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War Mongers Against TRUMP!

OBAMA Strikes Again!

The Man Who Poisoned Flint Michigan endorses BIDEN!

Phone calls from Al Pacino, Joe Biden, Chris Christie, and Bernie Sanders!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Jimmy. Hey this is you use this journey hey Mister Pecito. How are you doing It may look. I wanna talk to you about something. You want explain politics to you again, politics to you again what The movie dune yeah- I just saw this trailer that came out the internet. What is fucking Well, it's a remake of a movie based on a popular science fiction- novel, oh yeah! Why is it called a dude? Well, that's the nickname of the planet. It takes place on the
Planet is one giant desert, there's no food or water. How do people live then? That's no kind of life. Well, they have these special suits. They were that converts their urine and sweat in the drinkable water. Fuck make me Robin over here. What do they eat the spice? They just need spices. You can't live off that there's no nutrients in there, a bunch of cycles in the desert, drinking piss and eating a Reagan to make a great movie. No, it's a special kind of spice when a certain kind of creature ingest it it can bend. Space and time with its mind and that's how space travel is possible. Hi Jimmy, you sure you ain't hit anything any harder and weed
Oh no, no! That's all I got that's the plot. Okay, I saw Aquaman is it who does he play no Jay said: Mamoa plays a character named Duncan Idaho I'm not by its thick, you now. Ok, you should always remake. yet there was a nineteen eighty four version known for northward director David Inches I'd, take on the novel and its stirring score toto. Well, with the digital material provide by Brian Eno. Our body
done? Okay? What is a giant fucking thing at the end, that was a sand worm whoa how the worms get that big with no food they eat the spice too begin with this fucking spice. It's an entire spice rack dedicated to plugging up plot holes in this fucking thing, okay, the girl, at the end, who said fear, is the mind killer. Who is that that's a man, the actor Timothy Calumet who plays Paul or use Paul or so got it. I know a lot of polish some of them go by us too. You get the fuck out of it anyway. This way, fish young man should probably start seeing fear as his friend.
I have a feeling. Fear will keep him alive, actually he's the central character, he's a young nobleman who ends up fulfilling a prophecy and become sort of Asia to the native people of Dune Space, Jesus, okay, got it alright, Jimmy listen! You know what, when I call you, I expect you to level with me not yank. My chain make a bunch of bullshit I don't appreciate it. I swear I'm not making any of this up. Do establishment media on the lighting. So good luck, just we can't follow my fomenting test as a jack on the medium feeds and jump the medium and hit some head on. It's the Chinato show
Everybody welcome to this week's Jimmy door. Show let's get to the joke. Before we get to the, shall we hey fire fire. There's say a huge fire in southern California was started by fireworks, set off at someone's gender reveal party, and I think they could have just put out that fire with some gender fluid. If you know what I'm talking about, you know the choice, this November is clear you get to vote for a draft dodger who call soldiers, suckers and losers, or you get to vote for it, Wrap Dodger, who sent them to dine multiple illegal wars for oil, quite a choice out on Saturday, hundreds of Trump supporters set sail on America's lakes to show support for their candidate. I always Dubai, discuss for boat owners would come in handy, wonder, hay was covered up, But today show what is by day and is revealed to have a public agenda and a Wall Street agenda.
plus why our warmongering against Trump anyway and the man who poison flit Michigan is endorsing. you guessed it Joe I did and Joe Biden campaign is promoting it possibly get phone from from Joe Biden, Christie and and Pacino and Bernie Bernie Sanders, plus a lot more. That's today, I'm a Jimmy door show. Italy's Bernie Sanders Birthdays, high tide call above and wish him well. Yeah what and keep it could lead to the point. The dates my birthday and I do not have time for anybody else. Did you birthday, Bernie, happy birthday, I got a question for you, sir. Why don't you got out your right away? I ask you that, but also respect a dope, way, Bernie. We still appreciate all the things you
did right up until the point you dropped out and and never attacking your.
thing too, and you know you know what I'm trying to say. This is about my birthday. Okay, let's try to put up penny differences aside for a moment, so you could take solace in the fact that I'm still around to remind you of what we could have had if Joe Biden work such as genuinely jobbing human being. What do you mean you know like when he shows us humanity and confide single about his losses like that drunken guy who killed his wife and a car auto, but he almost forget that he's totally lying about everything. That kind of thing like supporting any of your recommendations he adopted for his platform well Joe and I have our differences, but that doesn't make me a totally disrespect me at every opportunity. So what are you doing for your birthday today? Bernie? If you must know, Jane, put the bouncy house in the backyard we're all report. Go dolls come over and are really going to fuck up the joint you're
so still distancing with separate bouncy houses. Don't worry we'll stick him in the laundry room. He was now the difference and the sound of the dryer calms him down. Of course, what about Joe? Is he coming over Joe Joe Biden? I never seen Joe anymore. I don't get it! It's almost like me pledging my support. Cost of to take me for granted. Would that be possible? I think it could be well look at the plus site after years of marking and ignoring my words, the resistance is finally telling people to pay attention. That's because you're telling people to vote for Biden, You may they don't allow banking at the Post office, Nope binding campaign, told bakers in multiple com
that they weren't serious about it or have the FED guarantee all Americans a bank account no on the pitch. I knew that would upset you, Christ Bob Dole Strip, naked. It's spelled as slurpy at the bouncy house. Again always cut multicolored north ball stuck all over his body can everywhere I'll, never get my God, then, to posit back Joe Biden got a great endorsement. I don't know if you see who this is the take a bite and Kemal hairs without a press release. As for media really September, third, twenty twenty or, as they say in my neighborhood September, turd the case you missed it, that's what
I see what I see. Why am I m pretty sure that's what that stands for in case you missed it right. It says in USA, today, oped former Michigan Republican, Governor Rick Snyder declares he's voting for Biden They're, sending this out they're touting their touting governor Rick Snyder. endorsement from Michigan. Do you remember who lack is Do you remember who Rick Nighter is. he's the guy who poisoned everybody in Flint Michigan. He should be in prison. He should be in prison, he's a criminal, a poison, children, poison them on purpose for money.
Michigan Ex governor Rick Snyder knew about plants, toxic water and lied about it. That's that's got to get his endorsed, got to get that guy's endorsement. Six years after the city of Flint Michigan began using toxic water that sickened its residents vice on cover, Hey offs, the silencing of whistle blower, a shady financial deal a cover up and the former governor who presided over at all. That's the guy they're touting fine. John, suffer in class after years of drinking the lead, poison, water, the city school stretch, even before the lead crisis, are struggling with demands for individualised education programmes, behavioral interventions for children, with high led exposure.
I've lived near or inflict most of my life pay attention. Flint third graters reading proficiency drops nearly three waters in one year, led point. Sitting equals learning disabilities it's happening. A generation is screwed risks. neither and his money hungry goons have been ignoring the lives well being and safety of our states. Citizens data allegedly swore to serve its disgusting. We need to show the world that this kind of leadership only endangers lives, never enriches it. There are calls not only for demand for clean water, but on and for the governor to be investigated, but some are calling for him to be arrested. What do you feel mayor I felt like I felt like it,
Should be arrested, he should bidding be in peace, whatever comes where we can get some sort of justice, because we haven't justice, Nighters Snyder up happened three three months after we want back to Detroit, and we don't know when he actually knew that there was an issue with plans wires that he can take apology and flush it down a toilet. Well, we know Rick's matter knew about the flint water crisis earlier than he testified under oath, so he about it under oath too, so he is directly responsible for the death and poisoning of not only citizens. of Michigan but children in the developmental stages of their birth And he did it knowingly so he's a monster worth almost two hundred million dollars. I don't If he's a suit on with a nice button down, collar he's a monster in right now
he's way worse than from the tromp poison, an entire city. Yet on purpose and then lied about it under oath and that's the guy, Joe Biden is touting as its endorsement. Wow, this is a huge endorsement from Michigan's Governor Rick Snider, say what you will about the man who admittedly force an entire cities inhabitants to buy than lead for years, but it's important note that he never once insulted liberal sensibilities on a podcast. You see how low the Democrats, sunk, so low and by the way? Why wouldn't? Why would governor Rick Snyder feel a need to endorse a Democrat
Because the Democrat, Barack Obama came to Flint and ran interference, for him was it was that the reason why water, before a crowd of a thousand A good need, a glass water. This is not a sun. A president Obama took a sip of flint, filtered top water assuring the people there that he cares. I've got your back; no, he doesn't. He didn't have their back. He didn't clean that water. Those kids were poisoned and he didn't give him health care which he could have been with the stroke of a pen. He could have given them all Medicare for all. He didn't prosecute the people who did it. In fact he came and did this. He lied to the people. If you watch Michael Morris Film, eleven nine they
Put their hands over their mouths because they saw Barack Obama betraying them at that moment, and then he went and betrayed them one more time there you go generally, I have not been doing stunts here, but here's the sun wow. What a big golf! Do you see that Big Gulf water? He just took, woe generally have not been doing, but here's a stunt and now Joe Biden goes too far, and barely mentioned the water crisis community leaders are furious. I wonder why it because their complicit this thing about nobody's
above the law. Member Barack Obama said nobody is above the law, including the president. Yes, everybody's everybody's above the law, an oligarch oligarch he's above the law, governor sniders above above the law. Joe Biden is above the law. Donald Trump is above the law. George Bush and Dick Cheney are above the law. Bill Clinton is above the law everybody's above the law, It's almost like being on a stranded island and you hear the helicopter and you get excited. This is people talking about when Joe Biden is coming to Flint Michigan, you hear the helicopter and you get excited I did all good somebody's going to be able to elevate. You lift us up and then, when they don't you seek down into this despair. This mental anguish, this distress, the Flint water crisis, is not over. No one took accountability for
It was not a natural disaster. It was a man made disaster which makes it different from any other water crisis. Joe Biden is touting the endorsement of the guy who poisoned a city on purpose. Is there could you go lower? Could you go lore really. so he's showing everybody what an environmentalist he is right. Well here he is as an environmentalist, you ready no kidding. Here's Joe Biden It is an environmentalist ready, cause joy Biden believes insides Democrats believe in science right, I am not banning infraction. Let me say that again: I am not banning Frankie no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.
Are a lot of people like fracking activists, Josh Fox? wag your finger out you until you have to vote for the guy, who was completely a hundred percent committed against him, and that's guys, guy guys like that, are fucking climbers and aren't real. That's who Joe Biden is, and anybody who says they're a fracking activist who gives a shit about that and it's going to fucking tell you to vote for that. Fucking guy is either a cook or a grifter who's he appealing to when he has to say something that adamant about fracking. Who does he think, does he I think my neighbor is worried about fracking. You know what my neighbor is worried about Jimmy Healthcare. That's right, Joe Biden is gonna. Give you that either he ain't gonna stop health. He ain't gonna, stop fracking! He ain't gonna, give you health care. He ain't gonna, stop the wars he's not going to re, regulate Wall Street, he can fuck doing Thing for you except make pay,
the way for a worse trump in four years. I am not banning frack. Let me say that again, I am banning Frankie no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me, binding on. What's at stake in this, action. Will we rid ourselves of this toxin or will we make it a permanent part of our nation's character? Which toxin is that Joe? It's not the fracking toxin right, because you're on board for the fraction toxin you just want to get rid of, the symptom of the fracking toxin, which is Donald Trump, when people feel.
government has let them down and they have nowhere to turn they go run to the arms of a conman game. Show host. You are not the solution. You created Donald Trump. It was Joe Biden's policies that create Donald Trump. He is not the solution and any cook who tells you to fucking. You gotta. vote for Joe Biden because he's the solution to the problem. He created it's important to have integrity. It's important as Chris Hedges says not to be betray yourself and anybody who considers themselves, gives a shit about the environment or fracturing and tells you to for that mother Fucker is a cook or a drifter. Fracking in Pennsylvania not worth it. I am not banning frack. Let me say that again: banning Frankie
no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me. That's in Pennsylvania, he's making that speech in Pennsylvania. Guess what. Popular science has fracking in Pennsylvania, not worth it. So that's it. bite and strewing you and poisoning your water for money for corruption, Is he worse than Donald Trump, or is he better than Donald Trump? Is he worse than Rick, or is he better than Rick? Snyder is Joe Biden a fucking monster? Yes and if anybody's pledging their vote to this a monster two months before an election, you are either a grifter or a cook.
Two months before the election you're going to pledge your vote to this guy and you playing to give a shit about the environment. You're a fucking grifting liar. This is the guy. You care about, fracturing you care about the environment, and this is the guy too. ahead of the election instead of fucking protesting against him. This pen, making him actually go? You know he's gonna lose this election again because Fuckin assholes, like you guys, who claim to be environmentalists and give a shit? Actually, don't you care more about your play? inside the Democratic Party and giving money from fuckin corporations and Netflix than you fucking, do about the environment and that's clear, that's clear: if you dont trust,
you're Joe Biden before the election, you're a fucking grifter, and you say- and you say you care about the election, your fucking grifter plain and simple, and that's manifest. Popular science, fracking Pennsylvania, not fucking worth it. Joe Biden, I listen to science. Science has been fracking, Joe Biden come on man, Bruce Levine wrote this. he said there are few opportunities in life are a perfect choice, and so we make many compromises, but compromises are very different than violations of integrity compromise. is our part of life violations of integrity are slow death can, via you're fuckin integrity. All you want, I won't do it. I'm gonna work
Prompt, shows up in four years I'll be there to fight him and you will be prescribing More fuckin gasoline to put out the fire the government is broken we are even a failed state. They won't even give their own people health care in the middle of a pandemic, as Chris Hedges says the lovers of power have seized up. They cannot even give people health care in the middle of a fuckin pandemic. Nor will they promised to. This is not a compromise. This is called the violation of integrity and soon enough the rest The fuck you left will come around to understand. I've, no problem. Stick in my chin out once again dislike with Russia Gate dislike
Venezuela, just like with fucking Syria, just like with the Mueller report. No problem We'll do it again. Let you know violating your fucking sense of integrity is not does not get you a better country telling people vote for Joe Biden two months ahead of an election when he vows to to piss in your face is a violation of integrity. It shows your you chose you're either. A willing, pansy or you or your grifter, there's more from Bruce me. In our fear we choose over and over and over again someone who is abhorrent. We are choosing fear. More than whoever we think we are choosing fear makes us weak, and so we are choosing weakness
much more than anything else. History informs us that it is popular movements that move politicians and Chomsky clear that building those movements is what we need to focus on all the time. Rather than merely focusing on elections our court, of course he is right. However, it takes energy and strength to Partic. dissipate in building a popular movement and when we become so broken by making fear based decisions, we Are to weaken to build well organised, sustained, powerful popular movements. That's what the left feels like that. So broken? We can ever do it. We can never ever a representative,
show me we could never have a party that way, it'll get never app. Is it what it is? That's what this does to us and that's what it's done. Look at the flick at the news outlets that didn't cover the people's convention. There's suffering from that. We can never do it. You could never have an actual political party that actually represents people Jimmy. Wouldn't you grow up. You can actually grow up. You petulant child Violate your own integrity and keep pouring gas on the problem. That's what grown ups do we ve become so broken by making fear base decisions. We are to weaken to build Well
Organize sustained powerful popular movements, that's what that's look at those fuckin people. While the greater of two evils is a risk, so too is a lifetime of fear based decision making. If we repeatedly this deceive, our selves that we are compromising when we are in fact obliterating our integrity. There are consequences we can become so broke in that we are incapable of creating popular movements. We could become so broken that when those brown shirt start marching, we will lack the strength to kick the shit out of them hey Chris Chris is calling me on the phone here: hello, hey dirt bag Happy Labor Day dirt bag you've been wearing your dirt bag labor day as ham traps it around town like a Florida or something
Is that what you've been doing? I really haven't been going out much because of the virus sacred. So you one of those delicate butterflies, again, look at me. I'm a fragile gossamer winged paisley called wine wine flutter and to and fro from flower to flower. That's you! What do you get that I had Immunity. You don't understand science too much toy. Well, what does her immunity mean to you? He's go to Walmart, go down air like it's one of them, one gallon jokes of Liqui, fight, Tostitos, Nacho, cheese tip by the time you get past on to donuts you'll, be immune to everything from Ebola to Peronis Disease. A Fred told me that
Hey how well do you think your party is going to do this election? Chris, that's a good question. It depends on attracting these non voted. Dead beats and the only way they can attract these fucking dead beat Non. Voters is Gops, got people optimistic Abu. Not really. I really don't follow you some dirt bag says you got to wear a mask and you don't wear a mask. What do you do? Wear a mask wrong. You posted a picture on Facebook of you and your family doing wrestling and stuff. What's that going to do, it'll show them what? What that's why you know like those ancient Romans, did with all the twisting and groping and panting go to the beach when he kids rest of the team, with all the
The family's breed and carpet and spitting up all over the place rolling all over each other, like a bunch of fucking, take slot. That's what freedom is all about. That's optimism: now these unhealthy negative Nelly vibrations. You fragile, fruitcakes, keep putting out into the universe. I didn't know you thought this way, yeah, I'm a very spiritual guy. Look at your statistical did you know. Every year over Americans die of exploding, be eggs to the new cover. It's a fact. I did not know that. Looking up your wimp, you don't hear Democrats when the party's trying to ban exploding be cakes to you course. God, because they're part of the cake, industrial.
complex. Nobody is here, I think it's bigger than all of us. Just like I got house it. How come Trump didn't give you a role at the republican convention Chris. What are you talking about? I didn't catering on IRAN. Thank you and good night. Hey you know. we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show you should become a premium. Are we give you a couple of hours of power? premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you can do it. By going to Jimmy your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable previous programme in the business, and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support,
So Joe Biden again is neck and neck with Donald Trump. Everything looks like he will win, because no one in America will pressure Joe Biden to actually represent anyone or do anything for any. One only has to do is say he's not trump and that's it. Apparently Joe Biden can be racist. He could be a puppet of Wall Street, a cake people other houses. He can foreclose on them. He could bomb brown people till they run. They run bombs. He could take fracturing money, he could do. It could open the arctic to drilling. He could put immigrants in cages which he's do all these things. Joe Biden has done. It can make it harder for four bankrupted people to get rid of their medical. Dad he's done that. So that's what
we're at and guess what just so Joe Biden has just made a promise to his Wall Street donors after being lauded for his task force policies. I don't know if you remember, when Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders put up start of these task forces to work on these problems. I immediately said this was bulshit that Bernie was doing this. How dare he shame on you for bullshiting us? this. Why are you pretending, like we don't know what the problems are in this country, and why are you pretending, like we don't already know what the solutions are and why are you pretending, like we have to get people together in a room to figure out the problems and the solutions to our problems? We all know what the problems and solutions are. Only reason yet you're doing this Bernie is. This is window dressing to full people into thinking. Joe Biden gives a shit about them and Bernie's willingly going along with that Bernie. is willingly gas lighting, his own followers, you and everybody else who listen to him Bernie as well.
Going to lie to them that Joe Biden has somehow Sdr. He said this. This is lies Those task forces were lies, I said they were lies when were announced there. a war lies Bernie, say, Andrews and everybody who participated in them are liars and there are participating in fucking lying to you. After being lauded for his taskforce policies, the devil Craddock nominee promised wealthy contributors that changing corporate behavior is not going to require legislation. I am not proposing any. So he was lying about his task: forks forts recommendations, just like the Sun Rights Movement. What that they gave their imprimatur to Joe Biden campaign they were complete. used, I've said they were being used. They were used They willingly were used because people want to be part of the club. The woman
On sunshine found data completely sold out to Joe Biden, some sound fight data completely sold out to the Democratic Party and corporate Amerika and the gas lobby. In the fracking lobby. They completely sold out to them. That's what those task forces were. and now we know for sure that now the evidence is here again tribute. Are you being so negative? What was Bernie supposed to do? Could you be fucking see dumber on purpose? What will? But what was I supposed to do? Could you get out of commenting on politics? If that's what you're saying the biting campaign said, the echo Nah MC recommendations produce jointly by supporters of Joe Biden in Bernie Sanders were never
intended as official policy, so this is Joe Biden, pissing right directly and Bernie Sanders face, and yours and what is Bernie Sanders say. Thank you, Sir piss on me again, and it's not just pissing on his face. It's let's fuck over people hard. Yes, sir! I'm going to help Joe Biden FUCK people for the economic recommendations included ideas that worried some powerful bankers in a private call with in a private call with Wall Street leaders. The Biden campaign made it clear. Those proposals would not be central to Biden's agenda. Are you feel now I'm in voting for Joe Biden and I'm gonna proclaim. It. Two months at a time and you're a bad person, if you won't what kind of a child are, you sounds like you're, the child.
sounds like you're the child and you cling to your to, Terry and childhood you wanna daddy. To tell you what to do how to vote, who had to be a good boy, you're, so afraid of not being a good boy. Listen. This just an exercise to keep the warn people happy and don't read too much into it. bring to supporters of Senator Elizabeth worn? This is just an exercise all that shit, Elizabeth worn did for the and that's an that's them. They have contempt for her. After all that shit, she did to help. Fucks grew over Bernie Sanders for Joe Biden face they have, of course, when you bend to them, they never respect you they all we have contempt for you. They only
look down their nose at you and piss right in your face. This is Joe Biden. Pissing right and Elizabeth Wards face not only to denigrate people are into golden showers. Everybody has wrote sexual problem booklover. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone knows you're in his club is sterile, but that's The investment banker said the message was conveyed on multiple calls. and spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the private talks. So it sounds like Joe Biden, just like Hillary Clinton member clear. Everyone says she has both public and private position on Wall Street
and how do we know that Julian Assange? Let us know that Hillary Clinton at a public and private position. Now it's the Washington Post doing that. Are they going to prosecute the Washton Post? That's okay! When they do it. She also admitted: do you see this? She also admitted she was kind of far removed from middle class. You think a couple of hundred millionaires. I like what to Andrew Perez, said about about the story being did the washed imposed God. This is such a giant fuck. You too voters, Democrats that Democrats really need and to everyone who has been completely pummeled by corporate America. That's why that's supposed to read this is a giant fuck you to voters the demo
rats really need and to anyone get ready to kick twenty. Seven million frickin families other homes, while street, as they get a trillion dollars at the drop of a hat any time they needed from the government socially. some four Wall Street rugged individualism for everyone else. Also Bernie got rolled and should get the fuck off tv talk in abiding Andrew per, as is correct. Bernie did knock it rolled by the way he didn't. He did not get blind cited by the machine.
Bernie Sanders called the machine up, invited it over and jumped underneath it he did not get rolled. Bernie Sanders is doing this to himself his movement. Every progressive, every poor person he's doing this, that everyone he's doing it, and why is he doing it to save his own? Ass? Does Bernie Sanders? Isn't a guy. We all hoped he was at all. Even a little he's the opposite. He was a guy set there to make sure we didn't have a third party ill over the last five years. That was his job. Any fuckin did it perfectly and now will you they got no choice Why make this public? I like this? Why make this public the that's the part? I don't get? Why not keep it a secret conversation between him and his bankers? Why would you make this public? Why would they let this leak well, his
Campaign seems to be very intentionally rebuking. The left at every opportunity, yes they alienate the left wing of the base hard enough bill win over the five republican voters. They really care about. This is the same strategy they had. This is theirs never going to be a democratic party whose presidential candidate cares about the people. This is too right. Wing conservative, oligarch, rapacious fucking parties. You have no choice. You vote for Joe Biden is going to punch you with his left hand, you vote for Donald Trump is going to punch you with his right hand, you're fucked.
and all those people on Twitter and Facebook virtue signalling that they're voting Biden and that makes them a better person, are fucking willing tools of a rapacious oligarchy and they are the enemies of their own selves, and I guess they're pretty rich because they don't have a problem. They need Joe Biden to solve, because if you had a problem you want to Joe Biden to address, you would be fucking screaming about it. Instead of telling everybody else is shut up. Rich white guys and lots of them. You know I heard that I've seen rich white comedians left and right, My latest one was the bilingual deal that rich, rich white comedians with diabetes, and that is Joe, who are On Medicare, Joe Biden has their favorite presidential candidate. If you rich white comedian under on Medicare Joe Biden. Isn't your favorite candidate? Europe
screaming him to get you Medicare, because you already got it and then at the bottom, because in the Thunderdome he gets points by killing off the that's. Why that's? Why that's? Why they let all this leak Joe Biden, eighty seven percent of Democrats support Medicare for all, though Joe Biden doesn't. What could you be a bigger asswipe pledging your vote to this guy. The answer is no, and the fact that everybody's doing it just goes to show you. The George Orwell was right were relationship. Jimmy were relationship in the world. Would you keep going back to that? Somebody key
saying: listen, baby, listen, baby! That's an abusive, related issue, it for you and I never well it's abusive. Eighty seven percent of Democrats support Medicare, for, although Joe Biden doesn't and hear, here's by I did now allows to bring back Obama's individual mandate penalty for not having sure so, if you don't pay a private insurance company money for insurance that you're never going to be able to use because your deductibles too high Joe Biden will find you, he won't give you health care, but he will find you if you don't give money to a health insurance company which, who Insurance you're buying is never going to be used on you because you can't afford deductibles. Could you gotta ten thousand dollar deductible it? So that means you still don't so you see Obamacare didn't help poor people with the. Working poor. So if you're, the working poor and Obamacare comes around, you have a ten thousand dollars deductible, you still don't go to the doctor ever
so you know the NBA players. One strike regularly. Mba players went on strike for social justice. Mba players decided not to take the coroner. Was they following police shooting, Jacob Blake and Canosa That's there was great that's exactly what we need Mohammed Ali member, he wouldn't go, I'm not gonna go fight, a vietnamese guide vietnamese them. Did nothing to me. They never did nothing to me. So that's great That's what we need. We need people like that. What we don't need is people like Barack Obama, Barack Obama helped convince NBA players to end their strike and return.
To play in a call with Chris Paul and Lebron James Barack Obama urged NBA players to return to the court and resume the playoffs cheese. You know Barack Obama always exert his influence on important things like ending Bernie's chances in the primaries Helping Diane Feinstein win her reelection or to end basketball players striking for racial justice. I wonder if Rock Obama told the Bron James to pull up their pants too. I wonder if we hold to pull up their pants while you're doing that hey quit striking for racial justice with bringing attention to a big problem. I'm guys here to make people forget about that
Boy brantome blueprints and nobody wants to droop parents out there on the on the I've on the court. A coffer Brok Obama to a small. Group of players, including NBA Pa President Chris Paul and LOS Angeles, Lakers superstar Lebron James, helped convince NBA players to end their strike in the wake of the police, shooting of Jacob Lake and return to the court. To finish the playoffs. When you play, people have hope and they need that hope hope eventually stopped and changes. Hope you don't play. Dont protest Obama. The season was hanging in the balance when James and Paul spoke to Obama after a tense meeting between players, coaches in union leadership and Wednesday
Following the Milwaukee bucks to players, decision to refuse to take the court and players from subsequent teams joining them come on, let's all have a beer and get rid of this stupid idea of protesting against police brutality, Barack Obama. This is the perfect example of NEO liberalism blocking true and effective tactics for change. Oh. breaking a union. I strike the players were on the cusp of leading the people to progress, they were you do a real union. I strike and Obama. Stop them Barack Obama, the poster child of NEO liberal. Do you now understand that Barack Obama is not the breast president in your lifetime? You fuckin morons
you now realize that Barack Obama is not a good president he's not even a good person he's actually Darth Vader Barack Obama is Darth Vader. I hope I'm using that right because I didn't see the movie but he's a dark force for evil right. Okay, so Obama looks like he's pitching one of his Netflix deals. Doesn't he. Obama convinced NBA players not to strike, so he cares more about capitalism than he does about black lives. Classism is really killing us. Obama has gotten off his ass twice. This year wants to fuck Bernie and the United States member bra.
Obama made sure all those people dropped out got behind Joe Biden to fuck Bernie and the ND. time. Barack Obama got off. His ass was the scold, the MBA back, in the playing. He is not any working persons friend or support. He is a total and complete, sell out he's not a sell out. He is the oligarchy. that's why he lives out of forty acres state at Martha's vineyard. That's where Brocklebridge lives, People are getting shot and Canosa people are filling up hotels because they got getting evicted rock above us out of forty acres state and Martha's vineyard and heat left. That state then even leave just pick up the phone to tell black players stop striking.
He is not working, he is not any working persons friend or support. He is a total and complete, sell out yeah, but You him talk about how much Joe Biden loves ice, cream and pasta with red sauce come on. You got to love them. President Barack Obama, who hope to so peace. Instead, let a nation into war, that's the LOS Angeles Times its entitle Obama's legacy. He hoped to so. Peace instead lead the nation into war. Obama, silent on car check bill was a car chap card check bill is a pro union argued even those that that's what unions want. It helps workers form unions, card
check so instead of having election. So if you, if you run a company and people want to join a union you're supposed to do the card check measure. Which is much different than holding an election, because an election that even the management can now fuckin pressure people a certain way to vote. That's why you don't do it that way and if you did it that way, you're hostile to workers and you're not really a progressive. The way you're supposed to do unions is through card check, meaning what has certainly over fifty percent of Bee. Will sign a card that say they want a union? That's it! Then you got no fuckin election, no there's! No pressure campaigns, one way or another.
The eight trillion dollar bail out many details of Brok Obama's rescue plan remain uncertain, but it's likely to cost at least seven hundred billion and that would push Uncle SAM's bail out over eight trillion dollars. That's Barack Obama's endless money for the banks There was twenty nine billion for Bear Stearns. There were three hundred and forty five billion for city group. The Federal Reserve put up six hundred billion to guarantee money market deposits and has aggressively driven down interest rates to essentially zero. Merry Christmas Wall Street Main street, you must have been bad this year. Here's a lump of coal literally. Hey look: who Obama's look, look for looking for Obama's, hidden hand and candidates coalescing around Biden it
the hand that pulled the levers at MSNBC all the other candidates and then the extended its middle finger to all of America. That was Brok Obama's. accelerate the endgame Obama's role and wrapping up the primary accelerate the end game. Accelerate the end, that's what they're that's, how they refer to Barack Obama, making sure Bernie lost the primary. We got Joe Biden, a demented war, criminal criminal. Accelerate. The end game is also going to be the name of his new Netflix Series about a guy who gets a job and then does the open
of what he was hired to do so he gets replaced by a fascist demagogue based on a true story. That's a great joke! By RON, I, like this public option, two thousand economic recovery Bernie's campaign. Now the NBA Nba strike it's Barack. Obama was a bad precedent. His ideas were bad. His refusal to wield power in favour of being a beloved celebrities, a significant, though not total, explanation for why the world is on fire they're, going to rub our faces in this fact. Until we admit it. Democratic policy Democrats did policy under Obama for eight years to help plutocrats under the progressive brand
even today, no elected leader will stand up and say: Obama was a bad president, because progressives will not elect leaders who say that there is no actual discussion of ideas of of power or power. No, there isn't Bernie would not critique Barack Obama. That's what gave us Donald Trump and Bernie was such a fucking Howard that he would not peak Barack Obama? You wouldn't tell people how we got Donald Trump, so they didn't choose you to fucking, replace them. Can I get some water before a crowd of a thousand? I really didn't need a glass water. This is not a sun. President Obama took a sip of flint, filtered tap water assuring the people there that he cares. I've got your bet.
That's Barack Obama, a guy who goes to a town poisoned by their own governor, his brain, damaged people, all kinds of physical maladies doesn't even give them health care doesn't even clean their water drinks. Their water says he's got your back, just don't pay any attention to the knife he's holding as he's getting your back because he's stabbing you in the back Barack Obama that Joe Biden loses Michigan it's because of Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton lost Michigan because of Barack Obama did this Jimmy. They have two mics there for him, so he can talk out of both sides of his mouth. That's right!.
They say it's dark is before the dawn. So, if, if it they, I can't- I don't. I don't know how its darker I bet it does, because no one will hold the Democratic Party responsible. No one Michael, more Susan, surrounded Even now is pledging her voted to Joe Biden two months ahead of re Latin, oh my god. Oh my god, two months ahead of the election after that, anyway, Joe Biden has a public and private position on Wall Street Joe Biden did Yemen, Syria, Libya, a rack, Joe Biden, prison industrial, complex, Joe Biden and. every fucking person on the left is pledging their vote to him in which which guarantees he's going to suck, which may guarantee he'll lose.
You're, not helping Joe Biden win the election by starting every tweet with Ivy For Joe Biden that doesn't help Joe Biden become a better cancer. you know that but you're just too worried about taken the heat for Donald Trump this time around and you let your country down, You are letting yourself down if you held yourself to a standard before this ill. As Chris Hedges say, we cannot betray our self and I will not betray myself. If you won't even bother to threaten a guy asking. for your vote two months ahead of the election to do something: eat, dinner, guest, Denny! Guess you deserve what you get then you get! You deserve a rapacious oligarch because that's what cowardice deserves.
And when you put your vote to Joe Biden, two months ahead, you're being a coward, whether you know it or not. It's it's in your unconscious. Your unconscious coward archetype is in control of you. That's not a courageous thing to do. That's the opposite of courageous! It's not a mature thing to do it's the opposite of mature! That's the most short sighted. Immature cowardly thing I could think of to do in this moment is the Pledger vote to Joe Biden: Alright good night and good luck, hey Joe Biden is calling me hello, hello. This is Joe Biden. Is this Shakey's Pizza
hello Joe this is Jimmy Door. Have you wish Bernie Sanders a happy birthday today, FUCK Party sanders? What has he ever done for me? Hey, don't you need his help? Beating trump, I'm eight points ahead. Man, it's in the back, Could you briefly go over your election platform again Joe Biden yeah, I'm sick and tired of death of Donald Trump's, endless ramblings against my integrity and Stania, and I Tell you why get on the horse and ride between the devil and the deep blue? She sells she by the song I once found an honor in my pan and short build back better, be you know Joe. The Washington Post just reported that Well, you, Washington, post the Washington Post,
hey. You know there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call you to become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door Comedy Cobb sign up it's the most affordable premium program in the business. Today's show was written by RON Placo Mark Fan, Lando at step, Samorano, Jim Earl, MIKE Mccray and Roger Writtenhouse. All the voices performed today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it MIKE Mc radar. That's it for this week, You be the best you can be and I'll keep being me.
Don't freak out, don't freak out, don't freak out, I'm not kidding. No, don't don't freak out not for.
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