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Jesse Ventura running for President?

2020-06-11 | 🔗

Special Guest:  former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura!

Snowflake Cops!

America supports the protests!

Phone calls from Al Pacino, Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program programme, the Jimmy Or show hey. This is Jimmy who's. This journey oh hi, AL, how you I'm are hey what your phone is it? No, I don't think so, but who knows? actually talk about relation in it. No pretty Is that also more green is of fictional character, not a real person. May I staff Why are you calling today Jimmy I'm confused about politics again? What's your question buddy
all right. Jimmy can. Can I go outside now mean you mean because of the corona virus? Well, you but always go outside AL. You were supposed to avoid public places well now you tell me my apartment stage, but I see all these kids runnin around downtown the clouds everybody screaming at each other. Those are black lives matter protesters it black lives matter right? What about your fuckin arable here? No, no, no, how they are saying that black lives in fact do matter, and that cops or picks tell me about it. I was yeah The coast is clear: that guy render the virus no. No! No, it's actually getting worse.
No, it is sorry I don't know it so This is what you should probably still shelter in place now, given your agent, the curve and all that curve I want to flatten. Is the top of one of sales, pastrami combos that also matters yeah l, I think breaking quarantine to fight for social justice is a more important reason than you breaking it for your favorite sandwich. I don't understand hi Steph. El, the point is: what are we talking about? We were talking about. The delicate balance between them
portance. Some look out. Please! just stay home, we're not out of this. Yet I still don't understand that this is it. This isn't politics out. This is public health. for this virus. I know no one did just stay home: okay, just stay home good, yes, does favor deliver glade plugins, who is favor Oh, I don't know that app I thought that I got door dash, I got the stub hub Dodo that something else grub. I got door dashing, aggregate instant.
but I dont have fallen my mind. You know there were so many options: hi staff Establishment media on the lighting. So good luck, just we can follow my fomenting ness as Jason. The medium feeds and jump the medium and hit some head on is the China tour show Everybody worked to this week's Jimmy Show, let's get to the jokes before we get to the joke, showing this just in the Buffalo cops with assaulting a seventy five year. Old protester are now saying they felt their lives were threatened by his Medicare part, be covered And not at all, if you saw the congressional Democrats taken the need for eight minutes and I gotta tell ya
I can't believe it took our politicians this long to pretend to care about racism. Did you hear the CEO of Crossfit that Crossfit was forced to resign after he said his company was quote not mourning for joy? Floyd, it's not certain where he goes from here, but he did promise to stay in shape digging holes for himself come on. Did you see that Joe Biden is finally leading trump in the polls and think all it took was for hundred years years, or racism attacked economy, the death of over a hundred thousand Americans. All Democrats need now to take Texas is an asteroid here. It was covered up on this week. Show
special guess, Jesse Red Ter, our ways in on whether he's gonna run for the Green Party nomination and what's wrong with Minnesota and the country hey. What percentage of Americans support the George Floyd protests? The answer just may surprise you, or will it that's, coming up Buffalo cops practice skull of a seventy five hurtful. Protester on the concrete, and, of course, Trump tweets that the cops were being manipulated by the victim plus New York City, police, union cop. goes out an unhinge tirade about how profession in calm, cops are plus we get phone calls today from our budget Chuck Cuba, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, plus a lot more. That's today and leadership
Seventy four percent of American Support- George Floyd protest, majority of disapprove of trumps handling poll, says sixty nine percent. I'm The over a thousand Americans pulled, say: Floyd's killing indicates a larger issue with law enforcement. is that anti for all those people, seven sixty nine percent, the George Soros pay them. So when they, when the pollster called them up, they would begin a payment when they got randomly called. You see. It indicates a larger issue with law enforcement, which is an increase of winter of over forty three percent of Americans who in two thousand and fourteen agreed with the sentiment amid protests against the killing of unarmed black men in Ferguson Missouri. So in two thousand and fourteen forty three percent of Americans thought there was that that killing was a large
indicated a larger issue with policing in America. That was during the Ferguson. Forty three percent of the people said that that, but those protests that killing was an indian, patient of a larger issue. With luck now, sixty nine percent of the people say that, as it is that a twenty six percent increase. So a quarter more Americans are now on the side of there's. problem with America with cops in America to the point where it's almost seven out of ten people in America? I think that there's a larger issue with law enforcement in general. You know why? Because there is, You know why, because their trained by the Fuckin Israelis to be they're, my maniacs, and because, when you hear say my number one job is to make sure I get home safe at night. That's why they're horrible cops, because that's why they're willing to brutal I jus, because have now deemed your life less important than this. Their job is supposed to make sure I get home safe at night. That's why they're, giving
and fire arm a monopoly on violence and their given qualified immunity, so they're supposed to put them, cells between harm and me the supposed to sacrifice their life. with their number one job is that there is supposed to come home at night cause that's out their fuckin trade. Now there is there not their best and tend to physical to what a cop is supposed to do. The cop that's will speed up there with would trigger itchy trigger finger The most easily rattled guy industry, because he sees he's gotta, make sure he stayed safe. He supposed putting himself in harm's way to make sure you state save okay. So an that's in the press and the problem with the people go out. All cops are bad. Show me a cop who read it out. The other car for being core of crooks. Show me that cop they don't exist and if they exist they get killed.
I know a cop, he was in the year. He was in the academy and there is a bunch, a racist cops in the academy, there's like a group of em, and so they filled out these squashed, an air or these like assessments of the thing that were supposed to be an, miss he out these guys. Eighty galleys raises the command. read his assessment. Now. Did him it said who he was. That was a message and keep doing this. What happens to you and you out? People, that's who cops are cops, protect racist, cops, protect, white, Supremacist CUP protects the craziest criminal. You ever met because there on the police force and they protect them, look what they did in Buffalo, the entire riot squad from the Buffalo police department applauded those two cops who knocked over seventy five year: old guy cracked, his head open. Who was not a threat that activists guy he's been arrested
three hundred times they know ways an activist they probably knew he was they know is that a threat and so the policing in America there are trained to be this way, and if you're this way they we'd you out. You get weeded out just like that- guy got weeded out of the academy out of those guys for being racist cops. They weed you out if you're a good cop. There are no good cops
show me the last kapu outed, his friends for being criminals doesn't happen. Why? Because they'll get killed, go watch the movie Serpico or read Serpico article from two thousand and sixteen in politico or watch the interview I did with retired police sergeant from Baltimore police and a former soldier Michael Woods. There's three videos up on this channel: go ahead and put Michael Woods. Jimmy door watch those videos. It explains the problem. It's not good cops bad cops. It is a depraved culture.
that protects criminality and brutality, support for the Floyd protests along our as along party lines. Eighty seven percent of Democrats are Pro Floyd protests. Seventy six percent of independence, so almost eight out of ten of independence, are pro the protests and notably you ready for this. A majority of republic kins are for it. So that's when a radical idea like defending the police would arise. Idea gets to become a reform is when the majority of people accept it. That's when it stops being being a radical idea and starts becoming a. I don't know. If you saw that
vast car just banned the confederate flag. There used to be a radical idea. That was rather you radical on the fringe of society. You wanted to get rid of the confederate like now, since the establishment which is NASCAR billion dollar corporation, wants to ban it now. That's now is just now is seen as a reform and Chomsky. Explain this that are a radical idea, doesn't become. form until the establishment accepts it so that when you see Mitt Romney out out marching with black lives matter that people go. Oh he's watching them there's that happening, but that also also means that the establishment recognizes the need for the reform, so
now gone gone, being radical black lives matter, matters used to be fucking radical. Now it's becoming mainstream and that's what this is proving to the majority of Republicans, not independent. To Democrats. Republicans, President Trump's handling of the protest was met with sixty one percent of respondents disapproving
and a further fifty percent said that going into November's election, they prefer a president who can address the country's racial divide. Really, overall, the pole found that a twenty six percent shift from twenty fourteen in favour of the purse perception that the police killings indicate larger problems. I had already done that math and my head. By the way I had already done the math and told you that twenty six percent rise right, some from forty three to sixty nine twenty six percent rise,
Twenty six percent shift from two thousand and fourteen in favor of the perception that police killings indicate larger problems with the biggest gains among whites by thirty three points and white women. Your karens, if you will at thirty eight points the poll result comes after a sweeping. Police Reform bill introduce Monday on Capital Hill that would ban choke, holds and create an easier path to prosecute police misconduct, along with the training programme of racial bias and a focus on de escalation. Tactics among other measures is right. Not cops are trained to escalate. I know you think they're trying to de escalate. They are now. I know they say they are trading them to do that. They do not, they are trained to that's. Why cops at never de escalate.
That's what they always go, one step further: they raise their voice, they came, they shouted command. If you don't follow what they teach you or they hit you. That's not! The escalating this is the edwy pity police you, you chief, what a fuckin snowflake this guy is. First of all, so he goes out. He's crazy upset that people haven't given them. They ve created safe space for them people are calling the cops names, but somebody let us show you the funny video first and then I'll show you the his video. But here's, though here's the funny video first sweating try the shameless the legislators, the press, everybody's trying to shame us
a being well. You know what this is insane It still gonna shine on it. Stop treating us like animals in bulk start treating us with some respect. Disgusting trying to make us a barrister. Bob revision resist don't resist, don't resist and that's all I have to say what a coward, what a fucking snowflake little bitch, that guy is what
fuckin pussy, of course, he's a bully coward. Of course, two types of people become Cobb's bullies and people who were bullied. Look at all the white faces around him, not a black eye site. These are the ass also did stoppin frisk. These are the assholes did stop at risk. A fuckin snowflake disguise, stop treating us like animals and thought you know the way we treat protesters a black people. Never learned that you supposed to treat people away. You add them to treat you you fuckin moron, you mouth, breathing, fuckin knuckle dragging Brutal, maniac you criminal defender, because that's what that guy is obscure. His parents are proud
to be a fucking mouth, breathing brutal maniac, defending the fuckin dregs of society, people terrorizing their own city, he's out there defending them disguise the fuckin Taliban. This is what this is like if Eric Hartman became a cop. Yes, that's what this is? U all respect my authorities. Trade may well dressed max what a fuckin put secrets. Here here of hers, the full speech run here does, of course, make good after all, three hundred and seventy five million interactions with public every year. Three hundred and seventy five billion action audacity excuses well, mingling, positive response. Now, yes, oh yes, positive response,
What's happening what's happening, I I every cities city's on fire just for Kicks Yak, as they did their just they're. Reading the papers. That's the problem. People are just jerks cops. Are the good people? People are jerks wing. We all read in the papers that in the black community. Mothers are worried about their children getting home from school without being killed by a cop Why are we leaving in the world you created mouth breathing, fucking, maniac,. what world are we living in the world you created out of control terrorist like you, you fuckin United,
because I want to show them. This is what you did. This is what you did you fucking lie in criminal. This is what you did: here's what you did with stop and frisk from between two thousand and four and two thousand and twelve ten percent of the white people got stopped and frisk everyone else, eight percent of other ten percent white everybody else, black or hispanic. You terrorize their neighborhoods. You fucking maniac, you peace, shit. Snowflake, you terrorized those fuckin black kids. That's why they say that cause you're, a terrorist you're, fuckin cow cop, he had any balls he'd- be protecting those people, the most vulnerable in our society, the poorest people the most put upon by society. Those are the people you be actually trying to help and support and protect, but you're such a coward bully criminal.
Fuckin brutal maniac cop, which is what you are and you're, probably on steroids. What you're fuckin doing is protecting criminal abusers because you're a criminal abuser, and you're a fucking maniac, and that's why people want the fund? Your whole fucking profession, because you guys are such mania. You're, like the Taliban you're like ISIS occupying our fucking cities, get the fuck out go beat your water is more because that's what cops do, oh by the way, the profession with the most wife beaters cops. Of course. How about how we goes like this Jimmy goes, and then I read in the newspaper that black, my mobs, our rate of their kids walk at over school and being brutalized by the cuts. Well, first Jimmy, isn't it interesting that he reads a newspaper interesting. Did you ever read this story about Eric garner in that fucking newspaper? Do you ever read that story? You ever read story about those two cops driving over crowds of people and made.
You ever read that story. You fucking, you ever read story about that cop who just proposed push that woman down for no reason, cracked her head on the concrete and she got into seizures, and none of the other cops did that. I ever read that story in the newspaper you fucking lying maniac. You don't read the newspaper. I do, that guy can read Bree through your nose. It helps when you read when you read breathe through your nose he's also. I just wanted to highlight how it also shows how disconnected from a community. He is yes that he did. This is crazy right, but it's really in the paper people that you're policing are afraid of you and you think they're fucking crazy, then you're disqualified. fight from doing that, job. That disqualifies you from doing that job like he doesn't even realize what have made it. But this is the. Do you see the hubris involved, the entitlement, the carriage? Nazism of this fucking cop. You see the
titlement. He has how dare people criticize us. So, let's hear the rest of it. They are not him. He killed someone, we did. We are restricted. Yes, you did you he'll lots of people. Yes, you did there talking about me, he's right, say that guy admit emitting outhouse yeah, someone else, and you know what I'm saying, there's all the cops here, because you know what everybody's try the shame of the legislators. Press, everybody's trying to shame us it being a barrister about up so. so being an authoritarian, brutal mania. Cop isn't enough for this. Guy he's also got a tone police he's tone policing such a fuckin snow.
Do you see the biggest pussies in the world are cops? Do you see this? Do you see what fucking utter plusses? They are cowards, bullies, who types of cops bullies and people who were bullied there you go. This is a bully. He's got a nice bar gut and contempt for you profession, well. You know what this is insane to shine on this yeah. He looks like he's fucking mania. He looks like you and I'll bite your fucking head off. If you say, if you say we're brutal I'll fucking, kick your ass say with brutal. Go ahead,
I'd say it? You know, that's what you want us again and then also when you saying you're, trying to shame Us- and I was where I was waiting for this and we won't be- we won't be shamed, we're notch, we're not ashamed of our badges or the brutality of our colleagues, and you know this- is this: the I that is demonstrating how to comport himself in public. Please o strange he's showing you how restrained cops are sorry by the way he's only escalating. That's right he's acting like fire. You sure you how common cool the trading is for cop he's a vacant can't keep its troll of resolve at a press conference. Stop treating us like animals involved Starch Europe, we're tired of being marginalized retired, a big boy
July's, even though nobody with power was all is accountable for anything in us with some respect. that's what we're here today to say. I need respect. I want you to respect, shut up your big fucking pussy. Is he the godfather's brother? No kidding? I want it. What aspect? That's right! I'm smart, not like everybody says like dumb and brutal, was sort respect. Sonata people want it, but that's how I wanted- and I got Would what a fucking crying bay me. This is your rapporteur he's the leader. He's the leader like a bitch like a crying little fucking bitch. This is your leader. What a fuckin disgrace! Now you know why cops are fuckin wharf
is now. You know why they're all out of control because they get fuckin maniacs like this is their leader Bree through you're not through your nose. When you read about the cops at my advice, then we ve been left out of the conversation we put left at all we, but do it better, the fuck out of everybody, it every tired and her up? do you guys don't talk vilified bill, via marginalized, discuss things gothard. It's disgusting disgusting trying You have every eight everybody wanna fuck, what a fuckin try these he always standing Amerika you fuck you up right now, you see always Their dig this this is the guy is supposed to be the face of the police department. He's an earliest fucking lunatic. was the on tethered from reality. Black kids are powerful
no cops. What world are we living? Do you see and he's ready to fight you? That's how cops stand when that's how a guy stands when he's trying to fucking start a fight he's not ds, Collating he's escalating again at a press conference is escalating: fuckin, morons hours of our profession, three hundred seventy five interactions, overwhelmingly overwhelmingly positive, not angry! You everyone likes up very President Chirac sheds, you don't take you out of here. That is not in fact have one would have thought tat
Why don't we go to lunch and then we can have a pleasant accent: fucking maniac. Nobody talks about all the police officers that were killed in the last week in the United States of America at the fuck number of them. Oh now, you're gonna talk to now So I thought before they other cops, didn't have anything to do with New York City now every they do interesting and nobody talks about it, the fucking mainstream media. That's all they fucking talk about. Look at how to Minneapolis. We roundly rejected what he did as disgusting. Taco Gusty, it's now you will resolve this. Is your fuckin lie, your cock, fuck, you cock and your mild, and thus the prices
vilifying the press is Viiva, do mini mini press is reporting, that's what he's getting wrong. They're! Actually reporting. Look at upstanding, though, like he's ready to fucking fight, you fucking chubby little Chub chub, look at them, you fucking judge, go home and beat your wife more well, you know what guy I pray a copy. Be proud to be a copy until a day I retire, and that's all I have to say now anybody would like to come up I'll fucking fuckin kicked harass come on about who want somebody s who want some of this fact
pleasant, policing I'll give it to you. You want somebody, that's pleasant policing. I got some more. I got buckets full and all these fucking guys got it for you too. You fucking, Manix people are vilifying us, it's ignorant, it's ignorant, wow Chuck, is on the line. Hello dear God, Lord lauded Heaven and earth shattering. Have you the new Jimmy. I view as Democrats just unveiled a Seeing police reform bill wow. I know I know tangled are literally tingling down my tingle. This will change everything. Oh so you're going to defend the police and start over. Even
better we're going to establish a bipartisan reform committee to do what junk depth echo gadget. Beyond the reform cast force. The reform task force will then did what power these two were born and NED. Why, then they said the back door, one could maybe for review when the cycle start all over again like up, a washing machine, everything keeps turning a turning until a browser go. And it's all clean, that's it! I left out the part. your cleaning, lady old, the laundering gets taken away by ice yeah. It doesn't sound like you do in anything, just not do anything I'll. Have you know we all got down on our knees and war. One of those crazy psychedelic scorn man. Which far out during those eight minutes in forty six seconds it, all dawned on me, what that poor man had gone through. So what about the funding chuck? I appreciate your questions.
Jimmy, but the national, fraternal order of police is concerned. The word deep funding will be used as a distraction to divert attention from from what doing absolutely nothing you want results in which backs didn't catch the yellow out, so the democratic leadership will posted to fund look, I think, the intent behind to funding something that I support, but I can't officially supported. Will then what good are you ok Jimmy. I got that from the chairwoman of the congressional Black Caucus and she's the head of all black people from what I've heard. That word is very confusing defined what exactly does it mean anyway? Well, it could mean diverting billions of police dollars into social programs and tearing down the police system to start over again with something better. Oh my-
I mean Oml, you can't defend the cops. They'll have nothing to do. Who are they supposed to beat up their families? No, I say: do not tear down the system just because they keep killing people at such an alarming rate. They can't even keep an accurate database of it, but the bill doesn't shrink the budget at all, don't be silly shrinking the budget won't stop cops from killing. People cops need to have the proper equipment to stop killing people and that my friend takes half of your discretionary budget. I don't think this is going to satisfy a lot of people, you're, crazy, next Be telling us the path and aunt I lynching Bell taken in calm down. Why? Don't you land sakes? Pardon my French, like Nancy, says this is just the first step. First perceptive. what completely caving we catering am. I supposed to put my American flag Lapel been on my panty court. Now I get some help.
Hey, you know, We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do and that were not play that game. But here's another great way you can help support the show. You should become a premium We give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support to show you could do it by going to give it our company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed to fordable Privy approach Grab the business and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks, everybody who was already a premium member and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support Why had called me hello and yes, that is a good sandwich. Oh vice present, you're leading trump in all the polls alright cut to who I don't care where you're Holis or black or whatever. I just. Your vote and that's all
That matters kid I area, I failure. I know you're paying blind and the feelings joy, start me up so I never stop. You feel our pain. Then you must want to fund the police. Okay, that's crazy! Then you must, if you feel our pain you ust want to. Forgive all student That's it may couch free about green new deal. Stop our wars outlaw racking or you Shun Medicare brawl for trapped and fat, see so nothing's fundamentally changed with you since the corona Virus and George Floyd. I always nothing would fundamentally change right? I'm keeping my camp then, why do you, even before I elected what which would fund the policemen to you Joe? tell you sure about my hometown.
There is this guy, the guy by the name of Paul Bunyan, big fella, the ten feet, all the way four hundred pounds hated sandwiches another web page and I am a man could shot those trees said, will what're people supposed to do with our current justice system, Joe you gotta, build on it come on just like Obamacare dont care at all. Just because a few bad shape go past, get together with a bunch other psychopaths again, and one feels paying more than I do. I was once by a cop forgot all right, We all come together as a nation. I believe we can get through this, like I did with the help of pills and intense therapy. I think people may have finally reached a tipping point. Actually I understand that get it the of It is a tragedy. It did. Did the murder of George Floyd,
man who was murdered a great career. found Zita jacket. Somebody chances shop in autumn they trades Climbing Bill It's getting trapped on it, big clock. We can't blame all crops for that. It's just you know before at quack, quack, Google. Whoever wants you solution Joe not defund, the police, Catrice compose it and I'll. Tell you why here's the thing! Firstly, Anyone who wants to hurt our cups like that, isn't a real black period. story case closed. Secondly, why aren't you your offer drop. Where's your damn sandwich. How confident are you of your chances? In November, Joe Mary Council can't erosion, I gotta capture the imagination of all Americans and take them
I saw this judge, I'm just glad that chair hurried fall aroused by the dragon gadget ray on anymore savages and I'm getting dimension, He's been its way regarding other charming jello with a factor Golly Ella, The ala, cohesion, we have a very special guest with us today: actor retired, professional wrestler, author political commentator for our T former governor former mayor, he's also naval veteran. and former mayor of Brooklyn Park Minnesota. Please welcome to the show Jesse ventures there, hey Jesse you Jimmy me, are you resume its pretty longer? What a couch this. I can only hold a job for about four years. Fantastic, I don't know would
to be able to hold a job and actual job, but death, it's great, but I am not. Politics worked out so where our usually get a four year term, that's just about four years as mayor, and then I moved on, and then I was one term for years as a governor and I moved on- and I like to refer to myself as a statesman rather than a politician in the fact that I didn't make it a career I get elected and then, when I'm done, I go back to the private sector again and in fact, between being mayor and governor, who was almost seven or eight years between the two and do you feel like the same conditions that led you to run third party and beat the Democrats and Republicans before he think that there is that stirring in side of you again, you think the conditions are ripe. Oh the conditions are right. Just the problem is there's no way to do it, because you know it's
I don't know, maybe I can tie it into the black lives movement for a moment to make the stretch to that You want to see prejudice and you want to see unfairness. Take a look at how third parties are treated in our country in comparison to the two major parties, because the two major parties get to make all the rules and all the decisions, and so those decisions are always made to benefit them and to always suppress any type of third party movement. Without a doubt. I thought about running this year and I inquired in I thought my best way in was the Green Party, but unfortunately they couldn't give me a clear path to the nomination. Even though I don't know if you heard there was a poll done by one of the major poll companies and it was played on,
news listing Biden Trump and me, and without even being a candidate, I pulled eighteen percent. Yeah people are ready for someone like you people, you know we're Ruth were being offered Trump light and trump. That's. What's that's what's happening again, it's is plain to see, see? It's laid bare that one party rule, in fact how they handled this cove. It is also the stimulus bills. The cares act, it can. clearly reveals that its one party rule as Nancy policies ripping up Donald Trump State of the union speech she's past. His entire legislative agenda, including money for his border wall. An extra hundred and thirty one billion dollars to go bomb. People no you're absolutely correct and it always unfortunate my situation, because people were questioning whether I belonged with the green Party-
That's what went on underneath the thing, and I thought what do you mean the long I said I'm anti war and for the environment and everything that'll save it. Isn't that good enough don't get all those two major issues and all the rest of them in my book out fairly irrelevant, because to me those are the two major issues and thou one of the reasons I shied away from the libertarians, because they don't believe and climate change, and I think that's a rare- I mean how can you not believe in a greater happening right before your very eyes? Right I mean I'm unilaterally. To make sure that I'm I'm hearing stories that you were told bad information about your path to the nomination inside the Green Party and when the party was contacted by individuals, interest absence from an email I was sent by someone interested in helping Jesse,
explore the nomination process Party in societies conspired to stack the pcbs and other committees against any nominee, but their chosen one Jesse pointed out on Galloway, show that the greens he was working with couldn't give him a pathway to the nomination, but we have a reason to believe because of the above that the governor has been misled. So have you are you? What do you do? This have anything to say, is a response to that. Take it. stop fervour right now, I'm in the midst of a medical, my family in Europe, I would have announced my candidacy Jimmy. I would have immediately last my job and I would have immediately last my health care, and I think that you know in today's day and age, if I would have did that, many people would have questioned Mayans my sanity, including myself. Yes, yes,
state aid. You gonna give up your job and give up your health care. When you know a quarter or a third of our country has neither right care and I thought that's crazy, and so I do have this that were going through right now, and this even of itself could take me out of it. If it comes out negative. If it comes out positive, I told them that in the end, the June in July, they wanna call me, and so you got We will give you our nomination. Well, that's like door could still be open. Then I guess if they felt the desire to do that, but what I've heard is that how we Hopkins, where major tat data he asked the major I would have been required to go to the to the convention. Let me explain this: go to the convention and wait until if no one made fifty one percent-
got it would free up the delegates ride with the second round. Well, that all seems nice, but I am old enough. I was in the reform Party when after ran and ninety two we were gonna show the world, we were still growing that we were not just rush Perot, but we were legitimate third party movement. We three time, Governor Dick Lamb of Colorado to be our candidate. Ninety six, in the eleventh hour, the Paro people came in cut his legs out from underneath them and Paro ran again. So I know and everybody I talked to that. I trust in the political arena told me the only red flag they had was the Green Party nominating Okay! So well, I just think you don't close the door, I'm hearing opposite information from people inside the Green Party, saying that that
they you were given the straw that breaks up another thing, how many the Green Party fractured right eye. we have time to bring a party together. I know what it's like to take on the gems and report and you sure, as hell can't do it with a fractured party. You know that I am required to men, the party first and then take on redemption robots right I made you know when I was in the Mongols. My name was super man, but I dont know if I qualify anymore worth well anyway. It's exhort you know the people are so desperate bird flu for agenda
an article Jesse. You can understand that right. Oh totally, this is it here's the other deal that people need to know Jimmy. We got to elect a third party president and here's why, if Trump or Biden neither one gets selected, the polarization continues. Yes, Worse than ever, I've got Minnesota. I can tell you exactly what will happen if you elect a third party president it'll work out like a good middle, Hold up for two hours split, like I gotTa Republican house, in a democratic Senate,
ever I cited with generally prevailed on child the fertile third into the fourth year. That's when they jump in bed together and they turned against you and it's the gems in the report, in my case, against the common sense middle governor and so with eight and what happened in Minnesota. I put forward the budget, which was my job fiscally responsible. They rejected it. Hey came back with their own budget, it was fiscally irresponsible. I ve told it they sent a rope, my vetoed scented again, I feel towards the only thing I could do a second time they over wrote me again, so they took ownership, why they did it to get me and I M, I didn't run and they were left with their own budget. A year later, the euro, later there five billion dollars in deficit
because of this briskly irresponsible budget. They were willing to day about the people of Minnesota in which to get me so talk about our work. People need to know. That's the way it works between these two parties and a third party. They always make their decision to strengthen their ears, the West it its party first, then, it's big time money donor. Second, it's your own personal feelings, bird and we, the people might be forth, but we could. There could be something that would even make and so do you feel that I've come to the realisation that Bernie Sanders was in fact there to me sure that didn't happen, that a third party didn't rise up and that's. Why He, u know was put in a leadership position in the Democratic Party and is still maintaining his.
issued on the ballots as we go forward again to try to squelch any kind of a third party. What what? What do you say to that? I would tend to agree with you on that, because I tell you my personal thing would not happen with Bernie back and twenty sixth day twenty, sixteen before it ended up Trump and Hillary Bernie came to mine. I actually went down there with the intention that I would break from my norm and endorse him and they treated me completely coldly. They didn't want nothing to do with me when I went down Minnesota governor then when I did get to meet with, That's who they are about minute and a half, but I learned what I needed to learn Jimmy Goodbye should senator if you lose a nation to Secretary Clinton. Will you make a third party?
run, or will you support a third party candidate? Many way he looked right at me said absolutely not. I will support Secretary Clinton. I should look, I'm sorry Thank you and I turned around. I walked away and I know right there. Sanders is not a real independent, Bernie Sanders is merely a front person who calls himself an independent, but it's truly part of the Democratic Party and system, because in whatever they do with him. I'm not privy They do, but I firmly believe that all the way, because they after he met with me and yet alive, I'm independent away- and I know he just turn out you could give me the time of day- certainly didn't want an embarrassment in any way, shape or form from me I know Jesse. It's there's one story after another, just like that, it's just amazing: they have the the the Bernie Sanders and his
pain. The people around them have the amazing ability to turn ardent supporters into enemies, its it's unbelievable that the talent that they have for the penchant that they have to be able to do that. It it doesn't stop. It keeps going he's getting most of his own delegates. Right now are turning against him is old. Delegates the slang term for them are called burners right and I, A job with me in a second because they said they wanted a candidate for this by right. That's exactly! In this way you can tell them I the spine, but I just can't make the commitment at this time until this health thing is settled in my my family You know, because I don't care what you I get fourteen years of public service, but I'm gonna die People are we. My family comes first
I've got you upload them in any way, shape or form just to hold public office. My eye I hear you so, let's, let's move on to the current, what's happening right now: the protests in the street starting starting in Minneapolis. You are the governor. you're a mayor so tell me what what's your take on all this, it's worse than that, it's my neighborhood. I grew up there. Right, where it all happened. That's the border between South high School and Roosevelt High School back in the days before they had open enrollment. When, where you lived, you went to School Lake Street would be considered thirty TH street. I lived on thirty second street. If you live south of thirty second street, you went to Roosevelt. If you live north of it, you went to South okay. So that's my neighborhood, my mom used to do the shopping right there in the high like shopping center, which is burned to the ground. Now so that's how close
It is to me now having said that, it's a tragic situation, we're in, but it's the truth and we're finally being made, hopefully to look at the truth. Now, I'm going to take a little different run at this, because I'm going to bring in my own pet peeve here and I can't believe that nobody's raising it. Okay, let's move on to last week, if we may, when the National Football League and Roger Adele made their apology yeah right. Ok, That was all wonderful and fine, but in my opinion there should have been a direct apology to call in Catherine it in that correct. Having missed on that ready. I can understand why and here's the problem. I have seventy percent of the National Football eager African Americans.
yeah the protesting about racism and they have the name of a team in Washington. I've been protesting against that name for decades. Now I march with native Americans Minnesota. Whenever that team comes to town, you know the team, I'm talking about by Washington. And I don't like saying the name because to me it's as bad as the n word looking, and yet you here not a peep about given that name change and my partner is the red light matter too, because
That nickname is not only racist in Honors genocide when I was marching with the native Americans a few years ago, because I've done it multiple times. Young kid come up to me and showed me that were known to Minnesota Paper newspaper from eighteen sixty something- and you know what the headline was Governor Ramsey raises the bounty on red skins. In other words, the government paid you and you could go out and hunt innocent people down.
Them bring back good red skin and you got paid DE raised at the two hundred dollars, a skin which would translate today to be between four thousand and five thousand block the blood and hunt people and shoot them and tell them like they were far mature rats and that's what that term comes from and we have been there and they now the african american players they, both at eight Dron, Peters we're probably gonna. Take a need great. I support that a hundred percent. I was never again stick and I'm a veteran, but the point is: how can you take me when you were in the habit of that team from Washington and if it is good and these people want to make an impact
act immediately. That name right right now and get a new one. I got a good one them about the Washington crooks they can name it after our elected officials out there did you. When you were, did you have any issues with? You did try to tackle any criminal justice reform, when you were in power. well the criminal justice reform? I did personally, I gave me the Secretary of State and the chief justice. Of the Minnesota Supreme Court, we're Supreme Court where the pardoning force any
my committee with a marijuana conviction that we take it out of their record. That's another thing in the war on drugs and that will have tremendous sweet, ending this police problem. But war on drugs is one of the creation of the police problem. You have today. No, no doubt it's time to end didn't we learn from the prohibition of alcohol when they were bashing indoors machine gunning, people on the street back when my mom and dad were alive, and we didn't learn from that. A prohibition you know, and why is it the government's business to tell you what you can or cannot put in your body, I'm with you No doubt about it right, so they pass civil rights legislation, and then they immediately started imprisoning people over a drug war, which was you know, there's evidence it was fuelled by our own c. I a deal about money,
money buys anything at all and we have an entire system created by the Democrats and Republicans system based upon bribery. You bribe politicians with campaign donations. You do that the private sector- you it's called bribery. Public sector is alive and well. How do you think he did it to be heard. You out of your some Jimmy. yeah you know what I ran for Governor Minnesota to know about Bobby. I raised no three hundred grand, that's nothing. How did you I won on ideas and I I because they let let me in the and I won one Minnesotans are smart people generally they deserve. Was real. I was in a debate with the big kid
to be precise, urban, so common in they asked a question and it got to me and I looked at the card and said I didn't know There was like a thirty second pause and they erupted in cheering because they finally heard someone say you didn't know everything. Then I answered the question where they they require big long question required? Only a yes or no, I leaned in and said yes again, a huge laughter and applause, I turned to the commentator wherever and I said well, I answered the question did night. He had a good sense of humour he leaned in and simply said yes now, show me when I ran dont, go to college. Campuses they don't vote. I turn to my people. I just book me in every cop campus in Minnesota. I said you're telling me Jesse the body
going to show up ain't going to show up to hear me every college campus. They were hanging, from the rafters and later after. I won headlines in the Minneapolis paper. Ventura wins up headline Young out so yeah. You say you could understand that why people still I want you to run like us, and this would be perfect time you Jimmy think this is another thing much clear up about May when voting How soon it's fraudulent, that's like telling every factored in America, deployed overseas, he's committing a fraudulent vote, because how do you think veterans have to vote by mail? It's called an absentee ballot. We've been doing it for hundreds of years. I'm with you
So how do you so so? There's a push right now for a third party, a Nick brought it. It's called me when for people's party in his ideas not to be left right, libertarian, but to try to join people from the left and the right, because it's not left right issues anymore. It's them against us right. It's like we use, you see the looting of the treasury with the Cares act. The fact that they won't give people health care. Even in the middle of a pandemic, they will give people healthcare. That's not that's, not Are you be I and they won't? and the way their handling, this is is almost punitive to the workers right. The way you know right now we have when he five percent unemployment. Is forty million people unemployed? That's as big as the great depression. In the way Germany's handling it. They have six percent unemployment, so we could be here it better. It's not a secret how to handle this. They just chose to do it in the most rapacious way possible, with the most injury to the working class and and and
and you know, and then, of course it hurts the minority communities and the black communities even more tat. They become the flashpoint for for this kind of crisis, and so you do you. I really don't have much hope really, honestly, especially for electoral politics or for our government. ever come around because it's it's? It's laid bare that the well we have learned what, when we had a crisis instead of our government coming to our aid and trying to fix it. Our government took advantage of it to screw us and take wealth and transfer it upward then, in the end, the analogy Dylan ran again made on the show. It's as if the car, where are the United States, is a car in IRAN on Gas- and you know it's not left or right to sharpen, put gas in the car, but what, instead, what they did was they showed up took off? wheels. Often they ripped the radio out of the car and left it there without gas. So we're living out we're living with a government that Lee an enemy to us. What do we do?
What you do you put your quick voting for Democrats and Republicans urban hybrid? I met for twenty years. Second, if the car. that sets out a few of its targets, which tesla them in a cage. The damn government you just like we we drive around electric. Having said that, you do that by Buddha local level. First, do you want to know something major Jimmy that could be done? don't think they have the power to stop it at the local level. Why is it that they put the party's name on the ballot right right. I agree. I got a bad name forces, the public to educate themselves to where they have to go beyond looking if they're, conservative or liberal, then all they got to do is look for Democrat or Republican. Well, if you, if you just put the candidate's name on the back,
Then it's up to the folder to go, or what does John Smith stand for right I got now, I'd rather there and do any mini mini MO a choice than what you got right now ranked choice. Voting is also a lot of people point to as one of the solutions to what's happening and the fact that that'll help third party, though so that's gotta, you know they're gonna try, keep out of the way through, because that is something that could generate a third party. If you dont, like the other party, you you could vote for the third party, rather than say the democratic or the Republican be very reluctant to allow that to happen to any work, block bacon put out to stop a third party. They will do it, yet they will we saw it pass in Maine at a referendum and the like.
Just Slayer? I mean that these both parties took them to court and went away. Thinks is Supreme Court, but they rightly they finally sided with the people, and so they do have the right choice. Voting and yet there are afraid that so anything that much of that, what you're facing, but I'll tell you so. These two camps to me, the most beautiful gardens I've seen in a long time to where you a powerful third party candidate with name recognition who have a track record, could come out of the woodwork and, I think, beat both of these candidates. Cause people take up the highest negatives and history. Yet who can? And yes, I am a third party if you bring the right message You know me. Like the other thing I do Jimmy, and I know we gotta move on here, but there are other things: do you know that defense bill they just both parties? Okay, yes! Well, if
they got in. I accept that completely that whole big defense bill, but you know what I do with it. What I take about all two hundred billion dollars of it or whatever. I could get out of it squeeze out of it, and I would use rather than buying aircraft carriers in raw lad. Other paraphernalia have you seen those machines with clean up the ocean. Oh yes, I have. Yes, the I've spent spam billion dollars, buying those machines which then would create jobs, because they'd have to produce them like heck. Instead of building tanks, they'd have to produce them right and then I would take enough money to train the United States Navy in operating them, and we would then start a new world
It would be a war to clean the pollution out of our ocean next to our country. That would be a. I think. You find a lot of support for stuff that for sure that's what I thought that the french girl I've got the Navy work and I'm site that instead of rights in Europe carriers halfway around the world support crap in the Middle EAST, so Jesse Woody. Who do you think it's a very deal that you? What you were you talking about sounds like what people are talking about the police departments when they say to fund the police. They take take the take all the extra money we ve been spending or over spending on the police in spending our communities and what you're saying instead of spending a bombing other countries, let spending on fixing up the ocean around our country that so Europe York it's kind of like a deep fun PA policy right, funding anything just changing the direction of your military, the no a terrible what you want them.
right right. They follow orders because everyone in America, frightened of socialism in just mention the word and keep a panic, and I always look Come and go: don't you realize that we spend the majority of our tax dollars other major socialist programme yet and they always go what what you mean social security, I go no, the United States its military. then socialism, at its best, and we spend big unlimited of our money, socialism and think of this socialism, that's actually not being used to protect. You are very capitalism, so do
you know they always say Jesse and I know you have to go, and I appreciate appreciate your time really do you know they tell sold. They tell us that soldiers are fighting overseas to protect our freedoms and then Trump has the soldiers go out and squelch people exercising their amendment rights. So what are those soldiers actually doing? well, first of all, they're not fighting for our freedom. That was the George Bush myth where he said that big thing on the build up to the Iraq that lie member when he said, if we We're gonna write, so we got curse the bigger picture Jimmy I want to know who they are that someone wants to take over the United States, whose name that someone who is it? The Russians? No, the Russians!
The problems are not worried about taking us over, whom would be kind. Gonna take a sober. Well, maybe look at them. comically rage war on us and beat us that way. Maybe, but are they going to come in and physically occupy America and invade us? No, so we have this build up of military, to defend ourselves against alleged invasion from who ISIS they're going to come across the Atlantic and in Virginia will have to repel them like Normandy. I would like to be told who this entity is that the US has to fear. Considering the fact of this. We have enough fire. Blow up the world probably a hundred times over. If we want to, if we
take a suicidal route. We can destroy the entire planet, who would dear push us to that brink? No one. So what is the point of these weapons of roar to be fought? We gotta stop a mirror, they're gonna get us here. that the greater spent people can read is met. Major General Smedley Butler United States, Marine CO wrote a phenomenal book called war is a racket. I urge people get that book and read it. Smedley was a two time congressional medal of Honor winner and he'll. Explain in marine core simplicity. That means the book is also in Marines. Get to the point: he'll explain it that war is indeed nothing but a racket. It's a money making rapid!
People like Dick Cheney and Halliburton and people like that to success and get wealthy and rich over blood and people are so tired of wars. They thought Barack Obama was going to end them. He took us from two wars to seven and Trump ran on a non interventionist policy and again we're still in Afghanistan were still in the rack and he's he bombs. Are you gonna do about it now right right, so that everybody about that? We got active, combat in Somalia right, it's a whit. How did you do do exist This is gonna, be the end of our empire. Jesse. Do you think
we followed robbed with tee, and you know the ultimate result of what happened around. They went out got involved in a bunch of wars throughout the world with their colonialism crap and it ended up wearing their infrastructure internally from within, which is exactly what we are doing right now. We ve got nothing but the rich, getting richer and the poor getting poorer and be. You know that the gap is getting larger We in the Epp Trump cards about these great economy, but a trial. Today. I don't know what the number would be: no starches life life. What about seventy thousand dead? You know just what he when a child takes her first breath of air and there's, nothing to worry about our economy on the other
I borrow and my mother and dad trained me never to have debt. That's why this whole Edemic isn't hitting me that hard, because my mom, my mother, would buy a new car every four years she traded in the old one and pay cash for the new one. We never had a car payment. My house growing up back in the fifties and sixties and that's the way she trained me. They told me if you have debt, then you are never free and so I've tried to live my debt, and the first thing I do is destroy all my debt and when you're in the position people are in today not having debt is phenomenal. Yeah, no doubt about it.
So do you have any prescription that to heal the country at this moment? Wow? Well, I think again, I think it's a thing of socialism a bit, but first we got to get rid of this pandemic. First and foremost, it's got to go and do whatever take. To make that happen. Like a ball, you don't we need three feet. Weaken, tie you in the economic gain in that direction to our country to the black lives matter movement, because when everybody. The better the world a better place, that's already been proven when people when the population gets lifted up, everyone gets lifted up so economically. We need to address
tremendously and part and powder values this gap in the way our government operates is absurd, but the innovators print money they go to work. I mean George Bush goes to war and cuts taxes. I know how do you do that, and so he We need legislation like this or tax. The minute they decide to take an armed conflict whatever the word Geiger, where they got conflict about country. There should be a tax, the kitchen immediately to pay for that were because a few people in their pocket book they were Pisa, quick to go to them if they realize they actually have to pay for it. That's it. That's Ciba Geigy right there right now they had there's no draft and
no tax for the war and they just put it on the credit card. That's all George Bush and Dick Taney did right stuck in on the old credit card, the debt, and how do you start a roar and then cut taxes? And let me just give you my final question: it you know. I I try to you know I don't I don't judge people for the way they vote. I don't I didn't try to judge Trump voters try to understand them because some of them are in my family and the we're all given horrible choices and out. I bet we all wish we had better ones, and so right now it seems like the left and the right is you know that the left it the or the Democrats and the media? Did this breeding Gillis, Russia Gate thing for three years, which was wrapped, which was a complete ever It's free conspiracy, theory that Red bade the president and anybody who was their demo or their enemies of the Democratic Party answer which is discussed
A despicable right, we were one of the shows that called that out and so now with was happening in the streets and Trump is trying to make this all about Antifa and George Soros, and now this Five year, five Rural Guide Buffalo who got knocked out. He was some how instigating that himself, it's it's cool crazy right, and so how do we get? How do suck and it from himself Of tweeted that our nets, where they're giving it from- and it's like So how do you? How do we get people for two to tag their indirect own psychotic bubbles? One people saying Russia, Gay, the other people saying at T fire and you know somehow the cops, are right and it's just what? How do we? What? What can we do? we do either. I we need a charismatic leader, like you, You have one answer for your next to impossible, that's the only way out that I know of, are you ready Jimmy? Yes, if we
God male imbalance. That means it's easy to write a May men. If enough people like mine, and then I got to do the job. Don't I yeah alright Jerry all seriousness. I don't know what to do other than that mean it's our party brown, but because of other stuff. We talked about earlier still in and if it ends up the majority, as I still believe that, because of this because of the corona virus, working to see a rebound, Here's what I fear that it will be. drastic and all that crops could at the court martial law there's not going to be an election yeah. You know anything happened not right. Now I guy the crane Things have already happened, so he's to get us row or he's going to do the rioting in the streets
a flare up, so much did he asked declare martial law. You know they're dead preparing, for these got bars, ready and waiting to go yeah. He can't wait for that to get the call on that, and I put nothing past these desperate men. You know people need to remember something. There was another guy in history who ran law order Nixon as the basis of his whole campaign, and he ran office in nineteen thirties, Germany and his first name. was Adolf, so people ought to try to remember. was ordered candidate, but you go in. a boy. He was better than our law and order candidate. You know why why He actually served in the army- okay, okay, yeah. the second guide, though the one I was thinking, I was Nixon. He ran on law and order
Germany nineteen thirty years campaign? watch out for Germany. in its scope. To see how many people will just not believe their own eyes and ears and believe what their leader says like Donald Trump saying that well and then they escape got certain people look at what Trump first did for years, a bird philippine out right right. They got anywhere man scapegoating number twenty sixty bourbon? That's right. I know Mitt Romney on the phone below that Sharm Romney Jimmy I went to a black lives matter protest. You probably didn't see me because I send it in with the crowd, thank goodness the presence of mind Bring a camera shawl, you white liberals would see it and
joke on your chart and I'm part of the moment Jimmy I always have been, but you belong to a church whose doctrine said black people who are inferior beings. That was only until I was thirty one years old, oh well, it was nice. The church started letting black people and body to be about, hey, you know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door Comedy Cobb sign up. It's the most premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay Landward, step Zahm Murano, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written all the voices
report today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found. It might make great that's it for this week, you be the best you can keep housekeeping need. Don't don't don't you don't do that so don't just not free, not free, don't freak out on you, not freak freak freak out.
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