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Phone Calls from Vladimir Putin, Rick Perry, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders.

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jew Medora show Haiti's. Jimmy who's. This unsure about Rick Parry, Hello secretary, Perry, taste for cod: are you in Texas? right now and how did you, whether the recent storm down their giant great state of Texas, the loan star stay where stars shy and we we dig it do that mass down here and round tat round top. Yes, I live in a place called round top we hear and round top did pretty well considering we had rolling blackouts, though there is so there were times when we didn't have power for upwards of forty five minutes. The temperature.
Inside the house got down about sixty five degrees at one point, sixty five degrees wow. I know but we are to have been it here and chaos, so we survived the country. Boy will survive. I see I see Yes, I was quoted as saying Texans are willing to make the sacrifices in order to have a deregulated power grid and to keep the federal government from getting in there and and throwing switches. We don't want it, we don't need it. People died, brick. The estimate, hundreds of will eventually be found dead and eleven year old child died of hypothermia in his own bed. How can you say that these are sacrificed? Attacks are willing to make.
or grit. Freezing too does not to mention the property damage the burst pipes at have ruined homes that people can't pay. For. The infrastructure suffered a terrible blow. The state that you are governor of plus again people died, shack or fresh air caught the company in charge of all this mess said that your precious grid was second so from total collapse, a disaster that could have left human beings without power for months. energy state, the city, of El Paso had opted out of the Texas only Urca GRID, and they had almost no problems whatsoever. What does that tell you Rick there,
it is our job. You give em Paso back to Mexico, how it said it. How can you possibly support this system in the face of all these facts? Secretary Parry, tell you down here on the ground. Roamed mass leaves talking to business leaders with must mark eye glasses on and I listened a nod and that's what they say and their rich inhaled may be reached to know their rights in Texas in Texas. We believe in the free market thing to say: free market remark: it Rick there are people facing electricity bills of upward of sixty. Thousand dollars for when they did in dab power. Jimmy you believe in love. What yes or sometimes love can burn you loved and staying
it doesn't mean you don't believe in love any more. Do I guess not want the same thing when you believe in the free market, sometimes the free market and used, all night watching the sunrise just laughing and dancing making me feel like you're, the only two people in the world, and you figured out the secrets of the universe and sometimes a free market. Send you a power bill that jeopardizes the financial stability of you and your family, and you know what that's beautiful to and its own way ok, but what about man? What about this war? About that? Don't you see you keep mentioning these things, that's going to change my mind. Dude amber my mother. Fucker allied may think, initiate Eric
native, disseminate it Amy, rejecting playing through a challenge. My worldview I see I see, you know why. I just don't want it now, I'm proud of being down here said ordinary chechens are willing to die, never almost destroyed to avoid energy regulation. I said that do you know why? Because I earlier, I said, The God shows Donald Trump to be president and I'll be day, and I go to my grave Evan that being the dumbest thing, I've ever seen a wow tat and as you and staff, a God and Brownie as my witnesses, avow but I will continue to say dominant dumber shit until
all of humanity stand and all my utter moron expectation. I will be a brainless profit and lead. oh God, children porch hitherto unknown dumbness. Will you join me Jimmy? Will you join me on his journey? No one saw you say that. Consider this though I'm a complete for kennedy- and I do not care about. human life at all. Therefore, I will be presenting the United States. You know that don't you down her. You know this to be true, rye rick- I gotta, go, don't you! from the church door
sliding down the street and jobs, the media, some had the chance to show everybody. So we have a special guest with this robot git should do so with rounded rob. Lakota high Rob Lakota. How are you what's up Jimmy how's? It goin man good afternoon. Look at how do you see all the light out rods face? I get to see just five year or says you, your hundred, Besides, I don't want to bury the lead, but did you know narrow, tend in his she's the biggest enemy of the progressive movement inside the democratic parties? She's smeared progressives burning everything a whole, deal right. The hull that she's button Generally number one she's tweeted about us,
Just so you know right. Well, that's the story is that, while haired is Joe Mansion, announces opposition to the White House budget pick possibly dooming. Your nomination near attendance pick for budget cheap, runs a thick tat tank backed by corporate. So that's the problem of their tenants, As you know, the problem there tend in it she is a corporate. Money laundering operation, the centre for american progress. She wants to cut social security, she's always wanted to here, Hilary as a Hillary Clinton, genital delegate at the Dnc platform, she voted again fifteen dollar minimum wage voted against. Medicare Ferralti voted against a ban on fracturing. She voted against acknowledging palestinian humanity. She voted for the teepee tea tray, Anti voted for military action. I ran plus. She also advocate, for stealing oil from Libya to fund our social programmes here at home, so she's a big impact she's, the worst of the words near attendant and so gets so The story is that the Justice Democrats, the leader of the justice
Mc Grath went on CNN to defend her. I'm not kidding You think I'm kidding here we go watch this now demo attic. Senator Joe Mansion of West Virginia just announced that he will vote against President Biden Pack to lead the Office of Management and budget near attendant putting her nomination in Jeopardy Mansion saying in a statement in part quote: I have carefully viewed near attendance, public statements and tweets that were personally directed towards my colleagues on both sides of the Isle from sent your Bernie Sanders to Senator Mitchell, Mcconnell and others. I believe her Firstly, partisan statements will have a toxic and debt mental impact on the important working relationship between members of Congress and the next directorate. The Office of Management and budget. Let's bring in our panel Alexandra Rojas. This would so. This is the headed, the Justice Democrats, Alexandria, Rojas, at her name. Ok, so here
she goes violence first defeat and obviously for near at hand and personally because of a bunch of tweets she's done. That word rather harsh. Now that's the thing people are making us think out of her tweets. That's the worst part about. We showed you the worst part, there's actually wayward parts of narrow, tended her tweets. Are the nicest part about herself, okay, so they're they're trying to pretend that the problem with narrow ten and not her NEO liberalism, her imperialism, her corporatism, that's not the product that is our anti worker ism. Those are the brother trying to prove. ten. This is all about her mean tweets. That's not what this is about, What's that you have the justice Democrats defend we just now attend to go ahead, run why our sister sake we just real quick point out how fricking annoying
that is by the way, making it out like it's just about her tweets. It's the exact same thing is when people on the right or like all, combined. The only thing you don't like about his about tromp is tweets like go. It's also the terrible policies to, and now liberals are doing it. The, although that you don't like about nearer, is our tweets know it's all these other stuff too, and as a lucky, you have to put up with both of those in itself reckon exhaust yes brought. It is exhausting exact. Yes, that's exactly right So, let's listen now to what the head of the justice, regrets, remember is called Kaminski said they were sent to Washington, to do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party. Let's watch her defend, one of the worst NEO liberals in the entire party and, of course, the biggest enemy of progressives inside the EU, Here we go. Yeah and I mean you know, there's there's public record of of those tweets, but the reality is. I think that you mention is the one being divisive right now we're in the middle of a public pandemic. Joe Biden
just elected by a huge mandate by the american people we have to do liver as Democrats. We need people in positions of power who are ready and prepared to go big This moment. near at hand. It is none of those things. She is not prepared to go big in this moment. She's, not even qualified to do that job this if, if Trump had appointed someone is corrupt, is her and is Incompetent is her with an ad unable to do. The job is done, we'd all be screaming. All look another one of these crony Cappel another one of these pay. That's a stunning! What I'm still. I was stunned when I heard that I was done wrong view reaction to the head of the Justice Democrats, egg. We all have to as Democrats we have to deliver and that we have to not be upheld was too narrow, Tandon. Well, I mean first of all, I am not a Democrat so nice to know I'm not breaking the rules.
I am opposed to narrow tandon and I am allowed to continue to be validated, not Democrat, so so I got that God for me. So I'm relieved this. I don't know how much longer people are gonna keep getting themselves about the Justice Democrats. How much longer do you think people are going to keep getting themselves about the justice Democrats? Well, I mean, I think, fats. I mean I'm sort of like not for the whole concept. Legal I just don't think this whole. Oh we're gonna reform, the Democratic Party will this? Is they don't want to be reformed? They spent fifty million dollars a year to make sure you can't quota quote, performed them and that's in grass roots numbers. That's a lot of money, that's, Teddy Project, most thing, so I mean to me it's just. We need an entirely different electoral salute
ocean and it, and it's not going to come from within the Democratic Party that that's just not going to happen so yeah I mean I'm, I'm disappointed but not shocked. To hear takes like these, you know come out of those organizations was like well, we just have get behind those, even though its terrible and is like will know we we don't it's terrible run, I list? I was still shocked. I I I oh, I didn't think I was still shocked by this. I thought. Well, what's it How does it her how's it going to hurt the she's out, even in Congress she's out, even she just ahead of an organization she's that you mean it's like what did they get and I was shocked that, of course, I thought she would just reflexively. Of course we want better picks. We were hit and she would have a list of people who are better than there TED into? Do that job This is her were her where we are pushing not doing only that they don't have a
list of people. They want to see words that list. You know that list that the Justice Democrats came up with this well yeah. I wanna see invited administration or Bernice list of people. We wonder if no lists. It's me I haven't seen wanted. If there is such a list, I mean I'd I'd. I'd up, I dont know if one either, but I dont know I mean if I was. If I was put on CNN anytime, recently I were, I would just start screaming, whereas the two thousand dollars over and over again until they cut my mind. How do I certainly? I certainly wouldn't go too bad for someone like near at hand in random note. I'm noticin, you got a new microphone. There's free sweet, you thank you. I was hoping you'd say something. Yes, I take it this new, Your phone- and I like it very much now is that is sure s emphasising. This is the surest
seven nine. I figure it. While you always hear about people talk about it on on different, mean effort. You talk about it. You ve started for grams, talked about it before basically, every project that listen to they ve talked about it before and I like you know why, it's time. It's a new year knew me, I'm gettin in s m seven and then so, and then I can also say I'm literally let my hair down cause. It keeps fricking so here I am ah been cutting my horse for a year street myself Really, yes, are you your address, it's not easy, but the back certainly do see the back. You now want to see the back, but I've been doing it. I've been doing it still is still it does. I mean the guy's hair? It's guys here? How hard is it, but I mean you're, doing a better job than I would if I tried Here I mean idea: I applaud your courage, man, I'm not I'm not going to try it. I have I have a body whose whose barber- and I think it's up point- we're just gonna- do a socially
distance outdoor, like maybe unlike my garage or something good and he's gonna, come, I think, if its outlined at they give its outside and you both were mass, that you'll be fine. I was away I just we thought about doing it, unlike the rooftop deck, my apartment complex but out, but I'm like it gets kind no windy up there this time of year, some worried like of his Leah and slept there, sir. Ok, I gotta, do you know I wind blown your aiming to cut them he's a blue into the scissors wrong. How do you feel about a buy skype? Is that express our only option now rallied round you have any audition for a sailor. Coming up knows it bad news. They made a sailor, they re so back to the square back to the sketch. This is that the scotch this is the segment, however, said the sketch factor. This back to the second point, I want to stop doing segments and I want to say
doing sketches. Yes, I'm kind of hard to do in the night. You say I really they change anything. Things are just gettin shit here the honest things are just gettin sugar. I did. I did my job. I think I exposed the Democrats for being Republicans and and what else you want me to do, and I spoke so the establishment news media for being corporate news and right wing imperialist and captured by Wall Street health care and military industrial complex. Just like the Democratic Party. I think I did that night just why does want to start doing comedy again? for now, I don't want to turn this into a brainstorm sash, but I think I can get you the year sounds like a killer name for a sketch SIRI. So let me that this might be the start of something. This might be the start of sums, keep things keep using shitty yourselves. Like a fat cats, I felt like a sketch. Yo I like I agree, you think you can get it sooner than it does actually did you, like. I just I just lost my yeah, but I got this and I have covered I'll get a good cheer you get hit by a bus. It you can
always get a little worse turns out. you had turns out. You need a rude canal anyway, Brad. Never thought, I would see a moment were people who literally, who call themselves progressives in public, could go. national television, show and defend you're attended for anything it is buying boy, but that's what let's see what she had to say: you're, not Anyone behind the mentality has got to be of the democratic clause, Eddie especially, but any elect. official that we have dealt with quickly. Save lives as possible, and I would also point out that it should be were uncovered. We ve gotta get shitty people in their positions. Lickety split, we ve gotta get the most corrupt, enemy of the workers is possible. We gotta give appointed could cause a covert baby co bed. That's why we not a staff, the government with imperialist, the NEO Liberal, maniacs.
That's why I it is you see it is so urgent that the government is on vacation address how urgent it is. They went on vacation reluctantly, I think, maybe probably not they probably just wanna vacation, that's what they do, but that's the sense of urgency. So we have to approve this awful person. So that looks her. What else crazy mean that is just nuts that's supposed to be? and a non corporate political head of the political, not corporate political group from the left. That's mental I don't know, I don't even know if that's allowed to say any more that did you kicked off twitter if you say so, but I think, but that's creek, that say grace whatever. That is. That's insane. Sailors think that these things all came to say I'll, even know anymore, but that right at the outset, this its super, not right. I mean
they five. First of all, I just want to say to her. Thank you making me look like a genius. I appreciate you guys not letting me down at every turn. They side with the establishment and fuck the progressives at every turn they preach. And they don't know what's going on and they do the wrong thing and what she's doing yours called gaslight you so now you have instead of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Humor, guess later you now you have that the Justice Democrats do again. That's what that's called chagrined through joint data. I did. I did. The sea, is coming with the fact that who did it see discovered, actually idea, I'm not kidding, I'm actually, I actually did not see, but I saw the does this democratically to keep rolling over for the establishment, but I did think
It would do it over near a tab. Then that's studying is the Euro. stunned. I still am. I was still the hunt. Even fine but good, but it's like I saw. I saw the onslaught on Twitter beforehand, Two I mean I I simonov wherever I went up to her for a couple of weeks. It's it's really helping me emotionally becomes our go at what worldwide think that explains alike Jimmy you didn't see the onslaught of now people on Twitter, defending near at hand. I did not know what you are kitty saw this instead with their announced people defending their attendant on Twitter. Are you kidding me? Oh yeah, they just just like people kind of like well. You know you gotta approver in this and that an embargo and then people who were also saying like reject near I mean that was also a hashtag. So yeah you met you miss that party man, you didn't you didn't see. Any of that we are having here.
Not missing anything lay low nodding. I know that go. I know that someone if people hang on. Second, this is my popular anyway so popular member. You have to have a high only one of those you don't that's that's why that joking work, edible gummed, yoga. What were you saying run they were. Having the same, all there was a lot and did this clip hunt knew that there was a lot of tweets that that kind of emphasise with which being set in this claim that that that's all I mean you, you didn't miss anything, but you know it was all they. So let me see what else he has to say bill problem voting to confirm Other appointments of clearly partisan members when it was the previous republican administration there should be no, I think, opposition to. Some folks that are being
posed by the bided administration, whose house you know clearly are ready to do the work and adopt the best prepared to do it, but we know what the broad Dennis. I still I know you're not done wrong. I'm still reserving my right to be stunned, no totally wall. I mean I'm listening to this response in it's almost like it's obviously, She challenged yourself. I'm gonna answer a question about near at hand in without mentioning near at hand, I'd say you here is the same question. I asked about what what is in it for her to do that? What is for the Justice Democrat leader to do that. What is possibly any fer to get television to be seen defending Joe Biden administrations, appointment of a horrible anti progressive. What could possibly be unit
for her a wise yonder, offering someone else. I don't know all I can tell you is that what the all the guesses she's looking to keep her. Job inside a party somewhere she's looking to keep friendly with the latter, what the hell's going on, but this is what happens when you put Democrat in the name of your what you're doing this is what happens when you become part of the Democratic Party, it changes you you'd, change it. So I don't Why the hell she's doing that you can it, but the point factors she's doing it, and that is honourable it's it's should be stopped. so that's the head? That's the current head of the Justice Democrats. Here's the former founder here's, the founder of it you think Huger decided to do. comedy for us, which was nice Jaeger. Said, I'm not afraid of near attending I mean I have out by show and staff who were pals, but I'm not a fan of her. In fact she did. of her mean tweets about me, but, unlike
Republicans, I dont think where we should counselor, because she once heard someone's feelings. That's not what the problem is Jack and he's it again. This is what does now. He runs interference for the Democratic Party by Gaslight you. Everyone knows: that's not the fuckin problem with her, but he's to pretend that it is. You know what I don't. They, We should KIDS Larry Body, we guises, starts up feeling the hypocrisy of the GNP crying over cancel culture and then try to cancel over tweet is amazing gets Joe mentioned by the way. It's a Democrat. It's definitely democratic. Just like it what I do want to use. The word lie I'll just say he be: maybe he's just that dumb, but its Joe Mansion, and by the way it's not about her. Have people hurting people's feelings. It's about this shit. She did ah well here's what I'm gonna run you what to say some now. I was also going to say where what does this have to do with care
so called your nose casually ignores cancelling the huge yet like they're saying she shouldn't get an appointment. What does that have to? Do that's not care that does So what people were people trying to cancel Cavenaugh? They didn't want him on the Supreme Court. You get to oppose PA politicians alike I can't feel collector Hey Ella chargers. I went to play for you know I don't think you're qualified rod, stop cancelling me, sculpture, gonna and I'll, be the planter. There are ten years is for four fracturing against Medicare fraud wants to cut social security. Those aren't tweets Genk. Those our positions that she's advocated for cheese, also anti worker she shut down the the magazine, hurt and of american progress re when the unionized so maybe
That's why you like, or maybe that's why he's a friend ah There is literally that I like what did Nick Doktor Corner West Democrats is theirs literally no bottom for you, it's not a button. Erin motif running the show, an award winning journalist, unlike gives a grief. He says I not about her hurting someone's feelings, it's about her actions and policy positions that hurt people. That's exactly We know this but good job pretend you don't know that Jim Genk man you know all about people changing and evolving, you know, but from jail you got to lose worn, would someone's of former republican boy old habits die hard right right? So boarding, the bombing of a country to get richer is equivalent to hurting someone's feelings got it. Also. You spent the last two months trying to death
we're desperately to kids, not Jimmy doors, because he hurt Ailed sees feelings, get the fuck. That's exactly right. tweets aside, whereas the concern for her blatant corruption. That would be it that's the thing were against, but after start taking Katzenberg money right wing money of opposing force to vote? you, don't care about bubblin corruption, there tend anymore anymore, ah and any double down. We double down Said tall progressives of narrow ten, it is voted down they're, going to replace her. What someone even more conservative because bite in his mouth aid of Jello they lose on her they'll abandoned anyone to the left of until the Han Bite and asked to have a spy. for us to win on anything what he's doing some of you have to do lesser of two evils voting even when it comes to the Office of Management and budget.
Even when it comes to the that is. while also who, by the way, who would potentially be worse than their attendant, could you get throw out a name throat, a name who would actually be worse than their dandan. That's a guy and I dont know if you're allowed to say things are insane anymore, but they that's insane this. This is the This is the old take. Take. You have to take it we're gonna make it worse. That's the shit, the Democrats but doing for forty years at Genk. Huger is now embracing it he's a bridge. Did sense. Hillary Clinton that, but this is the most blatant, This is amazing that, but that's what, on great for the last forty years had we have to take. It will give us someone words that is the biggest wimpy spineless position: and that's why progressives lose, but he doesn't care about losing that's. Why he's a proud Democrat? Well
so he says he sounds like he's been writing those tweets, Rendre hiding under his bed was like, but to the whole thing like oh he's, gonna appoint someone worse, I mean I. I guess I can understand that concern, but there's no evidence that that is the case, and I mean even some of the alternative, nay. That day been floating around a gene, spiralling an o leary. Now these are just Clayton Obama. People Jean Spiralling seems a bit of a you know: deficit hot type. Guy, so I mean neither. These names are necessarily great at all in and nor would I try to pretend that they are, but I would say them over near at hand. It says I I don't see how any name that I've seen so far. I don't see how many of them would be worse than near at hand against him. I just don't see that
again. My question is exact same question: they have for the leader of the Justice Democrats. What is it that he gets out of doing this? What is it he's? Getting something he's dancing for someone because this is it needed? No one believes he believes any of that shit he's been saying. No one believed what he said about forced them No one believes this kind of bull shit. This is called gas lighting for the establishment and what is he getting out of it? That's up for you to decide. I love what the sand back for progress says that she'd, responding the junk user thing we have to take their ten and we're gonna get someone worse. She goes like you thought I d the correct controlled house would elect a republic of policies, didn't win in the first round for speaker, Idiot cheats, she's right about sand back for progress on site. It's David Sand, Avis send back he's right about that. he's right about that. It's all right, you can't! You should have run. The show I should have we have about the show
Eddie says do. Why you fighting for narrow harder than Medicare for all. That's another good question: We know the exact answer, but I know it has something to do with corruption money somewhere. It doesn't have to do with what needle strong logic or ideas or thinking or through line Curious, how do I d doesn't care about corruption anymore? You guys literally criticized Trump for putting people in positions. They have no experience in yet you are supporting nearer. You are a clown yet have to agree. Well, let's watch this. Let's hit out this, you wanna talk about cancel culture. Let's watch gent try to cancel Julius, I urge you know the way the design seems to be backing Donald Trump Over and over and over again it it may be very seriously question the sun's assizes efforts to who actually be a journalist and nodded
the report is in and I get I get why he hates the Democrats. They try to put him in prison. Ok, but at the same time Republicans, let's be clear about how the Republicans are too, and they have been in the past, but it seems like a scientist, pig, decide and and and look it makes me question his reporting. And so So that's the situation we are in now so now is he just leaking things that he gets and no matter what, in which case, I would respect that or is he selectively leaking basin? Is political motives now that that suspicion is out there and its real and its possible. Well now I am concerned that it can't be trusted. Jack wants the cancer, Julie such overdoing journalism, but he wants to support near attended to have a very powerful position inside the bided administration, wow
and it's almost like he realizes what he's saying at the end. There is it's just absolutely wrong, but he still do it anyway, because he's dancing for someone and talk about so his criticism. of Julian Assange is that Julian Assange had picked a side, and so now he can't be trusted journalist. What fuck inside is this guy picked Are you kidding me? It certainly is the progressive side he was against Medicare for Oh he's against forced the vote is Anti Union, and now proud, narrow, Tandon. What fuck inside is this guy picked it dont messages, safe, God. Why did I just want to add for the record? That's not even that's not true about Julian Assange course. That's not yeah! I like when it comes to a tribal american politics, he did not pick. It sounded out pick us. Our are thousands of of pieces of information.
That totally, are not favourable to Donald Trump on Wikileaks? Thousands upon thousands, so you know if you still think that you know very tired, debunked idea about Julian Assange. You should just babies spend more time on the actual website. Goods Gazette Fascist straight up, not true, but you can't trust, Julie, size, journalism because he's pick decide and there's a guy was obviously objective as it picked aside. He really thinks there are ten, it's fantastic. He really was against forced the vote. You did think we should challenge Nancy Pelosi. That's what he really thought. let's remind everybody near ten, and this is from Wikileaks. Wikileaks reveal that narrow Tana wanted to steal the oil from Libya. She wanted to steal the oil from Libya to pay for our invasion of it. That's what near at hand wants it who gets well want to do that we bomb. The oil take the bomb, the oil take the or just take it right. Take the oil, that's what near attendance at? That's! That's! U their appointing
Right now inside the Joe Biden Administration near tended what is is for doing that by the way here another tweet of near tendons, which entities want american troops totally removed from Iraq, IRAN and ISIS. So if you one is to get out of a rack, she's, gonna, she's, gonna, say you're, sympathising with a or ISIS that american style, Let us take it out of Iraq, somehow somehow you're only you're an enemy of our country. If you want us to get out of a wreck, that's their tents, so I'm just reminding everybody who he is and that's why it's you do opting to see the head of the Justice Democrats in the former founder of the Justice Democrats, stand sticking for someone who has been the enemy of progressive, Sir entire career. I was near at hand in this is who says that such I'll see ya seeing says I wish the narrative and a discourse was less focused on her tweets and more focused on how, under her leadership, the Centre for America,
progress covered up sexual harassment. Then, when Buzzfeed reported on a nearer shouted the survivor think progress it to you united with writers, gills, so thing progress was the centre for american progress which near tender ran had a magazine. Tk the right thing: progress, and they unionized and what happened well. They shut it down, soon as they unionized they shut it down, Bernie Sanders will vote for narrow Tana despite battling her over her tweet, so everybody is sits is again. This is the same thing you saw in the primary Bernie Sanders, not using his movement to get Anything out of Joe Biden not trying to get Joe Biden to move left at all, is disappointing to you how little these pushed Joe Biden left job run. Well. Yeah me, nobody has pushed Joe Biden left this particular headline. It is kind of quick baby because they don't provide any evidence that will actually do that, but I
think he likely will I mean I think Bernie is gonna or her like baby. I don't know know that for a fact, and I really hope I'm wrong, but you know you, I think he will cause. I think you know he said all going to meet with her I'm going to meet with her. I think he's going to meet with her and I think she's going to say I'm going to have your back on these policies, which is going to be a lie, but I think he's going to believe her and he's he's going to vote, or so I don't know yet little thing. I don't think that's why he's adorable, for, I think he's gonna go for, because he's told to buy Joe Biden and whatever is going to make him unpopular. That's what I mean up here I mean I, I think he is, whenever these reasons may or may not be. I think he is. I don't know for sure. I open proven wrong eyes nightly hope or were oak proven raw sailors say we want, while Bernie he's not dumber about politics, and I am pleased that dumper Bob takes the new are so if narrative he's gonna lie to him. He's gonna know she's lying. So that's that
anybody tries to infantilism Bernie like you, some fuckin moron, who doesn't get all he just. He thinks Trump is so scary. That's why no he's a fuckin. He is what he is he's a lemming to the Democratic Party, okay and he's a she partner it is isn't about him, making mistakes. This is his job in order. Said, run that he is not going to Do anything through reconciliation, as chairman of the Budget Committee, he's not going to do anything that Joe Biden hasn't first okayed, he said that. So that's what we're dealing with here he's he's. Pretending, like Joe Biden, is his boss, instead of us being his boss, and he's been doing that. I don't know since two thousand and sixteen. So are so, let's, let's move onto here, Sir, what Jen possess Turkey said she says that she's does the press secretary for Joe Biden. How do you say your name pesky sat at that
yeah, I think they dont pronounce happy for near attend and equals accomplish. Policy expert would be the first to asian american woman to lead the o n B has lived. Experience. Have benefited from a number of federal programmes as a kid God, by the way. I wonder what our position on Modi is, as anybody asked her our position on Modi is, I wonder, of junk younger and the young. Turks have asked her about Modi I wonder if you know what our position on Modi is wrong. I don't Does that word? How that doesn't come up. Is that we're done doesn't come up. That's weird right that that doesn't come up. I think it's weird so society I see near ten on twitter and twenty fourteen they quote was honoured to meet Prime Minister Modi. Oh she's, probably patrol she's honoured to meet Prime Minister Modi, so she's she's cool Modi, I'm guessing! No one cares. I guess that's only. I guess that's only with a democratic. he tells you to care about. Molly there you care right. Is that what that is? I think that's what that is, so she has experienced
Ben, having benefited from a number of federal programmes as a kid looking ahead, committee votes this weekend containing so she said you know those programme. Firms that she was, but that's true near attendant, was benefit of some welfare programmes as a kid, but as map burning point Out the programme should benefit from as a kid was the one She also went out to help dismantle while working in the White House. She has no real accomplishments, not policy expertise. Her for the last decade has been raising money from the cliff from Clinton circles. Yes, that's why she is that's what she's been doing? Yes, tat Katy helpers says yes near ten and has the lived experience of having benefited from a number of federal programmes as a kid She has the lived experience of advocating cutting these programmes as an adult that not her. mean tweets to Republicans disqualifies. Her could couldn't agree more
centres, Susan columns of main at Mitt Romney of Utah said they would oppose their ten. Is nomination to the Office of Management of budget citing her, Birds of inflammatory social media oppose her. Confirmation now appears all but impossible near. Hence it important thread. Jimmy door is created, multiple videos to attack me, I ignore them, they could be called a vicious and ludicrous it's kind of like Chris Christie called you. Isn't it funny right, isn't funny? You're really is: do you think she's not I mean I think she's I think she's gonna get through. Do you? Do you think she might not, I think, she's gotta get like you. I think she has to have its other, like all she's do now like. I, don't. I don't think so. I think she's gonna get through again. I hope I am wrong about all these things. I really do not suffer. I think she's gonna get through. I we get you you're right
anything's possible RON. I made the justice Democrats could cut. The justice Democrats could come out and support our having something crazy like that could happen something completely antithetical to the id The justice Democrats could happen something completely. They were Thirdly, do a hostile takeover the Democratic Party and their defending the dregs of the bided administration, their defence ending the dregs. There is no bottom, for the Justice Democrats, a bilateral air pollutants on the line, allow Jimmy Long time, no touch. They woke up any single going on all for their well, a bunch of people, storm the capital, building, Audrey I'm talking about serious shit, little clear power plant blowing up whew
France and Germany invading your country for joy and meet the or destroying Saint Petersburg and Stalin rebuilding at night without world. Finding out way a meteor destroyed, Saint Petersburg would not meet you or I meant gent terrific. Geisha Boyd awaited capitalism, and I'm only got a crime in a year important news in a new Paul. Sixty two percent American say they want a third political party when happen all I get it. That is joke right. thought poor, lad meters, the leg like that he's not quickly uptake as it used to be by the way you know these colleagues being listened to. Your private covers
these things are being monitored. Yes, my creepy uncle Wiggily Kitchen, then I just told them lift up the extension of the phone you freak of this shit. I might just three tired to leave near Romola Lake, so I can cut all the knights and die without causing frozen corporate board for poker offers. That's so Vladimir Putin, here you're thinking of retiring Vladimir. Why? Because you Joe haven't you heard tightening the walls are causing the dominoes following the end of the third gourd that only bought them each falling out that that doesn't sound, good you're going be Rachel mother says it's the beginning of the end. For me, it's only a matter of time, the writing the Sunday Wall. I need
boiling point. That's terrible! I know all right, I'm standing on prejudice. The damsel burst their really throwing up deep it. end of it rolled cheek wow. What weight is more, apparently the feeling is falling and cracks are showing the hands are right. night. They pray Sherry's on any of the tipping point already I mean you got nothin worry above Vladimir you're really rich. You ve got a grand one website, whatever. That is, which I have nothing to hide away: I am worried that the law and two hundred thousand dollars- Can it be I and two hundred billion dollars so stop with the
regarding bashing all red eyed. I did not mean to offend Jimmy, we know each other. Well, now you and me, we have understanding, we know things things, others do not know things. Other people could never know things that other people will not let themselves nor because gnawing them when scare them too much. We ve been Norway. As a good friend of mine once said, there are no known and unknown known There are no not known and unknown unknown. I can't remember I returned, but you're getting my jewish lawyers is no yeah yeah. I live wait a minute what they deal with its go about being. What are you, what are you ring? Are you won't go away? So are you didn't get real house
People go there to each visas and Dan I dont get it. It's is the new audio chat app. What now you don't know what an audio chat app is going to translate that into English captain nerd. Remember I'm just an old fashioned country, all of our colleagues to spend as they writing or spite river, with no short on it's just another kind of social network thing. I guess all Why did you must go to dot the meaning love us like me, or something Why do you care because he's a freak, and I don't want anything to do with him? He told the rescue team in Thailand two hundred and forty seven in the size, of course, through underwater tunnel Jimmy honest opinion with better billionaire me or you on. I did you're all equal, but they
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guess what Joe Biden is present its Democrats, our total control of government and guess what they got. You guess what they got. Gallia state clears first reform military sales of Biden, administration and still no covered relief still, though covered relief state department. Eighty five million dollar missile to Chile so now bite it is officially president. That's all works. This is how this works more war, Biota, Ministration announces hundred eighty seven million jobs deal with the very puzzled. Embraced endless wars? Biden probably will too. This is from the watch. Did posted the headlights probably meant to be celebrating. Yeah, oh Bobby, brace, endless ward bite and probably will to wear the logic to boast,
as Obama quickly learn changing the United States. Military posture is harder than it looks, bided biggest Rachel likely to keep you S. Troops in Afghanistan, Amiss admitted escalating. Violence installed talks because nothing is fundamentally going to change. Is Joe Biden promised? Joe Biden, where war is a lot more than a bandy used to listen to it? Is convertible war, What is a girl far absolutely his other hand, her good god ha the body, then we can push Joe Biden Wet left come on. You can push Joe Biden and you can put your car with a hand card come on. We distribute weapons all over the world, but we can't distribute covert, really funds. Isn't that amazing? Who
New Joe Biden was gonna, be pro war. It's not like. You gave us forty straight years of clues by the way. Guess who gets guess who, as a defence secretarial good, is, A women from the board of directors, its Lloyd, J, Austin, the third from Raytheon now by the defence pick got some one point. Seven million dollars from Raytheon Lucky, hey, guess what else by administration pleasant continue to seek extradition of Wikileaks Assange. That's right. Why would you abide in what a prosecutor are way because it is about the military industrial complex? And yet he reveals the secrecy cause. He's gonna tell you, but the war crimes of Joe Biden. That's. Why that's why? So there you go. You know I voted. I voted for a debate. Did racist warmongering enemy of the workers, and ah I still
feel happy Bernie Sanders, as are the fall below situation, Your credit score has gone up. Why begs by how budge? enough to suit me, you morally bankrupt sack of, should talk. Birdy what you do it when I was never can often had no course of a goddamn took, but that doesn't fight, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye,.
Who do I find some funny? No, this is advised by five five, five, five, five, that's just think number used in bad movies. Stop taking notes would be stupid, met on things that use was not only to distract from my practical way back. There also talked with chicken, Greece and now I think, there's a family of chipmunk slipping into other chipmunk management model. In all the only good thing about the state of legal they get liquor by mail, so keep a common folks. I know we no longer accept poor that wine from the main state prison system D. I do you have to take those stupid. You have to take this.
In the midst of Bernie enough enough. No current, colonel standards. You can really returned home number on your body, chance wouldn't know. Well, then, Europe support can use, has been met by schmuck Wade Birdie. What are you doing for us? Not for us to us and fair information? What the one party? Firstly, we're gonna raise the minimum wage, so the almost living wage, a fifty bucks. Ok, that's a good start than is now the next thing happening, but ok, it's a good start, but we thought on the swedish. What what did you speak up? Please? I said I am Please Joe Biden remains resolute in its day and for those fourteen under dollar checks, I'm pleased standing at all and the minimum wage like like with your two thousand dollar fourteen knowledge would not do what the reconciliation don't worry about. It did the
average voter. What does that mean? We got a pay as you go in What does that mean no one can see what you're doing their birdie. When you say this so bad because I'm fucking you the board, and that would be a more lucrative, maimed and fuck admittance. What look at amongst the revolution is impossible without waiting for the proper time. The leverage existing mechanisms to deliver material benefits manning what cutting medic now in our way of thinking. If you got Medicare that balances out the course, the raising the minimum wage, quick job done, what was it you. I was thinking that done up. Ok, let's talk about my men, if not more than happy to do right now, there's a family chipmunks. What did I tell you that yet birdie,
Are you ever going to come out my show still on my shit list, but if you scrub your tweets, I got to know I might want to reconsider now. If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to ignoring everything I used to stand for and stop setting toilet wine. From my head, you comas under a lot of heat because He lied about the number of people and in nursing homes dying, And getting infected and he pushed for people with Cove it back in the nursing homes and they died, and then he lied. But the numbers and he's got caught in his it he's in big trouble and so. what he's decided to do was do something like this watch this when I say experts in your quotes,
sounds like some say. First of all, can I say it's weird that TED cruises they have taken to the sidelines. Why would they have said cruises? Cruisers posts being cagoux illegal, When I say that had eyes, birds in here quotes I see experts in here quotes, sounds like I'm saying I dont really trust the experts, because I dont, because I don't. Now the democratic Party in the establishment media has been saying it, Donald Trump said stuff, like that, or anybody says stuff like that. They get kid. They lose their twitter account. They get kicked off Facebook, their Youtube videos get. If I said that about covered, are you to channel get yanked if I,
said with the governor of New York, just said about the experts and covered by you to day would definitely down that video? If not my entire channel, this we're not supposed to be told but there was a ministry of truth when it came to cultivate, were not allowed to do that, but somehow he spoke again and so this is what he does when he's caught being corrupt, so you got copying, corrupt, and so now he's going to lie, and what is why is I not I'm not trusting the experts will ease that actually lying, But what he's doing his ease? He wants you to be angry about some else. Don't be angry about the Koran given that I did and the people that are responsible for killing don't be upset about that be upset about some whilst Oleg over Lunar watch what he says you wanted. and I remember this is all in his response to being caught lying about. the people who work died nursing homes because of Colvin because he said them back in their heap. He had a direct
from the governors Office saying nursing homes, couldn't deny covert patients even if they had covered about making mistakes it calls it come here for three months and nobody knew scandal, how they are going to leave China gotta Europe come here and these federal watchdogs. Nobody knew it but outside like New York, sit here for three months receiving passengers from Europe who the virus and nobody knew. How you tell us that to spread the disease, you had to be symptomatic which the sneezing the coffin, that's how it spread. Only to do a total of one hundred and eighty degrees later and say, oh by the way,
You can be asymptomatic and spread it. What is it That's all the difference in the world it. So the point is by Susan Cleaners, to check whether the mail I had a flat tag: smart Guy, wasn't bad bow as wired God baby was a by law. Can we also just just a quick aside like how annoying his fake tough guy? Gas is wearing it's just so frickin get no use. How did we for three months for the only person who is fake, tough guy thing is more annoying then Is this breakin brother yet not only more annoying when his brother does it? That's the only person on the planet more annoying than him with a big, tough guy? I like requests como through. He would throw covert down a flight of stairs. You know that he would wreck Colvin Shit,
It got into nursing homes because it was here before anyone knew it was brought. In by staff, who was brought in I visited somebody else's fault announced was here they said it was spread by symptomatic people. That was untrue. Those who spread by asymptomatic, peep politics with it the way they did so just so, you know he's. This is the governor of New York that that the liberal media has crowned king of Colvin Relief, the greatest guy No doubt the Gamin Emmy for nothing. For nothing he's now Been revealed to be completely incompetent, not only that but corrupt inheritance. Of covert and lied about it. that not only completely incompetent but corrupt and wide about it?
and now he's blaming every one else. It sounds very trompe. Doesn't he. That was mean that was mean. Well, what was what are your? What was what he says was mean when I say experts in your quote? I can't get to it, but he said it was mean to suggest that somehow that he was some somehow that it was mean to suggest that what he did people and cause people to die in nursing homes. He saying that mean to imply that its mean to imply that if that's what you its mean to imply that an it would also mean screwing over homeless people in cutting money from medicate milk over. You would also mean giving a directive to nursing homes, making them take people with covert back in because the hospitals
overflowed because you'd and prepare for it because you were cutting billions of dollars from healthcare in the middle of the stricken thing. That's also mean, I think I think he were heard this speech in his bedroom a bunch, and then it really didn't go the way he player like, like he's ratcheting all these things, but we all know are absolutely. We ve been going through this terrible pandemic. All these horrible things have happened, people have died and many site get. Let's get to be made of all this. My feelings that will mean that will mean a view to suggest that some how I bear responsibility as a leader that was mean he went on to say that he thought it was mean to the families of people who died too, because it gave them the false impression that we could have did something different. What yeah I got it got even thicker run upside cut that clip off I'd, send you the whole clip but yeah. It got even thicker, yes, but we I'll know where this comes from Cuomo
aid. Melissa Derosa admits they hid nursing of data, so feds wouldn't find out. That's got nothing to do with anything. He just said: that's got Nothing to do with anything. You just said are by why he does and trust the export. You don't trust here how, but we don't trust you because you're a liar not because you, smart enough, but because your proven liar that you, nursing home data, so the feds wouldn't find out New York state. Nursing home residents were dying from Cove it at a much higher rate than what was reported by governor and you could almost health department on purpose and guess what the fall out from that was by the fall out from that. Was nine top New York help officials have quit as Cuomo scorns expertise. Yes, when I say
I experts and air quotes. It sounds like I'm saying I don't really trust the experts Governor Cuomo set of the pandemic policies, because I don't know, I think you should be allowed to disagree with the experts on things, everything from the Wmds in Iraq to anything else, I think that's the beauty of America The reason why do this show is because the mainstream news media is off and wrong and telling you the exact opposite of what's the reality. But that's not what the Democratic Party is. The Democratic Party said you trust experts, and, if you don't, you get canceled, how dare you not they truck? They trust size, Hence that's another way of saying. I trust the experts now drew Cuomo thing, everybody. You said, that's an idiot, and you should question the ECB. That's what he saying again.
I did a video question the experts on. I would get that video taken down at least, but this is the governor tell you had so nine of his top health officials quit and eyes, you sing? It doesn't trust the experts because he's in hot water. That's why I think I think that's the big difference to like you know, disagree for good the recent dont disagree because you wanted deflect blamed from yourself. Exactly that deny like. Don't disagree just for the hell of it. Disagree for good reason, he's disagreeing for corrupt reasons, exact exact disagreeing because he thinks the Experts are wrong a quite frankly Jimmy he's being Get Turkey ah Remember that add on don't be a turkey. Don't don't don't go
what to see your mother, don't be a party I've got to see my family doubt dealt out. though it Joe Mother, how much you loved by not being a turkey. Here's effort teach out. She said I didn't. I know for many people learning that Andrew Cuomo was deliberately lying about nursing home death numbers while he was comforting them with power points is just too much cognitive. Dissidents. they wanted to what are resolved by making. The problem go away, fingers in the years yeah, that's it. Actually we ve come a long way from when he got an enemy for literally no reason have we run just remember which shows were telling you that Andrew Cuomo socked all along this show this show has been telling you Andrew What has been haggling covert horribly all along going back to last spring, when he was trying to cut buddy
Directly from the health department, money budget. You remember that story right run. We covered it greatly. Absolutely absolutely Amy was got money from that of the harmony went after Medicaid he's been lately brutal to the house was population in New York grab for as long as he's been around, I mean dad the sky at least now that he's in some hot water into sir I'll. We don't, we won't have to listen, I better run for president or on. Oh, I guess, who knows maybe a year from now to opt for yeah here about that again and pioneers open and now repeat, people David Throat, a friend of the show they is your home? in writing an article title, Cuomo Gate, a Nixon's, Nick Sony and scandal is engulfing New York amid demands for cod more to resign. The governor and is AIDS are frantically trying to cover up the facts of what happened. That's from February eighteenth, while yeah yeah
well. What was it he set about nursing homes? Can we go back to that? One because what he said about nursing homes, Julia Ronnie thing is now that Cuomo actually deserves and Emmy for the acting job did back. Then that's actually. Homo gave immunity. The nursing home executives after big campaign donations wax what's funny that that campaign money actually access, I have a connection to policies of that weird critic say: do that proves prove that New York's liability shield is linked to hire nursing home death rates during the pandemic. So what they did was he gave the dinner people the executives at nursing homes that irresponsible for the deaths of their patients, they don't have to worry about a thing called that there have to do that and they give a big big donations. Is there and then awesome was it round, sounds like a man who deserves an award. That's that's why,
I did Governor Cuomo give nursing homes, immunity from covert debts, and that's by a guy named RON Kim was the corporate immunity linked to the one point, five million in political contributions from lobbyists, only a full investigation. Help us find out. That's a guy named RON Kim guess what guess what. Cuomo threatened to destroy me, I'm still fighting for nursing home residents. Ron came so he rights that article and then Cuomo through according to ride him threatens dead to destroy him. Look, I know you got a nice saw. You got a nice nursing home. Their rod cannot be a shame if I treat on them. Steps would be a shame if some happened to that steps where you're going down it. here, Andrew Cuomo, quietly, slipped legal immunity for executives into a budget bill, and spandex his own corruption investigation panel when they were close
sing in on him when it comes to corruption, he's practically trompe and that from this the weak. that's not a dozen vanderdyke, that's from February twenty. Second, twenty twenty one by Ryan Cooper who wrote that ran riot super? That's not what there's two Ryan Coopers the Rhine Cooper? Who did the bogus story? Anasa? Then there is the other Rank Cooper. I think the hopelessness of the other one. I don't think the bogus ride Cooper does good work, but there it is. Andrew Cuomo quietly slip. Legal immunity for itself decide did so again. People just wanted anybody but trot bad needed some one to hate. I need someone to like. While I was hating drop and so they decided Yokohama was the guy and he's a big cropped is corrupt as they come. Here's corroded virus update
in New York. Schools can now stay open. Even if regions surpass nine percent positivity, I don't. Again I dunno what is couldn't couldn't catch it. Should I not trust the experts. Should I not trust the governor, whom I suppose did not trust. Governor Cuomo announced is New York City Indoor dining can reopen early on February, taught the how cool bicycles to trust he says, don't trust the experts. How can I trust that safe, whom I supposed to trust. That's what I'm saying hello Joe Joe Biden. I'm your thing afraid she lawyer and I may make a brief statement and go eat a muffin right. Yes, you're I became Wretched a month ago, I believed I could, and I still believe I will make a difference. I spent
today. We can down again divinity, including should people kept him. I'll, be there my family even got market. Therefore I cannot but welcome. All he was broke a child at my change with a male conversion may next time There- and I realise it is. Mr President, don't tell me what to do that. Hey. What are you would leave? Cancel fifty thousand dollars and student debt chapel at will make tat happen alighted the end of the tunnel. Are you confused yeah. You seem to be sending US mixed messages, Joe. That's me makes measure Joe asked me. I d, can you send teaches back to school if they're not vaccinated, first, Your job nurse shiro tugging at I've. Actually, there is now a priority to make a better job.
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