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Phone calls from Vince Vaughn, Barrack Obama, Al Pacino, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jew, Medora show you hi. This is Jimmy who's. This journey its evades. How are you doing? I'm freezing what why were you buddy? I I don't know, I'm stranded. I've lost. I I I I I I who go get rid slowdown. Tell me what happened. I was it Trump rally. Rarely last night, on with Donald Trump We must now put any web tribute he took off an airplane and I did make awaits with the boxes back home, so we
sort of stowed away, you gotta got colder and cold, or so do so. I decided to wander off into the boy because I thought maybe you'd be warmer there. You know because of a tree, now the deforested nighttime at I'm lonely and frightened Ok, why did you call our showed set of assembled? Who could actually help you Oh I'm sorry, my thinking very clearly right now I'll go going. Ok, sorry, just raptors Jimmy. How could you do that? How can you just a bad at us it's it's because he doesn't care about you or anyone or anything thing to be true at man was put here by God. Save America. Is suffering that I am enduring due to his actions. It must have some kind of meaning. No, it doesn't, it must have been. The only way I can process my predicament while keeping my sense of identity attack. This
Kind of like a religious thinking trying to teach a muffled up. Why. This is a lesson he needs us to be stronger, so we could fight for him and the path to strength leads through suffering Joseph, bullshit I don't. I don't big of a credible Donald Trump honor to be fucking funny things get on on your behalf, Vince you need
get the safety buddy rejected beautiful gift. I just given. Excuse me you I will be stopped right here for at least a little while longer, maybe maybe get a little frostbite? the Revolutionary WAR Patriot way. What was that Vince? I think I heard a wolf older. I gotta get fuck out of ok. Vince. What do you see. ok to my rightly buildings and lights in the distance to the left, is very dark. Just dense forests, as far as the I could see, all alright, I need you to go right towards them buildings and the lights. Are you sure that I will take it to the left might be warmer there because of the more tree gave? Is Didn't we under an impression that trees generate here and there do not. Please
You go right, Ok, ok, but I'm a little worried about what I lived in words: Bigfoot dinosaurs, the diamond Susan Extinct, lids. Yeah, I know, but all of them. How can we be so sure is that not the very arrogance of man I promise you, you need to get to safety. Vince Ok, ok, you know why we're going there, the Mcdonald, like five hundred yards away to write a United Chat Jimmy. I european policy, the joy getting your agitated November third Margo I'm gonna get away
walking up and down the street and Johnson some had the chance to show everybody welcome NEWS which Jimmy Giorgio I've Jimmy Door and I've been cancelled more times in the five cent stand. You know this week programme. This is called Kobe Nineteen, a lady who must be obeyed. It's probably the closest Catholic church will ever come to give women control over their lives on the other. Biggest problem democratic face. After winning, the White House is Trump leaving the country because they, means- will actually have to come up with a platform. Hey sides just just
After years of searching, they found water on the moon. Don't worry, We're not going to ban fracking there either you dont, NASA's, hobbles, telescope, also discovered an asteroid with a metal content that could be worth ten thousand inquired trillion dollars put into earth terms. That's how much it now CASA go to college hey. What's coming up on today's Jimmy Door, show, why does journalism suck in America The answer just may surprise you, or will it and had suddenly do with the richest man on the planet and the CIA. What's on six, minutes gamala Harris Ass if she is a progressive or a socialist and now That's when the interview gets weird Democrats, arrogantly believe they have the so called Blackpool locked up, but do they really? The answer is going to surprise them. American
a failed state, don't believe me just see how the establishment expects go. Fuck me to save the american people. Plus we got phone I'll stay prevent bond just humor Parag Obama, Joe Biden, plus a lot more than today. We don't joke Amy Coney bear it is confirmed to the Supreme Court. You know why, because Democrats are feckless frauds. The Democrats have allowed Republicans deceit over two hundred and fifty federal judges and three Supreme Court justices. Without a fight these rightwing judges will be with us for the rest of our lives. Democrats could have denied unanimous consent for procedural votes. They didn't. Democrats could have demanded quorum from Republicans for process votes. They did it. Democrats could have filibustered event
Hence in field then was procedural challenges they didn't. Pelosi could have coordinated impeachment of Trump or William BAR to force the Senate into procedural session. She didn't Democrats could have gummed up the nomination, but they didn't have the guts. In a press conference last week, Chuck Schubert floated the possibility of the democratic Senate caucus denying quorum. He didn't Dems could have used every trick to stall the nomination past election day, but Democrats are late easy, arrogant and stupid. It wasn't Jill Stein that prevented Democrats from having any balls. The democratic party leadership is a disgrace,
the only power they wheeled exporting the Republican Wall Street agenda without appearing to be the authors, yet they will continue to fund raise off their Supream cord failure. That's the real game here. Democrats approve these judges because Wall Street approves them and they get the added bonus that progressive legislation will be almost impossible unless the court has expanded. The political theatre is endless. So that's what I have to say about that. But guess what could you do? Joe Biden looking upon his his cabinet. Gina Ramundo being considered as Biden's Treasury secretary she's, a Rhode Island governor. She would not be a popular selection among, aggressive or organise labour, not popular with progressives
right on brand, for the Democrats, while. Joe Biden transition team, has informed democratic officials that Gina Raimondo is undercut Adoration as the next secretary of the Treasury should Biden when the election, multiple sources have confirmed other genes include Ebeneezer screws, the ghost of Andrew Carnegie and an iron rand hologram. This is what you're voting for you guys vote. You happy you guys proud of yourselves. This is you voted for. This is your antidote to trump? Raimondo has built her career on subservience to Wall Street and her selection would be an affront to organ
eyes, Labour said David Seagal executive director of demand progress. She has built her career on subservience to Wall Street and her selection would be an affront to organise labour. So she's been grassroots, organizer lazy. I'm gonna run giving Raimondo governor of Rhode Island is a former venture capitalists who took the governors mansion on this? length of millions of dollars in Wall Street donations, remote Those name will stir the long memories of union leaders. Usually is will all give out a collective, ah shit. Unions have held a grudge with her for years over her tenure as state treasure, and why would you do well when she cut pension benefits for pub employees while steering over. A billion dollars and state money to hedge fund investments,
so she's a real life, supervillain NET raising she's a real live supervillain and Joe Biden Gonna put her in his cabinet. This is what your voting for. Here's your advice here also voting for her job. I'm Paul Ryan was correct, as did the tax go. What's the first thing you decide where to go after social Security and Medicare. Now we need to do set about so scared him. That's the only way you can find room to pay for
I don't know he gets giddy about screwing over better care. He gets giddy about it. They just gave five trillion dollars to the richest oligarchs in the country and he's telling you we can afford. Social security. He needs to link closer to the mic to avoid smelling his own bullshit. That's what I think he does. He leans so close to that MIKE. You think it was a eight year old girls, hair senator. We have a deficit, we have Social Security and Medicare looming. The number of people on Social Security Medicare is now forty million people. It's going to be eighty million in fifteen years. Would you consider looking at those programs, age of eligibility, cost of living. Put it all on the table. The answer is absolutely have you have to it's God I mean come on. I mean common sense says that you got a we're. Well here, what's wrong? Is that my you know the political
Visor say to me his woe: don't touch that third luck, the american people and stooping Israel, simple proposition! We have to do we in our time Bob Bob Bob earlier I was what I've had enough: American people are stupid. They know we can't afford to take care of our old people. We got a cup better care, so security worried A huge deficit whole how we gonna get out of this whole. Unless we push a bunch of all people in it, he's been trying to cut so scary about occurs. Whole goddamned career how he's gotta put a woman in the cabinet who just cut retirement benefits for union workers. Ok, wow.
a lawyer says the family of a black man who was killed when police fired. I him more than a dozen times in Philadelphia had called for an ambulance to get him help with the mental health crisis, not for police intervention, so I just want to point out the reason I showed you all these clips because of who is putting in his cabinet and Joe Biden has been trying to loot, so Security Medicare his whole life and they just did loot the Treasury thing at five trillion dollars for their riches. All the guard cited and so. A lawyer says the family of a black man who was killed when police fired on a more than a dozen times had called for an ambulance to get him help not for police intervention. Joe Biden Bite says no excuse for looting, so it's ok for his rich friends ensued,
entire salute the american Treasury, but black people are being gun down in the street left and right by the state without any repercussions. That's deluding that these he wants does no excuse for the other looting. It's ok. Hey Joe, they were just shooting Walmart in the leg. They were looting. Rumsfeld says looting is a transition to freedom you. Remember that Iraq WAR, you you voted for. You were you at your finger at people for now, supporting even after it started, everyone knew was horrible. Joe Biden, the Iraq war that their work work that you loved. Will the guy who ran it said looting as a transition to freedom. So maybe that's what they're doing when their looting Joe
a reserve to lend additional one trillion. Data large exists that looting, though right. That's alluding. Wow, so in talking. Harry about. chest we get. We can talking about voting in the offer. Time what fucking, nothing, the method, nothing, what. We have to be clear than ever when we are out here fighting for
I say no cute little movement is say no tweet is say no fucking Instagram post. so there you go by people saying after a whole, summer of protests were about to vote in the author of the crime bill and someone who calls herself the top cop hate. Maybe if I vote for term by compulsion to the left. So expecting bided and Harris to do any about police brutality is like expecting an insurance company to solve our health care crisis.
That's not happening so there you go to now I mean I don't know. I can't I'm just warm up doing these segments about how horrible Joe Biden Kemal hairs are, because you could do it at an his and his cabinet. I mean this is amazing. This is made. This is like Nixon Shit that Joe Biden doing. And you got a vote for know: you're, not a good person, and then everybody else can go to sleep after Joe Biden, PA angle back to brunch, okay wow, while while And they got the they get. All those progressive YO see endorses them. The sunshine of the environmental groups endorse him.
What does that group called? Why can my blinking on the nasal called shunt sunshine? as an environmental group, run, they were borne by the young kids, the young kids, that young kids sunshine with that. What is it? The sunshine movement? I think it's called That's all I don't know sunrise moved sunrise that young people uniting the starts going. I was right, young people. I was right, ok, so that their therein they ve got third Joe Biden get their endorsement. Hey out everything we want, so there you go and all the Justice Democrats are telling you to vote for this is it. This is what this is, why you vote for progressive, so they support this shit really instead of screaming about it
Up to now. You know why that of Joe Biden, because President things you're gonna get worse man way worse. Who do you, Yo bite is going going to take care of he's, got to take care of the billionaire class. First, and then the millionaire class and buy them. It gets around to you, it's gotta be just like it was with covert. They got nothin. wow Chuck Shumer is on the line. I wonder how he's taking the Amy Bear Confirmation, hello. Oh my goodness, this is the last draw Jimmy. I am almost beyond words: With these republicans in all their shenanigans and such as the happens next chuck out, you what happens next. It excuse my language, but it's time to really get down to brass tacks. Later A lot of these boy did they can't ride roughshod over this country traditions. What's your strategy just.
I'm going to come right out and say it. There is no way to express this gently. I am formally voicing my opposition to Amy Coney bear it, and you may quote me on that yeah, but the city just confirmed or to the Supreme Court. I their stand. Your frustration Jimmy and I assure you, write down my bottom dollar Nancy and I will. He's every era when our quivers stop dark money, flooding into politics, the limiting of voting rights and curtailing the right to choose. This is, Our sacred pledge to you, the american voters, ok but why did you do anything before louder came out of the blood. Isn't it like a freight train? No one expected this to happen. Jimmy apparently we're playing a whole new ball game here. My friend these people, just don't want to play by the rules with all They're thing in such I have added it ends here. Well
You sound angry Ray is not an adequate word to describe it Jimmy I met mists, yes Jimmy. I know that many Mcconnell thinks that this will eventually blow over, but he is wrong. The republican we'll never never get that credibility back with these kind of antics. we have arrows oh yeah, you're gonna use those arrows Nancy talked about then Make no mistake: we are very much prepared to use those arrows. We have quiver region, clever it all of arrows and boy, Let me tell you: are we ever gonna show them to the people and we are going to display, though there arose in a very stern and forceful manner for added empathy Instead, we may see, though, their role in the world where have you been all whereof, those arrows been all this time and are prepared?
Action yet and where the hell is your quiver, I think it's in the back of a clause on an eight, the stairs bind small family pictures. You know our mom is about that. Stop you can't take it out without dissent. Maybe other boxes and before you know it. You got old Christmas decorations over the floor and tinville everywhere, and land sakes alive I don't want to think about the disorder that happens once the cat gets in it such a mess. You would not believe Christmas Chuck. Aren't you jewish I'm, covering all my bases anyway. I want the american people to know. We will not stop. the struggle we have six more days until the election. I make an almost guarantee. The president will not try to confirm another just as before then at all, because the democratic body is out there in the trenches fighting for you. Well thanks for that inspired message.
I can see where they call you the master of the Senate. Your welcome Jimmy now comes the time. I might ask something of you all. The cash and pleading really takes a toll on our party's resources. Will you please take the time now that make a contribution No thanks. Please please come on anybody there. Okay, I'll wait I'll, be all right here. Don't worry anybody there? Thank you so much by the way for letting me sit here waiting for your reply- oh dear, maybe he forgot. I was on the line, alright I'll make sure he'll call me back tomorrow. Do. Ok, we'll talk later, I guess hanging up now. By later they buy me Ok, I just
Sure I'll just called back tomorrow? No problem. built the Cages job Joel built the cages who built of sketches Joe, you shouldn't. You said that all night that- and what did you were? Why don't you do it four years ago. Why did you do this for years ago? That's that's what he should have said to hold the first debate and this debate, and what Jimmy you say suggesting that the problems that were experiencing right now just didn't happen overnight. They did not start in January. Twenty seventeen it turns out. This is frank, launched the right wing Papa pollster pollster he treated this out. He says nearly my entire group of undecided say there are more disheartened instead of excited by this election compared to previous ones. Neither candidate speaks to me
Or my issues they care more about winning than they do about serving that's frank, lances focus group, not Michael Moors. I just want make sure that's not Jeffrey tube and down in the bottom line, is one to make certain it anyway. She's interviewing three working class black women And who say they're not going to vote for four but Joe Biden, I think that's Chris chancing yeah, so here's some more of it. I am totally undecided. I write your name in at this point. Usually by now I would have voted already. I does not palpable either one of them right now. What are you look for what do you need to hear? Let's start at it, would you look? king for what are you? What are you doing here?
How is the guy who wrote the crime bill disappointed you. What are you looking for you out of there actually do something for you. Do you want to have a policy that makes your life better or the countries is You guys. crime bill in the fact that he has not. Not only not apologized. Not only now, he is not. Here is not only not rectify every time he revert back to where we will some the black hawk as members and then in the church where they were with the two ok, you them as well. You know you never said. I'm sorry, you know it's like. I didn't. Wait. I want to hear a higher class plan. I don't wanna hear if this or if that or after the elections, does the presence of common Harris on the democratic ticket sway you or not at all. I don't know who says she had our vote. She does not
We were supposed to grab want all who Who said she had our vote rich? She goes on. I was me he snap. By the way, their asking for a long overdue apology from Joe Biden for the crime bill they're asking for a long overdue apology and even that too much to ask for. gamala with the black girl magic, but that didn't happen She didn't write or wrongs like I hold, fishes accountable. I don't care what color you are, and I think that too often we automatically think that, because someone looks like you that they're gonna, your best interests at heart, and that's that's just not simply true. Look at Barack Obama, for instance. Joe Biden did the ninety ninety four crime bill, which created mass incarceration. created more prisons created longer sentencing asking.
The war on drugs and targeted african Americans. That's Joe Biden and he was proud of it. So we do everything except hang you for jaywalking in our bill. He was proud of it who who needs Nixon when you got Joe Biden who needs trump when you got Joe Biden. Liberals are absolutely livid at the prospect that black people bite want something in exchange for their vote. So here someone who tweets out three undecided black women voters spoke to my colleague about why Joe Biden yet to earn their vote. Despite everything that Donald Trump has said and done during the presidency, I just don't get it he's what he said. I just don't get it after everything you ve seen from Biden. I mean from Trump. Well here's some more here, some more stuff. That's gonna blow your mom, this
two thousand and sixteen. This is right after Trump beat Hillary Clinton, so New York Times sent a reporter to some barber shops in Milwaukee to see why the black people, when we voting and why Hilary lost. Many in Milwaukee Neighbourhood, didn't vote and don't regret it yeah. Remember that demand that the Dnc not learn, not learning from history manner. severe owner of the juice kitchen said broccoli. I'm as election was like going to the beach. Then he said, eight years happened and that was at and then eight years happen their lives and get better.
There's another guy Ian Fifer a cook at Jake's delicatessen said he did not vote. We were stuck between Trump and Hillary. He said they really left us with no choice. The election was notable as much for the people who did not show up, as for those who did at the mill key Barbershop. Only two of them had voted, but there were no regrets is about the people who after from got elected, there were not regretting not voting who minorities in MILAN. We're not regretting Trump being elected, they were not regretting not voting for Hillary Clinton. I don't feel bad. Milwaukee is tired. Both of them were terrible. They never do anything for us anyway. Talk of politics in the barber shop inevitably comes back to one man, Barack Obama, Mr Obama's elect,
infuse many here with a feeling of connection to national politics. Had never before experienced. But their lives have not gotten better and soundness said in so they voted for Barack Obama. Twice their lives got worse and now soreness has set in. I'm so Numb said John Tony forty five, he said. No, president in his lifetime had done anything to improve the lives of black people include Mr Obama, whom we voted for twice, it's like I should have known this would happen were worse off than before, but it's really jails die, install right or my fault or Susan surrounding or anybody who doesn't have power, someone else who doesn't have power right, not the people who actually could have gotten these votes.
As far as the claims of racism, that of dog Mr Trump, Mr Babar wasn't so worried, it's better than smiling to my face, but going behind closed doors and voting against our kids. He said, which is what Joe Biden does indeed. He was real, unlike a lot of liberal democrats, who are just as racists but keep it hidden. He said his jaw slathered with shaving cream. Still. He voted for MRS Clinton, as the many others here here is ice. Cube The way look didn't have a plan. Everybody is talking about for about eight from about the trooper. If you vote Happen happened first day so now what. True about now. What
What do we get the first hundred days? That's what we're trying to figure out what Do we actually get there? We back there give us overnight, like that they just pull. Three trillion dollars out there and gave it to rephrase debts american taxpayers money, That's your money. Did they just gave away any news. Half forty two percent of black business is closed. None and anyone with wears off fuckin bill, where's the bill out, not peep, Eagle, that they that they didn't give us where's? The Bella. I want to hear about deficit I'm here bow. What are our generation's? Don't have to pay.
Could we don't have she dangle should anywhere to pay nothing. so we got to start something right now. Democrats don't seem like they got a plan. Republicans don't seem like they got a plan for us, so how the hell you gonna vote for them, make them make them. That ball biggest. today they ain't gonna. Yet started to make their own evolve me stop playing with these people and no stop way in which you well White Hollywood. Lou check we really mad at that black guy he's privilege. He doesn't know what he's talking about, how dare he not vote for the people who have been fucking him over his whole life? How dare you. By the way, Joe Biden, it's a rich donors, nothing would fundamentally change of fees elected. I can't believe that just wasn't his campaign slogan.
I have reached the regrettable conclusion that the negroes greatest stumbling block in his dried towards freedom is not the clue. Klux cleaner, but the white moderate. The white moderate, who was more devoted to order than to justice, who prefers a negative peace, which is the absence of tension to a positive peace, which is the presence of justice. who constantly says I agree with your goals, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action who paternalistic believes he can at the time table for another man's freedom, who by the mythical concept of time and constantly advises to wait for a more
Convenient season who said that the white moderate wisdom greater obstacle to black people than the clocks, Gunnar, who said this. Martin Luther King Jr said this, and this is what he's talking about saga about this guy. The white moderate, who is more divorce, to order than to justice who prefers a negative which is the absence of tension to a positive PETE's, which is the presence of justice there. It is. The negroes greatest stumbling block in his stride towards freedom is not the clue. Klux planner, but the white moderate. Ok there you go night, not maybe no. I blacks, won't Blackstone Biden
Hey you know: we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do and that were not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show you should be. The a premium member we give you up couple of hours of premium bonus content every week. And it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Jimmy Door company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed to four I will briefly a programme in the business it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards. Extra everybody who was already a premium member, and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support Hey Barack Obama's calling you from the campaign trail hello, all right Judy, I'm calling you from a campaign trail, I feel like. I have a purpose again, I'm so excited it feels so good to get out of Martha Vinyard. Our new place gets
so darn quack sometimes feels good to give back in front of loving audiences again Jimmy I've given so much. Just now got a carpal. Your backs. Beggar knuckle, carbon pointy index finger knuckle you're not where you clarify point at a non threatening manner, while sidestepping an important subject with bullshit I'm store very biology while you're really work in it. when I look into the air, oh boy, emphatic gesticulate, job, I'm gonna, when the same continue the Obama legacy. Did you The thing I just wrote for the New Yorker about our great struggle to give health care to America. Your great struggle, it's probably the best presidential memoir ever beautifully written walking on the south, lock with the light fading in the street. it's purple adult and while I was engaged with the greatest struggle of my life to give everybody aboard
Don't care where they could take whatever doktor they want Did that ever happen, don't worry, we'll applicant robots Jimmy I couldn't get in there. There? What legacy is Biden running on exactly do. I look for healthcare may not on class land ownership. You pass the ACA with sixty votes, and modified it through reconciliation. The wreck, conciliation bill contained the public option. An you took it out you the simple majority votes to keep it in? Why did you take it out? Brock, Iraq, the moment that it regards. I couldn't do that They got all my legislation, but you. absurd. They did anyway, that's upper classes are forcing us to the public. Would you had Harry Red take out.
Because we are all republican colleagues, but they brought back legislation, but a few. Included the public option, may be more. Voters would come out for the twenty cent mid terms And you have had a democratic Congress instead of losing it. Oh I see what you're saying if I follow what the public option I have a democratic congress. What to do shit yeah, that's something, but I couldn't. Why now drop our guard with they might do to fight back Maybe not if you actually help the voters. Oh, I see what you're saying: help voters and they'll back you and your party yeah, But I couldn't do that y know. I'm rich, I don't know anymore maybe I'll write about it. My next book, the power of nothing hey. What do you think Tom is going to pick for her.
We made twenty twenty four Apocalypse and Tom so cab Allah could I collar cable, you gotta camera, a ha ha ha ha goods, but more poor people in prison. Our I took about Harris what I'd sixty minutes and it was a gas. She laughed at nothing. She ran away from real issues and she gasped lighted. So, let's watch a very different, the policies that you've supported in the past. We considered the most liberal United States Senator and what is. I'll tell you: what does that? Tell you she's the boy, liberal, United States Senator a tool of Wall Street and a cop who had to he sued to let people out of prison
Somebody said that in the actual, my pants on the debates to put that actually that non part is you just. Let me get you just chemicals for silly, no reason whatsoever, and Of track has raided you as the most liberal, senator you, supported the green new deal. You supported Medicare for all you ve supported legalizing marijuana. Joe Biden doesn't support those things. So are you gonna bring the pie policies, those progressive policies? You supported a senator into a binding administration, all you so what this news personal saying as you and Joe Biden, a really different, I mean he wrote the crime bill, you implemented it see how different you guys are. I thought there is
controversy. Yes, and I also that the reason why she had to tell common to all the things that she was progressive on, otherwise commoner can come up with a list anyways right, you're, right, you're right, you, the most progressive in it. Unbelievable you're considered the most liberal United States? Senator they didn't include low level drug offenders in that assessment. I bet I be honest when she's. Ok, let's goes, keep got what I will do, and I promise you this, and this is what you want: made a do, yes was part of our deal. I will We share with him my lived spare my Lou as it relates to any issue that we confront I will I will relate my lived experience. That's that's the new buzzword. My lived experience, that's the new buzz word or term You don't you know who else have has a lived experience Kemal, I know a guy,
has lived experience of being having steep manoeuvre and steel this house from illegally, and then you not prosecuting him because you're tool of Wall Street. What about that lived experience is that the lived experience due to tell you about how to screw over fuckin homeowners and old people in favour of the banks. Is that you, live Cosette. Your real lived experience, your lived experience of growing up privileged promised Joe, that I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him and is, as a socialist or progressive, proactive up? No, it is the poorest. Directive of of a woman who grew a black child in America who was I'll be honest, which he compared her two socialist I left pretty hard to produce. So that's that's! A solid left It's all a prosecutor who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of nineteen from India, who also
oh, you know likes hip hop, but what do you want to know maybe you I want to give you the operative. I don't know what she's laughing about, but she likes hip hop. So much in travel in the future to her stuff. There hasn't been released. Yet, did you know that. What do you want to know maybe to address their speed, ready? Here's what I she says she says I take it over the fact that when asked whether she pushed bite into Adopt Medicare, brawler green New deal, Kemal Harris laugh hysterically and said no shit
be bringing her lived experience as a black woman who likes hip hop when an exchange to define the times. I'm surprised and shows her cool shoes. I'm co sponsoring Bernie Sanders Medicare for all bill, because health care is a right and your name. The agreed member, when she did that Doing that, but here she is trying to win an Emmy watch this leave any this personal, and I was actually very it was hurtful to Here. You talk about the reputations of too. You know. It states senators who built their reputations and Rare on the segregation of race, this country and It was not only that, but
You also work with them to oppose bussing and There was a little girl in California and who is part of this. can class to integrate her public schools and she was bust to school every day, and the little girl was me so I will tell you that on this subject,. Are we today do your great today, that you were wrong to oppose blessing in America. Then do you agree- I did not oppose foreseen in America. What I oppose is Bussing ordered by the Department of Education, that's what I oppose. Why are they not a failure of so that too? that's her trying to get an Emmy and then she goes here and says because in those debates you added hame,
Occurs on Joe Biden I mean they were. His teeth were like, let's all all over the stage, and now I believe you that are fully supportive of him. How does that a transition happen? How do you go from being such a passionate opponent on such bedrock decibels for you and now you guys, seem to be pals. It was debate I'm not everybody landed punches, like you did, though it was a debate. Come on actually care about that stuff? That Just shit, I was saying to try to score points at a debate. That's what you say
while care about that shit that bussing shit, I mean it it was a debate that the whole reason literally it was a debate- was called a debate. I understand travel to the debate. They were journalists they're covering the debate. You know at debates, everybody just lives. Stuff. It doesn't say things they mean. You know whatever. That is true shit unwalled see, would stick to that that stock its ice he's a psychopath about Bay debate. Your journal as there was a debate, was called debate. I got She found a way to get out of that question. That's what you think she discouraged that's what they do is keep keeps
having a laughing and she's right, it whistler opaque. We had a debate later literally literally, a debate where there will be a debate, cheese. I should have been an actress, ha ha. I would not be standing here or it not for the education I received, and I know men of many of us will say the same thing: and I believe a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime So I decided I was gonna start prosecuting parents for truancy. Well, was a little controversial. I've got a good, I'm gonna put the poorest people in jail protrudes. The is tat. Bunny ha not going to help people
And frankly, my staff with bananas- they were very concerned because we didn't know at the time whether I was gonna have an opponent. My reelection raise. What is it Look, I'm done me, do it um, horribly draconian shit that the poorest most vulnerable people in society and I'm fuckin, bringing down the hammer of the government on them as hard as possible. To give a buck My staff was, I am, I got gear, I'm uh, I'm fuckin dead inside. This is a serious issue and I've got a little political capital pay education's importance. Here's a here is an even more horrible idea, though then spend some of it. And this is what we did. We recognised that in that initiative as a proud, Security and law enforcement- I have a huge stick. The school district is gotta care. It lets work in tandem,
around our collective objective and goal, which is to get those kids in school, so tat in On my letterhead now let me tell you something about my letterhead when you're the da of a major city in this country, usually the job. With a badge- And there is often an artistic rendering of said Badge on your stationary, so I sent a letter out on my letter to every parent in the school district outlining the connection that was statistically proven between elementary school truancy, high school dropout, who will become a victim of and who will become a perpetrator of crime. We sent it out to everyone, a friend of mine, Ashley, mainly set common. My wife got the letter she freaked out. She brought all the kids into the living room held up. The letter said if you don't go to school, camels gonna, put you and me in jail for me
we achieved attend the intended effect party. More people are dying To death enough poor minority people aren't scared enough. We got to scare you. Another is another way to put you in jail. Get you in the system. Prison stocks went up right after Kamala Harris was confirmed, as vice president. That's who Kamala Harris is actually going to do socialism for the for profit. Prison industry like she always has. That's why she's giggling about locking people up? That's why she had to be sued by the federal government they have a release prisons, prisoners in California, that she would not release. Hey Kamala Harris has to answer for not prosecuting Stevenson. She likes prosecuting truants, but she will prosecute Wall Street criminals. Isn't that interesting.
She goes widen prosecutor because his kids, we're late for school, is kids went to school, so What do you want? I don't understand, was to do that. how come out here. It's fought to keep nonviolent prose prisoners locked up as California attorney general. She bet year, subverting the twenty eleven Supreme Court ruling requiring the state to reduce its prison population. The overseeing judicial panel nearly found the stately contempt of court, one wrote the crime bill, the other enforced it authoritarian, establishment. Take it all the way Nothing will fundamentally change build more schools, not jails. Just joking build more jails is what Kemal Harris's she's just joking. So there she was
sixty minutes? That's who she is. That's what you're gettin you're gettin to unbelievable right wing authoritarianism in lefty, clothing, they're, not their unbelievable rightwing. Things are going to give way worse what Joe Biden as president, So I know all the blue check. Assholes are gonna, go back to sleep. Andy Richter will be happy as as city he lives in turns into fuckin. Brazil he'll be happy, though, has trump won't be on tv, and then he can go to parties and act like a person, even though those people will never use their platforms to two lampoon, the cause Donald Trump Del wholly Lampoon, Donald Trump, and that's why most committee, most comedy socks right now was late night shows our fucking garbage garbage Stephen Colbert did what
problem may be the best comedy show in the history of political comedy, the Colbert report, the show is doing and C b s is the exact he turned into the character. He was making fun of that's how bad it is his show his shows horrible. I see a lot of people shows go horrible under Donald Trump. When that amazing, like new, shows louder Donald Lefty, do shows, could turn into garbage because a Donald Trump they turn into can spare. Missy theorists, they turn into people who repeat CIA talking points uncritically. They turn into people who shame journalists who get it right, because a Donald Trump that happen. I happened to Youtube. Lefties that had happened is fuckin assholes at sea and an end to this day. Those people still do it.
And now you wonder why everybody's being censored under the idea get its rush? Does electors and is pushing Russia gave? The left is propping up the intelligence community, the proud their left props up the surveillance state. and if you think, when you vote for Ill Hano, Marv Fuckin EO see that their against fraud surveillance state you're wrong, they voted for it. They all voted for it. None of us voted against it as normal. Solomon pointed out last October. What's the point of voting for progress. since if there is going to vote in favour of the acute surveillance state anyway, there is no point. Why did you call me again? Allow shut me? If you vote for me, you must be black, here's the thing the United States, americanese change
Two normalcy, a tragedy you believe, get mad build to the back door. Better boy how's. Your time, We showed up and counting no looking back Thursday. guy. Mr Cameron man's is, The new days are here: the old days are there, you know what I mean. Jesus. Not really, sometimes you just slur your words and mix things up, and it really scares me Joe, give me a break for Kate. What yeah fuck you next question. I I really don't have one you're, scaring you're, scaring me and happens to be present, errors can take over a lover. creepy laugh away. Are you sure you're up to the dresses job Joe. Will you shut up man the practice in my direction with John twist? You shall we go. Have you seen as one
She shall shapes so stay shores and robbed a rubber baby, Bobby bombs by the shells alike, I don't remember that that what go that way? I don't think that's how it goes crazy. Ask me if I do this, One I shall shortly shipowners shine shop, ok, say it. I shall surely shooting shop. No, that's not it at all. Come on man. This is a classic Denver, information America has been here and all about what you, gonna clam cram in clean cream Jesus Christ Jesus. I don't want to do tug twisted with you, Joe, make sure of I wondered how a clam could do that. I wanted. what Churchill forgot change. What.
The motivation here how do you feel about Republicans labeling, you, a socialist radical, sherry? Aren't you glad, Barney is rotting. I beat eleven crap Bolshevik, so much more formation going around Jack, let me be clear job, must not allow medical for all, not ban fracking and he not support the green new deal no she'll. You said cream nude vehicle, ok, whatever no fail across retraining, crazy, old, forget about shame in the world for now is Travers gonna Not save the world faster dear got a clear choice. Remember third: don't forget
I can still win because of how he plays. What do you mean by how he plays? He could pull a fast one. by not killing another ten thousand people in next week. It might only be Five thousand, you see what I mean. That's a clear difference. Five thousand people I get Another thing I'll show What I told at Leslie stole down over sixteen minutes. No new taxes for the under four hundred thousand dollars read my NET your shirt on we're heritage. Like my life, depended on it because you tell you the truth. I gave my god and number two well, you should read my nervous. I don't know if you ve noticed what's happened recently. Is that
George Orwell was unbelievably accurate in his prediction. Not only our people embracing censorship of censorship. Coming from the left. Censorship of accurate information coming from the left as a left embraces evidence, free conspiracy theories at the same time, so there, sir. Answering accurate information, meaning the story about a hundred widens emails which has honoured percent accurate that gets censored, but the evidence free consent, Piracy theories about it like its Russia, is a russian sigh that that's completely bogus. That's is concerned, I see three with no evidence yet jackets, tweet tweeted out, gets reported Adagio. Isn't that interesting? The facts get censored. The conspiracy theory with no evidence gets so a lie such way halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on, and that's what's happening right now again. So what watch this right now a lot of you as liberals and progressives our swatting aside, the bite and family corruption stuff, as basically nothing compared to Trump, and it looks like they will succeed.
if he does win. However, it is not going to go away and it will not look like nothing which This is shocking. I mean corporate journalists using never swat things aside well, except for the euro. The climate crisis flints watered down apple police, brutality, all nine of our wars, protests wildcat strikes, public opinion, net neutrality are predatory, healthcare systems are predatory, prison system are predatory, stood alone system are predatory housing system o than that, though, the journalists in this country are on it. Here's Glenn Greenwell it's totally legitimate for liberal activists, democratic partisan, an ordinary Biden supporters to try to ignore, dismissed the reporting and attack those who discuss it, that's their role, so you would expect people who are supporters of Biden, to try to do damage control for him? You would expect that
But then glanced says it's utterly shameful for journalists to do this and there are the ones leading the way. Yes, it is yes, it is here's Ali function, as the class divide has never been so apparent in the media manager. Louis, grew up. Rich went to twenty thousand dollars a year. Prep schools are obsessed with fights over Vocabulary- symbols fringe bogeyman, ignore crumbling public schools unsafe street, wrap in poverty as secondary concerns. So you no more journalists, they really have their thumb on the pulse of regular people in America,. a study found that there were a higher proportion of graduate said elite schools among reporters and editors at the Wall Street Journal. The new report. Look at the New York Times that in the U S, Senate or among fortune five hundred ceos, so that's
and for the elite right. That's a very elite. Educated group people reserving education for the elite is literally one of the pillars of fascism, but if enough people can't go school. Nobody will know that car. Ever play ruling class clever play. Amazon C. I a six hundred million dollars, deals facing scrutiny. What's the CIA, a doing on Amazon Cloud. hey, even see. I can't resist the sweets we deal of free to day shipping. That was our brain on my right. Jeff Basis, is doing huge business with the CIA, while keeping his Washington Post breeders in the dark, because democracy dies and dark this and he's happy to help.
On CEO Jeff bases, joints, tech, titans on Pentagon's innovation, advisory board. I, all this art, peace, douche bag and the rocket we wish he would take on a one way trip a boy now that. This is the guy who runs the Washington Post, okay. This is why journalism sucks in America. Amazon, considering suing over loss of ten billion dollar Pentagon contract after Trump attacks on basis. So there's guy suing other bad guys overshoot having to do with another bad guy. You don't need to group for anyone in this situation? Folks. During the pandemic, Jeff basis became seventy eight billion dollars richer. While deny
I paid sick leave and hazard paid over four hundred and fifty thousand Amazon workers. Twenty thousand of them got covered while. Pro war movement springs into action, that's for February, twenty, two thousand and three. This is This is why Europe has this journalism in America. This is in two thousand three pro war movements brings into action the pro war movement. What's there slogan war. This time it won't be bullshit, we promise. So this is, was a pro war movement even on college students for war. Is an ad hoc committee recently set up to build support across Amerika for military action, not to mention they have a psychotic hazing ritual, North western University Junior Dave Waigel also.
editor in chief of the campus Weekly Northwestern Chronicle organised a group of about twenty five people over email. color and anti war protest on campus last week. Now who the hell would want to be? in a group called students for war, star report for the washed imposed a legal statute. That too. Dave Waigel wants to oppose the Anti war protests what he calls an anti american movement. The affair- I'm not letting the media treat it like a burgeoning war, Anti war, Movement, if there is no pro America presence, whatsoever. It is very easy for american reporters to just told the anti american line. and he's really looking out for the little guy who's going to speak up for the poor weapons industry date. Dave Waigel from the Washington Post.
hated? You? Did you organize pro war rallies when you were the editor of your school newspaper in college? Yes, then you could get a job at the Washington Post, because his his is. Boss, it's on the board of the Pentagon. His boss is six hundred million thou deal with the CIA at awesome is funny that he has a b. ES in journalism. So here's what I say to a guy like Dave Waigel in his and his seventies, porno mustache. What I say to a guy like Dave Waigel. If you love or so much that you're going to go organised pro war rallies, while you're in college should you just have went to. the war and fought it yourself. Yes, you should. That's what a man would do. But they waigel is not a man. They waigel is a willing tool of the establishment who is pro war.
he was a right wing Republican up until Donald Trump. So now he's a good guy, that's who he is and why do I bring it up because he's coming for real lefties? Here's Dave Wigle he's coming after that. The Ryan night is right. Night is changing his handle from proud resist. Her too proud, socialist, told the story of cloud chase here. so here, you know right knight, rider is a guy who used to be an Elizabeth Warrant supporter and said. Shitty things about Julian saw. He was a regular centre This democratic, then he finally woke up. So you finally woke up. He had an evolution politically because he saw what was happening. I, like the Waigel pro WAR Rally, Dave Waigel who wants to counter journalists, because there to Anti American comes
for him so right nights, or maybe I just finally woke up and saw that both corporate parties use our government to enrich themselves in their corporate donors, and we, the people, are paying the price. he goes you I get that you want people to argue with you online. It's just more interesting to argue with people. Isn't it funny that this Guy came out of nowhere to start a fight with a guy. He says he wants to argue. They I go completely out of nowhere attacks a guide says I get you want to argue with people online. This is why, so They waigel sent me an email, the first time he did an article on me. There were three obvious, lies in his email. So I didn't return it because I know he was a piece of shit. Then, one day when he came up to me. At a Bernie rally, it's an hey: how can we to return? My email is your foolish shit! That's why I know you are, and I want to talk to you you're full of shit. So here is a start, picks up fight with a guy, just a regular person, so he's punch down in punching left. Of course, mister
pro war rally who work for the billionaire Jeff phases. Who's in bed with the Pentagon. Of course, that's how this works you work for Jeff Bezos on the Washington Post and you decided to join the Blue Maga Colton piling on anyone who dares to vote outside the corrupt two party system get bent well said by the way. Just so you know what kind of a piece of shit they waigel really is, and all these people are the Amazon washed imposed. has a contract. Six hundred million dogged cia- that's a fact, so our friend rush, Lou tweeted about it, and he said he D, He links to hang the bankers. He says Washington Post made a six hundred million dollar deal with CA, and this guy is telling us. We shouldn't believe him. We we I believe we should both right in the sky say we should believe him, meaning we should believe Jeff Basis and his come back to that. Is he so he denies it, and he said,
Well, I can hardly brush aside the reporting of hang the bakers outcome. So what he's trying to say is that this is an accurate. So what he's trying to? is that is not accurate debts day waigel saying that this, reporting is not accurate because somebody said it up. I'm hang the bakers outcome, so when he comes back with a day print source, he says here you go mister, professor reporter. That apparently knows nothing about his own newspaper, so when it irrefutable now divided goes that's basis. Not the Washington post now go so at first. He lies this. Is that their star border Pro Ward star reporter, whose now attacking tacking lefties again does, but here is doing it again. He always shit on Bernie supporters, and here he is doing it to get lefty, and here when he gets caught lying, he was flat lying for Jeff Pesos. He gets caught by irregular person and that they,
back another source for him and that you are right. You copy, lying and now I'll. Just pretend like it's not important. Just got out it as a liar cause. Dave Waigel is a liar. He's a shady right wing on purpose tool. Who gets you took its orders from his bosses and how to smear people, so he was told to go after Ryan night any did they go I was told to go after Ryan night. That's why he did it Dave told to go after me. That's why he did it they. Why? takes orders from Jeff Basis or the people Jeff Bezos hires. But I love his mustache, so TED Cruz just finished this event. We just saw Dave Wigle, the reporter from the Washington Post came by with his fake mustache on again. I don't know why I show him he's right behind. You turn him to turn around.
So that's Dave wide open, wash imposing spake mustache expanding you that's. Why does it- and I appreciate it- I like comedy And now you know why journalism sucks in America, because its own by Oh, who nurse sit on Pentagon boards and are in bed with the CIA and they hire pukes like Dave Waigel, who did pro war rallies in college and thence beers anybody to the left of Jeff maize? Us? That's why american journalism sucks hey This is good news. Is Germany Shop, hey Mister Partido. How are you. Though it may look, I wanna talk to you about something.
if you want you weren't moment, explained politics to you again Jimmy you know why? What I call you, I expect you to with me. Not yet my chain, hey, you know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member go to Jimmy comedy com sign up. It's the most affordable premium program in the business. Today's show is written by RON Flacon, Mark Van Lando at step, Samorano, Jim Earl, MIKE Mccray and Roger Writtenhouse. All the voices performed to whether one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found, it might make greater. That's it this week? You be the best you can be I'll. Keep me in me.
don't worry, I'm don't. I don't worry. I'm worried.
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