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2019-07-25 | 🔗

Mueller's testimony is a dud!

MSNBC panelist's unhinged rant about Bernie Sanders!

Mueller's cringe worthy testimony exposes RussiaGate Hoax!

Special Guest: award winning journalist Aaron Maté!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Al Pacino, and Mitt Romney!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jew Jimmy show em Bernie Sanders, because the latest Gallup Poll shows him topping democratic voters the most like candidates for twenty thousand hello pocket fish. Jimmy Door Bernie. I called you last week there was a rhetorical question: Skippy not unlike what are the five ws of journalism who the fuck is it where the fuck is it when the fuckers wanted a focus it and what Ok, look. Did I can't get a bad time? Is there a better time I can call you just wait. Your upside down and Studebaker at the bottom of our veins. Bernie. Why are you always so grumpy, not groping yelling? I want you to take
out of that, because I know a lot of you cornflakes get very sensitive. What a politician who walk the walk, his whole goddamn life might. actually get passionate about ending the extinction and the world coming to an end I didn't raise my voice once during that exchange. All you happy I want you to know you're on my list of people who would hatred. I welcome the why because I have added we ve got for ten years to do something drastic about the world coming to an end, and you and Graham Ellwood I'll bet you're getting free, not children, break tickets at ever yuk yuk giggles from it can load. I suspected, did you see what they said about you and MSNBC? The other day that I dont attract the same ratings is promptly bodiam. By take some solace and effective ninety percent of their audience, strapped Gurney's, waiting for the next cap at a commercial the way I welcome the hatred of the candidates industry well
Ex prosecutor. Mimi Roca said you made her skin crawl because she sees you, as quote not pro women. What the fuck is that supposed to mean anyone there? I thought there was a rhetorical question: sincerely. You know, what's not per any exe prosecutor, who abuse the project, you walk straight forward in the lives of millions of people during the financial crisis. I made a good on my list of people whose hatred I welcome. As a matter of fact, there are so many will take great. I welcome I have a list of might welcome. Hatred lists nicely cross reference, whatever who's on your list of lists categories, and people will all horses. I welcome that discharge and matching nipples, hatred, but when you say welcome their hatred, does that also mean you hate them? Of course not my dorm access welcome, but that doesn't mean I want
White House, I welcome, take while hating eight couple, gated what else? I don't! I no, what
heavy that bans, maybe tearing down our nation and its banks insurance companies. You guys every level of this week's Gibby Door Joe. We will see you next Friday August. Second, in Burbank California labourers Bro live Jimmy Door show. Then we go to Denver San Francisco Baltimore in Seattle, in Honolulu, for Christmas, go to Jimmy Door Comedy duck ruling.
all of our lives. Yo dates. Ok, we're going to skip the joke before we get to the jokes. What's coming up on today show Raw bird mauler, the independent Council investigating Russia Gate gave is testimony to Congress and it was kind of a meltdown we're going to talk about it with air imitate the award winning Russia Gate, the bunker from nation magazine and the grey Zone onto show plus what happens when you bring a female centrist Democrat who works for a while, school on MSNBC. Well, makes a sexist attack at Bernie Sanders that have absolutely no substance and she's heralded by MSNBC and the Hilary voters we're gonna talk. but that was what we got a phone call. City for Mitt, Romney Bernie,
Sanders and Chucky's assume the master of the said. It was a lot lot more. Does today, so. Reporters had been asked. Mitt Romney, whether or not he digs Donald Trump recent tweets about the squad are racist you refuse. So I thought, maybe I clear things up: blogger COM, Mitt Romney. Yeah you reach the Office of Senator, Miss Lytton, terminate prepared to get round aid alone. He made why? What do you call president trumps tweets racists? All I Jimmy say: did you know? Hot dog is still my favorite meet. That's right favoured me It s been and always will be guess what my jacket favorite meat is. What my jacket favorite meat is made. But you're supposed to be the New republic in maverick met. So why Kay despite Donald Trump, a racist, pure maverick,
does if national hot dog day Jimmy. What's that got to do with anything, we make. We know that my favorite made I'm going to say what ice cream ice cream, is it a meat that's what he bought a hot dogs. Look everyone wants to know why you can't call diatribe racist. Why can't you Jimmy? I have I'm glad we clear that up now. What's your favorite made, If it's not hot dog, I don't want to hear it. I mean please you can call his tweets racist right, As you know, hot dog is my favorite made. I just at once, voiced and half which pickles onions and catch up, which is the way I prefer it and that's a catch up. Stubble Kay not catch up see a witch
the homo spelling, mid. Ok What about trumps. Tweaks sarka help myself what about them Jimmy, but after we have more, born issues facing our country than some racist tweets of what we do but wait. So you do think they're racists anyway, the people who want me to say that otherwise I never said that I said something more vague like he went over the line or some shit like that, What does he want over the line mean just that there lights, and sometimes people go over them, no value judgment there unless you want interpret. Did that way going over the line is: is a lot like going the top only into line and not a top I like how hot dog and meet our needs. Unless you want me to be something different, like chicken and hot dog, to be something like rat theses, an insect parts, which it is so
falling Congress, women of color. They should go back to their so called countries of origin, its racist. Isn't it well Jimmy I guess it depends on which countries we are talking about here. Now, don't like let let's say we're talking about the seventeenth century british colonies. Right then you'd be jealous them to go back to Britain, which really your country Jerry bigger. so you're never going to answer this question. Are you happy hot dog day it's my favorite May day. been rom need. You know. Bernie Sanders gets a lotta guff have no idea why people who consider themselves lefties hate him so much. I think I do. I think it's because they blame salaries, loss on him and the fact that we have tromp on him in its irrational is completely irrational data. They do not have said
at the forty years of NEO, liberal corporatism, that is left over people and made them so desperate that they would vote for game, show host clown billion air as if he's gonna look for them that's what I would be, but they're not they can't do that. They can allow themselves actually look at the real problem and here's one of those people, her name is Mimi Roca she's, a former federal prosecutor and she's. now she's a criminal justice. Fellow at the pace, law, school and she's. An NBC and MSNBC Legal Analyse meat is getting a cheque from them too illegal analysed the wise that funny Well. That's! What's watch her substance, substance, free critique, of Bernie Sanders and just Imagine her saying this about any one else. Imagine a mad. Try to imagine a man saying this about a woman and watch this The andreasen was worn next week. I will relay highlight this for me, as you know, we're gonna, not the politically online services as a woman,
they concern is moderate, Democrat Breeze, theatres weeks scale, problem hearing and identify for you what exactly it is, but a book when I'm drinking wine with my friends, we all just say this and nobody ever pushes back. This is exactly like, very wise in hotels. He gabert is she's the mother lode of bad ideas, she's a toady. What's a toady mean I don't know, why does birdie centres make your skin crawl you're on television. I don't know, I can't tell you and that's a grown up person? That's a grown up. what. So what is it? What is what was she damn of unbelievably bad parenting that she would grow up like this. But how would she be able to? Oh that's right, you works for MSNBC. Well, that's what it must play the rest of it and just watch out ridiculous this
a night for a woman, a candidate, and so having been through them. They early. I dont understand young women who support him and I'm hoping that having him next to her will help highlight those are just imagine just imagine, this imagine me going our org or mail MSNBC panel saying This then why men are supporting Elizabeth, worn I don't know why went manner would have support a woman like that. You imagine saying that by the way, Journeys are pulling Elizabeth, worn with women Bernie does better with women than Elizabeth Warren F. Why so this is that this is a certain kind of derangement is like neurosis, because this this then she can't even tell you why she feels that way. She admitted it shows. I can't even tell you what I feel that way, so there's lots of what's what's that
is there. I will her. I want to say what why supporting him and not me if you're gonna shoot between the two of us believed there about just like that, we leave it there, we're gonna, leave a substance, free smear sex the smear: that's what that is: that's a sexist smear. so that woman this woman me me me me me me: roads is that? What is she doing? There is a mere weren't real because she can't tell you why she doesn't like him. He can't even tell you why he's not prelim woman, because he is for a woman and here's what Kurt carried jobs and says. Please keep telling me that foxes or Fox NEWS is another foxes like it public and there is no hidden stuff there. You know what you're going to disagree on MSNBC s hands to be progressive but
they are extremely hostile to Bernie and Tall sea because they are a threat to corporation. and the rich That's why that woman is allowed to go on there and say that stuff? That's why that's why she's I mean if, if, if if you had a student say that you give him an f she's paid. To go on MSNBC, which remember, fired, Phil Downey for telling truth about war and then fired at show just for covering Bernie he's paid to go on and say this guy makes my skin crawl. Why would a woman vote for this guy and I why I can't tell you why, but I work pays lots, cool and paid legal analysts. Here's what I like Chuck Modi says now candidate has stood up stronger for ill Hon Omar than Bernie? Is she not a woman Nina too here comes in Hell, low. Is neither turner, not a woman? Yes, so I like this, she says
Folks, this nasty woman fame is Mimi Roca, her evil hatred for Bernie, just as bad as trumps. Hate burn as a champion of women Bernie. As a democratic socialist. Who cares about People not money. What makes my skin rob moderate money, hungry neo, liberal Democrats on MSNBC, let's face it Ernie could jump on alive grenade to save a park full of children and people. Like me, me Roca will complain that he got his guts all over. Their thousand dollar pants suits ass. Pretty good, that's pretty well as well done, who is who said that who said that that's the other man the other colleague, Glyn or other column green not that I don't know the first one is nanometer by John Brown says I dont think her rational reason for hating Bernie is because he's jewish. I think, like many, she's, a rationally hates and because Hilary lost you an ignorant, racist, a hall and sense.
they don't want to blame Hilary for her for that they externalize and put all the blame on Bernie know that makes sense right staff. Do you hear that you know, I did you hear that yeah I did do yeah. I did I just I you know when I, when I was reading about me, me Roca Iguana somebody who's educated like this, so what's in it, for So do you think that's why that would do you think? That's what it is run. Do you think that's what it is. I don't think she's and has a reason thing is just like sided hair raising. She sat, she doesn't know and that's why it's unbelievable that that's even passed on this new. Like can you imagine this in a different genre of peace? branding? Like imagine, you turn on the SBA and they're talking about baseball like we're gonna go to this person that persons like the thing about baseball. I dont really follow baseball, not a baseball person here, but I can't stand the Chicago CUB, some about the makes my skin crawl know why by just ate them, though you know at Jimmy, as was reading. A lot of people are saying that this is as she's anti semitic
and for her to say he makes my skin crawl and gives I dont know why it's. I don't know that dog, whistle kind of thing. For her to say that, no that's not it dog whistle a dog with will be saying something like gum. Saying Bernie makes me skin call, is not a dog whistle. Ok, that's not that's the opposite, because I tweeted out and said just like drop MSNBC has dropped, The dog, whistles and they're just blatantly smearing Bernie frankness this way for no reason that's a sexist smear because he's a fucking guy- and we saw it happen and Emerson began before we- that when that the woman who was a comedian came on yeah, we don't need another white, dishevelled old white guy to come. I like and again substance free, all is white and he the guy and she also through and set an ages thing that he's old and you and I dont- want the conversations to go that way towards a female?
you know like all these things, but you keep pointing out if we flippant- and we say This is somebody saying, oh, you know, ah ah Lisbeth Warren She makes my skin crawl. I can't tell you why I can't tell you why, but gradually roses me out, and I can tell you about level. I can't tell you why why very well what their teaching all these lawyers at Harvard it's very. That is what I want to know. I don't know she's from Harvard. Yes, she is pace. Is that Harvard? I know I just know she studied. oh, she went to her. Ok, so here's something else this, the opinion it lab, says by accurately stating Clinton's record is clear, you hate women? That's every cent centrist since twenty fifteen. That's so that's what that's at it! It has to be this that it did that Hilary loss to an ignorant racist and since they don't
on a blame Hilary for that they externalize and that blame on burning in that those courts all rational, it's all rational. Sanders makes my skin call now, don't even know why and sold in the women sitting next by the way is also sitting next to her. Is the woman who's the progress it she's? The program director for the progressive used on serious ceased, but she's been caught literally lying about Bernie time and time again she lied. out that he didn't you know and in support of celery and then when she gets called out on it. She just dumb. Goes down and ignores that you wish we did stuff? We believe this is this: what we ve done stories on her she, and No, I don't listen serious ex. Am I don't have it in my car, but I can't I dunno horrible? Their progressive knew that analyse it's gotta be fucking horrible. It wasn't a music stops. I I couldn't help here. It's gotta,
be it's gotta, be a bunch of fuckin centrists goddamn save America motherfuckers they're telling you you can have Medicare for all and that Bernie Sanders should make your skin father. We can't tell you why I might add to, and so that sitting right next, so this person says I'm sorry about way snores. So this person says it which is kind funny. Zerlina sitting there nodding these centrist make my skin crawl, and I do know why what kind of a comfortable privilege it makes you hate a man who has fought for the poor and working classes. All his life done with the Democrats forever, I beg Nina turned. these seated beside that woman behind me of by Roca. Would they don't you anywhere you Caesar Lena Maxwell, you can know by default its propagandist Joe. She collects checks directly David Brok. This is therein concludes, David Brok over at their progressive. Did you know
Yet I do not have a third, their joining forces and she collects checks directly. David Brok. Also envy MSNBC. Is the collaborator network never shut? when they scrape the bottom of the barrel, glory Steinem pronouncing Bernie Sanders, an honorary woman. That's
pro woman Bernie Sanders has been its whole life here today to make Sanders women's rights means we have what drugs like women elaborating less than sixty percent of women make seventy nine that they want the whole damn dialogue. The rights of the women in the United States who found time draws the part which is well. You have to go on welfare, even though there is no John. The reason you get to the regional childcare to take care that family spending outrages percentage of their United States government must provide at least twelve weeks of Kate, family and medically. You know the child care workers in many instances of pay. Less work is as important college professors women in a hopeful these he is most of whom are women, are doing an extraordinary regional counselling and supporting the victims of domestic violence, but one percent lifetime. Poachers comes rights and the right to make regarding, in that case, apology, colleagues, the government and what the government to make that choice. Woman back you're, not gonna plan you're gonna want more money. Ok, so there you go
He can go on and on and on and on and on and on that's what I mean noise me about Bernie. He just always says the same stuff. so on nine June, and remember that, like someone yeah, I think so Marcos yeah, that was families that are really guy in the same thing for forty years on that same principle, ballroom they talk about mental gymnastics to try to slam a guy. I've been victim of that. It's funny to watch it's funny to I that what an unbelievable ridiculous things, but now there's no shame like now, If I went on a television or anywhere- and I said, sudden that stupid, which does a good job I good or already have I would I feel shame would people point out that I did stoop something's die feel badly? They. They have no conscience. have the shame. Mechanism has been removed from their brains. People like the Daily goes guy.
no, no sharing mechanism to know how they were raised. I don't know what their parents didn't due to them, They don't feel shame when they do thought when he goes on at a national television show and said something is we take illnesses at about Bernie Sand that woman doesn't feel bad MSNBC. You know what she does. She blocks you if you pointed out to her that she's, an idiot show block you unto her. An let's remembered the MSNBC socks they? fired eggshells for even covering Bernie Sanders. So if you get it chance to go on MSNBC. You should probably bring that up. Because I know I would, which is why they'll never ever fuckin have me on MSNBC, which suits me just fine by the way we can never have you, we don't even know why Why They fired at shilts for covering Bernie Sanders. They fired at shalt for cover
Bernie Sanders you're going to go on that show, uncover politics at Annette Network and you're, not gonna fuckin bring that up cowards so, let's remember the mainstream news media there, not your friend Chris Haze, Rachel, mad cow, fake, tough guy Lord, so Donald Chris Matthews they're not working in your interest. There therefore forward the interests of the goddamn corporate state that they are the fuck it well paid puppets of? so there you go, that's different as if you needed more proof of how, cesspool. What a swan of bullshit and you'd go ahead. Tell me out, tell me how I must then be go Elizabeth warn. You tell me how MSNBC does the right thing? How I must then be seized their fair players and that's why not going to go on how how how it's the other news networks? That's that's! So, hey! in this information for nothing but evidence. Free, fuckin conspiracy
There is who make sure they don't tell you the truth about war or progressive politicians, because if they do, their ass will be fired. If Chris Haze had any balls, you had been fired fucking years ago, but he doesn't he's not less fuck in wonder I this is doing. Who is this Jimmy Judge humor Dawson consumer. How are you well! Thank you for asking I'm calling the top. About my request to the FBI to investigate the popular at known it face app as you know, that thing that people do that makes them all yeah yeah. I know that Why are you having that investigated? I think Actions may be using this by autumn. Our guns, no brother, now low Jimmy, I'm not some out of touch old? Forty daddy here, I know about absent things. Now, guy, I'm from you're with little
do you know who is I The guy know who that is. She has us, that's on gene tat. She had that. Have you aren't you Jimmy, I believe so. Yes, then, that track, really flaps those are amazing. She plays the fool, order and then she flaps are buttocks around that people. It's very empowering for everybody. I see So that's what I meant to I know what's going on here Jack, but these acts I have a bad feeling about these things. They always bothered me really. Yes, these jack said what steps they drive me: bananas. They evolve. he's, do damage and dangling send them these these, the boy. What do you call them filters? They have these filters yeah that chain you're picture
but a young members of my staff. They asked for itself be with me and then they do a builder that gives us the features of tat. It makes us catch that I say: stop I don't make me a cat is shameful. I'm a human being God dammit you're gay make you the dog's, our cows sheep. That's the first step towards human innovation too slowly make us think there were no better than the beasts of the field that what the Russians are trying to do to us. Do you really, Think that well, who knows what they're up to over there just today robbery or rights? We know they're still after next over there and Russia, adult wise and timers there's still giving them Is that what their cyber? What not this really sounds like you are needlessly propagating this Russia hysteria that spent so costly and distracting Thank you. I appreciate that
and why of all the APS does face app, worn and investigation chuck. The question, because that one is actually from Russia I Russian invented it so did you hear me right, So Russia is not allowed to have a tech industry, they can invent apps. I would prefer it if they did not I don't know for sure that this is a data harvesting scheme that why? I asked the FBI to launch an investigation. What could possibly go wrong will also this if, as is being itself when you're old, I get the hell out of here. What that basket of rotten apple, coordinated, some of us by Dint of thousands of dollars to doctors and technicians and various neck romances so that we know I see ourselves old. I see I want my faced a match. My young at heartedness. You understand now ok junk
right anyway, I have to go. I hope I have cleared everything up voyage, but do young kip people things and a rap music and not my head. Rhythmically in approvingly gonna go out I've got a toast, then I'm going to roll my eyes at an avocado toast reference say. Let me just go real quick before we get to Aaron Hi Aaron, thanks for being with us, of course, Aaron's death for most reporter on Russia Gate insofar as telling you the truth about it in debunking giddy one award for it mothers hearing present make or break moment for Democrats that was the headline in the New York Times make or break moment for two years dammit. crafts have waited on Robber Mauler to deliver a death blow to the drum presidency. Wednesdays hearings with the special council could be there last chance. Here's what Rachel Drat said: I don't know if you saw the some others- was interesting- that the act of looking forward to the Mahler hearings, as if anything
will come of. It feels like having lunch with an ax that you are hoping to. Back together with first of all, Everyone is in agreement that it was a debacle for Mahler for Show Lawrence tribe, Lee eating Russia Gator. He says much as I hate to say at this morning's hearing was a disaster, for from breathing life into his damning report, the tired robber mauler suck the life out of it, the effort to save them. Och in the rule of law from this lawless president has been set back, that it I love out, though: democracy, the rule of law just got fucked up the last two years of this, the last two years. It get benefits when message when perfect up until then, even though we now have war criminals dancing with Eleanor Daytime Television and everyone, jeers them and broccoli. Mamma says he's a brother from another mother and everybody they still hate rough later, but they still of war. Criminal George Bush is keep that in my career. should again just started so long strive as one of those guys who tells you that corruption
just started in January. Twenty seventeen and so let's bring in Erin right now, sire, and how are you Jimmy, so you saw you watched it live it. Let me show you what David Axelrod said: if you take, he goes, this is very painful. Did you see that air and what he treated this out? This is very painful. Gimme, your You recap: what did you think you saw? What was your overall take? I think today underscored why people like you and me Jimmy have been warning from the start that this thing was baseless. there was no evidence of a trap, Russia, conspiracy and that put Our faith in Robert Malerba validated and be the saviour figure was more on EC at a massive political, give, the Donald Trump- and you know, Robert mother put that on display. Today, Adam ship had said beforehand that he wanted Mahler to bring their report to life. Well, mother did hidden report is a dead end, with a massive debt and other unaware of key content of his report? He asked
news did a tracker and they said that Mahler deflected or decline to answer one hundred ninety eight times, and claim so often that either things that were inside the scope of this report were now were now no longer in his purview. Sonys asked about the role steel dossier. He was asked even whether or not they found evidence that trunk campaigner conspired in the release of stolen emails by Wikileaks mothers. I do not believe that I wasn't and if purview or in a democratic try to get him to say you know that that that trunk committal obstruction, which is another only hope, because the closing thing is so dumb and so is guarded and in fact I think in the perfect encapsulate Russia gave possible mothers, something that was like all bombshell because he was talking to TED Loo and he said he something that made it sound like he would have indicted trump. If not, for the also Mamma would say you can't do present and several
Bob Jail bombshell. But then, when later on, when mother appeared before the House Intelligence Committee an hour or so later, in his opening statement, he said I want to correct something I said before I was saying that before for the say, Mamma I would have indicted. Trumps are basically mother had to retract. His bombshell, I can't think, bigger encapsulation of Russia Gay possible or where we so many mother bombshells having to be retracted and discredit the mother retracting his own bombshell himself, hey! You know. We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great way. You can help support the show. You should be the previous member. We give you up couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support to show you could do it by go. Two jimmied or company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed before I will briefly a programme in the business a great way to help put them back in the eye, the bastards
extra everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support It was amazing to watch Mahler so why he said and worse than Joe Biden Guy doesn't seem to have even control of his faculties? What you, when you said that he was unaware of the stuff. That's in his report. He was unaware of this stuff. That's in his own group, like robber bowler, look like a puppet that they just stuck a stick up his ass put him on that. He'd know what he was too I'll. Give you an example. I give you two devil of how out of touch with his own report. Robert Mauler was now the who All things started with the steel dossier. Now steel dossier was funded by the Dnc and the Hillary Clinton campaign. What does that mean funding, so they hired a company called fusion GPS to go Gub UP dirt on doll trump. That's called opposition research
so they hired a spy of former spire foreign spy from England. Richard steel. go dig up dirt on him because he had ties with the people in Russia. So rich. steel did was he called people he knew inside the Kremlin and asked dirt on Donald Trump, and they made up stories because Richard Steel was paying them further stories So that's how the dossier God put together by the weights, all bullshit the dossier completely made up and the end, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton lied for a year straight, two investigators that they funded it. They use them. to get the Pfizer warrant on the Trump administration. So they could spy on them. They used opposition research paid for by the illusory Clinton campaign to get a fight, a war which is highly on ethical. To do that, I'm correct So far right William
one thing Jimmy. I just think you might be giving the still dossier too much credit even suggest that anything might have come from anybody in Russia, whether or not they were lying about it. I think it's possible that steel the name is big anybody in Russia at all and I had to some sort of claim to know some Russians, because it that there is some evidence that a lot of stuff was heard second hand and they they basically read the newspaper made up some stuff that could fit with public developments cause. there's a lot of things are still dossier that only come up after they have appeared in the newspaper. For example, Carter page visited Moscow where and its ability to ever it was whether the russian or not, certainly yet it was bullshit it's but yet, and yes, the FBI, used the steel dossier and A final word to spy on Carter, page Americans. Edison. They said We believe that Carter page is coordinating between the russian government and on campaign and sources one for that was the still dossier, but of course they hid the fact that the Democratic Party was paying
for, though you some vague language, they hid it. They literally hidden they hit They hid information from the Pfizer court and when I say when you say they gotta Pfizer, worn on Carter page. I said that they gotta Pfizer war on the trumpet campaign. Both are true because when you get a Pfizer worn on Carter, page there's a too high rule has been explained to me by Bill Binny, which means they can now listen to any body that he talks to and anybody that he talks to talks too. So that means anybody he talked to inside the Trump administration. They could listen to their conversations and anybody. Those people talk to an else they could so they got everybody on that one finds a warrant. They got the entire trump campaign on that on Pfizer warrant. Not now here he's gonna be asked about the steel I see a energy fusion gps. I know huge fusion gps? Is, you know me a guy in my fucking garage? I know what
the Youtube fusion GPS is, I know, Richards Deal is, and I know that the dossiers complete discredited why the guy who ran this investigation for two years, the head of the FBI guy, doesn't know what it is. Watch this when discussing the June two thousand sixteen Trump Tower meeting you reference quote the firm that produced the steel, reporting unquote the name, that firm was fusion gps. Is that correct. and you're on page one of three one hundred three that's correct volume to. When you talk about the firm that produced the steel reporting, the name of the firm that produce that was fusion gps. Is that correct, not familiar with he's that, familiar Fusion, GPS, there's got it's like who were you talking to my grandmother? Who are you you're? The head of the investigation? Are you not? I
future GPS is our no knows you fuck infusing GPS is my tat guy, everybody knows who future gps is in here. Is a renowned lawyer rob- mother who, like us into the Iraq war. One of the guys is now pretending not to know who did so. What he's doing is lying. And why is it our play the rest of this and then we'll talk about? Why he's lying with that Will you let me know, was it's not it's not a trick. Questioner was fusion. GPS, it's that able to trick quest. It's like the guy was trying to trip Emma Peaches trying to set up some facts before he gets to his question. That's going to trick above and Robert Buller kids tricked up by that quest did what, Now, fusion gps produce the opposition research document. Why, widely known as the steel dossier and the owner of a fusion GPA was someone named Glenn Simpson? Are you familiar with that of outside my purview? Ok, not outside purview at
Also a lie. two lies in one question, He lied. You didn't know who GPS fusion was he's lying that back eyes outside of his purview, a mile hesitating it Aaron, though I mean look it's like. Maybe Mahler can come up with some explanation for what he thought he was being asked and that's what he was responding to something that you know that was not clear to those of us watching it. but here it looks really puzzling that he keeps saying that this is not outside is purview, especially since the a key russian participant in the trunk tower meeting the Tiber thoughts Gaia. She met with Glenn Simpson, Gee, GPS? So now, and yet this now this now we're going to get into this part. So not gonna play this and then you'll come back, and you ll explained that people why this is important. Glenn Simpson was never mentioned in the four hundred and forty eight page more report was it as I say it, outside my purview and think handled in an apartment by others,
what year was not four hundred and forty eight pages, the the owner of Fusion GPS, the did the Steele dossier that started all this is not mentioned in there. Let me move on At the same time, a fusion gps was working to collect opposition research on Donald Trump, foreign sources on behalf, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. It also representing a Russian based company promises on which had been sanctioned by the. U S, government. Are you aware that each other my party. So what just pointed out to the lead investigator Special Council was that the company that was digging up dirt from foreign spies on Donald Trump, at the behest of the democratic, National Committee an Hillary Clinton campaign. They were digging up. I'm Donald Trump from foreign governments that the
guy who own that company also met with. A woman who was supposed to be meeting with trumps people at the Trump Tower meeting. That was the big meeting that was supposed to be treason where he was to be getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from a foreign entity, and so what important about that is. at the woman. What's her name Erin? How do you say your name Natasha that's Gaia, so Natasha. vessels sky. I can say it, but you said a well, so she was the person at that meeting with Trump and she had meetings with the owner of future GPS before that meeting and she had meetings with the owner of GPS fusion. After that, trumped our meeting and so well here's what they say steel, authored and compiled information for the controversial, unverified anti trump dossier on behalf of fusion gps, firm that was hired to conduct opposition research funded by the Democratic National Committee and the hill
reclaiming campaign Fox NEWS reports, in twenty seventeen that co founder of Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson met with Valorously aka, which is the woman Before and after the meeting interim Tower now mould or references, the firm on page one or three, noting president trumps legal team suggested at the meeting with with Dounia former Trump campaign german Paul man afford and trumps eldest son. Don't trumped junior and trumps monologue shared Kirshner might have been set up by individuals working for the firm that produce the steel boarding. So what they're saying Aaron correctly? if I'm wrong this woman who had the meeting with Kirshner Trump Junior at the Tower meeting. She was, working with the opposition, confirm hired by the Clinton's. So what it looks like
is that she was trying to bait the Trump campaign into doing something that they can say was illegal. It, which is exactly what happened. Isn't it so yeah it certainly plausible. We there there's no proof of that yet, but it's it's one more stress by coincidence, where you of all these people with connections not to Russia, but to the west and too, to you. officials and Democrats who are indeed in suspicious content? so the trunk campaign same with this proposal, predicate of entire trap. Russian investigation, which is Joseph Miss, said Hoddan. two and a second below me to say about the church Tower meeting its possible you're just a coincidence that both those guys working with the same firm that is accusing tramp of color and is forming the basis for the FBI, getting surveillance once could be a coincidence. It's possible right, I don't know, but you know it: but no matter what the Trunk tower meeting is so much more of a joke because the
the reason why it was deemed smoking gun was now because it s not sky, but it's because of this email that Rob Goldstone got front, that this, our Don Junior got from a british musical. What's his name Rob Goldstone, that's already said that The russian government's compromising information, Hillary Clinton in our dealings with Russia, and we like to for to the trunk campaign in this, is a part of the russian government and its support for Mr Trump- and you know everybody say this: approval collusion Adam Schiff always highlights this. came up a lot today. but what nobody mentions and what Mahler leaves out of his report, which is so strange. Good mother, include, of course, that there is no actual information provided in the meeting. That was done, though. What mother omits is that the offer that gold, Santa dodging her was a fake and ended. He without acting on behalf of the russian government. Rob Goldstone is a brisk music publicist work, for a russian pop star who asked get a meeting for his russian associates vessel its Gaia
It's all goldstone by its own account, and I just interviewed him he, made all this up. He knew he made up that there was a crown prosecutor in Russia. Could there is no crown process here he got that from his home country of Britain. He made up, The fact the russian government was to give a compromise information on Hillary Clinton and by the way, in our dealings with Russia, which is not even till I thought even about the content of stolen emails. So the like this what is deemed to be a smoking gun. Mullowny he's out the fact that it was a lie. It was fictitious, and so it's to be taken seriously, that the tribe campaign or Don Junior but this meeting, but so dodging you're took a meeting that was based on a phoney offer. Ok, all right Maybe he should call the FBI, man, I don't really care and the values of people get down on their opponents. All the time of the points the offer itself was fake and There's a disingenuous pattern of like get is suppose a damning Russia contacts like this one, even though if not actually, a russian contact, it's a fake email
from a music publicist and the same thing with Constantine polemic. We heard his name aloud today where mother had said that this man business associate with, is tied to russian intelligence. He never explained That means- and we say and learned that mother left out the fact that clinic actually Far more extensive. U S ties he's a state department source, but because calamity is a business associates upon metaphor, because metaphor, charts and pulling data with them that was published by the way that turn into this cry The theory that we're still hearing about on MSNBC, I heard it a few days ago is being flouted and it was floated again by Democrats today that Kalinin got the pulling data from metaphor. And then and then clinic pass that on to his russian. a Kremlin allies in the Kremlin, use that for their supposed sophist, The kid social media targeting campaign, even though, of course let us also media was juvenile click back and even though Mahler has had to admit in court reason
that the social media that Russia, that this russian troll fine put out and nothing do the russian government that all this is somehow dancing and mother. Let leaves out the fact that clear It has all these these extensive western ties and he was pressed on that today. We could answer he said: I'm not gonna get into that. So time and time again when Waller was pressed, add something he the word I use is he lied He would lie and his he's here. the lying to Congress. He lied to us about the rack care where weapons of mass destruction and Al Qaeda he did that he went right along that's why he was chosen for this role because he's accompany ban man he's gonna go along what the establishment and the intelligence community wants them to do. So he still. He knows that. There's no crime in fact watch the. So he knew There's no crime, a what he's actually doing is he's too
I do still put a cloud out there in service of the establishment that there is a crime, even though he can't prove it. Even though investigated it for two years. This is nothing but an establishment hoax, as Glenn Greenwash calls it. It is a hoax being perpetrated on the matter. Can people and Robert Buller is the perfect tool to cut help perpetrate that hopes and by the way, I think you get completely revealed today and here's another heard. So that reveals him too he's pretending that the guy who owns G profusion, GPS, wasn't inside his per view. That's a lie. He's also pretending to not no gps. Fusion is that's also alive. You know how I know it's a lie because I fuckin know they are ok. That's how you know. That's how we that's all I know so now- watch this question, but Mahler first he's gonna he's gonna be asked, did did your report I conclude that was there any evidence of any body from the drum campaign.
colluding with anybody from the russian government? No, there wasn't that's what you're right. Port says, and then he agrees that watch this is it the evidence gathered during your investigation did not establish that the president was involved in the underlying crime related to russian election interference, as stated in volume. One page: seven, we failed. Insufficient evidence of the press. it's called capability so there are billions without Barton Barbarians. Yet is what what What was it? What is it doing? He s a direct question: did you find any evidence of the prince of Trump or his campaign colluding with russian officials? While we had we found insufficient Evan, you mean you didn't find. Any evidence exists, Jimmy? What is trying to do is is using a reverse standard of justice, where you assume he's guilty gotta
The problem here, mother, as you say, the company man, so we had to validate this whole thing. This decision by the FBI to investigate the trunk campaign and then later on, to investigate Trump as our russian agent, literally in the spring of twelve seventeen they opened up. A new investigation of Trump as our russian agent, which we still haven't at the bottom of which is it's crazy and so he tries to to use this suggestive language? Well, we found insufficient evidence. No, you actually found no evidence and that's why you're report contains no other, no evidence and when he gets pressed on any, he has to admit it, but they use disingenuous language to throw red meat to to their base in always has been people may intelligence community, its people who watch MSNBC, and it's so disingenuous and in its what's helped hyped up the thing. for so long, even though, is actually nothing there. I really wanted somebody to ask mother did any from the Trump campaign meet with anybody actually acting on the russian government's behalf. There's all this talk
our contacts with right right and was, but we're supposed to assume that, because somebody, the Trump camp, speaks to somebody, from Russia. Speaks of someone who claims to know somebody who is from Russia that suspicious but missing from all this. any actual interaction between a trump associate- and but who is actually acting on, the Kremlin's behalf, there's only two exception, there's the russian ambassador, which that's what happens during campaign to suit the rap ambassadors, meet people you're in Washington. You interact with people from foreign government, that's what happens and then there the Kremlin Press office assistant, who calls back Go Cohen, to say, I'm sorry, we can't help you build Trump tower. Moscow that is the only have so interaction between the Trump Camp and anybody acting on behalf of the Kremlin, and that's why the Mulder report even says that after the upper Trump One, the the Kremlin In top russian elite wanted to reject the trunk camp, but they didn't have any preexisting contacts exactly that they didn't conspire with them before the
action so they're not gonna. Have not all the report lacks Aaron in the Mulder report. It says that the russian government pollutants government after the Trump One, election wanted to reach out to the term campaign or trumps administration, and they didn't it. They didn't, have a contact number to do that. That's what the that's! What the report says: Erin right, that they did not have preexisting contacts. And so it they don't have preexisting contacts after the election, the world that they conspired and a massive election conspiracy before the election. It doesn't make sense unless they and this the time machine where they somehow erased their pre existing contacts, they no longer have them after the election, so that's not Trump saying that that's the Mulder report, as announced that the Mulder report itself says that the
afghan government didn't have a way to get can contact with the Trump administration after the election. That's what it says in the Mulder report, by the regiment by the way I don't want to. I want actually highlight that Mahler actually did debunks some conspiracy theories today, basically allow two things. He basically declined to answer, but a few things for some reason he did answer so that member, the whole thing about it This is the subject of a major article in the new Yorker supposedly a serious liberal publication and was in the Atlantic Course it was on MSNBC, a lot that the Trump tower or, like a Trump organisation, had communicate the secret server two alpha. Bank, a russian bank and the fairy and this was the subject- extorted guide the long article in the New Yorker debated Serious drawn over this, as I know the sterile over this, are you cover the some others asked about it. He said now, there's no evidence of its out. Their mother also was asked whether he uncovered any evidence of compromise
never compromise. We heard about that every single day for years about the Russians of blackmail, Donald Trump through some sort of financial dealings that we still been heard about yet or or or a p tape. another study found no evidence of, but not on that Yes, not that's gent, buglers theory that they have compromising stuff on him. Fine Naturally, right that's jets. Ford Genk users theory is right. There right and by my mother was ass. Did anybody ask you or tell you from Adjust department not to look into trumps finances, because that was it concern pushed by people who think that the smoking gun is there and mother said no. Nobody told us not looking too trumps finances by the way I mean if we care about financial ties to Russia, and I don't have to- I- don't- adopt xenophobic mentality that having been this in Russia or having knowing people in Russia is suspicious. I think we should treat every kind We equally no matter their nationality, although some people, its fashion,
while these days to think that Russia, as James Clapper said once are, are genetically driven to co, opt to mislead people by Adam subscribed to that by the way. we care about that. Then you Look a real financial ties to Russia, Bill Clinton back when Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, he gave a speech to a russian back. That was being sanction for five but a thousand dollars. That's one of these tap tap facie ever charged for a speech was an who paid that feed who painted It was a russian bag of the sanction russian back half of my money where Europe architect homage even at a personal level call from Vladimir Putin thanking him and around that same time, Hillary Clinton start startled. I those sanctions that that bank they pay Bill Clinton was under the clear- and we know now from from the Dnc leaks that came out that the clear campaign celebrated the fact that Bloomberg We're gonna run a story in the sovereignty sixteen now or at some point
twice explained during the campaign raising questions about Bill Clinton, getting half a million dollars from russian Beg and the clear campaigns exceeded the fact they killed that store yeah, you know so, whatever bunny, I don't mean that I dont in terms of the scale of clear corruption. I think it's probably pretty low that you don't, but I think anybody getting five thousand dollars for a speech is crap to begin with that. What's out there that, sadly badges because it's from Russia if we care about russian money, I mean what the point is that there is more. Proven financial ties between the Clinton's and an Russia than there is Donald Trump in Russia. That is an unfortunate fact, one of many that its overlooked and inner Mahler. Today's dang that no one stop them from looking at it. Finally, the smaller also said: did anybody impede your investigation at all know who it was it was obstructed in no way, which then makes it difficult to bring an obstruction case if the guy carrying out the investigation says. His the was not obstructed. That's amazing! So
I know you that you have to go cause you're very busy. Now you show called pushed back. in the grey zone? And but if you do have a few more minutes, I want to play the reserve okay. So what so now so now watch me All again gets caught, come completely lying watch. This true, the evidence did not establish the present. Are those close down more involved in the charge, rushing computer, hacking or active measure conspiracies, or that the present otherwise and unlawful relationships with any russian official volume to page seventy six? So now we just ask again one more time from your own report. Was there any country whatsoever. Was there? Was there any cybercrime, any evidence of any kind of thing between drops administer wasted and russian do any kind in a fairy any. No. There wasn't according to your report and what is more, say, Grech. Only the answer to the report is correct. Soil use
is that the true, your investigation did not establish that members. The trunk campaign conspire to coordinated with the russian government and election interference activity volume. One page two volume, one page, one. Seventy three thanking yet again now that he's youth you'd better about no evidence of any thing correct. Yes, thank you. Although your report states food. So now here is where he lies again. This is where he, this guide catches them in a lie. Watch this his report, This is when they start to talk about pollution and conspiracy. Now in the report, Robert Mauler says that collusion and conspiracy are considered synonyms in legal parlance in the report. When he says that, but when he was asked about that in his testimony, he said they aren't considered synonyms so he's contradicting himself again, which is what liars do all the time and so on
he's lying, and so now this guy wants. They ask him: when, were you lying you lying in the report, or are you lying now in your testimony and Robert Butler, honest to God, he looks like you. Just gotta woken up a fuckin twenty years sleep and he has no idea what the fuck is going to watch this was it does not? the specific dance- and you said that this morning or a term of art in federal criminal law of conspiracy is in the Cologne little time takes. Our collusion in conspiracy essentially synonimas terms to repeat that, for me, cohesion is not a specific offence or, a term of art in the federal criminal law? Conspiracy is yet the colocolo contacts known public contracts, collusion collusion and conspiracy are essentially synonymous terms correct
if no one page one hundred and eighty two volume. One of your report, you wrote as defined in legal dictionary is collusion, is largely synonymous with conspiracy. Is that crime is set forth in the general federal conspiracy statute, eighteen USC, three hundred and seventy one just ask him is collusion in conspiracy considered, considered the similar or synonyms colloquially and Robert Bolo just said: no, they are not he global in Europe, brick and report. you say they are considered synonyms and the same thing in legal parlance. You say in your report and now you're saying completely something different in your testimony and my question be: why are you lying, but that's that question, but what's watch AY said at your May Twenty Prescott Hours- and here today you choose your words carefully. Are you sitting here today just find something different than what you're report states. Well what I'm asking is. If you can give me the citation, I can look at the so he's
protecting the? Not no the question again, I know he's lying in full of shit and you know how I know, because I understand the question: that's, why and I already smoke part this morning. I understand the question, so that's how I know Robber Bawler understands the question any fuckin lying. Ok here we go patient hand, evaluate whether is let me just make life. You stated that you stay within our board. I just stated your report back to you, and you said, the collusion collusion in conspiracy- we're not synonymous terms. That was your answer. Was no in that page one. Eighty a ball, you moron of your report. It says, as defined illegal dictionaries. Collusion is largely synonymous with spirits. He hasn't crime is set forth in general conspiracy statute, nineteen, USA, three, seventy one! Now you say you chose your words carefully. Are you contradicting your report right now,
not when I read it so much. I read I think this is what David Axelrod tweed out. This is painful was so awkward because it was so awkward, and you know he that was big, because oh mother, unless they try to get away with saying what would it look into collusion so which then leave the impression that maybe there was collusion but again having his own quote, reported to where collusion it largely synonymous with conspiracy, the crime he cleared Trump on it was- it was his painful. Yet I'm gonna write Jimmy so I want to say one more thing: the came to mind I mean there's so much today and that that we show that we can talk more about it in the coming days. You know what one thing or did do. Is he validated this ongoing fearmongering about Russia? He's asked about russian Interference and he said they're doing it as we sit here they're doing it as we sit here and they expected do it in the next campaign
you know, and that was echoed by democratic lawmakers. One democratic law make riding catch her name. She called Russia's alleged interference, juvenile social media click bit. She called it a quote invasion. She said I wouldn't call appearance, I'd, call it an invasion and Adam Shift. Of course, doing really does he called alleged russian interference, quote the most serious attack on our democracy by a foreign power our in our history, etc. There are people who are out for pro harbour. This is called propaganda. This is kind of tell that to talk about, tell that to the people who were in the twin towers on nine eleven. Exactly so, one thing mother did in which no party is going to challenge other Republicans argument challenges because, are they care about is exonerating tromp. Is that mother, continued this this unhinged, Russia, baiting blaming Russia for everything. Recently, I said: do you know when we talk about this?
or a commonly Harris blamed Russian Botz for the common cabinet. Controversies, though that is that is by partisan and that's gonna keep going and Robert Mahler, continue that today, and so will. I think the collusion aspect might maybe down now, I'm because how how Democrats could possibly can anyone? But I said that before yes, but what we want is by art. Go ahead. What is by pot this, then is the Russia Big, and then that will continue. You mean that so you mean the xenophobia there's uniforms, and the fearmongering Andy you know doing sort of painting. Russia is mortal threat which ultimately only justifies the privilege positions and the policies of the same people gave us Russia Gate to begin with, because until it the face also investigated a trap that in challenging they don't like, is massage any or is racism or xenophobia they invest Lemme gazetted, like he was saying he was talking about not being
Jerry Interventionist, even though I think that was a con trumps part and also try to say he wanted to get along with Russia. That's what I think you know spark their concern of court, which then dovetails with interests of the failed NEO liberal Democrats who lost a trump needed next, use, and so the result of that was this up to your plus thing. We're Marie my mother, is painted a savior figure and his performance today. Think underscores in the clearest terms possible, why that was such a disaster? Can I, before I let you go, cried is read from the book shattered, so This was the book that was written right after the campaign and it tells you exactly where the Russia GIG comes from okay. So this is from that book it's the strategy has been set within a twenty Four hours of her concession, speak Robbie Luke and Podesta assembled her communications team at the Brooklyn headquarters to engineer the case that the election was an entirely on the up and up for it
couple of hours with Shake shack containers littering the room. They went over the script that would pits they would Prince pit to the press and to the public. Already russian hacking was the centrepiece of the argument. everyone should be to give the go ahead. Lawyer jimmied that that's what it comes from an unfortunate too many people got enrolled in what was an exercise by the failed Clinton camp. to deflect blame for their loss to blame Russia to concoct tickets, heresy, berry and make that the waiter resist tromp not present a real, viable alternative to tramp and to the NEO liberal Democrats that he defeated, because that is the way to beat him, not the re conspiracy fantasy, but through being an actual opposition party which mean challenging the cook, the corporate sectors, that nearly Would Democrats are beholden to and theirs refusal of do that, because that would threaten their own privileged position in their own policies and their legacy. And so-
stubby got Russia Gate instead and look where brought us today their humiliation and a massive debt so errant? Don't you think what is exactly happening is what what Russia Gate has done. Russia gate has been an evidence, free red, baiting, conspiracy, theory and it was concocted. One of the big reasons was too to take distract p well away from the real reason that they lost to a game show host and the police They could not, as that was the big reason, of course, the news also liked it because it forgot ratings, tromp brush it it just like war. It gets ratings. The intelligence community liked it because it helps ramp up more, but in the military, industrial, complex and delicate it ramps up more money for both for defence budgets. We'll hundreds of billions of dollars right, and so we were at work in a peace is not good for those people, so it's a lot of interests its right out there, it's an evidence, free red, baiting conspiracy, theory, destroy designed to distract us from the real causes of wide Donald Trump became president. That's what Russia Gate is
that Robert Mauler thing was a debacle today and again predicted predicted would have nothing good, this hey that would satiate the Russia gaiters it just like. We predicted that his eyes report would be bullshit. I didn't predicted, predicted it and I repeated your prediction and because I know you and because I know Bill Binny, because I no John carry out go ahead because Do I listened Julian Assange, saying he didn't get any of this from the Russians? I know that this was all bullshit and it again it does
just like Gregg Palace, explain you don't have to be a great investigative reporter. You don't even have to be a bad one. All you have to do is take your head down the street and see what's happening and report back, and that's all I'm doing it. So I have access to guys like you. I have access to guys like Bill Binny Sodas, Chris Haze, Rachel, Meadow and Jake Tapir, oh, by the way, I'm sure that are going to have you on now right to talk about the mother. Think as you want an award about this and you weren't you right for the nation- and everybody knows who you are now so MSNBC probably invited you on right. Well, the point Jimmy I'm in Russia is underscored that so much of media and unfortunately too many of our our progressive. dear colleagues, have have fallen for this too, so much of media now is about reinforcing establishment narratives If you don't go along with that, then you get attacked and scorn. So many people dismissed us from warning for two years that this whole thing was a joke and we're gonna backfire. So you know there. There are fine lines now and that's why it ages underscores the the import the independent media and
people who are not in it to get invited to parties with people who working time is at who work at the Dnc or them NBC, but people who actually care about following facts and and building a real movement in this country are a real progressive movement. That's about you, know, policies and not based on shipping Robert Mahler. other intelligence officials and counting on a conspiracy fantasy. They bring him down. I hope all the people, especially our colleagues and progressive media there's a lot of them a lot of them. I have that they can see today if they haven't seen it yet what a disaster this was for them in, and I hope this will teach them to be. You know not so credulous that, just because something is portrayed to us as being anti tromp. Could it is fashionable to thank their business? the waited to resist Trop, and so everybody felt the kind of I should go along with it that budgets, because we're told that doesn't mean it is actually true and let me know,
the go along with it, it's our job, as journalists in the media and as progressives to follow the facts and to raise, this, a phoney narratives that are done not for the interests of their real democracy or protecting the country, but in the interests of protecting the privilege of failed, neoliberal elites. So do you think the Democrats? I think they did they effectively press the pause button after they lost it meaning we're gonna we're not gonna advance as a party. We're not gonna. Do introspection. We're not gonna, actually opposed Donald Trump because they don't oppose them. They fast track as judges. They help and deregulate Wall Street they vote for his border, build that they say is raises they completely rolled over four Donald Trump on a ran for and that its way less area. At the whole thing right, so they what
effectively done Aaron is they have pressed the pause button, so we haven't had a conversation about what direction the country should go in and what's wrong with our opposition party, and why does anybody represent the workers? Nobody is having that conversation and what they want to do as they want to have the twenty twenty election about the same thing that they had it about and twenty sixteen Joe Biden thing is: I'm a nicer guy than Donald Trump and that's what they're going to run out again right, exactly at the exact your right and I gotta I'm going to take an opportunity to plug my new show, pushed back which is bearing on the grey zone, pushed back, show dot com, and I you spoke to a venezuelan economist who is very critical of Maduro, but he's honest. I have to admit now because he seen this happen, that U S, sanctions on Venezuela could cause a famine, that's according To him raising this princess Regos again a bit our opponent of Nicholas Maduro Buddy, saying that, according to the had he seen that, U S, actions on Venezuela threaten a famine there and where that
democratic been on that they ve been either silent on it, but for the most part or support of support, only a few exceptions- and you know, I think, This anecdote often, but I think it's says it all- there were bigger protest by liberal groups under Trop about the firing of Jeff session then there were, over his tax cut, the biggest up or transfer of wealth in U S history, because people thought that the jest sessions, him being fired was a threat to Robert Mothers job. But we just heard today that mother say that his vest vacation was never impeded by. So congratulations to to liberals for that, and you just just today, world in the trunk wants to kick three million people off of footsteps. You know, Are we going to see Democrats hold hold hearings about that? Are we going to see round like a around the clock coverage on MSNBC? Of course we of course we're not because they're not funny, interested in being a real resistance, but not family and actually challenging trump they're, just in sustaining their own privilege and that's why the only things the go on are stupid. Conspiracy theories like Russia, gate or making them
all about trumps personality and Joe Biden saying these better guy, it's a joke. It is not a real opposition party and added, while now that prove proof that they're, not a real opposition party errand, is that here we are was three years into trumps presidency and he has the highest approval ratings of his entire presidency right now. So this bullshit, aroused great big, is a complete failure, because the Democratic Party is a complete failure. The walls are closing and Jimmy. The walls are closing air but TAT everybody check out his new show pushed back the grey zone right so its grey zone, dot com and doing that with MAX Blumenthal, ended and bad Ben Norton and a bunch of the people so good luck to you on that show. You know. always rise. You bought it We all we loved your show when it was on the real news, and I really look forward to your new show thanks. I really appreciate hey. This is Jimmy who's. This Hello
who's all employees, Jerry hello, I'll put. Why would you possibly be calling me hey, you know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member go to Jimmy nor comedy, dotcom, sign up it's the most horrible premium programme, because this today show was written. Let's ride was written by breakdown of Jim Earl, wrong political steps and Morocco would mark Van land with all the faces today performed by the one in the only the inevitable, MIKE Mccrae or can be found at MIKE? Mccrae doc comes! That's it for this week you be the best you can be asked. baby and me
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