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Tulsi Gabbard Fights Back!

2019-11-14 | 🔗

Tulsi Gabbard fight backs!

Special Guest:  presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Harrison Ford, Representative Peter King, Chuck Schumer, and Barrack Obama!


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get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme the jimmy oh hey this is jimmy who's this treaty king congress were kid what a surprise oh are you buddy very go have a bit better the course taken by that i've heard a lot of fun talkin to you all but a whore in the past few years that's right you just announced that you're not run for reelection corrects you guy i'm a bitch are you gonna be running for any other office like senator governor with my grandchildren day maybe catch and voter game football game or to adapt break my grandchildren to watch the game that sweet would would probably need to leave congressmen but good
i don't wanna be inside get building when ill hand omar blows it therefore cargoes mackay you hear me three other they call themselves disquiet like that squire targets you really should say tat you d pursuit of what an actual bomb squad guys but goes deep louder bob job not stopped i gotta get it then that kid if a guy muslim by dab toggery swayed k not corrected already yeah yeah listen congressmen do you really think this is an appropriate way to talk about
another member of the house of representatives why do we not she shared i announced by retirement just several days ago then they should become job david shaded i'm age i muslim and random up de i campaigned against the muslim population wicked lie well then how would you categorize your actions towards the muslim community i we're trying to don't send up so short abrogated me delivered told i don't want to get blown up by one of their own countries with king are you aware that the vast majority of terrorist attacks on american soil so nine eleven have been committed by far right wing domestic terrorists and you know why
you're welcome you were get killed randomly by another white guy kinder no shorter what's going on inside it what you're all these mosques cavalry goliath naughty all those data came down on them muslim shed at let go white goers start to flourish in their day divided about your i herrings work ok the aim is there anything else to this that the timing of this me not mew leaving congress anything else of this must be honoured naked ship frogs gonna get you paste in every republicans gonna end up at odd sheet over it and it's got a shopkeeper parliament's dig
perhaps you would want to do what you call a gown would be run by war pick your republic in a decade guide i see i got you ok so i'm sparing my job gay headache wine towards shop for me you deserve a congress many really do abide away my case dreadful stay right i know we're pulkovo run i want a decision taken by companies judge and your way am i a legacy will we should carry out your spread joy wait by grandchildren what have to live in a legacy behind of bigotry and repression that you cynical used to win support for your constituents base for reelection yes that's quite a nice story shown should i go to bed
story my grandchildren so sweet talk i got a pop the shock at your bubble we got well made outgoing got ready you pay coastline ball i hope you show gonna megan burrito you wacky left coast from both you away went well goodbye
congress ridden forever commenting in jobs a meeting some had the chance to show everybody welcome this with jimmy giorgio we'll see you december twenty seven in honolulu i live joe plus tempi arizona portland oregon sacramento san jose in miami go to jimmy door calmly duck on for a link for all tickets to all our lives shows come into it down there you see now let's get to the job before we get to the joke sally hey did you see hillary clinton told democrats that they should pick a candidate who can win electoral college yet that's like
somebody with amnesia tell telling you not to forget stuff that's like doktor frankenstein building the townspeople against making monsters are dead people hey beta or work finally dropped out and you know the fact that beta will work the last that as long as he did only a test of how much worse republicans after git before democrats can actually beat them hey breaking news bernie sanders becomes one of the first democratic present and so candidates to call what happening in bolivia who up this just in elizabeth worn says she's been calling it a move in the last forty years so hillary clinton now says she is quote under enormous pressure to run in twenty twenty wow you mean pressure from those godless bolsheviks at the kremlin am i right an actor robert deniro just endorse mike bloomberg guy for present
and while there you have it a guy who spent entire career depicting hoarding money obsess narcissistic megalomaniacs says we need wording money obsess narcissistic megalomania to save us from a hoarding money obsess narcissistic meddler did you hear the cyclist who lost her job that year this member there was a woman of bicycle flipped off predators a picture inherit flipped off president trumps motorcade and she lost her job because of that agenda in virginia right that shows the cyclist who lost his job for flipping off president drums motorcade just one local office in virginia and you know but that's the problem with them the i mean adjective she would like animal set fire to a bag of dog crap and put it on trumps front porch she'd be governor come on let's have some ambition out their democratic able come up on today show we sit down with tall see gabert further
entire interview we talk about her new healthcare plan we talk about why she's running while bernice running we talk about her plan to hold saudi arabia accountable for their in nine eleven was alive lot more and we have phone calls today from peter king who's retiring barack obama chopped humor and harrison poured plus a lot lot more that's today jimmy dore hello what are you doing better girl for supper please your people stop judgmental activism but that's not bringing about change so you're telling my audience that criticising politicians for not taken act
not important issues as judge mental like death after no you know about why applause and most of them are production what about the civil rights movement with a thought about it jimmy with precious now yesterday was rude today is so you want some rights yeah so people can't get passionate about life threatening issues without someone like you making derisive comments about how woke they are yeah aren't you the one being judgmental your guy how about your butter to be careful when combined with free and fair europe divisive but heard at that
that there will be america progressive one stop shops ok but people just what basic human decency and fairness ok really go down with your people just wander from a major gap where you start being george but allow me before you know it themselves on top of the moment ok you only prosecuted one bank executive for the entire economic collapse and we have to make an example during and what example was that they want the law is a ten million non rich folks why dost folks gotta promptitude one ritual to make it look like i spoke for doing something but other books what's gonna do things how is that the change in hope you promised by
the change from what people hope for one thing you don't look so good i was talking about changes ship i promise to change what folks and i did now lead opera so why do you think young people are so passionate about bernie sanders then for after her but ever gonna get about a phrase used up haven't discover what changes yet what exactly thanks to you brok jerry changes change does not change over time you're gonna stop for a minute they're gone biology i'll bet oh give me a bunch change you gotta go change almoner buck people don't want change changes open it take the coins bargain
do you even understand what activism means anymore private body we have special yesterday for the release thirty five minutes for at least thirty five minutes we have special yesterday you know her she serving as a major in the army national guard she is the u s representative for hawaii second district two districts and why and she's a position she's helps has twenty thirteen and now she's run for president it's totally gabert high tells you how are you huh jimmy i'm great it's great to see you it's so funny to watch you out there in the way he will come out you can i just ship but how are you how are you i'm doing very well in heavy irons data you very that you say a happy by set of yeah sure that all that is fine we got
and yesterday and this morning got up at five o clock and drove for an hour i think to huntington beach and went surfing what better way to start the day it was beautiful there was no wind there really waves are you not i'm a happy cover and knew not afraid hanging by sharks no this thing razor thing there thou really you're supposed to like shuffle your feet on the sand cause they hang out on the sand shuffle your feet and they get the message and don't anyways i like really you because while i was there clayton stung by one before now that's why i like ok just check it but i have petted then there's a place called stingray city in the bahamas somewhere and we when the camera anyway i was the last one to swim over i was a little girl what over us like yeah i have to go but anyway there granting feel like velvet really we had no encounters this morning ok but did it was good will defend drastic and then you got here pretty fast i probably because
russians anyway so can i just ruby we get into you have some stuff that you have some bills and stuff you wanna talk about and we gonna do into a bride want to show real fast up to my favorite interview questions that you ve had so far so this is when you are at sea b ass and this was right after the news broke of hillary clinton doing their ridiculous now send em so let what's this question this is one of my favorite question this is despicable on so many levels when you say we're regime change wars what do you mean by that a vote but you you get us we're going to laugh and just a second lesson that's your it agrees that would just big yes i'd step when i play that posterity goes tall see word of babies cub while i had to pause for a moment and just make sure that i had heard what i have just heard so that some but that's let's fun for you kind of bright when that happens no
well you know is frustrating to break it down to the basics or hate give back to zero let's start there so here that just amazing that that's per cent more personas anchor they gets to sit at the desk right that's what movies watch broadcast news and you know how that happens she hasn't swear camera our aid so here is told being interviewed msnbc this is here we go this
together what you're saying right here live on the broadcast to me and in addition to that which you wrote in the wall street journal often on tuesday and here's part of how it went i can defeat trump and clayton doctrine in which you write whether mrs clinton's name is on the ballot or not her foreign policy will be as many of the democratic candidates a year to her doctrine of acting as the world's police using the tools of war to overthrow governments we don't like wasting taxpayers dollars costing american lives causing suffering and destruction abroad and undermining america's security there are those who would suggest blunt the russians want the united states would be america's police as well so when the inner did american through the world police it was what does your message to democratic voters who may see this may be listening to you right now i feel that it is mirrors president trumps isolationist foreign policy views they make people are smarter
i think you do know what else to say do you know what i think people could see through that begs though every year i mean i think i think the question she raised though is one that swirls around a lot on the mainstream media and in the washington bubble and it's a reflection of this extremely reactive approach to everything to our foreign policy toward domestic puzzle of this person doesn't like it then you must before it or if they like it then you must be against it rather than just actually saying hey look which is what i'm doing i'm i'm running for president to lead this country to do it and in the best interests of our country and not just react republicans are doing or democrats are doing this foreign leader that foreign leader is doing its actually look a lot less thing about what's good for us it's good for the american people now by prime now we'll concept i know but i prefer just like things that democrats do and the bell unlike that other people do
what i really like to get an i might make a shirt for you jimmy door that says that i would love to see where it ok so so here i saw you tweet this out so this is how it is wednesday gas and she said join me in standing with the first four ponders and families of nine eleven victims in their fight for truth and justice demand the trump administration declassify and release all information regarding saudis involvement and nine eleven tax add your name so now tell me about this this this is really in response to some of the family members of people who were killed on nine eleven coming in approaching us in saying hey we need your help
here there's a few large large groups of thousands of family members of those who were killed her filing lawsuits against the saudi government and have been seeking information from our own government now for while it's been almost twenty years since that attack took place they are not getting the information from the fbi or the department of justice that simply provides them with the facts about who assisted these nine eleven
hi jack hers as they came to the united states and began their preparations in launching that attack so this issue were were helping them i've reintroduce legislation that was introduced previously by our friend congressmen walter jones that calls on the administration to declassify and release these documents to bring about closure and justice for these nine eleven families for the first responders but really for every single american because at its core this comes down to our national security and we deserve to know the truth so now there was a law passed that would allowed opened the door for victims of the nine eleven to saudi arabia and when that happened correct me if i'm wrong broccoli i'm a flew to saudi arabia to make to smooth things over with them that do not worry about this
or citing not even actually don't know about that now i can't go well i do and so now why so can you its veto the bill and then we in congress successfully over road that veto ok so why is that such a big deal the reason why not only this bill that's called joss does the acronym that that provides the earth thirty two hour or allows families of of nine hundred and eleven people were killed on nine slash eleven to defile these lawsuits allowed in the opportunity to do so but it also continues through why is it that our government has continued to block this formation from being released that we expect would likely implicate or and at a minimum embarrass saudi arabian saudi officials there i think it points to how cosy the saudi government is
our government with the media so much so that officials within our own government would be more concerned about saudi arabia being offended or being harmed than they are are concerned about these families the american people getting the truth getting closure getting justice no how do you think this is such a heavy lift wider what would it so what is the stranglehold saudi arabia has on the united states you know you ve heard donald trump talk about you know we want to continue to sell weapons and arms to saudi arabia there there is a long standing decision has been made by the political elite foreign policy establishment in washington to takes at that trump has continued to take sides in es generations long sectarian war between the
sunday in the sheer between saudi arabia and iran look i think bottom line is whatever that whatever is driving had saudi arabia dumps a ton of money into washington thing tat banks and other organizations what for it is that's driving it it is inexcusable to think about putting the interests of any other country what to speak of saudi arabia country that continues to directly and indirectly support al qaeda that continues who export their extremists will hobby ideology around the world that reach that serves as the fuel to recruit more of these jihadist fighters into terrorist groups like all kite on isis there are so many different examples of how saudi arabia's not our ally yet the foreign policy establishes an elite in washington continue to turn a blind eye really
betraying the interests of our own country and doing so so does anybody in washington ever talk about the petrodollars at ever come up now why do you think that is so live people don't know what that is when president nixon took us half the gold standard we then moved over to a thing called the petrodollar to support our currency and what that as was if of saudi arabia promise that ain't whenever someone would by oil from them they would have did monetize take their currency and make a change it into u s dollars to buy the oil so it helps prop up our currency plus they would take the extra money neither saudi arabia's they buy our treasuries and so this is called the pet and so what are they get in return will they got the promised to use our military anywhere they want which is why were in yemen right now helping them committed a suit of genocide which is why we turn a blind eye when they ex export obvious em around the middle i've been there though anyway so that's what the petrodollars but that never gets talked about now
and do you wanna talk i mean look i think either you gave you gave a pretty good brief summary i think it is some indicative to the change that we need to have in our foreign policy with our relations ship with saudi arabia look i when we were trying to pass the resolution invoking the war powers act to get us out of supporting saudi arabia in their genocide in yemen we heard from then secretary
mary of defence madness and others within the administration about why we should continue to support saudi arabia's genocidal war in yemen because there is such a great partner in counter terrorism and that by withdrawing our support we would somehow undermine our relationship with saddam none of it none of it really makes sense when you think about this in a rational way and none of it makes sense when you think about the humanitarian disaster we have contributed to creating in yemen because of this support for saudi arabia that's not authorized by is this not authorized by congress we haven't pass a declaration of war rights art ok we're still stir our still operating on the eu imf which is right got past after nine eleven right which said george bush or whoever was president could go fight terror those terrorists who attack
yes but they ve now morph that into anybody that using it as an excuse the abuses that they views that that authorization to go after those terrorist groups that attacked us on nine eleven to go and launching whole series of of regime change wars in different countries across the middle east actually undermining our national security in the process and we're going to we're going to go and use this authorization to go into war in iraq and topple saddam hussein because he's working with al qaeda and he's got weapons of mass destruction all turns out to be lies and this war among others in the middle east have actually strengthened al qaeda and ice is directly going against the whole purpose of that authorization of course while i d honneur really went up to i just want to go through this really fast because so you asked some reasonable questions about hey let's get all the information yes about nine eleven
seems reasonable you're a soldier serving in war that was caused by that by the nine eleven attack sure also on that foreign relations the committee arm serves so you would seem like yeah you know what you're talking about it's not a crazy thing and it certainly seems like a silver rational thing for you to ask except he kept to the affected here's the upbeat post tells you get from floats nine eleven could spare so they just so this is people don't realize how bad the media is and i think they are finding out through you the thing is the thing is with this headline really what piss me off about it was was not anything that they're saying about me but it's it's about those families that i was standing with you know there were two gentlemen they're both both of their debts were killed one of them was working in the world trade center he got out from the
a shoal attack went back in to help other people and never came back out the other guy his dad was the chief of the new york fire department he went in to try to help save lives came out went back in never came back out so these two guys have has bonded along with all these other families around this shared pursuit of justice and the truth and for the media to disrespect and dishonor them in this way is it it angers me to know and i see y yeah exactly so if they don't like you or your narrative with thick that's what they do but there really overplaying their hand will here i just want to show we'll get their own article debunks u s being some kind so if you read the article they try to make everything city say they paint in the most inflammatory way about her but their own article says this
there are reasons go more to question you a saudi ties or be skeptical of saudi denials of responsibility for catastrophes as the slow painful revelations of the truth about wise to post where jabbar could show goose girl show so so it's ok i wouldn't we have question right but with someone we don't like has questions that we call him a crazy not cuckoo a conspiracy there is because we're the victor pulse it is twenty sixteen this is in their own article in twenty sixteen congress passed a bill by overwhelming by partisan majority allowing the families of nine eleven victims to sue saudi rabies so get this isn't some preceded once the information on what kind of crazy conspiracy there's let a conspiracy again there just trying to use it so it's funny the here's where they say you're not certainly they got bigger it's part of the same narrative gabert used to attract friends
borders on the left and right to peddle debunked ideas with serious stakes for millions of vulnerable people like repeatedly claiming that most syrian fighters fighting the country's dictator bashar al assad are tied to al qaeda and other terror groups will who the hell do you think they're tied to who do you think those people who do you think the moderate rebels are who do you think a new threat
is of august or what would you like would you like to inform this writer of desire oh oh here it here is one example of how uninformed that writer is in a media though often talk about how all of the rebels are holed up in the city of id lip in syria mailing to mention that it is all qaeda that is in control of the city of italy that al bag daddy found refuge in the city of id live so there is a gross negligence or intentional misleading happen owing to miss characterize the very same terrorist group that attacked us on nine eleven as quote unquote rebels right moderate rebels moderate rebels what initiatives it if it gets worse than that how is it how did this happen you know trump talked about concerto no food fuel
months ago now how that if any other country went in and tried to attack al qaeda in it live that he would use our military to go after anyone who dared to do so basically acting like the big brother and protector of al qaeda in syria and so now we're at a place where al qaeda yummy they they pose a greater threat they have a greater presence once again there and in other parts of the world than they did when they attacked our country on nine eleven it is our foreign policy that has largely caused and driven this strengthening of al qaeda rather than actually accomplishing the mission that that i and so many others signed up for after nine eleven it was because of that attack that motivated my decision say hey i want to join the military to go after and defeat and destroy those who who visited that evil on us on that
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i ask you in your audience for thoughts and prayers the world more would have took what happened buddy would happen what did you call me the job chart i sorry what what what happened humouredly i'm sorry what happened senators humor you sitting down yes my good friend painter can you said he will not take real action the peter king are you kidding me i know jimmy had simply too painful for words isn't it how do we process feelings of law we are only what comfort each other during this difficult time you're upset because peter is retiring data stood head and shoulders above everyone else i really tweeted that he's been principled and never let others push him away from its principle i really tweeted that too well he's easier races chuck
and i will miss him in congress and value its friendship i really tweeted that to exactly what about will you miss in the most congress the boy we exchange principles norman you're out it would repulsive that always shocks me up i love that and so did fighting moderate american to make up the back part of its country the other lives you get mad at stuff all the time well how about if we read some of the reaction you beginning on your twitter page chuck yes i've enjoyed out because american love plain speaking principle public servant like data king and they will cherishes memory in congress as will i ok well here's one wholly crap you're awful that's one and here's another what someone else wrote no one honest will miss either of you ok i see people are ready
thereby jimmy its understandable and people keep writing what in the world is wrong with you have you been hacked out i want to talk about those doors russians probably eighteen years another one while this is disgusting jock resign or still processing that feeling this one just as you simpering gibbon why urban capitalize by the way another right chopped humor way past his cell date followed by hashtag chuck tumor resign created this and says you wrote this look at it again and still hit tweet ah well yeah exactly what happened i can't argue with that i'll just he breeding them down the page chuck oh you don't have to do god i hope a yo see primary you just want gastric but you see you're such a pathetic sir
some one already say that what do they call me a given your judgment is war please resign that would highlight pledged to serve my constituency retire you god damn wet slug well that silly flags are wet by definition aren't they would bring what in french hell is this i don't even get tat one good grief have you lost your mind delete your account you're the worst leader imaginable i can't wait for someone to primary or and send you packing you're absolutely useless those were four separate people chuck yeah but i bet there why shouldn't man i hoped that becomes a broadside faster than just on the show you find that i find it stunning that nobody in the mainstream primarily guess i guess i don't i shouldn't anymore but i still do that so exactly as you laid out right so trumps everybody
lay off it live bride if you d better and then and then we're too we find the leader of l qaeda trumped just brag about getting the leader of our guidance in aid live that's right so why didn't you want so that this goal but nobody s that isn't funny nobody asked a question of him nobody says hey that's kind of a curious code incidents visited mr president is it body no one asked these questions it's just it just goes to show you the herdsman reality of the news in this reveals it right here right so either this reporter is in town infinitely misleading their own or is just unbelievably incompetence and and knowledgeable about what's happening in the country there probably trying to write about an end both scenarios are unacceptable if you claim to be a journalist correct correct but that's why i actually have a show there like that's why it's like so easy that a guy like me could out do them it's not hard it's not hard that's why can do it so they god they sucks so bad more and more people i gotta say jimmy i'm i'm travelling across the country and you know we have these town halls in these how
parties nine people all over the place who are saying hey i get my info nation from jimmy door i'm not joking well i monboddo embossed i'll tell you the killer you although i did take twenty five hundred dollars from a anti interventionist organization who was supported my work because i tell the truth about syria and some people then tried to write that and say all jimmy door took twenty five hundred dollars which is it but really that will keep me in here die for about three months and took twenty five hundred hours and then he went on to write that these sad aghast attack was a false flag while i was turns out it was turns out i was rising people don't want to talk it's like jimmy took he took money then he told the truth results its i it's itineraries like oh jimmy's in the pocket of big piece
the very illustrious industry has always where the money is baby i have a pro peace laugh that's a lot of money is so this this guy retweeted he's the one of the uk editors of half pose names chris your he was this a great pc says by this hack i who wrote that stupid story about you and immediately underneath and people called about this guy goes it's actually a terrible peace that's pure propaganda and underneath did henry kissinger proof right that's for you it's so funny and then i said tal cs obvious questions about her said attack in is immediately smeared by off bo and cia stooges is the only card they have to play smear anti war people as russians are conspiracies there is thank god there overplaying this card so fantastically that most people see through it and how do i know most people see through it because if you look at this own guys website his own twitter feed he's the editor for at the half poem uk he tweets this out he got ratio down his own twitter threat
this is the editor over at the uk helpful and he's getting rachel down his own choice even the people who volume dollars like they do that's bullshit look at two hundred and sixty seven response this is only forty nine legs and its outcomes it's a terrible piece of propaganda so that's how easy it is to that i could debunking breakdown in two second people on twitter see right through them people are seeing through this and i think it's through your candidacy that people are be like what the hell is going on people it's really waking people up i think right i think it is in it and its causing more people to question some of the information that they are being fed final and to try to find like this this doesn't quite sigh remit of the others doesn't quite sound right let me try to get more information and dig for the truth so i was watching fox business with maria but a and i mean by roma i think i've heard of her hand and she had on david men who used to be reagan's budget directorate before your time but i remember david stockman and dumb
so he was out there and he said you know we should cut the military budget and we there like what what about it did you see this i did not so they so what about aside he taxes people with gas and he goes you get out of it you gotta get out of the mainstream media that didn't happen that's been debunked he's saying it right on fox business this is a guy from the ragged administration seems like a hippie when he goes on fox visitors that's i love so i submit a video about he put it on his own youtube genova so that was fun jimmy you're making friends a hurry i love it i lower side i can ask you what did i want to ask i want to ask you two questions i have to ask you about dear oh so if bernie sanders oh this is what people ask people if bernie sanders is already running why is tat see running no i have to answer for that but i'll let you answer it
i made the decision to run for president not long before bernie made his decision first of all for talking about timing but i made my decision because of very serious issues that i am concerned about with regard to our country and are foreign policy you know the the missile earth that we had in hawaii back in last year was a massive wake up call for me in seeing the direct nuclear threat the existential threat that's facing every single one of us as you know jimmy we got that text alert early on a saturday morning in hawaii from our civil defence it said missile incoming seek immediate shelter this is not a drill and
in those minutes you know we thought that that our loved ones our families are friends had literally just minutes to live fifteen minutes to find immediate shelter this is not a drill and that's it became so stark and clear as you know we had college students sprinting across their campus we had your parents there's a father who lowered his little girl down a manhole trying to find that shelter and realizing there is no shelter there is no shelter and not just in hawaii if we were to get an attack here right now you know where would you go now i get is a double five eight that's it you're going to be ok does not accord dagger exactly but that that that was there was a serious wake up
call for all of us to see two things both how're leaders have failed us in creating this situation where nuclear strategist are saying hey we're closer and closer to the brink of nuclear stash be now than ever before at least in our lifetimes and number two there is no shelter so that was a major turning point for me to recognise how once again essential it is that we have a as commander in chief whose ready to walk in on day one and do that job so you have outlined i'm prepared to do so you have a much for me for my taste you have a much clearer foreign policy than bernie i love bernie i'm sure you love bernie night and so that for me i think it's important your voice is important to be heard that's why i was so important to get china debate stage and you see how it scares them you see how much it scares them just
have your voice one person one person yegg with using their whatever thirty seconds they get to answer a question did just mention the word regime change war scared the hell out of them so much you see what happens right an end you samuel you played that clip early to say well what is a regime change war and you saw that little bit ass debate an end its frustrating really frustrating with that format because it does not allow for a real debate to occur between us you know you up times out rise up i marshall break you know we gotta go make some money rather than allowing you know hey i want to get across to the very specific things that i'll do as commander in chief i will call a summit within my first week in office between the united states russia and china to begin to de escalate these tensions begin to work to end this new cold war a nuclear arms race lead with a foreign policy based on cooperation rather than conflict bring our troops
from afghanistan and these regime change wars make sure that were bringing our taxpayers dollars back here to serve people here at home i'm not interested in talking and fluffy language or throwing these words out that sound like attitudes but means absolutely nothing this is the most important responsibility the president has to serve as commander in chief yet i can think of anything candidate or any media outlets that's hosting these debates that is treating this responsibility with the seriousness it deserves all come on you don't think that anderson cooper i don't know how you feel about being as questions by a member of the vanderbilt it's a scam if there's any you as his finger on the pulse of what's happening and regular be it's gotta be a guy who grew yet mean anderson cooper grew up on the tough streets of this avenue and then he went to yale where he joined the cia and then he was done with that because you want to go into reporting anyway how do you feel about that being asked
since by a guy who was the editor of the new york times who just got done smearing you and has shared on every war the person sit next to him whose came straight from goldman sachs who husband husband now still work i walked in and then guide next you as a member of the vanderbilt family these are the one percent are exposed to be representing america asking our dead democratic of people that's supposed to be president next present they're the ones representing us they don't speak that's why so you'll never see a jimmy bresler non they're asking a question or semi bresler type you'll never see someone like me on their asking a question it's all people or you don't anderson cooper is worth a hundred million dollars before is an arrogance that's how much he's worth so these are the people they have asked asking questions and you wonder why nothing ever gets done in this country because those are the people pushing propaganda aren't i'm talking too much you should be taught you asked what i thought i actually made a very clear statement directly to them during the debate about what i thought about these debates
really being a disservice to voters and how the dnc partnering with the corporate media turned it into a political reality tv show lookin out more for profits and ratings and creating more conflicts rather than actually seeing this as a platform to inform voters said they can must make the best choice possible ok so beaten since the last time you were on the show you come out your new single pair plus we are we are we are working on releasing the full and detailed plan but have been talking a lot about this with people in the town hall meetings that we're having and one thing that's really interesting
i did an interview earlier today with the local tv news station they're saying well you know you're not going to be able to get this passed through congress because you know everybody there hates anything that that's it is a single payer program but we've been hearing very different things from people on the road every single town hall meeting we have every house party we have we have democrats republicans independents and libertarians all coming together coming together both to listen to show support to recognize that we ve got a stand united as americans for our country and hearing from that
there's is a guy who came to town hall in iowa who talked about how he gets together with the same group a guy's every single weekend for coffee and breakfast on a sunday morning and all of his friends voted for trump and all of his friends are supporting whether its medicare for all or a single payer plus type programme because they are all very concerned about their health care and the ability to make sure that whether it for themselves
their loved ones are their kids some of whom have pre existing conditions or rare diseases that they are not going to be able to afford the kinds of medicines and care that they need so again this is one of many issues where it if you if you are really expose the washington attitude of of self serving politicians and the paid a play culture that big insurance and big farmer contributing to and actually just focus on how this is actually an issue that bringing people together around one of the most basic essential needs that we have then you see the opportunity to say health care should be about health care not about a greedy for profit driven system that actually ends up hurting people the most so that used to be that people were a hundred percent well so not attend democrats one pulled couple years ago said they were for single pair healthcare and then even a majority of trump voters were forcing
pierre healthcare then that really scared the hell out of them write them being that the lobbyists donor class the farm big pharma help ensure adele and so they figured out a out well we gotta start telling the pollsters to start asking this question in a way that scared the hell out of people away from medicare for all cats are then they started to ask it this way hey bernie sanders wants to take away all your health care he wants to make a private health care illegal head of the government runner so people are wholly to that sings radical right even though that's not radical what he's proposing but the way their proposed away there couching it makes people afraid right so they so now you see the numbers going down for people's approval of medical single pair but it's there it's not actually with their just doing is responding to the scare tactics that are being used in the questioning so what you
seem to be supporting and i i just want to get clear if the other i know you plan is an out yet but people are saying i'll tell see flip flopped on medicare for although you seem to be not wanting to our private insurance more like say what works in australia very familiar i've been to australia i know how the system works so you want explain i could help to cause i am really it in a nutshell it is making sure that through a single pair plus plan every single american would have would automatically be able to get the care that they need through this plan if you also want to purchase a supplementary insurance planner you ve got an employer sponsored planner you have something else going on you have the freedom to do so if you want but that does not undermine or take away from every single purse in being able to get the quality care that every single american deserves and everybody pays in yet nobody gets to opt out of the way
in australia and they call their system medicare right is everybody pays a right and an so at but you can also then purchase but when you pay and you don't get to choose your doctor but you get you choose your hospital to go to the hospital you gotta get taken care of but you might have to share a room and you don't get to choose your doktor now if you by private insurance on top of that you're allowed to then also pick your doctor and get a private room cause you're paying more for that thing that good sir that's the way they run it there and it seems there everybody when i was nobody really happy with their health care and i couldn't believe that how we did it here in the united states so that to me is a thousand percent improvement that certainly is still medicare for all its just a medicare for all so the problem it used to be if people kept private insurance was that people could opt out you can have that everybody has to pay and that's how it works right so you and irritating that that's really what makes it so that you're bringing the costs down because obviously are taken away
the other the the massive big insurance overhead profits your creating the ability for our government the largest purchaser prescription drugs in the world to negotiate lower prescription drug prices with big pharmaceutical companies have taken advantage of that leverage that we have as their number one client in the world bringing those costs down and making it so that you know enough i don't go i purse out of go to see the doctor very often ivy say i want to be able to be there him or her to be there when i need him but i just i don't go and see the doctor very often other people
have other needs they need to go and see the doctor more often this is what allows us to keep those those prices down keep the costs down for everyone while also taking a very clear focus on preventive care i think too often we talk about the healthcare system in the rising cost of health care in a one dimensional way without actually focusing on what it would look like to have a healthcare system that forum its prevention and health and well being the bout that bath medicare for all will happen before that happens outside that either you get a big beat big sugar and fast food and junk my neck and that i think we just start with informing shit you know i think there's a lot of adding we start with informing people about you know i even just a simple things like putting the collar and nutritional content up on the on different menus about you makes me look twice for the ok maybe i want to choose this over that and number to dealing with the food deserts that we have in this
during a lot of urban cities a lot of communities of color communities of poverty where they dont have choices so you can give people information but if they dont have the option that they can either afford or walk down the street we were in detroit not long ago and we were ms visiting with some urban farm is there and they just talk on their neighborhood the liquor store was the only place if they could go to get you know their milk or their bread or the groceries that they needed so there's look there's no whole foods there's no local like farmers market going on and this is something that those people are trying to fix their growing food they're turning vacant lots into urban gardens teaching people how to grow food how to cook healthy food these kinds of things are happening in communities across the country we got a place greater emphasis on that both in
formation and access to quality healthy food but you still are a firm supporter of medical care for all you does have a little bit din it's not you know i hate when i anyone but when i hear pig booted booted kids did talking about his plan it seems very disingenuous because i don't let's that's less than one of the problems is using kind of that the term medicare for all has begrimed something so ambiguous and meaning something different to so many other people which which i think requires psych actually some explanation ok i do have to leave because i was just going to start paying these videos of you i have a birthday party with joy bay harm i was such a good time we ve got five minutes less wrap it up in the next five minutes so i can i show you this for this they almost black somewhat happens and get tat i want to start with something that i think is also important about facts because
recently on your show here gonna get some good helping out as one would ask it looks that some of you just to try to count that if i had a nickel for every time joy by our in the inner interrupt you during this right i could i could finance the next political campaign here we go accused me of being a traitor to my country a russian asset a trojan horse or are we haven't used are useful idiot i think was the years which physically means that i'm not ever or lack that's what's going on is that i want to let wanna let your viewers know exactly who i am i right set the record straight i am a patriot i love our country i am a strong and intelligent woman of color and i have dedicated almost my entire adult life to protecting the safety security and freedom
of all americans in this country it was the attacks now obviously the her own crowds these through her on this and starts to applaud for you because they don't like what's happening to you they see through it they might disagree with your politics but they don't i agree with this smearing of veteran and the red baiting of sitting congresswoman so they start to end by that so joy can have that she that immediately step on the laugh which is the applause at this is what we say in comedies joys a comedian she said being on the left you stepping on the applause which ruins it and to do what why wouldn't virtual you're obviously not an you're not done talking you're obviously were in the mail you started the tugela why you decided to volunteer after she decided to cut you off could she can have this she's gotta control the narrative and euro would be the euro the decent thing would be hey i smeared you when you weren't here so i'm going to go ahead and let you talk but she doesn't do that and she thinks people don't see through it but people do and
let me just plain i guess we're getting a little far ahead of ourselves but frankly graham finally refreshing isn't finally refreshing richard spencer the white nationalist leader says he could vote for you joy this desire iran iran tat are a cause of at least ten times why don't you go on greece waters so that's called smearing someone by association right so that's that's an underhand trick that's scummy tactic that someone of poor character would use to assault some one of good character and so what so here i'll show you for it says that's like they would have tromp said something nice about nancy pelosi like if we endorsed her for speaker what if something like that mean something like that happen when what is i think she deserves it she's fought long and hard she's a very capable person
and you know you have other people shooting at or try to take over the speakership she has a problem i think i would be able to very easily supply the necessary votes so upset only now nancy policy has to answer a trump seems like you nancy donald was when the gang of everyone says is the races debit he likes you so that's so that's what she joy by our was just doing to you was the cheapest most underhanded thing you could do and she's a grown up she has kids herself right so makes me shudder think like what she imparted around kids as apparent if that's the kind of thing she's doing that on camera in front of the whole country and she thinks people don't notice and let me tell you something people do because the first comment on an eight this video underneath the views on which due to channel the first comment was this policy is not a russian agent but i'm hundred percent sure now that joyous hilary is agent that's got one point thousand likes it's the first comment most popular commented the road video they see right through her so did you get along
did you get like what i didn't know joyce what did what did you get after you want to put words what did you get after you were on the the view because that's a brilliant move for you to actually present yourself here so i a we have not the caricature they my i wouldn't let those kinds of smears go unchecked not not just it's not about taking some kind of self righteous stand the problem is with this this smear campaign
that is being waged by hillary clinton joy bihar and other people it's it's really a message to the american people that if you stand up and speak truth to power that if you are offering a dissenting voice if you are calling for peace calling for an end to regime change war is calling for an end to the new cold war an arms race then you too will be smeared as they are doing to me when we look at the freedom of speech that we have in this country that we look at the freedom to assemble freedom to protest freedom to gather peacefully what they are doing is directly undermining those freedoms by creating this culture really of fear and silencing people from raising their voices in our democracy and i think
a very dangerous thing a hundred percent agree with you which we might we have one more thing i have to ask you before you go so thanks for staying in indulging me people made of rock is out of your vote they said was anti beady s right there is tell us why you voted for that the reason and then you also voted for a receipts tell eads also build that kind of smoke to that too so you can you talk about that yes there were a few bills that came before congress either for co sponsorship actually came to the floor for a vote i took a vote on a bill that spoke to finding a peaceful solution into the ongoing conflict in the middle east part of that bill said i dont have the exact lounge base it it did condemn the beady s movement which i didn't necessarily agree
with the language but i voted on it because i dont think that this beady s movement is the only or perhaps even the best way to achieve that peaceful outcome of stability and security for both the palestinian people and the israeli people i think that's gotta be our focus and objective right alongside that
i cosponsor to bill i think was originally introduced by johan omar and congressmen jean louis so that spoke to the protection of freedom of speech in our own country which i wholeheartedly stand out for to protect and defend especially as a service member willing to give my life to do so so while i personally disagree with the tactics of the media s movement to achieve that objective i absolutely on wholeheartedly support the rights for those who choose to be involved with that or choosing that is their method of protest to be able to continue to do so without fear of repercussions either from state government or our federal government so the natural question that is if if you don't support the media s which is a non violent way to protest the occupation
in what what non violent protest because it when they not finally protest they shoot them so this would be another so what would be a way that they good protest not by only if you dont support media well this is a movement i think that the especially this legislation is specifically talking about people here in the united states as a way for them to lodge their positions and protesting positions within our own government which i support their right to do so as we look to the negotiations ultimately that need to take place between the palestinian leadership in the israeli leadership i think then that negotiation process is ultimately what's gonna be required to find a lasting peace for resolution right but don't you think those are i think that you know the way work disarm see again i'm old and use i remember the day of the parthenon
aid in south africa and how they use divestment in that was actually a good pressure point so i think he got away if he would have where's nonviolent i'm ok formerly you support a two state solution right i do all alright tells you gabert thanks for coming in on veterans day now you're off to a town hall tonight thank you yes we're gonna have a town hall this evening focused on honouring veterans and talking about a lot of the other issues that we face ok till she gabert dates for him support is calling me again hello hello why i mean yeah why are you know there's a lot more that phone call but we don't have time in today's podcast
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