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Trump's Taxes expose System that Must be DISMANTLED!

UNBELIEVABLE Nancy Pelosi Interview Proves Two-Party Political Theater!

Phone calls from Brad Pitt! Barrack Obama! Chuck Schumer! Joe Biden!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Jimmy show, caves, who's this this is Brad fish. Oh hello, Mr Pitt. Thanks for calling the who have you ever? Shall that's cool yeah. This is the Jimmy Door show. Why are you calling? If I may ask? Well you see Apache? Gave me this phone number, he said. Call this guy talk to you for a wild and put it on the internet so you ve never heard of me. Oh hell no anyway, you probably know me as an actor, but my true pass
is being a celebrity. Is that so yes, I'm not to lie being famous, but with movies and tv shut down. That means celebrity shits, shut down, also red carpet shit Premier, award, shows all that shit being publicly famous. Challenge right now. These must be very difficult time for you, Brad Pitt, the worst thing. That's ever happened to me. I'm very sorry. Thank you phone man. I appreciate that I'm doing whatever I can for attention even calling random phone members given to me by other celebrities. Well we're happy to talk to you by MR pit. Of course, you are wannabe and broken Brad Pitt
and I'm doing random sure, like the fast times at Richmond, I'd cable read over zone you. What was that about? I don't know man, they said. for charity or some shit, but really it was so people could look at our famous faces. Okay, also Jennifer Aniston was doing it. That gets the gossip machine all revved up. That's a lot of attention right so you're not getting back together with her. Then no man just to tease for attention. For attention, I understand you're dating someone, though, who is married.
Open marriage, open marriage- I see you got, I would say so: yeah yeah I'm going to be all cool and modern and open agree to an open marriage. Then here comes Brad in yeah, coming down the street looks like old Brad Ah, yes, right now for your wife It is doing that No, you may not want my god.
That's literally every man's worst nightmare, I'm Brad Pitt You are. well phone man, it's been real you're. Welcome for the chat I'd say any time, but I'd be lying. They when I need attention I'll call you up sound good. That sounds great man My name is Jimmy by the way so hi everybody welcome to this with Jimmy Door. Show let's get to the jokes before we get to a joke, shall we? I don't know if you saw it last night's debate, but
That was like a Walmart board, mainly because it is not a single thing was said that would benefit Americans into utterly employees nearly had a stroke, Joe but it was full of more number ones in number Jews and Jerry Natalie Trousers, hey, no one can predict what the next great american industry is going to be, but I have a strong fee. It might involve a lot of junkyards six years ago, cops in Ferguson were attacking peaceful protesters with tear gas, can't wait for that return to normal. See you know the problem with borrowing money from China is twenty minutes later. You regret writing this joke today. There are thought of students in american schools, who can't even point out London on a map of New Zealand ever notice. How national coffee day is always followed by. I can't get off the toilet. A it's true story: hey what's coming up on today show tax.
Taxes reveal a rigged system that must be dismantled, plus Nancy Police. in an unbelievable interview exposes the political a theater of America's two party scam and Gonna, go through the presidential debate and find colonels of truth in a morass of lives. Plus we get phone calls from Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Brad Pitt, plus a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy or show here's the debate last night here we go, it was fantastic. I don't know if you saw it, but I'm going to give you Here's? What I am to tell you what I think about there's a problem with the debate. Last night, Joe Biden didn't have a knockout podge, don't even have a job. Why does he doesn't have a policy that executed help people's lives? That's why I What do you need to do is turned out problems say: I'm for the green new deal was gonna. Add millions.
and I'm gonna give everybody Healthcare through Medicare for all in the middle of this pandemic, and we're gonna end those wars and put that money back. He couldn't say any of that. He couldn't say anything because he's already promised to increase the funding for the cops he's already Promise increase funding for the military, he's already promised a veto. Health care for you in the middle of a pandemic. So that's why Joe Biden lost that debate. That's why the country lost that's one of them. This is what the after four years of Trump that's what the Democrats came up with the walking dead rattle, with no policies to get you to vote. they're still reaching out the Republicans, and not the hundred million people who don't vote and not progressive, not environmentalist, not socialists, nobody, you they're, reaching Through the reaching out to New Gingrich's wife, here we go it's from last night. The car I was asking a story about masks well mask mask, make a big difference so head of the CDC said if we just more mass between now, if there
everybody wore a mask in social distance. Between now and January, we probably save up to a hundred thousand lives it matters and they also have to sit. There were also said: oh no serious person said the opposite. They know Well, let's get out of here, Archie Doktor found. She said they did, we gotta, learn how to draw in a minute left and that they are not good. Then he changes mine is admissible with mass. I, when I log into one last subject, because so that the rare moment when two wrong people actually say something right, so they are both right watch this well. First of all, Dr Falchi Trump is correct that Dr Fauci did. tell people not to wear masks and keep in mind when he's telling people this. He knows he's lying right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with mask.
you're sure of it, because people are listening really closely to this right now. People should not be what there's no reason to be walking around with the mask When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mass might make people feel a little bit better and might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is, and often there are attended consequences, people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face, and can you get some shut citizen Inside their horse, of course, but with that's doktor faulty lying even have now you sure about this, of course, he's lying. He knew that you should wear masks. and he lied on purpose just like Trump. Why did doktor fouche lie on purpose here
is excuse of why he was lying about the effectiveness of Basques. Here's what he says. So he shouldn't discount now getting back to your first question, which was what about a month or so a two or three ago. When people were saying you don't really need to wear a mask, while the reason for that is that we were concerned, the public health community and many people were saying this were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the and ninety five masks and surgical masks, were in very short supply and we wanted to make sure that the people, namely the health care workers who are brave enough to put themselves in a harm ways to take care of people who you know or infected with the corona virus and the danger of them getting infected. We did not want them to be without the equipment.
That they needed so so there was enthusiasm, enthusiasm about going out and everybody buying a mask. Getting getting a mask were afraid that that would deter away the people who really so right now unequivocally. The recommendation is when you're out there, particularly if you're in a situation with his active infection, keep the distance physically and wear a mask. So although there appear to be some contradiction of, you were saying this then, and why you're saying this now? Actually the circumstances have changed. So what he's saying is so people are saying you appear to? You are contradicting yourself, you're saying, don't wear masks because now you're saying they are you to wear masks? Why is that he says, because the circumstances has changed the serve So what he saying is I wasn't telling the truth. Now the circumstances have changed now. I can tell the truth.
He's not saying I was telling the truth before now circumstances have changed and that's changed its truth. The truth. Always always been the same you're supposed to wear masks during a pandemic. He lied about it. Then, when there was enough mess for the hospital workers, he tied, it decided to tell the truth, because the circumstances change not that the circumstances, change The truth, the truth was always the truth. You're supposed to wear a math he's a liar This is the guy heading up our pandemic, this guy in Trump, and you wonder why two hundred thousand people die He told people not to wear a mask he was lying, the guy should be in prison and everybody thinks he's the great guy. Because sometimes he corrects Trump
Do you see how low the bar is for the left in Amerika? You see how low the virus for Democrats and liberals they are not the left, so Joe Biden Wrong about that and right about that. Look in that meeting when they can both so watch so here so now so move on the the green new deal segment. This is freakin Watch Joe Biden. Economy in the green new deal and the idea of what your environmental, China, the Green new deal will pay for itself as we move forward we're not going to build plans that in fact our great polluting planet using a burglary green new deal for before me, you support! No, I don't support the green, the green new deal, gotta, for itself. Bad you go forward. Is that you use No.
I mean the green new deal. Great I've been idle supported. What what's the question. Oh well, that's a big statement. I accept on the radical left is I support the widen plan that I put for even Chris Wallace do that was a swinging to miss and also, I guess Jump thinks it's radical to want to have a planet to live on. That's radical to what address climate change by the Trump trumped, despite in more than a majority that anybody in his own comedy central rose. That's for sure, so that was it.
critical moment for Joe Biden right there with the green new deal. That was a critical moment. He had to choose between the people or the donors, and did you see what he stood? He chose not to support the green new deal at no, so that there was he had to choose between the donors are the people he chose. The donors now feel free to blame Susan surrounding jewels. Thine and comedians in the garage. The green new deal would create nearly three thirty million jobs. So, instead of Joe Biden me double to say that I'm for the green new deal in thirty million jobs, I'm gonna give everybody healthcare Medicareforall at the rest of the world. We're gonna, save us built trillions of dollars, I'm gonna add: and those wars and invest that money, but he can't say he can't say anything. There wasn't
one policy. Last night, the Joe Biden had that was gonna change, anybody's life for the butter nor trump by the way that was, that was horrible, and so there you go. So that's my little wrap up what a swinging amiss. What this is what the Democrats, the Democrats Trump, is competitive. With the Democrats, he beat them last time provided calling me allow stay Joe Yes, of course, I know. Is it Joe Biden I'll come on man thing, who is you I'm Jimmy Jimmy I'm calling on behalf of the Joe Biden campaign. Did you know yeah. Yes, I knew that
But again your support for my Joe Biden campaign for the oppressed the desert eighty I'd stage of what's up funds. Ok, where we go from here, Is this your ground game? Don't you worry, my friends? Take those states like Wisconsin again and Miss Gallagher, No, Storm doesn't get there first, we cheese head to the bag, I live in California, Joe. I don't give me a bunch of who, on the large, a clown, the GOP as people actually Amazon for dropping neighborhoods in Wisconsin and Michigan. What's the Democratic Party doing John John, look: here's the deal I'm laying low until we get all the bugs out of my plastic bubble. What exactly is game in Wisconsin Joe number, one of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, just put together an original cast,
rearing other the princess. Did you chance? That's all get your, tickets on the place. You know the thing: what's your main objection to Amy Coney Barrett nomination my Fergal, what's missing experience should be older, said extra ten to fifty, years you spend going in and out of consciousness. That really puts you to whenever everyday Americans. I call go up Ok, I'll, take you one last question Joe. How do you think you did on last night's debate against Trump here's the deal? number one. There's that number two thirdly, I got to bash Bernie Sanders again. God bless this country and bring me the Graham crackers New York Times, the President trumpets
seven hundred and fifty dollars in federal income tax in twenty sixteen and nothing in thousand and ten and ten of the prior fifteen years, largely because He reported losing much more money than he made. Donald Trump in twenty eleven interview said he said even American, Can you don't earn much, should pay something in taxes to be part of the game, under the New York Times reported shrubs paid, no federal income, taxes and Fifteen years, beginning in two thousand, you notice the key Is there saying illegally Trump didn't right? Those tax laws did he. this is the norm for the Ultra rich and they were allowed to do this because of both parties both parties have spent? decades, absolutely mangling the tax code to make sure you I pay more than he does I'll finish. That line that he said. job job creators. My ass, that's right, watch this truck knows this too,
what are those where moments when Trump actually tells the truth, watches or pay more federal income tax? than a billionaire. I why? Finally, let me just show you version, punishing we're, entitled because of the laws that people like her pass to to take massive amounts of depreciation, another charges and we do it and all Her donors, just about all of my no buffet took hundreds of millions of dollars. Soros George Soros, hundreds of miles does. Let me just explain one that's most of her donors. Mr Trump done the same thing. We do. Okay, you know what she should have. Does we heard you know Hillary? What you should have done you should of change the law when you were United States Senator found online does cause your donors, and your special interests are doing the same thing as I do accept even more so well you how to change a lot, but you won't trades and frankly, you Jane you don't like what I did. You should have changed the longest.
Gee, if only we had a democratic president in a democratic majority in Congress that could have fixed our broken tax system right after the global financial meltdown. All we did have those things and reclining was part of that administration and they didn't fixed tax code. So Donald Trump gets to pay seven, fifty dollars and taxes. Because the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and the Democrats, along with the Republicans even and culture, gets it I think the conservative take on Real Donald Trump. Paying. No taxes should be because he's smart. I paid nearly fifty percent of my income, a year after year in any system that allows billionaires to bate zero, isn't an unspeakably corrupt. How about changing it Democrats, how about changing it, Democrats and Donald Trump, and the Republicans on to to the federal government right now? How about asking them to do that.
The top tax rate has been cut six times since nineteen. Eighty, usually with the Democrats, help do you see where that tax rate was, Now it keeps going down and down. Down- and this is for the rich people- that's for the rich people, while republicans are typically seen as the Party of tax cuts for the rich, but an but analysis shows that Democrats have played a significant role and reductions in the top marginal tax rate. They provide. I did over thirty percent of the Total House and Senate votes in support of the bills that have lowered the top ten top rates since the 1980s Obama's two thousand and ten tax cut bill, which delayed the sunsetting of the Bush tax cuts passed with bipartisan support this time to watch the post
David Rota points out. Data gleaned from recent government report shows that the richest one percent steel, two hundred and six six billion a year and unpaid taxes every single year Trump did not make that that's what going on for a long time, Trump has added to it. While we are all this outraged about trumps tax returns, here are the top sixty companies that avoided pay all federal income, taxes, Amazon, dot com is one of them. Many these companies get corona virus relief funds. Let's look at some of them. Let's look at some of them, how bout they have. Four hundred and forty seven look look at their taxes, the good they pay in taxes, negative two hundred dollars,
So they have four hundred and forty seven million in income. They paid negative two hundred dollars. I got my money back, I guess about Alaska Alaska. They made five hundred and seventy six million dollars. How much are they pay in taxes? Five bucks they get. Five bucks back from the government was keep going. let's go to our Avis, seventy eight billion they paid, minus seven dollars? Let's go to Chevron! That's all that's like what is that forty billion and five? I don't even know if that's four thousand five hundred and forty seven millions, so I don't know how many billions that is, but anyway they negative one hundred and eighty one dollars, Chevron didn't pay income tax, but you did.
Let's go to a Halliburton, they didnt pay income tax, Halliburton, good year, tire company, they didnt, pay income tax, Honeywell didn't pay. Income tax, IBM, didn't pay income tax, jet blue, didn't pay income tax M Gm hotels, international, didn't pay income tax Netflix. Did it pay income tax obstacles? Let's go the war, a pool, didn't pay income tax. I am shocked to learn based
Donald Trump's tax returns that rich people don't pay enough in taxes shocked. We live in a country where everybody knows the government is completely corrupt, except for the reporters fyi we have the lowest corporate tax rate since one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight is that true or false, according to the blood affect its hundred percent. True. And now, if you want to know who to blame, so why are we just get touch? Chump trumps tax returns now. Could we have gotten them earlier if we really wanted them? Why am I before the election turns out trumps tax return, remained hidden because of Richard NEO Who's, that is he a Democrat. Does he have power turns out. He does.
Representative Richard Niels and no rush to get trumps tax returns? What the one Democrats? at the one Democrat who can get trumps state tax returns doesn't want to that's infuriated. The left. Ways and Means Chair Richard Neil Democratic Massachusetts is taking a pie, As on the new New York LAW, allowing him to obtain information on the president's finances, that's weird who's being naive, vote, blue vote, Blue. You really think there's two parties still people think there's two parties in the United States. You are a chump as ice cube, says
Everybody is talking about gauge for about eight throughout the trooper, if you vote that this will happen in first day. So now what. for about now with what What do we get the first hundred days? That's what we're trying to figure out what to do we actually get that we that they could get was overnight like that they just pull. Three trillion dollars out there and gave it to rephrase that's a meal. Can taxpayers money that's your money. Did they just gave away any news? Half forty two percent of black businesses closed none and anyone with whereas fucking bill we're the bill out not to be
pp loan that they that they didn't give us what is the better. I want to hear about deficit I don't wanna hear bow We are, generations do The pain. Couldn't we don't have, she dangling should anywhere to pay nothing. so we got to start something right now Democrats don't seem like they got a plan. Republicans don't seem like they got a plan for us, so how the hell you gonna vote for them. Make them make them earn that bowl. Did you start today, Dane gotta get things done, today, make on that vote. Man stop playing with these people stop playing with which you studied.
funny. When I say funny, I mean sad and tragic to see my blue check Hollywood comedian, friends that I have made over the last twenty years turn into willing tools of the oligarchy, because their rich now. They don't have a problem that they need government to solve, so they Don't understand that you're supposed to pressure Joe Biden and Democrats to actually do something for people, but they don't give a fuck because they don't need anything to be done for them. They just don't like Trump on TV, its shallow. It's very shallow! Oh, my God, master of the Senate Chuck Schumer, is calling me hello, greetings and good tidings to you. My good friend to you and you're on Yom Kippur bore a day. We are encouraged
to make amends and ask forgiveness for the sins we committed during the past year. Does that include fast tracking fifteen of Donald Trump's judges? It means you could go fuck yourself, that's what it means. besides. I I that that years ago, so no no takebacks. We have rules in Congress, young man, it's what separates us from socialists, What's your reaction to the new times, article Donald Trump tax returns, I am shocked to learn at some unscrupulous rich people have been manipulating our tax code to avoid paying taxes, I fully intend to compose a star worried letter of complaint to the IRS. As soon as this election is over and things settle down. You can just rewrite the tax code chuck, not the a pandemic Jimmy who would be irresponsible to risk another super spreader by meeting with all those donors. What does Nancy Nancy Pelosi think agree with me.
Nancy, and I can call her Nancy because I'm close to her, you and your however, must always use the title of Madam speaker. When properly I think now that clear, ok, ok, what is Madam speaker think Antoni fervently believe President Trump's massive that's clearly showing the national security threat because his returns confirmed, conspiracies with russian oligarchs No! Well! Isn't that What you ve been claiming his returns would reveal all these years chuck absolutely not and alike. In your three story: Victorian ever met dimming either. So, what's the clear national security threat, I told you the threat is that, He couldn't find anything about Russia and his tax returns. Now it's just a typical lying piece of shit, rich American who never pays his taxes and that's going to screw it up for the rest of the final.
standing line piece of shit, rich Americans, but why is Nancy saying? Trump's debt is a national security threat that is bad. Jimmy every American knows that it makes you do bad things, I like being poor. I personally know a lot of poor people who had to turn into russian spies in order to pay for their microwaves and Moca late. A lot of presidents were in debt, go on name one president, who was in big debt while in the WI I double: dare you Abraham Lincoln? Well, naturally, he was a deadbeat Republican, even let Russia key two of the EAST coast to protect the union and I'm putting air quotes around the word I say more, are you saying Abraham Lincoln was a russian asset chuck? Why didn't he ever related tax return. I've had it up the here. With this lack of decorum standpoint, stand proud and gear. Our great battle cry. Nothing will fund
Finally, change. My work here is done. Way hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon link because we're not doing that we're not playing that game, but here's another great way you can help support the show. Is you become a previous a member, we give you a couple of hours. Premium bonus content every week, and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Gimme, your company, that cop clicking on joint premium and supported affordable premium program in the business and it's a great way to help put to thumb back in the eye of the bastards thanks for everybody? who was already a premium member and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, this is Nancy Close one on a podcast and she says he plus you said. If the elections were held today we would win.
we would win in all. She says she's referring to the donor money. I really put my brigadier data. Had a joke, I mean that's, that's that's called delivering baby, that's landing from Paypal or trade mugging, it's just that that's part of how many people are always more more mugging that out of five eight? That's how Coveney works. Collating the joke pleaded To listen to you or me who has an award winning comedy central specials: let's go here! She go okay, so here she is. She went on this podcast way. It's interviewed by this woman, Kara Swisher, two crazy things that happen here, Karis Washer actually at well. First, let's do this and it's sounds like a crazy questioners. You're, the most powerful one of the most powerful she's in this country in the world. Have people underestimated your power and the power
of Congress and you particularly in Africa, Botswana, hey here so awesome and powerful and powerful. do people know that. Do you want me to help spread the word about how awesome and powerful anyway alright, but listen to what Nancy says? How has that affected your ability to do your jobs and to get things done? Well, I am very powerful and the power of the speaker is awesome. I don't mean I am, but the, the power of the speaker is awesome and we are able to bring legislation to the floor were able also to stop certain initiatives of the other side should they had the White House or the other, the other body, so she's peasant awesome power, the powers or is that what you said
yeah awesome, so her power, the power of the speaker, the power she has is awesome. She could use it for many different things. One of them is to stop what the Republicans wanna do. It's weird that she's never done that, but fear. I guess she could stop what the Republicans are doing, because I don't know if you remember Nancy Pelosi did not fund the states during for corona virus. She did give you a friendly reminder. Your federal government has completely turn their back on you with nothing, but a one. time. One thousand two hundred dollars fu check for six months and counting. So she did that. And by the way, humility is a virtue, isn't it but who needs that? Would you ve gotta, twelve thousand dollar freezer so, do you remember when she's, so when they were doing the Cares act. We were screaming
bloody murder. Nobody else was by the way in the news media. We were screw Mean bloody murder about how needs Pelosi, was giving Mitch Mcconnell Donald Trump and the one percent donor class everything they wanted and nothing for you, because during the care, act with when they had all their power and Andy Cuomo even was upset. Remember this. Mr Andrew Cuomo said this: on CNN we've been talking about funding for state and local governments, and it was not in the bill that the House is going to pass today. They said, don't worry, Don'Tworry, don't worry the next bill. I said to my colleagues in Washington. I would have insisted that state and local funding was in this current bill because I don't believe they want the fund state and local government and he was correct. That now this is back in March and he was saying widened the Democrats who owned the house by the way Trump can't spend a penny
without Nancy Pelosi, giving them the money so that money that got spent during the Cares act that five trillion Nancy policy that could knock. It spent Now I get done if Nancy Pelosi didn't engineer it and she did, and so they and so enter almost like? Why did you pass this without giving us money? We knew no. We need it, and here is what she said so comas as he would have insisted on state funding in the last bill. And now Senator Mcconnell saying he wants to push the pause button. Was this a tactical mistake by you and Senator Schumer just calm down? We will have state and local and we will have it in a very significant way. There has been no state it's October, it's almost October. What is today's date September? Twenty nine th yep it's almost October, that was March calm down. She told people who are out of jobs. She told governor
who have no money to pay their for, she said calm down, we're we're going to fund it and it's going to be fine. It's now almost October no funding and she doesn't give a crap by the way she went on vacation since she did this. She wanted a nice month, long vacation after she did this. So here we go so it's no use going on to what might have been the administration. Never even wanted to do. We kept this for you one. We said we're not doing two. Fifty
the outlook, your own characters so now, keep all this in mind. Keep all that in mind. She's the most powerful person she scout awesome power of the speaker. She can stop public republican initiatives whenever she wants here. She goes ready here we go with them and then that this will this reporter ask Chile acts asks her question cling headway. Where do you go where it where it is people or whatever the Republicans, do people are also going to blame them? You know what we have yet to take responsibility without worrying about that. What were worrying about is the fact that millions of people are hungry on the verge of detection concerned, about sending their children to school and unsafe way, having uncertainty, especially in communities of color, that this virus is spreading and disproportionate way in their community right that state and local government has nothing, but the disdain of the president who says he's not going to respect our heroes
our health care workers are police and fire first responders, our trans regulation into our sanitation, our food workers, she just naming stuff now: she's, just gaming goods and wings and occupations she's. U what she's doing as identity politics, because you're not doing anything for those people either that she's mentioning but she's, just mentioning there names, so you will sociate her with them that straight up so listen and showed that the rapporteur is starting to go watch which he asked our teachers, our teachers, our teachers. We would not be function as a society without our state and local self government and the President says we're not sending any monies blue stay. Bury our ally, where'd, you press, then they would. You did the Asia, which I think is most people really a tribute to your muscling. It through you said you go through a gate of the gates. Clothes you go over. The fence of events is too high. Will pull vault in if that doesn't work or parachuting? We're gonna get healthcare reform passed with America
People? Where is your pool here? It seems like where is that, for so here's an actual reporter for years into the Trump Administration asking Nancy Pelosi? What? Are you doing specifically to push your agenda What are you doing to pull vaulted? The left agenda on Trump and what are you doing specifically to stop him? Here's what she says and with aside from the Republicans, how are you Way to use your power to make them do something, while the american P, I believe, in the american people they understand, people are hurting. We have to meet their needs, not Give the president a chance to just say: how are you meeting their needs? say it, and you know why cause she's not meeting their needs Nancy
Josie is in doing a goddamn thing in just like this report pointed out when you are trying to pass the easier you said: you'd do a pull vault! You go over the fence around it under ever. You get it done. What are you? What are you doing We need to show that you are doing that now, where's your pull vault! Now there isn't one- and she just keeps talking so this whole thing is to make it crystal clear that Nancy Policy is controlled opposition. If you think that its policy is the opposition to drop, you are a jump. I'm gonna put my name on a Czech, send it out and don't talk to me about food rent first responders health care workers there, the virus or anything else? That's all he wants is his name on a check that goes out. An older respect would add what what's the difference. Simply as long as that people get the money like, we have to show the reporter. So what's the difference, slugs are people get the money you can you want?
Stop money going to people, because Donald Trump Chet name will be on the check. People are hurting and Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to help them, because she doesn't want Donald Trump to get credit for before the election, and that is a fact. so if you don't have help right now during corona virus after the government made you, colleagues on your business and you lost your job you're, not getting relief, because Nancy Pelosi is playing politics, she doesn't want do something that would make trouble of good before the election she's not helping you again. You have naturally limit ok, haves and that clear, ok, I know you're, not a state and local government provide everything right us there, where our services largely come from. If you want to
about. Education were unhappy about the kind of money and how they want is abandoned at the federal level, but that's a small percentage of the money over ninety percent of the money comes from state and local government, which is firing teachers as we speak, so we're looking at a comprehensively scientists, so they check in their pocket it pocket. I doesn't get that food or more pull to get there. So what are you? Ok? Alright, so you want to deny that check and you got all these other things that we have is a girl. What are you doing do this, what are you using to make sure this off The stuff you just said is happening. What are you doing specifically? This is what the reporter's question is and she's not doing anything. and so she has no answer watch this. Were you gonna pull evolved over this more just going to work is going to keep making our case. What is that case by Lord? we're just going to keep making that case. We're just going to keep making our case. What
Do you mean you're gonna keep making your case. You just said you were the most powerful, the awesome power of the speaker and she asked. What are you gonna do specifically not we're just gonna keep making our case. You mean you're gonna, keep going on tv and talking yes. you gotta keep going on podcast and talking about what a bad guy Donald Trump is. Yes,. That's what she means that set the most powerful person in the Democratic Party, the second most powerful person in the whole goddamn country in the world. Possibly what are you going to do? get your agenda, pat, nothing! I'm going to go on tv and podcasts and talk about what a creep Donald Trump is: I'm backing
jack in their pocket. It man I get that what they re more pull evolved to get there. How are you gonna? Pull? Vault over this we're just going to work is going to keep making our case, and I want to tell you something. I know this time, my father, came out. Forty nine to thirty american people support how the congressional Democrats are supporting the corona virus challenge to you're, just gonna keep making your but the actual mechanics the operational mechanics of making it happen now are you are you opted out still so, but the actual right, but the actual the kid? What are you doing nothing nothing. So you can go ahead and vote for Democrats. You can vote for Joe Biden. All you want. You can vote extra hard. You can vote extra early, but when Joe,
but an wins. The presidency, you just have another huge effing problem and it starts with. one hundred million or Nancy is who is a war, criminal and criminal? Do you know who's? gets rich while there and government criminals and who said that Harry Truman. Who got rich while she was a government Nancy Blowsy who is legit war criminal and a real that regular reverie day criminal she's complicit in torture. The most powerful member how powerful she said she was, and what are you doing nothing? but remember how you said you gotta pull vault over. If the fences locked you gotta pull vault over it. What's your pull vault day. So, if you think
voting democratic solution, you're, a chump or wilful idiot. As I say, tromp I met by India either way or mine. It works. Joe Biden is another problem. Some people say Joe: Ireland is a more insidious problem, because the left goes to sleep. When the Democrats are controlled. like the Democrats, dont know that Nancy Pelosi exactly a Republican, just like guys, like Your blue check Hollywood Fox they no that Nancy Policy actually isn't opposing Donald Trump, except in the most professional wrestling type way she loves Donald Trump cause. She fun rages. Offer
She doesn't actually opposed him she's, not using the power of the speakership to do any thing. What you're pull up here I pay to get corona virus challenge, so you just to keep making your benefit us haven't, got used, who's gonna, keep making your stupid case to the Pope American public. That's that's! That's what you do you not, so you could do this, whether you were speaker or not but what are you doing with the speaker power? What are you doing with the speaker power? I think here's. What do you do with the speaker power? So I think the reporter goes so you're just gonna. Keep making the k to the you're, not gonna duty, the issue, but what about what are you doing with the speaker? Power, the mechanics, the actual mechanics, the operational mechanics of making it happen now are you are you opted has still we are Ledge
slating. Okay, we are not dating okay and if the president does not want to legislate and just want to have his name on a check and it's going to happen, that is Nancy Polo. Z being smog about denying you money relief during pandemic and small Lee saying it: she's bragging that she's gonna deny you help right now. She is dying, gonna happen. What and that reporter rolled over? quickly. It was so funny that reporter asked three good questions in a and then is okay. Nancy pull os engineer? The cares act. Nancy Pelosi made sure. Oh, I. How does the corona virus stimulus package it passed out of voice vote? Why did she do that because she knew it was horrible.
And so then people like AOC could lie and say she was actually opposing Nancy Pelosi. the corona virus package when she was not, she voted for it. Every Democrat voted for it every single one, including Bernie, Sanders the largest upward transfer of wealth in the history of humankind. The was engineered by Nancy Pelosi and voted for by the squad. AOC, Sea and Bernie Sanders, and now who's being naive, K. You think voting for a goddamn, democratic solution. Anything you are a chump of the highest order.
Or wilful idiot. I also throw in a playing just uninformed on purpose House approves the correct by by a voice, vote no recoup recorded vote. Voters requested so avail she wants to say she voted against that. Why didn't you request a recorded vote because she didn't. So I just want you to everybody to hear that Nancy Pelosi says she's the most powerful person she has us some power of the speakership. She could stop publicans initiatives what she could and when asked, what are you doing to stop them thing?
Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing with the awesome power of the speakership to help people in the middle of the pandemic and headed middle of an economic depression? Not thinks I'm not think I'm going to keep going making the case. I was told by people and I didn't believe it. I thought there are being cynical. They said Nancy, he's not going to do anything to help people during the pandemic until after the election? That's what people told me- and I was like I'm a cynical man- that's pretty cynical man come on. Geez I couldn't help. People can get kicked other hospital and healthcare guy she's not going to help people have their jobs because the governmental each other she's going to help people during the combat they said she's not going to do it. These are in
I was in the Democratic Party, told me this. This says he's not going to do until after the election, and here it is- and that's just wrestling anyway, because she doesn't really opposed it. She loved the cares. Act was done it's over. It's all over. That was the one time the Democrats had leverage to do something and they didn't Kay so more than this. This interview goes on and it gets worse. I think we're gonna talk about the Supreme Court here was You know whether you like it or not, and you have to keep moving. with your political goals right, I don't think that it was appropriate. You you got to keep moving forward your political goals, right, okay within hours of the news of her passing came forth that the leader in the Senate made his announcement. I think ok, but from appropriate.
as a list of front runners to replace Justice Ginsburg and said that he will announce his nomination this week. But is there anything you can do to influence what happens next? I'll have arrows my quiver house quiver and one, but I will also say that all of my arrows are made by nurse what kind of an out of touch by the way we got to stop this arrows and quiver shit, a clip For you, I had no idea what a queer Brenda look up, what the f they were talking about a quiver here, I go to boarding school, a quiver, a clever, that's I guess the thing they put the arrows in. It's called the quiver, so you pull out that this, certainly connecting with those hundred million people who don't vote. So she says
She says she has all these quivers. Ok, here we go out. She has all these arrows and quiver my arrows not to say what the arrows ok, but I will say this vote vote vote vote. It so important that the prospect of yes vote for Someone who may do something, but they can't tell you that's inspiring people voting, I think, will be a message to the Republicans about how she just said: what is your arrows in there? What are you gonna? Do I can't tell you I'm gonna do but vote for us. She just said that what your arrows. Glide la part of what am I arose is not telling you what they are but vote for. You. This is a real thing, so Nancy Pelosi has never been asked a question, and for fourteen years since Trump has been elected, she's. Finally, giving asked quest and by this Kara woman, and she doesn't have it.
Oh my god. Reception They are two moving so quickly on this. So just keep this in mind. The Democrats could do for a dozen different things to stall trumps nominee from being nominated to the Supreme Court, yet they don't and won't republicans are paid to be. The aggressors and Democrats are paid to be weak. If you don't understand this by now, you are in a coma. Do you here, Nancy Pelosi. What are you doing for the to people in pandemic? Nothing we're just going to nothing we're. certainly not to let Trump send the check to people to help them. What about the Supreme Court? What are you doing? Nothing.
It's funny liberals accuse the left, have not caring about the situation. This situation, while someone like policy, has more power than Every single one of us, but refused To do anything with it who's, the one really not taking this shit seriously. Don't you know asking politicians to do their jobs is in civil and the most important thing of all is civility FBI. I tweeted out this podcast and her say In this, when asked whether policy is using all her quivers in in her air, I all the arrows in her quiver to stop Trump from replacing Ruth Paine Organs Pelosi implies that she doesn't think Republicans are going to overturn row anyway. Oh I'm going to play that in a second F Y
to my blue check, Hollywood friends, no matter what Rachel Maddow tells you. The Democrats do not oppose Donald Trump and you are chumps, oh by the way she did take a vacation during the pandemic Congress. The only time cores swift swiftly is when it's to go on vacation or to approve the war budget. Hey we're in the middle of pandemic. Let's go on vacation, more Nancy Pelosi, all right. When you talk about this idea of bill bark him being,
an employee over a henchman is, which is your word yeah. You still have power to do something about it. You can get harder he's a waste of time. I think he's a way. Oh, that's so there's some! You could do something about this. Why don't you guys? What no not gonna it's a waste of time to do something about it? It's a waste of time to do something about Bill bar I'm not going to do anything but she's at the reporters like, but you could do something yeah, I'm not going to right. Now we have the election. The fact is, he's not worth it because we have a pandemic and it's hard enough to, and I already told you I'm not doing anything to help people during the pandemic. So now she's going to pre, Ten now, like she's, actually doing so
is there independent to do anything Vince this administration, that they should stop the pandemic, then to waste our time on both so I'm gonna play that I'm gonna start. Oh, go ahead! All right! When you talk about this idea, of bill bar him being an employee over a henchman which is your word, you still have power to do something about it: to kill it harder, he's a waste of time and I think he's a wasted on right. Now we have the election. The fact is he's not worth it, because we have a pen endemic and it's hard enough to convince this administration that they should stop the pandemic than to waste our time. What about you? What are you doing to help stop the pandemic? I I you, your super powerful What are you doing the elite, I'm just here to wine and and hope that Donald Trump does something and I'll? Try to shame Donald Trump, doing something but I've been executed, do anything
We have a pandemic, I'm not that I'm doing nothing about, and I have an election that we're not really trying to win? I don't have time waste time on bar. so much so that in turn then so, there's always well you're, not gonna. Do anything. We will you bar. Would you good? Let's spoke a sort of stuff. You could be doing what Trump watch this trump is. Not so one person wrote yesterday on Twitter of all things. The instinct compromise looks like the pitcher. And what was interesting as many years ago, Rama Manuel said about you. A lot of Democrats are uncomfortable with the use of power. Nancy Pelosi is not. What can you do to rein in? The power of the president seems like this is not just its persistent, it's relentless, it doesn't stop. Here? We are fixing something over here than something happens over here, it's everywhere. So how do you reign in the power of the present? If you wanted,
outlook at a sentiment. If you want to not look at his employees, how do you do that? Well, we're going to have to win the United States Senate. Remember that taken over the house turned a blue, so Nancy policy could be a check on parted. do you do that she just got done telling us How unbelievably powerful the house speaker is hey the house. There is a lot of power lots of stuff. We could do a few minutes later. She says Can we do the real and the president? Will we need to send it? What we have in the Congress of the United States are just a herd of enablers of the president, no you're, the enabler of the President Nancy Pelosi you are the enabler you pass this entire agenda. You even gave trump. One first border wall. You gave
the extra one hundred and thirty two billion dollars to go bomb people as you were claiming he was working for Vladimir Putin, but that's who they are people have to understand. They say to me: oh, I bet those members Congress so embarrassed, but now he, Sarah Thigh, he's hurt thy name any remembered. The question was: what are you doing to put a check on Bill bar? What are you doing? You put a check on Donald Trump. Do you hear what you say to those guys are bad guys, but what are you doing? Did you see how bad they are? This is professional wrestling. You dupes, who think Nancy Policy is the opposition, Objec name or much right to choose algebra Tiki rights, climate issues in a gratian gun safety, fairness in our economy. He certainty and they think, just like
and they are the current version of congressional Republican. I tell people in the public a party take back your party. This isn t you are, you been hijacked are, but we have to win the white, but let me just say that even with the Democrats in the White House, even if it's a Democrat, we do think there have to be guard rails more pronounced. So we have to make sure to make this year on. For ever, the president is Democratic Republic Did you hear what you just said? There's curly republican in the presidency right now. She won't do anything to curb him but
I'm not going to bother reeling in the current republican president, but I'll try to make sure I real in the Future Democratic one that way it's easier to make excuses and when nothing changes you can't parody this. She is up ripping there. She's ripping up is No, I told that that's. Why went on Tucker Carlson, so I can tell everybody who watches Tucker Carlson, that this was theater. That Nancy Down Donald Trump are working together for the one percent, not against them. For them they are the Nancy Pelosi right before she ripped this up, pass his entire legislative agenda all right. So your relations with President Trump is an interesting one. You serve as a foil for him in a lot of ways. You never mention try to speak your mind with him like ripping up the speech. His
Each at the state of the union near speaker of the house, though, and you haven't spoken to him and almost a year, you get a sense that that's that you should be speaking to him. Given you are the most powerful Democrat at this moment. I speak to him every day in the public domain in the public domain. What about here things right as that's how he hears things and then again I want to have a witness. while, and I have to say to him one of your, your your ways is sort of to treat him like a baby and somewhat like a moron. I mean the way you did you talk to him. Do you think that is this the admirable, or is there really behind the scenes? That is going on spontaneous at the moment right. The tearing up the speech I didn't. I was that halfway through the speech when I d to do that right when these are theatricals any cyber spontaneous? Who is your audience? Is it him?
you trying to get under his skin. No he's not the audience was my own integrity. I couldn't her audience was her own integrity. In other words, the show was canceled due to no attendance speech was a pack of lies, a pack of lies, so I thought all tear that page. I was thinking. I got to tear that page up. It's a lie, that's a page and that page and then finally it was like the whole speech with a pack of lies and he was dishonored. the chamber of the house? It represents by being so political. We don't do that all right, but, but let me just say: you're, not Nancy. The suburban housewife, just sitting there tearing up papers, you're Nancy, the speaker, the speaker of the house, you owe so branch tip government and the article who won the first branch of your ideas on this has been, even though, in these moments that's quite dramatic, whether it's the sunglasses, whether it's the tearing up at this speech, whether it's that the tiny clapping? What do you think
the time I like best when I'm pointing to him with you. Mr President, all roads lead to Putin at my put out the. sure, yeah yeah here without the picture. Yeah thanks, That's your favorite! Okay, all right! That's your favorite, but at the same time some people think that you don't go far enough. That you're too operational I've had several different people. I talk to saying the impeach, It wasn't far enough. How do we know you're, not the Senate, but we I understand that, but you think taking baby steps has been helpful with these unresolved in teaching. The president is taking baby steps, oh by the way, I have two things to say about your question. One is that our great reliance on my committee's right how they develop what they think is the best way for us to proceed. It's not me telling other people we build
Consensus, that's why we have unity in our carcass sure, in spite of all of our differences, and they are vast, we build consensus, and that was the consensus and that's how we went forward as far as my own behaviour. Apart from what the committees in this or that what I have said, she modestly gives authenticity and that's what I do when I believe and that's what it is and that's why the election is important to send a message to these senators, who were up this time were here. We know.
What's happening and again, and some people who are not particularly democratic or republican, but do care about a preexisting condition, millions more of them now because of the corona virus. Alright, it's a court overturned and take a glass drink of water. you know that thing that they're gonna privatized, while you're still in office. Let me give you one of your arrows near quiver if the quarter returns but you have Biden in a democratic Senate? What will you do specifically to help protect abortion, rights and red states? So what are you you're, the skin, the most powerful person for us the power. What are you going to do what are you going to do to protect abortion rights? Her answer just may surprise you or will it. The answer is nothing spoiler alert do do anything if the GOP keeps the Senate it. Well, that would be much harder
That's why we want people to vote, and now, let me just say this state had the House and Senate and republican President for a while they buying large fence acres on the ROE V Wade when they could have done it. They didn't they just like to use it. But now I think with you that was say, so I don't know what what what just happened. I don't know if you know what just happened, but what just happened. There was called the gas because with Nancy Pelosi and what is a gap in Washington DC, a gap is when you accidentally tell the truth, and so it Nancy Pelosi just stood there. You know how you're supposed to vote Democrat because they're going to protect abortion rights and that could have the Supreme Court and all that stuff.
she's saying she asked her. What are you doing? Nancy Pelosi just said that you don't have to worry about abortion rights. That's just a bluff issue by the Republicans. They're, never going to take it away. They've had control of the government before and they didn't do it so they're not going to do it. That's from now non issue. You don't have to worry about voting on abortion ever again. That's what she just said so well Democrats use abortion to get your vote. She says that their faking, because Nancy Pelosi just said the republicans- are never going to repeal abortion. That's a fake issue, so you too, We have to vote for the Democrats because of abortion and the House and Senate and written.
They don't. Let me just say this: they've had the House and Senate and republican President for a while. They by and large, been fakers on the ROV Wade when they could have done it. They didn't they just like to use it, but now I think, with the their figures. She says it's that a real issue. You have to worry about it. That's she's not doing anything say. What the word is to use about this president, but the lack of balance that is their, you never know what he may try to do, that this is vital, and if the court cares anything about precedent, they will not overturn Roby way All right, but specifically, what can you do? Is there are other things you can pass to protect these cause? There will be a bush and is in certain states of this, its overturned, and there won't be
in others and, of course, abortion rights have been made smaller all over the country and restricted, which specifically, do you have in mind to protect those rights. Neither now what were fighting it. Some decisions in the court which may not overturn will we wait. Will enable states to effectively deprive a woman of that right. so that's the game. Well, that is where they could overturn the whole wall, which would, I think, cause such an outcry for them that they might even find that, as we say too hot to handle, did she just say three different things at once: there, yes She said the abortion thing isn't an issue, but it might be. She realized, oh shit. I told the truth. You got to be scared about abortion. I mean you gotta, be scared about it, because anything could happen. You know that.
I said, was never to happen. It could. I forgot: I have to use that to raise money who's calling hello Jimmy Michelle, and I are the most admired man and woman on earth in the universe, even we're bigger than fucking Jesus according to what bear with it. According to Yougov's annual poll, they asked forty five thousand people from forty two countries and territories. Guess what what we push bill gates in chinese President XI jinping in the second and third place in your face, a billion people. you beat out an oligarch and a dictator making some out of gas or monarchs. What you got another
book coming out? My memoir, I thought that you didn't want to dwell in the past. I don't fuck with my royalty son that here's my future. What's the price sixty five million dollars, you mean price yeah out of action I now can you put a price on words for the man who inspired you to believe in the power of democracy What do you mean by the power of democracy products? over the gate by Martha's vineyard to state you'll, find out yeah drink the water. Pull your pants up and shut the fuck up. Hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door, comedy Cobb sign up
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