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BONUS Corona-Money Talk with Dylan Ratigan Episode 3

2020-05-13 | 🔗

Nancy Pelosi gives the ruling elites more of our money! Democrats fight to subsidize insurance companies instead of workers! Is China a threat?

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I have I'm a little tired today, so I have to actually drink real coffee, I'm drinking not decap as normal. Can you hear that? That's that premium roast Mcdonald's coffee, but you can get at every Mcdonald's? No, that's not! Actually. This is my my homemade coffee, Donald's, coffee sucks. I used to pretend I had a deal with Mcdonald, says a suit advertiser on my own podcast, but never never did to last. I used to pretend that we had advertising contract with Mcdonald's further premium room and we were like the first podcast out there. So people believed us and you really
don't have a deal with Mcdonald's. After all of that, okay, I'm kind of I'm surprised, I'm kind of I'm kind of surprised. So I want to introduce gum. You know he's a New York Times Bell selling author the whole of his own news, show on MSNBC and NBC. He was an award winning reporter for Bloomberg. He's here for Now it's Dylan Radegund ideal. And how are you. I'm very well I mean listen. If you don't have a didn't, have a Mcdonald's deal before that sizzling sales pitch as soon as as they hear that Mcdonald Money going to be flowing your way, they're going to be begging you to take their money after the sales you. I offered you don't get when you're getting up in the middle of this depression. You have to get up early to find a job, nothing like premium, Broast Coffee for Mcdonald's. To help start your job hunt, premium roast
all right catching. I again you're that to be moving mean the beach pretty soon would talk like that. I would love to You have not a beach guy, but I hear you saying I am, I know said What I'm saying yeah Beverly Hills- I don't know: where do you want to go, to move to park city, you know the Hollywood hills I like to have a view or poker or put your butt. Up on the hill there, you can take a look at the whole situation. Maybe I go to pay for it yeah. Maybe I get a place next to Hunter Biden. He's got a place in the Hollywood ill. Did you know the our bill Mars got a place up there. You can move in next to the next between bill and hunter you're. a great cups of sugar. Just just a hooker stems from Bill Mars place would be could have the hookers drop off the hookers drop off a cup of sugar how about some sugar Jaeger? anyway, I this is This is good talks, depression going housing.
How's, the depression going or my depression. No, no, not yet about your boot disorder, everything, but the economic situation here I'm just enjoying the fact that all the late night hosts are being unmasked right now because they have to they have to broadcast from home and those shows our brutal if you ve seen them but who the fuck to watch bill MAR Skype with someone not me anyway. What is it? I refuse to even go on Skype, as you can tell from talking to me on the phone. I find the whole thing absurd Oh really, is that so you that you got old school phone because you find Skype, or do I find it. You know what I find that I find the whole totality of all of the images of all these schools at all these Skype. To be so degrading and dumb regulator call you, see! Now, if I was you creating into an eye, if I go through a phase where I will only call into her tv shows, you can it's, because I beating a hare transplant
that's ok! So, let's get into today's. If it's, how do you know? I do you know? I don't know, I don't know but you're, one of those guys who would probably look good without here anyway. So I hate those kind of guys I shaved my head ball at one point and I found myself to look quite handsome. I was quite pleased I'm optimistic for my ball years. Yeah see you're like that Billy Zane Guy, that brings bring me my friend, I'm ready at. I already tried aboard I bumped into Billy Zane after what was that titanic right? and that's when they still had video stores and it was in a video store, I bumped into him out and he didn't have any hair of its care, Alright, so here we go we're going to get into it. Now we're going to get into this political article
and the headline is Pelosi unveils a three trillion dollar corona virus relief plan. Amid squeeze from left and the right. So now, We just give you a brief overview. They ve done three point. Five stimulus is now which is actually for and in none of them, did they give health care to people? And none of them did they give a ubi to people and none of them do they have any plans to actually help people right. They have lots of plans, they help oligarchs, incorporate huge corporations, but that's about it So here's what anyone right so that right. So here's what's in this bill a little bit right, so we ve been screaming that none of the Democrats will call their house leadership, Nancy Blowsy. The Democrats took over the house, the whole point of that is that, We can have some power and control and she's legislating as if she's Mitch, Mcconnell, okay, just so, you know because they serve the same people. So here's what, since, according to politico this is what's inside this bill and then we're going to show you what's really inside the bill. Ok,
so, according to political, it says, Democrats release their sprawling package known as the Heroes act on too Tuesday afternoon the legislation includes eight hundred and seventy five billion dollars for can for sale and local governments for cat- I'm sorry, Eight hundred and fifty billion dollars cash for state and local governments. What democratic leaders say is the centrepiece of the FAO Corona virus relief package. It also includes twenty billion dollars each for tribal nations and for US territories. The measure also includes provisions to support multi employer pensions It's also included at seventy five billion dollars to ram Bob Corona virus testing and contact contact racing in an effort that both parties say will be crucial to reopen.
State economies: the legislation also includes a slew of other liberal priorities left out of previous bills, including seventy five billion dollar for mortgage relief and a hundred billion dollars in assistance for renters twenty. Five billion dollars for the: U S: postal Service and three point: six billion dollars to shore up elections, the bill. My point is now: let me to stop their Dylan. Why did they have to wait till the fifth steadily this bill to get any of this stuff in there. I think we all know why. The immediate response when we had our first unofficial, he'll Corona Money talk, which I guess was in March right after the initial market crash and all that There were happening at that time. The initial immediate reflex was to rescue the financial institutions and the well just people in America which
but they did within the blink of an eye immediately. They disappeared, they rescued the stock market, they rescued the large banks, they bailed out Bill Ackman. They bailed out can Griffin one of the richest hedge fund managers in the world. They bailed out Ray Dalio, all the wealthiest and most powerful people in the country were bailed out in March as a reflex and then since then, they have been incrementally using the bail out build as opportunities to move to bail out slightly less rich people and at the same in time. They have really proven I think that we really must strikes me the most is that they prove that even given a couple of months to look around and think about it, they really really really really really really really don't want to give people healthcare really, which I mean they had a couple of months. I mean they've had so much time to really understand how much health care has been lost.
coming from the depression level on employment level that we now have. They understand that. Man for Healthcare is at an all time high, which is party Billy caused by a global pandemic. Worthy you have notice is a bit of a pandemic going on which creates a medical needs, and even the face of the pandemic and even in the face of depression level. Unemployment even anymore. And in the face of having a couple of months to contemplate the matter, the only then they could offer the way of healthcare with subsidies for private health insurance with cobra. Yet so till you, yes, I sillam I don't need to change the subject on you, but when I look at what happened today, what I really saw when I looked through all the things that were talk about was country at a democratic party. Specifically, that is completely and utterly and firmly and resolute. We committed Making making sure that it's really expensive hard hard to get care and that health insurance companies make lots and lots
and it is unlike any other country on earth. I mean countries Rwanda are working. A national healthcare system, countries that we would theoretically condescend you for their overall quality of life, like India, have National healthcare systems, and yet this country, theoretically, with the richest in the world, theoretically the most powerful in the world. in the face of global, great depression level on employment, A pandemic still refuses to offer healthcare to the people that live in this country and yet insists on making sure the p, for this country pay double, what any other with people in the world pay for their health care in order to enrich the financial institutions that run the health insurance companies,
that alone is a staggering indictment of the entire political class led by in this case, the Democrats, who claim the mantle of wanting to offer people help as up as a rhetorical flourish, not as something that they do, but as a marketing as part of the Democratic Party marketing If there's a sort of marketing around cortical caring about quota called people and yet. They don't do it. And still you see all these people that want to support. It's amazing to me that anybody could possibly support Nancy. sea or the Democrats, its easy to guess at either ridiculed I'll cup or the Republicans its explicable to me why anybody would support Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi. It is I can't, intellectually. I can't I don't even know how to to comprehend it well.
I just heard environmentalist a bill. Mckibben last night say that you have to vote for Joe Biden because we have an ability to fluids end, but we don't have an influence ability to influence trump and I the guys who say stuff like that sound like chumps absolute, salute trumps as as Joe Biden puts Larry Summers and his cabinet and gives you the both fingers in your fucking face. They still think they want to play inside the system. What needs to happen Dylan is what people need to get in the streets and shut down capitalism. I mean work can shut down capitalism at the snap of a finger. We've seen that, If everybody at Amazon stayed home tomorrow, this goddamn country would shut down of everybody at you, Ps State tomorrow, this country would shut down. I think the Fuckin Post office should go on strike entailed get the money they need, because this whole goddamn country would shut down. There are many workers factions in this country that could shut this country down overnight and we're realizing that right now, how about grocery workers grocery
workers could shut down this country overnight and that's the kind of shit that tomorrow tomorrow the country would be go nuts, they have to bring in the national or look at how effective the protest in Hong Kong were how massive and organized they were. Look at how effective the French are at doing exactly what you're describing. So it's not that it's not possible to do. there too, the nominal examples of how effective protest kept, be it forcing structural policy Change, whether it's in France or Hong Kong or the two best recent examples it's simple wait and see and indifference, and this desire to blame the opponent as opposed to doing anything it is. It is a stunning abdication of engagement that
I think is even beyond something whatever imagine but they're. All the bravado of this country, sort of Ra Ra. We fight blah blah, it's a joke, but Dylan I I get that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer a complete lots of Wall Street and their evil. In fact, I get that evil agents of finance at the expense of the american people. Evil agents of literally at the cost of their health literally right there lives, but what I don't get is why there is absolutely no opposition to either of them in government. None Ilhan Omar. You he won't even stand up to them. Aoc won't stand up to them. Bernie Sanders wants to no one will stand. for the american people in this amount. What's that.
there is a war nowhere to be found nowhere to be found. No one will stand up for the american people right now. What they're doing what Bernie Sanders is actually doing is protecting the party? what AOC and Neil that Omar are actually doing is protecting the party there. Doing a goddamn thing. The mixture people are get are taken care of, except writing letters to Nancy Pelosi, begging but they should be doing, is organizing people to start shutting shit down because we are in dire. This is not normal times. This is an existential threat right now. You think Donald Trump is an essential threat. This is an existential threat right now, and the progressive media is asleep. The progressive politicians are defending the party while screwing the people and it's left to you and me to scream into the wind right now. That's it! We got enough
and I can't go out and organise a strike because there's a fuckin pandemic and I have underlined medical problems and they know that share it's pretty good trick. Pretty good track, pretty good trick. Let me guess you see that they did you. Do I mean you ought to go back to the legislation? I bet I feel a little bit off. Let me let me discriminating other things and I left. Let me: finish this article and then we'll get to it? Okay, so The bill would also make ten billion dollars available to small businesses that haven't received funds from the pay Jack Protection Programme for the measure was released. Pelosi had caution members on Tuesday that some of them would be disappointed by what was left out of the bill. Democrats acknowledge that their behemoth proposal whose summary alone is. Ninety pages is more.
of a talking point. Then legislation they expect to become law. So this shit isn't even going to get past, and you know why it's not going to get past because they gave away all their leverage, and they did that on purpose. Nancy Pelosi doesn't want this stuff to pass, which is why she gave away her leverage in the first place, and what was that leverage that leverage was to hold the stimulus to the richest people in the country and they didn't they passed. It unanimously. That's capitulation. That's one hundred percent corrupt government, and that's why America is going to be Brazil in about three or four years. Ah here, let me just finish: equality is one of the richest countries taking care of herself Piazza seated buyers rare, to grow if she's a grifter, yes so ill
inside this article. It says representative, PAMELA, J, a pale and mark poke and leaders of the congressional Progressive Kok is, which is absolutely fucking worthless. They are worthless. What they're doing their seeking to postpone any vote until next week. So members can fully digest the bill and potentially push for changes under no circumstances are we ready to vote on the bill this week? You're gonna do whatever Nancy Pelosi tells you to do so Why are you you, pretending Rashid? What this is bullshit you're gonna? Do whatever Nancy Pelosi tells you to do like a good little girl. It's so its mark brocade like or like a good little boy you're going to do what ever Nancy Pelosi tells you to do. I'll bet you trillion dollars, you do that or three trillion
J Impel said she was still reviewing the eighteen hundred and fifteen page bill and wasn't prepared to support the measure. Yet I'm reviewing it. She said she focusing on three areas: Dylan she's, focusing on help for the unemployed to get them back to work, acts that's two health access to health care She's using the bullshit terminology she's using it acts Access the health care and support for small business. This is them completely capitulating in a moment when they should be pushing for medical overall at the top of their lambs. At lunch and thinking of ways to put pressure on the establishment to make that happen, they are completely capitulating first ill hung Omar said we need to fully fun universal health care and now PAMELA J. A pearl is saying that we need to have access to health care. Ok, there's more job
EL pushed hard for inclusion of the pay check guarantee programme in the new bill. at ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neil, a Democrat from Massachusetts turn down saying proposal is too costly and complicated the jail fell plan, which is backed by more than sixty House Democrats, has a price tag of more than six hundred billion for six months, Neil instead supported an extension of the employee retention tax credit, backed by Mc Erratic Moderates, which still costs more than two hundred billion dollars. So there the entire, so that's I've. Given you that's basically that's the highlights from the political article. It doesn't really tell you what's going on at all by it does. The clever me the headline again, I don't mean to be great so later, but all you need to know is every single time whether it's in the heat of the worst of the crisis with a market crashing or months,
to think about it: no Ubi, no Medicare for all. They don't want it, they don't like it, they are against it. They don't want to support you in your home. They want, they don't want to support the most vulnerable in the society. They don't want people to have mobility, They don't want people to have health care. Anybody who ever again would ever gain to suggest that the Democratic Party either cares about working people or cares to give people. Health care should be punched in the face. This is a multi month demonstration of conscious decision making in the face of the largest budget, in the history of the world, trillion dollars spending and even with trillions of dollars available and money going to corporate La mean you can run all the lists, even in that situation in the middle of a pandemic work.
where, where depression, level on employment, even Temporary Ubi and Medicare for all is something they do not want, and that is a stunning demonstration of hostility to the point of being murderous to the people of this country that you wouldn't. never imagine from any sane or rational government on this earth. That's a stupid thing, because there's no is an irrational governments. I kind of hesitated before I said that, but anybody who is politically engaged to of the delusional believe that anybody in America Politics cares about them, should rapidly discard that belief and any Democrat group
That the the Democrats, Barack Obama or Joe Joe Biden or Nancy, or any of these, these fools ever wanted to give them healthcare ever cared about working people ever felt their pain. This is a master class in the demonstration of not only the indifference to it, but the active prosecution of policies that are hostile to working people and the sick. On behalf of. financial institutions and the wealthy. That's who they work for people should be in the streets. They should be full, yellow jacket. They should be full Hong Kong. They should be shutting down the sittings, but they're not. Okay, but there's lots of other countries that have complacently accepted an Ligar,
in an Underclass India lives with it. Brazil lives with it. I mean there are plenty of complaints, countries that have complacently drifted into this situation and in America, seems to be one of them, so we're just going to accept that we're going to have a two tier society, one mostly made up of the underclass, which will be the people who have no job and unemployment people who are Perennially poor, the generationally poor, it will be done made up of workers who live paycheck, to pay check and then maybe about fifteen percent of the country will be able to tell you to actually have a regular normal life that we would consider a normal life
I would we will be end up like Brazil right, and this is where those that's where this is heading right. I mean the more trending towards a brazilian ORD indian Social Architecture, with a two tier system where you have ninety odd per cent in the under glass, and then you D have or Mexico I mean this is how both countries that up russia- I mean it- is really the standard model. Europe is the only accept. In America had a moment after world war to wear it actually had a middle class, but that has been you know bill. Could Bill Clinton really started in on it, and then George Bush and Barack Obama really did a number on it and then Donald Trump to his credit. Basically just but this is bullshit like. Why are we pretending, like the one thing, that driving down rubber going forward He was not. There was no where there was no Sheena. Bab class, the aspiration Elizabeth Barack Obama celebrity to make you feel good while
Getting destroyed by the over glass, it's why we talked about the divide than the Farmers are more dangerous to the people, because the other day that there like a narcotic for people psychology, so they don't realize their getting the frog- is getting boy that's a great way? To put it, there are narcotic for people psychology, so they don't realized are getting boiled. That's what at the way I used to say was that Barack Obama or wanted Democrat becomes President half the left. goes to sleep to all the horrible stuff that the government does no matter. Who is the president, and that's it actually what happened with Barack Obama and that's the That's the case that I've been trying to make make. Why wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton because Clinton, because it would have put the left to sleep once again and you can't protest against a good Democrat, even as they're
taking five point: one million people out of their houses in the middle of a recession as they're, making the banks bigger as they're opening up the artic to drilling, has they're letting cops crack. The heads of peaceful protesters at Occupy Wall Street has they turn their backs on union teachers in Wisconsin? That's our collective bargaining is taken away from them as, as they say, we're going to. Let it play it play out and apple has a bailout private equity firms that inflate the price of first time home buyers as they leave office. None of that gets a protested or even opposed or even talked about. When a Democrat is the president, unfortunately, none of that got talked about when Donald Trump is President President, either because the Democrats are so corrupt that Dont have the ability to talk about those things. Instead, they talk about an evidence, free red baiting conspiracy theory aimed at the president in any of their political enemies,
which has now been completely revealed to be unbelievable, malfeasance on the part of the FBI and the CIA and the NSA and the Democratic Party and the the media, and so That's the world were living in their work. Their almost seems no hope I was there Anyway, let's get to what mats dollar says about what's in this bill and then you can help us break it down, so that so that's what politico said was in the bill. and here's. What mats dollar says was in the bill, someone who actually knows a thing or two and started reading it. He says those who put the corporate lobbyists bail out, in her new legislative proposal, So did you know this Dylan and there's a bail out for corporate lobbyists in this new bob? I sadly I did know that idea. Can you spend on to make, through the lobbyists, in only abbreviated if you don't get the lobbyists, who's going to pay for the politicians
how politicians bail out the lobbyists they're bailing out themselves. How else are they going their campaigns and their campaigns and know what to vote for? Not if they don't give their money to the lobbyists of the lobbyists comprised the politicians? Politicians won't know what to do. So how so do you know specifically how this bales out the lobbyists rate? Has been created, they did at the tax class of lobbyists, have a tax classification. The debt is unique to them as a tax status, and they they simply included the lobbyists tax classification as qualifying for things for the gap for various government programmes to allow to draw money? Okay, got you the same way that the government is allowing the Federal Reserve they're like ok, but it reserves by everybody better reserved buying mortgage bonds, the batteries I was buying it
the buying that what did the same thing with these bail out, whether the ppp or some of the tax credits in tax and things that they're doing this, but it was layers of financial benefits, of their creating at the latest aside those financial benefits to two different corporate entity. With different tax status course, they dont pay for better for all or you be I, but they do go with a fine tooth comb over each of the different tax classifications and they made a point of including the tax classification that is, corporate lobbying firms to make sure that they qualify for financial benefits from the from the YAP Provokingly. Ok, there's that so in this before me, by the way, for they helped anybody give anybody health care, or are you be? I they major lobbyists got a bail out, the bill also lets wealthy people who make money from dividends and Roy, tease claim the earned income tax credit, which is.
actually an anti poverty provision. That is stunning. while again deprive the dough better care, nobody, your PA. No, you be I, but the new tax clasping be tax cuts. Vacation for lobbyists should qualify brought the financial benefits of the bail out and there should be special tax well the collective it at dividends that's people who make a should tunnel bunny money off stock investment. Would I have that? people who already inherited own stocks and they live off of the dividend? Income. Yes,. in other words, people who don't work but no but no health care for you, but no health care for you their provision, the bill, gives attacks cut to conquer upper income blue sky real estate owners for twenty twenty and twenty twenty one. We aware that.
I was aware of that, but that is good for you Jimmy I do you know that is outrageous at its base, but if we're going to make an exception as a California homeowner, that's gonna be good for you. So this helps homeowners yeah, so is it's called the state and local income tax, deduction, yeah, oh yeah, you go So you could deduct your stay and local income taxes from your federal taxes and so that you don't pay both. Basically, the used to be that you were able to. Let's say you pay ten dollars in federal taxes and four dollars in state taxes, instead of pay, fourteen dollars, you pay four dollars to California, and then you would say to the federal government I paid for bucks to California. so now, I'm only going to pay you six books, then in the tax a change under Trump a couple of years ago,
they change that because it was they pose because trumpet the Republicans that that that day and local tax income deduction is primary. Early, valuable in places like California, in New York, where but and other sort of New England and this sort of thing where real estate prices are real, High and state taxes are relatively high, and so that was really done as a vindictive move by Donald Trump and the Republicans to punish the blue states that didn't vote for him Got if you didn't vote for Donald Trump, you weren't you, you were given a tax hike, a couple. years ago, right anything and now it is a real leaving of that. However, It still prioritizes the relatively with at the very least middle class and then up through upper middle class, wealthy, because you need to be a real estate owner with real estate,
wow value and have paid and live in places like Lhasa, with our new Yorker Chicago or wherever they did. The blue city is, if you will, in order to even benefit from that, so it still does nothing for the year of the programme for the for the poor people in this country. Okay, so we I'm a homeowner, but I'm certainly not an upper income homeowner. So I don't know, No? But you live in California, where the taxes are really high, so it is still a benefit to you. Okay, as it is to me in New York, I mean listen. It's outrageous for Georgia. good it an indication. Remember the priority was the super super rich first, two months ago, the Jamie Diamond, the Goldman Sachs Etc, and then there too slowly working down their progression to the middle class.
in places like California in New York? The boy did their leaving the people that are most destroy by this completely off the list. Every time every time the most vulnerable people hurting the boats are not being taking care of restore workers over drivers. I mean they literally people that we are both depend on the deal that are the most backed by the pandemic. I mean you get it. I ate everybody who is by far the we depend on both. That is the most impact by it is as a group we will, that is getting the absolute least from every piece of legit patient, including this. What do you know if nurses, who are treating people with Corona virus contract, the corona virus, virus. They do not get to file workers, compensation claims. I didn't. Actually, no that what's the logic, there
I don't know what I'm gonna get that does this Staffing of nurses at most hospitals are owned by private at private equity firms. that's what I'm going to do is it's just sort of the total degradation and devaluation of all labor, especially the people that have to keep us alive. Yes, so you know how has a national policy so when we have private health care what happens, is what I'm starting to find out is that even hospitals are owned by private equity. Like they'll, have the groups of doctors or like say all the emergency room, doctors and staff there their run and staff by a private equity firm, and so what do they do? Do they make sure there's redundancy in their staffing to make sure of theirs? It emerges no. They- they operate a completely on the margins that the minimum amount of staff to get the work done. So, if there's ever a problem, you're fucked like right now and so that that so even with thought that so not only to guess the
that's why nurses are not allowed to have to file for workers compensation if they contract the the virus while doing stuff, did a whole story on it. Yesterday, right yeah, Alright, let's move along This is Matt Dollar saying even some of the good things in this bill are bad. There's an the price gouging provision, except that its force by the pro price, gouging federal Trade Commission, and it seems to follow that the FTC to block state attorney generals from bringing actions under this section. Actually, so they put this into the bill that you can't price gouge, but the people are supposed to enforce. That is the FTC, which is really the people who enable price gouging. That's what he's saying well, not only that, but the people that would normally enforce the anti price gouging provision would be the state attorney general, and so they said we don't want price gouging and the normal group of people that would police the price gouging being the ag.
In any given state. The Nebraska AG the Oklahoma AG we're going to spend their authority and consolidated at the federal level with the agency that is, has been the most active If I said: okay, I'm going to end gouging, but but firing all the cops and create, and I'm just gonna put the head of the ECB the IDA instead of the local police and forcing any rules we're just gonna. Do it. call from Washington DC. Even though everybody knows it did, the The commission works for corporate interests at the expense of everybody else, as opposed to it generals who frequently or not frequently, but if anybody's, going to step it's not uncommon that it, the attorney general that once to know, I will step into the breach on behalf of somebody. So there's there's a quote from a movie in old movie. I can't believe who the the actresses- but she says she's on a ship and
Similarly, with Henry Fonda and she says, only stand by Stanwick, says only only suckers play by the rules and if you didn't think that was true. I hope that this, what we Living through right now disabuse as you of that notion, because it is true Lee suckers play by the rules that rules the rules are made by these fuckin criminals. These The laws of the United States are written by criminals to protect criminals. and to screw regular people. So I yeah. So anytime. You can break the rules against this establishment in your favor. You should do it and anybody who follows the rules of this establishment. It is a sucker. Is that is that too strong for me to say that I mean
I would. I would love to dispute you just because I'm love to even admit to myself total degradation of the rule of law and when you went when the rule of law is completely degraded. Obviously the doors of chaos are opened. The whirlwind of care. is open to any society, but gosh, it's very difficult to work, find the other side of that argument when there's such active prosecution of abusive at the federal level by not by by all the politicians, again people the Democrats, love to yes, to vilify the village idiot and he's obviously an idiot and a dangerous and- and peculiar idiot at that. But it is the can either convenient excuse for the rest of their predation. Yes
and that's what I have to tell my brother when he calls me up. Could you believe this guy to help people to drink, let this guy? We got to get rid of this guy, and I have I have to every time, find a way to tell em what you just said that he is a convenient distraction from the oligarchs to continue raping this country and the more they get excited about. Something Donald Trump did the morgue crimes they're trying to conceal, and that's the thing. That's why people? I don't you? Why? Don't you get more upset at Donald Trump? that's exactly why, because they want me to get upset and distracted by Donald Trump, while Nancy Pelosi passes entire legislative agenda. No diplomacy institutes bill after Bill that right Amerika it at its solidifies income inequality for at least at least a generation and probably turns this country into Brazil forever and
clearly, whether trying to pull off that is what they're trying to pull of an animal? you you have. That course corporate new sphere is completely worthless, but Even the promoting corporate news is the number one they they love to upset about the village idiot. Yes,. That's what I'm talking about noise machine around the village idiot completely blocks out all awareness of the of the of the raping that you described and we discussed from time to time and it's just amazing to me to still see it happen that people we'll give compliments to someone like Chris Haze because he covered the terror red story or because he got push back from his own audience. They called him a Russian because he covered terror, red and supper at have to remind people that Chris Haze is the one who cultivated that audience the do that he's what train them? and secondly, at the end, what he forgets that known Chomsky taught us these.
first order of business of people in the news on corporate news television, therefore, first order of business. Their primary objective is to make, In fact, your consent And when they are not manufacturing consent, they are fired. Just like ad Shultz was fired, just like Phil Donahue was fired, just like Ashley Banfield was fired and just like, I would be fired that if you're, not manufacturing consent. You are fucking fired, it doesn't matter how awful you can be or how big of a liar you are as long as your lies are at the behest of the establishment, just like Brian Williams,. You will never be fire, there will always be a place for you because you are lying and still pushing bet you are still manufacturing consent for
oligarch, you're part of the narcotic right you're part of the heroin shot that keeps the things numb, so they can continue raping right. That's right, there's this guy Anon we're going to talk about him in another segment after week to go with you. the tease it he had contracted MSNBC he's a writer from New York Times. and he has a new show on vice, and he claims that he's really blow the lid off I'll corporate anyway we're going to talk about that at the next segment. It's kind of hilarious, Mats dollar says bail out the here's. What's also in this Bill Dylan. He says bailouts for mortgage services, mortgage services, so not banks, but companies that service your mortgage, vague, Bailed out now, if you remember, we expose that mortgaged services are the most the various of maybe all the corporations, because they have an interest in you defaulting on your home loan. Instead of trying to save you and save your alone, they try to
Rick you and doing things and correctly. So they can then for clothes on your a lot house, because they make more money. Well, guess what the government, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck, tumor, just veiled them out. that happens, we are aware of that Dylan yeah? I was actually nor they haven't. You did the baby. They give a lot of money to those politicians, so they really get whatever they want. Yeah. Ok, one more thing, mats dollar says: there's also a bail out for landlords. Though there are strings attached on evictions. So that's good, I would say that's good. I would say why not bear out later I've that generally good, but when you look under the hood that won the super, the small landlord that great benefit. But when you look at the percentage, Randal units that are owned by a relatively small group of people and other
there are a small number of really large landlords, and then there are lots of really small landlord right, but a lots of really small landlords are generally much less sophisticated and capable of access passing into the large financial benefits that the large ras when Lord owners are so the really what you're getting is a bail out for again large financial institutions like Blackstone that own Randal units as the primary beneficiary and they waive section eight, which is a specific protection for the disabled and end and people that are the most vulnerable. Rental housing market. Do you mean they waved it, Oh they just because it like the heck they're, why the heck with it we're going to give the landlord a bailout. Why should we? make sure that the landlord have to protect the vulnerable. So That's so that so they're saying that you don't have so what
in a bail out the landlords, but the landlords no longer are bound by section eight laws. and regulations. That was what they're proposing. Yet that's what they're proposed Jesus Christ, honest to God, I've gotta started out it will I dont have kids, so I can do this. It started with could just make sure I don't you have health problems, man, you got wait for the back seat before you can start there as soon as this vaccine hits they let's remember, occupy whilst we didn't happen until a few years after you know, Brocklebridge was under your later years later for sure at it, and this is an appeal to all joking and not much of a joke here, but all joking aside, this is A extremely large by large, anybody can imagine large, extremely slow moving crisis, which means
that the change from one day to the next, whether it's the data and the biological side of the data on the economic side, all those things arch dream, It's a slow, slow grinder, but it inevitable and massive role that could be intervened with some of the things that we've talked about. We why, whether you millions of dollars, but instead of using, Using the trillions of dollars intervene against the massive slow rolling crisis that will play out over the next two to five years. They're used using the trillions of dollars to actually accelerate the movement of the slow roller by consolidating wealth with the super rich while leaving the most vulnerable most exposed and here, but it's going to take years to play out yeah. And in here, so here's what you're talking about earlier about the healthcare sober a rat sellers his rather than just ass? We talked about this on the show too,
rather than just extending Medicare to the unemployed, this bill subsidizes private insurance VIII, a cobra what would we do? Have health insurance monopolies didn't get benefits, so at dollar saying we do we just let the health insurance companies go bankrupt because they're just skimming anyway. Why would why would the federal government take us health care dollar. Instead of giving it right to the doktor who takes care of you, give it to a third party, and then they decide how much of that money gets too that doctor and then the how much money they get to keep, which is exactly are secure hours our system right now. It makes absolutely no sense for the government to do that. It does make sense if you realize Nancy Policy is a criminal whose corrupt and bought with bribes and then distributes those bribes to all the other legislators in the democratic caucus. So
are completely bribed and corrupt. Their criminal Nancy plus he's not a night port. Nice person, she's, actually your enemy and a criminal, and that's why they're doing this? You don't have to agree with that, but that's a fact that after empirical back an imperial fact, as Truman said, you can call it empirical. The only text so Nancy Pelosi has become a hundred millionaire sense He became a Congress person and, as Truman reminds us, the only kind of people who get rich while in government are crooks Nancy Pelosi is also helps because her husband is a financial, professional and financial professionals have been the single primary beneficiary of the bailouts in o, eight, oh nine and twenty twenty. there is one more of federal bail out of debt collectors, so this bill also bales. Our debt collectors. are you shitting me?
miss that one, but that that's it that's that's lovely somebody's got to look out for them according to some one named Graham steal, the house, Damn Craddock Bill, establishes a federal credit facility for debt collectors, I too forbearance on debt collection, payments. Do you understand what that means? Yes, so basically they're saying they will give for barons, so you don't have to pay your bills right for some period of time. Under some circumstances, I haven't been down into the weeds as to which bills, but forbearance is a good thing, but the compromise is, if we're going to give people forbearance from paying their bills. That's really going to hurt the bottom line from debt collectors who make their money by collecting fees by collecting debts and repossess
the assets, and so, if you're going to give people forbearance, you then have to pay for the lost earnings for the deck collectors, who could no longer collect their income from those who were to fall because they ve been good for parents to that makes them. Yes, yes, there's one more This is one of those ideas. These sounds really good in a world where a debt collectors are honest and rely on credible documents, be debtors always know their rights and see the FED is a great at lending facilities that normal people. So that's what he saying about that. So if all Things were true, which they none of them are right, DEC, sectors are not honest and they do not rely incredible. Documents debtor, don't ever know their rights and FED is not good at lending facilities that help normal people right. That's right! Okay,
here's one more and the final piece that Matt talks about this bill. He says it weekend, section eight tenant protection, so we already talked about that. So that goes along with them, bailing out landlords and weaken section, so there It is unthinkable, heave Paul what, going on is like is just it is honest. Honest I don't even have were I don't have the vocabulary to describe the this, the balls of what they're doing, but they can do this because, on the media. The media is complacent, they're not they're not going to tell you what were telling you there
I can tell you to be upset they're, not they don't even show you that, what's happening in France, when the yellow vests riot didn't even tell you that's happening, let alone tell you why Hong Kong got really what they do. Ongoing was spectacular. Millions of people organise spontaneously, but in an intuitive, using digital coordination. capable of overwhelming a city with three million people on ten minutes notice made the french look like amateurs, an immense you're, the best in the world. With this, How do I did not? You know I did not. That is a story. I did not cover now was just over their December's up very, but they are- and I bet with a bunch of themselves if we have more exposure to Morrow, they put anything either getting China tried it. take over Hong Kong and take away their liberty right or to do a bit with the programme.
Protesting China's encroachment trying, basically the the of it were there there two court systems. One is a court system in Hong Kong. Basically is based on british law because of the legacy colonial system, and then there's chinese law and the Chinese were moving to basically eliminate the second jurisdiction so that they could extradite and charge people people in Hong Kong, where Hong Kong has been decades for decades, a safe haven, opponents, political Beijing of Beijing, spark- and that was seen as the sort of the final breaking point for the liberty, Hong Kong, which Why did and it is, but what was spectacular but what they did. Hong Kong, where there are able to get organised disk. This concept, where there is a God Where is the coordination of EU? Did you re all that be waters up? They were doing no yesterday debated broke bits of the bridge baby haven't they were
make an appointment to meet every Saturday in the middle of town and race out right. That's the Saturday morning until this is over we're going to shut this place down right. They shut down pairs every Saturday for months until the crown families like I have no doubt whatever you want, but dont do it right, I'm gone was, is much more debate even more sophisticated where they basically just took four metaphors for water, so vapor I liquid, and I forget them whatever. The reporting and inclinations dealing carnation volume steamed game yet, and so they had a baby would literally at each other, with these different born Asians, and they would either dissipate rapidly. Accumulate immediately. Breeze and lock up a situation and so that
if those behaviors which were intuitive it known within the millions of young people and get me three million, people got crazy and they could organise an shift immediately from these sort of lock where really good, shot anything down the complete and immediate. Does everybody would scatter. To the the accumulation of do basically where they would start to build it red- it is remarkable, so As you know, we don't have time to get into this, but I. who D. So I had a guest on the show recently from the agenda report any high fog, and he said that their government is very responsive to their people, and I said how can that be? They have one party rule. Why would they ever be responsive to their people? What did you find when you were there
again I've only been. I was in Beijing a couple of times and I've been in western China once I don't think I'm really qualified to have an opinion I lived in Japan and for a long time and theirs saying or there were, you know you bid to one of the UK that any country, but certainly an asian country, but it's really not unique to Asia, but you did that for country for a day, and you think you can write a book and you visit for a week, and you think you can write a short story and the longer stay the less you have to say because really becomes. The complexity starts to reveal itself. I will say that Hong Kong is the front lines for freedom, where words you, if it if the heavy agenda is to not have a single. One party rule that the front lines relative to the crew. it would China, China the world it as much as I would be happy to indict the american system. I do the Chinese at least the chinese government, as by
are the greatest enemy of the west, having their sympathy, the fact that they knew that virus was in their country, shot down the domestic flights locked up their city and allowed international flight to continue to fly, knowing the vice is on it is what it is, is one of the most renders things I've ever seen done. So you have the dares not there's no reason to where I hold your breath way, for the Chinese to do anything nice for anybody, but I really was impressed by the young people that I met in Hong Kong, who were more engaged in more. Even more cautious about their position relative to China and relative to the idea of liberty and freedom than any group people have ever met. My life would You say to the people who say that China's so they are they. Don't do capitalism, I mean they do mark they have a market economy, fatal colleague, capitalism, but that they ve?
that that their system as most of our system or any others has asked at five hundred million, probably more out of poverty. Isn't it in their system the greatest anti Poverty programme in the history of the world. That's what they would say what he added, and I never know what to say back to that media. Are you sure, but they also, I do a lot of isolation of minority races and telling them whether the users of the Tibetans, I mean an authoritarian I can tell you a great story about sections of the society that have benefited from their investment, but they dont tell you about the sections of society to have decided that they be there and slave, but into containment camps are killed right, I mean the same way. I can tell you a great story about American and the and the development of Cala and
the glories of Hollywood in euros is, does the boot strapping of that they had the small businesses in the brass got. Those are all true story, soda real banks and made their good think that they have happened. They do happen and the ability for a young comedian, from LOS Angeles, to have a really popular web, show using this technology and hang around and talk to his friends and other smart people, and make a living. I mean that's a great story, but it, but it doesn't dispel The other story that we just told. So I and tell you lovely stories about some of the benefits of the chinese investment in their infrastructure and their very deliberate planning, which is impressive, to say the least relative to their development. But I can also tell you the story of their brutal murder, containment and destruction of huge sex.
Of their population, and they are the only country in the world that rivals America for its imperial instinct in Russia's is is Doesn't exist as an imperial force at this point in the world know the thereon me too imperial forces on this planet right now, and one of them is China. and you could even argue China, maybe be the most aggressive imperial force in the world right now. So we spread our imperialism at the point of a gun and a bomb. How are they spreading their imperialism out and wrote a negative? My friend I mean they are the greatest creditor and finance fear. They have been building a global, transportation network, basically so the Italians or bankrupt after the financial crisis, and they need to rebuild the poor entry acid northeastern ITALY. In order to be to bring imports on shore. Or they don't have the money to the Chinese committed. They will give you thirty billion dollars, and now we
control your poor, but you get a brand new super state of the art, Shanghai Port, and so they have been doing it with money a globally for decades and they continue to do it. The anger game give them total control of the global transportation and infrastructure network and total dependence of these countries on them as their creditor, which gives treading credible political leverage, whether at Africa, South America or in Europe, so how'd. Ok, so no one's ever explain that to me before. So, how is it called the Belgian Road initiative road do when you do some reading, you'll be deeply horrified: the belt and road initiative. Okay, so Bri, okay So now there is a military pivot happening to the Pacific which, because of China, how the hell do we
fight against them, lending money to other countries to build their transportation infrastructure. the battleship? We don't we used to fight against them doing it, because we used to be the finances of choice for those countries right yeah, a bad part of what America did after World war. Two was the exact same exact thing: China is doing now, which is be that the Nancie of choice for core infrastructure for stressed or developing nations in order to win fealty and access to their mineral rights and the child These are now the primary practitioner about practice, which is why they control not only all the odds. Production that they have in their country for the world, whether it's rare minerals and the source that people talk about, but also they're, influencing control over much of the mineral rights in Africa? Much of the mineral rights in South America and then they'll go in. Do
things like built, built, free roads and hospitals. All these really actually great social benefits that give them create good will for them with the people with the politicians, I should say in the country where they're financing, but ultimately give them the ability to do what they will with that country relative to wedding western. It basically extends their basic influence. Then their basic policy in direct opposition to the United States now case, and now I know k so now. I understand it way more than I, did before now I understand why there is a trade war by the way, I heard today that the Chinese, because of the global economic distress because of the corona virus, they made overtures to renegotiate trade deals with the United States, but true
passivity as it have any interest in doing that is that true? Do you know if that is true, because I understand idea that that the for I know that the first trade deal that the trump that just made with China they're supposed to buy two hundred billion dollars worth of stuff. It really was in the benefit of China and there's supposed to be a phase two coming, which is never coming Trump says it's going to come at the after the election and That's because it's never coming because China, there is really no nothing in it for China to renegotiate. Do you know? What do you do? You know anything about any that I gave you. Don't I can't I don't have any meaning organs. I did it at all. I do know that China is by Far America's greatest geology or political foe guides. China is arguably better position than the United States at this point rally due to their GEO political ambitions and it's almost hidden
habitability that big by twenty fifty China will be by far the most dominant economy on the earth by a factor of double the United States. Yeah. looks like all right, so you we don't have time to get to this I'll teach it I'll have to go every tomorrow, maybe the next day, but is the great article you sent me? and it's president in media called the american economy is imploding and a mere It is too how corona viruses finishing the job of it. american collapse and theirs. there's a little there's a call from the article that he tweeted out the writer he said America's ruling classes now visibly made of predators. the kinds of men who put kids in cages or Dick the whole society to painkillers, just make more money that fill never spend while
that's America. So that's an article on. I don't know. If you have time, we don't have time now we vote. We voted an hour and a half of these we gotta move on, but that's a great article. Depressing is all hell, but I think Important people there, if you don't like we keep trying to find words to impress upon people's brains. the dire situation of what actually happening right now we're trying to do it in real time, not in a year when people start to realize what happened, but right now, so people can kind of plan for it, and this Article is amazing. And he talks about the lack of response rights are there's a response to the corona virus, but the lack of risk, instead the which is what we talk about here. The FBI Medical for all. If they just did those two things, I think they can do all the other rapacious oligarchy, stuff and weak, still maybe get along, but it's there
They are definitely turning us into Brazil on purpose and we are. We are ruled by sociopaths in that, that includes every goddamn member of Congress and the president there's no one doing what they're supposed to no one is saying what they're supposed to say. No one is risking their own personal position to help anybody and fact to bring people like Bernie Sanders are actively gas lighting you right now. I'm telling you Joe Biden, has a plan to help your fix you in that see, policies doing the right thing. He just tweeted that out today I had to smack them down twitter. It's amazing! We are ruled by sociopaths, I mean that's, not hyperbole and some of them are psychopaths, but Effiently sociopaths and Not it's not. That's, not me being a bomb thrower or allow Cannon, that is as a fucking fact, okay before we say goodbye. Do you have anything else to say:
We'll just on a lighter note, if you guys check out this, could this comedian in New York this work and Sarah Cooper? No, I haven't what it's up with Sarah Cooper she's doing Trump whipped. Think oh yeah yeah a couple to yes, I saw your there. Maybe you provided here. You know that she is she's good night. I think up a lot of us have been enjoying her lips thinking. She had a great comment, which is the better, the President, United States is a terrible president, but a great comedy writer. Our president to by far he's our funniest president, I mean President Funny- I mean when he told but he said to that woman yesterday when she asked him the reporter asked him about the testing and he said why don't you ask China Guy cracks me up. It's too bad he's a president too bad? I know too bad. I know it's probably be good and gave him the comedy No doubt I mean if you go watches the watch, they did a roast of him on comedy. Central people should go, go check out.
Really body you I don't remember him not being funny. I think if he was horrible, I would have made fun of it he's sort of funny. At least I think he's one of those people, that's funny. Without intending to be yes, that's definitely for sure. Thank you funny he's yes he's at his ease unwittingly funny often but the What makes him the funniest is? He straight faces everything everything. That's why he's so funny is because he thinks what he thinks that he's this intimidating, like big guy. but it's so obvious that he's a village idiot intelligence, so it becomes funny it does a bit become funny: Dylan Radigan everybody check out his podcasts with Tom Sosino Tanta at Tastytrade COM, it's two further skepticism truth, the truth or skepticism. It's called and it's basically this conversation. If you know about money,
ve talked about God. You tomorrow by buddy I biogas.
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