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2020-07-02 | 🔗

Special extended interviews:  Chris Hedges, Pulitzer award winning journalist!

Maxim Baru, labor organizer, Industrial Workers Of The World!

Phone calls from Kevin Spacey, Al Pacino, and Vladimir Putin!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!


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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program, the Jimmy to show hey. We haven't heard from disgraced actor Kevin Spacey in quite a while. Let's give him a call hello, hello, yes, is this Kevin Spacey? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't who's calling this is Jimmy Door from the Jimmy door. Show now from the. What now do I have a show on you? I know who you are. What do you want well well, stacy. We spoke last year and I suppose I just wanted to catch up with you and see how you're handling all the legal trouble. What legal trouble, what legal Are you talking about MR door? Isn't it missus suing you for sexual assault. Okay, first
miss you see a female. I was being sued by a male massage person, which is called a monsieur. Like how I played a Shawn tour beyond the sea? Okay, Isn't a sewer suing you for sexual assault? No, no! Well, he was that should has been dismissed in court widens. Why? Because he died. excuse me and I dont know how much you know about the law, Mr Door. But if you we're being sued by somebody at somebody dies than the lawsuit goes away, and that's a fact: Jack O, my god. There is no, God. How did he do
die! Oh, they don't know. He died under mysterious circumstances, which are my favorite circumstance, a real nail. Biter are real. Who done it? I kind of feeling to my stomach. I lay that strange. I feel great. I guess this was a you'll convenient turn of events, view that Mr Spacey, the guide dying, absolutely not. I was devastated when I received the news. I extend my warmest condolences to his friends. Family, you really are a terrible person spare me your judgment. Would you really done anything differently? if you were in my shoes? Well, first, all I wouldn't be in your shoes to begin with. Well, aren't you just a boy scout you've got your ear to the ground, Mr Jimmy Door. You know how
things work. You could go on your show and claim that my problem went away because Chelsea Clinton killed him with a boy dark during a but massage and you might not my God, you're a monster Unlike most credence, you actually have an idea of how things work in the real world said I'll. Give you that Schoolboy ACT, I'm not falling for it. You see my go away. You saw Epstein case, go away, you know that this world is ruled by a cabal, hyper, wealthy pedophiles and other sex criminals? You just I know exactly how. But I have news for you by the you figure it out. You'll already be drowning on a dying planet while the rest of us nestled into our doomsday progress and a high sea areas. Wow. Why? We? Indeed, while we Weiwei's
and I will have waiting for me a case of nineteen. Fifty nine chateau the feet and filipino boy of yet to be determined, vintage well, Mr Spacey. I have to say in real life. You are twenty times is terrifying as any any movie villain. I've ever seen the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me and sat down and Johnson some had the chance to show welcome this week, Jimmy Door, Joe we ve got a lot Anthony show. So let's get right into it. What's coming up elected democratically blue,
lives matter out of sight of their mouth out of the their side of the mouth order, cops to smash heads of protesters, saying Black lives matter, because that's who Democrats are they're full of shit. Also, it's firing story of bad cops being stopped by good cops. Just kidding there aren't any good cups. An amazing story of the squad standing up to the Democratic party leadership and stopping a massive tat give giveaway to billionaires just kidding their feckless careers. An amazing reversal, Joe Biden, comes out in support of medical care for all job, creating Edith. Care. If you tie without health care, because his big money donors are more important than your life, then we talked to labor organizers, about how to organize workers during a pandemic- and we talked to polite prize winning journalists, Chris Hedges, about the police state and how governments veil, plus we get phone calls
El Patina Mitt Romney Sean Connery Rock Obama and Harrison Ford plus interviews with Labour leaders, and tell you how to organize during the coronavirus pandemic, plus lot lots more. That's today, I'm Jimmy Door show hey is Jimmy who's, this Jimmy this is Al Pacino hi AL? How are you doing buddy, I'm doing great? Jimmy I'm so yeah. I assume your cords he'd like the rest of us right you better believe it. I got an underlying medical condition, oh yeah. What's then I don't know
what the fuck is going on. I see a danger: is to be out and about under those circumstances,. Without antlers Jimmy, I am Gore's yes, yes, you famously had one is than whose job it was to remind you to eat. Otherwise, you'd accidently go days without even. and now my dream is gone. Their own sheltering in place and the most mother Fucker alive right now. I bet Not only do I not have my meal reminder guy make my own food. This situation is unprecedented. Well, what have you been preparing for yourself? What kind of food where Jimmy I'm always hungry so before
staff left to go down a very kindly made sure they're, my love, He was well stocked. I don't know how any of this works. Do you have you a really complicated kitchen equipment or something. cabinets. Do you open them? What I asked Jerry till she was no help at all she's being a little bitch right now I tried to tap on the metal tubes on the side of the cabinet, and I pulled at him a little bit. No dice nothing doing like try to open a clan. Okay, you're! That's about the hinge of the cabinet! That's what you knocked on the what the hinge. That's the that's, not the side of that's not the side that opens you. You need to pull on the handle, which is on
the other side of the cabinet door, where No, I looks dangerous. I'm not touching that I'll just pull on it! It's safe! I promise you I wouldn't let you hurt yourself. You know, August anyway, some kind of neck romance or something. Bryn Just me I see some regions are right. We're back in business, see I told you Jimmy. I owe you one. I didn't want to alarm you, but my blood sugar was getting dangerously low. If I hadn't figured out cabinets in the next fifteen minutes, probably want to drop dead, I'm glad we can help you now care. Where are your handlers, I don't have handlers AL what
but you're Johnny big Times now, That's rise right, antlers, just because I've had some success doesn't mean. I dont know how to take care of myself. well? How do you know eat? I usually what I'm hungry. L plus there are three windows of day that are more or less set aside for meal times. Ah I got a headache to speak about what you said. This is like I'm chemistry, okay, well. I got to go crack into these reasons, so I don't die. Do you know how to open a package of reasons? No, I'll get it back out.
just car at it until there are raisins, okay, that'll work. Thanks for checking with this AL appreciate it. don't leave me hi everybody. We have special guest with us today. He is chair of the industrial workers of the world, organizing department IWW. He was he formerly the head of labour organizing in Iceland, second largest union Applin, and he specializes in building unions and mass mobilization, so We need here right now and he's here to talk to us today. About how we can unionize workers during a pandemic. Please welcome to show its maxim baru. Thank you for being here. I glad to be here thanks. I. became aware of the IWW just recently because of what happened in Portland at voodoo donuts and so they're doing a thing called solidarity. First of all,
this just tell us what the eye W W is all about sure. So either we w is a Labour union started in the early twentieth century, has been around for a on time and in practice is quite a militant com, and solidarity form of unionization, essentially like our union model, what we're about is about action in all of its forms at the heart of the practice of the union. A model that affirms the primacy of mobilization over negotiation practices in the fight for social progress and again social regression, primarily at the sight of work of where production happens, but certainly not exclusively and without exclude negotiations are Primary work concerns about building the and of social structure, which will above all, give the balance of power in a federal favorable way to people at the shop floor? And, lastly, what we're about is putting workers at the center. of developing their own strategy
and setting their own pace of organizing, where they are at the core of what they are doing and being in the union is a method and a tool and an accelerator rather than having bureaucrats run other people's organizing. So that's the kind of union that gets me excited that kind of manifesto. Anyway, that's fantastic. like, like I said before. What me made me aware of the IWW: was the fight in Portland at voodoo donuts organize them now they did a different type of organizing there and that its called break me. If I'm wrong, I might be wrong, is it called sun? Solidarity unionism, that's correct yeah, can you explain to be what that is and how that differs from the normal kind of union organizing that normally takes place. Sure yeah, that's no problem, so normally when people call up a union what they expect that happen from the
first phone call. Is that a union will dispatch them? What are called authorization cards where people will just fill them out? they will deliver them to the National Labour Relations Board, twill how which will call for a speedy election and which will then descend a swat team on the employer, forced employed to sign a contract act and then obey that contract, but the reality of the situation has been for a long time. and especially now- is that the National Labour Relations Board does not function. It hasn't ocean a long time, neither in the United States or in Canada and as well in other countries. The equivalence are often very troublesome. It certainly functions, a lot less under Trump Trump appointees to that board heard: have instituted, are seeking to institute additional restrictions on how that functions and surly under covert what we saw that the labour relations boards and can in U S have is essentially ceased to function for a long time now. Their functioning in us
in a haphazard manner, and what we end up doing is we strive to build the kind of social structure at the workplace that can take vague workplace problems, convert them into specific unwinnable demands by, with the workers and to help them build a kind of strategy and action plan that is an immediate aid by professional lives. Union bureaucrats, just informed by p, who have been on the scene a long time and have knowledge of best practices and allowed workers, essentially to settle math matters directly between themselves and their employers. through. What kind of we used the phrase, direct action, and so it s As I said earlier, the model is very much practised on putting a pre eminence on action and mobilization as the means of
of delivering what people need and then their ability to defend the concessions that they win, as well as a focus on or we want to build we're not there to have a referendum through an election about whether or not the union should exist. We are there, to say, when workers bound together at the workplace, they are. The union would work are the union and they go forth and settle their problems directly with the employer. We want them to be in the cockpit of the organizing just informed by what we Fine, through our experience and best practices. That's essentially kind of the framework for people in a functional. When so your laying out the price sets of how it normally works to set up a union. I remember when I used to drive a forklift in Chicago. we did, have a union and we wanted To start a union, and then we were told you have to cost of outside organization added no, these people they did. No, I didn't give about us,
It never worked and we never. We got some guy said some bureau rat set down from some union somewhere to tell us we can't go, would go on strike. I read it was crazy, so oh, the normal way. You'd normally form a union is the is that process. You talked about right, so you have to sign Well, I'll we I'm familiar with the card check card check is whatever one sign that intend to join the union. If you have fifty once you get more than fifty percent your spouse, they have a union right instead of having an election. It am I right about that, yeah, that's I dont mean to you know completely poohpooh that process. I think that there are times a week. Use this process, but we want to send in essence arms. Model is about using that process and relating to the government in an extreme surgically precise way we want to be building the kind of social structure for at the workplace. One The thing is that a lot of people dont know is that once the
when they have a union who's. Gonna run it, who, gonna. Have your negotiations? Who is going to be their data data have meetings? How are you gonna do? and yourself when your employer attempts to know back out of whatever they've negotiated. How are you actually going to bring your employer to negotiations? All of these things require muscle, building and our model puts the muscle building. First and the know how? First and essentially, we say those social structure at the workers, this is the union. If we find it advantageous to engage this particular kind of like the legal tool box we do and we're very effective at it, but at the same time, one of the things up We ve seen over the years. Is that union become more and more dependent on former labour relations processes. Sometimes it's been against there will be a lot of the time, it's kind of with their collaboration and one of the things that makes this moment special. I just want to say about covert. Nineteen
Is that normally a lot of workers are sandwiched in a bad place between the government through the National Labour Relations Board, and gigantic is I wish my unions that are more focused on collecting dues are more focused on big? They see themselves as a kind of social partner to the busy community and asked what a lot of them have become, sometimes against the will of many of their members is a kind of labor force, supply management sector of the this community there's a business community that has a demand for workers and the labour unions, especially for sectors, that are a very like late, like that, or intensive, and enormous up acting, sometimes in their own view, as a kind of labour force. Supply management sector in so they kind of want to use these processes that are very slow. Essentially. Gig work amongst us. changes in the economy have made the labor relations processes that they depend on ineffective for
people and what we are doing is returning to unionism. One point out: the Coca COLA Classic of Union is: which is workers and employers settling there. Matters as directly as possible with their employer. What do you think would be the key this pandemic has just It has shown all the power that the workers have right. I mean just the grocery store workers if they could actually come together in Texas, the wheat Packers in Walmart unionized and so Walmart's answer to that was to get they don't sell meat there, and that was a big message to the rest of the workers at Walmart. Don't try doing this will just get rid of your jobs, I'll try other. So one of the things the eye ww does in correct me. If I'm wrong is that they don't like specialized unions, it's like, if you work for a company you're in the union. Right. Isn't that how it works, it wouldn't be clerks,
in one union and beat packers in another, and fish people I would be everybody's in the same union write and tell us the advantages of that right, so essentially the the hearts of, Our model is kind of what I refer to as a Workplace committee. Now the workplace Many in a large organization may very well include people, for example, for talking about a hotel right housekeeping often has times are own issues, are their own culture and then there's people who work and like the food service area of a large hotel, and it may be people who work and maintenance of a larger. They may form kind of like in essence, committees that that can they can discuss thrown issues. Put them on the agenda. But essentially we want them to form together into Workplace committee that covers that particular branch of the company that ultimately covers as well in the industry. We refer to it as industrial, organizing and essentially it we want to avoid the kind of
visions and being played off one another where one set of workers can be played off another of workers buy an employer in the course of some industrial conflict war like just to kind of give people a sense in. In which this can be very effective? Is now, while the european Have many many problems and we can go Wanna talk like a long list about them, but one of the things that they have been successful in doing is to take a wide swaths of sectors of unions, not just industrial units but sectors. Unions into a union together and to be able to take them on strike together. This is one of the major obstacles in United States is that aid is that a sympathy strike is illegal, but this is the kind of like if, if you're going to have, workers that are precarious, is that there are there in terms of financially precarious, which means that they don't have time to this in the union. The way that we would like, because they're always working taken care.
their families we want to enable them. But it's it's very difficult. There may be racial issues that happen in a particular place, there may be other elements or maybe healthcare elements we want to take workers of it diversity of roles and functions in a particular society. We want to combine them so they can go on strike for and with each other. If you want cafe workers to win, of course they can win on the individual cafe and we have a very good track record of doing that. But it is much more powerful if you can take workers in the whole food service sector or even, for example, bus drivers, Bus drivers are on strike not until not only the bus drivers issues are dealt with, but also until the cafe workers are issues are dealt with so, for example, and I there's unions that cover the entire entire know, just use it scare quote: unskilled labor sector in the capital area, and so we could go on strike with all the the basically the entire tours and sex
to defend the whole tourism sector, including workers that are doing bus driving that are very expensive defending workers, who are working in very small work places where the balance of power against employees more difficult. So in essence we need to revive the idea of collaboration between unions are not level. Now. Another note is that asking yours ourselves a the question: how many color active agreements are opening up and two thousand twenty one, how many workers going to be in a legal strike position. Why they're more dialogues about collaborate, creating a rebel show emotion revolutionary moment there are. Some of those dialogues are happening. There are some interesting, interesting work happening about it, but This is one of the angles that needs to be revived and not just from a perspective of trying to reach a collective agreement. A collective agreement is maybe a peace that people want the piece of their organizing, but we want to create the social structure, primarily where people indifferent industries as a sector
Are combined together and can be mobilized together. You know, I'm optimistic that workers will write. Is up in this moment. You know the United States workers don't have we don't have many care for all with they don't have. We don't have education paid for college level that we have a horrible minimum wage like how does a general strike? It organ Is that something you know about, and is that something you think could happen so there's? The unfortunate answer, perhaps, is that there aren't any shortcuts to the, though it there are certainly have been revolutionary moments. Were things take off with less you preparation, and sometimes people expect and the more it happens in any circumstance of under preparation, the less, ITALY is revolutionary. Potential is the less likely that at very end of this mobilization that workers, we'll be in the seat of power to be able to decide things
going forward. Rather than changing the seeds of our mandate of our societies managers in order for it to be successful, we need to invest the time too, build those structures and to change people's minds and on that level, unions, need to become a valley. use driven institution right now, for example, there may be a myriad of thing. Is there industrial workers of the world are doing, and there may be a myriad of values, but I would say one of our core values: if not, the core value is two words: organise work. Fine looked out. Your shoes see where you are look at the Van diagram between, where are you What is in your capacities and what is it objectively meaningful, like what can we? Where can we intervene in the economy that will have leverage for you know over society? to be able to change what we want changed. An act. Take act in concert with your coworkers, smartly collaboratively
with an association and organization and kind of take that led one of the problem. So click there's a huge that. One of the problems is that you easy to become see themselves less. As kind of managers of that process and allow that process to organically develop which it, if you leave people alone and you give them support they will they will develop. If you give them guidance, new, even support but not be the manager you were all addicted to our screens and the ideas on how to get us off the screens and into the streets in general. I mean, I think, that a lot of people, Have I am one of those people who believe that people's intellectual all moral emotional engagement in vain Issues is something that is innate in everybody and we need to elicit it when there, has been an atmosphere, MAPS mass mobilization, either in a particular workplace or a whole city or a whole country and people's interests.
and investment and social change is kindled and if it is crushed, if it is crushed by violence from the outside? or if it is crushed from the rear by the workers organizations it can have such a disheartening, act can have a massively demobilizing effects are one of the things that we have to start with. understanding is that not only have prior moments of mass mobilization been defeated by violence from exterior that is, for example, police forces into this and an estate by directly with violence or through legal action, which is just a delayed threat of coercion, threat of force crush, people's initiative when it has sprung up, but also largely, our own organizations of civil society, whether they be journalistic, whether they be political, whether they be it, cannot. like organizations, have from the rear, sabotaged a lot of organizing, whether they realize it or not, and a lot of time. They can understand what they're doing, because a lot
the time, the economic organizations that we have as well as political. They want see mobilization, many of them want to see mobilization but they're afraid of it, because a consequence of mobilization is people wanting to be involved in decision making. What The business community would tolerate, and maybe even like is for unions to be able to go on strike without needing to mobilise their membership. They love that because they can make a deal with one person who is the head of some gigantic and bureaucratic union and the workers are just set on strike or moved from a strike like a joystick from the bureaucrats office. They are just fine with that. What does not find with is when p, we'll get mobilise and they become involved in the running of the union themselves and they become they set conditions of negotiations. They participate in negotiations, I'm in there setting the pace of it. I think if we start with that in mind, and you go to work where workers are you gonna points of production or you go to
places where workers congregate outside of the point of production, and you talk to them, and you start with the premise that unions have else, the union movement has been again take component of the fair. Here- that we have that we have seen and we need to start with the rebuilding of trust and rebuilding a sense of community, and this is a huge moment because a lot of workers they, the kind of the rhetoric of the Cold war era and the associate of you in the ends with communism, has completely disintegrated, and so people are thinking about it in an open minded way and it's a huge opportunity, but it's also a huge risk because they can be duped into. going to a direction where Dilber in a in a union that will essentially just treat them as a kind of supply of they. Union, can then bargain with an employer over. You want the flavor supply. You have to give it these conditions, but the workers will be not. There won't be in control of their lives any more than they were before. So what Actually what we want to do is give people a pitch.
That what we are doing is we are helping working people take control over their working lives, and I think, on that basis, it's not going to be as hard as people perceived get people away from their screens, but they have to be have a meaningful purchases patient and what's going on hey, you know we no longer have an Amazon link because we're not doing that we're not playing that game, but here's another great way you can help support the show. Is you become the previous member. We give you a couple of hours, premium, bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show. You could do it by going to Jimmy Company comedy cop clicking on join dream and simple support. the previous programme and the business and it's a great way to help put, A thumb back in the eye of the bastards, thanks for everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, hi this is Jimmy. Who is this
He had followed. Is Hillary supporter? every supporter. How are you I am I stated right. Now, I'm sorry to hear that book why Hilary supporter what's wrong. Excuse me what I'm sorry, but you are not entitled to demand for me, the emotional labour of explaining what is wrong oh I'm sorry, it's toxic, stop Rather, I am just trying to have a friendly conversation. Hilary supporter ok I don't even have the wherewithal anymore to celebrate the political downfall of the low some woman aiding massage. It is burned, These standards they cause,
I just watched the four part. Hillary documentary on Hulu- and I am rec- absolutely devastated I haven't seen that well, you should every American should because it just ways out there in stark relief. How Hilary with absolutely robbed and twenty sixteen by a man american misogyny my progeny the scale of the injustice done to her by forces of hatred. And how she was basically literally murdered, and it's a well done factual, unbiased documentary for once, because it was made by Hillary herself like Hillary, If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself. Are there any moments in the dock, where Hillary reflects our mistakes? She may have made. No, Absolutely not that's why I love that
there's not one second of horse shit like that just four hour, long episodes of an absolute queen. Basically, Just saying me into the camera, it was glorious. Are you sure Hillary made it? It says here the director was someone named Nanette bursting. Oh, I love that tell Hillary was running the show because of how I put forward in such an unbiased, capable way what a giant victims, sports, illustrated other thing, because you smart really how we Hillary Clinton, the victim, ok, there's! Several instances shown in this documentary documentary people just people regular nobody's state. things to Hilary on the campaign trail. It's astonishing,
the candidate has to deal with those sorts of incidents political candidate. Have to deal with hecklers all the time? all candidates, so someone just further nazi flag. Bernie Sanders reality other they are. You kidding me try me river and leave the wasn't some sectors part shout about his appearance. I'm sure Hillary would have preferred dozens of nazi flags flying flying at rallies over these just random losers, telling her white collar pants due to wear, go to Hell. Hillary Clinton family, murdered in the Holocaust. Well, by her family. You mean the worldwide community community women. I caught you mean the Holocaust Women Patriarchy has been doing for millennia. Yes, yes, she is, survivor.
Is not technically himself a survivor so once again she's beating Bernie at his own game wow. So if Hillary were president now, what do you thinks you would be doing about the corona virus pandemic. She stopped that become but come again, it would be good right now good incapable? How I'd, never mind, look our! How are you dealing with the corona virus? Hilary supporter well after this works. Fine for me, because I have always felt quarantine. I have made clear to your letters before I rarely. If ever leave my apartment, combination of anxiety and depression. Have you ever been diagnosed with these conditions by a mental health professional. Well No, but what else could it be so you work from home. No, I do not work
I have a rolling array of gofundme that allow me to pay rent and purchase things. I need for myself because of anxiety and depression. Will you, aid today, no Well, you're, lesser stone age. I doubt it could. I report none of your patron spoke of alleged amount. Every month forgot that, basically, the backbone of your charity show absolutely not Hilary supporter find at all fuck you! I don't need your money about your revolution. Failing by Bernie the millennials won't get a bunch of free stuff. They didn't earn. So are the adults in the room are saving the Democratic Party? All these Bernie babies are going to have to earn their health care like everybody else. So why don't you go get a job at favor or uber eats and deliver food to my apartment. So I don't have to leave. You lazy you the girl, millennials, maybe I'll, give you goodbye
Hillary supporter, so we have special guest with us today. It prize winning journalists and activists best selling author of twelve books, which includes his late. America, the farewell tour is working we found in the New York Times and truth dig. Please welcome back to the show friendliness show Chris Hedges high Chris. How are you hey. I was fired from truth dig, so you got across that out at random. Isn't that right is I and all the staff by the progressive? publisher because we wanted to form a union yeah. I know it's tough, some some pub progressive Organization of tough time, with union formation right, let's cut the scale of a red flag for first. Of course I want to show you this. This is the headline. That's the front page New Yorkers said enough, so the police rioted that I act me that significant cause. That's white people of suburban white readers right now, and so they ve had enough it out what the police,
there's. No, it's so disproportionate its brutal they are going after not only nonviolent protesters, but the press- and this is a daily reality. If you're a personal cholera lives in a poor neighbourhood, but it's it's Cotonou too, to the White middle class. The yes, yes, it is the result Female reporter and she was being shot at by police and they're like don't don't they know, it's you and she's, like yeah they're. Looking right at me all right, like they were so shocked, like, oh, my god, it's like because you see the best being pulled off like. Oh, my God cops, aren't really what I thought they were and that's the problem people keep looking at it as good cop bad cop.
Even build. The plaza, who, I know knows better gave a press conference where he keeps referring to good cops and bad cops, and we all know it's not about good cops are bad cops if you watch the movie so Serpico it's about a culture of policing that is criminal and its abroad out of control, they've been trained to be brutal and out of control and over the top, and always fear for their life and their life. Big is important than yours? And so do you think, Chris that people don't grasped the problem? They keep talking about it in good cop, bad cop, Dynamics, which means that will never be solved. So do you think it will? ever will ever progressed to are kind of investigating the culture of policing. No because the institution Surely the police have been militarized and
essentially empowered to revoke at will habeas corpus due process, anything else, because they are the primary form. So or control among these pools of what Mark Karl Marx would call surplus are redundant labour. This is nothing to do with law and order as nothing do justice. It has nothing to do with police reform, but you ve created these vast pockets and de industrialized areas people have been turned into human refuse in the eyes of the state, the corporate state, the oligarchic state and the police whose function should not be primarily about social control. The police always are there's an element of social control, but there should be good jobs and all this kind of stuff to integrate people in a society. Now that that's gone, that's the only tool oligarchs have left, which means it. Despite all this, pretty talk about reform and the gas lighting,
these cops, who get down on one knee, which is really just a replicating the behaviour of an abusive partner, you know when you finally walk out comes to your door with chocolate and flowers and says they won't do it again. We have to look structurally why there there and why they have been empowered to do what they do and that's not gonna change and you can go back decades, Every police reform in the name of reform in the name of professionalization has has only created a more on a potent and vicious police force sand and the problem. Is we never talk about those structural issues? We never talk about the reconfiguration of the economy to essentially push aside an emphatic killer, poor people of color, you seconds the word for so you know we lock up the men If you live in a poor, poor urban area and we avoid the women and children and that those are in and we saw police terror
and terrors the right word the, These are the works that are used by the oligarchic elite to keep everyone in check, and that's not gonna change until the economic system changes that hundred percent correct. That's what I'd I'd say, that I dont think these protests would be as intend sores- maybe not even happened if everybody had just gotten or third, two thousand dollar check and was guaranteed health care at the free free at the point of service and their debt, their debts were take. care of, and so if they had felt, the government was looking out for them even a little bit. But it's obvious the government is in fact, the government is their enemy right now that in the war Dylan Radigan there are rapacious oligarchy and they're. Just inflicting pain people right now. The treason of the ruling class
the ruling class no longer has legitimacy. They have destroyed our capitalist democracy and replaced it with a mafia state. What the role good place for Cicero called the Commonwealth. The Respublika, a public thing or the property of a people has been transformed into an instrument of naked pillage and repression. On behalf of a global corporate oligarchy, we are serfs, ruled by obscenely rich, Nepotism, masters who loot the? U S, Treasury pay little or no taxes and perverted the judiciary, the media and the legislator. branches of government to strip us of civil liberties and give them the freedom to commit financial fraud and theft, the loss of control over systems of rulers, ship, the misuse of all democratic institutions. electoral process in laws to fund money upwards into a handful of oligarchs, while stripping us of power. One means that the ruling elites
Can no longer claim the right to have a manner Leon, violence, violence employed by peace and security agencies, such as the FBI, which have devolved into occupying forces to protect the exclusive interest of a tiny ruling. Criminal glass exposes the fiction of the rule of law and the treason of the ruling class in order for non violence to work, your opponent must have a conscience car Michael warned, and if your opponent is bereft of a conscience, then state. Violence is inevitably met with counter violence. Tyranny takes the place of reform. The danger of widespread sectarian violence in America is now very real. How long can you expect people to watch their children go hungry? How long can you it's people to watch their loved ones suffer and die because they can't get medical care. How long can you expect people to be abused by lawless police and a court system?
designed to railroad the poor in the jails and prisons. How long can you watch the rich proper from your misery? I would prefer that our revolution in a shoe, the poison of violence, which I know to intimately from my two decades as a work correspondent, but I also no, they when everything around you conspires to crush you. The only way left to affirm yourselves to destroy not only the structures and institutions that of oppressed you, but often yourself, the up. Ok, so let's stop there. Let's talk about that, so you say they ruling leader has has lost all legitimacy and their monopoly on violence. Go ahead. Explain that a little bit more well, because that defines government in its modern term, and that is that it has the monopoly on violence. It alone has the right to you. violence, but it can only essentially claim that right if the government represents the consent and the will of the gun, once it no longer. Does then its legitimacy.
to monopolize? Violence is mute, and at that point it becomes tyranny and that's I would say, we no longer live in a democracy. We live in a kind of corporate form of corporate totalitarianism. Both parties are complicit and therefore the violence that day, are using it in the name of combating on rest and keeping peace is essentially to protect the interests of this tiny, rapacious criminal class. That runs the country and so that's at, and I think that the as you know, in the streets, especially among the millennials they get it. This is very different from the nineteenth sixties, because in the nineteen sixty is that the country was affluent and not that you know you could get thrown out of college You could be a protest or an angle on and make a middle class living. You see figures like John Kerry who's, the height his moral high,
it. When our soldier and his powerful testimony in front of Congress and its benefits, downhill from. There is now one of the richest people in the Senate, so even the black leadership class was bought off, but now because there has been such a monopolization of well, nobody can get by. And these kids out on the street are fully aware that they have no opportunity.
He's nowhere to go that this is I mean Biden, there's a whole paragraph in that story on everything. Biden is done, including passing all of the crime, bills and death penalty bills and expanding police forces and capital crimes, and everything was all Biden, and it wasn't a by standard by the way Biden sponsored and push this legislation, but the millennials and the kids. They get it. These oligarchic rulers, this corporate oligarchy has stolen their future, has afforded any possibility of them finding
meaningful place within a society of actual lies in themselves of affirming them of allowing them to pursue whatever their dreams are. It's all been shut down, so it's very different from the sixties and therefore farmer ominous because, as corrupt and awful as the government was in the nineteen sixties, there was still enough of a liberal class within the Democratic Party to be able to respond, not sing. You know not insignificant ways, but enough to ameliorate the worst of the suffering. Now that's gone, there is no, so I look at this situation as a kind of unprecedented within american society. Let me just say this was originally posted on robber cheer site, sheer post, which, after we were all fired, I'm not making this up after we are far from true thing. You set up with a social security checks. Stop I know you have a deep reach in a billion are clear
Also. Maybe somebody out there watching and go write him a check and we all right or it's got to a mom and pop thing, but anyway it's it was originally I'm sure post yeah I didn't know that year poster what had started area eminence kids do a fantastic, fantastic. That's great, that you know Bob. She doesn't need a billinger. So do you think other, people see the same thing that you're talking about about that the state has lost her monopoly on violence and that its legitimate took so so cause. I keep thinking to myself. You know if you see six cops running down a dark street at you, you better protect yourself. So what I mean? I don't know what human beat. What am I supposed to do as a citizen of icy six cops running at me in full ride gear were caught and they're gonna, they're gonna brought, maybe even kill me they might. You know, do whatever what so, when you pay. So when do people get to use violence against the police preemptively, because you can see why
For instance, we saw that horrible video of those two does to college kids in Atlanta, like its horrific. They break there windows they take both of them. They break the girls with the guys got. They just just unbelievable violence, I couldn't conceived in a game end up in a video game, was being perpetrated on camera, two two kids, who did absolutely nothing and by the way, now have all those four cops have been charged. But my point is so now: if you see it come but he tells you to stop so now. People are legitimately fearful of the police when they see them, and is it legitimate mid for them to use violence against police. I went use. The word legitimate I would just on this. Was the point of the peace is that when you shut every avenue for reform down, when people read recognized that there completely trial It is inevitable that they will use counter violence now that often can be usually, is, I think, self destructive, but it's the only, way laughed at the ITALY
It is the ruling elites who determine the configurations of resistance and if they don't offer the possibility of addressing the suffering and creating some kind of rest, petition. Then that's what they're gonna get I'm not gonna put a moral quality on it. I am deeply opposed. the violence having been around a lot of it. On the other hand, I was in Sarajevo. During the war, we were complete we surrounded by the Serbs, who were showing the city with two thousand shells a day, constant sniper, Firefox five data day, two dozen wounded a day. It was a tragedy stop. Literally. We knew that if the Serbs broke through passed those trenches, a third the city would be slaughtered and the rest would be driven into refugee and displacement camps, and that wasn't conjecture, because that's what they did in Vukovar, what they did in the dream, a valley. So at that point, you pick up a gun, I get it. You know we're being bombed and Sarajevo people were not sitting
in basements having having long discussions about at at the same time that protect protect you from the poison, violence, violence and you know, that's what I worry that that the ruling elites are so toned down, so myopic so out of touch- and let me put Joe Biden at the top of the list that that they will respond to work but is really become. My quote in the article Barbara Aaron Rice about how being poor in this country is one long emergency, but, of course, with covet it's gotten so much worse. The moratoriums on evictions are about to be lifted. The stimulus checks which were a joke, won't exist. Unemployment benefits will run out they're saddled with debt. the hunger is now becoming hunger. What was it one out of five children are already going for food insecure before this thing, tens of thousands of people
people are lining up at food banks- I mean: what are they thanks? Gonna happen: how how do they think people? Of course they do They don't they. They are so out of touch and that's you know I watch this. I watched it all over the world. It's it's a kind of frighteningly familiar scenario talk about the causes, and you say that the uprising in the streets of America's its american cities are not about the wanton murder by police of yet another person of color, but the frantic fight to rest back power over our lives. They go far beyond police brutality a daily reality for those trapped in our internal colonies were eleven hundred. citizens are murdered by police every year, almost all an armed, the uprisings, our feet, old is well by the seizure of the institutional and structural mechanisms,
once made some form of equality, always imperfect and always colored by animus, towards the poor and people of color, even possible, so You know you're just kind of highlighting the fact that yeah this is more about the police. Killing unarmed black, people in broad daylight and no repercussions. This is, as we ve been saying. This is about just an oppressive oligarchy. That is just strangling people, and so do you think, that word Castillan Radegund had predicted we're gonna become like Brazil and that were disconnect. We just did that that will eventually to accept it and that you know slide into authoritarianism and that the they keep like eighty two, Eighty five to ninety percent of people not not starving but on on the brink and that's how they keep control yeah? Well, that's it. I mean half country already lives in poverty or near poverty. A number.
That's going to exponentially rise with forty million unemployment claims and an estimated are government statistics. Twenty five percent unemployment by this summer. Look the capitalist class, wants to keep the working class in the state of constant to stress so that it expands all of its energy to subsist to survive, that's to their benefit. It makes unionizing impossible, because there is these desperate people willing to work for a sub standard wages and be abused, because it's all they have so yeah that that Olaf We I think we already and in huge parts of this kind. I go all over the country for for the books that I write and then you know usually a poorest back as a country. I wrote a book days of destruction. Days were ball, which was literally read, not the poorest parts of the country including Canada, New Jersey, which is about an hour away which per capita the poor city in the United States. We never see it it. Never you! Never! You never. Visual
We see it. The stories are untold, I mean even canned and you have to you- drive cameras on the river right before Philly. They built the through ways up over the cannon, so you and even drive through the city and that place has literally streets that are abandoned with trees. There are trees growing out of what used to be the public library. I mean hundreds of abandoned buildings, it's so yeah. The rod is extensive Detroit newer Cleveland, I mean it's endless and the capitalist class has every intention of using forms of draconian control, like militarized police, like mass incarceration like the revoking of our constitutional rights by judicial fiat. In order to use the iron boot, I mean look all of the animus towards Bernie Sanders,
Bernie Sanders on the political spectrum was a kind of was not any kind of radical. You know he wasn't even a great new dealer, because he wouldn't gonna military they couldn't even handle sanders as soon as Obama who, as corner West correctly said, was a black mass got four Wall Street uttered a few very tepid words of admonishment towards Wall Street. They turned on him an awfully their private jets to Boston, to inaugurate, Mitt Romney which didn't work out, but so yeah, it's the capitalist class, which is global. Its Superman No it has no loyalty to the nation state. Ralph Nader calls them traders, and that is what they are. They don't want to give up their obscene wealth. What Bezos says since Covid increased as well, by thirty: four million dollar billion billion. I'm sorry, thank you. Sorry you have on your show. The other day I mean the billion are classes collectively increase their wealth by foreign,
thirty four billion dollars. These people profit off of our misery. I mean literally, they do so they're not going to change that, So that's I'd know. So what happened last time stuff like this happen there Teddy Roosevelt came along broke up. The trusts gave some rights to workers, stood up with them and then little while couple decades later with Crafty Are- and he told his rich friends that if you dont gives people some of your money they're going to take all of your money, which had just happened in the russian Revolution and so weird Is that guy to tell those people? Wouldn't that be? You would think it would be Barack Obama, Barack Obama's? I just just saw a tweet that he's about to give a speech today about what's happening, and I he's I hope it what shit shakes his free wags his finger at looters from his forty nine ache, restate on earth is written it. But anyway, where are the so that's what spoke so, where are the rich people? Are the leaders who tell them they are illegal? like hey, you have to give people least health care
a living wage and some debt relief, so they don't riot and take over the country. Where are those people they're locked out of the system? I mean the Democratic Party when, in the ninety S, when it began taking corporate money under Clinton, also made war against his own, live we're wing and pushed everyone out, and so anybody with a conscience. Anyone who stood up and spoke on behalf of the working class was purged. Why are people don't know the history but and that's what pushed Ralph NATO run a rough? Nato knows corporate power better than any other American has been fighting it longer with more integrity than any other American. He said. There's nothing left in washing northward, and his idea was that I supported him. I was a speechwriter. Is you pull five ten fifteen million people into a third party- and you create pressure. That's how politics work I mean it's
basic, you know, surrendering every election cycle to corporate democrats and again, history has proven this makes it worse. You got to make them come to you. You've got to pose a threat, you've got to instill, fear, fear in them, and you stand for something and if they don't give it to you, you don't give him anything. But of course, the whole third party, the two parties have conspired to us after Ross Perot got nineteen percent that that both the Democrats Republicans said. That's it, and so I live through the harassment we, the people really went after Nate over. There was a Democrats they made it almost impossible, what to do with third party run a challenged all of his voting list, not because there is anything wrong with them, because they were trying to push him up to over a million dollars worth of legal fees to defended in court. So yeah the two parties are completely complicit. And work together to essentially shot out any real leadership. You have people like Ralph Jesse Ventura,
Well, I mean there are people how we Hawkins is now running as a green I mean they're there, but they're locked out of the system. They can't get in the debates. Remember when Dennis Kucinich, They had these arcane rules to be in the top five or something Amy and finally percentage Meda and they just change the rules because they were sentenced to talk about healthcare. Yet nobody would one debate: wrath Nadir, either. Yeah yeah, of course, not of course, That's I mean that's why they, then he cut Jill Stein to a chair at the debates for eight hours was was it because they weren't afraid of her. They they were they. They were afraid of her message and getting out. And that's why, by the way used to be the League of women voters to care the debate, they got rid of that. The Democrats Republicans formed a corporation and they get that That doubt, when we get to choose all the rules really get to choose, who ask them questions right, which is obviously no and is even worse, that they get corporations to sponsor it. So, like the for profit, insurance, companies and pharmaceuticals, our act.
really sponsoring the debates which shows you why you get all these idiots on CNN, with their little flashcards asking Bernie Sanders the kind of the questions that the that their corporate masters want asked at, accusing him implicitly of you know not being able to pay for it this kind of stuff? Now you think that there's there again, there is another one of those leaderless revolts or protests, there's no leader and they don't have a clear set of demands so watch what Shouldn't needs to happen right now to make some kind of and on the establishment? Well, that's the problem, they can deal with episodic eruptions around the country. But the fact is, we don't have it's not so much even a leader, but we there there's no clear ideology, and you know even the wobbles which okay ad
hell and big bill Heyward, and but it was a pretty egalitarian and organization, but that there isn't, we don't have what we had in the thirties or what we had before World war, one which were these mean a powerful progressive and, let's not right out. The communist party was very important element in terms of challenging the power. Why did Roosevelt do what he did this, because he was scared. He was scared of the organised left and unfortunately, in the United States there has been a very effective campaign to stamp out the left and marginal, not just stop out the left and in order that silence the but silence the voice, and so and that worries me. That worries me, because you it you are go either, go either way revolution or tyranny at this point, but all of the including force, including the is which form of cryption fascism. It comes now from the right not from the left. Yes,
And as we speak, Nancy Policy is trying to expand trump spying powers, so she's not she's, not on this again. This idea that they oppose Trump is just a fake. It's a phoney idea. It's again that Nancy Policy and tromp are in lockstep on most things and they even gave him money for his border wall. You you want to know how much lockstep lockstep they are and she's right now, as she's. Try, reading from the by Milon, calling him every name in the world she's behind the scenes. Trying to spend his spine powers, so he can have more power or to spy on his enemies or buddy, organizing against him and and they'll, and they won't report that, on the news there lacking Not the whole news industry is especially left talk about the broadcast industry. I didn't, I hesitate to even call it news. I mean I have strong critiques of my old employer, the New York Times, but I still read it, but I
I don't waste my time watching CNN or any of that stuff? It's it's info entertainment, its vapid. It's it's just sir? The newest version of IE asked paean? Basically, that's all it is sir. I am watching I've been. I watched you speak here because I do the kind sure I do so. I like to get horrible clips of them being horrible, so I could everybody how horrible they are, and I watching the last couple of days and every MSNBC Cnn, and I haven't been turning on Fox, because that is too easy at shooting fish. In a barrel, in a situation like this, but they They bring on their export panels and who does the who's out. Our experts, whose under expert paddles fuckin forward policemen, they're, all former cops sit around talking about the problem of policing in America? They? What worries me?
city of benjamin- where am I, where is at the leader of black lives matter? Where is that I don't know where anyone, it's always former police, that they brought on experts and they never bring on anybody. You gotta have a critical thing to say about the police. It's amazing and to see that happen, and are you still amazed at that? No, I was same thing with war. I mean you or you know the clapper I mean clapper should be in prison. Brennan portray us all of these people look, I spent seven years in the Middle EAST, I was the Middle EAST beer achieved for the New York Times, speak Arabic, the hall led up to the invasion of Iraq. I was watching, as you say, these so called experts who never banned in the Middle EAST we're linguistically, historically and culturally illiterate didn't know anything they were talking about, but they spun the dominant narrative. So they gave them a see. It's not again. At school,
It's not about any real, honest debate or discussion, it's about buttressing conventional power and and the conventional narrative. That's it that's that's what they do and if you buck it, you're out a Phil, Donahue, Jesse Ventura, and at that I'm going back to the Iraq war. They're gone And just appeared are disappeared and shields dared even cover Bernie Sanders in they fired him for doing that. So all the people who are hosting shows that MSNBC followed the rules and they'll aid commands to not cover Bernie Sanders. That includes Rachel mail. That includes Chris Haze when they given the order they went along and when their colleague didn't and got fired for it. They shut up, that's what thirty thousand dollars a day does, and I'm not saying I would resist it. I'm saying no one, making the offered to me. Yet, let's talk about infiltrators into the protests which I too
is really important. People don't realize I've pointed out, cops are often responsible for setting fires, I'm doing property damage. But let's start with Kullak Cohen. Tell Pro, can you tell people what that was right, so this was a kind of
you could plan that was revealed by activists who actually broke into an FBI office, have sought a fairly and got the documents and sat in the washing posts, but it was. It was a heavy infiltration. Let remember now that the resources the state has are far expanded from what they were in the nineteen sixties and they would carry on all sorts of dirty tricks. Sir. You now in terms of surveillance in terms of black propaganda in terms of threats in terms of turning public opinion against organizations that was co, intel problem. But, of course, now it's what's happening internally, which we can't see is far greater and more pernicious
and I used to tell the kids in Zuccotti park. You just have no idea the resources the state has and the state I'm in this again. I've got to go back to the medium and, let's be clear, almost all these protests. Ninety. nine percent of the time, our peaceful protest, but the image as they hit you with that that target burning or that going going through a window, and so that becomes the dominant image of the protests. and that is really awaited. Demonized protest. I've been very critical of the black lock and tea for his split between those who support the kind of property violent. Sir, you know attacking property, pose the don't. But let's talk about the black luck, I'm I know a significant portion. Those people are cops first, while they get to cover their faces, but the idea as you want you wanta, you want to make the wider public frightened of the movement so that you diminish the size of.
The movement. It makes it easier to control and were there in force. I mean there are large numbers of undercover people. We ve seen it with Muslims if you go back after nine eleven and look at all the core, unquote terrorism trials, the boots, all dead ender. These poor kids from Somalia, who can barely read, who get enticed the FBI, agents who come in and make a bond and give them the wires, and then yeah and that's literally, ninety plus of all the terrorism cases and that's the same- I'm here I mean they, they provoke it. It's intentional and they know what they're doing you can re counter insurgency manuals they're, not their online, and that is just a fundamental tenet of any kind. Our insurgency operation. Is there you demonize the movement. You make people frightened of it and then it's easier to crush
and I know that's happening across the country well I've been having these to twitter spats with people who wanted to deal agenda mice. These protests, by saying it's your teeth and is just focusing on a t far, and so I keep saying I would like to join Antigua. Can you tell me where I send my dues? you tell me where these me, this guy Scott Adams, or so he tweeted out that their use, you leave your phone at home because the FBI is onto antique. If you're going to an anti for meeting, you should leave your phone at home, and I'm like. Where are these meetings? I would love to go to one who, Was the leader? Can I e mail him? Do they have a headquarters if antivirus so powerful that they're controlling every city, big and small inside this country, right now to the point that they can lock shut them down. You think they'd be easy to find, but they're hard to find. Now I know that a thing called Antifa exists, but not in the way,
Rite way wants us to believe right. Yeah, of course I mean, and also the idea that they're terrorists I mean on the spectrum of terrorism. They hanging off of world terrorist groups are the equivalent of the boy scouts they're, tying tiny groups. We dealt with them and occupy they're, certainly not behind the pro TAT S. What did you see a Susan rice, blaming Putin for the proton yeah, of course, so did John Q SEC? I mean moment right, you got it. Is Russia gaiters, officially a diagnosis of mental illness? that's right. They ve got all the Russian showed up in Minneapolis than that. Now it well that's what you know despots. Do they they seek to blame any kind of legitimate on on a foreign power, and you into an enemy of the people, that's as old as you know, I don't know it's it's been around forever and that it, but it's just insane or blame it on t fights away by them.
Growing leads to divert deflect attention from their own responsibility, for what's happened to you do you know anything about anti final, very, very I was in their defers. Slack court unquote protest in Portland. Year a year ago the was boys, the proud boys and up it was mostly up. It was mostly theater was really is really theatre, Nobody- was nobody there. I I was afraid of at all. It's mostly fetter yeah, I've written about them the, they don't like me, and I don't like them too much. I don't think I actually don't have a problem. I mean Ishmael It was a great friend of my lives in Oakland. He was very angry and teeth for showing up in Oakland during occupying smashing the windows of local businesses. He look, he says I don't have a problem, smash and windows, but drive up to Loya where Romney lives and smash is windows, and that's what by the way interesting about this uprising. Is there not burning their own neighborhoods if avenue
New York, God shall act, that's different and it shows a kind of class consciousness which you know. I don't think that property destruction are attacking the police is, if I understand it, but that's not the same as to condone it. I dont think that that's gonna be effective. I mean, I think, what's what's effective and a kind of dark way is that idiot Trump taking peaceful protesters outside the White House and using pepper spray and rubber bullets to remove them. So I he can stand in front of a church is- I welcome the Fascist America speech. That's really that that will ignite the protests. Well, he actually lost Pat Robertson even now, and so like. That's that's the exact demographic. He Zactly, actually targeting with that Trump thinks he's reaching and solidifying and pat Rob
then came out with a video signal and its president, though, that this he is like that's not cool is what he said. Now Pat Roberson started smoking marijuana, but it was nice to see say that's not cool, Mr President, and so the very people he's targeting he's losing and the problem, though, is that if Trump loses, we give Joe Biden? So I just but before we got off on anything else, I want to just go back to this one more thing about about infiltrators you know like when ferguson- I remember- I was on the young Turks when the Ferguson fires happened, and I was on the panel and there like. Why would these people burn down their own neighbors and I'm like I bet you half those fires are insurance fires and the other half were started by the cops right and the people- The panel, the the young Turks looked at me like a martian, just came down, and me me out of an egg, I'm like: where did you guys grow up?
Every one of you grow up in a cul de sac. Is your middle name, cul de sac? Have you guys ever met a cop in your fuckin lives anyway? So I just want to make people realise a few see a fire or by the way, there's a video of tape that I have in my computer. I have it at the ready, but of these young black kids. I think there are Alice, Sword Lenin, and they found these crates of bricks in the middle of the street. They just there's no construction project, but there's a creative brick. Just sit there? They didn't take the bait and it happened in San Francisco. So two they're just right here at this, the setup they put them there are gonna set them on right up on the rap yeah. I know what building this I ain't. Even gonna say what name it is. One of them brings go to what's this setup, we gotta do better and no damn better. No damn construction around. No damn construction here, you're, just gonna shut a power of bridge right there. I did
do require a month ago that I could not do better. They do this all over right, where they put bricks and they try to incite violence in that way. Yeah! No, that's what they want, because if a crowd becomes violent or their incites, a clash with the police, then you have to remember. There are large numbers of people who won't go into the street, undocumented people who can't get arrested elderly people, disabled people, children, you know you, you, you wash away huge part of the demographic. I think one of the things that frightened the state in occupied a party the most was on the weekends, when all is why couples would come with their kids and strollers woken up down up and down the street, and you saw the same kind of attempt to demonize Occupy
you're seeing here- and it also deflects attention away from the fundamental questions about police violence, structural and institutional racism? It gets you talking about something else, rather than what you're should be talking about? Do you think a leader will emerge that there will be demands made and met? Do you think anything good will come of this. Will you can never tell I mean you know I learned that in Eastern Europe, in the revolutions, are all the leaders weather Germany or Checo Romania, only with a well in little different cause a had hobble, but it you know they they did emerge some places and they didn't in others. It's it's impossible. To tell I mean, I hope, so I think these kids have got it
they figured it out. I don't think thereby in the game in I think they're very politically, a stew so and there's also subterranean you. No movement, that, though mainstream press is totally unaware of? I remember I remember after occupy debate, did a debate with the with the anarchists and it was packed was in New York City was hundreds of people and it was life streamed all around the country, and I thought out this is huge and terms of the charming of ideas and stuff, but it's completely below the radar, its unseen and Alexander Bergmann Rights, Writes about you, know revolutions, but the old system crumbles and decays. It appears the facade remains, and nobody sees at any set its like boiling water that the wider society in a cattle the wider society doesn't see it until the West,
goes off, so certainly that churning that boiling is there that ferment, but you can go anyway. I mean you know in the nineteen Thirty's Europe went one way. We want another, that's impossible to predict that there are capable leaders out there without question. I mean I've met a lot of these kids. Kids, I'm old enough, pollyanna twentieth There is, I mean there are really impressive. They ve been locked out of the mainstream, but that doesn't mean they're, not capable of immense leadership. I see movements. I just saw video hole. of the leader of the sunrise, movement was environmental group and a cheap put out a video touting her excitement over the task force that she's been appointed to between Bernie and Joe Biden. I Mediately thought all God, another coaptation of movement and
That's exactly what that is. Would you agree? I mean all those movements move on dot, Org ve, all been co, opt in the Ets. You know I mean it's political naivete, they played there. You go, get a little money is it's kind of add how easily people are bought off, and off born and am a golden Jane items all wrote about this Eugene Debs with Wilson, who did the same kind of thing. You know how fast people but you know, then there are those and numb and they're out there too. So, let's hope they prevail, have you yeah Eugene Debs, I saw the other night. Bernie was doing alive, streamed dedicated to the map. Burning Veronica shares a wide divide between him and down the room, present life working party, got a present okay, so dear,
given the way either when he advised to people at a time like this. No, I mean, I think, people I think every by my senses that people out in the street understand This issue is far far beyond the indiscriminate lethal violence of police and that, what's coming within the next few weeks and months, is going to make life exceedingly difficult, for. At this point, the majority of Americans and unless we rise up against the system, they will use the very draconian forms of control to really create a world of masters and sure I mean when, when your government monitors you twenty four hours the day which they do where the most photographed monitored eavesdropping watched population in human history.
You can't use the word liberty. That's the relationship of a master and a slave. When you look at how they treat the most vulnerable within our society, especially when you know the present system. You see it. Actually what they want to do to the rest of us, and I think that awareness are consciousness is far more widespread, especially among younger people who have seen every avenue shut to them are many of them struggling with tremendous amount. So debt peonage was student loans and everything else. I think they get it, and this is really an existential fight It is about the overthrow of a corporate oligarchy and I'm not now. Even to tell you were going to succeed, but if we don't succeed than we are going to see established in the United States, a very dark and frightening kind of corporate tyranny
Finally, I would just say that resistance is a moral imperative. It doesn't in the end matter, whether we win. As I've often said. I don't fight fascist because I'm going to win, I fight fascist because they are fascists and that allow us to at least retain our dignity, our integrity, our honesty and our own power in the face of the monolithic power of the state you ever just think of moving to France Looked at France. I have a swiss passport and a canadian wife, so I'm covered nicely done. Okay, Jesus, Vladimir Putin, on the phone yellow. Jimmy, you know is, I know.
who you are, I know it's me, you know it to die, each other, nor what drivers hi, Vladimir you'll, Not so courtesy, congratulations with me with me, cheese fire with Ukraine with of well that's good, that's good news! What I important, like that, I crack myself up really really sometimes seriously. This is Susan Sarandon's doing in your face, So seriously I'd like to laugh with you, but I'm really tired of getting called a russian asset, Vladimir, I know what you mean. I get gold
all the time. Oh man, I'm on rope, night, hey, you know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast how do you hear the entire phone call? You gotta become a premium member gotTA, Jimmy Door COM, he died. Cobb sign up it's the most affordable premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay Landward, step Zahm Murano, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written other voices performed today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it MIKE Mc radar? That's it This week you be the best you can be being me
don't don't don't don't die. Don't worry! I'm not worried.
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