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BIDEN Blasts BERNIE In Attempt To Get Votes!

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Park Avenue Lives Matter!

Spineless Democrats won't fight for the Supreme Court!

New York Times hit piece on the Green Party!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Liam Neeson, Vladimir Putin, Bernie Sanders, and Al Pacino!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Jimmy Door Show hi who's there, Jimmy yeah, listen to my voice. This is very important. Time is of the essence. Liam Neeson Liam is that you buddy but you might not know. Just looking at me You say I'm in character. But why should I be alone You may have noticed, lady, that I look frail and can't but I found one God are you Don't let that fool you, I am frail and gaunt. Are you ill? Are you not feeling well what's the matter is by ill you mean dedicating my life to my craft, I'm sorry, call me ill Jerry. I your songs I sent for Yeah. I'm doing I'm in a room, would you and alive audience show
Listen to me very carefully, go to the next bedroom go under the bed. Tell me when you're there Ok, I'm there now The part is very important you're going to you take him taken here, the warmth and good nature of a wonderful but people out to experience quality Wholesome live comedy in a comfortable environment, okay, I don't know who they are- and I don't know what they want other than a fine selection of beverages and delicious food items of an impressive menu can tell you is that I have a very particular set of skills skills. Acquired over a very long career skills that might make be a nightmare for people like them. Really, yes, I'm doing improv really keep doing
improv is Jimmy I'll, be doing a guest appearance tomorrow night at the field, flap, with the emperor Alek I'm Dr Alex but and surprising audiences answered with a completely new show every wow. While I did not know that Liam did not also didn't know, they used to call themselves barrel monkeys but had to change today. Did they changed the name from It sucked why the hell do you think nobody wants to see anybody calling themselves barrel of fucking money? I mean it's a goddamn drivers so the Name Improv Provo Holics. That means, that they're really addicted to improv. Is that yeah mostly it means they, a chronic drinking problem, which is what our motto serious business? Hey Jimmy sorry, to cut this? but I have to go okay! Well, if you let us know where you're going to be performing any gigs coming up with the Improv Holics, if you insist, but I don't
have much time. Alright. Well, just tell us Real star arrow I'll, be a snickers snark, Shack and Van nice. Okay, carvers left culvert in Culver City, Gary Skingdom and scabrous center and low die. The tif's Def jam and race comedy riot in Compton, and she shit shit in shit field, just off the one hundred and thirty four okay. Well, listen le! I'm not free! I'm at the triangle! Fun ways: factory! Oh my god, rolling on the floor laughing. There will be a raffle afterwards. then we got some one night, there's a tantos haha Hogan and Tempi Hogan Steppedon to an haha, tempis, Hogan, haha and Toto and start Tippi and Hogan all right. Listen Liam! Thank you. So much for car really have to cut this short yeah, but the week after that, I'm at Shem's palace of Gluten in Berkeley.
Brown's abortion on to ban chuckle, cave and incested for him and getting Buford and I'm holding Michael Jackson's being is comedy magic club in for then I'm at mom and dad are disappointed at me. In my mind, Florida all slept in Bend Oregon, but Gina is oyster hat in Eureka, as they just shot the precedent in Dallas. Oh, that's a good club in Dallas Monday Monday, I'm in remembrance of things left, slowers type, five Moby Stick jokes: the postman always sings twice the magnificent Laughter some battles, math all hilarious on the western front, fifty shades Of what the a king Solomon's lines as I laid the hang of laughter journey to the center of the mark ninety thousand leagues under the glee, the grapes of laugh, the Tell tale heart heart, the portrait of who was that lady. I saw you with last night and crime and punishment wow they're.
the crime input they're still open? That club is still open yeah. Now I really have to go birth of a nation, donkey jokes, the scarlet laughter, the brothers. Laugh your ass off. The great laugh, speed,
Everything you've always wanted to know about sex, but we're afraid to laugh the plus of August, the laughter on the right that I'm at bananas bone in her basement not associated with Barry's boner barn. But you got to choose Jimmy you working bananas, boner basement. You can't work at Barry's, Boner bar and not saying it's fair, I'm just saying that's the way it is okay. I really have to go now on New year's LB, okay, LISA Lisa. Thank you on it. So now I mean jump to medium and hit me head on. It's the chat, show hi. Everybody welcome to this week's Jimmy door. Show let's get to the jokes before we get to the joke, shall we well? We've reached the two hundred thousand dead Americans mark on the odometer two hundred.
Thousand dead Americans Europe, this country work car. We would have traded in four one with Medicare for all long time ago, hey Mitt Romney, once the court domination the the Supreme Court nomination to go through before the election, I'm shock that Mitt Romney wants the court nomination to go through report. Election, I was assured Mitt Romney was part of the resistance. Maybe John Kelly can save us remember this election we are left with. The stark choice: run decay or run to Greenland. Did you hear scissors, but restaurants? This is true. Another victim of the covert. Now economic downturn, sizzler's restaurants, just announced their filing for bankruptcy. I guess they're pulling up stakes,
a nice hey. Did you hear this week? A grizzly bear killed a moose Hunter in Alaska. Now that's what I call judgment. I think we found our next Supreme Court nominee Did you watch the Emmys? The eyes were on set, I'm not kidding, they have the me towards. I should get Emmy for not watching the Emmy awards. This year's every awards were so irrelevant. I almost gave it an ice bucket challenge. Hey. Remember, one ISIS boasted that Americans will not feel secure even in their own bedrooms, member that, whilst we showed them now. We don't feel secure, even in our own minds that nice surveillance state joke hey. What's coming up on today show the Supreme Court. Justice, Ruth Vader Ginsburg, has died and spineless Democrats would fight for the Supreme Court. Hey Rachel Battle caught doing straight up vacant. Once again-
In blast, Bernie Sanders in an attempt to get votes and hacks at the Washington Post are reporting secret. Cia document says Biden is a victim of Russia because they are stooges of the intelligence complex plus we have some Ass phone calls from from Harrison Board Liam Neeson Putin, Bernie Sanders and Al Pacino's plus plus. A lot lot bore that today, the Jimmy Georgia, I beat. The Socialist Biden reminds voters worried about socialism that he won the party nomination, not Bernie Sanders. I beat the socialist. in a pandemic when it was deadly for people ago vote, and I told my supporters to go vote anyway and hid behind nationalism in my party did everything they could to kneecap the socialists for the second time and they succeeded. That's what it means when he says I beat the socialists.
Joe Biden think it he won, that primary is like Donald Trump thing, any generated his own wealth. democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden aimed to assure voters by pointing to the fact that he beat Senator Bernie Sanders in the primary cause. You know what they say: gracious in defeat and victory. That's what they said. That's why I say that, because you know he's gracious, I beat the Socialist Biden said Monday. That's how I got elected. That's how I got the nomination. That's right! I'm the guy that all the twenty twenty the fell in line bore and the media cooperated with to steal the nomination from the guy. The people preferred that guy. Hey Barack Obama wins the democratic primary release from himself
compose neutrality? The former president will soon make the case for Joe Biden and Biden his head trouble that it, has had trouble making himself much like. In the Beatles Joe Biden got by with a little help from his friends. That's how he won the goddamn primary Joe Barack Obama personally called PETE A gig and all the other candidates and told him what the best drop out. This is your your power, this is when you have all your power. Do I beat the socialist? That's how I got elected, that's how I got the nomination. Do I look like a Societ look at my career, my whole career- I am so I like how we standing in a warehouse. That's full, and you know what it's full of its full
unused Biden, Harris signs, full inventory. Oh here goes Bernie Sanders says I'm seventy nine and I'm angry. If I were eight In our twenty, I would be very, very, very angry young people can transform this country must do everything we can to ensure the vote in this election. I don't know what burnings even saying at this point anymore. I don't even know what, like I couldn't write things to make him look dumber than he sounds. I couldn't literally make up stuff to make himself a bigger cock than he is he's the opposite of what is needed at this moment. She says I'm a gen xer and I am very angry that Bernie is bending over backwards to get and-
Elected while Biden's disrespected Bernie, I beat the socialist as a cheap shot to win votes in swing states, because Biden has no worthwhile policies to offer those people to vote for correct honestly. Is there a bigger disappointment in the world in Bernie Sanders? I personally haven't for me personally. There is not my dad punched me so hard twice. I pissed my pants less of a disappointment than Bernie Sanders. Punch me so hard knock me out and woke up and pull a piss. That's how hard I got hit from my father. Less of a disappointment than this guy is Good way to alienate your former opponents supporters after that opponent has spent.
Months, trying to get them to back. You, wow wow Joe Biden, stab burning in the back, who could have seen that coming. Bernie has been working his tail off, trying to help Biden, and this is what he gets in return. I don't see why any socialist should vote for Biden. Bernie signed a unity pledge. The rest of us did not good old Joe, It's almost like he's campaigning for the other Biden. it always irked me how Bernie would incessantly call bite and his friend when Joe repeatedly stabs him in the back and chest. The lack of self respect from Bernie was my biggest concern and Biden was yammering about Bernie having nine Super Pacs. Bernie should have never let him off the hook. You should have had
read him all fucking night over it. Of course he didn't cause. Bernie Sanders goal was not to win the nomination. Sanders goal was to remain in good status with the elite in Washington DC inside the Democratic Party, and he did it. Of course, Joe Biden supported Republican and a two hundred thousand dollars speech. That's true Joe Biden, different kind of Democrat, the kind who lavishly praises Republicans who are fighting for reelection, so he went and gave a speech to help the Republican beat a Democrat percent of Democrats support Medicare for all, though Joe Biden doesn't.
Yale study says Medicare for all would save us four hundred and fifty billion dollars prevent nearly seventy thousand deaths a year. Look if we get four more years of Trump at least we know Bernie and Joe Biden will be tight and now Joe Biden, Paul Ryan was correct,
the tax code. What's the first thing you decided we had to go after Social Security and Medicare. Now we need to do something about Social Security Medicare. It's the only way you can find room to pay for it. I don't know smile like an idiot. Hey we're going to cut our social safety net. The richest country in the world is going to pretend we can't give health care to people when my own kid gets sick, we're going to go bankrupt, trying to pay for it. We're going to take a personal loan from Barack Obama to save my ass in my house, I'm the one who set up this system, that's bankrupty me and I'm still not going to help you.
That's what a craven fucking maniac I am, can you imagine being that big of a maniac I can't even imagine, being as big of a maniac he's a bigger maniac than trump your own kid you go bankrupt. You set up the fucking health care system that bankrupts your own family and you still don't want to fix it. I would have to say if there was, if the health care system bankrupted Trump, I'm sure he would want to fix it. I'm sure he'd want to stick it to those fucking. He insurance companies, not Joe Biden, because Joe Biden is a shell of a human being he's not a real person. He's just a cash receptacle and he doesn't even cash in is it.
Here's Joe Biden going to tell you who his friends are senator. We have a deficit, we have social security and Medicare looming the number of people on social security. Medicare is now forty million people. It's going to be eighty million and fifteen years. Would you consider looking at those programs age of eligibility, cost of living. Put it all the tape. The answer is absolutely have to. I mean one of the things this riser say to me is who don't touch that? Third look? The american people aren't stupid. It's real, simple proposition. We have to do we you, and I were talking about Bob Dole earlier I was one of five people- I was the junior guy in the meeting with Bob Dole, George Mitchell, when we put so security in the right path for six years. I'll, never forget what Bob Doll said: after we reach an agreement about gradually. Raising the retirement age, etc, he said, look here's the deal, we all put our foot in the boat one at a time and he kidding he stepped like stepping step boat and we all make the following deal
If any one of the challengers running against incoming democratic republicans at taxes on this point, we'll all stay together, that's the kind of leadership that is needed. Social security is not the hard one to solve Medicare. That is the gorilla in the room. You've got to put all of it on the table. Everything everything you've got to. So you see his real friends are Republicans Bob Dole. That's his real friend we're going to fight for we're going to protect each other right as we fuck over America yeah. Do you know who his friends,
This doesn't include you Joe Biden says he may further increase military spending. If elected I mean you have to, because we couldn't possibly spend less on endless war. Could we. Because he'll always find money for the military, but not Medicare and social security. You Medicare, we got to increase the military, we got to cut Medicare and social Security got to do it and he says it with this psychopathic glee in his voice. Then it somehow makes them some kind of a good person that he's telling you some truth. We have to deny health care to people and security in their old age.
That makes me strong to screw over the most vulnerable people, so everybody had problems. They want a politicians to address turns out even rich people feel like they need represent? Should in America you think I'm kidding. Michael Joe Biden, said yesterday that he is gone. Pain is Scranton versus Park Avenue. Why is it going with this divide and conquer approach? That's from thing what about a message for all American NBC Msnbc is so shitty that I even dislike their criticisms of Joe Biden. Their criticisms of Joe Biden, suck she's upset that he made some ridiculous. Pandering mention a platitude of his
Hometown have all the things to criticize Joe Biden for giving a shout out to his home town. Definitely top of the list do See if you're a millionaire what Europe, priorities are. This is what your priorities are Joe Biden platitudes. That's what you're upset about not Joe Biden's policy. Could she loves Joe Biden policy because nothing is going to fundamentally change? Could you go. Michael Joe Biden, said yesterday that his campaign is Scranton versus Park Avenue. Why is he going with this divide and conquer approach? That's trumps thing. What about a message for all Americans. I don't live on park avenue, but I look pretty close to it. You know how I got there working my buddy
He doesn't want my vote. Msnbc sticking up for the few who really need it: the highest tax bracket in America, She's, literally sticking: when is she going to start taking care of the rich people we get ours when is government going to start working for the wealthy. Why don't you come get my vote, I'm wealthy. What is what's government gonna do for me. She spent more time on a bs tweet from Joe Biden. Hey Joe Biden says: go vote for Trump fat
MSNBC, that's okay, Joe Biden, I'm from Scranton MSNBC. My pearls are clutched. Our media is so shitty, I'm rolling my eyes, a criticism of Joe Biden. We need a guy, permit that works for all Americans, so give us healthcare. No, no. I mean the rich people. You want to see that again I do. This is come on Joe. Biden said yesterday that his campaign is Scranton versus Park Avenue. Why is it going with this divide and conquer approach? Hats trumps thing: what about a message? all Americans? I don't live on park avenue, but I live pretty close to it and you know how I got there working my butt. He doesn't want my vote, hey if you're
really rich in America like she is and you're, not sure which politicians are looking out for your interests. I'll give you a hint all of in case you don't know. This entire segment is tire segment. It's like in entitled. Yelp review became a panel by the way Fascinating moment this em on the trail when MSNBC host and former banking executive Stephanie as Bernie Sanders, one might argue that Bernie Sanders does stand for that person who is struggling, but what about the affluent per Are they in your modern family? This is a pattern of hers. Her concern is not.
For the poor in America or the working class or people who have problems, her concern is for the wealthy you dont have any problems. Are we gonna take care of them? What about the affluent? What do you do for them. like she's, affluent and and she's. Not. How can we help other people who are have less us? She's she's like what you gonna Do for me. How can I a little more. That's not what you can do for your country. That's But your country could do for you if you're really wealthy. what someone think of all the millionaires, like even the. Most banal of empty platitude, signalling to board people will get these people upset even them But now the most banal of empty platitude, signalling to poor people will get the that's all he was doing he's not actually gonna help peep poor people Stephanie Rule job,
and going to do anything, Joe Biden put poor people in prison, Joe Biden made it hard for people who were poor and bankrupt, took declare bankruptcy. Joe Biden kick people who got couldn't pay their mortgage other house in a mill of depression. Joe Biden is the enemy of poor people already deputy up the worry its back by the way. it's back. Breaking work to be married to a hedge fund is very to a hedge fund manager. You to know how she worked her butt off. she said she worked or bought off? Let's go to her Wikipedia page where's. He or she worked or but off by the way. Her parents are Frank and Louise Rule and she was raised in park Ridge, New Jersey,
She is a graduate of Lehigh University where she earned her bachelor's degree in international business in nineteen. Ninety seven as part of her major. she studied in Guatemala. Italy in Kenya, rule REACH turn to Lei, to give the twenty seven commencement address now did work hard to be born into privilege. In twenty seventeen park, Ridge New Jersey had a population of eight point nine thousand people with a median age of forty four and a median household income of one hundred and six thousand dollars. That's park, Ridge, New Jersey, It has a median income of a hundred and six thousand dollars that's park. Ridge, that's where she was born. How about solo that O'Brien? She she's upset too, so that O'Brien so it says this election is Scranton First Park Avenue, solar, Brian or both New York.
the park avenue is amazing, no need to knock. It would be nice to have a press. it sees every American is worth fighting for. Thank you, hey, whose pledging to fight for the rich, that's guy who's got by vote that that Brian again born without a shame button in her brain? I don't know what her mother did raising her, but whatever it did sold that a but bright is miss. king the shame button. She doesn't know that that shit, that normal, first, it would feel embarrassment. She does it not doesn't have the ability to feel humiliation. Do you believe this. we need a president who sees every American is worth fighting for. Do millionaires really need someone fighting for them? What would you like them to fight for you for solid dad? What is it that you need from Joe Biden he's not giving you? What is it?
or tax breaks. What do you want from Joe Biden. so that Brian one one of those people who blames movie stars for the Trumps presidency power movie stars. She doesn't blame the establishment of the people who give her or sign her checks, but this is how she thinks. Could you imagine that being that fucking ridiculous on purpose, you imagine Being that unaware that you're that ridiculous, you like a cartoon of a person but for real. Can anyone explain to me what exactly park Avenue investors are intrinsically vulnerable to and what kind of ruination. They need defending from good point notorious hag
they were then he says I want this movie to end with, so that all by O Brien fighting others for scraps of food under a freeway overpass me too, when that be Sweden, Cecil out o Brien fighting for food scraps underneath and overpass with other people can that's what she does. That's what she deserves the if there is if, if this was a adjust world, that's what would happen Hey media figures completely melting down over Joe Effing binding it indulging in utterly mundane and superficial grand Verse Park Avenue campaign rhetoric makes it Crystal clear why they found. Bernie Sanders so completely intolerable. Let's up that yeah birdie Let us talk about helping people who need help in America, and people like solid
o Brien would melt down over it because she doesn't need any help in America. The she's gonna fuck about those people, but doesn't it make you wondered Jimmy what exactly Does park avenue need what more does were asking? What is the problem? What what isn't government doing for Park Avenue right now, I guess solve O'Brien- could not tell us that she certainly could not tell us. The Stephanie rule took to the air to wine that Park Avenue lives matter park. Avenue lives matter during a time of unprecedented unemployment in housing and security for fifty million Americans is just perfect and then BC host whining that Park avenue
lives matter. It's a t shirt. We should make that t shirt. Like them simply get on that will make that teacher and it will sell it and then we'll give the the prop proceeds of that teacher to us. You know Stephanie rule in the one percent, because so. What solo that O'Brien does not understand is that Scranton is his public position park. Avenue is Joe Biden's private position. Hey Joe Biden Centre of Delaware for decades created a tax haven for banks and drug dealers more creek or corporation. Reside in Delaware. Then p p, L. What is it? What is people then p? There's more corporations, more corporations reside in Delaware than people. Is that a real fact? I bet that I would. I wouldn't doubt it.
Bite in Sun Hunter was hired out of law school by him. He hadn't hey, that's it also correct is bankruptcy bill, hurt middle class and working people. Imagine Stephanie Rural, getting the prep notes for that segment, cause they get their euro area SEC next segment, you're gonna be upset that Joe Biden said Scranton versus Park Avenue match you get that that this is our segment. That's will respond to do. This is our segment. Yes, that's it your segment you're instructed to be upset. That Joe Biden is splitting America by saying is going to stick up for people who aren't and the one percent got it got it. Is this? Does this go under the umbrella of journalism? Still it does. Ok, all right, hey, you know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do in that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. You should be the previous member. We give you up
bill of ours of premium bonus content every week, and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by go. To Jimmy Door, comedy com clicking on join premium, so Affordable previous programme in the business and its great way to help put your thumb back in the eye the bastards for everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, hello? This is Jimmy who's. This, yes, is secure phone line. Sure. This is Vladimir Putin. How are you I'm you? president, how are you I am doing, how you say? Well, okay, so do you like the gift? I gifted you
What give that it? How did receive any gift all book you did you have thirty three or send a door at the murky all her Kennedy ha. What what? For a first time ever, Canada also raised not to choose how is this possible. What caused such an occurrence, Joe Kennedy was, flawed candidate and his youth and name ended up not influencing young voters. No must be more complicated and sinister than that or perhaps foreign
Interference, conspiracy theories are not needed to explain things that some of us are coming a mile away. The Kennedys are political dynasty. People do not simply discard dynasty. Well looks like they do sometimes, and not buying that you had anything to do with that election or any other election in the United States. Is that so? Well, let's just say, Twenty is going to be very busy year for Vladimir what will be busy Yes, you will be busy adjoining the fact that people are stupid enough to think that deeply flawed candidates, cadets Simply lose elections and that some nefarious cloak and dagger crap is at work, which jewels? We voted in America, oh yeah.
How? How do you do that Lattimer? Well, there are several ways: one Is now Mimi S name that are to the person I want to lose. We put these memes on the Facebook and Tada we have controls. Elections yeah? You know Vladimir Idle dig Look, Mr Putin, Facebook is this Ass pool of misinformation already, if you actually think uploading a bunch of pictures with the frog guy constitutes election interference. I don't want to tell you
I got a marquis like that. I won't. Pens Marky elected treasures, if I do like it oh baby. they go to your new leader, okay, look Take this over to Rachel Maddow we're not buying this crap over here, okay, Putin! Please! Let me this sorry bad can't! Do it Americans paranoid that I can control that elections. It's the big nay, of going on right now in my life,
Is in walk down to you know Quantum team, it's starting to get to people are terrified of my power and rich. it really you like better They told me I should really want boy. You're therapists encourages this. Although sometimes I do worry that he is one of those you know yes, men therapists, I don't. Well, well, look we're not your therapists here, I'm not gonna spread, lies and misinformation about this like everyone else's. Please. No. What, if I make nice meme.
I'm sorry still know what I promise not to poison you. Can you. Just do that anyway, fine therapist says I should chill up with with that. Anyway. Oh baby, you got what I need, but she says she's just a friend, but you said something I don't remember the lyrics. I was very busy in nineteen eighty, nine okay, so I don't know if you heard Ruth Bader Ginsburg died right and, of course that's still Stein's fall, I'm pretty sure.
Right about that or someone else with even less power. Susan Sarandon, probably but guess what the Democrats response to Ruth Bader Ginberg death should terrify trump. Why does trump not ever replaced but in mind what because the Democrats might stand up to trump? Well, I guess there's a first for everything. Do you really think that trumps should be terrified of the Democrats at any poor? Are you fuckin crazy? Yes, yes, it CNN. By the way you ought to see how scared from Trump should be. The Democrats Democrats cannot stop passing his life. Time appointment, federal judges. Without a fight Monday night, the Senate Democrats voted for trumps latest federal judges. Here's the late years later they are bankcard in time, Carper Bob Casey Chris Coon's Catherine Cortez, Mastro, Tammy Duckworth, Dick Durban.
Diane Feinstein, Maggie Hassan Patrick, lay he dug Jones even more Joe Mansion Christmas. All these people voted for trumps took us check out this list. Of winners and so inspiring, has dug Jones on it, the guy who barely won his race against a straight up, pedophile Joe Joe Mansion, John Tester,. Their considered part of the alternative to the right here in the United States, Joe mentioned these people are considered the turning to the right in the United States, or else would they be considered an altar to the right nowhere else in the world.
Nowhere else in the world, with these Democrats be considered an alternative to the right. They are the right hello, She says she will not leverage government shutdown to to avoid vote on court seat. Asked if there was any way the Democrats could slow down Senate Republicans, Pelosi said Sunday, everyone together, out there and vote translation. We We'll do absolutely nothing now go vote for us and shut your mouth. She will not leverage government shut, to avoid centre vote. She won't you will not do that.
she's willing to hand away this rip the Supreme Court. Now, I'm sure that's most happy my fault or Jill Stein, fault again or Susan surrounded or someone with even less power. But it's that someone who actually has power could do something about it not doing it. Let's hope that the president will see the light Nancy Pelosi said so: that's Nancy Pelosi he's telling you straight up, I'm not doing a goddamn thing for you. I'm not We cannot pretend to oppose Donald Trump on this. Bread Obama nominated Merit Garland, almost an entire year, went by they're gonna. Get this done in a couple weeks and Nancy blows he's not going to a goddamn thing about it. You wanna hear what you said about on the news watch this. So this is what happens when this is?
What are every once in a while. You get a peak that, oh, my God, the she's, a robot and hers and and her software was malfunction analysed at West World. This is like what world ten states. As I said on Friday, I started their early for voting. The day that we launched with better Ginsburg but to be clear, you're, not taking any arrows out of your quiver you're, not ruling anything out good morning. Sunday morning there. We have a responsibility. We take a note to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. What was that hey? Do you think? It's still a good idea to have these
Mention old people as the leaders of the Democratic Party, I guess they do. I really wish it was true. I wish what Noam Chomsky said was actually true about voting. It's not. And everybody has that moment in their career, if you're in politics were you vehemently disagree with something NOM Jansky has said, and this is mine- he's not wrong about this. He has been for forty years. What is the evidence that this voting strategy gets you anything? What is the evidence there is no evidence. The evidence is, it goes. The other way would would join Joe Biden Wednesday. Election things are going to get worse. You don't Nancy. He didn't do anything for the people who got screwed over during this corona virus. Pending
make the people lost a job to do anything for them nothing. They gave five trillion dollars to the richest. One thousand people in the country And everyone else has to go pound sand, she's, not giving you care. Should I give you student that relieved that give you a job you not given, you, be I Nancy, pull It's fast and she's not going to try to stop the Supreme Court. Here's Dianne Feinstein on ending the filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court of the United States. She says I don't believe in doing that. I think the filibuster serves a purpose It's not often used its often less.
Use now than when I first came, and I think it's part of the Senate that differentiates itself wow at this point, if you still think the Democrats are resisting Donald Trump, you probably still believe in Santa Claus and it's like we need to have an intervention in America. with the people who vote democratic, who don't make a million dollars a year die and fight set, so Nancy Pillow he says we're going to be completely useless. and advice, Feinstein said so. Are we in the Senate. Completely useless. The Democrats Dian Feinstein mixture
humor look like Eugene Debs, that's a good joke! Nice writing their hair, Diane Feinstein makes Barney Fife. Look like a warrior unless, of course, he's fighting the left. One see our diet, diet, Feinstein with died by Saint. Who would take the gavel of you just judges, committee? If the Democrats take back the Senate is leaving open the idea of changing the rules to make it easier for Republicans to block Joe Biden's judges in twenty twenty one, wow. so she makes Barney five look like a warrior unless she's fighting the left here she is fighting. The left here are some kids who care about the environment. Because they're going to have to experience it not dying fins on who's, going to be dead soon, who doesn't have to live with climate change? These kids do and here's how
he fights the left, we are trying to ask you to vote yes on the green new deal what we have our own green new deal. Scientists we have twelve years to turn this around. Well, it's like a grip charged or ten years what we can do signed or is there something got to turn around in ten years at the faces of the people who are going to be living with? You come to the point. The people by the people and What's an interesting about this group, I've been doing this for thirty years? I know what I'm doing you come in here
and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don't respond to that. I've got an elected, I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality, I know what I'm doing she knows what she's doing robe I've been doing this for thirty years, I know what I'm doing, you come in here. And you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don't respond to that. What do you realize you donor catch? That's what I respond to not not people? People have to live with the effects of my policy decisions. I don't respond to that. you have to, but you have to butter her up. So she saves the planet. What
You have to talk to me nice, so I do the right thing. What and you know Jimmy really quickly. Diane Feinstein's net worth is fifty eight point: five million dollars is he's gonna die with that money in the bank. That's what kind of a psychopath Diane Feinstein is. Does she looks? You know what she looks like she looks like she sizing those kids up for stew. That's what she looks like Dianne fins in to a sixth grader. You say it's either my way or the highway. Here's the highway. There's the highway dyin to the
people who just realized that die advised sign is awful and not looking out for you welcome you're gonna start noticing more and more, and you cannot see this stuff. Trust me well said: Rob Lakota well said Rob Lagoon. So there is the honest to God. It's I condemn that. You could do. Is it it's so disgusting? What they're doing what they're not doing Nancy Policy, I'm not going to help people who are hurt by cove it I'm not going to fight against trumps judges, we're gonna up fast track of Edward Fuckers! Bernie Sanders far up his ass, his head right now unbelievable what a failure at guys on purpose failure he's no better than God look at their diplomacy, he's propping that shit up
Every so it's the same show every day it's the same show every goddamn day. It's the same, show hey. The Democrats are way worse than you thought, hey, there's, One party rule: here's more of evidence, hey the mainstream news. Media is bunch of CIA Puppets which is why we're in perpetual war everyday could do that story by the way and that your lefty media's horrible. I could do that story every day, lefty media that that not only does not debunk Russia Gate Cowardly doesn't do it pretends that that's the responsible thing to not talk about Russia Gates. Even if your debate,
it that's a transparent bullshit and then not only do they not debug it, they push it. That's just garbage lefty media. There there's nothing left in this country I could do that made honest. It's just that's why you can see why I want to talk about spirituality. It's same show and it doesn't know one's changing. no one's changing, no one's fuckin, sick and tired of this. I still go out at sea. Secutive producers of Hollywood shows telling everybody that you're a bad person. If you demand something from Joe Biden, a hundred million people in this country do not vote and Joe Biden It's not trying to get any one of them to vote for him. Why are you angry Joe Biden that he's not trying to get more votes because you are a fuckin adult children of an L. Pollack and you're, a millionaire cause,
don't need anything from Joe Biden cause you're a millionaire and it doesn't make you a good person to virtue signal that your voting Joe Biden, what it does it make you really a useful idiot and a tool on purpose, but you don't care because you don't really care about poor people. Or eighty percent of the workers in this country he'll live paycheck to paycheck tat. Everybody is a headline: how Republic here's the New York Times? How reply. applicants are trying to use the Green Party to their advantage. This is the New York Times. Do you need to see why the mainstream news media is garbage is the New York Times? This is straight up. Propaganda.
If the Green Party was as powerful as the corporate media makes about to be, we'd have ring choice voting around the country by now, but they're, not the Democrats are so weak that set they're afraid of a guy pulling at a zero percent The GOP is ought to help green party candidates in previous election cycles to siphon voters from Democrats. This no different, but it has It always works. If Democrats fought Republicans as hard as Democrats fight, the greens there'd be no chance, even a remote chance, of replacing Ruth bade her Ginsburg before the election, but the Democrats do not fight the Republicans away. They fight the greens, the green parties, getting assistance from Republicans.
Claim the Democrats, who featured one hundred Republicans at their national convention a month ago, the Democrats are more against the left than anything else, they're, not against Republicans they're against the left. Do they have any green party people at their convention to try to get some of the Green Party people to vote for them? Did they have any socialist at their convention to get some of the socialist event? No, who do they have they had republicans. This New York Times hit peace is full of unattributed unsubstantiated allegations of Republicans backing the Green Party, total slander like the home Depot billionaire Bernie Mark is coordinating in efforts to support the Green Party are invoked without giving a single example. That's from Michael O Neill from the Green Party, without giving a single example. Why? Why did you not have to give a single.
example because at the New York Times, if you just repeat something enough, it's automatically true like Russia, gate, Wmds, Kadaffi, Syria, gas attack all that stuff Pennsylvania Supreme Court Election
rulings are big wins for Biden and there are huge lose for democracy, so they're getting rid of choices on the ballot, because the Democrats are afraid they're going to lose it. Is it like this? Is this kind of ship that they would claim? Putin does, but this is what the Democrats do. I'm not sure how disenfranchising people is supposed to motivate them to vote for your party. So do you think by kicking the greens off the ballot? All those people who are going to vote for the greens are going to now show up and vote for the democratic, just kick them off the ballot. Do you really think that's got house? This is their voter outreach has just called bullying them into submission.
many greens would have voted for down ballot Democrats and the Democrats just told them to stay home. This is the Democrats doing this wretched if this was but it sounds like Russia, wise Russia doing this. Correct me: if I'm wrong by getting greens knocked off the ballots in several states, it likely means those voters will just stay home, and I assume this will only Democrats down ballot, not sure I understand all this celebrating. He I'm with you. MSNBC celebrating this MSNBC people with MSNBC contracts are happy that the Democrats are fascists. And there are limiting your choice. That's that's the kind of stuff authoritarian stoop,
But there's a lot of people who claim their left and are actually authoritarianism which, which is why they seek out contracts with MSNBC, which is a huge corporation, invented a news that work to fuck the left, the squelch them that's. What MSNBC is. But you see, Democrats celebrating this is exactly right. You see Youtube celebrating this. You see it Youtube, host, celebrating less democracy. How much money you got to get paid to celebrate less democracy as a Youtube host, I'm going post guess the steak, dinners all caught all take to buy those motherfuckers.
A vote for us is a vote for democracy. The democratic party shouts, as they sue, Pennsylvania and Texas to kick the Green Party off the ballot. A vote for us is a vote for democracy. The democratic party shouts as they soon Pennsylvanian Texas, to kick the Green Party off the ballot. In a real democracy, people shouldn't have any choice but to vote for the shady candidate. The dams choose for you, that's a real democracy. That solution to this is for the Democrats to offer something to green voters. I would thank you Legitimizing participation and democracy is a role that will have favorable outcomes. If the Democrats understood irony, I think the first thing they would do is change their name right.
The solution for this is the Democrats to offer them something to the green voters. That's what I keep saying. the solution to Biden and Trump being neck and neck, and all these Hollywood blue check Cont Fucking worried about. Joe Biden, might lose because I've this powerful? Why does it Joe Biden er, something to one hundred million people who don't vote? It's because people have been down. People are lemmings their willing submissives, which is fun sexually, but it's not fun politically. You have you have to compartmentalize that off. It's crazy.
Nobody will put, nobody will tell Joe Biden. Go, get a vote. They'll go why're. You voted for Joe Biden. Instead of why won't Joe Biden go? Get your vote, it's the exact opposite of how politics works, but that's it. This is the effective bill, Clinton, telecommunication directive. Ninety ninety six would took us from fifty giant media companies down to sit. And so now everybody has the same ideas in their head walking around the country. That's it not. Nobody understands our politics works anymore. Joe Biden is most to go: get votes to win an election Hillary Clinton was supposed to go campaign in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to get votes. She was in. Arizona and Texas. You know what I like is when I find out when I do when there's a is the person who I find is being duplicitous
being a gas lighter and being damaging to the left, and they pretend to be the left and that I am so that I do a video about them and it gets a lot of use right. But then, when I find out for what this will s will happen more often than you think when I do a video about somebody taken them down, exposing them tongue, truth about them? What will often happened? The first time this happened? I did this with my brother on the radio in Chicago, I told a joke about people
who was a bit of a dick to me. So I wrote a book joke about him. That was accurate and I didn't on the radio in Chicago on his favorite radio station and I gotta Myspace. That's how long was I gotta Myspace from a guy who was in the car with him when it was on the when he heard it, and he said my breakfast, he said I ve never seen so much space to purple people, so that happens once showed that just happened. So we did it. We ve exports in one recently fake lefty and one of his best friends. Texted me yesterday same boy he's going nuts. What, whatever you did you
under his skin because he is livid, and so that's nice. I figured he was, I figured he was Bernie San. This is Collin hello, Bernie, hello. Jimmy are you calling to remind you? Is this? The next one hundred days may be the most important one hundred days in the history of our country, alright, satisfy you, so why did you find it out through the convention? As I said front, the pathetic does Rachel spoke about about me. We must unite behind Biden, debate our greatest challenge. Ok,. I'll forget about Medicare for all and build for Biden. No, it's just a cult. You idiot think for yourself you're right I'll! Think for myself, then no don't think for yourself. Just because I tell you too, I've come confused. Now, of course you are and when you're confused that's the time to unite behind joke,
You will back the delegate, move it to include Medicare for all on the platform, but you are demanding the Senate pass a bill this week to expand Medicare for all your problem, hey. You know, there's a lot more, that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member go to Jimmy Dork how many dotcom sign up it's the most of horrible premium programme, because this today show was written by round the comb Barclay Landward Step, Zahm IRAN, oh Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written up all the voices Perform today by the one in the only the inevitable, MIKE Mccray, who can be found at MIKE Mcray Com- that's it for this week, you'll be the best you can be and I'll keep being me
Don't don't you, don't you don't? I don't worry, I'm not worried.
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