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2019-09-26 | 🔗

Trump Impeachment!

Biden and Ukraine!

Progressives Laugh in Bill Maher's face!

Special Guest: award winning journalist Aaron Mate!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Kevin Spacey, David Axelrod, Chris Christie, and Harrison Ford!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jew Medora show we haven't, hurt disgraced actor cabin space in quite a while. It's all hello hello, yes is discovered. Spacey. Colleagues, this is Jimmy Door for the Jimmy Door, show. the true now from the what now do I do. I have a show, an you tube. I know what you want. Oh well. Mr Spacey, we spoke last year and I suppose I just wanted to catch up with you and see how your hand, let all the legal trouble what legal travel It'll trouble you talking about MR door. Is it a Masood suing you for sexual assault? Ok,
First of all, a misuse of female I was being sued by a male massage person, which had called him. Monsieur how a pointer shall ensure beyond Ok, isn't a monsieur suing you for sexual assault? No, no well, that should have been dismissed in court widens. Why? Because he died excuse me, and I don't know how much you know about the law, Mr Door, but if you were being sued by somebody and at somebody dies than the lawsuit goes away and that. fact: Jack O, my god. There is no, How do you do
how did he die? They don't know he died. the mysterious circumstances. which are my favorite circumstances, are we Male biter, a real who done it. I'm gonna feel sick to my stomach that strange, I feel great I guess this was a real convenient turn of events view that Mr Spacey, the guide dying, absolutely not. I was devastated when I received the news I extend my warmest condolences to his friends and family. You really are a terrible person ocean Spare me your judgment. Would you I done anything differently. If you were in my shoes, low birth, I wouldn't be in your shoes to begin with archer, just a boy scout. You ve got your ear to the ground. And Mister Jimmy Door. You know how things work go on your show and claimed at my problem, went away because Chelsea
kill them with a dark during a but massage, and you might not be wrong my God, you're a monster, unlike creating. You actually have an idea of how things work in the real world. Gimme that Schoolboy ACT and not falling for it? You see my go away. You saw Epstein case go away. You know that Its oil is ruled by a cabal, hyper, wealthy pedophiles and other sex criminals. You just don't know, exactly how. But I have news for you by the time you figure it out, you will already be drowning on a dying planet while the rest MR nestled, into our doomsday progress and a high sea areas. Wow. Why? We indeed we while we and I waiting for me a case of nineteen fifty nine chateau LE feet at a fillip
no boy. I have yet to be determined, vintage. Well, mister, Stacy. I have to say in real life, you are twenty times is terrifying. Is any movie villain I've ever seen? That's a nice thing. Anyone ever said to me Johnson. Some had the chance to show everybody welcome this week, Gibby Georgiou, we're gonna, be like I've loved you bid or shows every Sunday in October, at the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood. First, he shows. ready sold out so go to jail.
Your calmly, that com for a link for tickets see you at the Sycamore Tavern every Sunday in October, in Hollywood, let's get to the jokes before we get to the job. Shall we did you know that the Washington Post? Did you see the waste imposed? They claim that Bernie Sanders took a page from Elizabeth warns book. The siren yeah I didn't I didn't know that he could read. Cherokee am I right come on. Did you you don't have to go there rather than at the Washington Post said there were a Bernie Stole a page of Elizabeth warns book. Would here that I say that's like that's a lot like saying the beetle Stoa paid from oasis his book. That's right! That's enough jets of jobs for the kids. You know. I bet the worst part about writing. For one of Morocco. Bobby's Netflix productions is getting note from city group. Am I right? That's a good idea. Hey did you. Did you hear that dutch scientists? This is true, dutch scientist, just
discovered a lost continent bear Reed under Europe for those two hundred and forty million years, and yes, it has single pay, with there was the? U and climate summit did. You know Trump only spent fifteen minutes at the? U and climate summit, and that's all because he had to dump some use motor oil in the parking lot. You know that pay what upon today show: what's the real story again. What is the real story behind the Trump Biden you crane impeachment story. answers just may surprise you or will they we talk with award winning journalist, Aaron, Matteo and debunk. The debunking six plus A progressive laughs and Bill Mars face over here endorsement of Amy Clover jar and how, bout, everything! That's wrong with a list.
With Warren plus we got phone calls today from Kevin Spacey David Axelrod, Harrison Ford and Chris Chris The plus a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy, Giorgio, OK give Harrison for to call, because he gave a speech of the United Nations Climate summit this week, no getting low frightful, twenty two tower albino porcupine in my back yard, devise over Harrison Jimmy door. Birthright? I've been spotted around LOS Angeles, looking slim and sweaty well spent in casual athletic leisure, where whatever Harrison I asked you about your parents at the climate action summit about my new,
got you have a new her. Could I dont even know her time Barely someone saw me because I was in public. Are you getting at for new film or somethin yes, Harrison is pushing himself until I met the pick of his craft. Do you remember what you said at the climate summit in the top my new exercise, looking good and public regimen for twenty two tower living heavyweights at home, dedicating my turn so I could be in the best shape possible for Indiana Jones. Five, the temple of ramps and safety bars why impressive wonders filming begin.
Vincent always my iconic rugged carpet. Dm lifestyle has resulted in a few injuries over the past few years. Light like time I broke my leg after was crushed by hydraulic door on the state of star wars. The force awaken her heart that happen. I crash That is why it into a hydraulic door on our war horse, awake and crushed my leg. Then there was the time I put my problem. On the golf course and how did that happen? I cursed My vintage play my pelvis watching the reserve to your son, Do you remember what you said at the United Nations Climate summit now you remember what you said at the United Nations.
No, I wasn't there see my boy. I think you talked about the Amazon, Rainforest, burning I think I said when a Roman, your house is on fire, you don't say there is a room at my house on fire. You say, but we're not where the born and bred for smoke again all Jimmy. I feel euphoric energized time for my Power nap tower: we devise an albino porcupine situated solar ease high. He is your eyes. Sometimes I don't know I think you're a little too high over we can do as we have with his aromatic award winning easy award. Winning journalists for doing his meticulous work
under Russia Gate in his work in the nation, its Aramis matter that I say you never know? How does it matter Marty maiden depends on them. Weak man, it's right. Just like you do you get to talk about today, the host Things are going out with Trump and Ukraine in Biden and, of course, just like with Russia Gate. The Democrats are finding a bull shit issue. To distract everybody from stuff they should be screaming about, but they're, not scribbling about this stuff they're supposed to screaming about or opposing trump on this stuff they're supposed to be. Posing a man. Why? Because they agree with them like what like about his policy, is sending troops to Saudi Arabia right now. Trump is sending to Saudi Arabia, no ones Asking why are you doing that? Didn't we to sell them a hundred and ten billion dollars worth of weapons? Why can they? Why can't we First of all, why do we give a shit? Are we don't? We have more
energy that we know what to do with now. We exporting energy, how the United States! Why do we care? O? and here's what I said: I'm offering a million dollars to the first corporate news, reader dimensional petrodollar, while reporting that we are sending american troops to protect saudi oil. if you know why we're doing that. Why we in bed with Saudi Arabia, it's me cause. When we went off the gold standard, they promised to make everybody when they bought their oil. Do it in american dollars, which is called the petrodollar, which props up our economy and keeps our interest rate low software. Go off the petrodollar. That's gonna be bad for our economy. that's why we're in bed with that's one of the big reasons. Why were in bed with Saudi Arabia? Why we, why we're doing Yemen with them were committed? Genocide were helping a dictator, a theocratic, oppressive, murderous dictatorship, committed
genocide in Yemen. We're doing that right now. That's the real scandal that no one will talk about. What are they talking about? He s, somebody to look into the corruption of Joe Biden, kid who is corrupt? That's it right! How did I get a writer and how I'm here with their imitate errand? Please tell me if I got most, how might do it so far? I totally agree, and you know it so symbolic that This is the issue that leads them to. Finally, coalesce run impeachment because it shows you can do Anything you can cause, as you say, Jimmy Genocide again But you cannot go after another member of the establishment and so Democrats and the democratic partisans who identify with them in the media. This now is the impeachment worthy scheme, no, not committing mass murderer in Yemen. Not pulling out of the Rhine, deal the Paris find records and locking
kids in cages and inner subjecting immigrants to even more cruelty than they were under a banner was already pretty cool, but no, you cannot go after Joe by in this way, we'll get you foreign goes back. This is this is this is Endemic Richard Nixon? What was he impeach for he was impeach for mass murder and bombing in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. He wasn t it's for going after the other faction of the establishment? he now? The democratic party was broken into next cover that up. You lied about it. You can't do that You cannot go after the other, factual daily, that action plus their parsons, the media, will go after you, and so that's what Why is unfolding now and you know in the process, the Democrats, in their media. Parsons are enrolling, everybody who is legitimately aggrieved by traps? existences, president their role in them in this really kind of narrow, backward,
grievance, that is not going to catch on. We can talk more about that, but to oppose it I totally agree with you that This is trying to get him on something so new. Scale of his actual crimes and the fact that it actually involves actual corruption from Joe Biden and his family also means that half the country He's not gonna go along with this impeachment in full. we already know it's not going to go anywhere in the Senate, so that this is just another political stunt, because the Democrats don't have a policy. position to offer to counter Donald Trump? That's why its policy wants the same Healthcare Donald Trump was issued once private. Insurance and she wants private. This of pharmaceutical companies the charge you as much as they want. That's Nancy policies plan. That's trumps plan there can they can oppose them on Syria, they can oppose them on live biggest bond Libby again by the way we just bombed Libya. Again they can obtain
not oppose about Afghanistan. They know to put out because you still there, they repose him on Venezuela. They oppose them on Yemen, they oppose them on Saudi Arabia and repose. On any of the stuff, they should be opposing amount because they go along with them with a sore at. If you remember, and they get here is another thing: if you're, not gonna, Impeach bought it five war criminals like George Bush and Dick Cheney with member when bonafide war criminals they lightest into a war. That's why the Democrats took over the house, the Senate and we elected a black eye with the Muslim, namely two thousand eight named Brok Obama, because they were so angry at George Bush and Dick Cheney for lying us into a war come and ordering torture and being war criminals. That's how much people hated them and they asked me to blows. You are you getting peach a war, criminal and here's how she sat teach him. It is often table that's a pledge! Well, it's a pleasure Yes, I mean it's a pledge. Of course it is This attitude is not. It is a waste of time,
It is a waste of time while so as this because he's not going to be impeached, just like Bill Clinton wasn't impeached and, Ninety, ninety nine they didn't each him and what did they do? They buy her helped him his his numbers went up as they did this, which is ignored. what's going to happen to drop, which just happened to Trump with Russia Gate and after Russia. Gate was all over guess what trumpet his high approval ratings of his presidency, and so you don't have to be cut skin to realise that this will also boost Trump it'll whore hurt Joe Biden and, and you don't care this it does. This will help ensure trump twenty twenty victory. They don't care Why didn't she prosecute George Bush because she was complicit because she was implicit in torture. She was told that they were torturing people
in two thousand to and she didn't whistle blower. She didn't say anything which makes her complicit in a war crime with. So she is also a war criminal, which is why she didn't investigate or impeach George Bush, because she would have also been held account for being a war. Criminal people don't know that and I just want to remind you if you want to impeach Trump from doing something technically illegal, well and being corrupt. Let's listener, what did? radegund has to say about it. So again, while the FBI directorate example gives those with a partisan view against Donald Trump and it's easy to be stolen from the obvious fuel. The suggested ease of criminal without a terrible guy blah blah blah under investigation, probably true, but if you leave that than you probably also need needed. better. Hillary Clinton was taking money through foundation to do weapons deals overseas, while personally enriching herself, and that Barack Obama is paid out by the private health insurance companies
the banks to make sure that we don't actually have proper health. Dora functioning financial system is hard to believe one and not accept the other two. So again, it is more than half the country sees this as it. What it is completely partisan propaganda oh shit, to to distract us from. but the real problem is that we don't have an opposition party and the Democrats don't have. Anything to offer people to come out and vote for them all they have as Russia, gay all they have as impeachment. Just like the Republicans had when Bill Clinton was president, that's all they have their a bankrupt party. They have a bankrupt ideology, Would you agree with that? I'm here with their errand. Would you agree with what I have said so far I heard everything. The only thing all add is that I do think that this differs from Russia Gate in one respect, which is it at least This time you can
look at what we know so far and argue that trunk did something inappropriate DS where, whereas with Russia Gay, that was just a piracy theory that was baseless, it was it was moronic in it was embarrassing for everyone who panel that, as I hope they know now, but in this case look you know it's either The if you look at what called the transcript is an exact transcripts. It's none of the no takers who were thing on the call back. You know it looks. It looks pretty thorough or at least from what is there we can see. That drop is asking the ukrainian leader two to wouldn't know exactly what he sang, but basically he wants Rennie leader, to assist with sir sorted investigation of Joe Biden for corruption weather a? U S, investigation! Already, Ukraine investigation is kind of unclear. It looks like he wants they re meted out today, a? U S investigation one, it actually doesn't exist. because a train generally bar says that John never asked him to look into your vines and
This is not going on, so it's a bit busy. But yet look given that violence is true, political rival, its approach, read for trying to ass before and later to help with an investigation to bite. I think I think must be look at agreement on that drug, also asked the already leaders help into the origins of Russia Gate for that investing In fact, that's the first thing that truck bring. So that is why so, let's get so, let's get so let me set it up and then we'll get into that. So, according to the York Times. It Biden faces conflict of interests, question that are being promoted by Trump and allies there. Also being promoted by people who aren't trump and are in his ally there also being prepared, voted by award winning journalists. How about that huh your bite. This is called the New York Times. So. This is word all stems from Hunter Biden. Joe Biden? Youngest kid was a Yale.
Generated lawyer. This is what they put in the New York Times. This is as nice as they can make it sound. He was a Yale educated lawyer who had served on the boards of Amtrak and enough or of non profit organisations and think takes I'm sure, because he was a brilliant mine and not because he was the son of the vice president. So He was ass. He did that, but the New York Times also admit he lacked any its Periods in Ukraine and just on earlier. He had been destroyed, From the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine, what happens when you get a discharge from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine? you get Mealy get a job out of four countries bore Energy Board for fifty thousand dollars a year. Why would you give a shit about your navy reserve? He would. He got paid the thousand dollars a month for him
work sitting on of Energy Board in the EU. grain and that doesn't reek of corruption at all. Does it, of course it does its one hundred percent corruption and guess what I hear what the New York Times says huh. Biden who left the Erasmus Board last month was one of my any politically prominent Americans of both major parties, whom money in Ukraine over the last decade. Yeah, you know one of those guys wasn't Paul man afford inside rural cases most notably that of Paul mad afford president drums former can paint german that big This came under criminal investigation that exposed a seedy side of the lucrative western consulting industry in Ukraine. So Joe Biden according to the New York Times is indeed in a city side of lucrative western consulting industry in the Ukraine. At the very least Joe Biden son, the Son of the vice president, is in
in these see these side of lucrative western consulting industry in the Ukraine at the very that's? What the New York Times as admitting. And one of his most memorable performances. This is Joe Biden. This is This is also from the Times one of his most memorable. Performances came on a trip to Kiev in March Twenty sixteen when he threatened to withhold this Joe Biden threatens Ukraine to withhold up billion dollars in United States loan guarantees, if Ukraine leaders did not dismiss the country's top prosecutor, the pressure campaign works. The prosecutor, the prosecutor general long target of criticism from other western nations and international lenders. was soon voted out by the ukrainian parliament. Among those who had a stake in the outcome was Hunter by. I'd and junior me,
Dividing! is turbines younger son who, at the time, was on the board of an energy company owned by ukrainian Oligarch, who had been in the sites of the first prosecutor, general, so there's a profit. Here. General New, Kane, Ukraine he's gonna invite the gate, the seedy business dealings of supply enter Biden, Joe Biden, son and what did Joe Biden say to the President of the Ukraine? This is what he said to him: breast cancer, so that mockery, we're we're we're not gonna, give me the billion dollars. I said you have no you're, not the president. The presence and I should call him I'm telling you not get dollars, I said you're not get the would be, would believe, and here I think it was what six hours elegance their six hours and prosecutors. not fired you're, not getting the money.
that is exactly what there are accusing trap of doing it very accusing trumpet of using a United States funds to hold over the head of the President of the Ukraine to do something that Trump wants, which is due investigate Biden biting kid and his involvement. That's what they're claiming that true is doing he just admitted he did it. He just admitted. which shows you again the herd mentality of the jury. Will in the United States, television and in print, because no one is is report. this. They decided. This is a non story, so they won't report it they only focus on trumped? This is just like what they did with the Clinton foundation. Kyle Kaminski makes this point that they the entire U S news media decided the Clinton Foundation in there what Dylan Radegund just pointed out was their corruption.
was a non story, and that was a concern. Is piracy theory that Trump and Trumpery would throw at them They didn't investigated Trump beat him Marie over the head with the political foundations, corruption and hurt her and it helped him become president, and he He is going to take this and be Joe Biden overs fuck. In head with, this had every chance possible because Joe Biden is corrupt, and so was his kid, and ribaut he's gonna know it who want who's gonna vote for Trump, because he's gonna tell everybody and Joe Biden is gonna whither, like an old man with early on sent dementia that he is so here it gets brought up by TED Lou TED Louis, the number one, Russia Gator the number one propaganda. Instead of putting up again, I, instead of putting up a platform to beat Trump, they do all this. garbage he's asked about this today! Watch this
and I also do want to get your take though the underlying problem here was, of course, Hunter Biden receiving fifty thousand dollars a month from Ukraine Energy Company. Do you think that that is evidence of corrupt behaviour? Now People are set on boards and they get monetary payments and with evidence actually shows is that Ukraine has looked into this terminated. Thus found nothing there, so this is just made up. also as very troubled, because you have the american president. Such ass, The Ukrainians are manufactured dirt political opponent, because there there was no evidence of corruption. Here's what culture whiskey says that he tweets out that video and he says imagine what he would say if I vanka was getting fit two thousand dollars a month from a russian company. Imagine what TED Lou would say so you understand that half the country sees this in a very different way than
the other half of the country does and the there is corruption on boats, I'd just like Dylan Radegund said so now we but he's trying to pretend corruption started in January. Twenty seventeen, the the analogy that comics there is good, but in fact it does not go far enough, because no one thing distinguishes the binding Ukraine cases that Biden served, and then the administration, that literally change the ukrainian government by the: U S back the coup in Ukraine and twenty forty DEC, picked out yet college it after that after government was changed, paste that when buying came got that lucrative, see, Hunter Biden came and he got out of the sea, on that point, and this was ass. Joe Biden himself was certainly oversee. U S policy, I think I think is important too I mean it's, it's! The jury is not out yet on whether or not this prosecutor deck I fired was actually
Conducting a serious investigation of Hunter by the company in two Ukrainians, who I consider informed they were found We then that prosecutor wasn't gate, corrupt and was now at that. His investigation into charisma, the cup with a hundred buying was, I was actually going anywhere and that in fact, it was his. Irish, that led to this investigation going somewhere, but that investigation did ended a settlement. maybe investigate, should ultimately go away, so there is a bit, we can assume that bind help, shut down and investigation we sent company about what we can assume is. As you pointed out, he leverage. U S, aid to get the prosecutor fired. And that is what tromp is being accused of now, but I was in fairness, to bind near the one difference. You could argue that in this case now you can trust is being accused of of oppression. Ukraine to do something ass to his political advantage, whereas we don't know, we don't know yet
for sure that's what bite it was doing in trying to get the prosecutor fired and whether he was trying to protect his son. It certainly is quite possible given the fact that his son was being invested. It was sitting on a board of a company that is being investigated. So Evanna ages and its obvious that his son is on their board. Be could have crawled because of crony capitalism which comes from his father the vice president of the United States when they overthrew the government know exactly right. That's that that's adaptable and laughable an exactly as culture. As you said, Imagine the reaction of Wanna trumps. Kids had gotten a a comparable board see in in Russia or anywhere. I believe that this would be like smoking gun for all this, a corruption we constantly hear about. and the fact that ten lose now defending it. It speaks to what
democratic, that what the Democrats priorities are hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that were not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show you should be. the previous member. We give you up couple of hours of premium bonus content every week. And it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Jimmy Company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed to four I will programme in the business and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye, the bastards thanks: everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support hello, hello, Nato is David Axelrod. Did you see My post debate panel analyses did you you know, I probably I guess I guess I did
Why is there then contributors and, according to my post debate cattle analysis, that'll work had an outstanding night. I found him passion commanding and away he has been passionate intermarry before I even got drill my leg, it visualize for you, I would Answer- was What's the bait all works chance of winning the nomination now Not a chance in Hell. Burs performance was outstanding. We branded is content with its dramatic path, but guess what with my master glass on past one out of bread, their how did she know passion with which are I'll, show you how to use your own name to literally Brad your content, for example,
New version made some one great them as such. Hello. My last name is Axelrod. So acts me Eddie question. What's that would their due to show you how I literally use my name to initiate a conversation with a person you wished her socially intercourse with ok I'll all right, ok, Alice do yesterday, What is your last name? It door. hello. My name is door. May I bring your door to political awareness, you see. I took you, use it to reboot. Add your cat with upon what. Why do? I need to re brand myself. Thank you for answering that question Jimmy you see. A brand is just like a brand burn onto your horse your cow or your
pack, we're out over time and he had to keep rebranding. What about my? What about steps names and good. I want to see that do they one right now why because, I'm day practicing, my shock rose. There is allowed negative feelings of the atmosphere right now. I understand that irish import the open your voice, taxes of energy, better place in essential part. You body in particular, early concern with the in fighting in conflict and our nations capital. well, who isn't David Shut, we get I'm starting forty days of sound healing and shame manic drama advantage, beech wood is sound healing. That's right
you, a of the Glen Gallery with my shock, were gone drum rat. Balls decline. to salvage and confusion in the world. Will you Goin me Jimmy. So what's up? Will you do get a blow job in the party was not no thanks, David. Ok, remembered a ranch, your crystals under cold water. Before back what signal Jacques Rousseau you're, never remoter stagnant energies is it judge mail or you're, getting horny why now I want you to look. This is how they're, having imposed presents this they state they show. this part of trump they go. I would like you to do us a favour, though, because our country has been through a lot, and Ukraine knows a lot about it from said now, according The whole thing to impose. The key word in this response is, though, because
it implies a link between the president of the Ukraine's Linsky praise for: U S, military aid to the coming request. I think what are you I don't want to go back to this. This seemed again. This seems like a huge stretch to me, but I'm going to ask the ward winning journalists errand. That can you comment on this ok, so they're their electronic claim. That, though, is the smoking. yeah yeah, it's fine! It's funny there! Yet again, This is the kind of mentality that lead to Russia Gate where this parsing of war words and trying to interpret something damning explosive when the actual evidence before, as it is not there, and this is a new You pull that are really good illustration that so their say because drug use of the word, though, that means He is extorting the ukrainian President, conditioning? U S, military aid on the landscape,
full cooperation in investigating Joe Biden, something that trunk does it explicitly say he brings it up certain. In their because in that in that package you talking about the origins of the Russian Federation. It only way letter on their buying comes up, and even then it's not even clear what trap is actually asked me to do. It looks at these actually asked him just to cooperate with the trade General WWW bar right, and I hope that a code of ethics nation, because, as we know, one doesn't even currently exists in the Joe Biden that right response is not happening. So Once again, I want to stress this that I do think that would trip there was inappropriate yet I don't think he should be asking a foreign later- to assist order, conduct whatever you did Bessie into a political rival, correct. You know better, whose job it is fine to investigate Joe Biden by truck should not be involved in it, There should be even there but he is a link.
Military aid to the problem as though, if you want to prove that this is a peaceable unity ever it's way more convincing than from the use of the word, though you know like possible, the that's actually what happened, but you need to prove it. You really do and trade focus on the word bow and trying to use your imagination. I think this would happen is not enough, and so do I, whistleblower we'll see what the what what what the complainant from the italian Italy has to offer what we do know that the complainant based their complaint on what they heard about the phone call. I think the whistleblowers this last complaint. It didn't even have the information we have now we have a transcript now yeah. I don't. I don't think that there is no indication that the word the floor, even at the transcript visible. Only had what they had heard from other White House officials and its possible.
something else. I don't know we'll. Let you that's the thing about that. That's another part of this, so this whistle blower who blew the whistle that said Trump did this. He didn't even here The conversation didn't read the transcript he heard about it from other people. That's correct right! Yes, so, let's just It is this affect imposed away. They present this because it's ridiculous trumped, they do say Trump. First reading, Lestat information from his alleged related to the deal see server. Conspiracy. Theory: do you understand why trumped gets to call them fake news? you understand why, when he says, are fake news, lands with half the country Then they go out. The other thing Trump said this is the second thing. There's a lot of about bite and son that bite and stop the persecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. So whatever you can do with that attorney general would be great. and having been posted Trump went on per the summary bided.
Went around bragging that he stopped the project. Ocean. So if you could look into it, it sounds horrible to me, but he did brag that he stopped the prosecution. He did. Why so do the video whether he was bragging. He stopped the prosecution of his kid or not. He did stop their prosecutor from do his job. Adam ship says EDA, which easily democratic chairman of the house. Intelligence committee set a Wednesday that those notes reflect what they reflect as a classic mafia like shakes down, of a foreign leader that, that's how a mafia boss talks. What have you done for us? done so much for you, but there isn't much reciprocal reciprocity. That's exact! they were Joe Biden did that video so Adam Schiff, unwittingly indicting, the democratic front runner adds a mafia like guy when he deals with four ballsy. Would you agree with that I would again with the only possible copyright is that too much weight. Shrub is
is suspected of doing here. Beth would have Bennett, it in electoral early in a way that it wouldn't have benefited Joe Biden. What you're buying did they shone down? Investigation is, is correct, so I mean both be corrupt. If truck for this favor and condition aid on it. That would benefit the american orally good week. It would weaken Joe Biden, but it binding to shut down condition shut down the investigation into a son by leveraging? U S military eight thousand I bet so it's you know, there's there's a difference there. Instead of what the crew. Sure what before, but cases, yet it is a similar active leveraging aid to achieve a circle. This is again- and this is the so the whole idea that then we all know he's not going to be in peace, because you need this descended to he's not going to be kicked out of office. The house may vote who in him, I don't think they will. But the house may vote to impeach em, but just like
Bill Clinton that doesn't media has to go out of office. They have to go to trial. Then in the Senate, the republic is on the Senate. He's not going to beat that's not going to have. This is going to be what Nancy Pelosi said in about George Bush being prosecuted or impeach a waste of time. And this again will boost Trump. That's an I mean. That's that's my theory. I can't be a thousand percent sure, but I'm nine hundred and ninety nine percent sure that this is going to boost Trump just like Russia, gate boasted Trump and the people pushing Russia Gate one. You tell them that this actually helps trump. They don't care, this is an on hinged amid syndrome where people are acting at a hundred percent emotion and are putting together any conspiracy in their had that they possibly can and the walls are closing in that's the tight. This is it. member of the walls are closing in on drop he's got all this. It's not happening trumpets, not
to be impeached over this? It's a waste of time. He gets to call the news media fake news. He gets to also highlight the corruption and Joe Biden and the Democratic Party and the Dnc and he's gonna beat Joe Biden over the Fuckin Edward this if they go head to head in the debate. This is a loser for the Democrats. The Democrats are trying to get Trump twenty twenty. By doing this, that's what I'm saying. In this respect, I think it's important to think about what the damn rights are so far and we should start with. Russia gape well Russia Gate for the Democrats, the neoliberal wing of the Democrats, It was a way for them to avoid becoming the Party Bernie Sanders and his movement. was the obvious lesson from twenty. Sixteen. You have trouble a con man, I think, is a crime in Europe people weaken some people would disagree that transport who disagree with that, but I think at minimum Trump portrayed himself is working class champion. I think fast,
wait any commissioner people than he was anti establishment. He was the antis that would be candidate and he wants. Obviously tat was the winning message in TWAIN. Sixteen are these direction. For Democrats, the Golan was with a real, authentic anti establishment candidate. Who can then look at who could point travelled, say this I promised to drain the swamp, but he's only enlarged. It is enlarged it for himself and for his billion there can and that the person with the message was of course the other anti establishment can literally Sixteen wasn't anomaly in the envelope came close Bernie Sanders, and so I would be the August are actually prevent, arrested gonna between sixteen and an end. Obviously, we would be to drop and abandoned. Finally, the NEO liberal legacy that enough. Was rejected by electing trunk, but didn't go that way and they didn't go the direction of changing their policies because doing so would threaten the wrong privilege and power. So I stand. They latched onto the Spirit that Russia was the reason for trumps directory
it might have been a conspirator in this grand coup that Russia pulled off and soak fix, sitting on this, for over two years was their way to the flap responsibility and to hold on to their own power, and is Ukraine, a gate thing now. I think follows from that similar pull poison tree. It's the because blaming Russia also think you'll lose his militaristic, jingoistic posture towards Russia, where are the way to resist Trump, is now to accuse them of being shocked on Moscow. It also requires better reigning, in fact, relying on intelligence officials so wrong, Dollar is gonna, be our saviour and the world John Brain. Now that he's an animal is done. Msnbc is the word guy. We had to listen to him and believe him when he tells us that the walls were closing. It will occur, it turned out. It was a complete disaster, but look at the lessons that are being learnt. Nothing, because what Is this Ukraine gate scandal? Now it's the same thing Trop Die held up
Thirdly, this military aid to Ukraine at ship Did it comes on tv? They said trot weekend, Ukraine's ability to fight back russian aggression and that our national security and who is the hero. Now in this new you Craig, I think it's another member of intelligence, timidity, another person who has come. tromp, not because they don't like embalming, Yemen and start in Yemen and have been cruelly emigrants undiscriminating as poor people and working class people in this country robbing from working class people in this country, but because they don't like the fact that truck help help briefly military aid to Ukraine, so the same think of any refusal to be a real opposition party and challenge? trouble his actual policies. instead, relying on intelligence officials and round
Behind the flag and be the party of militarism and cold war chauvinism, there were seeing now in Ukraine gate. So how can anybody who is progressive actually want to trade? Take trunk down based, the experience of Russia get along get behind this and, as you say, it's emotions. Emotions are getting the better people and I get I understand it, but it's just not smart That is the understatement of the last four years that those things are getting the better part of some people have boy. If that's all it was we'd, be okay. If that's all, was we'd, be ok but again, even even you tubers right who today. Our just breathlessly sound, exactly like MSNBC in CNN reporting. This exactly the same way CNN and MSNBC reports it and they have to come to shows like and in the people, like a grey zone and Aramis Matter, to get the actual full picture of what is actually going on. And I was just tell us tat the other day. You know
I used to get worried about like while, what's gonna happen with my show, and I don't know there never gonna stop sucking. There? Never, even if there never going to start a sucking hockey postal never stop. Sucking CNN Msnbc, half of the progressive view too, was never going to stop sucking They leave a huge laid open for us Aaron. They leave a huge lane open for guys, like you and me, and I am backs Blumenthal and Kyle Kalinowski, there's a huge lane open for us and I'd say thank you to those guys because they can. Do a shitty enough job covering trouble. If you want to know about what is actually happening in the country, you can't turn on MSNBC, CNN or half the progressive view too, because they have a fucking emotional derangement syndrome and is attached Donald Trump and they can't see cleared seat clearly and they're going to lose again we're going to get down
tromp again. They keep doing this shit again. Do people screaming at the top of their lungs, about this very bullshit issue instead screaming about what Europe is doing in Yemen. Is that kind of amazing that we have a real war crime happening or worse this thing theocratic, brutal dictatorship, committing a genocide over again oil once again in Yemen, no one saying a goddamn thing about it: Nancy policies and screaming about jobs. Humor Michael more is in Srinagar behind everybody screaming about it. Teach him over this, it's ridiculous. It We again happy not to be a member of the Democratic PATH ready or in the journalism club. It makes me feel good eight that I'm not in that fucked up corporate heard, mentality, bullshit profession filled with sycophantic climbers. That's all it is and I'm doing a much better job than the Washington Post, the New York Times. I'm doing a much better job than fig tough guy law.
It's a and Rachel mad cow and miserable Chris Haze, I know, is miserable I know all that money any still fuckin strange smoking and bugs drink in his head off. I know these miserable and he would love to be doing what I'm doing, but he doesn't have the balls and here I am doing it and air imitates got the balls. He doesn't give a fuck how many people shit on him and spared him in call them names. He went ahead and did great reporting any Wanna fuck an award for it. That's what we give you here, you're, not gonna, get it pretty much anywhere else, except maybe the grey zone and oh everyone so well. The nation publishes errand matter, but that's about it. Speaking Lord O Donnell. Let me just a few weeks ago. He was claiming that russian oligarchs CO signed trumps bank loans. Member that yeah- and you know it's- it's like the it in its outcome. the same thing: it's the same kind of behaviour, and you know I said foreigners. We talked about it. Wouldn't listen
on this presidency at the time when, under this administration for all of its corruption, other crimes committed. In this around the world that the Distance focused on and approve a conspiracy berry and that its biggest somebody biggest protests bigger, then protest. Over the top cuts that saw me set up upper transfer of wealth from the poor and the rich, bigoted any protest over that were protests over the firing of just sessions? That that's why our priorities were, it became party like of of cold war bureaucrats basically and train protect the job security of Rock but even though it was a really serious jeopardy its stop it so tragic and its he's getting serious because damage. We learnt nothing from Russia, gate open,
early and now we're heading it's the primary and we're making this now again, a friend setter. Instead of a real primary, were policy, These issues can be frightened centre, fine, I really get lost happily excites. People who go on and on an assembly see if you look at their show, or look at their network. There are no working. I analyse talking about labour rights and how care at all. It's intelligence, community, analysing and legal scholars who were all just this is like this is like a wet dream for that, but also exciting. They can talk about the different statutes and and intelligence community speaking? They cannot pretend uncovering some grand sinister apply to bring down the president just like they pretended two plus years. There were doing that Russia Gate, but meanwhile there is a real country at their work. People looking at their sincere and looking at issues are nothing to do with, people's actual lives and their livelihoods and material well being and is again
fixated on trying to extract from even vague information does something Explosive you look at the transcript yeah, it's appropriate trump brings abiding, but Not you have to really sort of like strain to pull premise that either starting. The government of Ukraine and conditioning aid to it on Ukraine his orders, at that it is not there in that transcript. So it's it's a game, get its engage in more fantasy talk and for Anybody who is engaged in reality, the reality of their lives outside of Washington, which is not going to fly,
Are you want? You want to see how nuts bill Mars so Bill MAR? Where you see this, this is our audience product crystal ball. You know crystal ball. She told the truth about Hillary Clinton, so she got five remembers NBC, but now she has to do you to show like me, fuckin idiot anyway, so she's doing to Youtube show, but it looks like a tv show, but it's a u to join and know how they think they're fucking pulling We support your on Youtube zone anywhere else anyway, so it's the rising, isn't it was called rising, they haven't they. They have a desk in areas, wrote beautiful,
so she was, she was invited. I'm Bill MAR like what it bill MAR think she was gonna like that. He doesn't realise the only reason she got invited. I is as she did, you didn't know, she was gonna, be good and she was great and watch this watch. This. A scenario- and I think this might be one of those years where it's the last discussion like an hour having instead, they can't get over that centrist, verses, social listening, so Elizabeth, worn at some point takes Bernice voters. He drops out its worn, and but to put one like I saw is, is love it's gonna. Take you guys I don't know where he gets. Ladys pulls out of his ass Elizabeth. More takes Bernie voters, because that's what the establishment says like what the FUCK
what is in burning, take Elizabeth, worn borders and understand he was here furs right. He was at first she didn't. She didn't adores having twenty sixteen when it would have made a big difference. Can Bernie claim to be an ardent and effective progressive since all way back in the nineteen nine, these Elizabeth worn? Can that's buddy boy
I hear what gets dumber watch this watch out dummy gets when they go to the convention and its deadlocked. This has happened before an american politics and the inner compromise candidate, I'm lookin, hearted, Amy Clover. Sure you know why, because like is not an insult, she thinks he's doing bit. She's, like my friend, said Bell, isn't funny, but this is the funniest shit. I've ever hate me, that's what we call a brochure I like you, but when they put generic Democrat ballot, they win. Oh yeah, you know generic backed all. That's why Al Gore John Kerry? That's why the Ella Hillary Clinton? That's, why they all one. Remember that generic democratic! That's why they want. You know that there's a lot of people out there in the country have the country does involve right now, and you know they're just waiting for a democratic candidate whose more generic here
yeah, she's, a woman so like that, helps ministers, and then she do. You think that economic populism, whatever you want to call it socialism, democratic socialism, etc. Medicare for all, is so unpopular when a pull just came up and had Bernie Sanders bidding Trump in taxes by more than any of the other key in the last twenty poles have shown Bernie Sanders, beating trumpet here's the thing that meeting, meaning meaning made so you're telling me that Bernie Sanders would be Donald Trump. What
Your point like how dumb can you pretend to be he's pretending to be doubled that Ben Carson right now he's a brain carton is a brain surgeon. So is that that dumb? But anyway, you there was a bad caused, a bad choice by me. I picked up, he has done, but is also really smart and at the same time as a shitty joke, you guys are right to not laugh.
but here we go. I know what I'm talking about, who we know that you don't need a centres to win. Centralism is why we have laws is why we lost without first aid, how even the centres in the Democratic party you're pretty foreign weft Joe Biden is disinterest. He did the crime bail reported to deregulate Wall Street. I voted for the Iraq war, eating Libya, the bankruptcy pale. The surveillance state is because of what the fuck there's nothing left about. Joe Biden, Joe Biden, has a little to the right of new category, and Bill BAR is a multi billion air for forty fucking years now, as long as you ve been married, and so he doesn't have any problems that government can solve when he gets sick. He doesn't have to worry about it. He has in any case there are going to college he's not going to have to go. Fighting a war is waters not gonna. Get polluted, he's got great housing. This guy doesn't have a fuckin problem in the world. The only thing people like Bill Mark in the liberal class like him like Deborah, messing and all those compute, the thing that they want is Donald Trump makes them feel uncomfortable, but they can't really tell you why, because their life has changed, fuckin zero because of it, and if we had a progressive everybody's rife in here, would change a thousand percent Anita. Thank you very much you're my candidate. I just love how generic you are said, no one she would rather stupid shit. He says there really like this. Land is only the country, not just the liberal bubbling rights, the liberal pop all hey, I dunno what bubble bill bill Mars living in? I don't know a bubble bill Mars, living it, but I've guaranteeing you. It is being sponsored by Pfizer. Does more to this revision centres of its charisma, who is the democratic candidate, inspire America building movement? Those are the democratic in all that we should nominate the rock
You all know this guy says centrists are the car that won't get out of the way of the ambulance and, when I said, is big thanks to Bill MAR for moving to the right and leaving such a wide open calmly later. For me on the actual left, four thousand likes, I think than didn't: do more actually get off. He took an exit off the comedy highway in general. The name here is not even on the road me more here's. What core of adults, as is the corporate grip on opinion in the United States, is one of the wonders of the world know. First, world country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media, all objectivity, much less descent.
bill Mars. You realize that Bill MAR is supposed to be the lefty alternative on park and he's got a pay cable channel. That's how dangerous he supposed to be. You have to pay to watch, it is giving you fuckin members, NBC, fucking, pabulum, Jake Tapir can host that show and nobody would notice the difference, which is why I should hope that show I'd be fired. Five minutes into that show. You know, I don't think anybody MSNBC would even pretend to support only twelve ashore.
I don't care, they come on, that's great you wouldn't all at once. It was a shown Hannity. What is he doing and by the way Bill BAR didn't used to always be like this bad? He was never great, but he was never this horrible. In fact, and twenty sixteen tweeted this out, he said I wrote to you this Valentine's day. Poem roses are red violets, our blue. It's time to elect the Socialists, do that was Bill March twenty. Sixteen. What happened to that guy? They forget Hey bill. I know you to do that word insider, or insiders bill you want to be an insider outsider, amicable, John. I love her, but they were what you couldn't pay me enough money to state aid me cooped up who, though, it's like it. If I give it was like
it was like his enemy got close to him in disguise and said you know what you should do. You should welcome. So you look at me. Clover chart pathetic over pick. Likewise, It was like you know, one out of sorts, never used to do a body building. I saw you talk about this in an interview he would up to the other guys and Tom. The do shit he would go. You know the new thing everyone's doing is their yelling as they slacks. You should. And the people who live in urban you'd think they're fucking Craig was that guy's gone. Don't have to worry about that explains how our day in day out I beg you to heal This is Jimmy door. Oh, you know, did she is right? We need? No. further, it did not. Do we stay right yeah? I know it's. Crews, Christie, Greece,
I wanna push Christie, don't forget, it will be the last thing you ever forget why you? ah cover the kindly advice you'll, enjoy to the first meeting of a quick Christie inch due to wit of public policy debate, given that the sheet nor University School a law. What we Is this a real thing? It's what I really, This call not known Oh you're institute, hey, you know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast how do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta, Jimmy Dork. How many dotcom sign up it's the most horrible premium programme business today show was written left right. It was written by a breakdown of Jim Earl Romp Latona steps. Memoranda would mark by land with all the
voices to be performed by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found at MIKE. Mccrae dog comes that's it. For this week you be the best you can be asked beats me Don't don't don't don't die. Don't worry! I'm not worried.
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