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2020-01-23 | 🔗

Progressive Krystal Ball Smacks Down Establishment Hack on CNN!

Dennis Kucinich is endorsing Tulsi Gabbard!

Special Guest:  Dennis Kucinich

Phone calls from Patrick Stewart! Bernie Sanders! Chris Christie! George Clooney!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy Oh hey, this is Jimmy whose is James. Yes, how are you I've abide? Who, by talking to This is a package Stuart. Ah hello, Sue, Patrick. How are you gonna believe that we ve ever spoken before? Have we, on the contrary, almost seven years ago, called into describe eating my first life of really yes. Look! It's in the archives from the Golden Age, Ah I see so. Why are you calling this time? Did you have your first hot dog or somethin,
No, my to protocol to buy you show STAR Trek. That's right You read: reprisal your iconic role of Captain Jean Luc Picard from the STAR Trek, the next generation Correct will you be watching? No, I wonder why not I'm sorry, Sir Patrick Sides fiction visited John run into the yeah. Oh, no. Look it's nothing personal! I was never a star wars. Star trek star anything guy distant get the appeal that sort of thing. What if I told you, two series takes place in the beginning, at least on
our planet. instead of doing something science fiction, I my character, is living on his ancestral state in France, making wine okay, so its sides, the, but also somehow Wealthy, french aristocrats? Ok, those are two genres about a fan of combine. It gets classically STAR Trek, as will show progressive, and I would have thought that STAR Trek might appeal to you in particular James, and why would that be because it depicts a bright future, essentially a socialist where the notion of nationality and racial form away and people have learned a cold. right and harmony for the greater good super. shouldn't failure from the collective human mind start,
shows- is what life would be like if we did everything Jimmy to shows says we should yeah, but then You go zipper out a goofy looking spaceships colonizing other planets, isn't it really what the show is space imperialism. Now you up gravely mistaken. Federation does not colonise planet. That is in direct violation of its mission, you explore them right explores range new worlds and all that. Well, that's the first stage of colonization. Exploitation of resources of native cultures is in it wasn't Christopher Columbus and explore look what he did. What in God's name are you talking about? That must be the damaged about STAR Trek I've ever it all my days. Where do you get
ideas like this so profoundly woke me, says infested the human mind. You are creating a high sought man, you wrote this sketch. Well, why did you write a line that makes me look dumb, I'm supposed to be the reasonable one in the script always I just started be humorous well wilderness, I'm sorry- and I really I was so breaking before What we are doing is too lazy. Writing in Karachi like the holiday quite a lot of those up. Ok, Sir Patrick Work, who we watch your space yo
the point CBS all action. What is that? I don't know I soon than in some sort of streaming platform watches ass. You saw the EU play a guy who can fly spaceships, but in real life you even know about wrote coup It is rather ironic that woman thanks for call it as read that you want to remind us about what for I let you go. I would like to point out that if you live in, Austin, Texas or anywhere in its environs on January thirty.
Avoid first go to the elevator extreme. There might Mccrae will be performing comedy that will be doing that in in the environs of Austria oh in Austin Texas, at the velvet, a room. live in Austin, all its environs, I'm sure, you're listless, understood Jimmy Friday. I shudder to show:
everybody, what, with his wig Jimmy Georgia, will see, would tat be Sacramento San Jose Miami. That's the next lives. Jimmy door chose go to Jimmy, nor company dot com for a link for Just all our lives shows now. Let's get to the judge: if we get the job sharing a calm down, everybody if we went on. I'm calling every Democrat corrupt who was actually corrupt vote? might actually think. The party was serious about stopping corruption, I don't know. If you ve been watching the impeachment trial I haven't, but the ratings are so bad for the impeachment trial that they're about to replace it with reruns of Cato Kalen good time our come by Cato Kaelin joke the way was written was actually older, hey. You know I'd like to stay mad at Liz, worn for voting two times to approve trumps war budget, but have you seen her selfies?
I mean I imagine how much Martin Luther King Jr could have accomplished. If you just take it more self, ye did you know that, according to the Oxfam International, the richest one per cent of people emit thirty times more co2 emissions than the poorest fifty percent of the world, I guess that's what happens when you transfer all your money to offshore account by boats? They did you hear that this week over eighty three California wines were cited in a lawsuit as containing dangerous levels of arsenic, yeah yeah I knew there was something off about their last bottle of two bog. Kick the bucket chuck I bought it was covered by this week. Show crystal ball. Laser progressive back down at a clear adviser on CNN plus progressives are frustrated with burning capitulation,
I and there are finally starting to speak up that is considered, endorses anti war, candidate, tall Z, A bird who now is on everyone's short list, or vice president plus phone calls from Patrick Stewart Bernie Sanders. George booty and Chris Christie was a lot lot bork. That's today Jimmy Georgia So CNN is doing this thing where they bring on progressive now, because Bernie, because Bernice bleeding and all the Poles so now. They finally have to bring on someone to comment on it right. Someone who's considered a progressive, so they had whether it be hearted Align Chris Cuomo brought on Atticus Parian last week. Member that we show you that and she's latest smack down on CNN Shit reporting on Bernie Sanders, and it was it was pretty- was pretty fun to watch this also very fund watch
here is Crystal Ball now. You know crystal ball for under the show vanish, and she hopes that new showed the rising on the hills on Youtube and adds up to two hundred subscribers, a sob, try to make friends with them cause they're gonna blow right past and not array, so sitting opposite Bernie Sanders was acute. Hillary Clinton came out and said that nobody likes Bernie Sanders.
and so now they bring on so that this is a former Clinton adviser. That's a former cling communications director, Karen fifty. We already do video about Karen Finny before she's horrible horrible, and while she was part of the Clinton campaign, what else you need to know they lost Donald Trump and people still ask her opinion on things. They lost Donald Trump. That would be like if, if the Chicago bears lost through an eighth grade football team- and you still asked the coach in chicago- bears his opinion. They still ask her opinion. There is beetle. Why? Because there is a bubble and guess what
pop that bubble crystal ball pop that bubble right now and watch it burst all over her face. What does not particularly surprised, because if you look at the number throughout this campaign, has consistently been oh by the way. Let me just say this before I was watching the show rational National, that David dull guy he's the one who got this video and I was like a great job David. I would also show this could also do so in case you go so David also does, Rachel. Everybody should watch the rational actual. But that's where I got this rub. Ok here we will watch is kind of awesome I particularly surprised because if you look at the numbers throughout this campaign has consistently been the most popular Canada in terms of favor ability. Obviously, This massive grassroots based on those fundraising numbers, and if you ask voter not just in this pole, but consistently across poles who they trust most on the shows that matter most to them birdie sand.
This comes out on top, so honestly, I think if there had been a relentless narrative against him for years that he was unelectable, he would be running away with this thing. I also think that the warrant attack, so she says she lives down. You never hear this you'd again. I I guess you have to give perhaps z then, for inviting around to say this because they ve never, they never did before, and so she did so It wasn't this unending campaign, negative campaign in the press about Bernie Sanders you'd be doing even much better. You never heard someone say that on television that there's a nigger of campaign against Bernie Sanders. They say negative shit about Bertie senders and say there's a negative campaign against the way. With this thing, I also think that the warrant attack on hand trying to scare the secret sexist or whatever she was trying to say about it completely fired and he appeared above the fray, also peers. Above the phrase, Biden tries to attack him and wrongly accused.
Putting out a doctor, video all of US things have only served ultimately to strengthen them and so here I know that I think, is fair to say that you may have some residual meant. Torrents Mr, is based on how he answered his organs conducted themselves and forty sixty seven Doug God, damn it about how why there are people conduct themselves any such bullshit you she saw no it Hillary Clinton who cheated Bernie Sanders. It was hidden, We Clinton, who had a secret deal with the day and see that she was not. Controlling the Dnc, while Debbie walked from a children's going on CNN saying the Dnc is neutral. It was Hitler clear new at a secret deal with a deep seated follow all the cash they raised. Two Hillary Clinton campaign in Brooklyn that, but she says
I bet you have on you, you have the rightfully so a chip on your shoulder, because of the way Bernie Sanders treated Hillary Clinton. Do you see how this is backwards upside and you see why would someone comes? I like this? It's like she speak in Greek there I what the fuck, so that's her bullshit framing of the question to the Clinton advisor. And watch this. What do you think when you hear crystals argument cigarette and he's been wildly popular and wildly malign for so many years, leading at all the polls is leading a button. The poles and the person who just I asked you a question maligned him to you. Ask him a question. I asked you a question about Bernice Edward. Does she maligned him in her in your question? Do you at your response
it is out of the guinea ones. Realigning him. Do you understand why Hillary Clinton loss to a game show arose because these are the kind of knit which she had advising her? I wouldn't let I wouldn't ass this woman directions to the Fuckin Freeway. This is politics. Bernie Sanders is a politician. That's fine! I just want to be honest about that, but, more importantly, what I think seeing these numbers is subject to a crystal setting is a very strong, enthusiastic base. It was not surprising to me that, as we get Those are two, the ILO, carcass and no doubt from twenty sixteen he and his team. We are very clear about what they need to do to win the package because Hungary, one last time they ve, got experience so they know what they need to do in terms of the ground game and I think the other piece of Nazism, Senator Sand, so what're you saying Jill
bided does know how to run a campaign that cheese. What you say is, of course, birdies doing well in the polls in Iowa. They ve done this before they. They we beat them last time. She sleeps slips that in its because of what they ve been there before know how to run a primary campaign. Will Joe Biden doesn't do bodies but running for praise the fifth type forts I've been waiting for president, it does oh, how run aground game in Iowa Duke I mean You understand why Hillary Clinton lost now, because she has people like this around here who purposely stick their head up there s so far. They can see Russia. really has to show that he can bring the country together and that he can lead our country has not. He has not always been seen as someone who be a united and is interesting to see in our Paul, unlike Hillary Clinton, that that United Hillary Clinton couldn't Would you not enough people a beat Donald Trump here
regret lost the white women vote. She couldn't even get, women to vote for her Hillary Clinton couldn't The majority of white women devote fur holy shit. two things that really stand out right look. This is that this is the kind of bullshit that normally you only hear and see, and then this is the thing. That's fucking them up. Why either doing this now out. Of course, everything they do as for rating. So they know this will get them ratings. So that's why they do occur. I'll. Do it into Watch Greece, the Bali A smack down on these motherfuckers, but they're doing this now be. has bodies in the leading they can ignore it. It's it's even too obvious for them to ignore. So that's why they have to be on people who they consider to be pro Bernie Sanders. To give at point of view now, because these leading in the polls and that's why and it gets better s cake
Where can you they trumped up those of your care about the most that's been very consistent, but also people somebody who can unite the country, and I actually think that the fray, that you mean even the deplorable email that kind of uniting call half the country deplorable. You mean like that kind of uniting previously is she would call seventh population predators, rudders call in practice super predators are column. Bob was a board member at law. Large yeah she's, a friend to the people, the board member Walmart and calling blackened youth super predators between senators war in Sanders peoples. I think voters just don't want to see that they want to see who's. Gonna together who's gonna move, move us forward, don't really want to see the inviting people, don't give a fuck about been fine peep. This idea that didn't want to see this with this to get. This is just made up spineless? This has just made up people who want to see this people. I've left
right in the middle jumped and cheered when Donald Trump told JEB Bush you're fuckin brother lightest into a war. Everybody jumped up and cheered everybody. So this this idea that people who want to see fighting is again bullshit and what is Hillary Clinton? Do her hold their whole game smearing she called Trump the name of the book and a russian and ass she called cells. gathered a Russian and, as she said, Bernie Sanders propped up by the Russians and the inhaler outcome. Get the fuck out of here, I believe that you now, you know why Hillary Clinton laws there still further full of shit she's got about ten. Fifty five fifty pounds more of shit.
in her, then, when she lost her Donald Trump, she go on get yeah. So what n Y know? What's that it gets even better, so I want you to watch watch her face, because this is the way a mental case reacts to facts This is what we face. React to facts watch this during those comments are, first of all there just sort of mean. Like nobody likes him, I mean. Are we in June, your high, but second of all, especially when those Paul coming out? Look how out of touch this list? this is, I think I know what you're talking about Hillary Clinton saying nobody likes Bernie, even others, just the most recent again has I'm ahead of everybody else, and there is another oh said he was the most popular senator in the country and that it
Reclaim compounds as nobody likes them. Ok, and that's so that's what she's responding to what was sorry. doing those comments are first of all there just sort of mean. Like nobody likes him, I mean. Are we in June your high, but second of all, especially when this pole coming out. Look how out of touch this looks This is, I think, you know, a failure that a lot of DC had which have made them underestimate Bernie Sanders yeah. If you listen a cable news all day, if you hang out and tell you in a big nobody likes Bernie Sanders, but again the poles consistently so he is actually be. Most popular cannot raise new ring. Things came out, he's the most popular senator in the entire country. So that horn, why? Yes, Togo, that boiled early warning consul appalling right as the number one most popular salary, so you lose the Donald Trump. You don't get to condescend to anyone, the biggest loser in the history of the world, the biggest incompetent
loser in the history of the world that you care and funny you're the Euro. Loser may be the biggest ever in this three of campaigns you lost a Donald Trump and now someone who doesn't have their head up a NEO liberal asshole. His latest that down on you Eddie. You see, however, tat the future with the truth can't be real. I'd have to that's become on that just just because a scientific pulse says so, who does she want to tell us is the most popular who, in their ticket to say, Amy, global jar due to say Elizabeth Warren? I bet you, I can go to any college campuses ask about Amy, clobber jar, and it knows the answer only been Ohashi. That answer would be. Who is she here? We go higher luxury, but Fatima
all. Why do people like him? So much is precisely because these aids, a baby, I d, say the fact that you didn't come here to make friends that he came here to stand up for the working class is precisely why he is so consistently poppy. Or across balls and crucial. Why haven't you endorse infringement? What I love that she says that unsuited to sits is so sweet to say to their stupid faces. You see they're stupid phases, issues She says that the reason why people like him is because people in DC hate him people, like you, hate him. People in the country hate you do understand how on fuckin popular the news media is you understand how unpopular the Clinton campaign was? The fact that who to hate. Him makes him more popular. You fucking idiots.
I mean I work for the hell, I like all of anti establishment candidates and so I'm staying out in terms of putting on investment, but I mean there's no doubt about it. I, like birdie, I like his focus on the working class. I think that's, exactly what we do need to bring the country together and by the way, what noting with all this. Like Bird Ebro Narrative, that's arising, it's really ugly, just sort of invisible eyes, his supporters of color and in the second and poor, you leads Joe Biden one month. What would part of their duties? you understand, cared nine, you don't even understand the basic theory of politics. understand that when you push a Bernie Bro narrative that the Bernie supporters are, male white and sexist that you other you. You disappear the people of black above Collar who support the women who support him. The women of color who support him, which he's got more. That's
port than anybody. So that's what that bid to see what again facts. Do you see how someone from a glint campaign reacts to wake facts, they react to a fact like its poison. I plead for you. Good was plainly visible eyes. His supporters of color and in the second and poor leads Joe Biden what my people of cholera, then I think we need to put this whole burning, Bro narrative too bad to the burning brutal stuff. Is there some of his importers, regressive, online or economic angle? That is what is about. his supporters outline? You know his supporters of aerial rightly say that we could. We could say that, and we have to offer any proof of that. So we can just say that, unlike the Hilary supporters who are fantastic,
but we're out Peter DOW. Wasn't a complete cocksucker member appeared: thou smeared fuckin everybody, member that he did, that for Hillary Clinton to progressives. Remember how David Brok had correct the record that had a troll farm that did nothing else, but go on twitter and fuck with people correct the record, which is probably a camp in finance violation, but according to CNN up is down blue. is white in his out an affair male ally of sixty years is somehow a sexist. That's that's you and then and now you know why we have a show- and now you know why Crystal Ball show is taking off like crazy
now. You know why they have to push Russia Gate in scare, the fuck out of their geriatric audience, so they can get viewers because what their peddling isn't facts. What CNN petals is propaganda, their manufacturing consent. That's exactly what Karen Fannys doing! That's why she can't get that stupid look offered face for even a second, but are just right on your forehead. I'm dumb and I lost a Donald Trump, I'm wrong about every fuckin thing. Everything I'm
about, which is why I welcome on CNN and inside the Democratic party that unite. I do want to say that I know like over ten years ago when I would seek care and fitting on MSNBC I like what she had to say. I was always interested in nice founded to be intelligent, articulate and interesting. Now I see another person but- and I have to say this when I see somebody so a news rapporteur says Bernie rose, she says Bernie brows. First ass, I have an issue with the news anchor bringing up the term burning writer. You repeating, swear, that's unfounded and we already know just hearing the term. It's a sexist term. Yes right, of course you know what if there was a whole thing about Hilary chip. and is missing all the Hilary checks right? You know just out a hand to those the Hilary Cecchini their aggressive yet and the whole idea, where I hear that people are aggressive online off all right, all right, we're not
ice cold war? We don't need your mommy to come and figure out. What would somebody wrote on and on anything somebody wrote some of them in my God, Hague. You know what it's time everybody for us to be upset and what they are trying to do is admonish s into obedience, that's right. That's what they want is to be. Is the only thing yes and so what I find very interesting about all this tone policy and Bernie brows and all this bullshit, like people, are being bullied in the meantime. How many countries are our troops in right, so they're all worried about people being aggressive with words online I gotcha hook
airs. Who cares you no way to go Crystal way to go on there? She's great we're gonna, give Bernie call to get his reaction to the New York Times, endorsing Elizabeth WAR and in a bee clover. Char, oh well, Until I don't take, bullshit likely had got his Bernie Sanders. Speaking I don't like your bullshit called today and make a quick. I have thirty more campaign stops to make an hour before lunch include Upon raising for the algae BT, Q Farm, the association of the book. Why did you apologize for Zephyr teach out what one of your campaign surrogates Zephyr teach out? I want the guy. I don't think I noticed person, seeds,
do you have several of your town halls and New Hampshire she's, a surrogate for your campaign? What about what does not reference target you apologize to bite and because she called him corrupt Are you running against money, corruption and politics isn't taking money from credit card companies while passing laws in their favour. The very definition of corrupt gin look. I think I respect that each of us up and take out a friend of mine, and I seriously doubt about don't know what the fuck did say right now, even Tom broken called out bided at his sons. Blatant conflicts of interests back in two thousand, eight are going out the universe, before the vote, I never paid much attention to it. It's just done frustrating you mean. The blatant disregard for ethics now away? They swallow consulates. I could understand a goddamn thing. He said, but giving money and corruption out of power
takes. That's your thing, Bernie out what we just calling liars corrupt, difficult to apply. It I mean he said your campaign doktor to video. To make him look bad you're. The word doktor means to career. He's calling you and your campaign corrupt Bernie Joe, is a friend of Irish but Joe I can see how he might have assumed. I put that tape and thought that it might betamax machine or something come on Bernie, you don't know how to doktor a videotape. They don't even use tape anymore. It's all digital! Don't you! What of course it is possible to doktor nobody. Oh yes, video doctoring is covered under my mother care for all, but only for the purpose of posting warming brings about a cat making friends with an owl? Some grim? Look as Jill
Biden or his campaign threaten you in any way. Of course, not Joe Biden has the kindest private warmest most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life. Really That's right, and after I hang up on your ass, I am also going to apologize for you scared of the more you is that it now I watched but Joe Biden Joe Biden. As you can tell me, Bernie stop it. I can't take it any Joe Biden scared you just got. I confess Joe Biden, The loving crap out of me have you ever been along with them. I mean really like the man some kind of psychiatric spend Golly. What do you mean magically refilling would like one of those and exhort
but the bottles you gotta, the magic shops, the hare plugs to nowhere and ass, nipping he'd like the amazing drinking bird bobbing up and down with the ass? Nothing you just can't stop. Of course he gave me what about the New York Times endorsements. I respect the New York Times We haven't was the winner said Zadok retailer yeah, and he only lasted two days because he thought the sun. So you don't care about now. getting the New York Times. Endorsement then know their endorsement about effectiveness wearing a pussy here I got to go now. This is a party line and I could hear some perverted farmer on the other line. Jerking off in a corn maze not in the corn, damn it you're, ruining America, cereal, We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. Is you become a problem a member we give you a couple of hours
premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Jimmy your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable previous programmes business and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks for everybody, who was already a premium member? If you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, Thank you. Yeah, yeah yeah, it's really good. I need to talk with you. I think in a so. What is it? stage of addition. Addition to monitor Bagshot there I stop we're from edition of the drugs are one family. You mean addiction
yeah. What's important efforts, The former involves barracks, while the latter involves medical problems caused by the over prescription of painkillers but looking well, we diane- I guess somebody the finishing school. I was home smothered migrating. What would a pillow went to sleep? It put it also security checks, I get it makes you feel all adjudicating shit you're by feelings. You asshole, you feel better. Now, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings grid. I'm sorry, of which I am concerned about. The importance of this is this addiction addiction. you know I'm still associated with Donald Trump Commission on doping Without a pocketful it, you call again do the commission and combating drug addiction and the opium crisis
yeah, don't think shit. You know a lobby law means suitable company. What makes a better pay Gallagher Average everyday smack, I am happy to say, might but you very very beneficial the patient's, how Bristol I got aid under the grand and fees actually go that make me look like we, the garbage, dump some turbid Gilberto boy, said the street. I've got trickling down those scumbags line, and I gotTa Brody what inspired you to take up the problem of addiction ice? periods, the partial trajectory Don't you abide drop dead at the combining burka, Shet? Would pop racks available all me know literally exploded compromise. I thought: where I'm glad you ve taken a dive now people. call dog face up. Did I hear too for did not know about?
more and more Americans are becoming addicted. The insulin and so on the street they call whom, along now, Berlin, receiver, whatever scumbag rug. Lingo you want to use it all comes down to one day we are losing the war in shillings, your brain, they went out and she noticed tat heat yet without insulin is dead, are there any other held the Jews? You do you're concerned about Greece dont many poor people. almost like they can live without and yeah. They went away without buying to share data up enough to pay off their stood, loves you a dollar, That is a good point grace I reckon It had to bear. Had Pusher party said it took a lot of drug addicts up the broken Canada, the skull or a bag of happy at right, digital
Beverly steel. Not to get I own a shit. So what's your solution to the problem? Grass or you think, stop it. not a people's knowledge, I am pleased to have with us Today very special guessed he served sixteen years and Congress quoting stint on the House Committee of government oversight where he investigated this Prime meltdown in two thousand two thousand eight financial collapse, and he was also candidate for the democratic nomination in two thousand and four and two thousand. I welcome back to the show its Dennis carcinogen Dennis Jimmy. Thank you I appreciate this opportunity to talk with you at this important moment in our you're, giving now what about a lot of very Lee value? We have a couple thing to talk about, but you haven't you. I did not know That's what you ve been doors Tulsa for president. Can you tell us why? Why, yes, tell C is we're square against the: U S, interventionism she is. Probably the one candidate in this race.
who has an who understands what MAX Blumenthal? I was writing about when he wrote the management of savagery about how the United States keeps helps to create all of the people. We term to be enemies and We really need a new direction of cheap without legislation a couple years ago about stop funding terrorists and Jimmy. On a personal note, when tells me first, so what about running to Congress she came to my office Anne and asked me for help and to meet the minute. I met her eyes the distant somebody who has tremendous potential. And so not only did I help her in her first congressional race I vote when She told me that she was going to run. For president. I should be glad to support you can't the sea, and my wife- and I were we're in New Hampshire a few days ago. I will tell us in campaigning: cannot In Manchester, in other areas too and industries, respond. She's getting is across
boy very, very positive, been it's good to see that some of the quota, you had about. Tell I like this that she didn't, while here monsieur I find it and in the room in stone article said: he's anti war to his car, not terribly interested and partisan politics, which he believed does violence to cognitions. What Tommy, what what that would what that means? What do you mean when you say that partisan politics does violence to cognition, we'll get the idea that you, after your democratic ethical, lack step with the Democrats that the Democratic Party then becomes a fund. of all legitimacy and mercy and love ban and the Republicans are just the opposite. I mean that's stupid and the Democratic Party which I've been a member for a long long time has demonstrated time. Time again that it just a prophetic mimicry of the report, But again, Sir Corporate Party won
One had about hybrid, headed party corporate system, and I to me eight tells each candidate. See you're so clearly away from where the democratic the party had gone astray and she's really reconnecting with the practical aspirations of people. people are sick of warriors a soldier saying it Someone who served her. Someone a leader eyes. Military leader and to me, God. She represents the potential of America to break out of these wars, I realise that took us into war to focus on what we ve done towards moves by lying to get through the words and a focus on the resources of American, bringing back home for healthcare and education and and and If cities and clean environment, what we can do so much tells to me is represents the potential of America and in this primary I endorse. It,
there is the ethnically while one what you set, what they what they quoted you and the rolling stone is saying. Was she consistently demonstrated her capacity? city for independent thought, yes and she has the ability to look at things without being hampered by the desire to be blessed by the party. So what Seeing that right, because she's, the only one who is really taking on Will queen of warmongering Hillary Clinton right and with the house TAT queen of war mongers, and so I think that's the thing that people would like the sea Bernie Sanders do more, is take the glove off like trouble and after the Republican Party he went right after JEB Bush and said you you guys, wreck this party, Erectus country, lightest, a war and I've been the Pandit saying that he just killed his candidacy will, of course, they're all wrong and, of course that's what people are thirsty for was a little bit of truth about these endless. Wars that were in and tells you certainly is the one to tell those truth right and you see what happens as soon as I do and she tells the truth they smear is not being patriotic enough. In fact, you might be even a trader
and are working with the outside forces. So it's great to see you got a point. You make Jimmy, is so important because its impact understand for the truck. That's important stand for principle. One does not have to get into personalities because the truth, is a personality all of its own and all we have to do we should say look. There is no reason for us to go into Iraq, Rick had nothing to do with nine. Eleven had nothing to do without caters RO in nine eleven did everything to do with the answer actually check on our country. Rack didn't have the intention or capability. Attacking United States. I did this analysis in October two thousand to, and you know the truth was no one, then, for anyone who cared to listen ass. He gathered knows the truth about what's going on in America and because of it, She really deserves people support not taken away from any other candidate I am saying that in the primary This is somebody you lie believe a lines with relational I stand for
The kind of America that I know it's possible yet so, let's talk because I mean you're, you really tried to see that Europe really vocal voice against the Iraq war. Europe, for Congress taking back their power there go to war, so tell us what what what these many parallels between then and now what's happening with tromp ran, and you know three years of Russia Gate by the damage That's a now. Finally, people are starving. to say hey. Maybe we should start trying to rein in the power of the President who they all say, is working, for a foreign leader anyway, what were first knowledge but separate some of these things. what I have seen since two thousand and a series of regime change. Efforts have been backed by both parties. The attempt to start with this Iraq Libya, Ukraine, Syria and IRAN,
where's the attempted to stabilize Russia, and this naming a few effect. The fact of the matter is that America has to stop, this empire building these regimes. Change wars. As this violating international law. The world is an art to go and conquer into chill, whoever we want and so I wanna candidate comes forward, are still gabert, does until look it's time to take a new direction and it really for school we're square looks at foreign browsers, unification to our domestic policies were picked. We The average family of four is paying depending on you gave anywhere from has paid anywhere from eighty thousand two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a thrust, the term of the wars that that regard since nine eleven
and this whole war machine is sucking the economic vitality out of you out of the american people, and tells you someone who who stand you're not only against that, but stand for a different. Ouch to international relation and away from prevention? Is them away from this, idea of America, above all, other nations. We need to work with the world community doesn't mean you danger her out there. We should create more danger, Jimmy just think of what we getting foresee, the danger that was created by the assassination of General Ceylon it what it the astonishing to see how Washington just starts to argue between the a very narrow goal. Go post of republican Democrat It's that, while there are just its request, no, but of the way he went about it, not a question of how to support in an assumed the authority to go in assassinate for later
So you know these are questions that this woman jabbered has raised in her campaign. And I'm an I think, because of that, She deserves a lot of attention for dependency, so you gave a hundred, and you gave three hundred and forty one speeches on the floor of Congress against the Iraq war. And you gave a hundred and fifty five speeches against a war with the ran and how was that greeted House that welcomed our rules, that received by your fellow Democrats at the time. Yeah nationally people were just look the other way, because the Thinking moist, while the party mentality worsen, supporting the war. It is pathetic. there are some occasionally people come up to me. So say you know,
I do not, and we now know where this is. What we have to do that this large step approach to supporting war is destroying the country, and so my feeling was when I don't just get those Did you hear me I researched them, I my whole office was filled with thousands and thousands of pages and in about a hundred volumes of research, I grabbed everything I could do find out. Could it be true what they're saying and ever think I looked, it came back they're lying and when you say that you have the media and others, painted they sing all now. You don't know what you're talking about you have the Pentagon, the CIA and the State Department. They wouldn't lie about this. The people in the White House wouldn't lie about it. And what do you know congressmen but all anyone who took the time to study What was happening would have come to. I think, a similar conclusions, MR making money off the war,
and so now use later people can say: oh yeah, I'll everyone, no new, not you know everyone today. It knows it was wrong that no, they didn't they. They went along and Few of us who stood up and the issue here ass, the gate and at the time by the media and you know, I know what you ever journalism degree from atop school there, Jenny Shop you can, you can appreciate how the credibility of the media is sacrosanct and and I'm I really feel very happy that now the media has finally understood the tragedy of a rat of Iraq and so that it doesnt become the tragedy of ran well I remember a million people in the streets protesting the Iraq war and those all those journalists who went to those great journalism, schools, they just couldn't see them. I guess they D had answered
She'll glasses. They couldn't see those protesters because they didn't show up in the mainstream news very much at all, so yeah they you're right. You know what when Hillary Clinton says says she was tricked by George Bush and his intelligence right I mean you see now now you know comedians in your garage on Youtube, can see through the intelligence of Libya around Syria and now ran okay. So if the former first lady couldn't see through it back then choose either unbelievably incompetent or lying so go ahead. Demonstrate Jimmy think about this. I mean I led the effort against the war in Iraq. And so I called a clown trader and worse and and the people who were beating the drums Ford. some of the media and some inside the government they were hailed as a great American us in have never to this day been held to account,
for misleading this country for competent the death of about forty six hundred american men and women for causing the death of her. over a million pray? a minimum million Iraqis. I think about the Senate. It if it heartbreaking to think of all the damage that our country did. Over in Iraq, based on a lie, and when I took articles of impeachment forward thirty five articles, men patron to call President Bush to an accounting, the Democratic Party, hierarchy: didn't you want to hear about no date? They, their involvement in future, right now. But when it comes to two to war to lie to take us into war didn't want to hear about that. Why? Because we have a condition in America where the two parties are again
the two aspects of a war party and that you that way down to the to the two great damage to the american people tonight, aspirations for the few the answer to the dirt for their children themselves? We have a crumbling. infrastructure in America so so many of them were blown up bridges and other country. I know it did so deep. Don't you think? That's a presses the vote. When people see that they see that they have. You have an money any time right, they're giving Trump extra hundred thirty one billion dollars to go bomb countries at his behest, and at the same time, they're saying he should be in Pittsburgh, being a trader and he's also at through of doing things at the behest of Vladimir Putin. So I think regular people like the biggest voting blockers people who don't vote right. So I think that's who tossing is reaching I think that whoever wins needs to reach, and we don't know, do you think that that suppresses devote when they see both parties
pouring endless money into war. Meanwhile, there said we don't we don't have any money for your college. We have any money for your health care and we don't have any money to fix your broken roads and bridges you're right about then I'll. Tell you what the way this works. When Congress goes ahead and improved about an eight hundred billion it's more than adequate. Yet to throw in the towel in writing, CS and all the other apparatus right of war. No doubt goes over trillion dollars when Congress does that and gives the press? that kind of power, then they turn around and say we're going to pitching him for the other things it borders are lunacy and Annette. Same time. You know, I think, of the tremendous resources are being wasted around the world for by countries around the world over a buddy bases and in seven different countries and When I started in Congress you I prefer for a split
Second, I was allowed into in the voting for Asia Pentagon bill. The first cut much that I was in, but after that Germany, when I found out in a hearing that was it for a trillion dollars of accounts that the Pentagon couldn't reconcile. From that moment, I didn't vote for a single Pentagon budget from the time from Nineteen? Ninety seven! Until the time I left the United States Congress in two thousand thirteen because I came don't understand. You was all up, it was all a racket. It was all wait a SEC money out of the american people to still essentially steal from them wave the flag and then say we're doing it for America, not not a chance, yeah, it's it's a itself. I stood a grave, but now you say that that nobody was punished all those people you you took it on the chin, because you are telling the truth but the Iraq war and now tell me in the same way takes it on the agenda? Could she tells the truth about our current wars in Syria
Libya, then, sway la wherever she's telling the truth about them. So she take what you say: none of those p who were for the war ever got honest, even lost or tv shows white which barred and making? even advising president tromp. By throwing I mean you look at the clock which partition painted and advising him to go forward with this strike and ended, and the murder of general soon how quiet these people. They can surface again and and whispered the year of the present doesn't have any experience in in politics except his term. And doesn't really understand. International relations understands business but they're. Just yesterday and while this is what you are too sure that even at this point, he's gotta having some other thoughts about what he did, because he opened up a pandora's box which may not be shut down,
lifetime, that's real that we don't know the blow back. That could come. I mean this goes way beyond rice. Are you going on and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand? I was only I think, luck that we ended up bud. Not being under going past the threshold of war war. Three a couple weeks ago will you never know, because even though we might be able to ratchet things down with around itself, the Shia world is still upset about this and they will be launching attacks it. Of course, then whoever is in them in power, the administration, Weatherby Republican Democrat. Will you is that those attacks to propagate more WAR and has been even more money on bombs and absolutely, and so that's how you know a so yeah right they're, not in reaching Donald Trump bottles of genocides, helping commit in Yemen or for early
go bombings or assassinations which, with right away president for a patent submitted illegal to assassinate so they're, not third, what their heads with their impeaching to help drug bond is because he put a pause in the military industrial, complex this flow of bombs into into work, work conflict. That's what they're upset about that. There was a temporary pause, More armaments going to more war and as if the president does it get to decide what our port foreign policy is in the first place he's the guy anyway, So when you say no one was punished for the Iraq war, you don't think having to dance with Elinor Daytime TV as punishment. Okay. So so don't don't so that's the thing I try to tell people do? Do you agree with my opinion that the Democratic Party did three years of Russia Gate and is now doing it impeachment because they really don't have anything to offer those hundred million people who didn't get off the couch and vote, because if they had something offer them they will
be doing that instead of doing this and and the reason why why their due doing this, but at the same they're a peach. They just past trumps entire legislative agenda. They just go of his NAFTA to point. Oh, they just gave money furs border wall, they help them deregulate Wall Street they pay money for a new space for sick, gave him money for a space for horses, so what is a long time ago and a galaxy far viral pay. So tell me what is this so What does this tell you about the democratic party? What we really need in politics right now? What does that tell you you're talking me Jimmy, look the the There is something that that needs to be looked at in the way.
that you presented, and that is when you look at two thousand sixteen election which to me was decided with James Commies gambit, essentially declaring how we couldn't dishonest eleven days before the election? I looked at the pause. I was following it for a network and I saw the poles and state after states start to go down, and I thought you know trumpet as a shot at this and so then, after he went and inexplicably wins what happens. The democratic to come up with a reason why they lost didn't, want to blame candidate who may have raised and spend as much two billion dollars. Then they had to blame something else so right away Russia and they started this drums made of Russia game where the Russians who were involved in social media spending, a hundred grand or something
Screwing around in the election, I suppose what was this data? Russia putting its big foot onto this election that really hasn't been proven and and that, yet yet it is received wisdom within the democratic, Already it is article of faith and to me it's nuts, and so what happened we now have this diversion. That's occurred with Russia Gate in it You go to the next. The version I'd look I don't, I don't hold any any sympathy for a president who doesn't observer a common notion. So far, not just no. She doesnt observe the law and all regard, but let's face it. Thirty five articles have been patron against Bush. you know. One of the democratic leaders got to the Florence had I moved her that this be sent to committee, and yet this these are
the goals that are currently being spread send it to the Senate right now raises how hoping puts a whole new threshold of impeachment that someone can go your president for many more things other than an end to re of the high crimes and MR requirement and lowers the buyer from impeachment, and you know what else it does Jimmy that very few Democrats are talking about. It sets the stage where we probably cannot turn about against Joe Biden and you know this thing is gonna, be over its you're one of this one of one of the biggest problems with our politics today is people don't see any connection between cause and effect? anything everything occurs day. No well, it's like Chauncey Gardiner, so yeah? That's a big, so that's kind of the bend. The point of this show sense. The twenty sixteen election
and what I grail against. What is the Hollywood? mentality, because that's the world, that's the world, I live and in those of the people I know in the Hollywood Democrat, mentality, is that corruption started January twenty seventeen had it drives. We knots. as well. How do you think people got so desperate in this country that you're willing to vote for a game show host over the most well buddy. campaign in the history of our country. Why do you think that happened? What do you think the rock Obama didn't do who sat made? Hillary Clinton lose the Donald Trump they'll, never ask themselves those questions, because if they did, the answers would be. He just continued the Bush administration's policies and he put a big hurt on people. He kicked five point: one million people other houses, while he bade the bank's hall and make sure they never missed a bonus right. He could. He opened the art to drilling
Why whatever shall ask them, he took us from two wars to seven. He could be left cops, cracked, that a peaceful protesters at Wall Street from Coastal Kostas ever gonna. Let it play out up. That's all! That's where we have franking pipe suddenly this country, because he release those laws that so we can export fossil fuel. I mean it is unbelievable that corruption, the reason why we don't have a functioning banking system or a functioning healthcare system is because Bravo Battle was paid off by the health care system and is made up by the banks. That's why we don't have Neither of those things and people have no idea. They think Barack Obama's Santa Claus and I've heard tell of Santa Claus
is an asshole because that, after eight years, a hymn people in Flint, one about the vote for his input successor and they voted for Donald Trump and set in fact, and Flint Michigan we're block Brocklebridge fluid, took a sip of water in left and did nothing for those people. Eight thousand fewer black people voted in Flit midge again for a Hillary Clinton that voted for Broccoli Bob. She lost that state by what seventy thousand, though it fled Michigan alone at eight thousand fewer voters for ill equipped, and that is a direct cause and effect from broccoli bombers. Lack of helping those people, even if I'm health care on the way out the door. So that's what I re against that this show is that corruption didn't start on January, twenty seventeen, that is a symptom of the corruption that has been by partisan and it's a war machine that owns both parties. Oak out, throaty asked uptown Jimmy entered as your speaking I'm thinking about the musical, both the film and stage musical of Chicago
and at and that song, given the old Razzle dazzle Razzle Dansellon. How can they see wits? He wins in their eyes. You know people were dazzled and rattled than the next day. They know. The rapporteur also lost regatta bail out pharmaceutical companies in it Europe's companies may not like bandits and your own Godless, America, Joe Career, yeah and so itself again. That's you note. Tarsi Gabert has her finger on the pulse of what's wrong with this dream she's, the one saying our foreign policy is our domestic policy she's making the connection too. Between dirty water and flint, and four billion dollars a month being spent in Afghanistan. She's. Really the only person, doing that which is wide so important. She she's in the re pseudo. We all want a progressive to win. We all want to be Donald Trump, but if we just give we get it, we get another
Brok, Obama, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden in there. The next trump will be even worse, because people are earning and don't you think that is even if even if we get a progressive, even if tells he becomes president or or Bernie Sanders, which it looks like do, you think will be able to get Medicare for all three college of a functioning baking. So. The men and these wars without people getting in the street and shouting capitalism down well from from a practical standpoint, There is a structure that existed to bring about these changes that we want a, but you have to have a congress cooperating with the present. You go back to nineteen thirty two the election in nineteen, thirty, two as a watershed moment and in the United States, because not only did Franklin, Roosevelt Wind, but he brought in a democratic congress in with democratic majorities, suddenly become strengthened through his Hasn T, based on what he stood for Show is it possible to have medical for all? Yes, you have to have the boats. Would you just have to
we will have to turn and twenty twenty four, if we are able to get a progressive president in twenty money for all, we need to have numbers turn up for a progressive, Hauser, Progressive Senate. So this year did this present system can work, but only if people say being distracted by the by the palate? takes of the moment. which are all based on follow, which are almost like. You you for Capture Coca COLA. You know it's threat, said but if you driven enough for either you can write your teeth, but I think that we we have to we have to insist that the Democratic Party begin to reclaim it is north mission that was outlined in during the early years of safety are to be able to lift people out to be. we'll make some people have a rough over had been able to make sure that retirement security too to take the house of people too,
make sure that their good schools to work and conserving our land. On any all things that that derive from dunno deodorant psychology and from nuclear plant programmes We have to have that ready and the other thing is. We have to stop the interventionism yes Rosabella late around ten years later, we are on the threshold of a big war and stuff. We can argue that, but right now we're we're in two decades of war, and ended and wars shown no end in sight. We were told over and over again you know, candidates running when the war. In the words all same? That's why? I think it's important for the voters out there to engage every democrat cat at every democratic candidate was out there and see where they stand on, the international issues, because if you don't get him out,
a international issues. You you don't have a chance to make. The connection between the trillions of dollars of wasted occurred from our involvement in these walls. for misbegotten wars and the actual impact on the domestic budget so the voters you were watching, you one should have to hold these candidates. After two on a car, and make sure they don't double talk. This are you for interventionism, aren't you what you know Are you going to get out of these countries? What will you do will avoid a war with IRAN and other countries or or you know, how are you? What does Europe is? What is your philosophical approaches? It is it peace through strengthening military, build up or is it strength through peace and and diplomacy? I mean, but not the coercive diplomacy that that Secretary Clinton aside do but real diplomacy were you. You shit to avert war instead of starting it. So we
really are look on her and for crossing it. We had crossed the door in the direction of peace the direction of more war. Why appreciated by finally I should let you go. I just want to know what do you say to the people who say? Somehow I hear this a somehow tulsi is actually secretly for wars. That she's. because she's for drone bombing and she's further war on terrorism and cheese. For that it's just weird, they can turn it on their head, the only person- politician in the entire country. Talking about sending our regime change wars. In fact, going on television and teaching the term regime change wars to journalists and somehow person, is also secretly pro war. What do you say to that criticism? While yeah, I'm someone who led the effort against just about
Every single intervention at occur during my time in Congress and an end and in two presidential campaign it brought to the american people. The possibility that we could take a new direction away from war and odd and remember you don't want a couple weeks ago were told, that's a government was lying to the american people all the time about Afghanistan, where we still are Tarsi Gabardine one candidate. Who is that passive in this primers to see through the lies who is spoken of them who has taken, it will take us in a new direction. I issue perfect, there's no candidate, perfect, I wasn't perfect, but does does she have to go capacity and the courage to take us in a new direction, way from interventionism, so we only use those troops there. We love and repair when the really needed to defend this country, toll systems, the person that I think guys is the one for the primary and
You will see what happens, but that's why supporter Jimmy? That's? Why with an eye were excited to go to New Hampshire Foreign anybody's. Urging a new Hampshire, that's the camp and you could send a message: the rest, the country that you're done with the larger down with the large you done with both parties, gaping going along with more military, build up, the right does consider which endorsing tells you gabert. I appreciate you come in and I appreciate your anti war stance. I appreciate you stick in your chin out for peace and I for truth, so thanks very much for and for country. By the way did you know you're in a Nellie, Mackay Song, I am yeah. Ok, so you didn't know. Ok, that's why we might not have occurred It's it's copy written, so I couldn't played anyway. It was interesting, thus entity, ascended to you about
I'd like to hear it I mean I'd buy. I know that I was no Eminem sign a few years ago. I got myself while I'll k Dennis considers. Thank you very much thanks for being here. Thank you Jimmy I beg you while growth Clooney calling me hello, buster here on your eminence clone castigate George Brad Pitt Bradley likes to call me very. I got him Bradley, you watch it. impeachment brouhaha, but she was that all about sport. May you know, there's a lot more than that phone cable internet time in today's podcast? How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door Comedy Cobb sign up it's the most,
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