wikileaks reveals that
How does a lot of ass wipes run around Thinkin strum stalled or their government recovery was taken from you a log fuckin time ago, and the Republicans agree with Trump he's, not a special kind of republican. They did the southern strategy since frickin Nixon. He just says it out loud. job bushes was interviewed, CNN and and Kalinowski reported it out that job JEB Bush agrees with all Donald trumps policies. They just don't like that. He tweets and net nasty stuff. So the idea that truck
was a special kind of crazy, that we had to get rid of job Bush just said, you were wrong about that because he agrees with the job Bush, so this is what's going on. Can I do to highlight four you Jimmy? Seventy was talking in the chat they y know what was hot walling and it's a method of torture used by c I a in which persons neck is encircled by a collar and is then used to slam the person against a wall. Accordingly, information gathered by the International Committee of Red Cross from six detainees, walling meant beating by use of collar above Beechwood off the table
why cause you're complicit cause you're, all goddamn war criminals and that's why Julian Assange is in prison, and I am glad that the people on the left are waking up to that. Maybe you too has been silent. Undulated sounds last week. Not this show not us had aggressor, progressives, weaving agreement about this loud and clear, we ve had clearly moral clarity on this no trouble again. This is something that even a guy like Tucker Karlsson, can get right. So this is a hard thing to get saw. The people have been saying for the last four years. four waken up blood. You got your head out of your s, so That's the world were living in right now and when people do good work do
journalism their jailed. When people tell the truth about Russia Gate their smeared slandered in never apologize to. In fact, they keep doing it. Look look, look how people are still go net Glenn, Greenwell Aromatic and Trace job Michael Tracy. Look what they do to those look. Look! What they're doing disgusting that is disgusting there in bed with people like MAX boot,. David from so this is the world were living in right now and Bernie is with a Katy? I haven't heard this: can you got a judge or go to burning twitter feed and see if he said anything about this? Yet this is a time for real leadership. So everybody was pretend screaming about journalism when tromp was being it asshole to Jimmy Costa, and everyone was so they were all stats called virtue, signalling right. Isn't that what that is they ve
they signalled their virtue that they care about journalism. But now here it is you really care about journalism? Mrs, why journalism is fail? and this is why anybody who wants to be in this club needs to get their goddamn had examined. Anybody goes that goddamn correspondents dinner and, if you go there for any other reason, but to expose them is frauds you're part of the fuckin problem, Randy, credit co, a fuckin JAG off night Club comedian had more curves and all those people at the correspondence dinner last year he stood up for Julian Assange and you know what they did: tackled a compliment threw out of there and not one fuckin reporter reported it. You know why, because they have to say where peace is. A shit and Julian Assange is right, and so it's Randy credit go roomful assholes. I've been a roomful assholes, like that, when I was at the Oslo Freedom for about my God, fuck a roomful of journalists who are met
pieces for the military industrial complex and I stood up then and I'll stand up now Bernie. He said nothing. about this. There's your moral leader and when they cheat em again is gonna. Tell you to vote for Fucking Joe Biden, so it would be nice if someone who has Bernice Ear To tell him to get his head out of his ass and start saying something about Fucking journalism, instead of saying something about Jim Acosta, which is pretend there's a real crisis happening when you're done when you're done
Spitting out. The CIA talking points for our for their pretext: invasion in Venezuela, maybe Bernie. You could fuckin start talking about Julian Assange in a constructive way, because this is the world were living in torturers the guy exposes torturers, you know we're living in a world where people who exposed crimes are considered criminals. What's that sanguine, when exposing crimes is treated as a as a crime, you're being governed by criminals and I'm sure I'm butchering that, but that's what we, of course, proper bomb, tortured, Chelsea Manning. What did Barack Obama torture Chelsea Manning? Why you broke Obama, tour Josie Manning because Barack Obama wanted Chelsea Manning to say that Julian Assange assisted her in getting those documents
so, then they can go after Julian Assange, but she wouldn't Chelsea Manning, wouldn't lie to get herself out of being tortured, naked twenty four hour surveillance in a cage not allowed to sleep and they put her back in jail again for the same reason: anybody you're afraid of fascism, you're freaking But to speak out about trumpet. Is racism speak out, fuckin thou about Trump? What he's doing against Julian Assange in journalism right now? Do it now you got all day to talk about what you take a break from Fuckin, repeating Rachel Madhouse Russia, gate bullshit and then maybe you could talk about Julian Assange anyway.
So there we are so bodies of Bernie still sorry, but it still mood on this. What is still a moral dilemma for burning fuck? We have such fuckin poor choices, the best the best Verde Bernie the best short well tell I've got say really showed courage on this. One tells you came out known unequivocally supported dead, so nice to see her to the left Bernie on this again and to the left of her Critics ironically, looks like a rock Obama's on the phone. Again I hope he doesn't take is so usual condescending tone, a lecture me I'm getting real and facing practicality, hello, about people of good will You gotta face practicality. What's this bout, where we want a common voice. The idea of ideas of hopes our shared system of values
meaning shut the fuck up, Medicare for all hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member go to Jimmy Dore. How many doubts Cobb sign up it's the most of horrible premium programme, because this today show was written that right, it was written by breakdown of Jim Earl, Rob Lakota step Samarova would mark Van land with all the voices today, performed by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae or can be found at MIKE Mccrae dot comes that's it for this week you be the best you can be I'll. Keep me in me
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