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2020-06-17 | 🔗

Housing Apocalypse coming soon!

Government gives billionaires more money that could pay for Medicare For All!

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There. He is right there. That's the man, the myth, it's our special guest he's here for Corona Money talk. He is the former host of MSNBC's, the Dylan Radigan show he's also a New York Times, bestselling author and a co host of the popular podcast called truth or skepticism on tasty trade with Tom Sosana. Please welcome Dylan Radigan back to the show Dylan. How are you wow that you gave me the full Johnny Carson this week? Yes, and that's the best introduction that you've ever done. That was a full burbank. Now I feel, like I'm a gas on the Jimmy door, show you know I always apologize for my week introductions. I should give people better introduction. So thank God I did. We you're also very good at it, and you live in Burbank, more or less I mean for the world's consider. That's right! You do! That's right!
Jimmy Door. Show I mean if Jimmy Door doesn't give you an introduction who will okay? Alright, I always appreciate our I thought I'd. I always do appreciate it, I always hate it when they leave out that I'm an author, and I can always say best selling, because no one can ever check you on that. But you u axing. When you can check me everything, Google away in a book was a no. No, you worry. No! No, I know yet after the ranch, the rat with the idea that ran into doubt been eleven that goes around on the internet was the consequence of finishing. That book in the summer of two thousand and eleven knows it had been swimming around in the minutiae of the layers of the aligned interest in corruption and all the things we talk about, but in the most granular hellish, like legislative, Tik, Tok Micro way,.
And then going and having its idiotic conversation on cable news each day with the best intentions. People item that I mean the disparity individuals, but the entire architecture is designed for different goal, which is just maybe your feelings, even if it's well meaning people individually, but it's a feeling Manipulator has nothing to do with information anyway, doglike their button appreciate, introduction a hook. Fifty So now I met the Abbe. Your book was a legit best seller my mind. What that's why I was making fun of myself as the way people could track got. My dears was look at it. you just got to sell a lot of books on Tuesday morning. That's the secret! Oh really yeah velocity rate of change on Tuesday morning. That's what it used to be well, I didn't know any of that stuff like the rich charity like the Trump and these people. If you really want to juice your book under the New York Times best list a preset of corporate buyers to be accelerated by
on Tuesday morning, Monday night vehicle list, Okay, I see corruption lays everywhere. I can do this in any subject to me. Why do you think I had to give it up? Who needs it? Yeah, I'm not too I'm not into that animal. The ins and outs of the corporate are the book, corrupt I do now. I don't care, I gotta get some corporations to by pass the problem. When I, when my book I published, I was in part of your audience, a buyer bought the audience loves. You have you told your audience, wisdom or reduce the meters between can be in Kenya Monday, Tuesday, on the Jimmy door. Show book. Yeah. I guess an open ended the non political plan for the world in America, world as Jimmie Dale. See that here bra, you be ivory. Transmute all this nonsense. We stop arts and gradually asian than being right or wrong about things and we take steps with complete serves.
operation and failure in the system was complete chattering of the social contract. What do you want, obviously We need mobility. We need help there anyway. You didn't call me for me to pick you up my those books- I don't know- I don't know how it was for you, but those are hard to write that it did really took a toll on most challenging experience in my life. I didn't even write it. I paid a ghost writer to write it, and then he gave it to me and then I hated it not a Many protracted hamburger on average two weeks- and I would like very but my name is broke- I don't like any of these things. so you had to write a book in two weeks. That's right re right I mean I was given a foundation of her. I was given a war view in the wrong way, the indulgence of her entitled, cable news man. I thought I could talk my way to a book. Little did I know.
Well. You wrote your, but all our dilapidated pride with and came out. I admit that I do not think it is that, a red, but the level of we researched. If you want to know the thing the thing not doing this even push my book, but anyway, what's on your, mine, I am glad about me about me right over my friend, Eddie Moretti thousand Avenue barbecued barbecue tonight. Actually, really so Eddie was the chief creative advice. I used to hate him because I was jealous of the vice guys. They all thought they were so cool out in out in Brooklyn. I they get cable news guy in Manhattan, NBC anymore, bite, guys, made lots of money and they had big building going about. They were like a thing I regret that we were for a minute I ah, but we became quite good friends
and so anyway, we're grilling chicken, oh yeah, because you can't eat the red meat because you got bit by a tick loan. Star tick! He's eat sausage. Now to taught me, okay, we did buy chicken sausages to Jimmy out of empathy for foregoing he's going through thoughtful period during the confrontation from more thoughtful. I've always been thoughtful. Gillan. nice to meet you Jimmy? I really love you shop. Yeah. That's appreciate the cobbler nice to meet. You also, thank you very much. We actually spoke the other day, And the phone Dylan did a similar thing when I was talking to him so Dylan. Are you drinking? I state Ok, how come just iced tea. not an alcohol man I'll have a glow of women cello at an espresso after dinner, always to like me, maybe a glass of red wine. We can we do very little wine, but we do some wine by it.
our non alcoholic beverages here Is it because it because powerful men like yourselves like? to stay in control. that's, the wrong part of your brain erupting there Jimmy. No, I'm not powerful a b. I don't know I just never was a big drinker. You know what I mean. I just never Never man I ain't gonna like I didn't have like the kind of typical college experience, parties and stuff like now. growing Canada. That's why you know it wasn't like that. Canada is nothing but alcoholics. What are you talking about? I've been to Canada, nothing but fucking, drunks, and moose hunters anyway. I know that you have a point there I get like. I grew up in italian gun of italian immigrants. Right yeah, though we were a little different than everyone else. My dad made
still makes line, so he would have some wine. The person I did get drunk at the age of forty I was on my friend dad wine in the basement and without all those wine all over that fuckin bedroom and how can I barked Annie? I bet yeah yeah, that's a tough drunk all right, we'll Eddie, it's great to talk to you. Let me do any of my political adversary. I believe we ve solved it by the way, which is why our joint okay, so Dylan and loosening the past few months so Dylan. I just played that video. where you presently predicted the social unrest that happen, you said, what did what was gonna take was a good punch in the nose and that's what I'm get to say the George Floyd murder on video was that was the punch in the nose and we were talking about. If you remember, we we're talking about the mortgage crisis that was coming in this was predicted in April right, so that was, I was reading you an old article from April. Well, there's a new article now
it's from CNBC. This is from only get the date June, tenth as watching cow kalinowski shown he covered. This article and the headline is a housing apocalypse is coming. as corona virus protection across the country x, spire so, did you know this Dylan that right now, more than two million people face of big eviction every year, which is far greater than the number of people who faced foreclosures at the height of the two thousand eight mortgage crisis. Did you know that were in a worse mortgage credit? I said I got as the Jimmy. I did not mean that I am not exactly I'm not surprised because of the massive structural nature of the policies that have been put in place, but that the policy that needs to be gained obviously lets the audits. I mean it's not as untenable for the credit markets for people. It is the whole point of this. It is
going back to the beginning, going back to out of it ain't going back decades out thirty years in the making the banking laws America reach an untenable position, struck ITALY, which is better. reach it by way of not better to get better to get here. This way better bottom. This way right, then, to right it to do it more dramatic event, because Ultimately, what we're looking for the trigger for what will be the modern equipment of the Marshall Plan with whether in the debt restructuring, whether it in the sort of the architecture What I'll call traditional conservative populism, Berlin did the awareness of the logic of. a universal healthcare system at a time when people need to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing world where we don't need human beings to work insurance companies. We need some people to admit,
so the robot and then we need to be creating jobs that empower people to work with other p Bobby got Andrew Gang is right, majority of the functions that our insurance, or that are these sort of current apparatus is basically fading and more faster than ever, in the context of both the digital I go the corruption which is consolidating all the wealth by owning the digital gateways, so the monopoly and the digital gateways needs to be broken. Unfrozen, because it's an game, obviously, and then the work, or needs to be redeployed overtime human to human work, which is, are you healthy? Did you take a walk around the block? Mrs Johnson, you know the parole. That are that are helping people get a job. I don't mean to sound fantastical, but I I think that the aspiration in the opportunity, from the shattering of society, that results from biological crisis, by economic crisis, fall by social crisis.
With the only outstanding crisis. Now is the financial crisis and a military crisis, or the only two that are left on our bingo card. I think three enough. and so the things you want to play bingo four ways or bingo five ways: you're lucky We ve got three you to cut cash in your bingo card now for restructuring, or you want to wait, and I think that that's something that I've been thinking about a lot and that Eddie's been describing to me tonight. I just jump in because I heard a couple of things that I said or, if you're today and what I just said to you, which is actually triggered by something said on your show a couple couple weeks ago about you gotta be of having the of the employer class benefit the labour class with health care, what she said, the trapping those labourers inside of jobs that maybe they should be doing so I got so that kind of gun idea is, as time has come and those jobs that ought to be the engine.
are people that ought to be let go when we dismantle the stranglehold of insurance on health care? Those people in those jobs ought to find better. In jobs up that wage scale in job very much more more Ruth far more empathetic and more human, I'm taking care of people in the healthcare system that should be stabilized and cost less, but how to get there. I don't know, but it's a good idea. I think well the way you get there is. You have Nancy Pelosi, introduce a goddamn bill that spends Medicare to cover everybody in the United States, and then they put dates for they were. They have the veto. You just move a couple of a decimal points and everything is taking care of. That's how you do it. Nancy policies now do not but earth gap honestly Jimmy, but if you dont restructure the mandate of the labour force, even if you federalized the whole system today, magic wand, ok,
still a myth, allocation of resources that extremely expensive and focused on. Intervening on either financial documents or processing documents on computers or around aggressive therapeutics pharmaceutical or hospitals system him a very low labor force is focused on healthy humans, which is the entire feasible. Togo one day who the well known. And so the writer surgeon who did a whole set of studies on creating new jobs and the net effect on overall health costs of it up. Broad investment into daily intervention for people just together, take your diabetes medicine. Every day in the neighborhood literally higher people they would other what they were working kiddo Duncan donuts and instead, instead having paying them double to go work. The the name and check on the people on the list to make sure there taken a walk around the block, drinking water and taking their medicine and has a fifty percent reduction in the cost of healthcare
the real impediment to that happening? The fact that neither party is going to do that yeah. That would be the big bout me ball. That's what they call me for. The best tat was called the Ceta so advised and there's the fact that bite and their representative Democrats now's proof that that will not how well he thought he's already areas. All wrong he's already vowed that if they have the house in the sentence passed many care for all he'll veto, it he's already bout that, though it's worth it worth. Yes, it is it's worse than you think that and not right now. Bernie Sanders is running around the country or time to telling everybody that Joe Biden is the answer to our problems. Instead of actually trying to push for an actual answer to our problem. Listen there's a little bit more of this article. Let me get to it before we go on! Okay, okay, sorry about that! No! No! No problem! So I don't know so just
getting back to this mortgage crisis. This article, it CNBC, says between March Twenty fifth, in April tenth of this year, nearly half of renders aged eighteen, sixty four reported that they were having trouble paying their rent or utilities, were food in secure or could it of Ford needed medical care according to the urban. So in the United States of America, the richest country in the history of the world, half of renters aged eighteen to sixty four were couldn't meet their bills. Half of all renters Eighteen to sixty four about twenty five percent of black and latino renters reported not paying or deferring rent in May and fourteen percent of white renters. Now evicting people in the middle of a global health crisis puts them at greater risk of contracting and spreading covert nineteen turning catastrophe into an apocalypse according to Aaron Car who's, the founding and executive director of the housing rights initiatives, a lot of
people could be on the streets, especially in places like New York City that already have a homeless problem. It could turn into a homeless nightmare. The crisis requires is what are requires. A large scale, government response If the state and local governments don't step in to help soon, there will be a sou. Now me up. fictions and a spike in homelessness nation wide that will devastate not just individuals and their communities, but the economy broadly. Now more than ever, housing is health care. So Dylan this this third talk, they're, calling it a foreclosure. Hungary's that's coming. So if the punch in the face was the George Floyd, what is this going to be. I mean again we ve been treaty. is very matter of fact. He since March biological crisis means they home, where
mass all the thing there be adapted to the law. Down and the virus have all hyper targeted, a specific population of the United States, which tends to have less money and and tend to be over represented by minorities, because both via an economic crisis, directly assault, the they Labour workforce, the surface infrastructure workforce and that workforce is forced to live in cities and close quarters and the virus is most dangerous cities with close quarters, which then makes the lockdown actually for them, counterproductive by forcing everybody to inside and spread the virus, but it could be outside wearing masks, and so we wait what you described, which of the portfolio crisis. It's it's. I look at it like raising the temperature to the point is:
We'd have to force this Marshall plan. In other words, did the bills are going to get paid. that will create a hole in the financial system, powers prayed running the dollar. It was blue in the face at some point, the world will have to say something an ultimate. The one thing we have to remember is every other country in this world to one degree or another, is corrupted by the same forces that a plague us here and in many of those countries, is much worse. Like Brazil, where hundreds of millions of dollars are going into the government and they never get I'll, get it all the end game. That is complete capture of all the reason there is total harvesting, which is what the policy here moving toward which ultimately, I think needs to reverse in a way that has leadership that transcend both of these political parties, which is how you, when I met the first place, and maybe foreclosure crisis, create the temperature required data. Sometimes they eat the crucible right it does. I think that those people had never done this before
not end up on the street with everyone else were rightfully protest thing for change in the. Leasing structure. I think that you get a popular uprising, you get a big coalition and they demand that the parties respond or create a third party and now the time to do it. So it sad to see before closing, for Tsunami coming down the pipe. Pike or whatever the word hit by the only positive thing, could be that it but people literally on the street. You demand some change. Then you have a true social unrest and you have. What kind of a revolution? What do you think, that idea Jimmy the all this energy, if you were to Trans Mute, this energy into its most constructive impulse as opposed to Self
destruction and annihilation and rage, which are the most likely tat for all unmanaged or unconscious rage. However, justifiable real awesome storybook anecdote like the greatest thing. I think that the climate is James, yeah yeah, go ahead. You mind brought my friend on the Jimmy Georgia Nogood. No, no, no! It's great go ahead. I just think like one of the cool that I remember reader about and learning about, because I'm a Canadian, so I'm learning about America. I've been here for twenty two years, but still learning greatest anecdote to the SIRI. movement and the war on poverty that was declared in sixties. I guess first by the Kennedys and then picked up by other people finally mishandling away, but the cool but the coolest with the black panthers. from Oakland ended up in West Virginia in Virginia appellation to meet with
search groups and local poor white people to say we have the same problems and their like. Oh shit, what we do and if that happens, If you get that kind of consciousness raising to the point of like yes, we have a lot of problems and we many of those problems we sharing common between the clauses orbital. rather between them the racism we share immigration about within the client. Neglect them spoke that you will get You go, I think, what you are asking for weeks and weeks ago. Jimmy looks like we do Do something about this stimulus beyond its? We got a freak out, for that could happen with the with them sooner meaning. Sadly, four closures. Well that I mean that it is about the degree of big about the torch to earth of destruction of the blow torch of them of the triple crisis. Whammy that were now
sustained at any time in the history of the world? Does as warm fuel for a new political party. That is, that is, in favor of a short list of things. Starting with healthcare will examine your you exactly the eddies points about, You know he he tells a story about when white Working class and in colored working class figured out, people of color figured out that they had more in common. Because they needed to fight against the establishment and the one percent that also happened with Fred Hampton in Chicago and the FBI immediately killed him. So that that that's that's! This is a this is not a new idea, but I think right now. It's
Actually, a viable idea right, because if you look at those protests, not just black people out in the out in the streets, I think white people are now getting the message: the middle class people who are no longer in the middle class- and this is exactly what Dylan and I have been trying to figure out. What is it going to take? How many bore crisis there we're gonna be able to put up with before people actually given the street into men revolution because it was obvious voting is not going to make it happen and our governments, at they elected leaders, are going to make it happen, is only going to happen of people get in the streets and we thought it wouldn't happen because there's a pandemic right now. Well, it turns out people were with more willing to go, get a virus and die than they were too fuckin. Let the government to put their boot on their neck any longer. So up. Maybe this foreclosure cause attitude. I mean the fact that two million people a year faced for closure and not one goddamn politicians when fuckin talking about it and it happens every year under goddamn Morocco. But I mean it is not so. Yes, I'm I'm hoping that this again is another punch in the face that even makes these protests bigger right because
You isn't enough national guard to call in against a sixty thousand sixty thousand crowd. You can't do anything thousand people in the street that's over right. If there's a hundred thousand people who can't do anything to them so again I always do. The only question I would say is to myself to address the huge anybody listening to this all the protesters, it is need to know what to be again send it has never been easier to be horrified at the everything is horrifying, nothing less open the George Floyd Video and the history of that abuse, use and murder that's been tolerated, it's in the history of this country. I would say that to have true success, the movement and with a party there's something value your ball about trans meeting, that energy. Demanding be policed. Forms or reallocation. What policing is again looking
the using the health insurance, better border policing as an attentive event that is providing by, our security, the last resolve further, whatever it is one to five percent, probably maximum, that load less of actual by requiring interactions and the rest is drunk guys in the parking lot or people stuck in a tree or other sort of social violations and social functions anyway. My point, that there is an opportunity for a party to really be a a single issue party here I think the most most collective inclusive thing and the was fundamentally problematic thing from the United States of America globally, as an apparatus period is the inability to provide efficient, flexible quality health care to everybody in this country. That's actually quite easily done is brilliant people that have already been doing it, around us in our country and around the world, and it's simply simply a of
doing more, the radio resist Medicare for all good. It may be the cow divide system in place and simply funds from the taxpayer continuing to pay double the worlds. Value and prioritize all the wrong functions around sickness and technology? You need to prepare the movement. Of the budget to this to the federal level too, a function. Our duty and expert said everybody experiments. One city to the next period. Functions are different systems and entered see. Some measure, though, and expand them there's a weight of those whose process its really smart, that's not below our level of competency of the country are just argue that, like it could not be should not be a one issue party in the coalition should grasped the frustrations of the black lies movement matter, movement with the frustrations of working class that have been left out, and
you need to put a few other things against that or along with that, in order to activate a miracle right so police reform plus care. I think health care, because I'm canadian, you can't separate it from mister. we believe themselves with everybody got where none and now I M not sure I know but like some- must establish airport list, I greet shouldn't, be a laundry list, but it should include a couple of things. You can't have health care without looking at turn it even at the tragedy that that's a portfolio we hear from them the very universe of police yeah, so you need. But the point is to Jimmy's gaze through this really to have its effectiveness to capture. Millions of people will be able to do a thing I think maybe breathing Jimmy. I do I street
Well, you know. Historically, third parties have been organised around issues right and so and then that they, then they get absorbed into the end. So then the bid them one of the major parties have to absorb that party and their ideas, and so he gave a greek wags from this sort of corona. That's right. the Republican Party, I think, sounds reform health care, and then you be I or so you know I did. They think you ought to be the most easier for everybody to believe in you be. I can still be somewhat divisive bigger because this different levels of per year perspective in information and I said to look at them. bits through the lens of the japanese government, whose gun the mathematical our colleagues in the paying universal benefits, whether its now dare education, you be, I whatever excuse me as much cheaper for the budget of the federal of the town. Taxpayer to provide a universal benefit, regardless of economic, a so I'll be very qualifications, because the
that has been in the lack of costs associated with the frank ring and warring that occurs over who gets what in selected benefits? Why does the person get it? This person doesn't get this person gets it. I want to get it, we need a more. I need more, creates a whole economy that the Japanese take off the table by deciding a foundation. That is how they deal with benefits. Which I think is valuable to us to understand, but I'm sure to philosophical for a campaign here. Yes, I'm I'm sure, but so do this this next story goes along exactly what we're talking about right now, so David Sirota published this article and the headline is called they had the Medicare for all money all along. and so let me just go through this real faces under our current system, America's on track to spend roughly fifty two trillion dollars an hour of care in the next decade there ok MA,
care for all would consolidate all that spending under one programme. Experts estimate that this would require the government to come with, with an additional twenty trillion to thirty six trillion dollars money that cover the out of pocket spending that households and employers would otherwise pay to insurance companies, drug companies and other parts of the corporate run. Healthcare system well guess what that fifty six trillion. That happens to be almost the exact amount of money. Our government committed to corporate bail out since two thousand eight asked The two thousand and eight financial crisis lawmakers gave seven hundred billion of grants to big banks and, depending on how you counted, the Federal Reserve Reserve additionally committed somewhere between sixteen trillion and twenty nine trillion to large financial institutions aid later amid corona virus outbreak, lawmakers passed a bail out build that would funnel four trillion. Two large corporations so again
the same government that says we cannot afford twenty to thirty five trillion over a decade to finance Medicare for all. Just gave corporate Amerika between twenty and thirty five trillion since the financial crisis roughly a decade ago, and all that money was funneled to corporate Amerika, not just an absence of tax increases, it was delivered while the government was actually cutting taxes, for instance, we and there's AL there's other spending too. That's not counted two trillion on the Iraq war. Two point: six trillion on the Pentagon: extra five trillion, not Bush trumps tax cuts, so sure bail out bail out loans to big banks, which can get paid back, are a bit different than direct.
spending on government programs like Medicare for all, but again, spending on Medicare for all is sort of like a loan to the future that can also get repaid with interest. When we spend on a program like that, we are likely to see significant overall savings for our economy, which would be financial boon for the whole country, and because Medicare for all would eliminate insurance premiums and out of pocket costs, it would have actually be a huge tax caught from Americans self, That's exactly what you've been talking about right, Dylan! This is what we've been talking about right here, and it all relates to the same thing that the housing crisis, the economic crisis, the financial crisis, the biological crisis yeah. So this just to think there, but yet understand to cut to the chase one there. The amount of money that the federal government uniquely had imagine you're in a room where the amount of Buddy that you have is an infinite is unlimited with the exception.
there's a certain amount of time that you're allowed to have unlimited money and heading and how you behave with the privilege of unlimited muddy more abuse of you. Are that privilege, the sooner you lose The privilege of unlimited money- and let's assume that the federal United States of America, uniquely purchased the right to produce the limited money. After what worked you, that was the number one war dividend to Nice date better were to what you have infinite money: don't fuck it up as MIKE Limburg used to say yes I'm. So no me that can see what you read me. What did you tell your hundred join any trillion but at some point The world will no longer use the dollar as its primary store of currency like if you look at all the assets in the world right now, whether your American around in our south american or veal under or Vietnam,
he's whatever you may be. Seventy percent of the world's assets are held in. U S dollar denominated assets? U S treasuries! U S priced currencies. Even if you're, not in America, and that creates the ability to make him Bennett amount of dollars until p. we'll start trading their dollars in four either Chinese, you want or euros and it some point there's going to be a movement to make that shift which goes to the pricing of oil and until that happens, You can print as much money as you want. Okay, that's the first! thing. So don't let everybody knows that nobody had ever tell you. They don't have the money again and it has not thing to do with taxes, sorry quote you on that. The government already did that right in the report marks the paper overnight paper market. You taught me that in the bailout grain you Jim taught me that it's just a little delator, that's where they just rebalance every day, unlimited money. If they need it, they go and there's no congressional oversight. They just print it. Everybody
hysterical about these these billions and trillions. Be right articles really, Lee, and everybody else complain and in every counts dollars, and I can't believe, the and know how can and then there's a bit more Basic argue that we can't afford it is our Europe responsibly, using infinite money to make the world's most accessible productive society or you going to live in the blackness of a legacy of slavery and abuse, and he cannot look a fraction or not listen the reality of America compared to the mythology. America has a wide gap and we can either Sort of well in the shortcoming which is obvious and profound, or take advantage of the triple crisis before we go to the final two stages of crazy. Which is financial and military, to intervene politically
I did you, I just want you to run a big or how can I only get to talk every like it when you pay the he's pacing around half the mood of the rapid, and I get a moment now. You got married, it's very oppression. What you say is very astute clear. It needs to happen, it needs to happen, is just These are happening. Just the right thing to do, and people about it is about. Morality is the right thing to do whether the masses of matters matters Democrats, people in this country that it only growing countries, are well below ground because of the corona knelt down yeah, the top percent Richard, and but so we have a care of most of the time all that's. What have the hour when done like it? He madness by the way the Chinese Communist Party is very, very concerned about.
Inequality in China and their very obviously their self preservation They want to be in power because they're, autocratic and their totalitarian, and not good, that Good Party. I not endorsing them, but they are those You follow chinese whispering in In a league circles, they are concerned what, they're looking I now unrest here. They know that in the next phase of China's growth, which will be lower than the growth of the twenty years. It still be growing out their overtake the USA and they need to deliver to the masses I need a real robots middle class in that's what they're focused on now, but it's and they will not have this kind of unrest, because people will not be stressed now, they'll be mollified by consumerism and money in an old and then check talker whenever and you could take that's bad and I would say that that's bad, but in terms of the basic
standard of living it'll be higher than America, that's a but in cold, lab in the state in general. We as well He's middle class is better off than the American Middle class because we will have one yeah. Well it all up. We've had a lot of discussions about China on this show and every one of them controversial but I think one thing that I'm coming around Jude but believing or accepting is that a one party rule is actually more responsive to its own people than this two party bullshit rule. We have They they get it. You know it if a mayor of a town isn't delivering to the people, they know which parties responsible they they don't have? They will get the play? This Vulcan Democrats did it than the Republicans and it goes back and forth every two to four years that doesn't happen. There is a tragic near where I disagree years. Romania disagree.
The letter allows a political formation with an agenda. Ve had change elections, the last six elections every time in the booth into the binary held choice, everybody switched against the incumbent O six, eight ten, twelve fourteen. Sixteen the people are expressing their desire for change. The only window they're allowed to express it and they're being gamed, because they're being being played for suckers, because it's a false choice, time, which then is paralyzing while the place gets robbed in Ross Yes, that's it about yeah. Good news is there's more of us than there are then that we can find three things that were in favour of their, so many beautiful smart people that aspire to the myths that were fools not to at least moving direction because I'll tell you what? If, if you don't it, now it's going to hapen after the financial crisis, if you don't like it after financial crisis, wait til after the military crisis, they'll just be less people and you
be wise for the biological crisis. I'm telling you insure as social unrest Jimmy as sure as biological crisis has surest housing crisis. All these layering very simple progression like dominoes. It moves to financial, have been a to military crisis over time. The rate changes high now and when it All those crises are over and it's all ashes then there's a restructuring that as what you and your talking about. I guess that's my point, which will you be evident, fight against the liberal, a centralized commanded control, Bernie EO, see version which is easy to me, I think the reason, but don't wanna do it. Eddie is because people fear the oh, see, Bernie alarmed about the good guy Father which centralized communism. I would submit that I'm not sure they should be involved at all. Those people, and I think a new class of leader,
that emerge from this amazing protest movement. We ought to follow our african murder and brothers and sisters, and we ought to stimulate the tipping point where we include some of the people. Let's say in Michigan that were out there protesting the lockdown in a silly like misguided fashion, but if we can get to those people and say hang on this, is Are you too and they come over, then you have something neither party will know how to deal with a true american Populist coalition that need owned by the right with the ban. and on the left with burning Elsie, I just the MIKE yeah. I heard it. I heard it. I got it You know, I know, but this another four nine, the goat, Erin Battery is listening in those shudder to errand. He said that you'd love in the Congo and how the might get passed around in a guy
during fashion, yeah yeah. This is quite says quite exciting, with you Metor show today. Nobody gives you a better into document Jimmy Door that fact not just to be adopted Do not want to be introduced in Burma in Southern California, where it it's, it's finally, no fun to have one of these Brooklyn hipsters. On my show, I've heard people refer to the Brooklyn Glinda hipster news we bite ever knew what they are talking about, now. I know it's Levice people, well, I would say, like out, celebrated obscure frankly, because they think it to be cynical about the obscure culture, but do you think did they were you know it at the moment of returning to some fundamental in terms of things matter for most people like
community, and at this it kind of sounds silly, but I think that his obscure moment was less than a doorway. Well, you know speak to speak about journalism in grand jury after rattle, like em I tried to be a hipster, but I like comfortable shoes. Listen. This they saw it. Is this last part of this article? I just want because his ghost exactly what we're talking about right now, which is the media. right the news media. This last part of this article David's Rota, says the same
reporters think tankers and law makers who spent the primary season attacking Medicare for all and preening is spendthrifts, never bothered to ask about pay fours for all the aforementioned money for Wall Street firms, defence contractors and high income tax credit tack, tax cuts so that that just go back again to do this, the absolute uselessness of the media of the United States, American news media in general, I would throw in every single person on that stage during the primary that asked How are you going to pay for that? Yes, what a bullshit question that was, they ask Bernie W Ho. Are you going to pay for you can pay for it. It's so boy, though, into it such a thin and Does the what's happening they shouldn't be running and the media, that is covered It shouldn't be in the media that are not we not qualified,
you are correct, but what the problem you know who's wasn't quietly, but here's the thing once you know the assumption. Is it's not what do you spending it's you Unlimited money for an indefinite period of time, don't fuck it up right. Well, as the this, the United States is then yes and they are they're using the false paradigm of everybody else's checkbook, which is every Gavin Avenuse, doesn't have infinite money. ain't. Gonna have infinite money. China doesn't. Only people that can print their own currency to oblivion is the United States of America. War dividend from World war to be diamond in all about that. But the clock is ticking and were being like a drunken pool with a trust fund. it honest it yeah? So it's gonna tonight, but I think it's time for us to stop complaining about always.
And there's a triple crisis and there's a path here that is aspirational, but available, which is three issues, no, not no identity, no name, just three issues. The three Israel familiar three issues, of course, would be the police reform Medicare for All- and I would say you be I because we'll get weren't decades. Anyone easy for us to say that we were three guys on the phone. That's why this that's why they stop never happened, because too many people so many of special interests is not a common there's, not a common thread whenever I need a common threat from a man in Brooklyn limit at third issue that with these transformative for all of us, and in that Did they smart infrastructure Bell array really smart, one that include that it that that learns from what China doing without and road- and but not only roads, ports and bridges in place. its fibre down five g. That actually is
the new infrastructure we need for the new economy. The angry anger about the battle we do: healthcare, police reform and a fuckin. Infrastructure bill that is future oriented I can get on board with all that, not no problem that devilish. Why is it? Let me ask, maybe I don't know if you can answer undercover I that I just that to say the issue with Ubi, which is either appealing either really appealing or really offensive, because it feels like just a giveaway for a bunch of lazy pools politically, even though it's logical, mathematically, riot and economically, since you have infinite money, better. Empower the people to make them create some value we got to restructure its over. We got a triple. Crisis whatever it was. It was what it is it's gone now here we are infinite money, I'm We have the screwball political systems, not working, but it's clear it's
working let's play have you not Chapelle got their past, not sure person. He felt ever come out, not funny right. Didn't twenty seven minutes, pissed off He sounds like Jimmy Door. He turned Dave Chapelle into Jimmy Door. I watched Dave Chapel to laugh. I watch Dave Chapelle like the Jimmy doors, so that our battle is so the crews, who was hot three things with a real, clear thread which again goes to that renewal, but it has to go to the coalition that out he's been talking about. Yes across yes, a party of beer, did they get the guys in Michigan with the guys in Minnesota in gaol. Yes, it has to be used for the same briefings. Yeah. It has to be king. Martin Luther king will be smiling from the great beyond jacket that what was working towards
yeah. Well, I was, but you know that that is correct, so we need to have in that there's a guy Nick Nick Brown eyes working on something like that outside the green parties, trying to start a third party that is good for about that. A cross party resident bloggers, adverse social or personality driven, it gets fractional, I rife and tribal eyes, and you go to school. Call call and paralyze. If you have have an overwhelming, they manage it through tribalism than infighting. it makes it irrelevant in terms of its own leverage strategic and creating coalitions by its nature, played into the hands of shattered Erle, even if the most and the stronger, the organised at the worst off your strengthen tribalism just strengthens the rate than the eyes of the shattered glass. So If you don't go around like you, just have three issues: no pain, no, nay! You wanna go with occupy all this three issued man still and just run of blood
the other problem. The issue as it out there d be. The devil is in the detail. Yes, anyone you get that sort of deep laughed centre control. We want all the money, we know a Basque. I don't want that any more than anybody else. I don't want that any more than the guys in Michigan, there's smarter ways to do this and smart people that can reduce care by doing the house poaching, there's ways to do this, that put money at the stay and county and city level on the infrastructure side that are not just that, just just the Brazil dial taking the money off the top and leave letting everybody start, much more trending towards so they invented the internet and in half the people, here in upstate New York do not have the internet. That's hilarious that sucker amazing. So if the maid the out the yellow. So why is it that the up? You know I hear what you are saying and I agree with it. Actually, this The fewer demands that you make into the clearer, the better
right and you have a better chance of success, but the yellow vast seem to be able to make a bunch of demands. Why would they we have already made by the yellow? That's ridiculous? You're gonna take make one demand that a time lower the tat, no fuel tax, every. Sadly, no fuel taxes is transacted one deal and after that deal boughs and they put another deal, the chopping block wherever that issue is, and they go on. Sadly, like love, making do with Davis that can run one hundred issues, but they put one on the block at a time, show up on study we're not paying that tax anymore. About that we'll shut this whole place down. The French are the best at that even invented all the card. dining so that sophisticated that's a known culture. Oh yeah, we just pick the thing we shut it down all right way who, through whose whiteness black was right, killing it like this, we're not even on the like. What are the issues are like they taking our money or they putting our money out is the money.
into the system are out of the system, ideally fertile. Why you acting money by the way I you to make money is reflagging estates. You should be your taxing luxury consumption, such other things to tax the real foundation. Further thought night attacks, doc all the incentives are wrong. I can call, I think if we could get someone if we could flip someone from like Nina Turner and dislodge larger from the remnants of the burmese movement right and pear her up with someone, I can't even come up with a name from the right, but I'm sure someone Well Steve Bannon is an interesting. Idea, I'm not there. I think, there's too much too much baggage there, but there's someone else from the right. in turn in someone, apples from that represent new that right
spell ray. We want those people from me. She didn't understand that they are a part that their then in pain like the rest of the people that they think there structure their long, the restructuring. I think you back that the coalition hard to do right. If people are gonna get evicted like you were saying at the top of the show Jimmy, I think they might be the next fuel to the fire that keeps this going. Well, I mean if it's gotta get worse before gets better. I hope that is it. I hope that is the fuel to the fire. I hope that it means you think this was possible at its here is upsetting, as the destruction was with some of the protests. I the majority of a more peaceful and the fact that people are willing to do it is amazing right and the fact that they didn't have jobs to go back to or college exams to go back to is what also made this happen so
it is like the perfect storm. The right kindling is there and They and if, when this foreclosure crisis starts because it is going to start and it's going to have to be horrible before they ever do anything about it. If that's the thing that does it than eyeball for it. political parties have executed an abject political failure catastrophic in their decision making and their operating process and they need to be uniformly rejected in the three relevant issues need to be presented as what it is, we're going to have a country we're going to have health care, we're going to have modern infrastructure. That's the best in the world. And we're going to treat each other with respect, including black people, were all now adding going Jonathan, they were already together. Don't you think you ruined John Lennon summit manner from Brooklyn I'm from trying to catch the eye. Like you do that
The these were interesting as college campuses were like a refuge, a place where the aim war movement could incubate and then roll out and then turn into a big coalition, including other grieving If that were justified, the problem with college campuses, America today that they ve been led. The caricature of them is that they ve been taken over by council culture, kind of cultural marxist right, and so there is no free speech. She there, where are we going to find what public square is not where we know that where we can find a pauper here, while Jimmy doors like yeah, I mean it's really vital, have a place to go where physically Can we start to see a coalition build its in the streets? Man and that's? Why is amazing about what's happening out? It works in the streets, eight all well subjects have among the yeah
I'm with you again fit. This is what we ve been calling for. This is what I ve been trying to figure out. How do we kick start this and its happens, so it's there's love it's a force for good, I think absolutely certainly different. be careful of covid. We don't want to these protests, become super spreader events I would say, worry. I got here the thing we went back to the biological prizes hip hop part of the army. Political failure is locked him like the art. Yeah, you either locked down completely. For too we were you dont lockdown. First thing you can do is a at lock lockdown, because you do not that you do not adopt on the virus. I understand the hospital loading as its apex point right, which have to be met. any internal alive. I get, but beyond that, the only thing I've seen anywhere. That, I believe, is that places like Japan, which it has super dance Tokyo
super dazzling on yours, dances, avoiding Singapore saw or Tokyo Hong Kong or dance. But they all where mass they have for years and the people in the Lastly, wider issue always wear masks yeah. You know why, but now we know tat you, those who do that we're lots and lots of men ass everybody words up political. I hate you, you hate me whatever the politics. Are we both better where mass right here? Our political bath is just a bike lanes your hate each other, but with Burma What we hate each other will be ready to die and you stay alive to hate you And so now there are worse, you have at its worst incarnation, but So do you see a second shot down coming? I think there's a purely an attempt at one. I think that there is no proper political foundation to do it,
I mean how could you be in favour of the protests which it is which, wherever he says, are: are mass super spreader events by definition or you're in favor of the Trump Convention or you're? Not, and so, let's assume that what we know is this: if you do universal, universal masking and then spot the the super spreader environments, meaning prisons, dad's work, environments and nursing homes. Those three theatres and you have budgets and restructure to get less people any to those places. New deal new set. Ups.
I hear you that seems much more successful at actually reducing the virus, meaning hot spotting, the super spreader locations and masking, and then you don't beat the living daylights out of your economies, all these main streets that are just deserted because of political. Failure hiding behind celebrity in the name of formal now to the it in their due in their defence. I think everybody done the veto within the level of where people are at no one's ever dealt with a biological crisis. I haven't they haven't, so I can excuse a lot of bad decisions or easy for me to sit, and they all that was a bad decision. I didn't have to make it at the time. But the point is there will be no more locked him right, even
the government is lost its legitimacy on the issue, because both the virus is more prevalent now than it's ever been, but the country's less locked down than it's ever been eighteen. With an our rate of zero. Now he only had seven days with our great India six weeks ago? Nobody was fully locks weeks, your horrified at summer. I know so that so there's it. There is a virus with bigger. My point is: there's a logical response to that masking and hot spotting the super spreaders We can t we have infinite body. Remember yes, We have infinite money area so that to stay senior, just put the clocks bitter run out and also jacket. Have it's gonna be all other situation, and it's gonna be all about euros in you on and way that, maybe that's why five years and now a baby S. Fifty years now, but were behave.
in a way that makes the possibility of that increase as measured by the percentage of the world's assets held in dollars, which is moving from the seventy percent into the sixty percent range. as you will try on the edges, a little less dollar rest because look at this place. Yes, the populace right feedback, in calling for uncovering with the chinese economy rights the Chinese are gonna make them. The Chinese will uncouple from them. american dollar and then the Europeans will follow. No nothing happens without Saudi Arabia. Dollar, ultimately, not the security for the dollar is the fact that it is the only way by oil and Saudi Arabia that the deal to world war. Two! It's like! Oh, you need oil to run any country in the world right all your transportation, all your lights, one way or the other. Certainly, presentation of your whether to aviation are overlap and you want to
possession of a hydrocarbon to flip the lights on in your cities. You gotta have dollars at that that's a pretty high demand that partnership between the american government, saudi government and then they run the guns back, budget to the United States, Basically, they hear our oil use our oil or what you mean, and we'll take your oil. I should say, and you'll make the world by your oil in our in a widgets and our of acorns yeah yeah? I saw you talk so you're describing the petrodollar. Never I hear some gone then there, like. Ok, here's the money back to the Sudan. We briefly get the money and and and get. you all and they get a pile of have guns and they get the use of very clear and they get the links have been a billion dollars worth of eight. We will arrive at best,
As with them, we raw mercenary, yes and they end, and they get there. You out, you study, rabies, our biggest ally. That's why people they put up this crucial vs down there might be hopefully Germany, Japan and ideally would be because those countries ruby aspire to better functionality, even if they fall short they aspire leave. They had to have a conversation about it. That's somewhere towards an aggregate efficiency that makes sense without having to denature or degrade the culture across the board. It doesn't have to be that way. if we get an illusion which in itself is a sin and I'm not a religious man, but living in an illusion is either a card is a thin some better. It's not just ass. If I get the simple things do our medical, religious, Jimmy yeah. The commission sets to building in an illusion. It is a fuckin, SAM Wilder, the illusion that America, so here's
the thing you know, I've had people on the show. Journalists and I've always bring up the petrodollar, because you never hear the petrodollar mentioned in corporate news ever in fact, even had a watchdog, a journalist watchdog, do from no money, is a binary event Jimmy it's very simple. What you want to sit in a room and light on or the light off, it's not very interesting. I Pretending that there's all this little race, this horse race of all these different little groups, apple, computer and Amazon and personalities and Jeff Bezos- must playing with little bat of money as a competition on a playing board that populated with infinite money that people rightly feel, is being abused. While being promoted the myth of scarce,
And budget available, we can't afford health care. Whatever these nonsense, as opposed to okay, you guys failed F, everybody gets an at a biological crisis. You got f on that because you created these economic crisis and after then you have this four hundred year. History of abuse, specific guy african American greedily and in general, towards immigrants. But then you also have the abuse of the identity of the minority identities weapon eyes for assassination of people in the legacy environment? Let me logical and it's emotional imperative, but completely counterproductive relative to the Mandela or the Gandhi aspiration, which is the only Sammy proven way forward, which is to do better. Yes, Yes I'll, write, while Luther King Eddie, you said yes, The problematic, you're right, you're right You bet you are you happy you everything you're saying is right. It's terrible terrible.
wrote a book about it. You do a show about it. I could you got me agreed. We have two restructured now around them very there. Rotted foundational, but they were the devil, is in the details relative to the threat of this. the liberation of authority in the sort of current left wing That has this aspiration to sort of mega capture of these budgets, which is offensive to me and others at a time when much more intelligent things can be done, which is why I like Andrew React- and I appreciate it I think that he said Amelia and every bit as so many smart human being that are doing things like I told the one day, for instance Jimmy now, if any every category where are like well, how do you get healthiest people? Let's start there, you get the most of the fastest hd, segregated learning. Kids learn from other kids. There's smarter things,
They're being done right now should be more widely available because we know more than we used to know, and we just need to be simple about it and and not worry about the political parties and pick the issues like like the French would but separate. You know triple the size because we're America By our nature, we have to do a bit of a refugee issues and run it run at once this year, as an elected in November, I don't care who Tromp law abiding producer, the three issues: whoever because president, this is your contract with America and it's not a political agenda it's the voter base with both parties, somehow no three issues in the street. Somehow we have to find people that identify as right wing populace to jump ship and join the coalition. We got it. Talk to Steve Bannon got to dislodge some of his people dislodging him isn't likely, but there are things that he says that are part of this plan and agenda. There are things, and
Bernie agree on a couple of things frankly. Well, I heard recently that say recently that the right treats the capitalism like it's a religion, Are you have pushed push me over with a father when I heard him say that I was like really really I thought of what he is saying that the pejorative I thought yeah, you got statistical religion like that was businesses, this you're ethos anyway, While I agree you know this is what we ve been calling for. This is what people like Chris Hedges have called for and go up. This is, and it seems to be happening it really. So I'm not a girl. I'm now wasn't smart enough to make this happened. This is kind of just happening organically, and why witnessing it so this Is this exactly what it is again if it is exactly what Dylan says? If this, if it doesn't happen, we're going to we're going to go out of America, will no longer be the default currency and then the real pain starts
so listen, Eddie and villain. I want to say thank you very much. This has been an enlightening conversation. Well, thank you for being our special getting on corona money. Talk of the german glacier, letting let me join Jimmy. for letting a Canadian join your cover. You, american friends of mine, well my pleasure and let me know when you're out in the West Coast after Corona virus, I'd love to have you in the studio. I will G Ok I'll do what he looked for you. I think you ok, everybody check out deal and read again and his podcast truth or scepticism and taste. The trade with Tom Sazen off and that that anything else, you want to add della before we say goodbye though they were, I think I'll just died. She asked the the idea that there's infinite money, don't fuck it up and sort of look towards institute, The morass of failure is easy.
take inventory of and rewarding just sort of be disgusted by one way or the other, but it's entirely counterproductive, we're well beyond that and so we're into the third stage of a level of crazy that is catastrophic and killing people every day, not just a biological crisis and kill more people. We talk about this slip idly, but these crises come with an explicit human cost, mortality and death and murder, and so I think that this is a great catalyst going into the presidential election to clarify on issues and policies that are simple and limited and then about those issues against any political or political incumbents, an hour yes get with you and to step aside from the traditional frame There's plenty of things you can have an opinion on with petrodollar military engagement on and on.
you're losing on every front and you don't have any reason because you're in a room with infinite body and accurate your handicapped by your over indulgence, you don't even understand how good you haven't right. Yes, people You know what can it before? I let you go there's a woman named Stephanie Kelton. She worked with Bernie Sanders in two thousand and sixteen- and I heard about her and I heard about she talks about, I think it's called modern monetary theory and it's all about what you're saying about that. We have infinite money, and so there's no reason. But the thing is the problem with this. So that's half the equation, which is well laid out. Stephanie and others, but it's not a clock that is me. last forever, if you manage it well and you're, a good keeper of sort of advancement and thought and use of resources and capital and sort of interest of people in just a process of making decisions and a culture that is helpful to itself and to others. Oh okay,
Like Doktor or Brazil or Brazil due to be held a meeting with you see the ripening or rotting and right now it's rotting and it's rotting at a fast rate, which creates at least maybe a warning signal for an intervention to restructure, which is what I think we talked about here in inspiration from those. Black panthers who, in the sixties, a daring move across the lines? Racial divide, in the country to go and talk to poor people in rejecting the Appalachian mountains to say we are suffering in the same way. Because of these fundamental economic injustices join. It didn't happen, then, and the mass way, but it could happen now, but join the project in the street and let's expand a conversation, the country it doesn't happen. Now.
I'm out of here, all right, all right! So that's our conclusion to this week's Corona Money talk wow in depth. We hit some hot shit today, all right it was Eddie Dylan, just a it's just a summer barbecue. But it's corona money. Talk summer, barbecue in so for barbecue all right. I look forward to talking to you next week, thanks again for sitting and Eddie, we talk to you next time, you're Timmy! Thank you. Okay, bye, bye, all right that was great. That was great. It was more than I expected that was fantastic, the well! I money come on honey. Let's send it send it send it to keep throwing me.
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