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Debunked Reporting about AOC's Voting!

2020-04-16 | 🔗

Obama gaslights in his endorsement of Joe Biden!

Debunked reports about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's stimulus bill vote!

Phone calls from Bernie Sanders, Jake Tapper, David Axelrod, and Barrack Obama!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy oh hello. I hate myself about. I can't I just did. That was wrong with me can't help you Bernie, you didn't have to drop out. You didn't have to endorse Joe Biden. Don't I just put it back on my kitchen table. I got a reset applies, the goddamn work over the table, and now I gotta sanitized Godfrey bag. I can remember, I gotcha that where Jake, oh, I thought you were upset with yourself over endorsing Joe Biden. Sorry, no apology necessary Jerry Joy such by a bottle of grubbing up. All I dont tell me carried a cock.
Scott, at the wedding I got there. I could never seem to avoid nowadays birdie you should be so soon distancing, not hosting get together with old centrists at your house. I social justice from the only people my care pay for what had made a wit and the ones you gotta stay away from here. What, with all their infectious talk of going for the tugela, frightened till they under the convention, irresponsible, it's like you ve, already been taken down by a virus Bernie you need to keep away from centrist, it's dangerous of telling you about That said, Prince Upfront, thereby respect Cyprus and scientists. I believe that their families are revealed the corona virus and what about medical rule, Wall Street grubs, climate change, cracking and Joe Biden? Mental health? You just revealed my play at bay.
Rather than fight it out all the weight of the convention. Like any sensible politician like me, I'm counting on joke I caught wandering aimlessly in its budget but at a Delaware shopping, mall, that's one lonely nation! Only I'd make a leadership that doesn't sound like a practical solution. Bernie Oh here we go right here we go with the free polynesia. Pixie got shut again. The new time says: Obama called you three times in late March. What did you talk about? It told me to pull my back here, which I admit that this is a valid criticism. Yes, I think about my helps.
Sucks. He called me. I just they d put another hole in between the two. Also too tight bottled up a NEO Bernie were possible. Then did you did by dropping out so early very simple? I was able to extract the concrete pledge from Iraq, a bomb that he won't call me the Ralph Neda of mourning. Twenty one prompt gets re elected now say three. I, like Joe Biden, adult project concepts, the man in the street and Johnson media somewhere down the chimney to show very welcome this week. Gibby door show hey. Let's get this job before we get to the jokes: breaking news pandemic experts
warn that corona virus victims who lost their sense of smell, more likely to vote for binding as he distinctly candidate and is now the Jimmy Door Show presents a short history of capitalism. Nineteen, thirty one. People stand inbred lines, twenty twenty people, sit in their cars in bread lives. Thank you that the presentation of a short history of capitalism, GDP and care. before new governor gave a Newsome just approve new fracturing permits in his state, because during. Pandemic, the last thing you need to worry about is not having enough ass in your drinking water and my right come on equal pay, which cover a bug today show it's very to popular, believes and a report in the intercept ale
see did not vote no stimulus, corporate, give away bill that she now says. She's against plus Obama, gaslights non stop in an endorsement video for Joe Biden, and the intercept editor caught lying still over Russia Gate plus we got phone calls from Jake TAT David Axelrod Bernie Sanders Iraq Obama plus a lot lot board as today Jimmy Georgia. hello. This is Jimmy who's. This Jimmy Jack Campbell, hi Jake, how you doing away with Jake Airport right, J Grana got it right, which I want to make very clear. I am very happy hosting I'm through
and always have been to be a part of the CNN family, ok engage You know any top brass from CNN may be listening. I just want to make that clear. Yeah promote, I gather your colleague Chris Global, went on a red the other day and his exam series the Ojo were revealed, how unhappy he is at sea at Ed Is that so I hadn't heard about that: that's on force can fit out of it. It is time slot is yeah. Apparently he said I don't like when I do professionally. I don't think it's worth much time hurry, intriguing? What a contrast between The two of us what I I can't really think of how I could spend my time better.
you know why. I guess what I did. Maybe I do it later in the evening. Oh you mean like a later time slot. I mean I guess that's what they call you around your big lingo Chris Global. Also then said I don't value, indulging irrationality, hyper partisanship, sound as if he feels like he's being forced to grand stand there on your network While Jimmy I'm sorry, but by grandstanding, you mean starting every programme with a planned anti trump diatribe, primarily AGRICOLA Nature, not design To illuminate the structural injustices and failing that, its presidency is exposing, but rather speak to a sense of authentic that central level. I feel, like you fly awaiting the Jimmy. Consider me: the grandest of standards, ok, I will and Jimmy
you can shudder at hyper partisanship war indulging, rationality to immediately after said, diatribe have on as a guess some tromp quality that I admittedly scold and in Asia in a coordinated, rhetorical square. Dance cynically intended to salute Five, your ship will then They call me a hyper partisan, PA cattle or boy. You know whatever. That would be called right, because I do it proudly. It's good gable knows, and I am accompany man thinking either listening. You know my fee report of Greece's ran is where he said he's Manny doesn't get to. beat people up really fucked up there. I mean why yeah Jake. He said that, because he's a celebrity he decides to take whatever people say to me
public. Some guy bother him the other day and he said it kills them that he couldn't tell the guy to shut your mouth, or I will do to you the way guys due to each other Why, yes, between, it may sound like the guy's, got any anger problem, not me, I don't wanna, be anybody up. We know how come on Digg. Jimmy. I gladly lead people walk all over me in public. I acknowledge That is part of the price of celebrity to allow every Tom, Dick and Harry did devastatingly humiliate me wherever I go. It's a shame. Chris doesn't also see it. That way, you can't be serious, May I, like some fat guys sure the other day just because he told me to if I had refused it just would have been a bad luck
It wouldn't be valued my role as tribune of the people. Then he told me to go fuck, my mother, I d dad it's figurative anyway what Chris Cuomo I've done, that no I don't think so either. Maybe just Bay We fear that might be to rethink whether he really is the prime time anchor. I mean it is flying time they may need more of a prime team player and that's what you mean like Don Lemon That Wall Street worshipping Lady, who came from CNBC, tricky money bags I mean I know dead right ramble gone now, talking about me forgetting it should ask time slot and meanwhile is violent.
Diego Polly was done. Nothing but benefit from nepotism. Is whole wife get plying time, Gimme a break Jimmy. I gotta spread these wings. I have so much equivocal should offer so much pandering in my heart, Jimmy I have it in me to invite Nancy Policy on my show and call her brave to her face. I can feel it when he does do your own seal on the internet, like we do thing. I'd rather like that fat guy. As other shoe, you guys know that it's all show that Nancy Policy in the Democrats oppose Donald Trump has here. She has tried signing trumps NAFTA here. She is extending the Patriot ACT, expanding trump spying powers here she assigning the.
biggest military budget in history. Here she is ripping up Medicare for all. That's who Nancy policies! She is Trump in a pan suit, ok I know, that's is that really Jimmy yeah yeah I'll die I'll do beat anybody on it, she's actually worse than Trump, just like Barack Obama was worse than Mitt Romney. Could you imagine if John Mccain, one the presidency in two thousand eight and then kicked five point: one million families out of their house. While he made the banks bigger, made Bush's tax cuts permanent and took us from towards two slash: seven, the left would have been in the street fucking burning shit down, but because Barack Obama did it, nobody said a word Nobody said a word, including Bernie. Sanders till this day. Won't critique Barack Obama on that, where, Is a master legislator now that we need her
we're running out of money here, Speaker Pelosi? What are you doing to help the worker bees to get? What we need give us something aside from your yapping at Trump, be the leader where is where is her master legislator where's her master when she got no I say she major corporations and oligarchs, got trillions without taking care of workers or any one else is how care during a pandemic. Yes, before addressing health care needs dirt, nay deadly pandemic. Speaker Pelosi, used all her power to protect oligarchy and screw you the squad went along. I showed you a couple of fund raising letters that I've been getting about, how their touting what they got few in the stimulus, the democratic and progressive. So this is from a yo see and she had sent out this thing. It says Republicans in
send it have sold us out. They ve handed the house a covert nineteen response bill that has one of the biggest corporate bailouts in history and gives working families just crumbs and comparison. We have been forced to choose hand over Billy of massive corporations or communities get not egg, and so he treated this out saying, and this is also very bad from a yo see it wasn't just Senate Republicans when the bill was negotiated by chuck humor. And approve ninety six that nothin. So this goes along with the theme Of they'll, let you ran in rave. All you want give speeches as long as you don't call out the actual democratic leadership or your own party, and you go along with the bill and so at the bottom there's a call to action. It says: take take action right now, fight alongside us and demanded additional covert. Nineteen bailout bill that puts our hospitals are medical workers and their families first. This would be the fourth stimulus now you're getting around to it.
You don't you see what I'm saying, of course in the last bill was the one you had all your leverage and You didn't do indeed it did nothing, and I know that a yo see didn't negotiate the bill, but you're supposed to call out your leadership Nancy pull anyway. So you know this is also so now the intercept as doing this project so dead, then also than tweets. This out says this is good. This is a good project. He says so far ale see the
democratic, no vote. So what the intercept is doing. Is there going around trying to figure out how everybody voted on the stimulus two weeks ago? It's what sounds super useful right that sound super useful right two weeks ago, stuff well put so they're trying to fight on it and what they're doing it is their they're asking their just asking people how they voted and there at their even asking you to ask your representatives and get back to the intercept. If you find out not kidding I'll, show you that at the end to so the intercept the headline as its scandal that we don't know who supported the corona virus bail out and it is- and you know why We don't know because Nancy Pelosi engineered it that way. Ok, that's right,
and the only personnel stand up and ask for a recorded vote was a Republican, Thomas Massey. So it is a scandal. So it's a scandal. So what nature Josie engineered was a scandal and not one democratic hold her out for it. Only one Republican did Thomas Massey. That's the scandal. That's what people should be asking Eo C and everybody else in Congress. Why didn't you call Nancy Blowsy no one's even calling out antsy blowsy. Why did you do this? Why did you send it back to the Senate say this? We know we have to set split this. Why did what the hell did? Nothing happened. There's no fight, nothing. No one's even asking these questions so so in here they say they are giving the impression that a yo see they don't actually say that I'll show you what they say and what I said. As I said it way. I reports that I also voted against. The stimulus are not accurate there. There is no evidence. I need evidence there is
evidence whatsoever that EO see voted against the corporate giveaway. She did not call for a recorded vote so. And she forfeited her right to say which way she voted. Post statements, equal propaganda, post, vote statements. So after you voted, and it's called unanimous consent by the way. Did you know that so the intercepts? This is the article that the intercepts working on, and this sounds like a useful thing, By your leave fog, IDA, Travers Zone sounds like a useful thing. It's a scandal that we don't know who supported the corona virus bailout help us help us find out through asking for our help. the decision to use unanimous consent by voice vote was justified as necessary to protect law makers who couldn't had travelled to wash and indeed because of potential health risks.
But procedures could have been implemented to allow distance voting in an emergency after the Senate voted. Ninety six did nothing for something that EO see refers to as shameful and crumbs for working families. That's what she said in her speech whose shameful and it was crumbs for working families and pass ninety six, the nuthin how's the countries most to know. This is a debacle. What so, after the Senate voted down. he seeks to approves nothing to prove the bill. How Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic California, formally rejected voting by proxy voting voting by proxy voting or any move towards like traffic voting in the run up to the votes on the day that the house took up the Cares ACT, that's the stimulus bill, we're talking about them,
ST majority leader, steady higher Democrat Maryland, stated that he had called enough lawmakers back to format Urim and implemented a special rule for unanimous consent. The biggest four point, two trillion that that takes a special rule. Nobody gets held accountable for that. One! Isn't that something Because your Cortez, here's the here it is a cause Cortez, who called the legislation a shameful corporate bail out in an impassioned floor speech that went viral would have voted against the bill. Her office confirmed great quote what that's it
Would have is this what people are basing their halos, he potable against it on that two weeks after the bill, which has now been exposed to be ache. Unbelievable Oh screwing of America, like we're run by a mafia instead of representatives. Now that it's been super revealed and some people have been dreaming about it, Two weeks later, her office says she would have, did against the bill. Her office confirmed it confirmed, but how did she boat cause that doesn't say how she did TAT says how she would have if there was a that's how she would have if there was a recorded vote. What could share that would put a shudder, our words. We don't use they just a process and give us the blue, so
the question should be. Then, why didn't you if she would have voted against it and once people to know that? Why, wouldn't you make a stink that we have a recorded vote like Thomas Massey did. In an interview, this is also in the article that everyone's basing that hey hope, Cassio What does voted no on this, I said cheek course. You know me, I am saying she didn't. She voted yes and he she likes it. Will she would like to correct me she's what can come of the show and do so. She will never well what's really interesting did any of them I'm out that very day and say for the record. I voted no, but two weeks later there are two weeks later, two weeks later, their office holder inherited. I vote two weeks later, and article said she would of that, doesn't even say she did so then it goes on to say in an interview with democracy. Now, on Tuesday morning, oh Curzio Cortez said she would slight any member for how they voted. Well, if it shameful and its crumbs for workers rights I wouldn't you slight anybody for how,
They voted on this. Like what is going on what so? This is why people dont think they should be upset because she's that even upset at her colleagues who voted for it she's not going a slight anybody for to me. That's like nuts! Why wouldn't you? Why? Wouldn't you be upset at your caucus? Why wouldn't leave the progressive cock his vote against this. what why? Why? Wouldn't you slight that's the wood. Is that that's bending the neither the party something You say is shameful and crumbs forward. working families and but it's cool, but if you guys are going to do it, whatever I'm going to shut up, I'm not going to ever say anything about it to you, but I will go and say it on twitter and call out Republicans that aren't you. That's ridiculous. Tell me how that
and ridiculous, and she said she wouldn't slight any member for how they voted but could not bring myself to ultimately support this bill, because I believe that people will soon see the extraordinary asymmetrical assistance that went to corporations two weeks after the bill. She said two weeks after sheet the pub the bill past. She said that than two weeks later,. What what do you mean you couldn't support it? Does that mean you didn't vote for it again? I don't see that her saying she didn't vote for it. Does anyone see that she says she didn't vote for it? That is not saying she didn't vote for our voted. No, in what end No one will ask why why why are you doing? Why are you let your leadership get away with doing this bullshit, not recorded vote and now here
So here is the this is at the end of the article intercepts as the intercepts roll call is in power is in progress blow. If you have information about the position taken too your can congressperson or any Kung report congressperson on the list. Phil our servant here, please include evidence of the law makers. in a screen, shot of an email or linked to a tweet or online statement were also interested in whether your Hungary's person was present for the vote? So this is a clue. Do this doesn't get how they voted this gets how they're gonna say they feel now, two weeks later, understand the reason what so you can you can accept so, although by Congress per head, that's how they feel two weeks later, but you That's this isn't really finding out how they voted. Just so you know, and why do you say that Jimmy well, that's the
we. That is the reason why I e they voted this way without it being recorded, is so they can do this very thing. So people like ABC could say I didn't support it. Well, why didn't you make sure that, when the record than that we need to go because I would have to say something: Nancy Pelosi, here's the vote. You want to see. The vote it is a time for debate has expired, pursue went to house resolution nine on one. The previous question is ordered on the motion. The question is on adoption of the motion and those in favour. May I those opposed say no, the eyes had it, Mr Speaker for purposes german. She reckon it. Did you hear the nose? Omby amby? Listen, I don't know they know they are not. Of course that's not conclusive, but whoever that whoever is yelling, no certain.
Has a Lou, Rawls kind of residence to his voice. No. maybe maybe that's how Yossi yells know. Maybe she sounds like Lou rules, no o my lady low Is there were Burma, they blew my up down by lady love. No. Is that how maybe AOL I've never heard her yell know, maybe that's how seals now. Maybe she goes. She goes and I darling telling you one thing this is got eight per I, suppose to know the eyes. I could that's, that's actually clearer than you would think. I think that's a lack clear again. There's went on the record and I know it those opposed say no, the eyes have it to,
suppose I know the that's that. Certainly I don't know if you're allowed even say this anymore, but that certainly sounds like a dude does that was that, like you that sounds like someone like new sounds like that. If I want my voice to be heard ocean favour, say I Those opposed say. No, no eyes had to MR speak. I make sure my voice was heard. That's my way to take. I fuckin stand later sauntered. Certainly I would certainly make sure my voice was heard to buy one to say later than I was against it. So this is bullshit, so ok, so that this is what happened after four. What forms of German she'd recognition, Mr Speaker, I came here to make sure Republic doesn't die by unanimous consent and empty chamber, and I request a recorded vote. Yes, Massey recorded vote as requested those favour, a recorded vote will rise and remained standing until counted.
there's a number having risen. A recorded vote is reviews. Mr speak German recognise. I object on the basis that a quorum is not present and make a point of order that a quorum is not present. The chair will count for a quorum counterpart. Warm a quorum is Present, the motion is adopted. The hopeless without objection, emotional, reconsider, is weighed upon the table. We dispute America, but so it doesn't. Care has been sorted out. A milliner thousand adjourned until really be used, a thirty first, two thousand and twenty that's what they're channels few know how weak big big of a dick. We just talk to our donors, the cow empty. That route that is pretty pretty empty, sought, based on that they say that and the day.
On that article, which I showed you, which the intercept is clearly that to me. It there clearly not saying she said, voted no they're saying her office said she would of and that she said on democracy now that she couldn't soup. What the bill at no point in that article than I read, and I get good chance- I missed it. So if I did, please pointed out to me not correct the record But I didn't see anywhere in that article, the debts. They said that she's voted. No, so I think that when you go, this is a good press, our aim the only democratic Novo while I dont that'll seat, but I guess, but they are listening. It though, and then someone you're says: do we actually know Elsie voted? No, I haven't seen any reporting on her actual vote. Just her speech and Dave says she she said. She would have voted no after the fact turn TAT aunt done. That's not that you get what that answer as everybody right, That's not voting, no! So
might be listed in the tally added at the end up as a no vote, but I've gotta challenge the veracity of that reporting about that have so they did said she's, she's heads. She said she would have voted no after the fact which is of which is a bad proxy. You'll see lots of no votes once this go south. So even he knows this is a game that people are going to school. Now, it's two weeks after people see how shitty this is. We have to do another one, because people didn't get any health care and people can pay the rent and people can pay their credit. Carpio people have no idea what they're going to do. we have to go. Please give people over the please give us afford stimulus, because we gave away all our leverage, and so these exactly right. So what Dave Data You get to see a lot more people claim they voted, no also, which is what I will say. doing she's claiming she voted no like that should be the
like a claims made, may be claimed, but she did even claim far as I saw us. The only thing I said was that she couldn't support the bill she wouldn't slight anybody else for how they voted? Why wouldn't you slight somebody for voting on such an a desire of bill? Why wouldn't you do that? So just that phrase and I'm not gonna, let I'm not gonna be upset that you voted for it and that you, We have and that she would have none of those are no that you voted. No just so you know, as you know, that's how politicians speak. That's how could they speak like lawyers they started leave themselves. Wiggle rooms is technically not be lying, so Dave goes on to say: you'll see lots of no votes. What's this go south, these right, Like the next I intercept, article will be headline. You can't believe all the people are say,
They voted no now not just day o c. So he goes. You'll see lots of no votes once this go south, but because there was no recorded vote, all we have it's all. We have to go on yeah, that's not evidence, EO see too we accepted the facts. Angie I couldn't support it and the other thing was a frequent. Nor can remember the that's chidden say now And she was reasonably critical in saying no early, that's the best. We got that's not evidence. I'll saying is that's not at. I would like to see evidence. That's all cause, I'm not gonna. Take a politicians word for something two weeks after the fact. and if you are that I am going to say once again thanks for the lane, I appreciated. Thanks for the lane. Everybody else I preach it and we have to know if you would like to go. Get your news from people who take politicians word for something to exact,
the facts with no corroborating evidence then go watch. Those shows up here. I'm gonna Jones bugging veracity of politicians, statements with there's no corroborating evidence, especially if it self serving in two weeks after the goddamn fact. I think that's healthy scepticism that journalists, it I'm not a journalist, just a Jaguar nightclub comedian who happens to do a better job than ninety? Nine percent of the journalists do, because I didn't do Russia Gate for fuckin three years and by the way, the impeachment it's now a political. Ah.
Politicos at the distant article revealing that there they feel that their bit Bernie not being able to campaign in South Carolina in the rural areas of Iowa because he was at the impeachment- is what really hurt him too. I design so and so Russia Gate in Pittsburgh, but they knew that this is what they status went uses of lefties fucked himself, and they walk right through that door. So, by the way I would love for, if I hope I am wrong, it would be nice to know we had one person vote no on this. It would be what would be really nice you know that one person called out Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Sumer for this bill that that's what would be really nice, but that's not what happened. and that's the real issue anyway. Now, whether she personally voted no or yes but that she didn't call out her leadership for a negotiating such a.
horrible bill. Was it when it was taking over the house was the permit, I say asked what was the point of the Democrats taking over the house was the point, the Justice Democrats running if they're going to vote for this ultimate screwing of Amerika and not call off their own leadership. The whole point of the just Democrat is they call out the corporate democrats that they're not said anything about Nancy policies which analysed. He passed 96th and nothing in the Senate, so Bernie gave them no cover to do it, and so it didn't get done and now they're going to now that we want to laugh. All we're left to do is pretend that EO see voted no on it. When there's act, there is absolute moodily, no evidence that she did. You can say she did, you can put it in, box on a graph and put it in a new article say she did. But that doesn't mean she did just like. You could say Trump colluding.
the Russians those swing the election and they have the Dnc server. But there's absolutely not a shred of evidence of that happened. So you can say it. They're gonna keep saying this it'll be now reply Where did widely that she voted? No, you can keep saying it, but I'd till I see evidence I'm gonna challenges Ass, any of that assertion, hello, Jimmy act, arrive dive. David acts ride she acts files. How is your special away doing tonight? It's not night and she's. Ok, thanks are you ready to have your passion, sparked No, I mean that I got it, I don't know What what are you talking about? Listening to my other pied can't tax on tap.
Why are you take on current issues, hosted by passionate truth? Teller like myself and the great raw the man you ain't, we immerse ourselves with toy mine going online endorsement of Joe by by Bernie Sanders all really. What would you take on that? There's no Out about it, this quick, I beg you at your door. Assessment is a hugely important boost, Can you wise aloud and likes to sniff girl? Do you think it's cool I held Biden wins, absolutely. I can already tell the difference in the campaign. Would you mind, ran out of the frame like you lied, our saturated vision was pushed her. You could clearly the winter was and who the plea
supplicant words in this magnificent battle between two warrior: weary american euros with grants, surrendering the we all over again. I wept like us, child least surrendered to grant David now is not the time to relegate the path this is the here and now and now is the time for burning lose war. De L, Joe Biden expand, is digital footprint with their prodigious digital bases. Why What bird is give you all your names in all your body to the fuckers smeared for three year kid people just ass further contributions back. They could use the money now that most of their donors are unemployed and want to risk a prodigious digital What brand, by pulling out of uprooted
Is there a way? Really? Yes, Jimmy it's time to paper over our differences. projecting united and run I have over four years of experience in politics, but I think most people voted for sin because of the issues not because of brain loyalty to his campaign. Right, I understand ordered a very passionate about the causes, burning articulated with great passion they now is the time for his disparate elements of negative is nay. they continue do on a badge it amalgam of Cuba. Ask milk toasters awaiting their next, employees to arrange a brain butter. In other words, shut up be a good soldier Wall Street. That's not very respectful Byerly retweet, saying assigned where many of which I won't
ok here, but for your information. I am not a member headed moody jig. Nor will I, ever pleasure myself with studies, but can log I know I was all word: why another four years of Donald Trump blamed on you again, you better get you people and why job to you, too, Joe Biden, respect and it's up to you to make sure. when the White House, not Joe, he doesn't no one here it is sound, reasonable invite him on my new pine camp David. Axelrod? Why here's Barack Obama and Harry is endorsing Joe Biden? Let's see are normally
arms is we all manage our way through a pandemic? Unlike anything, we ve seen in a century Michel, and I hope that you and your families are safe and well, if you Blas somebody this virus, or if someone in your life is sick or if your one of the millions suffering economic hardship. Please know that your and our prayers, Please know that you're not alone, because now is the time for all of us to help where we can and to be there for each other as neighbors his co workers and his fellow citizens. In fact, over the past week We ve seen plenty of it because I do not remember the last time we had a big crisis like this. I kick five point. One minute families out on the street instead of helping them? I fuck them over as hard as you could buck. Anyone over. He didn't say that part he's acting
He actually helps people in a crisis brought upon it doesn't help. People in crises rock above a fox people over who are in crisis was the kind of courage, kindness and selflessness there. We're gonna need to get through one of the most difficult times in our history. We shall not have been amazed. The incredible bravery or medical professionals were putting their lives on the line to say mothers. The public servants and health officials battling this disease. The workers taking rest every day to keep our economy running and everyone whose making their own sacrifice at home with their families all for the greater good. But if there is one thing we ve learned as a country from moments of great crisis, Is that our leaders will use that moment to fuck you over even harder and enrich their donor class friends turn
us into a banana republic. There's anything we ve learned. That would be the thing we ve learned right Brok, it's that the spirit of looking out for one another can't be restricted to our homes, where our workplaces or neighborhoods or houses of worship. It also has to be reflected in our national guard. This guy is a fucking cocksucker, this mother, fuckin guy, this guy, who used government to fuck people over harder than they have ever been fucked over before sense. Is now acted like he Santa Claus now he's acting like he actually gives a shit about people he's acting like when there is a crisis like this. When he was president, he actually fuckin help people when he didn't. what a lying charlatan, the This is why we have Trump,
You want to know why you have trouble because of Barack Obama, his horrible, leadership, his fucking over of people in crisis. The kind of leadership is guided by knowledge and experience, honesty and humility, honesty, empathy, epoch, grace. Leadership. Doesn't just belong in our states. Capitals. There's really does it belongs in the White House, Gray is ours? How about when you let it play out member when that with our crack, and that has a peaceful protesters, you let a play you're a blue. Let him do it. We ve learned as a country from moments of great crisis is that the Spirit of looking out for one another can't be restricted to our homes, where our workplaces, where our neighbourhood saw our houses of worship or drowns. It also has to be reflected in our national guard. The kind of leadership that's guided by knowledge and experience, honesty
and humiliate me. Like Joe Biden, empathy and grace I caught a leadership doesn't just belong in our states. Capitals and mayors offices belongs in the White House and that's why I'm so proud to endorse Joe Biden for presently united. It's a guy who, where we had a crisis last time, help me screw you over so hard. He was my candidate equally to Wall Street and the insurance industry member. He beheld help past bankruptcy bill that made it harder for people and crisis. That's what we do. We are Democrats were wolves in sheep's clothing. We screw you over worse than Republicans, and this is the guy who's endorsing somebody who has dementia, yet debenture so got hurt. Now, Brok Obama gets his chance to lie to you. just like Bernie, had a chance yesterday lie to you that Joe Biden is a good guidance should be president. Joe Biden is not a good guy.
And he's demented and he should be anywhere near, they should take his car keys away, let alone the fuckin keys to the government. He's gonna have his finger on the nuclear football really at Brok. Obama's gonna lie to you at any centres. Allied you that's leadership that they're gonna gaslight their own followers and thinking Joe Biden is a demented, that's a real revolution You got in with that here we go Would it be? My vice president was one of the best decisions I ever made. My guy became a close friend and I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now he's up demented has a horrible track record. Is a warmonger, is in the pocket of big Business Wall Street Health insurance by Pharma its everything we need right now, oh and fossil fuels and his hand. His bout did did to veto the solution to the problem. Right now, what She's universal Healthcare Medicare for all do understand why we have trump. We have tromp because we got a guy like this.
Who is a fucking liar thousand percent corrupt. screwed over people when they are in dire situation, deported more hispanics than all the president's combined? That's why you got Donald Trump, because people are desperate, because a fuckin pieces of shit, like Brok, Obama and Joe Biden and now Bernie, tells you to vote for that. Guy. And whose own life has taught him, how to persevere had abounds back when you ve been knocked down and your talks with parents have lost their jobs. We hear the sound of a man who once knew the pain of having to tell his children No one else, we know what Joe Biden he had an it didn't. You have an eight million dollar healthcare bill for his kid that he was gonna, have to sell his house to pay for than you gave him the money, the two guys who is it
Guinyard that healthcare system that bank rubbed it Joe Biden kid when he got cancer, you guys are you guys there aren't words strong enough to describe what craven pieces of shit you and Joe Biden are. There aren't words strong enough and fuck the media that prompt you up. That's why we have a show and fuck the progressive media who props you up lost his when your talks about opportunity for our kids, we hear the young father who took the train home each night, so he could talk his children intimate and we hear the influence of Joe lifelong teacher
when your talks to families who have lost a hero, we're another parent of an american better. Who is lead people into illegal wars and gotten them killed and has helped killed. Millions of other people he's a warmongering chief he's. A maniac is social pact, the killer, just like I am I'm Barack Obama emerging you to vote for another sociopath killer, like Joe Biden, a kindred spirits. Somebody who's faith has endured hardest lost areas, That's job to all his trials he's never once forgotten the values or the moral fibre that his parents passed on to him and made him who he is that's what steals his faith in God in America and in all of us that steel made him
incredible partner when I needed one, the most Joe was there as we rebuilt from the great recession and rescued the american auto industry, he was the one asking what every policy would do for middle class and everyone striving to get into the middle class. That's why I asked them to implement the recovery act which save millions of jobs and got people back on their feet. Good job get stop this mother fucker this Craven lying gas lighting piece of shit who flew into flit michigan- slipped. A glass of water and left those people did die is now pretending he helped people during the great recession, and you know why he gets a lot or is it is able to do this?
years after the fact, because Bernie Sanders at Nut and no from the Democrat ever made a critique of it, which is why we got Donald Trump, which is why we're going to get four more years of Donald Trump's. Do you think this is going to do anything? Do you think this is going to make people vote for Joe Biden this this? This makes people try government less, because everyone knows Barack Obama's lying just like Bernie Sanders was lying yesterday. When he said Joe Biden would be a good president, Joe Biden, his demented, and they should take his car keys away. I bet they already have. I bet they ve already taken Joe Biden, car keys away from him, and then you got fuckin neo, liberal tools of war and destruction like Barack Obama, a wolf in Sheep's clothing, the enemy of the people Barack Obama Major DIS, swore criminal, Barack Obama, telling you too,
Joe Biden. You think this is this is this? Is this? Is the establishment still, but they don't give a shit? If Biden does a wink, as they already got their guide Donald Trump as their guy and a few Trump voter new thing trump? Is there to stick to the establishment? You got another thing coming: he is the establishment his cabinet is the swamp. He always biggest legislative achievement. Besides this give away to the corporations that are gonna fuck you right now. What's the big tech trillion dollar tax guy to give to the richest people before that, you notice they don't ever talk about any more Joe help. Me manages one anyone and prevent the above epidemic from becoming the type of Ben Damon we're seeing now. and now we're actually finding out that it was Joe Biden Brok, Obama that left us unprepared for the situation that were actually finding out right now. Help me with Store America's standing and leadership in the world on the other threats of our time. Like nuclear proliferation and climate change, Joe has the character and the experience to guide
through one of our darkest Joe has no Hector. Joe is literally a sociopath lyre people knew this. first time you ran for president, he had to drop out because they showed videotapes have been lying over and over and over and over again cities said he graduated top of the class. He did. It said he had a double major. He did it set out said he gave speeches Or for other politicians, speeches in England said it was, is you don't? You did the sullen public. Look what you did to Anita Hill. This is the guy. So right now you guys, Hold me. Cavanaugh was the worst thing in the world, but now Joe Biden is ok, you wonder why we have trump bombs and he was through a long recovery, and I know he'll surround himself with good people, experts, scientists, military officials,
who actually know who actually tell us. We should invade Libya drop twenty six thousand Bob's on Syria tell us we should open the. It's a drilling whenever shell oil asks tell us to build cages put immigrants it. We should gas immigrants out there, but that's the guy to experts, Joe Biden gotta put in his cabinet. You guys, like Larry Summers, guys deregulated Wall Street, how to run the government and care about doing a good job running the government and know how to work with our allies. and who will always put the american people's interests above their candidate for having run the gauntlet of primaries income
because this alongside one the most impressive democratic fields ever each of our candidates, were talented and decent, but the track record of accomplishment, smart ideas and serious visions for the future and that certainly true the candy. Whom does anybody believe anything he saying? Does anyone believe what the fuck he sang the anyone? People are begging, begging for you to stop showing this video. They hate him. Some. This is unbelief. I can't we're almost there almost at an unbelievable farther than any other Bernie Sanders Burmese, an american region, a man who has devoted his life the sheet of hurting resident. You unable revolutionary party dreams and frustrations
You know I have always agreed on everything, but we ve always share the conviction. Yeah, like Bernie was against the a use for giving people healthcare. You are against it virtuous for keeping people in their houses, your for kicking them out. Minnows gotta differences is that the differences you're talkin about Iraq, the liar Obama financially stressed and given too little support, and that applies to the next generation of America's young people graduating into unprecedented unemployment. They're gonna need economic policies that give them faith and future at all. If you just go like that, does that mean that Joe Biden magically habit of policy if you saved? If you talk like this, there are goin, indeed, policies in the future. Does that mean?
by what is the policy? Joe Biden has helped them. He will not tell you in the future, dead, give them relief. What relief? What relief brok is brought, is Joe Biden bringing Even though he looks drunk almost they look, some people said that he was and drag their little scarlet zone Draghi. Does it got droopy eyes and shit, give them relief from crushing stood alone that so we need to do more than just tinkering around the edges, with tax credits or under funded programmes. We have to go further. We need to do more than just think around the edges. Hank. Unfortunately, Joe Biden isn't that guy he's not gonna. Do anything If you know he's demented, we took his car keys away, but please vote for him. I'm Barack I'm the reason you have Trump and I'll fuck you with a grin, give everybody a great education, a lasting career and a stable retirement. We have to protect the gains we made with the affordable care, it ok,
We have to protect you know. Barack Obama has no legacy because the affordable care ACT is going away right now, because the everyone's gonna lose their healthcare because it is depression so his it's got it so they're gonna replace it with something I get my bet they call it drummed care ed. Obama has no, what is his? Let not no legacy. He made the Bush tax cuts permanent. He made the bank's bigger. It took us, do wars the seven he opened. The article Really, whenever soya shell oil ass, he didn't do it. Four occupy. He walked over the teachers unions in Wisconsin. He let people at standing rocket their heads cracked in what he has no legacy. His whole legacy, is the affordable care act which is an affordable and doesn't care for anybody. His whole legacy is a piece of shit corporate give away which is going away for years after his these out of the present his signature, achievement is gonna, be gone by the way is signature, achievements, sucks everyone, fuckin hates it,
Uncle Bob I, as the legacy Hillary Clinton, already lost Donald Trump and Joe Biden about to lose it Donald Trump. That's Barack Obama was legacy. He handed the country over to Donald Trump. He made people so desperate. They wouldn't vote Democrat anymore. That's his real legacy and burning. It'll never fuck and tell you that, because Bernie Sanders a lap dog to the democratic establishment, that's what Bernie Sanders actually is and he'll never tell you. This is also time to go further. We should plans affordable for everyone here oh, do in it. We should make plans affordable, for everyone need all the help countries about to lose their healthcare? We should make it affordable. They don't have jobs that sell em some jobs. What are we at one of the poorest
but by more money, so they could buy their healthcare with a public option, expand Medicare and finish the job so that healthcare isn't just a right but a reality, for Everybody I had eight years in office and it still is a reality and I didn't do it. I instituted a plan that crushed people, that's what I did but away after my plague at instituted health insurance, a big farmers stock went through the roof. That's how you know was a good healthcare plan. Fuck Barack Obama thought the Democratic Party and FUCK Bernie Sanders when he tells you to swim to vote for a demented guy who's a warmonger and your enemy who's already filed that he's not going to give you healthcare, FUCK Barack Obama and FUCK Bernie Sanders when he tells you to vote for Joe Biden's, because Sanders is fuckin gaslight anew in line to you in, Is he doing that? So he doesn't have a hard life, so he could still have friends in Washington D.
because that's his entire social circle. That's why we have to return the? U S to the Paris Remit and lead the world in reducing the pollution that causes climate change. This is the guy who brags brags, that the United States became world's largest oil producer under his term. Under his administration he brags about it. Brags. They produce more oil under history than any other administration. He brags about that. So fuck off again, but science tells us we have to go much further. it's time for us to accelerate progress on board. who green initiatives that make our economy. You really
think Joe Biden is the guy's gonna led bold progress on green initiatives. You didn't do it, what it wise he gonna do it clean energy, innovator, save us money and secure our children's future. Of course, Democrats may not always agree on every detail of the best way to bring about each and every one of these changes like, for instance, I would say the Democratic Party should stop taking money from big Pharma Wall Street and fossil fuels? He would say: no, we should take even more and then do whatever they want. So that's a little bit of a disagreement. Barack Obama would say we should taking money from the people who are the problem and then do what they want. So that's kind of a different, I would say, don't take it money and then do the exact opposite of what those people want. So that's a little bit of a difference. I would say, don't open the order to drilling, I would say: don't kick five point
one million families out of their homes. In the middle of a great recession, he would say openly art to drilling, he would say, make the bank's bigger. He say, kick five point, one million families on their house during a recession. I would say no, so that's the little disagreements. We have Brok Obama, and have a little disagreement with you. Barack Obama is your enemy as much as Donald Trump as your enemy this even worse, because you can see it coming with Donald Trump, but you can't see come with this move Talkin mother fucker, but we do agree that are needed, and that only happens if we, while I love when it I'll at when it does that kind, we ah, I really really mean this part this election, because one thing everybody has learned by now is that the Republicans occupying the White House and running the Us Senate are not interested in progress. I'd like the debt
Rats. Well enough fog, kind of bullshit, Kabuki theatre. Is this: how much did the Democrats explode? Donald, Tramp's, military Baja Journey? Thirty, one billion dollars, Brok, they just gave Brok Vegas- gave Trump for further bombs. Your Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, just screwed America allow woodchucks humor, and so this is exactly what they want. They always need to have someone else. They can blame. So if we had one party rule it would probably acts have been. If we had on the surface one party rule, we actually have one Eddie rule on the underneath, but if we had it on the surface, we might be able actually get some shit done because they couldn't play this Gabe left right volume in voting Mamma. We would actually demand our leaders do something they're interested in power. Unlike we came friends, are willing to kick millions off their health and should have
do your has out of their homes, whereas Barack Obama? willing to kick millions of people out in the street during a recession. And eliminate preexisting condition protections for milk more, even in the middle of this public health crisis and in the middle of this public health crisis, you want to sell people more healthcare make an affordable to the people who just lost their jobs. Even if they willing to spend a trillion dollars on tax cuts for the wealthy they ve given polluters, unlimited power but a poison, our air and our water and adds. Did you the science of climate change, just as they denied the science of pandemics repeatedly been disregarded?
american principles of rule of law God this is this is my favorite currency. This is why is it that data don't follow the norms and rules he made like how how you didn't prosecute bonafide war criminals. You may like those rules how you, how you tortured, Chelsea Manning Barack Obama,
tortured, Chelsea Manning and now he's gonna talk about norms and the constitution. Brok Obama repealed habeas Corpus, Rock Obama repealed habeas corpus, so fuck you Barack Obama and FUCK Bernie Sanders for telling me to support Joe Biden, a demented war criminal courts that previous administrations observed. Regardless of fine principles that are the bedrock of our democracy like heaviest court, habeas corpus, is in the Magna Carta Barack Obama repealed habeas Corpus, which means we are operating on a liberty view from somewhere around from the one thousand one hundred right. Now, Trump could lock you up and definitely because of Barack Obama.
throw listed in disguise a con artists from the pocket minute from the from the word: one he's a con artist. rock Obama's Align con artists he's just better it trump. You can tell he's lying. Brok, Obama, he let you seem sincere, he does that talk. We really gotta do better things for people to our countries. Future hangs on the selection. I thought it last wounded and it won't be easy. The other side has a massive war chest, the other side as a propaganda network, with little regard for the truth again, just read just shut your fuckin stupid face you such a stupid, fucking liar you such a mediocrity. If such a mediocre piece of shit, Barack Obama,
On the other hand, pandemics, having way of cutting through a lot of noise and spin to remind us of what is real and what is important and what is not real is that you gave people healthcare and that's what people are finding out right now, you didn't give anybody anything. You gave trillions of dollars to your friends in big Farmin Health and Healthcare and Wall Street, and you fucked in that's what people are fine. That's that's what everybody's finding out right now. This crisis has reminded us that government matters
it reminded us that good government matters. Let me pass and science he has it. You know what it reminded me of how invaluable grocery store workers are, how invaluable postal delivery people are, how valuable our hospitals are. Medical staff incited. I dont, understand Jimmy J D. I don't understand why Barack Obama is taking this long as if he's actually running for president right now, instead of Joe Biden Jimmy. This was an endorsement video, no. But but what is this now, but at least it is doing at his you know, is pretty
To pretend that there is a difference between him and Donald Trump and Republicans in or is it that the rule of law matters having leaders who are informed and didn't prosecute one person on Wall Street? Why cause Barack Obama's entire cabinet came from an email from city group like a problem as a tool like brothel bomb? Is a liar he's a cop man. He kicked five point. One million found his other house didn't prosecute. One banker didn't prosecute one war, criminal. Didn't end. One war took us from two wars: the seven rock Obama's a con man and seek to bring people together rather than drive them apart. Those kind of leaders matter, in other words,
elections matter right now. We need Americans of goodwill to unite in a great awakening against a politics that too often has been characterised by corruption, carelessness, self dealing disinformation.
He's doing this video from may ask forty eight forty nine anchor palace on Marthas Vineyard Jacinto, so when he says in a great awakening against a politics that too often has been characterized by corruption, carelessness, self dealing, disinformation, corruption, self, dealing, this information, ignorance, all those things are guilty of manifest- is a manifest in your life. Ignorance and just plain meanness are also euro guilty of that you gassed immigrants at the border. You built those cages trumpeted people in youth. You drone killed this ninety percent civilians, you executed at american child without a trial, and then you laugh about it. Look what you did to Libya. You turn it into a failed state. Would open slave markets? Isn't that just plain me
you funded ISIS, you funded ISIS. You gave money to ices and Syria timber sycamore. Look it up what could be more mean than that Barack Obama? understand why we have trump. You understand understand. We have a government that, in the middle of a pandemic, doesn't give you healthcare but gives trillions of dollars to the richest motherfuckers in the country already, and you could, because we have pieces of shit like Brok Obama, who are common and bought media, And even more progressive media ain't telling you the truth anymore, he would you prefer of media line you about Bernie Sanders lines? You buy Elsie Land you bought. What's going on the change that We need Americans of all political strength to get involved in politics and public life like never before.
for those of us who believe in building a more just, more generous, more Democratic America, you need to get out of the Democratic Party. Because we're a pro Wall Street WAR Party and we will crush anybody who tries to help the people. Where everybody has a fair shot, an opportunity for those those who believe in a government that cares about the many not just the few. for those of us who love this country and are willing to do our part to make it lives up to its highest ideals, now's the time to fight. For what we believe. What about when you Complete control of government was at a time to fight rubber. When you have you are the President Democrats control the House and they had a fellow buster proof Senate. Remember that remember what you did than I do.
made the bank's bigger. You kicked five point, one billion people other house, and you gave it gave us a healthcare plan that fact everybody in the asses hard as possible, while give trillions of dollars to your donors and big farmer and healthcare health insurance. That's what you did, but now it's time to fight, if you would, done anything back, then we wouldn't have to be fighting so hard right now, but you did nothing to join us join job, Pa Joe Biden that come God even says it like a giant alibi, know those guys like a joke. He taken carry yourself and your families and each other. What about you kicked out leaving in the possibilities possibility of being of what- and I will see you on the campaign trail as soon as I get on to excite. Oh, my God, jimmied Paraca bomb is going to start making
public appearances on behalf of Joe Biden- and I can't tell you know already- I dont know if anybody else after watching it, don't you just know more hope and change, and yes, we can knowing that President Barack Obama is now supporting Joe Biden. It's like a dream. Come true right, Jimmy it's like a dream. Come true If anybody wants to see what's wrong with America, they should watch that speech. That's what's wrong with America. What's wrong with America is because we have comment like Barack Obama and people think he's Santa Claus when he's actually worse than TED Cruz. Why? Because you can see TED Cruz coming, that's why. That's why that's? Why that's why Rachel Matthau increase haze are more insidious then shown Hannity. Why, as you can see shown entity coming,
president had Kurd Netflix mogul Broccoli bomb online alone. During the bell, I've got a start talking about burning and what should have been a far bigger about Joe and what should happen, but, but you Biden till by the front, among whom I respect your bike. I know all you folks to go, get yourselves at the border and banned. Yet I know Joe baggage here, but we were dominates with a lot of baggage before so, let's do what as I have always done in difficult times like this protective happening allude babbling, but what about the millions of Americans who are suffering right now? I feel the pain. Don't forget,
rank football virus, huge tragedy. We must all ago, at all, respected. Both of you to stay here I'll, be waiting somewhere in the bath. Everything about No, are you know, there's a lot more than that phone CALL Billina have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member, go to Jimmy Door, Comedy D. Cobb sign up. of horrible premium programme. Business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay, Lando, step San Marino, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written all the voices report today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found. It might make great that's it for this week.
you'll be the best you can. We shall keep you need a doctor.
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