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549: Mickey Royal | A Pimp's Secrets of Mind Manipulation Part Two

2021-08-19 | 🔗

Mickey Royal (@mickey_royal) is a former gangster, drug dealer, pimp, mob enforcer, and bestselling author of The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide and The Pimp Guide: Secrets of Mind Manipulation. [This is part two of a two-part episode. Catch up with part one here!]

What We Discuss with Mickey Royal:
  • How Mickey's pseudobulbar affect and bipolar disorder came in handy as advantages in his line of work.
  • What being deemed "capable" in certain circles means -- and why it's a networking mistake among criminals to turn your back on the type of job this entails (even if you've since moved "up").
  • How Mickey established The Royal Family -- an organized stable of prostitutes that ran with the efficiency of a Fortune 500 company.
  • Why someone who's smart enough to make money through illicit entrepreneurial means would probably find outstanding success in the mainstream under different circumstances.
  • How the mental toll of seeing people only from the levers by which they can be manipulated adds up and makes "normal" relationships difficult to impossible.
  • And much more...

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and two or economic head man. Each episode turns our guests, wisdom, Interpol, nickel advise that you can use to build a deeper understanding of how the world works and become a better critical thinker If your new to the show or you're looking for a healthy way to tell your friends about it, we ve got episode, starter packs bees, our top episode. organised by topic that'll help, listeners, get a taste of everything that we do here on the show visit. Jordan harbinger dotcom, slash, start to get started or tell somebody else get started today. Its parts you with making royal if you haven't heard part one go back and get it now. This is the rest of my conversation with former enforcer gangster pent extraordinary, Mickey Royal. you're wondering how I managed to book guests like this. It's because I know a hell of a lot of people. I am actively managing my network using software systems and tiny habits, and I'm teaching you to do it for free over at Jordan Harbour your dad come flash course by the way. Most of the guess you on the show are contributing to the course there in that course come join us Europeans.
Our company, where you belong now. Here's part two with Mickey Royal you say the pimp must say no to all vice. That's an interesting kind of idea, because means like no, maybe drugs, no sex. Why is this right at its it changes the power dynamic. You know what's going on here when you were apparent, teaches a woman how to manipulate MIA. and a lot of people think that a pivotal to control the woman, no he's not he's after control the man he demanded the fish. The client is the fish, the prosecutor just a worm, so I'm teaching her but which he notices after the teachings of during teaches that hey you're, a man too,
Now you ve talked this. Woman had amassed a manipulation of testosterone, male ego and everything so is only natural that she works these feminine. While on you any vice, you may have a collar receptors. You have to silence you receptors, they're, just hooks for people who are looking to you to control. So you can't love money. You can hated. You guessed it upon. When you become a narcissistic, sociopath become empty, become hollow use. Various no joy use bears no paint, you won't know, love. You won't know hate you just an empty room, because any thing that you have
any emotion, any vice anything they can hook in the Gatt you and is only natural that she murmured ass. They rise above the people that you put it. You can be the puppet master said. The puppet master cannot have any interest, any wants any lust, any desires, any dreams, any goals, nothing. Why so he can control your lost your dreams. Your desires, see I can't manipulated, be manipulated the same type in order at the cut, though strings. Now you cut yourself off from being control, but also cut yourself off on any kind of joy, or anything that you think you my field so what you doing to them is being done to you by your own admission. You just don't know it yet until you get older and try to leave and go damn, I'm just a screwed up right. I flipped off all the switches because they were vulnerability and now at the probe I mean, is no longer running right. So dear no personal relationships, you say appear. Human are vulnerable, never be outdone, so limit person.
Relationships. I assume that means like no cop talking about your mom or visiting a holiday for the holidays and suchlike attic. That's limited right. That's off limits, you know you don't have a Europe count Dracula, you don't have a mother, you don't have a father to them. You don't have a family, you don't watch television on a television continues as it you don't watch television, you don't keep up with sports. You don't do anything so that you can become everything and as the only way that you can appear, you have two separate yourself from the minute. You ve taught him to manipulate. You know they want things. I say if you want, if you have a one, I can manipulate you. If you have any desire of anything, I can initiate your teach others how to it. You cannot mislead a person who isn't going anywhere.
If you don't want need anything and you're sitting still, there would be. No manipulation are not keep in mind. You ve talked these women. How to do this to the point of a mastery level, one woman I used to know she slept with him after three hundred dollars, but she cried told us are storing up. Eight hundred more out of it and I knew one woman who were her class pay, for. I think she and abortion every day of right said just a pad the invoice sick of the married clients. It's like, I think, I'm pregnant workers, the money for that. I think I'm pretty far different guys pay for the same imaginary abortion cause. She could cry on cue because things are taught her. What's to stop her from trying to kill me You know my son, you just get hit by a car as, like nice trash you that yeah, I'm gonna, get you one day in half lights hope he's ok, but I'm not gonna be out of do anything about that. You know you have to learn because emotions are their tools and which they work with and ass their weapons, and you are a man,
and you are the only man in their lives here they love you their father. You there brother, you they're protector, you're the doktor fail when a chronic. your arms when he tell stories about you, know certain basketball style, you want me to do this any other, I'm the one hearing there, sit near what her I'm a latin and also the one motivate no to go to work on all of her. Emotions are connected to me so now the normal. She knows now. She's gonna try to do that with you not even knowingly, not even on purpose. It just become who she is now you right when she thinks she knows the rules, I alter them, keeping her always on her toes wondering and off balanced and somewhat intrigue. I've been doing For so long is just a natural instinct at this point, so it sounds like what you are saying is that same thing happens to them too. so your training them how to do that, because you're doing that, we then what? How did you Is this hold on I've? Gotta hear it says, no matter how long you dance with the devil, the devil never changes, the song. The devil changes you. So you change a woman before her eyes, no matter how you
cup on a mirror. It always looks you right in the eyes there you literally transform them, but you transforming yourself at the same. time yet happy? I write it. You don't know, what's happening, it's not safe to dabble in this, because it sucks? U N, based on your insecurities yeah, because once it sucks you in and you learn a certain level of marking throw anything those insecure about you no longer is because I have twenty of the most gorgeous women tell me on their most have them as men in the world and now with them.
Insecure about the grade school. You know I have an aversion for women who are six feet tall and, like one moment, sit in my heels on sixty five, your fifty seven, but I find myself looking up to you, see I'm ten feet tall around her in her presence and she's all powerful than my present. So we can't separate you know so anything that was insecure about you, that you thought it evaporates. So that's part of the allure that sucks you in you know. If I could be a God here, be a human anywhere else. You describe this error. At least part of the game is emotional loan sharking with exaggerated interest, so you're selling. Her fantasy lifestyle rights won it. What is it hopes you used to get some of the women in, as you sell her a fantasy lifestyle, but she can never fully attain it right. It's like they get a taste.
but it never. They never can satisfy their appetite for it will. The appetite is not financial she's, a great behold inside of her that she said feel and when she doesn't understand you, the more she tries to feel it, the bigger the whole expanse, and, like I told one woman that I went to heal cuz, I can work backwards. I said: there's a whole inside of you just like me, but I'm not incomplete, because try to be a donor, she had done. It has a whole inside of it, but it's not. A complete attire has a whole inside of it, but it's not a complete because we she goes back into her PTSD thing. I can still be done. It you're, not a damage, human being you're an altered human being. I say you were from a caterpillar to a butterfly. These wings are strange. This is just your new face. You no longer caterpillar, so dont think because you don't have all these legs anymore, that you defend
the caterpillar with these wings on your back, you ve just become a butterfly. You no help in her through the PTSD ass, it you're different human being now you're an altered human being. But yes, it is emotional loan. Sharks and is an emotional psychological twisting game is not financial feed. A fantasy is not financial fantasies. Emotional, the fantasy is cycle, logical has nothing to do with money. That's why you're fine one with a lot of money and they might commit suicide or you might some, what a lot of money- and it just sit neurons rungs- is something that did not get any money can't supply that you have to supply that relationship. You see our lot instead of masochistic relationships, the dominant and the recess, if submissive, vs submissive. Yes, they think that the master is in control of the Serbs
not really didn't understand masochism. The master is only a master with the sub, so the Goonies, whom the most because without the sub, then the masters just some guy who works at Jiffy, Lube he's not a master, but he needs that sub in order to create that part of him is just that the sub is tied up, but the sub. That's what I called the power mission for the power that truly lies behind the throne and not on it yeah. This makes sense, and you detail a lot of this in the book I mean there's even things like contract negotiations and one stamp. If she comes in says she has a better offer from another pimp. Dont lash out or get angry, give her a better offer, she's, not sanction wants to leave she's asking you to give her a reason to stay, which is just about right, any other job offer or contract negotiation in any other industry that you'd normally here about
She says I wanna go over here and death it. So I thought you know they do this, that any of us it well good luck over there, that's good for you. I said I will take the job to, but will you gonna be? Ok yeah. I can see the rest of us we're about to start making these adult fans and we're gonna make six times more than that, and if something opens up give you cause you that, when he's done that, I would put a stop to it. What wait a minute? Wait! A minute now wait a minute nano good luck, all up sure sure you can always come back. Are you wanna leave was just like anything else. You know when you become a free creation. And you have to keep in mind in that life you're, always a free agent at any time. So that's what, when you going back to where the pimp's job is, I have to constantly make you not want to leave someone so a movie at doing extra. What a lot of these girls in this is my third novel skipping ahead.
Here's website started coming into play, so a lot of had their website. So I, like, I, told some- want to say: how much would you pay out of a total is before us? How much would you pay to have sex with a porter written girl, very pretty poor? We concur with three four hundred dollars said: how much would you pay to have sex with party be fifty sixty thousand dollars? Some us? Ok, my job is to transform a porter, weaken girl with bad diction into cardy. Be now. I dont have a record companies to do that, but I did have a production company distributed by hustler, destroyed by gentlemen. So I can put you see you have six to three times a day for said, Madame Money, how would you like to have sex with one time? I cut you in a percentage. I put you on this box cover and distributed to twenty thirty. Forty thousand outlets a five dollars each has it. How do you like that now?
when you go to your website, you dont have a hundred subscribers for five thousand, because you known as Spain, he moaning, Uruguay, you known in Australia. You'd have people flying from D by just to be with you, because you're not a put a written, Carlini war. You can't be your Madonna, even though your looks hasn't changed in the service that you providing hasn't changed. So what I did was multiply your income cuz. I've tried to prove to a woman that I can give you fifty percent and you will make ten times more than the one hundred percent you have now. I said give me ninety days. It didn't take more than thirty cuz now she's getting those calls. Now she has politicians looking for her and she hasn't still the porter written governor brats, but now she's Cardy B and I'm using our example, not that I had any kneeling. Let her know when I was doing is out there. She was born Fritz Gaddi issues like it or what
I just thought about branding now: you're gonna morality and marketing year. As you know, our women on a corner. The only reason you put women on the track is just to be seen now. If I can put you on internet sites- and if I can, let you do this out of your home and I can bring whip and I can set up customers coming in from here and there on the other. Why would you stand outside? I just devalues you and it puts you at risk, but a lot of guys who were pimps. They do that for their own natural ego. Look I got that girls to do. I didn't have to do that and come from that background. I came from a far more dangerous background, so to me, being a pimp was actually almost like. A vacation was very easy for me, written. You can only bring to the party which were already half, so I brought my organization skills to that like a face to wash Charlie's angels, ISIS study things like that and that's what I wanted an agency and that's what we became now
you talk about knocking, which is like breaking someone down or training a lion. You say figure out what she needs is it fame? Is it love and figure it out before they do offer it to her, but never deliver? That seems like It's I guess it is like training. I don't know much about training a lion put. What is I mean how do you figure out what they want before they do? What are you listening for him? What are you looking for body language words that they use their eyes? You know, I remember one time I have one lady. I went over to your house as you sit near and I was in, I remember because they had it. Normally large share near and armor peaked in touched the ground, and I look like a kid in excited cabin with me. My feet, like a killer, was his chair, so big one was known of goofy chairs and I saw her sister come off from the back and she was pretty, but a system was dropped, Dick or just, and I saw the young ladys eyes dropped.
and go back up like all. I know she was here. So what I did was I maintain eye contact with her. I started talking about how pretty the girl I was there with, and I ignored the sister. I was the only guy that ever did that. So in my presence, that's giving her and here that animals beautiful woman word as long as I'm with him, and if I can be that with him, what he asks me or needs me or tells me to do, is immaterial because what I'm gettin from him is priceless, so that was just one example but they had more extreme example, but when you're mine has been condition to certain where you see a pickup on this all day as minister, if I told you I was an avid poker player, you wouldn't be surprised, I'm sure you now could. I can read the person now. This makes sense right. That's what you're sort of What you said is so the dynamic there was
time she's with a guy at the House and her sister walks in the guys, always they light up and they switch the attention to the sister, because she's pretty or saw her whole life has been in the shadow of her pretty your sister. you're saying you conscious. It seems like your Santos but my words about you're, not shifting your attention to that. your sister, in fact, your ignoring her in that causes, while both causes the prettier sister if you like, wait wise and this guy falling into the usual dynamic, but also the woman that you're with whose used to attention than leaving her doesn't happen, So this is a rare occurrence and if so, she's getting something that she doesn't get ever, which is that to be the centre of it even when her sister is around so you're giving her power a feeling that she's never had or that she never gets right in the other guests. First dynamic. Often I've got them both at Otto one person. I would do it like a recess of gene,
mother died has anti, because I gave them all individually what they needed without changing myself. Therefore, if there are getting separate things there, not jealous we're all in the same company. Right, ok, interesting! You say you must outshine everything in her world. You know you ve done it when she showing you off to friends and family people, don't get out of a game because everybody is getting what they need. The pimp gets cash. She gets love the trick, get sex and This sounds like that scenario right, so that pretty sister in a story is getting she's chasing you because you What's goin on here, maybe I'm giving her a shot at fame or some other thing that she wants. You figured out. The less pretty sister in this example is getting, power attention, love whatever it is, and so you just figure out what everybody in that situation needs, and you give it to.
but not enough that they feel satisfied. You just keep them chasing you for more action given at both from the same time, one is chasing me because she's been ignored. The others chase me because she's the centre of attention under the same room above and I used to do it like one two, three, a little bit over here want to three a little over here. See you don't hurt the Middle EAST issue, the middle job. You don't hurt the middle system by ignoring hairdresser conflict, so that's what she grew up being she's, Jan Brady. You don't hurt her by that. You dont get her attention by that you get Marcia Brady the one who's used to getting the attention. The oldest one define what you get her attention by ignoring her you get them middle, wants attention by give being Herbie in the centre of attention as she gets addicted to that. If you want to lose the pretty system
a british year. She didn't hear necessary spot, tell our pretty. She is open your mouth and a tangible up. When that happens every time she walks out to check the mail so you're the salmon swimmin upstream, you can't help but be noticed and that's the point constantly watching you. Why? What am I doing I'm just sitting here, but I know exactly what I'm doing it with which eyes? because she's live with me so long. She knows all the this guy's, a teller of trains, you too, Oh yeah, none, as you say, you workin the rooms as it. Yes, he's that you literally moving people around. I could see you don't you did this, that the out of it at least I'm Tellin, you some. She here about our relationship is different. It's different, obviously at this point, I'm not in life anymore and planned a married woman, so we ve got to everything together. You know in the book heat There's a example, this woman, coffee and she says I am I talking too much and you know in the book. My fangs drip at Youtube com. Like your vampire fangs. My thanks drip at the sound of self evaluating questions. Coffee. This is earned,
was unknowingly falling into a pre spun web that permanently orbits, those in the ism Ism is what you call the game like the is like the venom that your or whatever the that's the magic Ojo. Whatever is the mysticism of it yeah the size of the war, depends on the depth of the ism that dwell within the individual as much as I attempted to Caen at the power seeps through no coffee, you don't talk. much. Why do you say that I asked to measure the death? her insecurities only to use them against her for my personal gain at a later date, so that,
crazy, manipulative right you so that Dr Evil sounds like the architecture was, is done on purpose and is premeditated. But now, when she asked me, the rhythm of fangs drip was it because she asked me what you talking too much. She was seated my approval of something personally with insider. If the same is dollar fatness does his dress fit see is not about the threats, the reason the fangs in its I owe you need my approval so, depending on my answer, affect your emotion, either being happy or sad or insecure. Your basically grabbing a hook, put it inside of yourself and put in a rope around my hand. So let me decide which way I want to pull
guess what my long term game or short term gains. At that point, I could have gone either way with it, because you're looking for my, for my approval, had nothing to do with whether she was talkin too much. What you're saying is that my opinion, my outside opinion matters to you right now at this point more than you're inside thoughts and more than you're inside opinion. So I am, the dynamic has switched right then, and there from that question. So that's why my fangs had drip like all this going to be good, Oh she's, a little bunny rabbit. She found some little toys to play with no, those are rattlesnake eggs in Mama's and creeping up on behind you and what you don't know is she didn't leave her nest. Her nest is baked. That's what you don't know. She left the eggs there be
He knows you like those and she were wrapped around and set them waited. The snake left his nets. Nor did it set a trap. You just won't know it until you feel that by an addendum releases through you, it's a very sinnest again your listening to the Jordan Harbinger share with our guest Mickey Royal, we'll be right back in back to Mickey Royal on the Jordan Harbinger show yeah it's yours sounds like it is. There's a lot. A couple, other techniques that I caught from the book constantly reframing framing to maintain the leader Roy. You don't fragment like that, but that's what it is. Racy I pointed to coffee with my index finger signalling for to stand up. I didn't like how sweet pea, which is another girl, cut me off about her date. by as if she was trying to get us to leave. So I had to counter as if leaving was still my idea, the power as behind choice, and the balance of power must always be dictated by me so in
situation. What happened was you. You were like picking up some money and one of the girls, as I girl, here's your money in and then shorter pissed or offer ever so she goes anyway. I got somebody coming over like in other words, you have to leave you basically splitting around so that leaving was your idea and not hers. In your constantly kind of this is like I kinda thing again where you stand Seeing dominance quickly, positioning yourself for the ghost haitian leverage or to maintain the dominant status in any social interaction, reminding people that you carry more weight financial transaction or in a social environment. Even in these new on small engagements people you already know you're doing this, not just with like new business contracts at a negotiating table, its costs, we going on, because if you dont maintain that the people you work with. Will that, where the one that will decide that they can take advantage of you, it's like a very competitive new ones.
Competition going on as subtext all the time- and I don't think so- yes, it is- and I don't think sweeping did that on purpose, but what she did. She ordered the status quo right, FEMA hooks was so deep. It at the time that she could say anything is now going to alter our dynamic at all right. It was it it's not gonna, throw everything off balance but you're. It sounds like you're you're thinking about death by a thousand paper cuts like you can't even let one crack show not right and what it was Do was changed away coffee She wouldn't unknown the changes taking place, but she would have spoken to me differently in the car and I was doing something so I had to make. It seem like all the orders come from me anyway, so instead of sweet, pea and making like she's pushing this out, I just made just seem like she knows me so well, she can re can read before even open mama. So again, that's just an ultra submissive. Like ok is not we clock, we gotta dropped the fries now on the manager at the restaurant. That's my line. We have to drop the fries but
the employees yells that out and in order for me to keep status called I'm like you're learning your learning. I like that. So it's still I'm in control, I'm in the power. You don't tell my employees what to do. though it is fry drop in time. That's my line, that's what I say so in order to maintain net. I just have to make it seem like your well trained this is interesting in this reminds me of why I used to do a lot of the dating instruction and stuff like that. Back in my twenty and thirty seven year super familiar with this because you basically inventive and mastered all this, but like some women would say like especially like tall beautiful women that were out of my leg, so to speak, they walk up to be talk, them and they go. I want a cigarette then that I want to drink- and I would say, are I'd, go get us to drinks and should be legal. No, You get it and I go yeah I'll. Have a gene and tonic I'll be right here and should be like our right would go off and either by or get some else to buy us drinks and my friend would
What was that about an like trust me? If I go her a drink, she's gonna be like by an that's going if she's, even here when I come back with a drink, but then that would routine? she would come back with drinks and she'd I'd be done, half through my she got, you want another one. You're gonna go yeah yeah, let's get another one but or hold on. Let's get at one end up in a few minutes and it was lasting and I don't love that I was doing this, but when you're in your twenties you're playing games all the time, especially with women in bars and stuff, but it's like they settled jousting checkers or whatever you want to call it and if you screw it up, you get nowhere, and that's why a lot of guys who complain like, I can't believe it. She said she wanted to drink and I wouldn't bought one and she gave it to this other guy, and then I'm like I'm that other guy. Why does she by ring for me- will because I told her to what why did you buy drink for her cause? You wanted her approval right things like that subtle things like but your do you're living your whole life like there's right. It's not like an hour long thing at a bar
on a Friday night like this, is your entire business. Your entire life is managed like that twenty four hours a day, seven days a week when you set the bar story, which I am basically I teach those techniques I'm sure that happened to me and my twenties at her name was promiscuous. Those actually heard DAS may not legal named, That would be a terrible legal, named graphics, Dallas headache of armour access that wish and urges that promiscuous of it. What did you say ass? She got my face and zip promiscuity Ok and we were leaning against the Wall- is it I have sex with you for fifty and live in. Another cause obvious issued in a well worth fifty UNICEF amusement casually seven hundred. Yes, you can it allowed Aimee Protocol nurses, who are you reflect the and that began? like a two year work relationship. But yes, if fifty
because he was a plan that I should pay her. If the course here you re, framed it as she just gave you an offer, but it was bad yes, we're gonna have says we chose my costume at least seven hundred ass. She just fell laugh it. It's the refrains. Writing you mention. As you say she enslaves yourself, you dangle the carrot. Slot machines. Give you just enough to take it all so that some of the dangling, but also the reef framing and you you ve- got a lot of really sort of interesting techniques. In your never say I don't know. If you dont know say I dont care and that's important show almost like infallibility right, you're, never shown weakness. You don't ask questions of your own. You create an air of admiration and curiosity and mystery near these kinds of responses in fact you even say something along these lines. There designed to create almost more questions than answers at the same time right so the more answers other people have about you, the more questions she supposed to create for her.
Self, but if she's getting enough answers where the misery fade away, you lose their power were who have questions, students, children, amateurs, those are inferior positions, the astute it is not a student he's apart or she's a person. A student is only a student when they have a teacher in which is only an amateur when there's a professional as like sand, I'm an amateur glue bottle opener norm, none, but unless there's a professional glue butter opener that exist now, I'm an amateur glue bottle opener. So if you're the infallible one and you keep their status quo, they must always be asking questions and they must be always trying to figure you out, because, if not affected to asking questions sat the fact that they get answers to their questions is the fact that We have the need to find out something that they know or feel you have the answer to this, something
you're goin on here, it has nothing to do what you're asking me. You can ask me, is it a man where's the exit? No, if not the fact that you're trying to get out of the movie there is the fact that you walked up to me out of all these people, because you feel I know the directions of where to go and ass was import. And you keep that frame of mine whatever you do in life. Ask me because I have the answers and if I don't like you said it doesn't matter, I don't care and you shouldn't either, and you know what they'll say: okay, in the book you take the girls out at a conference? Are you say in it like one of the first interactions might be? You take a girl whose, from the hood you take her to Beverly Hills and they feel often they feel you tell him the dressed in a certain way and it's maybe not quite a good fit for where you're going like Utrecht Nita dress. Up like we're going to the strict club, so they wear like revealing clothes. Then you take him to a really classy restaurant and their look awkward, awkward there feeling off people staring at them, so they're looking,
you for leadership or you take a rich girl and you take her to the heard you say: cocktail dress and then you take her like some fried chicken place in the middle, the hood at one o clock in the morning and everyone's like, oh and gawking, I can comment and their meek, they're, powerless, they're, afraid so they're getting as close to you as they can because you're the safety in the situation. I put that one time on Facebook in a group and they said guys with again need money to make a woman. Listen to you. follows you admire? Yes it. What is the woman is rich? How do you get her there as it can get Kim Kardashian? And I'm just you know, example, because that's a rich young woman that I came to Mama so is no particular reason, I'm using it, and he said I M how'd, you get her. How jump
I said I was sure thing: she's, never thing where women are data, seen everything us at no, she hasn't she's, never been to a low rod or shown Crenshaw Boulevard on Sunday night at eight o clock she's never been to ST races in these Stella she's never had a taco in this particular neighbourhood. She's never witnessed an actual gang shoot out, as it is to HANS of things I can take her to. She probably never been to another. Excel full restaurant. She never done these things. She's probably never been fish on a dirty, ass, Mississippi Lake. I set up bachelor: never done. No thanks as she will look to you after she still a woman. Her asked money does not affect her estrogen. I said I would take her wish ever been. Aren't you thought I was talking about taken at a restaurant? Does she actually knows the owner I can buy? Does a dummy move? That's a really we moved no we'd, be stand in an easterly Eden Street tacos. That's what we'd be doin! We plan
have a water belong fight. I bet you she has done that the Middle industry- a bet you she's, never came to a neighborhood car wash. Were you actually app wash your own car and pay for the privilege it ever done. I bet you know. You done low riding down Croatia thousand up and down in Essex for follow up that you she's never done those things, and I bet you should be. happy as a little kid ETA Disneyland Park. If she were as if you took a someplace issues familiar with, I keep them with the unfamiliar. Why? Because nah familiar with some she's all familiar with it. This is always looking for me. Ask me questions is my dress too long that we go back to the same dynamic again. So yes, there is a way to have woman, whose work thirty million dollars, but has to question her every move to get information from you. I just world that you took her in Albania to mine, it's where I rule so you and you're able to calculate what Woman is worth in your business in seconds, and I think that is its kind of interesting right. You
who in the book really really quickly on the fly. How do you do that from experience, using numbers. I do number. really well very fast in my head and it's like committees of football coach, Martine everybody can play What my son is about this, they must sign, is a hundred and ten thousand five eleven. He can't play the boys too little now he's my receiver Y got his nephew. He three hundred thousand east by five good. I need a sinner. You know why I got my other sent over here he's delicate. He doesn't like to be hit and he wants to play soccer. Will you be my place? Kicker see I can make everyone a star, they do not play the same position, but they're all be football players and I can see just lookin asylum are unable to do that with a quick. I do an poker and you can teach that you know is a different approach. They just after it becomes so natural. I mean I can't turn it off when I meet. Anyone primarily women. It could be a target. Could you tell me
also is already is just already go into my head with and try to turn it off in us, sometimes like when you with someone who is from that life. Also I have to stop what each other like. Ok, don't speak! That language speak companies to me all sides they cause. You may have to turn it off because is constantly on your Cassio dislike to con man. Get married when I have much relationship will turn switches off. Ok, we have to vote on, but it's just become when you do something for so long to become so natural it just becomes. Will you are it's what you see? You know you,
We want his eyes. You read this red body. Language, like I told them due to say, she's gonna reject you he's a. How do you know from our quota of it, because you looked at your shoes twice before walking up and if you look at her body language her whole showed a ship that, when you did that it showed a such lack of confidence that she's no longer interested in you. She had you built up in her mind. Look across the bar to budget, so handsome looks Thou hast Inter anymore. Has it watch what happens and they always come back? Maybe you wrap it you're, not looking at what I'm looking at. You will see it as fast as I do, but I can show you I say, but we You go out and duty social experiment. I saw one girl, Lady Ashton's a girl is grown women. This is after came out if it is really recent. This with gas are still at the halfway house and if we can pass- and I took a friend to a boss last,
whatever, and we were looking at women and our duty for sport. Sometimes I still have my eye on the same woman that I wanted to be with. You know what I've been with the next seven year, so we would just out- and I say it- gonna pull her in America. One is looking at me. We were sitting but not too far from the door and I sent her drink and I sent her another drink and I sent her three any said. She barely looks a bit you and smiles. Why? You keep sin? Who drinks and I said: are you thought it was because she was thirsty? No I'll show you in a minute and ass. It feeds off a female one, is holding the car keys, keeps pulling out remind issued after she's, not the attractive one, if I go up and talk to her in a group of those girls, the awful female was not as attractive is gonna, be jealous and she's gonna shit that darker than noticed that, when the alpha female last the whole table last
I want it laughed last, but she's looking for permission to laugh, assesses, she's, a nice beta female. He didn't mice, and in doing so it wait a second and then she got up and she was broken cross at the war path. It added cinder drinks because you thirsty ass in a dream colony to her to get up and go to After all, who so wish good? She waited a restful as it was this not as she separated from them as she can't look to her group for should I like this guy, should I give him a number? What are you guys think him if she's beta you can't get into her comfort zone, so I always tell guys stingier are imagine her arm extended, but those eyes down don't come any closer the net, so I'm at least far away from her. I don't come into their comfort zone until I'm invited in so stop right there she's. U centimeter drinks ass, it you know sending you to tricks, I hope those your favorite. Those are my free with us on that. Other people may like them too, and we got to talk in and I think it lasted about twenty seconds and she went and got up hearse
I think she can go, get a person's separate from him. She can't bring me open it again approval because the bottom get approves. She's gonna change of mindset backed out right You brought her outside of the context in which she has to look to other people for approval by fear. upper bladder basically venture. able to make our own did here, but I did so much due to plant on purpose. That's just the way, my mind things up to so many years after several decades of thinking this way, thus a hack into separate from Pakistan. Ghosts address when they all go. When one I'm hit the deaths, we all go, and I can see that the the other cheek is gonna hate me because, anything that the girl I want smiles over here. The other one has to look on her face. I it no she's gonna shut it down, plus she's them of the car keys. The outcome- same car, so much she's ready to go all of them have to go. I said I have to separate them so how to separate them. If I woke up and ask her to dance with me, if I don't get the approval of the other girls, they're gonna laugh at me, so I have two separate from impacts of the sovereign.
go to the bathroom bartender. Now the strawberry decorated employment pact. Is all on auto, auto pilot for you at this point yeah when I want it to be a have. The ability to turn it off because, like atolls someone, you can get a lot of chicks, doin. Yes, I mean a lot. I mean like twenty thirty. I can teach you how to do that very easy ass it. But if you look at the true love, you gonna find it that way. You have to use the force. You have to turn it off. That's an important note, because It's important that you say: oh well, you're not going to find what you really want from this. This is a power game. It appears which were some people don't want that. But if you're looking for that in a marked finger, what get that too. But if I'm manipulating you to get it, is it really real? It's like. I know, I'm a prince, but I'm going to come to you as a frog cuz. I want you. I don't want you to see the prints on the outside. I want you to really see the prints on the inside.
now what must have worked for about a young man because they are interested in that. I was an interesting idea, looking for short term mating strategies, union, so many armor. One time I was able to when must table started to with the call leak. Some people started leave whatever and I needed eight more women really fast, because if you got a house with five bedrooms, your written, it is a high risk, is high meekness. Now I only got to women there, but you still got these empty bedrooms and not the other. How she might have three you got to empty bedrooms here, so your bills haven't changed on your money has been cut in half, so you have to fill those room so the quickest way I did that was when I went to a strip club. One time I noticed I figured I would
female was easily just by looking around, didn't, take me long and she wasn't the most attractive and she is usually the oldest. I got to her and I knocked her because I knew if I get hurt, I got all the rest of them cuz they do what she tells them to do. So I was able to pull eight, which is knocking two from two different strip clubs in the same week, and I was able to feel the screws up, because I don't have to talk to each individual woman. I just have to talk to the one that they listen to. and ass, the one I took out and we had our conversation. What's the range that pimps typically make? I mean it's obviously where I started doing some of the math. You know from the book Ok, they're, making millions of dollars like with everything second and millions of dollars most guys their make him like a couple hundred bucks or a couple thousand bucks may be and on their living in some motel room on the side of the road or reaffirm. If not a monolithic wide range is it ends Three right. It's like saying, you're, a hairdresser. Do you
the chain of fine salons or do you have a corner irish or do work to your garage right like exactly and those guys that there have one maybe to grow the motel thing not are not really making a lot of money because it's not a lot of money on a street and no they're, not a lot of them or not? commander breakin even end their surviving and Heaven help you. If you throw drug habit in near oh yeah, and a lot of vices adjust Party Vices Marijuana college, but if you taken it to a different level, yeah you're making them, money, depends on the level of activity in which you yourself provide in the rain I mean you can be the king of Guam or you can be the king of the tsar. Russia rather than much bigger country, now view the king of want you still a king, but it's just as much smaller country with smaller industry, so they can produce will see the king of England able to produce. So it depends on the level of game that inside the man or woman, don't
getting us all: a man, woman, dynamic, Emily, about Madam's all the time I was just a female year make quite a few to have some heavy game. You know some have again. And they mostly come off as mothers with a lot of people think is that most of these women have daddy issues. That's not really true. It mostly have mommy issues. That's why the pimp uses the bottom woman, my ex wife. She was coming from the life. She was twelve years old and I am she can get way more women and I can't well a lot of them. We should go on compete. Her made her favorite my worth come come the mom. She said they can't resist. Could they never had that? She said daddy? He was never there. Mom was the one who love they try to get she's a. How can you get a person's love was not there. She said I represent someone physically, that they had a relationship with that they can repair through me now. Her game was superb to other, quite a bit from her, but she was twelve years. My senior ass she had been doing this issue. Fifteen
So I don't want people to think that, because he's a pimp and she's a prostitute he's smarter than her. That's not always the case. I said to not you, I said a smart prostitute to make a fool out of a stupid pimp any day any day, This is the Jordan Harbinger share with our guest Mickey Royal we'll be right back thanks so much. For listening to the show your support of they show keeps us going. of course, if you want to help us out by certain from a sponsor, we put all those codes in one place: Jordan, harbinger dot com. Slash deals is where you can find in their all on that page. So please consider supporting those who support us. Don't forget, you ve got worksheets for many episodes, not all, but many of the show, if you want some other drills and exercises talked about during these episodes. Those are in one easy place and that link is in the show notes at George. Harbinger dot, com, slash podcast and now Rest of my conversation with Mickey Royal. You said bottom woman, that's like what what position
Would you say if they think that the general manager kind of of your stable of did you know? Maybe a very negative impact yeah like I'm trying to think of like what this would be in the business world, but it's like this. There, the G8 and the general manager. They run all the staff they handle these little sort of short term problems? Dismantle drum that's going on shield you from that stuff make sure the collections are coming in on time, and you manage that, business business, but they are managing the floor right so to speak it back. If you got one two or three, you don't really need want. Roca. When you get to the point where, like twenty twenty five, several houses, I can't do it. there's one man who have security force. I have several bottom whim. Might have you been pimpin ain't, easy all of those women actually work. They were my women, but they had women of their own. I don't know those other women individually. I collect from them because it's all clean once I know these seven. These are my seven. They have stables of their own
They got there. It's a franchise model. I don't sit. There are no twenty five. Thirty thirty five women altogether despair become an agency and on all those women, remember when I M in Harlem Nights when she said I got a girl whose excellency is so good to see she's at the table imagine those all women, these she's at the table, Ray I'm re, but Sunshine sociology. One of many of her girls. I know her she's, my girl, so the bought a woman to relay messages sometimes that you can't keep my you're a man and men are the enemy or the target or the prize, and as I can't separate myself from a gender, that's my sometimes you run into pimps. Even the stereotype. There almost asked them in it because he can't be a man. He can't be a woman, he can't be hungry. He can't be thirsty
He can't be tired. He can't be weak, he can be strong. He always has to be a celestial figure. Otherwise you fall into a category. That's either, like you said many fields, somebody's victimizing then summoned they can manipulate or use in some way. So you have to put yourself outside of all categories so that none of that stuff applies to exactly. I can't controller from within our can't culture boxer from inside the ring growth. The bottle we need. The coach need to be economic outside, so that when, when my ties until now that one in every random, at no kids or not the winning every room, so I get a different view of it from our here. In fact, you have six minutes knocked his guy out. Cause he's been to an ex wines, easy. Why you beating him to uphold he's reckon up points. As MRS see that's kind of stuff, you don't see why you're in the action you just noted physically, you ve been hearing him at his baseless worse than yours, so you must be when enough. My box with a shopping is sometimes They don't get the decision, but then they out. What do they always say? Do you want you feel you rob what it always say have to go back and look at the take began.
now? Why would you have to look at a tape of a fight you were just in because you don't see it from that angle c. That's my job! I'm washing it from a different angle: life kids, with the job you're going to lose this she's going to lose this. Because you don't see that every time you landed power blocky must reach ass, they count, but he doesn't feel there see their cause he's in the mix involved in it right then, and there I know we got a rap cuz we're going way over, but you did another one of your rules. It's act like you're on camera at all times. Why? What is that? What is that? Do you always being watched you always being recorded, and I don't mean from a recording device, I mean through her subconscious. You got to watch how many times you laugh. You got to watch whether or not you cry you have to watch him, I'm even particular about when I used to talk to How will come from my left side come at my right? Why? Because I've studied in the mirror and saw which profoundly the best so I would always approached from one side to term. I had a certain way. She might think. As a natural motion is emotional, went over four hours decades ago.
So I know how I look. I know how walkin long trench coats and our look, because I watch myself in a mere doing it at sixteen and seventeen am but change. So I know Let me how, when I walk in a lenient in a certain way, when a flare, my coat out, not look up. I know exactly what she seen then Iraq eyes back as she's mesmerized, I'm hypnotizing home a body language, don't ever think to know, was not looking at you. they're all when you're in at life there always looking at you studying you looking for a crack in your armor no, no, no, no! No! No! No! That's it you're, always being watched when I walk into a bar or walk into a club, I just assume all eyes or me, so let me strut a certain way if their dancing, this way, opposition myself this way on the corner. Why? Because
at the walk diagonally across to go to the restaurant. Now, when I walk diagonally, if I'm not in a straight line in their view, everyone sees me peripherally, so all the has naturally have to turn. So, even if I'm not trying to be the centre of attention, I am the centre of attention because I'm working against the flow of the party, I do that on purpose and in our work back a certain way. Now I'm walking back a certain way and no to position my profile of certain wicked. I noted the woman is looking at this point that if a white mama, I do it a certain kind away. Everything I do is premeditated when I turn around, I know exactly what I was looking at me and I can tell what a woman is thinking is she looked at me for a second and turns away and turns back and she's looking at me for five seconds turns away and never looks again,
If she smiling, is she shaking her head like? Oh, my goodness, I know exactly what to say to each one of those women just like when you got the Brady Bunch example: cuz, it's oldest middle youngest. I can get all three of them, but I'm not going to talk to the oldest one. The way I talked to the Middle One like I use my example with the two sisters, and you don't talk to her the baby. The same way you talk, I don't care if the woman, thirty years old, she say, I'm the youngest of three girls, that's how I know what to say to you. because there's a pattern. There that's been her. Whole life is a psychological powder, the middle chop. Those are easier to get because they're, not the young IST. Yes t there, not the oldest, yes takes. You don't have it yesterday at the end of their title right, you know so there, the easiest and usually The middle shall guys are going through the middle child. Like I said, I will go through the whole family, like a recess of gene and all going to be in the car with me, they're all going to be in the bed with me and they're all going to be
having their knees fulfil, and I might not even touch him ass it because I'm given the old is something psychologically that she craze the middle Cray something different. The baby has something else I can always tale with men when a man reaction rack and always charge that you raised by your mom, primarily and under one as it Europe by grandmother primarily he's out you nausea grandmothers, baby can do no wrong- and I say you're so narcissistic Eddie, that is your way and all of it, it was your grandmother. Wasn't it a grandma? Was babies differ from a mama's baby and a mom of babies differ from a father's baby ass. It is different. I can tell a girl who grew up, wouldn't overprotect the Father. I could show one who didn't want it all. I can show one coordinating warrant and one who doesn't respect one any only takes me a few seconds to pick up on that, and that is just the way. I've come you're, so I can get him all, but not the same way so what do you do now? We- and I know you ve, moved out of outlay in everything. Have you left the
behind like what's happening now shook Arnold ten got that's what I thought, you'd like eight forty, forty one I'll fifty next year, I'm a record the writer now, because that is my passion and when you go to a whole lifetime of depriving yourself of joy in order to obtain certain things, like a damn, have broke, and now I need it. So I watch cartoons which had no I am, I saw three dear since I've been here, you know live in the sticks. I live in Washington State, basically almost in a city, flash force, type of environment and I lift my family lifestyle. I live life. A reclusive writer I collected thirty years of stories and Imma have a wealth of information. Three lifetimes we can get it out, so I have to get out as much as I can. I can buy stores with in store to get them all out. You know, because if I live to
I don't think I can get him all out. You know. Could I wasn't riding along the way I just collected all. It is therefore my here and I enjoy writing so myself, I'm your stereo, typical reclusive writer. Now back in a Johnny, Depp Movie went nuts. Hopefully it won't get that far but man I gotta, say I appreciate the knowledge. I appreciate the candor, you know a lot of people are going to be like. I can't believe you had that guy on a no. This is glorifying it. It doesn't really I mean you're, not it's hard for me to say in advance words about, but I certainly doesn't seem glorious glory. Five glamorous. When you say you know you gave up a lot for this. In that you wouldn't necessarily recommended. I mean it's not it doesn't sound. You're, not encouraging other people to do this and it sounds like when you did it. It wasn't a great deal for anyone at army in that way The beginning know where my attitude was. If we're in his life. Let's do it is safe,
possible and smartest possible with everybody is happy. I said this is not all my money cuz, I'm not doing all the work we're not going to be outside because you can't be protected that way and when you start to see him and call him your family It was just a chose to do something. That's why I don't want my brother and I found to be a boxer either. Seven out of ten in that with permanent brain damage is almost one of your box, but if you're gonna Box, Sun and your hell bent on boxing, let me put you with the best trainers, the best promoters and the best vice possible, so that I can make this. If you're gonna be my son of your box, it I want you before May with won't. You walk out of this what a billion dollars- and I want you to walk out. It is with good stories, good experience, not Donald.
box, it already be a schoolteacher because you less likely get pushed in the face. You may now a days as somebody schools, but it's only was it's quiet, but if, U Hell bent on being a box it you know, I really don't approve of it. Then let's do it right soda when this is all over. You have your money to look back on and you have most of your brain cells left. Let's do it right, let's get your nutritionists listed, so that's the way. I approached it because we were all stuck, and this is what we all chose to do- So let's make this a choice as possible. Let's make it one nonstop party, because a lot of women went into this too just do a year or so often did their own businesses. They just need to start capital, whatever I'm still in contact with their. You know I expect more. How does not come to your when I come Catherine Trautmann nor good, we'll get you out of reach here. Maybe you know I got you yeah yeah, you know muster onions, never let no one negative things to happen alone away, including myself. Like I say much s looks like swiss cheese. They stand in the face
NATO Acca Capron now certain, whereas our list it I've spent quite a bit of jail time a prison time, but most of my time was protecting them or getting revenge or could add to set my mark us all the way if you sell drugs for me and you're, making money not making money, but I'm the one in charge. If people are assaulting you on the street or robbing you, if I can protect you, why would you so Madura you you stuck out there all say? No, I have to do this. This is part of the reason. Why get my percentage and sometimes you don't always get away with things, and you know things like that, but not so much glorifying. Not even the mind for the? What I do is I get the information and a clear of the misconceptions because which No, mostly in the movies is that's not true. I've worked with too many migrants, guys out of New York for decades data are you Betty was nice of Pisa.
Never heard them say too. I've never heard of taught me that you know that every New York access they don't act like that. They just look. I'm all white men who are going to play golf I mean we're talking about dismemberment and the hair trade, but they dont look like tat and they don't act like that and they don't walk with his shoulder swing. Elected Rocky where's, Munsey, that's all television, they don't speak like that. They just a guy. Oh, why does what Keynes Data talk in whom we talk about food and we make jokes and we talk about when we talk about God for lack of their own and there we got down to the nitty gritty. Must we dispense with the paramilitaries, but they still just they just remind me of elderly gentleman, regular people, that's all that's what misconception about sex workers and not robots there, not a monolith at the end of the data, just people Emmy, Michael Jordan, very rich and he's
comfortable. Ask him how comfortable and lazy boys areas on Sunday asking does he misses he'll? Tell you the same thing. I do every day every day, nor what I know that, cars are received, the consequence that pay what I do look here tomorrow. Here it was there. Right yeah would would what I know. No one one could lose. My life known consequences the collateral damage. If I could go back in time and tell myself I'm gonna say no, when it offer presents itself, I won't be strong enough. I would say yes and get back in that goddamn limo and gone off the hollow unlike nor can hang out you felt. But yes, I would not be strong enough to resist the allure. Michael Jordan was to play every day. He protocols on his yarn pertains the crowd, a scream it. He doesn't want to play from money. You play for free, MIKE Tyson dozen boxes for more for money, Dantes all his money for charity. He has two: he has two hours, he would be suicidal
cuz, that's who he is that's why he boxes for free. He raised you made ten dollars on it, but he gave it all the way. It's not for money. Try that lazy! Boy chair, I told someone, nothing is louder in this world and Here's in silence, you never heard a louder sound in your life, Mickey Royal. Thank you. So much is fascinating, definitely want more interesting episodes. I've done recently and a good inside candid look at an industry that none of us really now really understand as much as we might like to we do because we ve seen all these. These high what movies and things like that, so the books were enlightening. This has been an lightning, are really push your time. Thank you and us and honour. Pleasure anytime. You want to call me back. Let me know or even if not recorded, told you live as a recluse abroad or some quite lonely. So if you just want to call me one day is Walmart. Weakest weakens this talk about that you gotta know. Thank you very much. There was
much more that we didn't even get to with Mickey. So definitely let me know what you think of this episode. Ya know how to reach me. I think he is agreed storyteller, I think, he's guideline bushes, say a story to career and theirs not to talk about when it comes as a deep topic. In many ways you know whether you found it merely entertaining you found disturbing you found it in safer or all three can be kind of a heads been another, so I feel right now, he's got box as Well- and they do read quite easily- I read a bunch of on- will be linking to those in the show notes, of course, as we always do thanks to make your royal for coming on links to all of us, will be in the show out. Please use our website links if you buy books from any guest on the show it does help support this programme. Worksheets for episodes are in the show Its transcripts are in the show notes: videos go up on Youtube at Jordan, harbinger dot com, Slash Youtube. If you want to see us and action you wanna see to do the talking into web can't we also have a brand new clips channel with cuts that don't make it the show highlights from the interviews. You can't see anywhere else, Jordan
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