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Herman Cain has Covid-19!

2020-07-09 | 🔗

Jimmy is back from vacation!

U.S. vs. China -- a new cold war?

Creepy Joe Biden says child gave him "permission to touch him"!

Obama official says Medicare For All will never happen!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Dylan Ratigan, Danny Haiphong, Paul Gilmartin, Dave Anthony, James Adomian, Graham Elwood, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Herman Cain, Mike Pompeo, and David Axelrod!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Medora show hello. This is Jimmy who's. This this is Herman can hi Herman? How are how are you how want your vacation outbreaks? It was good. The Herman aren't you in the hospital with the corona virus. Yes, Yes, I know how you hold it up, Herman, Germany, I don't want to hurt I'm sure that do you too much, and you will do those things I promise Herman, Yes, Jimmy that that make
we feel better, I don't understand how this happened to me. All I did was go to a large indoor gathering without a mask at the publicly downplaying the threat of cover. Ninety worse, well look at this as an opportunity. Herban after you recover think you will use your public voice to educate people about the very real threat of covert nineteen I will absolutely not do that what why not because
I I am a and conservative, live by a set of principles that cannot be altered. one of our new principles is that corona virus is not a threat in wearing masks is for porting and, like all conservative principles, I am willing to die for it Herman. Do you think that makes any sense whatsoever. science is not a matter of principle so you are willing to die covered nineteen in order to show that covert. Nineteen is not a threat. Yes, I also Herman. People are saying that you may have contracted the virus. When you attended Trump's rally in Tulsa, I mean how was it? Was it worth attending
Absolutely do it all. Over again, Jimmy was beautiful. All these patriotic conservative Americans gathered together to celebrate America and Donald Trump just straight up giving a shit about a life threatening My eye That beautiful Herman I won't, I will guy in time to attend the Republican National Convention in Houston. You can maybe even do what you ve been through? Yes, to sit there with all the other, brave conservatives and watch. As the speakers addressed the audience safe, from their homes via a giant video screen. You know the mayor of used. It is currently trying to prevent the convention from even occurring wages will not stand but better
Government is going to sit around and take orders from local or state governments. That's the the german way, those better government basket local government around that's the point. The bullet limited government had actually The conservatism takes the exact opposite stance, Herman, and also the federal government is not putting on the convention. That's the Republican National Committee, I see well enough Of your incontrovertible point, I am going to ascribe my muddled thinking to being in the throws of covid nineteen. My brain government, I understand Herman, what other symptoms are you experiencing all the usual things you hear about shortness of breath, one for way bigger than the other one snuffle up again
keeps Brigham Sweetie sweet with a trunk hallucinations. Oh my by that sounds horrible, call bad last night at three a m meet at came into my hospital room and did all my favorite rap from Hamilton. I see well Herman Will you keep in touch and let us know how you're improving we'll do that Jimmy In time I give my birthday new you staff, little dog and the yellow sovereignty, which is slowly emerging from my name anyway,
establishment in anointed feeds and jump to medium and hit me head on, it's the Chimtou show hi. Everybody welcome to this week's Jimmy Door show just return from our vacation and nice to see. The world is still made: that's up. Let's get to those jokes. Before we get to those jokes, you know the best experience I ever had with a cop was when one of them told me to get the F out of Texas come on. I like Texas, that's just a joke, what's the best way to protect your pets from fourth of July drama, overthrew the government and tear down the Pentagon. That's what I'd say by post baby body is unbelievable. Ever since I stopped eating babies
hey, here's a run down on all the ways. Democrats have helped with the corona virus aid package. There is now less paperwork, but in order to qualify for additional food stamps seniors have to re Normandy, HIV. I gotta treaty printer, but it only Prince three days let's covered up on this week, show well creepy Joe Biden has been busy being very creepy democratic think tanks try to convince people that free college would be bad for poor people and Obama, administration official doesn't understand what Medicare for all is. does understand that people like her will never let it happen and the police political class has been stoking a cold war with China, we're going do Scots it all we'll get to
different perspectives about China from journalists that the black agenda report, Danny High, born and corona money talks, Dylan Rat again, plus we have phone calls from Herman came David Axelrod Secretary of State, my palm pale and laughed lots more that this week, Jimmy the blue check Hollywood ducking drives me nuts, so how he makes all those good movies didn't he did for dear old virgin right. Then he do that. I'm sure you do He does lobbies about ass man. Tiles of movies does out very funny movies and I saw him- do stand up. His stand up was also is also surprising. A good. Why do you say surprisingly Jimmy because its if you don't do comedy all the time, it's hard to be good at it. It we're you weren't you, you lose your fastball right away after a week anyway that,
Why so knocked out? This is forty. Forty of Virginia Fanny people super bad train wreck heavyweights, I'll anchor men. The legend Acreman was I made stepbrothers that brothers? so Pineapple Express sought loved. It makes us agree. Moves to him. He's got quite Halla dig Knights fuckin, who were also hello, retired agonize, were harnessed What are the sweet baby diseases? I pray. The baby's tat would be That would be like the movie that I like to play like when I had a projector I would play outside and my friends would just go. We saw that one already. I I it's so funny. Why would you want Alas, so he tweeted out remember one that other president talked about all the models he slept with at a press conference about a pandemic that never happen because we ve had never had such a craven freak in charge before registered
when we all vote, we can make him go away. So now you know, my big piece is hey. Why don't you tweet at the goddamn shitty democrat politicians, politicians who sold us out the workers? Not you he's a. Zillionaire sold out. The country took Fucking Wall Street, big pharma and oil and military industrial Kowalski. Won't you tweet at those to get better, so people for someone. Besides him, like that's the price I don't buy you hating trouble wanting to replace them, but that all you do you, more pressure, your politicians to be fuckin better. He may suppose you quit being corrupt, hey what an Chuck humor Nancy Pelosi. Why didn't you guys do something for people in the fuckin stimulus bill so I have to tell people are registered vote, because people want to come out and vote for someone because you're doing something for them you'll never see that Tweet Cosette, Everquest
this might cause. He doesn't have any problems he needs government to solve. He does doesn't like that trumps. An asshole. Have it. This doesn't like the trumps and has it bothers personally, but not but any, but then he kept to and to oh, how did we get trump? oh, it's because Barack Obama govern like a Republican? That's not me talking! That's Barack Obama, talking rock! Can you imagine if a republican guy, reelected over brought us a John Mccain, beat beat brought this to say and then do John Mccain would have been allowed to make the bank's bigger during that credit crisis, you think you would have been allowed to take us from two wars to seven. do you think you would have been allowed to open the doors to drilling twice Do you think you have been allowed to repeal the regulation? That said, we can exploit export our fossil fuels, which has led to a friend king pipes underneath is all of his country.
Do you think Mccain would have been allowed? No, rack? Obama was uniquely positioned to get that shit done because nobody was watching. He puts the left asleep. Just just like Bill Clinton ran against George Bush. The first bill Clinton was not the lesser of two evils bill clear was the more evil guy. What do you mean Jimmy because George Bush, the first tried to pass NAFTA and he couldn't bill. Clinton could Could he gave the blue dog Democrats cover to vote for a bill that everybody in the union's knows cutting them off at the knees they couldn't? Do that Stood up against George Bush they'd instead up against bill could just like Barack Obama. Now now you starting to get it. At the lesser of two evils, the lesser two evils. Probably would have been John Mccain because we wouldn't let him do all that shit, Barack Obama. Do you think we would have let John Mccain kick five one million families out of the house in the middle of a depression. you think would allow him do that. No. The proper Burma black eye with the muslim name was doing any sweet talk this and we thought that's how it had to be.
Is it's that how it has to be their proving it right? Now that he's gay four point, two trillion dollars to the richest those they could saved everybody's out there, given the banks tried out there right now. Didn't does have Barbara Obama just didn't feel like fuckin hoping you, you didn't feel like it shut up tat has no idea about any of that. I guarantee you have no idea here are ongoing brought about the best, but at best presented my lifetime I'll guarantee, that's what he does. that's good. That's that's. What drives me. Does the people in Hollywood? That's what drives me! Fucking nuts, and even my and so I started with who made it now. They think, like this We used to write me notes when my show started. Encourage me this is you people, needed now, they often like this. And not one of them ever does a tweet or a joke
Anything aimed at the politicians who were a horrible that people got so desperate, they voted for a game show, host never think to tweet at Fucking, Chuck, Schumer Nancy Pelosi, hey what the fuck never. So what I said, yeah vote for and and he'll never tweet at the Democratic Party. Why are you putting up? I I you? vote for for a demented hundred percent, corrupt sociopath. the lying warmongering sex harasser, who was a complete puppet of Wall Street and his crude workers for decades and promises to veto healthcare in the middle of a pandemic, brilliant FBI, that is not a solution. But why doesn't he say this? Isn't he
screaming that this issue. The Democrats want you to fuck and vote for how dare you make a fuckin morons out of all of us? Why does any say that? No, what is it Tell you go fucking vote, make sure you you register got we got our guy, isn't that stupid yeah? It is, and how do I know you because a dumb guy, like me knows it that's stupid. God I would love to be that out of touch magic and all that power. No one ever tells you know. all the money in the world. Everybody's sucking your dick imagine that life that gender the Taliban everywhere, you go the whole hog. You think the mafia people haggard, thank God, imagine all the doors are open up. Can I get you anything with Mr Capital which come up and see me I
would definitely have sex with him. Hey David Axelrod is calling me hello hello Timmy. This is David Axelrod pass observer of public policy style we're defender of the truth, I like big, but they drive me not. Why is that so funny? hi, David Axelrod. What can I do for you? First, I like to give a big out all the fans of my pact file. Hey how's, that going by the way I see
Ah. I'm sorry to hear that that is like tat. You can call service with birds that's why I drink beer with my brain is. While we cover the issue it only David acts arrived at, his birds can, on this week, with birds. I called out the president depress me. Afghan bounty story, so reporters that dog won't hunt idea. any idea what the problem might be with the x files. My tech, I won't even tell me what the numbers are anymore. I have no idea what the problem could be anyway, awaited x files files, myself myself, the great I'll move, many exciting enervating, Loin Quivering Steve Schmid as we
normal railway developments speed. The best way, loving, Are they making a comeback? That's this week on the x files, fasten your seat belts, hilemon and shit. You know what maybe it's your guests. That's, maybe that's why pot shows not doing well. Hi Dora Steve Schmidt. Is always a great honour to have him as a guest of act files. Wouldn't you instead discuss exactly travel, year. They hear it open, Covid, nineteen, the webinar with my assume, therapist wreck, he thought spanish marinated hero linguistic programming, technique of fracture nation. that's where you learn: how to enforce boundaries, these types of great passion, escapable intimacy,
maybe that will be more suited to suds. With buds point Jimmy, The universal speech made does have crossed over appeal in the sphere of inner sectional kind. They branding are concerned my brand code bowed coots, hey You spend the July Fourth David. I devoted an entire episode of the x files to reading selected passages from the declaration of independence. We hold these troops to be self evident that all men are created equal there it by their the creator with stern inalienable rights, and so on what what did you think of the president's appearance at Mount Rushmore. It was a serious super spreader, please don't say per spread around my show, the Sultan. Why gb? Why.
About me using the freight super or does not Key odious, sensibilities, introduced a watch. Your mouth Just I don't know, but please stop hubris better. No, just stop! Okay, but I'm just saying you don't want to venture into a super spreader, I implore people to a mask if they feel they must attend as Bruce brighter than who's gonna, be on your next suds with buds, podcast, exciting a dynamic James Carville talks about eyebrows eyebrows. When is it time to stop caring and embrace the mark TWAIN looks we also talked about love and was making a comeback to talk through it up cast a pod tell your special aid Jimmy.
that's funny Harrison Obama official. This is there. And he cut her she's from the Obama official appearing she peered last week before health savings account investors, And here's what she said you ready she's Head House Democrats. Having hearing on Medicare for all most of the candidates on the democratically I'd, have either commented on Medicare for all or have signed a onto it. But what does that really mean? Well, I bet-
We can figure it out. Let's take it one, we're due to time care, for it seems kind of self explanatory Jimmy Guinea. Repeat that matter care or ah you know, like the healthcare your grandparents had. Are Oh there you go it's not that hard, but apparently Miss Smarty pants doesn't get. It doesn't know what it means. That's a really good question, because
because nobody knows exactly what Medicare for all means. Okay, I just explain it I'll. Do it again Medicare for holy shit? Everybody got it here. Everybody has it everybody's back. Okay! Here we go even guess who I I'll get it. Palmer Obama official doesn't get it, but guess who does trump voters? Trumpeters, guinea, fifty one percent of
fucking trump voters are for Medicare for all she's fucking, not Obama. Officials are to the right of trump voters. Isn't that fucked up? That's how fucked up this country is that people have voted for Trump are more lefty than fucking Obama officials. You want to be Trump hey. This resonates Medicare for all fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage student debt forgiveness, free college education was ending wars that resonates with red state. Voters, too, you will have an electoral sweep if you run on that platform, so she's got a little bit more to say: let's listen to it very distant. Medicare for all plan out. There is Bernie Sanders and he was to replace entire healthcare system. including better care and put a universe, I mean he wants to give you a pony. Place
along the lines of medical care for everybody, that's not gonna happen for I think that's not going to happen. You're not gonna get health care, so just fucking get that out of your mind and get ready to die when you're, sick, okay, cause oligarchy. Okay, Bernie will be president, don't tweet that because,
there'll be a lot of hate on my twitter, almost as much hate as you're gonna get after I drop this fucking video. I'm sorry does she look completely eval while doing this, so it wasn't long ago that Democrats were he only derided health savings accounts as wasteful giveaways to the upper middle class and insurance industry. Health savings accounts with high deductible plans with the lynchpin of the Trump Ryan Health. your black and there's an Obama visual fuckin advocating for while she sits on the solution to our problems, which is Bernie Sanders and real progressive ISM, which is why I fuckin attack these mother fucker. So the third way, though, the third we are Democrats who pretend that
best way to win is to not reveries the will of the people and to represent Wall Street. In fact, they're funded by Wall Street third way. Democrats they come out. New thing three college for all is aggressive what the fuck blanket debt forgiveness could actually increase equality. I can't wait for their next article why drinking water actually increases thirst next week? The third way justifies for racking waiting when it comes to spotting propaganda for donors. We have cable news politician and it turns out. We have the fuckin third way also, and if Follow the third way you end up in a ditch so here's here's what they say they try to they list. The low income student and the wealthy student and at the end of the day, the they're both. I don't know how they do this man, but it's I don't I'm not a mass surgeon. You know me
This is what they say they got. The crowding out effect could push out twenty percent of low income. Students of these public institutions. If freak College was enacted. what the fuck are they talking about like this? Is the craziest fuckin thing I've ever heard and cursing rich people are now going to stop going to private colleges and they're gonna go to state colleges, because it's free how rich people don't like the paper jet and they like to go to school of poor people. You know ever Enhancing free college could make limited public institutions even more selective, putting students who would normally attend them at risk of not being admitted because more haka get the fucking double ck. If I ever fucking heard a double c hey, how can something? That's free for everyone bring about inequality, it's free or for some I don't know what that means. There's people paying paying in equal amount of zero dollars.
and you know how this ends up up in the press. Here's Washington, Post, Bernie Sanders is running on a plan to bail out rich kids. Do you see how that works? So you get that Fucking Wall Street funded third way to write a bullshit article in the Washington Post Fucking Repeats repeats. It Scan they'd rather have Donald Trump, then fuckin Bernie Sanders and you got to know their third way senior. Vice president midst majority, a thing takes bonding comes in Wall Street. What the fuck elsie you need to know what the fuck
So then we should start charging for free public parks because that'll be better for everybody. Three parks. If you make parks, freeze the rich people will crowd out everybody else, yeah, that's what they do. I went to the park today, I'm like who are these fuckers and suits? That's what they do. The rich people are like wow, I'm gonna leave. My massive backyard in my gated fucking community in my private country club and I'm gonna, go down to a park and shove away. All these poor people and working class people fall. I want to set up a Webber in the park and barbecue with my boat tie on by the way. Mr morality lets. You use kids as a prop by the way, by the way he gave me permission to touch it. Could you ever see a scenario in your life where you're on stage in front of a bunch of people- and you have a ten year old kid and you're going back to touch up? Those Republicans are creepy. He said I could touch him. Yeah
And so I did you see what the kids weren he actually has no pants on. You, can't see it, but there's no back on at all. By the way he gave me permission to touch him. You know you imagine if you're that kid standing there like what the fuck is, he saying I can't go back on ten they're gonna have to buy like longer than thirty second ad blocks for the length of attack ads, they're gonna cut together with this. If he gets in the general election with a top they're gonna need three minute attack ads. Just for the hits I mean. Let's remember how bad Joe Biden is Harry is trying- and he seems clever when he says this Paul Ryan correct. He did the tax code. What's the first thing decided decide where to go after social security,
America yeah kind of hit you in the gut right all Ryan was correct. You have to go after Social Security or Medicare. That's the guy who's gonna bring morality back to America. I mean how are we gonna get ourselves out of this hole? If we don't push a bunch of old people in it right he's got the right idea. You got to fuck them over a how are going. What do you think I'm kidding no we need to do so about Social Security, Medicare. that's the only way before
It he's just a booking issue there, acting like he's talking to four year olds, like what fucking he's good whispering like a fucking idiot like it's brookings assholes. It makes us out loud and he's and he's gives and we got it got it. Hellyer gonna have to do it. Isn't it great? Isn't this great now pretty a boy, you know I'm losing my kid Timmy right now. I am just losing it where everybody like they're out,
like Joe Biden, is like this nice fucking grandfather. Who will touch you at any minute, but it's okay right and his finger banging you no problem, and then he says he says that he likes Dick Cheney and then he says he quotes Ryan Paul Ryan. Is he a GOP fucking candidate got dammit by the way he gave me permission in touch step. Grandpas are going to have friends that they sit with down at the old guy places out in front of a store on a box and a creator or something you don't
to criticize my friends, don't ask what they do. Some of them are gonna be rough guys by the way he gave me permission to touch and nobody Grandpa never goes down for it. Grandpa never gets in trouble if you're an uncle, you might get in trouble for it, but Grandpa never does because it would rip the family apart by the way he gave me permission to touch, well, I mean they all loved Georgina Bush when he died and he was fucking happy too there's a there's, a your kind of buck part where all the the She would be told if George Bush comes in and we all take a picture for just make sure your stand. Nero cause he would fucking cop a feel
hey who's, your favorite magician David CAFE, that was a joke said, and then he grabbed them, while the pictures being taken a side day. So here's all Joe Biden has to offer us he had nothing. This is what he has to offer us and correct me if I'm wrong. This is exactly what Hillary Clinton offered us here. It is. If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. What we are- and I cannot stand by and watch that happen.
If we give them. That's it. That's all he has that I'm gonna be not as big as dick. Is him I'm going to be slightly less shitty, but we will continue the wars he's on board for Venezuela he's on board for Syria. He was on board for Libya. He was on board for Iraq, he's on board for cutting Social Security and Medicare. He was on board for the crime bill, he's on board for the surveillance state. The guy is Fucking Henry Kissinger and everyone's acting like he's the antidote to Donald Trump. The Anna done is basically a bottle of the same stuff. That's just you spin it out yeah, I'm just looking forward to slave markets to Venezuela, and so I know it's sad. That's a Libya crack right, yeah yeah, a yeah went good. You know
yeah when I do when I found out that Saudi Arabia had twice the amount of I mean had one venezuelan fuck, this joke you enthused monolith, T's. What you want to say Venezuela had the most oil and then you had a punch line. Can you go back to the part about slates? You love this there's open slave markets in Libya. Now because that's freedom. Well, that's the free market at work. What is a flight there cost hey? We no longer have an Amazon link because we're not doing that we're not playing that game, but here's another great way you can help support. The show is because, The previous member. We give you a couple of hours of premium, bonus content, every week, it's a great way to help support the show you could do it. by going to Jimmy or comedy com clicking on join premium and premium. Affordable previous programme and the business
it's a great way to help put to thumb back in the eye of the bastards. Thanks for everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support a in a call from Saudi Arabia. This is gotta be important hello. This is Jimmy who's. This. Timmy. This is secretary of state. Oh hi, there, Mr Secretary how's, your state visit to Saudi Arabia going very well. We are having some extremely productive meetings, especially and, most importantly, with the saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Yes, the despot who ordered the murder of a suits imposed journalists, Jamal Cash, Yogi, exactly why wait, no shit that situation as president drop, as stated in the past,
Look again that we are way for all the facts to come in this and almost a year ago we were waiting. for all the facts to come in and once they are in, we will make an assessment of the situation and a decision, but at the bad time we had to operate a Gordy with the Saudi Royal family, who were made steadfast allies of the United States, especially with regard to iranian aggressive to the region, thank you for lying to me hey, look speaking overran the reason for your visit that a saudi you. It was a saudi oil field, was bomb correct, Jimmy as a good writer yourself, I'm sure your. Where are the advice, to avoid the path of voice? Therefore, we don't phase of saudi Boil field was bombed. We say I read, Bob, because that is what happened: and how do we know this is what happened I mean come on,
about come on about sorry. oh that's! That's some bulletproof logic logic. You got there secretary secretary very interesting, especially since the Houthis, these the yemeni faction, that the Saudis are trying to bomb starve out of existence, claim that they are, Fact sent the drones that blew up the saudi oil fields. They have taken credit. Well, we Guido they're lying in. How do we know that? the ho. This are well known, liars, as I said to CNN the other day. They've lied about many things on many occasions, and how did we know they were lies.
because of their reputations as liars So everything who these say at all about anything are lies. Some of their David, I would categorize mores. Fibs fibs by people are accurate but speaking as they are a coalition of liars and favours yes, I see fibers, Besides, we are aware of the fact that the The hoodie coalition does not have access to the type of drug. Weaponry that caused the destruction. Saudi oilfields? We do this because of satellite imagery and other intelligence gathered by various agencies drone or drones came from a ran. Yes regrettably guest suppose you have some evidence of this is waning,
You no drones or missiles flying from IRAN, Saudi Arabia would have had to cross over the Persian Gulf. probably the most militarily sir veiled body of water on earth. Words were those detected by either you S or saudi radar, or perhaps these all knowing satellites you just mentioned. What well, I read poses an existential threat to the state of Israel, our ally Secretary Pompeo, the guy from the ban blink one. Eighty two just released Navy footage of a UFO, but you telling me. The United States government doesn't have footage or other evidence of these drones. Ok, look. I've shore has appointed footage will be found
and analyzed. Will you show the public when it's found, but the debates we can all be assured that IRAN is the culprit. Here is why? Because I all the bad things. That's why frankly, I wish you'd stop asking questions yeah. I bet you do because the last thing you need is for people realise that huh these Bob Saudi Arabia Arabia. This is just another action in the pre pre existing proxy war between the United States and the Saudis on one side and ran on the other. You do not want that scrutinise or defended, so you have to make around the buggy man who launched a new attack on my right and my clothes,
Did you don't like? What did you do? You have avoided out what I was doing. Grating ok, Secretary Pub, fail tags for you skating with us today. Please keep us posters dwell with what I'm gonna go be going on over there. you're thinking. We will do our best to cards. iranian ufos. Give me your opinion, and how do you see this confrontation? That's right, hang up between the West and China. How do you see a playing out? It's there, forgot to say you know it's definitely clear that the pandemic is changing the global calculus and
What has already been a trend, which is the s, is decline on the world stage as a global leader as a hedge, a moan that was already happening economically, especially, but the? U S is really. walking a very dangerous tightrope. and I believe that there is to be a lot of conversation trying to pull the Trump administration off of the ledge with China, because danger of a war with China is probably higher now than it has been in a very time? Diplomatic relations are at their worst, and this is what is coming. China at their worst over since normalization. So that is all troubling so how this will play out. I'm not sure, do I predict an outright military confrontation, not near Essentially, I definitely don't necessarily sealing the cards, but do does the petition show for that happening, increase because of all the trunk administrations actions, because
of the way that the the China hawks are really pressing. Advancing their agenda right now to exploit the pandemic idea see that as continuing and where it will go. I don't think we can have a crystal ball. but we do have to be vigilant in opposing it, Because right now, though, the number one task I think for the world is to figure out how To control how to contain this pandemic, China right now is in a race to try to figure out a vaccine and make it accessible. China, as was at the World Health Assembly, pledging all sorts of investments in a pandemic, bonds around the world and that, It should be really where the priority is so right now the? U S is peddling conspiracy theories about the virus. It's you know Getting it also hawkish and militaristic operations in the South, China Sea, it's you know, and it's not just China. It's also IRAN, Venezuela, there's so many points of aggression.
The- U S is totally focused on right now, and this is this is troubling so, but we also- no that were in an election season in wars really do fuel politics and United States and so There are conversations I'm sure in the trunk administration about while which, which foreign policy points will be most effective. For reelection and it is China because, U S public opinion on China is at an all time, low right, partly because the Trump Administration has been so effective in its Anti China messaging. But there's no Longstanding policy, the Tpp, the Asia Pivot, as you said, this did not begin with Trump, and its kind of a slow descent. Into a very confrontational posture- militarily, especially where we're now in this great power competition of the? U S, imperial aggression towards China, which she, really give us pause as given that
China is nuclear. Armed Russia is also nuclear, armed and the U S is use nuclear weapons and is now discussing testing. you'll, be working again as I have just yesterday, there was reported. So you know what it's a difficult situation, but I think our principal position should be. We need to defend a China from aggression. We need this seller but they should not be Weight ratcheting up these tensions with China. It doesn't serve any effective purpose. China doesn't want it to China as, repeatedly wanted warm relations with the United States on level alone. Your people united work, anti war who can citizens they seated themselves against the neoliberal in New York on establishment should be opposed to any aggression towards China, so why? Why is tat I've made of China that they got if they know what's happening in their adult with their socialism and they get it, and everybody on board and why they saw of information. Why can't? Why would I be able to do a show like this in China,
It's complicated. You know that I think In terms of your show that that's a different question, I am the reason why there is so much censorship in China around us based media, especially you know Facebook google that sort of thing it's because the year, acts as a conduit for all of those things, and you know I was with you that revealed that, and it was a chinese cyber security firm that use some Wikileaks documents to show that the CIA had been hacking. in doing all sorts of things for eleven straight years in China. Is this there's an actual war going on, and I think that we need to talk about censorship from the perspective of China, not necessarily being some equal power to the United States. That has similar interests. You know it's just like the United States in censorship. It tries to you know squash. Local messaging in the same way, but that China,
is really in a defensive position from the fact that, since nineteen forty nine, it's been under heavy diplomatic, international in military pressure, economic pressure and military pressure to basically fall be destroyed and under those conditions, you need centralize state, and you do need some censorship to ensure that your territory, Terry, moral integrity is maintained and that you're a national integrity Is maintained now that doesn't mean that there are excesses. That doesn't mean that our mistakes that are made so I got it. I know what it means is that we have to understand the context for why there is hostility towards things like allowing: U S social media, allowing? U S? Search engines exist in China because times. Millet military activity happens to those things around in foreign cunt. Is that the Eu S doesn't like it was just a just you're. My reflex.
when I hear you say you know you're going to need some censorship to maintain your national it just you know, I'm I'm allergic to that. So it's like hey, you can have all this stuff, but you don't get to have freedom and liberty and freedom of thought and and stuff like that, it's just that seems scary to people. You know to me that scary, right you can understand that right I would say yeah I mean I can understand why you know, especially from the content. You know, I think it's important too the really think about you know. In the United States we live in a very censored society. I mean more reliable Hong Kong, for example. These protesters are celebrated in there The media is enamored, the corporate means enamored by them. Washington is enamored by them the guardians enamored by them, but yet no, the Julie, gene in France or they don't colors Amber Chelsea Man, eying or inevitable Julian Assange, screw them rise. Only
it states. You have these freedom so long as you don't challenge establishment. We have political prisoners, Mumia Abu Jamal, Sun, a colleague you gotta know, black local prisoners were riding a prison because they were just organizing for a better life for black Americans. In the United States of America, no barriers, the largest penal colony in the world that and so that we claim engine weekly, growing lack of more people than China, there's no, I mean so it's crazy Rachel. And you have a situation where you know, even though we have the freedom to use these tools, you know, we're given his boot offerings use like Google and all that we know that our Content is suppressed on them heavily in a black agenda, whereas experiences, Russia, gay, a big part of ass, were a big were a victim of the algorithm to the Google algorithms right right. So I think it important to look at censorship. China as being struggle, that's a little different, much! for actually so while we are lino anti establishment we're trying to fight these out.
here in China there they have been under seventy years of aggression from the United States, imperialist aggression, where there had to be certain things done to ensure that China remained an independent government dictated socialism, not capitalism, not imperialist. and so censorship in that sense, and that's form of class struggle right, because if we're talking Abou class struggle under socialism, they're still class struggle, they're still a struggle to make sure that the old order doesn't come back that you're, not controlled once again brutal brutal that you know hacked up peasants like it was their day. Job knew that the conditions that, this desire. Nineteen, forty nine are thing is that the United States really wants it wants it to be a subservient country, a country that serves its interest entirely. It doesn't care that China wants to work with it wants to cooperate with it wants to be a, inimically integrated with it now it's because
China has a government that is not capitalist. That is not so Serbia is not doesn't ultimately answer to Washington. At that level. the US is big issues and Wall Street also has big issues. I don't know if you remember this until nineteen during all this Hong Kong stuff, George Soros Road and abandon the Washington not watching pose wash your journal saying that the defeat of China is bigger than national security interests and when he He said in that article was it's about in during that wall, street is predominant around the world in this is the fact that you know China there's not trying to undermine Wall Street Wall Street, to try to undermine China in China's trying to figure out a way to do things. By its own, especially around the realms of Finance- ok, well, I think, because this conversation is not over we're going to keep talking a lot more about China going forward and I'll keep bringing on
Bulgarian people look disagree with him, so people people getting angry at the show. Because I bring on people with different points of view. I think that's good and especially since no expert on China. So bring on people who know more about it, bring on daddy and bring on stall, Dylan ragged nominate trembling. I've been Norton from the Grey zone coming up this week, see, you gonna get a lot of perspectives, and then you know you also can. So you can choose what you think is your perspective. How about that? I think China is just come. And and then we should probably go to war, but now certainly certainly much more complicated story than you would think in ya mean Is there that the Hong Kong protests? Would you say that? So what are you account for the discrepancy data between you think there?
five thousand people and that western media saying two million people that that protested in Hong Kong think it's a cat is the same discrepancy of you know: jihadist Assyria, being labelled freedom fighters right, it's a its approval. Ganda boy, it's a way of making a? called opposition movement, which is really just a movement created by the NED heavily sponsored by the any d, with obvious prerogatives U s- foreign policy establishment and it's in its away to make that look like a grass roots. Indeed, this movement that represents the interests of people in Hong Kong, which it History does not if it is being pedal and literally controlled by: U S, forces? I mean that that is the principal issue. Here is that we have this oh god, movement which is holding of american flag thing in the STAR Spangled banner in saying how much they love tromp and want to intervene that doesn't sound like a progressive movements me, it sounds.
like one that is trying to strengthen the. U S hand in that region and you'd it's one that. Doesn't care about Hong Kong care more about how close it can cuddle? with the imperialist, okay, Danny HI, Fong black agenda report. Thank you so much for covenant. I appreciated, will have you back for sure and anything. You say before you go. I'll just say that you know with Hong Kong and just with every that's going on right now, work it with China, where gonna hear a lot more be as I said before, China's holding its two sessions a lot of policies- going to be rolled out in China in this way, endemic. That is has ravaged the United States, both economically and politically, as well as just cost. So many lives there is such a material interests of the United States is ruling class across the board. Especially the Trump administration which is trying to win another election election November to escape
go China and I think a lot of the reaction to what's going on in Hong Kong is part of this larger, agenda its part of the scapegoating China agenda to secure trumps position, but also to strengthen a long standing policy of military aggression towards China. In order to contain it, this is all about weakening, try its position in the world. I think it's gonna work but is dangerous and it will be costly right. not only are taxpayer dollars going to the millions of dollars these Hong Kong protesters are receiving, but also these protests are violence, a threat in civil, destroy, ass in strife and it could Lee to a very bloody situation which nobody wants. Nobody, a peep, nobody who has any real in, thus in peace and stability and prosperity in anything that matters the lives of working people. Nobody wants that. So we have to be very vigilant, and even if we don't know much China, even if we are
in disagreement about how they organize themselves and how they political organize themselves. Our principal role is to defeat and stop you imperialism. That is our number one goal. It should be our number one goal and it's going to have to be our number one goal going into the selection, because I sent from everything. That's going on right now, all the innuendo, that's being spewed by the media by the trump Illustration by the Democrats, it's gonna be It's gonna get more intense what they did in Hong Kong was spectacular, millions of people organized spontaneously, but in an intuitive system using digital coordination capable of overwhelming a city with three million people on ten minutes notice made the french look like amateurs and the print are the best in the world. At this I did. That is a story I did not cover now. I was just over there in December, so I'm very familiar and I met with a bunch of them, so I was just
works border took what were they protecting their projecting China trying to take over. Hong Kong and take away their liberty right or to do it, but there was the pro their protests in China encroachment I've tried. Basically, they did the two fundamental that were there to court systems, wanted a court system in Hong Kong that basically based on british law, because it a legacy colonial system and then there's chinese law, and then Chinese were moving to basically eliminate the second jurisdiction so that they could extradited charge. People in Hong Kong, where Hong Kong has been on for decades, a safe haven for political opponents of Beijing that sparked off, and that was seen as the sort of the final breaking point for the liberty, Hong Kong, which it would be wise in it is bad, but what was spectacular, but what they did in Hong Kong was there were able to get organised disk. This concept, where there is enough where
and the coordination of EU did you re all that be waters up? They were doing no yesterday debated broke bits of the bridge baby. Haven't they were they make an appointment to meet every Saturday in a middle, a town and raise our right? That's the we certainly morning prevent others lower we're gonna be shut, this place down right, they shut down. There is every side labour months until mccrone families. Like me, you have no tat whenever you want to do it right. Hong Kong was is much more to be even more sophisticated, where they basically just took four metaphors for water, so vapor, I,
liquid, and I forget them whatever the reporting and inclinations dealing carnation volume steamed game yet, and so they had a baby would literally at each other with these different formations and they would either dissipate rapidly, accumulate immediately breeze and lock us that you have lock up, situation situation, so those behaviors which were intuitive and known within again millions of young people. I mean three million people, it's crazy and they could organize and shift immediately from the sort of locked cubes where they could shut anything down to complete an immediate everybody would scatter to the accumulation of due basically where they would start to build the. It was just
remarkable, so you know we don't have time to get into this, but I. Who d so I had a guest on the show recently from the black again the report any high fog and he said that their government is very responsive to their people, and I How could that be? They have one party rule. Why would they ever be responsive to their people? What did you find when you were there? Well again, I've only been. I was in Beijing a couple of times and I've been in western China once I don't think, I'm really qualified to have an opinion I lived in and for a long time- and there is a saying or there where you know you visit one of the UK that any country, but certainly an asian country, but it's really not unique to Asia, but you bid in a foreign country bore a day and you think you can write a book and you visit for a week and you think you can read a short
story and the longer you stay, the less you have to say he has really becomes even complexity starts to reveal itself. I will say that Hong Kong is the front lines for freedom and other words, if you as if it is the idea of the agenda, is to not have a single one party rule that the front lines relative to the encroachment of China in the world and as much as I would have happy to indict the american system. I do the Chinese at least the chinese government, as by far the greatest enemy of the west, sending their simplistic.
Activate knew that virus was in their country, shot down the domestic flights locked up their city and allowed international flights to continue to fly. Knowing the viruses on it is one of his is one of the most horrendous things I've ever seen done so that there is enough. There's no reason to hold your breath waiting for the Chinese to do anything nice for anybody, but I really I was impressed by the young people that I met in Hong Kong, who were more, engage in more active and more cautious about their position relative to China relative to the ideas of liberty and freedom that any group people that have ever met in my life. What do you say to the people who say that China's is so they they don't? capitalism I mean they do. Mark. They have a market economy, they capitalism, but it they, but that their system
as opposed to our system or any others has has brought food. five hundred million probably more out of poverty? Isn't it isn't? There system the greatest anti Poverty programme in the history of the world, that's what they would say what he added- and I never know what to say back to that media. Are you sure, but they also do a lot of isolation of minority raises in killing them, whether it's a? U Gerda the Tibetans, I mean an authoritarian and tell you a great story about sections of the society that have benefited from their investment, but they don't tell you about the sections of society to have decided that they be there and slave, but into containment. Camps are killed.
right at the end. I think I say we. I could tell you great story about american Entrepreneurial ISM and the development of Google, and why and the glories of Hollywood in it always does the boot strapping of that they are the small businesses in the brass got. Those are all true story, so the real thinks and ate their good thing than they have happened, and I do happen and the ability for a young comedian, from LOS Angeles out of really popular web, show using this technology and hang around and talk to his friends and other smart people who make a living and that's a great story soothing. But it doesn't. It doesnt dispel the other story that we just talk. So I can tell you lovely stories about some of the benefits of the chinese investment in their infrastructure and their very deliberate planning, which is impressive, to say the least relative to their development. But I can also tell you the story of their brutal murder contained
and destruction of huge sections of their population, and they are the only country in the world that rivals America for its imperial instinct in Russia's is is doesn't exist as an imperial force at this point in the world know that there are only two imperial forces on this planet right now and why of them. Is China and you could even argue China may be the most aggressive imperial force in the world right now We we we spread our imperialism at the point of a gun in a bomb Howard, spreading their imperialism. Belgian, wrote a desert? Is my friend I mean they are the greatest creditor and finance ear. They have been building a global transportation network, basically so the Italians or bankrupt after the financial crisis, and they need to rebuild the poor in tree ass. Did North Eastern ITALY
In order to be able to bring imports on shore, they don't have the money to the chinese commitments. They will give you thirty billion dollars and now we control your poor, but you get a brand new super state of the art, Shanghai Port, and so they have been doing it with money a globally for decades and they continue to do it. The anger game give them total control of the global transportation and infrastructure network and total dependence of all of these countries on them as their creditor, which gives treading credible political leverage, whether its at Africa. Now the America or in Europe, so how'd, okay. So no one's ever explain that to me before. So, how is it called the belt and wrote a dish it if you do it when you do some reading your deeply horrified the belt and road initiative. Okay, so Bri, okay,
now there is a military pivot happening to the Pacific which, because of China, how the hell do we find against them lending money to other countries to build their transportation infrastructure with a bag,
Battleship, we don't, we used to fight against them doing it, because we used to be the finances of choice for those countries right yeah about the part about America did after World war. Two was the exacting exacting China is doing now, which is be the banana fear of choice for core infrastructure for distressed or developing nations, in order to win fealty and access to their mineral rights, and the Chinese are now the primary practitioner of that practice, which is why they control not only all the onshore production that they have in their country for the world, whether its sphere of imposing the source of the people talk about, but also their influencing the troll over much of the mineral rights in Africa. Much of the Middle rights in South America, adults they'll go and do things I built built, built free roads and hospitals. All these really wacky great social benefits that give then create goodwill for them with the the people with it with the politicians, I should say in the country where there for me
dancing, but ultimately give them the ability to do what they will with that country relative to wedding western, a baby extend their basic influence in their basic policy in direct opposition to the United States. Okay. So now I know case now, I understand it. We more than I did before. Now I understand why there is a trade war by the way I heard today that the Chinese, because of the global economic distress because of the corona virus they made? overtures to renegotiate trade deals with the United States, but try possessed he doesn't have any interest in doing. That. Is that true? Do you know if that is true, because I understand idea that that the for I know that the first trade deal that the trump that just made with China their spouse, by two hundred billion dollars were the stuff it really well
in the benefit of China and they're supposed to be a phase two coming, which is never coming trumps, says it's gonna come at, the after the election, is an that's because it's never coming because China, there is really no nothing in it for China to renegotiate. Do you know? What do you do? You know anything about any that I gave don't I can't I don't have any meaning organs. I did it at all. I do know that China is by Far America's greatest geology or political foe judge. China is arguably better position than the United States at this point relative to their GEO political ambitions, and it's almost inevitably there big by twenty fifty China will be by far the most dominated Finally, on the earth by a factor of double the United States, contains calling me again, hello, why? What. I got the call with one man, that's bad! How did you get it?
I have no idea that boy science been figured out yet one of life's mysteries, I guess Airways Stop wearing mass, they just make. You look done yeah, but I heard they help stop the transmission of the virus. You're crazy like our coastal shot up my chest, but I don't fear anything is my middle name. Oh, my god. This hurts hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call you got to become a premium member go to Jimmy nor comedy dotcom sign up it's the most horrible premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay, Lando, step Zahm, Moronto, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written up, all the voices
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