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Mayor Pete Trying To Steal Your Vote!

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Mayor Pete Trying To Steal Your Vote!

Tulsi Gabbard shuts down Establishment Media smears!

CNN Progressive apologies to Centrists for having good policies!

Phone calls from Vladimir Putin, Vince Vaughn, Mitt Romney, and Harrison Ford!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Matt Orfalea, Graham Elwood, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!


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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show- hello here who's. This allows us why hello? Why? What the hell is this in reference to that note, this is Jimmy Door. You called me I told you what I know I'm sitting here in my phone ring, and it was you it's me who is me. Is this hares and Ford. I ought to tell our ones interrupted my thinking the thing I am talking, over Harrison. Are you flying right now, my play, so he
So you admit this is Harrison Ford you're, not here yeah. I know that about like went forward. By the same kind of vulnerable, yet strong male you'd characters. Advise you not to push me to my limit. However, or you may see me take charge like the protective father figure. Everything Why should they had but didn't over? are you working on the next raiders at a loss, arc and mystery collar. And that's what I don't don't have much time or something my daughter gets kidnapped. I bought a cow, throw my back out. That's you know. That sounds an awful. I like that, that taken series with Liam Neeson but but
you're, not Liam Neeson, now you're, not really I'm not. Now. I just said that he is I don't know how you stoned again. Harrison question applies ever start and I don't like that. But are you stoned? Who knows what lies beneath Jimmy, for there is a clear and present danger. One must take extraordinary measures, Toolbar now you're, just fabricating conversation using your old film titles orally. Your presumed innocent, regarding Henry Mosquito Coast AIR Force, one hears it why
Did you call the joy Shiloh fucking area then maybe tearing down or nation. In its bags George, today everybody whether this week's Jimmy Giorgio
We will see you August twenty. Fourth in Denver, Colorado September, first in San France of timber rate in Baltimore and September fifteenth and sixteen in Seattle, Washington, and, of course, Christmas and out a little now, let's get to the jokes before we get to Europe, shall we? hey, remember all those sites by predictions from years ago about killer robots, going berserk in public that be a nice change, a pace wouldn't and whenever I walked past a gun display. I reminded that's the only we're gonna owners can see their venuses. You know those fifty two people wounded in the last two massacres are about to suffer their third devastating attack this time from the health unsure industry high. No, I'm sorry but shopping at Walmart. Isn't on the formulary. Did you did you hear court? light as a new look at this issue. We sought revenue ad
and paying their now of the official beer of drinking in the shower. Yes, a home, yeah yeah, you just took the most exciting. loss of Sloppy s, shit of your life, don't Krakatoan Don't cry go but hey. What's come about today show the corporate news media? going unbelievably over the top and their coordinated attack on a veteran and peace seeker tolls. He gathered. We pushed back at the Jimmy, Giorgio plus CNN. Progressive Van Jones. Actually up Oh Jesus for winning progressive ideas on camera plus phone calls from Vince Bonn Harrison Ford Mitt, Romney and a mere Putin plus a lot lot wars that today, on the
that's freshmen Senator Mitt Romney on the phone. I wonder if he has some important say about current events, Jimmy my thoughts and prayers go out. In short names and towns here send a Romney? Why won't Congress do anything about gun, massacres, sharply situation that Jimmy? You know there are no easy answers to these. Mass killings, except there are no easy answers, will how budgets banning all the goods? that, then America's wouldn't be able amass, kill each other with all the guns show. That would be easy but it would be hard easy. I don't understand stage, not a federal. Gum, everything up meant, should control guns, but the states with the most proper never do anything right all. Really. What about slavery? Substrate had slavery. Other states didn't,
and look where we are today, no more slavery right. So what would your solution? We must be prepared Jimmy when the bad guys with guns come for you in your loved ones. You must be prepared. Listen up a whole new healthcare system based on our second amendment rights and healthcare systems. stop gun massacres course. Not talking, ponies and varied us. My friend I am talking about being prepared and what better way to protect your loved ones than mass shooting insurance ass, shooting insurance. I'm glad you asked me with my master. insurance, you can get coverage for anyone and second amendment happening managed by mutual Oh, my god, everybody run insurance would cover The type of shooting, even pre, existing shootings, What what do you call your insurance? I hope is that some stupid, like Romney care, of course, not Jimmy
in honour of my adopted state. I never gave a shit about Massachusetts. We all massacre That sounds an awful lot like mass occur. I don't get you yeah. I bet, Pray premiums are going to be pretty. I know what you mean: special tax credit if you're a gun owner, but I do want own a gun. You pay extra Jimmy. How is this better than better care for all men, well for starters, Buster Brown is not or angry like Bernie Sanders, he's all had no cattle Well, what the hell does that mean? Twenty eight years in Congress, ever been able to pass a even chinchilla excuse my language of his socialist agenda. But what about poor
sing Obama to include a hundred million dollars for community health centres in the affordable, correct. That's always know what about banning the import importation of goods may with child labour or Bobby, I know cock, What about passing has sent a resolution to end our worn Yemen? That's crap and no corn Jimmy explain I want no, no thank you After the twenty, sixteen democratic primary alot of the progressives were chagrined, to say the least that they got cheat right. It was they who gets even in a million different ways. So they had this thing called the Unity Committee or Commission Bernie Sanders. gotcha point like nine people on it, and then Hillary Clinton gotcha point like thirteen people. It wasn't seven sounds like unity
sounds like unity right away. So anyway, what they came up with was they get rid of super delegates in the first round of voting. So you know what super delegates are they get their their vote counts ten thousand more and there always part. Insiders, so that's their way of taking the the control of the party away from voters. So orders, meaning people like me and you go and votes. They don't want us to decide who gets to be the prison pencil nominate a nominee. They want to decide, no matter if your state as a majority. That's it you're stay with majority voted for Bernie, they can decide where they want to live. There like in West, Virginia Solid and was Virginia Sixteen every county, one for Bernie every that one of the delegates went to Hillary Clinton when you said that their votes count like ten thousand. Like that's, not an exaggeration us exaggeration, looters, crazier, maize, that's amazing! so they get to basically control who the nominee is. So they were. They got rid of those super delegates,
voting? They get rid of super delegates. They got rid of the voting in the first round in the primary at the convention. So what out, when they announced that, and that was supposed to be a big victory, I immediately said, and I'm sorry wasn't the only one who said this that, through what what they're going to do is now flood the race with, as many quarter called progressives to fake people out split vote, make sure it goes to a second round and then the super delicate you're going to get to choose. Well, lo and behold, here's PETE booted GIG, judge, he's playing out that exact strategy says a team booted kids judged too aggressive courts super delegates in preparation for a contested convention there it is
as predicted, so he doesn't care who the people pick. He wants the super delegates to pick him. less I'll. Just read you from the Yahoo article peed Buddha get did his presidential campaign is taking pro active steps for the possibility of a contested convention, including an aggressive effort to court democratic party insiders who could cast crucial votes in such a scenario? They again this this reform didn't do anything it just made the democratic insiders figure out new ways to cheat. The south Ben mayors team held a conference call with a group of so called Super Dallas. Gets on Monday to ask them for their support.
And how do we know about this? Well, they invited the daily beast to sit in that phone call. They're not embarrassed about this. They want everybody to know, Heyward we're trying to go. Get those super delegates. You know the super oligarchs who have more power than you devote. That's all we want to throw the election. It was The latest sign that the mayor's aids are still playing catch up against competitors such as former vice President Joe Biden, who been cultivating relationships with par, the insiders.
for nearly forty years? So that's what that again. This is this. The party does not represent you. The party represents the donors. The party does not represent you, and so this is a big problem. If Bernie Sanders doesn't become if he doesn't win on the first round, if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the nomination for President out right on the first round, everything he's done for the last four years. But as far as politics goes has been a failure now, of course, he's heads big successes with Amazon and Disney giving them the raised of fifteen dollar minimum wage. Those are bigs, big, wins, he's gotten everybody to save tat. They least have to give lip service now, domestic care for all. That's a big, huge shifty got that so birdies, but birdies done some great things, but I M so all kudos to him
by the way for that. I want to tell me to downplay that. But here we are his his gamble that I'm gonna she purred progressives into this party that actively cheats progressives on every level at every level they shut out progressives. If he's gonna sheep heard them into a party that cheats them actively, and every level, and he does it win and now we're all these people are now left to vote for who and we ve gotten. We have no body in a third party position to pull them left. I think it would be a huge failure, because this is exactly what's happening. Party insiders are occurring to if it goes to a second ballot was exactly what's happening. They flood the content,
the primary with twenty people or twenty two people not to know, and that's exactly what they're trying to do in that's. Probably MP, booted good judge. It knows that and that's why he's doing this? You don't you, may I just want to point out. Of course you know you already highlighted a party insiders, but what is interesting is that their highlighting that Joe Biden has cultivated relationships with party insiders for forty years. There's no examination of the Democratic Party, cultivating real relationship with the people, the people I actually having platform and vision. I haven't heard of jobs programme. I still haven't heard of jobs programme so when they say cultivating relationships for forty years, that means for the last forty years they have been given
to shit about the public. Will yet this also shows that Buddha judge it's like obviously doesn't give a fuck about regular people. It doesn't look like it who know if he's just spent in this time at steadily at this stage this day stage of the race to go, you know pander to the elites I mean unless he's the alive given their not dreaming that on Youtube right right, rent for the regular people to see our thinking is the hey. How about that? That's a great idea, Matt! Why doesn't boot? If he's gonna invite the daily beast to sit on his phone call? Why doesn't PETE booted Jake is also live stream, that phone call, so everybody could watch. You know how many lives dreamers. He would get me there be a lot of viewers for then I tune in with, and I think there is some reason these five hundred. I bet there's some reasons. Here's here's a little bit more of that article. It also signals that, for all the focus
sound. The early voting states, Buddha Git did Jews team seems sees a convention floor fight as a possible path towards securing the parties nomination. Exactly what we ve been saying. Nobody wants to anticipate a campaign, where we go to a second ballot. Ha, that's exactly what they want. Everyone in who ends a party insider everybody except the Bernie Sanders. Supporters wants to see this go to a second ballot. Every Democrat everybody in the DMZ. They all want to see you go to a SEC. Are you kidding me and who I hope, and this so this is obvious political library and how I know it will who said this. Let's see who said it nobody wants to do. Been a campaign where we go to a second ballot, but if you're smart, you have to set Jed over
get over that's Hilary for America's deputy delegate director in twenty. Sixteen, he say nobody wants there. Nobody, wives, the anticipated campaign will go to a second ballot and they ve been insiders. Pick your people like we get to pick it all that stuff. Nobody wants that so that of avi such coming from someone who ran healer Hilary Deputy, that's course that's all they want that's exactly who people like Hillary Clinton was strong with the donors. The super delegates, not with the people, here we go other of the over joined Monday's call on wild, where whose wilds that Sir he's also he was so this guy over. who was Hilary for America's deputy delegate director and twenty. Sixteen is now chief of staff to Rep Ray
Tentative susan, wild of Pennsylvania, she's, a super delegate and she's uncommitted, so this guy Ober took her spot on this super delegate. Call you get that you found me so the super delegated Susan Wild? She was busy couldn't make that phone call, it PETE Buddha, get Jed to be, and so jab Jed over sat in for him, so he was acting as a super delegate. Add this guy's such a horrible liar. He says nobody wants to anticipate a campaign where I get to choose who the novelty is. Is that really what you think we're supposed to buy. Overjoyed Monday's call on wiles behalf. He said that Buddha get Jake. I'm was the first to reach out this cycle. Pete Buddha give Jason First campaign to reach out to the super delegates. This cycle.
And that all sides point to them: building a sophisticated delegate, wrangling operation, penny of These campaigns that have a legitimate shot to win should be doing this over said. Yes, of course, you should be participating in corruption. Anti democratic props Bob activities was exactly what this is the of democracy. This is courting oligarchs to support me how much of his time is taken away from being a mere rhetoric and he couldn't and bewildered. He wouldn't get reelected his mare deserted. Should each other's mayor, the guy, didn't, have super delegates there. I mean I've, there's through our football teams with bigger rosters and the population of self, and this guy's running for president
because he ran South Bend. Indiana I've been solved, but in Vienna, don't blink you'll miss it you're. There aren't even enough people for congressional. What's that puts the population of self in India and I'm gonna? Guess it's a hundred thousand people or less or less right and said o? Sadly, this second ran like proof that the Dnc wants a second round the second It is because you don't need a second, you dont need it, you don't eat. Celebrating they weren't you. The real solution is ranked choice. Voting. We really need that, not just in the general but in the primary stats, a great noise. That's a great point gets right new, never hair, Democrat Party insider calling vehement anybody calling for that, except the Green Party get no necessary super delegates. Have you do rang choice, boating
Bernie burning as even talk about it so well how many people live in seven hundred thousand hundred thousand hey. Can you find out that have you, company, Thou teed earned? That's not even enough people for a congressional district? That's not even enough people for a congressional district! Just three! Now it's you need six hundred thousand for congressional district. I'm pretty sure! That's how many congressional district represents six hundred thousand people, and so PETE Buddha gives is being a mayor of a town of one hundred thousand you you can have five of those city Is he still wouldn't have enough work and rational districts so he's about one's got everything?
and by weight, has not done a good job. He speaks nice like Obama, he does he does, but like the I'll, never forget, I apologise in advance. I caught up was watching a little bit more, but so Buddha judges on their any for in Morgeson the opportunity. So this is your chance till Amerika. Would you stand for? He started talking about trade, the trains ginger and using restrooms issue. That's the one that both that's what he talks about its one opportunity to talk to all miracle. Now, obviously, that's an issue, but it's a big issue that affects you know what really glad he didn't bring up an economic issue or or about taking ending the wars and been reinvesting that money back home. Not none of that of didn't do that. No so because he knows bill, my agrees with him on that issue. Right. That's it that's what that's the only the only in the so one build MAR, says he's too the left or he's a lefty. The only use evidence of it is stuff like the bathroom bill, because
he's fees for every war he's for Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Iraqis for icy still. He still lacks the Vietnam WAR. I mean that's how bout and this is considered our lefty comedian. That's possibly give you know, George Carbon and given that show on Buckin HBO Bill BAR, why wagons Biltmore got his mind right. They fired him for telling the truth once about terrorism and that's all he needed in now is a NEO liberal through and through and again he doesn't. They don't need this. in him a memo it he's, but a millionaire for thirty forty years by this by this point and that's all he talks to other millionaires ate it he is one of them. He in any other world bill more, would be a right winger, except for the bathroom bills and stuff. Like that, you know what I find interesting about. The bathroom bell. I was just on a plane recently and I want to brag was flying, and I went back to her like oh this. Is that not gender, specific restroom? How do people deal with it?
but you don't know me like everybody's up in arms, always gotta have this men and women it. We don't need it on a plane. Nobody institutions about that I wouldn't want men going into a bathroom where there were little girls. I wouldn't want that happening right right so late, it's just a singer. you, so it's a different thing: their own people last rather odd things, sinks, Eric multiple stalls, so yeah, I don't know, guy's gonna do a bathroom where there's little girls, what Eddie Why are there? You go that's thou now you know why the Democratic Party is completely corrupt, why PETE Buddha Jesus a phoney and that the meat mainstream media has convinced most of the people in the country that he's a viable candidate for president, because he for no reason, there's no reason he has no accomplish myths he's a guy who it is eight is because he's openly gaze at first openly gay gotta run for present is that it
I think that sit and then he's a road scholar- and I have yet to see public road scholar that isn't a sociopath of you see eye to eye. As you have rightly Rachel build our lives. It beat Buddha, get you GDP, anyway, I know you know that I'm seemed acts. I'm saying that to four humor- and I say that case you don't know I will check in our favour right wing celebrities about this situation. Hello is this bids VON, absolutely guy, you tell my phone number and I answer the phone wonders everything. Please tell me what confuse child- and I am speaking to you bids its Jimmy door, Jimmy by better Where the hell are you strength, eating maniac, I'm not a liberal. Vince, I'm a progressive!
we do not care like. I can feel it in my body, like a physical sensation. I don't care about what you just said, what he called about baby. Well, this you're a big Second amendment guy and Germans Jimmy I love it. I love all the amendments almost equally, but my attitude number two is number one back quite quite forcefully. I think it should have in fact been the first amendment if I could have been the constitution. I wanted to tell you what that is applied forming a movement that is, in fact a boy you're. U Angeles does mean that we are working towards this swiftly gets about since you're, a big I can remember guy, I wonder if you have any response to the two major mass shootings our nation jested endured. No, no yeah! I have not got your answer were how can you have nothing to say about people being shot in all these mass shootings? When we go down this road? Okay, we all know where
Let me ask you a few acquainted Jimmy doored Jimmy towards you. Yourself have principles. Of course I do Vince. Do they change with Every little news story, the comes along no Vince, my principles, don't change, but my opinions can. change given new information. Do you see the difference? I used to think that extremely clear distinction right of brother. Don't have opinions, you bought smoking animal I have or principles guns are in principle. The idea that we need guns to take down the federal government is a principle believing that all these people would be alive. Everyone had guns on them at all times is a principle. The idea of organs me to stay below the principal beauty, Vince, those pinions and they can change. No, they don't change. That's why they principle. The principle of your high school did ever J, always the same guy
where's vulgarity with the principal autobahn equally with the principal, and even if you go back any weight on visa for some reason that they can do is still the principle. The principle of doubt you are you are you are unbelievable bids? You better go Jerry? I really should fight gotta Jesus. What about the Holy Spirit? Events? I just never felt. That was a real thing. So you think the answer is arming everybody at all times that you don't be ideal you wasted. I hope we can get directive fairly, but maybe we can get Klaus. Every second of aren't. People solid I'm gonna start shooting at other guys can shoot that guy. So the entire population is just on the brink of a massive shoot out at all times that your idea is everyone's, your bad everything should, after
This I don't wanna have to carry a gun around with me in order protect myself for measures at least around by other inept begun owners who are gonna just start shooting randomly when they hear a motorcycle backfires? Something well daddy, you kind of a pussy I've, a pussy. If you don't like you have a pussy, I thought what it comes down to supper. Top cool guy got guns are for badges, I see why, like I guess. I appreciate your honesty. I mean I think, you're right. That's really what this comes down to yeah right way, something that progress. I suppose it away what I thought I called your pussycat. I admit I appreciate that very sad. That means a lot. I appreciate you being a big man of your guy
Ok, no matter how many people get killed in mass shootings, you're still gonna have this principle does not change but very just so. You know there are two different principles, so there is a principle which has an alley and then there's a principle now, which is the guy who runs your high school with that out with him, I was that he did not care for it. I think sped sets out you pay for granted it that one Bids I appreciate your inside. This is even even worse than I thought. I, like your expectations, Jimmy Door. I I've got with you. This guy shows up the debates. This is vital
bandit? That is, they might get burning. I hope from Colorado yeah. This guy was so boring there. There were fifty people who don't even follow politics who decided to vote for Trump after watching this guy. He satisfied. That's all just that, despite what did MRS Gomes gets trying to excite you to vote for and watch this beg you last week I saw one of those trump size and says America love it or leave it, and it was on the outside of a church. I love American, and that's why my campaign is sponsored by ambient, but we can make better before coming to the Senate. I ran a large urban school district. Were most the kids live in poverty and they didn't.
I have in mind that I was a robot I'd, make robots are needed to help build a future. Those kids have exactly the same hopes that I hear parents have exactly this guy eat an apple. His mouth is those gonna cut it off farm cheerios baby. You know You know what I think is gonna happen. I think in the next debate like this, do it's gonna say something and then also and he's going to be done and Andrea
he's gonna jump out with a ranch. You go back, see I told you all. The jobs are gonna, be automated. I built this. This is what happens when you need a jar peanut butter before the debate, in the same hopes that I have your parents have exactly the same hopes for them when my parents,
for me, and that hope is that I would one day be able to express a motion in my face. You no sleep walking is a real issue in Amerika information about and they choose, and I have for our three children, but for the last three years we ve been consumed by president, who, frankly, doesn't give a damn about your kids or my oh, my god, it's swearing, robot I do does not give a damn and you can see how it enrages me. I will take this kind of fire in the belly. Apply it in a robot,
the way, the beating, Donald Trump everyone here, more he's got more no run along in class. That's right!. That was this please clap moment, and he did it with his eyes even after the ILO. The eyes there was I was. Yeah on everyone's lips moves.
Nobody was done it all. Ironically, I've never heard of that guy, but still I will never get his boys out of my head home while he was the first GPS narrator to I love. You will know that if this doesn't work out it always be a square dance collar for snails. As a joke, that comes out of nowhere, so he's he's from Colorado and where they have legal marijuana and, ironically, that's exactly how you sound and look when you're coming out of a dispenser. I am, I think the wheat is good. So I don't know if you saw the debates, are you saw the coverage afterwards but again for the second debate in a row
tools. He gathered what we are doing our job. We manipulated results. It is only begun. We have calendars mode four September, so before the debate, the most the most searched candidate was Joe Biden right, yeah and then until she was second, but the most searched after Tulsa. And of course you do. Do you think that the press, as one that debate who do you think they say BBC Democrat?
provided it is. How is it aware, because he's gonna win and thirty? Thirty, like you gotta Joe Biden, thirty, Third, the guide try to try to give out his website and he gave out a landline phone number. Three three How many times have you agree with me? Go to Joe three?
all through. Three is one of those error codes when a website, if you wanna make America moral again go to eight six, seven five three captured number on the wall, so that's so so maybe maybe me Joe Biden. Maybe he was actually more searched, but the people were searching Joe Biden, their research Joe three hundred three and and that's. Why did your kind of screwed himself on that one Oh I'm watching CNN and they bring.
on a guy who's debate coach, they have this guy who's, a debate coach and they come and he comes on and guess who he thinks also did poorly. He doesn't look I'll show you. He doesn't think here lieutenant with the view that I said had fine debates, but they simply didn't stand out in any way. passionate way, so I got the same thing about anti government set out. This is this: is the scene and experts sheeted stand out? She was the most certainly have every debate out of big, so that who did it You want to know who we light. He liked me go Bennett, CNN see it and we wanted the end stands for news and the other and stands for not going
this logic for my liking, Michael Penitent, by good I've, had insomnia for three weeks, but personally I slept like a baby he's gonna cure workers insomnia and get us back to bore productivity. This is what he actually says. There's really said Europe in their ready to go, and so I thought his arguments were some of the best of the night and everybody onstage. He actually defended being a moderate. The best yes like be defended big pussy better than anybody in this time of peril. America doesn't need bold ideas. It needs a lipless, small, mild, baby mouths eggs tired to lead us into a central issue for the new era. How can? How can you go on and defend lucky really games from defended by moderate is
or what is what do we want change, or do we want a well, you do tie wherever it can be further oligarchy. I moderate I want change, but not right up, I wanna know wended Mariah carry become a noose anchor, vision was all that you here we go yes uses as he actually defended being a moderate the best he defended, how much things will cost and that we should have some truth telling and frankly he was really good on
use of civil rights. I find you have an excellent debate and that's why my voice crackling of thirteen years whenever I tell you to those, I think, you're right, I'm not being paid to say what the fuck that's the guy that served so again. So now you knows I would you know you know. Cnn is listened to the question she asks him was his ill. She says she went to Syria to promote diplomacy, but coming I knew just laid out. Some of it. But what was she really doing?
you see she was beating with russian internet roles to make means and so discontent. That's your question. That's pollute. She says she went to Syria to promote diplomacy, but I mean I know just laid out some of it. But what was she really doing right what she would yeah? That's that's gotta mason. How does started show you that, because that's kind of amazing- and here she wasn't MSNBC and so watch this morning- I'll go with us for a moment, when sitting down with someone like Bashar Al Assad in Syria. Do you confront him directly and say? Why do you order chemical attacks on your own people? Why are you cause the killings of over half a million people in your country? Look, let me let me just say this: if the corporate media was it's tough on politicians,
are fuelling the wars, as they are the ones who are trying to end the war. We would have an out of Afghanistan, two thousand three. So let's remember that taught that MSNBC is the network that fired bill done you for telling the truth about the Iraq war. What she is currently buck and serving in right, they fired, fell down. You pretended shoot, they fired, Jesse venture Vitelli truth. They fired Ashley Bambi ever tell the truth about war, that's what MSNBC does and they also fired people Adela truth for even covering pot, progressive politicians. So the fact that they bring her on, of course, they're going to do,
Of course they hire somebody like her who's gonna take orders and what kind of questions to ask tells you gabert? She wasn't allowed to give her a decent interview and if she did, she have been fuckin fired like built out of you to these people are tools and she's a tool just as biggest as anybody had MSNBC. So I want to get off my chest where we want to go, go with us for a moment. So when sitting down with someone like Bashar Al Assad in Syria, do you could have brought him directly and say? Why do you order chemical attacks on your own people? Why are you here the killings of over half a million people in your country lucky, you know I want to break this down to know. It knows. I have very just sounds our time here today, because you're talking about a meeting that took place what three year.
Ago? Look, I'm an area I may have about. No. Every time I come back when you're on a single see, you gotta talk to me about these issues. It sounds like you're talking points that Kamel Harrison her candidate. I seriously doubt likely the news with this. Be this much fun and the thing is about corporate news. Once you see it, you can't see it. It's fuckin everywhere, right, you just it never stopped its everywhere occasion. we go is more in refusing to address the question of how many that we're going for the american people to have contacts about your foreign policy issues and where you stick, she cares about the american people. She doesn't care about her page
over career or future in Britain, Bullshit propaganda news, there was a she cares about the american people, which is why she smearing right now, a veteran who standing up against wars that the american people don't want. That test. Hurried left, his movements, viewing parliamentary assembly seek, is talk, cowardice, propaganda, she's, a coward and propagandist. That's what that woman is. She worked for MSNBC. You can't be anything else. if your leading with. I would like to provide that caused. The United States a meeting with petrol aside, which I'm sure you understand is a very controversial meeting to take The reason why, when you come on them, as we see it, is important for us to talk to about then of course, every Ankara has a different perspective and different questions to ask
every single time for three years. This is where the propaganda comes in, because I can read a little salt next year. Tolls in my opinion, is go and how many wars abuse by the bitch like this. If you aren't gonna medical, you know you're. That means she saw the most awful shit she saw with war actually does did a human beings. That's what why she's like I'm a guy, instant little pocket little Miss journalist over a year has never set foot outside of her she's travelled to you know Europe and shit. Dead she's never even been closed. A war she's, never smelled one. She doesn't know what one fuckin looks like. So that's what she has the audacity to say this to a goddamn, combat vat, but wait a second. She might smelled a backpack. You dont know your call, the harder
That's really get around TAT is all for the last three years, and I ve talked about how, as a soldier, I served in a field. Medical unit in Iraq where every single day. I saw the very hi human cost of war, everything Today, the first thing that I did was go through a list name by name of every single american casualty and had an injury that had occurred the day before so I will not apologise to you. Or to anyone. Anyone ordinary finance for doing all that. I can all that I can to pray and our country from continue going to make these perpetual wrong decisions that have taken a toll on the lives of my brothers and sisters in uniform. I will continue to do all that. I can to make sure that we end these wasteful regime change wars that have taken such a toll on all of us and that have made our country less safe, and if that mean-
having a meeting with the dictator of that means trying to meet with Kim Jong on in North Korea to DE escalate tensions and remove the nuclear threat from our country, and our people whatever the crisis is we ve gotta have a leader with the courage to do the right thing for the american people putting their interests ahead of everything? That is what I am. I know when I look at the centre of my foreign policy, the leadership and I'll bring as president. I certainly am. I certainly never better coordinated and courageous ever, but I like to smear you for money and that's what I do to apologize for service on very thankful for your service.
I met that nothing? Why do I think, will be a service? And that's why I swear you is not being patriotic enough Jasper services, more conversation and asking you questions to explain the decisions that you have made in the past and the things that you mean the past with regard to European its blocking August. You guys have been doing this for three years ago and by the way, your twitter, you want to see how twitter help screw over Chelsea so that the trend of what was trending was totally smash? Khumalo Harris hairs out twittered said it Koala Harris brings up, tells he governs record with Is that regime there? It is theirs. Twelve thousand people tweeting about that and then look at the other trend below even twitter. Has the honest about it, how you have four eight point: seven thousand hashtag Gamala Harris Destroy that's the real trend, but they pretend it's a different trend.
in their pocket alert. You gotta read the fine France, so forty eight hours people are has tagged in Kampala, Harris destroyed. Twelve. The allows of people are talking about a barriers, bring up policy and they go is, of course, that that's twitter, so don't think social media is separate from the intelligence community one bit. They are not ok, they are fucking join it. They hit. The Atlantic Council is running Facebook, who's running twitter, I don't know but they're, just as bad. Ok, So here is David Axel right, oh boy, So if you're like me, have you watch the coverage after the debates it was, it was a. They would have
ten people on a panel and every one of them would say pay. We can't have Medicare for all. What are these Democrats think it about? We gonna win the race, the economy's good. What are you guys doing? We can't every fuckin person every God, that's exactly right. Why we, it affords, because the economy's good we can afford shit where the richest country in the world, the face of the earth is everything we can afford shit right, and you know what I say if someone at the politician tells you we're broke their either Fulla shit or their use. get Texas, Macbook right when they say we're broke NATO mean we can't afford trillion dollar wars, trillion dollar bank bailout billion dollar oils up
These imprison construction, that's not what they mean. Maybe we can't afford education. Healthcare schools rose anything that makes your fuckin like better, that's what they mean. So here's tabled Axelrod pressed him the bomb administration and he's here to tell you you can't have shed ready here. We are, you said something interesting, which was it isn't good enough to argue about. The country doesn't want this. It does seem if you're running for president that you ought to take into consideration what the country want and then you do. Then you do what the donors tell you do anyway, because, as we did at the Obama administration, sometimes you have to take into account what the public wants and then you have to do the opposite anyway, like nobody wanted the boys tax cuts are being made and we thought candidates, nobody walkie harder to be open to shell oil drilling twice we, but you didn't let nobody wanted pipelines are needs is why we regularly that
what can we do? Nobody wanted us to take towards seventy bucket. Nobody wants to make the bags bigger we back. If you take into account what the people want. You fuck, you don't want your daughter's. Why don't you shut the fuck up? That's what they put out. A lot is here to tell you you, stupid, broken progressive. Give your fuckin head out of your ass. You do what you're fucking owner tell you that's what David gets. A rod is here to tell you, because he is an old piece of fuckin shit, just like every other caught supper, whose role is God no country over the last forty years. He's your enemy, these, the friend of your enemy, use your enemy and he goes on here's what he says. The fact that large numbers of people oppose the Medicare for all proposal if it replaced.
private and that's why? When Bernie Sanders goes on Fox NEWS and talks about it, he gets a standing working ovation, that's right when he goes the West Virginia CNN, they can't Bernie Bernie when he talks about sitting up there met this guy is full of shit. This isn't a good guy these are our enemies. The sheep and what's the wolves, a cheap pudding, that's all these people are That's? Why have a show, and these are the factors we gotta get rid of a large number of people, but we do not believe the borders should be deemed criminalized. A large number of people in this country don't believe that undocumented immigrants should drivers and that's why you are our call, the leader when you follow the people who have the bad ideas. That's why? If you really
are you just given to the popular opinion, no matter how good your idea is you just give in that's what a leader does right? That's what David Axelrod saying, hey the p, Well, don't want it so we after you know, even though we have the right idea, we should shut the fuck up about it and do the wrong thing. We should be more like trump. That's what he's saying. People, though, why did they criminalize above the property by crossing the border, should be a civil and actually, it shouldn't be equivalent for action, which is why crop is allowed to do to everyone know. These people are desperate their poor there, not a threat to anybody they're coming from places that our foreign policy is bought over, which is why they're coming here I'll go. He says all you know, there are criminal, there's a thousand of them their walking across Mexico they're all criminals, they get their all criminals. What kind of a criminal walks at that? Miles and then steals a parking card,
What are you still occur? First, you may say: hey Jim, let's go steal a car. I need some help. Your also peace deal the car. Where is it to Montana? How we gonna get there we're going to walk the trick. I picked up from those criminal immigrants club where does wish here if he so watch the now this woman tries explained to him she saw The whole thing is that they say they come up with this new thing to scare people are Medicare for us. If you ask people if they want medical raw overwhelming budget, of people say yes, nine out of ten Democrats say yes, seventy percent of the country's said yes right. They want it, but
and if you start asking it in ways that scares the shit out of people, it's all and you don't explain it to him- then they go against it. That's what David Axelrod essay so they found out away to scare people again because they found out people are actually for Medicare Redeker for all. So they came but the way too scared the shit out of people about it in the way they do not pay. It's gonna take away your health care right now that you have right now, there's gonna be like going alone. What? What? What but altogether gonna take it away from you gotta we're going to take it with what other working. I don't want my health you're taking away the road taken away. They are gonna, take it away. You have outlined take a bit undertaken and sold out there doing their asking the question that we are going to church going to charge you more taxes rejects. Are gonna go up there to take it s, got away what the fuck will that unwanted let us take their health. We raise my taxes yeah, I don't want it, but who wants shit. They go here
Gonna pay less money and get better health care. What would I want, but they don't ask me like that, doesn't know they ask it and that's what David Axelrod as banking on if they ask a regular, the majority of Americans want Fuckin Medicare for all, that's a fact. So he saw this woman says to him yeah, but you know those numbers, his numbers, meaning that people don't want it. She was those numbers are squishy and if we have a conversation with the meaning of it, we explain to them that will convince them watch what he says that undocumented immigrants should live. Hardware wish here, if you are able
have the conversation just voted on the numbers are very cover rose. You have time to do so. She just says it. She goes, but if we have the conversation with the voters that changes the numbers, you know that, because we explained the situation and I have to believe we have time before the election and twenty twenty they have that conversation and watch David Axelrod says back. I obviously I appreciate your feelings about these issues and you're a woman's. I appreciate your feeling. I don't appreciate the facts. You just brought us circulate nor the fact summit and make it feel able to make it seem like it's just your feelings I appreciate you call me out of my bullshit, which I'm not gonna backer. I appreciate your feelings now get ready for some
Man splaining: we have about healthcare myself to my old man. I love our God? Why don't we go about these issues at a very passionate about healthcare myself? You know about passionate about you, know, making it expensive as possible bring it away from thirty million Americans because ass the plan that he author, that's a plant, he was for complaining about it. It's too expensive ready what do have board and left out thirty billion Murat, really passionate about you, no fucking giving into my donors and parking. I was in the White House when we fought just to get the affordable care. I couldn't get a public, option so couldn't get it and you know why we couldn't get because the goddamn insurance ages, companies that want it. That's why we couldn't get it. That's right and there are donor
and there are places and we serve them. They don't want it. So we didn't get, couldn't get a public option, couldn't get a public option. Barack Obama and the Democrats had complete control of government of Philip Buster proofs and you still couldn't get it. You know why, because, instead of going to Joe Liebermann District and his state and telling people Joel Lebanon was standing in chains and between them and actual health care. He decided to go to Dennis Percentages district and tell those people that Dennis percentage was standing in between vendettas percentage was actually want, standing up for the public option. That's what he did and that's a brothel bother did that's called history and he'll. Never tell you the truth about it. Every was there. He knows that he knows what he is talking about is not going to happen. What so wise and again no one says the him David. Why is it not going to happen?
Why are we not going to get to think the overwhelming majority of Americans want? Why are we not going to get that thing and the reason? Why is because corporations fuck and have a stranglehold on legislators, it's not because it's the right thing to do for the boreal thing to do, for it's a good policy its because we're corrupt and he sang embrace it embrace the corruption like I did for eight years when I was at the White House and shut your fucking mouth them, that's what I'm saying can stop pretending that we can have the same shit. The rest of the country has that's what he's saying so I want to show you Ben Jones now this has said he went back to wheel of fortune. I went from my wheel of fortune to sit gone, how the funds Gooden Jump,
Sha la la LA sobering Jones, is supposed to be. The radical on the panel Right Van Jones is most happy. The super progressive radical on the panel- and, if you listen to this, he ends up advocating for the right thing and ends up telling the truth, which is good. That he's there because he says it, but it's the way he says it. He saw beaten down and I feel for I'm. Not. This isn't a beat up on him, but this is to show that even a guy like Ban Jones, once you get around these people, it starts to affect you. It starts to like you'd eke. You can't be in an argument. Every minute of your life that's what it would be like in he's the one guy on their panel watch the watch. This was this. This is, I think the key is the difference in just what what went wrong and twenty sixty. I think we're still all in therapy trying to figure out what went wrong in TWAIN. Sixteen, he hath except
millions of Moroccans actually can afford there'll, be because of the citizens in the printing on who you are terrible. Is you have a different answer? I think, for a lot of progressive. You are correct some of these ideas. They may be a bridge. to foreigners I know I know what the hell are you. Why would you say that they might be able to know that might be a bridge too far? I think he's me, I think, he's talking about the bridge and London because they actually have the kind of healthcare plan we're fucking, advocating for Is that the bridge you're talking about because every other goddamn western nation its figure this out take decades ago, and we get a guy, let the progressive like your rights debugger much! So that's how we started off. We we go and I have the same fear, but this was because the people who say you know what we don't care at this point when you have a president who has gone so far to the right and said than done so many things have been rewarded or be up for the audacity of it. Why can't you
be audacious, and why can't we actually five what you believe in that? That's exactly right, so he gets a right. So he gets a birth. The APOLLO! That's all, that's always a great way to start off a strategy beating. I would an apology, yeah you're right it does. She wants probably fuckin wrong, but if I buy it anyway, so that's but at least he got to the right place and then listen to what this woman says. What I thought, I think, what you're saying, if you want to women of illicit cause. You want to wit, so this is this idea from the establishment that, if you advocate for progressive ideas, you're going to lose what we advocated for model, red, centrist ideas and we lost to a game show house. So this and no one ever since that back to them, he doesn't say it back to her. He does what will watch what he does. This is where I really think we talk passing a let the ability is key for progressive well, but we think you get you you're gonna be more electable. If you add a lecture five people who never voted before.
And I'm gonna be the big saluted the main exactly so. He males it he's nailing right he's. What did you see? How I think we talk past each other? What that means is, I think, you're fuckin fully share, but he says it in the nicest way and then he makes the right. But what are we ends? Watch you gotta be more electable. If you read electrified the people never voted before and I'm gonna be the big solution. The made in the modern age may actually demo was wrong. Bathos going. Are we going to get it goes that so you know if you dont advocate for things that private That is why that actually help people we might demobilize are based isolating, as I think that is the word is I got whenever I don't make? It is not enough,
so have drinks out of my own, and I, like you, VE, was if, if he was an adviser to the emperor of Japan, you will be like all I'm saying is: if you bomb Pearl Harbor, they might drop to atomic bombs, honest and whatever is out of date. Whenever let's go have lunch, I thought he was doing his best Joe Biden impression. Oh my time. miss up. It's like its old Dilly little thing it's a small thing that maybe we want a candidate that actually inspires peoples. We can win, not a big deal, but, like I just a guy when I was watching that I sent to you Look at his face he's, like God, damn it. I am beaten down. I take the man's money now he has show on CNN. These are the people hangs out with every goddamn day. This is who we hang. These other p and you see how it happened. Yes, it is our aim,
well, I'm taking the money, as is our work, so fucking taking the money just because he won't. He won't say to her. We did this. Will Hillary Clinton Fuckin lost? We did this with John Kerry bucking lost with it is. Would Al Gore Fuckin laws? Brok Obama pretended he was opposite any one it brought the bombing was altogether I'm moderate need. Nobody would have welcomed voted for him. The fact that Barack Obama was think hope and change, and he gave us no change. He gave us continuity. He fuckin made everything that Bush was doing permanent. That's so I dont. So that's why but look at that based on this basis. I am stuck. That's it I'm sorry. It's almost like we're mouthpiece for the oligarchy. That's the only thing, a minuscule while lattimer prudence on the line, hello, my old friend, during which time caller,
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