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FBI Director Exposed!

2019-12-19 | 🔗

Bernie Sanders "un-endorses" Cenk Uygur!

James Comey's lies exposed in interview!

CNN denies public opinion of impeachment!

Phone calls from Jake Tapper, George Clooney, Barrack Obama!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jimmy or show hey. This is Jimmy who's. This Jimmy camphor, I jig from Kuwait, with yeah yeah yeah right. Yes, I know high jig check out Another journalist credo works, but go about these shattering events that are unfolding before our very eyes. You mean how the keys pipeline spill- is almost ten times worse than originally thought. Even though tree in Canada, the energy company that owns it, swore this good? never happened before you talk. about each man. Are you want
That's right now the appeal No I'm not watching it. It's amazing, isn't it of all now Story happenings in the media level, tribunes of the people reporting from afar, protected by the first amendment of the plant, which in turn is being bravely protected by the impeach. What that's? What look at it Jake. I guess my way Jimmy the only way to justify our important the media to be is to extol the importance what we are showing on cable television, which is the impeachment of a president who was elected large.
We do with all its ongoing thing to war, As you see seem very humble Jake. Thank you. I feel when the present surveys the law makers bravely upholding the prostitution say briefly or an oath to yet yet. Yes, very brave of these people do publicly act out a sham they know full well won't have an effect on anything and certainly won't led to drums removal. You weren't Jimmy was less sense, mainstream corporate Democrats really do anything substantially for the american people anymore. There only political strategy is defrayed themselves as the good guys all they have rights
Only twenty. You see, we impedes the bad bad because he's a bad man and we're good. My hope Jake is that the amount Can people will finally see through this charade and vote for true left us and Progressive who actually care that entire city, you don't have drinking water and that people are dying because they can afford to be sick. great Jimmy people will see the truth that the Democrats are risking everything for this. A That's not your you're, not listening to me at all. Are you all? I am listening to you Jim I am hearing history being made on three and in yes and the best part for me, is your MSNBC just eat law up. If Europe the side of the fake good guys. Then you get to be. tv good Guys- is that the idea,
is the head, the where's, the crown of smog self satisfaction. Jim happy would, I would imagine so Jake. You know, I'm surprised, You don't have neck problems well, Well, I've been shadowing Chris Cuomo, the Jim, and he saw me- is ended net. Getting at you ever go I need your prepare were my our living, why getting and also making this about me somehow history is very ok. Best luck, Jake, I'm gonna! Go smoke stop
sliding down the street and Johnson Meeting some had the chance to show. everybody welcome this week. Jimmy door show some see alive. Jimmy door, she'll we're going to Portland, tempt, be Sacramento San Jose in Miami GO to Jimmy Door, comedy dot com for a link for all the tickets, for all our lives shows hey, let's get to the jug before we get to the joke, Shelly hey, you think your family's bad during the holidays. Have you see the impeachment hearings? Mri, comma obvious? gettin, I'm glad our democracies being restored in its tragic. How Donald Trump has target the good name of impeachment by committing war crimes. Greece, ignores Hen president's, never get punished for did you know nine years ago this week or
Obama ended. Don't ask don't tell you so now. Dramatic Americans would no longer to live a lie in order to California billions for oil, somebody somewhere points. I color, but still funny hated you here, that the debate, the democratic debate, which was cancelled twice over Union strikes is back on and I'm super happy about that, as we learned so much from all the other debates, Corey Booker. Now also he wants to change all the rules on the debates. That's rock. We finally thought an issue that Corey Booker is passion, at about changing the rules, so we can talk about, think for one more debate? Neither isn't that nice braided, you repeat, Buddha Judge, came out with a new slogan a chicken and every part in its hassle and every wine cave. That's true, hey! What's Gub Chris Wallace absolutely destroys lying Jim call me former FBI director
Were they multiple, multiple lies? The F b, I told to devise a court to spy on a presidential campaign plus Bernie on, endorses Genk Huger, once we get phone calls today from Jake Tap George Collooney Barack Obama was a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy Georgia, hello, Nowadays, there is a broad Obama Santa Claus around calling the ceremony or they give with just a few practical. I'm all can also asked about what care for you or somebody you care about, build up a boy better,
It's only ten dollars or less yeah. I know I tell me what Only ten dollars or worse, that sounds great, will cover everything I need anywhere. I go to church that's a total of one hundred and seventy five different companies with their own rules are on doctors, their own obeys, Rendre, formulary, snuff joint. How is that choice? Brok, why do you like you wanted but having a growing fit, but he couldn't de Jure Giordano? Ok, our thirty five insurers time different doctors times different premiums, Capades Adaptable, depending on where you live, how you are how much money have a bit of a car, how the gear that goes over seventy million variation you gotta, navigate through before the deadline it yet, but that sounds too complicated of complicated about giving you a doctor who just graduated from
beauty medical school. You I didn't know there was a medical school in Bermuda, obviously right when you say that you may or may not know the rumbling happening that question a walk at that choice you're gonna get a version. I will impact, belies the do in your family, biographer fifty, but the symbols with deeds even when already blogger com that's another thing, I never got why are there in Rome and periods. Why can't people just get the help they need when they won it? Americans don't appreciate anything unless there made to feel at home. millions of drivers stop at a proper yeah. No, I kids only with kids
at the matter from not yet jumping observers boy, thereby up? Maybe I'm not let you off to ease either this did. Did they didn't seem right? Brok go get wet before down, so you can understand. Take a look at this helpful. Twenty twenty patient centred benefit divined. The medical call shares chart woods. The twenty twenty pc baby and am fear. No, I don't follow. You do impatient network manoeuvring plan, several colors of gold and silver. Ninety four loggerhead sober right near you got in its silver, eighty, seven, seventy three and regular soldiers over time. Good metals right, then there is the minimum coverage. The end it's that again,
like every no progress at all. If you lose all your young, I dont think I like this gift idea to do after us what one asterisk star simultaneous back to your number costs. They made up but what, if there's two of them next to a co pay em out, I just me and your family also adopt all you have to me like a big puzzle. Did you get the help you my eyes are too weak to read all the fine print body do any of these plans include vision. Coverage Jimmy offers, consumers a pathway to reveal a pet. What what does that mean a pathway but we will show you the pathway guy, get it the guys, that none of this is good news. Is it I never forget it.
You don't know about a deadline to sign up some days ago, a merry Christmas and whatever to you in your loved ones? If you can still do So here comes so the Bernie Sanders campaign Endorse Genk eager and apparently they did absolute zero research before they decided to endorse Junker euchre. They permeated zero Here we go Sanders revokes congressional endorsement of young Turks founder Genk eager. Why did you do something in between when you endorsed him and now know it's the same old stuff, the same stuff hairs bears were burning, Bernie tweets, out he's Genk you there has been a long time fighter against corruption. However, he says however, our movement is bigger than any one person. I hear myself
orders who were frustrated and understand their concerns. Today said he is rejecting all endorsements for his campaign and I retract my endorsement what a sad sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad that this the guy is going to fight the establishment for you and many rolls over every freaking time. He did it with Matt or fella men. Orful made a video that showed the smears that people do, and social media and in the press on Bernie Sanders are not true, and so we made a video about it. It was the greatest video ever it gap. millions views everybody loved it Bernie Sanders campaign,
reach out to him to hire him and then some hit job person, corporate who hate stem hates Bernie Sanders? Does it hit job on met? Orful, take stuffy, says that a context just like they did the Bernie Sanders and they Miriam with it and Bernie throws him mad under the bus. I can't stand up for a guy who just stood up for me so by my thing. Is you didn't know anything about junk you could before you endorse it yet. This is his camp witticism. Bernie is his campaign. These again, if Bernie wins the democratic nomination, it's gonna be because of Bernie, because people like Bernie and they like his message age, because his strategists are some of the worst in the world.
they roll over at Bay, they they can't decide whether there actually are anti establishment or they wanted knuckle under to every Randal. On Twitter Facebook. Must be a revolutionary, so here out here, The story from the younger set on Friday that he appreciates the support from Sanders Qana Roxana and need a turner. So those are centres to culture. They all endorse them, but will not be setting any endorsement in his house campaign beside Sandy younger has also want that is broke out above a bubble up. Obviously so this is the stuff. So it's the same stuff, so it's the same. So this is why, in our society, how they did to the policy,
they just repeat the same smear over and over no matter how many times it's been explained. Yes, yes, tell. She met with Assad. She also met with his opposition, is called diplomacy she's on the ARM Services committee. So, no matter how many times you explain that steps, and everybody on MSNBC is gonna, stand there and say she's an aside Dodi right in front of Michael, more who won't say a word in fact: you'll join in and other doing subject: Yogurt Bernie Sanders and Bernie was to stand up for Genk. That's all looks to me. That's a burning his campaign or whatever I don't know. I wanted. I want to blame Bernie for it, but how do you it's his campaign. and so either was a mistake to endorse junk in the first place, or it's a mistake to knuckle under right now to the same old smear tactics.
It's a mistake, one way or the other? And it's you sad you're gonna make a mistake. I'd rather have a make a mistake, being bold, not the same old decal under. So this is what is so. This is what their upset about avi. This is stuff that Genk you gotta wrote. I think, nineteen years ago, on a blog when he was trying to be Howard Stern, he said Usually the genes of women are flawed. They are poor, really designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peacefully and fruitfully. So this is a who cake it laid and is trying to write a funny trying to write funnily about it. What he's really say there is I but I'm a nerd, and I I can't attract women. That's what he's saying he's they. Obviously it's not me so era web. Explain this a million times. I don't feel like doing it get so anyway, you got it.
So another younger. Also, other post outlining the rules of dating, including There must be orgasm by the fifth day, so he said to her. So his response was First of all, I wrote that stuff. Nineteen years ago I deleted it. Fifteen years ago, Euchre said I deleted it now because I thought I'd get caught her. Someone would find it. I deleted it because I didn't believe in it any more Jake. You We are right wing of meat head. This is not me. I was trying to be stupid, politically incorrect Republican, so I wrote those things I newer offensive. Euchre also defended himself this week from remarks he made in a twenty thirteen episode of his show in which he ranked women on scale from one to ten based on how likely men would be to perform oral sex on them. Among other things, you were told them
Us Angeles times that he he should not be criticised for having frank conversations about sex. I agree but of course, they're gonna take everything out of context and they're gonna and in the hashtag me too era that you know a guy, Genk, Huger who's, who prided himself on speaking frankly about everything and was doing a podcast that was have political and have pop culture that you could take anything. He says at the top two three hours a day on air. You take anything. He set out a contacts and that's what's happening, but the bigger point is that this dissenters campaign again making tactical errs on four, doesn't unforced error. And if you can't stand again, I doubt this is if Genk Yogurt is to toxic. Further progress. You guys are, as you know, what are you doing? Who does this
a p. I don't get it anyway. There you go and now Jack knows what it's like to be smear: repeatedly in a political campaign over garbage. So now he knows how tall is feels. Now he knows how tall is feels People bring up the same goddamn be asked to her over and over and over and over, even though she's been as she's answer those questions for a year straight now, so the time she gets on tv, they're gonna have a puke like Steve Schmidt who was ended somebody sees led, interviewer untold see. Now I guess the guy who brought us Sarah Palin, that's their go to guy for information. They asked steeps opinion a guy who Foisted Sarah Palin out as they go to his him, he's gonna smear policy. and then people on the left repeated so I'm sure, there's peep
on the left. Repeating these this this stuff on Genk, maybe maybe At some point, people on the left stop doing that baby, it's employ people? I love stand up. The such snowflakes on the left. There's still can't wait to throw each other on the bus at the drop of a hat for stuff. Like this Unbelievable, though, not upset that Genk pushed Russia Gate for three years, there not they're, not upset that he was evidence free goods, piracy very about Russia Gate for three straight year. Thirty upset about that, because Bernie does the same thing: they're not upset. that their reigniting Mccarthyism in America there not upset about that and that interesting. But this is it. This is what
upset about ok, there you go and, of course, Bernice campaign. Not I love Bernie. I love alleys Ben. consistent. I hate how him in his campaign can't stand up at all they ones. And up for Nina Turner when they kicked off the convention stage and who did they have talk of the conventions they they kicked off a black men and put on Michael Bloomberg a billionaire who racist who instituted, stop and frisk. He got to talk, not need Turner, Bernie, didn't do anything they displayed dig gripped his delegates. Third, there jerks then chose. Would let them in the convention are burning. Do anything they turned on I saw on them and put sound cannons on his delegates at the convention, and he didn't do anything so after that do all that it goes out a unity. Your doesn't still stand so
anyway, and end met. The ultimate irony was mad or fulla, so when this first came out with Genk with the with the Justice Democrats, when they first met him with this, he should have never stopped out correct. You should never step down from the agenda. This is what you get your neck. we're going to stop apologizing once you start apologizing for stuff you're not supposed to you'll, never stop I don't I don't never be enough for This is the kind of weak, the sorry stuff doors body go with. All idea is that were taking all of this stuff out of context that that I can pull my support because of something that he was being provocative. I mean how many things can you take out a contact right and what was our country like nineteen year years ago. You Ellen is still dancing with war criminals in Africa on the afternoon tv again subjects before when he resigned from the judge,
the driving to Justice Democrats as an organisation through Genk under the bus which showed that there also feckless and enough. That's the right word I liked it though didn't know you were there. It was, I don't think I used a correct. Was nice looking up Ruby? Look it up feckless! I don't think I used the road, was he feckless using feckless, and I mean all the their everything they say about the lefties having no spine. This whole situation reveals it. Genk certainly had no by one, is to resign from the judge. Democrats, it was a thing he founded it's too bad. I knows it's too bad it is. It just goes to show you that what you did the Republicans know how to get around with you a story. Next about the Republicans just rolled. and see policy in every House Democrat who voted for the NBA, but they're really outraged about tromp, but there outraged about Trump and and guess what they did.
They gave Trump everything he asked for in the NBA, and there really outraged at tromp yeah, that's how they show their outrage, that's how they show their outrage They give Trump more money for his military than they the asks for hundred and thirty one more billion dollars for the military under Trump. Since Trump was elected. You know that the milk the budget, has been up two hundred and thirty one billion dollars since Trump took office, but we don't have enough money in our country, threats to cover every citizen or cut off her health. our college or people homeless? We don't have any money to take care of our people, our brothers and sisters that are living on the street, but he's doing anything about anyway? This is so there you go. so I'm so mad at an old black man years ago Jimmy. I can't stand it again. This is what they feed into. This is what the Jump Justice Democrats feed into when they,
did that to Genk and that Genk whirled over and took it and I'll burns rolling over forging that's. So do you feed out stand up at some point? This is the left. Does they all roll over Genk rolled over and then Bernie rolls over they just keep rolling. Over. If you guys would stand up at some point, I think it would be attractive to people. did we would stand up, stand up against the CIA and the FBI during Russia Gate maybe do that stand up against have and the CIA and they're talking points. Syria and then his way, LE and Bolivia and IRAN and Libya. How bout you do that about you start standing up against people instead of go, along with the establishment, fuckin talking points, I think that's about you start pushing Mccarthyism which is an establishment tool.
that there are now using against Bernie Sanders about you start standing up to these people. Sorry, I certainly think that's the peel for me of tells he gathered yeah sure dad's up? Yes right, you know he didn't buckle under when Hillary Clinton called a Russian. She said she's the. men of war muggers? What did Bernie say when they called her when Bernice when she said Bernie was being boosted by Russians what it Bernie say back I don't remember it didn't didn't make the news, and I I think I also was pretty tickled when she said that she say that we're not Saudis, bitches or something. Yes, that's right. He said that the Trump So there is a role that such leadership Trump with Saudis, Bitch and that the soldiers are not there. not our pimp and we're not his hordes right that that's something very close to what she said about him see if you can find out. You know again,
and burn. He's gonna go up at the next debate until her body homer. How frenzy is what all the people we hate, which gets you'd nothing and the Shell Obama will tell me that she was struck to the car when she heard those awful things about tramp. Put having pussy, except for you, get the same values as George W Bush, but she has the same values as a torturer and a war criminal Valley use now. You know why we have trump. So again, this is Jenks then stand up for himself when the justice, Deborah credits came for him and now Bernie wants then up for Jack it just keeps going Bernie one stand up for Nina, nay. Once then his own delegates, pretty one standard format or Falada once they not for Genk. Jimmy tells ease. Tweet was hey Real Donald Trump call in being Saudi Arabia's. Bitch is not quote America first,
so there you go. So that's the ugly story of the left being rolled constantly by their enemies cause! That's who did this the enemies of progressive. These are corporate Democrats coming at Genk and burning endorsement. That's what this is and they were all right over the snow. Had so impeachment the whole up point of the damage. grants having an impeachment trial and having the impasse when herons, whatever they ve been doing the whole point of it is to convince the american people that the impeachment is right, because right now before the impeachment hearings- and it was like fifty fifty in the country- and you can't do and impeachment with what
Fifty fifty! You can't do that. So the whole point of it was light. Will, after we made our case of the Democrats, who make their case every the whole country will be on board, looks out what's happening. In fact, the more people here about the the Democrats case for impeachment, the less people are for it that, and that idea Joe asked cannot be accepted on CNN, so here we are so here CNN, having a hard time accepting facts. Here we go did. You give us a real on where the poles are right now with impeachment, because you told us earlier they support has softened a little bit among Democrats yeah, I mean, where John showed the numbers diseases caused by the way what
I see this guy. I always think of your killing me Larry divided on this of forty five percent support in regional and removal. Forty seven percent are opposed, but if you do look at abide party else in your right, you see in decline from our last pole, in democratic support from nineteen percent down to seventy seven percent. You see independence holding roughly sitting there in a slight decline. Among Republicans, I would just note that that November Paul was taken right on the heels of that House Intelligence Committee hearings. All the public evidence being put forth to the american people, and probably because about damn so he just said they took this pole right. After all, the evidence the Democrats had was made public and so and everyone's it went down. So where from ten percent of Republicans from prefer impeachment, went down to five forty seven percent. independence would down to forty five
Ninety Democrats went down to seventy seven after the Democrats made their case. Without or damage evidence. While sorry, that's not gonna fly had seen the evidence is Democrats, probably we're at their most enthused engaged in support of mode of impeachment in the weeks since then, it's been much more political warfare, but, but let's be clear, overwhelmingly Democrats are supporting this overwhelmingly republican interaction. so my twin brother, that I dont believe that pull for one second part, and I mean which landlines that they call for crying out loud, I don't
He doesn't believe that Paul and we go my twin brother that I dont believe that pull for one second part to ninety two: seventy seven percent- I you know that it's just I don't believe it would like. It makes no sense that that number would change like that. Genital. It's a subset, its of the poor. The margin of error when you look at just Democrats is like six point. Seven percent in here: it's it's, not a wild swing, it's just where the movement is in the pole. I don't know, what's not to believe that's what you know you copy problem, the telephone ain't you get their information, you pop out a survey. This is what those that I hold. I get it, but I get it. I ran to her. I have no evidence to say that this pole is wrong and I'm debt that just now works here at CNN I mean I mean It's hard, hitting analysis of ASEAN that, because I said so, in our life mean life has promised that poles are sometimes wrong and David that Paul this wrong. Just as I said, ok,
Joe? I guess I said so. I think this is called frayed owing the news this deciduous like when Jake Tapir, says Medicare for all cost more than the current system we have, because I say it is. I say it's more expensive in your doo doo head, that's That's their level of analysis right here. Do you see this? I was waiting for they say. Life is like a box of chocolates. I really thought he was going to say that I believe is just like life is lots, and sometimes a pole is like a chocolate, a you know, it's in design and believe you just kind of sums it up right. Right, like on the whole results, I dont believe any of the results. I dont believe any of it. I can't know ways: Donald Trump Gonna win. Nowhere, that's what that is, gotten CNN more like see an end
Am I right? Am I right hey? You know we no longer have an Amazon linked because we're not do and that were not play that game. But here's another great way you can help support the show you should become a premium. Are we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do. By going to Jimmy your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable previous programme in the business, and it's a great way to hell? put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks. Everybody who was already a premium member and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support They got James when we get interviewed on Fox NEWS, because We will get an event msnbc. You know what happened they would pretended like everything. James call me was saying was true because MSNBC placards
They lie for the they live for the establishment. That's what they do fast talk foxes do, but this not in this case and again what in what you're going to see in one of the one of the silver linings on the gray clouded the term presidency one of the silver linings is that the right wing are now. finally becoming critical of the FBI and the intelligence community right there, all The defenders they're the ones to push for the files. I mean it's bipartisan, but they were there are we even more so democratic philosophy, defenders of civil liberties and Bob Lot they're, not that, but now it's they did that the Democrats are completely this. Defending and being the iter. dogs for the establishment and the FBI, and it's the Republicans or exposing the ice lies and malfeasance general corruption and unaccountable by the way. That's what there's that also focus whose could investigate the F B. I owe you don't get it
wait for the inspector general monitoring, selves, they're doing fatty, don't know so he went out with Chris Wallace and let's just watch this summer, FBI director James call me direct a welcome to vaccinate Sunday. Thanks are out of me: you have been taking something of a victory perhaps, as the hygiene report was released earlier this week? The question is whether or not it's just Here are you and the inspector General Michael Horowitz answering the same question? Do you think this is vindication? It is the f B. I said to wait two years, while the president and his followers lied about the institution and its used, it may seem to watch him say things like that, because what the inspector General Report reviews is that James Commies FBI are liars, that, while he was the head, in overseeing its investigation, the FBI, was lying repeatedly violating the constitution and the rights of miracle citizens and spying on a presidential campaign. That's what it's
act of general, so he still running round calling someone else a liar kind of rich. Isn't it not? It's gonna be hard for me not to stop this every thirty seconds or even ten, but I'm gonna try because everything he says pretty much is alive and Chris Wallace does a pretty good job. He misses a cup. Well, but everybody, MRS a couple, and so, but in general, Chris Wallace does good journalism, ear and a wise, wise and able to be done on Fox NEWS, because the facts, black line up with their blood born of you right now. So that's why they're able to do such good work, which is nice? Ok. Here we go find the truth gets toll? Is your report vindicate? Mr call me? and indicate any one at the guy who touch this, including the leadership the ideas, as you should feel no vindication made it turns upon We understand the word? What I mean I take bending, patient to mean that I did a lot of horror orbit jet and I'm not going go to jail. He means the negation that I did a lot horrible shit. I've been
this is a single area, hey, what's a definition of is this depends on what you mean by tat boy. Did you mean by it where you going with is tense, depends on what you mean by vindication? Let's see what either That means is that the F b I was accused of treason of illegal spy. Of tapping MR trumps wires illegally of opening a investigation without justification of being a criminal conspiracy to unseat D. in an unseen president? Ok, almost all of those things are true. Almost all there's one to them that he said, he's had a bunch of stuff in there, but almost all of them are true. Is that amazing and he's he's with a straight face? That's a sociopath! By the way he is a sociopath, that's how sociopaths lie very convincingly, and they any saw it sounds like a sounds like a boy scout most of the time, the most earnest liars in the world are sociopath. So what are we go? All that was nonsense. I think it's really improve nothing inspector general hoped that that the American, people, your viewers and all viewers- understand that's true, but he also
found things that we were never accused of, which is real sloppiness and that's concern sloppiness, lying to the five accord. He's referring sloppiness, not sloppy changing changing the wording on a Pfizer warrant intentionally to say that Carter page was working with the CIA to change it to say he wasn't working with the CIA. Those aren't steps that sloppy. That's intentional! The fact that the inspector general didn't come out and say you guys, intense, that's just because he's trying to save your s body did tell everybody in there that you guys, like repeatedly Caricom's to Cresswells, get some thing. as I've said along has to be focused on of our director. I'd, be very concerned about in diving into it. Well, sloppiness baby! a euphemism for what it is. He found one of US it concerns is the way the FBI had all the five applications and the warrants the allowed you to survey I'll Carter page? Who was a former foreign policy adviser to the trunk campaign. Again here
What you said about the final process and what the inspector General Horowitz said this way take a look, total confidence it defies process was followed in the entire case was thoughtful responsible way by the OJ. Any of the we now do. Did you what principle he s? there's that in a very slimy way, that statements is very smarmy and could because I have complete confidence so when its revealed that what he sang, is a lie. He can then say well, I overconfident nothin I was lying or I should have known better he's like biogas. I was a watch because that's what's gonna happen identified significant inaccuracies and omissions in each of the four applications. Seven in the first application and a total of and team by the final renewal application. So let me display tell you what just happened. I was name's call me saying that our vice applications were a hundred percent above board hundred percent. That's what he said. That's the SBA
The general saying you guys like seven times in your initial application by the third time you guys applied, you had seventeen lies or omissions in it. It got worse, as you guys went along seventeen significant errors in the visor process, and you say that it was handled in a thoughtful and appropriate, he's right. I was wrong. I was overconfident in the procedures that the FBI injustice had built over twenty years. I was over competence that the guys that our system work, that I guess it's our system sort of person. It's not me I'm the head of it. This amazing white great, I thought there were, invest enough, it's incredibly hard to get a Pfizer. I was overconfident again he left. This is one that Greece, let's go by, it's not hard to get a visa. The numbers are, these, are the exact numbers of people are pretty close to what the exact numbers? I don't know why? I don't have them in front of me. I should but, for instance, let's say there was one thousand FISA applications for a warrant last year.
They, the court, approved nine hundred and ninety seven of them. So it's not hard to get a Pfizer war. that's a blatant lie, and Chris was let's by because he's probably trying to catch up to the other five lousy. Just told one. That's why I was overconfident, got a pretty good chance and I actually filled it out very sloppily and then I actually yelled vindication inspector football about here, we go he's right. There was real sloppiness seventeen things the should have been in the applications or at least disgust and characterize differently. It was acceptable and so he's right. I was wrong. You make it not only was it not acceptable, MR call me, but when the inside two general ass, those people why they had all those sloppiness on their adviser applications. Their answers were satisfactory meeting they didn't have a reason which means they did it on purpose. But the idea will go that far because he doesn't want to be the guy pudding, frickin FBI, guys in jail or seem like a partisan he will tell you that they like now, you guys. do what you want these presenting this to the Congress do with what you want, then, like you're,
a bystander, and I wouldn't you with the director of the F b I well. A lot of this was gone on so sure, I'm responsible for that's what I'm telling you I was wrong. I was overconfident as director in our procedures, sure I'm. Responsible and virus taken. Responsibility means just saying it on tv, but nothing actual concretely. I didn't get fired from it Not losing a pension, I'm not being Pross prosecuted in a court of law, I'm not not that episode spots ability I mean doing absolutely nothing and support in that it that leader be accountable and transparent, which you're not ease? not accountable, noisy, transparent he's, not what What accountability are we hold? It nothing you're not being charged with the crime overseeing lying to a court, a secret court, nothing, there's! No accountability. We're still director August ain't, exactly the same thing that Chris re saying, which, as we are going to get to the bottom this, because the most My question is: is it systemic are their pro? homes in other cases. One. The central issues is the
so I'm really here. He acts like he's, really worried about that. These because hate. The one thing I want to know is this systemic isn't happening in other cases. What kind of a asked wiped does he think we are think I'm worried about. Is that? As you know, we lie on the regular to devise a cork has no one ever checks on us and now, for the first time, someone did check and they caught us line all over the goddamn place remit entire second The interview with just just I mean really tragically funny. Yeah site has basically Cresswells was just like you. You know you were the dude in charge right, like promised, you ve been passive. Your you were like the guy he's like yeah, you mentioned that I was the guy and I was concerned that I take responsibility and I wonder if it's happened before I don't know. I want to make sure it's not happening all the time what, but I have lots of confidence in the system but how did we get if you're in? larger shit you responsible for stuff. I don't know one told me: what do you mean by response?
what the pandemic. That word means role, that the steel door I played which up a research paid for by the Democrats. What role it played in getting the Pfizer warrants, so veiled page again here, your version and again here is the inspector general. My recollection was. It was part of a broader mosaic of facts that were laid before the fire, a judge to obtain a warm, and we concluded that the steel wearing lady central and essential role in the decision to signifies order, Horowitz as it was in part, as you tell Brett Bear wasn't part of a broader mosaic. He said a play, an essential role in establishing probable clause. In fact he says but haven't been for this field dossier. The F B, I probably wouldn't, have even submitted a fire application that have been reviewed in April of twenty sixteen August. Rather twenty two. They decided not to do it, they get the steel dossier, they do it. It wasn't part of a broader mosaic. That's what you said, Sir I'm not really our saying different things. I am going
what everybody else watching his year of it. Isn't it weird how everybody could be sure of that, except the guy who's actually saying it? Isn't that word its Almost like you're lying at trying to bullshit everyone. Isn't it weird that year whole claimed a famous. That Trump is a liar and it turns out that now everybody in the world can see what a bull shit, Org ass lighting liar. You are with zeal integrity, zero, James Colonies of criminal he's zero integrity. What this report says is that the F B, I thought it was a close call until they got the steel report that additional information in an attempt at over to be probable cause. It's a lie. Visa application include steel, material and lots of other material. I dont think I wanted to say things well. I think you are sir, because he's saying that what you're saying it part of the broader mosaic and just one element he's saying it was the tipping point: it's what brought it over that doesn't make it part of a broader mosaic. It makes it the centrepiece of the whole five
application and the ability to survey Carter page. I dont understand to be saying that I can pay this guy say you criminal. I dont understand that he's saying that no very, like zombie like, if, if me and you went to a book, in my. I am so excited. There's pizza on this buffeted than a central and essential to me. I'm gonna load up on pizza and you were like peace is not a big deal to me. I mean, I guess it's part of it, but I'm excited about all this other food and then we bring our plates back and I've like eight slices of pizza, and you have all kinds of stuff you have like. Maybe once lays a pizza, but you got salad and you got rising, got fruit or whatever else and James call me like That's the exact same play up, I'm not both are eating pizza. I don't see a difference with the difference. There's pizza begun, one piece of the other someone's misunderstanding? What you're saying about God? I don't understand what peace even means using an s or z is vindication. A topic I don't know, I'm is gluten. Free goes division occasion as gluten again. Have it at that.
I got an idea is quote here. He says we concluded, the steel reporting played a central, central and essential role and the decision to seek advice, a warrant that push the out the fire puzzled over the line in terms of us. Abolition, probable, pause I'm sorry what he says, and so James COM is like boy. Every time I've told this light before no one's ever quoted the idea report ever, time. I lie like this, and I do this this face of like somehow I am a victim was trying to figure out this fucking face, he's doing through the whole interview, was hilarious. This puppy dog, like I don't know what do you mean or its main something? Can I I I with its characterisation, I'm just a few. I know I don't see the disconnect between the two of us and I am sorry that a missing it well, you don't eat difference between its part of a broader mosaic. Was the aesthetic play an essential role in establishing probable cause It was one of a bunch of different
facts the resemble to apply to the court. It was the one that convinced the lawyers that they had enough now with that added to the pile to go far. Guess it pushes up what they do and I had a miserly. The role of the the steel dossier, yes, and he sang it's a lot more important than you little. Ok, if I were Then I am sorry that I did that, but I meant was one part of the presentation. I mean I guess we're all just confuse it's not nobody's being criminal attentively criminal, I mean I'm just not actually lying. I just don't even know what words mean. We're talking to that one week and we were all hammered Ryan who get the central thesis here. What is this? Mr Mobutu is running the FBI As Mr Medina, this isn't member when Mauler was interviewed about the Mulder report- and he looked just like this, like I don't know, what do you take that that's beyond my purview? I dont know what who that guy's. What's right here, you said it. I dont remember saying that it that's a. Do you see the people? or investigating Trump and pushing Russia gave. Do you see they look like when there actually questioned. Did you see
What Mahler look like? Do you see what this lawyer looks like? He got destroyed on Fox news. Here we go, it was not. huge part of the presentation of the court, but it was the fact, according to his report, that convinced the lawyers to go forward right there there is the issue how reliable the steeled, Cresswells aright I think we ve humiliated you're, not you. Ve lied about five or six times straight to our face, and I guess we'll just move, because everybody can see what you're doing now with something else, that's horrible you're, gonna, try and denying gaslight me about it. Despite how many times I call you, Sir you're still trying to say that central and essential means nothing yet able the steel door we are in fact was on January sex. Twenty seventeen in the trunk tower you breathe Donald Trump, President elect bout, the steel dossier that same month we, I talked to steals main russian contact name personally we base the dossier who says
into the orgy report, quote steel, misstated or exaggerated, the primary sub source and statements and more to all sections of the reporting director coming, not only Do you fail to go back to the President like where, president, after January, twenty of an tell em all you know that report. I brief you on turns out its bunk, but the fight, the FBI. Goes back and renewed its Pfizer application Threem. Times and by this point the FBI knows that the split steel reporting is not credible. I think you're the scarecrow seeing both what the F b I knew in what Mr Harwood says in his report. They include the reporting from steel was bombed. They concluded there were significant questions about the reliability of some of the sub source reporting. That's now what they said at all. That's not he's he's again lying he's using terms like sub swords and sit in the text, that's all the throw you off, but guess what Chris Wallace's
martyr than Jim call me and he does not get thrown off, but it also depends on what they mean by bunk. They could bad. We don't know yet that should have. Included in the renewals. When I reached the present, a brief to mount a small part of it that I told him. I didn't know whether it was true, nodded and care. I just needed to know about it. I think it miss characterizing. Steel isn't. Rather, a horror which isn't saying that the that the sub source, the russian contact with unreliable o, is inaccurate Contact said to the FBI Steel is unreliable because he misrepresented steel, misstated or exaggerated. The sources, statements and multiple sections of the report is saying. I told them one thing He wrote something else: the f B. I know that, but that doesn't driver conclusion that steals reporting is bought committed a number of tricky think that advert bunker tricky Jimmy. You see him trying to see him trying to still stand by somehow eat eat again it. This is
reveals the hubris and on accountability inside our intelligence community. So this issue decides how did, he not know he was gonna, get taken apart by Chris. Whilst the facts are not on your side, how do you, no this hubris, because He's been bullshitting people for fuckin thirty years, and so is there and everybody knows has been bullshitting the press and King, whenever they felt like it and if they can't leak, they're, gonna, intimidated, guy or their plant a false story. These, the gamin, that's what they do their whole career they're, not defending the content. to show, or even America, this guy, and so this guy he is so. fully hubris and so used to being like this. That's why this is happening. That's what this is underway, oh and accountable people inside of our government, the permanent state, and they try to protect like one doesn't exist, And you know who does that MSNBC an Chris Cuomo Fredo?
reviewing the some source. After all, the reporting has become public and so the current tells us together. We have to think easy walking away from it, because it's now public works and that has to go into your investment measures, does it happen immediately become public just barely. This is in January, twenty seventeen. This is in two years later right. This is when it blew up when it was published by whatever the outfit His buzzfeed was all over the news and have become a big deal, and so I did you know all of us all about what are you five years old when he told me what are you a twelve year old kid who get caught are we on tv? Yet what we're doing do you know about all this? Are all what what Literally, are you like a twelve year old kid all about what I know you? However, what am I about what he says, what the definition of this? What's all this, what what? What what mean and they say Trump is a liar deasey hovel areas. This is more than half the country more than half the country. Do you see
areas. This is: do you see how this props up trump? Do you see how no one from says fake news that Finland, even when it's not fake news, that's why land because guys like this, who are held up by the left as some kind of virtuous defender of our democracy, is actually a puke and a liar and a break or of our constitution and a brazen, brazen friggin liar more brazen trump trump. Doesn't trump knows, you think he's bullshitting, this guy thinks he's been getting it. ass people, his whole life and he's not going to pass Chris Wallace. It was all over the news and had become a big deal and so on Did you know all of us all about everything? we're talking about here? Did you not everything that we're talking about you fucking Asshole, William thing all about what everybody think like that
he's like. Oh, my god. He stopped calling him, Sir, that Bulgaria is lacking a wide enough with the sir. Yes, everything would talk, would you be what to buy and watch pay call me keep the EU budget, Drum saying that and how everybody would laugh at him, everything that we're too about here. Did you know that, in fact the steel report was the key for probable cause? Did you know that the FBI had to? to the russian contact, and he said what steel said he had. He had told him was not true did you know that you're the FBI director first again at new report will speak. Itself? I dont believe the F b I concluded that steals reporting was bank after talking to a sub source, but now I didn't, as the director kept informed on the details of an investigation. So no in general, I didn't know what they learn from the sub source. I didn't know the particulars of investigating this. Isn't some it's the most important investigation. the history of the FBI, we're looking at treason by a president, and I was busy. I was doing other things, do. Does anyone believe that.
Does anyone believe that he didn't he wasn't keeping track of this investigation a guy least now his whole career is based on hating trump. Are you kidding We believe that you believe that Round jubilee. That's that depends on what you definition No I'm not. Or you may not be saying different thing. I believe, as bad as he is lying is as bad as they are about serving the american pilot Crook, exactly correct investigation, sir. This is irrigation Europe that I went back to back the circulation sub source. I didn't know the particulars of investigating this. Isn't some investigation, sir? This is an investigation. campaign of the man who is the president of the United States has just been through a firestorm investment being Hillary Clinton. I would think if I were in your position, I would have been on that
like, like a junk yard dog. I would have wanted to know everything they were doing in investigating the trunk campaigns have sought the way it works so as not to decide the way works. What we do is we get someone who can lie and deceived the court and do a phoney investigation based on political by yes and then I have a little plausible deniability. That's what he's Swatch! That's not how works we set it up. So I plausible liability and no one has ever held economy, except maybe people on low level guy. Maybe that's all we have set our work How works as I've never held out, I'm never responsible for anything, sitting on top of an organization of thirty eight thousand people. You can't run investigation that seven layers below you have to leave it to the career professionals. To do too special agents, who do this for their lives and of a director tries to run an investigation. It it'll get knocked up in all different kinds of ways, while good thing you didn't try to get involved in the investigation, I would plead and get mugged. You think you could have made it worse. You think you could have made
this investigation. Worse, the fact, as you word, I'm gonna state theory is the fact, as you were involved. Of course, you are involved the most important investigation the history of your life, you're gonna, be off. Doing some else, you liar what a liar and his or her responsibilities and the possibility of reaching the work is being done at a lower level. And then there is. I have several ass, the worst misconduct in August. Twenty sixteen just two weeks into the resignation? The CIA tells the FBI It actually has a relationship with Carter, page that when he has Meetings with the Russians. He's actually goes back and he tells the CIA about it, but you never tell devise a court that- and in fact, in twenty? Seventeen FBI lawyer, doctors, a document to see I said, oh Carter, page he's a source and he puts on the opposite, he's, not Azores geographically,
She was one of the eyes of the question, but one that predication to your question inspector general did not find misconduct by any FBI people. He found mistakes and negligent and oversight. No, no! No! That's not true in the case of cabin clients, net that he has reverted for a criminal investigation right at that, I've been resolved. What's he did, he said one guys criminal. These should go put this guy jail. You haven't! That's not what you mean you haven't. Had the court case, you that's exactly again. Does he honestly think nobody, cease through this. I just think I mean you know. The FBI is a lot like a dip. There is at least seven layers, and I was above I'm I'm like the sprinkle cheese on target or really gotta get into the sour I've all off the chip. Really you can't blame me for anything. They have referred it for a criminal investigation right, but that's not been resolved.
this business with the lawyer changing some email to partner on the team. We you make it sound like it's not much. I don't know if I'm very important and very dynamic and not a sort of sorts to not Azores. It's a big remember how we got here. The F b I was accused of criminal misconduct. Move. I was gonna, get that's criminal. I love how we try to pretend while we are talking about is encrypted, is criminal. That's why the guy's gonna been referred for prosecution and love. Other people going to your people on this networks that it over and over and over again the inspector general did not what we should be going to jail Jim just because you are doesn't mean indisposed to show you how much more corrupt system really is. Misconduct by FBI Personnel did not find political bias did not find illegal. Not that's true Spectre general found significant mistakes, and that is not something to sneeze. That's really important, but the american people speak. Your viewers need to realize they were given false information about the FBI, its honest, it is not political it is flawed. Would you agree that the advice, a corpse Also given false information by the FBI. I think that's funny
the F b I haven't. I think that there is fair to say that we lied to the secret court. You know that thing that we said would never happen. We do it all the time on the regular that at seventeen Times, one application. You know when he said that our investigation was flawed. Here I sit there and I think to myself. Sacks aren't flawed our facts, so right either have the facts or you don't and if you say, you're sub sources, the daddy was dependent on the sub sources and its flood. Well, then, you can depend on the DAS right or that information, and when I hear Jim James coming say you don't I was just going to jail. I was like yes, you should go to aren't. You agree Pushed to the lawyers, so they can make a decision information that you just said things like that other agency had not a source relationship with some kind of contact relationship. I want. I want to get the three ask questions, and one of them has do with how serious what does as Youtube sent you
like a lot about mistakes or sloppiness. Horowitz concludes three separate teams. Made significant errors in four separate Pfizer applications, three hand picked teams. Remember that does it three random teams of FBI agents these or hey. and picked by the tippy top people at the FBI, and they all we're on. Believable grossly negligent or intentionally committing crimes. You know it's weird Sloppiness is contagious. Alas, a thing we do. We have a k you're on Fridays and I guess that's just when this went down on one of the FBI eyes, most significant cases of the investigation of President Tromp and his campaign. He was Tropic Advocate wrecking the present tromp was not being investigated. His campaign was not being investigated for Americans to forming a longer associate with a campaign we're being well. Ok, that's that is a verbal bullshit tactic. He does used again when you put a tap on Carter pages phone.
now anybody Carter, page talks to you, listen to their phone calls to so Anybody Carter page talk you inside the Trump administration means you listen to their phone call, so it's called the two blow not only get to hate. Listen, what Carter pages doing many one part or page talks? Do you can listen to their phone calls not too. So if you talk to anybody in the Trump administration, they listen to their phone calls. This is a tap on the fact there were FBI agent join in and interviewed people inside the drum campaign and they wore a wire when they did it they're supposed to be briefing them. He was asked how he explains it are which areas its unclear, what the motivations where, on the one hand, growth- incompetence negligence, on the other hand, gross negligence or they intended to do what they intended to lie to the a court You you in charge during allow this sector use, you signed the Pfizer applications, shore, I think I signed at least two or three of them. He doesn't concluded there.
intentional misconduct by these career specially? Does he just as it's one of two things and he can't decide gross negligence? or was intentional misconduct? Wives right? What he's I've read his report? He says I we are not concluding that therewith. Are you Returning that we just acknowledge, you see the video. This is what this is: a pathological, socio political liar. That's Jim call me really is because he talks like a puppy eyes, and it gives you this thing- anybody any speaks really clever, but he's a sociopath EC liar. And this is the guy who spoke to investigate drop and his investigations full of criminality and lies and misleading the court and lying about your own source. You know they do the Carter, page Carter papers working for the CIA The FBI threw him under the bus, Eddie wasn't so what's that wants to take away? Never work with the FBI, the CIA, ever but you never know what they're gonna turn around stick a knife in your back and he's also diluting our distant diminishing the import of him signing Hey
Pfizer right, agree. What nonsense sure that's like did. Did you take out the trash sure hated? You can the bologna and do something horrible, an idle court sure she got the garbage sure like really so it was called advisor What he's I've read his report? He says I we are not concluding that there was intentional misconduct by I've been genuinely. Does that here I did the contacts that I've ravens ask specifically. How do you explain it and is a gross negligence bore? potentiality Well, I'm sorry doesn't fine intentionally, but that doesn't make it any less important. As director you are responsible for this. I was here possible for this and if I were still there be doing what we re doing is figuring out? So how did this happen and is it sister because that's the scariest thought oh yeah, like hey, I ate like tell he pretends that he's concerned. people are lying to devise a cord is that I would be while we got really get to the bottom of how we light in this investigation trump. Your excellencies concern, sir, are you. Right now! Yes, now I now down to my what I'm doing that might be fair
and I'm concerned in, and we should get to. The bottom of this is remarkable. If you, we're still there like an aim of this came out and it turned out it happen now, if there is anything that reveals James CALL, me too not only be filled with hubris. The reveals that he's lives in an unaccountable bubble, his in tie your life and doesn't even understand what accountability means because he's been so unaccountable. His entire life, they ve, been acting. As you know, above the law, entire career. That's what the FBI does David. thing above the law lying to courts when they feel like it, smearing their own informants lying to them lying to the public leading to the press when they need to smearing someone. That's what the f B. I does that's why James Jim call me as a piece of garbage and that the FBI you should always be suspicious of them, and that's why the left propping up because they have prompt arrangement syndrome is again. and deleterious to the left? You idiots.
Again. The silver lining of this is that Trump has gotten the right to see that the F the eye in the CIA need to be watched and not trusted. right here. This is the ultimate question. This question here is going to show you how J call me, has lived his entire life in a bubble of on accountability and its lead to him have unbelievable hubris where he unwittingly reveals his corruption watch this? If you are still there and all of those came out turned out it happened on your watch. Would you resign now? I don't think so there were mistakes. I consider more consequential than this during my tenure and important thing To be transparent, no because guess what you think this is people think I should resign over this, who It away were here. To this end, it happened you layers below me. Anyway, I mean I'd, buy my fired in turn or to that's all I do. Is it that starting right He just admitted that people what they think
He should resign over this, and he looks at Chris. Wallace's has no Chris turn where you were, I would resign over anything? Why are you so she'll path. Greece do. Did you not just see the interview you did with me where I tried to bullshit you to your face as if you would accept it like here as dumb as my kids, I like how He said: oh yeah, we ve done way worse than this. There's been way worse than this in a few minutes prior, he was like. I just hope this isn't systemic this is. What happens? I think we ve done way words by the way. I hope it's not systemic, George gloody the legal age you want those guys right, yeah. I guess there might be true yeah. Well, then, I guess what the nine million Power Riverside estate I share with my wife of all our twins. Marine Jared was just bought it.
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