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June 5th - Mueller's Bulls#$% Press Conference

2019-06-05 | 🔗

Mueller is a liar political hack!

Ben Shapiro will never bake a cake for Dave Rubin!

States pushing anti-abortion laws!

NY Mayor runs away while running for office!

Special Guest: award winning journalist Aaron Mate!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Mike MaCrae, James Adomian, and Graham Elwood.

Phone calls from Vince Vaughn, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jew Jimmy show why that's repairing on the phone he's Head Energy Department, hello, hiding peoples, Earth and sordid american colonies just for future. Preference Jimmy Day. The proper annunciation of energy is an. Of our energy- in other words it should parliament of beef, not the department of State, you know you you might be mixing up your expression world is for you to think and made a fine, now hurry Spirit Jimmy I lay about my own. said a rules, I suppose, if my lap could be summarised in music. It would probably be the synthesizer part in Van. I feel like I'm as well jump right now and you ask
Why please tell us Rick, under the aegis of the compartment of all energy. Every branded a matter is vast stores of methane as hold your breath. Freedom, gay freedom, gas by your head and give thanks to your maker, heathens spur American are passing their gas along to you, what the It has been the reaction to your freedom, gastric there's been a blow back, but that's only natural. I am confident that it won't be long before were all under the same ten with my freedom, gas. How did you come up with the name freedom guess, I was given a in Brussels about our liquor, fried natural gas exports and compared it didn T day. Did the United States again, delivering a form of freedom to the european Continent, yes, and and
A porter person asked me if these exports could be described as freedom, gas, so natural that took the baby now said. Yes, I would describe them as breed of gas. Why is it that every eye was surprised, but I couldn't help myself. You know I've never been to shadow, let one rip for freedom sooner. Word about the effects of burning fossil fuel that will have on your health. On the contrary, the trial The administration is committed to making fossil fuels cleaner The only way to do that is to get it all out of the ground where it gets dirty with the dirt oil all have all on the ground underground for millions of years. Of course, she going your backyard oily reading. So what's your solution for climate change? Rick Let me answer your question with another question: no Retaliate yeah? That's not a question
don't retaliate debate. Can you explain that more detail. Rick I would like but then I might have people in the White House notice me you can have. At Washington, DC you're, practically in visible. What do you do in Washington DC anyway? I want to take watch there's a bigger part lots and lots of stones with Rat Norman, Arlington Cemetery this place, had lots of dead people there and they appear to be buried. It's all very well kept up. It's me, Arlington Cemetery produced place as an infernal flying a barrier twisted in that infernal plane, because why? Because the far side, and nations can discover where that energy source comes from perhaps once upon a time the state of American. My Horner said our energy we're going to the moon with, or
One of our lesser saddle adds like Venus. If you we'll move until that date comes Rick, can you give people any tips on how to conserve energy here?
the term Energy secretary, does the best way to avoid work heavy door, then maybe I'm tearing down our nation and its banks insurance companies, you guys pebbly, wasn't this week, Jimmy Door show we added a shown Chicago on July boards and say Louis July, twenty first less alive Jimmy Door Show in Honolulu December twenty seventh border Jimmy
your company, that compromising for objects, all of our lives shows you know, what's good to the jokes before we get to the job, shall we did you hear that the depart and of energy has just rebranded fossil fuel as get ready for this. They now call it freedom, gas, LAO What we really need right now is a candidate who could find a middle ground with Republicans and our pending extinction and now a joke for finance nerds. I just paid for my new toilet with Shit Goin, you, I gotta, tell ya I hate when people use annoying business speak too much, but at the the day, I guess it is worth hey did you hear, came junk, doesn't like Joe Biden or John Bolton? Is it
possible. We may have misjudged this guy. You know it. Nice to think that to get a break from the horror shoal of depravity, selfishness in callous disregard for human life, Evidence in the real world around us, many of US turn to game with roads, You do in New Hampshire, Joe Biden predicted that once President Trump is out of office republic, Here's will have called an epiphany and work with Democrats toward consensus. This is what happens when you legalise drugs? Okay, we have full today, from Christian Christy Vince born and Rick Pair three plus a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy Georgia coming up on today show Robert Mowers Press conference was complete. Bs our revealed, his unbelievable depravity,
and dishonesty remember Robert Mahler led us into the Iraq war, any reveals that kind of integrity and today show plus your peril reveals is inner bigots Plus a New York mayor gets confronted at the gym over homelessness and runs away. We have full house today from Chris Christy, Vince barred and Rick Prairie, plus a lot lot more. That's today, this is Jimmy whose is Jimmy. he's gotta alone, conservative actor, Vince VON. How are you doing to a good body How are you doing? That is the question to be asked to get this particular pride of place to get the more appropriate fine body. Why do you ask? Look, I'm gonna put it Our political differences were admitted
even though they are significant because you are left his dumdum at. I am much more smart. before we can have you got another day we want to shape, died you what I'd buy threads? Ok, it will. Let you know how proud I ever view what started a b. Jimmy Dog at your baby boy, beef to this. If I'd be well, coming out with that mental saucer over the top? The waiter takes it off with a giant boys. Oh, right. You mean the near at hand and thing right now to talk about near at hand, and we know it Talker David yeah, yeah, I've gotten in peace with people before Vince. You have a good one, Don T they take lakes. Baby, I've cedar on tv, let me tell you we wiser, find crossed up
because I had to edit the script for this sketch. That's. Why I'll. Tell you why? Because she waited my back checking of her horse shit with enough the guy getting home of publicly and recently harassed by Stephen Crowd. Her get up, fatty, factually incorrect person Likewise yeah. I had the editor line, also vis. I can't afford to give her the satisfaction of in it certainly proving her right I can't have Vince VON calling in and just saying whatever Vince VON would say about near at hand. Oh, my god, you are correct. Hence the lines are changed. The dental school in the Caribbean, No, why but got your point out at a thing that I think need to be poured out. Fine, frightened I've learned from the past. The corporate Democrats, favorite thing to do in the year old is the descent
this other ideas better. Ideas because them passenger used in a key word or said something crass or just Jenny. Really doesn't seem like they are a member of the Right country club. I don't wanta even give them the satisfaction. Ok, We are coming from. I get ok thing but I doubt it here. I D measured the Jimmy I dont really beard have too many more lines left and sketch. Well, yeah. You were saying some pretty crass stuff events I drew baby. I want you to be careful though yeah you may J D, I'm worried they could take you down these people pocket Democrat. They could. I found you What shows me man are you or exists. champion reality winner actual bids. I appreciate your concern you're right. The establishment does not, like speaking truth, the power, but I'm pretty sure
I'm not gonna, be taken down by near Tandon. Ok, What did you know? I have your bathroom door if needle Dancin or whatever wanted to come, and you have to go through me first in order to do that that damage the five crop, to the end, by by words, fell back over the past extra proportional law.
right, and it's because element the loves children, which is why their last and education is. They love children. Here's brain Williams, talking about animals, new, apportion law, the strictest in our country, is setting up a direct giants, Jerome versus wagons Supreme Court. That's what it was designed to do. Just tonight, Governor K, Ivy signed in the law, this ban on abortions at all stages of pregnancy. The only exception here is if the mother's life is in jeopardy, it similar to new bills. For I love that the women scientists- and we don't get me wrong- I'm fine with more women in public office as long as their office has access to the twenty first century. Having obviously gender makes no difference, I mean if men shouldn't be making decisions on women's bodies, women's who's, the genus are no longer working Jimmy unless this border, this Georgia Mississippi Kentucky except it goes further. This law does not include exceptions for rape and incest and carries a felony charge for doctors punishable by a sentence of up to ninety nine years in prison. Let's be frank and put this another way. A rapist in Alabama would get a lighter prison sentence than the doktor called upon to end an unwanted pregnancy that might result from that right.
This ok, so to recap: Alabama you're allowed to have a banjo on your knee and a rapist between your knees about this. The governor of Alabama has shudder to miss first, that what were miracle needs a more women in public office at second all lives are precious, I don't get the job even now be challenged in court, which is ultimately the boys. Ok, so that, and by the way it was twenty three twenty five men
right, white men who voted on this right. Twenty five men decided on the governors, vagina twenty five men to tell women what to do with the Virginia. I who the fuck are these guys are we, I can't even order from my wife in a restaurant these guys. What do you imagine how men would react if a bunch of women in power decided what we good or could not do with our debts? They always wants to imagine that shit. I've got a few ideas. It is, I don't know who said this with somebody said of men to get pregnant, abortion would be a separate I'm confused as this vague packs, a pass mirror misdemeanor. I think so. In Alabama that rate the doctors, the bad guy rape, is disappeared. Guy
is there something I guess I know we're Harvey Weinstein's buying this summer I wrote that yoga reply was that I love that I was home, run, walk
I'll. Do the previous governor of Alabama would have all highly barber versions were illegal abortion because right now, will you promise whatever remove Lula with his bill? I mean really problem era: ass, the most are taking an argument. I think I've ever do so. That is why this is so. This is such a bad law in Alabama Robertson is against it, giving a pity
Burma has gone too far these past. That would give a ninety nine year prison sentence to people from an emotion and take it from a guy who knows exactly how long years there's no exemption from references easily stream and that they want to challenge will worsen swayed life is that this is not the case. We will bring the Supreme good, because I think this lose I saw you go use the backdoor the abortion gonna give you so here is. This is, crazy. So this is the debate today we're having on the floor of the legislature. In Alabama, this is nuts watch this Does it be or make a session for patients who are victims of rape and goes down, and nobody else? Can you tell me why dead
it allows for anything, that's available today, is still available. Up until now. Woman knows she spread, so you can get an abortion as long as you don't know, you're pregnant. So basically, you gotta go to force a clinic on the regular every we is. If I pray you don't tell me if I am aborted and then tell me after in order to do this every Friday for the rest of my life, that's all there is a way around it. It's called the morning after pill nobody's didn't know when you puppet Ladys right now, but the problem is that
women's on other pregnant until sometimes like they're already six weeks, pregnant rights off by somebody pointed out that this bill makes it is illegal for an abortion after six weeks and have to six weeks. Somebody said: that's just you, MR period. That's all that is right. Am I own by this correction? Might issuers why am I used to know of six worthwhile I play the bad gown show is ok, here's what here's, a regional men had to say about it. Here we go
that whole ban on abortion in Alabama passes out last night tonight. Those data public and Gunnar cited into law is the strictest abortion branded ass, the state legislature, but it's not just happening in Alabama. It is happening all over the country in all the states where Republicans have full control. This is what Republicans are doing with their control of state. Including Alabama with a radical restrictive abortion. Bans are passing at least one chamber of state legislature so far in already have already eleven of the twenty two states under reasonable can control, plus one more in Montana, where we publicans control the legislature, but there there is a democratic governor that democratic governor, Steve Bullock vetoed one of these antiabortion bills in his state. Just last week, he's gonna, be here just a moment to talk about his presidential bid, so another one? But my point. The point of this video is yet so they're, just what the Republicans are doing, Andrews too so horrible and backwards in nineteenth century and guess what the Democrats can lose to those people
that's how shitty the Democrats are losing to be because the people want to take your rights away. They have somebody to vote for, but the people who want to expand social security and get rid of the surveillance steak and make sure you have a living wage and end the fuckin wars. We can't nobody doubts that we raise about that's what I took away from that. It's like the democratic that years ago, like we're losing these people. She doesn't like maybe offer people something I'm so grim. Well, I think she happened to leave out the fact that the chairwoman of the D triple see cherry boosters is having a fundraiser for anti abortion. Congressmen Dan Le Pen see in Chicago it's a thousand dollars to get in. She has publicly I'm pro choice: the Dieter policies, Twitter of Council. We can't we cannot allow this to happen, Alabama Georgia and then is having a fuckin fundraiser for a goddamn pro lifer. Just because he's a democrat- and she heard the statements from her fucking office was like well, we just have to pick the Republicans somewhere to support any Democrat you're supporting Republican, whoever seventy in front of their fuckin dead. Look the propensity that's my neighborhood, where I grew up in Chicago, would pinky his dad was my alderman and then he became our congressmen and then he handed it off to his son, because you know we have democracy. So that's a great point by the waves at the chairwoman of the Dietrich will see is now supporting a antiabortion Democrat for Congress. So all that again, all that shit where they go crop is horrible. They're, just spoken horrible and no support people that are just as horrible and now you know why we live in the world. We live in its June. Six at the Chicago caught stay cost early.
cheapest ticket a thousand bucks, a patron is twenty. Nine hundred in a sponsor is fifty six hundred. How many abortions for women who couldn't afford them with that fuckin pay for you. Greedy costs offers you're fucking resistance. You bullshit, fake ass progressive pieces is sorry. I got a little fumbled up here. Has you guys put prevalence and everything resists the resistance of less than one rule we have so and in New York they have they been biddable, homeless problem and the mayor is doing enough. In fact, this is from while coalition for the homeless. Broad coalition calls for three. Eight thousand homes for homeless, new Yorkers is part of them. They are so he's only giving five for several years what it says, a broad coalition of housing advocates faint leaders, experts and service providers. In a letter to me blog, you for housing to your plan to include thirty thousand units or ten percent of the total of new.
housing that you're gonna be building to be set aside for almost new Yorkers. Currently, the plan calls for just half. That number time of near record homesick, including nearly twenty four thousand children sleeping in shelters each night and their first city in the richest country in World New York, sullen housing preservation and development projects that only a few hundred units will be available for homeless families each year through the life of the mayor's Housing New York to point plan. So it's kind of asked up and so Be- was workin out and Woman was at the Jim and went up to him to try to ask him hey. Why don't you give some more housing to homeless people and see how we handle it?
have you got eyes? I saw you What about that? First father that lady did their second of all that the you know if there was a daughter who would have thought it right? indeed and even go hey. Let me make it these is like come on, and yet that's that's that's MR liberal others so isolated in their pockets of bees and they came and be off script. So
was scared, even if you have some one in front of him, that's a real constituent suffering from the policy of the act, but you know what we wanted when he was sitting right now, he was burning off five cow, Greece interrupted swell sash you shake hands, trying to be a good idea at the June, which is why I have this guy in a suitable guided by going to the job. I just want to sit in a corner and not be has always liked her size and the return of the German always will you presented is used to like start. My work out as we did with great usually are. This is another area where the fuck is going on. what exactly? What I wanted you to have a vapor? see I've really go work out of the mayor. Headphones Jack, Jim shorts check, random of
check of time for this right now have a public servant than those to be done. So that's what happening a lot more people getting confronted with a joy percentages. As soon as the foot soldiers of the elite stop protecting them, they are finished. Bet. You, perilous. Eleven. So he goes out. This show, with did with Dave Reuben Ways to work within the EU. Enters, is very easily hurried, carbon game person. You met, they prove it there's no way you could not like him. I know somebody, fucking, carbon is justice, he's a very affable guy when you beat him at these very charming and but he's trying to get Ben Shapiro too. Like up it's not going to look at. Why watch this Will you make Reuben a wedding cake
Ok, then, in my answer, married or re regularly expiring, ready, but I've been adverts. I my anniversary last week, an anniversary cake would have been right. So the answer is no and the reason I want is because a religious Jew I got, I do not participate in activities that I believe are sinful. But again we live in a free country and Dave knows this doesn't care what I think about in. If we were having an anniversary party, would you come if I was inviting all the crew that we all know, and we just and adverse report it would just having a party and I'll even drawn some kosher food warrior? Can we truly want to bring Europe, as I haven't think about it? I have to think about. In the same way, that's interesting to me: that's a different there. By the way I could not- and I would also mention it in judaism- it's not just like gay marriage. That's off limits at intermarriage, that's off limits. So if a member my family were to intermarriage Irae somebody who's, not yours, I would go for what it really is it
yeah is likely to remain so, even if that we let it was your sister, for example, even though I know she just got married and that the guidelines recognised, even if that would do irreparable damage with your sister. In my view, the irreparable damage is being done by the fact that you have you brought up in a certain. with a certain sense, values and rules, and then you abandon those values and rules that night well, let me just say this: it's like a baby, Blas or boss, baby FUCK Pam Robert said, and they had a kid there's you know been Shapiro. Does the fine print radio copy at the end of a car? That's our fast! He talks limits people, for these reasons, reasonable inflexible that thing. That's what makes this body is. No one would ever invited do above party. Are you- and I don't know- I don't know bends repair. I've never met him, but,
sky is so unbelievably obviously gay evolving his sisters, candle could talk of my right. Nobody hates gaze that box with all fine Gael himself. Nobody ideas that I don't wanna Jimmy what you want? I don't want the tribe and, if that, If this guy doesn't have an arsenal of gay porn, I will eat my Jude Laos pay. You know we no longer have an Amazon leg because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. You should be the previous member. We give you up, bill of ours of premium bonus content every week. And it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by go two gb, your company, that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed to four I will briefly a programme of the business and its
great way to help put your thumb back in the eye, the bastards thing everybody who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support award winning journalists, materials with us lays down from the nation magazine course. What are you when is award for a one is award for writing about Russia, gate and holding two journalistic principles, which is what the rest of journalism hasn't done. Now he has to spend the rest of his life working in a career with those pieces, a chick I believe that the I basically one word for not believing in Santa Claus. That's pretty much what it comes down to well, not only that, but you. There's someone told you. There was no Santa Claus. You after you saw your dad putting the two presence the tree you didn't continue to believe in Santa Claus, which is worth thresher Philpotts, is what the rest of journalism has done, so that its one now start if this segment, because I wanted to talk to you about what mothers press conference of what he said in the country
mercy over it and the fact that the Russia gaiters? Are still going right. So I, if you heard my analogy about when in the west, they would put together a possibly go put some but get some bad guys. It would bring extra horses with them in case too, horse, they were riding, got sick or broker tired, and they would just on the other horse who was fresh and that's exact what the Russia gaiters have done? So mothers report decimated the premise that Trump was increased criminal conspiracy with the rush in government that debt that killed it cut the legs right from underneath it, so that horse got tired. They. down another horse, which is obstruction of justice and as if it was just as important and just as bad as if it happened and they're just there just riding. That is what is that a good analogy, L Errand, yeah accept, at least you know inferior to the party at least the horses. The horses are real horse, invest, whereas what you know
The original premise of Russia gave a start of the fantasy that Donald J, turnip conspired with the russian government, for which there was oh basis, and now there are jumping on of thing about obstruction and obstruction into the investigation into this fictitious thing. So you know, yeah other. I just give the posse more credit, basic and so on. I talked to normal people when I go to comedy clubs, which I do almost every night now, I'm back in it baby and so on when I'm going out, and I'm talking the regular people. What I mean regular people like waiter, These are waitresses or other comedians or the owners of clubs. People who in politics. That's what I mean people right there are people who aren't journalist and who are in politics normal people, We will call civilians, that's what comedians call them civilians. So what when, when I start to talk about this, even though they all credit me with. While you are right about that Russia Gate and we thought you were crazy, they go but this
thing about him with course, seek obstructed, chubby trumpets company, so corrupt, he so corrupt and my eye, We have to tell them. He is Trump, is definitely corrupt, but more corrupt than who, who is more corruption. Is he more corrupt and Dick Cheney and George Bush, who actually lie thus into wars. There literal war criminals. I don't think he's that corrupt, yet is immoral. rub them Barack Obama who didn't prosecute those war, criminals and didn't prosecute anybody on Wall Street. While he took the people's houses away, then open the Arctic to drilling twice. He built the cages. The immigrants really deported more Mexico's than all the other president's combined. He then prosecuted journalist had a record pace prosecutions using the the. subpoenas act. So Donald Trump. His voice and that its want to show you here's Dylan Rat again, and he made this point at the beginning of Trump President's, see and here's what he had to say about it so again
while the FBI directorate example gives those with a partisan view against Donald Trump and it's easy to be stolen from the obvious fuel. The suggested he's a criminal who that terrible guy blah blah blah under investigation- probably true, but if you boy leave that than you probably also meet again. that Hillary Clinton was taking money through foundation to do weapons deals overseas, while personally enriching herself, and that Barack Obama is paid out by the private health insurance companies. the banks to make sure that we don't actually have proper health DORA functioning financial system hard to believe one and not accept the other two, I'm just a bigger public asshole than any. The president or politician he's not a more corrupt asshole he's dirt all as corrupt as he is there all the biggest criminals as he is, then that's why we got trump, because both parties are so criminal leak. Dropped and legislating against their own voters, that's why we got trapped
not because the demographic doing everything they could to help people out there he'll get clean water and fled in eight fuckin years? So that's why we our trump and that's what this is about, and you have to remember that Robert Mulder is a liar of the first order and he should be imprisoned himself, which leads me too his press conference right, so this so by the way here from the Huffington Post This is how confusing this is getting its as well Bird mauler is not not saying that Donald Trump committed crimes. Okay, so where does this come from? Where does it come from so here areas right so report has two parts dressing. The two main issues we were asked to investigate the first volume other for details, numerous efforts emanating from Russia to influence the election this volume includes a discussion of the trunk campaigns response to this activity as well. is our conclusion that there was enough,
patient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy. That's it's over It's all here and let me just bring you in that. There would be no, in normal situations. That would be that thing. We were charged with investigating, turns out. There's no evidence to charge anybody with anything. So that's it be though by the way Mahler is I'm increasingly commence such a political actor that even his language their diverges What is report says his report. Simply that the evidence does not establish that there was a conspiracy there? Now it is pressing France, where any and again he says that the report is the final word word. That's my testimony. You should believe the report, but when he speaking in public he says that there was not sufficient evidence it to charge a broader conspiracy, which was like catnip follies conspiracy. There soothing, saying You know, since his report was the least, that the reason that we are the only reason Mulligan charge a conspiracy, because there wasn't a
the vision of legal bases for not because there was no evidence for it. So even there I think Robert mothers throwing them a bone, but ultimately the result is the same There is no, there is not sufficient evidence or the evidence, not establish whatever language you wanna use, whether as mothers press conference or support. There is nothing there too to allege a conspiracy, because there is no chop, Russia, conspiracy, his, port assembly a series of of contacts with people who are either Russians or who claim to know Russians. None of them are on the actual russian government's behalf, except for the Russian, ass. It are basically, but yet because simply the name Russia is thrown out trappist, torn out everything is seen as damaging as damning incriminating in and even our investigation, those Mahler says, does not provide. sufficient evidence to charge a conspiracy. Even then, people still want to believe that there was a conspiracy. It's amazing, it's amazing, so and so people,
still believed there was one he just couldn't prove it trumpet such a mastermind that he was able to conceal this thing. That's obvious to everybody from fifty, FBI, investigators and Robert Mauler was it? Is such a such an idiot moron and a loser, and he so sloppy and an amateur that he was able to conceal that could working with as a traitor to country at the top of government he's able to conceal that, though, even though its obvious everywhere. So you see how none of this makes sense right Yeah and you don't you I wanted to. I mean the existence of this thing. It is really worth looking at the window of one thing: of this whole Russia, Gaitskill right, I mean as you say what what these cynical p behind it have done, is they ve come opted the very legitimate fear and an end, and disdain for Donald Trump and what he represents, which you know anything massive fair minded person can sympathize with me
trap is a massage Innis he's a racist he's a warmonger plenty reasons: posed Donald Trump and want em out of office what they ve done, though, is they have cooperated that legitimate fear of Donald Trump and they, channel did into a very narrow and totally baseless conspiracy, very underwear, The only way we're or the the prevailing way that we're supposed to challenges. Donald Trump is, is is by being convinced that he conspired with Russia right and putting our faith in n n N bureaucrats like Robert Mahler now standing robber mothers on record, which you alluded to. He peddled the iraqi dub empty hoax as a director of the FBI. He rounded up hundreds of muslim immigrants for the crime. Difficulty being muslim or or for appearing to be muslim and subject. Did them too harsh detention for which he was sued, though we're supposed to forget all this and put our faith in these people, because you know
This is the way because, basically, they ate a faction of the elite has enrolled. All of us in this petty grievance with another faction of daily. They don't like Donald Trump, not because they don't. Like that he's a warmonger or races, but they don't see him as a suitable steward of their empire of their war machine so because of that, it's like high school take one. So why an awful snobby click doesn't like the other awful snobby club, which the rest of us have to go at the pig between which awful snobby click we have to go with instead of challenging of them, you Know- and this is why you're going back to Watergate, for example, next it over you know, spy and harassing of anti war activists, black leaders, the assassination of Fred, Hampton the bombing of of Cambodia and allows. But what was he impeach for? He was impeach a very narrow, a set of crimes because he attacked another fact. The elite, not you. I can't do that, an american politics. So that's that's what scandals come from
and the people who don't like job in ITALY have enrolled us in some Something so stupid, and so ultimately self defeating the prospects of defeating trump. So, let's listen to now a little bit more now he's gonna get into the obstruction part here we go. in the second volume. The report describes salts and analysis. obstruction of justice investigation involving the president, the appointing me special council ought to write thus to investigate actions that could obstruct the investigation, and we can that investigation and we kept the office of the acting attorney general approach so the progress of our work and as set forth in the report after that investigation, if we had had called confidence, that the president clearly did not commit a crime. We would have said so so what he just said. There.
And I'm gonna ask here in your opinion on this- when I heard him say that- What he just said is that a weed, while I mean back it up, so I don't want to misquote, I'm sending this back it up just a little bit and clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so so he said if we had confidence that that President clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. So what he's doing right, there's, what's call complete and utter fucking bullshit that turning the little legal system on its head. What he doing is that the president has to assert his innocence. Yes, to prove a negative that he did do something that's what he that's what Robert Mother just did and what role, we're Mulder, just and so, and its We even more insidious than what he's doing right there because What he's going to go on to say the reason why he didn't charge the president was because, He is legally not alive to even in secret. That's what he's
going to say, and why is he not allowed to do that? What here we are Let's listen, listen and they will get wet, but for real quick. Do you agree with my assessment that what he just did there by saying week, we didn't have high confidence that he clearly did not commit a crime that that's backwards, bull, shit. and he's obviously being a political actor when he says that a hundred percent He represents. The national security state that you then, with probably source lies with people who don't like Trump, for the same reason that outlined before, not because they objected tromp on principle because they care about immigrants, people abroad were being bombed by Trump, because these same people have carried out those bombings in attacks in immigrants before when they were in power, including Robert Mahler, but they don't like from further on petty reasons, because they don't see him as a suitable web is representation of the of the aim of the elite that they are a part of that I want him in there click and so, and so he
and but now, rubber mother comes from the FBI. The F b I opened up this whole invested Asian and drop The robber mother, I think, is covering for that yeah. That's why it that's why he is inverting, be legal standard here, yeah, not it's, not a prosecutors job to declare to say, was even in his absence. that's not ravaging the prosecution, to either charge someone or not charge someone a prosecutor, There is not its other job to exonerate someone till you he's inventing this whole new legal standard, because he knew They give the base his constituency- something that's it. That's the part but people are missing that people who I talked people who are just regular people who don't follow politics that closely? That's the that's that heart that their missing. They don't understand that Robert Mueller is a hundred percent political act, and a hundred per cent corrupted, at the way in which doesn't mean tromp is a great guy right. It's
This means that there could be more than that that people, aside from tromp, can also be shady and ferris, and in this case you know they Mahler New Alot Mahler kept this investigation going for two years. He knew a long time ago that there was no conspiracy and then yes has were about to get to now but even excuse for why didn't make a decision which I know is telling in itself so so yeah. So let's get to that power here we go hairs. Here's why he says smaller says weight in charge of president. Here we go. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the present didn't commit a crime. The internet to the volume. Two of our report explains that decision. It explains that under long standing department policy, a present It cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. That unconstitutional.
if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view. That too is prohibited. Now, that's an opinion. That's not a fact because In fact, the this the sitting attorney general right now disagrees with that and so have others attorney general's, but hang them we're gonna get to that whole on this the council's office is part of the Department of Justice and by regulation. It was bound by that department policy choice during the present with a crime, was therefore not an option. We could consider. so he's making the case that I I want to, I wanted to charge him. I really he did, but I wasn't allowed you under law- and I didn't say anything about that before during hereafter, after until right, fuck and now what
also, he is not even see I wanted it he's not even saying I want to charge a peaches hinting at yes, so you'd being cowardly. Yes, because you can't say why is he knows, he knows that what he is saying is not actually factually sound, because a thing is- If it's true that you know that Doug Department policy would have prevented. The indictment of a sitting president President In- and that is a guidance What did the officer legal counsel, okay, but that's immature real to mothers, Job Malchus job is to reach a decision if the department doesn't want to charge Donald Trump that then then attorney general bark and say what we're not inoperative doing, that it was mothers jobbed just because department might be bar. from actually issuing an indictment that doesn't mean that Mahler cannot reach conclusion correct on the offences investigating that's correct all? If Robert Mahler thinks that Donald Trump committed obstruction, he can say so
then, and then he can submit. That too is a secure. The right in this case a stringent. Obama right and it can be unbar to make that as a result. So what you're saying Aaron? Is there You might not technically be up to the special council to charge the president, but he can certainly recommend or say. This is what I found I found ever. chance of a crime and here's the evidence he didn't do any of that, and he also could have said he also could have said yeah. There was a crime that committed. I can't charge him, but here's the evidence in Congress could truck. He didn't even do that accurate and now how he explained that it goes on to say. Will you wouldn't be fair, so hang on toll on that's where they get you right now watches the department written opinion explaining the policy makes several important points that for there are informed our handling of the obstruction investigation. So this is where, without a doubt, right here. What is about to say right now we're rob Bert Mahler reveals himself to be doing. Complete
mental gymnastics in order to push a narrative cast. he doesn't have any evidence watch this watch what he says: These points are summarised in our report and I will describe two of them for you. First, the opinion explore, explicitly permits the in. Instigation of a sitting president, because it is in weren't to preserve evidence, while memories are fresh and doc. made available. Among other things, that evidence could be used if there were a co conspirators who could be charged now. And second, the opinion says that the constitution requires a process other there the criminal justice system to formally accused a sitting president of wrongdoing beyond department policy. We were guided by principles of fairness. It would be unfair. Air to potentially
be unfair to potentially accuse somebody up a crime when there can be no court resolution of the actual charge. So Robert Mahler saying right there is that it would be unfair of my team, the special council team to two accused president of a crime when there's never gonna be a trial, so the president could clear is name, so we can't. We can't do that. Cause weak! First of all these technical- I can't do that. So I can't Georgia and I can't say that big It would be unfair to Trump, as has never going to be a trial, and then the other would be as this accusation from me out there and Trump would never get to legally Claire's names. It will be unfair to him, except here exactly doing that right now and his press conference, so that thing these pretending to want to be fair to the president is pleading uttered double, seek a bullshit, because if you,
one to be further the president? He wouldn't hold a press conference where he said You know he's fucking did a lot of stuff, but I can't prove it I dont have competence that he didn't do it? That's not what a prosecutor ever says exactly that's, not what I'm prosecutor ever says. What a prosecutor says. Is there isn't enough evidence to charge him? He doesn't say he ah That enough evidence to clear up? That's the percent of how a lot that law works. Raw but Molly knows that, and you know who I know he knows that I fucking know that with that, how I know he knows that That's all, I know he's a liar that's how I know that every year porter who reported this is also a liar or in a bubble, and you can't trust them. It's wmds all over again I'll throw it. So that reveals him to be a liar because he's pretending that he cares about fairness, and you can't charge president because
you can have a trial and I wouldn't be fair to charge and publicly if he couldn't clears name publicly in a trial that is bullshit. That's what he's doing is he's basically charging him he's intimating that he did commit these crimes, because I can confirm it didn't that's not. We use supposed to say anyway, going around what your responses will that Copyright he's he's intimating it probably this conference, and also I mean so. He wasn't fair for him. According to his telling to charge shrub, but it was fair to then lay out an hundred. The pages this detail, narrative that basically all but accuses trump of obstruction and makes the case for it. You know by the way. You know it's interesting, like look within its arrival. The academic debate at this point right, because because mother didn't make a decision- and there are all these legal scholars who say yes, trunk committal obstruction- you have a couple who don't an egg
it gets into intent and all this stuff, but the fat, but but a few facts were keeping in mind. First of all, there was no underlying crime to obstruct and investigation into which, although that's not like a hundred percent determinedly you can still of straw investigation if there is an underlying crime, but the absence of an underline crime, I think, is at least worth noting. I went there so what people really screaming about right now. Is that true? Ok trump didn't commit this crime, but he obstructed the investigation that would have found out. He didn't commit a crime exists. the right an end, and you can also- and also you know, there's off the fact that the reason we know all these damning details about Trump are the most possibly damning details are because our are our through witnesses that the Trump Ministration vote internal invited? You didn't They didn't assert executive privilege over anybody provided a lot of documents, those damning stuff
comes from Dothan trumps own counsel yards again, you know so it like. It is curious to accuse Trump. Obstruction when the most damning evidence, supposedly against them, come from when they say that that is furnished anyhow also in the reporting, and all this had left out the back. The don began according to new times, told mother that he didn't think that true was ever obstructing the investigation trap was expressing frustrate at the investigation, was impeding its duties as per is it in which you now, I think, makes sense because He was being a trader for six years and model. Even though he knew that wasn't true, wasn't saying anything right up and I don't want here's one morning Gaia. no one can also show what that, aside from trumps tweets and his and things he said with his mouth no one can actually show any specific actions that Trump took that really impeded mother,
let us also Jimmy also in a firing, call me because intent was clearly not shutting down. The investigation is spinning Herbert that way, because the interview he gave to lest her whole wrangling. But if you look at two things, if you look at, call me his own memo is of talking to Trump first memo call me says that that that true It is encouraging him to find the truth, because he saying it's all bullshit, basically and then also if you look at the inner, you with Lester hold the later later on the interview, this apartment Renault and shows were trumps. as he wants the investigation to continue Wanna do even prolong it. He just didn't. He did One call me in there because he didn't just call me anymore, call me had done things that you know. First of everybody, a comedy fired anyway because of the Hillary Clinton, that's raggedy Ann and put it even putting that aside call me before troublesome God. Not this call me presented Trump with, a briefing and which told them that there is this allegation that there that the Russians have a p tape of you
and then later on. Call me also by the way, my away. What Trump knew that wasn't true, so one me tells him that that the Russians have a p tape. Guess who knows? That's not true trump, an income. We also said in public God testimony in Congress that were investigating whether or not with coordination between trap in Russia and we're to getting whether there are any crimes being committed. So call me in self, as FBI director did a lot of really explosive things publicly, that you know that understandably, annoyed, tromp and also tromp astray, get. Him call me to say where at least say that I'm not a target of the investigation call me wouldn't even say that either so seriously. Call me it is capacities. Fbi director was helping fuel, they suspect in that trunk, was a russian agent, because by the way, not long after call me brief trump on the p tape that was leaked. Yes, you know,
the witch you know and that led the publication of the still dossier here so trumpet reasons, to be anchored with call me and feelings of common was undermining him and, by the way, my own personal fear, is it coming wanted to get fire no kidding because Comin wanted to leverage all this year to a book into a book deal she got and then he and then he be any rebranded himself- has some patriot. It would be like if I got fired from MSNBC holy Shit. Would that be great for my brand boy, that is a bit here, you know Call me was you everybody hated call me on liberal side right. So, if your call me you're facing a public relations crisis. You know that the dominant networks in media MSNBC. Seen in your time lost. and imposed according to them you're all a villain. So what better? if we are to do than to re brander image as many of these neo caught by the way have done that's all and come out is being you know, standing up the trump.
Of course, within a very now contacts there trying to go along with his narrative that that he's a russian agent, not act, the challenging him on his real policies you know If a call me, it was a great move and the problem, with so many people have been duped into thinking that his firing with some grave injustice and an attack on the republic. I know what would not at all he he knew that the crime call me was publicly talking about and stirring up people about wasn't it was non existent. crime that he was investigating, didn't happen so there? have to show intend that he was trying to cover up a crime. There's no crime, covered up, which is why there is no consensus, which was why there's no obstruction. So it's not again not hot MIKE Morel, laid this out in political to frickin years ago.
Oh, why they ll never get an obstruction charge. He was the one who explain why they have to prove intent it while they won't be able to prove it. He would like world the former director the CIA laid the shit out of the politico. Of course nobody ever talked about that part of the article they are some bullshit headlines about Russia and nobody ever talked about this stuff where he talked where I talk about this is from having imposed in a highly criticized press conference ahead of the MID April, release of the rejected version of the Mulder report. The Ernie general, William BAR member, when he had their press carvers everybody went crazy about. So this is what the about in the press conference, he said William by, I said that he pushed Mahler on web the special councils team would have sought an indictment, but for the well see opinion the oil see opinion being that you can't indicted. sitting president right, that's what the oil see opinion is, and so bar was like well, if that wasn't there would you have pushed for indictment
and mauler said no well here, mauler by told reporters said. I was not saying that for but for the oil the opinion he would have found a crime, so much or is already previously said that whole thing about me not being able to charge him? not widen charge him. I just and find evidence of a crime. That's what mother was telling bar and if he didn't tell bar that he's there were told anybody else that bars lying in fact in in fact what Mahler explained this week and in his report was that under his interpretation of the oil seeds view and just Department policy, he couldn't even attempt to reach a decision on whether the President committed a crime he hang on. He could we reached a conclusion. The attorney general bar says they all else
opinion says you cannot indicted president while he is in office, but he could have reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity or not, which is exactly what we talked about before a prosecutors. Judgment that crimes were committed, but that no Charges will be broad, affords no such adversarial opportunity for public. Clearing reform impartial adjudicators, that's what mothers team wrote, but that's exactly what. Mother, didn't his press conference, he excused as of committing crimes. By saying I couldn't clear him, which is not a prosecutor, never says so, your ex you and I think he bought a committed these crimes because I couldn't clear em Now Tropez, no public court to go fuck and clears name the exact thing. He's pretending to care about he's, actually sabotaging that's what a peculiarly corrupt liar that Robert Waller is even though he looks like it comes right from central casting he's the guy with integrity. He's a war liar. Ok, if they occur,
whose trump of committing a crime, without judge us above LE so watch this so Mahler and bar then had the issue. A statement. Jointly addressing this very thing, we're talking about and here's what they said, The attorney general has previously stated that the special council re P badly affirmed that he I'm not saying that, but for the well see opinion he would have found the president obstructed justice. So let me unpack that sentence for you. What that sent it actually says in plain English is the. Any general me. In bar, has previously stated that Robert Mauler affirmed that he, wasn't considering the oh well sees opinion that you can't charge or indicted president that was entering in two whether or not he concluded Donald Trump did something criminal,
So why did even bring it up at the press conference because a political actor and he has a constituency to serve and it's the old a Gorky. That's why so going out the good, so the special council so they're saying that had nothing to do with Mahler now finding criminal activity. Do you understand what I'm saying? I hope so so there? the next senses, the special council's report and his statement today made clear that the off? is concluded. It would not reach a determination one where the other about whether the President committed a crime. There is no conflict which when these statements, and that comes from the Department of Justice and Peter Car, so that's bars office. That's him and then send a spokesperson for the council's special councils. is that smaller, so that's book, that's Mubarak, bothered spokespeople saying there is no conflict, will what bar and Ballard agree on, which is what, which is that the idea,
that you came and data sitting president had no wait bearing or or influence on whether or not Mahler was going to tell you of Trump committed a crime or not, and if there was evidence of it. So this it's real word, because they use double negatives and not not all that stuff, but what its bay simply saying is what mobile did at the press conference is reveal himself to be another political actor and the liar right It's so head spinning and AIDS began the fact that basically, in obviously barston must have gotten Mahler to sign onto that to affirm what mother obviously told Barwood, which Barak quoted them on, because mothers press conference, sewed confusion because, again the dominant narrative has been the opposite of that. The what fuel than his nose conference in what has been the prevailing thinking was that the o, if not for the wealthy memo Mahler. What of charge trumpet criminal
seventy and that right there directly contradicts that. But of course, a joint statement carries less weight than you know. less attention than mothers, news conference and mother, not even actually saying that the wealthy memo prevented him from charging him from tragic trumpet the crime but strongly hinting that, and so the whole thing is so cynical it makes everyone's had spent in theirs. So many more things, if you look at where mothers team has done that, to speak, thou disingenuous they are so according to bar. When there came to him and said said that wrapping wrapping up our report not not to reach a determination bar said, alright, fine, we want to get the support as that as fast as possible, so whenever you submit it, make sure that you are highlight what part of it is the grand jury, material so we can know which partly have to reject right
you know now that will allow us to get this report out. Quicker, is accordant bar and mother hasn't contradicted this. Of course, what happened? are submitted the report and then grandeur, grandeur, material was highlighted and, of course, which means the bark not released report immediately, because you cannot release grand jury material to the public, which means bar and his team, at a go along with mother to go through the whole report and and reduced act all the grand jury material which delayed the report's public release. What's the hand, was blamed on bar and lead to this impression that that bar I was engaged in a cover up and was hiding it from the public which Mother and his team fuelled even further went on the eve of bars testimony to cut to the Senate. They release the this letter that mother had written to bar, which gave the appearance that Molly was accusing bar of covering it up when really he wasn't. He would just saying that bar summary did not fully capture the substance
a context of our report. He was not so the dead bar had Miss characterized Mahler word, MR up here this represented anything thing he was saying that basically bars for page letter didn't fully capture the absence of former That is not. How could it exactly exactly, but it gave me parents, and it a net. Somehow bar was covering shit up right that you that's the apparent that they were giving us a bar. Even though he released the whole poor by the way. This is this is the new story that Rachel Matthau hundred percent got wrong and the news crawl her producer got right. We did it, we did a video on that check. It out is we're. Rachel matter was saying that William BAR sixty eight euro round in a way in which you made a big deal out from being sixty eight, that's something like that's ancient in today's world, I don't know Jacqueline was still tugging Doug locomotives. Any was ninety anyway. so she made a big deal out of how William BAR was somehow being sneaky and not telling us what was in. The above Mullah report turns out
Her producer knew better. Mahler was actually helping bar do that reduction. I just one Put that this is a if you show this are no say they are. This is this is what they are, parsing negative statements, if we had conquered, since the president committed a crime we would have said so. We did not however, make a determination as to whether the present did commit a crime like what the f r? U guys, that's it see you again Didn't commit a crime or not well would have any evidence of it, but I any confidence that he did it. That's that's that is a cowardly move and that's what Red Mahler is Robber Mullahs, a liar robber model A coward he'll liason do wars and any the political actor so rubber bullets doesn't have integrity, get that out of your head. He's the head of the FBI, you get to be the head of the FBI and have integrity young alive, hello, wished They look closely question.
One of them. I have pancake burgers, yet a what other played down with me. You played over me it's a march, I journalist, aren't you cannot, then you not be up. Forward policy matters day. What is I have got to do with foreign policy? Oh boy to pay awry? Hey, you know, there's a lot more, that phone CALL Billina have time in today's podcast How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy door. Come dot com site up, it's the most horrible premium programme business today show was written left right. It was written by a breakdown of Jim Earl Romp Latona steps. Memoranda would mark by land, with all the voices
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