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Nancy Pelosi exposed!

They're coming after your Social Security!

Phone calls from Moe Greene, Vince Vaughn, Barrack Obama, David Axelrod, and Joe Biden!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Dylan Ratigan, and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The to me door show so everyone in LAS Vegas, including that crazy mayor they have, is trying to reopen the casinos and I believe we have historical Vegas bigwig Mo Green, is on the phone to discuss the matter MO. Are you there? Hey? hey Jimmy step everybody's here? How are you doing? Hey, I'm good to see you hi there? MR green things forbidden the Jimmy door? Show my pleasure hey. What do you say instead of a couple of nice beef, burgundies how's, that sound that sounds great bow, they do so. So you really think They should reopen the casinos in LAS Vegas
Jimmy we don't have a choice, I'm losing money hand over fist. Here, not just me, everybody, the Riviera, the Tropicana Circus Circus, the sands, the tally hole, we're all being bled out dry out here in the desert. They may as well shut the water off. but every bottle predicts more deaths from covered nineteen. If we reopen crowded spaces prematurely, especially places like casinos, every day that my problem, it's Vegas be people. The street they die in the gutter. He spend that way for years, and the gaming commission never tried depend on on my coat before we start now. Look it's not just me. It's not just the bushes, the workers, the four managers, the waitresses, the women in the base, we're doing the Gade laundry. They all depend on the casinos being open and full and in
what a pity, full, so you wouldn't even ascend to limiting it to fifty percent you got them? Pull logs really make me laugh, no, no, not even Jimmy. When we open back up. We got to be banging on all cylinders to make up for the lost revenue, I'm tired of letting everybody go. I'm firing cocktail waitresses during that time. What the hell's, the matter with you, What the hell is wrong with me, what the with with you all these employees, you pretend to care about their ones that are going to get sick and perhaps die from going back to work MO.
Wipe everything down, do all that crap and still that gonna be enough, mall Well, what do you want for me, then? It's last very just Jimmy this town was built by people taking their chances, and I helped build it. With all due respect bow. I think People like you should be stopped. Quite frankly, I think the federal government to ensure that casinos dont reopen it would be a federal disaster. shut me down. I shut you down you know Jack feeds, you dad not to mention. Wouldn't it, wouldn't it be bad for business, for a casino to reopen a get a bunch of people sick
Let's take business first of all, you're all done the federal government. Don't even have that kind of muscle, anymore, Trump's. First order of business was the weekend. The executive branch to the point without a single, the babe could save people that his approval right. I talked to Scaramuchi. I talked to Manchi, I know what's going on over there and there isn't anybody in DC who would dare come and try to shut us down. not even thought Well, you know, I see you can't be reason with so far more I'm certain you to see like another sick example of crony capitalism. Mister Green, just another symptom in league with the Trump Administration to do business at whatever cost, just to line your pockets, and I will never stop talking truth to power and you may be a fictional care from a fifty year old movie. But I am not afraid of you.
Do. You know who I am I'm not great. I made my phones when you were doing Yoda run. The owner runs a follow minimum fees and jump to medium and hit me head on. It's the chin to show hi everybody. Welcome to this week's Jimmy door. Show hey. Let's get to the jokes before we get to the joke, shall we did you hear for the first time in nine years, NASA is sending Americans back into an empty soless void in search of life, and then after their done in Florida, they planted going back into space, come to Florida junk. Actually like Florida
the murder. Hornets. Have you heard about them there? These, like you, thought the? killer bees were bad. Yes, these are killer hornets that are killer. Their deadly, one of them kept me on hold for three hours before telling me. My insulin. Wasn't on the formulary hey what's, the accepted way to justify killing essential workers for the economy, column heroes, yeah hey. I know we're supposed to be taken to the streets in a revolution right now, but I don't know, still waiting to see how the seven stimulus bill is gonna work out? Maybe we won't need to riot hey what's coming up on today's show, we talked with former MSNBC hosts and New York Times best selling off their Dylan Rat again in. corona money, talks segment and today trouble pushing tax cuts
World tax cuts, and what is that code for? Well, the answer just may surprise you, or will it plus see, policy has a health care answer. it's getting what she does talk about it on tv, even who's. Your enemy turns out its Joe Biden Amazon vice president resigns phone calls today from Mo Green Joe Biden, David Axelrod and Barack Obama, plus a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy Door show so I'm here to let you know that, who's, your enemy, oh Biden. Is your enemy. If you are middle class, if you are, working Class If you are liberal, conservative progressive. If you're just a Democrat, Joe Biden is your enemy? Would
mean I thought Biden is a good Democrat. Never see. This headline. Did you Joe Biden endorsed Republican congressman Fred Upton in his re election. Mr Biden, stun Democrats, any lady Republicans by praising Mr Upton, while the law makers looked down from the audience, alluding to MR opt in support for alleged Mark Medical research law, Stir Biden, call them a champion in the fight against cancer and one of the five hi guys. I ever worked with. Mr Biden's remarks coming amid a wide ranging discourse on American. in politics. Quickly appeared in Republican advertising the local demo credit party pleaded with Mr Biden to repair when it saw as damaging error.
On November six Mr Upton defeated his dammit a challenger by four and a half percentage points that wasn't the distant past that wasn't a safe, blue or red state. This was twenty eighteen in the swing state of Michigan, during the midterms tromp is president. This date that Hillary Clinton lost a trump and joy, Biden is their working against Democrats. Eric Lester, a retired physician who chaired the Democratic Party in in County Michigan during the midterms said. He viewed Mr Biden, supportive remarks about Mr Upton as a bit. Trail Mister ester who attended. The speeds said he had
confronted an aid to Mr Biden in the hallway telling him the former vice president had badly damaged the democratic cause. It just gives read up in cover and makes It possible for him to continue to pretend to be a useful by partisan fellow Mr Lester, recalled saying adding. I entered the hall with positive feelings about Mr Biden and felt very frustrated. The republic, in you Joe Biden endorsement in his car pain against the Democrat running that year Biden doors, the Republican who wrote the bill to read, peel the affordable care act, the Republican narrowly one again the Democrat that year.
long. John meanwhile said he was dismayed. That Biden Claps clapped MR pin on the back. In an establishment political way. and that, when his campaign reached out to bide and for an explanation there, nothing but silence. Why would Joe Biden do that. I'll. Tell you why. Why would Joe Biden endorse a Republican who wrote the bill to repeal the Asia because he was getting paid. Bided went to Michigan to help keep republican in power. And he did it. For money. You can buy Joe Biden. Four, two hundred grand.
In the speech delivered for two hundred thousand for two hundred thousand dollars fee. Biden whose eldest son Bou died of brain cancer thousand twenty fifteen also called. up in the reason we're going to beat cancer. Ostensibly for his work to fund cancer research. Both, They may soon appeared in Pro Upton mailers. Add up in refer to the praise and a debate with his opponent, Long John. And they say Bernie Sanders- is not a team player. What kind of Democrats goes to a swing state to get report publicans elected I'll, tell you the kind the democratic establishment will move Heaven and earth for two Them their nominee for President Because- two party do awfully, has made you a prisoner establishment. Demo
grass. Don't care that Joe Biden will do for dropping twenty twenty, what he did for Fred up in twenty eighteen, them re elected. Let's hide our heads in the ground and pretend Biden can defeat Trump. Pretend Joe Biden isn't going senile. Let's pretend Joe Biden doesn't sexual assault staffers. Let's pretend Still, Joe Biden, entire political career, should disqualify him from getting your vote. Joe Biden will work with progressives. Joe Biden says he will veto Medicare for all Joe Biden votes for the Iraq war.
Joe Biden Rights, the crying bill, Joe Biden Rights, the Patriot ACT, Joe Biden, passes NAFTA. Joe Biden pushes the tea p p Joe Biden tries to cut social security. Joe Biden was against marriage equality. Joe Biden makes bankruptcy impossible for working people, Joe Biden is being accused of rape and Joe Biden is corrupt. Joe Biden issue hello Come on people drink, the water, ACK Obama, bingo oh man, things are really getting fucked arty, yeah you're not worried about bite in sexual harassment, complaints for Iraq, Brock got this. I got a plan I'm sick. plan C. What was plan b So all my airline stocks and you're certain this will blow over at work.
Secretary of state authorizes the disclosure of the alleged complainants alleged complaint, Joe Biden, the boy exonerate and what has the secretary of the Senate said so far First, you got off to the phone the a why why Bavaria Complaint against Joe Biden cannot be disclosed because that would violate section three one. Three other Senate confidentiality law, I never heard never heard of section three Senate confidentiality law? Of course not you dummy. It's confidential, The Biden said he never had any employee non disclosure agreements Not an agreement then how can this ever be made public would have to change the law. Then why Dante. I that would defeat the purpose. Having a confidentiality law will who voted for this law anyway. Can't tell you it's confidence. Look I We believe that job
Commit no I'm consenting Congress with that woman. Do you think Biden can mentally last through the election? The two ask if Michelle would take his place, because I think he just ask the Michelle to take his place. You guys, you do that it's Colin time we can do anything. We want pull up your tiny puppet pants. You know millions of people have lost their jobs, be Is the government has ordered businesses, the council, whose, because of a pandemic. We already pointed this out before so because People are losing their jobs, they lose their healthcare costs. In Amerika we have a corrupt government which ties people's employment, to their ability to receive healthcare which makes no since then anybody else in the world, so they don't do it that way We do it that way here, and so Hillary Clinton treated this out on April. Second,.
she said, millions of people have lost their employer tied healthcare care over the last few weeks because of the pandemic. It's an easy call, reopen the healthcare exchanges. So what with that well open, open up to what buying insurance we can't afford with co pays to high? too high to use my health is not a commodity, not to mention how terribly insulting and inappropriate this is. Under the current circumstances, you helped to create there already thirty million uninsured, sixty eight thousand annual depths and fifty thousand annual, no five huh Four thousand annual bankruptcies, because Obamacare is an abject failure. Hell here is a human rights that was April second, and we, fond of her. Then now, here's Nancy Pelosi policy? This is today she tweeted this out Nancy Policy today what he has to say today. It's made that was April. Second,. That was Hillary Clinton. Saying hey
people have health care. Well, let's let him buy some health care. there's Nancy policy may sixth, we have asked the president to have a special involvement period for affordable care for people who do not have insurance now so that they can sign up overwhelmingly. A month later, she's same thing, Hague, so people Steve jobs and they lost their health care, so we're telling the president to open up the ach enrollment. So they can go by some health insurance, the people, Just got laid off, the people who don't have jobs. the evil without health care in the middle of a pandemic, sell em some health care, so we said this. The first time Bell Loud Malcolm Fluster, actually said this. This is it let them eat cake. This is, let's sell them. Some cake.
So that's Hillary Clinton, Nay see, policy, and you think Fuckin, a remember said anything to her. Do you think he pushed back on that? Like Isn't that ridiculous? Hope, of course, that he's a good boy he's a good boy, he's not gonna do second screw up his gig hairs, democratic party whose, with tears the Democratic Party said with rising unemployment numbers. Many are estimated to lose. Their healthcare coverage. Of care is a human right and we must work to ensure all Americans have access high quality, affordable. If it's a human right, fordable in human right don't go together. It's a human right that you get a good deal, that's not a human right! This is this. Is twenty eight money in the middle of a pandemic. This is the Democrats, big idea by the way,
Trump has already outlifted them on it. Trump already said we're going to pay for everybody's corona virus through man can't we're gonna expand Medicare. So if you get sick with growth, a virus, no pays no deductibles the word. paid directly to the hospital. That's more than this is what This is the Democrats, big idea. This is the big idea. They've done nothing for people to get health care in the middle of a pandemic. Nothing. you understand why this is a dead party where there is an even a second party in this country. There is two party system. Every one of your non corporate money, just as Democrats voted for The fleecing of Amerika. There is no there's, no two parties. Bernie Sanders voted for the fleecing of America. An bragged about it afterwards.
here's what my friend Roddy says. You have no fucking conscience. Do you think we're as dumb as people that think Biden isn't rape was then you didn't read the machines we aren't voting for you go after of apparently human rights have a price hope you Therefore, whatever the Democrats decide is affordable, I know I can't. Purely human rights have a price. An end, so there you so that now and here's so that at least one that's it that's. Third, that's a Democrats approach to healthcare. That's Nancy policy! That's the devil Rats official twitter account and that's Hilary Rotten Clinton. and Joe Biden hasn't zero no plan for anybody. There's no plans to do it for any problem right now. He and Bernie Sanders are working on a task force. They have a task force come up with solutions to our problems?
because the solutions are secret or a mystery. That we need a you, be I goddamn Medicare for all right now, two sets of mystery. Bernice gonna Bernice buyer, gonna put task forces. And so here is just in here is one more here's Ellen Omar. and she said we should allow these times to guide us in repairing the injustices in our country. We can pass Medicare for all cancer. Student loans that guarantee housing and meals, universal for students to build a better tomorrow, strong tweet, that's a very strong tweet Here's what my friend Comrade Mr Putin's buddy said: yea another and impotent tweet well done.
We'll go one more. she cited with Zionist against a ran, but her tweets are like heroic. Comrade Misty, as Putin's buddy says, my favorite is when she so bravely goes after Republicans, may ex are blatant refusal to hold her own party accountable a total non issue,. I'm gonna say is: if, if you can get, if you can get Medicare for all by tweeting about it, then ill on Omar is going to get it done But normally what has to happen? Is you have to take control of the house. Your party, oh wait. They did have to have a leader, oh they do Nancy Pelosi and then that person has to introduce that bill. So everybody gets to vote on Medicare for all He Pelosi isn't in doing that, maybe you're supposed to call her out.
Maybe you're saying right now. If we we need all this stuff right here, Why is in your leader proposing that you vote on it? and implemented and said, it to the Senate and watch Mitch. Mcconnell, look like a piece of shit that he is because he's not going to give anybody healthcare, but the Democrats are all that's like a Democrats are just as corrupt as much Mcconnell, if not more so, and you and you are also corrupt, Elon Omar, because you are cowardly, just All the rest of the progressives in Congress, an Bernie Sanders Elizabeth. You will not call out your leadership. That's what's for her this, you know what this is called ill Han. This is called empty virtue, signalling. as you know, this isn't going to happen unless Nancy Pelosi decides it will, and you won't even mention her name that's how cowardly progressives are in Congress.
I'm sure Airline Omar his written bills for each one of these things. and submitted them to a committee. Nancy policy is never going to have a vote on Medicare for all. and ill homer is never going to force the issue. So we'll never get it, but He can virtue signal on Twitter all day long. Nancy, Pelosi standing in the way of each one of these things Nancy policies. Most powerful woman in the history of our country, names he policy is blocked in all this stuff and if you want and here's the here's the star reporter over the Washington Post she's, has
four major pieces of legislation, trillions of dollars. Thank God, Speaker Pelosi is there or we have what Nancy Policy really, as this is from back when sixty minutes still would do a real report once in awhile before er they started having fun Xbox NEWS producers run their. It is sixty minutes. What's this, is but one more example of good things happening. The powerful members of Congress, another is the access to initial public stock offerings. They are opportunity to buy a new stock at insider prices? Just as it goes on the market, they can be incredibly lucrative and hard to get. If you are a senator Steve and I gave you ten thousand dollars, cash one or both of us is probably going to go to jail. But if I'm a corporate executive in euro senator- and I give you IP or shares in stock and Over the course of one day that stock nets you a hundred thousand dollars, It's completely legal
in former house, Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and her husband had participated in at least eight Ipos one of those came in two thousand and eight from visa. Just as a troublesome piece of legislation that would have heard credit card companies began, making its way through the house undisturbed by a potential conflict of interest. The pelosis purchased five thousand shares of visa at the initial price of forty four dollars. Two days later, it was trading at sixty four. The credit card legislation never made it to the floor of the house. Congresswoman Pelosi also declined our request for an interview but agreed to calling us. If we attended a news conference and a liar I wanted to ask you why you and your husband back in March of two thousand and eight accepted and participated in a very large ipo deal from visa. At a time there was major legislation affecting the credit card companies making its way through the to the house.
And did you consider that to be a conflict of interest, I don't know what your point is of your quest The point is that your criminal, that's The point, the point is your criminal and you know it and that's what that's the look Nancy Policy gives when being called out for her criminal behaviour. And that's when she's lying that's her lying face. I I don't know what you're talking. Is there some point that you want to live with that? Why I guess what I'm asking is. Do you think it's all right for a speaker to accept a very preferential favorable stock deal. Well, we did you participate in the ip. Well, I have at the time you were speaker of the house. You don't think it was a conflict of interest or have the appearance. Confident only has appearance. If you decide that you're going to have elaborate on a false premise, but it's not true and that's
It's that I don't understand what March not please yes, that said, I would act upon an investment, woman Pelosi pointed out that the tough credit card legislation event. So there you go. There's you here's Sociopath criminal Nancy Pelosi became a hundred millionaire, while she's been in Congress. She's part that she is complicit in war crimes, which is why George Bush and the people who ordered torture were never prosecuted because she was the person who is supposed to do it, and Julian Assange revealed she was complicit in war crimes in the torture. And that's why they want to kill Julian Assange because He turns the dump the dirt out. All these people. exposes all their war crimes? That's they want to kill Chelsea Manning. He expose is there war crimes exposes their war crimes.
quite a quite a video hung about her You don't you thought it was just a few senators who did that with the corona virus when they got the inside information stole out so low that stock and bought other stock. Nothing happened to any of those people. Nothing happened. Nothing happened to her, not they're all criminal. She you think that cheese, less criminal than Trump. She is not. and she is, you knows the happiest person in the country that we have dropped needs. Diplomacy costs you could go Look at that look at the village idiot. Look at. He said something stupid about bleach. Look, he said something else stupid. Look over There don't look at what I'm doing look at how I'm screwing you, his heart is Mitch. Mcconnell could ever screw you that german female Mitch mackerel Joe Biden's calling me hello, Jimmy
How are you doing I'm excited energized I dare say you know I got the the favour for the flavour of appraisal, fat dont forget that I need you to help me restore the soul of this thing. Yeah, let's go back you jack. How can I do that? Mr vice president. yeah Come on man. I said how can I do that? Mr vice president? you don't get it. This is your care ban. Jackson. Join my mailing list at Joe. by then
abide and three zero by mail Why Joe Biden wants to make sure your look down on those matters. Most start what shows running May I don't know not know who who's gonna, be God Dammit woman, I told you, the problem is the pandemic. Is this president has no intercourse whatsoever with the country. Did you just say Aigner course. No, it's not true. Saying it's very unequivocally: it ever happened, and it didn't even know that woman, not that then, why won't you just let an objective commission or Something do. first of your university: Delaware, Delaware, archives for name hello, name,. that day first of all. Never once the jolly
one place such a record could be and that The national aeronautics and space administration- where the National Archives Administration archives, I'm all for transparency. I've already given permission to the Secretary of the Navy to release why would human resources complaints be in the national archives come on man by Great Grand is prejudices there. There is a complete. That's where would be filed. Then, why not open your archives, a report. to do that, but you can't just open my you just said you prepared to do that, I did so. What then, why not over them, Germany?
yeah, I sit here and uncomfortable silence from parliament. Why can't you just do a name in your archives. possible you, Jack alone, some people go I'll, be a deputy. Do cracker fat native people wave and courageous, no credibility. You said she's a liar Of course, not she just as our credibility. What's the deal, Fritz, why don't you open your archives? the kid there's all had: no cattle. complaint against me can only be in the national archives guys do not get it personal files. I made my personal files do not contain my personal files, but They are already from up. What's your way,
God, oh spokes, judges, courier barricades, teachers, That is how we talk, though okay, but what? If the national archives don't have the personnel files? You say they do we'll be anywhere nobody else large, Dover, New Hampshire, ass for Nathan, Why are they at the Elk Lodge in New Hampshire, Joe going through this already JAG. Everybody knows all I stop was transfer thereafter fraternal order. Buffaloes went bankrupt, it's come on man I want Kansas. We got the thing with the murder on it. Don't take. I bleach, I gotta go hello wackadoo hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do and that were not play that game. But here's another great way you can help support the show you should be
a previous member. We give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content, Every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do By going to Jimmy your company that cop clicking on joint premium- And suppose affordable previous programme in the business, and it's a great way to help, put your thumb back in the eye of the bastards thanks everybody who was already a premium member and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, David actual rides on the phone hello hello, Jimmy Arid former senior strategies for Barack Obama host of the exiles according to Joe Biden's, granddaughter jerk, with a microphone hi David? How are you me Jimmy. I look, the turned up world of politics. With my button down mind.
Did you happen to read my latest through your times opinion piece? I wrote with the fabulous David Pluff, you better believe thinkers are tiding over the thing. No, I didn't see it what's it about buddy before I we begin I'd, certainly be remissed, not to ask how your special lady is doing tonight. How's your special lady on tonight. I do think that's an appropriate question during this discussion. David. No need to worry Jimmy when you Yet you know me I'm very effectually individual who is a natural toucher. You mean nothing to me sexually exits God. That's so crazy thanks. thanks? What what did you a Terrier cover David everything Joe Biden need to do to be Donald Trump. With my simple boy points: wine
expand your digital footprint. What does mean it means to win Joe, has to find a way to get beyond the basement tapes and project himself into our ever increasing digital space. But I don't Spain tapes that to do the youth culture. You might appreciate my sly reference to the basement dates. A group recordings. Bob Dylan did with the bandit nineteen sixty seven. unbridled youthful efflorescence presented for the first time, a raw musical bat, while literally bursting with the erratic passion and risky sensuality over the summer of love, seasons. Oh my god, who is this editorial supposed to be reaching anyway David Democratic, parties most important, developing demographic, suburban empathy,
Facebook file, Joe, must harness intrinsic of empathy and authentic tensive. Compassion, uniquely suited to this agonizing moment, a word about all the people he lashes out at on the road that fat old dated liar lady. He calls that old, damned liar yeah was the death lying face, pony soldier girl. He called out lying dog pony soldier. Yes, yes, David full of shit factory workers should have laughed that he said was full of shit and threaten the flag. Yes,
yeah. I don't know what you're talking about increased Jos Digital Footprint, Bernie Sanders must commit to day too weak to sharing Kosovo's on Twitter, Facebook deeds Bernie's fans are going to like that. No They would be demoralize them to the point where they think all struggle is useless. Yeah. This will make it easier to deploy the organ harvester drones during phase two of the reopening. What what learn more about it. On my new podcast and living in a cave with Axelrod, then I'll teach you how to live in a cave with me, David Axelrod survival, strategist bye for Jimmy agreed Everybody friendly the story. I am your good sailed AG in his ear. You know John Rat again from those best selling New York Times
author he's, also award winning Bloomberg news reporter. The host of his own show an msnbc. He now isn't as podcast with Tom Sono had tasty trade. and I m here with us now to do corona Money talk. How are you doing I'm good I mean who knew we were gonna stumble ended as a couple months about when you first call me to talk about this when they first staff architect of the bail out just or to set in motion the the greatest literally, the greatest robbery in the history of the world. It's amazing that we're here little bit, it's interesting to watch. It continue to evolve, and I'm glad that you give me a opportunity to talk about it, yet not glad that you are available that our use so Are you? What are you noticing that is high, Happening I do notice that people lights because dip. What we posited here at this show is that people don't know what's coming. They don't know how bad this is our people, starting to figure out
The government is completely not helping them and they're, not actually doing any that. Are they starting to wake up or no, I dont think really yet I mean I spoke to a couple of people earlier this week. You know there are huge institution. like said: a dollar rate value. Are these massive billionaire hedge funds that were bailed out in March that nobody comprehends that literally be in some of the wealthiest human beings in this country, He who run some of the biggest a highly leverage investment funds in this country or landing funds were bailed out in in March. I, when the market with women, doubts or something like that it had not revealed itself yet to people. I don't think you understand the content.
Between I mean I don't even have the adjectives for it, but I just to say the horror of what was done in terms of the bailout for the super rich institutions with forty million unemployed and no support of any kind for the unemployed, while simultaneously using the tax dollars to finance the super wealthy. super wealthy consolidation of ownership of resources- and I don't want to be redundant to our past conversations. I think we have to start to take what I've described and you've described and steps described and others around your show. As fact, I think it's important that we remind people of that, but I think these conversations to be useful. I also think we need to
move through time, as this happens, and I think we're really now just starting to move into a period of time where people are just just just started to comprehend. Not just how big the unemployment issue is at an end is going to continue to be in this country, but how directly the unemployment issued targets the most vulnerable countries and those that are not a uniform on employment. It's it's a hate, actually, a hyper targeted unemployment and its a targeted unemployment that
directly seeks to employ those who can least of do could those where the smallest of the shortest financial one way to a door and saw it anyway. I be out those of talking to some folks ever more above its meeting. I guess it was last week was more above its annual meeting and in an even more above it was very cautious about this entire situation in these sort of whom will be of every one of the great here. Leaders for America, and so do we sort of that. However, you look at this were in a moment were the only reason I think, there's not much of a panic as there could be or would be eyes, because the financial bail out those trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve in em back from the Treasury have done an incredibly good job of support. The stock market that that has created a false sense of security in terms of it,
of our economy? I think you probably remember how people felt when the stock market was down thirty, it was going. Limit down every day. In a panic, I think the only reason that there is any complacency right now is because the stock market has really been completely disconnected from the: U S, economy, ts, an absolute and as a result, created in credit, a fall. Sense of security and the same time, the rate of evolution of the problems is slower, evolving thing, whether it's the virus in the infection itself or whether it's the eaten the trauma and the social crisis that is coming over the next couple of years. I certainly in this country, but I think, you're, looking at baby years again when the financial crisis happened, that was achieved with two thousand and nine re. That was since September, two thousand and nine Occupy Walter. It didn't happen,
for two years after that it takes a long time for the awareness of the information. If everybody listen to your show or if everybody everybody listen to my reporting on your show. If everybody comprehended and believed it there will be a more immediate response, but it's just not the nature of the beast and there's such a all consuming in low utility pool of information out there from the primary information brokers and puts the bubbling the fact and all the things to agree what they want? Facebook all All the shattering of the information markets make it take longer for this to happen, make it easier to blame different people all those things, but this is going to be a profound and life changing couple of years. For this country and parts of that? That are to be be really really, I think yeah. I I know okay, so I saw
the story at sea and b c and its Tromp is insisting on a pair tax cut for workers. Why some experts say it's a terrible idea So let me just go through a little bit more on it, but a reverie, the village idiot. What we got to be nice, you keep. Oh yes going yeah, so President Trump is digging in his eels and demanding that further stimulus legislation passed by Congress must include who'd payroll tax cuts for workers where not doing anything without apparel tax cuts, Trump said The two trillion dollar Cares ACT implemented by Congress, gave employers. A temporary reprieve from payroll taxes until the end of the year, that goes for soul, security and certain railroad retirement taxes. Now The president wants to give workers a similar cut. The main problem with the proposal is that it would go to the people who least need help set us. It seems that like your deliberately targeting it to people who are
the best situation, the ones who are still working. So what this led me to it's exactly what you described Gimme a start at the top of the decision making tree as soon as are the greatest. The first people better looked after are the multi billion there's, so others, the multi millionaire banking system participants at the moment- Billionaire business enterprises that are the most connected to the government there taken care of in the first twenty four to seventy two hours right right and then there's the progression of care taking if he will, in terms of policy making from all the Democrats, including all the everybody's leftist favorites, and certainly all the Republicans, including your buddies, populist right wing favorites that continues to favour those who have the most while simultaneously doing the least for them
have the least and the idea of prioritizing a payroll taxes, which is a basically an increase in take home pay for people who currently have jobs. At a time when the obvious and most catastrophic issue that exist in this country is twenty thirty percent unemployment, forty million people likely to be out in point which again is not a recession, that is, by definition, a depression. That's not an emphatic out an opinion and that's another fact, and so the idea that the government is not prioritizing basic intervention for those that are the most exposed to the consequences of this depression and, at the same time, is drawing out money by the trillion to the richest in the most privileged or, at the very least, the people that are the most
get out of there dumb with a registered the most privileged, then looking to give a raised to those who are among the most stable, isn't it is a remarkable window into the insight of the character of the american government. But again this is a character that existed has existed, going back, certainly the Bill Clinton in and really before I mean this is not a new character. Insight, opera, the american government, the american government has been taking care of the wealthiest interests I it was was with whether whether it was with the financial deregulation in the we can go down. The list trump is particularly offensive and rude and barbaric and murderous his disposition in his nature. But he is in no way unique in
following the standard protocol of using the government to benefit the rich, to consolidate wealth and to destroy and deprived the most impoverished. I mean vision. America functionally is a third world country, that's hiding behind the edifice of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and its military, but if you stripped away the american Military Wall Street, the Valley and Hollywood, what you would see and what you are seeing in the context of a consequence of this virus third world country both of the nature of the priorities of the government and how it functions and the resources and opportunities that are available to the vast majority of the people who live here. So let me, explain to people what this means by the? What and what the purpose of this is this payroll tax, So what that means is no- when's putting money into social security rights.
That's what they mean by peril tax and so. This is just another attempt to bank up social security, so it can eventually privatizing. That's exam. What this is and in fact, in this article it goes on to say the econ comic. Recession will likely speed up the exhaustion date. Social security trust funds, so what that means is the exam. Jim date, that's a term. That means when soldiers, security we'll have to our paying out more money than it actually takes in and has that's the eggs austrian date. and so any plan as for payroll, tax cuts would have to include ways to replenish those funds which our cards scheduled to run out in twenty the five at time. Seventy nine percent of promise benefits. Will Payable so what there
We are against any absurdity, began to pay me a surly talking about money. The Sudanese, if it scares yes, you did the there's an exhaustion date. Oh, we can't pay for you better get a job at a time. We literally trillions of dollars, Cars are being given away to special interests. is incomprehensible to the idea of utilizing the idea of using utilizing scarcity or limited funding as a point of leverage for policy making, while simultaneously surprised supplying infinite capital from everything from oil companies to airlines to two two down. The list is an indication. of how third world this government is but Dylan aren't you I mean honest aren't you surprised that? No one? No one in the news media? No one in politics- is
Screaming about this, no one Bernie Sanders End Squad are voting for this shit. Honestly, I am surprised I am surprised Maybe I would, I would deepen, think politically it to their advantage to try to LA speak up on this Won't hurt you don't forget your moral Saint Bertie saving it is, such a winner politically to stand up and fight for people at this moment? Their system? There, the every Democrat in the Congress, is seeding that to the right right now, we're letting just haughtily fuckin, Mitt Romney out left them. It's happening, it's not not making it up trumpets out levity them and no one, including Bernie Sanders is screaming about this. it is shot stunning ivy argues that mean just Forget even the moral character I dont know what I am They don't know what they are thinking. I because
Dylan there's what I say. What what I've had three new groanings. I say what is what is in it for them to know that give people ash payment they ve already proven they're going to print is much fuckin money doesn't matter what would stop them from giving a trillion dollars to people? Why They fought so that people can go out by sheer. Like is now no sort of I mean I can offer my explanation: but it's not even I don't- have the input, as I said to you last week as I think there's. This sort of this falls in hearings at the sort of civilian level of this fifth ology american sovereignty and self sufficiency. We have instead of people, don't want to do really don't like democratic socialism, but they seem really seem really enthusiastic for corporate? Yes, yes, one hundred percent.
I mean America is a corporate socialist country and that lobby missing out there we are government is one of Europe's most again ages hedge fund managers on Wall Street. You know this is a very aggressive, very experience ruthless money, man in New York and he came out recently and said. Listen. Some of these guys are at least are smart enough to worry about the pitchforks. You know they're like, I don't know how you can possibly expect to always have the bottom to fall out on the bottom, be protected by the government and not expect the side or the progression of resources up to be controlled by the government. You can't have it. He was making a point.
can't have it both ways? Now, remarkably, America has it better than both ways? They have to be noticed, amplification of profits for the super rich and total protection from economic losses for the big company than the Super rich, while simultaneously literally no safety net? for more than half the country, so it is one everybody who votes trump, who watches a show and whose tramper to know that Tromp is trying to do. Is fuck you right now that trying he's fucking you so you're getting fucked hard by Trump and by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Mitch Mcconnell they're, all your enemy, there's no doubt about it, and if you don't see through that now, then you deserve what you have coming Let me tell you something: Trump is no friend he's trying to take away your soul security right now, that's what Europe is trying to do. Is it his idea? No, it's tribes idea, this is shit that
being told to him by guys, like Larry COD, low, Steve Nugent that guy's you been waiting their entire fuckin lives to do this, to get rid of social security and put that money into the stock market. That's exactly what they ve been trying to do their entire life and now Trop is going to help them do it, and So just so you know, eliminating payroll tax is cold for eliminating social Security and Medicare, and when you hear trumped say we want to eliminate capital gains, that's called for eliminating all the tax on the one percent. That's what that's it. Crop is doing right now. Just so, I know there's a lot of people who are conservatives what's the show, because they like that, I'm a truth, teller. Well, it's the truth that trumpets fucking. U is hard, as you ve ever been fucked right now, harder and he's trying to do it more only thing and using the biological crisis to see the opportune
we need to do all the worse things, which is, if you ever want it. Oh you, you see the true character of any one when they are in a situation like this in the Georgia has been revealed about. Our government is staggeringly, are hostile to the people there in this country. I mean none of this is trumps idea. That's the thing you have tat. You have to understand that Trump is just a figurehead right he's doing everything that Nancy Pelosi? humor Mitch, Mcconnell Larry COD low at Steventon, want him to do. He doesn't have any ideas on how to handle a fuckin pandemic or a crisis or a banking. He doesn't have any idea how to do any thing he's do what there he's being told to do by the business community and he's fucking do in it and guess what Nancy policies doing she's doing what she's told to do by the business community and she's doing it? I guess what
The squad and Bernie Sanders is doing their going along with it and not doing a goddamn thing. Your entire government has just turn your back on you and I he's got an email today from Bertie Centres asking for more money. He's asked For money, the fucking balls that these cocksucker in Fucking Dc Dc, if I get one more email from Bernie Fucking Sanders him. For money he wanted to go book. Your next talk show, because that seems to be his job now he doesn't do anything for you in Congress, but he's hosting a late night talk show he'll have Cardi B on later on this evening, so here's here's, Donald, here's, what Donald Trump tweeted out today, And I want to give your opinion on a dylan. He said well run. States should not be bailing out poorly run. States use Corona viruses the excuse.
The elimination of sanctuary cities, payroll taxes and perhaps capital gains. Taxes must be the table also law suit, indemnification and business deductions for restaurants and entertainment? Now I know he didn't write that sweet. Because he doesn't know how to he doesn't know what lawsuit indemnification of businesses, but while it's tell you what that means. That means, if, when Amazon forces their people to go back to work and doesn't give them bottled safety's Are you aware of supplies them social distance correctly they can't be sued so that the capitalist who then sacrifices your bodies for their profits cannot be held responsible for their irresponsibility or on purpose killing. You like. What's have putting it meet packing plants right now, what's happening, it's at it's happening at ups, what's happening at Amazon
What are you what's your reaction to him saying well run state should not be bailing out poorly one states and using the corona Irene Molders layers of absurdity in in that and you does it have a nice assessment of it one. We have to be a whisper away, from where we were before the all union. Movement happened in this country with the young and I'm gonna forget and I'll. Never forget the name, but in their very AMOS fire,
where a lot of people died. The triangle was the triangles factory fire. You go yeah. We have to be a whisper away from that type of an event. In the context of, what's being discussed, your relative to whether it's Amazon workers, meat, packing workers, I mean there's so many densely populated work environment in this country, where that had with an architecture of forcing people to work. To do everything you describe is I don't see how it does it become a catalyst for something bigger Dan, what happened in the original you'd one to the entire preface supposition there I mean, as you know, as it as a California taxpayer, more myself as a New York taxpayer-
the implication of from statement, is that the state that the statement tat have the bigger economic issue, Could they have a bigger economies and be the more aggressive lockdown policies are the one that I don't deserve. Portugal bail out, I mean we're gonna go down this road. I think everybody knows that For every dollar that comes to California, or to New York and the federal government two or three hours from our paychecks will live California and New York to pay for the subsidized state like Kentucky Mitch, Mcconnell State right, And so the entire argument, if they want to go down this road, it's ridiculous, but trust me if we're going to break up the United States of America, You would much rather be a resident of the country of California in terms of its wealth and resources as a nation state
or the country of New York than the country of Kentucky, so very suggestion that Trump wants to the state against each other. Using the federal government is a real loser the state Trump is support for trump voters, so, for instance, Mitch Mcconnell. It hails from Kentucky now if Kentucky goes bankrupt, guess what goes bankrupt, the detail cheers pensions funds, though the fire. Pensions funds, the policemen pay Genes funds so that all the people's pensions go bankrupt because which Ricardo wouldn't bail out his own goddamn state. How the fuck is this political, politically, tenable do it. I don't know I'm here. see, happy speechless Jimmy. I I don't understand
politics. I suppose that, because the politics really, they were designed and create a red whereby built and didn't really proud of them before that of less virtue. Evil where people basically no longer are given the opportunity to vote for anything that they believe in there just just are forced to choose between. Who is the least apparent of the two can lead with Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump beings or of the most recent expression of that and the thing with the lesser of two evils voting is that is: are you don't have to do anything for anybody? You simply have to raise money and run a media campaign that absolutely massacres the identity of your opponent so However much they hate you, they hate the other one more and I feel like the Mitch Mcconnell of this world had actually mastered that lesser of two evils. Yes, mind: game, yes, and as once you in that,
serve to wield architecture. All these other issues that we talk about become irrelevant, because the entire political system is simply based on the ability to Massacre, your opponents identity using money. As long as your competent, you can do that. You can literally rape and pillage your own people to the point where their homeless and dying in the street, and as long as when it comes to campaign time, you can rape and massacre opponent. You'll still get reelect That's, why does is a third world country? Yes, heinous is Jimmy who's this Baby is double it's, this bad conservative actor in front of the show. How are you and, what's up, I'm doing Fantastic James, I couldn't be better Vince. Where are you, are you sheltering in place or are you at home because of the virus Gary scary virus yeah.
a completely stop living my life because it is tiny, little microscopic dot command Jimmy or you work. I didn't get you for worse. I'm very surprised to learn that you are what, as a matter of fact, do? You realize the danger you and others are putting us in by ignoring these guidelines. you want to talk anger I'll I play with the real danger. Is the federal government telling us what to do regular, red blooded american citizens lying down to the jackbooted thugs of the state trying to run our lives then, what's going to stop the spread of the disease, then Vince think about that the free market? Baby, hey! You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy
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