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Biden says "You Ain't Black!"

2020-05-28 | 🔗

Joe Biden's racist legacy!

Biden says "You ain't black" if you don't vote for him!

Anti-War veteran speaks truth about Memorial Day hypocrisy!

Phone calls from Sean Connery, Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, and drunk Bill O'Reilly!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Mike MacRae, and anti-war veteran Danny Sjursen!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy hey. This is Jimmy who's, this either Jimmy? Did she shuddered Mitt Romney? Oh senator, it's good here for you all! Well, I Pleased to hear that because sometimes I feel like, maybe I call in your computer- show too often none also always lead. The talk to a sitting United States senator I got to know I'm always so terribly lonely. The reason I'm cool, like today is to defend my friends. Yo Scarborough Jimmy. do you know Joe Scarborough. Not silly, but I am familiar with them. Yeah. he owes- or I should say, covers a television programme called Morning- Jaw MSNBC right, which is up upon by the way, I'm not sure if you are aware to think it was called morning job because air before noon, and it was
hosted by Jo Buddy Joe is also slang for coffee, which I was unaware, because I don't drink coffee for religious reasons. Actually, some elders Billy, we Mormons conjuring decaf, but I've, we made it a rigid policy, do not taught the Lord anyway upon his very clever ashes, Joe the man, not the beverage sinner. I always thought it would be nice if they could work meagre entered upon somehow, I think, She deserves at or or give up her own pon. I can't think of upon for meagre, and I given our serious contemplation, it's like nothing with Orange Mr Romney, and at last name of hers forgot about it like a child, a can of alphabet show by them through it back up onto a ball, HAWK mad. I'm sorry, I'm rambling again, so I was worried about anyway. Donald Trump accuse Joe of martyr once
Can you believe it go Well did murder anybody, know At least I don't think so I mean I really seriously doubt it, but that's beside the point. It is. The point is that doll trotted out of line accusing Joe Scarborough of murder, it's beyond the pale beyond the pale, a step too far a step too far You got that right jack. We shutting up a musical number five having fun I got a top hat just now: we are not. I assure you this seems like yet another example of principle republican resistance. Were you drop your monocles because he said something
rude while ignoring the actual structural damage. His administration is doing to the federal government. I'm not sure. I follow well one example: how trumps EPA just rolled back Obama era, standards for car fuel efficiency, which many experts predict, will make air pollution much much worse and destroy. Little progress. Have we made on climate change? Is the fate of our planet more important and Donald being boorish rude. It's kind of a toss up for me. It's true! That's what it's made. How can you possibly think That german tell me the point. You call me
what is the point of saving this planet if the most powerful on the planet can just go round having bad manners and Joe Scarborough is publicly smeared without repercussions died, rather struck by an asteroid Jimmy I'm a deeply faithful MA am my religion is central to my thinking or religion were only bad people. Drink coffee met my number one, take away from my faith, good manners rudeness stability are the greatest threat to civilization Just sitting you I shudder. I will continue to use twitter to call out as well as saudi language, up
My grandmother actually said these existed to say. Sir as well I won't take away from my fate is good manners rudeness Instability are the greatest threat to civilization and, as a sitting you senator, I will continue to use twitter to call out these things, as well as for dealing with children being wise and high murder, General Mick, This is my pleasure to american people, I see. Good. I do want for old time's sake. I guess one more thing: the yeah. Why not?
you got your bank riding wagon, there's gonna, be wrongly. I miss you, men, Johnson, at some stage, to show how everybody was this week's Jimmy Door. Let's get to the judge, people we get to the joke, Shelly Did you hear narrow, Tandon President Centre for American progress near at hand. In announced that she's infected by the covert nineteen virus- and I did say narrow, I'd like to find a cure, but are you going to pay for it,
you don't remember, even though the debates are over officially in democratic debates are over Joe Biden. Is still committed to argue with himself for the next six month: hey we're gonna. We have a new suit segment, we're gonna, do we or do a recipe, have recipes now. Here's a recipe this week today's blue, no matter who blew plate special? Lou, no matter who played special, that's how it goes blue, no matter who plague special? How do you make That will you mixed forty three million units of human capital stock with ten weeks of bridge liquidity in a fake melting pot, pulverize until soggy and limp and hot water- and you got yourself a big part of boiled. Americans enjoy The shit sandwich next up tossing Wall Street salad, you guys see what was happening this the memorial day, lot they're out there
You see the video of them make people pact and the poor hundreds. If not thousands, of people packed into pools and at beaches you see people the beaches, people Rollo the place and all the Americans would honour the veterans who died on the shores of Normandy fighting fascism. By dying on their own beaches in defence of Wall Street come on hey as we reach a hundred thousand dead Americans from covert nineteen. The house, could vote for a real resolution of impeachment this time. Instead, there too busy passing trump. right wing agenda for five. Trillion dollars in Wall Street bailouts. There's nothin funny about that. So here's, the FARC, noise, hey! What's up A today show its corona body talk with Dylan Rat again and guess what America's ECHO would collapse is now here.
first of all says a Harvard Smarty pants guy plus we talked with major Danny shorten and anti war veteran who wants to reboot memorial day. Let's get phone calls today permit robbing bill o Reilly Fraud, Henry had Chuck, humor, plus laptop or that's today, other Jimmy bullshit Joe Biden, one on the breakfast club and he said something very awkward to the blackmail of locating yes. So here we go What we don't get not much, that's really our time apologize. You get so now that somebody, that's Jos, handler saying I'm sorry we're at a time, and so that's how that starts We don't get no much. That's really our time apologize. You can't do that. The black media giants that too wide media black, maybe because my wife has to go on
the clock. Ok, oh I'm in trouble. Listen you gotta, come see when you come to New York. Bp by well is a long way until November. We got more questions, Why, should I tell me if you have a problem, figured out worthier for mere trump and you a black it. Don't I'm gonna to do a job. It has to do so. That's what he said, but I loved the respondent media, but first of all, I'm sure Trump won't even noticed that shitty automate teachers, if so leave. If you dont vote for Joe Biden, you ain't black, this is the guy, bite into. I recently committee ameliorated, a black woman on television as by who thought he was gonna, be by vice president pick.
and now I'm betting, a woman to be by vice presidents who, through a black teenager in jail for life, murder that there's no evidence he committed plus, I wrote the crime will support me or you, ain't black, I'm sure the gems. Spend this in a positive way. You know for every reasonable human being, vote will lose on the coast, will pick up five k, K, K members in Pencil Dania and you can we be that and I was gonna. You wonder why the tramping campaign tries to keep him off the air. Here we go. What's so watch what he said but watch what the I love. What the whole says after this debate and says Europe Feudal bought for me, you ain't black, The corn pop endorse that answer by the way, if you dont, want reviewed all vote for me here, you ain't black, you know one of the most prominent black.
Celebrities in America is jumper at this is gonna work, our great for Joe same stuff, like that. The watchword he says at black. They don't I'm gonna do a job it has to do with the fact. I want something for my community. I would love to see you like my director man. I extend the voting racks twenty five years. I have record that is second to none. Then n double ACP endorse me. Every time I run the were amazed. Come up. Take a look at the record I thank you so much for really pretty way thanks. I will come back Look here to see you, so what the whole started to say was that they nothing to do a trumpet cigarettes the we need stuff in our community. We want stuff from Argillite leaders organ
start making demands, you want my vote. I'm gonna make a demand and what is Joe Biden do immediately yells over him, hey man, I'm the best got arrays, I'm all you got. Look up my record. I looked to your record. It's horrible, it's horrible horrible record. By the way job and still defends the crime primeval. Just so you know he did it in this interview. Man look at my rat guard anyway, you're records horrible, Joe and the fact that Bernie Sanders wouldn't bring it up. makes you more vulnerable to Donald Trump. He didn't do you a favor, they didn't do you a favor
you don't, but you don't vote for em you ain't black, that is amazing, the weirdest, the weirdest rap battle. Ever If you dont support you way, black fat, the Iraq war was dope and that's a fact MAC. all those people who said he needs to up is latino. Outreach are probably telling themselves now to be careful what they wish for. I agree. What do you have anything to say about Joe Biden? Good latest that's gonna hit identical up again. what we do not give them much. That's really our time apologize. You can't do that. The black media you got it that too wide media block. Maybe because my wife has to go on the clock? Ok, oh I'm in trouble. Listen you I can see is when you come to New York. Bp by well, is a long way until November. We got more questions
Why should I join if you have a problem figure it out worthier for mere trump and you ain't blue They don't I'm going to do a job. It has to do with the fact. I want something for my community. I would love to see you like my rector man. I extend the voting racks twenty five years. I have record. That is second to none. Then double I peace endorse me. Every time I ve run the were I come up. Take a look at the record, I thank you so much for really pretty way thanks. I will come back I look forward to seeing you in person. Ok, absolutely ok path. Our vision is right. Ok, there you go, I you know. Of course I mean that said. Joe Biden says that it damages cringe worthy. You know that
These include, as he connect with you, know. Nobody, but also on you know, wasn't ages would be Goldberg a couple days ago hosting event for him. I mean suit each. Is it true? I think so I gotta tell you Jimmy I'm not voting for binding and I don't care. I dont care, and I know people are saying all you can't. You can't do that. You can't do that. You better not do that you're dividing the part I'm not ever voting for Joe Biden, I'm not Well, you better neck, you better stay of joggers twitter feed carries out a phone, a low son of a bitch. You probably want expected to hear from me: where are you how don't get back and crime it up your ass for, like oh, are you on the greater?
living shot full time break, get it back up, so I am alone People haven't heard from you in a long time, because I Social distant check on my island, the Bahamas, the virus really James thing. for everybody her. But on an island, for you, wake up a cocktail and be the woodchuck with a fucking liar that's my day, We heard you retired well, Mr Bottle, which when I say I'm goddamn ready to retire no sooner or later We were glad to hear that anywhere guess what what but try to arrive. We reached this business, you included this I mean you're. Writing your memoirs. It not why I'd say: I'd think people would love to read. Can you give us a little
exerted, what you written so far, let's get to strike Rarely give interview Shun launched on my own exacting Tom's. Instead, I'm an intensely private mine. I personally? I wish none of your sword. Anybody else's bloody goddamn business, Ok, I'm sorry! If I mistake, I was born a push scotch boy and run down tournaments, fountain bridge, my father's name was you see me regions? I gotta keep private. My father went by the name of sticking a dark. You never did talk about it. If you don't want to, Reliant young life. Barrage put our advice. She never got it. give you shop, virility aggression, addition, fatalism and SEC, someone middle names state. I love my property. Any thoughts on the fine James bond movie come out this November dash D. Arnault curriculum
small. Many called no time to die then only doesn't have to die out what a stupid question. Ok, we're why'd! You call me son, you bastard dutch base for the power every once in a while, nice, Joe Biden famously said to fuck. You don't fall for veto. If you haven't trouble decided about vote for me or trompe a black. He also said that and a blaze, peace endorse them and all the studies lied about all of it. You said the crime building an increase in cars racially lied about. It is still defends the crime bill. All that stuff. He did that he's a sociopath liar Joe Biden, while Sociopath liar social. Your path that man hyperbole, I'm not exaggerating, that's the exact.
The term was invented sociopath EC, it's for him here. He is talking about those people, You tell me who we means when he's here. He is talking about putting them in prison, those people and let's, and whose you mean, let's listen, take back the streets. It does it matter whether or not person that is costing you're Son daughter, my son or daughter, my wife, your husband, my mother, your parents, doesn't matter whether or not they were deprived as a youth. It doesn't matter not whether or not they had no background that enable them to have to become a social, become socializing the fabric of society. It don't matter whether or not there are the victims of society. Does it matter if third, the victims of society, let's just lock, em up, let's not give a magical.
Gin or health care, let's lock up their fathers and their uncles and their brothers and say, let's lock them up and then lock them up to. Does it matter if their view damn of racism, institutional, doesn't matter lack of up here's what he says and resolve as their about not my mother on the head with a lead pipes shoot my sister beat up my wife taken on my sons now this is called demonizing, the other that's what this is. So there is a third class of people out there that our animals and their voice I went and it doesn't matter that our country has institutional racism, entreated them poorly and they are victims, themselves. It doesn't matter, I don't care about them. I want them in prisons. What then locked up in cages ass? What made them do this? They must be taken off the street again, it does not leave me.
cause we created them that we somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family in yours from them they are beyond the pale. Many of those people. Beyond the pale which I ironic, a that's. What calculus he says about Joe Biden can't vote for a democratic more for present cause he's beyond the pale cancelled for Joe Biden he's beyond the pale and now that's what he said. about citizens who even admitted we created does it matter. If we created I am neither monsters and their beyond the pale. the any those people ever torture. Someone Joe could you did that any those people that are beyond the pale kick
desperate people out of their house in the middle of a recession created by Wall Street and your deregulation. No none of those people did, but you did today those people build cages to put immigrants in cause. You did. Now who's the animal whose, beyond the pale its Joe Biden, the pale we have an obligation to Cordon them off from the rest of society, try to help them. Try to change the behaviour, that's what we do in this bill. We have drug treatment and we have other treatments to try to do that, but they are in jail away from my mother. Your husband are fans. Work is the world's largest penal colony there. He is screaming for more incarceration an engineering it and who does it mean by then they need to be cord. Not who is they? I think we are
No, what he means does he mean p Poland, the suburbs, no. Does he made people in Bel, air or South Pasadena? No. you mean people in Beverly, Hills Brentwood, were they and then hear her biting history of controversial racial comments. Yes, well did this one. I know he's going to this one as the one about the seven eleven owners,
let's watch this show the nation. As you know, we are more common regulation in Delaware. The largest growth in population is indeed a very moving from India. You cannot go to seven eleven jumping down unless you have a slight indeed access, not much else tat gets. You know, that's, I think, those that that is the least of history Put it that way, the only we should do is you should challenge these students we should show, students in these schools have advanced placement programmes in schools. We have this notion that some of your poor, you cannot do it. Poor, kids,
best is bright. Injustice, towns, white, kids, waited tat, the people at the Asian and Latin O coalition pact, Now, wait! No, your audience swayed! You know your audience. So that's what he means when he says they that's how you know what he says they and them and corded them off, and we created them what they got to be in jail away from us. I don't care, I think, wow While discussing the need for criminal justice reform at lunch and last year Biden said, people must continue to work to recognise black as equals. So they say. african american mothers, like the mother of Trade on Martin, who was shot by it, broad watch volunteer eight. No, he wasn't. He was A neighborhood watch volunteer. He would just some JAG off with a gun.
no longer have to fear, their sons will be shot when they go outside. While here is a recognised kit, we're in a hoodie may very well be the next poet laureate and not a gang bank. Ladies and gentlemen, to marry black men and I might add women in prison and how did they get their Joe? Could I just see it a speech of you go and get caught a bay at present. There was quite a moment, and that's that wasn't it, but I gotta be in prison. It comes Did you did net that you knew they were going to be behind those bar as got too many? He says we get too many.
he'll, hear area? Here's this one at the first sign. who is tat, you re three clean he's clean now I those dirty there's other dirty ones- is nice and clean again. I did. I understand that this is offensive, but at least I think these kind of things are the least amount of it. It's the if the overture that he would say, hey, let's put him in prison Let's do any still doesn't apologize for, in fact, still defends that stuff to listing, so these are more gaffes, these
more like revealing an old style thinking yet because he'd Jimmy, we all know that white collar crimes aren't that horrible to peep through you know, like maybe a crime that may be Hunter Biden, participated in those. Don't really hurt white people- I guess you know by people who are struggling in poverty and have no have no. I don't know, do you know I'm road to success or have no options? What kind of options as binding providing for anybody right now is giving us better care for all is even talking about it. Or did you just one imprison more people than
that's bottom line that I feel right now. Like you know, people are received in the live chat of seventy mentioned up. It's gonna be a low turn out this year. Who is really going to rally around Joe Biden and go while you know? I really looked at his record and I got to say I like it, so let no one so, let's watch this video again Shelley and break it down, take back the streets, it doesn't matter what there are not the person that is costing your son or daughter, my son, your daughter, what are my cousin I removed a year sister, my granddaughter that I kiss awkwardly in camera or your prob date or my brother, your hair styles, I'm just saying words: thou, ah life, your husband I mother, your parents is it is. It is take back my second cousin. It doesn't matter whether or not the person. That is a key.
lasting your son or daughter, my son or daughter, my wife, your husband, my mother, your parents, doesn't matter whether or not they were deprived as a youth? Does it matter I have no empathy just ass. No one else just asked millennials do I have empathy, none no joke doesn't matter or not whether or not they had no background that enable them to have to become too too to the did enable them to a finish assent. To finish a sentence, a social, become socializing, the fabric of society. It don't matter whether or not they are the victims of society. Yet does it matter whether or not there victims of society and taken from me, a white privilege, guy, doesn't matter
your place. It society was, and I ought to know my privilege guy result as their about not my mother on the head with a lead plight shoot my sister beat up my wife taken on my son in the library, the candlestick he. What does it plain clue? What is a bit, my wife for them? What pipe who has lead pipes, so I want to ask what made them do this? They must be taken off the street again, it does not need because we created them that somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family in yours from them. They are beyond the pale many of those people and you know I preferred people who are pale exactly at their beyond the pay
and I like people who are paying yeah yeah, so if you go beyond pale, it's too dark beyond the pale. We have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society. Try to help them. Try to change to be had tried to help them you no one ever had a really care. I have to say this part. I have to say that that's what we do in this bill. We have drug treatment. We have other treatments to try to do that, but they are in jail in jail. You know my mother got who with lead pipe, though the week after I was liberating Nelson Mandela from prison armed with nothing but a toothpick into nice click. Ok, there's Joe Biden, racist tirade to me.
add to this is the proper stuffy says on the second floor is a problem not just of those other stuff is also of pudding, but that is disgusting. It for my mother, your husband are fair. My third cousin twice removed Jesus Christ and president, so there's your Joey Biden, but you know it is. If you ever have a moment, you check out when Joe Biden Clayton are talking about how to work so hard for you no desire to get tat, it just is gross. It just shows you who, for the last forty years, have been taking care of the people.
They ve been putting us behind bars throat and in the underlying banks to screw us out of our homes and worse than that, take our homes away. Put us in an in forever debt may make it harder for us to get medical care not be able to discharge our medical debt. That's all because it Joe Biden, yeah, ok, you know this conversation either we covered as conversation the breakfast club. Yes right at all thing, and you know he's if you read the high airlines he's? U no backtracking bet, he thought they meant black tracking, so you will bear our. I thank you. Jimmy hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do and that were not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show you should be the previous member. We give you a couple of hours. Premium bonus content. Every week.
and it's a great way to help support to show you could do it by go. to give you your company that cop click it got joined premium and supposed afforded Maybe a programme of the business and it's a great way to help put your thumb back in the eye, the bastards thanks everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, Hey look bill, O Reilly. I wonder how is taken a pandemic and if he's drunk that for me. Are you talking about me ass? All I can hear you talking. you wanted alarm taking a pandemic new like I do all my problems with it. vodka, chaser post but up to build up, go. You blind, Rabotchi belong here about this code. How
haven't seen anything like it. My forty six user drinking, I mean journalism. I bet you're wondering what I put up to a bill you, but out of the life for a while Thou body, we worried about you me some Malkovich work in my ass off one, my broad Gaskell, wait for it. spends on board gas production thing right, he said said, sounds familiar. Let me ask you something. Are you getting information? You need to protect yourself in your family and all your shit yeah, that's a good one. Are you getting the facts? You need to make responsible decisions about things and stop. Maybe not Are you getting crates of wicked delivered your door by the news media every Friday morning? I don't think so
may neither either quite a bit o Reilly no spent broadcast blah blah blah imperative imperative. that word widely Will you get when you prescribed the bill. Wily thing for to Portugal got a guide, their barking, I ain't my neighbors cry now. Please don't do that. What will be? What will people get with? no spin broadcast Bell my thing on my dear yogurt, on varnish truth. You may remember from my no spends on my big tasty border face? What I'll make up in shitty lighting friend by a grey untouched by grecian formula, progress?
out of the governor trysted, Awake also get the crap. You start quality the side of a Joe Biden, town WAR, against the Goebbels you it will make you What the civil war, in some of your mind, then get word. Why do whenever I teach them? One wallow in failure and self pity me For failing to sit on your latest project, Billy's is anything else you'd like to leave us with its offensive but patience. In fact the war, I dont want to shout calloused about this, but most of these people were dying or on their land. legs anyway. How are you gonna have me on a door while care hammer away that does zone Pretty Kallas Bill well play left his merry stuff. I care for man tells the truth. As simple truth.
tells the man may accrue simple, telled, ok, wild things, work Well, wait. You rose lover half after your Nimrod viewers, thereby my splitting no book in the killing series killing crazy oars with explosives, love me, guess what we're going to be talking about today Memorial Day, that's right, and specifically we're going to be talking about. Is this article that was in mother Jones? See mother Jones still does some good work see,
that nice and its entitled, we are combat vets and we want America to reboot memorial day. It's just as corona virus has exposed. Systemic wrought. This moment also reveals how obsolete common conceptions of U S. Full warfare truly are raising core questions about the holiday devoted she would sacrifices. The truth is that today's way of war is so abstract distant. In short, at least american casualties as to be early in visible to the public. So that's a big part of this. We ve talked about it. That's the whole point banal, voluntary military so nobody's protesting, and then you know you just use deal. Liberal is economic policies, the big people, desperate and small towns than they okay, we talked about with little to show for it, Washington, still direct bloody global campaigns, killing thousands of local
America has no space on its calendar to memorialize these victims among them in recent years. U S truth, were killed not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in Syria. Can you Somalia, Yemen and Niger. Few Americans could locate these cunt he's on a map, fewer newest soldiers, even fought there, additionally Pentagon pilots and proxies killed people in Libya, Pakistan and elsewhere in West Africa without losing a single soldier. Most people don't even know that we are in that's what when I, when I say you know, Obama took from two hundred and twenty seven to like what hocker by one of the other five. Then I have to tell him the campaign in Somalia and Yemen best exposed the absurd casualty inequality of
modern american warfare in the former. Only a few. U S, service members have been killed in in a team year intervention. Conversely, hundreds of thousands of Somalis died or were displaced as a direct or indirect result and exacerbated famine, for example, of a largely U S. Catalyzed war in Yemen, just one american soldier died in combat just one compared to more than a hundred thousand locals, including eighty five thousand children that were starve to death in a terror campaign. The Saudis couldn't wage without the United States complicity. So this year given the stark reality that even a deadly pandemic, and please for global ceasefire, hasn't slowed Washington's war machine its reasonable to question the very concept of memorial day while two biggest
There are also important parallels with Labour day the holiday book end to today's seasonal. Kick off joy, asthma as America's obscenely lopsided battle deaths, is increasingly indecent. federal holiday, devoted to a labour movement? The government has aggressively eviscerated is troubling, so that's there's a lot more into that article I recommend everyone will read it and we have the author with us right here: retired Major, Danny shorts and he's a or of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wards he's a former history instructor at West Point. Additionally he's the host of upon casket. Fortress on a hill and irregular contributor to anti war dot com Ella Times the nation in truth, dig he's also has a new book. That's coming out available on Amazon called patriotic descent. Please welcome to the show Danny Shorts and Danny. How are you I'm great?
thanks for not me, I'm glad to be here. So there are so many things so this to start off with that. What you're talking about? What? What would you like to see us do a memorial day as opposed to what we're doing You know the first thing I legacy is for people to pay attention. You know pay attention was actual We happening, you know, don't listen! knowledge, eyes and mythologies the casualties of Normandy? Look at what American WAR There today is really like and its different than it Even when I was in Iraq and Afghanistan question the concept of being there, what's the point and weather, there's something of scene and an Matt Helen. I who jointly wrote this article. We think that there is something I've seen about an american way of war that kills into the hundreds of thousands. I think that I would really like the american people too. You know.
Take a pause from the memorialize in the Stalin rising and actually question the framework of these wars. Let's bring them to a close. If not now, then, when in the midst of a pandemic, They always memorialize the world war. Two veteran other people have said that that war is made all the other horrible wars possible because we keep pointing to that war and how we stop the Nazis. And stop, fascism and and the Holocaust and all that stuff and so that cat and gives cover for the rest of our peril. Would would you agree with that? Absolutely world war two Probably you know the one war of the last century and a half that had to be fought, but in some ways it's been poison to the body politic. You know, there's a book called the best war ever and that's. Of course, the star cast take on real were too, but the reason I was written is because the legacy of that war is with us. I mean we You know Jimmy only up to the Iraq war fought for saying. Well, if we,
PS. You know me a piece of art museum, then it'll be like Munich all over again, where we appeased. You know it learned. They did the same thing for Bashar, Al Assad and the Taliban and they're gonna. Do it to the next. You know that the enemy and the seven or eight enemies. We have right now that were active we bombing and the other twenty enemies you have that we aren't just yet. This is this- is of Israel, I've been a poisonous war is being used to prop up the empire. And that's what I want to say. This is an empire and one thing I don't wanna be misunderstood about this- is now a Trump empire. Am I article mass article is not right from article. It is a systemic imperial problem. If you one of the foolish emperor we ve got a bush for you. If you want a polite emperor, we got Obama and if you want to call
Remember we gotta tromp, but it's the same empire yeah its debts that that that's exactly right, but people always criticise Trump for being a draft dodger, and I was one of those people. It seems like that's a bad tack to take, because someone made that the argument that it, if John Mccain would beat Barack Obama, he would it had nor more moral authority to engage that in the war in Libya or Afghanistan, or the that then Barack Obama who never served their both doing committing horrible atrocities. So the fact that you served in build other people in Vietnam. Doesn't give you moral authority to do it in Yemen or Libya or Afghanistan. or your rock or anywhere else right. So that's so my question is: what do you say to people who criticized Donald Trump because he didn't serve Armenia? I think it's
Dickie less? Because you can point, you know that same thing is going to be used against your favorite Democrats someday who didn't sir? Well it's a cleaner Obama, let's not make any state baron tromp is no more likely join the military or marry a service. Member than you know, soften the were so this in general, the elites aren't serving any longer at and I sort of reject the notion that you we focus on character in a rather than policy, which is of course, the name of the game in the dual believe you often point out right focus on what we don't like at home in a more pejorative about this person. Oh, he was a draft dodger. Well, so we're a lot of folks who're. You know in Congress today and I'm going to be our president You sure, I'm more interested in whose willing to challenge Empire nobody's done it so far too, said some pretty nice stuff. You know he hasn't followed through When I even mentions the troposphere, some reasonable stuff, like in his last inaugural, when he said great nations, don't fight,
was wars, I loathe trunk, but that was correct. Now he hasn't drew the even mentioning that, on my behalf, gets me vitriol from you know the police, less than I otherwise associate with so yeah, I'm here, you're herbicide, yet to block those people out because their very pro war. That's the problem. democratic party tweeted out today they retreated the Democratic party. Today's indistinct both from the Republican Party under George Bush. Again it's to war parties. It's really just one war party, the money Party and they really like war. So is it how important do you think it is for ordinary people? So, just of conclude on Donald Trump, it doesn't matter why someone skipped a war. If you scan doubt, because you you were dodging it or because you actually had a medical problem, it's new. Whenever you can skip out on killing other people for capitalists. That's a good call right!
Absolutely I actually really like to elect a pacifist or Quaker a draft dodger from view. DA mayor who was proud about that now. That would be great with me. You know these. That's a principled stand, so you know, I don't think it makes you a better president, because you know you drop. Bans on vague search, and I think that I'm any more qualified to speak out just because I had you know this veteran platform. No doubt it probably gets me, you know publications and attention, but in some sense that itself is an obscene thing. Isn't it yet? So you think it do. You think it's important for ordinary citizens to speak out against the war, even though they'll be criticizes being armchair quarterbacks and have their credentials question cause. You ve never served. I think absolutely vital, and we need to reject the valor reservation in the common position of the soldier in the first place, and and fighting against war is actually one of the hardest things to do. Speaking out against you warmly as you know, as I'm ok said, you know, dissenters misunderstood as this one
it is to me up all the trade or a russian asset, and I'm not alone. You know tolls. As well. As you know, I think it's vital to speak out on the issues that are hardest to speak out about an refrain. Patriotism, as in most cases, are many cases descent. because the platitude of patriotism hasn't gotten us anywhere. Has it except you know, billions of dollars in debt in seven thousand dead soldiers and probably about two point- two million foreigners since nine eleven at so now I want to talk about the the conflicts of soldiers who awaken to this problem. So when you were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, what was your fee think about those wars. At the time you are serving, you know I can count on my own intellectual and ethical journey. I have walked right, not sound, like Obama, gay marriage, but I did. I was sceptical of the Iraq war. While I was
there and I turned against it initially. I thought well, this wars not winnable, and that's why we shouldn't do it. Then I started to think. Maybe we shouldn't really be here in the first place, you know in general, across the board, and then only later, especially after Afghanistan, gonna rascal and teaching history at West Point, which may be sort of insurgent, I started to think maybe the entire imperial structure, the system of militarism and them her industrial complexes? What we really have to fight so happy involved, but I'll tell you, maybe I'm ahead of a lot of thought and definitely more radical. If that's the word, when I'm seeing a sea change within the military within veterans, ranks and even in the act of duty, many of whom are still speak too, including Former students of mine were lieutenants in Afghanistan now and will tax me you no opposition to the war there are currently fighting. You know privately on this I mean I'm a member of a number of areas, we're better nor organizations, and
and run about gas. From that perspective in you know, right after the Show- we're just gonna hell, we're doing all alive stream, we're bringing slew of anti war veterans, enlisted officers West Point rats, and it's almost gonna be like our little many Windsor soldier hearing from the Vietnam WAR. You know explaining our culpability and fighting against the war. States were out there, but you won't see us on MSNBC Jimmy. You know that. Yes, that's, very interesting, I'm so glad you brought it up by almost like that slip right past me. so this a great article, you I'm sure you ve been contacted by Jake, Tapir and Rachel, mad cow and Chris Hayes gotta bring you on tv to talk about this right. Will you knows- only because you mentioned how the democratic rules? like the Bush administration in those three just watch Rachel Matter right well used have little respect for ten years ago, wrongfully her show now the guest list. It's it's a Bush alumni party, the Bush, it's amazing it it's born again war criminals, you know and any longer,
like dirty money through LAS Vegas onto MSNBC? So of course, they're? Not calling me even know Rachel's first book drift. I do If I'd these very problems, it was an excellent book and she's a smart woman and obviously has no ethical, poor Iver, on the radio shows I been challenged or to a debate on Amazon. We seek. She don't care about me, but I will write the floor with her Oxford education. I you yeah. I know you would because you have the truth on your side. So here's the precursors, lots of problems right, sir. I had told you on the show- and you know she was a strong voice, calling out the intelligence community and our book bs foreign wars were which no one else would do. No one else is very vital that she did that unfortunate
they shouted up endorsing the biggest warmonger running, which was such a crusher. For me right when you try to challenge people who are currently serving seek as it when I went when people like, I talk to people who, who are former military, they all say they apologize to the people of the countries that they invaded and they killed people in or whatever, but current people Ex tells you couldn't do that right and I say what do you say to those people, because it's weird that you can be against the wars which she is, she correctly frames them? What she does? She correctly cause out the intelligence community, Yes, you can't tell people not to join any more like there's some kind of a you're kind of betraying your service. If you tough cuz, I a psycho, don't you feel bad that your service might attract other people to go serve in these bogus wars? And so what do you say to No, I mean this is an important problem at one of them.
mistakes, although I think it wasn't mistaken. All that I made was a nice. I wrote my first book goes right back that, while I was, you know, still army and actually came out teaching at West Point, I was right in these anti war columns. You know right on the blurred line of what's legal and what's not within the army, and it got me and asked the gated in trouble. My pension, you know you know, was All this really is a difficult thing, but I will tell you this: you know it is a difficult to ask any like former or serving officer to tell people not join, or you noted, this obey orders. By doing this, we are now more one of the kind of black down whitewashed histories of how the war ended. Is it Congress who saved us and it wouldn't. You know that Kennedy, brothers or their democratic party. Any wouldn't you! in the college. Kids Prodi sitting on campus, although they were important component, one of the main themes, Does this gee? I resistance folks refused to go on patrol
had these underground newspapers in coffee shops now part of the reason for that is because they were draft ease. the volunteer force that much harder. However, I think it We saw with the captain Crozier Incident on the aircraft carrier. There are those run. Links. I mentioned among you, know even active duty, soldiers and sailors and you know, there's a lot of power in serving an even better and community, because even though it's kind of rose and problematic folks trust us, maybe they shouldn't Maybe you don't have the moral authority, they lend us, but if we have it, then I think it becomes an obligation to speak gout, and so you know, I think, a lot father since in the service I wish I would have had the courage to He got earlier than twenty fifty. You know- and there's a lot of reasons. You know no them very good that I didn't, but for the phone
tat. Their listen, I'm on uniform anymore. I'm not afraid to save your passion, says: don't do it, then down so doesnt. A military person have an obligation to the constitution right, that's what they're. and in that, if someone gives you an illegal order, you're supposed to disobey it and was isn't the Iraq war, one big illegal order. You know it Is such an important point and oblige brought it up. You know I every time I got promoted and when I first got in I had to take. You know my oath to follow the borders of the present member states, but that secondary the main part of the oath is support. Defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and defence. The glad I remember the last time we constitutionally declared war. It was nineteen. Forty one and you don't look Warning to the Nuremberg principles, which we kind of shepherded, let it be the number one crime. They said the number one war crime is the crime of aggression of it. You know aggressive war frame that way pretty much everything.
We are doing currently is illegal and immoral, and so you know I question the entire concept that we have some sort of obligation to be company man, because that would allow these folks, these retired generals, these serving generals who go on MSNBC or for that matter. What side of the operator on what they are? Is company and carrying water for the empire and are complicit, I did it for a long time, but it is rose and its annex destroying was left the smaller republic. If there is any. So if there is a war with the ran or China, do you think that the enlisted men she refused to go and at what point should a soldier refuse? well, you know I'll be cautious. Here ought not for my own sake, but because it is a difficult thing to tell somebody what they should do. I will say that I like to believe, and although there is not a ton of evidence to support it, I'd like to
believe that if we started another war with IRAN, which would be grotesquely illegal and on strategic, that, I personally would would pack it in and folks as you know there are Camilo may harm. You know was one of the first people to refuse and lieutenant. There was lieutenant I've been Washington. I do think that the time is coming for a year. You know we'll call it a wild cats. Down strike on the aircraft carriers in any armoury brigades and people are going to attack me for saying that at this point I don't really care because the bloodshed that all of our hands because these wars or foreigner name civilians. Like me now it's fought, nor name just as theirs
a draft doesn't mean you're, not complicit we're all in on the system. Filth, cues, another difficult question: how do you criticise the senseless and pointless this of these wars? Fifty family members and friends of people who died in these wars and they have to believe that their death meant something. So how do you score that circle? Well, it's it's something that I personally the deal with. On a daily, I mean my my inbox filled up with more than the usual hate mail day, because it article and most of it was you know, sort of reflexive from better and in some cases family members, like all my God, are you guys you in that? How are you saying that you're not in favour? from honouring the dead or that, of course, regulars, I'm not a monster, at least not mostly and frankly, my son lose you know, maybe twelve feet from me. This moment is named after three soldiers dire, my command in Iraq, one of whom was you know too well worth
Finally close friends, this pictures limo my wall. We have to be big enough and intellectual, the whole two opposing concepts and our head. At the same time, with the that it is important to honour the folks who died that you loved. You know that that that they were fighting for their brothers, all the platitudes, but there true and also understand that the best way to honour them. I think and I'd like to believe they feel, is to create less data Americans, as well as last dead, yemeni chill Dron children whose skins, if they were less brown and religion, The appearance, if they were less Muslim, would be just what This horrifying Americans children. You know, so I understand that their look, I'm close to the family. members of some of the soldiers Diner MIKE Man very close, and I understand that there there is a need for some of them to hold onto the old notion of patriotism and end. They fear that if they turn against the wars there, some
I'll turn against their son. I can't tell them how to feel, but I say, I think that it is an obligation for those of us who read and think and really give a damn about this country to separate the two and hold the two opposing views and our head. At the same time being all that opposing either so Don T find a problem because the tree key parties in consoling them. It means that believing that some past war was worthy, which then means that a future work worthy and as we are, as we know now they aren't it's. The ads are difficult thing. I think that you know we have to be ok with saying that a consensus historians agrees by the way. Probably there only two wars fought american history that, like were worth fighting and ass, the one that freedom.
Slaves and directly and somewhat directly? And then the one against the Nazis that we eventually got stuck in, but only largely because the failures of the first war I asked with its a difficult thing. It really is quite right, and so would you say you want to reboot memorial day. How would you like to see memorial day rebooted in? I think justice simplifying I'd like to see it used as a jumping off point like we are right now to question, in an challenge the war state and to provide some empathy for the folks, we kill. And to recognise that the american way of war has become so outsource, mercenary and technocratic. That mercenary militias and machines are killing people at little cost us. So you know I'm not saying we ditch the the of honouring troops. I'm saying maybe we put that on paused for a while, until we figure out how to put this republic back together did
the empire and really honour these kids right, which they largely are by ending the system that's, gonna, send the next generation to die and some hopeless fuel oh and frankly, immoral endeavour. If we can even talk about that, that's a small victory and in America today, as about the best we're getting a small victories, why do you think the news media, even though you know you and I both know, they know better propitious every war. Why does aunt Rachel Matter, even though she won't wrote a book about it. Still militarist Why does the New York Times every war there, for it on their front page. Why is that an accident? Because there is there a non giraldus, just wrote a book and he's talking going around saying that it is at present a systemic problem with the news media its individual journalists. You have habits of mind, would it? What do you say
you're and you're the intellectual and an academic plus. You have work experience. What do you think? The reason is that the myth that the news media ubiquitous Lee gets war wrong in his pro war. every time? I because, like Congress, there bots old and dare electing their duty in other, Only by the same people, stronger I would like a clear statement. There really are only a few people who own these media institutions and war cells as entertainment and click baby. That's why they have equal flying in front of Bradley tanks before we go kill people in Iraq? and an that's where the funding comes in us. We're bread is by having me honour, Jimmy you're, famous, even having you want, is an isn't gonna help their bottom, why these are Shriver Talk, shows where the very narrow, left and right limits, unlike on your show, are laid out beforehand, So what we have is the Luzhin other oppositional media. when in reality, the Milton
industrial complex, like Eisenhower, originally wanted to do in his speech really needs to be brought in to say military industrial, congressional media complex because everybody is complicit in the same system, everybody He wins at the top everybody's rashes, everybody's back and retreats everybody in plugs them. But you know who loses the kids, that I know from the housing projects in the rural towns that we threw overboard with the steel industry forty years ago. Those are the kids that I fell in love with that I, sir, with they don't win, and yet we actually them on the football field. As you know, to a deeper level participation ribbon and the whole thing is,
he's grows, and if I sound a little angry about is cause I'm letting myself, because we all should be and let your death your deftly right levies, it ass. He quickly about what it put people in the military think about the intelligence community, the Democratic Party in the news media pushing and evidence free red, baiting conspiracy, theory against the president, whose the commander in chief and was actively ordering people into battle Well, you know were that the Democratic Party and the media in Russia Gate in my experience, are very unpopular, highly unpopular, maybe more in the military than in most places the military is not a minor left politically like it. Maybe once was or maybe it never was it. It's never been just conservative, but you know ginning up and
the cold war. That means their blood based on what has demonstrably then you know at probably lies. Definitely some lie. is aunt and really just obfuscation across the board and on backed conjecture. That's not a winner. that is not a winner with the veteran community. Less remember linking gets elected, no play a story. And largely on the balance of the soldiers who were allowed to come back or mail, the men and like the first ever male ballots hanging No! This is not a winners were Nancy Pelosi. I mean this is if anyone's more popular than trump with soldiers, I guarantee you with anything. That's an important point. Look Russia Gate was I was a distraction from the right reality which is, we should have been critiquing from on his active foreign policy and calling on him to live up to some of his relatively earthy incorrect campaign.
promises instead of holding his feet to the fire on empire and whatever else even domestically? No, no! No! We throw all our chips in for a scan for the Iraq war. Gate of my generation who picked it up Jimmy you did Matt, I e b there, but how people in mainstream media nearly found the on jobs anymore. You had not have none of them. The people in the mainstream media me, I guess matter, rubies mainstreaming rights for rolling stone, so that would be it Glengarry as a year set a mean everybody else at the intercept. Was Russia gaining? sided lingering love, so he got it right, so that was nice hit that the editor of the intercepts, still Russia gating till this day at the top of her lungs hundred a hundred miles an hour still do that it's amazing well one russian assets to another Jimmy. I mean call my handler after the show lad,
When we talk about the age of eight now that mean ass a cudgel. You know I will just say that, for of tromp was elected. I got a lot of hate and two, but was it was always that I was a trader and I hated America, but after tromp was elected then it became oh you No, you love tramp in your Russia, biologist and a russian asset. I think that's instructive actual because my views didn't change. Yeah very nets. Very yes, of course, yeah your views engaged with theirs their smear tactics against people telling the truth about war change. That's all! That's the only thing that happened, you know so we hear about the human cost of war and you have anything to say about the ito. What war does too so a lot of people say I worry about animals as soon as I can give. People start worrying about people and other people make the argument that, if we don't address how we treat animals, which is what the under grid goods this whole our whole culture?
not only through animal agriculture, but even the way, Ward treats the environment and the cruelty to animals if from a military testing a mean the effects of sanction noise pollution from our weapons and generators of collateral damage? Do you talk about some of that stuff? That's The military man mindset is inflicted on the earth in the name of this apparently indispensable nation of wars and our Reno freedom on the two the bayonet military that we actually can arise in the name of that, you know where the number one polluter, the Department of Defense, you know our own soldiers were poisoned by Gulf WAR Syndrome and asian origin, and now you know batteries being burned and burn. Passing on how many class action suits are gun. He knows the asked me if it be a part of its every generation in the same way and on the phone if at all, is a two minute clip on the veterans,
very little talk about you know are info. When's on the climate and on environment in a lot of these in allow these places in just one perfect example. Is that the most of those deaths that you mention In my article in the and Matt Article one eminence Molly are actually famine and disease and and cholera books no realises that we as a road a recent article, the number one epidemic exacerbate her in history is war right, and that was true with the natives. Americans and its true in Yemen today, when you ve got desertification in West Africa and EAST Africa, that is already existing from the climate, nor contribution to with the Pentagon and the new throw drones and refugees and raids. On top of that, you emancipatory dish, it's a petri dish before people started can about that when American Start Diagram Verona, it's always been there.
Our sins are manifold and their inner connected and ass, the structural part and at what people to realise what did you so crazy that everyone We don't want to go to war because they thought us aside, killed fifty people with a chlorine bomb. Whereas we are literally committing siege warfare on Yemen, which I don't know if you know that as a war crime you're not allowed to do that, and that's why seventy five thousand children died of a famine during a war because we are blocking Madison. food, any kind of help from getting into those people in its tit. That's called siege warfare. That's illegal! We're doing that! That's the united states. So then we point our finger at Putin and say he's a strong. Where is a thug or Assad's a thug Orkut Duffy's a thug, the biggest thug in the history, of human kind. Is the United States of America? Would you agree with that? You I do, and it took me,
long time to come that place longer than it should have its really important. what you're saying you I mean. Let's talk about you and I like to be flippant, but hey at least the guys were simple warning you were doing it. At least it's a really nice freedom, loving regime, the Saudis right where they still burn women for witchcraft and sorcery. It's on the books. Folks Putin is a monster, are right and I am not a fan of russian foreign policy per se, but it's it's less aggressive, then American for war It's killing less folds directly and indirectly. That doesn't mean I support It means I'm willing to hold those same two opposing ideas in my head. At the same time, Putin is an imperfect, somewhat problem. Mag leader for the Russians to worry about, but America, using the witch burning, A regime that happens to have a lot of oil is starving children and we ve been doing it for quite some time and they
also backed a guy called the Zambian learn in Afghanistan. I heard that somewhere and it was our money that help do it so low back one or one empire, one on one when or we're going to stop it. When are we to sit down? When are we going everybody? I talk. So I travel all over the country before the the pandemic. would travel everywhere every weekend going somewhere and no matter where to approach it ever do is like no one ever says more war. Everyone says: let's get out of this, please wars and put that money into our own country into infrastructure, education or health care or whatever so and then truncates elected on it. Anti intervention is platform, they immediately turn him. They give him an extra hundred and thirty one billion dollars to go bomb. People, as they say he's in bed with our enemies, which those two things don't make sense. That's you know they're lying about Russia Gate, then they given.
Two hundred and thirty one billion thousand. He doesn't complained about it. So there's no way to stop this. Was she great beams strode of a real revolution right Danny? Oh, yes, some sense some sort of version of the general strike which you advocated. You know when you had christian smiles on from. From blue collar stand out here I grew up. You know we have to apply that to the empire and we have to connect he's the media won't do it for us thinking to connect the dots. The dots give him a job. What needs to be connected, as this is the we're doing cost of every dollar spent on the aircraft carrier right every person and killed overseas that that blows on us. I mean this domestic and foreign policy, or completely connected working in the system has never stopped and american war. Never in an unacknowledged since sick, see no seven when a white dude showed up in Virginia and if an if, if we think it's gonna work now,
It's like thinking that Nancy blows he's gonna, put universal health care in the bail out I've seen delusion the same delusion. It's the same sickness with you know, different symptoms, its growth, and we got quit with delusions because like the Bible, says I'm not religious childish. Things need to be left behind. Americans, not so keen on that. so far as its only been like foreign drug use, em you so you know more than our model. Would you extend that same philosophy to reform reformation of our political parties, because I know a lot of people still believe that the answer is somehow suckin. Some more corporate cock backing the Democratic Party another time and then trying to get back at him in four years. That's exactly what you said. That's childish things! while it is- and you know I haven't even haven't even like taking a position on you know endorsing anybody, I'm not important enough when I wrote an article called gambling. combined foreign policy about two weeks ago, and I literally
More hate mail, all from the left from the polite liberals, in one morning I did the month before and that sand something because I dare mention that Biden is an emperor he's a little bit less. The life in Obama bomb of the polite emperor mould. He's gonna smile like Uncle Joe from scratch. wherever origin Minos? Yes, acres, they whatever and the reality is few weeks, if you gamble on buying thinking, he's gonna end the empire you're in Adieu, Luzhin. You may as well be one these might MIKE Pompeo the raptures coming in his real types, because it's not gonna happens if you choose to vote for buying- and you know what you're getting love you gonna. Do you gotta do enough for me, I'm done and done what to do. I believe I think job is. It is a threat in an or in the climate, but listen if you think that biting is gonna. Do this mantle the empire.
I've got ocean from property in Arizona. George straight said: can you speak Ruby? we'll, let you go, I know you have you gotta get to your own show. You know. Troops suicides mirror the soil suicide of all humanity right now and the military is a big part of that? What he What are your thoughts on them that high numbers of troops suicides You know a lot of websites that I didn't pay enough attention. Honouring troops and my article day out, like WWW, didn't read the article, because I talked about substance, abuse and suicide as an epidemic with a military and how maybe, if we're gonna, memorialize anybody less focus on them, is there about a thousand times higher How many soldiers died in Yemen on a personal level, we'll both for me and map. Oh, you know the Marine and State Borman Whistle blower Black wrote this with three soldiers under my command direct command their own lives. I too those were substance, abuse related! the invisible wounds is right.
You ain't just a platitude, even though it sounds like one, but what we like to do, You say what a shame that twenty, two or seventeen aware of the status veterans are killing himself they? What a shame? If we thank the morning airport and pick up a few more challenger that'll, do it never saying what is it about real? I meant to civilian life from for ever war, where you're never going to see a victory. What is it about that process? is causing a suicide and a substance abuse at the damage its it actually. For me, it is its heart. You know, because I didn't people but I loved, took their own lives and, and then I'll tell you. Wanta substance abuse hang out with me after a funeral in some wine, a Kansas for Mexican America. Who is the best soldier, reverend then takes his own life. It's it's really problematic. The folks and are going beyond my lecture right after this doing our kind of winners
soldier give our thoughts on the wall, This thing off every one of them is either personally affected. With those you know, pressure and PTSD in substance, abuse or know somebody who critically has taken their life or come close, that up a dynamic that story We don't tie it to the empire into the forever war state, then we're doing a disservice to every one of those people to their own lives in the future ones. Does he not only seventeen more moral serious hold on? I have no idea how people at readjust after being in a war zone, I saw dog it hit by a car. I still have. measures. I have no idea how people can, then I'm not a joke about thereby gets that's. So I have no idea, I'm such a fragile dude. In that way,
So I can't even imagine how would you know the stuff that you see and you have to do, and I've heard soldiers talk about the stuff they were ordered to do and the things that dripping people, other houses and making people stand against walls and all. Are you not just the things they had to do was just its. I do not know how they do it so yeah it eight! Eighty, aren't you surprised that, though I mean like gum that there was a town, I think in Utah that decided to make sure that none of the veterans were homeless. Are you? Are you surprised, or is it like a nation wide programme like that I wish I was surprised, nor do I wish that. I was surprised by that. I wished. I had enough faith in our systems. The thing that you know or Big bear hugger freedom would would be go all the way down to the kids from Western Pennsylvania who serve and die on military and come back broken physically and emotionally, but I'm not surprised because you know
The system is designed for them. They may be water carriers for that system, and we may thank them. But you know there is a dangerous of empire in every empires, reduce them, and we all that different from them, the it its gross on so many levels. But I think that is actually an insult to the military to better and that we purport to actually and we play all their movies on. You know TB ass every memorial day and better than frankly, I find these holidays wretched at this point, which is, why this year, man, I wrote Article saying much does digit for at least three frame the whole thing, because, frankly, I'm sick of writing. Anti war articles are mortal danger because I don't have a lot of fate that they're doing any good, but I do know that like when it comes to you know that occupies style movement in economic inequality that we you'll take those direct action, grass roots message:
from history and realise that those are the taxes that worker and I listened to you regularly and I think I've seen an episode in a year. were you didn't mention then he said city of that- and I appreciate it- and I a lot of veterans out there do because we're not a monolith and a whole A lot of us quietly mostly but a whole lot of us are just about FED up and apathy is the most insulting thing. I rather be called a baby killer. Which is incomplete and wrong by rather be insulted directly then, have you no citizen apathy, but that's what rains and asked what the media produces that they're out their part of the game. What was the word you use? They are the detriment. The empire. What does that word? Adapter this of empire yeah? What does that mean? How'd you spell that word. That's about BT are idea. You ass, you know just like the trash of empire leftovers of empire and in this this has been the case throughout history,
in the british empire, the same thing you got these broken imperial soldiers who come home, don't recognize the country they just came from They are not all the men who lot and take it out on the immigrants the London who came from the same place, they were just trying to pacify her. I mean the state. This whole thing works in such a way to divide us whether it's you know by placer necessity or immigrant status, but that you know where that way my generation is just the newest, in open Vietnam generation of broken out a broken soldiers that really are the decorous under an empire? So you not forgive me for not being excited about Joe Biden. You know who was the number one sheer leader for the Iraq war that broke me right, and maybe I'm not a tough enough guy, not maybe it's possible! I weaknesses. I will tell you there watching teenagers. Execute on the side of the road. In Iraq. Because they were see sheer sunium. We started that war that broke me
changed my life. Now, I'm glad I did what Forgive me for not getting excited about the guy who defended what he called popular President Bush six months into that war. When it was clear, we have a single wmd to be found, and you know the civil war and already Qana kicked off so yeah. I can't get excited. When do you think there is a chance of soldiers refusing to serve at any point? I think it's If, if I'm a little hopeful, not optimistic, you know on the key mine. I mean people talk about the all volunteer force it of its we all want your force was designed not by some should be her. You know asked the S. Activism I'll ask it was by Richard Nixon, was designed by the Republican Party to squelch descent. That's why it was created so expecting
the old man to your force to suddenly you know, behave like the conscripts of Vietnam It is again it's sort of another illusions. However, if you push even a volunteer force which isn't really volunteer? It's an economic draft. I mean just look at the soldiers I served with. I mean come on buddy that even if you push volunteers far enough, Jim at war for decades is we're gonna go into our third decade of war, not too far from now, I think, you'll see pushed back. I think you'll see were folks who passive aggressively kind of revolve like the same. there's did on cam closures. You know endemic ship, but ass, for you know, refusal to serve less likely, and so trial, can't so long as the things that you constantly talk about continue, which is economic, disparity unemployment and the gig economy at the bottom, also part of the same system. So long is that doesn't change for him folks,
We're gonna leave their crappy towns and neighbourhoods to serve in a place. That's them. Most socialist institution in America, where, even if your Nineteen and you ve got two kids in a teenage wife cause. I hung out of their houses. The army gives you a house and universal Healthcare and at least a living wage. Mostly so you know I mean my point is if you and sat on the demand, and you know less folks are gonna be, joint, even that's unlikely. So long as we maintain the oligarchy. Again, it's not can sphere. tutorial to say that as part of the same system, because now Dixon designed it Nixon, not George Mcgovern, not John F Kennedy, Danny shortened, thanks so much retired, major, daddy shorts and anti war activists, host of the fortress on a hill which is due in alive stream starting? right Now- is that on Youtube live stream
We're on the Facebook and on a hill check this out? And yet you know, if you don't mind if you did, if you wanted check out my columns contributing at her? At any word, our common. The website is sceptical, better come so I'm all the place even Mother Jones, which only the second time that thanks so much me Jimmy and haven't this honest conversation that I couldn't have had any aroused number one, because they would have invited me. A number two is very few people are asking. These questions I really appreciate your work and your advocacy in your truth telling your courage to do so, and it really makes a big difference. So, thanks again, we look forward yeah, hey. Let me know when your book is out. It's called patriotic descent and we'll have you back on. Ok thanks Jimmy glad to do at any time. Ok body, hello, waiting Jimmy Door did he die, people were stored. United States senator from New York, Charles Chip, Shermer at your service rainforest in full,
about your humble public servant. If there is any I can help you when you're special lady with during this trying time, please You do not hesitate to contact my office that it all. Thank you. Will There is something we were wondering about: ah wooden, supporting free federally funded healthcare plan. For everybody help even more that's crazy talk. We can't afford to wait. a vital insurance middle men. These people are essential workers in the middle of it. And Amoco else is going to refuse you access to a ventilator, your wife, of course not at an air but courage, booby People are drowning in their own lung fluids, jock what they should drowning somebody else's have mad. So my. Make things a little easier. If you supported better for all right now is not the time to talk. Free healthcare you asshole pandemic, going on. hey. You know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast
How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door, comedy Cobb sign up it's the most horrible premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay, Lando, step San Marino, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written up. All the voices performed, They are the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found. It might make greater. That's it for this week, you'll be the best you can, we shall keep you need. don't don't don't you don't you don't? I don't worry. I'm worried.
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