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Phone calls from Patrick Stewart, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and Chuck Schumer!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program, the Jimmy show me: yeah, hello, who's. This James is his eye, so Patrick Stewart of the United Federation of screen actors, writers, producers, directors and gaffers while Patrick Stuart, you got it. You got quite a resume James. I have done all of those things and done them well, but now the time has come to embark upon a great journey to a new horizon. Gimme our ship is about to set sail. Will you join me on that journey? What Journey STAR trek the next generation reunion benefit for the Wisconsin Democratic Party? Are you.
My boy, no, how could you possibly need my help for something like that? Will each be selections from Andrew Cuomo, brilliant new you'd know crisis, leadership lessons from the covert pandemic. Will you join with us on this epoch, Johnny Discovery and knowledge? No. you'll get two drink tickets on the house. No thanks. Ok, then, how about giving I feel like. I know why me allow each one back what is at stake here? we are no longer engaging in a battle with the Romulans, but against the synthetics of copies as well, you know very well what that means. Don't you, my boy, Not really no
mean I have a mission and I will do what needs to be done. What have you gotten yourself into Patrick no no absolute seriously. Why are you laughing like that? I have been a stranger to yourself. I have encountered woman. She came to me for help. She is in serious danger that lady is democracy, Joe Biden, Commoner Harris need our help and with your guidance, we will literally track the vote to victory. Are you with us? you go ahead without me I'll catch up. How do you make it
EU wide regret for the rest of your life. Let me expertly pronounce a few days. Are you ready yet Kate grew so require part and green and cakes. Magnified impressed. They will all be there on this arose, can track to raise a bunch of cash will come alive, no thanks, about what about ever? I
the bones or even Santiago CUP. Let me say that name three more time: Santiago, Cabrera, Santiago, Cabrera, I'm sorry, but I'm busy. That day, Patrick ok, I understand, but out of gradually Y know no thanks. Well pledge even though this has not been as productive as hope. I'm still glad we could connect. Before I go, I have a little to offer you would
so try it out sure what do one in five couples usually do after day, for twelve months I dont know what did they do. engage Look for me to do she's a robot chicken ourselves fomenting Johnson, somehow to show I'm very welcome news with Jimmy Giorgio lets. You do the jobs before we get to the joke. Kelly. I'd, like you,
now that an observance of World Mental Health day, I voted my conscience combined. You gotta vote. Biden, don't worry. After the election, we can push bite into the left with the cars Most Americans are sleeping in hey Pro health yeah. I know hey pro health tip I just wanted to know what to say what makes that you'll get for funny is that I live in. California, which is the fifth largest economy in the entire world. A lot your economy than Russia. California, it's run by a democratic governor super Georgie govern government legislature. I have in LOS Angeles a Democrat. Mayor and a Democrat City Council, and there are people sleeping on their every bridge in the state vote, Blue, hey pro health tip people need to lose all their weight? Hey. Did you know that Good NEWS, Searchers discovered covert, nineteen can survive on money
for a month, something only the one percent have now hey this Justin, no Chomsky, Turn into something he used to debate, more on that later on a special edition of I'm old and giving up with Noam Chomsky hey and I next suggestion you know that Lincoln Project those work war, Mongers yep, who are against Trump, so the Democrats love them You know the Lincoln Project: they should premier all their videos at Ford, Theatre, hey, F, why If the Lincoln Project have been around in Lincoln's time, they would have bet against Lincoln, because he was crazy social justice warrior hey what's covered up by today's Jimmy Door, shill Nancy!
Pelosi completely melts down on CNN. After being asked a question from Wolf Blitzer plus I had a message for President Donald Trump. When I went on Tucker Carlson's. Box. New show will reveal that today, plus Dove Chomsky has an answer. Water voter outreach strategy that is sure to work and Nancy Polo These daughter accuses people of sexism as a way of sheep think her mother from criticism got phone calls today Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Mitt, Romney and Stewart, and a lot lot more. That's today, coming up on the Jimmy Door show So Nancy Policy is refusing to give people a stimulus, and yes said: hey Nancy needs to say yes to relief bill, which is what a lot of people on in the Democratic Party. Saying to Nancy Pelosi, but she won't do it so they're saying Nancy needs a yes. So, instead of talking
About Nancy Pelosi, keeping relief from people, her daughter Who is a craven piece of it decides to tweet this out her daughter, of course, she was raised by Nancy Pelosi, so she's gonna be a craven person whose and challenged integrity and other whites. So here's what she said: as hashtag everyday sexism is a man using her first name to refer to the speaker of the house, sexism, by referring to someone's by their fuckin name. Was it the whole point of feminism to get people to treat women and equally now you have esters what this is. This is elite ism. This is Nancy, Pelosi's, daughter, daughter of a hundred millionaire so shown you got to have respect for this class of person, he's, an aristocrat. How dare you use your first name,
how dare you d seated? and she's doing this she's using sexism to shield her mother from screwing over working people who are in dire straits right now. Is there a bigger garbage person in the world right now that Nancy Pelosi? Well, there is, her daughter, because Should not only that show you sexism to defend her mother from screwing people over? That's what that's? What that's the kind of stock that that Nancy Pelosi that's the kind of person she raised. Of course, it is, of course it is. She goes is a man using her first name to refer to speak. Do you understand why no one fuckin, while three quarters of the country more or has disdain for you and your elk complete disrespect. You ve earned our disrespect. This is garbage your garbage person. You do this.
This, is what they say about Bernie Sanders. He wants to give you healthcare, he's a sexist, agile, Yang to get people relief, their uncovered he's a sexist you're, a garbage corrupt criminal defender. You defend criminally corrupt people, And you ve sexism to do it but why did you go? Hang out with Joe Biden? Ask a mystic estates. Escobar's huh and a bed. Lately you fucking liar. she goes everyday sexism of the man using her first name to refer to the speaker of the house. Who's been passing stimulus bills that don't help regular people at all, but give trillions of dollars to the all agree, and you know that you garbage person. No, he doesn't ask Donald or Mitch to make a deal or explain why we should sacrifice osha protections for essential.
Workers, most of whom are women. Hey here's. Another reason why Nancy Pelosi isn't doing anything to help people I made up another. pretend reason, because another four reason I've got a million you wanna good reason. While Nancy Policy is helping people, I've got a fucking bucketful of em. Do you have a reason why she presided over the largest upward transfer of wealth in the history of the human race? Because that's what Nancy Blowsy did when Colvin hit not giving anyone healthcare, and she gave five trillion dollars to the richest people in the country and she still screwing workers? Now we see sit speaking to Christine Policy is speaking to the first ever asian presidential candidate. Ever yes, as it is Yes, a sexist Andrew Yang. I think anybody who watch Adra Yang would say he's a there's lots of wrong with he's sexist. I'm sure if there's one thing
Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang is sexist. But if you were raised by Nancy Pelosi. You don't have any dignity, integrity and your reflex is to do bad faith attacks? and people are calling out your corruption. That's a garbage person who was raised by another corrupt war. Criminal garbage, the worst of the worst of human beings. Is there anything worse than a garbage war? Criminal there is And all wait: maybe there is someone who uses sexism to defend those people. I had no idea that this stimulus package could be a gender issue. It a good did you know it? Aren't you not, maybe you're being sexist, don't collar Nancy well, I'm out, you know, what's stopping a Nancy, I don't know. If Nancy knows this, what is her daughter's name Christine? I hate
We see, I dont know if Nancy knows this, but audible It was supposed to be temporary now its permanent for four million people, while she's the most powerful person in Congress. Because this is what happens with Paypal is by the way when it spiral out of control. You go flying. Nearly thirteen million Americans were unemployed in September. That's about seven million more workers than pre pandemic levels. The early part of the recession with care to rise by temporary lay offs at or for loaves, but permanent jobs ass is rising a growing share of workers. Are also long term unemployed, meaning they but out of work for more than six months that carry severe financial side effects.
I wonder how many jobs would have been saved if we had universal health care during a pandemic. Speaker Pelosi installed, would relieve talk, says a fly on the wall or wherever else it might land in the oval office tells me that the press that and only wants his name on a check to go out before election day and for the market to go up. Does this? inspire confidence and anyone about Nancy Pelosi? She seriously sounds like a drunk person losing a debate so they're just saying words. Is he here she is, while the american P, I believe, in the american people they understand, people are hurting, we have to meet their needs, not give them. president, a chance to just say I'm going to put my name on a check, send it out and don't talk to me about food rent divine,
I rest or anything else. That's all he wants is his name on a check that goes out with all due respect would add what what's the difference that way as long as the people get the money like will again, you have another way: Weymouth, ok, halves, unlikelier, ok, so we're looking at it Per handsomely you're saying just so they have a check in their pocket. It doesn't matter. I get that. If so, what are you doing? We're pull vault to get there. How are you gonna pull vault over there so she those we know. You have leads like food in red, so we're gonna make sure you don't get a check to take care of things like food and rent makes sense, if you don't think about it. So she wants to stop Donald Trump, getting credit from helping people before the election, so she's willing to let people starve in food lines without health care before the election, that's not sexist to tell system
say that about Nancy Pelosi, the war criminal that she is- that's not sexist, hey Nancy! It's us about about to be homeless! I Nancy it's us about to be homeless. She is you know what what kind of set? What kind of ism is it when a criminally corrupt hundred millionaires, denying people health care and relief during a pandemic. Who does this kind of bullshit work on exactly that's what I said about Christine Pelosi when she says she said Andrea was a sexist for using Nancy policies. First name instead of talking about the issue I like these had hashtag criticism is not sexism criticism, not sexism hashtag, you are garbage people and she is a garbage person. Knit Nancy Policy and Christine Pelosi are barred.
and then she doesn't? She might not know it, but she is scummy as they as they come she's as bad as bill. Hannity Reilly, anybody, anybody to name it Mitch, Mcconnell. Holy shit. Imagine someone calling your power from mother by her first name being your top concern. Instead of how you're going to survive another day I don't fucking care whose name is on the checks. This has nothing to do with sexism, and this has Everything to do with Christine Pelosi being offended that the peasants dare criticise her powerful mom.
Should we just call her Madame Queen Christine or should I call you Chrissy Y know what what's? What does that press? Probably sex, again, look sex. I called your risk as I call myself Jimmy, but if I call her Chrissy, I would if I call you garbage fucking loser how about that? How about you're a fucking evil out of touch oligarchs? Who, who who attacks people asking for relief in a bad faith weights, which makes you scummy scum of the earth, I'm getting ready for Christine to tell us, don't look, make eye contact
Her mother anyhow important to underline the situation here is Trump wants to do a stimulus because he thinks it will help him in the election which policy objective for the same reason. So Trump wants to do what politicians are supposed to do, they're supposed to give people something so they vote for them. Nancy Pelosi is trying to stop Trump from giving people something so they'll vote for him. So Nancy Policy is your enemy, not trump in this Situation- Nancy policies, your enemy in every situation. By the way this because you didn't know Plenty of Americans would be massively helped by that check without feeling indebted to vote for him for it. Fyi Nancy.
Let him put his stupid name on the check and send out another stupid fucking letter who cares. Pelosi is allowing suffering for a ridiculous reason and that's exactly right Nancy. This is Christine else says: Nancy needs to say yes to a relief bill, says Andrew Yang, so that Americans can get help before the holidays. Hashtag stimulus package, hey here's a headline from the intercept. The unemployment crisis is a true national emergency. The incompetent criminals ruling the United States are about to push millions of Americans off a terrifying financial, cliff. And that's a picture of hundreds of Kentucky residents, waiting line outside the Kentucky Career Centre for help with their employment claims. So there you go, there's Nancy Pelosi daughter using a bad thing.
Bullshit sexism attack is that they always do against actual accurate criticism of her criminally corrupt incompetent, evil. On purpose, mother. because how dare you that's all about class? That's all about how dare you. Criticise Madame Queen, whose worth hundred million dollars Christine Pelosi, what a fucking piece of it. What a fucking piece of shit she is courtiers was raised by a fuckin war criminal. Piece of shit, garbage people you're the fucking leaders of this country, and now you know why there's people sleeping under every bridge in California, because the people
Christine Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi and their criminal corruption and their betrayal of the working class, the betrayal of the poor, the working class The immigrants, students, the elderly, Nancy Policy and Christine policy are the garbage. People have betrayed them, and now scream sexism when you point that out well fuck you Christine Nancy Policy, your both garbage people you're an embarrassment to the female sex, so Nancy Pelosi got asked about why she's not helping people during a pandemic she's not giving people healthcare and she's not giving people relief, she's did at least three or four of stimulus bills. not one of them help you, one of them gave you twice. Hundred dollars, and that was it. While she gave five trillion dollars to her own husband and the richest oligarchs in the country. You didn't get help, but her rich friends did
she's screwing, you on purpose and right now, she's not going to give you a stimulus for political reasons. and by Bluff Blitzer held her feet to the fire. Here. It is and, as you know, there are Americans who are being evicted from their homes. They can't pay the rent. Many Americans are waiting in food lines for the first time in their lives. Can you look them in the eye out of a speaker and explain why you don't want to accept the president's latest stimulus offer? Well, because Thank you very much on Hope you asked the same question of the Republicans about why they don't really want to meet the needs of the american people about. Let me say to those people, because all of my colleagues. We represent these people have for over thirty years, represented my constituents I know what their needs are. I listen to them and their, needs are not addressed in the president's proposal.
So, when you say to me, why don't you accept theirs? Why don't they accept ours? Our legislation is there to do three things primarily, to honor our workers, our honor, our heroes, our healthcare workers, our police and fire. First responders our teachers are transported patient sanitation booed workers, the people who make our lives were we couldn't be doing what we're doing, without than many a them have risked their lives so that they to save lives, and now they will lose their jobs because Are they really like this gates go bankrupt scares me for interrupting schoolbag that respect. They really need the money right now and even numbers of I am sure that better, but even members of your own cause again even members of your own caucus bedroom speaker want to accept is the one point: eight trillion dollars congressmen Roca Village parliamentary assembly is put Roca Man, you know well, I assume you admire remedies of democratic and aegis.
This is a people in need, can't wait until February. One point: eight trillion dollars is significant. And more than twice the Obama. stimulus, make a deal put the ball in Mcconnell. courts, or what do you say to Roca What I say to you is, I don't know why you're always an apologist and met so Wolf Pulitzer says Hey people are losing their homes. I don't know why. You're such an apologist payroll com is pointing that people need a stimulus check right now. Why are you such an apology? No that's row Qana and see how Bluff Wolf deftly phrase. It. who I'm sure you admire he now she can't say? No, I don't so. He got her
And there, and what does she have to come back with? I can't believe you're now she's pretending that the news guy is the problem here. Watch this. This is awesome. You know when Wolf Blitzer is the voice of reason. precisely why so they're concerned, that's so important. Right now, yesterday I spoke to Andrew Yen, who says the same thing: it's not everything you want. You know I there's a lot there. I the God really I can. I can't get over because Andrew Gang is lovely. Your heart broken his lovely. They are not. go ahead in this situation. You're lovely is the ruling class speak for they can go fuck themselves up. Roca, Heath go fuck himself, that's what she means when she says he's he's lovely, that's what you mean by that: ok
so you don't. They have no idea of the particulars they have no idea of what the language is here. I did come over here to have so you're. The apologists for the Obama accuse me Madam speaker, I'm asking you serious questions, because so many people are just for you. If we right now, let me ask you this. I was the last time a respond to a speaker. When was the last time you spoke with the president about this. I don't speak The first thing I know it and why not fallen to say, Mr President, let's we're gonna, do I'm not gonna, be everything you want. How can it be everything I want, but there are so many Americans right now who are in desperate need. Let's make a deal. nay amused if it works,
so sad is how you all think that you know more about the suffering of the american people than those of us who are elected by the nodes of us who eat ice cream in front of our twelve thousand dollar refrigerators on television. You think you know more about the suffering the people than a hundred millionaire, who hasn't done anything to help people? Why? I know. This is when you don't have an answer: she's getting dismantle by Wolf Blitzer, represent them at that table. It is unfortunate that we do not have shared values with this White House and that they have in their bill? Why don't you talk the Butler Bill, a tax break for the wealthiest families in the country, while they cut out there and income tax credit for the poorest families in their country and the poor children in our country, has she told him?
good morning, yet that's usually does when she gets into a pickle like that they retire moreover, the each other so much, you think it was a presidential debate on them She goes on there's more I'll. Tat fell, proposal either, but let's not go into it, do not respect the chairman of the committees. I wrote. I wish you would respect the knowledge that goes into getting The meeting the needs of the american people, but again you bear our JAG defending the administration all this time, with no knowledge of the difference between our two bills. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say that to you and earth those big legs like these are incredibly difficult times right now, and we'll leave it. On that note, thank you so much for joining leave it on the vote that you are not right on this lot and I hate to say that other again, the problem is wolf. Blitzer. What I so who just dismantled you and she knows she just got dismantled. Could she doesn't have an answer for Wolf Blitzer
CNN host? She got her ears Buxton by a CNN. and he's not even trying but gets worse watch this. I feel confident about it and I feel confident that my colleagues and I feel confident in my cars, it's not about me. It's about millions of Americans who can't put food on the table who can't pay the rent and we have the rest. It sounds like she's saying we resent them: it's that's what I hear I'm hearing and we resent them, and you do she does resent the people she's supposed to be helping, presenting a long line of residence. I know you know them just saying resent then we know them as we know them. We represent that, don't like the perfectly the enemy of the good, as they say do you know where a near Paris now. Always the caliph, but we're not even close to the good. Let's see what happens because every day is critically critically important. Thanks,
What I joining a sensitivity to our constituents needs, I am sensitive to them, because I see them on the street begging for food begging for money we prefer having them. We see them so now. Who's sounds like trump talking to a journalist Nancy, policy. As soon as she got asked a question she turns into Donald Trump. Do you understand me people are Donald Trump Keith Oberman is Donald Trump Nancy Policy is Donald Trump. Adam shift is Donald Trump people who are triggered by Donald Trump have Donald Trump in their shadow. That's who these people are she's exactly Donald Trump she's, a corrupt oligarch whose in bed with warmonger she's a war criminal herself and she was to deny you help. She's certainly have denying you healthcare in the richest country in the world there, all Donald Trump they're, all Donald Trump
and of course she wants Julian Assange, prosecuted they're, all Donald Trump, and if you think voting for Joe Biden earn Anti policy? Does you any bit a good whose being naive Kay. Right now we have it couldn't be a bigger crisis in America, what is Nancy Pelosi doing nothing hey? Where are the richest voters? Districts in the United States? I'm gonna guess her district Silicon Valley number seven district. Twelve of California average per capita income and thirty one dollars. Representative democratic, representative Nancy Policy is the seventh riches district in the country, California, twelve district includes the city of San Francisco Pelosi ranks as the eighth wealthiest member of Congress within average network of a hundred million dollars now even self destructive, big dammit,
predict donors back Nancy Pelosi and warn that funding will be cut in half if she's pushed out. Anyone whose praising Nancy Policy after the shameful interview with what Blitzer is out of touch it. She is the people need leave right now and she is playing politics instead of making a deal. That is exactly right. Policy is a bigger obstacle to progress and just about anybody else like easily worse than trump easily, because people think that she's actually better than Trump and she's. Not so she gets away with me worse. Just like Barack Obama got away with being worse than George Bush George Bush started to wars. Barack Obama took us from two to seven Barack Obama drop more.
Bombs that George Bush did. You know that so many they ran out of bombs. One year didn't know that, did you did you know Barack Obama put his kids in cages before Donald Trump? He gassed immigrants at the border. Did you know that? Okay? So there is, and you know that blue check, Hollywood's gonna go batch, go bad, she'd, overloaded and allow the gas Queen Youth, Wolf Blitzer. Now the problem with Blitzer, who asked a fucking question, is now the problem is, he said x to two Nancy. Hey, maybe ask your daughter. I bet Wolf Blitzer a sexist because he asked you a question. Everything is in sexism. In fact, almost nothing Nancy Pelosi has said. Is sexism actually is certainly heard
Or does it know it? Sexism is and is it is? It is worse than a sexist? Christine policy is worse than a sexist because she will use a false allegation of sexism to cover for criminal corrupt behaviour, which makes Christine Pelosi worse than a sexist. That's why how I feel about journalism like when they write a smear piece about me and see a man of the Washington Post or somebody with an Said BC contract you don't get the judge me. I judge you I'm here to judge you, you fucking piece of shit. I don't take you judge. I judge you.
journalism is bankrupt. Not you tube, fuckin comedians journalism is bankrupt. Politicians are bankrupt that Youtube comedians. You get to judge me I judge you pay, you know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show you should be. a premium member. We give you up. Bill of ours of premium bonus content every week. and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it. By going to do, your company, that cop click it got joined premium and supposed affordable maybe a programme in the business it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thank everybody who was already a premium member? If you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support.
hello there. Jimmy who's, this Jimmy Chuck Schumer, oh hi, Senator Jimmy. Did you see the interview with Speaker Pelosi on CNN? We, what's with the interview I do I do I did senator. I saw that yes, well, that went off to rail, dead men. I couldn't agree more real train wreck. My thoughts exactly, I couldn't believe the arrogance of entitlement displayed their yeah. She did not come looking very good now, did not wait what the fuck, I'm not. I made Nancy Pelosi she was monstrous I dare you, how dare you defend Wolf, Blitzer tactics,
you're an apologist, apologies cool You know that means literally nothing What do you mean tactics? He was asking questions of an elected official who was answerable to the people first of all, mankind. Answerable tat, no body. She that Queen TAT Queen you better recognize stamp snip, I'm doing that's the thing in the air at second of all, ok forget what I was going to say. I got dizzy from all that mapping You know America's literally begging for another stimulus and she's offended that she was asked questions about it. Sorry, senators humour, but that's ridiculous Jimmy? Are you involved in the negotiations.
no I'm not in Congress. Why? I need a rip off Windsor. So why don't you Paul just sort of stand aside and let the grown up? Do the talking really wow just try and put on a big boy, pants be quiet and if you're good Nancy, might give you a wily this condescension and contempt for the voters. Do you find this to be a good tactic? Chuck I mean in the long run you're, not a New York president where it while I give a shit I live in California, though we're speaker policy is actually from yeah, but you live in her district. I'm in Pasadena, then all cares. What you think you work for the american people you're supposed to help us decide what you need. You don't fuck around. We boys you around. We make the laws, but we are important people. Don't ever forget that the goal of you lot asking
questions and you are really I mean I'm kind of where my steaming your clams over there will shake daddy, adopts an entire clamber, For all I care I'll, bring the drawn butter yeah, pretty angry, Senator Schumer. We need you to stand up for us and stand up to Trump, especially if he wins again way from good when again yeah, that's a distinct possibility, especially of voters, feel abandoned by the democratic politicians in field. Are viewed with contempt by the powerful really then they vote for Trump yeah. That's what happened in twenty sixteen chuck, oh you're right I had complete. Really forgotten time. You know what I take back, what I said: the welfare of the amount
I considered it is our top priority and we will never stop fighting for them. You have my word. Can I have sticker policies were too don't push. It went on talking to talk to the president last night, and this is what's happening so get this America's longest wore a visual history of eighteen years in Afghanistan. The visual history should just be somebody shrugging and going why the fucker we there and this picture did by the way this pictures back from twenty two two thousand to that's what they're they're Afghanistan WAR just an infant, it was just learning days just getting its teeth and learning how to walk. Now, it's a sophomore in college.
top general? So this is what I want on to talk about on Tucker Carlson, the top general declines to endorse Trump's Afghan withdrawal timeline. Tonight ominous signs that the military is openly defying. Are system of civilian control. Today The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milly broke with the White House, this plan to lower troop levels in Afghanistan to twenty five hundred. That's a plan that both the public and common sense both to man Milly said he's going to conduct his own rigorous analysis of the situation. Again. Aren't civilian supposed to be in control of the military Jimmy or has thoughts about since those the Jimmy door shown we're happy to have him with us terrific, so much. We're coming on showed. I guess it doesn't mean. I I hope, I'd, be principled enough that if a president I despised, you know if Elizabeth Morn President, that I would be as offended by this as I am now, because it's an attack on our system assist that we should probably keeper get a hold on
What's your view of it? Well, I think it's great that went on when President orders a troop withdrawal, that's up for negotiation with anybody in the military. That's just how great maybe Mark Milly is. Is one of these resistance drifters that he's writing a book? Is planning got selling to those resistance people? Now he stood up against Trump, trying to end a war, because that that's what it seems like anybody to and here's the weird thing, Donald Trump you have to and some these words. You have to pull these troops home. Now you are to ease the commander in chief there's no excuses.
People are sick and tired of these wars and he's got to take on the establishment. Tucker, that's what one of the election in two thousand and sixteen you know in the primary trump was able to smash the Bush dynasty and the republican status quo, and now he can't handle a few military warhawks at Mitch. Mcconnell I say he can you know he promised why he got elected. Was he promised to give everybody health care and and those oversee wars and invest that money back home right now, President Trump, there are millions and millions of Americans who don't follow you on Twitter, who are hurting, who needs a check right now and take those troops home, give that money to the people if Nancy Pelosi offers one thousand two hundred you double. It put your name on that check. G people need help right now. Do you know how weak it looks that you're trying to point and position yourself as a victim that Nancy Pelosi and take those troops home? Take that money? Could it in a stimulus check, give it to the
the people right now tied the time it's taking now was even if he would have given us health care. He missed his moment. They are going up. Whatever gives the american people health care. They're gonna, put on Mount Rushmore admits that now it's time to take this protocol and invest their money back here now people are hurting. You tell the Senate the GNP in the Senate in which Macao to do their job and get a stick. To the people and he'll put his name on it, whatever name Ty Pelosi offers double it, that's what Trump would have done in two thousand and sixteen he needs to do that now What is so? Where is Europe lefty to you? I'm sure that voting drum, whose giving better advice than any Senate there. Most any Senate Republican, any congressional, getting a propaganda wash it. I think, you're a think, you're actually right Jimmy to thank you for that. My pleasure talking, so that's why I go on, took her Karlsson. Another president washes that show and he's listening to the wrong people
He of course, and dumb I think, was important to get that message out there. and you know, he's obviously listening to Larry Cudlow and the Stephen Miller and the morons. You know the Steve Minuchin, the people who he got elected by running against. He got elected running against those guys he's now listening to. And so when I got the invitation to come on to talk about this, this Millie. This general Milly who's, the commander of the joint chiefs. You know him wanting to put the brakes on with Trump withdrawing troops. I was like this is the perfect in these two things: go together perfectly ending the war
giving money to people back home. They go together perfectly too. That's why went on. I think it talk. Tucker has the biggest show on the biggest conservative new show in America. So I would like a guy appreciate the opportunity to talk to half the country And it's funny you, no one people see me on talking. They come over my show and they really while why? but I hated all the lefties and progressives, but you're not you're, not a you actually tell the truth. I disagree with your policies, but I like that you're truthful and I think that's what we have to get to and we have to be able to join forces on things that we agree with. Just like Bernie works with Michael Lee on Yemen. Anybody whose anti war wants to stop war. Let's worked together to stop work, Tom is on the phone. I hope he doesn't call me his main dammi jammy and We, what up buddy, bub hello
Hi my main damage, Jamie. What puppet pump so stupid? Hello, senator! Oh, why so? Formal, dude, MIT Mit rom com to bomb Dada Shit Romney here. Take your shoes often relax MAX. are you said it around me. I just can't if Jimmy or as you people on the street might say totally fucking raged. We you like to know why my friend, you know I'm ok was not knowing you don't have to tell me honestly I'll tell you anyway, you big asshole, actual lockdown shut up. It's incivility is killing me. I wholeheartedly condemn the vituperative while he filled morass that dominates our political discourse today you scams, Made me very Noble of you met back you Jimmy each on becoming of any free nation. It's time to put our aid
build more ass behind closed doors again where to get away with calling forty seven percent of Americans a bunch of freeloading parricides, that's the Bane capital way. Yeah does Does that mean you're comin out against Donald Trump policies? National Gauche about it is giving a bad looked agreed. Gated communities aren't just to keep poor people from getting in there to keep embarrassing things from getting out. They get every Epstein thing, for instance, that I crossed the line so we had to take about. While you had taken out here, we go, go out to dinner. Is ball games all the best party, big expense account, but he had this address book. You can't keep an address book who keeps address books now so we had to kill him wow you had him killed, I don't just be gale of a former CIA confidant Jimmy. I'm just glad that address book never turned up
it's all over the internet met not a new job. My friend, you don't look at bad things here Why don't I ll drop is pulling out of me at my home state right now. Did you know that? No, but don't think different watch? My colleague Joe Biden has elected they'll, go back to me with their tails between her legs, like million cage dogs on the roof of the station wagon. I'm there only hope for you, tawny and normalcy. You gonna doors, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, only want to strategically advantageous my friend, so I endorse jobs, and even days and Donald all odd days, no societies as we used to say good, all, crammed Brook how would you like Americans devote this November met? I Every American devote their conscience that at the last second vote their worth. Provided. Fears totals your scum sucking army and stop the hate filled more ass, Jimmy less more
More more so there's a new poll that came out. This is real. Obama's are the most admired men and women in the world. That's from September, twenty fifth look at them with a woman who wrote that, when a name, Celine Gastronomy while level guest renewal, I love that cast Castro Nuovo. That's nice didn't wanna, just be Castro. I get it if you like, I am I am at my name- is Celine Hitler. Real not just Hitler. It's Hitler Ovo right. I like it. So Obama is the most admired man in the world, but guess what he shouldn't be the kind of politics we have now where. The left is represented by this kind of Obama, Macrones style centralism, where
you're both for the market, an for bureaucracy at the same time, those kind of horrible right, the only possible appeal that kind of pollen, Ticks as well at least they're not nazis right, so what they want is left to be this kind of mishmash of bureaucratic market centrism and right to be outright fascist too? the ball rolling in an actual left direction will make that centralism. Look like utterly unappealing friend. Sometimes they talk about the extreme centre and I think that's a fitting phrase. It strikes me that what is called the moderates are the most immoderate people possible and the reason why they are so uncompromising, I'd think is because they realize they don't have. A lot of positive arguments are not ready for anything and somebody like Obama. The reason he worked was because he looked like that and a guy who would have a vision. He acted like
Visionary had the intonation. If he had the way of standing and looking into the distance like, he really believed in something, and it shows you something, but just how much visionary politics has been killed. It didn't even seem to occur to people to ask what his vision actually was right. Is it I didn't as far as he got in a vision. His vision was not to have a vision, he believed in pragmatism and compromise and so forth, and that's what The centre has been reduced, its become less pure, a set of performative symbols. And at the same time you get to feel morally superior, which is ultimately what centralism of liberal centres of is all about the ability to feel feel better than other people. So there is a kind of assumed. So when you see Andy Richter, jot appetite and all the other blue check. Hollywood, smug, Fox and the producer of the citizens Go on twitter wherever there just doing that to make themselves feel morally superior to trump voters.
That's what's that's what centralism and neo liberalism is all about to make themselves feel superior someone, and that's what it is you they're smugness flies right, the fuck off them. It flies right off them. They can't conceal it. They can't I'll bet, it's who they are resembled, liberal centres of is all about the ability to feel feel better than other people. So there is a kind of a symbol, is whereby the Right right wing pretend to be stupid like go to push the second sort of perfected. This, like I'll act like a Yokul. All of the liberals will make fun of me as an idiot. Everybody to resents the sort of cultural elite for having monopolize all the good jobs will look at them. Sneering it and say yeah. I bet those guys feel the same way about me as they feel about Bush I'll vote for Bush ahaha. Stick it to them right. You know that stick Trump is just doing it in more extreme version of the same thing. Johnson is doing the same thing.
You know you act like an area where people who were educated elite make fun of veal and it works now, who's really the idiot right people keep falling for the same stupid trick over and over and over again there's a symbiotic relationship between the centrists who are just sort of sneering elitists. and these guys who are the scam artist who pretend to be ogle, who pretend to be idiots, pretend to be fascists. Real fast as our founding values they are trying to set up a cent. situation where those are the only two viable political choices say both feet often complement one another. So bomb is the most at my man in the world, but guess what he shouldn't be happy to give you some of the reasons why shouldn't be well. He led drone strikes that kill in that ninety percent of innocent people. So that's true, Barack Obama was a terrorist. He would kill people innocent people
with drones. Imagine if you're sitting in your house and all of a sudden a bomb came out of the sky and killed you and your family, that's what Barack Obama did and they killed your kids and stuff. That's Barack Obama did on the regular nine nine out of ten times they killed innocent people. That's called terrorism. But is not enough votes for labour, so he didn't have up till. He was also help you unions and he didn't didn't help. Unions get carjack, that's a thing that huh people get the former union easier, didn't help them there. Americans, this law makes it possible to arrest and jail you indefinitely any time. That's Barack Obama's Raw, Barack Obama repealed course. this section, ten twenty one of the NDAA.
Sub headline terrorism may not be the worst threat to freedom that we face here about. Did they prosecute the banks to the banks at Crest, our economy, o Eric holder met? Some banks are just too big Tbilisi. Why does that Barack Obama should not be the most admired man? He did nothing except hurt America. Hey the: U S just agreed to give Israel thirty billion a military aid they have Medicare for all in Israel. F. Why Whitehouse distances itself, from Glass Steagall push, so they wanted people you're the thing that cause the crash in two thousand eight. They wanted to fix that thing. Brocklebridge did not want to fix that thing. Why because Wall Street told them they didn't want to fix it. this Bayliss out when it happens again. Okay,
I'm as foreclosure relief programme was designed to help bankers, not homeowners, that's by Dave Dayan and that's a fact. So if you re that article. It shows you that it wasn't Guph that homeowners and get any protection during the economic crash. It wasn't. That was a feature brothel bomber that bill in a way that screwed homeowners on purpose, so if you'd have to Did they're not gonna, hear that on PBS or CNN or MSNBC or ABC, you have to read an actual article and find out the facts or watch this show. But you never gonna find that out in the general atmosphere- big, is not can reported it on Fox, because Fox also beholden to the established establishment and bank and the banks and Wall Street, just like Barack Obama, just like MSNBC, just like CNN.
President Obama sign an eight point: seven billion food stamp cut into law, so he kicks, point. One million families out of their house and then he cuts their food stamps sounds like Trump. I wonder how we got Trump see why Barack Obama should not be the most admired man, so he was p was bay. Legally Trump light and nobody knew it. He's was also the reporter in chief, deported, more Mexicans, any Other president, combined Obama expands most Santos doctrine by signing D, ARC act and invalidating Vermont GMO labeling law. Is that sound like something Trump would do. Invalidate local law protecting people from a harmful corporation. No, that was debated that that awesome.
Hey revealed how the FBI coordinated the crackdown at occupy. That means Barack Obama did that Barack Obama is in charge of the FBI. That's who did that new documents prove what was once test this as paranoid fantasy, totally integrated corporate state repression of dissent totally integrated corporate state repression of dissent, new block in its prove what was once dismissed as paranoid fantasy. Totally integrated corporate state repression of dissent Obama administrations, one billion dollar, arms, deal aid, Saudis, brutality in Yemen, so Obama, help committed genocide in Yemen. Ninety percent innocent people, the honest, why shouldn't be the most admired man that this is completely fiction, is a pr ease created by public relations, Barack Obama.
Obama's final arms export tally, more than doubled George Bush's most of the two hundred need billion dollars and approved sales have gone to Saudi Arabia. for military sales under President Obama, who this is the post World WAR Ii average. He was above the Post World WAR Ii average incredibly his whole his whole Administration is whole term the? U S is running out of bombs dropped. Did you know that the Obama drops many bombs dropped more bombs and George Bush he ran out of body They literally Renate Bob's. Obama drops a hundred thousand bombs on eight different countries and gets voted the most admired man. Meanwhile, Julian
scientists literally dying imprisoned because he dared reveal: U S: war crimes to the world and the corporate media's cheering it on. So now you get. Why should be the most admired? Man he's probably should be in prison. He's a war criminal areas. I hear you in Flint ready invested. Can I get some water come on. I want a glass of water to water. I want a glass of water there's a fast crap
I wonder why she crowded same poison. Yes, we're being gas lit right now. This is not a sun. Look at those people what he wet his lips. He did not drink it. He didn't sip it. He but is it. There was an audible gasp in the audience. People were just like absolutely dejected. Why would you do that? I am sure that somewhere when I was two years old, I was taken a ship of pay tasted and I got some. Let us like tat can a bilingual added we're a sea bill. I'm fine is like, but there are tons of people who die backstage the president sitting at the table with the criminal governor decided to perform his skull
all over again generally, I have not been Doin starts here, but not what I expected. That's what slighter did It felt like he minimize like what people are actually going through and struggling with. If you were actually lead poison, you would not be present. You will be janitor Barack Obama, We are holding on to halt that. He would declare a disaster area disaster would give, I see my it would give us hyper places, whereas on here, then we could get Medicare for all the residents of Flint as soon as he took a drink of the water and said everything's, fine? That was that and look at it years later. It still poison when he came here was my president, but when he left he was not. My president.
And now you know the rest of the story: Barack Obama poison, those people- he left them high and dry. He protected the criminal who poison them Barack Obama's a war criminal. He slaughtered innocent people. Ninety percent of the people who killed were innocent rock Obama, chick jailed and tortured Chelsea Manning Barack Obama, tortured Chelsea Manning Rock Obama tried every which way to figure out a way to prosecute Julian Assange. Any couldn't rock Obama didn't prosecute whistleblowers I mean did in prosecute actual war, criminals and torturers who did he prosecute whistleblowers? Journalists, Rock Obama is Donald Trump with black skin
and I'll challenge fucking anybody to that debate. He should not be the most admired man. Barack Obama is the more insidious evil than Mitt Romney. He was the more insidious evil than John Mccain. Just like Bill Clinton was he more insidious, evil than George Herbert Walker, Bush and Bob dull. So you think you're voting for the lesser of two bob, and I have news for you you're wrong. It's the greater evil Hey Joe Biden's on the line again hello way: Sean Joe Biden, both for the by showing the day with the election year of Trade zero three three zero, hey The latest poll
what showing your fifty point lead over Donald Trump with college students. But there is also a shy. My fifty boiling over tromp with cow stats, one that that that's good news for you. How Joe, say like Joe, I know what those kids winter Jack the first by a thousand generations of binding to ever lie about. Going to college and boy tell you bear the boy really had some rage parties over Toben? It was all good. It's all good fun I, like some of those kids today why but this should not shit. I gotta remember the reform are Are you giving the Youth of America any hope, mergers said back in eighteen, fifty eight divided against itself can stand Berkshire. No, my opponent, the strategy to stray from the truth. You elect me? You'll never never have to worry about the truth. Again, yes, like I said man
you Don T, it's more painful to get a NATO through your eyes and for a camel to find a decent veterinary be gone by Sure, no it's Columbus day come on man. I'm ready to fight for you in our nation day Without exception, without reservation, with a fork the art, well, thank you that sounds reassuring, however, over what Joe your hide out hey. You know there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Dork
How many dotcom sign up it's? The most horrible premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay Landward, step Zahm, Murano, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written up all the voices. Perform today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it MIKE Mc radar? That's it for this week, you be the best you can be I'll? Keep me Don't don't don't you? Don't you don't? I don't worry, I'm not worried.
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