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551: T-Pain | You Can't Auto-Tune Your Way to Happiness

2021-08-24 | 🔗

T-Pain (@TPAIN) is a rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer known for popularizing auto-tune in modern music, and host of the Nappy Boy Radio podcast.

What We Discuss with T-Pain:
  • Why T-Pain will wear a Fitbit over a Rolex, and why there's no shame in wearing fake jewelry in public.
  • T-Pain's tattoo goals and the meaning behind the ones he already has.
  • What T-Pain learned after avoiding time with his own family pursuing the ambition to be #1.
  • How T-Pain went from having $90 million in the bank to $0, and how he climbed his way back.
  • How a musician's life really changes once they earn a Grammy award (let alone two).
  • And much more...

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say that my album had just went doubled Lenin and I was like I haven't, would double bass cold as it allows Morgan on he's harmless need events that, because I felt like- needed to work harder to stay there. Everything else was a distraction, so I didn't want to have my wife were allowed. They want to have kids roundly, because my wife is doing the work with the kids in order to make the money that's the dynamic and that's it was so stupid and I realize it now being around my family more in and actually be, when a family man, that is the most important thing, this new budget that mean anything welcome to the show, I'm Jordan Harbinger upon the George harbinger show we decode the stories, secrets and skills of the world's most fascinating people, we have enough conversations with people at the top of their game: astronauts entrepreneurs, spies psychologists, even the occasional journalist turned poker champion
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his life as a result before coming out the other side. Lots in here, even if you can't, and hip hop were auto dunes of don't write this episode of if you're, not a t, paint fan, because I think you will change your mind after you take a list this episode and if you're wondering how I managed to book all these amazing others, thinkers and creators every single week, it's because of my network unimpeded, You have to build your network for free over at Jordan, harbinger dot com slashed course by the way, most of the guests on the show they subscribe to the course come join us you'll, be in small company where you belong now here we go with t pay first At the same time, some of my research I knew was surprising. Like so. First of all, who gets a golf cart accident? That's not something! New year every day, go accident. That was- and you know what the stupid thing was. I had just gotten the governor taken off of the golf cart.
in order to make it faster. I don't want needed. My golf cart to go faster, but I was young. I guess- you still are I mean: what are you thirty six zero they're gonna go. There is evidence of temper super not excited try forty one a boiler alert, it's definitely less exciting. Why does it for injuries reminded me? Every day, recently at least you're, not forty rising rigour, but now we are. I had a golf cart ahead, Colleagues on it, twenty two spinners speakers, beware. I don't even know where that Afghanis do know where it is this at the bottom of the lake you didn't do or what they did to get fixed. area a golf cart repairs up here in Atlanta and they were just like they don't make any for this guy got anymore, does is really all now, so you know I just keep together
it's an outer somebody else. You'd like this is keep Angel Gallagher, absolutely no clouds it up and down and year is run and everything is getting out where matters, and this too much is too much, but the it worked out for somebody, I'm grandma purges, actually helped. Somebody did some kind of brain or rights, but yeah. I got my he's, not bow to get to go to an emergency dentist. I didn't know that existed. I guess it has to do with that. Scaring, especially your singer and are ever so scarier for a guy like you or a guy like me to have some have with their mouth like a sovereign you're gonna lose one. I am like ok, but if they're like you're, you lose your tongue already them like all this new on tour, I was entourage man I was all doorway blew away, and I ask you one job: I went to their emergency Dennis that night. He gave me a new set of choppers. See here is a good thing about. Having grills designer. I am grill with me because they couldn't figure out what matters look like
all of us and about solidly guys guess what perfect Malta my teeth in my pocket right now, bribes, for years they ve made out a golden diamonds and civilisation. The insight is exactly how about these, whereas all the data that made a more my group and then made mazzini exec while they were before the accident and NOS one advantage of Imagine having that come in handy in any amendment. I've met you might find me for this turns out who came in a handy, came in friggin handy every loaded, investment varies envious and then up skip one show in, and I was back on the road but a lot of what I mean. I assume that hurt for more than just the one show you skip. It is dealt with the pain while onstage athlete didn't it didn't, hurt a lot and ITALY it yet had a hole in my lip and I'll get put my peggy through it. Oh, that's, not a small
so there was no oh! No, it was not because, like a tooth went through, it might hear my mouth was closed and it's like. I got curves down because the Gulf conflict over my mouth hit the curve. And my mouth was closing. My tooth went through my mouth and then it broke off on the outside of my bottom left. Oh my god, my suit, like went through my lip and was on. I have brought my brigantine somewhere, it's a nice guy are there a body that draws on where's. Where are you where do the golf guy, but you can t broken cracked and have teeth. I don't know I primate the same decision actually have the shoes. Then I wore that day. As usual, all got up choose and there was correct. because it was in an arena and in order to test out just how fast. My golf cart was I was going down like one of those loading bays like where the trucks gotta and it was yet. It was not something and the brakes
of a golf. Cart, aren't Myra twenty two rooms, so There are forty miles an hour or whatever you running around like gonna, like for fifteen miles and MILES airlines will probably a plague. You know that was those an eventful day, but I do have a lot of memory. Billion from the action is really gotta go actually slashes cars yeah. the other thing I gotta say that was really bizarre that, as I see it as well, that this is the two thousand seven, so it's been awhile but T pain refused and his performance at radio. One spring fast concert in Miami which caused police presence could be, I went to jail their night so who its for performing too much like I can imagine that this blackmail mid thirty one and thirty four palm gold chain requesting back now, so they could press charges because the whole situation was there And if I let go come out and let us people from Miami come out almost that, because I was closing, then they wanted it. You know they want
the biggest problem they say. Let these people come out a walk out towards your time. Onstage co absolutely either majesty perform azure. Where these people come out. I look like I'm the big our on bringing out the money ass. They come out obviously accounted towards by the time the police came on stage while performing s started, unplug Roma dj stuff like so. The only thing that they are gone is the microphone I'm pissed off. Because not only are they run in behind their telling me that everything's gonna be fine? I do my whole show. Can you bring out these extra p? and will add more down you're, so they didn't do that, didn't honour their work I then they can't arrest all of us ended up through the mud. Let's grab that because it was it much going on and I wasn't the most sober. and the building thou through them
in a crowd, so they call them inciting a riot. As I was gone back stage I was just screaming. I was talking to night We will start Rob law and then right, I don't What made me pick these words right when I saw the police officer, but I'm looks a very tall like us. Seven foot, tall police officer right in the windows of his soul, and I looked up look right. I'm asset fact opponent. I just kept locked That is what started the whole thing they we walked a little faster and in our assessment of having to fully come to police, gotta divine he's gotta anyway, just started running everybody's right. If we don't allow running, we don't know why the police are common but we're running. The bigger, everybody, they take my home boys they want,
slam all by on the ground and put his face in the exhaustive, the van we're gentle. Even that's dangerous sites have sewerage super safe, but we did get in the Van and we told the dry but to take off, and the driver was so afraid that he didn't. And they got in the car, but I had actually gun look at the driver, one, go, go, go go and he looked like he had the goddamn measles. There were so many red dots on his face What work like, if you put this van and drive, you don't get up the feasibility Now I didn't leave like red laser dots on his ear. He all their word laser dots everywhere and, like you, don't get to face fuller data. If you put his dignity great, if you like labour the other businesses out Van. They couldn't charges when anything so wisdom.
hold on sale. All the inmates knew what they were like handed me. Sandwiches is it. It was crazy, though I would say that was a good time. I got a very much that is there. That's that's already well with the taxpayers. Steve, freeze out I'll shoot. You should put that on that, like the cover of your next album businesses justly be that it like that, are almost skinnier, so that that's a blessed yet that for two thousand seven. We were all one of many vague as into them. There really was a fake that was a goal to be ed. I heard some the EU where fake jewelry your remit which to me oh yeah, that's probably the most sensible thing. I've heard in a long time absolute- and I think you gotta- be pretty secure with yours
the open about this. I ever did tat way. It makes sense, especially because I see some of these guys and unlike there is no way that that thing you're wearing is less than like three hundred to four hundred thousand dollars. You guys somebody will dont. Somebody will actually don't wear a jury baffles me because there's nothing else. You can do that afterwards, you know is governed pictures good basis I like that, but you know I'm not going into a crowd of Thursday people If a million dollars Algeria and plus I'm gonna, robbed a lot yeah. So you have done the lot with real jury on adept at my real jury taken sunlike. Ok, maybe It is bad if this Jane was like seventy dollar yeah is better. Thousand dollar zone when I'm gone into crowds and others need. Pigeon is not like that. Probably gonna be nor have I got rid of security, or anything like that, and it's like an event. Yeah. I know I'm a real Jura there if I'm going to target real jury everything
target. Nobody around me in touch with iranian target. I guess that's her. Doesn't like what they get her thoughts about does not refer to the view that the view that other was on the joint text about air the thing that you're trying to do with my jewelry. Just gonna end up coming to target in buying there's does like you're gonna, sale majority, somebody's gonna go to target and bass. Next does not take this next providence look out the middle man. You ve got another metal man, but now it's situational, none of them is doubly situational. What I Do if I'm just like going to a studio, on somebody s studio. I don't I was gonna, be there are no one's gonna account on away into the studio? I don't know they have a gate around studio, I'm dumb drive. We want to achieve cars like you, not a fan of job in a honda cordially is doing I'm not coming into rolls Royce. I don't know, neighbourhood studio then establish that always? But it is an event in August security they didn't have security purity aren't friends with the crowd then. Yet again,
real area, thereby studios are never in a good neighbourhood, though I feel ever ever ever If you want a good price, you have Tiggle ass. location yeah, that's probably it ultimately a serene cried thing. We're like a year with, like I don't even know. Who did I mean like two short or something? not like go you're gonna, my Beverly Hills, studio, he's like drive to the airport and then there's always a blush. Why is it always about airport? It's? How do you get anything done? Nothin's insulated displayed. You bought a warehouse and put speakers in here Is this not a studio wildly about airport, lacking airplanes? In the background of us all, Why am I regarded here? It's always bother I don't know, I'm gonna, that's a varied, not super desirable, Jerry. I guess yeah, you're parking next to their car and it's like. Oh, they drove a really nice car or like why? Why
driving forward. He asked what am I not know? Maybe I shouldn't park this Tesla right here, like a bargain decoyed parking lot, you need a secondary party last actually get robbed and broken into, and I can drive. according to the primary Adobe. What about when you're weren't vit jewelry. For like a video, I heard that it's not good to have real jewelry and videos, because it doesn't look is good, is vague, jewelry does and videos etc, are now just opposite, establish real jury. Actually, we call a dancing the dances more like when you go into like ok jewellers or get Jared or something like that and the lights. They when their make the diamonds shine a very different way, because the second, the second you take it out of that's nor. like it is the life that they use the presentation. You know nobody must attach it. That's why they could easily a ring out of the running into handed to you, but that's why they bring other little tray little velvet trade,
then replaced the ring on it at all nice and in its hold in itself up, and it is a presentation plus lighting that makes real jury dance, a lot more than vague jury that make sense, sometimes Victor again, dance, but more, not there. Yes, that that makes sense I yield when you go to a watch store and illegal Dublin School and the like hold on and they put on like white collar. I don't like looking you directly in the eye when, given they open up the vault yeah like a little like, comes? Then? I guess I arrived, I don't like I just want to see the coroner. Like me, I thought I had a map on it. We just got this this morning from Iceland raise its. I saw you written What year did you bring this in itself
You can get on Amazon rather bright, but yet this has. This has an emergency alarm on it. So anywhere in the world is activated this rescue team work. and get you and I'm like, while as real like, I saw a Russia. That is a huge and I go wait a minute. Why would anybody whose mountaineer, where I've watched it has a diamond in credit you're not wearing this on anything where you could get lost and have to be rescued by new diseases? Have your lot they're gonna? Take it first, one you're dead, once they may run inside that, but now here I mean I've. Seen like billion dollar watches that look like total visa move like no dance, no kind of no shobo like. If I buy watch it's gotta, these something you're not advance. Gotta have some gonna characteristic, that's gonna, make it like ice cover, watch, do not have their like. If I'm gonna been more, thirty thousand a large state yeah, it's got up, I don't even know Just remember, Windows, Nike flicks bans came up. A war, that more than Rolex, because it did something
you're, not avail. I won't we were lying around you. You just have then download ie like working out fit bits. Yeah, I've, It is our view that over a rolex bigamy does something else. Does some cool legged if they start coming? I went holographic shit, I'm all the way and then the business the other, I'm with you man, I, my guy. If I needed cell time, I got that my vote, I don't need it is now time I need a day's needs to be maps on here. I need whether reports. Not one watch in my entire household is on the correct time none of their nervous, but not at this stage, wait a minute, I'm right now, one twenty six p M Pacific nope. What's wrong with you. Early veneration area there is, is lead, come on man, and this I say all this is real beer. our summit mass, so that safe. Unless you know, Romeo,
we're, gonna rises has not got around me already did the jobs and the jobs that are you thought you had? Goin burned on having cinnabar needs body. While you stupid, I noticed that you don't take yourself, you seriously, which I think is great. There's some cool and enduring about that. I'm a Euro area like the lonely island video, I'm gonna write. It seems like most. Your tracks are about love. Our party is opposed to like murdering people or whatever so far anyway. So far are they will get their safely say that mostly, I knew tat our meme tattoos. I heard I haven't seen him, but I soon do they say there mean tat. I do have some dismal says you don't have to like me: cause Facebook
God, you're JAG Jana. Nowadays, why jack? You can do this allotment when I don't wanna hear what people are saying and is gonna grab a message, so I stopped argument with forty you'd say we're fucked. Nice rush hour. Reference here, I says, is liable to pay back from. We bear bears the cartoon. My wife is mixed with black and white and I call him a band of nice cue, the observed network that's my label now everywhere. There remember Vulcan Famous note a famous asked no, Why was it TAT was that after the famous like a club and brand of golf famous I've vague I vaguely remember you, remember it well, it's on your power anonymous by him and I use the famous asteroids gotta that was not stupid. There's a lot more
clown, lady on loudest everybody so admire. My goal was to get a tattoo from every continent here, then I winter I didn't have any ideas for the debtors. I just wanted to get aid Andrew in every garden it. So you show up and the like are under I'm in the mood to draw like a hurry, Let us tell us a little bit about is evident, my well I'm drunk so lazy, It wasn't gonna whereof, we don't have that got observes. Let's go to get to a now that we can just go it's them. I worked out, I guess yeah well so far so good, I heard you didn't live.
your wife for, like three years cause you are working, but to me I was like: isn't your work in or is it like, I'm having too much fun? No one's keep me in Genk. Oh, it was. I didn't, want the responsibility of being married because they have Little John told me there, like a people find out in your married bag, is gonna, be bad on my own Really you mean that's like the sentiment of out of every industry like make yourself available. Make people feel like that chance and you'll be better off. I didn't really if that, but at the same time it was like. I don't want the responsibility of marriage and children, because it would have taken me off the path to be enough one? I just wanted to be number one. I wanted to have all the hits and if I would have had painted diaper in the middle and recalling the song now one of dead that but realize now. How'd fuck an unimportant. There was You know when I actually go back. You know really
and how much I could have been involved with my family and think about my cave and really being involved yeah that was stupid as ale was it felt like if I would have had the married life and Do you know have in the decade life that I wouldn't be? Would it be an artist because that is what was portrayed to us at a young age, and if you want to be successful, you can be tied down to anything and as this one That was the solution fire, my wife and my cares. Little my mom and an arm and a house in Atlanta by myself and my man, and that my heart is that that was animal label is like that, and we will have in part is of course whether I mean I was still working. Hours is work, work, work, work, work and everybody we haven't upon downstairs and I'd be in Estonia as like, there was literally a point. My whole boys came in a studio the plaque say that my album had just went doubled Lenin and I was like: oh that's, cool shit, I'm trying
The thing that language want you I finish work. My only double blatant. That's called as it allows workin on he's harmless need. Events that I was so focused on doing more of that that when it actually happened, I didn't care, they represent our sofa. Don't be a number one, always used to say the harvesting. be a number one is stand number one and that that would be so much that I didn't even care when I became number one because I felt like I needed to work harder to stay there and everything else was a distraction saw didn't wanna have My wife around they wanna have kid roundly, because my wife is doing the work with the kids In order to make the money that's the dynamic, that's our family done him and ass. It was so obscure, was so stupid. but then I realized it now being around my family more and in actually big
when a family man that is the most important gear yeah this new, the jet than mean anything less. All my ties and lay down his belt on his bull table is that this means not You know my family is more important to us all and I was like I'll shoot me run its it. Maybe two readings conveying rising is land out his bells, because that was that was the most important thing them at one point: yeah but the moment when I saw that interviewed him like this is not. What does this mean to anybody? What does it actually mean in the interview was like when it means you ve done something, and I saw it for whom it was like that makes sense. How'd your kids man, I'm about to have an eighteen year old, wow, ok, not excited now right now it s, Nineteen, fifteen, thirty, ok, yeah, so the
one is legally outside your control about any other ones. Aren't has de facto outside your control because they muslin, as has been seen, he just he's on a date right now, that's gotta be the head trip. I got a two year. Old sites are not there yet is gonna fuck you up. It's going out. You up. I didn't think it was a date at first until he asked for alone. Oh yeah, that's it! Then it is like a man. Are you doing, though? It's weird, it's gone yeah yeah, I'm excited about it. I mean I got a little girl on the way to a little bit more nervous about Thou eurobonds out she, yes, my oldest is my daughter, yeah thousands, seventeen she's gotta be eighteen. She doesn't do dates, she's a gamer
It is like Burma's that's for sure, and I, like I'm gonna, go fingers. I've been right now I don't know what is vague, but do you know the Amazon on a day, and I know how I used to date and I'm fucking awkward assail though we live on islands, one I'm doing a job man, you know like you get it done rather get outta, it's gotta be cut, we're fear gets to light be in their friends car in their turn it on like that. Then there is my kids, don't tell their friends who then really yet they go to school like nobody in their school knows that They don't want to be bought, people find out but yeah when they do Mercury is a like. Do I get it that you know button Joe? yeah chill out nobody comes over is like you know, your dad looks a lot like,
You ever hear that, like eight, they don't come here. Ok, my kids have like Stockholm Syndrome, so we have this. David really did not do a good job. so they goes out to people's houses. They do not. I gotta show pictures is done like that, an agency, but we don't get alot of visitors, because people just don't know what's happened here, so there's no Andrei right like if the kids knew who their dad would there be like out. I'm just come here. Right glad in old Vienna. They don't know it's like whose Bentley, really is rather a con over again. Having dinner exactly so. They don't know, but you know we just let them go the other way round and let them explore that way. Instead of having people
Your touch, my shit, that's what yeah I'm like, lock a motto, my studio things I care about dollar. You do, but friends does it back about fifteen years ago now I know you, you had some absurd downs financially right, so you that I believe the pc term, as you went, broke the technical term. That's all they said about the reserve, but how we're broke. Has a lot of you really Gambro girl may have three billion. I had thirty, you know like no brought was well Fargo. enemy de male fan, your account every as residual doubt allow library was me, ask em any battle over my key shit and never from leg upwards of ninety million dollars like while yeah it's not me, it be the most money I've ever had in my life, Time was like ninety Mary right and then got appears zero, while so of
so as a combination of factors, but I'm wondering is that, like there's gotta, be like a stack of irresponsible purchase Already a bad investments listenin to would be real terms, you know they were like this not to be a great buy this by this house. Overhear nobody's bought it yet, but that's an opportunity in flip We can do all that we did that for like for five houses in Miami, but I had never seen a still to this day had never seen now. I don't know what they look. Like I kept pouring money into rebuilding, now knock em. Now, rebuilding above followed home that I had a veil, and I was I got- the money low man I have. Because I wonder how many forty three forty three cars. Where do you even put forty three cars? You don't you just Just a round is around and all the gas goes banned and all of them, the Ferraris, don't Craig. They're, not driven everyday, thereby the bulgarian stuck in between
Maybe you can just like you know. You just don't There was a lot of Amerika. What what am I supposed to do? Yeah like right at the beginning? You send me, as a nineteen year old engines, hand me forty million dollars. What do I know no there's like you can grow up with like two parents, financial managers in greenhouse gases. At age. There is no way that does not do that. But now I mean obviously was a lesson learned, but Vienna learning how to get it back. I was attacked I'm sure that it was in fact I'm curious about but I am I am here, is also what was like the first so wildly irresponsible, purges we're here, you still think about you. Why did I buy that yeah? There's houses ever like there's gotta, be one thing where you are like. Ok, that was definitely like top five dam is things I've ever spent many who two of em one was a shame.
The biggest change over the one that you see and photo like a bunch of fires is the biggest change that was literally done on a dare the chain was from a stranger. Was ETA show building on this out at this stage, I don't even know who the guy was. I've never seen again, never talk to him. There's even before that this guy wants after many says, t paint. I bet you won't get a chain that says big, ass and four hundred thousand dollar later. I when he got that shit just to show I don't know who is right, you run out to this day. I have no idea of the guy was never SAM of work still to this day, just to impress the stranger four hundred grand on a chain as a big ass. To what happened? in a world melted it down to make other chains it like gave birth to the chief Adena mounted those Jane now to make the biggest trading That's even more to go, see him melted. The biggest share is worse there. It is
xo. Melted down the chains are made out of the biggest change and make the biggest Jane I won't say why, because I think we know where this is going right now it's a stable, there. Now it's like right a moment in time. That counter reminds me to not do stupid shit. You still have. Somewhere, oh yeah, seven o clock serenity, so our guy, whenever you're, like all manor House, look so nicely like. Let me go to facilitate a beggar chain. Chernobyl, a thousand Miami get its Latin America. Not much. You want another one of these energy. Every time you put on your socks, it's got their magic able man so that their man it's up there in the gloves right now. The second thing is the thing than I thought,
I was gonna buy and how I found out. I didn't have my ok. What was at a house? Ok, what just one, how one of the houses Second House, so the house that I live in now we'd like really far in the woods, salt lifeblood of your own street? So there's a house here I have here my house- is in between those houses but behind them gotcha. Ok, the person on the right move down their house and there's a path that goes from my house till the front house I wanted by that house, just to have ever house as one does that sound. Logically, if you need me I'll, be in the second ass right up here, a little bit watching tv, same thing. We're watching now only we're doing here than it ever now I'll be doing that. But I was gonna move like my artisan, their yeah. You know I was gonna like
as Logger Navvy Boy Entertainment house then I hit my account then like are now you can do that what do you mean? I'm super rich areas like no, you are not anymore. I'll may I know you are not and that at the moment. Our my work you gotta run me down some something here? I need right now like it, because there are good books immediately though he ran about, and I could not do that and I was like oh shit, What does that mean for the house? I'm in here, like oh yeah, I was gonna call Europe, and even though you need to start doing something real, different, real, quick and yeah, I started looking at them. Ass Evan figured out out of again get almost shit, get rid of them. Car I'll have nine gardner knowing I
yeah all, and I too, for Asia. Family somethin like that. how to get more soon, my kids don't wanna drive, they think they're gonna be able to take over yeah. That doesn't really mean I catch only plausible. I keep trying to teach them how to they don't even know how to drive at aged eighteen. Seventy nine to keep trying to teach a mean granite, though shoot I'm trying to teach them driving like you want to learn how to drive and rolls Royce no it has done and I dare Abdel Zone are gonna didn't have dropped manual share Verona, that's all my raise cars, so I have a dog. Having simulator in the other room and vanity demand that that way they can wreck you do anything they want it should move around here. You know when you hit southern edge of jar. Sport is cool, so they stood to do that. They're like now. We just got over everything you gotta get like evolve
from my point. Thirteen and you're like just if this thing it's right, whatever rag murdered, my orders doesn't want to drive, but she wants a Mustang like We want like a seven eleven makes sense, but I, like you, get what, after having sought to look at it. Oh my god, I sell driving fast back like a cobra GDP accepted just derives itself. You might have managed it it's possible! Let me know if you want to invest in one of my government data. They are listening to the Jordan Harbinger share with our guest tee we'll be right back now the t pain on the Jordan Harbinger show
mentioned you find out when you say that you are gone broker that you went broke when you talk to your counted, but did you just not you never log. I don't even know how you check. If we, then, obviously it's not all, but you just never checked any time my account and was also my manager, who that doesn't sound, probably like a good idea. Was it not the words that there, but he made me, feel good. You may It was very, very persuasive. Any time we will talk about business. Like you know, Manchuria stuff, you would be very confident about its tongue allowed. In any time there was numbers that come up whisper. Okay, so we're doing this thing for the Superbowl, we're gonna be out there. It's gonna be the twenty third and we're gonna. Do this thing their offerings? it was like always got nobody. Nobody knows wondered what to do, and it will not do that, though. Nobody was very convincing, he'll super jewish so that helped
lot street red wise dear, like like one. I digress. The thing of Europe, a black river black they're gonna, do is again that's like the fact that this, what you didn't like Heaven, forty two hours? He let me do that you. Let me do that, though. Obviously this guy knows what he's no sounds like the sound investment logic carnival. Forty three now hold on you mean have too many vehicles. There was out already. Let me do right, How do you know this? Is your money right. I know that I can tell you what to do. I gotta when you don't have any more money here. It's your money, I'll just tell you when you run out of home yeah, but now I was on a mean it was given a job in it seem legumes gone well and it's the end. You know at that age thinking, I'm gonna make money for ever All you do is looking thing Watson, managing was in my heart and I get oh my god, I'm gone wrong and then
yeah yeah I mean do they just gonna. Tell you like our right here. First, Album Z says you're success. now there are now is just represent swimming pools. For the rest, I mean I didn't say that by right it was like this. It's very easy nobody's loosened here. This is great and I think there on the same wave is me, and you know the fame euphoria like his shit. It's like a good. We got it. We got a great quiet, we're we're budget. We need to do this, we just kept going on that wave and then that wave in it as always do and we can prepare right. I mean it was bad decision making in desperation. You know it's not like that. That was really fuelling what we did for the next year and a half of trying to figure out how to get it back, and then I came here to conclude
that it was just a bunch of their decision. Making I can do is better myself I'll go find out all dream. I will do this. What's up, got my own habits my own wrongdoings- and you know that this is the bad things that I was getting into my brain and really getting accustomed once I out, I was able to really get back in my country, it's only nine years to lose all that money and it took me two years ago back, that's amazing! So please, like ninety million, whatever giver taken in nine years, and then you got you basically made it I can t, I mean that's actually incredible the Anything that made me lose was mad attentiveness that it wasn't just wasn't. I don't care, I wasn't brain it. Isn't today, and you know me looking back and Jesse and where I went wrong and where I was actually put my attention to. I can see now that
things were distraction and versions, and things like that now that I'm looking to myself and I see where I need to be paying attention to an end- we keep an eye on everything and watching. What do I mean child labour? This point now it's like out. It has taken this approach. Then, and that all era that whole point in my life would have never abbot. those outside out a mine kind of thing right, just forget it, I'm a guy, I'm a guy like you, take care and Adam Nagano anonymize, not gonna. Let me run out of money, that's great and who I know a guy I am surprised that he let you run other wasn't like hey man seen this happen, a bunch you're gonna regret it. You should really invest a bunch of this it again now good. Let's get you think he would be like. Let me manage the investments for you, then we'll all make money for fifty years. Very moderately investments was his way mean
it is embarrassing to say about it most of the game in what no it's. Judging if it is like year. Thirty six now forty one rebels and is visiting me, investment was like secretly here's companies That's crooked is held very like yeah. You know you should do is about his property in Miami and secretly he owned the Romany already I was buying from right at it like an inflate it. A good deal. Look for, I feel radio. I say it was like she's gonna secretly, given double paid yeah. You know because the money I pay for them. when he goes to him and then the money I make from selling the property somebody else he gets. Twenty percent are becoming the momentum of right, so you know his leg. Yeah doubled everybody. this double I'll meet. You start to realize little being their renown and and and you look back any like man how's our stupid- that was still sucks to get right.
By somebody those debts, and I urge you really trust and really see as a friend and not just like a business partner, you Nanos s, death, you're gonna get back at the time. Or will you like? Ok, I'm screwed, I'm never going to be successful. It gathers gonna die, really allows gone, home is. I was like really being prepared to be working when somebody's been like like nope, no, because you think you're smart, he was more to polio I was like ready. I was like preparing, must have to do that because our so crazy, like out all that that I didn't think I was ever gonna, be like ok enough to function alone, then let them as set. I didn't remember up every like four years of my life. Remember like I'll just so crazy, I'm not I'm not was the part they now have money. I was like well, if I'm gonna die, I'm drunk a shit
I doubt if I was roused prepared to just be out. Advantages be like this. Is it, but am I abandon it every night, I'm just gonna go crazy every now and then at the present time to understand- and after that I was, I wait a minute. I could probably do this if I just stop going crazy overnight. Yeah, I'm fine in the daytime agonies do stuff then and started coming over routines and ways to really look at my mind and I started you know, ask indifferent Yes, why? Why do you do this? One? You know just really Savona Game and- and I came to appoint wildlife. Somebody tell me how I keep Alma Fatima, then, and I got the from a buzzword: different accounts, I gotta have they got it cannot do this android? Yes, great you can make your own drank and then people will pay you and in both the idea that we may know that, and now I have a drink book
I am one of them. Grammy's right? I know you won a grant me like I'm wondering if how does that change things for you or is the you mentioned before you got the plaque in your like? Whatever I'm wondering, does it change your career? A bunch or is it kind of dislike prices? Go up for prices, go up for you to perform. Everything. I have an idea because, once you put Grammy award winning in front of your name yeah near its resonant, we got multiple now at six yeah yeah urea stacked up now it's one of the first one must have been like easy like the first one was surreal is a word. I canoes. Oh yeah, I really leave it. I didn't know where it came from. I don't know what I did to deserve it, because gotta Grammy. Off of doing that, I was just every day it was just like this is normal, and if this normal thing
and me when a Grammy wide DIN, my other stuff. When I was very negative on myself, TAT saw didn't have like a positive view of winning agree now my wife and my other regulatory, when it. Why did you got away? I got with somebody else to do. This is all very of about it, but I may price an open things started Avenant but more got noticed a lot more and yet, and I, the way to budge mornin kept ever, but the first one. I was very about it. It's amazing how our view of ourselves can color anything. I people think the thinking in something external that will help fix it and there like now. If I get more money, whatever I'll, be happy in Europe. I literally have a Grammy, and everyone knows who I am and I'm still like sex sucks the citizens. Why the didn't you give me thirteen of these, because when I won my first grandma I had already been nominated for five other
and one year in one year out, I have five Graham and I'm and allow because all the five grimly nominations. We're just me and the one on one was with somebody else. I like out then Gimme a grand overmatch it, but when I get on the phone, when somebody that you know who they are and they ve forgotten. You know those airlines, Althesa famous outside so negative about everything and it didn't. It didn't help Mamma said at the time, but it works, dig him or members of Falco. I heard that you didn't get paid. four features and songs. Like those I can't I don't cameo type situation. I guess if it were a movie I did want do you know why I didn't want to get bravery motives. Like two years you were just like now get em is gonna, show up our sole honoured to be in the presence of people that I looked up to. I was like you're gonna pay me for this, not ours, like habit of beer. You rather pay me up, and I wasn't
but no I was I mean I dig it alot of reserve occasion for a lot of things I did I did get. No features on my album. I mean my very rings out and was packed with figures, and most of those were returned favours. Not only was a super popular but you know a lot of people on that, Album were just returned. Favorite, that's amazing, a lot of wasn't even even swaps, like you know, like tea, I charging charged on a grand for verse. the diamond I ended up for him earlier and that that's not even entrepreneur, screwed ludicrous was shrouded in two hundred and fifty while perverse, but also I just started charge into unfriendly pervert sounds like how about we just old age, other energies I'll, do whatever you and that's when I need one more drink for ludicrous, and indeed the jobs we thought we were just like. You can get me to run it with a great and I'll give you your money back or weaken. Does not do this at all and is through this ox and we'll be fine,
though they worked out a lot of different ways, and I think that generosity I had for a lot of hard is actually work, not in my favor definitely yeah They show we talk a lot about like dig the well before you get thirsty. You know how many people don't expect anything return, don't be attached to getting anything in return and then Usually when you do that? Like fifty times, you know forty, thirty of those people are gonna go out. I can help you back twenty you'd ever here, I'm again, but maybe they can't do anything for you and you have a little anything. You don't even know you don't think about what for you then, later on you like hey, I got a new album coming out. Will you do it and it won't? They live on a real aol if they were like now idea, absolutely yeah yeah, I mean their words on my house, but New Hampshire. there's always a holes. Yes, it's not gonna Vienna resent Diane. Sawyer actively went that route and it actually worked out razor. I heard this the boy tender song, that everybody knows that when I was just buttering earlier, you made that at a crazy resort in Jamaica,
Hedonism in Eden is unfamiliar the third one, the factual right be first to just what he said. He'd mistaken, I never die ass. It was fire except for that one thing yet. So tell me back- is that this is a weary story like I'm, so I was wasn Never I don't know why I was there. What are you so tell us what this places, because it's not like a usual vague? It's not saying that is lays hidden is not stand with its like sand. Let's just say it's: a nudist sandals gives a nudist resort. Like ok, I mean you'd. Look out your window. You ass naked, looking out the window to cover copies, be weakened by the pool just everything's happening all this one old values like this is nice. It's a nice as negative. Any windows you cover govern, this is a globally
What about animal soundly here outside I see from accounting is usually very old people really that's surprise me, but it does her. All couples that want to rekindle southern origins lie present more flare into their shit. Yes, oh it's just everybody's in this big resort, Airbus as negative asset studio in my my hotel and when I set it up of figured out that I forgot my microphone cable. So I couldn't do that, and dj. That was dj and the entire resort every night he was every night I was like. Do you? Gotta? Have a microphone cab, there's no way you down, and it was like I'll give you a microphone cable. If you record a dub played for me now, if you don't know what it up late is that's when
The great like, let's say I would redo, do with wine for his dj and put his name in the bar, and he wanted me to record that ETA resort no light. Will China record this one song? I just need your microphone able, if not that serious to where you need a dull play from me. I feel it it's gotta, unnecessary, lowbrow professional. It's a little bit like somebody for, like a fifty thousand dollar arrived at the airport, you'll love a man. I got on progressing, so he didn't even among evolve cable, but he did also burn me when abundant eyes, like on their disappointed any like toil and abundant I've, and I'm really disappointed you didn't. The coroner Dublin I do give it when I'm all email to you're right, I'm done with song. You gonna be my go back so but our record a bartender in the hotel I've noticed nudist resort while and became a great yeah.
It paid for a new microphone. Cable was absolutely new migrants arguable worth of how, but and something kind of weird happen, and I'm the only reason I'm trying to get this story is. It is a problem. Bizarre. So after recorded that's all I was cool. We went to the bar and there's police tape, we were then there's one low area right by the bar. I got to the bottom with my security body. We got the bar everything's gonna closer, so we don't we're not paying for anything. There's one one guy! The bar he's looking pretty down You know like, though, thereby that does not get my pop up. What the fuck you reminded the bar you crying,
Barton, nudist resort! What road you do get up come on. Let's have a drink it this mandate and I'm just get him drags on going to drug inviolable. You know introduces doves eliminated Bob Evelyn, I'm so glad you guys came into my life. I was at this bar having my last drink, because I don't know you see, all this police tables varies. Very laudable is dead. But my wife just died in our hotel room man. So he says I was at the bar haven't my last drink. This is gonna, be it I was gonna, go, kill myself, but you guys came to my life and kept me alive and I'm just glad to see that there are good people still in the world a very sad him alive to have a man. You guys put a spark of my life and I wanted. I want to stay here. If there's gonna be more people like you guys want to stay here, and I still doctrine. Does the lounge athlete testament while we ve been dark and rail, good for him, I mean that's in good for you,
that's an amazing thing to do. I think a lot of people, I d been aroused, is gonna drag legality this guy alone? It's awkward but you'd been at this point. Is this post depression where you were like? I know you like some of what you're feeling may now. I went to this place to try to get out of my depression. I went to display them, like I got say about detainees. all this- is about a cooler about accordingly. Levelling out of that, there's gotta be a cool place. This have the cure. Some kind of resin out like always go, and we went There wasn't a glorious as the beggars. Maybe now the model of the younger than the island, hot thirty, on the pictures, but now me, but it was still a fund plays with A lot of very was the hell out of sheer gone out on, like nobody should be sat in his way, and I saw Bob Salem like do. There's no way is outside. I thought I was Gerda. One like this is fucking great boys
its having him, though the vote they want to do everybody. They got it literally rocket out with a guy that everybody is fine. If this is great and what does like is gone and he was almost. Everyone in my responsibility was to make sure he felt better than we found out all that, and now we still don T live in Orlando work. A universal like resorts, and she like that, and yet not. I had shown Orlando logger some years ago, and it was the first time I have seen him since the trip and man. I think it was like eleven years had passed since actually seen obeyed the base, and I go about non like and we embraced. A lot went on. He cried. I grant more than him what you know there's a lot more, but yet we still talk today that is literally text them Irena
So I'm glad to hear that the term that is kind of acute story, and again, if I mean it's a bunch of course, it's awful those white passed away, but you were there like a right in time. Yemen for that. who knows what he was gonna do. Did he tell you how you gonna planned accounts? we have to live with his life is like this is my last drink out here. Have him alive and he don't drink like a drinks, beers he's like a beer guy he's by bob from Orlando is not like a hard from our or let us say the beer God he it straight run like making around like. You was lying upon disabling outdoor vomit, our Roderick like it was. It was doing the same thing I was doing I gotta saw again. I guess I cannot identify with it. And you know unconsciously, I kind of. Conversely, I Then. If I were then I think I saw what was happening and was like the guy needs on lifting yeah like you are in a very unique mental. Our emotional play air to spot that, like right, and created, there was, nobody else was sitting around them.
It was literally it wasn't me. I am a security and there were two chairs empty. Next down. There was like person empty chair, Bob Empty chair person, so I was like that for us, the four round him with his love, Brian man at dinner, will about that Bob Bob shouted in Orlando in his beers. Craft beer obsession, Muslims were hidden obviate, Exactly began like this. Is the Jordan Georgia with our guest tee? we'll be right back and now for the rest of my conversely and with t pay in so you
seem cab. We are now in a lot of good, like by all accounts. You you ve kind, I gotta be a mean unless you're really gotta, covering it up it's hard to tell from a conversation, but your kids, a girl and on time as well as well, not France would any actors why's. That would mean Oak. Is they cover their feelings? Yeah, of course like theirs is really you're, not a great army, to a great let it go home page like seven know who I am so much more We are now that I'm not chasing anything because you gotta be so serious when you trace and shared when you try to have a certain level of money, and you got a protracted this level of success like four who yeah this is only a start. Smoking cigarettes, icebox cigarette Iceland chains woke cigarettes like really change about the Facebook cigarettes
so the point of ice, the light up cigarettes with other cigarettes like ours, going crazy, and when I started one to stop smoking cigarettes, I would pick up cigarette him. Think myself. What do you want some of it and if I can come up with a good use of it and it's the same thing as the same approach I take now? Why do you need able to know what are you doing out? Are you satisfied? I were you, aren't you have enough money to keep your family gone? You yeah I get out of here neither do more than what you doin. It leaves the internal conflict. I am what mother you dont need people to think you're on top of everything you need like. Why would you need we would make more money? Are you not make it enough money? Do you need more money to you, Wanta Jackie, that daughter? If she wants a Mustang, those things are expensive adieu saved,
like. I do want gear like about his arm. Like do you live around war in the way, in other words, when these possible moebius area that day, what do you mean he's got, thereby yet, not me, but I have these internal conversations that help me make better decisions and it's so much more fun when you're doing it for yourself, as opposed to making sure everybody knows you're doing it at all. It really help so just be content with what are you are and how you doin, because the thing that people get misconstrue when people say don't forget where you can I'll, never forget where I came from, but I will die on the heel of saying I'm gonna do everything in my power,
Can I go back there were so it's not the fact that I forget what hey from I don't wanna, be there where I came from and that ship was horrible yeah. I can never forget it like. I can't forget it. This isn't like a goal for me: cause it's a big thing in the rap community and in the black amended or you can come back to the same guy oh god, oh yeah, really am I not allowed back in their cause? That's great! You don't want to be there. Everybody stay yeah! Well, I guess I'm gonna get my mama good. Ok, so you know Wanna be there and you don't. You know you don't want your mom to be there, but I'm supposed to make sure ass day. There are now what yeah, that's ok, that's there want to be there. You don't want to be there now, I'm ok, not being able to combat yeah,
I'm not gonna, forget it, I'm not gonna forget it are respected and everything that happens within it. I get it. I stand it, but it's not my goal to go back gold to leave its everybody's. Normally everybody's got alleviate it. What's the analogy, people call like the crab bucket right, we're like the crowd out and then the other ones are reaching up in there, obviously just trying to get out, but they by way of the world and all the rest of the crowd back to get to the top here and ultimately, nobody gets done adopt right. You just end up in fucking boiling water. Nobody gives out exactly you're that one gets on the floor. Nobody wants a because this analogy, off the rails. This metaphor went out. You ve, never drive. You know where you're going to have on the floor now. Ok, I saw where we could crass you gotta dump him out of the actual budget, but sometimes one I'm done go in a bucket. Like swings
and it gets on the floor and is working. A bitch was a bit you can take fighting back up. Bitch like you, you get what it is about now, because one made it at one made it out and it's gonna clamp you're fuckin fingers. If you try to put it back in so then you gonna, take drastic measures in particular, Lord I'll, get a yet now it we're. Ok, now we're not the rule. And that is why people who make it out of the room- and it is this- is this: is it I read in the news lately- and this is not want to dwell on this too much, but I'm curious this thing with Usher, where he like woke you up on the details of how can I read the articles and my guess is bullshit- is real? Anonymize rules work be up to tell me that a ruined music. So what you're like sleeping on an errand
rise even on an airplane. Leaping off of organ hang over goes lag colic at that point in his kids were run and Oliver play in our job and all around. and I had a windows ie and his kids apparently want to see how the window so they jumped in my lap and virgin. Look another window this problem, but the flight attendant. What rip answer, but I don't wanna talk domain name like your own music and move made small talk before it wasn't so cut and dried at one point. Yet the sentence they set out of his mouth was you ruined me is how you got you fucked up music is what is it like? It is. I rode I'm trying to keep playing. Bunny said you fucked up his fear that awful there like awake someone up and then say that I mean to say that at all I mean I could have been fully awake. Yeah I've gotta been unslackened five, our energy, and that there would be printed like yeah, that's weird, but understand what he was saying. I think he just shows his words
Poorly very per year, over poor, like he was then that has shifted the industry to a standard that didn't fit when he was really good at yet. It almost seems like You know it's a threat because you can sing and he's like more crap. Now everybody on average, not everybody can see right. That's exactly what he said is like ours, special, because I could see better than everybody, and I got an utter- has perfect page. You can really call out of luck. A note and he'll do things like you get it before you lane on Vienna, or you can play a note. Piano and he'll. Tell you what note that, while he has perfect plugin pit Man has never needed. I will soon. Instead, we have worked with him. Multiple tabs ushers, one of the greatest fucking thing, is emerging arisen and was basically than I was better, because I had that ability and now everybody has an ability you made me normal. Did he say that to share
the want of popular as outlined in the beginning, and then I had an out and out of Gaza, but the thing is she popularized it, but nobody copied red. Nobody else did it after her. Nobody else was like it's. The new share sound. I need to do that on my record to it was frowned upon in the music industry. If you sounded like anybody else, editor you couldn't have. I think only time that it was ok, it's a sound like anybody else would like the disco air disco sounded design, that's true! I'm workin on a project right now called disco sucks because of that whole campaign was evident, and I feel like that's what happened to me and I'm not
well in order, but that was a major part of my life that do not feel like the whole disco. Such movement was kind of like the Anti able to movement. Haven't people come even when Rob travelled to the top box? Nobody else was doing it, but even if they try to do it like air club, he did it with a guitar. It put a spin on it. It is something different, but it was not widespread that nobody changed in industry with it even congregated before me. Can you get out of here before me, but nobody copied it and nobody wanted Now look here, nobody was making its within him. It didn't change the industry when I did it, it changed yet the industry at it at birth, a whole new genre music. So I understand the bee in the face of it like one mumble rob haven't area could low yadda was the phase of mobile rap Blue, yellow. The written, limo yadda wasn't by far the
leave mumbling wrapper at the time, but he was the face them and he got the brunt of mumble rat. He got the brunt of the half of it. So I understand that the person is the most sought after four, We are facing an a scene, as the originator would get the most hateful, and I understand that, but to say that you made me not special anymore was gear, That's not what I have heard that you realise that, because it's almost like he blamed you for a thing that was his own insecurity. At the time the like you said it his words poorly, but it's also like it's like shame on you for it: think this industry now I'm having a harder to. I might have a hard time. It's like he didn't say. having town, he didn't say your stuff sucks, and I like it. If you didn't say that like a mouse aid and like it, it's a good thing and I d like us, they lost their was back us round is one of the greatest fingers of our fuckin generation, but he shows is worse, poorly.
It goes back to me, run an automatic because I was shit now its income. My fucking mouth, I got a million dollars, but once they got normal of evil and stop making money, I had to figure out how to do something. Different yeah after was not ready to do that, because every time we got us a release, it was a smash, but if you're not keep enough what what what how the industry is changing this not gonna work anymore. It's not gonna, be easy pyramid. You may there's not a very marked at at at at at at almost than in a way running out of money was a really good way to teach you agility in the market and no question no question for sure. I had the fucking fragility. Acrobatic fuck, it of everything manner and the thing that are realised.
Early on, but nobody saw nobody had seen my personality. Nobody had seen that I was actually an ok. I did meeting greets a lot in the early stages and I would always here too One I thought you'd be taller out. I am flag, in fact, in a big guy, I thought you'd be died in that do. While I was before eleven. This works out really tat. My life's ivory dollar, fine, like our while her husband any are so much day so much taller than you they're, like me, wishes, in other words the always heard. I thought you would be taller and I thought you'd be an asshole. Oh really! You see the super nice and like the boat with everybody the year like a good natured guy, because that's what I started draw my actual personality. Ok, you know when I was when I would do areas or would I would you know, do video
I would put on this act. I thought we had to put on our talk differently, because I thought, if you didn't sound stupid, your call by dint of failing in here. I know just just the fact that I am not here my words now like that that the way I do interviews differently in the things that I decide to say, the things that are actually no actually show my intelligence- and I don't know if this was even a part of your culture but in our culture in the hip, hop color. Like you get me no for going to college. Oh yeah, if you come out as a robbery and you went to college like a bad thing for them who the fuck it What did he say?
look man, I don't care about you and causes an educated, be enough from the streets. You never understood. You want to cause. No! No! No! That's what I saw never actually understood it at his participated in it. You know seeing that people can actually see my personality and I can get on switch and actually so people I'm out I'm a good person. I haven't been that President everybody thought was gonna, be an asshole. And a more profitable than than other artists. I mean I've been in the airport with multiple autism people come to me and then I can. I get a pigeon. Unlike I'll see you Elsie Ali, the guy's artisan literally, have we tell me yeah, but use like onawandah, had actually would take a big area just like the demeanor
I'll be with you all the demeanor and end the expression on people's faces just make them unapproachable in their very off. Putting that it's like I'm just happen, I'm so happy that is like yeah pages, gonna, say probably two seconds. If you gotta give own yet Thirdly, they dont afterwards. If that's the problem, yeah yeah bit, you know a bill. Neither science guy is how Devlin overblown Amazon observers. So when people come up to him for selfies, he's like ok make it fast, but if Like ok, hang on he's like you need to learn how to walk and take us is a very nice guys. So so what I do a lot I ban when when people are like, I want to take a picture. I take the fall I've seen every phone in existence are not a work. All of em everybody's expert would ever spoke when you live. Bridges in Japan and use the out he's weird as follows: up like I've seen every fallen exist.
That's really! My phone gimme, the phone I'll, take it. Oh, it's all, is literally one button to maybe to get on the camera and then one man! That's why? Because there are a lot of weight as funds like an Asia like. Shall me read no three like how do you use this was a sham. red no three year, I did take a picture on a phone. There was like a teardrop shape. That's cool demonstrated that the calves at the top of the of the terror I was there. I know what I'm going to give. This phone ought actually found an excellent text me when you get involved, You know the number it yes come down soon, knowing where you are We are concerned with and knowing that you're. Ok, because I could be a lot richer. I could be gone astray right now, yeah I could be gone, raising a giant dick with Jeff Phases,
or I could be stuck in my nose. My ears with all available, make sure wrote you don't get it. I think I'm Vanua yes aims. Hey man, that's a great way to look at it. I think that no less wrap it up that. Thank you. So much of your time in your candour in your vulnerability, man has a living is. This is a real pleasure. I think it's important to be honest about all this stuff that you were honest about, have lower and don't forget to text back, but he got a lot. We call Bob Suddenly there absolutely man are really represent. Those great who's, gonna write, yeah yeah. I know I really enjoyed it. We'd get a preview trailer of our interview with Poker star any Duke on how we can learn to make better decisions by thinking in bets, instead of trying so hard to
certain all the time. The quality of your life is determined by the sum of two things: the quality of your decisions and lots. When something bad happens to us, we acted the skill wasn't involved at all a sort of pilot off to the luck element. But when good things happen, we sort of ignore the luck element and we say that it was because of our great scale as self driving over just hit until the pedestrian. But what I thought was really interesting was bad reaction was to suspend testing and just to take the cars off them. not just the mover cars but other self driving the evolves and what I didn't see were any comparison to house self driving here bone did per thousand miles travel there said the technology that we already have on the road, which is cars that are driven by human. We know that six thousand pedestrians diaper year by regular driven card
Let's say that you on the side of the road and you ve got a flat tire, in other words, what everybody thinking at that moment is. I have the worthwhile Beverly these involve happened to me. I'm so unlucky I'm so miserable, which Williams to me about it, like you could have gone a promotion like the biggest promotion of your life three days before and you're not standing on the side of the world going Milo spray. I note that the biggest promotion I could ever imagined so imagine you had this black ironing, Uruguay, and now I'm asking you to day a year later. How much do you think that flat tire would have affected your overall happiness over the year for more with anyone? concluding some common mistakes. We make when evaluating decisions check out episode. Forty here on the Jordan Harbinger show really alot of unexpected. Twists
in this conversation between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fourteen t pain, told me he attempted suicide three times. You know that hit hard, because most people assume that being of hip hop superstar, like t pain, is just nonstop awesomeness by You know that depression kicked in that we talked about in. He mentioned that the most successful people that he knows are often the most depressed. We also talk a little, but after the show about being a shitty friend candidly, he said every night during his performances thousands of people are clamouring to be your friend. Everybody wants to talk to you. There climate over each other touch your hand or something, but then once the show ends the people you really want to hang out with they dont want anything to do with you, because you're success go to your hair. You're bad person, you're drunk all the time, and some of his depression was actually the people around him. Trying to control him after familiar at all, with like Dave Chapelle in some of these other eyes that have just sort of bugged, out from being famous
here comes out often that the people around you who always trying to milk you for something is bad for your mental health go figure and it sounds like that's what happened here, especially when you hear you're on the show about how his manager was ripping MA, follow these how sales and all the other just kind of horrible stuff. That should not be done to you by people who have a duty, to help you succeed in business now and she had he may some more money on twitch playing video games and he doesn't is regular musical driving is amazing. It's just a testament to streaming as a platform. Imagine your plans game. So you don T get paid as much or more than a lotta, your music royalties. Now, of course, Selvas heads and stuff. It's a different story, but really, while that you can even make money doing that, I guess that's what people think about podcasting, to which to which I way weird way to make money kind of a surprise. I don't want to question it too speaking to money won T pain, first started making it. I asked him off line if people started coming after him for money and yet his dad actually came after him.
Money. They had a major falling out in his dad says so awful. I wish we had included this in a shovel is dead, said. Give me too, thousand dollars, and you don't even need to acknowledge that I'm alive so that obviously triggered some depression is well. He had to cancel his show after hearing that, because we think these people who are famous enrich they just haven't made, but it's just a different set of problems- he's also dropped contact with his younger brother because he kept asking for money and then his younger brother passed away, so there's a lot of regret and there too. So this isn't just a look at how amazing I am kind of story. This is a guy with actual deep stuff going on here and I think its import highlight all of that, because we want to give a balanced view of fame and wealth and some of the baggage that comes with that stuff. Maybe you don't really want, and maybe you dont repaid counting on when you go for new trying to make it in a creative pursuit or in any pursuit for that matter, business or otherwise. I asked him what he does
now to help manage as mental health. It, of course, he's got Farrabee and things like that, but he also means on his wife a lot especially early on when he wanted to give up. He said he told his wife on countless occasions that he didn't want to do this any more and he would text her and she would essentially talk him off the ledge so to speak. And, finally, I think it's pretty story funny that there's a guy named Bobbin Orlando taken, take it set universals videos or whatever and he's like best friends with tee pain. No that basically nobody believes that right when he says anything right. They just think he's this delay you know all the guy and that he is an imaginary friend or something like that, and I can just see them all like. Oh yeah, Bob just hasn't been the same since his wife, past tens is on the phone and that he's friends of some wrapper named T pain. Everyone just feel so bad for him in a why on earth Bob, if you're gonna pick an imaginary friend, why would you pick t pain? Why would you pick t pain, poor old bob, but go Don T pay for shepherding Bob through a tough time?
That really says a lot about somebody, and it says that he'd not only thinks about himself that all those mental health challenges in the stress that he was utter. Maybe it's just me, a better person links to all things t paint, including his pod cast, will be linked up in our shown. Us please use our website links if you buy books from guests that always help support the show. Worksheets for episodes are also in the show notes, trends, for in the shadows and there's a video of this interview, given up on our Youtube Channel Jordan Harbinger outcome, slash you too, we ve also got our brand new cook channel cuts that don't make it to the ship. highlights from interviews. You can't see anywhere else, Jordan. Bonjour dot com, slash clips is where you can find it. I'm at Jordan, heart you're on Twitter and Instagram, or just hit me on Linkedin, I'm also teach you knew how to connect with great people and manage relationships using systems and tiny habits over at our six minutes. Networking course at courses free over Jordan, Harbinger Dotcom slash course dig the well before you get thirsty and in most of the guess you here on the show this
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