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581: Robert Greene | The Daily Laws Part One

2021-11-02 | 🔗

Robert Greene (@RobertGreene) is the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers on power and strategy. His latest book is The Daily Laws: 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy, and Human Nature. [This is part one of a two-part episode. Stay tuned for part two later this week!]

What We Discuss with Robert Greene:
  • The one simple reason why Robert Greene's work resonates among the hip-hop community's most accomplished artists.
  • How seeing the world through a lens of radical realism allows you to be prepared for the worst life can throw your way.
  • What we can do to uncover a career path that aligns with what has brought us joy in the past (hopefully before working 80 jobs we hate like Robert did prior to writing his first bestseller).
  • Why we shouldn't fret if we haven't found our calling early in life -- the experiences we've had and lessons we've learned along the way combine to give us a unique edge when we finally do find it.
  • Always stick to what makes you strange and weird. What made you a "weird" kid makes you an interesting adult.
  • And much more...

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We from russian Parliament to the? U S prison system when I, viewed robber for these seventh anniversary of my last show. So this is going back, probably seven rate years now he strongly in Urged me to keep going with Bob and really master the craft, and I took his advice to hard now more rather than ever, to bring him back on the show for his newest book the daily laws. If you haven't heard of this book yet everywhere you will, the book is one of those each after is a new day of the year kind of thing. So this conversation doesn't follow the book because it kind of and and it's a little bit all over the place. I picked out some of the more, in my opinion, interesting bits of daily advice for this discussion. So it's gonna seem like information that doesn't quite have a map or through life, which is hopefully ok with you, to work for us today. And I cover some deep insight into our own nature as humans. What makes us so easy to manipulate our dark side, built as the result of
bringing creeps into everything that we do as adults. Now, if this sounds familiar, it's because I almost cover similar topics with Robert. We ve been getting some career advice on this one, because I wanted to break the mould and get a bit of a different interview from Robert cities on so many podcast. Recently you ve ever been manipulated, have seen deep dysfunction and others, and possibly even in yourself. This episode will the open your eyes, there's a lot to cover. So let's get started, if you're wondering how I managed to book guests like this, because my network and I'm teaching you how to build your network for free over Jordan, harbinger dot com, flash in most of the guests on the show subscribe, course and contribute to the course come join us you'll, be in smart company where you belong now. Here's part one with Robert grains so we did a show about two years ago and I went through a lot of the laws of human nature and do your new as book is kind of. I don't want to see a calendar, but its daily is meant to be consumed day by day and, of course,
like any kind of weirdo interview I plugged through the whole thing in about two days in audio form, which was a good day by day. Rice was taken three and sixty five days there has been have image now there is gonna say I could have taken a year to private, but it would have been really really slow and growing process this I mention this in the interests of the show. This is gonna be a little bit of an all over the place, conversational letters of the book. That's the book is right and there's pieces where I'm like that had nothing to do with it. This day, but oh well, so that's why there's, gonna be a little weird, it does appear say for the audience. I do start with? Why you write these books because I think I've look some of your negative reviews on Amazon and elsewhere there are negative reviewed, believe it or not. There is at least one or two and people say this guy is a sociopath and he's creating more sociopath. This, is it has evil on his mind, because otherwise, why would he create this monstrosity? That people are reading too low how to her other people- and I know that- that's not why you wrote these. What
well they're, not evil and obviously occurring. In my opinion, you know when I first came up with the forty eight loss of power way back in ninety, I was in writing from a position of power right. I never had any power up to that point. I had been kind of a failure in life. To be honest with you, I had sixty some differ, jobs. They tried journalising only your honor, I counted one day we got up like sixty four and then I said, I'm not forgetting some things, this problem more like eighty, but we cannot sixty four she calmly, because she knew me back. Then she said you had so many different jobs in the three years I've known you said we should just go back further. So anyway, I never had any positions of power right, but I had observed. I was a very keen observer had some of the worst boss, as you can imagine what we might classified today. Psychotic passes I had every variety of it and I had seen all of these power.
is going on and it struck me that this world is intensely the critical really really pissed me off and that this is what goes on in almost every single office. People are you put three people together: politics takes over take over the person who has the power and the leverage tends to go as far as they can with it right. They use their power they entail, Today they manipulate the do all these things that every boss right don't get me wrong, but I don't do that with my team right guys. Ok well I'll talk to them later, but my experience have been this right, but the bookstore described that the books describe power as if it's all about being compassionate empathetic being a team player, you know, cooperate, these are what management and self help books while about neglect says it my reality: the reality of the workload it's bullshit. They really pissed me off, When was writing about the truth about the kind of power games that go on.
particularly in Hollywood where I was working area, but I worked in a detective agency. I worked in a hotel in Paris. I worked for newspapers, magazines, you name it all sorts of different kinds of jobs, and this was what I had seen it was. This was the truth, nobody really want to write a book about that? So I wanted to rip away the curtain showing people. This is what really goes on in the world of power because, I had been on the wrong end of it I had suffered. Because of my native detain him by natural naivete after gradually university. In thinking everybody was just so interested in ideas and getting things done. Then I had this rude awakening that no people are similar, egos and kind of promoting themselves I wanted to show show the reality of what goes on in this world right now and sort of help people like me, health who are naive right deal with these kind of power games that are going on, so I wrote from that perspective
but there is a level of irony involve which tricks people makes people make those kind of comments. So when I say plan people's need believed created caught by following your people going Robert is teaching people how to create a cold, well nobody's gonna use that chapter to actually. Really create a call. What I'm telling you is the world we live in now there are called everywhere. Political groups are colts, all kinds of organizations are formed, like called it's part of our twenty percent and so I M, showing you I'm open your eyes up to the nature of the world right now, right when I say always get other people to do the work, but take the credit for it. You know really. Thickly people who do that, which is the nature of a lot of jobs in Hollywood. I've done great without just look at his podcast yeah yeah. So far so get exactly So when I am in Hollywood, I
While the writing for a scream play dumb bits of dialogue, my name was never put on it. Never right. So that's kind of the nature of things when politicians gave a speech right. The speech in rather know who wrote right right, there's the nature of the world revealing it too and in the chapter I describe help how you deal with them. Somebody does it to you and I know from the emails I've gotten since that book came out twenty three years ago, this item. Forty allows assured sow the bogus yeah. I know other than a lot of my readers. Yes, it is a so since ninety ninety eight, when it came out, I've received thousands of emails from readers right and occasionally they'll, be someone who say. I am certain that my boss read your book indigenous bad. Over to me, and I feel that a bad but ninety, eight percent of there were saying
I didn't realize that I was out shining the master law number one you book, opening up to that reality and saved me. So most of the leaders come into my book, the real sharks other don't need, and we know that this is their nature or rather nature ready the people who need people who, like myself, what kind of came out of the universe we gotta believe by nature and needed some away we needed to kind of learn the walls, the loss of power, so they could play the game and the other thing is all shut up in a minute. Then I get the other thing is alive. The power game traditionally was kind of older men leads to my experience in Hollywood right, and so I want
like open the doors up and show everybody how the power king worked and which kind of affirms. What I'm saying here today a right now is that, among the first reading of the boat, the ones who loved the most, who gave it its kind of popularity, were Hiphop artists and began the african american community, because they had traditionally been locked out of the game of power and people like fifty would tell me, I wrote a book of fifty cent who tell me, lay that you don't count city, you can't fifty. I dont want to sound like a faith. Pretty was at a pretty weighty, Robert Right Marine irrevocable, earth and you say fifty five when everyone right I'm a nurse He knows that I know you think is August all the cards on the table while K anyway, he said he dealt crack on the streets of self site queens. He said nothing prepared me for the music business. There was the most hard core power.
There were and the book the forty eight eight of power really really help to navigate that world. So I think that kind of shows that that's really the kind of the essence of the book and saw a handbook for those who never had power how to deal with this kind of environment. yeah wrappers, like Rick Ross, do use your material and loving. I interviewed him a few weeks ago was pretty amazing keys. Smarter than I would have cut of expected. It is based on the music. I mean I'm not that you can really assess someone's intelligence, but I figured anybody for so this is not really gonna, be think about now, he's looking for chicken places to buy and looking cars that are going to devalue highest order, thrilling be doing an event with him in December. I farewell at TED alive. Talk can allay. He mentioned your stuff and his newest book and or on my shall, I can't remember which one it was button. I heard your books are
and in prisons, and I remember ready you an email about this a long time ago they banned or is it just popular both both it depends on the state and the particular prison? Okay. So, like the state a view tough, I believe correct has banned it. The state of Pennsylvania, I believe, has banned it. Ok, certain states, I dont think like the artist Action is banned because nobody presence could, I hope, said that really well, you never allow it never near her hope, not I believe the war book and the power book are banned right yeah. I've got a lot of emails from people in prison. Who said you know Robert. Thank you. This book is help me because you think about it I mean I'm sick. Hollywood is bad. I've seen amused business is bad, but imagine being imprisoned here then mix Hollywood. Look like kindergarten to be honest with you right. I would imagine it does. I don't have it that much periods in prison that we know Hollywood has the added I'm willing to talk about public Hollywood is bad.
I'm not a movie star anything like that. Well, I guess it's worse for people weren't right. I suppose, if you have power leverage, maybe it's great yeah, but you know him in prison or gloves are often it's not just violence. It's all kinds of weird mine games going on. create a hierarchy. I'm the dominant person in this block, excetera and so people would write me saying you know I was so confused and people were you know I just didn't know what to do with what we was wearing the wardens were which side people were on, and your book really help give me some clarity, and sometimes somebody would rate right, and so I didn't quite feel comfortable with this I use your book to take oversell blockade. Then ok, I don't know about that. Will maybe maybe you didn't do something good who knows
fact that their writing you announced from prison now should tell you that the following all the rules, because I'm not sure how allowed that is, yeah, I think, allow these people wrote me after they got out. I make sense, but a lot of people imprisoned so like at fifty had a fifty libel had an assistant. His name will come to mean America, one of whom is shut out. His great guy anyway, he's been in prison like twenty years. He was in that caught up in that New York LAW, where we had three, it was. The right decision you put in prison was just ridiculous because he was like none dealer anything tat. It was so unfair and anyway it was before my book came out right, so we can't save, but he told me you know what kind of the life was like in prison and he said you put really described it and he could understand why people would find it extremely helpful because he was not the powerful purse.
He was kind of like this small geiger who was just sort of night used to that kind of environment, and it was extremely Fred. Me now, man, I can't even in those who stay out of prison, we re at present is the moral of the story. Here, that's three times the charm. The book is designed to make you a radical realist or many of your books are designed to make. Radical realist, and that, for me, is what tell me what that means in why its import their well. It's really the kind of the goal of the daily laws in a weird way, but the idea for me is we have to do deal with so much allusion and bull shit crap and are well when we leave university were filled with all of these misconceptions about people from our parents from our peers from just the atmosphere of being in school. Were professors teach us, so we don't have a will.
Rip on reality and then, when we enter the work, will we usually kind of bitch laughed by it? And sorry for that now get and the other one is getting a cancer. That word is council every is yes that one for sure yeah of course, though? Ok, I don't know, I'm not the orbit. If I knew what could be cancelled, I see you have female dog slap dams even worse. Somehow the guy. Suddenly realities is right, right, new holidays you don't have to deal with it and you make a wrong step here in there who gets involved in some kind of emotional drama kind of creates a wound that last forever you end up going down the rabbit, hold that you can't escape onto your late, twenties, etc, news and off on the wrong foot. So I don't tell people, imagine the following scenario: You have all these illusions about yourself right. You think you're, probably greater Then you are, you have a bit of grandiose city.
Really know what you're good at what you bet it, what you were meant to do in life when I come your life's task. So imagine that you could be have this. the realism is you understood who you were? What you will the good at what your strains are, what you're not good at what you were meant to accomplish, like you, had real, deep clarity about what you were destined to create in this world, be incredibly powerful, liberating through then imagine dealing with people in your life, your boss, your peers? Your children cetera you walking around and you have no idea what's going on in their minds, people wear masks. They pretend I love. Smile. I love your screenplay, Jordan's, fantastic, whether actually think otherwise, the worst right I've ever met right on that same as personal now, and it's true. I would never. If I had a screenplay, it would be terrible. If so, you ve no idea what's going on in the minds of people right. It's our nature, born actors, so imagine also
You have this radical realism. Will you could see into them? You can actually see through the openness of people and understand. What's going on not completely, we have a better idea if they really do like you with a really are reached in your ideas. If they are planning to help, you are playing to sabotage you think of all the mistakes we would avoid and all the powerful forms of connection could create with people would be awesome. and then finally think about the world at large. So the world has what we call a psycho since you speak German, I'm listening spirit at the time. Ok, we're the spirit of the times right and these things always changing its never static right. So you walk life, you don't really know where the world is headed. You don't realize that in two or three years your career, hitting be hitting a wall. You're gonna be downsize going, be out of work, you don't know, what's the next step? What's next move to make and then also start a business, not realising that that businesses is not, you know, can be viable.
six months ran. Imagine finally, that you have that ability to see what's going on in the world to see realistically the Trans Happening So radical realism is the most powerful form of thinking that you can have in my world. Something that's depressing. Some people think of realism is kind of ugly and wrap the think fit. The sea is wonderful and beautiful and reality is kind of love, but actually Article realism is very inspiring, very beautiful way of looking at the world to sort of accept. This is the world as it is as opposed how I wanted to be a wish it to be is actually a profoundly moving in almost ideas were poetic, but enough to see the world see things as they are is very, very powerful and very inspiring. I find some your listening to the Jordan Harbinger share with our guest robber, green, we'll be right back! Thank you for this
to an supporting the show. Your support of our advertisers keeps us going to learn more and get links all those your elbow, those codes. You don't write those down there all in one place, Jordan, Harbin! dot com, slash deals is where you can find it. Please consider supporting those who support us and don't forget. We have worksheets for many episodes. If you want some of the drills, the exercise is talked him during the episodes of the show. Those are all in one easy places. Well that line in the show notes, Jordan, harbinger dot com, slash podcast, now back to rubber green. Its legacy power power. The way you phrase it those well right, because if we no one can see the future, but if I have a conversation with my boss- and I say I think that one really well he's gonna support my ideas, but really it becomes so clear does whose train or read your work, for example, that what he's going to do is use this conversation against me, the first chance he gets. It would hey. If I knew that right, I would. I should already be looking for another job based on what I know and how that come,
say she went but a lot of us- we get blindsided and every Friday we give advice and our feedback Friday episodes people writing with problems, and there is a lot that can't be foreseen or of fourteen, so to speak, but there's a lot where I think I've read this letter in its real the clear from the details that this person sees the writing on the wall. Maybe they read your book, not quite sure, but they just go. I don't care, put my finger on it. This happened before in that happened before and now with this happening, I'm pretty sure that I Let me out say: look you don't know you don't know if that's true, but you should plan almost as if that were true As you know, we give a strategy for that and it should pays to be ready, especially if you're gonna get like go from a job or you're gonna be forced to move. you're dealing with something relationships- yeah, it's almost like a superpower there, so many no
I have about laying peoples in securities and so the so called dark side stuff it. We kind of talk about in the beginning the conversation, but maybe we actually flicked the script a little better or change gears and struggles, impositive career advice, because it is tempting to stay with the dark side of the force. When we have conversations about power and influence, I think and not a lot of people probably go with the positive stuff when you're in front of them right. I don't. I could be wrong. You do mention in some of the daily laws, their chapters about reconnecting with your childhood passions. I would love to talk about this because a lot of people think the majority of people, like you, said go even go to school and through school have no idea what they should do and reconnecting with your child. Her passion seems like a really good waited to lease get started on the path of fearing that out. Well, the first chapter in mastery was called discover your lives task and saw the first month of the daily laws is about that the month of January, because it's really, if I had to say it, join it's the most important thing
in your life right now, particularly if your younger you know, if you are in your fifties, are sixties, it's getting a little bit late, I'm sorry to say, but it's never really to it. But if you're younger man, that is the most important thing you can learn, I can emphasise it enough because I'm studying throughout my years in the thousands of books, I've read from my research biographies the most successful famous creative people and I've done consulting with people on the highest level. So I've seen this first hand, and I ve done it in my research and inevitably these are people who understood at some point in life that this is, I was destined to follow. This is a path for me. Most people's is like a zig zag. You don't have a straight line. This is what I was meant to do. It's never like that. Wasn't for me, but you kind of have an idea. It becomes clearer and clear and you find that path leads to so much power become so creative and so on
just because you enjoy your work. You learn faster. You engaged emotionally with what you're doing it is so important, and a lot of people was successful had a clear idea when there were five or six some people discovered it at the age of twelve eighteen, I really didn't discovered till I was about thirty. Five is sixty jobs later eighty jobs later, probably aid each obsolete. When I, when I got to write the forty eight loss of power, but anyway, so it's not easy and a lot of people get confused and why you get confused. Well, the psychologist, Abraham Maslow, who studied a lot of children, for instance, he said that children, you maybe no this with your two year old. They have what he calls impulse voices, and these are voices that say I like this. I don't like that. I, like this
kind of food. I hate this I'm going to spit it out, but I like this person, I don't like that person they're very clear. They know what they like and what they don't like, it's so obvious to them in an almost pre verbal sense. There is almost no lukewarm with MIKE it anyway he's either open minded or is not happening. Here is exactly on and off and that's it that's exactly so. Everyone had that because of the nature of being an infant in this world right because Mantua Voice that naturally inside all of us and then as you get older, you start listening to Mr Harbinger and MRS Harbinger. Tell you don't do this Jane? You do this. You know this is what you should behave like. This. Don't behave like that and the kid starts getting a little confused. So say what my voice tells me do this, but I'm told not to do that and slowly you go through a process. Will you not hearing it anymore? You hearing with tee
Just tell you you're hurting my parents tell you you hearing with peers, are telling you about. What's cool, what's not cool your hearing with social media nowadays is telling you were talking about like your career, what you meant do and then you arrive you're eighteen, nineteen years old and you haven't a clue because you can't you voice anymore, and you got to try this- that that the other not based on things that are deep inside of me, the basement. Other people have told you you should do or what they think is cool and you're going to end up trapped. You can end up choosing a career path that seems seductive an interesting and lucrative and five down the line, you realize it doesn't really interest me and you hit a wall and you go fuck man. What's going on with my life, you start maybe try and I'm giving a little exaggerated scenario start drinking you were just narrating. My exact life story continue so far is bought on the online porn on and on and on and on and on right. That's funny, ok, so and then use
thirty and then start to get a little late right. Ok, so the problem is, how do you care where all of that that noise, that white noise, it drowning out your impulse voices and actually hear what was your voice when you two years old right, and so it's a process, I've done it in consulting with people trying to help them figured out. People will say I haven't a clue: what meant to do in this world right. You talk about my early, shall I can't remember anything? Ok, so it's not a lot of people, not obvious or easy, and I understand that. But then we go through a process. If I may To do that with them. You know online or in person, sometimes where we reconstruct some early memories of things that really excited them when they were a kid and things that they hated and a book that I always recommended peoples on the shop somewhere right behind you- and I don't see it right now called the five
aims of intelligence by Howard, Garner really good book willing to that in the shown, its ok, the aid, is. We normally associate intelligence with kind of book learning and intellectual learning, but he says there are five different kinds of intelligence and ages equally valid and important. One of them will be obviously words, and language was something that I was attracted to. Some of it will be with figuring out patterns, at least to like a mathematician, or somebody interested sticks and other ones little more abstract. I can remember which one that is least like music, then there's kinetic intelligence like we're at weights, yeah it all, but your body and that's a very high format until we don't think of that way. But it is a form of intelligence, there's a social intelligence where it's all about people and he's makes the point that a child has one of those forms of intelligence that dominates. Inevitably some people
have a sub in another one, it's kind of in the background, but one of them inevitably dominates them right and if you choose a career that not really in the with what you're. Naturally, your brain, wired and the particular way it's genetic and if you're not following that, forget it you'll, never you'll never get anywhere. So we go through a process of trying to figure,
What is just in the most general way? Let's not get so specific about your actual career choice. What is that form of intelligence that you're inclined towards you know it's not difficult. Will you really attracted to sports and movement, define your most joyous when you're like dancing or running? That's what gets you excited and you think about that? Okay! Well, that's probably in some ways where your brain is wired, you know is it words and some just the sound of words, the kind of obsessed you in fascinate, you like it did when I was a kid. We should probably be involved in some form of writing right. Okay, so we go through that process. What is your frame of intelligence would kind of determine that and then we kind of reconstruction key moments in your childhood, where you did something and it felt right now, lot of people don't have that. I maintain that everybody has it. You just haven't come dig, but you did something and in the process of doing it, it felt like they were
given that in ease to it as opposed to learning mouth, when you don't like math is no ease involved right for some people. That is, is in math. Ok, let's talk about that. Let's put her finger on that for a little bit on and on and on and then as we get older, I like to look what people hate so when I was twenty three, I discovered that I hated working for other people. Well, that's. Why had sixty some different job and I make sense- you know I don't like the political games. I dont, like all the bullshit I don't like others the other things you have to play and pretend I'm an entrepreneur and took me a long time to figure it out, because I never had a job more than eleven months in my entire life took meta. Ok, I should be working from myself because I don't like working for other people, so if we detect in this person that they don't like that and that a lot of people and a long world today, you should be a notch protrusion working for yourself, eventually
so that's part of the process that we go through its more complex than that. But this gives you an idea of what it's like. I love this because when I was a kid I learned how to build out of like little parts from radio, Shack and FM radio transmitters and it will all kind of interesting, because I would Socrates, things in and my dad was a mechanical engineer who goes wow. I wonder if my kids going to be an electrical engineer and then, when I built it and it didn't work, it was frustrating, but at someone help me fix it and then I could transmit voice to the radio, probably like fifty feet away, and that was the part that was the most interest and I realize they didn't really care about making. The thing is much as I cared about somehow being able to talk to my friends and things like that. So I wanted to turn the power up on this thing, and I learned that you could do that by elite like breaking federal law and attaching a high gain and tenant in communicating with the Russians vote. Yes, the accident,
communicating with the Russians. Yet. This is like at ease Disney Movie merged, something like that, like God cloaking dagger, but I wanted to. I said I want to be able to talk to everyone and neighbourhood on their radios in they were like that super illegal. You can't do that my mom so to put the cabbage on that project, then I go through this whole path I'm good at studying and go through college? I get good grades and I decided I guess I should go to law. School is more so little letter. So then I become a lawyer, but I already knew I didn't want to become a lawyer and then I start the pod cast in my second year of law school and I end up on serious excess satellite the over and then I quit law and I come back to this and I did, Remember that when I was a kid I wanted to be on the radio, I only remembered it probably eight years plus after doing took example. If I'd frigate
Listen to yourself. I gotta gonna broadcasting school. No, nor had everything that reason better. That way. First of all, your law career taught you some interesting things that you never gonna forget. That's true. This manual sets that were created them and then, if you would find your way to park casting too, early, wouldn't have the same meaning to you, MR now, you're so excited that you found the right there. If you can, I hated lie my school. It means much more in you. You actually are more motivated to follow it through think. If I had been offered to write a book when I was twenty four, as opposed to thirty five it would have never worked. I didn't have the experience. I didn't have the desperation, etcetera that make sense. I mean I didn't even get into podcasting cuz. I thought it would be fun to do a show. I got in the podcasting cuz. I was recording the lecturer of a course that I would teaching and I needed to put it online well dot hi casting. Was the only way to have it in their home. I really different jobs. Yet this was during law school. I was. I was teaching and networking class. I sometimes in the same talk every week, ain't recorded
my Sony. Many this Clare well taken it and then get into my computer make an mp3. File and put it on the internet, but there was no sound clear. There is no Youtube. You know known so my friends that hey there's pod casting you can but these files online, and that was the boy what we hear we talk of a two thousand and six there was just beginning Airline Kirsty, I think where one of the first eight hundred of four thousand, I can only remember. First, progress was like an o eight, and I was I What is the air ticket to hold her, though radio yeah and here we are so you're right. It's sort of makes sense because, if someone said hey, you should start a podcast. I probably would Well, I'm not gonna, be some guy record stuff in his basement. That's done, and then I did that for a long time, and here we What do we do? We realise we ve chosen the wrong career like if we just get up only real, look, I'm not just burned out, I'm not just tired, I'm doing something. I hate I've known for years. I'm finally gonna do something about it. What is that thing? We do well one thing just to backtrack a minute here.
I I left out the reason why you want to follow this path, isn't just because it some kind of mystical destiny idea, the human brain works best we learn fastest when we're emotionally engage, were more interested in an excited by something the brain open. up will become like a sponge because we want to learn and our attention is much deeper, and so we learn faster, so if you choose the wrong career, for whatever reason, let you go to law school, was we you kind of half listening as the professors? Droning? you cut of have reality ass, not inter involved in it. Do you not learning the fast enough right and if you don't learn fast enough created which is what we all want, is a function of the intensity of your knowledge of your info, the information you have absorbed the fast to absorb information, the more thoughts and associations
in the brain, starts going through all the time and ideas are coming to you if you take five years to learn something that stuff one on the brain won't happen. So that's why we want to do it. Ok, so you're, going to find out in your career that you are not emotionally engaged that isn't happening. The gears aren't collecting you tuning out here, paying attention right and you can realise that, ok, so that you have to build. realize that and not a lot of people are going through their twenties, for instance, because they're, going after a big a check their unaware that there actually not really attuned what they're supposed to be learning. Ok, but once you have that moment, it kind of depends on how old you are. So there's not like a single formula for what you should do.
if you're twenty four and you realize you made the wrong choice, that's great! Now we can go through a process and you can make a fairly radical shift in your career decision, because you haven't wasted, that's a wasted too harsh. We will be having spent fifteen years and something not relevant to you certainly been a couple years. All right, let's go through the process, forget what you should do unless kind of change your skill set right. Let's start heading in that towards that direction of what you were intended to do. You can make a more radical shift, but if you in your thirties, I wouldn't recommend that, because you need to make a living, right. You have learned things. You have learned certain skills, so what I recommend is not a radical shift, but a more subtle shit heading more in that direction and that might include keeping the job that you have, but at night the school or online learning some new skills that you now can quit your plans to quit his job in two or three years
you will have learned things that will allow you to quit and go on to this other path. or you figure out a way to kind of shifted, so I know a woman, Alison Hope wine. I don't feel over. She has a part ass many people. There are two point: whatever million thought you'd everyone knew each other. We I'll hang out who act and really really big. Cafe anyway, she like you, she studied law, and then she realised that she wants to be a writer and so what she did is she went into legal journalism. That was how she made a shift in whom you know, because that was she still make a living she could become. Writer, and then she learned true writing skills, and then she could like maybe right, a novel if she wanted to at that point. Having so that's the kind of more gradual shift, if you're in your forties It is even more gradual that you have to do, but the thing is, We ve all your life. You ve been accumulating experiences you have to keep that in mind. So either when I was working in Greece, because I
landed on the island of Crete one summer, and I got very sick run out of money and I was in the hospital for my gash and then I came out and had no money to get back to Paris where Rosalie I had to go. can construction. You were literally stranded in Crete, Crete later than is that where the minnetaki lives is at the yeah yeah yeah, why doesn't live the right more, but he was from their his hair guidelines were hails from, and this is like. Not there's no internet at this you can't just Billingham somewhere, MS money, if I told you what Europe was be sure you don't want to make. You feel we're totem, Dino prehistoric period no internet. Nothing, I mean you could have become made. A phone call have money money, wired sure, but I was embarrassed. I want to happen while my parents- and I can tell them- I was in a hospital while so a more in construction and it was really weird world where the boss was greek and all of the people working for him doing the construction
We were like Australians and Africans in English or block blue, hair, blue eyed, prepared lies. You know like the reverse of here, because we were all people who stranded, yet everyone we have got it. So I was like ripping nails off of boards, etc. Man I hated it. It was the job. I know that I'm not destined for doing construction, so long winded. Point of this anecdote is that I learned Everything taught me when I'm good at what I hate. I know I'm not go with my hands that only made it clear to me it etc. Yeah. You went through a long process of elimination. They get there. So point is, don't you like say? Oh, I did this job. I've got nothing out of it. You get something out of everything and if you in your thirties, for instance, combining your skill set so combining right
with law, is very powerful because we live in a world where such access to information that the best entrepreneurs are combining things that nobody ever thought as aclands starting a kind of business involves cut a very strange skill sets, but is so you link that it takes off so never give up, never say that this was wasted time, nuts, is wasted. This is the Jordan Harbinger Shell, with our guest robber, green, we'll be right back and now for the rest of part, one with Robert Green. I love the tip for lack of a better word. The instruction that you can come. Ere the moments that you did. What others wanted you to do verses? What you felt in the moment, when you did what you wanted to do, especially if you can remember those the kid to bring out the ideas, or at least an idea What might be right for you, because if I looked back and my parents go- oh my gosh you bud does in you rode your bike to radio Shack. Five hundred times
but does for money to buy these extra pieces, and he wanted to take the antenna off the house that we used to get cable connected to your device. That was the stuff was really lighting me up and getting later on, getting in trouble messing with a phone system, and things like that at all. No people thought you're gonna become an engineer really. I liked the communication element. It just didn't really occur to me because I was too busy stealing long distance calls from mobile road with a criminal. I was pretty. Why was I was just juvenile and India cut right. They didn't get caught once, but that's a different story that will have to bring that out. Another show, but the advice. I think that you wrote about in the daily laws. If you phrased it always stick to what makes you strange and weird- and that's surprised we really good advice. Yeah, I mean the people that I really kind of reach the apex of power like an eel on Mars, Steve Jobs or or a rock star pupil in politics who we kind of holders like icon.
And you can honestly say that there's nobody else like them right there, one of a kind there, weird their strange, write, em! It's because they're not afraid of what makes himself different. So what happens when you are younger when you're for five? You know something strange about you kind of you're in a dream world, and then you enter school school and people stressing. Oh, that's weird. The idea being different can't gets a negative connotations right. Anyone can one you want to be part of the group you want. You can have this peer pressure and so the you have been different in strange kind of has a negative tend, although we might ostensibly say: oh, it's good to be differing, where we actually are afraid of a deep down inside, because it comes with criticism becomes with people kind of making fun of us, etc. So your source of power in life is actually what makes you weird and strange.
Right. You know it makes you different. So I make the point in mastering the daily laws that there's never can it be another Jordan Harbinger in this world, Your dna has never occurred for I will never occur again and your parents and how they their DNA and their genetic component and how they raised. You will never be replicated see. You are one of a kind by nature, its irrefutable right. Ok, so there's something so very different about you and it's hard to put into words because some of its genetic, some of its early education and that what makes you different is the source of what you want to lean into, because if we can say that there are twenty Jordan harbingers out that they all have the same idea, there's no power behind it right. You can be replaced by nineteen, other Jordan Harvey
so doing the same thing. But if you're the only one thinking of this thing, if you're the only one creating it, that is the ultimate in power there. That's the ideal, it's hard to reach her right, which is the degree the know what makes you different and you lean into it and you exploited that's where the real, with power lies now I don't want to seem egocentric here, so I have to be a little bit careful, but but to talk about myself here for a second cover it, as I said, Ark was I kind of had a failure. I was a bit of a loser by the town's three thousand five hundred and thirty six. I tried all sorts of different things and then I was asked if I had any ideas for books and I kind of describe this process in the daily laws, and this is very interesting manual. Stuff was who was the book package. We were in ITALY at the time and I kind of improvised this idea that turned in the forty eight laws of power. what sort of a nice chance in color it was a beautiful day in Venice, ITALY and I gave a really great pitch, and so, when I created the book because he he got so
He said Robert I'll pay you to live. Well, you write, half the Balkan them will sell it. So when I started the process, naturally my mind gravitate towards other books out their shirt right and then just wasn't comfortable with that, and I just sort of thought I wanted tell stories. I love telling stories when I first pitch the idea to this man, I told him: sorry that's how I naturally am I'm actually more of a novelist in some ways. I like creating dramas stories, and so I started writing stories like little parables for the forty eight laws power, and then I thought I want to be able to tell the meaning of this story and matches, leave it out there. So I wrote this is what is known as the interpretation of the store. Is this like that, directors, Cardona DVD, whether narrating, how they made the movie a little bit of it What I'm doing right now, just the meaning of this story, because I
as a non writer and I'm not super familiar with that. Well, I didn't know what I was doing just just groping in the dark and basically the short end of it is I was kind of creating my own thing right kind of in a haphazard where was following this path. it was me. There was weird trading stories kind of interpreting them, then giving you some theory then having quotes there were any kind of shapes and then having things on the side side material with passages from fairytales in favour. You know how right if, as a like boxes, sidebar whatever that we come up with a cold silenter anyway, I ended up creating this book that you could hated for very many reasons, but you can see there's nothing else out there like it. It doesn't look like another book page by page it doesnt really like another book, because the structure is something that no one is ever done before, you know it's, my own
idea, and so is it's like one of a kind and then the publisher when they first got the book they loved it, they gave us in advance and somewhere in the process. They said you know Robert. I think this book is it just a little too weird, that's kind of soften it a little bit. Let's make it more like other books, so that business with the story and the interpretation that just write a story and kind of talk about it: yeah, ok and then. Fortunately, the man who mentioned who used the Dutchman, who paid me he stood by me and ice because I said I dont want to change it is, will either sink or swim the way it is. You know it's a weird bull, open, weird cells, that's what makes it a powerful rain.
when we stopped by and we said no would they do it our way. So the moral of the story is, if I tried to make it like other books. I wouldn't be here talking to you right now. My book will not have succeeded so by sticking to what makes me different to what makes open me up to ridicule, in fact, is what made the book so successful so anyway, this point really is well taken because there's, another guest on the show Remit Ceety talks about financial things. One of the points he made an earlier podcast was I'm in a butcher, though quote but it was something along the lines of the market in people They want to make you vanilla, but as soon as you can come vanilla. They dump you because they already have vanilla. Do you really want to be tutti, fruity yeah? like Neapolitan. At the very least That is so like, I think tat. I could be wrong. I feel
Surely Freddy would be fruity or that one is right. You wouldn't have the chalk will neither be less chocolate, you're, ok MA. I don't know if I'm right, I'm just speculating, but the idea is hey. You gotta take those those unique angles, because if somebody and I've gotten lessons for interviewing coaching and things like that, and I do sometimes discard the advice because they'll say you know, if you just do it this way. This is how most journalists do it and I'm think oh that's good and then I'll do it now go. This is really boring and my show now sounds like every other interview exactly and that's, there's a reason for that is its formulaic and I'll get a lot of feedback. Hey just ask questions, Don't at any stories don't at any color just ask the questions it used to make me that, but I realise this is just people trying to make me vanilla who will immediately stop listening to the show. Once I become vanilla, those same people write, an NGO shows just lost something they had before. I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm gonna take your advice, that's the problem. I take your advice.
Nor do I like. I do everybody else who the book is. It was me, read chapter a chapter a day: did you think about what you were gonna put hatred or eight b o painted. I did you think about what you would put four February. Twenty nine. Did you agonize over? What's gonna go on that day, I thought about it. I don't remember what was on that day. It's adopt hacker mindset, yeah we're gonna, be read once every four years that eighty per year, to be honest, The joint I'd be lie. If I said there was some incredible ulterior motive bided, but I did think about it at the time like. I don't wanna put it really common powerful light that everybody needs to read on February twenty nine right here to say you don't want to read that, but maybe we could only every four years. Yet that's funny. I thought about that. I thought. Oh, I would add that this is something he thought this isn't that import noticed put it. There are putting on everything's important, but it's not as import bread, ass, the three hundred and sixty fifth most important six: three, oh yes, three and sixty six and was important.
If you're looking for another episode of the Jordan Harbinger, show to sink your teeth into here's, a trailer with our guest robber green. If we just sit in our inner tube with our hands behind her head and crack open a six pack of beer. The river of dark matter takes up towards that waterfall of the shadow some were children, if we weren't educated, if we didn't have teachers and parents telling us to study we'd, be these monsters we're all flawed. I believe we humans naturally feel, and it's the in pansy in us. It's been shot, the primates are very a tune to other animals, plan and constantly comparing themselves dislike of the fellow artist so that other castor. Ninety nine, percent sure that it comes from a place of envy? You weren't
a rational, being rationality. Someday you earn it's a struggle. It takes effort that takes awareness. We have to go through steps. We have to see your biases when you think you're doing rational you're, not being rational ball. You go around. Everything is personal. Oh, why do you say that wise, my mom till the middle and I'm telling you it's not person? That's deliberating people are wrapped up in their own emotions. They're. All travellers see need to be aware that people have their own inner reality. People are now Nearly is happy and successful it. You think they're in knowledge that you have a dark side. Did you have a shadow that you're not such a great personal thing can actually be very liberating feeling and their ways to take that shit on that darkness and kind of turn it into something else
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