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2019-10-24 | 🔗

The return of Hillary Supporter!

Tulsi drops the hammer on Hillary Clinton!

Insane CBS Interview with Tulsi Gabbard!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Graham Elwood, Eddie Pepitone, Paul Gilmartin, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Harrison Ford, Sherrod Brown, and Hillary Supporter!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show Harrison. Boards called me again: hello Door, Climate change is real. Judging did you know that? Yes, of course I mean I thought I was too, but I never thought I was real. Real remain yeah yeah, it's real. Who did you think it was it was real, but I thought you knew was real all alone. It was real. Calisto told me. He told the young people are angry and should lead on climate change
I agree, I will but first get off my play. Well, where are you right now? Where are you right now? my poor kid The consequences of our actions like a fugitive, where's the runway. I agree there was a man in my house, nice prosecutors MA. Am he had a mechanical arm? Jimmie Dale, I happen to know why they put do not eat on those silica back. They smoke every day, because some deeply way you smoking them.
Germany in order to stop the worst effects of climate change. We must act now. I agree. What are you doing. According to her I acting as a jobs, robot movie, Don't you be the Indiana Jones Reboot Movie Wretch We should all do We were all in the Indiana Jones Robot movie. There wouldn't bury problems all the elements of a bad kisser, request assistance over I'm sorry, I can't help you with that and though K, but no robots and my trailer place, because it's my trailer,
I have to go home and tell the turning physician s man, has a puncture in epigastric area. the reference to the fugitive, he's Pisa. You did these high sliding down the street and Johnson media. Some had the chance to show everybody workable. This week's GB, Giorgio we'll see you November third at the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood November, fifty Buffalo November. my teeth and really gotta Gibby Door, carbon
the governor League for all our lives. Jos. Now, let's get through the joke before we get to the joke, shall we eat? I simply can't believe Donald Trump treated that he thought the impeachment inquiry was a lynching primarily because he spelled it right I don't know about you, but I know what you're doing for Halloween. I know what I'm doing I'm going to watch MSNBC right, that's right, because it's inhabited by spooks, that's what she said yeah, hey did you see? The CNN had lied from Chrysalis chrysalis. As literally says, Democrats, I now have a real chance at winning the Senate and twenty twenty. So you know what that means: democratic gonna lose more seats in the Senate. Some top Republicans are upset with Trump over his lynching tweet because they think it makes lynching look bad Bernie Sanders came out against the s.
in our jack. That's used against whistle blowers. Yeah, that's a good thing! Little does he know Liz worn already has a plan how to avoid talking about the half red headed your Andrew Yanks, he's now opened being Joe Biden vice president, ah Does he know how many I t calls that's gonna involve edge Joe again, I know it's too, I am do you know what my netflix password It is no good. You know that Peat booted judge a good Jews and Mark Zuckerberg have mutual college friends. Yeah yeah, I wonder, of deep state. Dude brows was the first Facebook group hated. You see that video that high school coach who took a gun from a suicidal student and then hugged him, did you see that yeah
and then the school, the school praised him for his courage and bravery, and then they had to fire for Huggin. That student. Did you your mark? Zuckerberg responded to Bernie Sanders called to abolish. Billy nurse by saying it would harm much needed philanthropy. But I always thought village Here's, where billionaires biggest philanthropy of my right come on. Did you hear, beat booted G digits, also just hired of form and Goldman Sachs executive as his national policy director truth story, bad. That is so two thousand eight Obama him hey what's covered up. Buddy they show Hillary Clinton. There over rages in everyone's. A russian add, tells the drops a hammer on the queen of war muggers plus, which You look at CNN who their defending Tal or elderly plus
twitter editor is exposed as being british military sigh, ops officer, the twitter in charge of the entire Middle EAST and see asked told see with a straight. face. What is a regime change war plus forgetful calls today from Hilary Supporter share it brown or Girod plus met rob me and Errors Ford, plus a lot lab. more that's today on the Jimmy Georgia, I'm serious person, but I am also on purse about my phone person fun five, you know a nearby husband, righted, Jeffrey I've seen plan just blood you, I think the hallmark of
person, as they tell people how much fun now always like somebody goes, I'm crazy. You know that's the most boring dead weight. Motherfucker you ever going to mean you're like a different color balls. So here something fun? She did. She wanted a pot cast and said this about. Tells you gabert here you go. I'm not making any predictions, but I think that got there. I and somebody who is currently in the democratic primary our grooming heard be the third party candidate she's, a favourite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites Watson. Other ways supporting our so far and That's something silly! Just I will give it up which she might not fish is also a russian Azure jet can you find someone with less money and less power? The jewels knife by just I'm not even running this year running Sidney?
done. They are the very big someone who's gonna run this time, just I'm not running. Ok and Hillary Clinton she's like a cold that just won't go away right, which is never fully goes away is also Hilary Clinton is so good at being on likeable. If Andy Kaufman was alive, he'd be taking notes from murmured. You don't give me. This is about politics, our national security or Russia. This in bout, Tulsa, Gabert pulling off wearing a pan suit, looking hot? Yes, recalling she can't fathom the path, the act that
is a chance for another. Woman is going to be the first president. She cannot fuckin handle that yeah. She is a sociopath and he's just like. I will do whatever it takes. I actually think this is a golden moment because she cannot control herself. No, cannot- and I think this and the combination of tall see finally sank fought this dropping the gloves of EO see backing Bernie. It blows up all their identity, politics bullshit, it's fuckin blows it through the roof Ryan when burning kids. If he gets the nomination and wins all theirs They all of their corrupt bullshit, goes right down the fuckin toilet and its magical. cited Fort, pull it well. Ferny wins, it's gotta, be largely thanks to the Russians,
jewels die the powerful green Party with its five dollars. Then it's got saved a mocking bank lucky stipend. It just says jewels, thine, eye wandered. All I'm lucky strike another wars, Diet, Santa Data ok, so just just back down fills a gap There's a russian ass. An angel signs are russian asset. Offer now manage answers to them their exit. So now even CNN sees through their. I guess There is an asset, that's how bad! people are seeing through this outside okay, we were with, they would trouble, but now everybody like I go along with drunk disease, a douche bag, but now in everybody s leave me the next and the next one, and what I said was by
marrying and red baiting, a soldier currently serving as a medic in an illegal war. She voted for and helped engineer. Hillary Clinton is erased. Any doubt that she is just a despicable. Is George, W Bush or Donald Trump could ever be. she is a cancer on America and do you remember when tromp attacking that gold star family. During the campaign and everytime I raised about radical, they don't give a shit shit she's, not even tolls, he's not dead, yet still currently serving, and you don't give a shit you smear in Red Baker, so fuck you, you don't give a shit about the military. You only care appointed climbed up with your political position like a truly hypocrites and a sociopath. They don't give
so amazing how they're all abide. So, that's why you and you wonder why do people still vote for drugs because they know people like Hillary Clinton and Debbie want seven shells and build plan, and the Democratic Party are just as fully shared as Trump could ever fuckin be laying his hand it's burning. My suspicion is, is burning and tells you made a deal in January and he said: look you're gonna be my vp. The right he's gonna get if he gets a nominee she's a bp they're gonna to around the country and Hilary just imagine tall, seeing all these red states going? I'm fuckin vat just like you and all your kids, because there's no goddamn jobs in these red state. That's why you, your your sons and daughters had to go, join the war and this rich work, and why, ladies talk and shit about me, it's a fucking changes. The guy had so great. Am I keep talking either?
keep saying. You're, crazy, rich white, lady, warmongering sociopath, big fuckin, pedophile bullshit other math, please usually when they do good work. Hilary just feels right at home, accusing a woman of color of crime Yeah, so here Michael Tracy Citizens policy is a major and the National Guard shouldn't Hilary led an investigation to determine the full extent of russian in illustration of the: U S military, because that sounds very dangerous or maybe Robert Mahler could do it
So what Hilary supply is that we have in full traders in them in the who is recent the rank of major in the army? How does the you know it tells you gave? It also has the highest security clearance you can have in our government. She has that toast he actually responded. She said you see that she was great. Thank you. Hillary Clinton, you, the queen, of war mongers and by of corruption and the personification of the rock that has sick in the Democratic Party for so long had fine we come out from behind the curtain. Someone's not holding their powder of that boy, and by way love how queen of warmongering was trending on Twitter. It was fantastic. She goes
She says from the day I announced my candidacy. There has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why and now we know it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media in war, machine afraid of the threat that I oppose its now clear that this primaries between you and me doc. Thirdly, hide behind your proxies join the Rays direct in Hilary said. Does he said this. it becomes very eager. I just want to remind Hilary: where were you in two thousand five, because tolls II was serving in that Iraq war that you voted for? You are hanging out with the trunks
just so you know, somebody said: hey Jimmy, don't attack Hilary like that. She may not be a soldier, but she saw action when those snipers she made up shot her over there, so that was sent on a tongue in cheek, though Yes, there was this by the way I just want to show you look at see hundred and eighty eight thousand likes, and fifty four thousand retweet looks like that's. That's a lot of you know. Look like those tweets all the people of Iraq, all the people of Libya, the people of Honduras, the people of Syria, the people of Haiti, the people of Yemen anywhere else, Hillary Clinton, anything to do with what was happening in the world. All those people probably like that we because they know, is destructive, fucking maniac, she's, been over career yeah, could
the way, coincidentally, queen of war mongers, that's a children's books, Chelsea clinics right in right now this is Tal see we ll all about a kind of hoping for when tolls each of Kemal out two debates ago, I was like more this toll seed, yeah fuck and play a nice india like and now it's like? Finally she's, like our I bid, you want to focus on your policing money in Haiti, mother Fucker. I was in the shit, so I'm gonna take you out. I ask this is fantastic. I wanted you to know. Just go and twenty twenty hunt or Biden and and Chelsea Clinton are going on a spot of people who lost a Trump book to her all right. So what's that again, cassettes funny how she.
So here, but you know how so tall see said since the beginning, since I announced there has been a concerted effort, a coordinated campaign to treasure so that nay, she announced unrove. You remember the day. She knows for president and bees The news ran this story. The rush in propaganda machine that try to influence the twenty? Sixteen? U S. Election is now promoting the presidential aspirations of twenty twenty democratic candidate, Tolstoy Gabert and oh you know where they got this information from. They got this information from that company called new knowledge which we explain to you on our show before is completely discredited everybody getting their information about Russian Botz from a company called new knowledge? New knowledge was covered to be inventing fake Russian Box and attributing them two republican politicians, so they got caught. They were doing it so much the chairmen of new now
Let's get his facebook page blocked. That's how bad he was due pushing propaganda in fake Botz, but then BC news use. New. Now they ve already been discredited by this time by the way and they use them, took to launch this in here, how Katrina Vanden Oval set up the nation says? What are you, what you think of tells you Gabert is point what matters is where witnessing influential media outlets equate. dissenting foreign policy thinking with the Kremlin, essentially stigmatizing. Anyone who thinks differently. Yes, Why wouldn't be seen by the way? Here's from from NBC News analysed! that new knowledge, the company, the Senate Intelligence Committee, use to track russian devotees and twenty sixteen election told them we see news. They spotted chatter related to Gabardine anonymous on like message boards, including was known for fomenting right wing. Troll campaigns,
This is from the Intercept NBC News to smear Gabert, as the Kremlin favoured relied on a group that is heralded as experts without tell its audience about the major fraud which this firm, just got caught perpetrating, so unison and when Trump sets fake news that half the country at lands, because most of the time it is fuckin fake news everything they set about. Russia, gay actually was fake news. This, they're saying about tells you Gabert is fake news everything they ve ever set about. Syria, Libya, rack, Honduras, Fuckin. Venezuela is fake news. Only the corporate media could make Trump ought to be a bucket truth. Teller, that's not bad. They BC news respond to any of you know they ve, never responsive them, uneasiness, no, they don't have to respond very well said I will well several experts. They mean affirm that just got caught fabricating russian Botz. We have
I'm a grant so severely that they get banned from Facebook and here's the guy Jonathan organ by the way. What did he do before? He did that job it? He was special adviser to the state department. He's a fucking spoke working inside State Department. he's going to save us from Russian, but what is actually doing is inventing them. So he's running a gripped, that's what that's cause! I'm gonna save you from Russian, but I didn't know there were rush about how I found them. that's what this is. An NBC news repeats right and so these books suspended the count of Jonathan Morgan, the chief executive at a top social media. Research firm, have two reports that he and others engaged in an operation to spread this information during a special action in Alabama lasted, so he was caught doing the exact thing he's claiming others. Russian bought chatter boosting tells you ever ease, inventing those russian Botz and then that BC, news reports, so to Jimmy your thing? Nbc is work
with Hillary Clinton. That seems like a big that things like a conspiracy theory right. Well, here's I'm not remember. Here's a shoulder to tell you that the head of NBC News, Andy Lack, was joined at the hip with the Hillary Clinton campaign and they had fired watch, Now, let me give you the opinion. I think the Clinton's work, connected. Amy lack connected. The hill, the head of and we see news connected that they have with the Clinton's. I think They didn't want anybody in their prime time or any anywhere on their line of supporting Bernie Sanders. I think that they were in the tank for Hillary Clinton and I think it was managed and forty days later hours out of them MSNBC boom. There you go and by the way, everybody making a big deal about ships, Smith Gap pushed out because Clinton they fire people on the regular them as and pc for before. Hillary Clinton, because of that,
where they fired, feel Donna you, when Jesse Venture and actually banned, feel they file and fired him just for covering Bernie Sanders. They do that all the time, so it would make it a big deal about ships myth getting pushed out cause a Trump have fox, that's fucking par for the course. That's right, why they acting like. It only happens there. It's been happening at Amazon BC since they went on the fucking air. That's that's the kind! That's why I'm here to point this out. I guess So that's why we thank you. Thank you. When tells you Gabert says that there they rigged the last election in the corporate media and the Dnc are rigging this election. That's exactly what she means. She means the corporate media slandering her there printer they're, trying to ruin her reputation. People like real Hilary glue
in the Dnc. Now they have all their minions, repeating what Hillary Clinton said on television and in the press and on social media. That's it just like she had them pop up on the pride piper theory she's doing that with her millions in the press to their all pushing these anti too. Could you believe that all the negative press tells you
gun she's pulling at two percent and they can't stop fucking talking about her? Why? It's because their allergic to the truth and she's, the only one who's ever told the truth about our regime change wards. No one has ever told the truth about that. Our funding terrorist guy because there may know that, no matter where the truth comes from, that's why they come after me, I'm fuckin dick in my garage at the Sycamore tavern in they gotta. Stop me here because the little bit truth getting out. Nobody knows about their wars and, what's really going on, they can manage them through the media. Perfectly. You see what's just happening with Syria, you see with with Venezuela, you see what Libya with Iraqi see it still happening. So you want me throats my go ahead. Anything yet at the Sycamore Tavern circus.
Norton investing a more to have been over eighty nine people. There we make promises. Bravo, Hillary Clinton. You ve done something so detestable that is united people across ideological lines, contempt, media panels routinely attacked, also govern our now defending her watch. You want to see one hears us A ban Jones goes on with them with doesn't matter who John, with some asshole Van Jonah. This panel of plastics reporting live; ok, so just just about tat fills a gap, a russian ass, an angel signs, a russian ass that offer now answers to the van known. So so that's that's how she puts it out there Emmy cheaply very dangerous game, Mcgillicuddy. First of all, Hilary
Clinton is used to playing dangerous games, member the dangerous game she played by getting Donald Trump to join the twenty sixteen campaign, you everyone they did that for drop out. Eyes and one Clinton associate familiar with the exchange said that Clinton encourage trumps. efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party and offered his own views of the political landscape. Member that that's a dangerous game. She likes to play those dangerous game, and then she told Armenians in the press to prop up Donald Trump at their piper theory, so she can hand pick the only person in the world that could beat her is Donald Trump. So there we go so here we go if you're concerned about this information, if you can start it with the Russians, do is a distinct, spread disinformation and get us divided against each other. That is what just happened. Just throw out some information. Disinformation smear somebody
She is Hillary Clinton she's a legend. She is she's gonna, be the history books if you gotta be in the history books as the person who lost the most winnable election in history, but she's gonna be in everyone's skeptical hunt in the history books as a warmongering, fuckin. First lady, that's what he's gonna be going down in the history books for yeah, ok, former, not any of our party. And she just came out as a fitting yours, Congresswoman a decorated war veterans, and somebody is waiting for the nomination of our Party with just a complete smear and no facts, Russia has a fact- and I should point out, sitting USA sitting you are now. This is not one false somewhat said. The secret word was sitting Congresswoman going at eighty tell them what they want. They want
Europe all dropped down. Now So this is also a watch even errand, Burnett and Van Jones. If they're going to fuck, you can't do this to us no they finally stepped over. Finally, there will be so. This is like the have you no dignity, sir, have you noticed? That's that moment. It's happening right now. Hillary Clinton step over two far as sitting Congresswoman, whose also got the highest clearance and as an active member she's a medic the men, the military, so that that, finally, I think hopefully It will be the unwinding of Russia gave. Maybe I don't know I've thought this before I thought the Viola report would ended. It didn't. I thought it would stop many times before it's not. Maybe this will do what? What are you guys think I'd?
I know I do. I think this is the turning point. It goes a lot of time left between now and November, but I really think this was like such a critical gaff cause. Tosses donation money has gone up as my understanding, she's trending better. I mean it's like all of these things. Hilary and it's the Clinton's cannot help themselves. No, they wake up and lie ten times before fuckin breakfast. That's what they do any Hilary is a sociopath, and even so so the ale see backing. But I think this is all happening at a perfect. Moraine ale see backing Bernie so that blows all of the like the hit, the the Clinton Hilary people that were like. Is warrants our girl and ale sea will fall in line with the identity politics, so that's blown up, so all of their bullshit, their house of cards is coming completely apart and I think this it was partly you couldn't have asked for this is the best thing tells you could have asked for is to have this kind of stupid. Bullshit is now Ban Jones is on your side, see it has undergone even Erin Burnett gurgles everybody,
Hilary major in college was pissing away. Goodwill. Ok, so he's got some more to say this, a very, very dangerous game and there's a backstory here and has two sides to every story. Let's not forget tools he gave was picked out by their guy forty thousand and put at the time of the DMZ. They thought she was gonna, be their golden girl and she got in that position. The Dnc issue. round he saw Debbie, Watchmen, shawls and other people Clayton allies do is that they should We're doing in the primary and here it tells you publicly quit and then both parties, theatres and it's been payback hell, everlasting. We are but back hell. You know and that's exactly what is happening. Lays german plus plus he's button people forget. So it's two things: Tal C is telling the truth about our regime change wars which everybody's not at the media, the intelligence, community, the military industrial, complex and all the politicians thrall in
To do so when she starts guy had a debate in says regime change, wars, thirteen times, people start googling. What the hell is it talking about and they start finding out exactly what's happening. It's like Hillary Clinton in all the NEO liberals are doing. Is it MAX Blumenthal explained that they're doing like a cover up in reverse right now, so they did it. So this is like part of their cover up, because tolls is letting the truth gave out about the regime change wars and how we're supporting terrorism all around the world and how this is bullshit, and so they ve got a like that like doing a cover up, but but also the second thing is the bigger thing almost is that she one against Dnc and Hillary Clinton when she stepped down told the truth about Happy Washerwoman shields rigging the election. Now, if you forget they were they couldn't be less popular Hillary Clinton and Debbie Washing machines inside the Democratic party. They were hated. Do you remember the twenty sixteen democratic convention, Debbie Watchman Shilts, went to give a speech in front of the delegates
in Florida, and this is what happened? here. We can you make that my ringtone yeah cheers need to speak. Everybody cheaters need to hear that was in a path moment, and I love
What had my doctors reaction to my blood tests, smithy says and here's a simple truth. You already know no one on Hillary Clinton's cheating, twenty sixteen primary campaign should ever work in politics again and that's a fact, but they are get. This was in July of twenty sixteen sixty eight per se, the countryside, Hilary not trustworthy. So this book- and I it's almost she's, a good person is she's a saviour, and we should all rally around her. Cousin trump is bullshit. That's why we have trump because they nominated somebody that country already knew was a corrupt piece of shit. That's why we have dropped and they treated to do it and rammed down our throats and that's why we have dropped so thought that ok, what others think July. So we all know that policy is bringing a lot of conservatives and libertarians overturn. That's right. So if, if this and I again it like- we ve talked about birth,
he told you Tarsi burner in either order they can go, they could they could crush Trump. Russia Crusher crush him, and they know this because nothing would uniform spoken, no red state. Voters more run, then you told the Hillary Clinton to go for the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Yes, either Porthos see you fuck you, EL, so from her book. Hilary said in her book. Why am I seen as such? Are the basic vigour and Joe Biden check carrying big cats? Votes of all eyes, including some may regret. Just like me. What makes me such a lightning rod for fury. I'm really ask again at a loss. Maybe it's you lack of self awareness may be, that's it. You fuck, it
warmongering maniac. It must be painful to realize that you were so disliked the working class people chose over you, a guy who sits literally on a gold thrown yeah yeah. That's up your right, yet you mean his toilet, his gold, I know so he's got. hey man, the Pope. In order to get past we get drunk. You pass our you wake up next to a gold toy like where am I the Vatican or from our I'm, not sure where I sixty one. inadequate dropped. Our so he's got more to say, be proud. We can have a primary without them, former nominee jump on a podcast throne aspersions, then we're gonna, tweet war. This we got real problems in America website. Hillary Clinton play a very
It was game now. You know what who else is playing a very dangerous game? I think they're Jones is playing a dangerous game by telling the truth about Hillary Clinton, Tv- and I just want to say, I feel really bad about his suicide. Next Tuesday. Yeah, let's always known in its prisons, though they had Jeffrey. I meant no cameras guards go on brave everything's, evoking it's like Gilligan Xilai once store, hello, This is Jimmy. It's afford, oh hi Hilary supporter, how shut up You may go to hell. You
piece of shit. I want to talk about. We hold on Hilary supporter, you kid juice, Don't you do not do it again? do not do it Oh there you are recent border. Ok, Oh, are you still there God damn it sorry, I haven't called awhile because your show has become so toxic kid like listen to it I can't even hey, listen. I try. I literally get hives but people. I don't care for were contact me and social media and me why you're talking about then back to Europe even giving lip service to that quisling had better.
On old that dream it is. From Hilary, No, you didn't know told they gathered, use stupid you too, God I hate her hate, her so much strain or would it that stupid? Hawaii. Why why you, mean or lay talk like me, ticketing sickens me when you do that Ray. To say that about the chief dead that Russia, coming at cheap plants that's good! That's gonna do the same thing that job Dying, did. Twenty twenty
it's just. I didn't wake sixteen. She was right to say these things Maxie, that's not true. There's no evidence whatsoever. That policy, in fact, is the firm that said. Russian Botz were propping up. New knowledge was completely discredited for invent fake russian Botz and, of course, that's the same people they rely on and Jill stated and even running this time. So for her to come after and by the way, people are method to participate in democracy participating as a third party. the fourth Party of this party candidate, is called produced. K. Ok, that's quiet from the man. Ok! Thank you good night. This is I show Hilary supporter is it Is it really? Yes, Russia's. Why don't you? Let me Russia date for that whole studio. You rush you pay for
garage behind my House russian asset to, and death and wine and your dog you're all you're should actually Roger like ethnically ok, I can see it in your cheek bones. You fucking idiot right, what you write well, Hilary supporter, what what did you think of TAT Elsie calling Hill Hilary? a warmonger in Response God, what a joke! A joke! is the warmonger issue within the army a war, not Hilary. She would. the way out of the cabinet member. She would secretariat stage yet an office we share what year did with peace, not war,
joke Hilary personally We the invasion of Libya, which led to the complete failure of that state from It has never recovered. My guide and when asked about it she said, and I quote weak. Aim we saw. He died, meaning Gaddafi I think for once you- and I must agree on something better for it. They literally have open your slave markets now in Libya, no, the poor man's someone give the man you know what that is, I might add, to toil all day
day in day out for no pay like women have had jouberts thousands of years because that some men being sold into slavery in North Africa have a worse every woman in America, given what they have to put up with and in the workplace in public debate is the harassment everything. Shame all I mean give me a break up. Ok! Well that, then, who is your candidate dead? well, certainly not Bernie. That's for sure. I M too full of himself. He, though talking and is going about it. It is important opinions. saying all of you in your towards me and look at me and listen
The may talk you mean he's giving campaign speeches Guess whatever and honestly I just have to wait and see who Hillary endorses, I mean president right. Now, b, and the least we can do is lighter and take the new wine. Ok, in the meantime. Do you have a choice of your own I think that we all presumptuous, don't you like to do? Why did it choose my own candidate. Are you insane You realize what would happen to my life? If I chose you know, Amy be jar and worry, suddenly Doors Elizabeth. Why, then, nothing will happen? Ok, my name Hilary support. My legal now y all that every fucking out dad
would trigger my agoraphobia so intensely. Did I never leaving the apartment and never leaving the left side of the bed. Will this? I will be making a stab in the dark as far as HU? I should or should not be voting for so, but don't you think, that's that decision to, but what a pilloried tells you to vote for Joe Biden whose you know got a horrible history with women and his silver aggressive sniffing. In touching, and what have you been out for Joe Biden? Daughter, Ok, but why do you think I learned from black women, I feel so powerful. So what about what about?
lot of people are saying that what Hilary did when she said that tells you was a russian asset that it was so over the top that she over reached. Add now it's made her look. Silly Oh. Really. I'm sorry from where I stand here looks like the queen is still standing. You everything color the queen of warmongering. Now, oh hood, you and your car dray. Count all year, Bernie Brow then you'd, to care is rhymes, daddy, she standing tall. That's got the ball, the cardboard cod tat. I have ever in front of us now. Some people think he's gonna give back in the race in this red. You think she's gonna, do it? Oh my god. What keeping me like this? I can't take it.
No I'd swear. I swear to you. I did that, there's some serious speculation that you make into the race yeah. Well, I would have to lie down for a lot of change everything yeah. That would change everything. Everyone else will have to drop out rate the what happens you be he'd, be running against them, No! I dont know because we make ball state data. We sure and every runagate story you go to jail locked about how to build a prudent fell. okay, alright. Well, this listed Hilary supporter. We hope you could check back in with us a later on in the campaign
ITALY's never going anywhere, which means I'm never going anywhere. I like Who am? I shouted I'd only my apartment. I know I beg you will appreciate it. too bad badge, so tat see goes on. Cbs and so watch this interview that I'm gonna play its like a three or four minute interview every question, except for the first one. Every question this kind of mental personally, like they play that music, like its stock in Syria, is right there s a big deadened who what's gonna, where they gonna say Belinda, who you per state a state,
hundred woman told me gabardine, responding to Hillary Clinton comments, suggesting that a twenty twenty candidate is being by the Russians. Congresswoman gathered joins me now from our city? Iowa congresswoman. Thank you so much for being here with us, so it in what did you make of Secretary Clinton comments this we congresswoman totally thanks for coming on our show and taking time off me, today to respond to allegations from an unhinged lunatic who once again shows how it's possible to lose a Donald Trump. Thank you Let us be clear about what this is about, really, that if any, One stands up and speaks out to end the Jeanne change war policies our country has had for so long, the likes of which we see. Waves in Iraq, Libya, on in Syria. We will be
able to as a foreign agents will be labelled as traitors to our. Country are really what this is. This is the message to every veteran in this country who has put their life on the line to serve our country to every single american who believe strongly that we must end this long, standing foreign policy of the world's police. In waging these regime change wars, which is really the legacy of Hillary Clinton, then we are traders to the nation that we love. When this is done. go on so many levels when you say regime change wars. What do you mean? by that I was gonna gave her the benefit of the doubt when I just saw her picture Can you
spell regime and change for me to see those same like big sort of russian were corrected, twenty twenty five. What do you mean by military industrial complex? Is that thing so that these other people asking quite what are you when you say regime change? What it's a review? What the guy? I dont give it when you climate change. Jimmy are you talking about like you're in Burma in your house? What does that? Can you elaborating? I mean I understand why you talk about change, anyways no big deal, That's good, that's kind of studying, and if you watch when she says it tells you starting to laugh, wow, letting you say, regime change war,
What do you mean by that? She swallowed I use anyway, this is worse than Megan Mackay. What am I on the view? I may tell you she's disclose from God how the fuck did you get? This is good news reporter. reporter. That is. Ok this long held foreign policy of the United States, of which Hillary Clinton was champion of for a very long time of going around the world, acting as the world's police, overthrowing on top. dictators that we don't like again wars that I've served in the war in Iraq. The tie
killing of Gaddafi and Libya in the ongoing regime change war in Syria. This is what we're talking This is what I have been strongly strong. calling for an end to end. This is reason why she and her minions are trying to smear maids where my character undermine my camp. Pain. Labeling me as a foreign agent as a traitor to my country. Congresswoman, with respect Clinton didn't
explicit that some have come on? Let me play this game all day the, but maybe it was Koala that was you dont know about it is that I think she's, like my friend, how we used a straight facing it because the longer you straight face a joke, the body or it is right. You know what you heard three months before this from her I'm telecom, major she was seized. Actually part of a vaudeville team that performed all over the country hither and thither. She was looking. Why let? Let's, let's be real here, look at every single headline that come out of her comments on that podcast.
every single one has my name, and there are so let's, let's not mess around Europe, pretend that it wasn't something that it was Would you mind if I was also after that remark? I went wrote down what magicians blown down smoke and disappear. Where I am telling you tat, you can ask that question. You can't say that if you poured needed an interview with tossing yeah, you get up. Let's go have told you talk about how she was it really named Why you guys have Iraq? Could she wasn't really named? Is that what you're saying here we had you, because just a big you feel stupid, because she was talking about you. That's where we invited so did. This will then forget the top of the gas where she sat told they were smear by Hillary Clinton. Here she is to defend it.
that's Tal sees resting. Are you fucking kidding me face? You This page is doubly ask questions. I guess what you're running as a third party candidate as she believes no possibly go now. said that many times before I've been very clear. I will not be leaving the Democrats. Democratic party you can't even say the Democratic Party without throwing up in her mouth. Why isn't she willing to leave? Isn't that amazing that if you think it America, we should have more than to political parties, you're, somehow a trader, your suspect that you might be a russian or something they have five fucking
it is a kind of they have say parties of Norway. We have two parties and the problem with the voting for the Lester of do evil is when there's two parties they can set it up that way and that's exactly what they're doing. But if you get, if you wanna go third party, we're gonna, keep you in line you're gonna be called the Russian. That's exactly what they're doing it's fucking nuts and I'll do this again, Have you ever tried to go to seven parties its sewing? Exhausted not be running as independent third party candidate. I am running as a Democrat to take our party back away from control of people like Hillary Clinton and the warmongering and Democratic Party is once again a party of by and for the people of party that will fight for the people, fight to protect our planet and that will fight
for peace. Not you, though, are you concerned about their potentially being a third party? Canada is closer. Look I was giving these questions from the day and see and that's what's happening, I'm sorry she's like today. God, damn thing we're taking back over the Democratic party. But what about a third? These still worrying about a third party, though it's as you are you worried about a fourth party habit of fifth party Do you explain what third party means I want to say? focused on exactly what's happening here, because this is a day just message, that's being sent to the american people that if anyone any that and any service member. Any American stands up and speaks out and for ending he's regime change wars of ending this long held foreign policy. This is how they will be treated so
I'm calling on every American to stand with me as we stand up for the truth. We stand up for peace. We stand up for our freedoms, including our freedom of speech in this country, invite them to join my campaign in doing this, and freedom of democracy and shore are so how what are you talking about something that makes sense? This is the producer inner ear. What the fuck are you talking about restated its? like it's like. She was in a severe ass water. Skiing acts, it and she's just she had to learn how to talk and walk again. She's gettin freedom of democracy We go the in twenty twenty once again. This is not about Russia. Let's stay focused on the issue at hand here that Hillary Clinton is is
believe me as a foreign agents and traders smearing and undermining my campaign, but directly herself and indirectly, through her proxies during this really, since I announced my candidacy for private, the reason why she's doing this is because she knows that she can't control me. She knows that she's not going to be able to manipulate me if I'm elected president to be able to continue these war mongering policies that she has championed throughout her career. This is about bringing our party back, bring our country back into the hands of the people and ensuring our government is fighting for the people fighting for our planet and fighting for and you're using strong words hearing involving you strong words, Torrent Secretary Clinton on Twitter has. Said anything to you specifically. set some pretty strong things to her on twitter, and I just thought I should tone police you for a second.
You should have seen what I said to her on snap. This is like I really command tall C4 taking time out every day to talk to a college tv station. Good her by the way is call see pulling at two percent. or really low right in Russia in Russia. Yet well did in certain states like your earlier stages, pulling much higher, so all Clinton is doing, is raising her PLO. Well, Yet this was we're gonna get to that. I would backfire learn from other file Andrew Profile. I have not first letter from our current congresswoman totally gabert. Thank you so much for going up there you go and now to a commercial for rate, So here is what TAT the Coty to bear says. I support tools. gabardine. I am no russian bought that mainstream media calls all tells these borders. Actually, I'm a native
to this land, which is now America, Hillary Clinton, has no idea what war is sitting behind a desk. Tulsa Gabert knows first hand of war, I'm with policy see twenty twenty there you go hurry, Dots says Hilary has breathe new life into tools used campaign think any one person could have done more for tells you gabert that when Hilary did by attacking here in the way she did a low on. Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for being so corrupt and narcissistic. You couldn't resist Michael traces, Hilary internal monologue. The best way to deal with this candidate I want to disempower, is to launch an insane unprovoked attack and give an enormous amount of attention. Exclusive twitter executive further the Middle EAST. Is a british army sign up soldier?
is an awesome. So we're supposed to be promote, worried about free speech and narrow, and if you watch them that when Jack, when I'm Joe Rogan, they talk about protecting free speech, the guy's workin for the fucking knowledge is committed to use running their Middle EAST, but it says head of editorial, for Mina is a part time officer and the seventy seventh progressed and information more per unit. Ok, what's this senior twitter executive with editorial risk, on stability for the Middle EAST is also a part time officer in british Army psychological warfare unit middle. sigh has established. Gordon Macmillan, who joined the social media Company Ukase Office six years ago has for several years also served with these seventy Seventh brigade a unit in twenty fifteen, in order to develop non lethal ways of waging war, the seventy seven brigade uses social media platforms such as twitter.
Is to Graham and Facebook, as well as podcast set. So they when will they say, use them. They mean they do propaganda with them to control people's behaviour, that that's why they're science- and there was it was the data analysis audience research to wage. What the head of the UK military, General Nick describes as information warfare while clear engaged in propaganda, the m. De as reluctant to use the word to describe. the unit operation Carter says the seventy seven brigade is giving the british military the capability compete in a war of narratives at the time local level to shape perceptions of conflict so sky? Is working for intelligent for the government whose trying to shape people's perceptions of events there trying to brainwash people there, trying
bulshit people and he's the head of fucking twitter in the Middle EAST wow some soldiers who have served in the unit say they have been engaged and operations intended to change the behavior of target audiences. What exactly Mcmillan is doing with the unit is difficult to determine, but I bet it's pretty good fuckary, however, he has declined to answer any questions about his role twitter wouldn't say only that we actively encourage all employees to pursue, pursue external incorrect, maybe you'd like to culture, soccer team- or you know, maybe do so- must sign up for a foreign government. You know things with your off time: science or a painting class. Whenever you want to do it's all your option, we cause you to fuck with people on your own
Macmillan, whose editorial responsibilities that Twitter also cover Europe and Africa was kept captain in the union at the end of twenty. Sixteen, according to one british publication, his involvement with this. You know how they found out the guy and put it on his linked in pay right there. I have a strong interest in politics: International, fair, I'm, a reserve officer in the british army serving the seventy seventh programme, which specializes in he put that's. What are these There's this do better, so fuckin stupid,
by the way you see. No twitter also announced in September that it had suspended hundreds of coordinated accounts which it said, breached its platform, manipulation policies. You mean the manipulation policies that are being overseen by a guy who works for the Fuckin bullshit arm of the government, propaganda wing. That guy said, you guys were but platform manipulation that guy is platform manipulation. I guess the people who they say we're platform manipulating, maybe had a narrative. They didn't want you to hear, and I don't need that can guide a sensor, people, that's what twitters all above I can do it myself. I don't need a jag off who work for the british sign up to tell me what's a bad tweak and take away somebody's account, I'm a big boy. I can handle it, but that's that what this is all about censorship- and here it is- I've- been screaming about it when they started with Alex Jones, and here it is, they have intelligent people running Fuckin, Twitter in the Middle EAST, let alone infiltrating it,
these have been appalled by the way they said these. These are bad accounts. They were operated in Spain, Ecuador, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. I notice that we are not on the list. I dunno? Maybe Let me that's a daily Democrat is not running for president this election cycle. really big boy the only sure I'd brown nothin, nobody wanted me to run for branded and necessary and a lot of important support for that like who may barber,
really wanted me to run. It was big on it Then, why? Don't you run hey? You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Dore, comedy Cobb sign up, it's the most affordable premium programme business today show was written left right. It was written by breakdown of Jim Earl, Rob Latona, step San Marino Van land with all the voices. performed by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae or can be found at MIKE. Mccrae dog comes that's it! For this week you be the best you can be housekeeping in me.
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