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Pelosi tells people to Calm Down!

2020-04-30 | 🔗

The latest Stimulus Bill is another screwing of America!

Nancy Pelosi tells people to Calm Down!

Phone calls from Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Barrack Obama, and Chris Christie!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Dylan Ratigan, Danny Haiphong, and Mike MacRae!


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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy show hello. This is Jimmy who's. This. a German as he oh hello, Mr Vice president, I do it Jim Cried Jane, trying to write a presidential campaign for my own, all do you like it now. I want The out there on the campaign, trail shaken hands and Kitchen Bay reason. yet again, the first straight, of course, have all your local delicacies that you joy so much right. Jimmy. Have you ever had a hefty Karla? No, I don't think so.
Well, are you what of your ever in Lincoln Illinois you, he got a treat yourself Carlos. While I afresh dip, the judges will sweeter on what they do. Likewise, it sort of a sweeter flavour These sweeter argue. While you re at his big broad, named labs here, the phase your mother never loved. You look out look through board that have the gorilla look, I see you, God did. The coveted Hilary when endorsement recently That's right, I may go. Stop here yeah we're legislation, we can require our own. Damn thing is all, but over you mark my words. Mary Clarence
you know about it for her. No, I didn't you ever irish tractor anyway, She could smell or air. Well, you can't that's. My gave jack was speaking of ever going to address the rather serious allegations made about you by your former senatorial staffer terror, Red Jemmy. Look, ok,. Look here, looking here's the deal Ok, I'm looking now. What's the deal, terror, red. Yeah ever. Carbon, Joe Church. Will you have to now
if there were gone right affirmation of some sort noise statement, but local economies collapsing everyone's download, Alive Zurich, shambles I'll, have to say dream about this woozy. get away with it. They bore distracted yeah. I know, but This is why I say just looked over there where I was born. I was vague it at a purely rhetorical boy by a trick, I don't buy. Looking where I was aiming my finger, such funding- that's funny, Mr Vice President move misread claims that you accosted her in the hallway and
seated to give me Gimme a break, break what was it supposed to be? Ninety three, My first rate rodeo you. They goodbye, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. I hadn't figured out that if I'm going to grow up somebody I'm not going to do it, damn away Jimmy fines. A chance to more utilities, cause it or something I made, I was born yesterday. Her story is a complete. Craig shit by nine. Three eyed micro, my group gave down early, did involve doing in public wow. There was. That was very interesting you should see. My wife is looking at me right now. I bet
Sheila, extremely Andrews and what I just said I would imagine shot. I'm gonna need to have the founding Jim Ok, Joey, good luck in South Johnson. Some show I'm very welcome this with Jimmy Giorgio. Let's get you the jobs before we get to the joke, shall we hate? Could we please stop slamming Nancy below the for her expensive freezers? Where else she supposed to keep her heart and my right come on,
no really getting hit hard by in the economy. Right now, debt collection agencies- thank God, Congo the government of a bail out at night, by a kind of ironic, I have a dream that all our billionaire bigots will one day live in a nation where they will not only be judged the color of their racism, but by the character of their money Joe Biden is feeling so confident about winning the White House. You know he just said he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and sexually assault somebody and would lose any builders hi Hey what's covered up on today Show Jake Tapir is the only person to finally ask Nancy Policy about why she keeps passing these horrible stimulus bills without extracting end. A thing for the people. See Pelosi tells him to conduct plus Dylan Rat again break.
down the screwing of America in the latest stimulus. And how criminal lenders are using the same tricks to steal your house as they did in two thousand nine plus we got, phone calls today from rock Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders increase pristine, plus a lot more. That's today, very doorstep so I thought I'd call a Bernie Sanders reaction at the New York primary ballot. Hello, come to the Bernie Sanders Household Party, It is not able to come to the phone right now, but it's for myself is how may help you, hello birdie? Guess who this is? I'm not Why not I don't want you are what you're up to
refused to say anything bad about my friend Joe Biden, whom I respect while blah thorough accusations should be taken seriously. But Donald Trump is the most dangerous monster and the history of the universe. The side of my opera, ok, a bite is never going to meaningfully changes platform you. You must know that right, Bernie such virtue, the two of us without seeing eye to eye on economic policy. So you don't know Larry Summers just joined his team is an economic adviser than of course, just what the fuck are you serious yeah, I'm serious, but don't you worry? We still have the leverage was. We want a bunch of delegates in New York. Bernie New York just took you off their ballot, but of course, think wake.
They took my doubts about the power you sure. Yes, I am sure. What the hell are, you sure, are you sure People say ballot, I bade, maybe there's another. Do your presidential primary going on in another country, I mean the crap like they do, your name off the ballot ok observers to those mistakes spoke, but a primary, no Bernie, the Democratic Party, took your name off the ballot. They can the New York presidential Primary you say it was all just a method that their white, what forgot my diet, the boy Not just the system has to say about this after a few months and God, oh, my god, I took up my truck Schuman, yeah lazy, Bernie.
There's not going to be a new your presidential primary well, thank goodness. We still got blob upright what primary we can pick up. southern delegate's. There right I'm all cool, private and cancer. When the shit out of those thirty nine delegates- no Bernie if New York and could take you off the ballot. Why can't everyone else? I still have all that money I raised from small about us and my integrity, your former senior campaign adviser Jeff Weaver, just now super pack to help Joe Biden, you see, I wait what the fuck you know what I am going to put my foot dont by saying I did not support the pistol back home. I gotta someone Chuck shoe. Well at least you still have your prestigious committee assignments right,
I mean I don't about I made. Can I call you back J Jello tell him the White Joe a second book So I will show you dirty Pelosi after she passed did she engineered and pass member nothing? its past. No laws get past unless people he said. So that's how powerful. She is so no bill gates brought to the floor to get voted on. Debated talked about anything unless Nancy Pelosi thinks it's. Ok,. so she's. The one has been engineering if you're home right now, and you afraid why wider? Why isn't the United States giving me a cash payments every month like the rest of the world, is doing for their workers when the government tells them This is they have to close down. The reason is because Nancy Pelosi she's stopping it hey. Why don't they give us? Healthcare like the rest of the world already has for when a pandemic? Kids they?
have to worry about, losing their health care in the middle of a pandemic. They already have a system that provides them healthcare. What why don't? We have that Nancy Pelosi? That's all. Happy, that's was in the way it's not much Mcconnell, not diminution, its Nancy policy and the Democrats will not call out guess who calls her out. Jake, tapir, Jake Tapir says: hey. You extracted now thing you got no concessions from the Republicans, you put it, but you stuff on the bill that they were ok with? You got funding hospitals there. Ok with that, so what he says he wants under the shimmer made this major concession on the most recent legislation, because you You wasn't your fashion in this one further As you are concerned, I will consider commentary and recall: let them I am still want to just call my set, and I I respect his perspective as a governor, but the fact is this: they were
two fifty four, the ppp we support. The ppp will developing it small businesses entrepreneurial part of the optimism of America. So we were that, but we wanted to include more people and more might for the programme and for the hospital, so it was always an interim avail. It was always interim bill, always said that seek cares to would be the bill where we would vote say them look right. We will, and so I'm no picnic here that daddy what you say. We always said that there's two. The second stimulus would be where we took care of small businesses. What Why would you do that? Why, wouldn't you take her small businesses? First? Why, when you take care of people's health care? First, why wouldn't you may sure cash payments to people, for this is all garbage and Jake TAT, Jake Tapir. I'm gonna. Give him credit at least he pushed back a little. Nobody at MSNBC will do this, so
Erika a little bit more to this I get that, but I just want to play for the sound from near Governor Cuomo because he said he needs money for his state to save New York from an economic soon army take a listen to what he had to say. we ve been talking about funding for state local governments. And it was not in the bill that the House is going to pass today. They, Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. The next bill I said to my colleagues in Washington, I would system that state and local funding was in this current bill. I would have insisted that healthcare was in this bill. I would have insisted that the post office save saving, within this bill. I would have said that a rent freeze was in this bill. I would instead mortgage of foreclosure, It was in this, but I would have set a bunch of stuff That would it, but I would demand and payments to cities. We demanded nothing, they got
thing for you, nothing and here so here's what she has to say about that. She watched the guests fighting she does, because I dont believe they want to fund state and local governments so commerce, as he would have insisted on state funding. in the last bill. you now Senator Mcconnell say he wants to put so. Do you see what a handcuff it puts you behaviors a Democrat saying and didn't call out by name we have to do is say they should of and now Jake Tapir picks that up and repeats it. Do you see how that, if needs, if a sea or regime it had to leave or road Carnea would create our Bernie Sanders would criticise the democratic leadership. Then the news reporters that gives them freedom to repeat it and say this guy said it so democratic and progressive politician Walker. besides their leadership it'll
ever get repeated on a tv show and it's never happening. It took Andrew Quabo to say this shit. So let's watch what she says. The pause button Was this a tactical mistake by human centred resume just calm down We will have state and local and we will have it Did you hear what she she tells Jake Tapir, just calm down? of pandemic, where their screw doing everyone except the oligarchs. Calm down, you're gonna get it, then it can. M wherewith daily hype over the black agenda report, that by on the floor, I can't even get over that. She said that. calm down, calm down, in the middle of a pandemic, where people are buck and shooting their pants because they dont know what they're doing and they ve got no income. They got no health care, they don't know what to do. And eighty, please tell you to calm down while she's eating ice cream in front of the forty thousand dollar four refrigerator. I throw today from the black agenda report, looks like another from bad to me that
Tromp, will inevitably use this kind of material. I mean the dear and the headlights. Look that you see from her when J coppers asking one of few questions that he ever asks, which represents any sort of real journalism asking. Her to talk about real concessions that she made and that her, a party made until the Republican Party and Her answer is calm down where all into the edge entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses, but at the end the day. Fuck you workers, fucked, you poor people, fuck you tens of thousands of people who are dying in the tens of thousands more who losing loved ones. Fuck you accord on Quota Sancho workers fuck you healthcare workers. That's why She is ultimately sang when she goes on CNN Intoxicate, Jake Tapir, who wants to be friendly with her, but he he's, throwing herself balls and she's making them Look like really good
critical questions thrown to her when, in fact, she is showing is that she has absolutely no solution to this crisis that she's Ok with all the concessions that have been given to the republic of parties and I wouldn't even call them concessions. I just call them points of agreement at the end of the day. Well, yet that's exactly what it is there that there wasn't a negotiation they just day day. They all agreed on what happened. The Republicans agreed with everything in this bill and so does Nancy Pelosi and more imports. Lay the Republicans agree with everything: that's not in this bill, and so does Nancy Blows, what's not in this bill health care for workers as Eddie, kind of pay or any kind of help for the essential workers or on the front line right now? Nothing, there's! No direct cash payments does no credit card relief. There's no a red relief. There's no borders really does know nothing. There's
I think, in this bill nothing for the Post office, no, nothing and She comes out, its has come down and and he still east. I used to get a turnout. I can go on twitter and go on MSNBC. I'm going to see people saying Gogogate, Queen Jay Queen go get them, that's what they say to her on Twitter, so here she is now in Turkey, is endorsing Joe Biden. So this from ABC News and just in how speaker as he pulls the endorses Joe Biden for President of the United States calling him a leader who is the perfect personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity and integrity. Joe Biden, now there's there's few People in the country who are worst human beings than Joe Biden, let alone a good person or a leader he's a whore, whoa horrible horrible person at Sociopath liar who is screwed over workers at the behest of bees,
banks and insurance companies and he's murdered hundreds of thousands of people as a warmongering war criminal that he is Annie torture. Chelsea Manning I've been to Somalia, horrible things that he's done, but hey that's the guy. Would we got embrace because Trump? what do you say to her daughter told a predictable Anti policy is a hundred million ere. She work for the same corporate class that Joe Biden works for that he serves is so due to be loyal to and I think what really interesting in this more men, especially in relation to the stimulus bill and policies, responds to clap. Is that it shows our tapir Jake Tapir shows that you know in times of crisis is not only is the capitalist class looking to destroy what semblance of a middle class so called middle class exist, but there also try
consolidate amount? some themselves right, there's always a concentration of political power in a concentration of economic capital and It's interesting to see someone like Andrew Cuomo Flank to the left Nancy Policy in order to serve his own political career, because at the end of the day, look we're in your Cuomo has done to New York state. I mean he is just as much bubble as the rest of the Democratic Party in the rest of Washington in the fact So many of the deaths from over nineteen have occurred right here in the state and in the city of New York City, but because there is this competition going on, even though they all like to say that there are on it together a Cuomo his dreams of of being Nancy Policy is the leader of the Democratic Party. In it People are the adjustment was not ready to take the heat. from a J Tapir and she ultimately lost that battle. So even as there are those who say yes
queen, yes, diplomacy they'll be allow more who will say why Andrew Cuomo, far superior to Nancy Policy and the Democratic party leadership. In this I maybe he's the future, and I think that is so critical. To understand and examining the sign. When you're someone I Joe Biden, you can barely speakin, barely talk and barely think as the Canada, for the twenty twenty election? It, sir? I imagine if Nancy Pelosi got a hard question once in awhile MSNBC. Imagine that and we saw jig tapir pushed back in the itty bitty bit and it exposed her the calm down she's telling me bull. Calm down, you get here a hundred millionaire is telling people calm down there. It's coming
Yeah, but you know who didn't have to await the richest people in the country. I know just imagine just imagine well. Then I really appreciate you been our guests, Danny High from black agenda report, and we ve covered you, don't you have you have a great book out? Everyone should read American Capitalism and american innocence explains that the what the cold sure is well how we got here. The thinking. How imperialism works, how it's really a great book, everybody should pick it up. any Iphone over at them. Black agenda report. Anything else you'd like to say before we say goodbye I'll just there we can end on a positive note, There is a worldwide movement out there and I always stress this so much because you know, you'll, see Vietnam right now getting coverage in terms of their Kova nineteen responds to see, but you won't see how much of the soul
those countries that the United States so much. What their will to think of socialist or not, and I think that was says. A big problem with trying to tell us the country's what to do and how their organizing themselves, without any evidence, through their arguments. But you know when you have countries, I Vietnam, Cuba, even Venezuela, under sanctions, being able to address this pandemic in away where not only our is life preserved, but people have what they need in a time of crisis that should show us what is necessary and that is power rights. working people have power, have more power Venezuela than they do here. Working he bore Vietnam, I mean you're, you don't lose three million people too imperious invasion and then beat imperialist vision unless working people have some power in that country, and powers. What allows for some really the things to happen. So I think that if we can
figure out how, in this context, we can organise for their power, will be in a lot better shape and will be able to move past the politics of the two party corporate wobbly. Do you think we will be able to do you think what Jane Mc Lovely said on our show that she thinks she predict will be a lot more strikes before the election. A lot more after, just like the was in nineteen thirty, two and one thousand nine hundred and thirty three that led to F. Are implementing the new deal. Do do you are you? Do you feel? Optimist Think about that scenario, playing out that workers actually realise their power and that their, actually leaders that rise up and we actually do take control. I think it inevitable that there will be some four of rebellion very soon in the United States. We ve been due for for a long time, and I believe that working people will play a leading role in that rebellion and
It's got it, but it's going to take a lot of organizing and it's going to take a lot of education as well. I think that political education is the most important things we need to do right now and to spread out local cage education to the masses, because crises don't always lead to There are times for working class people and so we need to be cognizant of that. But I do. You think that there is a real possibility out of this. That's the conditions will be even more right for a social movement for massive social unrest to occur where there will be more possibilities, far organizations and are demands to be heard. I am not optimistic that the capitalist system will, meet those demands. I do now. I believe that at this stage that there will be such a thing as a new deal coming from the capital costs, but I do think that there will be.
Rebellion that will demand that a movement that will demand these things and then it's at that point. where the real struggle actually begins, because it, we'll take a lot of organizing and education to ensure that people don't fall into despair and Don't just throughout the hands and give up. I think that stir the big. You're staying at a real, then we need to model out what society comes next, because I dont believe that the capitalist system will provide it for us back. Why what's wrong with it I beg you to Oh, I didn't read it let me ask you a question the goldfish which, whatever
was governor of New Jersey by a pocket. I may give you hate, it was me, Are you Well, I'm sorry, I have read your opinion. Peace. Yet. Are you really Michel shape these you ever did guides WWW, my normal dirty that damage the sheep speckly. Somebody like you, I bet you don't ever wider tangibly slaps, nobody around like the desire that does it How very nice Chris? I bet you like. What's your advice Chris I got five actions you jerk page is due to start taken to restore the american way of life, the used it but you shall I give it that lesson. In Greece, we limit all restaurant access. are we already doing that and a lot of places, let mediation
It always draw access to just delivered french fries and not your grandees primo deluxe. What you pay like chinese broccoli wash with joy at ball. You got it afford infection fry in that shows you could you stick and she'll dictated to nobody breed no room except you when you joke wrong thou watching Deborah Norville? What comes next number two Shut down all you stayed uncanny box, ship dolls, People can shout to replace the beech wood. The falcon fry did not just what do you think of wood? think of Governor Murphy's executive order that Jersey and should publicly name people who violate state all borders, orders.
Why are know stage if I were still governor New Jersey, I'd make it if the world is on em no snitch, but I am a snitch snatcher. I gave the word it's that you're! Ok! So what's your step three that we take action by temperature digitally orally. Finally, whatever How do we do that? He get the army, the door tat, usually the french production at day to day care, like everybody, step, a J M, all up divide by three thirty one million peoples and dad give you the average temperature of America dad what adequately Ninety eight point, eight percent, degrees some shit, you go step for. Our Willie would choose what forever by their sugar one. I was big, yellow fumigation against going from price, not chosen
Let me cite two sweeteners, your door. Are you sure you want to follow their bottle? Sweden now has a twelve percent death rate wow Oh you did you ever got those Upton, I'm a doctor. I gonna die tomorrow from what gave the boy surgically move funding from those eight hours I know all about medical stuff, so is top gun fired, doktor, foul g? a wager five factually okay, I gotcha rigidly to quit quickly to dupe of public policy, wow. This is a big chair where you sit down into Google Chrome or would it like it's a big glove or somethin? I love this chair, vices defined shop, a big jeer ordered surprise
not just shut the fuck up, we're all in this together pipsqueak, but I gotta go I'll quit squabbles on tv right now. Yeah yeah yeah he broke in my pocket. I forget well so widely play resolute with him I know those guys yeah we'll get aid him, but then ass a little bit. Why do you want a rustle work as you do you want to see his guns were touch him? now you I be submissive, Aren't you the CIA, you John, Hey. You know. We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great. Where you can help support the show. You should be
the previous member. We give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content, every week it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Jimmy Company that cop clicking on joint premium. Affordable previous programme and the business It's a great way to help put your thumb back in the eye. The bastards extra everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, levers. Jim pack sharply today JAM pact. We'll talk about money. We should avoid wish Brenda segment going to do be doing segments? Withdraw our good friend, Dylan Radegund go forward we're gonna have to women, put his name on it like money talk or something like that of catchy money matters I like that, cause it's gotta liberation and we'll talk about. You know him expertise which is all about half the fanatics working during this covered crisis factors
here with this right now there as ours are for a friend to the show former huh. Stuff en masse Andy sees the Dylan Radegund Show Andy is also award winning journalists for Bloomberg. He's a candy was a candidate for the. U S, house of Representatives from New York, twenty first district welcome back to the show Dylan Radegund High Dylan, our you are very well yourself, but never run for Congress Jimmy it's a very bad decision. Don't do that. Taber me yeah yeah. I know you didn't seem to be very very by withdrawing the words decision in my life. I dont know seriously like that devalue having run for Congress. How bad anything gets. Belief is not as bad as running for Congress.
What what was so bad about it at the thing I can't take is being nice to people and asking them for money. Yeah I remind you, are basically refused that most vat bar, which probably was wide I didn't wear but three I've major issues with that and I guess you know the thing that really got me was doesn't matter does, matter ah ya. Back back. I guess because I was I had it in my mind that I knew there was a time when I had more. Of an expectation of justice are baroness from this country, which, obviously I have known that anymore. So does it matter so much, but there was a time when I actually thought there was something that was different about America relative to the fundamentally corrupt governments, to prevail over every other country in the world and thought that Brad anyway, I had said that that was my fault, not your countries or the pull a running for Congress, his Father
even had that illusion. Let's will that so, let's start talking about so you're the financial guru. You know all there is to know about the ins and outs of how money works. And so that's where we have you here, especially during the corona virus. Now what we had been talking about tell me if this is what we have been talking about about how this stimulus package. left out workers that left out families. That has no you be that has no health care attached to it no bail out for cities are states or anyway, so it just a giveaway trillions of dollars to the already richest people in the country, the oligarchs who control our country, and now, because we're going into a depression because of the economy shut down all the every piece of property and every asked that every business is going to be available? for sale at fires, oil prices and who
as all the money will. The oligarchs just got five children from the government and so an right Hitler. People like us, don't have any money, so the income inequality is going to get even worse, we're living in income, inequality, sense level since the gilded age right now. Ok, so that's how bad it is an American Gonna get way worsen hears it. Here's proof of what we ve been. predicting here. This is the capital forum tweeted this out all Greens CBS Health step, one we greens, Comma CBS Health step up by out offers dirt pandemic. That's the headline Walgreens and see vs health step up by out offers during the pandemic, and then it says the number one in two drugstore chains in the United States, accelerating efforts during the corona virus outbreak to buy. rival, independent pharmacies, abandoned by the economic turmoil. The pandemic has caused. The pharmacist said
That is exactly what we predicted Dylan that there's gonna be weeded. Exploitable you're married remember we get. When you add, I really started having these regular conversations of whatever was on four to six weeks ago with the beginning of a pandemic pray, and we talked explicitly about it.
exactly this out? There's a biological crisis in them is the economic crisis, which is the collapse in demand from the lock down. There is the risk of the financial crisis with the collapse of the banks, which was mitigated by the trillions of the FED, and then you now have the social crisis percolating and it will continue to grow and then one of the contributing and then your bob as they were on the brink of what will be some degree of a housing crisis. Hopefully it will be that bad honestly, I try one. I believe that that there will be reason they won't be that bad, but that is obviously are on the table and to compare what you just said, which is that the big oligopoly drug companies are looking to use this opportunity to Hoover up whatever is left without whatever crumbs of independent small business were left, as the fraudulent ppp is is out there to support quota clothes, small business, which is beyond comical, but I believe that all that is I'd like that
we what we predicted it. I asked you put that in comparison to what the government in the Netherlands said at the beginning of the lock down. They said if there was a healthy business before we shot down this economy because of a biological crisis. The government in the bank's job is to make sure that those businesses through accuse me our impact, when this is over, that again? This is not all. These are not business, as these are not small, independent pharmacy that recklessly borrowed trillions to go by yachtsman, airplanes and blow all the money right, either by regular normal flow businesses. These are businesses like every restaurant in America by I'm good on the list I mean we all know everything, that's locked doubts that have been entirely the hotels I've been on down the line that had been inoculated by the lockdown through no fault of their own.
Jimmy Door. By the way. Can't you stand up anymore right and, along with all the other entertainers in this country, are fortunate to have such a big digital platform. So you can. Actually, you still provide access to your audience and still have a working economy around you, but the point is in Amerika. We political government decision is, is explicit and implicitly to give money, the wealthiest institutions to roll out at that as a way to exploit a biological crisis. That was no fault of the people that are being victimized by its it's bad enough that they did the two thousand eight and nine, where they. The richest in the end they most powerful, all the money to roll up all the distressed assets as they did in the financial crisis. They repeated them.
Again in the face of a biological crisis. I mean I cannot think of a more putrid and disgusting thing for a group of people to do it in its no different than robbing some one while their houses on fire, because it so your house get struck by lightning you're. Trying to pull your head, but the fire of your house out from the lightning strike and then the government, instead of helping you put out the fire, comes in and steals all your stuff and people get Madame eager thy. They review there. They get upset that I don't want to perpetuate the and the myth of America as having some deferential again, the russian government's not vertically night to their people either
near the chinese government, even the mexican government hack, the european governments, are a little bit overblown in terms of their perceived tat glory. Having the EU really is a club for rich people. There aren't really european country theirs, as we discussed last ball regroup of the super rich visitor, Renard Country less and then everybody else it serve as left to fend for themselves, but I never thought I would see the day when a biological crisis would be manipulated in used by american politicians to empower the rich to raid. The recipe country. Well, it'll, be one thing comprehensible. Well, I told you you be like no way not no way no way but yeah actually yeah. So this it so it starting so here here, it is it's starting Walgreens and CV asked the number one in number: two pharmacies, our star, to buy up all the small. All pharmacies, so again, small businesses are going away, and that was part of the plan. And the thing that kid
Let me deal in is that Jake Tapir. couple days ago was interviewing Nancy Pelosi and he finally said Hey. You didn't get anything that Democrats want in this bill and now you're all going home. Isn't that a tactical mistake in May? see, Pelosi, told Jake Tactic, tapir to calm down and guess what Jake? upper. Did he call down out. He did he shut up. He didn't I have a follow up question, and so what do you make of this unbelievable you're saying this is unbelievable of leasing of America, but its head happening with the with the blessing. Of Bernie Sanders. Every one of the Justice Democrats and Nancy Pelosi there doing this to America and there something similar Emily be a level to expect anything from the Democrats I mean, I don't know who I mean, what no demographic
Showing you who they are sent Bill Clinton died with all due respect. I don't know, I don't know what kind of person ever do you expect the Democrats did you anything other than the sanctimonious hypocritical and then rob you republic? they are more likely to rob you with it with a knife in front of you? there were. The Democrats are more likely to do so some expensive ice cream and then and then steel. Everything when you're out of the room now never took when the Democrats or Mormons thinking what a Republicans are aggressive, aggressive Democrats or passiveaggressive they're, both of the same business of taking all the resources from everybody for themselves. In those who sponsored, I mean that's a known fact in America, that's no! By versus Donald Profit, America's Joe Biden, Bertha Donald Trump pick your senile rapist, I mean: are you really serious? So did
that I know you're wrong about this delicate Chomsky told me he Chap Ski told me. There is a big difference. There's a big difference, just like there was a big we'll, be all right. But yes, that's what he says He says: you're a moral. If you don't speak on foot for job, it's a Oh good habits of nuts and again you notes, No, how Chomsky could could talk about this? What what the Democrats in so doing, did during the stimulus and then with a straight face. Tell you have to vote for one of em. It's it's. Instead of people. What you need to do is given the streets right now and overthrow your government he's telling people to use a voting strategy which has worked ever anyway: vaguely absorbing the bay cancelled the presidential for they cancel the election in New York Jimmy. But no, I I mean they d be cancelled. The election
so you know what happened when you, when you cancel on election in one of the most powerful richest and most populous states in America, that that houses, depots, populist and most powerful city, arguably in the world, was surely set the table for Donald Trump to cancel the election in November. Now that we ve now that now that virus is an excuse. Not to vote so people are saying. No, that's not a you ever crabs, did it urged. So what are you gonna do? I know Cosette What it looks like, but what the Democrats are saying is no. No that would they apply of Joe Biden, dropped out of the race and endorsed Donald Trump, which is what Bernie Sanders has done, which is why they're saying there cancelling it she's? Did you see what see that logic, I don't care, What the logic is not allowed,
go. Do I they registered voter at New York, stay which I am I'm entitled to go into a boating booth and vote for Mickey Mouse. If I want right I can write in whatever I want it once you take away my ability to about period. You have suspended even be seduced veil, the self delusion of democracy, which obviously does countries not a democracy to serve preposterous in some way, that's better than I do care for the elections at the weekend. To get out of this war were democracy thing? Yes,
I am. I obviously agree with that. I think would be less frustrating me, but I think in China, Roger as dual don't get animated about these things, but they don't have a bit like a course with their not being there expecting it to function and then being outraged when it does it bugs, and they know it doesn't function without greater weight, so much emotional bad without the dysfunction because they never were led to believe that it should function. Ok site my eye, I know Dylan, I know and you know I'd found more than you do as we Jimmy, I believe, take it a Jimmy, but obviously the optimists yards, but as. As I get as I still peruse news media and I watch more progressive news than anything based don't seem to understand. What's happening, they don't understand. What's coming their treaty, what's happening right now is just another vote,
No one is animated. No one is holding the progressives feet to the fire at all. It's kind of, remarkable to see them we could get his hey. They should have voted the other way, so I've been you told me, been sounding the alarm year, while their torturing the economy me. While they are watching the economy there, twenty six million people out of work. There's an idea about the locked out, which should have been done a long time before it was done and should be lifted sooner than it was in being now extended forever for the political convenience of doing business. The absence of tapping, though the out the absence of all the things that are required to actually allow society to function is political about visas, but a level that beyond catastrophic, and it ultimately takes us to why you're going to see a collapse or potential collapse in the housing market and a significant restructuring and who owns what, as they rolled a money up into this to the hands of this
smallest possible people, which is what happened in Russia after nineteen. Eighty, nine, so Dylan just tell me the so this I still. I know I'm gonna be naive, but you re watching. You been watching rocky movies, yes, but so, while while they give the five trillion to the richest people and they screw everyone. They leave. Everybody else out, yeah wouldn't help them to give everybody health care. Anna you be, I wouldn't hurt. They would still be able to take over every business in the country in the still give everybody healthcare at a you, be I right right, but a big deal if they did the EU be idle
better gear. For all, would you- and I know this is this- is it that should have been done in the first five minutes right right, but it did you do that. You then have to forfeit the throttle myth of a sovereign alpha american who could pay care himself cats business done. It is the ultimate creator, and the ultimate do were that american engine of entrepreneurs, even though the number of new businesses that are formed in this country is at an all time low, even though sociability this country as an all time low, but very they draw Juliet myth of these Over a cowboy bad ass american who doesn't need help from anybody can take care of himself, and once you do you be, I met a care for all your acknowledging that were a group of people that can share basic resources:
In a way that better for all of us- and you can still be a wild bad as entrepreneur cowboy with better back You'Ll- be a much more of a wild ass, bad ass Calvin. we entrepreneur to had you be I'd better? Give rock you wouldn't have to quit you you would have. will you help here. Would you quit your job you to have a little bit of I'm on the runway. While you are building your idea, ironically, ironically, nothing could be more supportive of the sovereign myth of the american cowboy entrepreneur, or the Medicare proud you be eyes. But do you ask me a question which is why are they not doing it? I think the reason that are doing it is because of the propaganda around I've self sufficiency itself, sovereignty that is uniquely american deeply proud young, but again may first is coming June. First is coming well, don't have money to pay their red. They we with their already a third of Americans, Mr Rehn, payment April. First, so
I don't know I had someone on the show, saying: wrenched rights are gonna, be meaningless because they're going to happen by default and So you don't. Americans dont have any savings, everyone, no everyone's living paycheck to pay check, so when they lose their paycheck, they lose your ability to pay their debt services to their cause cards are suited loans, their rant, thereby mortgage is so I just it just it. Third I'd have stolen the state I dont, even using even so you what you're saying it even as Galileo their plan. Maybe he has that that in that it also, there also done so you're saying that you get there you you could perpetuate the dastardly plan. In a way that, let's do better that we now need so they are. They are lighting the the wick of social unrest. They and why wouldn't they wanna keep everybody tempt doubts while they buy up the country and
and enjoyed the five trillion dollars. They got. Why? Wouldn't they? You know it's just it's. So it's just like Roosevelt, said hey, if, if you dont give them some of your money, they're going to take all of your money and they d, Rachel. They need someone to tell them that. I think they do so thank you, so ok, well, rights will be starting up I want. I can't wait. It's not! It's is right, water, people going to do what they don't think, they're already not having money to buy groceries, so Where are, we already saw what happened in Sicily? People went to the great thing about how it very regular occupy. Whatever was twenty eleven yeah I, but I suspect that what's coming is going to make you a reprieve ordinary wishing. Rocky Yak is that the people what's gonna happen. Is it's not just the opposite, by people who are going to be pissed off. If, if you notice a lotta right, wingers with a lot of guns are also out of work, they're going to also be pissed off, and would you
how to be a cop going to kick somebody out of their apartment when you know their heavily armed in the middle of a fuckin depression. I don't think that's gonna work out very well, so I think Should you you're right. It's gonna get mad Maxie around here, and well that's what I'm saying. I don't know if you're saying that again, I just I just can't ready to go back. I hold out both for a task, something. there's some scientific, asymmetrical event that cuts this whole thing short, but it's just stunning that they way they just won't they just don't take care. The people at a Nancy Pelosi goes on tv and she's. Banks the news, the journalists, the guys or interviewing her sheep, It's them in their place and they behave. They obey them. Some Jake Tapir got his mind right. It was it's amazing to watch this happen through. No one. This should show is the
the only what I've seen that is screaming about what's actually happening, and what about to come? I literally no one else is saying this and no one else is holding their progressive of power. petitions feet to the fire at all the most week. At most, we can get is somewhat saying: oh Bernie should have voted against this stimulus or they should I honestly see the most of it on the populist right. You don't get out of here. the left at All- and I do see it on the populist right because they are aware of what is happening in terms of the overt rack, with an explicit economic disruption that is being rendered upon this country by the idiocy of its political leadership. And so I can see more of it on the populist right eye and then you I've been. Maybe that's why one of the trumpet buys with red
now to be an attribute, come on your show, you started to agree with you yeah yeah. That said, that's that's pretty tricky as pretty tricky. Because Trump his eyes large drops better bat romantic. Your problem you be, I did, then, though, Democrats will that's what I've telling people and people keep saying. No, you can we have a chance to influence bided. We don't have a chance to influence Trump Amnesty you guys have been wrong about everything. Since you were born answer I'm pretty sure you're wrong about this too. And they are and created a spy and created the healthcare system with pillory quoted imbroglio barber, that's so tat is dropping ill equipped, but it can't even people for a virus. Four months after the fact of the big economic catastrophe in the history of the world and the board billion dollar, within Obama Biden, healthcare apparatus is barely up useless
use, useless useless, but Nancy poet, Paul Irving, up fortune did from everybody in this country was still leading them with the doktor balls. I mean keeping them hostage to their jobs or taking their healthcare. Workers are getting laid off everything that you complain about health care, whether it's a deductible weathered the accessibility weather employment, although everything everything all of it was created by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton even job. I'm gonna help you out and that This is a point by the way, not that got the Donald Trump Gonna help you out, but Donald Trump is such a poor weak with psychotic idiot that he might do something that you for you to use opera somebody just by accident yeah. I don't like this politically hostile. I agree with you. I know, and all the people telling me I'll drop is catastrophic, nefarious, fascist moron, but he might accidentally do so.
It helped you because you have to carry their way. That's exactly I guess not allowed deals. He has no ideology, Donald Trump. Does it doesn't care for instituted Medicare for all or not it doesn't matter to him, all that matters it? Maybe they don't pleasure diplomacy feel good he'll do it. Joe Biden has calculated monster along with the rest of us that they did I mean we will all have been caused by the monster. You like the american healthcare system, paying twice everybody up much as everybody in the world and within a global pandemic. There's absolutely nothing. We can't even run it they got a lock everybody in their house and destroy the hawk oddity come on with get I'm glad to hear you getting upset? I hate it when I'm the only one I will try to be proud of ours. You gotta be worked up about doing a good job being carbon different resident in fashion. The Jimmy I'm a little, be locked it. I'm sorry! I know. No, it's good
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