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2020-11-26 | 🔗

Brunch liberals attack Erin Brockovich!

Trump's last minute selling off Arctic refuge!

Silence about Julian Assange exposes Journalists Hypocrisy!

Featuring Mike MacRae & Stef Zamorano!

Phone calls from Joe Biden, Sean Connery, Rick Perry, Barack Obama, Herman Cain, and Jeb Bush!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Jimmy. Oh hello, this, Jimmy who's, this journey, This? Is President Elect Joe Biden, hello, Mr President, elect how are you Jimmy I'm doing? Pretty damn great thanks for asking. I'm glad hear it Jimmy yeah! It's starting! What is the transition right Proper registration is decided to begin the transition. Yes, I'm aware of this, and also My old friend John Kerry, to be the name its first climate sharks. He's gonna friction fix a jerk and how exactly as you gonna do that. scowling at carbon like some kind of weird girl
Oh I see gay. I got it. anyway. This is your great knows. Well, if you say so Joe You know boy me Jones, Davy Jones. It had thirty, thirty thousand on this news, I'm not really sure that that helps most Americans, though yeah you're, probably right, Bertha, eight thousand Joe outer door. Now, how do you plan on ensuring average Americans get a fair share of the sky? rocketing Wall Street wealth, May I ploughed appointing another's yard to do just that, one, happens when the person you appoint to this position is just another corporate lackey? Who is now tangible interest in helping the America Working Class, ah That's, why they're going to be a woman of color or an Lgbtq,
so you're not allowed to criticise or my what they're doing. Your browser ever job, and I can't see my family registration, as you do to help me. oh yeah, why are you some kind of way? shut up oconnor, further gotta, be able to hide behind that is fucking amazing, of our knowledge boy bridge Yes call me yeah how heartbreak cynical Joe. Thank you. Yeah. hey? What are you doing Giving Joe, What you mean all families gonna, get together Coca, Joe
bird and have a battle global food, that is exactly what we are not supposed to be doing this year. Body, not Jemmy, don't worry, we'll stay kind. Far apart no Jimmy. Don't worry, we'll stay and far apart and where masks around our necks yeah yeah, hey ice do you have any Biden, Thanksgiving traditions, wow, okay, nice by design. We like every year, fresh and full of surprises.
The past few years has been what's hunter, going, do Although I will say every year we do go around the table and say what we're thankful for What are you thankful for this year, Joe rather, I was nominated by the Democratic Party and it now somehow become President Elect in defiance the better instincts of every thinking. American miracle. May I truly she the hand of God and there? Okay? Well, will you have a nice youth? Ok! Well, you have a nice holiday, Mr President, elect you Jimmy.
But your stay on don't go anywhere, rich enough to survive on medium feeds and jump the medium and the into show everybody welcome to this week's Jimmy door. Show let's get to the joke before we get to the joke, shall we You heard what the California Senator Diet, Feinstein Stew, big down. As the lead Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, she says she wants to spend more quality. the time with her family doing harm to the country's hated her Andrew Cuomo got is receiving an international me for the press conferences. He did it over covert, no kidding I'd like to kill
congratulate Andrew Cuomo for getting an Emmy for best actor in the role of a politician pretending to care about people. You know I know what to make of the world right now, but it's a good thing. Charlie Manson died three years ago because a vehicle- what's going on right now he go. Nuts how any fun fact this Thanksgiving Americans will eat seven hundred million pounds of self eight disguised as turkey. Hey Barack Obama just dropped volume, one of his third memoir at sea. Steve million dollars I predict memoir number four will arrive by Amazon drone and the cost automatically withdrawn from our annual oxen. In fond allotments, I think we can finally say the nooses tightening the walls are closing in the dominoes are falling. It's the end of the third quarter of the bottom is falling out, he's reached,
critical mass the ceiling is falling, the cracks are showing it's. The beginning, of the end? It's only a matter of time someone's going down the right, Eob the wall, it's the boiling point. It's a watershed: weak he's, standing on a precipice, the dam's gun of burst, it's getting dark, they're. Turning up the heat, it's the end of the road, the jig is up, the hands are at midnight. The sun is setting. The chain has been broken. The pressure is on and it's the tipping point trump better watch. It hey Cover up today show Amazon is spying on its own workers and using the pinkertons to prevent workers organizing just like the good old days. Exe. of leaked CIA documents show how the war machine controls public opinion. How do they do it? The answer just may surprise you, or will it brunch liberals attack Erin Brok Bitch for telling the truth about, bite new,
the environment cabinet picks. What's the truth about didn't cabinet, pics will tell you, and it's not pretty governor of New York, Andrew Corbo was given an Amy award for being the worst leader, but the best tv press conference, or ever plus we get phone calls from Joe Biden, David Axelrod JEB Bush Rick, Perry Sean, country Chris Christie and Barack Obama, plus a lot lot more. That's today, on the Jimmy door. Show Hey Biden's got secretary of State who is who is Biden, chooses Biden, chooses Antony and me not add three. It's me any Antony Blinkin seemed always to do his character. I ain't me his word for anyway, hers Barton's new Secretary of state
ain't me blinkin defender of global alliances as secretary of State who, where we go basically so if you want to do with this guy is violence, is from Ben Norton, bite and secretary of state nominees, now official he's a liberal war hawk blinkin, he supported the twenty eleven war that destroyed Libya and unleased slave markets. He defended Israel's mass occurs in Gaza. He started the cattle a war on Yemen. and he's a NEO liberal at a private equity for so basic. you see. What disguise done in the world is basically the guy. If the world was a cocktail party since the due to put him in the punch ball. For no reason at all to this, guy is what else. No one else, Is from Sir Abdulla, who is me. He advocated for a war in Iraq he's back
of bombing Libya in Yemen? He's an architect of arming Al Qaeda in Syria, he's a proponent of the sea, a coup in Ukraine, he's a champion of NATO expansionism and he's a hard core supporter of Israel. Correction. He stuck his box in the punch bowl and nobody caught him. That's who this guy is Biden's. Foreign policy picks are from the hawkish national security blob. That is a bad sign Violence, incoming team help shape some of the most militaristic policies of the Obama administration. Who could have seen this coming? Everybody at issue did, but you know, Michael Morse Code, it's how you would have choir boy. The sky is what a good Catholic Joe Biden is to pick a guy who wants to go now committed genocide, and yet in Yemen, that's what it s like a boarding to tell you why? Because I got more, sometimes it's crazy, like half the time when he talks on purpose in front of a camera,
Tony blankly ain't me: ain't need blinking and Michel floor nor joined a high profile. What you find out, who she is joined, a high? profile roster of former policymakers for the private equity, firm Pine Island Capital partners, incorporated by John Fain. In other words, a bunch bids are gathering it's a gag knowledge. Is there a word for that? John Fain who's, that John Famous investment banker. Had He tank Merrill Ledge sold off to Bank of America and pay themselves. several bonuses along the way, he's a real ethical guy the height of the subprime mess. John than spent one point, two million dollars remodel
in his office, installing thirty edged installing a thirty five thousand dollar toilet. This is this, is the kind of you would expect Trump appointees to be known for well as long as you're fully. I guess you might as Well- have the world's most expensive depository ain't me. Lincoln and floor noise firm, told executives. They would share their passion, you ready for this. They would share their passion like David Axelrod,
they would share their passion for helping new companies navigate the complex bureaucracy of winning Pentagon contracts. Who, who grows up to have such a passion? That's your passion by passion. What I do for money as I help people get contracts to go murder other people, but what my passion is is kiddo, badminton, crochet or opera, but my passion, your passion is helping people Navigate contracts at the Pentagon that your past did that's your passion, helping people get contracts ago, murder, other people on mass. These are the same people whose parents
so wouldn't allow them to have pets when they were children, because they were afraid of what they would do to them. That's who these guys that's what me blank ones and frog, nor gory, Michelle Frogray Clients include in his Clarence, including an airline and not another global transportation company, a third company that makes drones that can instantly scan entire buildings interior? Just I just put an what is oil companies among the clients? Is the Israel, artificial intelligence Company Windward, their surveillance software tracks,
vessels in real time to former israeli naval intelligence officers established the company and twenty ten, the former chief of staff of the israeli defence forces, serves on its board former see I hate Director David to portray it's his hidden faster when a great company dude worst us. For that, then people. So if you point this out, that Biden is putting these maniacs and his cabinet. There will be ridiculous people, a blue magua who do this. They go dude we're still dealing with a president who use the office to enrich himself. Let's try to chill for like five minutes. While we talk less chill
for five minutes, because it's not like. We have a forty year, history of Joe Biden to know exactly what is going to do. Let's wait and see, I say we wait to act the until right after its too late. That's what I think we should do something. That's a good that thank you Matthew here. There's more oh, my god, you mean any blinkin and Flornoy made a living in between government work. That's what he calls engineering a genocide in Yemen, earning a living! That's what he calls earning a living. Advocating for illegal wars in Libya, Syria agenda Site in Yemen, that's old earning a living o because their responding to the american prospect Dave Day and who this article we're covering. That's where it was, he pleaded out so their responding to Dave David,
this is what a Democrat says: the horror, knowing how ethical they are doubt, they'll continue their work while back and government, but maybe we should offer these high profile jobs to bums off the street. Is that better made a living shot, Olsen Correct, made a living by helping the war machine, navigate the contracting process and before selling the Iraq war. How many more trillions do we have to spend bombing brown people before we get healthcare. the horror, is that he helped destroy so many societies, the jet site in Yemen is unforgivable and so was the Iraq war. This is a guy who writes for box, This is a real is a real person employed by box to write news things Dave Dainty this out read what blue
Klin did in between the Obama invited administrations getting rich working for corporate clients, had a pop up strategic consultancy, and so this guy who's a writer for vocs, retreats that and says blink and participated in society. The horror while ok wow, that's what they call participating in society there it is. Are you probably went to journalism school? That's what it is. He went to journalism school, and so he, how do you know what to say that even don't even know what to say that mean There's a lot. Look, there's a lot of followers to be gotten by pushing that stuff. Wow. That's just amazing, not even going to engage with the pretense of reporting on the new administration, so they're, not even this guy's.
I even got to tell you who's in the whose who's the Secretary of State- he doesn't want you to know that guy doesn't want you to know that Joe Biden is filling his cabinet with people directly from the military industrial, complex. pro war, mongers people who have the worst records in the world this guy at vocs doesn't think you should know that, then that's that's why we have a show. I can't I can't let the cat let this get lost that you at the next United, state secretary of state, Antle blinkin is a new dad he's a new dad. It will be inspired.
For working parents everywhere to see America's top diplomat in action, as he also helps raise two toddlers. I bet you each of his toddler has a gold toilet. Do you think wow? Because he has kids so because somebody's, because somebody has a kid they're, automatically great people right, they're virtuous. He supports us intervention that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent men and children, and I love this well. If you're going to be picky
oh, my god. The war criminal has children. So sweet, look, look! Look at how she chiefs sheer frames. This violence flow of experienced and qualified cabinet pigs are like democracy for play. I can't wait for the act orgasm January twenty. If this is that's a real, that's impossible to parity the mental illness of these people You can't parity that that the onion can't do anything with that. They can't write anything crazier than that is that's real! That's real the! What's really going?
Oh, my god back! I love you. Paypal. Treasure brothel bombs, calling me again, hello. You see my in the view Yes, I read about it or a private state can really Africa questions. You mean Scott Pelee like ever better did. Did he do it? Did he do at this time? He did something far more important. He actually let me open up about my new memoir, a promised land wow right in an exclusive interview. kinds of things just don't happen when folks, like me, are trying to felt about them. They usually I'm up about product, stay away from the press.
I didn't know that hear me. I literally opened up about all seven hundred and sixty eight pages. All you want covers a younger growing up in Chicago and I'm with the conditional release of Osama Bin Laden, but barely one gave in California while us I'm a Bin Laden is living in California. If you call doing real estate living, he knows about the construction of it. We got In crisis, going on Jimmy too many folks aren't pulling up the damn pants to pay their rent. We need and the man man overbearing, like no both men, but he was our sworn enemy? Germany Box, but we reached across the imo, put it up and often hear the words Jimmy NASA? Nazi coincidence. I think not whose idea
but you're, the one who you are asking of the space station at the end of a bay folks are those folks in space we all want preferring bank money and complete domination of other. your first volume is over seven hundred pages, long graphic. What about some clearly out of touch with the way real people live. I'm guessing! I fed you paint, you Have a bad now will shut up eight hundred years ago, Genghis Khan, with boiling people alive and peel off the skin. Well, what's your point by a promised land? It's a touching, compelling, read, dotted with instances of paralyzing self awareness and we kill some folks Why do you think it's appropriate to compare life eight hundred years ago to the life Americans live today? Everything looked
better compared to getting your stand. Peeled in your ass. All live, oh about you're. My father then may be thankful to fuckin drought or not those folks running around folks, in lane. Back me up, ladies, take a break like Trump I don't think I want to read your memoir. This idea, purity and you're never compromised. You should get over that quickly, so I see and I killed some folks. I bet you kill a few folks too, who hasn't I.
A new book: it's got an introduction by Alyssa Milano, okay, guess what everybody Trump administration: rushes to sell oil rights in Arctic; national wildlife, Refuge Trump Administration; rushes to sell oil rights in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, because why not? He still has the keys for a few more months. Why not? He could someone from cured on tell me how this is part of the big plan. This is literally what he's doing he loses an election and then he rushes to sell oil rights in an arctic national wildlife refuge. This is the equivalent of trump. building on the door as he leaves a party and by the way, all you people who are still trappers. I know he gets like seventy Somalia
vote, the largest vote getting of any Republican ever so there's a lot of people who are still pro trumpet in the United States. This is what Trump is doing instead of pardoning Julian Assange. This is what Trump is doing instead of pardoning Edward Snowden. This is what he's doing. Okay, just so you know it's. The latest pushed by the Trump Administration to auction off development rights in the pristine landscape. Before President Elect Joe Biden takes off. office. So that way, Joe Biden doesn't have to do it. Starting Tuesday, oil and gas companies can pick which parts of Alaska Artic National Wildlife refuge they're interested in drilling. Imagine being that evil just for a second imagine being that evil, hey which beautiful, pristine
land. Do I want to ruin today, I've got my picture. The litter, I feel, like a kidney, candy store the American Petroleum Institute, an an old trade association. Welcome the call for nominations, saying in a statement that development in the arctic refuge is long overdue. Yes But waiting to ruin his piece of land for a long time. Finally we're getting our opportunity just in case society? Does something about fossil fuels. The arctic refugees coasts plane is about one point: six million acres, its support Were caribou my great polar bears, den and migratory birds feed is also an area believed to hold bill. regions of barrels of on tapped oil.
If drilling leases our finalize before bite and takes office, they will be difficult to revoke doubtful Joe by would revoke them anyway, but it's a good thing. The excuse is there that it's hard to do and what does Barack Obama say about this? Barack Obama says about Trump. This is not normal. Oh really. Can I just tell you Obama administration approves arctic drilling. It's very normal. This is very normal. This guy saying what Europe is doing is not normal is a liar of that I order Barack DOT is Obama's, a war criminal, a liar and an enemy of workers, the environment, because that's what this guy did and he's a liar.
either we either we unify against the corporate autocracy or we perish, because Donald Trump and Barack Obama are the same and know that sounds weird right. One of em talks a lot nicer there. One of up took us from two wars to seven one of a made, the bank's bigger. What are the mega banks bigger while kicking five point, one million families out of their house, one of them both of the Arctic to drilling twice whatever show oil I'll tell I'll ask one of them: gas immigrants at the border, one of them put a game against in the in cages, one of them put fracking pipes underneath this country, one of them. Let cops crack the heads of peaceful protesters and occupy Wall Street one of them. Let it play out a dapple one of them killed nine out of ten innocent people with a drone strike constantly everyday one of them. That's normal, but Trump opening up the Arctic to oil companies isn't normal will? Yes, it is normal
Because that's exactly what Barack Obama did to Barack Obama is he's different than Trump in a lot of ways. He was a worse lot worse than Trump in a lot of ways, not just one or two in a lot of ways. So what so? What does this leave us? We have to unite against both of these motherfuckers the Democrats and Republicans in what I say. Democrats I mean all the Democrats, you know the good one like
a yo see who's right now, pretending that it's the Republicans used. It did. The Cares act, it's their elsie, pretending it's the Republicans who did the wars eo see being a partisan hack of the highest order and gas lighting people into thinking that the Democrats are actually an opposition party when they're? Not the Democrats are not an opposition party. Just so you know the Democrats are not an opposition party. Joe Biden is not an opposition to to Donald Trump's policies. Neither is Nancy Pelosi by the way.
And they all agree on keeping you away from hell of Healthcare for what for profit, so someone else can profit while you stay sick and go bankrupt, that's the problem! That's why we got trump because abroad, Obama normalized stuff, like this normalized, the banks running our economy, normalized war, normalized, making the Bush tax cuts permanent normalized, keeping Guantanamo Open, normalized, torturing whistleblowers, Barack Obama did that Barack Obama tortured whistleblowers. He did that Barack Obama prosecuted whistleblowers. He did that everything he said. Trump was not normal. He did it Barack Obama did it first. Whatever you say trumpeted, he did at first, oh, he didn't put it. You didn't have a muslim bandeau ass, he did and and be he bombed the Muslim,
which is a little worse than banning them at the airport. But now you've got a aoc running around telling everybody. It's the Republicans that are bad as she carries water for Nancy Pelosi, Chuck, Schumer and Joe Biden. That's what AOC is doing right now and she's lying to who he's not lying to Republican. And she's, like your own followers, hey, you know, we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. You should be the previous member. We give you a couple of hours. Premium bonus content every week. and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to do. your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed afford, previous programme and the business. A great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks
everybody who was already a premium member, and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support Why was out observing international hat day? At a thing, a bunch of people left Thanksgiving message, on my analog message: machine no kidding, hi everybody. This is Rick Perry, commander of all ale and energy of the universe, and I'm so thankful. Everyone's forgotten me, hey man Here's a third saying this show by I think for choosing me as your president. The difficult work, up ahead of us will be difficult Don't lose your heart on. I promise you. I will be president for all Americans, not just you. Devoted me for with laughter camera tv It was racist and Frederick people
the thing I need some money. Security won't paper itself. I know if you are hurting, but firstly, we have doubts. That's it Herman. Can I'd be be thankful if somebody we wanted the Likud someone told me damn border here I know it was a mob. All that dawn shore call me back. I don't load your without suitable that Japan is a Firefox. We know about it and afterwards copper. How about made it David Axelrod of the fire safety? May I thankful for the latest episode of the x files, because it features the exciting political strategist who begala
sure sure, tat gap is political analysts me beer was the result, find out on the next hack on tap. We get down and dirty and I did and crannies of the political process and almost miss my newest podcast called Victoria acts fixation with David Axelrod. My first fix. Nation is about to drop Why are you in your body to lady poor yourselves, a glass of my bladed artisanal wine row J actual with is the hand of Alman Rosy arise retention, complex states, experience fully accented with right notes of kiwi fruit and slightly damp dampening cardboard school was a. And thirdly, we in cash, for the residential Transmision Y
Secondly, this we all these two self pemmican We're not take my neck now, let's go by before. chain around you never thought I'd, Larry fry was the best studies, curly curly, all the but Larry was the best parts with him in Shelma, my wife his name is Joe Biden, and today's is November o'clock. What am I thankful for you, goddamn son of a bitch, I'm glad I kick the bucket before had to watch another Randy rainbows fucking song Paradise stuff. The fucking Turkey come on crying now
is that what you're doing I, that just stuff the bird you got a mouth pump, face Brad and don't be a freaking cheap stay with the stuff. On this time. As a matter of fact, I met some of the box. I'm not acting you're telling you stuff your fucking stuffing in the box put stamp on it stuff, the Stuffed box in the mailbox and mailing to me, I reiterate stuff, stopping at a box, stop stop inbox. It will make a buck. Stop mail, a male worry bout, Germany? Is enough really should like dad? I, like my stop at Aberdeen on it like a well. I guess we'll only did like a statue made out of fucking stuff and got it and be thankful. I don't come over. There was all your valvida prices, cheese spread, dead meat come on? Man I workers are for those you didn't vote for me as I will propose you're dead vote. For me, I'll fire. Sorry for the shellfish forty one percent. You still try instrument the Americans while problem
of their suffering, as I do The ninety nine percent and not only is that undemocratic and against majority rule it's psychotic wow. I for my speech. One saying that. why. Well Every body, Body guard trees, wanted to hear Do you all know who Erin Brock Bitches, you all know who Erin Brock Pitch is what was the movie? What was that called that movie that she can you look at? I think it is called earn rocket. Was it called Erin Brockovich? Are you kidding right now? The movie Erin Brockovich yeah? It's called Erin Brockovich, the movie.
Right, I guess yeah yeah, so she took on the year corporate polluters and she she she's played by Julia Roberts and I'm gonna get you that's. That's gonna be nice. When someone that happens. Dear Joe Biden, are you kidding me this brok of Brockovich coming at Joe Biden? Are you kidding me? She says the President Elect has tapped the former Dupont consultants to join the Environmental Protection Agency Transition Board. and she says dear Joe Biden, are you kidding me and Joe Biden says? No, I'm not kidding you're looking a newly elected Senator Joe Biden? I got a straight face some of these jokes about us. Dare I say Brok, of its talking cheeses, dare I say I had hopes this new administration would usher in the dawning of a new day. No, he said
thing will fundamentally change. He said that ok, as picks, were present elect Joe Biden's Environmental Protection Agency transition team were announced. I felt concerned and disheartened about a chemical industry in cider being on the list. Are you kidding me well? Did you dismiss all the fraction pledges he made? What do you think he caused hot? With that fluid. Michael Mackay, by former, employ abiden later jumped ship to work as a consultant and communication strategy for Du Pont during a time when the chemical company was looking to fight regulations of their star chemical, pure for. Chronic acid P Ethel known as sea. Eight. hey. Is there an issue where, where you were fighting for the wrong side. All we ve got a job for you inside the Bite administration, if, by
Its transitional team involved ahead of karate he'd recruit at COBRA Kai pollutes the blood of nearly every american and can pass from mother to unborn child in the womb. That's what that's! What that guy was lobbying for this toxic industry product is a stable, compound not easily broken down in the environment or in the human body, giving it the name forever Chemical, it should go without. that someone who du Dupont on how to avoid regulations is now. someone we want advising this new administration siege out your ear confused about who the bad guys are. This smells of the dawn of the this smells of the dawn of the same old. To quote the who meet the new boss same as the old boy As you know, the who also said we want good fold again, which clearly prove
if they are not an american band. The newly elected president says we need to listen to the science. Are you really listening, the science who are you listening to an industry insider who is controlling the message? I listening to eat all go vote trump. Then that's what Joe Biden says there Erin Brockovich go vote Trump we, the people supposed to trust a former Dupont man in the transition team, tasked with reviewing the Chemical Safety Board, is this how the newly elected leadership wants to start. What is supposed, yeah healing and unifying administration. Yes, yes, it is there in Are you not familiar with any of biting earlier work, because this is right in keeping with it this is our brand.
are we already falling back on the old and antiquated, hide and seek concealed dodge and deny leadership, or are you going to come out and be the change and hope needed. When it comes to the environment, we ll, To the guy who's been getting it wrong for forty years on the environment and he's seventy eight years old, we are in this mess because we continue to do the same thing. Erin Brok of it says for years I ve been. trying to impart a simple concept that Superman is not coming. I call on Joe Biden to do the right thing and
unfortunately earn your call one straight to his voice. Mail and the cassette tape is full. We want air. This is not now. This is our people attacking earn Brocklebridge for pressuring Joe Biden to git lobbyists out of his cabinet out of his transition team. This are people coming at her This we want Erin Brockovich to be better, not so sure she can be better Dupont to be with us than against us that you don't get. This is stunning. One hundred and forty eight likes on something like that. What what does that even mean we want to put to be with us? What that's like saying? You want Raytheon to be with us or Exon
be with us. Prairie lived as that's exactly what pray live once one in the act is that, if that's can't be a person, that's got to be some kind of corporate, pretend that's not real. there's another one. Let the man take office. He can't even do anything yet because of the petulant president of the United States. We have now just stop what, in the the guy staffing up the president's not doing Joe Biden is staffing up his White House right now, wow, so you see what, whenever you say, something that makes
hence in the United States. This is what happens to you. You have you, have there's a troll army out there to say the most ridiculous shit. There's people who for controlled me say I shouldn't criticise politicians, that's what this is: dumping Debbie Downer and hold your elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions. Don't do that? That's Jackie! Ok, it's almost thanksgiving can't. Can we all just be happy now that we have a new President Jimmy we should be pairs. Elizabeth, worn called anybody a sexist lately, that's what they do right. That's what Elizabeth worn, that's what they call Bernie sexist right, yeah and people still supported her after that. police his decades. Long record in politics should have been a warning.
And it's starting already, not you Aaron. Damn I really expected better nope not going to let you ruin my day, poof be gone. That's people coming at Erin Brockovich for saying that. Not you to you how many people are many. To tell me how shitty Joe Biden is. I having my head in the sand, who doesn't love the beach? What the f again hundred seventy nine likes? Isn't that amazing people just want to put their head in the sand? It's exactly what we said they would do and that's what they're doing Joe Biden just as bad as Trump is a staffing cabinet cabinet with the swamp people, but but lobbyists, corporate corporate tools and people like don't do anything about it. What is starting at attempt and accountability of the horror and the arms
Quarter, backing begins, love you, you stand for Erin Brockovich, but let Joe Biden do his job. This is not helpful. Yeah people should not have an opinion on elected officials. It's not like the elected officials are supposed to work for us or anything. What are you guys just be quiet? What is that? What is ninety nine like Now you know why America's in in the in word is Iraq of it says this is not our church armchair quarter backing I've spent my life in the trenches and have the have compromised immune system to prove making sure even our friends no we are watching, is important, no administered has done enough to protect our water and I'd like this one to be different. Nine. Nine hundred like so that's that's, encouraging.
Ryan night says hashtag. Blue Magua is now going after Erin Brockovich for writing. An important article calling out Joe Biden for hiring a Dupont consultant for his EPA Transition Board. We have to parties at America anymore. We have to call to defend anything. Their leaders do even when it's wrong. Ok, thank you are Abramovich and thank you already asked why dammit rats dance. I look forward to them by making a video about us now criticising Joe Biden for this. I hope they do. I hope, though it always bugs YAP. I get up and like all nobody
Nobody is it a bad faith attack video about me in the last least three days now now pan losing it I'm losing it. You know what happens is. As I went gray, I fucking eight people, people, the people, people think it looks. I I just some people, I see I'm under a video somebody. It's weeded out of snippet video of me and utterly somebody was like holy shit decades like twenty years they get to stop die. My hair thinking just stop died, my hair, that's
I did my skin still pretty nice put on the oil believe really. I think it does look good Jimmy. My hair guy gets for this very sweet of you. I want to remind everybody: what's going on, there's a war on actual journalism, not fake journalism like Jimmy Costa Review pricked, were you being a jerk there's a real journalist, Jill Assange and people don't realize what Julian Assange. After remind you, what Julian Assange is being prosecuted for not for anything to do with the twenty sixteen election or Russia or Trump know. What is Julian big prosecuted for for revealing war crimes of the United States. That's what this is about. It's not about Russia, so that about Wikileaks is emails with the Trump campaign. Nothing, it's got nothing to do with that. This is about prosecuting Julian Assange for printing articles that expose war crimes.
Just like that of the government of the United States under Brok, Obama, tortured, Chelsea Manning over the same thing, they're doing that the Chilean Sandra, not so now there prosecuting him and that that the hearing is farcical to impress the way the press, so the press is being prosecuted by governments and the press won't even cover it, why, because the press is owned by the oligarchs who are prosecuted him, the same people who are accusing him on the media. Why are they prosecutor, him because he upsets the war machine which is worth trillions of dollars. every year. They also own that news, media. So that's why they're giving him horrible coverage I'm just waiting to find out if he will be extradited to the United States to face charges of conspiring to obtain and disclose schools classified documents passed to him by. Former? U S, army intelligence Analyse, Chelsea Manning? U S! Corporate media have buried coverage of.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange his extradition hearing in the UK, despite being the media's trial of the century, but even in the scarce coverage that does exist on this president in case with immense applications for freedom of expression? One would hardly get the IMF Given that the United States in the british governments are involved, In an illegal conspiracy, in violation of their own laws, to punish assigned for the crime of journalism, that's what's happening to you it states that the UK are violating their own laws to prosecute a journalist, and journalists are uneven, I can say anything, that's how you hated states gets into the position were in that's how I get to have a popular show, because guys, like Jake Tapir dont, have the will never tell you the truth about Julian Assange and Wikileaks ever Julian sod campaigner orator, Since that's when the BBC does this, so the entirety of western media does complete smears,
actual journalists because the media is bought and then someone from the BBC goes too interview the President of the Azerbaijan and accuse them of not being fair and having fair and free press watch? What happens Do you think that people another budget do not have free media and opposition? Because this is what I am told by independent sources in this country's independence. Many independence us daily reach. I start He couldn't name source if you couldn't name it so here, let's, let's play it from the stop, so she's accusing them of not having a free and a depend depress, and he says who tells you this and she goes sources. Why do you think that people in another Van do not have free media and opposition, because this is what I am told by independent sources in this country's independence? Many independence us daily reach. I start
couldn't name source or, if you couldn't name? That means that you are just inventing this story so you're saying the media is not under state control, not at all, and there is here it is a lot let me end GEO, is that the subject of a crackdown journalists are the subject of a crackdown on its own. Critics are in jail, and all of this is true, absolutely fake. Absolute. We have free media, we have free internet, not just for you just so. You know everything she just accused this. Of doing, and I don't know if that are by Sean. I don't know the inner workings of their country. Maybe he's doing Maybe they're not I don't know, but I do know this. Everything she's accused. Him and his government of doing to journalists, the United States and the West and UK have done that's exactly what they're doing right now, that's exactly what Barack Obama did to journalists he crackdown on critics, of the government. That's what she's accusing Azerbaijan of doing right. Now, that's what exactly the United States did and watch how he catches are.
the number of internet users in other Bajan, more than eighty percent candidate, Urges the restriction of media in a country where internet is free? There is no censorship, as eighty percent of internet users. This is again a biased approach. This is an attempt to create a perception in western audience about Trajan We have a position with Ngos. We have three political activity. We have freely here. We have freedom of speech. If you raise this question, can I ask you also on how do you assess what happened to Mr Assange? Is it a reflection of free media in your country? Let's talk about Assad. how many years, sorry, how many he spent in ecuadorian embassy and for what
and where is he now for journalistic activity? You kept that person hostage actually killing him. Morally and physically. You did it, not us and now he's in prison. So you have no moral right to talk about free media when you do these things. Returning to the council, Higher better it onto the Gaza, because this is not what you like. You like only to accuse only to attack now the point of this of me showing you this isn't to show you what a good guy he is or what a great government they have an age by John. The point is to show you that the exact thing that the West accuses other p of doing. We have done in spades and are currently doing the worst thing in the world, prosecute and persecute journalists and critics of the gun
that's what we do in the United States and britain- that's what they do, that's what they do they got no led to stand. I do understand that now you understand: how will we can't Cobb so when somebody somebody in the United States, Putin, Putin a thug for the way they treat journalists. You go what you guys been prosecuting journalists since forever, We doing a Julian Assange, didn't you torture, Chelsea Manning? What about all whistle blowers at rock bottom use the espionage act against, and he said, so you got you don't want to talk about that. You want to talk about you
no more or to stand I'd tell you point the finger about Azerbaijan and the way we treat journalists. You guys are curly, torturing, a guy trying to kill em for doing journalism. You gotta come to my country and tell us how to how we should do it. Julian Assange locked down in prison after covert outbreak, but by the way, can I tell you this so this Julian Assange campaigner or attention seeker s from the BBC. Yeah totally that's what this is all about. He wants attention. Just tell you, people who want attention start a podcast or an instagram or a tick tock. They don't spend years in prison in solitary confinement for doing their jobs.
Then again, Julian Assange did defend a royal Navy whistle blower who expose security problems at Britain's Trident nuclear base. So I guess that's kind of a tick tock. You ve heard of shoot the messenger. The Julian Assange cases imprisoning the messenger, torturing the messenger smearing the messenger, so the public is outraged and then make the messenger vulnerable to Covid after an outbreak of covid nineteen cases and Julian Assange's wing of Bel MAR's prison Assange was placed into lockdown lawyers for Assange, told the London court earlier this year that he has an underlying one condition that makes him a high risk patient. A scientist waiting to find out if you'll be extradited to the United States to face charges of conspiring to obtain and disclose classified documents pass to him by
We're? U S: Army intelligence, Analyse, Chelsea Manning alone. The judge is going to issue a ruling. On January, four, the NFL player stood up for Colin Kapernick. More than journalists are standing up for Julian Assange and nobody put Colin Kapernick and solitary confinement. The corporate media's complicity around Julian Assange proves that they will be complicit in covering anything for the elite. Anything.
It's a sad state of affairs when those who steal from the working class get rewarded and those who to publish things to expose them, get it put in jail. So it's just a mess. I don't know it's just it's here. We are.
Actually, the sounds wanting attention. Okay, so there you go that sad! That's what happens when the BBC tries to try to point the finger at other countries leader about the way they deal with the press. I wanna play that again. I would like this one, how do you assess what happened to Mr Assange. Isn't the reflection of free media in your country? Let's talk about a son, How many years, sorry, how many years he spent in Ecuadorean Embassy and for what and where is he now for journalistic activity? You kept that person hostage actually killing him. Morally and physically. You did it not us and now he's in prison? So you have no moral right to talk about free media when you do these things. Returning to the conflict,
higher regulated under the Gaza, because this is not what you like, you like, only to excuse how easy to, is and embarrass a embarrass, a western easy. How easy is it easy super easy? I do it here on a daily basis. How easy to do to do a better job than a western. Easy super easy super easy. Even the ones who are the good journalists are willing to do propaganda drop the drop.
The falcon had guys like going with green Wild, have the guts to walk away from a cushy job. To tell the truth cannot be part of censorship in the aid of the oligarchs and, of course, to the Youtube's shows that screamed the loudest Russia Gait, which made censorship environment possible. I'm going to guess also are wrong about lingering Greenwald. I'm going to guess. thanks for the lane. I guess it would be nicer if we had allies fighting on the left, but the people who consider themselves on the left, if you side with the intercept over Glenn Greenwell
and your Russia Gator and you attacked from from the right. I got news for you you're, not on the left, you not on the left. I got news for you, you, you might say you are, but your beer, your actions betray you you're right winger when it comes to foreign policy, you're right winger when it comes to freedom of the press, yard winger when it comes to censorship. You're. Winger when it comes to the Democratic Party, your for them. There are right wing party, you're, bunch of fuckin right, wingers, not easy to out left those people. I do not envy the basis over here? That's why we get a lotta hate, his whatever you, left, some one drive some fucking nuts and of course we do it
entertaining way than they do do. This is from action for Assange. Thank you for covering the Julian Assange is extraordinary rendition. The judge concierge, the State Department is scheduled to rule on his extradition January for soon will be announcing our protest plans for January. Third and fourth, keep it up. Thank you and keep us informed about those actions really appreciate you. Thank you. So much hey, JEB Bush is calling me hello, hi Jimmy What's the matter now, JEB, nothing! come on. I can tell by your tone that sums wrong job. What is it? darling. I congratulated Joe Biden one day before my stupid brother did nobody noticed that bear well
I don't know JEB. You were never president, though. Well seriously do people, Keep going that up Lot you don't know about me. I have special powers, not talk to spirits. Joe is going to give me that master. hey. You know there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Door Comedy Cobb sign up. the most affordable premium program in the business. Today's show is written by RON Placo Mark Van Lando at set Samorano Jim Earl, MIKE Mccray and Roger Writtenhouse, all the voices perform today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccray can be found it MIKE Mcray COM. That's it for this week! you be the best you can be. Keep being me,
Don't don't don't don't die, don't worry.
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