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Corporate Media Guy has wrong Corporate Media critique!

Phone calls from Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, Chris Christie, and Mathew McConaughey!

with Stef Zamorano, journalist Max Blumenthal, and Mike MaCrae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Jimmy or show I wonder how Kevin Spacey is doing in quarantine, cholera hello, Mr Macy's Gb Door. My prayers have finally been answered. Thank you, God, not just how are you holding up during a quarantine? My these are strange times we are living in. Aren't they unprecedented some say others say uncertain. These times are definitely all of those things. People are stuck at home, unable to interact with others in public, in many cases unable to work to do the very thing they were put on this planet to do
Must be difficult, I would imagine yes. Yes, I imagine it would. How about you Jimmy door? Are you allowed to work. Yes, I'm fortunate, I have my own garage studio and I can just sit here and do my Ellis and put them on the internet bully for you. Jimmy gets to you bet career everybody. Did you hear that let's get Jimmy a round of applause yeah? I we support. Yes, I am fortunate, I'm saying yes, you are Jimmy. Not everybody is fortunate that you are yes, I suppose your rights, although this profound isolation for such a tiny microscopic insignificant reason. That's why I'm not working yes! The virus is tiny, Mr Spacey.
Right the virus, so how are you keeping yourself occupied the usual reading, charcoal on canvas scrimshaw staring just trying to keep saying really people do what they do Jimmy under this kind of pressure. Some people will turn to drugs. Some to alcohol. and some people will turn to the gazebo in their backyard, where there are several very confused, teen boys who themselves are full of drugs and alcohol. Ok, I'm sorry! I'm at baking, sourdough, bread! Okay, I'm sorry! I even asked yeah. I bet you are well it's too late to take back jack, this guy, I'm
unbelievable. Why are you like this because I'm bitter, but there is an upside, oh yeah? What's that because everyone who put me in this prison is now in here with me: nothing could be more satisfying I'm already used to it. So forgive me if I am experiencing a little schadenfreude watching the rest of you, squirm better get used to it. I'm your king, because everybody is cancelled, now wow, what a nasty sentiment very nasty. Indeed, I have one more question for you: What are oh yeah, what all you a an alternative, psychic, anything, no, absolutely not
Johnson. Maybe some had the chance to welcome this with Jimmy Giorgio. Now it gives you the jobs before we get to the jobs I hate. Did you hear that researchers say they now found covert? Nineteen and semen is true. This is true. The most difficult part of their study, was finding volunteer's willing to put that swab up their penis come on. It's go further. Go to the country and April saw the biggest increase in grocery prices since the early seventy s early seventies. That's when American started hoarding soap to wash their hands
of Richard Nixon. Like you know, I don't know about youth South, but if there's Anything I'll miss after this is over it'll, be those jet fighter. Flying over our cities, reminding us there's a another way we could die unless we keep our mouths shut up. I can I just say this: to the vote. Blue, no matter who, worse, if you want Donald Trump out of office, don't support Democrats who do nothing to stop him. That's more of a point of order. Hey what's covered up by this week, show There's a lefty direct from the corporation named a non jury hunters and he's got a new show on vice, where he's gonna talk to regular people, well He's gonna tell you what's wrong with the media and everything he said rob with the media's complete garbage weep. We invite MAX Blumenthal from the GRID zone. On on the breakdown,
Non Jura, hothouses critique of what's wrong with the news media. Its fascinated, plus we got phone call sedate from Kevin Spacey, Matthew, Mcconnaughy, Harrison Ford and Chris Christie a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy Door shop No, it's called me, hello, hello I'm sorry, I meant to say, pilot to tower what the fuck was Harrison. I heard heard trouble with the Athena again, the federal the of actors wow, what a secret life of tat of that bear. No, no dear said the other half a year
Guess what the FAA needs to get the hell off my plane? Well, what happened? I know right what happened and while we're at it, where happened, and why happened now they say: they're investigating another incident. Were you taxied across somebody's flight path? Are you sure it was me? I always wear my covid mass. That's. Why I'm asking
yes, they said pilot an actor Harrison Ford. That must be somebody else, I'm an actor in Pilot Harrison, for I met that acting and method pilot planes. This time I was rehearsing being a guy who repeatedly risks getting into deadly plane accidents. Did you cooperate with the investigation? What's that supposed to mean just a very cooperative person? What were you doing? Taxiing on a runway, in LOS Angeles, Such a business, I just got back from a toilet paper, run there's a cough called down in Andorra that never ones out before you start with your bullshit I've, not hoarding, I'm just being prepared a case discovered thing last seven years,
I got a hanger full Scott tissue in Pacala. I got it covered. Are you sure you should still be flying Harrison? Okay, I'm a little rusty. I usually do taxi into the path of an oncoming plane no, I usually waiting till there on a golf course. He did you see that Pilot the at our request, confirmation. I want the golden Globe from applying seemed an advantage over as a lifelong Democrat. Do they could save for voters to go out and vote yet That's why I plan on voting by airmail, going to bank thirty degrees into a polling station, Jimmy, go back to your seat and prepare for landing violent about request, clearance to crash by helicopter and then joke about it on Ellen over
so MAX is here because I wanted to have a real Smarty past journalist guy, who knows about how journalism is supposed to work right to help me break down the clip that I teased yesterday. I don't know if I would say his name correctly Anand. How do you say his name Gerhard? How do you say it max. I don't know if I did my homework. Okay, that's all right. I don't know how to say I'm reading it and I can't spell it, but it's this guy. Everybody knows if you are, are hartis right. So I'll just say: yeah, that's pretty cool! Well, let's call him a non and the title of that segment. He
did on rising was called how bias actually works. Now, if you don't know who he is he's a guy who wrote for the New York Times, for at least I think ten years and he's been a contributor at MSNBC for the last five years, and he also wrote the book winners, take all the elite charade of changing the world. Now a couple of people that I know have said that they really liked that book and that that was a really good book. I didn't read it max: have you read that book? I have not read that book and you know a non Jiro artist and if I got his name wrong telemarketers, they always call me and say, Mr Blue, like I'm a brand of blue menthol cigarettes, so I'm sure he can forgive me for not. If I don't get his name right, people don't get my
name right all the time. But you know honestly, I haven't followed him that much has managed to not attract my attention, and you know that there is that there's a reason for that. His book seems to be critique of the kind of a billion air philanthropists charity industry and how its basically provides cover for billionaires, who don't pay, taxes and died. You know it's good that someone else is out there saying that when people like Ralph Nature have been talking about that for decades, but you know Ralph, NATO is not allowed on MSNBC. That is correct rough. There is not even allowed in polite society, it doesn't seem because he he effectually advocates for people. and so I just what are you gonna do I see some bodies is not allowed near Democrats because the two thousand election that's right, use the arrears
an old Jill Stein in Russia and we at least so it's only taken twenty years for people to continue to think exactly. The same. I'd had huge so heed this guy's. So an and wrote that book, which made him of a favourite of lefties. Now every time I've seen him on MSNBC, he seems to be making the right critique. Yet I'm always suspicious of him. I don't I even eat of didn't video or two. I think I made fun of them a little, but he does have great hair which I'm jealous of so he he went on rising with the with the risers crystal in soccer.
And the first six minutes of the interview. I literally didn't know what the fuck he was talking about. I could not decipher what he was talking about. He has a new show on vice and it's called seat at the table and it sounds like the premise of it is he's going to talk to people who normally don't have a seat at the table like regular workers and stuff like that
and I was like? Oh that's a great idea. I wonder why. Why don't I do the oh shit. I do that all the time. So this is a big deal in corporate America he's going to take talk to a postal worker holy shit. So this is a big deal. This is a big deal. He talked to a worker and so he goes on and they start to talk about bias and what have you in the media and everything he said. It just sounded off to me ever and I'm like wait a minute. This guy's a super smarty pants, I'm a dummy. How come, I think, everything
he's saying, is wrong and I'm pretty sure, because I think it is an that's how bad it is. What a guy like me can see through it, and so here we are we're gonna go through and I don't know this guy. I do know he follows me on Twitter. I don't follow him. What I did I did with Ruby. Our producer did reach out to him to come on the show any they respond. This was a while ago we ve reached out to him to come on the show in Eden. Respond buddy, follows me, that's interesting! Psychology right there, don't you think so here we go so
Here's what we're just break this down in an Matt you can jump in when I will never. You feel like it up. Twenty twenty psychotic got my starting cable news item its embassy five years ago by it and never got fired to me. That's assess, I'm suspect immediately. If you have a contract, MSNBC and you're a truth, teller from the left and you get invited back, then you are manufacturing consent. You are not actually do what he would do you say to that MAC, MAX Weber you a non talk, and you know if you're kind of like a normie and it sounds like he really knows what he's talking where he sounds convincing. He looks convincing. He looks like a sort of all a wise academic with salt and pepper hair and he's always wearing dark closed a lot like Thomas Friedmann, you know if you dont know if you dont
no shit, Thomas Friedman, just the way he talks sounds really convincing in him. He makes things easily digestible and then, if you actually pay close attention, as you apparently did you like what the fuck is this guy talking about, because at the end I mean I don't want to ruin The ending I mean you're getting probably get together. I gotta get to it. Evidently we're gonna get out, ruin the ending, but yeah he was in media, mainstream media for five years. Is that the New York Times for ten years I'll say like so? You probably never mentioned the Israel lobby, for example like if that happened it would have been problematic. If you know you hadn't been, humongous Russia Gator, while being an MSNBC contributor. I mean you didn't challenge the big lie of the last three years, while you're posing as this great left wing. Truth. Teller, in fact, when Donald Trump had his military parade, obnoxious display of jingoism in Washington,
go with last year and there were tanks rolling on train tracks like old World WAR, two Sherman tanks rolling on train tracks, just ten minutes from my house on the way to a pencil vainly have a non tweeted Putin's America. Oh my god, you know it's flatter me. Your prudence fault that we're having this jingoistic. Festival of American Empire that it's all Russia's Falk Gamma Rays from Putin's brain made. Donald Trump do that in a made, people actually want to come out and celebrate and have nostalgia for this awful the for tanks, rolling down Pennsylvania avenues for martial law, so that's all that's kind of how you manage to hand out in media? While you offer a kind of milk toast critique?
of billion airs and sit in a wood and call for medical care for all which Brok Obama campaigned on in two thousand and three that's correct, so also let I took so it's good that need here here. So you can give that info, so people can frame it now. You know who he really is: okay, that's who he is he's a guy who poses as a real lefty. But of course he can't be a real lefty if he was, he wouldn't be invited to the New York Times to write for ten years, because you know what happens. The guy would tell the truth in the New York Times they end up like Chris Hedges, and he wouldn't be if he was really doing a critique of power, he wouldn't be invited on MSNBC, because the people doing real critiques of power are NOM Chomsky and rather of nature, and there never invited MSNBC, so you wouldn't be allowed on vice, as vice is just straight up corporate media. It's the hipster arm of empire in its promoting. I mean in this interview a non says. You know we need to call out the Iraq
WMD lie of the day. That's what vice does they launder? Every rocky wmd lie of the day there are pushing they pushed to Syria Proxy war, they push the white helmets. They pushed the regime change operation in Ukraine. They celebrated the eyes of battalion. The NEO Nazi wing of the Ukrainian National Guard is freedom fighters. They pushed the new cold war on China Day after day, which you know on Fourchan I was watching your last guest Dylan Radigan, and he was doing the little bit of that too, but you know vice basically exists to do just that and Last year it was announced, advice wasn't making enough money in HBO is considering cancelling it, and I got bailed out by a billionaire named George people how people left are not allowed to critique. George Soros because people on the right, the far right, has taken that critique,
made an anti semitic. So you can talk about the fact that George Soros is actually through his open societies into the two funding opposition movements in countries where the? U S, seeks regime change, including in Hong Kong, where they just had this file, Color revolution supported by the? U S: government support guided by the CIA, supported by Marco Rubio and might palm pale. You know Soros is everywhere where the? U S six regime change in latin American Venezuela in Nicaragua he supporting the opposition movements and, in fact, ninety ninety one David Ignatius, not exactly a radical leftist. The Washington Post described George Soros, one of the billionaires doing what the CIA used to do covertly doing it over. We, as a private citizen, This was in the Washington Post, and so, if a non goes in critiques, George Soros he's gonna be out there and you'll be called in
de Semite, even if he says nothing about George Soros is Jewishness. Ok, so let let's let so we're gonna get to. That m de line and let's remember outlets for we get there. I let's go for getting into a fight with Joe Scarborough on Twitter, about something I'd written in the New York Times and to Joe's credit. He invited me on to say: let's: let's actually have this argument right, very rare spirit in these times when you disagree to say like let's that section conversations that we did not gonna? Let me being minimised. for several years and continuing as far as I know- and I had a great time- I've had you enjoyed. My colleagues enjoyed a lot of things to don't talk about, but it has felt in many the conversations I'm in and I'm. I'm sure? That's why you also have you both great the show you have that there were some boundaries to the conversation not enforced by some. You know Comcast executive with a knife in his jacket bit bit, but just
kind of intellectual boundaries, of the conversation, robot issues of power and and who America is working. for it. You know end. There are often moments where you're talking like a bloom word and Michael, Briggs Money manager is at the table as a disinterested analyse than those made. A thing seem to me when I start having a conversation with by so that's a great point. He makes, but he kind of brushes in a way he's like I'll. Be an obvious panel and MSNBC to critiquing Michael Bloomberg, one of the richest most powerful men in the world and his money manager will be at that same panel as if he's a disinterested party, giving his opinions, and so that's a great point actually that he makes, but he kind of dismisses it was, and then he keeps going so here we go to think about Is it possible to create a show that tries to sit with a different relationship to power than actual tries to decent her power, and that means who went on
show I just interviewed a panel of three civil servants who work sir anonymously for Dublin, thanks not on the shelf. Putting up It also means just the mental framework of what were covering. I don't need to tell both of you that yet again, that's great that he's doing that. There's lots of shows that already do that once called the grey zone. Another put his called secular talk and other once called the Jimmy door, show we're doing that. We been doing that liver, look on time and you invent it and I'm I guess the way he does it is. It is good that just the way a conversation is lined up decides what kind Conversation is in a lot of what has happened on cable. Is things like the Iraq war are somehow in a normal way, and things like universal health care, are in an abnormal Lena deviate? Laying am that's not how much
people feel about a lot of these things, and so we tried to think about back. We create a show that would reflect where most people are in the country on the wall. So I'll just say this and we're gonna get to it again. But he says were wmds as normal. You could talk about that the Iraq, but you can't talk about Medicare for also like I like his critique. Actually, there again makes a good critique. It's it's accurate. The problem is you don't have to go back? Nineteen years to Dublin, you can go back right now to the current ruts red scare, Russia Gate that somehow was normal. That's ok! So you won't tell the truth about. What's is actually happening right now he invents the he has to go back twenty fucking years to act like that's the bad thing. Instead of the bad thing we're bring in right now, which would be actually usefully for him to call out since he's on the iraqi MSNBC right now, but, as you have already revealed, backs he's a big Russia Gator, so
His mind is already scrambled he's all these already propagandist at the top of his lungs and he's here going to give us the truth about what's wrong with our system. That's kind of ironic right, yeah, absolutely, I mean, let's I'll, give him a chance, but I don't really expect that much given his performance during just the gigantic lie of Russia, Gait, which he completely failed to challenge- and I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but you know the one person he kind of reminds me of in media, as Chris Hayes. Someone who has this kind of kind of fake, woke, brand Matt, just just sort sort of survive in this the catering corporate environment and Chris Haze. He didn't have one. One single Russia Gate sceptic on I mean why couldn't you have had Erin Matvey on just to show if he was so confident just show our just show how Errands arguments are all wrong. I'm he'd, he couldn't do it. These people can't debate.
even the ideas where they feel confident and now Chris Haze was actually I mean I'd like to hear a non explanation due for why he didn't challenge Russia Gay why he pushed it now that it's so obvious that the whole thing a sham. It's so obvious that now in these transcripts, these congressional transcripts, we see the head of crowd, strike the private cyber security. Firm that was hired by the FBI to determine that Russia hacked the Dnc and John Podesta's emails stated under oath that they have no evidence that russian intelligence export trade, the emails now, I can't say who did it or who didn't do it? But you have. This is the foundation of Russia Gate and under oath the person who is supposed to be the oars Who is supposed to know who exploit of the emails who was hired by the FBI. To do it says that he doesn't know so. The whole foundation has completely crumbled, and yet it's not being touched by MSN
You see, but Chris Haze was asked about this or not whether I mean yes so, Chris Week we cover this. Yesterday. Chris haze was asked about this and what Chris Hey said go ahead MAX. What would it could basically yea envied? It's the same kind of like grad student Lange. which do you know that you, you also here on non kind of using these guys when they talk, they always punctuate. Every point. By with the question right there, like riots, that's so annoying in its comes from grad school. But anyway, you know he said is that you know. If you look, he bleed basically he blamed Russia for him self, getting it so wrong and pushing so much paranoia, and he says if you go back and look at Cointelpro stuff referring to Edgar Hoover Programme of dirty tricks. To do. to the left in the sixties and seventies. Basically, the same combination of dirty tricks and surveillance. The FBI was using on at the FBI and the black Panthers that drove them not
is what Russia is using on Chris Haze and his friends in the media to drive them knots, and so he says using that grad student language, we, We have to acknowledge Russia's agency, an agency. What about the central intent? Intelligence Agency and John Brennan. What about their role in Russia Gate? What about the fact that you hosted frauds like Malcolm Nan and Navi Jamali, falsely identifying Navi Jamali as an FBI double agent. Every time We came on your show. I re actually masochistic enough tat. I ordered, an avenger Molly's book to catch a Russians by I read it. He was never an FBI agent. He was at best FBI dangle. He got like a certificate for
dissipating in an FBI operation. Most of the book is about like his love of sports cars, he's about as much of an expert on russian affairs- and I would say this for Malcolm Nantes too, who is just an intelligence fraud thereabout? As much of an expert on russian affairs as Jeffrey Epstein and Jared from some we are on the rights of children. I mean, and this these are the guys that Chris Haze voluntarily chose to have on every night. So maybe it wasn't Russia making him do it. Maybe it was Phil Griffin in corporate management and maybe Griffin in corporate management saw something in having a guy like a non to maintain the left, parameter and be the safe lefty and provide the safe critique, but never to go too far and touch Russia eight or to touch the new, the new sham that were being introduced to which is pushing the new cold war, against China, which is replacing Russia Gay, never touching the proxy war in Syria, never touching the
Israel, lobby, one of the most dominant forces in american politics, These are the red lines, and this is all, so about oligarchy, because empire is the projection of oligarchy abroad. So he to me he's broccoli bump in media, but but let's go let's keep going here. We go so so big o on to talk about the Publican party. What I think you know clearly. Trump has undamned and legitimated a lot of racism and people, but people broadly are as racist, more or less as they were. for Trump right, like what you can say is what has changed drastically. What has truly changed, and the thing I'm talking about is the behavior of the republic. Working party, which has decided to stop being a reason, in fact, based party in the
your trunk there were warning signs. That does not mean that this was not up, so I just want to stop it there and what a joke that that day, just stopped being a party of reason and science just now. They just now did it and by the way, both parties. Neither party is a party of science or reason, or any dotted damn thing. You're talkin about neither party is Broccoli bomber, open the art to drilling twice whenever she oil, a shell oil, asked he lifted the restriction on exporting fossil fuels, which is why there's bracken pipes underneath this country from coastal goes proper bomb, a bragged that we had the highest petroleum output in the history of our country. Under his presidency, Barack Obama doesn't give a shit about science. Any more than Donald Trump gives a shit about science that the report that the Republican Party, all of a sudden stop. This guy is so full.
should I could smell from Pasadena during quarantine. Do what do you say this here? I mean remember George W Bush seriously like. There's, this whole campaign to normalize Bush now and make Bush you know just I'm George Bush I'm just a guy you wanna barbecue, is I love Hurricane Michelle Obama. I'm just friendly smirking chimpanzee from Texas, you know need- to come together for a better future of tomorrow put food on our families. It's like we don't remember Bush, basically putting the christian right, one of them most extreme forces in the world in power in the White House. Remember how Bush refused to fund stem cell research, yes, light saving stem cell research. That was a odious is any anti scientific policy, Donald Trump Housing, because the EU is A. Member of the Christian re ass. You know
do you remember when Ronald rain a book about all this? By the way it's called republican Gamora? And it's about how the Republican Party was overtaken by irrational and the science, homophobic extremists and bush? You know he was putting people in health and Human Services department positions who believed that AIDS could be spread by sweat and so here's a guy to tell us that you know Trump is broken with this great in this tradition of science and reason in the Republican Party I mean Ronald Reagan, wouldn't even mention AIDS. I mean it's just he's responsible for that. I mean he's way more responsible for the AIDS crisis. Then the Chinese, This government is for spreading corona virus to the world, but we don't call AIDS the America virus in any case, so bad
of you. Listen to this guy you'd think that Lincoln was Trump's predecessor. Nowhere Trump is not solely responsible for this, but there is a full on decision, in my view, at the high levels of the party apparatus, not in regular people's hearts to embrace the trump route rather than the root of a party that actually have some history and has some no a sensible, a sensible intuition away every party so that I can one or stop right there. So the Republicans have decided to go down the road of Trump instead of a party of reasonable into wish in that every party heads. Are you just said that reasonable intuition that
What party in the history of the world has ever had reasonable intuition? What no shit. Is this guy slinging and who does he think he's talking to for some reason? He gets it past them, but I was high already when I was watching this and it didn't slip. Past me, I was fucking lighting, my bowl and I was like what the FUCK we had good, it's just the kind of blow vitiating boilerplate in Michigan. That makes him such an a conveniently ineffective voice of the designated left. Which is, I think, another reason why he's put worry is when there's so many other people were actually are part of the moon, men who actually are part of a real left wing movement who are more effective, who are out in the wilderness
you know I've never seen him in an anti war rally. I recognize him if he was their yeah. I would love to see I'd love to love, to see love to see him have my prized around to talk about some PETE foot. Or you. That would be great or me he never will after it happen. No, it ain't happening. It's not he well come out. He won't even return. He follows me on twitter, but he won't return a message to come on. My show that shows me he's afraid of real questions. is the interesting thing on them, though, because I mean in terms of embracing the Trump route, as somebody like yourself, you want, you know to challenge economic orthodoxy in both parties, and I think that that's something very much that exists. Isn't that part of the Trump route? Don't you think that so much of why Trump was able to succeed, just because orthodoxy needs to checked doesn't mean anybody challenging. It is correct, is doing a good job. You know. Do I think that in a pre trump world, would you say
It would be great to have a Republican coming in and saying you know this parties positions on free trade. aren't serving the american people the way we say there are in either party. Yet I would have been a good thing. Would it have been good to come in and say you know what this party's positions on China could be. The Chinese are actually pretty smart about making sure there trade deals work for them. We could be like yet there there is space for that. Unfortunately, the guy we got to do that is a semi literate, racist, brick and that doesn't know the fact that he's challenging work that mean every thanks, giving up challenges, orthodoxy didn't mean they're. All right, then challenging orthodoxy is the beginning. You you visit. There still are Responsibility to be intelligent will correct. Okay, so I'll just make a quick assessment of that. The that the fact that every uncle challenges orthodoxy, but that I don't care if Trump is right. I don't care, if Trump is that, whatever again he's the village
yet he saying things that no one else will say and somehow you still denigrate him while he says the things that need to be fed because you don't like him, that's what he's saying right. I me I'm building it, maybe I'm missing it. What is what do you think I am the Thanksgiving uncle. Are. Usually like. Pretty orthodox. Yes, yes, you know, I mean I'm which, though, like my extended family they're, pretty liberal, but there's like sometimes like a guy will come slaughter from outside the family and he'll, be like a huge islamophobia and try to a corner the kids in the room. But, unlike this guy, sounds pretty orthodox to me. But you know what Trump did was transition from twenty. Sixteen when, when he was challenging orthodoxy, to promise his base things they genuinely wanted that no had had offered them before. Like interventionism interventionism, he was challenging the case.
The Iraq war, he was challenging deeper. U S, involvement in Syria, he was dismantling the Bush family. On LIVE Tv. He was saying they, it didn't, protect America, nine eleven. He you know initially he was saying he would support you know, about peace process in Israel, Palestine and then, of course, Sheldon Adelson entered the room, but the point to make about Trump. Isn't that he's just fine fundamentally erases prick, which he is, is that he sold out on the twenty sixteen trump and got wrought by the NEO class, which, was largely or not largely, but at least partly to do with Russia Gate and people. Like a non who are pushing that kind of narrative. The next thing You know you got a charm master. Is the head of the National Security Council. Then he's followed by John Bolton, you known that you got my palm pale running the state to pay
I admit I mean basically the neo cancer in charge and your thanking Donald Trump and you're doing maxim that the reason why Donald Trump Staffed up with NEO con warmongering was because he was feeling the heat from the left and the intelligence community in the media as being a traitor and being in bed with Russia. So his response to that was to become over right wing in his choosing of staff, correct yeah, just the general inertia from media and trump himself, not not being able to really resisted, not being intelligent, to resist. It says more about Trump, not following through than something fundamental here, but basically my point is his whole critique of Trump is sort of simplistic red
me? Yes, who are you know the Normie Liberal Resistant added he's claiming to stand apart from yes, yes right, so you're critique of Trump is actually a better one. The weight trump from twenty six dean sold out the people that voted for him, instead of just his critique as this guy's an asshole, and I don't think he should just it's a stupid. I mean just do you know why I'm not trumps of far right. President he's doing a lot of things I find odious, particularly his war on immigration or on immigrants. Things like that. But you know there are a few areas where Trump completely stepped out of the box on foreign policy, for example in Korea, where you have a per cent of South Koreans yearning for aid end of armistice agreement to this war.
that has dragged on that's been imposed on them by the? U S, so they can see their relatives in the north and live in peace and trump. Finally, steps forward with Dennis Rodman of all people- and you know there is definitely a push from powerful elements to try to broker some deal at every liberal msnbc in every Democrat in Washington is trashing him as some kind of dictator lover. When this is something people on the crew. In peninsula have been dreaming up, so there are some areas where trunk could have accomplished thinks he could have. You know made some new treaties on intermediate ballistic missiles with Putin, but instead, when he sits down to talk with Putin, he's accused of collusion in being a Kremlin asset, and now we were seeing those treaties just systematically ripped up and were living in a much more dangerous world, because because of Russia Gate and something the guys like Pushed- and you have people on the left who are claiming to be popular.
Who are pushing China Gator a new cold war with China who really have no qualification to talk about China. They ve done the people that I see you're the loudest voices and left media. They ve done very little scholarship or journalism on China and their basically are playing in two trumps hands here, because trumps gonna run this campaign on resentment China? Among many other wedge issues Oh, my god, that's Chris Christie on the phone. Hello put it up. Your pie hold on your face Jimmy Door. I've been completely vindicated by the natural Supreme Deluxe Court day. What do you think of a vine? Cated you've been Venice, it's pretty funny. Yeah is this about bridge Gate, Vinan, Kate and I'm not guilty. Is this about Bridge Gate Bridge that bridge? That's what extreme care
which is ruled by a unanimous decision? How does it make you feel you budget big shots, which you little baby feed pretty low? Why did you see the extreme coordinates the super? Anyway? It's been six years Chris worrying about other stuff. Now, ok, not an important. My stuff and I've been eggs gallery They still said it was an abuse of power. You know that right began a federal crime. I wish he'd know my dear. We gain You never abuse your power. I don't know what you're talking about you had that the first sign of guilt not know what I'm talking about. So tell me. You never told somebody to shut the company, didn't, do it, so he goes down a highway to show him was what so you admitted. I deny any knowledge of the before mentioned criminal scheme. What took place and showed that two big mayor who's passed the fault
I did have to reopen that bridge. You know, but I did it for the economy like we got open. All the stores will dig whatnot garbage shops, main street, what why do we have to reopen the economy? Now, Chris, I just gotta be deaf about why Ticket W W watch any w w tools we set young man into battle. No one. Many would not come back alive or even worse, but they did short off. Imagine if that's not a rational comparison. Chris Okay, what about this every day more people die of old days than they do from the Carmel nineteen virus? Maybe we should do something about that. First, like Sean old people and make them live in big buildings, full of other old people, so they don't spread their oldness and we don't get to see him anymore, but nothing's changed since the virus hit Chris there's still no treatment and no vaccine Are you stand up for the american way of life, we're running serious
specially low on pork chops pandemic scientists say these kind of viruses spread to people when they hunt and eat animals. Maybe we should rethink our diets. Excuse me. Did you hear what I just said were run at my one? Pork chops be shut down. just brightening up very way of killing thousands shit. What had gone want to pull back dead people do you really want to have to stagger Jolly well due to play off point about about Jack I too, let's get back to this is the best part is coming by the way, if you think we ve got into the best part of this. Yet it's coming Ok here we go. I'm only asking you ok! Here we go, I think, what's What what always felt alarming to me, just in the chair is just love guys. You talk like that. What always felt alarming to me in the chair what he means when he's, when he's sitting
not a panel on MSNBC in the chair, as is the frigid weird way to talk it anyway, here we go in Siberia, you're sitting with, I went, two aren't in media and you're like there. I was in the chair. I was leaning in think. What is what What what always felt alarming to me. Just in the chair is, you know this whole question: what is normalizing what's out normalized. If that's a word It has now brought to you by the hell, I think, there's. I wish us than many conversations in which the idea of kind of any ambitious social policy was reflexively. Can a wild, eyed kind along here, be a kind of that. They were just that and it's not, I often don't even think, for me to be doing it? I don't think it's actually because the analysts next year
was always texting with a billion are under the table, although sometimes they may be, I think its habits of mine and I think journalism, ok, maple levy. Let let me just point out, let me play the rest of that and then they will come back, because this is a job dropper. He sang the problem with journalism is habits of mind. That's that's his term. I think he invented it, but he's going to explain it here. It is a lot of the training is about sobriety, and it's about caution and a journalism t says journalism: training As far as I know, they're really isn't any journalism training sought to know what he's talking about, I'm not a journalist, but none of them seem to be trained. So here we go what they bow. They gotta Haiti that They go to eighty thousand dollars a year, journalism schools at Columbia, University where they meet other,
needs and network each other network with each other, but there's no real training that go down. That's not yet an elite networking for like jackasses who want to live, I got you know how blue check marks and where landlords and yet were get fellowships, and things like that. There are two kinds of people who go to journalism: school, suckers, entreaty journalists, that's just a fact: ok here we go not the big sweeping and is about scepticism and that's good, there's, a good there's, a good value But when a weapons of mass destruction, flimsy weapons of mass destruction story is able or to get through all of those layers of skepticism or when you know Trump, does some what I'm gonna stop again. I can't how they vote. So what he is saying is that a story like double
m Dees again he goes gotta go back twenty years. He could go right now, he's not gonna. Do it cause he'll loses job, so he goes back to Wmds and he says you know it's probably that that a story that is so flimsy it there's it's that actually is flimsy as Russia, Russia Gates more flimsy, and he says that a story like Wmds is so flimsy they could give. through all those layers of protection that journalism has embedded in its structure. Oh my god. How could that happen? I don't know a non? What fucking world you think you live in or who you think you're talking to But not in mine, that's not an act! What's that, I have my habit to bind, but that's not an accident that Wmds somehow slip through all these facts, checking filters rhetoric
Remember the primary function of the media and non is what what is the primary function of the news media: the primary function of the news media in the United States. The primary function is the forward the agenda of the elite: that's their primary function, in other words to manufacture consent, that's their primary function, so this fucking idea that somehow they just have bad brain thinking and it's not because of who owns them or whose funds them, but somehow who it's because of a personal, peccadilloes and personal failings inside each journalist. That is propaganda. He knows that's propaganda and non is fuckin. Guy.
Lighting you and anybody who thinks his new show was gonna? Tell anybody any truth that you haven't known before is now who's being naive k, because this guy is gas lighting. You act of at fuckin two hundred miles an hour that is such bull shit, we're out. Let me throats you, you go ahead. What it's! What is what habits of mine. What is that even mean? Well, here I mean Ill explained its, not a structural analysis of media, and it's completely just there is a left. You mean you referred to add Herman and NOME charms gazed analysis of propaganda, their propaganda model of manufacturing consent. He just throws it completely we out the window window, structural analysis of political economy and media he throws? at the window, any individualise is it, and just as the journalist just another in the wrong mine state, you know maybe they need like gum
better fun she and their houses, or maybe they need to read his book. So I don't know that's what he said: structural. That's, yes, not a structural problem with the media, it's individual and watch. He has a solution max watch. He actually can fix journalism with his book watch this incredibly, destructive the rule of law, and you have an article saying this is an interesting election tactic. There's a guy Capitalism is suspended sometimes, but something like Medicare for all, which is what we should be. have less skepticism just because it's in place in so many countries that it can't be impossible right in which so many people want the tone around. That is just kind of like dismissive and regular. What do you think accounts for that? So he saying the problem is the tone around Medicare froze dismissive and
I know that I know why that is MAX knows why that is, and I'm sure sure Crystal ball knows why that is, which is why she asks of that question. Why do you think that is what the fuck? Let's get to it? What's the real problem here Dick and he doesn't here's what he says you wanna hear it says, is the real problem here comes. I think there is some level in some moments. You know the fancy corporate executive calling down to the newsroom and saying? Never ask that question again, I'm not saying anything Don't cover Harvey Weinstein, for example, or upstage right. We've seen that or don't have that on a of Russia Gate the number one story dominating the news for three years don't get at either? We know enough to know that that does sometimes have right. I will also
say I think people imagine that to be the issue much more than it is as a percentage of the rights I will say so he saying there that happens, but it's like doesn't happen often enough to worry about. That's not the problem. He sang. That's not the problem. He saying it's not the problem that they didn't cover Jeffrey Epstein and they didn't cover Harvey once died because of direct executive intervention. That's not a problem. You say that that happens, not a problem that really what you say and then cause he's. Gonna go tell you what the real problem is heard is eleven years. In your time. Five years at a recent meeting in may
not fired from either of them by the way, eleven years at the New York Times, five years at MSNBC, never an employment problem, no human resources, letters no problem. Just so you know he's that kind of a lefty where he gets along perfectly inside of an oppressive corporate structure. Okay, personal experience, that kind of thing has never been. The thing is never anything. I personally witness right. I read about it in the Matt Lauer kind of thing, but, like that's That's not you know, people always went to parties would be like New York Times. Man like you, must be getting. These advertisers are telling you what stories you can. right, and that is just so wrong. not at an your works so now he's trying to pretend that advertisers don't have an influence over the content in sight of the New York Times? That's just not how work? Oh you're, all look, I'm sorry! You were wrong again. Oh I'm sorry we're idiots! Thank you! Oh thank you up so stupid. I thought advertising had an effect on work. It's printed in a newspaper because in manufacturing consent it sets the primary concern of work its way
in a newspaper, but I'm sure your critique, while working for the New York Times and now, MSNBC and vice, is probably more accurate right. That is on you. I just go ahead MAX, say something smarter than me. I agree and New York Times. For example, it has a partnership with Verizon, I'm as a quarrel with partnership of rising, so it ran a series of articles last year claiming that Russian Russia, was sort of covertly stirring up opposition to five g in the: U S: who would have an interest in the proliferation of five g in the US? Could it be Verizon, and you know their their basis, for that article was so shabby. It was that my friend Dan Cohen, you know, name he was at Archie America at the time as a correspondent, he was just interested in five g and potential harmful health effects, and so he did US series of pieces on it
and I was their evidence he's no longer at Archie in oh, but that was the universe if, as if Putin planned this whole thing, but you know there's so much more to say about the media. We see in the New York Times I mean one thing we should look at is the role of think tanks and whose funding the think tanks and how they are constantly quoted as experts when think tanks are basically pay for play for various foreign governments, for the arms industry, on foreign policy, for billionaires like bill gates- and you know, if you look at anything really, in about Russia or or, for example, something about China and how this this imperialist power that wants to take over the world, and you look at who the experts quoted are, and then you actually look at the think and and funding funding those think tanks. It's the arms industry. The Atlanta is funded by Saudi Arabia. It's funded by NATO is funded by the State Department. You have this phony operation called the alliance for securing democracy, which helped influence.
She gave on russian propaganda and its quoted as an independent entity is run by a former Clinton foreign policy hand. and a NEO Colonial Jamie Fly and their funded through third party by the state, Department and USA idea. It's basically a lot of U S, government propaganda You know these journalists see themselves sort of as states demographers to push you s empire and another factor that is completely leaving out here is class. Journalists tend to come from a particular class, advancing their class interests and their also working their way up. The ladder through many of their sources were info. and shall government officials or billionaires, and then there you have this kind of revolving door. Where journalists move in the government. Are they go to work for billionaire foundations? Again, he just DE visualizes. The whole thing one good example of that by the way is Matthew POT injure whose helping to design extremely hostile policy towards China, he was a
or correspond in the Wall Street Journal ARM in China. Let's get back to this list was knew the rest, one think it happens sometimes, but it's I think people way over. Imagine that happens. I think, then you start as you go this way down the spectrum look are there? Things like where we're going about urban revitalization conference in shaping Morgan is a sponsor. Somebody's gonna change we put on the panel and not right, yes, that that starts to half the night. That's so now at the cop correct me. If I'm wrong back, he just contradicted himself. He immediately said power must be tough working at the New York Times, because all your advertisers tell you what stories to right. That's that's how it works and then he said So we're doing a New York Times is doing a panel and we're being sponsored by a bank. So maybe we change who's on the panel you mean, maybe you totally change the presentation of your fucking event because of the money that you're going to get. I mean
you're going to do that. But that would never happen in the newspaper you fuckin more, of course, what it we're gonna get it just like. I can catch you, I'm catching you and on me in my fucking garage, I'm catching you its cause. It's obvious you're fucking, full of shit and my wrong about that. Didn't he just do what I said he did and he sort of obvious skating, because that's what I mean, what is the difference between that and advertising? That's helm corporate media works at tell just media lot of just mainstream media works, for example, the Atlantic magazine, which is considered sort of the highbrow publication for every smart urban liberal. You know you get the smart takes their. The Atlantic holds a conference every year with gigantic corporate. including arms dealers like Boeing and they pay for panels with Atlantic editors
in Atlanta contributors in various experts and that's how it led the Atlantic takes in a lot of its money? It's the same thing as advertising and completely color, the the editorial parameters sets sets the editorial parameters The good reason why you have someone like Jeffrey Goldberg, who is a former Israeli, prison guard, who is been wrong again and again, who helped pushing Iraq war who helped attempt to wish war on IRAN who, as the editor in chief, but the Atlantic someone who's, basically a cypher for the Israel lobby. and who would never think of challenging corporate power in any meaningful way, let alone America's imperial foreign policy. Ok, here we go back to a substantial censorship. Then you keep going this way down. So by so heat and vitally he's dismissing all these things as he goes along, he dismissed that effective advertisers. He dismissed the effect of banks and whatever, whose sponsoring the reverse he's a guy. Yeah yeah Haiti dismissed the executive directly interfering all those three things he directly dismisses.
and now he's going to tell you what the real problem is. Spectrum you get to. What I think is the real issue in a way why I wrote my book, it's habits of mind right, and I actually think, there's something very optimistic about the idea that a lot of habits of mine are responsible to this. So I'll give you my example of what I try to do in my book that I think shifted some of the journalists when people just so you know he's making up a term that doesn't exist in the world, yet habits of mind. There doesn't mean anything, it's an empty term and he's going to posit a theory that this is what's wrong, with journals and it's based on absolutely nothing but anecdotal evidence that he's a mess. Personally, absolutely no analysis of the structural problems of the media or how we gather news or what the fuck nothing They don't even mention manufacturing consent, don't even mentioned no Chomsky. They don't mention the most important seminal work on the topic. Does it even come up in this conversation
but he's gonna. Tell you what the real problem with the media's have teeth after he dismissed every real problem. He's gonna make up a phoney one and convince you try to convince you. Like he's black Brok Obama bullshit you for eight years, he's gonna, try to convince you that this non problem is the in fact real problem. Since some of the journalist, when people were writing about philanthropists making these big splashy donations three years ago. A lot of people who make forty thousand dollars a year were writing about this stuff. In this congratulatory way, I don't think they were on the take. I don't think advertising executives were telling me do it that way. I think it was honestly. A habit of mine here is how you write the philanthropic announcement story. That's the real! The real problem? Isn't the corporate money influence it isn't the ownership of the media? It is the of the elite that our it isn't. The fact that this guy
doesn't even know it has been groomed to work at the New York Times and MSNBC, since he was in kindergarten. What do you mean by that, because a view color outside the lines and kindergarten they fuckin put you in another group. If you color outside the light and first great, if you start questioning shit, you don't get invited to Harvard you dont get invited to the New York Times and you don't get invited to talk at MSNBC if you're normal natural. Your instinct is to question power and that's why I don't sit in those at a tory meetings, but a guy like this does cause he's been groom for it since he was fuckin born, and he has no idea and I have more awareness than smarty pants, fuckin, beautiful hair does, and but that of course why he is every time he turns around. Another corporation is handing him a platform because he's manufacturing consent, a term he won't ever use can is critique of media, because
that's what he's fucking doing while he critiques media he's literally manufacturing consent that media is ok and the problem is individual journalists, not a structural problem, that's literally him manufacturing consent. While he's trying to tell you that he's telling you what's wrong with journalism in fact he's a gas lighting propagandists of the highest order. Your part, it part of the part of the whole structure. Manufacturing consent requires the appearance of dissent and that's where he comes and that's where he comes it. He appears to be dissenting. Against this odious institution that almost all Americans hate the meat mainstreaming is a most hated institution in american Life and at the same time he is posing as this, kind of a new age guru
and individually cure each journalists and their habits of mind if they go through some kind of workshop? I don't know exactly what is proposing some kind of seminar but you he actually offers. Can I play that substance here. Let me play that. Here's his and here's how he remedies it. This problem that he invented it's not a real problem. He invented it habits of mind. He invented it. Here's his solution. It's his book. I wrote my book. I started talking to a lot of these journalists, sometimes on air, sometimes quietly privately, his friends and I started. Seeing lobbies journalists were like you know. It never occurred to me to write about how much tax if someone is paid in the philanthropic gift story. I may have written that in the other story six months ago, right now, you look today. A lot of those same people include how much they pay workers. What strike have been happening in the day. One announcement of the Pilon profit gift right, and so I think it's actually possible to Rewire people's habits of mind. I don't think it's going to give someone like Bernie
easy ride to the presidency. There is a huge amount of power out there, but of the way that power works, in my view, is training, people's mental habits and all of us participate in the fraudulent mental habits, and the hope is that all of us can actually rewire ourselves different mental. So MAX, do you agree with his his theory that all we need to do is rewire the way journalists think because they've been wired to not think good enough. Well, he completely just he just completely omit any mention of corporate control. He omits any mention of the role of the kind of imperial permanent war state in infecting journalism and transforming it into part of the. U S is global information war. He just doesn't offer any structural analysis of why, for example, as the
fairness, inaccuracy in reporting showed in a survey of op beds published about Donald Trump. air, strikes on Syria missile strike. on Syria following a chemical attack that we at the Grey zone using documents from oh pc w. Insiders and whistleblowers have shown- was a phoney staged. Then why only one up ed expressed opposition to those missiles strikes or over forty other up Ed's across the country supported it? Could that be about habits of mind or something structural? Why is it that people like you and I and Errand Marty Ben Norton? You know all of these people that have sort of been gathering together in this alternative media community, despite whatever audience, we have one I will never get a hearing in mainstream media, except when they want to smear us as russian assets or something it. It be habits of mind or there's something structural taken
in place. Why is it that the you know the the critique of bill gates, who I dont think is behind some conspiracy to produce corona virus? It has been completely left to the far right and there- so little critique of him on the left or on the centre laughter and mainstream publications like the New York Times. It couldn't be because he's donating millions of dollars to me
organizations- and, in fact reporters are on the take- I mean what is msnbc- that's something that was straight up founded by Bill Gates, Microsoft. It was straight up founded by him and he's not paying taxes did the person that the New York Times has covering covering the pandemic, who actually produced this documentary. I think called pandemic, which was a vehicle for promoting bill gates. Sherry think used to be at the New America Foundation, which is funded by bill gates. So a lot of these people in many ways are on the take and he's wrong to say, they're not, and if you look at think tanks, the role of think tanks, you can start to see the real structural problem. It's not going to be.
word by some la feel good seminar lobby to state that habits of mine. I guess a non didn't notice that the New York Times endorse every right wing war in the last fifty years. Is that what this is really was the last war? They oppose that extra. Never they ve never opposed a warrant. My lifetime, he also less free trade agreement. They have was it right? Hey did. You did did not notice that the New York Times oppose all social movements from civil rights to occupy Wall Street. Was that habits of mind? He forgot that he himself and everybody else at the New York Times is from Harvard or Yale. Is that a habit of mine that they just higher from Harvard in Yale New York Times going from endorse sing Hilary to endorsing AV clover charge that didn't bring an alarm bell for yours. That a habit of mind is that, what's happening about Chris Hedges, getting pushed out for telling the truth about the Iraq war, that did
catch your eye is that without a habit of mind or how about radically dissenting opinion is never generated or showcase that the New York Times for obvious reasons, is that a habit of mine and non core you fucking gas lighting up? So you can keep your corporate position, I'm gonna say the latter, I meant to say your gas leading us, because you're, a corporate total on purpose. In fact, it's not a habit of mine, it's actually predictable and what are what? What do I mean is predictable? Well, if you look at it nonsense, you know he comes from so after graduating, from college
and I moved to move by in two thousand three. Why would he do that? Oh, I know because you gotta consulting job for who Mackenzie he was workin for Fuckin Mckinsey. This guy, Mr Lefty, was Workin for Mckinsey. That's that same hour of it that everybody gave people which is a hard time for because they're they're frigidity, they hate anything progressive, their corporatist screw machine after that, oh by the way, you know who else worked at Mckinsey. Besides him, you know who else was a? Was a director at Mackenzie? Can you you want? Can I give you three guesses? First guesses, his father? Yes, his father was a directorate Kinsey. He gets.
to do you see how this guy has been groomed, his entire fuckin life to come on tv and gaslight you into thinking that the only problem with the media is that the journalists individual patterns of thinking, not the fact that those journalists are selected because they think a certain way. Just like he's been selected, and groomed his entire life, and this is the kind of media that was just you get from that Fuckin guy and I'm at media analysis than he is, I'm a thousand times better and I'm a fucking idiot who isn't even try. Ok, well, let me just be try to be fair. I went on because you know his book builds on his expense. It's an elite circles and being in Mackenzie to kind of beer. offer, a critique- I don't know if you want to call it class treason, but I don't think he totally embraced is the inner Mckinsey at this point. But at the same time you know when you come from that kind of background,
you know you have to make a radical break and it appears from what I'm hearing that he's kind of trying. You know. I once his MSNBC friends in New York Times, friends with You know his role as the kind of designated safe left wing. Truth, teller,. reading review of his book. It's really interesting in the guardian on and on elite do Gooding Many of my friends are drunk on dangerous bs, he's talking about his friends from his privileged background and how you he's trying to talk them, talk some sense into them maybe he doesn't see. The whole structure is dangerous b b s, but I'm looking. Like right above the byline of the guardian reporter, and it says that the article is part of his section in the guardian called big money.
Big money is supported by the Ford Foundation. So basically, the positive review of his book is sponsored by one of the big I've. Only charity foundations- and I guess you know this- is there one kind of oh here's, a book kind of critiques. I so you know the guardian is still objective and fair bill gates. Also funds, the guardians tire of public health section. So dont tell me these people are on the take, I'm with you a hundred percent. Yes, these people are undertake that I want to be totally unfair and say you know, he's he's. Pete Buddha judge it. This is much more sophisticated and insidious, yet either That's what I'm saying this is one of these is the problem we are facing right now is that there is so much a radical discontent built up among the popular
nation are people are so sick of the way it is in there going to be even more sick of it whenever this plague is over on their just being shafted every which way, and so the court corporate media's, putting up people who seem like radical truth teller, nor offering not nothing, nothing even remotely close to its optional protocol. And are basically tamping down on descent? And then you have all these fake alternative, seemingly adversarial publications out there that you know are sucking up a lot of the energy. and then you know in an insidious way, they're pushing the color revolutions they're pushing the new cold war on China there pushing Russia Gate their pushing. You know these sort of half ass critiques of billionaires. So that's And then they go and hang out with the same people and mainstream media that they claim to be critiquing and being address
Ariel against, I know how it is. I was in that I was in the you know, Brooklyn media world. I live in Washington. I grew up in Washington. I know how it is, and we've seen seen this story before going to end up with the same consent. The same consent that's been manufactured every time they put up some phony adversarial voice tat year, your hundred percent right? What is this Brooklyn media? What the fuck do people mean when they refer to Brooklyn Media Leap? I always thought that they were talking about trap. A chapel trap ask as I think, they're from Brooklyn, but that's what did? What did people mean when they say that yeah I mean it's. It's really like a reference to vice media can invite media. I mean I went in their office once in Williamsburg, and it's like this gigantic sweatshop of like every kind of We want to be media hipster, just working and in these little tiny cubicles, it's just it was this giant warehouse. Then the executive sit on these great leather Chesterfield
Ouch arches and hold meetings annual Joe Biden visited there in twenty fifteen, receive into very warm reception, former Obama. officials are in executive and level positions. Advice now- and you know all of these people come to Brooklyn, they have tattoos and they they look kind of. You know different. They look radical, but they're, basically advancing liberal status quote oh behind a adversarial, aesthetic. That's really the essence of Brooklyn media and you look at the twitter pages at these people who populate Brooklyn media- and you know they look. You know they definitely look more alternative than I do what you do and but then you look at their vile are not always like words and its. Bunch of mainstream corporate publications, which is where they really want to write. They have a blue check arc and they're, always suckers for regime change operation. especially in Syria, there all suckers for the white helmets, their falling further hole. You know Anti China Cold WAR and that helps them get ahead,
it's the way of them, designating that they're safe. It's like when all the liberals were safety pins after Trump got elected, that's their their safety pin to tell the executive the corporate executives advice that they're safe they're not going to cross that red line. Okay, now I know what the people I didn't know. That's where was headquarters in New York in Brooklyn and sulky. Now again it yet any vice advising ones ample. It's been he's the perfect example yeah he's the percentage of him he's a perfect example of what vices he's, pretend radical pretend truth, teller, hipster looking acting in talking, but actually just manufacturing consent for the establishment. That's what he's doing. That and what we used to go ahead and other perfect example being Molly Crab Apple, who constantly attacks me over Syria. She compared me to a Nazi for visiting Damascus. She was it dancing the regime change operation in Syria, she's like drawn sheet
rob murals everywhere and she'd, she, she basically plagiary Ralph, Stedman and draws style of art. politicize it she drew Jamal Hush Yogi on the walls of human rights watch. She has a miracle in Brooklyn over. You know, Sadie, dissident women but she's, for every regime change operation she's for the Democrats, she's, you know tell everyone. They had to boycott our tee when Russia Gate started, even though she used to go on there and she appeared in an advertisement for a korean arms contractor Samsung advertising? Their phones is a cool tool for art. And yet she runs around saying she's, a socialist, so she's, really the essence of the Brooklyn left and you're, not the Brooklyn left, but the Brooklyn kind of elite media world and just how ridiculous it is yeah. I've I've come across her on Twitter, Molly, crab apple she's, she's, real.
Tool and willing, she's part of that whole crowd that constantly smears you because you are creating new space on the left and you provide a platform for for anti imperialist and people who say forbidden truths and that's what happens to you when you do that? Oh I had it come from me from people. People attack me on social media who works for the young Turks, pushing regime change wars, and I mean yeah. I mean that's how you get ahead. That's how you get ahead in media as you push regime change wars, and if you don't, you are immediately ostracized, just like Chris Hedges, just like anybody? Well, this has been quite im, gonna see if there's anything left to him, so I think he's done. I hope he's done. Let's listen! If there's anything more, it comes down to a question of the Overton Window. I guess the real question on this. Do you really think that these people are capable of shifting their mind because they have so much of a skin skin in the game terms of The current system, not only as you say, and taxing billion years on the table litter, they taking their money, but the
population of their power of their ability to speak, it aspen of their ability to Harvard I o fellowship. All these things, comes from the same root. Ultimately, so is there actually a capability in order to change that? That's so what he's basically saying and correct me if I'm misreading it, but I think what saga is saying is you know, people get into journalism are just climbers they're, just looking out for their own careers and it doesn't matter what else above we have to do to get ahead. That's what they're going to do it isn't that the real problem is the corporate culture, that incentivize is people Jude to Gaslight and not cover certain stories and cover, just like Chomsky laid out. There's that you get rewarded for certain things you get fired for others, and everyone knows this and that's what He's saying I think, that's what Sagres say would you agree? It seemed like a good question. So let's get out of the Orient area. You want to see all the answers that we go. I scepticism yeah, I'm I'm skeptical too. That's why? decided write a book about in trying to make a tv show questioning it like. I think there it's it's a formidable
formidable set of odd. That said, you know, if you look at me, take em off UN comforted by a longer historical view. My feeling is that when five year olds were still working in factories it must have seemed like really really hard to get five or other of factors Women couldn't vote. This probably seemed pretty impossible because who is going to vote to give them in the vote when they didn't have vote and we need only look at the way we should actually be to you, plus people ten years ago twenty years ago, certainly only anybody would think where, where we are, we would be where we are now so in a way, history is, the kind of the present is is is very depressing, but particularly in this pandemic, we're living through the kind of money when that has been known to change a lot of shit right, and I think that such agrarian spicy, he said she is he's. Very radical- is very little.
Keeping, because what you know Jimmy highlighting a longer five year olds working in factories that's over if your whole world stops at american borders and by the way you know we're not using prison labor. Here we are to. Ones, weren't making hand sanitizer in New York. State prisoners are putting out fires in California, prisoners aren't making Victoria's secret or whatever it's over. It's
You know. So I look at the long arc of history and uncomforted by it. It's not so that's his way of getting everybody to stop revolting cause. It's all gonna, look how fast things that things are going to change. I'm here I wrote my book and I'm going to give equal terms. What is I mean he will look read my book and everything will be better empire land. If you can you imagine if I said that, like you know, yes, I can actually fuckin egomaniac, but that the differences of everybody did read your book. It probably would change things. That is that's actually the difference. It would change habits of mind,
you know my habit of mine to accept everything. A gas lighting bullshitter with a good head of hair on tv, says to me a hipster looking guy who Fuckin was Mckinsey, it's just it's unbelievable and they were friendly or to him than I expected them to be. Maybe they know him personally? What have you have you to bag on someone you know personally, but that was that was on a debt. Was I don't know what what people usually mean by unadulterated, but it seems like it fits there on adulterated bullshit. I don't know what it means, though it was just benign, yeah, yeah yeah, given anything else, you'd like to say at the outset, This critique of journalism, I dunno- I just I think, we're doing real journalism at the Grey Zone and we're just punching, at the lie of the day and that's and we're just gonna keep doing that
whatever these benign gatekeepers or I guess I would say, the malignant gatekeepers do I we're just gonna, be there the grey zone, dot com and we're going to be challenging what I think the next iraqi wmd level deception is after Russia, Gait, which is the new, old war with China is extremely dangerous. We have watch out for it because this is a narrative that aims to drive a new pivot to Asia, and I'm is pivotal. Asia was committing hundreds of billions of dollars to encircled China with aircraft carriers battle fleets. Ballistic missiles hypersonic jets, stealth bombers and nuclear weapons- and this is, is this something that could turn into a new hot war. So that's! That's one of our focus is right now and I think we need to think a little bit beyond on the rhetoric were hearing that's bite.
Artisan that stirring up this cold war? So you know when you think about Iraq, Wmds think of the lie of the day and our main mission at the Grey zone is to challenge it. So we're doing it with push back with Aaron Marty Red Lines, On your part, pill, which you can see on our Youtube Channel at the Grey Zone and me and Ben Norton turning out articles along with our contributors every day yeah I mean you guys doing great work, especially you know, you're my go to for all foreign policy related things especially, I mean you did a great debunking of the Bullshit New York Times story on Venezuela, real time and then and three weeks to than three weeks to correct it, and I mean you're the only one too, it's amazing how little real journalism is happening and you're doing most of it and you know, and that that's another question we should ask: why is it so hard to do this kind of journalism! I mean it's. We have a fairy.
similar model to you and it just people like who watch your show who support us, but it's very hard for a young person. In this economy to get into a career like journalism and actually do it on regular if you're, not from an elite background. I think that's part of the critique. That's constantly missed that journalists tend to be able to go and work. Free internships in the summer that their parents pay for they get? You know fellowships that come out of the elite connections, they make it. Eighty thousand dollars a year, journalism, schools and in Colombia, journalism school literally costs eighty thousand dollars, and then they go out there and they advanced there class interests, along with other people who are working in government, both parties and we're all fucked. You know I remember in Everybody- has interns unpaid interns.
and even at the Yong Turks. I would walk in and it would say. Oh, would you do I'm an intern you're, an intern for how long they would say the summer and I'm like well, what kind of fucking person can afford to take an unpaid job for an entire summer? That's not a regular person. Right. I don't know I don't I've, never done it unpaid in German. I would never do and unpaid in turn, unless my dad could Buckin bankroll me friend and how that works, I headed fuckin golly brick every summer when I was in college and most of the school year too. I don't I don't get this book and unparalleled, go work for no money, the fuck out of exploitation- bullshit, that hey this is the part where I tell you here. Our live shows are, but there are entity and then I would tell you to go join our premium, but nobody has a fucking job. So why don't you just enjoy the video? while Matthew, Mokanna, hey, is calling me now Bandy Bandito Bandito Bandito,
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