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2021-01-07 | 🔗

Julian Assange's Extradition Trial!

Democrats Win Senate but won't become the Party for the People!

Featuring Stef Zamorano & Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Al Pacino, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, and Noam Chomsky!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jew Medora show our now linguist philosopher historian, Social quitted, cognitive scientist and political activists. Nobody, skis on the line, how we do it? No doubt rail in the bows I caught where, after hard bargaining alone in my car, let my lungs need a bird of prey, where China Edible earlier you I'm fine. so why did you call today? No jobs key, remember or the election. When I said you should vote for job by an anti Wednesday election. That's when you should push him laugh.
Yes, I remember that I do well now might be a good time to start doing and yet now, ok more like four years ago, he four years ago, okay,. Or like forty seven forty seven years ago. But how could anybody do that now known A very sharp all you need is access to a functional time machine or even a used one. Where could anyone get a use time she no in the future
you're going to be a big surplus event. A time machine trade and never models, you have been a functional time machine. I didn't know. Such things were possible of course, Jimmy time travellers theoretically possible in certain general relativity space time- geometry,
that permit travelling faster than the speed of light. Yet will what are the space time dynamic, trees, you're talking about worm holes or rotating black holes, deepen mine that show for travelling to an arbitrary point in space time as very limited support in an quantum mechanical physics? Currently, there are more than seven hundred. Sixty thousand thousand manmade objects larger than a centimeter orbiting the earth right now so before we can travel back in time to change Joe bondage behaviour, we have to find a solution to the vast amount of accumulate
Its base trash that could endanger a man shuttle hurdling her on the solar system and the speed of light, but do we even have the technology to take advantage of wormhole theory only will travel to the future to take advantage of society. Scientific advance smoke from one I've read time travel in the future, as it is, is much much easier than time travel into the past. Why is that man, I'm so fucking style, totally fucked up right now. I know this isn't hopeful, and ah you know that, don't you know many things David him told us powers that is in the hands of
the governed, the master lonely by consent and if consensus with a girl on the loose he I give them, maybe the net. Maybe Democrats you'd never pledged their votes to Joe Biden without any concessions. First, nerd is being ridiculous, bunch easier to travel under the future by our model time machine and I'm Travelin bashed killed Joe Biden Barber. What good would that do by its very shuffle after it might and had gotten better advice? Fifty, years ago. You wouldn't be such a huge dick head today: choice between the lesser of two dead ferret sitting on two old guys heads so now is the time for real politics go back in time and kill Joe Biden's barber. That's all I got gnomes going to crash now later Gator
like stone. Chomsky like I like jobs here, really do, is better himself fomenting Johnson to show everybody wild with this week, Gb Giorgio, let's get to the jewish people we get to the joke, show it hey. I know both of you followed me for the ride. Parallels that I draw between ancient greek hedge, a mode in modern day, american colonial politics, but what about my apps? hey ten years ago today after the Democrats use their super majority to pass the Obama CARE
shield raised its premium, sixty percent, let's build on that Hey yours and some promising economic news manufacturing jobs, Europe. Unfortunately, it's mostly in taser, snug e blankets in coffins You know. I know I am powerless to change the verdict of history, but I still get incense whenever Seth Rogan gets a romantically adult, what's cobra up today, show. Why is the hashtag fraud squad dreading the answer just wasted? As you or will it all the progress. Congress refused to force the vote, paramedics overall and they, I voted for Nancy Pelosi. Hey Democrats, when back the Senate, Will they now start fighting for the people? The answer just may surprise. You will pay the
U K, won't let Julian Assange be extradited by the United States, but they don't let him out on bail either Hague Gent you, or of the young Turks. Marriage Julian Assange, Jan Wiki leak, saying that Julian Assange is working for the people trying to prosecuting sounds ridiculous. Yes, it is. As we have phone calls for Joe Biden, Mitt Romney help achieve oh and no one time. That's today was a lot lot bore me. Ok, everybody! So what happened yesterday? What happened with the hashtag forced to vote? Well, it started out o c Corey, Bush and barbarously for Congress, all did not vote for Nancy Pelosi. Speaker, they didn't say anything, and so we. I thought that they were withholding their vote and it turns out they weren't. Cause Bohme and now they all voted for. So every member of this house. I voted for Nancy Policy, the only people
who did not vote for Nancy Policy where corporate Democrats, blue dogs and people like that, don't they able to withhold their vote from Nancy Blowsy the squad, who ran on withholding their vote from Nancy Pelosi enforcing. Floorboard on has to end Medicare bra. They read on this the tab king. They could do if they didn't do it. There are the only ones who didn't do. A corporate Democrats voted against her so. Pelosi. Reelected speaker, despite narrow majority, that is, Then there's the ending to your shitty movie there. It is right there. I said she on the house progressives for not fighting for forced devoted Medicare for all. What is the point of voting for progressives inside the democratic party? Again? They won't fight, they are selling. you out and abandoning you shame we are a failed state, as is the progressive movement.
Conklin skis right when he says I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for the left not to have organised in the last few years to mount a challenge to Nancy Pelosi. You know she's hostile to you and your goals, and she has a twenty eight percent approval rating she's less popular than tromp by far what the hell were. You doing this entire time I'll tell you what they were doing child nothing, they weren't doing anything. It was up. these they were doing anything. They were doing any until a potted comedian decided to bring it up a month before the speakership election They were doing anything there still not doing anything, they were doing anything this idea that they were negotiating behind the scenes I was being naive K. Are you kidding me? they negotiated behind the scenes and got nothing because if they got something they would tell you, they told us, we got pay go and we all know Paco is a hundred percent bullshit.
Hundred percent, no matter what anybody else tells you. I know a lot of people Well, that's important because we have to do that. Bullshit listen to those people tell you. Beggar was important start fuckin important. The self imposed rule by Nancy Policy and they could Or get rid of that and that could, but they can t all of it. What is the point? We are getting ready paper. It a pay, go if you're, not gonna, have a floor vote on Medicare for all. There is no point, there's no point. and guess what Nancy Pelosi loses loses the speakership the Democrats lose the speakership in twenty twenty two cuz Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are the face of this party to the most hated. Judges in the country they are getting. wiped out in the house and pagan rules. Go there get. lost anyway. The Republicans rewrite all the rules. This is ridiculous. Anybody telling you that pay go is a win. That is ridiculous.
The diversion. We got, we got peg, oh, so this will enable Medicare for all. Are you gonna to do the Medicare wrought? No, then, There is no point Paul, shooting us When Ryan Grim came out, he was running interference for the squad, just like the interest does all the time. That's their role, that's their access journalism! That's what the intercept does that's what Ryan Grim does, and everybody knew immediately that that was ridiculous. Dave day under was differ. Ridiculous. Just injection re showed fuckin come on. Everybody knows, that's predict has anybody you trying to tell you that mean something is not being candid they have? They have another reason for telling you that they were doing.
Nothing we're the f where you do. They were doing not think they were to doing rolling stone and Vanity Fair screenshot cover shots with Nancy Pelosi. Impeach they were there we're doing impeachment. They recalling trouble Emma Fur in public. That's what they were doing. when they were doing anything we want them to do. There are pushing Russia Gate. That's what they ve been doing. Ryan nights has progressives in Congress shouldn't even be voting for Nancy Policy for speaker in the first place, but to vote for her. Thou demanding any concessions shows a complete lack of courage to stand up for the corrupt, democratic establishment, hashtag forced to vote some people, think they know they were negotiating behind the scenes and we just haven't found out what they got yet? Oh, my god. I've heard that, oh my god, so they got something for keeping it a secret.
Is anyone believe this shit they guy? They got something and its great, but their cubic. You two secret left. There's a guy I'm on my way to admitting patients this afternoon. This is a reminder that many physicians, nurses and other health care work, Think Medicare for all is needed now more than ever, forced to vote for Rang out loud, this position can't say it enough so jack you Tell that guy. He doesn't understand. All politics works this doctor. I'm from its how to haul around the corner from Mark Poke hands house right now, with some other activists from the people's Party and our Wisconsin Revolution, speaking out about leveraging progressive power when we actually have it. It's called, but worth it right on. That's activism.
Politicians, like representative Mark Polecat, may see Medicare for all is a campaign slogan a run on and then discard asked that the first opportunity, but for my friend it has always been deeply personal issue, as it should be when seventy thousand people die each year from lack of insurance rights. Her sign? Her sciences representative marked polecat, my father died from lack of health care. Will you Fight for me, that's what or sign says you're dead I'd from lack of health care. Will you fight for her? I'm sorry Genk. You go in the judge, As Democrats and tell you now is not the time: that's what the Justice Democrats just told you an Genk Huger. Now is not the time.
That's with every one of them did they told her. Now is not the time to fight for your father. They cancelled her there, cancelling us there being hostile to the movement that not them elected. They are committing violence against the people of Amerika by denying them health care on purpose. They did that on purpose. For their own careers- and if you can, if you it look at a camera and say that that you're not being candid. There's gonna be another time when squads gonna put four Medicare for all vote, you know they're not- and I know they're not hotel- that this lady, we gotta pay, go exemption. Go teller, Oh sure. The video veil see saying we gotta cause a ruckus. We bewildered. All we can do this. All too takes his courage and then choke
I also think we have to uphold the rule of law. She too, she went from. She went from ok did Nixon in thirty days and you're, not gonna. Call that out. where you put pressure on. Politicians is to scare them. The only reason this happened is because I scared them, because I write. My voice and I was screaming outwardly the way everybody who too lax health care has been screaming inwardly. This woman is screaming inwardly. The way I've been screaming outwardly and that's why I got traction. That's how you fuckin do a pressure campaign not by sending them chocolates. We gotta be nice to the people to get them to do what they fuckin read out, you're. Out of your fucking, mind tat. We have to be nicer to them to get them to do what they
When you talk, if you don't fuckin hold their feet to the fire. They were that. But they say it's in your goddamn pocket manifesto that this is the centre piece and they won't get on it. shame them. That's what fuck it works. You think this happened, because I was fuckin nice to them. No, it's because I finally started holding the proof that, just as Democrats to account for the bull shit, that's why this happen not because I was fuckin dice. And that's: what's wrong with the left there, a bunch of Fuckin mealy Bob spineless pricks, who don't do a fuckin thing. The moment came and they did nothing.
and they sold you out for their careers. I don't care if that'll take corporate money, they are not, for there are brand there, a celebrity fuckin brand they soldier. For their own careers, their own celebrity brand and their own fuckin protection. That's what they did. What is the point? voting for people it'll take corporate money if they fuck a go along with the people who do there's no point. This is a failed experiment. This a failed expire meant that? You too? If you don't recognize that the progressive movement is unbelievably fuckin, decimated. And that they will need to fight a little. Then you don't see this as an existential crisis that the squad agrees with us are present.
Policy positions, but when they won't do anything to implement them, it does in fact matter when row conduct I was on my show and says I think we should force a vote for better care for all and that a chance comes up the dude and he doesn't do it. It doesn't matter that he says it or agrees with my position. Does it no a whole who in power It takes the only thing that matters is the outcome. It doesn't matter how the sausage gets made. The outcome is what matters I don't care. The roads, hell is paved with good intentions and, if you're not willing to threaten to justice, Democratic scared, the shit out of them they're gonna, do exactly what they just did yesterday. Sell you out for their celebrity and career, which is what happened. The vast majority of democratic voters want Medicare for all progressive independence, wanted even a majority of Republicans pulled yet the progressive caucus squandered their square
their golden opportunity. We still came out to advocate for forced to vote. God bless those people, Doktor Mc Gowan, God bless you. The socialist alternative jumped on board. There your start, hashtag forced about socialist alternative, endorse a dsl, didn't We know it's in there manifesto, but I guess we shouldn't you know, we shouldn't shame them. I I jump on board their idea and they come an attack me. I jump on board as Democrats idea, they come an attack me. That's what they're fucking doing! you'll see tried to sick current lit NEO liberals on me by saying I was causing violence when. I was doing with what you're sport was exactly what ails you told me to do, which was stopped.
using polite language. She said it stop using white language until Make people uncomfortable? Nothing will happen. She got uncomforted didn't she did in my. Paul can yes, they did wrote. Conniston Fuck and uncomfortable. Every one of his interns wrote him a letter and today about with fuckin bullshit about how we can get better for all, which is complete, bullshit. That's how uncomfortably is there scrambling, not because we were fuck at nice, but because they know we're all watching and we're going to hold their feet to the fire now so hold their feet to the fire quit making fucking excuses for them. Believable making this up. This is the existential. crisis were living again. you don't want to hold the justice Democrats. Vetoes bar is probably because you have worked it out of their social
alternative endorses forced the vote. We can win a floor, vote floorboard Medicare for all. We can use that vote as a focal point for building our movement. We can focus too black guy of this life or death demand. We can work within our union's to win support. We can organise our forces to mount public pressure on a congress to concede to this massively popular demand. But we don't have the vote. Some say the corporate Democrats will block us, then let them block us a Yossi other progressive should not be afraid to expose corporate democrats in front of millions for what they are servants of the status quo and enemies of working people. That's from the socialist alternative that Sharma Salon yeah she's, a member that Thomas alike. Jumped on board we're hashtag forced of, alas, swear. Shouldn't take twenty million dollars from Clinton donors or right wingers? Isn't that weird. Our resolution this is right
it from Seattle, the whole state our revolution. This is burning organisation. They endorsed it. The holster a revolution. Washington members. Congress would respectfully for me that I Revolution Washington coalition, supports force the vote. If there has ever been a time that has magnified the failure of the american healthcare system, it is now with forty years of failed corporate healthcare Our resolution was godson was on board with us. We are called On representative mark pull, can our revolution birdies organ nation junk yogurt against Bernie or organization. The young Turks now against Bernie now gets everybody. We are calling on you, representative, Mark Polecat, as our elected representatives, to stand and fight for us by leveraging this critical moment to hashtag forced to vote for Medicare for all we elected you because you promised to fight, and we expect you to make
good good on their promise. If not now, when that's the question, no one will answer. Ok, Your against doing this right now for absolutely no reason date that there is not a reason to not do it. Every It is ridiculous. They didn't do it anyway and I'm supposed to not shame them. Not only do I want to shame them, I want to find a way to make make sure that they that that we can primary them now, not only that, Should we shame them? I should we should scared the shit out of them that they're gonna lose their seat is that's exam. They were. We need them to be, or else they do that they don't fuckin do it. They Cavan campaigned on. If you can hold their feet to the fire to do the shit. They campaigned on you're out. You already lost.
If you're going to nice them into doing what they campaigned on, that doesn't make any sense that doesn't make any sense. You got to be nice to them to get them to do what they campaigned on and if you're, not nice enough, they're not going to do it because you are rude. What the fuck Do you imagine l, B, J, saying with Martin Luther king? If he's rude to me, I'm not going to do the civil Rights Imagine if I was around in the late sixties and he'll be J, say I'd like to do Medicare for old people, but Jimmy Door was jerk what the fuck. Whole Washington, universal health care they're on board for all Washington Healthcare, their onboard stay. Why Healthcare Organization requests members of Congress to force the vote there. It is.
What health care I lay was on board and shit anybody who wasn't shame on the dsl. Shame on the anybody who was an on board justice Democrats, T Whitey pages. Reveal themselves as a clarifying moment, they all reveal themselves they'll, never can fight when the moment comes there not doing it, they're not doing it, and so now, if we don't accept that they are not doing this it's our fault. Full me want shame on you. They did that with the Cares act. That's how I felt about the Cares act. For me. One shame on you for me twice! Shame on me so now going to full you again so now now it's your fault. If you don't if anything, the hold their feet to the fire right now and make them pay a political price for fucking. Not doing this. This thing they they ran on. Shame on you now it's your fault realities!
a great agrees with this? I could find a merely in this country. The reason that we don't have many care for all is because M leadership, I'm going to say who is responsible for us not having Medicare for all she's Bertie Secretary Centres, press secretary, that's was giving the speech eighty percent of Democrats support this policy and fairly. Fifty percent of a Publicans do as well and that barely fifty percent of house democratic leader membership, supports matter however, all that growth is not there. here, because the people don't want it is because no one is holding leadership accountable to their constituents yeah. The meagre apparatus that completely unwilling to play. We have. Liberal, left in leader apparatus. That large is silent on this issue as well, We do have opportunities. No one is willing to name names and call out. Members of Congress include
People always double rights. Yours people like gemfibrozil having to take more money from pharmaceutical industry than anybody else in Congress has kind of thing at the end of the day, without accountability, we're not going to make any progress in this area without accountability, we are not going to make any progress in this area, so the people who are making it? uses for the squad. I want you to tell me how You gonna hold them accountable cause. That's the question I asked to everybody: Ben speak Spielberg and everybody Katy help resume call what how We hold them accountable when they don't do hashtag forced a vote which everybody on that zoom agreed should be done What how do we hold them accountable and you know what they said Back- silence No one has any idea not to hold them accountable. I do we tell them that you're, a fraud
you're working for your own, celebrity an interest and you're not working for our interest and weaken Let everybody no with a public pressure campaign, that's what they should have been doing. for this boat, that's what they be doing now they should be so. Rambling to figure out what could, by the way, there's nothing they can do. This was the moment just like with the Cares act. You know I was screaming. So loud because that was the moment and now it's Well, you see there never getting stimulus they needed. Yet when for a whole year- and I That's why was screaming because I knew that was it. That was the one time we had leverage that was it. The cares, EK that was our leverage. They all voted for the largest upper drudgery of wealth in history and then lie was about what they got us. That's why I was yelling so loud this time because
This was the one chance we had to get this because now it's over and then and twenty twenty two. The Democrats lose the brick house. the Republicans come in rewrite the roads all over then in twenty twenty, or Joe Biden loses two a worse right, winger we'll never get it It's gonna get comfortable and we're going to be people about. We all have liked and supported and admired and bought, bore donated to and marched for. There are going to be uncomfortable that are going to be targets of this kind of criticism. Targets you're supposed to be targets, the people who we ve worked for. Like the Justice Democrats, we ve all help, get elect did like Corey, Bush and Ale. See this show is help get elected. Now. We have to make them uncomfortable, not send them chocolates or be nicer
What does that garden? You got you fuckin, nothing! Nothing! People who agree with you It's got, knew nothing from them, not thing. People who agree with you won't do anything. As I said, we start because they want to be public. Third, not because they wanted to be celebrity public figures and it's gonna be hard because they are well loved and you were gone to be verified and cod. every name in the book. you gotta be Bernie brought it down. I just happen to me: see Bernie brought me to death. She said ass. She was worried that out. My words were violence, and I was too violent with her on one. That's crazy! That's what they said about Bernie. Supporters and Bernie, that's that's what they did and she saying that what they that's, what the squad is doing to me.
And all I'm doing is doing exactly what ails you said to do. Stop use. Polite language and make people uncomfortable that's what she said she sang to make a Yossi uncomfortable. That's who she's talking about. She's talking about the squad people. We I'll donated to and marched for. That's what he's talking about That there has to be a mechanism to hold them accountable them. It's my use was public, shaming and anti grass roots efforts to force them to do what they can pay dad. But here s the thing we ve been through other for what battles I didn't think again. importantly, we know we all have each other's back. that does not merely in the most important thing to me right. We have to have each other's back,
the act of his community. Pressuring politicians we can have the politicians back. You gotta, stop fucking When that you gotta stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. How bout you start would stop. bring them the benefit of the doubt. That's what you just cause No them personally stop giving up the battle of the doubt. They should be worried that people are going to that give them. The fate of the doubt. If they know you going to that they're, going to keep being shitty. We lost at what I can for cosmetic. Overall, I hope you're happy. We lost it that happening. That can happen now, for some people say fifteen years you I'll be seven. Years old, our beyond Medicare in fifteen years, we had met, occurred ten years. I gotta say just on a personal note and is meant so much to me tonight.
That there is so much real grassroots support for all of these issues that is bigger and bolder and stronger than any other commitment that was given to any singular candidate or political campaign. God had no intention of going against Mama Bear Pelosi, showing once again that you don't change the Democrats, a democratic change. You once again of war criminals in corporate politicians, always a party of war criminals in corporate politicians that goes for the frog squad. That's Danny High Fund from the black agenda report. Did. The black agenda report send a box of chocolates to the squad to ask him to do what they campaigned on. You think that'll work, or do you think this is the kind of shit that works when the boy gender report comes out and if I can, everybody else is doing this shit. That would work. But, right now they know they can count on half of the progressive community at least half giving them cover and excusing them.
and not only in the region via and that's why they're acting like this. What they need to be as worried that people who are normally calm and collected, are going to start acting like me, that's why we need to make them afraid of okay, this isn't a fuckin Rubik's cube. This is politics. What I want. Show me example where you nice, a politician and doing something show me in but when you were nicer and they came around show they show words, that example, where Iraq is it You show your million examples where pressure works, No fucking reason to not do hashtag forced about everybody Oh that yet they didn't don't fuckin bake excuses for them.
Now we will go back to the regular scheduled tweets from squad, pretending like they give a shit while they support the oligarchy. In that's already happened. the Ministry of Appeasement is already fuckin working their magic grammar What says good thing, though strong tweets can be used for medical dead in red Hashtag fraud squad. I was lucky I too have lived in agencies district vote, her into Congress identity. What little money I could I volunteered
For her as much as I could I paid thirty dollars for opposed to that. I could then I put on my apartment door when I could have gotten it for free feeling be trade. So if you so, if, if they betrayed us, you should start talking like it, because that's what this person knows. That's a regular person who fuckin put their heart and soul into aliases campaign and she's betrayed cause. She is betrayed and when you fuck and give them up ass for doing this year, betraying her to your betraying her to your betraying all those people who believe that a yo see when she campaign and when they did you're betraying them. Your fuckin smearing them. When you protect the squad. You swearing them. These are the people you are fuck hanging out to dry when you protect those people who just hung them out to dry you're, doing it too
Shame on you, fuckin, Shame on you, how you could look here suffer the bearer, but you put these people out there saying this and you're gonna fuck and give them the benefit of the Fuckin doubt Show- How could you look you solve the party of sleep at night. How do you sleep at night, knowing this woman out there? How the fuck do you do that. And you gonna go run interference for them. And you wonder why we live in a failed state when you will do that, How can a bare minimum to pressure politicians peak? They won't do the bare minimum. The bare minimum was a fuckin floor vote. That was the bare minimum. We were asking for that. Should a got everything else, they should
They got everything David's Eurotas set in that a minor show they should I get everything Ryan gripped. They say you weren't, even shooting for anything, hey, let's do this. They all took a pitcher they'll took a picture before they went in and sold you out. They all went in and took a pitcher. Let's do this Rashid to leap less. Do this there, all posers there are selection. Poseurs, who love the celebrity of who they are that their brand, and if you don't see that fuckin wake up, chump do what said the sky. Let's do this do what go vote for Daisy Bossy. Oh looks like selling out the people is really fun.
Today, the frog squad showed us all why people don't fucking vote thats. This is what fucking, the press is the boat. If they That thought even the little people you can you see what the turn out would be the next the. Why are you kidding me? This is why half the country does involve. What are you a million Williamson has to say about the Justice Democrats and the squad fuckin selling us out for them celebrity and career position, wonder what she says about it: she's not going too far. She's gonna tell you the truth, you. Ask me what I thought about today right. My answer is that I think today was a terrible day terrible It was a really terrible drilling like s weekly terrible day. I The next two years in the United States are going to be very significant in american history and What happened today was such a cave
and even the people that we have been hoping. They're gonna go in there. How many times a day, do we read their tweets? They're gone? There are five for us and we see their tweets of their new office door and they're gonna fight for us and today was a fold. It wasn't a fight. I dont know what day what date as the fight began, How many days are you there before? You start this fight, because the first five is, with the corporatist democratic establishment. And this is nothing personal about Nancy Policy issues. The first woman speaker, I have great respect for much he's done in the past But what happened today was grievous an I don't think that the Democratic Party has two years to prove to the american people that they will prove at present a genuine alternative to the Trump type forces They have, I think, a hundred days and What was voted for today is same all, say more,
the same old same all that lost our seats on the house? No, company would thrive in this country. We warned it failed leadership. The way the Democratic Party does so I feel politically homeless. Today. I think a lot of people do. Politically homeless to Justice Democrats, the squad they left us all. Politically homeless. That's where we, all right now politically homeless. We have enough good twitters. We need people who are actually gonna fight for what they say they're, gonna fight for Sarah. Have you taught me Romney's on the phone alone? hello Jimmy you made me a senator met, Willard Mittens, Mitt, Romney
I am also husband, Father, Sean Grandfather, former governor father. U S janitor again: Father husband, nor mother, father, mother, father and son of a father who is also Osman, mother and her lover of all things in vain name. Did he bade vain to you. My father get happy new year met. I also of American and God our Pleasure Father, thought and even though he was a father Ah, ah, ok, but why are you telling me all this make sure that all Americans now I am more than just the father of Romany CARE, I am also a man.
Many virtues, for instance, I once had a Amsterdam peanut Bina was a real character, Data bored I running running running about hamster wheel of is three a m battles having a dutch metal wary down his teeth on the bars of his cage Shelly rearranging is all shades dash in a corner fuck it but I kept him anyway right: hey Woody yet not met and I just say it: I am so sick of all the shame, Donald Trump, and Ethiopia straight from our party's core values. What were those core values mid getting all over everyone and everything people want kind of like a gallop and projectile pooping all over a circus audience, but that's different from what trumpet you're, a german trumpet, eroding the public's faith in our sacred PLUTO, crowbar crochet. What is a chromatic receive?
Ah plutocracy democracy needs a lot like club made Ojo only with more right plant powder and sugar. I love that DR clapped out or don't you who does it. Elections are java, you, never let on those! force what you do that pollution in losing faith? One hundred million people stay, almost just enough for the remaining population, are used as an excuse for voting for garbage. He had surprised to hear you admit that all that was major me that was my alter ego, Pierre Delectable he's a religion We'll make and quite distorting peacock with us, elaborately nodded croat? Aren't you Pierre Why you're Sharia Willard, I am devoted to style, nonchalance, leisurely hobby. He who, by talking to now meet her peer outlets for you too, I doubt Jimmy just keep in mind, we're both
turned about our homeland being overrun by riffraff defacing. The homes of rich people and Pacific guides that, for my virtue, signals come in virtue signals don't forget, I want I was crucial, trapped in a corner, age, voting block and twenty twelve now, but my beautiful wife machines, my father beats my dog, my salamanders, Dana and hot dog. My favorite made Ireland is lying in wait for my grand return and twenty twenty four by being come by complete abstaining from fluid and eating nothing but sardines and powdered Bosco tat. Jimmy being forewarned, Pierre direct, oh and I shall return and Paula your job, pantalones hey, you know we no longer have an Amazon leg because we're not doing that were not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show you should be, the previous member. We give you up
couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by go two gb your company, that cop click it got joined premium and supposed affordable. maybe a programme in the business and its great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thank everybody who was already a premium member and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, so I guess why breaking news Jack Democrats, Georgia, success, reshapes? U S political landscape, so dislike the democratic Gonna take over the sizes! Does the Senate break Democrat sycophants already back at brunch. Unless you are viewing the landscape from Wall Street, so Democrats, Georgia, success, reshapes the? U S, political landscape project, did election victory will give Biden a majority in the Senate and
were built at a revamp strategy and organizational effort, so Democrats move closer to set it can, trawlers county good, nor did they ve got it well one positive outcome of the Democrats. Controlling the White House and both houses of Congress is it, will provide a lot more clarity about who they really are they'll use. It. Excuses like they did from two thousand to twenty ten mansion will be the new Liebermann, etc, but the light will still be bright. So. what their set. So, what he is saying is the Democrats loved. A divided government? Have they both parties do because They can blame the other party, so Joe biting alike, Can I think Dunkirk that Damn Republican send it right? But if it's all democratically,
have her in California. They got nobody else to blame, so we have all super majority, democratic, California and of democratic governor and were still got homeless people living under every bridge. We still don't have health care. We still have to add that we still have racking. We still have all this shit. It doesn't matter we're just like Texas if we might as well be so that just goes to show you a super majority democratic legislature. Get your right wing policies to see you know, and so right now, Glenn saying that's gonna happen again, because now you can be able to blame the Democrats. They have complete control government and when you dont have something it's their fault and they're gonna go notes. Joe mansion he's the he's part of the Democrats, but he's so could serve to we take it anything done because a him they lie of having Joe Mansion, so now, they dont have to fuckin cross their donors, and they
Will your badge in that's exactly at an what's gonna happen? Is a more competent tromp was gonna. Take over after this and then will be told, we just need to get rid of that person. First then we can have actual change in the cycle can keeps continuing. Did you see, as we gotta get rid of trouble? First, that we can do so the Gaubert Trop? Now they got complete control. They're going to completely abandon everybody like they have we're going to get worse trump. Go to say we gotta get rid of that tribe. Again, we can have a third party. We can't have a thing we can push for double we gotta get rid of that guy over and over over. Here is what Marian Williamson such Sis tomorrow Progressive will say. Look at all the power we have and all the wonderful thing. we can do for people now then corporatist. aims will wine yeah, but we didn't get a mandate and theirs.
other election in two years. So we better be really careful and go slow. Do not let them she knows the game with on with unified democratic control of government. There should be no excuses for bad or inadequate policy. Don't let them spin sub narrative that they can't get this or that done they can get whatever they want done. If they don't it's because at least some of them don't want to. And maybe, if they're not pushing for votes on things, it's because they don't want you to realize that they're not pushing for votes on stuff. Maybe it's because they don't want you to realise that they can get done whatever they want to get done. Now the republican shields are down, but Mitch and the
only reason for Dems, not taking rapid massive action on climate would be their own choice. Push hard for we are out of times is Peter Comus. The filibuster can be abolished with fifty one votes. If the Democrats choose to allow the Republicans to block legislative initiatives, then that is their fault. that is correct. This is a great clarifying moment. There's gotta be more hashtag forced the votes moment coming up, so the squad already showed you who they are their capitulated to our Corey Bush Jamal Bowman? Their first act was an act of cowardice and capitulation to the establishment, Nancy Pelosi, a war, criminal. And there's gotta be more moments coming up. So it's going to be very revealing and I'm predicting the squad will continue to sell you out now. Some other people don't think. That's gonna happen. Other p
people think that if we pressure them, they will do the right thing. We already did pressure them and they. When even come to a town hall with a hundred thousand people they wouldn't they when even come to a town hall with Coronel West. We already did pressure them and they gave us the finger Anybody else telling you that their naive or they discuss. Ah they just capital as a casual Cortez, is a grown up. Smart person who knows exactly what she's doing along with the rest of them. They are grown up, smart, capable people capable of winning up frickin congressional race. They know what they're doing
They know it better than we do so. Anybody telling you that their naive and their good people their making bad decisions that person is gas lighting you. That is not fuck, untrue and everybody knows that's not true. That's why fraud squad is trending. That's why fraud squad trending organically! I didn't push that that wasn't me I didn't make that up and now, if they don't get rid of the filibuster. There's no point again: there is no point to the Democratic Party except to fake you out and to take all the progressive enter.
And squash it that's what the Democratic Party that's, what Bernie Sanders is there for and that's what the Justice Democrats are there for the did it take all that revolutionary energy and squash it and kill it inside the Democratic Party and that's what they're doing I don't know if you noticed the Justice Democrats are not fighting against the establishment. Democrats they're, always fighting against Republicans. That's what they're doing they're just Democrats. The Justice Democrats are a failed experiment, one hundred percent. What shabbos wants that is true. The road inside the Democratic Party for progressives leads to a graveyard and we just witnessed it. So they got
get rid of the filibuster which they want, because if they get rid of it, that's means you'll have to do stuff, and so, with the filibuster. All they have to do is get a republican to filibuster and see how we can help you. We can't get you a two thousand dollars check. We can't get you healthcare. We can't get you climate change. That alleges Should we can't end a war, we can't Bubba, we can't help you. We can't solve you student debt. We can't do it infrastructure, because there's a guy filibustering over gonna get rid of the filibuster. That would be rude. Breaking binding announced the creation of a department of excuses which aims to tirelessly for abrogate reasons as to why Democrats are unable to pass any policy, despite having control of both the House and the Senate as a great tweet and is a great tweet. la and produce centred their campaign on fear? growing in division. In the end, the message that one was will bring you relief to your families,
We'll bring relief to you and your families if the Democrats failed to follow through, they lose the house and twenty twenty two they're losing the house and twenty twenty two. You know it's funny when they campaigned on not being better care for all. Poles were really looking so good. Then they came Peg camps and on actually helping people, and it worked out. Isn't it When you campaign on actually helping people and having government do things for people people vote for you when you came panic, better care for all will never come about bad. You don't win. Donald Trump Red I'm getting everybody healthcare, he didn't how, but a few I'm helping people and actually do it boy. I bet you could have a super democratic majority forever.
The only thing standing between us and Medicare for all. Was the Democrats now remember that remember that the only thing standing between us Medicare for all are the Democrats and remember that when they try to convince you? Otherwise remember that when, when somebody from the Justice Democrats, when Mark Pope can or When broken I or or a o c or ill on Omar Oriana Presley, they. But to tell you that the Republicans are blocking, how to care for all you tell it, and it's you it's your party and when he's gonna call them out, it's your party, its Nancy Plebeian, Chuck humor. It's your party, that's blocking Medicare for all its the Democrats here. This is an unbelievable tweet out in your cause, your quote: what do you see what's
different about this tweet than her normal tweets, hello, it's a new day whose ready to push ready to push for retro, active, covert relief and push for student loan cancellation for climate justice, not a green new deal. You see how she switched from a green new deal to climate justice, so she went from a cot from from green new deal. The climate justice gets better voting rights, ending the death penalty, what pop health care, so she switches green new deal to climate justice and Medicare for all TAT health care, she's, just I've. She does.
You know how it works, except she's, a fucking. She knows exactly how it works. That is a sly fox and somebody trying to tell you there aren't there just an innocent pussy cat is lying to you. She's, a craven, conniving scheming politician like fucking ever one? And if anybody tells you the otherwise say now, who's being naive, K now who's being naive, K, she's a conniving calculating cold, politician who was willing to try to get our you two general taken down, which is what she was doing, what you could use of violence and every Youtube be calling her out for that and shame on the ones you aren't, I really feel that way
And so early and any see anyway, so that there is what policies the EU most water, wish for how about better care for all the thing you ran on. Oh you changed it to healthcare. Why? Because she is a fraud. I don't know Jimmy the line. It says whose re to push do you see this emerges It has diversity has two as wore white people, black people around there's only Jimmy she's on the right page. This kind of that word push interesting, not force, not force push, isn't it funny and a needle felucca cook. You don't feel like a chump. If you, if you are in a sea supporter, you don't feel like a chump. She just fuckin cheese play. You be candid, with yourself she's playing you on per
This that's calculated, that's conniving. She knows exactly what she's doing you not naive. You, not a child. Dont infantilism YO see she's a grown up. One of those powerful people in the world and she is fucking you that is her fucking. U, health care wait a minute. We have soup democratic control, government and you and you switch from. Better care to health care, cause she selling. You are out she's not your ally. She gives lip service to the same protein things that you like and then does nothing. there's a lot of people on the left. You don't understand this. A lot of people on the left who totally understand this and the people who don't grow up and called sex and have no idea how to
fight because they ve never had to in their whole life, never jack. You grew up in a cul de sac. He went to private schools he's been coddle his whole life. He never got hit by his pocket. Barents I'll tell you that he doesn't know how to fight fair. He knows how to fight ugly, doesn't know how to fight, because the moment came to fight and he didn't. He bent the need to his corporate donors and he fucking abandon you. That's what Jegu guarantee Whitey did and everybody saw it and he's protecting her. The young Turks t Whitey are protecting her. and the Justice Democrats in everyone sees it it's disgusting over supposed to treat them differently than we treat other politicians when they sell us out. Why.
Because I know em cause, I know them personally, because I'm in my ego is invested in the Justice Democrats. When did when she sells you out you supposed to call her out even louder, not the not you're not supposed to be softer. It must be harder. You gotta, absolutely fuckin backwards. Go back to your cul de sac, I'll! Show you how to fight. General says: they'll see translation. Ten years ago today after the Democrats use their super majority to pass the eighty eight eighty eight, which is Obamacare Blue Shield, raised its premium sixty percent. Let's build on that. Let me know when you are ready to fight for Medicare for all not push for healthcare.
two thousand dollars recurring checks until the pandemic is over, that's which airline Omar treated on a genuine second, that's great ill Han. Won't you tried telling your other colleagues and stop telling twitter. Because all you know how to do as tweet, that's all they know how to do the Justice Democrats don't do shit. There are brand in their into their own celebrity, and I don't care that they don't take corporate money. There selling you out for their own celebrity in their own comfort in position, and they did it right and fuckin your face. So that's a regular person who retweet or ill Hano Mars, bull, shit, fuck and virtues signalling and says all you
all y'all do is tweet two hundred and fifteen thousand, like that's, not a blue check, that's just a regular person. Do you see the only people who don't think this are jack user? The founder of the Justice Democrats? The only people who don't feel like this about the Justice Democrats, who just sold you out in the most blatant to a possum, would be Jack, you graphic, so there you go and they are selling you out. The Justice Democrats are not do what they said they would do, and you should stop giving them money. You should stop giving justice Democrats money. You should make them do what they do, what they said they were going to do and when they do you'll start giving them money again, but stop stop giving them stop giving the Justice Democrats money stop
I can't say that hard enough stop giving them money. President, like is called me again alone. no you're fat happy new year jail. But why can you support me care for all we needed the most. I look for Finally, I want to be clear. I am not going to my wife. Is a doctor hey thanks for reassuring the nation that pal Furthermore, however, I promise of American, not just Bermuda,. security is currently the best year ever workforce. Sure I got a bad day here, so I may be very very clear, mash up we're all gonna die shampoos, yet
I really should library inauguration ceremony pony upshot check it. Would you plan on healthcare system, Joe fresh fiction, but agencies should be real Imagine I imagine the amazonian fulfilment censure in every boys, town, big and small- Drought, deliver back change, yellow robot administers the dose. His name will be Tommy Tommy. The little robot. Bright clay, nice guy school, cure cancer cabotage about the size of a baby, but he will wear it. Diaper robots in the future will be party train and only crap rusty, springs and broaden gears. He sprang sugar sounded a local Montgomery words for research We could get a disco Amazon, Prime S, future
I swear. I have no idea what you're talking about what what what what but what about now Joe tat my dad was a picture. Strict deadline shy. We Shores wire, Miss Shepherd. I remember the first so right, smart, you, strong baby. What you want- and I d better. I shed Sweden, wait a while that so touching three of you were so young. You couldn't even pronounced freedom correctly, but you knew that that's what you wanted freedom you talk about knowledge, a shave, wait and see. What is it that, from an anecdote models, King told in nineteen sixty five, if I
President Bush, her name she told me. I did that Now rejected our story ebbing me: ok,. I have ordered your service brush, so she said every regime? As you know, we are some day I'll, be Sherman bribery, Bravery results in resides in everyone's heart and some day will be summit. Not summonsed shut up. Man like my ears, shape our chance just go way back, George rose done. No. We built this city on rock and roll. Even though we want to share a prize to work with both parties to get things done
Specially don't want you, wanna curse uses their food source. So now you're beer, you, your backing. The two thousand dollar checking is not just about dashed about real wives are working America General desperately native kelp, they would pay for count, and I need it now. Why merited show you care for showing the way restoring all border adduced Jerry discharged Americans, or this country's gentry Republicans night. There Recovery, two thousand dollar Jack's. What that and you won't get generally cork You can check squad zilch, not a bucket. Turkey, everywhere your mom dig enchilada. I won't even left the figure for you, I'm going. You could take added a bulky.
where do the mob rigour and set out to dry on March, had read your book it mouth monkfish. Well, thanks recalling Joe Biden. So this is happening right now is a good news. U s the you can judge fuses. U S! Extradition of Wikileaks, founder Assad's! That is great news. It is great news we ve in a week we hosted the town Hall fur of Julian Assange here: The show we done We ve always been onboard Julian Assange, and this is what the story is. A bridge. This judge on Monday rejected the United States request to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to face espionage charges over the publication of secret. U S documents a decade ago. Saying suicide was likely if, if held under harsh. U S prison conditions. Now, let's remember with their prosecuting Julius we are trying to prosecuting for. Is that not anything to do with tromp or Russia or wickedly- are rob the cliff
campaign or any of that or the server is to do with them. Exposing war crimes of the Bush administration through Chelsea Manning from twenty ten That's what this is about. People don't know that people think about always working with Putin and no with virtually never was. But second of all, this is a Him exposing war crimes ten years ago, but Obama's administration already tried to prosecute him for this and they dropped it cause they realize they couldn't in a myth. Ruling for Assange and his supporters to judge rejected defence arguments that the forty two annual australian faces a politically motivated american prosecution. That rides roughshod over free speech for tat. Since it does all that stuff. It is politically motivated and it does ride roughshod on free speech a course that judges corrupt, but the judge did so give em of denied the extradition, but she said why she said because Assange is precarious. Mental health would likely deteriorate further under the condition
Of near total isolation, he would face in a U s: prison lawyers for those like a humanitarian thinks she's doing she's guys he should be properly. you did, but I shall probably die if they do that's what she said. Lord. For the. U S. Government said they would appeal the decision and the? U S. Department of Justice said it would continue to seek a scientist extradition. Those people are evil. The lawyers For the: U S, government are evil doers, while we are. Extremely disappointed in the court's ultimate decision. We are gratified that the United States prevailed on every point of law raised. It said in his statement in particular, court rejected all of MR scientists arguments regarding political motivation, political offence, fair trial and freedom of speech, in other words, the what still upholds our bullshit charges? They just now were complete lunatics, trying to kill a guy for publishing stuff. We didn't want published. That's really what that says. The court still upholds our bullshit.
Charges. They just acknowledge were complete lunatics trying to kill a guy for publishing stuff that within what people say. We hope that for consideration of the UK court's ruling. The United States will decide not to pursue the case further. A scientist lawyer said yeah you torture, the guy long enough that the EU is a bully that hasn't even been portrayed in the movies. Yet one is that happen. Amnesty international treated this out. We well from the fact that Julian Assange will not be sent to the United States of America. But this does not absolve the UK from having engaged in this politically motivated process at the behest of the United States, and putting media freedom and freedom of expression on trial. Julian Assange, partner, Stella Moorish. She gave
speak one here. I ask you all to shout louder lobby harder until he is free. I call on everyone to come together to defend women's rights, not just rights there. Your rights to Julian's freedom is coupled to all our freedoms. Forty percent support, which you saying she saying it correctly Julie It's a Julian's freedom is tied all our freedoms and that's exactly right. That is a hundred percent right, How do you know how to people that what I don't get it? and here's grinned, clung Greenwell, says Mexico's president on low announces that MAX
ECHO is offering potential asylum to Julian Assange, citing not only Mexico's tradition of protecting people from political persecution, also its responsibility to do so. While that's amazing. So good news for Julian Assange: she will, while they're gonna appeal it now, but another good NEWS, as he might be able to get out on bail, might be able to get out on bail now, while the United States, peels the decision, so that's fantastic, so hot will you be able to get out on bail and will be able to get back in good health and be with. his family with his family. Amazing, what's being allowed to happen, and we in the west and the fact that Australia is in scream about this, the government I mean of Austria again shameful again. The vigour crimes are committed right on the public, and this is-
One of them read out the public they're doing this to a journalist and look at all the worthless journalists and United. States not screaming about this. How all this distributes is Jerry. What are you could used about out. Ok. Why Jimmy? Why Is there another election happening? I turn the tv set your election to the mark. what is going on? We just did this shit. It is like you're like a sequel. No, no I'll it was the Georgia run off election that you saw.
I thought, the guy's name was as it appears that on us off defeated David Purdue. one. Ok, what is a one off somewhere illegally shit? when these contents were held previously, the results were too close to call so they had to redo the election. I feel like a democracy right, the important issues, one day well, the results of the election determines who will control the Senate. no, no! No, which party.
which party no no out the election determines, which political put republican or Democrat will have the most seats in said it is very important to the parties. It's very important, quite frankly, to the american people, probably won't matter much to Irish. Get worked up about. But it looks like the Democrats have won the Senate, So there are more democratic, janitors Republican Nazi their will. by the same amount. Or if there are well how, under our current system in the case of a tie in the Senate, the ties broken, by the vice president, who will be Kemal Harris? Who is a Democrat. Harry
Koala Harris Don't you are? I sort every of her dates and around in the rain in front of her supporters Just such you know such powerful permanent damage, yeah. Shortly after she stood up for fracturing literal Frank, King in the vice presidential debate. She danced around, and people got very excited. That's what they say: Jimmy she's, Quae yeah. That's how serious people talk now, apparently, ok, attributed sketch what I was right and terrorism. violent food or throw our government. And say that I thought to myself why the fuck am I right. In a sketch,
about Georgia election with this shit fuck and going on so yeah. I've been strike Hey. We don't have time to get the rest of that phone call and today's radio show. How do you hear the whole phone call? You got to get a podcast and today's Jimmy Dore Show and you can get a podcast at the Jimmy Dore Show for free at Itunes, Stitcher, poor Jimmy Door Comedy dotcom today, It was written by IRAN, Kaliko Barclay, Lando, step, Zahm, Murano, Jim Earl, like Mccrae. Your written other voices performed they are the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it MIKE Mc radar. That's it. this week. Ah you be the best you can be I'll. Keep me don't don't freak.
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