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569: Rick Ross | How to Boss Up and Build an Empire

2021-10-05 | 🔗

Rick Ross (@RickRoss) is a multi-platinum-selling, multi-Grammy-nominated rapper, artist, songwriter, investor, and author of The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler's Guide to Building Your Empire.

What We Discuss with Rick Ross:
  • Why Rick, in spite of growing up middle class with a computer programmer father, got involved with dealing drugs in his early teens.
  • Where Rick's "no complaints" policy originated and how it keeps him focused on what's important.
  • How embracing the difficulty of the process that allows Rick to acquire, enjoy, and manage his success builds resilience.
  • The dangers of hustling backwards.
  • How taking Rick's calendar audit exercise can help you keep your schedule lean for the things that matter and trim away the things that don't.
  • And much more...

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Coming up next on the Jordan Harbinger show. there is only one person has really wanted. How successful on how big guy are you really the biggest boss? No, it should have everyone has come to the table and bring to the table is simple with a view to only one winning hey man. You may not really be when it bear welcome to the show, I'm Jordan Harbinger on the Jordan Harbinger, show we decode the stories, secrets and skills of the world's most fascinating people. We have again that conversations with people at the top of their game, astronauts and entrepreneurs. Spies psychologists, even the occasional former called member money laundering, expert or attack mobile. Each episode turns our guests wisdom into practice, device that you can use to build a deeper understanding of how the world works and become a better critical thinker. If your new to the show or you're looking for a heavyweight to tell your friends about it, we now have episode starter packs bees.
Collections are your favorite episodes of organised by topic in helps new listeners, get a taste of everything that we do here on the show just visit, Jordan, harbinger dot com, slash start to get started or to help somebody else get started in court. I always appreciate it when you do that today wrapper business, Mobile, Rick ROS, not sure how much of an intro this guy needs but recross as a model platinum, Malta, Grammy nominated Wrapper artist and song writer, as well as an investor he's, really get a lock and his business, which is one reason I really wanted to get him on the show today. This isn't just a dude with hip hop money coming in that's about to go broke, but a guy who has put a lot of thought into business systems, diversified revenues I think you're really enjoy this conversation. Even if you're, not a fan of rap or hip, hop music it off. We mostly focus on business. management and mindsets that helped Rick build and maintain his reputation as a boss, and if you're wondering how I managed to book all these great authors, thinkers and creators every week, it's because of my network
I'm teaching you how to build your network for free over at Jordan, of injured outcome, slash coarse and by the way, most of the guests on the show subscriber the course contribute to the course come join us you'll, be in smart company where you belong now. Here's Rick Rocks give you take anything for their books. It's that lemon pepper wings are your favorite right. Is that what was take from the wood out of the wood out there? Because Europe, though I I know that on breakfast club you actually said you're tab. The new generator wasn't music, which is kind of a surprise, because, of course, people know you for music and wrap. But I assume is: if it's not music, it's gotta be what just blows and wings. Now we do want a lot of different dates in just about ready. I do said, Trot actually printer. Early at nineteen nineteen. So to me, This was cool about. You know how I'm moving what do we know what the book is really for how to stay here? How do not beaten
doubted not be child. I did not have your point I call on you for things, but you really We do when they saw TAT Pyramid does what is really about, and I remember one of our partners when we first got in business maybe over a decade ago they told me that they should be my most valuable asset, and I remember laughed the next phase bear was actually right, rarely which venture, insofar as that confidential, you know, but she got woodchopper. Did she just a guy? Everybody is by you. Gotta keep report this by yeah you want to think that they're, not the number one, so they go off man whose honest right now and they keep working tirelessly Turner, big businesses elevate, is business one year one yeah you want to. guys think like? Oh, it's probably and you want the wings guys think and we'd better stepping up spry, not exactly exactly exactly what it is.
The day I just wanna make sure everybody's winning. So I keep everybody involved in our joy. Would I do so he's always your dad actually was a computer programmer and was it the seventies and eighties year, while that's cutting, man, I mean there's not. There were not that many computer programmers back then, and I'm betting. You can count on your hands the ones, were not just like nerdy. Why deeds yet Blagden locally produced Remember when I was young. He added what was sixty four in the pretty used just pray, the paper down to the flow under used to stagger this house flew and it made that loud agenda giving you never goes noise. I think It's all burn into our brain, because your mama's are you desperate and set off at eight o clock in the morning and you're sleeping you're like what the hell is that noise? It's like dialogue moanings, modem, yeah, exactly
You grew up more or less middle class, which a lot people are gonna. Go wait! A minute I read, or I heard that he sold crack resold. Drugs. Grow up middle class and then turn around and sell crack alot of people pride in a question that decision will school does. Of course you would they want course you were just as we all know, we are when we download it. Apartments were first tat. The first house that we moved into was it One of the biggest crack projects in currency in a meal Well, maybe we was happy, I'm sure my moment there was proud to have whole, but exactly behind it. It wasn't one home in between there was nothing in between it. So in a middle. What a night, those people that was you know and bring our front door action for whatever reason didn't you every day, no one at all,
in Miami when you talk about my enemy is a different situation. We talk about the projects in Miami and what it was every situation. So I see what I've seen it was what it worth yeah. It doesn't sound that, appealing, though I read your described me at women banging on the door in the middle of the night asking for help. Oh, you wouldn't, like a lot of people wouldn't be like I want to get in that business. I want to get in the business of having crazy women screaming at four o clock in the morning and waken me up being like caught a police riot. My right does pretty much. There was due to brood allows, maybe by big bird, should body mismatch, trim dollars roof. whatever. It was. What I was told at a very young age, never open the door for nothing. So you know I understood, but that's where I grew up at in Miami was it the money, then that was appealing at that point. It about a term that my mom and dad separated Mama was working to jobs every day. Thirty, when all wisdom
It was really judges in two hours between us, my body it is a Mercedes. I wish Mercedes Benz. You know you know. Billy you. I was a bit for some time, He wanted to know what was going on. What was the difference? Well, I just had a certain cashing on some of the finer things and I was going to find a way either way and it took me a long. but we made how old were you when you first started to be like wait? A minute? I don't wanna work like three jobs. Like my mom, I can make money. I can make the same amount of money before ten. I am selling drugs. I got my first cattle, which was a dollar sign at thirteen, so give money. Already on my mind, Turkey, so that for that kind of ambition? So clearly, your ambitious, but also your lucky, I assume you agree, you're, lucky or not dead because of that same ambition, right, you're, right where you are in my book, I don't feel
My life is not to be proud of, but Four things there come with the guy that our plea, I don't fear death. We don't keep goin. We can't keep getting bigger I'm looking sharing experiences in wisdom in the books and that's just what I now. I'm excited the sea to the response from a noble idle. Did a lot actually because, of course, I read a lot of books for the show, and I read a lot of by scientists, but also read a lot of books, buys celebrities, an artist and a lot of the books that are by celebrities an artist what books in general a lot of full of fluff that doesn't make any sense in a lot of it is self aggrandizing bullshit, as you might imagine, but the newest book is like here some ways that I run my business and its clear that this is actually true and it makes a lot of sense right. It's not like put yourself
they're in believing yourself, it's like treat everybody fair, put people on so that they can develop their own infrastructure network. Like it's real advice you were burger. Where were you don't we both? Definitely we most finally just surrender the expression is whether they would best or maybe not the best. Either way life can be abused. Struggling enjoy. Does she made the most, not an obligation? to the point. I want to win, win being, not only just went but we'd be, do you have same ambition that you had when you are younger. Obviously you have a dull ambition. Now, you're, not just like selling drugs out of the back porch or whatever it's a completely different and more ambitious game. You mention age fourteen you are over two hundred pounds which, like most fourteen,
probably under one hundred lb, so you're like twice the size of the average? Probably kid I didn't look at the growth chart, but that's a big get. I like I'm, not even doing her pounds now and I'm forty right. So this is your big teenager. had moved away when you are in high school and you said that he never came down your football games, so I assume you had a different relationship or you are distant from him. We do. You know I never got to play at because I was too big, so it was just So by the time I got the high school, my ambition, it was another level. So I actually was all city football playing. No nobody, but my mom never came to my football game, nobody else in my family. I know your father's sins passed, but you ever think like. I should have made a move to reconcile. I do regret that at all now know nodded or workers. I never had any eight. There was in letting us still low my phone
regardless of what he was going to a what was going on. I still loved him and my love is still g reform, I'm a seller, It is you don't wish been his birthday is maybe his eighty fifth birthday. I then it is one show me still celebrated you know is if he was only a whip me so now I understand you know. Of course, I wish you would meaning, of course I wish I would have had some more time to retrieve some wisdom. You know, but I didn't it so now we got to make the best of it. We got to boss up What do you think he would think of your lifestyle? Slash success. Now I mean obviously its larger than life right, so you kind of can He would be pretty impressed and proud of. You surely would be impressed with the words he was Yuki would use because he was such a humble purse. I'm not sure you know. I would love to hear the way he would describe my situation because he
when it owes nothing like this. You never was like. You know, you type, your look! Well, you know how many square feet is this? All fifty five thousand, the person you re a quiet appreciation wrong right is your home relief Five thousand square feet is that's like there's like Amazon warehouses that are smaller than national road leads. Our first approaches do it was fifty five thousand square feet or two hundred and eighty acres, you noticed it added another. Maybe not acres. Allow so you're buying the land outside the place. What's on the land, where you have a vision from firms are rolodex, sugar is working on this. You ve seen the way all cities expand right. So if this city start soon ban toward your house. You can be, like all say the land, but it's got mythology for ten times what I bought it for in right now. trees on auditors, some grass, like you, can sell developers when Europe sixty years old and
it could be worse. Tens of millions are more actually to authors. say Blanda may aboard the lead, maybe not a year ago and have already been made up to differ, offers whack profited Amelia knows yeah well, If you don't need the money now, what you don't you just know, you're sitting Bitcoin man just hold it due solely to the all. You bought the house. foreclosure from Zander wholly fields is state or the bank that owned it anyway right, that's gotta, be little bit of a warning shot right. Like you look at that, you go away, he was doing really well and he was really wealthy item by and is now. How do I end up like that. How do I not be a statistic? Two guys lose their house to the next guy. I'm still here. You know these were twenty five million building a homely from understanding he took it many alone, our own, which one in a default which ultimately purchased for five point: nine it
You know you ve heard these different things year. Seventeen employees working just maintaining a landscape with myself. I went about a job tractor to dream. I bodies we get up there. I got the majority of my body the end. We did that tat. What we do at all ourselves so is most definitely a huge, a big difference in the way we deal with things over here. There is an element of humor, but also it really does illustrate your work ethic. To know that you are cutting your own lawn in own tractor with conditioning, I assume, because his hot as Hell Windows, air conditioning audio system, but like your cutting, your own grass and a lot of people are going to be like wait. What this dude who's got, tens of millions or hundreds of millions or headed up to the three comic club is sitting in a tractor on a Saturday afternoon. In his own line Music were a man
jobs, not aware of any music on it. I'm just knows Linda just embracing you know the learned. Man, nature, the peace and quiet, no telephones, I'm looking at all the purse flying around me, the butterflies beards. It's a beautiful situation, Falada appreciate it s. What I do us back in a team I thought about it. The position. I think that's important. I mean it's crazy to think, like all we gotta be always have gratitude for everything like a lot of people recommend that, but it's funny to see that that your practice rights, the tractor and cunning here alone- is like an investment in your own sanity. In my gratitude and appreciating what you have- and I think that probably keeps you grounded saying at some level. Most definitely being a youngster. I was thirteen also why she crossed the family, the law servers around a foreigner will crack grassy. I still do. I still love begin
There are still loved it. I think that the falls back on me remaining Hansel, Liberians or in a box you say: let nobody cares about your excuses, I'm a boss, because I don't have to worry about circumstances, but I go for no matter what and you bring up an important points at the moment, you're waiting on doesn't exist. Everyone has problems, some people use them as excuses. People use them as opportunities? It's your react, to those problems that matters. How did you learn that? There's one or two things my father taught me as a youngster? the complaint, because complaining gets nothing never from play in. things that stick out with me and she was so when someone's around me and I'll begin to hear complaints. I would begin to watch that person and too many damn things that come along with a person that complains a lot is usually not the best.
It's so when I've committed the last twenty years for me to get a disposition and sit at the table if you come and sit at the table in the first thing you telling me about, is your ingrown toenail less your great aunt that just died, and you know your neck is hurting I mean I want to state everybody out. A lot of people have died in everybody's well, paid as were come, would be a noble watch. What we want to win myself and everybody else the scene at this table older for whoever they sit right here. The may show me where We don't want to hear no complaints embracing process. You say you don't want it to be easy right. The process is what makes be able to enjoy and manage success and
people? I mean the example I thought I was like without the process you like that lottery winner, whose, like I have ten million dollars now and then in two three five years there broke, but one year, one year, yet Deerbrook yeah and like they don't have any friends left because everybody asking for money and they mishandled all of that right. So the idea that you don't Want it to be easy is interesting because I feel like people who face that resistance had on all the time and are expecting it to be hard. Then, when you do These challenges, its just like our able. This is part of the game and it doesnt beaten right. It doesn't get to you now. It is a vision when I look back at once the position I am now. When I look back fifteen years, ago, when I was sleeping at rest, when a lotta terms, I didn't know, I was wont, get make it to the next city, the net, sure. Whatever the position was it was. So you're beautiful situation. and if I could only because you didn't know a man one day you gonna be great man, but when I look back
the situation in the people. I got deleted, big, looking at the crowd. Desk saw me for the first time in the physical health. As will beat, is being wouldn't blame for three minutes away and a lot of times. That was the only is that there are. when I'm running out of a. What you didn't know no right now, you're already As you know, the first fifteen people logo soldiers- you go lab every one dead, those people. Let me a lot of times. You know that That's fascinating! It's almost like it's like these idea. The struggle is why, what's the analogy erudite forging fire right like you, you can't really appreciate being on the top. If you didn't have to go through the struggle in which totally makes sense right. We all know, I trust one kids, whose dad left and my twenty million dollars in there just useless. Like you said they get it. Grown toenail. No, like I can't work today right there. They just can't do anything for themselves
I ve never had that resistance. They ve never had to figure out what they themselves and that's what I had to do as they used to figure out certain things by myself, whether it was if we go wash caused today. If we go through the day, we couldn't grass today or if we go home, Mister Thomas down the street port, always roof and tore down near two hundred degrees we hit Europe what it'll take your label, but guess what? If he gave us twenty dollars, a lotta tat will jump up on the roof and we learn certain things. So my drugs on another level, and I appreciate it- I still wake up. Fifteen years later, look for the door interview I am actually exciting. We want to wear one of my nice sweaters, but I appreciate you don't show up like what is this again. Who are you what's happening right now among over? I cannot argue, still decided we still driving. We still got history debate
for me, it was about a dollar figure. We would quite a long time ago, but I think is more about this may kiss you gotta, seven figure advance for was it you want here first albums are one your biggest album you're. My roofers arable would therefore- and you just pretended like it- didn't exist for six months. Just kept hustling, which I think is really good advice for any windfall promotion Accolade award whatever you just gotta, pretend it doesn't exist because it really is have a seven figure advance make you be like amazing. I can't fail now it's over and then When you're really at the beginning, you think you're the top of the mountain, but really you're. Just at the start of the trail. so easy for you to be watched her through there. You want love food away from one. Why should I close my You Ellie Ree Cheesy, just stood there have chaps ever forget that actually for the first one euro spent any
hey, I didn't barker. You know I had already had a Bmw two things I already old, all I had, but as far as me, finally, getting a racket deal after fifteen years, is taken losses in whatever she wore a call. I didn't go and get anything out in adding to the car fleet and anything else like that. I just cried. I didn't I didn't turn down any thing. Man, scope, mosquito, whiskey, You know I was just momentarily. You get we're yet here we are in a book also talk about. the dangers of hustling backwards, which I think great phrase right becoming so enthralled with the trappings of success, that you end up focusing on image instead of logic goals which, like you didn't say it, We can tell what you met, which is like Instagram culture right. It's like I'm on a private plain, but I'm really photography studio and allay that just a faint plain and
go there and I pretend monoplane its failure to you make it, but instead of making it you just focus on fake it in you, never actually do anything. You never make it right. There or even worse, you actually beyond repair- replaying, which change our fates. Five times are good at one flight, so you could pose different photos over the next year. You know it what does it say? Man, it because I'm a person, I believe, speaking things in existence manifest certain things, but I have. No problem with fly doubt still fly doubt my fate see this through d, I'm gonna, let alone a warm air, I'm right there give me my cheese box. What does somebody's in? to day to you, though, I came back and we switch this all all. Hopefully, The events in the Balkans Well, I'm at least try. I was wrong. That's fine! Now, Madam duty and be like our at all switch what you gotta sign this
to carry a Cd Mike areas to which the bureau City Autograph a book for you. Then I got a direct threat to ease the looking back. We are avoiding hustling backwards. My it must kind of be tough in the rap game because isn't image just such a huge part of it I mean we all know. We see it all, videos. They cannot have that just like right in the forefront, I know its marketing through, but how do you balance the marketing and the self promotion with being an actual creator? That's focused on the product as well for myself, I came away. Every day I was what really represented buckles and by my ambition this? What I'm here for every there was. I want to make history. I wanna do some there's! Never been done from a city, I want to be the biggest artist s, not just from a city, not just and the girl enamel due to different ways, currently twenty point two ships in the next year. I'm sure to be sure, is
They were all over on cars now sure in the next to be towards jailer. I'll rightly be out for the season where we had a greater, I got a lotta gang from jail. No one had only few people take action, school rosy when it comes to automobiles but I'm just like you know just driving. Yet that's how we movie we making global we making grumbles ya, listening to the Jordan Harbinger show with our guest Rick ROS we'll be right back. Thank you so much for less than this. I of course appreciate it. We put a lot of work into it. I would love it if you would consider supporting those who make this show possible. So all those links, those or else those discount codes they're all in one easy place over at Jordan, ensure dot com, slash deals, we read the page, it should be much easier to use now. All the deal should be easily searchable and final.
And on your phone, Jordan, harbinger dot com, slash deals, don't forget, we ve got worksheets for many episodes. If you want the drills and exercises talked about during the show, in one easy place. That link is in a show notes at Jordan, harbinger dot com, slash podcast, now back to Rick Ross. You say that This is based on what you do when no one is looking into build one break at a time. That is probably one of the most important and one of the most overlooked bit of advice that I think a lot of people who are trying to make it think I've like there? really doing everything in front of the camera and when the cameras off there's a lot of like while I'm done now, because I posted I'm done now, cause the videos the out I'm done now. Will you be washed zone so long before you ll be back at the car? Wash your current grass at one by a long shot, thereby would decide start your most definitely be because everything that matters is Europe.
Are you branded during tat time is the most valuable asset. You will ever have proof roll up, so you have to take advantage of the right now and when you go pages goes a person like me is trying to do terms five things watch for every one thing you do it I'm trying to do fire understand and accept whatever position. As you know the council today, because this will we look for we know this is just one when a problem in this will we look forward to and we want to keep to. The latter should be in. The latter. Approach must be If and we really want to be a and if that's not what you want, you know go somewhere else. time. You ve got this calendar audit exercise in a book which I think is brilliant. It's something that I recommend people do in one form or another all the time. It is essential to break down your time, especially time spent flexing Instagram or whatever, and like truth
We evaluate how much time is being spent going towards your goals and where the rest of the time is going, How do you decide which habits are activities or people that you need to cut out is not everything is gonna, be aimed towards our goals like sometimes you just have friends put. I assume you, got a rule of thumb for this kind of thing rise from thirty June legal signature was really go now. Ok, one dated is: writing this. What I wanna do for five days, I'm attain notes every I got Warner. Basically will my business point as well conversation wishes. Take notes agenda today. Look at what you did. What do we do? what needs to be removed when money is spent. It's more terrible you surprised at the bull shit that you got coexisting around you, people s, call you the conversations, there's goin on many issues, frivolous less extend our focus on websites where you see the tape, because three years for now is only served things that's gone about the fluff as you call it.
The strong using the fluff taboos, We ve only been remembered it The people who had never really brought back to our lives. We won't even remember their names. Less three years now the bull shit now Let's move like we already addressed National referenda do give underwear hey man in the next five years. I may want to stop playing. You know why I'm not away five years we go scottish, they start work you could do it that Romeo and right now we could put criminal could drive a golf ball. Greater scrutiny. Maybe take down the chandelier Jesse's. That's a disaster waiting to happen. If we drive and Baldwin alone assure deletes a major threat to get the brie roads the words the bill with the travel, the end. I got these a few years ago. We first he's doing the first war, Bob Decoration, but it's time to go to another level.
Yeah you can definitely move those out of a driving ranger. I would say that we could be a little bit dangerous, you're right, you need to change our you invest your time in order for your results to change and that's, like the main, take away from that right, like a lot of People will just complain about something or they'll say yeah. You know I gotta do this, but if you just take inventory of your time, you realize, while I'm actually wasting like two hours day in meetings, listen to people complain in or whatever I haven't done Brahms, it should have happened here. then you get better and better and you'll be surprising. Three much all your life is shaped. You'd be surprised. Ambition is a must important ingredient to success, which make sense, only says what you say in the book right and it's. I wonder if you found this, it's really easy to assume that other people have this the level of ambition as you do, but statistically that's just now grown, oh no! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No good! It takes a certain amount of ambition in ambition to have the more things you can overcome. There's Ashley
people I wanna be on radio. They actually want to be in a position where, but a lot of times their sharp there'll be the word. A user nobly You may be sure to which your level of ambition their shine is this We're gonna do the damage we ve taken ill what then are we gonna? Do it anyway? And guess what don't try. Hard is if we don't bring some great to the table and we can get, we got break some great to the table and their level of ambition is priceless. I've done this business partners, I'm sure you have to where you think like. Ok, I'm in eighteen. Oh the day six seven days a week, whatever it is, and you think like are there. The upper Friday one I m working, but they ve been drinkin since two p m the day before their put more Then there are alcohol tolerance and they are into their business and its and that a lot of people have to learn the hard way because I, like you, grew up working hard. I grew up working hard. Most people actually do not. Ngos were if this
the situation. Was we sit down at the table? They go understand why, value is Hi is mine on your desk. We go make it clear: whatever you bring to the table? Is which will be appraisal? will be appraised emerges, lifted on a daily basis. What are you bring to the table on a daily basis? Are you one above and beyond the same person you been for the last three years. Just the one black and white paper. This requested on You want to me you're a loser. We were go above and beyond. I'm gonna go, do something else. I want to suggest another guess where you without you have an action. we have to do to make. You will return look the ones they dont understand, except to appreciate. The just accept you know position you in and you'll stay you as well
continued Clare. You say you hire people, jobs that they can grow out of not jobs. They can grow into. Tell me about that. Where you got you just to be a person at once to elevate yourself in it touches on the safe they once again, are you gonna, be one of those people ashes a predictable colleague a predictable peer, a predictable we are you gonna, do the same thing you ve been doing for the last six months. That's not cool! That's not then I would you wanna, be we wondered, owes people amen you guys, like is worth our role that's what I want to see. What is this evil, Is twenty things that you suggested. only like to guess what you just increase your bed. We Ricky rosy.
What I may I should a slide over their personal sittin in between you. Let me just stopped two be predictable, you got it put a cry out, don't broadly to you, be able to go to another left me. I don't want to have to do you a favor cuz, I'm not going to do you a favor and give you the position. That's going into it Extensive rights are no free meal ticket, but YE will put your people on so that they can develop and like. Thank you, sir. I love the idea of climbing outright like our ear in this position. What are you going to do next year? position. What are you gonna? Do? Let's What are you gonna do? Are you go? Remains the same person, because if you are you're born me exciting and was exciting, is just going to the next level unless what almost definitely be doing
Will you look around here everything on the table? It does stop. It does stop you. said something that I really have heard a lot over. The years that I enjoy, which is how you do anything, is how you do everything right. So it's like always go the extra mile, and you said when you were washing cars, you would arrange people cities and tapes in alphabetical order, not part of the job. You just boss, a wash the car, but it ends up being this extra ten percent or extra twenty posts. but you go in every single bit that you do, and sometimes you get tips, and sometimes people don't even notice, but it's not for them right. It's for you and that's what I do. That's what I've done and I saw that's the quickest way to grow out a new position. I saw ok when you young stay thirty years over the car. Wash you see the big drug dealers pull up. happily the day invested hundred and fifty km.
his. Let anybody washed account. They want the consistency, they want the same purse, but guess what always throw myself the daily give me that opportunity, because I'm walking up We are making our contact number do. No, I take care, you I judge, The data gave me the opportunity, not only what I watched a car wipe it out. Not only our organised cassettes deceiving. And if I had the party change, if the gas was empty, I'm a big because when I came back at you, I got a wasted extra five minutes without idea that boy behold me what it out. That's all I love it. Perspective right, because most people will be a little bit more transactional they'll do what they get paid for, but
say hey. If you do more than what you get paid for, you'll eventually be paid for more than what you do, which is simple, but also like kind of brilliantly simplify is so the safest is my poor. Come a partner will look, Brenner, see, he'll Brett bears great grant. This is bright, bears courier, but guess what is sitting here with me, because bribery she's, a friend a man, and not only that I go above it your what every requested the do not do this, because this is a friend or partner, You understand what I'm trying to say out with some our approach since our the Young While I was always embrace, but a really see the street, a man you don't get embrace, if the shit I real UK the way I move, you can have a hundred causing concubine it's real, won't allow an apple Kay saying save you
Obama you all to not well decoration only time will serve you with this shit is room for people who oh Brad, parishes, the ceo of sovereign brands. Right am, I gonna, write. Correct economy looks like the cross between the dose He is most interesting man in the world and some kind of indian spiritual guru mode that's what I call a search the gap in order to create a space there some created do say, he's a great guy, progress. What I'm enjoin is warning, because this will, when alone rob of my book in that's what I'm doing it not about a doubt not about a point. I could easily be drinking cognac. Just wouldn't champagne bottle senior, but that's not what I chose the do does not change the blue one thing I think you do really well Well, one thing in particular. I think you do really well, as your people are all really diversify right. So if anything- and you mention this in the book of anything ever happened to your business people,
and you can help you back if needed, writes a you're not like the bottom of this infrastructure, where, if you as the peg knocked down for some reason, everybody else falls. You ve got people who run car dealerships beverage brand, you ve got all kinds of different wing. Stop right, you got it. Food joints and these are all run independently by people that you trust. So, if anything happens, to any other elements. Your business, it's like the internet, if one Knowed goes down the rest of the nodes. Just take over and it's like, nobody even has to notice that there's a problem, so you can get the fixing kind of like the pandemic. During a pandemic, you know, artist, live off. Performance is show money, accelerate, said, it's not many artist. I thought I could teach moved away. I both during the pandemic and I'm just be a straight up. That's what I do about his was being a boss. I still boy school class extraordinary every month, like always do and change because
living off? This? Did you show money they stood at now? We've been talkin about everyday, I'm hustlin. Then we met that when I said it a minute and that's what we've been doing and so during the panda. We want more franchises. We you know shit busy, went a lot of water scarcity. You said also classics, Yoritomo Cars, correct, o spook pillars for this, and I know this one up what my dear tractors it'll, just everything I felt movie. If it wasn't an right because you had support to do that, not because you ignore the problem, but because the problem was actually a systemic issue right it a critical issue for your business. It right none at all, and so the your people
their resources, they don't come and ask you for a handout, they're actually support for you and for each other later on. So it's like a web instead of a. I don't know, I'm missing the analogy, but it's like a web created and began purchasing more franchises began in Florida. Then I went straight to the home base of my family, so they would have job opportunities. I went straight to Memphis and I purchase five. Then it went to maybe six or seven, but I wanted my family members that have these opportunities, because it's not about coming to me asking me for money. You got to be ready to feed self and his the opportunity to start sweeping at the register. You may work up to husband may want to buy one yourself in there fewer, not respect of your partner with you. So you know that's what it's about with me. So my sister she's, a millionaire she's a self made millionaire. She has car lots in this and that and this and that- and you know my mother she's, just the matriarch of the family-
you ve always take. So I don't have anybody body. Can you transfer this into my account for this? Now that I haven't rocket, or was it sounds like your mom is the only person who still allowed a yell. You guess she doesn't need me, you eat, you, don't need you. She'd, only one is ever you out of me by my entire life. But you know, communication is fresh, something right. Expect to see in the book, because it's not usual advise you're gonna, hear from like a rap music mobile not lie. Is you recommend, saving investing any say? Financial freedom is the best stress reliever that is
the usual kind of advice you see from any artist anywhere, I mean if you want to talk to her a real ceo, areal mobile. That's the advice you receive as an artist. We understand music, goes hand in hand with party, so you will party, but you got to find a way to create businesses around the party. You have to wait elevation value in so many different ways to take advantage of that, and I said, you don't given you know is in when I talk. So when I talk about maybe an abortion. I talk about my residency edges, clothes with dreads What club in talk about gee, Sheba, Crypto courage, I can just go down the list, no that's which we have to talk about it when you gonna talk about. Your first two years is an or will you wait till you have no there
Where radio we waited. You have no real excitement around your plan. When will you do with your decision to make, but his Ricky prosaic say this: come out the work your way into. Let's not wait until you have a number one wrecking the just think about create March. this is again marshmallows made small animals but less how this system in place or when you do. Firstly, the radio man I got more merged come out of improvement. that is rarely whoop. You ve done so much right, but also had some serious scares right. You had. A seizure at age was at thirty five year, sure was at the first one word
I was the first seizure I had. I remember I had it. I was actually on a flight and my buddy is like this get off the plane. Looked at them sit down somewhere. I look like I had to see you because I had no side effects. I felt no pain, no nothing. So I actually thought you know he was tripping, but I got off the plane and I called my private jet connect. Thirty minutes later after getting off the plane, I was on a private jet and one side the sleep on the jet another sheet, and at that point, that's where we made an emergency landed in Alabama. I woke up. I want to see me a day or two later, that's when we suffer from seizures was a reality, That's what I had to go see a road darted explain my life. Now. You know the way I slept. Nor would I explain my issues it. You know at the time
sippin syrup in a Sippy cup connection, other things that I felt help me stay awake to do the things I love most witches make music, so I wouldn't be sipping out of the styrofoam cup, something that you said. I felt taste so delicious and I could stay in the studio twenty hours at a time and create music that I felt with change the world and I stopped getting any rest. I stopped going to sleep, My darkness explained and meet up. My body could no longer take while so the Caesars were it's not something kinetic. As from lifestyle, food, Tarzan, suffering from fresh inaction, just using the go to sleep and after a study, you know too well what the sleep, even after the first six months of sea and adopt any, but I couldn't sleep more proof for hours, so still wake up at six. A m now, but is a good thing, because I could sleep five or six hours
which was something I should. I thought I could never do it because soon, as I lay down it's so much stuff, I feel like I'll be doing if somebody can be accomplished in this work that could be done. a soldier's family buddy, that's something you sleeping your full Aiden ten hours. It was somebody like me that wanted your job and wanted to take and strip you of your success. I wanted to take your paycheck. I wanted to take everything because you know my desire for winning when she come from the mud. You really want to make it to the Marvel and that's what commissioner. This is the Jordan Harbinger Shell with our guest Rick ROS, we'll be right back visit, my China that come to find out more, now for the rest of my conversation with Rick Ross, so hot that change how you live your life now, because, obviously it like you ve got kids, you got a lot of businesses. You can't be Heaven seizures on
lights and like now find right, you, you could die now right like now, when you have kids you realize ago crap I should. I should probably stay alive. Almost I personally and as one of our biggest inspiration is no going go on holiday makers. Sure they want you see a lot of things that are fully enjoy your life oh no longer you no matter what the tussionex or lean you know. Stuff like there can. People who don't know what that is what that is cuz a lot of people never heard of the lean or tussionex another name for codeine, something that I used to pull into a Fanta Styrofoam CUP Cody mixed with soda. It was something that I thought, taste so delicious and I would just listen to music and it relaxed me and such a space where I could work on music for fifteen hours at a time, and during that time I created some of the most beautiful record,
your body not rested not sleep with. This could be a very warm press that you approve. How do you get around that now, like you, can't do it now, but you you're not just gotta, stop working. So will you do? Instead, it at the motor was due to the bare sir to you know I was live so now I just relax. I set my share, praying or sit. My loop, alas, woke my cannabis. we got our straight. Come there pointed out, will cookies, most importantly, a resonance believe it or not. I never took naturally my life now I could take our two that during the day, red changed. I gave you A daughter and you should have learnt the one daughter. Is that or you have other it is well here, ya got just one of them is a daughter at least rights, not not a neuron there. I know that hip hop is not always the most female friendly music genre. In many ways, I wonder of having a kid has made you think about this. A bit more. Will you know
create music, I'm really think an earth I came came from and where bore you know, I have created. A few reckons were speaking on my family. You know my kids. So and so forth, but you know as a whole, whatever direction a born in you know, I'm a continued boy Even when I sit down and I play records for my kids. I explain them what I'm talkin about the approach, the meaning purpose, and what I ultimately want a list of the walk away with majority of the time they understand what it is There is a breakfast club clip which ensures that your favorite, they say, hey. Why don't you say more female artist? I think it was Angela YE who, as you, that right and then like all I'd I'd sleep with them and I would mess up the business and that did not go over so well outside of that studio robot. I wonder what you think of stuff like that, like looking back and be like a gag kids now like. How do you explain that
not a thing to them. When that happens, you know what I was ultimately referred to will ultimately what I was referred to was independent. play boo that I used to work with it. The artist was a female artist. I used to write a rat in herself down below a big. We get a label inorganic banks personally and if we compare They all music there I wrote for the last two or three years. Were you know them able situation that they are on the table at all from it are crumble, away, I was like Yoda was so so fortune is so you know I've written rackets were not of females, but that was the ultimately that was without speaking, not upset have collaborated with a lot of females number fan. What a lot of females have yet to someone you know
I want to turn right and she's work. That's most able to me because my business come before any papers any taken up myself personally, so is most definitely about love the time in the right order. Specifically, so you never know so you don't think that you'd Leslie with a female artists and mess up the business that you had with them. None on donor I've been around the most beautiful or is there was never any issues business were so now. Ashley was taking back to before I got all it was pursued, sit in a big situation of my I'm, your body on a local music signal would talk about, but it was his day you know it's almost like shit thought about that, but you know me personally now there was no notion A lot of people were wondering, hey, look. You got freeway Rick Ross whose like the infamous drug deal,
now out of prison, he's been on the on the show before as well, and he took it pretty hard that there was a rapport with his name. What's going on there, because I know you were involved in a lawsuit before that later on ended what happened there, Jesus was. He came home. Fao law suits. You know even for me, came home, Frau lawsuits going right back to the police, so I had no words more. I had nothing to talk about it when you was the police, imprison you the police. Now I have no words to talk about, so I still have nothing to talk about in a lot of people go away. He took that guy's name, you know what's going on there. Is that not what happened? Where was this Definitely we had the same name tribute. I can get a red, no more! You know. I don't know much about in person I know. You know you supposed to bring a hospital that was getting money on the West Coast, I'm from the south young saying my name could have been Ricky Rozay from the beginning. I would have still been the biggest boss
don't matter like I say you know when he came from before we were reached up their canvasback, you observe James. And then during last week's, is when I got all the documentation of ah me how many times he testified, how many people, just a guess from that killed in the opportunities for growth. reform. Would anything isn't anything personal men do now? I don't know, never marry, If you try to reach out to you clean, be like hey man, I'm trying to rebuild my life coming out of prison like you got the same name as me. You think that would have ended up. Maybe the situation would have turned out differently. I don't know you come home Rebellion lie: go rebellion life. I won't do it like a rebellion, help, those thirty people you test prattle, alas, too. There's a lot of goes in into like street credit
streets and a night in industry and those things overlap alot, actually I know you got it. I said that we had a brush with that before too, I guess there was something about. You correctional officer job for a proper. I don't even know how long and people are like all he's a cop or he's law enforcement right that his rap persona is fake because he worked in this job. I'm wondering what you feel about that is, of course you speak about it. A little bit in the book. Worthily amen. I've had a lot of jobs like a sheer weren't you. Ok now everyday rule, It is obvious. The precision of man, marshals, numbers turtle the homie. If it wasn't so real, the homie would have came and hollered at me ain't nobody stepping on my shoes, because only the round and explain that real loser, yeah yeah so what switching gears a little bit. I gotta hear this story about you, gonna burn, Obama's office endeavours a bit of a disturbance because of it as the ankle monitor. Could you tell us this? This is a.
story and it has to be kind of one of those. Like top ten funny or embarrassing, maybe by also funny moments of your life right where we work. I was very should a White House me, along with it sushi waters in at the time? I was actually out on bond for some kidnapping charges. Allegations me doing some things. This for that, so I had an ankle monitor on my ankle. seen in an overall folk who is in there who is there at this point, I myself, maybe fifteen point. The audits myself dj, carry chest, wrap up us based around ludicrous just to name a few Michael monitor actually went off in a mirror. What conversation secret service movement around, because before you went into the oval office, everyone had again up any technology cell phones, anything so no one had any technology on. So, what's the baby
Maybe it's not a one off gas, which you know Barack Obama made a statement in everybody at the table. Just it was one of those things you I'm sure some nobody, was there will forget yeah, like I think, a lot of people are gonna, wait a minute could, of course, when you go into the White House period, the probably certain you for weapons and all that stuff and above you go on the oval office. There surgery you and I assume they saw that you had the ankle monitor and they went okay. This is fine, but the guy Maybe station inside didn't know about that, and then what why was it beeping like a low glad arrears, although my what's going on there, and I don't know you- gotta edge- rear real county jail. But you know because you know really gotta lotta was how could a person were kidnapped and charges this woman charge is making to the White House what we did you did and we put those
Messiah Twill felony charges, we put those burns, you know in the same way been accused of these types of allegations, never made me haven't a job for me. You do yeah. It's a funny story, because I just imagining secret services panicking, everyone's looking around some people probably even know what it is, but they do want to say anything and then Obama just sitting there like well, I thought we were going to blow up there. So forbade repeated. What you know was most definitely when you get a b b b b b b and has come from under the table, but I like how? What does I'm here with the next time. Change your batteries and her ankle monitor before you come in the old love is the lesson I we need to learn here is always make sure you have fresh batteries in your ankle, monitor if you're gonna go see, the President United States Merv were there's a lot of people that want it opportunities with you right. They want to lie of man. I want to work with you. I want to work with their label. I want to work with your companies. What do you suggest
bull that want to get up or turn it is with you or somebody like you, you you say, take initiatives, but what is this look like in practice, take an initiative in practice is really embracing everything that we already have gone all embrace, when the brands embrace reckon the record label embrace everything. We got. Twenty partnerships right now, you should already feel like a patent No, twenty does. If you really want to look or theme or feel exceptional, if you're gonna hire someone in a few should a work where would you Do I know you should already be only Facebook, twelve months they should already know. This is the way we work. This is the way we know if you even have a consideration of one and become a brand best about whatever phone, so what you should begin now, don't you? Wake up one morning say rosy. I wanna be mg. Well, guess what I got a surprise.
for forty million people, I just wanna, be a meme cheap is I want to pay me to be a so What are you gonna? Bring? This unique show me Something is different: it, hopefully show me already twelve months of work. You already been put new weapon, the tea wrap in the brain. show me that the love is Jane enough, our real, lasting wealthy people war- they don't want to hire somebody that what the job, because everybody was the job, but they really want a friend who really wants to be there Then, if you could show dreamily wealthy person. Look man, I'm really wanted to be here this week, you two years ago, look because everybody was the job everybody was to sit next to it. Marina, everybody was to have lunch with the billionaire, but what have you done with it
If you want to work for me, show me that you already have been working for me and I think that's one way phrase it in the book is well. Like don't common asked me the job you're auditioning for the job. Well, before we even talk. It doesn't even matter which talk right now. Show me show me: pull up your black war. Show me your social media show me which show me you love this guy. I didn't you love this. so much so incredible that this is the opportunity you ve been waiting for his bull shit. If you can't shoot me, you said you don't have to sacrifice your principles or be an immoral person to succeed being good to those you work with is a long term play if your idea of success only benefits you you're, not really that successful. Tell me about that world it is only one person has really when it. How successful on how big guy
Are you really the biggest boss? No, it should have Everyone has come to the table and bring to the table it's simple with a view to only one willing, hey man, you may not really be when it man or maybe you are just in a different way, but the platforms on creating everybody to be a part of every one of us, because there are all twenty been. We gotta be a part of law. you should call them or your platform. I shouldn't have action, because what we and we know the one you come to the general could you tell the champagne? Don't you what is put the work? You hey man, which play baseball baseball? I was twenty years ago there she is about was right now. This is home, runs right now. Have we not want to? Let me man, I wish you the best over here
interesting cuz. You're doing you're practicing what you preach right, like you'd, be brought out the champagne in the in the beverage earlier and you're. Like all I'm doing this, for my friend, I'm repping this for my friend, I have a business partner and I'm promoting this for him. There Can you to do this, and so people see that and they have to do the same thing for you, but it you're, giving them the blueprint. And now you literally have a book about how to do it. So if people are going to ignore that, then you know they're not going to be a good fit for your organization Rick. Thank you, Sir Man is there anything that you want to put in before we close cuz. Otherwise, it's a rat, hey man. I had a great time with you today, anytime. You need me I'll, be here for you, if you ever have a barbecue or something like that I'll be there, and they also sooner so. You do from the start, but I'll be there, because I've got some thoughts on this episode. But before I get into that, here's a preview of my conversation with Danny Trio, an ex content. Icon featured in over three hundred and fifty films and tv
shows you ve, seen him everywhere in machete, breaking bad desperado and much much more he's never been through acting school of which- doesn't matter when you're a legend, slash icon before becoming such a prolific stew, Danny Tray, who was a drug addicted criminal hooked on heroin at twelve who spent more than a decade in and out of prisons. Here's a quick preview once you start doing, robberies and your usual heroin. The robberies become addicted. You don't know whether you're Doin robberies to support your drug habit or doing jobs disappear robbery having already reduced over the hand grenade. This was later on. This was like, we did a Robbie window with his handkerchief, so I tried it and was very simple: hangar need any budget and on the pin- and you have somebody for some money, they think twice prison
you guys are people invisible, there's predators and their prey that then you gotta decide every damn morning. What are you gonna be? I know a lot of people who decide our brave vulgar doctor. I know a lot of people that took an elevator of the fifteen there are no elevator on a lot of people at the risk of seeing guys and all the muscles in the world, its debray short Mescal, eugenic nine fighting fight, you dance prison system has a faint pennies level in your mouth and keep that's. That's the taste of anxiety, taster, bitter taste of everything you feeling round with and when you finally stat days, you decides whether you would be pressure break for more.
Including how Danny tray her walked onto a Hollywood movie, set as a drug counselor and left as a bona fide actor and how try her eyes, manage sobriety for over fifty years and continues to help others maintain bears check out epoch. Three. Ninety eight of the Jordan, harbinger shell, and this is an interesting one. Never you ve got it all figured out always have that beginners mindset, the second you think you found a lane and you ve got it all figured out. You ve just set a ceiling for Yourself- a lot of really get information from reckon of course, his book as well. That will be linked. in the show notes all of the books from all the guests are linked in the shots and play do use those links. If you buy the books from our guests, because it does help support the show worksheets for the episodes or in the shone out transcripts or in the shown, its there's also a view of this interview going up on our Youtube Channel at Jordan, Harbinger Dotcom, Slash Youtube. We ve also got our clips channel with cuts that don't make it show and or highlights from the interviews that you can't see anywhere else. Jordan hard.
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