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BIDEN Losing Lead Over TRUMP!

2020-08-20 | 🔗

DNC Convention Craziness!  War Hawks endorse Biden!

Kamala Harris Shifts On Medicare For All!

Dems still Russia-Gating As Excuse For Losing!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program programme, the Jimmy or show. hi. This is Jimmy. Who is this. Hi, I'm MIKE Lindell inventor of my pillow, the most comfortable bill, you'll ever own manufactured right, Are you oh hello, Mr Lindel. smoke, crack rock and drive around in a dune buggy, nowhere even near sand, but then I found the redemption and promise fulfilled in accepting the Lord Jesus. Christ is my savior and I'm happy to say I haven't touched a dune buggy since that's nice Why are you calling, as I stated
By two thousand and nineteen memoir, I literally believe that God called me on the telephone several times and that I believe God is personally chosen. Donald Trump delete this great nation out of darkness do not. The the way and he will cure this pandemic with the grace of God, and I believe, just as I believe Jesus Christ called me on my landline that the tours work are now in our age and what is that? Randal extra. Is it that why Would you or the President urge people to take poison weapon
people say MIKE Wendell and vendor of my pillow. Why are you urging people to treat a sickness by ingesting unknown toxin? I say it looks like people have forgotten what a miracle is: Miracles it all the time for my studies But the sky and doesn't crash down Donald Trump, getting elected president was a miracle. The loon boy surviving his perilous journey, the polar ice caps which have been frozen for Thousands of years suddenly, providing us with life during water goals. For us, I don't see the connection. The Jesus can turn water. It. Wine can certainly turned boy, you didn't do it for a treatment. Novel corona, Irene owners How I don't either, but I don't understand, I don't either, but I don't
understand how the moon just hangs there, but luckily I don't need to well. I don't doesn't the fact that you sit on the Lord of the company, that manufacturers this oleander and have something to do with this When I called you, I made a vow to myself that I wasn't going to repeat my experience with Anderson Cooper. He also asked me about that. Well we're not going to talk about that now. You might not like you must do in Dublin at some point. You're gonna have to redress that and explain why you want people to take poison poison is by definition, something that you are so
to avoid ingesting. What do you want from me? Obviously, I'm completely out of my mind, delusional, rambling and more or less incoherent, but that didn't stop Anderson, from Partime on television or you from taking my phone call, which leads me to believe via my way of thinking that there must be something to this whole. Hey take poison thing that I'm on about these days. You like it because as I kind of sound like James Adomian portion of Miss Ventura, the look I can't help. But if these two guys already sound someone similar okay, I see- I guess I was just checking to see if I was missing anything I like to do that before I write things off. Jimmy are you sure, you're not missing anything
insane betting entrepreneur, who's going on television and telling people to take poison. Okay. Well, please stop you Donald Trump is a con man who took the Damas people in this country. A joint debate. There was all ports army sometime I'm saying exactly as they appear less the first correct, and you said Jimmy. I have to go, I'm getting another call, do you know who I think it might be ah ha ha ha oh
sliding down the street and Johnson media some had the chance to show We welcome this week's Gb Show, let's get to the job before we get to the jokes April, those of you not watching the democratic convention are some. of my highlights apparent low level, depression isn't something that can keep Michelle Obama from lying about her husband, Michelle Obama, condemning a culture of greed from her twelve million dollar. Martha vineyard estate always chokes me up with emotion, you'll five Republicans were invited to speak at the Democratic national convention. Putin has to be behind this. Am I right
hey what's covered up today, show Well Biden, is losing his lead over drop in the bulls, and yet violence still won't support Medicare for all in the middle of a pandemic, The Dnc convention is getting low ratings. Does that mean we will get low voter turnout plus the real reason that Kampala Harris flip flops on better care for all plus Republican John case. It gets more time the Democratic National Convention and a yo see. Does Eo Sea ports back only as much as her career, ISM and Nancy Pelosi will letter. Plus we got phone calls today from Barack Obama. Chris christie- David Axelrod and the CEO of MIKE Pillow MIKE Lindell. What's a lot lot more? That's today, I'm Jimmy Door Show So I don't know if you saw the convention last night
apparently now a lot of people did because tv tv ratings, democratic convention numbers down for night one. What get a couple more republicans under that should get the numbers up. Viewer ship, I beseech you. Bs, NBC, CNN Fox NEWS had ever had be see, went down about twenty eight percent compared to the opening night of the twenty sixteen democratic convention, the broadcast that work suffered v The biggest drops ABC Cbs and NBC combined for about six point: seven million viewers at ten p m off by about forty two percent from the eleven point Six million who tuned in four years ago so does that? Does that mean We're gonna have a lower turn out than we did even enjoy succeed. Four hundred million people in bone toys exceed the biggest voting block is
Oh don't vote in America where a thriving democracy ha what a vibrant democracy, the biggest block of people of the country, the people who don't participate, dont vote the next block are people who not affiliated with either party but who runs it. The least popular people in the country. The two parties big for broadcast that works otherwise aired repeated primetime Monday, the Sea W got sick. Numbers from whose line is it anyway and pet and tellers pull us that pet of tellers fool? Us is a good show. I like that few. So there you go Dnc their convention, not
Not making it happen all right, so I don't know I didn't watch the Dnc, not gonna, watch a step that you are the Dnc last night. No, I didn't bat. My impression is that they should have a new like slogan like socket. I really think that should be their slogan socket Democrats to what was it didn't Joe Biden just say just suck it up and vote for Joe. You have to swallow it. She said which is very close to suck it. She said swallow it didn't, didn't you. bite and say that whenever we did a video about, maybe your candidates- maybe Jos, not as good as your UK, that health care, the environment or regulations are workers or student. Or foreign wars by it is half the second up and vote for him swallow it. She said swallows have to swallow. It almost positives. You said that
the democratic strategy from twenty sixteen remember it. It can point for every blue collar Democrat. We will lose in western PA. We will pick up two three moderate Republicans in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and in Illinois and Wisconsin the voters who are most out their figuring it That was their strategy. How did that work out for you? So the Democrats literally trying to appeal to Republicans to vote for them because they know what they're offering appeals to them and with your offering doesn't appeal to workers or the hundred million people who don't vote.
What the Democrats are offering stuff that appeals to right wing Republicans and how did that work? You lost to a game, show hopes a political novice and so how's that go in for yet well. Flurry of polls show bite and sleet over Trump narrowing. So you saw the strategy. The strategy is to have John Kasich and three other Republicans go up at the Dnc Marginalized and despair is the progressive wing of the party, which is what he did, and he did it specifically calling out AOC
That's what you get a Yossi by the way for going along with Nancy Pelosi, she'll case a speech from Republican, that your own convention that shit's on you and so and it's not even working so they're doing the same thing. They did last time the same thing trying to appeal Republicans flurry of poles, show Biden Sleep over Trump narrowing. Here's a new CNN National Pull Biden, inherits fifty percent trump and pants forty six percent. Oh all the sudden. It's a race. all the sort of that ten point. Remember all the headlights, Hilary
Clinton. Ninety nine percent favorite to win you remember those well three months away from the election and Trump is, is tightening the race, and here it is now there within look at that within four points. That's a ten point shift towards Trump in one month. A ten point shift, towards Trump in one month and why? Because Joe Biden is running as a Republican, he picked a Wall Street darling, a corrupt cop to be his vice president, a cop he picked a cop famous for using prison labor.
And why? Why did she get to use prison labour costs? Joe Biden wrote the bill that put all those people in prison. He made sure there was money for more prisons, not schools in the soda, the Cabal Harris another appealing to Republicans to vote for them and Trump to narrow the gap by ten points in one month, but Jimmy what about the battleground stay. So what national? Who cares? What about the swing states? That's what really matters: ok scene and Poland: fifteen Battleground states Biden, forty nine percent trump. Forty, eight percent. Statistical dead heat in the swing states, so do you still want to wag your finger at people like me on Twitter and Facebook and say, grow up and vote for Joe Biden,
and Kamala Harris. Or do you want to make a tweet saying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris so try to go when the vote of actual progressives by doing crazy things like Autonoe, provide health care for people. For a ball, not affordable, not access but provide health care for people like the rest of the fucking world does maybe do that- hey, maybe say you're gonna. Let me What a prison who are there are marijuana convention. Maybe you make marijuana, not illegal, maybe you make it legalized. Maybe you make Medicare for fifty no they're doing nothing, they won't do anything. They won't give you student debt relief. They won't give you mortgage relief, they're, doing nothing for you, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris There you go and then they're gonna blame Bernie again.
and they'll blame me again, and I guess they'll probably blame Jill Stein again, even though she's not running bi and suggest. ass, he would veto Medicare for all over its price tat. You want to know why trumped just in one month was able to narrow the gap by ten points. because Joe Biden, Cabal, heirs of the Democratic Party are bent on not offering you anything. Remember it's up to them to come. Get your vote. You dont all your vote to them! That's what they're, counting on that site! politics works. If Joe Biden, Kemal Harris don't have enough votes to win and November, they have to come get them. How do you come get them? Maybe you offer people Medicare for all sings, seeing that nine out of ten Democrats are for
Medicare for all, including a majority of trouble voters are for single payer healthcare. Maybe you offer it to them, and so that this is my plea, the all the blue check, assholes on Twitter and in the world, hey, maybe don't make a tweet voter, shaming or trying to bully somewhat into voting, maybe make a tweet at a politician and pressure them to actually doing something for people to make them one of fuckin vote for you here, Joe Biden being asked TAT question: why won't you do something to help the people and get a vote? Here's what he says what economic has exposed, as at mentioned, so many weaknesses in the health care system, the most vulnerable, often black and brown
Communities have been handling much of the financial burden before the pandemic. You were against comprehensive single payer system. Now, if, if Medicare for all came across your desk as the pandemic has hit so hard, would you veto it. It's not gonna come across my desk, but a lot depends Denmark has not only torn through our nation. Devastating families reckon economies its exact. Separated some of the worst inequities, I'm gonna fight for health and health equities, but you don't need now is now its help, equities, stuff. That is not even affordable or thought even access. I'm gonna fight for health, equities, Jpg, to equities. I do enjoy your health equity. I don't know if I have them or not. You need a pill, for that is a cream. How do you get rid of your health equities? So he can't even say no, I wouldn't
Veto Medicare, so it won't come out my desk. So don't worry you don't have to hear me say I'll, be an asshole here. He's got more quickest way to get that. As for black and latino Americans to have access to the Obamacare, chair with a public option. That's the quickest way. we'll get everybody covered but haven't I've had making the tsunami so Obamacare remind me. Jimmy was was Obamacare a democratic idea. Where did Obamacare From our Obamacare was a conservative idea and a conservative thing called third Think tank called the Heron foundations first implemented by Mitt Romney republican governor of Massachusetts, and then Brok Obama, job and get into the White House. They decided hey. Let's do the right wing healthcare plan, even though we have complete control of super majority in the centre. Complete control of the house and.
And a black eye in the White House Democrat. What do we do? Let's implement a right wing healthcare plant. Let's do give away to the health insurance companies in the big farmer that leaves people out that doesn't help people. But hasn't this pandemic and the tsunami of layoffs shown the limits of private health care that is tied to employment. No, it hasn't, in my view, there's countries. No, it hasn't. No one hasn't this. Endemic is not laid bare the inequities in our health care system. He said no one. hasn't what to have? In fact, Single Payer systems that hasn't helped them very much either. The question is: what did you hear what he gets now it has, in my view those countries have in fact, since the single
our systems of that and held them very much either. The question is, you may accept. We have our our countries, thirty, eight ranked and health outcomes. Thirty, eighth, somewhere behind. Probably Moldova were thirty eight than the cut in the world in health outcomes. Single pairs. Don't help those countries. What kind of bullshit is is and now you know why Trump might beat him won't even give you healthcare and a pandemic, and blue checks are going away. Their finger at us and tell us we have to do this fuck you, Joe Biden, has to come, get my vote and he has to offer me health care in a pandemic. That's my red line! That's my bottom line! That's my divide! That's it bottom line. You can't cry
that's it. So if Joe Biden wants my vote, he has to offer me healthcare. Yes, please give me lip service and he won't even do that so voting for him until he does Jimmy and you seeing somebody your vote right now in August Jimmy seriously you're, not promising them your vote. I don't know why. I think it's fairly smart for a voter to pledge their vote three months ahead of time to a politician who who is offering them shit? Why, wouldn't you say, hey you want my vote. Come get it! That's what you're supposed to say: you're, not supposed to SAM gotta vote for Joe Biden through three months ahead of the goddamn election, you fucking child you willing dupe
you willing lemon lemon lemon so Jimmy, I would say most of the people that are going to hit the stage for the Dnc are not for Medicare for all, not about giving you a job program, the Republican and they're, taking away all the safety nets, and, I would say, the majority of the people who you're going to see on stage. If you dare watch it, the next stop will be taking away your social security and privatizing. That is correct. Well guess what so. He says that our system as it does not. It didn't lay bare Cathy inequities of our system. Over twenty five million Americans at risk of losing healthcare has grown a virus pandemic rages. It's been a real hard for me, cuts from August Fifth CBS News
over twenty five million Americans are at risk of losing their healthcare, and Joe Biden has no no our systems good. We had a good system here now vote for me. Eighty seven percent of Democrats support Medicare, for although Joe Biden does in a new, still are supposed to vote for him and you're not supposed to tell him that he has to come around to our point of view for us to vote for him you're not supposed to do that. You can't do that or else jot appetite tweet at you and the entire let this is almost the integrity of the left is doing this. It's not just blew check assholes everybody's telling you to do this. Even public radio. I mean real public rate. Not pretend MP are corporate radio, which is at the hour.
Yale study says Medicare for all would save us, the United States four hundred and fifty billion dollars and prevent nearly seventy thousand deaths a year now. Thank you. No thanks. I badly need you bite and makes impassioned pleaded progressed at progressive, conqueror to progressive coverts. He needs us so tell him not voting, form come get. My vote tell him you're, not. Voting form until he offers us Medicare for all tell em. We bow we need better care for all. We badly need a green new deal. We badly need you be. I we badly need rent cancellation, we badly needed to fund. Please we badly need to a polish ice. We badly need reparations. If you badly need us Joe Support our needs instead of the oligarchy is that's what we beg. You'd do badly need our support.
Is the shit we badly need now go fuck, it advocate for it, or else you don't get my vote and as Lawrence O'Donnell said,. until you are willing to demonstrate to the Democratic Party You are willing, said, not vote for them. They will never listened to you, so I willing. I was willing last time and at the beginning, there was a lot of people willing to come along with me this time now everybody's lost their spine. All too takes anyway, so there you go
Oh and anybody who tells you you got a vote blue or vote for Joe Biden, Kemal hairs because Drop Tom, the go fuck themselves and Jones you should tweet it Joe Biden had come over here is that they have to come. Get my vote. Hey. Why don't you offer people something? I want to say this one more time that make has exposed, as I mentioned so many weaknesses in the health care system, the most vulnerable. Often black and brown communities have been handling much of the financial burden before the pandemic. You were against comprehensive single pair system. Now, if meant, if Medicare for all came across Europe,
as the pandemic has hit so hard. Would you veto it? It's not going to come across my desk, so just listen to what he's really saying there when he says it's not going to come across my desk. What is he really saying? What he's really saying is that a democratic Congress under a Biden presidency, I will not put Medicare for all on his desk. Think about that. A policy that most Americans want in nine out of ten Democrats want a democratic body
Don is telling you right now that a democratic Congress will never pass that a Democrat is telling you a democratic Congress will never pass Medicare for all. That's what Joe Biden is saying it will never a democratic Congress will never pass Medicare for all it's. So if Biden is right, why should anybody ever vote for a Democrat? If he's right, why would you ever keep voting Fucking Democrat, it's time to stop voting Democrat, it's time for that party to implode and it's time for a new party, it's time for a people's party.
and we're having the people's convention August? Thirty th, thirty one, ST or thirty th, and we're going to be broadcasting it on this channel and there's going to be a lot of speakers. I don't know who I'm allowed to announce, but I know Nina Turner is going to be there in Cornel West for sure, and there's like three or four brand new big names just came on, this week. I'm not allowed to say how right. but we'll know we'll know tomorrow, a few more and then we'll know the company's coming up. So just think about that. We think about what Joe Biden saying Joe Biden is saying that if you vote for a democratic Congress, a democratic Congress will never past Medicare Wrong David Axelrod calling me? Maybe he can, how tat a democratic convention it acts your political commentator, Arthur Believer avid
The x files podcast go ahead. Ask me anything: what's your impression of the democratic convention so far, So you do, I get ask me about being furry. No, I mean what's furry, that's why I dressed a furry woodland, creature and creature hang out with other furry, we're just people who wear animal costumes, we're not freaks. That's that sounds nice. Now. How about the convention? There's nothing! sexual about it. So don't even go there. We just like to dress up as giant animals three times a month and get into fights over food. What about It the convention solid first time,
overall is good to see so many diverse people coming together to address the promise of America awaiting included belonging Minister Central themes at your typical furry convention, but why littered the nights with so many Republicans like John T, sick, John, she wasn't saint Joe, is conservative. He was saying Joe is willing to work with his colleagues across the aisle. There is a great and powerful hunger alarming to embrace a message of unity. I thought it was worth To put this message of unity within that visual architecture, the chipmunk is a prodigious burrow intruders with a high pitched chip chip. Sound Bernie sent and Bernie Sanders and Berne. Come on
cohesive, embrace cohesive pragmatism, pragmatism by Bernie Sanders coming together, in its path should embrace very well in the digital space which always ramping up? Is social influencers movement at a wide social media presence by avatar for soda mole your first sooner. Did you did you for? Did you think the speakers that a good job of making the case for Joe Biden from to the speakers tell the story of his journey ways. The arc of his story was convincingly tall. and telling the movie story of her journey? What you'll Biden did was further out you Biden, culture as a neighbor friend and someone who's decency and values, values:
America's and share as a sign of friendship. Many furries will run up against each other. Fur lined room, God damn it do you think Joe Biden has a real chance of beating Donald Trump. Great question Jimmy I'll, be sure to in that issues. I might add, Tax, five I'll be Joe, By the electric Rahm Emanuel and the iconic Paul begala I'll be putting, beside my usual first out in order to engage rom at ball is which goods are good people. Do it up? hey, you know, We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great way. You can help support the show. You should become a premium.
We give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do. By going to Jimmy Jupiter Company, that cop clicking on joint premium supposed affordable, Brevier Programme and the business and its agree way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks. Everybody who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, so John Kerry gave a speech last night at the democratic convention. You want to hear I'm John Kerry. For the eight years of the Obama Biden Administration, we led By example, we eliminated the threat of an around with a nuclear weapon. We build a sixty eight nation coalition to destroy ISIS Don. tromp inherited a growing economy and a more peaceful world and like everything else, he inherited he bankrupted it
When this president goes overseas, it isn't a goodwill mission is a blueprint real breaks up with our allies and rights love letters to dictators. America deserves a president who has looked up. Do not laughed at not trump pretends. Russia didn't attack our elections, and now he does nothing about Russia, putting a bounty on our troops. So he won't defend our country. He doesn't know how to defend our troops. The only person he's interested in defending is himself so John Kerry's right about one point. Trump's foreign policy is incoherent, but Joe Biden's foreign policy. His entire career, is consistently imperialist. Joe Biden voted for the Iraq war. Not only did he vote for it. He was one of the most vocal and active advocate
it's for the Iraq war. He wagged his finger at Democrats who opposed the Iraq war even after it was started under Biden, an Obama under Joe Biden. We did Libya, Yemen and Syria. Joe Biden took bushes to wars and turn them into seven wars. Remember back in two thousand Seven Bygones big idea then was partitioning the Middle EAST yeah that really work for the British
Colin Powell endorse Joe Biden, the guy who helped lie us into the Iraq war. Well, that's reassuring was Henry Kissinger too busy vacationing in with the Clinton's to endorse you want, you think, I'm kidding, but first of all carry stands by his yes vote on Iraq. That's August, tenth, two thousand for that's August, tenth, two thousand for John Kerry stands by John Kerry, stands by its yes vote on Iraq. Dumber and a pothead comedian in Pasadena, you want to hear here's Colin pot want to hear his speech by the way, keep in mind modified war, criminal.
Modified war criminal who intentionally lied us into a war. He wasn't duped. He knew exactly what he was doing and the Should he didn't? Vietnam was also horrible. I am former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Our country needs a commander in chief who takes care of our troops. In the same way he would his own family but Joe Biden that doesn't need teaching. He will trust our diplomats and our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and desperate. They will know he means business. They will know he means business because you know we blow shit up illegally. All the time me and he did a rack member Joe Biden. He was on board member. Nobody did Libya murmured your body, they try to do Syria as
Joe Biden, member Yemen, that's Joe Biden, keeping us in Afghanistan, that's Joe Biden and they'll know he means business. What, unlike the dictate, that job, Donald Trump pangs of pals or other dictators. Unlike the dictatorship, old round with about the dictator who run Saudi Arabia or religious theocracy that persecutes women and gay people on the regular, but that that's it up, but that's it Kate dictator, there's okay dictators right as long as they do your bidding. I support Joe Biden because, beginning on day one he will restore America's leadership and our moral Authority arm our moral authority. When did we lose that moral authority? I guess one Donald Trump got elected, but we had at one. You are in the White House and you were doing
Illegal wars and being a war criminal, so a war crime. no going to restart really. He'll be a president who knows that America is strongest win. As he has said, we lead both by the power of our example and the example of our power. These guys are such fucking blood, thirsty, Assholes, Colin POL is an asshole and a fucking rank liar and award criminal he's a dupe to the machine and he always will be, and if we got to kill some brown people in another country to get their oil, then fuck it he's gonna help him do it he's not dignify. He has no dignity. He has no integrity. He's the worst type of person in the world he's a pretender. He presents himself as oh look
and I'm chivalrous and I have integrity, he's a war, criminal and he's a willing one. Lie after lie, what Colin Powell knew about Iraq's fifteen years ago, Iraq fifteen years ago, and what he told the? U n the evident the subtitle to this article in the intercept. The subtitle is, the evidence is irrefutable: Paolo, consciously deceived the world in twenty o? Three, that's the subtitle. The evidence is irrefutable: Paolo consciously deceived the world in its two thousand three presentation making the case for war with Saddam Hussein.
The here's more from last night, here's more from last night Donald Trump has had a low fest with dictators, including China and Russia. He hasn't been standing up to them at all. So that's the Democratic Party encouraging Donald Trump to be more. or bellicose and sable rhetoric with two nuclear powers? That's the Democrats attacking Trump from the right. He knows exactly what at stake when he sends our troops overseas. Joe Biden does that's what that guy was saying. That's lieutenant General Bullshitter Jack, what Weinstein
the Russians offered bounties on U S, soldiers. I was shocked when I read that yeah. You know why He was shot because it was complete bullshit. You couldn't believe they would do Such a shitty lie. Is that why you were shocked or your shot, because you're a naive, little child or because you're just a paid liar, I think you're shot because you're a paid liar. I don't think you were shocked at all, because you knew that was bullshit, just like how how the FUCK I know was bullshit potted community than my goddamn garage pasadena, but a fuck this this jag off from this x, general bullshitter, he didn't know, was bullshit. I fucking knew it then you're the dumbest guy in the Fuckin world, sir, and you should get the fuck out of the military coup. you're gonna be in killing, allow the wrong people you fuckin more on purpose, you blood thirsty maniac, o his room BC? Nous? U S, officials
until on russian bounties less than conclusive, but this He knows exactly is at stake when he sends our troops oversees the Russians, Often bounties on? U S! Soldiers! I was shocked when I read this, but the President Dini even ask when a mere Putin about it. That's on American, but it's not an american too, but Carthage smear our president or any one. You disagree with politically that's not on American. That's the definition of an American. You call your political opponents, traders, that's a definition of on America, but this guy doesn't have a shame button he's a hired killer by the way, that's what he does for a fucking living and now he's doing Mccarthy smears two for what for more war, disguised that a good person, because he has a short hair cut and a tie,
This guy's, a fucking maniac liar from the word, go okay. So there you go. That's that's what's happening. How can I tell you, have mainstream media is the failure. This is a presidential race where voters are deciding who their next commander in chief there's gotta be, and nobody is ass. Joe Biden about his foreign policy. Is he gonna end? The wars is to bring the bring the troops home. What is to do for do for peace now he's trying to out HAWK Trump on China can should be angry at China. They should be angry at Wall Street and multi national companies who send their jobs to China. I do know what out of touch advisers have trumps ear right now, we're in a pandemic and an economic depression
they think sing Biden is two left is going to win the election. If Trump did any of the things that got him elected. Twenty sixteen right now any of the things he paused when he ran a two thousand and sixteen like giving health care for all legalizing marijuana, bringing the troops home and regulating Wall Street corruption. If he did one of those things he would win, but Trump is too stupid to win this election, the president, who gives America a single payer health care system, is going to be put on Mount Rushmore. The american people are desperate, they're losing their jobs, their losing their health care. They can't make read, they can't stay in their homes and Congress isn't doing anything and nobody is excessive. It about Joe Biden. Nobody is excited about Joe Biden. Trump could sloop in and be a hero and win this election, but he's just too stupid to do it
Hey Chris Christie's, calling me hello. Yeah. You heard the news hot check, Mr Big Podcast journalist day. Is we can wine you a little up I know everything attitude up there when your high horse sitting on your throne of truth, Mr Professor brains, with the big thick glasses and your pointy. State pointed shit gone regarded as now of the day, No, I haven't heard the news. What news restricted by one yeah. I know that's: what's the news Chris ended. Big black or white, the commander in chief
assisted by a closed group of confidence, meaning me and assisting him with the helping of President Trump prepare for the debates. I got a very important responsibilities of duties thing here, a lot of pressure and he specifically regressed me to help so you're going to have help Trump prepare for the upcoming debates with Biden Right, Lois Lane? I bet you didn't know that during the last debate respirations I played role of Hillary Clinton. You played Hillary Clinton to help trump practice for the twenty. Sixteen debates- big old professor I put on really little daily skirt and hopped all around delicate. Like look at me, I'm Hillary and my freely little Davis got for what to see. Just like you do ever
morning right shot, but Hillary wears pantsuits buddy. Why did you have to wear a skirt? I don't have to wear anything. What are you getting at? Why would you have to even dress up as a woman if you're just drilling him on the issues? Okay, you just stop it right away. Putting on a skirt doesn't mean you like dressing up as a woman, all right, I was getting into character the hell what the practices so stop it you do what you want to do, I'm not making any judgments here Chris, I was just wondering wondering what nothing, no sir, what are you getting at? Well? Why would you have to wear a skirt just to help Trump prepare for the debates with Hillary Clinton? That's how should I know Jerry couldn't find a path to myself, what what did. Likewise, you dig it away so hard you helping drug prepare for the debates with bite him. They found me
legal, big he's gotta know how are you helping drug response to the debate, questions that you know the thing you did with Hillary Bear down on her get in all other respects like she was glad Amateur, Vulcan, ball game. I thought I'd take all this time. It's gonna be better this time. What he does it. The Biden he's gonna have a death clutch on a plate of loop would not shows Supreme De Luxe with that could be called the boy you someone, I'm dark green of slight data. Neatly. a little dollop, sour cream and spring or cilantro, oh god? But right now we're going to talk about Joe Biden's. Vice presidential pick, I'm so excited Joe Biden thought that
People who needed healthcare needed of big kick in the balls, so he picked cabal ahead says, as vice president. Here: here's how she here's, how she feels about again. Why would you pick what do you get for picking her doesn't help you elect orally at all. She got no votes in the primary she's, a cop in an anti cop era. Oh I get it did the gates to tell the progressives sit on it. I get it to get the Della progressive up. Your ass pound San.
So here's a with tears. Would she hears what she used to say about Medicare, for the reason that I am supporting Medicare for all as this week print basic? I believe that it simply the moral and ethical thing to do. Health care should be a right for everyone in this country and not a privilege for the few. We need to have a system where we're being smart, where we're maximizing our ability to ensure that every American has access to health care, and we know the best way to deal with an epidemic is prevention. First, caring for sick person once they get to the emergency room, is too little too late and just too expensive with Medicare for all. As our goal, we will be able to ensure that Americans are having access to the health care that they need from the day they are born and for the rest of their lives. It smart for us as taxpayers and, most importantly,
It's just the right thing to do I'll. That's great! She knows it's morally right. It's the right thing to do. It makes sense. It saves money, it's a moral imperative, she's to honour reset. It turns out wait a minute. All that stuff was bullshit. final Harris is shifting her position on Medicare for all. She shifted her position. So what that means is when she says she supports something to gain favor with a certain constituency. Then she games that favor and then she moved immediately backpedals like when I was a kid I would say, bye and I'll take out the garbage. If I can use the car tonight and then I wouldn't take out the garbage and I would just go use the car and she will want that you're supposed to have got to go. I shifted my position on that. Trilateral kids shifted by got what I want it would go. Also
Kemal Harrison veils Medicare for all plan that preserve private insurance. She also runs next determination, company that leaves the test in your house and compromises with them preserves private insurance. Kamala Harris no longer supports Bernie Sanders Medicare for all plan. Do you to see the shift? I bet she told her staff about that. One. Hey there we go as Kemal Harris joins divide and Ticket Wall Street side. In relief and that's right after that, Scott Sighing and relief over Joe Biden being the nominee. I mean I'm glad to see Wall Street finally concise in relief, because this pandemic spend really hard on them.
Wall Street executives are glad Joe Biden pick. Kemal a hair is to be running made because when the NC says unity, that's what they mean: unity with their donors. Whilst we executives are good there is, there is the key points to this story, while street leaders on Tuesday chair Joe Biden selection of Senator Kamala Harris, as is running made in the presidential Election financial advisory firms in global is already telling its clients that the choice of Harris reinforces the notion that the democratic ticket is more moderate than progressive. Hey just in case with Joe Biden, you weren't sure we're letting you know again not of progressive ticket unless gating the guy who wrote the crying bill and was for the
rack war, vows to vet veto Medicare for all, even in a pandemic. In case you still were convinced. It's not a progressive ticket she's, a cup how Kamala Harris helps Bidens Medicare and six people. You know four years ago, Hillary's was at fifty Medicare we're going backwards in the midst of a. memories of apparent that back. Hey by the way, how do you help Bidens Medicare at sixty plan? Besides pretending it's not just complete and utter bullshit, how do you help it? How do you help it.
Biden, Harris twenty twenty twenty veils, their version of Medicare for all, which involves putting everyone in jail, have three hots and a cot health, air and if you're lucky, you might even get to fight a wild fire for a dollar a day and don't forget we're going to have the police Shoot you in the leg, instead Biden Harris twenty twenty. This country deserves Donald Trump. This is this is what you're doing You got two assholes Joe Biden, who's gonna, be an asshole and would deny you Healthcare or Donald Trump is gonna, be and deny you healthcare, you get
you get an assholes going to deny you healthcare and expand the military with hair transplants, or you get a I was going to expand the military and deny you healthcare with a calm over this, a failed state lays a gentleman participating in these elections. Pretence Our government is actually functioning, it's not so a hundred percent corrupt, the people, yours told to vote for our vow into fuck you over you're supposed, the vote for Joe Biden in Cabal airs they're bound to fuck you over there vowing to their vowing to devalue healthcare vowing all, but Jimmy once their elected in office. We will be able to push them towards Medicare. or are you having all the facts, show that every all showed you historically that once they are elected in off? That's what are you doing the bidding of the people at a time in time it that's right! That's right! It's not! When there
Trying to get your vote that you have the powers of the voter: no, no! No! It's after you already voted and pledge your vote for them. That's when they do everything for it's just the dumbest brain infection. This vote blue. It's a brain infection. It should be in the DSM five there should. This is pathological that people are in public, telling people that we have instead of telling people thought time to revolt, it's about time to get in the streets in revolt, because this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous? Cried Jim issues, rewarding corruption at the highest level, that is Joe Biden, Cabal errors or to the most corrupt motherfuckers in the world. This is just rewarding. It go ahead, Jimmy they have manners of manner. They speak.
nicely and they're not Joe gets a little. I'm disoriented disoriented, just about being Joe, but Allah has her heart in the right place when she puts you in prison because she doesn't want it to be a pipeline from school to prison, so she just gonna put you to. In prison? That's right, so the failed Democratic Party is and getting away with out doing any self reflection or an autopsy on how they could lose to a political novice game. Show host who wasn't even trying to win down trump and they ve done none of it. What they ve done is evidence free conspiracy, theory called Russia Gate and there now, everybody the left has become Mccarthyism, ISTS and doing Mccarthy like smears of anybody who's their political opponent. And I thought it would end after the Mueller report came out. That said, there was no evidence to show collusion or conspiracy, criminal conspiracy between Trump, his campaign or and the russian then it didn't. I thought it would end after crowd strike, which is the one who said Russia's. They were the.
You investigated and said rush they committed there Didn't have have any evidence that that actually happened, that Russia was responsible for anything thought. I would that's not ending it's just like the the long form certificate for for Obama. member? It never ended, it's not ending, so this isn't ending. It has nothing to do with fact that has to do with people don't like Donald Trump, and so instead, actually talking about issues and holding a democratic party responsible for loose to them. They just go out in a crazy hysteria, conspiracy about Russia and Russia Gate, and why? Because it makes them feel good, it actually doesn't do anything their children where again we're adult children of alcohol in this country, so here's Nancy Pull she went on the news and here she is on the sea and she's still doing it still doing it. China would prefer Joe Biden whether they do that's their conclusion that they would prefer Joe in Russia is active eight, twenty four seven interfering in our election. They did so in twenty six
And they are doing so now, crazy, just forgot to wear her tinfoil had for this. Is that something she got her mass, no tinfoil hat? How much do you think those earrings costs, and they say that to a certain extent, but they need to tell the american people more, the american people, I believe, thank they should decide who the present The United States is not Vladimir Putin so now who's, undermining the trust in our elections. Is it Donald Trump or is it Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats in the establishment media in two thousand twenty. Sixteen, it was Trump isn't he's undermining the integrity of our elections, he's not going to respect the election decision. He won't respect it. You remember that guess who didn't respect Nancy Policy, the media, Hillary Clinton, the entire democratic party? That's? Who didn't they? What right into Mccarthyism.
They went right into telling Americans that their elections aren't safe, that their elections are easily rigged by another country. That's what she's doing she's, making it up I Snopes going to do a thing on her. No slope is not going to do a thing on her and you know Jimmy. I just want to point out. You know that all along she can't say anything what the Democrats stand for a long time that you know right now that there be a performance by my. Oh, my torrents Nancy. You know right now. She hasn't she has no like right now. She wants to just talk about Russia's. She wants to talk about Putin because she doesn't have any policies. Would help the regular american citizen one hundred percent right and the poles are starting to move the other way. Now the races tightening And they're getting ready for their next excuse a why the Democrats lost twice to Donald Trump.
Making back decision for so that's that's her Scaring the hell out of the american people making them think that their elections are rigged by a foreign power because they can't beat a game show host because they're so corrupt. It doesn't. Then here's kimonos. So that's what they start to do right, that's what they start to do. They did it. Then they will do it now. You know people have said if you look at, for example, the whole remember the whole, the heat that ended up around the bend, the name calling cabinet many smart people have said it actually was not a thing. The russian bought started, take
It was the russian bots was: was it the russian bots who told every owner of an NFL team not to hire Colin Kapernick. what does she mean? It wasn't actually a thing like Colin Kapernick wasn't actually kneeling down or that people weren't actually overreacting to it. It was the Russians. It was Putin who reached out to all those coaches. and said, don't sign a mobile quarterback, it was Putin that did that. Really, yes, you feel like you're being targeted by russian bots. Now we already know we are.
I have no evidence, we are, you know we are yet Russia's doing everything. You know the way to solve our countries. Prejudices is to blame in another country. If Russia is so against Kamala Harris like she just said, why did Trump make campaign donations to Kamala Harris boy? Talk about your four d chess, so that was just russian bots. The Colin Kapernick thing was all russian bots according to her, so I guess all those people burning, Colin Capron jerseys that all was happening in Moscow. I had no idea. There were so many forty Niners fans in Moscow. so blaming Russia, for everything is the Dnc version of speaking in tongues and by the way, just why
can let the Democrats, knowing, if you're not a regular view of the show. Here's year some Forbes report, CIA conducted cyber attacks, against IRAN, Russia, after secret trump order in twenty eighteen. What I thought he was in bed with Putin Putin is controlling the american president and everything and our elections at an end. All our protests move there all russian Russian and is Russia, turns out America's conducting. Cyber attacks against Russia on the order of Donald Trump authorization issued sometime in twenty eighteen offered? The? U S, buying, see more freedom to conduct cyber operations and choose its target without the White House's approval so see. I go attack anybody. What cooling, Russia.
The move as allow the agency to engage in of offensive cyber operations against adversarial countries, including Russia, shut China, IRAN and North Korea, so the sea I got through new cold war baby. We got our new cold war, they gotta with all countries, Russia, China, IRAN and North Korea. They got it since the orderly sign? The CIA has reportedly carried out at least a dozen operations that were on its wishlist. According the report. Former? U S, officials were concerned about the use of hacking, dump tactics raising uncomfortable comparisons. Our government is basically turning F into effing wiki leaks, using secure communications on the dark web with dissidents, hacking and dumping set of former
so this I mean. Do you know why the rest of the world laughs at us over this Russia stuff? I hope you do. I remember Writer was it a man about market, as at her name for the Huffington Post? She went away. journalism. Some kind of symposium in Europe in like twenty. Seventeen and- and she was, I gather, all- think the Russia Stuffs crazy here that was it. she trembled. She did. She wrote an arc she's kind of tweeted. It can put it actually that article no, it's gonna, go against. You can't go against the establishment narrative and keep it job in journalism in America, which is why a journalist with America's horrible Jerusalem is in America is horrible, which is why
I could do a better job than them every time without doubt so there you go there, not stop and they're, not stop and she's. Not stopping the rats, happen, hope, you're, happy hope you're, effing, happy, hey Barack Obama's. Calling me hello, hey Jimmy, have you been watching the convention? I'm trying not to buddy well you're missing out change is coming abnormal isabe is on the way out, hope and normalcy are on the way in or, as I call it, whole. Pormal, see no worries. Son. We got the Harris Book, the Harris bump yeah man, the latest CNN poll, folks love- compels the bump chose it. We got the bump. A bump
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