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Young Black Voters Don't Want JOE BIDEN!

2020-07-16 | 🔗

Democrats prevent Trump from withdrawing troops in Afghanistan!

Nancy Pelosi's corrupt bailout for husband's business!

Disabled Veteran Living A Nightmare Created by Joe Biden!

Phone calls from Jeff Sessions, Mitt Romney, Harrison Ford, and Bernie Sanders!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program, the Jimmy or show well Jeff sessions didn't have a good night last night, let's check in and see how he's doing, greatness sanitation attorney general sessions? Indeed, if so facto prior identity, who, may I ask, is calling me on my home line, Mr Sesser. This is Jimmy yes, Jimmy or with the computer show I forgot. yeah. Remind me again. Are you a gentleman of the jewish persuasion
No, I'm not. My background is my background. Is irish and Poland Catholic very few documents to verify that particular sturgeon, sir. No, this is America. I don't think you need papers to prove that sort of thing. I suppose we get, one before I got five may be of assistance to you all this when they have to do with. Well, I just
to see how you're holding up after you defeat last night. Jimmy I'll tell you what I am plumb flabbergasted really, oh, yes, flume a world it turned around, and Nepal get caught, got Jean got the vapours shipwreck. I cannot see how aligned myself with Donald trump politically in such a public and aggressive manner, and in refusing to be his toady would blow up. In my face to this degree, I simply could not have seen these occurrence to make it clear to our listeners. I guess I should point out that you lost you. Jeff sessions lost the republican primary for Senate yesterday, football coach to
Joe prevailed Jefferson BAR God sessions. Thirty Alabama scented, see you of such a ridiculous sentence, Jimmy do, of course not I shall not allow around who? What do you think went wrong. Jeff Well, I suppose my primary misstep was to appeal to southern Republicans, who were not rabid supporters of Donald Trump, Little did I realise that no such person living dead back things if we we should have done ground I can't say, would block that does not get back. It happened.
model plane and whose very corporal existence could not be conceived of by any mine either yeah, it's sort of a music To me that you thought those people were out there or that any non pro Trump Republican, give elected at all where, whereby now you gotta leave Europe. Well look. Instead, it is who are not locks. With Trump Mitt Romney that moment, fellow and LISA Makowski that Jewish lay LISA because gives jewish either well then she better return that last name of hers to the dry good store. Besides, they don't represent states in the Deep south like Alabama. Well, all the more reason to have voted for me. Like I said my full name is Jefferson Bore Gard sessions
how much more of a confederate dog whistle ninety you need to have Stonewall Jackson, ledge Robert E Lee aggregation James crawled do you think that your law should be Warning to other Republicans about crossing or defying president Trump. Do I there's a muskrat look both ways before crossing the train tracks. You believe I do my fellow GOP better. Look after them saying if you want with Trump, then the ai, with the Republican Party, no more, it's as simple as that. That's just how the flapjacks done flapped well, what he happens to the GOP lawmakers left in the House and Senate. If Trump loses this November, they're still going to have to support him. Even when he's not the president anymore, especially when he's not the present anymore. If he loses, is going to do,
averages ego and ass would drop, is the most dangerous lastly, the lash out a day of his political enemies. He was still demand LOL even after loading loyalty for what Oda. What he doesn't think that far in opening up all in New Jersey, riding around in a tank blowing stuff up at Marvel Logo who gives the monkeys behind they all got to be these upon him or else God, at blackmail? Stop he's got on half of them. ah well what what? What are you gonna do now slide into a job, maybe drink.
little more than I should catch up. The old friends work on this life size just bought my backyard of topple confederate monuments. I've been collecting. I got an Albert Cindy Johnson Statue getting shipped in right now from Burningham. Alright sounds good! Mr sees you take care now, a! U! Take care to Jimmy you slick, talking Yankee, you, you never call me again here established on the lighting. So good luck, she's. We can follow my fomenting, is a jack on the medium feeds and jump the medium and hit some head on. It's. The chinita show hi. Everybody welcome to this week's Jimmy door. Show guess what we're gonna get right to the jokes. Gonna skip the jokes. What's on today show surprise:
rise according to the young young black voters do not want Joe Biden all right, spoiler alert. I guess what else is coming up. Nancy Pelosi won't out. Working people, but she will bail out her husband. Instead, corruption is fun. Plus Democrats got together to prevent Donald Trump from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Both the Democrats and Republicans are parties. An was war. We talk about that today, plus a disabled veteran is arrested for possession of medical marijuana and his life is has done a living l, all things to living, Joe Biden, America, and we have phone calls today from Bernie said, There's Harrison Ford, Mitt, Romney and sessions session a lot lot more. That's today Jimmy Georgia,
hey. What did congressional Democrats do this week? Well, they prevented Trump from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. What did congressional democrats do? Last week they increase Trump's military spending. What gets bipartisan support in Washington DC endless war there. It is House committee votes to put roadblocks on President Trump's ability to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, yeah. The House Armed Services Committee voted last Wednesday to put roadblocks on President Trump's ability to withdraw from Afghanistan.
The National Defence Authorization ACT. Amendment would require several certifications before the. U S, military can further draw down in Afghanistan. The amendment was approved. Forty five to eleven. We read that to you again, the National Defence Authorization ACT. Amendments would require several certifications before the. U S, military can further withdraw down in Afghanistan. There saying we can't get out of Afghanistan. That's what they're saying they're putting roadblocks and doing that we'd better in Afghanistan for nine thirteen years,
We have kids fighting in Afghanistan that weren't even born when this war started. Remember when we voted for Barack Obama to end the wars in the Middle EAST. Do you remember that? Do you remember this image? You remember him reading thinking we're only one signature away from ending the war in Iraq? That's what he tweeted April, twenty nine two thousand and seven our top generals openly admit they don't have a clue. Why we're even in Afghanistan resistance scripters are trying to convince people that we have to stay in Afghanistan forever, because Russia. What better way to be a resistance to trump the commander in chief then giving him more power and more military
and more war in the Senate, they also voted against withdrawing troops and ending the Afghanistan war, the senator Wednesday rejected an attempt by Senator Rand Paul to include a proposal on withdrawing US troops from Ghana stand in a mammoth defence policy bill. The proposal would remove troops from Afghanistan with in a year and give them a two thousand five hundred dollar bonus. It would also reap heal the two thousand one authorization for the use of military force. Once you have? U S. Troops have left the country. Senators voted sixty two thirty three against the amendment to the National Defence Authorization ACT.
Here and here the sixteen Democrats, who voted with the GEO Peat to kill the amendment to withdraw: U S, troops and end Afghanistan, war war, they are you to see what their names are. Senator Dianne Feinstein voted to keep the afghan war going indefinitely. Richard Blumenthal, Tom Harper Chris Coons Maggie. Hassan Doug Jones from Alabama remember how important it was. We got him elected member that Angus King Joe Mansion of course Bob Mendez of New Jersey, one of the most corrupt people in the world, Chris Murphy of Connecticut Jack, read of Rhode, Island, Jackie Rosen. These are all Democrats in the Senate who voted to keep the Afghanistan war going forever. Jean Shahin from New Hampshire, Kristen Sinema.
Zone, a Mark Warner from Virginia and shit Elden Whitehouse from Rhode Island. Do you see your senators name on this list? If you do go protest at their house, you think it was an accident that the entire democratic party establishment coalesced around warmonger Joe Biden to stop a progressive anti war in certain g into their party. It wasn't an accident democrats. Are the Party of war. Democrats are the party of the military
industrial complex Democrats will send your children to die overseas as your family dies without health care. Right here at home, Democrats will give trillions to an industry of death. While you can't pay rent during an economic depression vote war, no matter who you know what this photo is. This is Democrats bowing to the war machine, great job Democrats, hey guess what
Representative Matt gets from Florida he's a staunch trump ally. He argued that the amendment would unfairly tightly administrations hands. He said a great nation does not force the next generation to fight their wars and that's what we ve done in Afghanistan Get says. I think the best data have not had that war in Afghanistan was when we started it and the next best day is tomorrow. I don't think, there's ever a bad day, the end the war in Afghanistan. He headed our generation
his weary of this and tired of this great job. Democrats you made Matt gets the voice of reason. You know. In a civilised society, we would openly be calling these people war criminals. You know Trump drop more bombs on Afghanistan last year than any other years. Since the war, started why Nancy policies working with lies, Fucking Cheney, to prevent rob from leaving Afghanistan. Why why these people are murderers? That's why and that's not.
Purple. These people are literal murderers,. America has only one political party, it's one party of war, its one party of oligarchy, and everything else is er, hello, hello? This is Bernie Sanders, calling on behalf of the Bernie Sanders Unity Task Force task force. My task force fielding ideas on how to best implement the United ideas already proposed by the six previous task forces. I fucking want to hang myself. I just do that now. Can I just jump off a goddamn cliff already in get fucking task forces. I got a better one task, fuck
allow the privileges. they to the the presumed area about what I'm sorry I made speaking that the current head of the household, who doesn't have a clue, but still However, what else how to live there? big. Anyone here meets that description Bernie you and yours to meet the challenge and unite behind the only person who can say this country from complete hell. I hate myself. What has happened to me? Don't be there, way. Birdie. You had a lot of great ideas, Where's, like what of TAT forces, are very proud of the progress by tat causes a bank how, after communicating Joe Biden to a number of people who swear, they talk to him personally, very confident well on the way to implementing a bull, new, progressive vision somewhere deep within the dream. Center of our rate, in other words,
I've moved Joe. Is he still? uses to legalize pot for sake. I'm talking stage left that distinction. What happened to our revolution when my twitter page Our revolution is now the change we need will not happen tomorrow. Yeah. Could you be more specific, yes, Jane and I are still going to have ten with the Biden and sometimes but Biden says he won't eliminate qualified immunity study, but even though it that it yeah it's a big part of what all these protests are actually about. Ok, look. I've made a pledge to the american people to put stop like better care for all and qualified to mutilate whatever. That is for the back burner. I know why
Kate, by combating aside, but I know that the fate the worst man in human history blubber volume of talk and worst man from the early stone age or up- and you can't argue with that. Why can I wanna because then you'd be saying he isn't the worst ban in human history of thoroughly stalled age? She was a trap at it. You are. The Biden has always serve those projects, robots, double appetite just before dinner. Why? Because he cares about my ideas, he's Byron really cared about your ideas. Wouldn't he have embrace them from the beginning. Let me answer that question, but another question shut the fuck up, but people are still asking that you should be asking is adopted. Would you rather vote to defeat the most dangerous man in human history occupy the White House? Would you rather vote
for the guy who out for their well what would happen to not me us. It's now, not just me matter, Youtube hear ye you pretty much abandoned everybody? Haven't you Bernie, hey, I'm the idea, guy, not the guy who does stuff with his ideas. Yeah. I got to go we reject the body watch by mailing list, but had the living, maybe Jesus, fuck em. I thought the power of statement about me. No power citing about me I'll look black voters sitting aren't enthusiastic about it. Joe Biden presidency. Why are young black voters not enthusiastic about Joe Biden? You mean the gag, who wrote the cry Bill and the Patriot ACT The guy who pushed for every war in the Middle EAST ever mean the guy who,
on board with NAFTA, the Tpp, the the guy who still against legalizing marijuana, lock and young black eyes up for it, the guy who still against Medicare for all in the middle of a pandemic, the guy who still against student debt. forgiveness. In the large, in the middle of the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history, you mean the gang still against a green new deal in the middle of unbelievable climate change. You mean young voters are not enthusiastic about that. Guy, that's eagerly! Tell me: is they don't watch reruns of murder? She wrote or enjoy a good catheter commercial. Here's from USA
Nay with the November elections for months away. Poland shows bite and support with the younger black folders, trailing significantly behind that of older black voters. Young black voters, support for Joe Biden is unenthusiastic at best or as its hint at worst young Black voters are going to have some reservations about Joe Biden. Some reservations, that's what sure alert says he's the professor government had bowed in college are bout own. college. Adding that Biden represents a very clear image of a status quo politician within the Democratic Party boy, the status quo. Is that what we all need bore a right down. Biden has had moments of
problematic commentary or statements problematic problematic, and they don't see him as it as the direction that takes the party in a more progressive lean. Still voting for the democratic candidate is the norm within the black community. Lord said, and young black voters will likely fall in line She added they will likely for provided, but not be happy about it. So young and black voters are not Susie asked about Joe Biden presidency. I wonder why will baby is because he brags about incarcerating them. Maybe it's because he brags about he wrote the goddamned idea. Ninety four crime bill which led to mass incarceration more prisons, longer sentencing escalate, the war, escalated, the war on drugs and targeted
African Americans Joe Biden, has done more harm to the black community? The last forty years than almost any other American in Washington Dc Paul. Tell Bert a young black men was among hundreds of protesters who marched to the? U S Kapital in June Talbot said he still believe. Sanders was the correct charged for black folks for younger black voters. Like myself, I will, Vote for Donald Trump Talbert. Twenty eight said he criticized Biden is trying to ride on Obama's co coattails, I think the who Obama thing again: the older generation really going. He said he noted he was going to vote November. He, but he would not say if he was gonna boat from Biden.
You know. There is another candidate that had this exact same problem that candidates name was. Let me guess Hillary Clinton. Did the Democrats learn from Hillary Clinton? Failure do Democrats even care. This shows how irredeemable the Democratic Party is. The democratic party establishment did everything imaginable to make this man they're nominee, this Delaware, Dixie Crap
who wrote the races crying bill who pushed the Patriot ACT. Smeared, Anita Hill, put Clarence Thomas and Antonyms Scalia on the Supreme Court, voted for the Iraq war and has credible sexual assault accusations against him, the weakest and least inspiring candidate who is promising as president to veto Medicare for all in the middle of an F pandemic. That's the Democrats, novelty! That's who they're giving you and the Democrats part the Democratic Party pretends to be more role. They pretend they're not corrupt. They pretend or not the biggest frauds and Hypocrites Edra worlds. Choosing Joe Biden is proof the Democrats don't care.
Its proof they don't care. If you live or die without health care, it's proof that black lives don't matter its proof that they don't care about peace, its proof they don't care. If you can pay rent at the end of the month, it's proof they don't care of your children, drink poison, water. They don't care about Yahoo. They act like they got your vote. Their arrogance is sickening, stop being dupes, stop being passive, you're, not bystanders. Make demands, make them come, get your votes, don't listen to them. Don't listen to Bernie! Don't listen to those party apologists! You tell Joe Biden if he wants
Your vote, you want health care, student, debt, forgiveness, a living wage and you want to defend the police in them. That's right, If he isn't going to meet you on one of those things he doesn't get your vote, that's how politics works. This is who the Democrats are fighting. Donald Trump with. you know, the races guy doesn't care about. Minorities make Joe Biden and the Democrats come get your voice they don't have my vote in they shouldn't have years. They should be promising you something They should be giving you health care in the middle of a pandemic. They should be giving you You be I, when they shut down the goddamn economy and give five trillion dollars to the richest donors. The Democrats
Joe Biden have to come, get your vote and he ain't gonna come get it. Hey it's Harrison's Ford Birthdays thought I'd. I'd, wish well call hello. Is this Harrison Ford? No, this is Harrison D. irish and forward here they get there wrong. Guy leave me alone. I'm pretty sure this Harrison Ford, I'm pretty sure you're married door. Now get the hell off my phone, for I have my wife I have to call the cops I wanted the call, was you well there's a holy.
My name is trending on Twitter. The hell happen. It's your birthday, that's a relief. I thought I was dead. Nobody is your seventy eight birthday happy birthday where and why everywhere, because it's your birthday well, every ice cream. I cannot answer that you're saying I'm not dead, but there might not be ice cream interesting. How can you be so sure is that this real. Are you real? I've never even met you well happy birthday anyway. If time is linear, it's free well, even possible. Are we just in in our collection of chemicals or all life of format of dissipation of mechanical energy from one state to another.
I don't know Harris said I spend most of the day, cooped up in my kitchen, smoking, dope and watching match game. Seventy four Oh, I would love to watch. I hear you Harrison. This pandemic is really affecting all of us and then make you. Man have been cooped up in my kitchen, smoking dope and what A match game: seventy four and there's a pandemic going on yes good. Now I got an excuse ever notice how Richard Dawson looks pretty sharp with sideburns in seventy four, but then, as lapels got real wide and the whole show went to Hell. No, I don't remember that I grossed over ten billion worldwide. Remember that really you can be damn certain. My son's Ben Ford, Fred Ford Burn Ford, Ford, Ford and Fargo Ford do what's the plot of your New Indiana Jones, film
spent forty years since the first instalment of his fresh. I was forty years old, then here telling this episode. I robbed my own too. let's go Seventy six on and I need to light up an epic owner fucking lapels man hey you know We no longer have an Amazon link because we're not doing that we're not playing that game, but here's another great way you you can help support the show. Is you become a premium where we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you can do it by going to Jimmy your company that cop clicking on join premium and supposed affordable previous programme and the business, and it's a great, way to help put your thumb back in the eye of the bastards, thanks for everybody who was already a premium member and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support
so the entire government is bought and corrupt. That includes every single Democrat and independent in the Congress, and here is Nancy Pelosi. Two and a half months ago, when they passed the Cares act that was the largest upward transfer of wealth in the history of humankind. When they passed the cars AC, there was nothing in it for the state or local governments or anything for people and here's what Andrew Cuomo set about it. At the time we ve been talking about funding for state local governments, and it was not in the bill that the House is going to pass today. They don't worry, don't worry, don't worry the next bill. I said My colleagues in Washington, I would have insisted that state and local funding was in this current bill, because I dont believe if they want to fund state and local governments, they don't want of funds.
State and local governments. This is two and a half months ago and watch what Jake Tapper says to Nancy Pelosi call us as he would have insisted on state funding. I In the last bill you you now Senator Mcconnell saying he wants to push the pause button? Was tactical mistake by you and Senator soon cash calm down we will have state and local and we will have it in a very significant way, it's no use Goya. She lied. He called her out, she lied and he took a spanking he didn't push back on her after that and so state local? We got no money. We got nobody to help our own people, because nobody, they didn't, give people health care in a pandemic. Didn't you, Ubi after they they close down their economy. They did nothing for people and when asked about it, she said come down
it's two and a half months later, and there ain't nothing coming your way you want to know who did get money: Nancy, Pelosi's husband. This is what corruption looks like. Ladies and gentlemen,. A firm owned by how Speaker Nancy Policies husband was among the business is linked with Congratulate Congress members deck. I gotta pay check protection programme loans. Nancy policy is worth over one hundred million dollars per congressional salary is a hundred and seventy thousand dollars Harry Truman once said. Show me someone who gets rich being a politician and I'll show you a crook. the company invests in the El Dorado Hotel and Sonoma California. Pelosi stake is worth
between a quarter of a million and a half billion dollars according to official disclosures, but because policies husband make shitty investments into whole tells during a pandemic. We, the taxpayer, have to bail him out. These are all the cup of the Congress people associated with companies who got bail out money, Nancy Policies, husband, got bail out money Mitch, Mcdonald's wife got bail out money there. Profiteering off this pandemic is brazen. They don't even pretend not to have an appearance of corruption. States are closing down because they can't get federal funds, policy, says calm down and she'll get to it. Congress still hasn't done anything local bobbin pop stores are closing down, left and right workers. Are losing their jobs left and right. People are
losing their health care? People can't pay their rent. Thirty two percent of homeowners miss their House payment July first, but Wall Street is getting trillions of dollars. The system is rigged during a pandemic, Congress won't get people health care, but they will bail out themselves and they're, big money donors? The political leadership of this country is corrupt. We have one party in this country, one party of Wall Street, one party of war, one party screwing over the people. The entire system must be overturned, don't calm down
So now here's an article from Mother Jones better, if you know anything about whether Jos with other Jos, spoke Super liberal, lefty, progressive and then something And I think they got bought another NEO liberal corporate trash of no idea mother Jones exists here is Kevin Drum from other Jones, and he says we really really to release we really really dont need to male out thousand dollar checks. Here's a better idea! Do you think it's a better idea coming from other Jones? I think it's gotta be a shitty, NEO, liberal idea. Let's take a look. The Irish
It's his plan, the IRS or whoever puts up a website. You know how good the government is that putting up websites- Firstly, it at a body like the IRS they'll, probably spent five billion dollars to some third party company, but you people get super rich and the thing will fuckin word That's what we need right now. We, the IRA, to go higher recovery to set up a website, so his big the is the Irish or whoever puts up a website. It asked for your name, your dress, your social security number. Oh, that sounds good. That sounds good. It then asks under penalty of perjury
for you to swear that you really did lose your job for corona virus related reasons. So you see what this is. This is trying to target the help. This is now what he's doing. Well, you will be audited about this at the end of the year, but the meantime. We will send you a five hundred dollar check every week for twenty weeks. If Congress extends the programme, the Czechs will keep coming. That's it.
Yeah, that's what we need. Some more bureaucracy run by the IRS trying to means test in the middle of a fucking pandemic. It would be better to use that three hundred billion well now it's five hundred billion to target the people and businesses most affected by government mandated measures like restaurant closures or social distancing and so forth. So he wants to mean test this now in the middle of a core. Unbelievable crisis highlights the mean test this he wants you to get then you're gonna get audited at the end of the year, will figure out of your lying and will be some court cases and peep, though, be left to get some more police on this that people investigate you and what the fuck just said. Everybody a goddamned check you moron.
And people call him out in the comments he tweeted the sad his stupid article. we really really need we really really dont need to beat trumpet November. Here's a better idea. Oh yeah dude, the IRS will get right on building a website after bidding out the contract to a third party web developer. and nine months from now, we can get a burly functioning wed platform that accidently leaks everyone, so security, great idea. First of all, I bet in a week floor Illinois in Arizona, gonna have massive outbreaks of corona virus. That's what I thought. That's that's my my prediction and dumb, but still, dementia beat socialism, isn't that nice, this guy says Matt met darling. What a great name her darling adorable. That's like! I should be GB adorable. If you can be met,
darling. I should be able to be Jimmy adorable. Yes, absolutely he said this is. He says this is just a bad idea: it's just unemployment insurance with extra steps. That's what this guy's doing, you're right That's exactly right! Those already employment insurance for people lose the fucking jobs, it's just employment insurance with extra steps, so he adds a bureau accuracy. On top of it, we gonna build a whole new website, regularity, I've, employment, insurance, plenty of people will be suffering, who don't lose their jobs, people who lose hours or people who are self employed. Everyone go to a website is not a reliable solution. I like what this person says underneath the tweet. You have no good idea.
Hey, so here's a feel good story from Joe Biden, America. You know Joe Biden guy who still won't legalize marijuana, because he's bought and paid for by big Pharma, because he's corrupt, because he's your enemy will there's a story right out of Joe Biden, America, black disabled veteran, sentenced to spend sixty months in prison for medical marijuana. Sean was wounded in Iraq, the thirty three old veteran is disabled with a traumatic brain, injury and post traumatic stress disorder from his service in Joe Biden WAR in Iraq, he uses medical marijuana to calm his nightmares and soothed his back pain. His Medical marijuana was prescribed, been purchased in Arizona, whereas begun been legal since twenty eleven, while travelling drew Alabama police officer Approach, Sean and his wife Bonnie in their car at a gas station the officers
that. He smelled marijuana and asked the couple about it. John told him he was a disabled veteran and had a medical marijuana card. Bonnie too the officer that the marijuana was behind the seat. The pills worked in the original bottle, which the officer said constituted a felony. The couple were both charged and spent six days in jail, but that was just the beginning of their Alabama legal saga. once the worst leaves were released on bond. They paid four hundred hours to get their car out of impound when they returned Arizona they found. The charges made it difficult for them to maintain housing instability. They moved to Nevada and least a house almost a year later, the Alabama judge was revoked bonds on all the cases managed by Sean's bail bondsman. They had,
the rush back or he would lose the money they had put up for their bond and they would be charged with failing to appear in court. They borrowed money to return. Alabama prosecutors told Sean that if he didn't sign a plea agreement, the couple would have to stay incarcerated until December and that they would charge her with the sea charges rather than see his wife go to jail. He signed the agreement body out. Certified nursing assistant who works with traumatized. Children lost her job off due to the felony charge in Alabama, for while the worst Lee slept in their car or lived with family in January, two thousand and nineteen they were homeless. Sean lost his homeless veteran benefits with the VA, because Alabama had issued a fugitive warrant for his arrest after Sean had missed a February court date in Pickens, County and Bonnie's health failed and she needed heart surgery. Sean stop taking on extra gigs to help her recover.
to cover costs. The couple took out a title alone and lost about his truck when they could not keep up with the payments with no transportation, they lost their home, Pickens County extra Data John back to Alabama at a cost, to the state of four thousand three hundred and forty five dollars. That was added to the three in eight hundred and thirty three dollars. He already Odin finds fees and court costs. On April, twenty Eightth Pickens County Judd sentence, MR worthily, to sixteen months in prison. This is Joe Biden. America The sentence would already have begun if it were not for the chronic prison overcrowding at the covid nineteen crisis that has gripped the prison system, killing five inmates and two AOC employees. Thus far, Sean has been at the Pickens County jail since early two thousand and twenty on April. Twenty eight revoked his probation and send him to sixty months in the Alabama Department of Corrections. I feel like.
Being thrown away by a country I went and serve for John wrote in a letter to Alabama Apple seed. I feel, like I've lost parts of me in a rack parts of my spirit and sold that I can't ever get back. Does. Joe Biden. Joe Biden wrote the goddamn crime bill, he's proud that he's in jail Joe Biden's, proud that that service members in jail right now for marijuana. Joe Biden is proud of that. To the point where Joe Bite, going to change it even now. Don't let them tell you that this is trumps America. This is America. This is your country. This is the broken system. We live in This is the world Joe Biden created thanks to Joe Biden. We have this
Stabled veterans from the Iraq war, thanks to Joe Biden, we have more prisons. Thanks to Joe Biden, we have endless war on drugs. Thanks to Joe Biden, the state targets african american communities for profit, it's two thousand and twenty and Joe Biden still opposes legalizing marijuana. We're in the middle of a pandemic and Joe Biden still opposes better care for all it doesn't matter. How many lies. Joe Biden tells you about the end of a lazy p endorsing him. They have never endorsed him. Joe Biden is a textbook sociopath. It liar the prison industrial complex endorses Joe Biden. The military industrial complex in Jos endorses Joe Biden Wall Street. endorses Joe Biden in Obama oversaw the militarization of local police forces, Biden Obama gave billions to the people,
taking away your house during an economic collapse. Bided in Obama gave the ok for police to crack. The heads of peaceful protesters from coastal coasting Occupy Wall Street bided in Obama propped up of surveillance state to now serve the police state. Joe Biden was the establishment choice for a reason. Joe Biden is not going to save you. Joe Biden is gonna serve you Joe Biden is going to continue the wars
Joe Biden, is going to let the bank take your home. Joe Biden is going to frack your water, Joe Biden is going to let you die without health care. He's already promised you this, and yet he and every other blue check motherfucker on Twitter, expects me to vote for him. I'm not voting for him. He's not going to save us. I'm going to oppose the system that Joe Biden set up and I ain't going to wait until after member to do it. You know who's going to save us. We are solidarity. Is the only way out of this remember when the deeper, when the New York p D were using public buses for transferring arrested protesters to prison, the bus drivers refuse to drive the protesters to prison.
Solidarity is the only way out of this. We have to stand together. We have to stand together together. The system has failed. The system is collapsing, it's time for us to stand together in Revolution, the low he heard a bit and met the Mitt Romney here, Oh boy is maids ever miffed, Miss Smith. What's wrong me, I'm talking about this unprecedented historic corruption of commuting the sentence of Roger Stone. I am so. this time? Don't get near me or I'm able My job I tell you didn't both boost president's. Do the same. Damn thing again: George H, W Bush and his son George W
they don't ring a bell. Sorry away. I remember something about that. Watch that again be commuted. Schooling, Libby says and they also pardon Casper Weinberger. Oh you're gonna compare a Roger to a scoot and a cap come on not really scoot and a cap. these guys were so made. They had nicknames for their nicknames. Scooter and Casper were swell eggs from good families. Roger isn't even a nickname for anything case closed. Well, it's not we'll, never agree on this Jimmy. So, let's move on to something we can both agree on is we can't Jaeger thirty thousand soldiers out of Germany Jimmy we want our country parents, where
hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Door, comedy Cobb sign up it's the most? affordable premium program in the business. Today's show is written by RON Placo, Mark Van Lando at step, Samorano, Jim Earl, MIKE Mccray and Roger Rittenhouse. All the voices report today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it MIKE Mc radar. That's it for this week, you be the best. You can be housekeeping me Don't don't don't don't you?
So don't you not for free, don't freak out. Do not freak freak freak.
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