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Dalai Lama on Trump, Brexit, and Women!

2019-07-11 | 🔗

Dalai Lama on Trump, Brexit, and Women!

R.I.P. Rip Torn !

The Mueller Report debunks RussiaGate!

Special Guest: award winning journalist Aaron Mate!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Liam Neeson, Chuck Schumer, Rick Perry, and Rip Torn!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme? The Jimmy oh hey! This is Jimmy who's. This everybody body rip thorn How are you ready, Whipcord? Didn't you die? yesterday I don't what's up may happen. you're calling from Heaven wait you you want to Heaven you forget. I was active civil rights by day and while I allowed pro labour voice for our industry, I did know that God loves you you're get mad man. If you the inky childhood. It turns a blind eye to the thoughts I so
Why are you call and then well, I'm not totally rejected and process gap, louder, paperwork and shit. What siberian you won't be hearing from the Anti war really does steps one of the rules of oppressions strict code, okay, so this will be the last time we thought buddy without a good one, Yes, we have also up. I don't think we ve done a ripped horns, Hollywood drunk taken about maybe four years- maybe more like a rabbit course. After a last viewers, sort of beating a dead- or, let's be honest, five days after a while. You know, I mean in fact it's quite possible that romp lagoon is never even heard. One of those who the fuck is wrong with cold
Don't worry about! It I'm sure you're anxious to get inside, but I bet you have a lot of old friends in there. You are looking forward to seeing home. Yes, I guess I do. Probably a lot of catching up will happen. Rush, perhaps shenanigans. I think I see what your anger please. The boy for old time's sake. Yes, yes, I think that what the FUCK Europe, where watch I get inside the pearl engaged by. Job has defied Albert ready at Larry Storage. They ve got allied are the best booze, practically second, better. Why does the only our goal allowed, but they ve got a source on the outside? I dont want this because of a say outside
just debated at a choice to wit, story apartment and tell her up appeared, Hurstwood exactly a gambler, shocked Obama by did separated three ready, storage and I'll have a joy to groups. It's important that we avoid Steve Mcqueen because he's but so slow retired babies, but up very big, decent Valhalla stratified everybody with a broad sword Why are you haven't you get to deplore? Which aid you present yourself, unless your average checks with a body that they get to deplore for example, during my inevitable trip with less Taylor, I'm setting that dialogue with the sweet spot somewhere between national velvet nuclear bathroom, though I've saved you buddy I'll, be justified. This is ripped off reminding you dead, celebrities they're, just like you, exact, drunk and forgetting beautiful
I read that then maybe tearing down our nation s bag George W today everybody workable Jimmy door. Shall we get live Jos coming up when she got go? You I bore g band warrants a loose July. Twenty first puts lots of other dates and princes go Baltimore, gotta Jimmy.
Tommy dot com for a link for tickets hail to get to the jobs. Before we get to the joke Shelly. She knows, but according to the latest New York Times Interview, you can find, its policies, single payer signs buried in her basement, next to some dusty democratic party pins and what's left of her integrity. did you know that the ancient Greeks defined tyranny as the ill, in gained rule over a state and its people through the power, of wealth help everybody had a happy for the July of I've. Fucked up and you gotta handed to drums fourth of July speech the National Mall right I mean no president before him has been able to express so Clearly why the world hates our guts come a interesting fact about Washington DC, you know it's. You know why it's called the National Mall
because everyone there is for sale. Ladies and gentlemen, at the rear, its worth quakes around California and the fourth of July, and then they had an upside. There was an upside the earthquakes out here now we know how high the Richter scale has to go for em as NBC to stop talking about Joe Biden? Hey? What's but upon today show we got phone calls rip torn, makes his final appearance on the Jimmy doors show Rick Perry calls in plus Chuckie the shoe mess two of the Senate. and Leah. Neeson doesn't have much time left, Aramis tat, stopped by to let everybody know exactly why the Mulder report debunks Russia gains that's right, the all the report actually debunks Russia gates. The Democrats are changing their caucus rules to let you vote bite.
Although phone, what go wrong plus the Dalai Lama. Is he the least wines of all the lamas, was a lot lot bore. That's today, other Jimmy Dore I want to talk to repair because he just delivered some remarks at the White House, Donald Trump, leadership, Oh, you ever reach the office cuticle of goods the place. I forgot the name of ring hurry Secretariat, give hello welcome cancer or Madame supermodel, be of service to you, hi wreckage Jimmy Door and colony. Ask about the remarks you just delivered at the White House. Oh you mean the remarks I just delivered at the White House, he said yes
Rick, Donald Tribes, great environment, at all leadership? Yet, yes, Can you hold on a second, I gotta make sure my range robber still idling, I'm back how can people sure spoil you can't take breathing exhausted, he's all data, maybe you shouldn't be a parking garage attended. So what are you say about trumps environmental record at the White House. Rick here is your recreation of my remarks, patience, hello and goodwill. Come to where I am being honoured to speak here, greatly a poem forthwith good opening line right yeah. I can't really tell Baden an air for a follow up with this. As you all know, back when the world or our earth created three thousand years ago, who knew that
it shall come to pass that almost daily speech will be given praising his godly orb waiting. Nice did didn't then there no four. Nevertheless, I persisted with and in my duty as such from a shudder whom so humble spake with grandiose, humility in Rochester, praise brought their later and the benefits of all and their related by produce, I mean products Jimmy home for a second while I want, but here from these foolish ass. This part makes me we. What is the story told by an idiot so stuttering,
stage, for it is a tale told of above and president who care about her ecology per hour, young and a great story to tell not dimension jobs that get created and the wealth and the equality of laugh. That comes with that. When it happens as a result, then then they applauded, and the last thing I remember was passionate. Mister Dunbar Z. So you praise of the president's record after he rolled back eighty three environmental rules since taking office advocate a pussy Jimmy pussy. Your back. The latest EPA data show emissions from coal and oil of increased since Trump took office. Rick. Here's what I think the EPA in their numbers. Could you expand on that sure? Like numbers Jimmy. Have you ever noticed how, when you add, to pursue and get bore it right, but when you have to pay
Do I get or again that is wrong? Why I do not know forgot his mysterious or maybe math as mediator, perhaps the Holy Spirit is telling us to ignore back corals and reality, but that's need these job brick to analyze, threats to our health. Why? The EPA job is to getting rid of the regulations that are stopping businesses from getting done, what they need to do and putting practice it into placed at help speed up the burning. clean, coal and plastic bags and Donald Trump is leading the way to our journeys for clean air on that this year. Eclipses compare the worst record on the environment and climate action of any president, the history of the country o contrary he pulled out of the air, The court did he not yeah yeah? How is pulling out of the birds accords going to clean up the Eric because now we no longer have to go to Paris Daily One s plain rad
on the Dalai Lama gave a bigger interview. Here's the headline in the b- I see that the Dalai Lama, Trump women and going home- I have you, know they choose the Dalai Lama, so Dialogue must also be a reincarnation of a soul, had never dies. It's always right. I am not sure actually, so yes, so so look upon the Jews, the Dalai Lama's. So then, the after the Dalai Lama dies. They go they find in the baby that's been reborn and they take it right and then they take it and raise it as the Dalai Lama. I don't trust that selection system,
I think they should go to Paypal. You pay Rebecca Report, so they get some better more like these, Dalai Lama was cremated. They watched the direction of the smoke to indicate the direction of the rebirth of the new Dalai Lama too. Oh, let's outswell recent scientific foemen there's a dude in Vegas count and stuff I dont understand how you could be in a bit of Buddhism from what I've I've read by released. One book out, it may probably to have read the DOW I've read anyway. I don't know how you could be enlightened and then think that that's the way you're supposed to Jews youth district crazy. So the Dalai Lama, the one that's alive right now. I've never used I heard him talk often see videotapes docking I've. Never
wow. That was really something what he just said: a mosaic. That's that's probably like one of those markets, at some done, do a dumb guy like me, because nothing he's ever said was sounded super smart. He always like all what'll. I don't really know our watches work out of things like one of those guys. I got over the Dalai Lama watches again, and I was a thing before Trump women and going on that. That's right. So here areas, droplets listen. His emotion also is the too complicated and human by that's what do you think of him in office? What do you see something something? But I think that more than he become lack of moral principle, that's that's a prerequisite to become president.
right yeah again one day, you say something one day you say something that is also everywhere. That is so here is on breaks. It. I'm one admirer of spiritual European Union, I'm outsider, but I feel better remain in doing the campaign to leave. The European Union used one of your quoth, so he not abreks, ever he's no breaks it he's for staying in the union, even He said, he's an outsider, ok in their hostess, they said the goal should be that migrants return and help rebuild their countries. You have to be practical, it's impossible for everyone to come. Do european country should take these refugee, give them education and training, and then everything is returned to their own land.
That's pretty controversial. What he just said. It I think, is pretty controversial. Saudi saying is yes right now these refugees are in crisis during via the crisis, while because the United States, and who has just published another country. That's why Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria So what he is saying is that yes, european country should accept these refugees because worth one bombing, the crap out of them, we should edges. them get them, sir, and then send them back to their own countries. That's what he is saying that the ultimate goal, that's what the Dalai Lama just said. We go. If these people want to stay in, Europe should be allowed to. Limited, another, the but the whole of Europe, eventually become muslim country impossible or other country or the impossible, nothing he's laughing like that. I can help a modest punch lines, but but so what he
So what he saying sounds like stuff right, wingers would say right that as some of em can stay, but you can have Europe turning into an african or muslim countries, that's what he sang. She got goddess these people. The goal is to get these people go back to their country. That's what he said and then laughing awkwardly after he says it without I mean your refugee yourself do themselves better to their own land, so better keep Europe for Europeans. sounds pretty. What what are you? That's? What do you care, what you guys, but what he was my panel make it at that sounds pretty right wing he right yeah. I mean, I think it's like they're, just having him step out of his lane, for this entire think, yak they're asking these questions where it's like this is in his field of work, really high gringo he's just sort of saying these things. I'd like it does come up
right? We I dont know if that was his intention, I'm sure there wasn't hated land. She wasn't, but yet again
Not sure what he knows by geopolitics am everyone gets around voice to have a voice, but it's not gonna. You could say that about any country and it sounds weird right. What am I think you know the Chinese should stay in their country. I think the max again should stay in their country. Is that, ultimately, what he sang it sounds like it. So he jumped down, it sounds, doesn't sound. Ah, I guess in a way that you think would be developed world and making progress for exactly that. You know. Doesn't each country from the idea of diversity doesn't that enrich your country right and we look at United States? United States has no culture. We arrow smash together culture of all these other cultures. I think we're still trying to figure out which innovation your family's did. Your grandfather
Mayor, I was pretty sure my grandpa graph, the figure that out anyway here here's what he says on to beauty. We hear what he says unto, but do we listen, yes or, but that obviously to say that's gonna be controversial, and I can't leave more be born, about assemblage, Jerry Gees as well. The tibetan monks have been massacred Norman's times by outside cultures, so kind to make sense for him to have these views. That's interesting, that's interesting! Take you Georgie ok. So I hears what he says: here's what he has a sand. Tibet ready, have you given up the hope of obtaining nominal tibetan people? Very short,
to be the very eager many old people which dear they ask me. Please I'm to Tibet. So how would that happen behind us now? China is changing. So that's that that's a man here's what you say about China do. You have had contact figures with chinese officials here. Try you probably know both chinese retired or officials at some scholars. You see have some connection with saying Scotland has President she ever asked you for a meeting not yet,
You think China's growing influence is having an impact on your own influence and the cause of Tibet. I don't know if you would furnish trims themselves, is a genuine dude. I don't? I don't that's tough for meat, a burly decipher what he's trying to say there they can you make out well saying the chinese people are changing their attitude towards Tibet, Tibetan that my impression Jodo said Dalai Lama's spiritual leader. Not a euro politician right. Tibetans wanted to stay in their country. He is a non interventionist pacifist and also Francisco Repulsive said the Dalai Lama's just saying that people's homes should be rebuilt, and the Europeans and Americans should help with that. I did that those appraisers fizzled out that no dutch again, if that's what it
If that's what you're saying that? That's that's great, but it sounds like he's saying he's. His words are certainly going over there already being used by right wing movements, politicians interests. So if that's what my life? But he did say that he didn't say well what the Europeans and the people who bomb the shit out of their countries should go rebuild their countries for them, so they could go back to their countries. If that's what you like, we had a Marshall plan for Europe member after we after World WAR, two that the Marshall Plan- and that was a rebuild Europe, If that's what he may, I wish you would have set it. That's right me like doing this. Guy's speaks. the Dalai Lama, the one the current Dalai Lama, its it never sounds, is wisest. You wanted the sound, yes, that's that's all I'm saying it might be, and it just sounds doesnt so
wise to a dumb guy. That's also possibility Jimmy Terrible came in and he says he's not saying that people need to never leave their country of birth. We said that no, he didn't say that speaking about culture leave Europe for Europeans, you yes Jimmy terrible. We are terrible. Why? I want to leave your point of view what about the euro so he's doing by the people who are european, what about the people or european my largest combining started a joke that was really get on the spot. Thank you. Thank you, admit my original Benny Hill joke. Here's. What he says about assistance, stupid joke
here's what he says about a female successors. This is very controversial. This is the thing they got him into a lot of trouble. You heard about the I've heard about this, but but the ceiling part I had heard about prior to that other islamist lady I am I got was was equally so so again, do you have to remember it the Dalai Lama himself, doesn't cans again. I could be wrong about this, but my standing is and correct me if I am wrong, please that there is no, death, and so that he is just a constant cycle of rebirth right so that his soul is eternal, his physical being changes, but he remains the same and so they're asking him while the next time he manifested himself what should he look like, but that's not the question people here. So here's what he says. He once said that you
would be open to a female successor, but also, but you also told one of my colleagues that that female must be attractive. Otherwise, it's not me. such use privileges. Can you see right comments, helps out a lot of, whereas wardrobe freeloader level comes and should be more attractive, fuel wood, a dead people? I do not see that face us a lot of growth. That is so like a trump right. People should see that face, but what So that's horrible right, right, stuff, that's absorber! Well, it's got it shall turrible right, I mean, because guy did its vague in a word. She needs to have a pretty face before you know. I haven't give two sheets about her Spirituelle eighty. So let's eat these everything left to say their work. They would say that
objectified women and it's about who you are inside, isn't it reworking booth so rotten had a chance to deflect all that right there. Not until I was making fun of my luck. Yeah I was saying hey. I might come back and might be a lady, but hopefully I got the face. A radio am I right, like you, gotta go to poke fun, you don't I mean but he's only double down he's like oh yeah, above its about where women have a higher standard for women have to be pretty and on the inside and outside me just inside. So here what they say, the BBC his message seemed at odds for man preaches a message of tolerance and inner confidence, but the Dalai Lama told me that in buddhist inner literature, both inner in or beauty matter. I so I'm not, finally with Buddhist literature he also, that equality was important and was keen to stress, he supported women's rights and equal pay in the workplace,
Dalai Lama's and as long as they're, pretty is as long as they're good lookin, like I'm, not gonna. While we once a bucket, I might have what I had in my pay. When I enter your paycheck boys z, Something nicer, lady yeah way yes exists, will send a rigid As you know, the problem is too many. Ladys just been frowned, eight Ladys, I little more so here's here's some headlines Dalai Lama talks trumps as european migrants, you returned to their own land yeah. This is immediately being. If so, what events over it was actually why's. He would have known that this is how his words would be twisted or taken and that he will said what I mean is that there are people who Bert blew up their countries should rebuild them. He didn't say that he should have that's what he should have said that had been powerful. What he did say sounded dumb I wanna go see sounding dumb, but it sounded camp incomplete,
wasn't carefully select. It was not a good answer, so that's what I mean so you're, not even so again. His hold yes, he's wise, so you're supposed to be, even if you're supposed to be wise enough to know that your words are gonna, be misconstrued, be you don't know enough to talk about it and see you not even to say what you mean like if he means that we should again outside it that the countries who bomb the shit out of these places should go rebuild them. He didn't say that that would have been great, petty said that. So and by the way, if he's why's, he would know that that's always opposed to say it. So I dont think that the selection process reveals itself in a wise leader. Like I don't know how wise this Dalai Lama is. I don't know he does. seem wise right now. What are you like the Pope is necessarily wiser than any one else, because he was elected Pope
having when it comes to religious leaders embody brought up. The public is just one of those things where it's like man, people line up delight at them on the back when they say something. Nice laws like the Pope, especially here, said some really nice things actions, Not that I am not an on much, especially when it comes to the church itself, haven't seen anything really, while he lay says nicely, would we should get rid of the patriarchy and sexism and women? Are? I didn't do that completely. Icing women out of the decision process he's completely over? Miss massage Mr Gorka, would you call the catholic church massaging the I would yeah? I think yes, Well, we know we don't hate women. We just want to make their opinions. Bothering us you just can't be a leader here. You're inferior women are inferior, that some message of the catholic church women are inferior.
Yeah man, I got twelve years and I know I know I gotta go. That's your drilled in semi just mentioned in the chat. I'm sorry last your name, but it said it's hunted like the Dalai Lama was being a smart ass, liquid assets. yeah. Well, that's really that's my role! That's not his role, nobody goes out you I like this Dalai Lama. Is such a fucking cut up guy, you never know. If he's JAG and you offered right need some punch. Happy knows how to reach us. Mobility said Bob our lives all lives matter member. We can say that we will be in such as such ass. I mean to say that about women's appearance. You would think the next time that I see the Dalai Lama out in public that he'd be where had to pay that is partly sub adult braces. Am I right? Am I right at ease and then he laughed at the most awkward
I mean I shall I get that they laughing always about. You know. I think he was taking a note from Belma yeah Here's another headline from Fox NEWS, Dalai Lama, says female successor needs to be more attractive, slams trump. So and if the Dalai Lama was that why's, he would know that. The Dalai Lama wants a woman to succeed him only if she's hot. here's another what the Dalai Lama just said, some more controversial things about women in migrants, the valley, promises. Europe belongs to the Europeans and suggest refugees return to native countries. So again not these, not the wisest of Dalai Lama's. This is not a one of the wiser once this is like the Jap Bush of Dalai Lama's. at the end. He asked everybody to clap easily. You know you tried so.
This is a somebody at this is nearer. L shall says, tragic that the Dalai Lama's love of boobs or whatever has cast a shadow over an otherwise brilliant system of government of picking a random baby and raising it to be a God gave that's a forty waiter, That's what I would say out of that's the best system pick pick a choice. Oh baby, raise it to be a God, king, that's what they do. This person is a blue checker patent can be, can daddy Sloan, while it's a lot of talk to decipher in that today the Dolly effing Lama said. The only way he'd want of woman successor is, if she's object, if Bang I wanna hear so I don't want to hear that all men
areas so again, lot of people are bloggers. Here's another one, gonna stay ugly justice. by the Dalai Lama: Gs Dweck. Either your heart has here, someone else here, someone named job. He says people can't the Dalai Lama for wanting a female success or to be more attractive, might realize that he's talking about himself. His reincarnation. If anything, the it was self deprecating humour that of all things too, should be well aware of yeah. I get it see eyes. I said he had a chance to make that clear and he did it. Did it I've? Really he didn't do it, what he would have been weird if he said when I come back in our want to come back as a sexy Pisa, ass right tat have been funny: So again it shows that he doesn't understand the predicament that women are in in the world. I guess it kind of shows an aloof out of touch this, that women have that
and understand that women have to face cause. It's like you might be in spite of himself agenda stated that doesn't help the problem of other women being objectified and not being for who they are in the inside, like you should say, of course, that's a big problem, but me make it better myself. He didn't even again, I don't think he's the wisest of Dalai Lama, there's gonna, be some shitty, Dalai Lama's and he's, I think, he's one of them right. There's bitters! Everyone agrees, there's been better Pope's than other Pope's Everyone agrees that yeah you're, the one, the one that executed I'll catch, that was appointed surely one gives out of the room, was a pretty bad one gave her when the plague comparison says I the most idolize and successful massaging has ever Dalai Lama,
I hold my shawl son. I off. I knew who compare singles out, make that your vote here to me does anyone know covers now. No one knows right. Somebody's on it, I'm gonna guess conversing just is probably had a big massages. Oh it's a movie massage illness yet heartbroken because of his girlfriend turns into massaging. Ok there you go well, there you go now would make sense our rights. There's a Dalai Lama mixing up valley Are being really wonder if he's gonna do another interview anytime soon, he starting upon cats, I think how those dots risk it's it's called me and abroad. The Dalai Lama, that before you mean the broad radioactivity is just audio but all the guest, a pretty trust me.
Mr Mr Lama, I'm coming over the your broadcast anything you know where something short hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that were not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. You should be The previous member. We give you a couple of hours, premium bonus, content. Every week, and it's a great way to help support to show you could do it. By going to do your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed afford Libya Programme and the business and it's a great way to help put thumb back in the eye. The bastards thanks everybody who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support,
This has called me again, hello, sorry, Mason, nature very closely. You don't have much time before the next earthquake. I mean alone. No one would deny duly Unita listened very closely to my oars quake preparedness. Tapes. Are you ready? Yes, first and foremost, in order to conserve all batteries turn off all your devices. right on your own. You waiting usually referred to a wider collection of electronic machine like a football game or the hip hop Easter, Bunny Jimmy
operator get me Wakefield, six, five, five separate, but please hurry. We don't have much time. Lou Jimmy, listen, listen very closely, I know, but you can have a very particular set of skills that could make life very difficult for you do understand. We are you threatening me? Yes? Why? Because you don't have much time really make sure that my drift, you hang up on me again everything about. That really annoyed me specially what I'm trying to tell someone they don't have much time. But my daughter on upon me right now before I told her she was about to get that he'd be kidnapped anyway yeah. I guess so. What's your point, but do not have much time for the next hour as quick as so. You must get ready, hugging.
Properly prepare for an earthquake occurring on the weekend stock upon items you usually by during the week for many people that involves food items? For me, it's water and power. How can you expect an earthquake? happen on a certain day when there are so unpredictable. Eighty listen to your back to known facts at start, acting weird before a quick. It I know this is true because, right before the last quick, my dog came up to me. He was a scottish that is weird journey around seven, eleven and clean about it did water and porn and not just the crucifixion kind. This time do you understand oppression, other Tipp, always keeping open fire going your bed in case the heating goes off well, but gasoline and your bathtub piece of shortages. Does that mean
since Liam concentrated way to clean all your body after the explosions, and there will be explosions why because you put complaining about job back Do you have any more earthquake tips? Yes, wait! Thirty minutes after eating before fleeting your house that where you won't get the cramped now, if you'll excuse me, I must go now, because I don't have much time retracting, another earthquake now get out, I don't have much time you got a guard great article, it's in real, clear investigations. Now what is what is real, clear investigations it the site they do. You know they are part of this thing called real, clear politics, which I will close politics, and so that's the that's the investigative side. They began a lot of stuff on Russia Gate.
and they invited me, do I have to write something for them, so that this is what I did and the headline is a crowd strike out. That's funny crowd strike. My mother's own report. Under cuts. Its core Russia meddling claims so I'll just go through this article, real quick, because you're, showing how mowers own report undermines his course statements, ripe So at a press conference capping his tenure as special council robber Mueller. emphasised what he called these central allegation of the two year, Russia probe the rush it she is the russian government bowlers sternly declared gazed in multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election and that allocate, She deserved the attention of every american, so multiple systemic effort. To interfere in our election. The report claims that the
Ference operation occurred, principally on two fronts: one the russian military intelligence officers hacked and leaked, and back pressing democratic party documents and a gun remit link troll farm number, two. So there's two things there was that military that hacked into the Dnc and got their emails and release them through Wikileaks. And the second part is these troll farms orchestrated a sophisticated and far reaching Celso meat, a campaign that denigrated Hillary Clinton and promoted Trump in, but the problem is he doesn't prove any of that, and here is how it here is how it describes the core crimes under the investigation. The alleged g are you theft of Dnc email, so it said the gene are, you were the ones that stole the Dnc emails and it says between approximately made twenty fifth twenty. Sixteen,
and June first twenty sixteen GM, officers access the Dnc male sir, or from a g are you control, computer least inside the United States. during these connections unit, twenty six one, six five officers Appear to have stolen- thousands of e mails. Now. Why do I have that highlighted in red? Because his concur? Lucian as they appear? You know what that means. That means he doesn't have evidence, because if he had evidence that they did, he would say it because he said it would be a bad way. There is in the report appear, but he's that it earlier here it is between in honor about the Dnc, Microsoft Exchange, server and sold. stole thousands of emails. There's no wishy washy language there. They said they stood it. They stole it.
so they appear to have stolen it. So that's that's crucial right. Erin Yeah there's a change of language. There goes from certainty in indictment too. You know about over a year later when they submit their report? Because The indictment was handed down in July, twenty eighteen. This report submitted in March twenty into Mark TWAIN. Itunes. Almost a year later, the FAO report comes all of a sudden Mahler is using qualified language and that just to me that Mahler does not have ironclad proof that the russian install the emails he. What, what I've been told in terms of the alternative theories about what they did here in terms of building a case. Is You know there may have been russian hacking. Dnc servers, but they may have basically conflated. Those instances with this instance here used in for nation they got from that makes that all up added a whole bunch of other stuff, which I talk about in the peace.
Putting this apparent use of goose refer to point out a cut out to make it look as if this after the dean, the emails was a russian hacking operation when and you know as their at their language suggests in their own evidence, suggests that their comments about that anymore so he went from the indictment saying this definitely happen to the report, that he wrote himself saying appears so that fish Stetson big shift in language which indicates they dont have evidence. So let's go back to this covered. So the report also concedes that mothers team did not determine Another critical component of the crime and alleges all the stolen democratic material was transferred to Wikileaks. So that's crucial! So if you no, somehow that they, Europe will have knocked down the day. The Russia got these emails and you say,
Wikileaks got him from them. Well, can you How do you know that they? Don't they don't in fact, he doesn't know that and he he does than ever. Tell you that how that happens? The report right correct. That's he is never said this before previously in the July twenty eighteen indictment of the jar you Mahler suggested but didn't outright say it and he could not write, say it, because it's probably not sure of yes, that, Colleagues guide: these emails from a russian alleged Russian cut out called good supper to point out. mother strongly suggest that he wanted everybody to believe that Wikileaks, God, the emails from whispered to boy. Now I didn't write said, though, and now finally the committee's report, explicitly says we can now. rule out the possibility that the emails or physically transferred in the summer of twenty. Sixteen, which means that somebody brought them to wake you leagues through a storage device in person or not
and spread over the internet, so If all of a sudden you go from suggesting that that Wiki leagues got emails from who you alleged should be a russian cut out, probably isn't by the way so now saying you don't know how the emails were sent that says you do. You have no idea. Mother has no idea how the emails or transfer, which in contrast to what extent Two, no otherwise he claims to know all these detailed in other states. Information about how Russia allegedly hacked into the Dnc. So that's a pretty glaring discrepancy and a huge shift in language going from suggesting Sup thing to acknowledging that you actually have no idea also that his tie you say the report's timeline defies logic according to its account wikileaks under Julian Assange, announced the publication of the emails not only before he received the documents.
Before he even communicated with the source that provided them of us, explain what this means so and on June twelve twenty Sixteen there is, it is in the guardian, Wiki leaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails Julian Assange, but they say that that even fuckin talk to who should fur or the other. What this is called DC lyrics. There maybe even talk to them till two days later. So why would that? Why would Julian Assange. Make it now? would that he has something he's never even seen yet that doesn't make any sense. So why would solve Juliet that's why the timeline doesn't make sense and it okay. So right so that's correct. I got that far right. Exactly right according to mothers, the account of that that Mahler wants you to take away from his narrative,
I saw it would have had to have spoken would have had to have announced the, the that he had these anti males before he received them from it is alleged russian source before even committed with them and by the way he did even according to mothers account if I saw ass God. The emails from goose for to point out that happens and like MID July, so that well over a month after Assad's first amounts, as he has Nancy emails yeah, so that of bowlers timeline is off. he is a five Roger. He saying that. Well, this is where he got the key leaks, got the emails from goose, refer and Dc Leagues, and then he fixed Mulder himself establishes that they didn't have communication until after Julian. Science. It already announced he had the emails. So that's right that time line is complete, bullshit and Mahler undermines its own assertions now, here's one more this this is to be hilarious.
And yet one more significant inconsistency. Mahler asserts that the who russian outfits running the Kremlin backed operation, goose of to point and DC leaks, they community created about their covert activities over twitter. that's according to mother, Oh really, these highly sophisticated. While here it is, What he says the Twitter account Lucifer sent, easy leagues, a direct message, which is the first note. God act between the persona us really so this high. least sophisticated Russia. an operative skanky, a sophisticated spy out thing at their correct there could there
really communicating through DE aims on twitter, which they know the NSA's, fuck and monitoring. Are you shitting me? That's what we're supposed to believer in Gaza with both the believe This is about, and I you know I hate us. Somebody point this out to me. Mother, didn't tell us what language there were speaking but they speaking in Russian or the speaking an English when they damned each other it's as to where the mother leaves that out, because I think that could give better was english. I bet it was english too, but we don't know for sure, but because I'm a virtue point no is probably invented by the intelligence community. Well, that's the fear right, so we don't know what the point is good. However, to point out who Rock mother says, is a russian intelligence cut out who he strongly suggest gave them as to where he lives, who's ever to out does not appear on the scene until after a announces getting hard. As the already has the emails
and go over to what our also makes all these claims he he he takes credit for the hack. He releases some files that come from the Dnc by Are our I've not have a very high quality and they contain very, like many data they make? it very easy to discover that it's a russian speaker, so whoever it is, is very sloppy solve a somewhat supposed to believe that the Jerry he was gone from doing the abyss dictated hacking operation to now being totally sloppy. and even having Russian met a data. There's a user name is on one of the files. That's the name of the founder of soviet figure police, so So there's all these clothes- and you know I mean I'm not saying anything definitive. You know because, like mine, my point simply as this Mahler has not proved this case and in fact his own evident city be undermines his case, coupled with a lot of other investigative shortcomings in his whole probe. I mean, for one thing:
You never spoke to Julian Assange here. You have the key figure at the heart of this whole thing and mother quota size statements to the media in his report. Yeah shows no no interest. He showed no one can ever speaking to him and one of the reasons. I think that it is because I saw just said publicly that and government was not his source and that he could prove that. He in fact offered the. U S government the opportunity to prove that, because he, was in talks because he was gonna release some documents from the CIA. This vault seven really, and the CIA wanted to mitigate the the impact of that league by at least doing some reductions we saw it was open to the process. He also offered to provide the govern with evident second rule out certain parties in the affected of democratic party emails, wider, which is widely inferred to beam, meaning he could rule out the route
full of Russia in that, because he had previously denied Russia's role and those talks were proceeding but who killed them Jim coming. They then director FBI. I call me will also with the director of the FBI when the FBI, relied on forensics supplied by crowd strike, so we're gonna get is the contract, so let's so we're gonna get to actually both those things that you just brought up. So you also going to say the: U S, intelligence community. This is what Julian Assange. The? U S. Intelligence can Unity is not aware of one Wikileaks obtained its material or when this Glancing of our material was done our how He our material directly Julian Assange, said that until January, twenty seventeen and, let's remember, never ever has ever had to retract anything he's ever printed or set Wikileaks sources in relation. to the protesting emails and the Dnc leak are not met.
birds of any government. This Julian Assange. He saying that the Wikileaks sources, in relation to the best of e in the Dnc League are now members of any government, and they are not state parties in the do not come from the rush. in government and the Mulder report. Zero evidence to debunk what he just said. In fact, the Mulder report, the the that its own, undermines its own assertions. Mahler does not expenses exactly what you're talkin about Mahler does not explain why he included a soldier's comments. Every ordered by media outlets in his report. So if you read the report, he has quotes from Julian Assange Bud Why did he decide not to speak with the Zanu directly or to see his physical prove during a too. You're invested you'd think he'd want to talk to that guy you'd think he'd want it to have a meeting
with Julian Assange. Maybe investigate maybe interview him see what he knows, what he didn't. He didn't Do any of that? That's unbelievably suspicious to me. Isn't it. I can't say- and you can't say it is because the only a limited time and limited resources and unlimited yet unlimited resources- they talk to everybody, they talk to hope, Hex, George Poppet apples, Rob Goldstone all these, you know weird Randy Critical, ready. they didn't talk to Assange. We get gives you the doublespeak they thought to that they talk to Jimmy. They talk to Jerome course. He had thus far right conspiracy. There is to help those who opposed the birth or narrative, because course he said, in public that he had some secret knowledge of Wikileaks plans be a stone and they
had all these sessions with the wrong course. He there's along wash it imposed article about this, trying to get coarsely to talk and trying to get closer to tell them what they know, because there were so desperate to butter milk, something out of this whole giant died, but yet they could talk to Julian Assange. Ages raises yet one more red flag, so this is one red flag after another red flag and here's another one and we covered this arms on the show before The server the Dnc server was never inspected. By the FBI, in fact, they relied on outside group, do in fact, and investigate and inspect the server called crowd strike. Now Tell me why that's a bad idea Aaron, because crowd strike is a private company and even if they have the utmost integrity, I don't like the guy government should be relying on private firms, for you know
sensitive forensics, when it's trying to conduct an intelligence in the investigation that leads to serious allegations against foreign government. All them. we're. So if that private company crowd strike is working for a political party with a huge part, an interest in the russian narrative. You know. And you don't need me wondering if that is so tat, people how that is. That's aggressor give any one thing, and that was you know that democratic parties only connection to the rush investigation, but unfortunately they are not connected to the russian hacking allegation, be a crab trick there, also at the heart. Of the collusion allegation which the core allegation, because It was none other than democratic party contractor fusion, GPS and Christopher steal that pretty that ridiculous dossier alleging that high level trump Russia, conspiracy and blackmail scheme. So you them
reported behind that you're. The democratic party also behind be hacking. Allegations with the crowd stretches credits. It was the first to log those allegations and we can get to it to, but there is also a huge democratic party role. In this whole, scare about russian social media event that comes that originate with AIDS day. Hillary Clinton and Brok Obama, and we, we ve learned now in the case of crowd, strike that not only did the government rely on crowd, strikes forensics when it comes to. You know best getting the Dnc servers, but they also used were rejected reports that crap strike itself submitted and when I say we're, decked out only rejected by the government. I mean that project wrote some reports rejected them itself and then submitted it to the government and the government, and the government just took crowd strikes word that you know it was all kosher, seldom isn't gonna. Let me just break it down for people
like me, so crowd strike is completely compromised organisation working with the Democratic Party that b? I never inspects those system that Dnc server crowd strike. Does it and then submit a report to the FBI that is deck did what does that mean? That means that crowd strike did their investigation of the deal, see server instead of the FBI and then submitted information that they found out, but they have back some information from the fucking FBI, waiter you don't redirect information from the government. The girl rejects information from you, but guess what the F B, I said. That's ok. You can reject and they didn't care and that's what they used to break the support right, exactly right, Listen Jimmy! It's possible that all this is kosher, it's possible. It is that is possible, but that, but the fact is
you. There are so many red flags here you have. A private company were directing its own reports, are giving to the government a private company resisting efforts, because the F b I said they tried to get the servers they tried. But then the but but the Democratic Party was added, Then was adamant that that they not handed over and that there are the officials who voiced prostration about that. That's correct that Greece has and also look cried strike itself. There founder is an old. only untie Anti Putin Rush, a national they ve done very well in you know they just past. regarding the billion dollar mark or something like that, but but the founder is openly in a very hostile towards Lattimer Boden. They were had to retract a very key claim? In March twenty seventeen
accused Russia of carrying out a hack not racial in Ukraine, using some of the same malware that they said Russia used inside the deity ACT, not written there to retract that which was covered not vary widely, but covered actually in voice of America. A? U S, government publication that who really push the story, so they had to retract that so they have a and another executive. John Henry worked for Robert mother at the FBI, which mean now reaches executed, that crowd, strike work for Robert Mahler, exactly right, yeah, yeah, weight, just means that Robert Mahler Reno coming from the FBI. He inherited investigation that that has been. I've given to him already by the FBI, he's not them. I'm biased source to conduct an independent investigation that when we look at the facts, I think when he basely day was conducted he he knew he had no collusion early on. He knew this whole thing was basis. but he needed to validate all this stuff. That's why we got this prolonged to your invest,
nation and Robert Mahler, overlooking you know, potential biases at such a course source like crosswalk, so I didn't. I we'll gave me shit for reporting this originally I'll go right over there. Let me say you know I was really till we agnostic another step. I kind of life, a sort of focused on the collusion angle and the russian Interference The and the social media stuff part of it was a lack of familiarity of your computer jargon. You were on this the beginning. I saw how much he you got for it, but again, as more and more information comes out. Those who are sceptical, like yourself and bill, been and Re Mcgovern who really push back forces we, I think, are looking increasingly been yet. Those the people who attacked us for being right, and doing actual journalism, never admitted there never apologise because those are the kind of people those mother of workers are
heard mentality on regional thinking, motherfuckers and that's an and that that so and they don't have much integrity and it just it says its a goddamn JAG off nightclub comedian out integrity them is. They should be embarrassed because I don't have any integrity, and yet I do better than them. here you go on. You say it. It was really an internet hack. This gets back to the technical part of their Mahler thing, was really an internet hack. The Anna could easily tell us when the information was taken and the route it took. After being removed from the Dnc server, so Bilbil so explain this. I'm this show that the industry has a we have everything that's happening on the internet, and so they, if it, It happened the way they said. If Russia hack the Dnc server, they would have a copy of it, and then they went
copy of how it left to and the fact that they don't tells Bill Binny and who is Bilbil he the number one called breaker in the history of the USA. That's Lee was and a wish oh blower, which is why never heard of em. And he said is the reason why that they are not showing you that evidence because it doesn't exist. Does it a bit existed, they would show it to you, but given dollars: qualified language and his repeated use of the inner around rather than outlining specific down to the second time, stamps which the USA could provide Binny escaped goal that the USA Intelligence was included in the g, argue indictment and the report. So what he's saying is that don't even use Vienna, say intelligence to write this report or the indictment there.
Probably just going off those bullshit claims from the original, intelligent community assessment and my right about this- that the theory of Benny Amelia, who also pre, also points out that Afghanistan, permission to be released. I mean it by default, classified so The third point I would echo what it had to have gone through a d classification too included in these indictments in this report and there's no record of any certainty. The classification I the USA. I asked the national curly vision. I asked Mothers spokesperson, Nobody would confirm to me than any information was declassified. We will, we don't know yet millet, it's possible cement if information is in there, but according to former an essay technical director bill, Benny he's very confident that there wasn't it's also it's also possible that Congress is working in the interests of their voters, possible, ok, so
get to this part. The social media campaign again remember how they so the two parts of how Russia attack this through hacking into the Dnc and pedestrian emails and also by May king social media means that got everybody crazy, devote fur I'll drop instead of Hillary Clinton. Mothers other central allegation regards a russian active measures. Social media campaign, with the aim of quote, sewing, did cord and helping to electronic. In fact, Mahler does not directly get this. He does not directly a tribute that campaign to the russian government and makes Only the barest attempt to imply a Kremlin connection, according to Mahler the social media form the social media form Russian election influence came principally from the internet research agency.
a russian organisation. So in that so much or doesn't even connect in so what you're saying Aaron is that in the mullahs report he doesn't even connect the the social all the troll farm on Twitter and Facebook? He doesn't even connect that to the government russian government exactly right Jimmy. This is an example of the kind of disingenuous misleading language that mother his team adopted. They make a sweeping. Inclusion. They say the russian government engaged in systematic interference and they talk about the social media. operation being a part of that is that was principally they say this was. The second element but then, when you actually look at their detailed Alex nations and other claims about this russian social media effort. They never once say that it was. It was carried out with the cooperation. Knowledge of the russian government there's one line where
or says that Putin has ties to the owner of the other troll farm, and besides one article in the New York Times. Ok, that's the extent of mothers attempted even suggest. Not even a stir suggest a canoe to the russian government as even settlement, if he read is his news. If you re news conference comments closely, though, the one he delivered at May. He says this was carried out by a private russian entity which Beth especially a click bay, Troll Farm The put out juvenile social media adds that nobody saw that were barely even about the election, There were mostly you know, there is Buff Bernie Means and Jesus means and in a sense, certain means targeted at African American In gun owners and evangelicals and did these adds ran after the election, so this whole thing is so still but to begin with the this notion, this could have had been
zero percent impact on the election and on top of that mother does even try to correct it or to the russian government. Sums made it so we, we. We reported this on the show in real time that the internet research agency- this is the troll farm that they're saying did all this may him in it from Russia. it has already been reported on fraud in the New York Times. Is that it's just a troll far, and what does why? Don't you get what a troll farms do they try to get so media followers, so they can then spam than would advertising later. That's exactly what they were doing. In fact, you you pay even in bowlers report. Well, here's what it says, All says that the Irish, that that's the internet, researching the troll farm, so mother, says that that troll Farm spent a hundred thousand dollars between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen of that just forty six thousand thou. hers was spent on Russian linked Facebook, adds before the twenty sixteen election, so Ford
So this is all about forty six thousand dollars in Facebook means in the majority of them. Had nothing to do with the election had nothing to do with politics. They were stuff like hey Are you having a problem with masturbation take my hand and will beat it together that that that was the Jesus one? So those were the kind of thing. just trying to get followers, so they could then spam than that's what fuckin troll farms do an insult, even mowers. Oh, they admitted in the goddamn. That's it forty six grand was but compare that too. What compare that too? That's that amounts to about zero point, zero. Five per cent of the eighty one million dollars spent on Facebook adds by the Clinton drummed campaign combine go ahead, am Aaron WAR Again, it just shows what a complete joke all this was an yes, as you say, mother even acknowledges in his original indictment of the troll farm that they sold ads for some twenty five dollars like this they sold
add space to vendors to their for their accounts, and I beg followings for some like twenty five dollars, a pop rattle. They were trying to make money off of it. They were a classic its basely click, bake, capitalism and yeah, maybe some of that. Some of these russian troll farm workers, in their broken english and juvenile means, put had a preference for Donald Trump. I'm sure I made but the point the notion that any of this could have impact at a single voter It is really an insult and in the whole thing it just shows the contempt that the Democratic Party a leads immediately to push this narrative that they have, for average voters the idea that but it is so valuable that they could be brainwashed by Juvenile, Russian click bade the nobody even saw there. Recently article the Washington Post that last week that set they pointed out that fewer them one thousand people in the key swing, states Wisconsin
mesh again, nothing Pennsylvania to even saw these add, so the fact that they were talked about, let alone the fact that they were in the energy sector compared to pearl harbor and and Cyber nine eleven August, crazy stuff. It shows that this is nothing to do with any real concern about this information. This was an act of this information to show fear and for democratic for failed democratic party. Neo liberals, Hillary Clinton in their campaign to blame Russia for their own failures. In fact, this is this strategy. The Senate report from Oxford Universities, computational properly and a project observes the strategy, meaning what that troll farm was doing their strategy, the troll farm strategy is not an invention for politics and foreign intrigue. It is consistent with the techniques in digital marketing. So what we reported at the get go was that this is just a troll. Farm, doing exactly what troll farms do. Try to bait people into running their page or their twitter. Followers
can spend them and that's exactly what the goddamn set a report from the Oxford University Computational propaganda project found to all found it also, but Erin so you're gonna get obviously get invited on crustacea. Rachel managed show to explain this to them right programme, yet have now been out and Jimmy no it for anybody who we who who talks about this stuff is big sophisticated. I would love for them to point to which add by Russia or those russian shore from they think was the best again, which add they think we're effective include swayed the mind of a single voter. They can't because all these adds were in broken English. They were dumb and they won't even but the election, but look how much column space. This took up people comparing this Pearl harbor, I mean you know there has been enough time yet to process how moronic.
Insane our political media culture has been and how just how rare voices of sobriety like you and a high have been throughout this thing. You know it in that, but the fact is now the Mulder report is done. Mother didn't want to come, testified Congress. They drag him kicking and screaming to go by subpoena soon. So I think there will be more space than hopefully for us to do this because There has to be a reckoning. The people who gave us this for two years wasted so much valuable time wasted so much valuable points. who energy on a conspiracy theory instead of acts, we channel a challenging trumps policies in the process. letting failed NEO liberals like the cleanse, who lost a trump off the hook and also ratchet up tensions with Russia. Was things been a disaster, and that's why it's important to protect continue. Call this out now there's more to your article, but I think we covered the great you're the whole part about John Brennan, the fact that it
This was basically his as his brain child and that he gets the very valid they'd his own work is kind of hilarious, but will we we want. We don't really have time to go into that, but this was It's a great article, we'll link to a we drop. This video, I put a link. It's it's over at real, clear investigations. Ok, Jaanu polos out on Donald Trump approval ratings caught up the master of the Senate, jumped Schumer for his reaction. Welcome to my world, for I am sure that damage to show mercy We began. Let lay down the rules number one. Now is not the time to we mustn't pushed too fast or too far and number three. For God's sake, these, they will be a backlash. You may speak now and please no course words
hi senator? What's u reacted to the latest, pull and Donald Trump, because listen to that Donald Trump, now at a forty seven percent approval rating from registered voters, impressive right, I think we finally got them on the run. Hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member go to Jimmy Dore Comedy, Cobb sign up the most of horrible premium programme, because this today show was written that right, it was written by breakdown of Jim Earl wrongfully tone, step. Samarova would mark Van land with all the voices. performed by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found at MIKE. Mccrae dog comes that's it for this week you be the best. You can be me
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