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Susan Sarandon smeared for Telling the Truth!

2019-08-29 | 🔗

Clinton camp smears Susan Sarandon for telling the truth!

Jill Biden admits Joe Biden sucks!

Phone calls with Al Pacino, David Axelrod, Mitt Romney, and Bibi Netanyahu!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!


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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jimmy or show We haven't heard from friend of the show Lp Chino in a while. this crop up. What is it grab line. No, this is Jimmy score Jimmy Dore Show where, what Am I almost didn't this? Is me door. Mr Brie GINO, I was waiting for them. I'll go to Georgia, Mr Mister, Regina, I dont think that orders gonna become and writer
China, Burma check your mom, I'm afraid. I can't do that today, life, is but a grand forest until broken and weary we exit. Why are you have a big movie come out? Yes, I'd Netflix! It's called the Irishman, correct! That's right! The Irish should we offer our full support. Tells me the the movie may have some theories about Mr Brie GINO spoilers anyway, body scanners directed it piece of work, Also Netflix just announced the running time three and a half hours oh We cannot wait until this
Our directors cut, gets released on Hulu. Why this movie so long. Story girl, Jimmy your passion, we admire, you know, shoulda seen every other big. Besides long These are all the rage now once upon it, In Hollywood I mean that oh shit, Anyway, you got some always used to be our ethics Theo. try you, but nobody proud you going. Local Netflix and get your popcorn and sit down and add collapsible chair and see this film. wishing there were three and a half hours stored up on the sofa screen? AL,
Netflix, isn't a movie theater streaming service, speak English here it is dreaming servers that allows you to watch movies in your own home, no, no It's not a physical movie. Theater! It's not a place. the state of mind not no, it's Chino its. It say it's like it's like cable tv, but through the internet people are gonna. Watch yeah lots of people I assume I dedicated my man, This way my juny offer my blood sweat. And gave off the performance to a goddamn story, in that regard.
Watching pajamas are you? Ok, you stupid gino understand. I'm sorry, I thought you knew. I mean Had been and be a bare of bad news, be up there on the screen, You got anything to cheer. You up The watch on Hulu wait what, but I thought that I have one more question for you cowboy. What's that,
learn to heavy. Then maybe I'm telling you today, everybody wanted this week. Gibby Giorgio, we'll see you in Seattle and September. Sixteen that's a Monday September. Sixteen
see you in Seattle and we'll see you and Hawaiian Brian's. That's right, a lotta LULU December twenty seventh, every Sunday that toper or do and alive Jimmy Door, sure what the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood, hooded Jimmy door COM? dot com for a link for all tickets. Now, let's get the joke before we go to the joke, shall we hey breaking The future of the Amazon Forest now lies in the hands of two men arguing over their wives. Hey David Coke is dead. Great now, America's only owned by two people, David Cook, was Pro choice, pro legalizing pop pop Gay marriage wanted to privatized, security and hated Medicare for all so basic, The Dnc just lost their first choice. As president the only reason Joe Biden wants to block a debate on climate change is he thinks it might take attention away miss past relationships with racists.
Joe Biden says he's against better care of raw because he wants to build on our current system, where the only way your son can afford treatment for brain cancer is to get Barack Obama personally pick up. The tab, hate I'll drop said he denies. He ever floated the idea of attacking a hurricane with nuclear weapons unless, of course, they attack us first it was coming up on today. Show Jill Biden admits yes, Joe, sucks and it's for you to vote for him anyway. the dead sea, cheating, the loudest Anti war voice out of the debate. Again get it nice. The Democrats learned so much from twenty. Sixteen plus the Democrats block a debate about climate change, after reversing rules to let them take fossil fuel money plus centrist go crazy over Susan surrounding the all powerful Susan surrendering. Let's make phone calls today,
from David Axelrod, Mitt Romney baby Netanyahu and how put GINO plus a lot lot more than today of giving birth no I gotta start out with a little bit of bad news right, look with a bit of bad news Billinger, those pretty said you guys dried is not Europe enjoy. Rested a show. Yes, what dont think Bernie Sanders is effective.
He released climate plan yesterday and already David Koch Finally, this is crazy. He's a philanthropist. What's the last time, a philanthropist I'd and a crowd cheer. That's a guy who spent his whole life, helping people he's dead, but nobody if the actually did, but we would be safer. What there's somebody stuffy acceded. He tried Greece, aggregating schools and North Carolina his family's linked to Nazi supporting polluted the world. You supported the Keystone pipeline. While we are all affected by climate change,
he contributed to. I hope the experiences the heat from the flames of also he is. He has destroyed the public transportation system throughout all the American, including here in Florida, donating to Rick's, got to give up over two billion of federal money to develop a light rail. from Orlando to Miami and the lovely thing about all this is that I really want Charles Coke to see this happening, to see the world wide public reaction to the death of his brother and no really know deep in his book, songs that the day he dies, the world will be cheering and joy. Just like today, I got to tell you. This really is not
nice. We were gonna, have a moment of silence, but not any more, that's ruined. I think I'm offended on behalf of the David Coke. My cloak could be to he said the hateful comments of the left about that the difficult leaves me in shock. My only thought is to say those vision. Yes, people is get be behind me Satan. I truly don't understand them. level of sheer evil towards other? And this is what Sarah Sanders. How could be set
Did you tell me sore, and restaurant with accuse it'll open now saw sets no sir said about. How can we be in a restaurant with their kids? And what did you say to him? She said: don't lie with your mouthful, so I totally get what MIKE. I hope to be sitting here. I like what this guy said, though he goes when someone passes away, no matter who it is it's a time for morning. It's not the time to discuss.
things like whether they destroyed the entire planet and ushered in an american cultural, dark age that is permanently poison. Our collective saw that maybe the forty three I've ever seen, it might come to be. You know it's it there's just if everybody could just stop being such colossal hypocrites just for a fuckin day. You know because he's a big supporter of Donald Trump who couldn't be more evil vision.
Mean member one Donald Trump marked the reporter with disability? Remember when you bought. I remember that, but by cookies call with that, what is the left to airports were laughing about a billionaire cocksucker who tried to ruin the planet? You mean that I don't think so might go. Fuck yourself. Have I get the behind me Jimmy door. We Joe Biden asks audience to imagine Obama's. It's a headset net job just shut up just shut up Jos, just shut up. Tell people a bit your tongue just shut up, stop talking! This is right after he said you know
poor kids, could do just as good as white kids. They said that beset it and now look at this part bite and targets, tromp, pitched twenty twenty rivals over Medicare for all, that's what trumpets that's! What binds doing is coming after Democrats advocating for Medicare for all that's how city he is so they sent his wife out so watch this watch this I know that not all of your committed for my husband and I respect that, but I want you to think about your candidate, his or her electability and who's going to win this race,
Ok, I'm thinking about it and I am concluding that bided would lose the drum I thought about it. Have you thought about a Jill and so, if you're, looking at that, you got to look at the Poles on Keto. Us, don't mean anything mean anything, but if they're consistent and they're consistently saying the same thing, I think you can. Let me know if the cherry pit bulls from the Dnc all say the same thing because
we Jerry pick them. Well, you can't disputes that, can you You know she's stalling right. There, because you just started remembering all the stupid shit Jos that you can be proud of all Snuffy says like go, but Joe does that I like ghosts. Yours. We need to get a dependence and Republicans and what the fuck is she talking about right. It was. There was like forty six million people didn't come out to vote. That's where you have to get you ll have to get people who are already voting. You have to get people who aren't voting.
Is there no voting? Does it make a difference? We need that poor people in white people and even those damn millennials at Joe hate, so much now really gets good watch. This really gets all jos, ahead in the polls in Michigan. You know all the places that weren't we requested today has a yes, oh he's doing great there, just like Hilary. They love the centralism and the reckoning
your can be better, just throw down a little thing like whatever. But you know like that thing now maybe you not die. You know whatever like, for instance, something super report. So let's say Joe socks on that doesn't matter, you got if I can vote for. Why don't you just tell Joe to stop sucking on that and that's how works the o appendant, the Republicans they want Saki. I think that's. Why don't you just don't like all this effort into getting people who don't want to vote for a piece of shit corporate
Is the fuckin boat repeats like why? Don't you just get a better pocket candidate? What are you tell Joe to advocate for shit? That's gonna help people live. What did you tell them or fail to advocate realistic way? What did you tell YO to advocate for agreeing to kill? What did you tell your paper, but if you're like the rest of the world, what does itself advocated recall wanted to tell tat protect people you want to know what did you tell them into their Jimmy he's doing well in the Oh and it sounds like jewels response is, I think her mantra is lower. Your expectation
and spoke for Joe, and we all remember that Joe ran for president in nineteen, eighty four and an eighty aids and you in two thousand and eight our fourth time is the charm, and you all know how many delegates he got to support him on those runs. drain and zero in two thousand and eight and he's definite ago could be away from this. Is that why his website is Biden, three zero. Three zero figured it out. She gets even worse. This gets worse watch this maybe swallow a little bit. You know swell
a bit like racking fluid. You know our tax cuts for the one percent to swallow it. This is how they're trying to get people to vote just fuckin swallow your principles swallow them because its job right Jimmy we should all swallow more. Lead, poisoned water goes down, so smooth bottom line has to be done in the past, so there you go by the way joke here today because we know if you heard talk you'll like him less so here's his. Why have to remind you how city he is she came out. I is basically saying I know, is surely it's not good, you don't like come swallow it.
Small it out, keep it out. Your emotions, put him down in your Tommy and getting Sir, what others circumstance with this even be taken remotely seriously. You know them like, like imagine. The Denver Broncos needed a new starting quarterback and one of the quarter backs on the team like their wife, goes out and goes. Ok, look. I know my husband has a lower passer rating than the other quarterbacks. I know, we totally immobile in the pocket throws. A lot of interceptions, I know, is rarely shady, but we gotta think about beating the other tee, so just swallow it and start in no one would buy. I mean Joe Jos Gonna go to the rapporteur wraps like Joe. Joe, goes to the announcers in the booth they like Joe to everybody and the owners love Joe. The owners-
Aramis cases your candidate might save million. of lives, including yours. By providing, I dont, know a basic human right. We ve gotta, look at who the people who lost the last election want to win this election candidates might save millions of lives, but this is what he gets even better. He goes this to me captures the spiritual agony that must haunt NEO liberal Democrats you're smart enough to know that your policies heard people put your driven to hide that by a sense of entitlement that you're Circle deserves power Rick. artless, sometimes that deeper hidden truth comes out and that's what you came out. This is what we are up against people who are
so insulated with privileged money that they think Healthcare is a whatever and by the way has anyone ever one can't a campaign with this sort of argument. As a driving factor camp in our one on messaging of issues in charisma, not the probability of elect a bill that that you don't you don't know you don't hit if you're trying to get Lee, you don't go to a single bar and go hey. I know that guy over there's gotta, bigger dick and more money than me, but the primary is over You have the floor and
We are all aware of. The bottom line is that you have to be drunk while sticking to a strategy that has been proven to network a hundred per day presented the time so far you'll buy. It is so bad. I mean this is an unbelievable that they're doing this is worse than Hilda It's a lot of ways, in fact the guardian says Joe Biden inside, there's no one, not even his own wife visit his slogan. What do you think Joe Biden slogans gonna?
it's gonna be bite and twenty twenty he socks, but we have to be from so here's Joe Biden heard their tweeting module by he said. Joint New Hampshire. I'm heading your way to talk about our bold vision for the future of the country and how will get it done together had to Joe to find out an event in your community and if you click that linkage this takes you do a computer virus. I look that paid New Hampshire. I'm heading your way to talk about my bold plan and my wife is going to get there first to tell you not to get your hopes up. Do I have a ball plan for new America, we're going to make America moral again, my time's up. Oh, this is Wendy's. Sorry,
he's gotta do Hampshire and you know there is at least twelve people stopped here is message come out. The burden, New Hampshire, poor people and white people Joe Biden man swallow it by the way, Joe. Thirty thirty is actually the year he would plan to do something about climate change, Joe Biden than I ever know, Joe Joe Biden, he's the only candidate whose media strategy includes messaging on em radios, legal, see it Jos, coming to a nursing home near you that is ages.
that is looking at the shit. That's what I get for having a smarter Hence I can't you a hypocrite Jimmy. I just call you wanna be a dick with there. It is I beg comedian and I'm not running for anything. and if I was running for shit, believe me the show wouldn't be happy spun. While with senior sand and political firebrand David Axelrod, hello. shouldn't fire bridge prize fighter, passion, I've always wanted to know why you left MSNBC above to CNN years ago. Is. Is it because you are a five firebrand there? I remain kills person.
separates me from the others, so called experts, political commentators on cable television people said Sandy become intimidated. I speak truth to the powerful they can tell by the way I use my work. I am a woman's man, no, The talks loud and women warm kicked around since I was born. Should they were all right. when you left them, as NBC said, you did want to be a surrogate for the Democratic Party. There is correct Jimmy and at why I made in transformative change to move CNN when I became a circuit for the Democratic Party, and that's how Europe firebrand,
The latest edition of the x files I complete yet all break the boundaries of traditional media with all CNN. Does a smear Bernie Sanders idle? I think we ve broken boundary John The way Jimmy the x files is an eye. Witness we by the way, credibly, my mouth with milk- does before quality people tell how do you Joe Biden is due at well Jimmy Joe Biden, shambling week of gas and flip still usually the progress of a democratic and tenders the new Monmouth Paul as abided in third place. Oh yeah
with poor got to do with Iowa five times slowly, Both I were man move move, very sleepy and when I wake, I will feel revitalized and refreshed. Remember nothing about what just happened. What ok, but would Sanders, and first and worn in second place. how can you say Biden is clearly the frogmore he's a third, please explain volatility What does that mean alive operate, so multiple planes and noble dimensions, fear shadows of reality in the real world.
but an intangible domain of our human soul said you, like a party, maybe good, because this week the x files welcomes the new sponsored tailor made for today. Political activism May I go ahead can't pay died near orgasm suffering because your awkward and social situations your man, her glad tat, sowed spring needed to go the distance. Are you afraid to hit the road Could you lack burnt? yourself shooting blackjack through Long Council meeting moms against gun violence why just rubbish? Small David, actual rod, Axelrod on your today and experience a big ball transformative chain You been waiting for David,
so right, pre Brown sponsor the axe files on CNN you'll, never miss a campaign, stop again and don't forget to sheep. At me with David am Axelrod. Land scheme can kind of safety, unbridled passionate love making requires I got my science is reacting begin, so Jimmy. I keep having sex hey. You know. We no longer have an Amazon leg because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. You should become a premium. Are we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to give me your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable previous programmes, is this and its a great way to help put them back in the eye the bastards thanks
everybody who was already a premium member. If you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, and what do you say? Will you is this? Baby Netanyahu could display this much shocking, elegance and sickening confidence. While the world is burning and calm down. you're, the one who just attack Lebanon, Syria and a rack? Already you like it? Just pack, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq or something you did you, attacked Lebanon, Syria, Iraq does not, then what was it that contracts are right and certainly you're, welcome
for what you just started: wars with three countries, baby had interventions? You'll be labour for what intervening between Muslims and a healthy life summer speculating that you're doing this to distract from the charge. Is your face later this year charge heard anything about charges Return, my cable, but the spectrum there are no charge. What's all this nonsense, I'm talking about the corruption pro, because your administration, your face and charges abroad, ivory fraud and breach of trust. I'm on my gotta go. It is. I have my dog do x or call, Allegation is outrageous what what implication that
guilty of taking in receiving bribes. Just because authorities say I should be charged with taking and receiving bribe do good land in jail. For that, MR Israel knows how to defend itself well and to repay my enemies. I mean it's it's its enemies. I thought. asked of might be one of your enemies. So why do you invite someone like balsam narrowed to Israel and treat it like a pal about what happened? That is why you accepted my offer to immediately send him flame retarded materials in assistance. His soldiers getting hurt. Setting all those fires, but we need to serve the Amazon baby. It's the lungs of the world, so stop worrying about the Amazon attacked us first. To go now. I feel a bribe coming on and you're good
Angela brand dropped out of the re thought so sorry to hear it yeah. She was a great friend of Israel. I mean a really good friend. If you know what I mean not really. like three fingers right, I just knew scout's honor The establishment is already coming out hard for anybody who is not going to back the vote? Blue no matter who, in a whole another year right twenty twenty there they're coming it's like that, it's like they might just come out and say: hey you better, followed line. That's what it feels like they're saying right here here is Hillary Clinton press secretary from when she ran and
like they're, saying that in fact, they're fucking literally saying that it fall in love in the primary fall in line with the general its August fall love during the primary and fallen Lindore. That's just like that sounds like a very healthy relationship. Doesn't it you know, fall in love during your courtship and then fall like during your marriage and shut the fuck up anyway. They did this is this is how they bring people into the party by fucking alienating everybody. How does this bring people into the party stuff
Jimmy its wide tat. There's just no people in it. We bully people. So now they like our terrible candidates. Later, that's how it works. You don't bully people in the liking. You you have well here's what Susan Simon says she goes. I've made this argument a million times trumpet the president, because people voted for him. I don't like it convince people to come out and vote for someone else. No one I was about to anyone. Women suffrage, didn't happens. Why could be told who devote yeah? I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure the reason half this country doesn't bother voting, isn't because they're like men. I wish there was just someone out there. We could you
shrugging phone line, for I really really give me out. So here is near, so this is happening again, so something bad happened with Trump and people start blaming Susan Surrender and again this has been happening for about a week now on Twitter and Facebook, all over social media people have so dean, Obadiah tweeted out. He said trumps. Fine people they come after the Dayton mayor, the mayor of Dayton, Ohio needed extra security after President Donald Trump publicly insulted her and the near and says news like this has become commonplace and every once in a while. I just want to think Susan surrounding for her campaigning, not just voting third party instead of working to stop Trump. She help First of all there I think she did vote. I think Susan surrounding did vote for the guy, who could be Donald Trump and its name was burning.
Sanders near at hand in desert like Susan surrounding his near at hand and never could do the time warp- and let me tell you why, because she can't jumped to the left listen. I for one am tired of MR around. In getting my credit, of that I was responsible. So here's? What error says the people who lost a presidential campaign to Donald Trump should have been forced out of politics. They should do minimum they should have accepted responsibility. Instead, there are now approaching the third
anniversary of blaming everyone but themselves from Russia to Susan surrounding there year away from getting a degree. this list look would look at the bottom of this week's. There was an empty. Green Courts. Ie and Susan surrendered in hand drop. You know I'm we're still in Afghanistan to thank you Susan! This is this is this is real. Well, I love this Miguel arouses says they rigged the primary and then blame the ones they screwed over for the loss of an election that should have been easily one. If bite it ends up being the nominee and loses they'll still
a Bernie in Russia. People like tend in just plain stupid purpose I mean nearer ten, is being so hypocritical. You think she's gettin rate or run for officers I goes she goes. I agreed sneer attendant. She goes I won. I agree too much money is wasted on tv adds. Really, then why did you advise? Hillary Clinton spend our money a bucket tv right number. Two. You can choose to re litigate twenty. Sixteen per
Mary for the rest of time, but I spend energy fighting Trump five fighting tromp, I think by while I tears how she likes Trump by retreating. Anybody who says something mean about Donald Trump, that's it and by attacking progressives her entire fuckin life. That's how she's binding Donald Trump- and, let me to say I love how she goes. You can choose to relegate the G20 sixteen primary, what the fuck you been re, litigating, Dieter Many sixteen general every day of your life since you lost Donald Trump and of course you don't want to rehash the primary cause. You fuckin Jane Bernie Sanders, which is why that will also ensure that fuckin resign and I agree too much money is wasted on TB. Aids too much money is also spent and make progress
think tanks. I keep waiting for its weak from near at hand. In that says, the Amazon is on fire and think Susan, ran up his use of this people, who tell you it's ok to call an italian men. Fredo are the same people, whose it's ok you see how they are protect, each other. It weird she's, protecting CNN Anchor, isn't that while so is the same people who said it was okay to throw money at a woman leader and call her a horror. So that's I don't know if you remember, when Hillary Clinton came to do a three hundred thousand dollars plate fundraiser in the richest part of LOS Angeles. Some Bernie supporters line the road on the way up to the
mansion, and they threw money at her because that's what she was going to do they through money at her car and her limousine, that's rude and people went not like all your sex for throwing money at work limousine, has feelings, I see ends by thing and they never think about the energy they take rationalizing and then and the integration of others. So let me just say this: this is from a pop up less, as this goes so in one fell swoop near attended, defended Chris Cuomo comparison of being called Fredo a character in the fuckin godfather to the end. Word she then rehash the twenty sixteen democratic primary and made him a victim of sexism by proxy? Now that's a difficult needle to thread but tend in did it.
flawlessly she's constantly bringing up the primary? That's what you just did what the fuck do you call this? throwing money at a woman that happen during the primary? What a hypocritical mother fucker, and I should add that Europe now and hypocrites Jeff. I fucking jump a joke to quickly the God. Damn it can you do it again for me. No, it's too, So they were, they were going nuts they're going nuts over near over, suits Random Susan surrounding gave a speech in who I was. She was introducing Bernie Sanders and she said something like well. You know one of the presidential candidates wasn't a republican till she. He was forty. Seven and people went nuts, but she's talking about Elizabeth Warrant right have, you saw them, go nuts
but this right look so this guy says Bitch appears to snipe at Elizabeth Warren. Who is that guy lieutenant he's got a blue check? I wonder who he is all He worked in the Clinton Whitehouse Sexist Bernie Brows. Isn't that amazing in public? You didn't take that tweet down. He says: Bitch appears to snipe at Elizabeth Warren while introducing Bernie Sanders at an ILO event. I love the woke white male feminism of the resistance. Bulk is it'll Keaton, it'll caitive, you sexist language. If I'm supporting watch this guy, here's another, he says FUCK Susan surrounding seriously, do they wake her out of her cry of genetic?
chamber, which is ages whenever a woman starts doing well in the polls that ten thousand likes. Who was that Guy Adam PAR comment going? Well, was the political adviser to Hillary Clinton areas, FUCK Susan, surrounded seriously, I like how we should seriously seriously aromatic then jumped in and he says, did they wake you out of your cryogenic chamber. to remind us that you worked on a campaign that lost a trump full of such sore, pathetic losers, that you're still blaming Susan surround and for it instead of attacking her, you should be taking notes on what intact
really looks like it's amazing. They blame Susan, ran en route Trump winning, but they also lost the house in the Senate and a thousand seat state. Why in state legislature? Who did they blame for that? I'm guessing Molly Ringwald here. Yes, that's right, their voters, shame that's all they have air imitate nails and by submitting nails and then Adam Park. Manco comes back. This is given who you work with. I'm surprised you tweet it all. No idea so Adam goes air Ngos, given who you ve worked with the campaign so incompetent an awful that at last,
Donald Trump, I'm not surprised that you're still blaming everyone else for your own failure. I believe Erin Jes Glitch, slapped, you mean Fredo, slapped him. you're right now, one thousand three hundred and forty six likes over his stupid shit. What did his think it? Over a hundred forty seven, a hot one thousand, is yeah his the Clinton people are social Maybe they can even win in their own fuckin bread, so he comes back to it. So so then he goes back with you are approved.
Didn't kiss ass? That's it that's all! I got. He couldn't even go with alliteration and say puppet, but you couldn't even wouldn't it be nice if all the Clinton sycophants spent more time trying to abolish the electoral college- and time hating on an actress, but then again they couldn't even beat Donald Trump. So I don't think they'd make much progress on the electoral college. Anyway, their competent fuckin losers. Hey. We should get that guy who says boxes since random for our campaign. I bet he knows a thing or two about winning people over. So here's near attended again. She she goes after Nina Turner, so she says thanks Nina Turner, for reminding people that
You voted for Jill Stein and thorny. Sixteen you and Susan surrounding both the two most powerful people in America. Jails died in suits rapid? You didn't vote for the person who could be Trump. You helped him by voting Third party in a swings day really Hilary took the swing states so seriously, she'd even bother going to fuck it half of up here's needed Turner responding, she goes you'd I know who the hell. I voted for. Don't
bring it here near at Hand- and you don't want to do this dance- it's because of mean hateful neo. Liberals like you, that we have trump in the White House own your shit, don't ever come for me. I only had one Mamma and she's dead boy. A really under too bad near at hand and catches shut, Nina out of Twitter like it's the DMZ ears Am I right so how does near attended know who everybody voted for? By the way? Did she get all those hack voting records from Russia? Something that's my question
she asked. We said: no, it's amazing! You can't vote Thurby can't vote your conscience. You can't both. If you want to vote for you want. Do you have to move to California cuz that solid blue state orgies fall in love during the primary ok. I just want to say that I did that to share this story. We were at that people's summit and I met me it Turner, and I was really excited about it and I went after her and she was selling her book and with a lovely book. I gave it to her friend and I read you and it's a great book, and so I turned her eyes. She recited the book and I said: hey I'm Jimmy doors. Why and she goes Jimmy door, Jimmie Dale, he says things that I wanted to say, but
Cats Azure says a lot here, so you well come, and so so after Nina Turner took her down like that, that's pretty hard solar, dad O Brien you know sold out o Brien what happened to her right when she was on CNN. She got fired because she actually did hold their feet to the fire and now the last couple years he's just off the agenda will hear she goes so she reached through retreats, Nina Turner, and she says this seems: com and rational. What the fuck well so Sola Dat jumping to the defence of master gas lighter nearer who, along with her circle of trolls, spent the last three years punching left in big
justly attacking so now when Nina finally address is it they try to paint Nina, has irrational. This is the behaviour of abusers of maybe sold out, o Brien of Adult child of an alcoholic, and that's. Why she acts like this? It seems like it, she seems actually deftly needs a meeting because there's something broken in her brain. If she's doing shit like that, you know what Jimmy I would actually call near US behaviour vicious in ludicrous. Just me yeah! I would do you mean the same word. She called me yeah yeah, I know so someone says maybe try standing up for the black
and being mass bullied online for three years. Try that and then look up the history of the donor resistance on Twitter. What is the donor resisted? Don't I so when they exiled Nina Turner and a bunch of other progressives out of that the anti meeting- and they were trying to get in they gave them doughnuts like they gave him doughnuts in need in turn, was like gonna want your doughnuts. So then they started using now on twitter. So yeah, it's a mockery. Ok, I gotta. So one of the oldest bullion tricks wait for a person who has been insulted, prodded and provoke dinner, responding with any level of emotion and then shame them for their tone. Remember our nearest Skippy in Robbie, moved, got together after losing a one point: five billion dollar campaign. To achieve. Oh, and came up with a plan to blame race.
ism in a whole other country for Theirs York is for the next three years. Yet that sounds toll We say right, I thought that's out saying. Does that sound saying to you saw the dad got worse here. Here is the editor for Daily called one of the editors for Billy posted. They was Armando egos, you're, so fucking stupid, which means Bernie is fucking stupid. This is the daily Kostas right on public. This is like Hillary Clinton lost, because so these people are there disgusting on likeable mother fuckers. That's why they lost an election nor the worst people and they asked at each other in the back for a fuckin, better job. That's why these people are some of the earth.
there are even loyal to each other for a loyal to a fuckin corporatist warmonger, because there too embarrassed that they fuckin sucks. So are that's. What's going on, that's it's like it's almost like there. The deplorable look I don't want to take, but if you're gonna call somebody fucking stupid twice, you should spell it right both so maybe get that one right! It's not that hard! Yes, so she called Trump Borders deplorable, since it is called the Hilary voters at the unlike apples, Lycabas Armando goes you're the stupidest person in politics. It's fucking, amazing. How stupid you are! These are grown up. He's our writers, egos Bernie is finished. You are
finish? Surrounded is finished. What's funny is stupid. Ass Bernie is paying you to fuck him. Did you see that now I didn't see that's real. He took that one down you took that one These are reasonable guy, so solar dad still its stood, the their Nina Turner who's. The fucking maniac was not calm. That's it still her, but this is the shit that people like Europe to take every day and then, when they respond, sold out, o Brien gaslights them bullies them and then
he uses them like a Fuckin alcoholic does. That's who sold out o Brien is- and I hope you stay off tv for the rest of your fuckin, like solidarity and you got broken when you were a kid and you should go to therapy and find out what can happen so this guy says to sold out o Brien. This is from a long time ago. He said women should rule the world. These replying to throughout tweet of sold at O Brien uses women should rule the world. Men have been screwing up for six thousand years, ok right! So then solar brandy goes. I guess we cannot move past. The women are just two emotional thing or accept when its Tina Turner, then you fuck and tell her. She doesn't seem carbon up. Oh maybe maybe you're just a fucking piece of shit hypocrite. You ever think. That's all of that will put its establishment line because you're trying to get back on tv That's right so, Susan to one time, tweeted out a picture of her at a baseball game. She goes my part
You're in crime- and I calling the game as the sunsets over the fields of dreams sounds seems pretty Ignacio us right so then sold at a Brian retreated it and said. If I make I'm going to have to block this account while that seems really com and rational again, so that get some fuckin help right, get some help. How many had she I'm gonna get she's, but anyway I don't like it when environmental actresses are having fun. I need to block this. soul, dead, o Brien. I like that sold at O Brien. Here's my favorite Deborah messing this Lisbon. This is from this month S, Susan Saran, and how you like this is three years blocking later,
one tweet from her hey? Why don't we get rid of the electoral college? Hey? Why? Don't? We do rank choice? Boating: hey, why don't we get money out of politics? Hey? Why don't we have a better fucking, candid why do we try to screw over the working class and they get surprised, but they dont both for us? No, because Deborah message is also an emotional child and it's easy to do a knee, jerk reaction at another actress who has more talent and awards than you do. Then it is to actually do introspection. Susan Sarandon Winning Academy Awards Academy awards doing bucket movies that unless the lifetime, while Debra messing doing where the shooting Spock, tv series. I've ever seen. Susan survey it has been arrested multiple times at the front lines protesting issues like family separation, she's, hosted syrian refugee students in our home. She stands up and speaks offer what she believe
and you don't have to grieve they're just show up like she does, of course, Deborah messing, never did of bookkeeping for another person or a whole life unless it had some coming back to her. That's why she is pay. If Susan surround and had enough power to swing an election, you think people would be nicer to her, and try to persuade her to throw it their way it twenty twenty. But, of course this is transparent, scapegoating by poor people of poor character too cowardly to actually confront powerful and there's a million fuckin reasons why Hillary Clinton laws that election Susan surrounding ain't, one of em You know what the real reason is, because Brok Obama's deal liberal policies that we're like Fuckin Ronald Reagan,
The people who were his natural consistency would not come out and vote for Hillary Clinton. Here it is people in minority communities. The New York Times went to a barber shop in Milwaukee and there it is there. Many in bill walking neighbour, didn't vote and don't regret it and guess what people who voted for a bomb at twice refuse to vote freely in minority communities. This is a failing of the party, the campaign and eight year of corporatism, from Obama, of course, that professing Voltaire talked about the actual problem. I mean in fairness, though you can't blame the Clinton campaign for that Wisconsin's, one of the places she took really. Serious? Here's Crystal Ball Crystal Ball, got fired from Amazon BC or let go.
but she told the truth about Hillary Clinton and now here she is. She says trying so hard not to comment on the level of denial, insanity and delusion. It takes to blame Trump and Susan surrounding, as opposed to decisions like I don't know not campaigning in Michigan. Am I guess I just commented on it. Isn't? Isn't it interesting that we want to blame. The Russians were hacking, our election, but no one is talking about the felony crimes that Hilary in the day and see committed when they stole the primary from Bernie Sanders. Isn't it the biggest election fraud of the history of our country and all they talk about, assumes is rendered and jewels die? What fucking cowards blocking cowards man at Romney other foreign? I wonder if he's gonna try to pass himself officer Maverick again hello
sport, I'm calling, but I want your audience to know that I am not a establishment, republican, ok, but why do you on us to know that justification. I shouldn't trot, makes the world explode and all you socialist pansies come knocking at my door. Vengeance leave by car elevator alone. away from all my creepy family pictures, especially one. They took it bank capital where we're all ok, I think she knows to each other with our lead, hey, you know, there's a lot more, that phone CALL Billina have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy door. Comedy Cobb sign up it's the most affordable premium programme business today show was written right. It was written by breakdown of Jim Earl, Rob Latona steps Ronald mark their land with all the voices
performed by the one. In the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae, who can be found at MIKE Mccrae dot comes that's it for this week you be the best you can be I'll. Keep me me don't don't don't you don't you, Don't worry, I'm not worried,
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