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584: Anderson Cooper | The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty

2021-11-09 | 🔗

Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper) is a broadcast journalist, political commentator, 18-time Emmy Award winner, and author of Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty.

What We Discuss with Anderson Cooper:
  • How Anderson got his start in broadcast journalism without relying on his famous, wealthy family connections.
  • Why experiencing the loss of a parent early in life drew Anderson toward learning how to survive in extreme circumstances and report in places torn by conflict.
  • What growing up scrutinized by media in the wake of family tragedy taught Anderson about being an empathetic journalist from the other side of the lens.
  • How Anderson harnesses his self-described innate awkwardness for establishing rapport with people who have already been interviewed from every angle (like Eminem).
  • What a real journalist is prepared to do during a breaking news segment when the teleprompter goes dark.
  • And much more...

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and I'm teach you how to build your network for free over at Jordan, Harbinger, dotcom, slash, coarse and by the way most of the guess. You here on the show, subscribe and contribute to the course come join us you'll, be smart company where you belong. Now. Cures Anderson Cooper, I heard you played celebrity jeopardy and you got creamed by Cheech Marin, which is actually first of all. If we vote on it teach and strong our guiding Google, but you wouldn't think teach would be a true the guy or like an academic sort, a guy at all. He is so friggin smart and also has such good buzzer theory and is so quick on the buzzer that but he's really smart guy. He D is really fascinating. Guy, I will say I played Four times I won twice my lost twice: I feel, like I yeah, but I lost. When I lost, I really mean to lose to cheat Marin. I got really colleagues, I won the first time that I'd crush them. And Mr Dimas might an honest teachers like I got that yeah and he just destroyed my place
keep it all over. The world need deepen the news for decades. It which you would think like would make for pretty good jeopardy skills which you have, but it's also possible. She'd smoked. A lot of marijuana watch a lot more jeopardy than you did over the years. Oh I just bought, the synopsis would be slow, but the next time. I was on, I was against Tom Friedman of the New York Times. You know polish prize winner yeah, so that's a good come back, but it is kind of there was something in there is like that. Can't be right there the type over sure, and I looked it up and a few other players, and now that was set was it I thought was like one of those troll pose. I was hard to get over that was a dialogue and a lot of people assume that, because you come from Wegg S might be termed american royalty that you didn't really after work that to get where you are, and I know this is untrue and its and insulting insinuations. I apologise for that. But surely you ve heard this before read me my entire life, the acts.
it's not insulting. It's only makes sense, but you know my mom was Goin Vanderbilt, then obviously the family, that she was born into issues ludicrously wealthy. My great great great grandfather, Cornelius Vanderpool, who made two fortunes one based steamships one on railroads after starting out dropping eleven and varying supplies and the little boat. You know him with a hundred million dollars which in eighteen seventy seven meant that old one out of every twenty dollars in circulation, more money than the Us Treasury at the time. So one hundred and nine doesn't even sound like a lot today and I know I'm going to come out, but back then it was just. Nobody could believe it and the crazy his son, whom he had marked and ridiculed his whole life inherited all the money and he doubled it in eight years and he died and then the subsequent generations just started, spend it yeah? I guess so. anyhow works. I wanted to bring it up they'll because a lot of
boy like. Oh, he has a trust fund. These Vanderbilt, of course he and I was like hey- get their wealthy guy, float him on over here and get us some eyeballs in its. It really wasn't like that. Do not ever trust run my parents early on made me clear. My mom had inherited money. She was born nineteen, twenty four issues. article nine dollars, nineteen, forty one, but she did a pretty good going through that, throughout the course of her life she mastered that she made up her own money and designer genes and softened seventies and eighties, but she's. My dad Rapporteur Form Mississippi. They made very clear to me that my college, we pay foreign with extremely, was lived in a very privileged surroundings and circumstances, but after college I'd be on my own and I'd be expected to make my own way. Then you go into the details of well. There are just as no restaurant. There is now in your mom has been so much money does not can be any, but I knew by that point. You know that the ship was not necessarily all that study. So you
start your own kind of I mean this is before social media well before it. So you Eve kind of got this. What I assume is a giant bulky comer. What is it what's the opposite of like go home. Video camera Qaeda pre here a cam and your mind. The batteries The biggest Eric Uranium three, those in a backpack in Euro, like let me go to Bosnia African used to do on the other, I dare say things like a one man, mobile satellite uplink, in any headway satellite dish on its head new broadcasting. I wasn't quite that technologically savvy, but they did at the road to a little bit smaller cameras. They were very close to being vehicle. ass. The eye was ninety. Ninety one I couldn't go job at sea or CBS. I thought my varying Mason Career in broadcasting was never gonna, get started, Cosette you can get a job can get hired their hiring freezes and I got a job. I think I found one which is associated high schools, a Middle school cross country as a factor in after six months I was like
I want to get out there. I want I wanna be reporter, so they wouldn't. Let me so I just had wanted there I'd the director kindly made me a laminated press, hard at which was- we made up and get our awake media pass. Basically ass are in one of their cameras, small little camera I interrupt sneaking into. Burma, Myanmar and hooked up. Some students find the burmese government shot a story. and removing the small yonder early days, the famine August. Ninety two about thousand people dying Dave, innovation and fighting and those before the. U S got around before blackout down. I spent time there ended up just spending the next two or three years ago, no war zones and disasters, Bosnia Rwanda, South Africa. Wherever there was fighting or conflict yeah, you spent your life casing some of the worst of humanity disasters human stories. I will
did you grow up feeling isolated from that, because you had sort of grown up with some well through privilege. Did you feel isolated from the rest of humanity kind of wondering what the appeal as no actually I mean, I think you know ones. Perception from the outside is really very different. Then the reality for everybody. What one's life is my dad diamond? was ten and when your time your dad dies. The world seems to be very scary, plays, and despite me now, having a nice bed to sleep in my mind ranking my brother under jumping off her balcony in front of my mom, when he was twenty three and I was twenty one, so you know, There are certainly issues and concerns Fears in that I grew up with- and I was very- turned about how people survive and how I survive, and I was fascinated by countries that people didn't pay much attention to HU. I grow breeding alot about Central Africa, S ear, Congo, Rwanda and I wanted to go the most extreme places and teach myself that I
survive in any circumstances. We know when you lose apparent early on. I wanted to go places were other people had experienced loss and other people were surviving within. I wanted to understand how I could survive in the world, and I didn't really go to? your rapporteur. I went crazy. I've studied these places. I spend a lot of time fascinated by Africa, but I wanted to hear other people stories and that I thought could help Surat Clear, not like an adrenaline junkie. It's almost. This is more like. Can I make it in Africa? Not escapism? Alot of my country those are kind of escapism, but I was also testing myself, like many young men do and not to go all Sigmund Freud on you, but lot of that stuff. Is there a lot of thought about kids, who lose their father feeling a loss of control in their lives right of corn and trying to regain that control, sometimes by shoplifting at other times. By going to Congo Red yeah regaining control my
I was really my mission from the time I was ten tat. You know fifty four or John now spread So I guess it was I starting survival courses. First, like that, no national told your ship school did month in the wind river range. Why arming it? In a month in the sea of quotas in Mexico at Hiking expedition? I started working at thirteen to earn money and I wanted to myself in extreme circumstances and know that no matter what happened, even if New York City was attacked, I would know how to operate in that environment, but I discovered which I hadn't expected, but I discovered the power of learning other people stories and went, went from a personal thing of wanting to just go to these points. This experience things. You know it opened my mind and an open. My heart and I realized I can tell people stories and people who stories are been ignored or forgotten or who were dead
the road and no one will remember them cause. There's no photographs exist of them. I found the power of current bearing witness to start started off, is kind of like Anderson Cooper, doomsday proper and you turned into a retainer slowly over time. yeah very quickly. I mean that I shot my first Korean in Burma, with these kids, fighting the remain an eye that was why I called him a friend afterward I was like this is the most incredible thing like I showed up in these people's lives and be no was able to condemn Let me hang out with them and tell their story, and it feels incredible and after that I like this is what I have to do. Does it ever feel unfair but you can you're in a war zone but you're gonna leave in three days and the guys that are protecting you and getting shot at every day are stuck there. The people they are covering are stuck there. They don't get to come back home and Eve Rahman at your favorite place is that in the back your mind at all
It's in the front of my mind a minute so really weird, it's really we're the whole situation is weird. I mean it's weird to be telling stories about people who die in front of you, it's weird to go into a children's warden intensive care unit, amnesia air, look around the room to find ok in order to how to the story of this horrible thing that is happening the way you news is made, is you need to find characters and you need to tell a story, and I cannot tell you the conflict internal conflict. One has of you're in a hospital setting- and you know I mean what you're looking for somebody who's going to be dying in the next two hours, and some of that you can be there and you can tell the story of the baby. Who's just died, and then it's a matter of you. No talking to the mother the lowest moment of her life, if she's willing to talk and and I worked very hard to be incredibly sensitive, and to non intrude on anybody, and I found that most people want their stories told they want others to know about there.
oh baby or their mother who died. A people want somebody to no the name of their loved ones and pay attention. So yeah, it's incredibly strange, and I was in Sarajevo. My first trip. Sorry, even bosnian warrior, ferry boats completely surrounded in order to get here, and you had to drive down the Mount Igman Road which was considered at that point. The most dangerous road in the world could serbian snipers would shoot cars, and you know you'd be passing by the rhapsode vehicles. It didn't make it down the road but here you don't spend you know a week in Bosnia in Sarajevo, and I was they believe and everyone else is trapped in the city he had. The siege very able had to be something that obviously you'll. Never for yet that I assume you get attached to people that you made in situations like that, just because it is so horrible that was almost unique, I would say, uniquely horrible in history, but really there's somebody that horrible things that you cover just in the past couple of decades like Rwanda, that it's not really accurate statement
I'm sorry. It was horrific. Eminent went on. You know the world watched, it happened from ninety two, three thousand three hundred and ninety four peace deal with made ninety five but yeah. It was just terrific, you would go and you could know what corner is to go and likely see somebody being picked off by sniper at some point during that day or just go to the hospital- and Do you see you know people being brought in children, men, women who had been hit, but fifty caliber shots from far away, way the media tortured your own famine. for a long time, especially after your brother's death, makes me wonder why you would join those ranks yourself. You know you think the way they covered that you would just never wanted anything to do with journalism ever. I never really watched the coverage of it I can tell you I, when my mother died. Nineteen eighty eight July twenty second and the next day, I, u my mama
But if you are wrong to view his body and somehow the reporters, outside our house and was obviously very public death and a big deal on the pages of posting. Every guy and there were reporters waiting outside the funeral home to get video us going in. And I remember that moment should have been holding out my mom walking to the side entrance and people running, take pictures and I'm really. Aiding the camera people who, doing that. I subsequently, as I look back. Obviously they had a job to do and you know I knew it there They had a job to do and I didn't hit them personally, but I just know, what it's like to be on the other ends in camera lands, and it often is a not a good experience in it. leaves you feeling a whole range of emotions and I'm tired would you be very aware of that? I mean I don't try, the I am exe
creating. Are you aware that, when I'm talking to somebody, if I pointed Cameron somebody I work really hard, because I do know what it's like to be. On the other hand, glance I don't wanna make somebody else feel it. How do you stay professional in the face of the tsunami disasters? And look. I realize this is a job that you're still human. Unless, of course, you listen to people on you too, You think you're, an alien, lizard, inhuman, shall write. But later, though, that's run an evolution until the servers, and how do you compartmentalize this sort of thing so that doesn't haunt you later. On, I mean it. It seems like it would have to like Europe Year, our back home eating your favorite noodles and you're, just like a bridge pause, and you find yourself thinking about a mass grave that you witnessed. three days prior yeah. I think that's the way it should be. I dont think it something that you should be able to go to and then come back and forget, and you know, and just think of it, as Yes, one of those terrible places. I ban- and I think that's probably maybe mentally some sort of
on your way to do it, but I don't think it's the right way to do it, and I don't think you when you're interested in is, you know, do justice to the things you're seeing eye you have to allow yourself to be horrified and dared and miserable and devastated by an yeah. When I falsely tonight, I see the faces of many people whose names some of them- I remember some of my down there, but it's impossible not to, and I think you should be changed by the things that you see. I think, if you're not change by the things you see, then you kind of have no business going to displace this cuz you're not going to be able to tell the stories of people with any of the respect or sensitivity that I think that they deserve. Do you ever get Desensitizer. Do you ever find yourself doing maybe in the past, because at there's a report, a report from you, I don't know exactly what it is. Maybe Rwanda, where you started to see these mass graves and you'd say, only a dozen bodies, that's not that bad! You know and that's definitely a danger in its definitely something I come across and
Ultimately, my decision was going to do a bigger variety, when I was doing it pretty much extensively, that's up early on for the first two or three years, and I, like you, know what I finally That time realise this could actually be a career. For me, this isn't just something I am doing for personal reasons, and I realize if it is going career. I knew a couple of people who had just exclusively dont combat reporting and most of them do not end up very well there, either out of the business days, had serious issues with family and with their lives. Are they gonna tell their work? And so I felt like you know what I leave me to do a greater variety of staff so that this is not the only thing I'm seeing and thinking about. Bulgaria is very easy at times to slip into I'm. It is natural to kind of yourself down and just view it as a job and just you know, go to a place and try not to be moved by the things. You're saying but maybe it makes it easier to fall asleep a night. It's not something I allowed myself to do and when I find myself doing it, I've I think upon you to take a break,
or whatever it may be. But I did I an incident in Rwanda, which was I Rhonda Wright for the election Mandela and on election day I was a sweater or listening line with. It was just an incredible day when Nelson Mandela was president and though genocide was occur, and I went there and the just to a position of those two things revert was very difficult to deal with and the I would I after shooting stars. I was in a place where there are Abbas had been hit. There were all people lying on the ground and the liquid had been violated, taken out of them already from the sun, they'd been out there, while their their bodies were decomposing, and I was very interested in how the skin of this little girls hand, the skin, had pulled off like a glove peeling off half way, and I took my personal Germany took a picture of it
and someone I was with- took a picture of me doing that and sent it to me later on. Once I got back and said act like a back that says this is for when you become famous- and I actually have it up in my office because it it's a sign to me that I ass. The light designed to me that I in tat moment I was not looking at these four bodies as human beings I was looking at them is. Why isn't that interesting? What happened to the skin in the sun after they ve been here for two weeks, and I think there is an important lesson for me never allow yourself to think that way. Again your list into the Jordan Harbinger Shell with our guest Anderson Cooper, we'll be right back this episode, sponsored in part by better help online therapy. It's a shame that there's a stigma for giving help your mental health I'll say it. I've gone to therapy its help me tremendously. I think everyone should do it. There's no shame in his game. Go help. If you need it and even if you think it out one way to think about their is through. Analogies. We work out would go to the doktor to prevent injury
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we're able to get the really really quickly and broadcast from really virtually anywhere now, and that presents you're with really some weird difficult situations of I'm, not a doktor. I dont have the skill to actually help people who are in medical need? I have limited supplies, probably myself, you know you do what you can. I happily give away. You know food because I generally think in most places, if you have cash, you can get food pretty much anywhere if you are privileged and have enough money to pay. ordered exorbitant prices. Is the markets have exploded even in a farming in Somalia there were restaurants, you know, selling pastor to warlords, you give away what you can, and you know I can't tell you how many times its somebody you using myself in order to call their love want to tell him that there still alive but they're, not dead yet or to tell them at least where they
are at their house in everything has been destroyed after hurricane or is giving some We are left to you now taking down to a medical center. That's often the best thing you can do, but yet it is an unfair. On each, I got it inequality, you D, inequalities very watch on display. I arrived in this place. I will be living in a matter of days or weeks, for months I'll be on in one of those aeroplanes flying way overhead and that mobility that free that mobility and money give you it's really startling and painful yeah, I remember being in Somalia. You know in the midst of a really really bad situation: a Temple Baidoa, a relief light came and dropped off them. eyes, and they gave me a lift back to Kenya, to Nairobi and showered. I tried to wash in everything off I've been in burial centres in feeding centres in I hadn't really Eden
in a couple days, and I went to this italian restaurant in Nairobi. You know they had like cutlery, my stuff and was just real judged by myself, and I, as I was just right, study eat. I suddenly smells Molly again and I was where's that coming from and then I look down. I realise there was blood on my shoes and on my boots and I am hush my boots. I'm thought to do that, and it was just such a strange moment of truth. Years ago I was in this place, and now I'm clean and eating in this thing and then there's the reminder of it and write like you'd tracked in a little bit of the worse place on earth at that particular point in time and to like a decent italian restaurant replying to where you can relax. You could put your phone on the table and right you're losing your belt a little bit and have some food yeah yeah yeah. That is surreal. That is extra my surreal went when you're in a war zone in your seeing sort of the bottom.
The level of humanity in the worst things that humans are even capable of get done in these places. Surely there must be some things, some, maybe maybe acts of kindness and compassion that don't really make the headlines as much, because it's not as interesting for the Dockers yeah you, sugar overtime, you know you expect to see like horror and hatred and brutality, and yet you also see compassion and kindness and carry and that's what Oh, you never know exactly how people are gonna reactor something here. We all think oh well enough. I was there, I didn't I would do or for school shooter walked into my classroom on attack. The guy and I d- I'd- never gone, I you know no one knows until you ve been in that situation like New can intellect We think you know who you are I'll tell you when the lights go out and there's no way our condition and it's real. the friggin hot and you don't have food and there's you know
stuff going on around crazy, stuck on all around you. You become indifferent person very very quickly. Sometimes you become the person that you never thought. You'd be become a superhero and you help other people in your risk, your own life, to help other people, some people. We thought it would be the heroes end up. You know punching women, the face monitor scale, a wall to get to safety on which I sleep. Like you, you just see that You don't know who you are until everything is a jeopardy. Everything is Is there any way that being a higher profile, a personality who you are now you know? Maybe in the nineties it was kind of like nice, young kid doing stuff curved some channel. I've never heard of now that Europe, our profound personality, there's probably people even in sort of places, you never thought that alike, aid. Guy from the tv that plays at the hotel right, drive cars or what Asia. Has that affected your work in any way it didn't happen before like. Does it make it easier to get your job done or harder? It cuts both ways and means
I dont really blend in well, wherever I go on like that, most translucent person on the planet, I am in the saddle, yeah it's a little off putting and startling and seen em is everywhere now and pretty much whereby mean even in I'll. Go to. I really love like the com. oh and Rwanda. I love Central Africa, be no end of other places Oh that I did nothing Anybody would like ninety, but it does happen cause they know, seen anyone even I'm name. They knows, like all you're the failure from sooner but sometimes heads. I was me my team, the first team on the ground in Haiti after the earthquake, and we only got there could faster than others, because I knew I know it's too Barnegat, but I knew there was a flight San Domingo and I know what cross over and where I get this tiny proportion Domingo you to try to figure out a way to get into poor, prince and there's only one helicopter and it's about take off and had some dominican government official who recognizes me from seeing
and he's I go. We gonna see come so I just pop in the cedars helicopters and we take off and I get together in our land and port Au Prince twenty minutes later so, wouldn't happen if I were still the guy channel one that nobody'd ever heard of. At the same time, the thing I loved about being do not recognizable back then, is you could show up in place and nobody knew anything about you. Nobody heading preconceived notions of who you were nobody knew if you were gay or strayed. Sometimes if they you're gay, they don't move. I did the way you might hope they would, if they, whenever there local, can't believe, maybe they whatever I do they have about me- does not aligned with their beliefs, and so you know, a lot of people will have a preconceived notions I show somewhere of who I am what I'm about and there's, not really anything I can do about it despite soaking kept both ways, but for the most part I try to be, human being a good person, and I try to relate to people's people in
genuinely interested, even if somebody, why may not like personally or you know, maybe we'll one of vote for the same person genuinely interested in understanding their perspective, and my job is, to kind of make a story usually tub help. Other people understand their perspective. I've heard that actual that Rwanda is one of your favorite country. Speaking of rwanda- and I am going there actually next year, I'm spoke wow yeah, I'm wondering what you love about it. I've got kind of our going to see the guerrillas yeah, that's what everyone does, but there's extra times. That's not gonna, be like one week with a you know, guerrillas, I think that's a good day or an afternoon I actually dont know. So. How are you therefore, probably like seven to ten days was launched on Rwanda, the Edisonia ruined small, so the magic girls had they done an amazing job, having on around is decided seventeen and they have really. You know protected the MAGIC umbrella,
obviously become a major source of tourism in an importance for that, and it is the most extraordinary animal experience you have in a while. I mean its there's no place else you like them. You can do to the Arctic I know, but is less organised in a little riskier yeah. That is a grace genocide museum is really worth visit. There's a church where there is masker, that's worth it is it, but it's a fascinating country. I am pocket. Gummy is the leader he was part of the rpf at the wrong, the patriarch front, which they're the ones who actually stop the genocide when the international community, he wasn't doing it in France for sending out protection zones for people committed the genocide. Yell he's a controversial figure. He started beloved in the West are bunch of like former Rwanda generals would mysteriously been assassinated in parking lots Capetown their living in exile and Rwanda, How does export large amounts of minerals that they don't actually have in their own country? So what they get those minerals from Eastern Darcy? Now they control lot of mines
shall eagerly and yeah so lot of injury stuff. Yet stuff does interest me. and also a weird traveller like people will say, why would a? Where did you go and I'll say Bosnia there like? Oh, you do mean some other place, and it's like no. I was in an underground tunnel outside Syria, EVA looking at how they snuck in and out of the country under an area divine our now. I know that some of you are probably- and it was it when it was in use and not when it was a tourist intervention. How well that's Georgia body? the Mount Igman Road had a word, but it is now at an uneven. There were still there anyway, I don't but yeah. There are limited ways into Sarajevo for a long time and it was always very risky. Rwanda is faster they all have a national cleaning day, don't bring any plastic bags because they confiscate them from here. They rifle actually the reporting think they're looking for like drugs and seven there. Looking for a single use, plastic bags, that's not allow while out. So the idea is to bring thicker plus bags that you can use more than once or just step with african stick with fabric the matter, so
you ve, seen a lot of aid organizations and things like that on the ground, and surely you must have an opinion on whose doing a really good job out there between like on one end, the United Nations and may be on the other and doctors without borders, or something like that, and yet you know it's hard to kind of gender eyes. I think a lot of it. I tend to try to a country by country. I certainly think doctors, our borders, does us ordinary work. I've done a lot of stuff with them in the field. But I've seen them in the field. You know sometimes a kind of arrogant consular them are french by that, and also, if you like her an actual doktor saving lives. I mean some They really want reporters there, because there in places that their desperate for people to know what's happening, sometimes their up to their elbows and amputation, and like the idea of another reporter coming and ask them, questions is annoying. I had them a wide berth and give them a lot of slack, but I loved Russia that boys. I just think that met some extraordinary stranded people again in Milton, yes, who initiated under your work and seemed at all
of individuals. Had you know at the? U N and elsewhere, who are really trying to do good work, often with the Iraq crisis its difficult and it's not, as you know fast as they would like it to be? How do you get interviews subjects to relax, especially when things are actually a bit awkward or a comfortable. The you were walking around Detroit with Eminem buying these diet coaxing just like standing a kind of awkwardly inside a burger king for something, and even he was like yeah. This is this is awkward grave. This isn't going in there, that was the end you remember that, should actually there were a lot of awkward moments in that. Should I really liked him- and he I think I was told They were very pleased with the end product as they for an eminent interview. It was, he said, aloud, staff. There was interesting, but you know I used to be maybe incredibly nervous, and any I mean I'm so awkward as it is. I mean I guess not, since I'm used to kind of awkwardness around me. So it doesn't phase me too much. I don't rebounded is much anymore? I do want to make the subject in you know: depends on what kind of a profile of it is its Eminem. I you know I don't know
to really work to women, M over in any kind of sense, because he's been interviewed so many times and that's not necessarily something he really I mean she doesn't want me trying to like it. Prove his in recital e and become friends with them like we're, not gonna, become brands and hang out, even if some, however, the coarseness something Will you become friendly? There are people that has happened. I do hang out with them, but, for the most part, is No, it's an interview is doing. He's got a reason to do it. He's gonna want row and understand that, and as long as the interview itself, at least as long as the person shows up for the interview, I don't mean just visit. It shows up. I mean right now knows that they're doing a sixty minutes interview and were actually real conversation, then, That's all I really care about now before you know it. Somebody who does
don't you have tv if somebody who's incredibly nervous to do it? I will work as hard as I need to without gonna, look like I'm working to just make them comfortable and understand. My perception what I'm coming from and what interests me about them. I have no problem explaining somebody, you know really interesting this aspect in this, and you know this there's nothing worse and being interviewed by somebody who doesn't care or who has just written out twenty questions that they, worked really hard on and which is nice, but there are so concerned about getting to those twenty questions that are not listening to what you're saying at all, because when I started out, I had done, many times as an interview. Of course, I'd read now. I think I do not have anything. That's for sure exactly the problem. That is the person you're. Talking too, can see that you are really just waiting for them to shut up. So you can ask
next question: cuz, that's how I always was early on. I be like just watching the person's lips move and like checking the clock and shoes they stopped. I was ass. The next question and what I didn't realize is the other person can read this if their, particularly if they ve done this a little beggar and is like a bone killer. It's just not Gunnar said that every great when they do it in four share fine, but it's just like it crushes one light as somebody's being interviewed. You want to at least be counter seen or heard or felt and to realise that the person is just kind of checking things off I end of shutting down and just then providing perfunctory answers and and such like. I think it's very human to do that. actually, if you're talking about like when you are covering the famine and easier if you're like so your infant son has just passed away, how do you feel and then there's this long sort of story behind it about how that was our only try or her last child, and now she has no children and then you're, like I don't know what
you going to do now. You know it's just like sort idea, disconnected question, yes, and also by the way I have tried. In my career to never ask me: how do you feel question because I I know you're just using. That is a bad example yet, but it is a question: is so I mean I just there were times when I I formulated in that way, but it just such a often you don't need to ask a mother has just lost their child. How does it feel? I think we are have a general sense. There's other ways you can what you're trying to do in that country elicit an emotional response in which is not necessary either in kind of inappropriate cuz. I don't want to force somebody into an emotional response, so as a whole bunch of questions around it without asking that question, and you can do it in a way that there's no way I'm going to do an interview with somebody. Who's trousers just died, and I dont want to add to their tormented anyway, I wanted it. Whenever that person wants to say
I interviewed a lot of people who their child killed in school, shooting or Interviewed do a lovely lady, Mcdonald's, his daughter, grace six years old and kill the sandy Hockin sheet in other areas. I done with people who were experience, loss and she wanted to talk to me about her daughter, and you know that's. I don't. Love was two days three days after her daughters been killed to be privilege enough to step into her pain and be with her in that the most devastating moment for life. In I take things I got very very seriously. I want her to come out of it feeling that she has told people exactly what she wants to tell them, which, in her case who was about Grayson, was about this little girl who we who have lived in extra are you life in her time? It seems completely unnecessary, the needle somebody for an emotional reaction, especially if you know you're already gonna get one like in that situation. You're going to get some emotional reaction just due to the subject matter so trying to
I have high light things more, for them is actually cruel at that point. It's awful ended. I mean it bouncing back on you it limits. You look craven and I've always tried not to express them. Jim suffer minimal outside was taught to bury my emotions deep down inside. We, I still think is the healthy thing to do, but if you do that they do but how can we are times- and you know with the times- and I have in my mind, unfortunately expressly no two upper voice, cracked whenever on air, which has happened a number of times over the years as long as it is real and not some sort of I get the send. Sometimes when I see people on television screaming or yelling, which is for Isn't that emotion is totally out of body and unexpected and people made hooker bears out of it, but a genuine emotion is considered surprising I do get to set. You can tell the around
now, but the camera lenses are really thin little piece of glass and a really does transmit truth. It really transmits who you are for better or for worse but the audience around watching does get a sense of who you are and listening as well. I think that's what's fascinating about doing this kind of stuff television, radio broadcasts, it's it's an opportunity to see into another person. This is the Jordan Harbinger Shell with our guest Anderson Cooper, we'll be right back this episode, a sponsor in part. By into it, the company powering products like Turbo tax, quit books, men and credit karma track everyday expenses for tax time, sending voices see payments run, payroll track, future cashflow right inside cookbooks, Turbo taxes, online error, recognition, catches, mistakes, you might amidst because your juggling do in taxes while chasing a toddler around to San. That's what it's like an hour household anyway, if you misplaced digit into
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really look at it any more, even as for them. The news hopes that I follow. I will in a pinch, if there's a breaking situation, and I'm in a watching CNN, I'm breaking news and I'm looking for a light, the local police department in the town where something happens I'll go to, but for the most part yeah, I'm just really happy. Without my mom always if she never anything about herself, which is much true and I've manage really not to read about myself as well yeah. I forgot you had a kind of an expert live in expert who could be like? Oh negative? Oh you Twitter, honoured and forty negative characters. Here's a pile of articles about how we are a terrible family and everyone you're related, do as it is on ahead from my mom I mean my mom was her birth made? The headline: and she was removed from it. Custody of her own mother by courts in New York for the surrogate courts in the orchard, based on a plot hatched her nanny and her grandmother to have taken.
From her mother and given to remember the venerable family, so she could be raised and lived as a Vanderbilt instead of being carry round her firms in Europe and with that mother who was not of Andrew and did not money and was very carefully. I read the book that you wrote with her and I thought she has, by the grace of God, come out as a loving mother like she had her faults and everything, but while bringing was like straight to sociopath, but she did have the genes on my guard, her parents, you know she was born- twenty four, that her mom and dad take off for a six month. Honeymoon causes, that's what you do like that whole been allowed. There's a new born baby. Here, let stick around four address. It was in the same thing, and it really is altered the course of her life and it impacted the course of your life she's been really. There were her whole life kind of replaced.
Scenarios from her childhood and relieving them and kind of rethinking them to make them into some sort of order. There's a Dorothy Parker Quote, which is those born to the storm, find the calm, very boring you was born to the storm and was relentlessly restless. Your entire life so any time she wanted, like how's the wiping offence, but when she had it blew up because it works like a week or two but end the restlessness came back. So yes, she really needed a vacation instead of his apartment. He asked exactly what do you think in brief, of course, of the state of the media right now me, distrust is so high. A lot of it is earned by a lot of these sort of fake, or I guess there, they'll journalists, but its crossing a lotta lines. The rest of it is done by extreme MR politicians, but the quest for accuracy in the quest for truth. It should start to be near sacrosanct, but obviously this is not the case anymore. It all. You owe me look. There are so many different kinds
outlets that now under the rubric of media or press that it's it's a little hard to figure out what he knows. You're running this book, I did a lot of research in the old pressing. count of the Vanderbilt end. For instance, Cornelius Vanderbilt death the richest man in the world dying it? Who is going to leave the money too? There were reporters camped outside his house for months, waiting from to die the press accounts of his actual there are completely different. I mean what the New York Times is that it was a kind of it was the model victorian death hymns being sung well beloved family members around the bad. You know other accounts that he's dying of venereal excesses and screaming, and you know it
giving him opium and he never really went to church in his life. So was he really singing hands? So it was interesting to me just kind of realize. You know there have been problems with accuracy and through the rush to get things into print, and you know reporters not doing their jobs for as long as there have been reporters did you think. Obviously the quest for there are facts and we live in an age where you know I was told that they can have their own truth, which is fine, but I do believe. There are things which are true and are not true, and I think that's why reporters that's what news should be about I'm not interested in newscast, where the person is in their opinion and force in their opinion on other people. I try to avoid that. You know in times in the last ministration when the lights were coming so fast, that it was very hard to figure out a way to report on them without pointing out that
You can't just say while the White House, as this and other state is at a certain point when the administration itself is just then he was based on lies. You have to have to stop and constantly pointed out and that sort of contributes the erosion of the belief of objectivity, because people say will look you're, always just attacking when in fact, your actually just focusing on specific things, people have yet. It is tough that we have all this tribalism now and it's like if you're anti their religion or your anti their team. It's more like a religion. Honestly, now from the look of it while from twitter I mean there's reasonable people the middle there, just not as loud as the people on the edges, which is also unfortunate and a side effect of social media, but it does he. It was a revolution. The first people were killed her the moderates, because evolution, the extremists help each other kids out. They can feed off it.
other, they can blame the other. The moderate you are trying to just make peace and be sensible, they're, usually the ones or attack first, because there are not helping either extremists cause well, I'm screwed, then I think because that's, that's where I live right in the middle and both sides have some points. Both sides are making some mistakes here they are, and so both sides- you, like you, know what one star for this shitty Podcast Jordan right. That's exactly the problem now on sixty minutes. When you go, come on and you say I'm Anderson Cooper, I'm Leslie how many this is a dumb question. Just so you know how many times do you have to retake that? Because it is it's weird to say that I tried it in the mere data yeah. I didn't go on his very weird, so it's funny about brushing, because I think it's really funny. Actually the first time I did it was, I think two dozen sex is the first time I was asked to do the items and it took me a while
The first like have giggling every time. I start I just couldn't believe I was on sixty minutes. I couldn't believe I had been asked tell I start to contribute some stories. I grow watching this thing. Idolized Bob Simon Dino, MIKE Wallace, in all these be Abed Bradley. I was like I need him here like this is big. For me, this is crazy and you're sitting in front of a green screen, which is that's how they do it in the six minutes. Think so that the clock is behind you rendered assessing the camera and it's a bunch of us waiting to go and want their lunch break and you're doing I'm Anderson Cooper, I'm Anderson Cooper, I'm like and once it gets in your head. You don't know how to do it and then you try to think I would you be like I am I pass on Bob Simon, I'm Anderson Cooper like to try to do it in a sentence were mixed and ass. You re just like you do you have something like that for the first time like they literally council, you they're like little more space between the I'm, then you first it suicide. I'm Anderson.
Then that seems to me last year I am Anderson Cooper and then, if you become obsessed with it- and there is every time I I know I don't know how to say this, and I am now happy with how it looks in the thing I was really I still haven't got that makes I feel a lot better. It is in the interest of the show, I say: welcome to the Jordan Harbinger show, I'm Jordan Harbinger and every time I go to my producer any at its it out ago. I was like this that weird, that's weird he's like no, it never sounds we're just leave that sounded girl. You just saying that send a great. I wish I had that cadence further, the sixty minutes thing. Well, he had never. Yet if I had to do it for real, then it would be different. Now I now it's fine, Now this, throughout this throw away very fine, you nailed the eye Manderson Cooper there by the way to a one day right when you have to do it with the greens, green and Leslie stalls guy, we almost at lunch, are you going to finish this year from ours
At issue and eco ensure what rammers live two nights ago, and he did this game called prompter wars, which was I didn't know you do business, which is basically it was about Virgin Heaven. I just call the reading something off the teleprompter, some struck, weird stuff and it wasn't counter was moving too fast. It is interesting to see like arid ways of reading. I destroyed him, of course, respond to see him swore, there's gotta, be so many. just think things going on behind the scenes in alive newsroom, I'm wondering if there's any sort of situation where you'd found. Ok, the teleprompter. I'm not sure what happens next, where life there's a cravat people like yeah. What do you do so? I started Ankara I'd never anchored before until I was, twenty nine or so and ABC New Asset ABC News, and they had the this overnight. News. Gaskell world is now the new I know people ABC Watch, but a lot of people watched around the country.
like nursing mothers, night shift workers, people come, have dropped from parties, and this The show was more insomniac together, newsroom ABC rollers now and anywhere else. They b I start filling in and then they made me full time anchor but I'd never read a teleprompter, so that was the big learning curve, but It was on from, like I don't know, Therefore I am in the morning, and so sometimes we had great teleprompter. and was really a loose show and with a guy Willis who laughed really lie behind the camera, and that was part of the show. We always nice. We like that, but everybody falls for one point or another, when you workin the overnight shift and like you'd, have the camera like the camera. Fyodor fall asleep in the camera. just start moving up for the teleprompter, just stop cuz the teleprompter person fallen asleep, and it was actually great. many, because what you learn is that the teleprompter is not something you can depend on its a touchstone. In my mind, that is something that is there to help you. But if the telegram,
because blank at any point, you have to know everything you you know what you are about to say anyway, ideally you ve written what you're about to say. So it's in your head and even if you don't know what was written, you have to where you're going so you can at least vamp to talk to a particular package and say to the rapporteur is because usually you people in here, but when the children goes down, there were freaking out the control room about whatever the technical snafu is their priority is not like go next to it. In Vermont or whatever. It is, and that's it Actually, why I like live new, real breaking news, the most because you know you're doing your regular broadcasting, all something something happens like oh we're getting report a plane, crashed outside Boston and they want you to start talking about it and at first you only
three lines of information? You know and we believe it a Delta airlines flight heading to wherever and the job then gets really interesting very quickly and it's the most thrilling part of being in Ankara and not because you have to have a coherent conversation about something you have very little information and you can't be wrong about the information or if your information is you're, not sure how good it is, because usually the first information breaking things, often wrong. You have to catch it and make sure you point out, and this is reporting. You know you very quickly try to bring other people and who you can have conversations about what how planes go down the same. Record of this airline whenever maybe, but that thing suddenly you're on the air for ten hours? Talking about this and then new peace, The main information come in dribs and drabs and your job Do you are also aware that more people are coming and viewers. So you have to update things for the new people coming in.
Looking at the new information you have, but not doing in the same way that you ve been doing it to alienate play, who have already been there listening. So it's just an interesting I always equated to like in your kid at the beach and theirs. I guess sand clear, That's been created by the time going out running along the top that sand cliff as a kid is really find cause it. The sand is collapsing, the cliff is beneath you as you go, and the trick has decided to stay up right. That's what anchoring breaking new situation is. It's your just trying to deliver information that accurate in a coherent narrative and with very little information why one he respectful of your time. That, first of all, that's a fascinating look in. At the newsroom- that I really appreciate it- something I always wanted to do that. My mom, my tricky mom,
I said. Oh, I want to be like Dan rather that job looks so interesting was always footage of him in Vietnam and my mom goes o journalist through they don't make any money, and she told me that, because she didn't want me to do something dangerous and now wait a minute. I saw interesting Cooper, salary and repeat, it might not be totally accurate, but it cannot be that really like a like. Then re he's pretty meant. It wasn't also Wikipedia said my Mama to undermine dollars, and I was inheriting to Sir you corrected. I read the book, you realize that's not quite right, yeah, unfortunately, for you, that's not quite right. Well, actually, I'm quite happy without you, knowing it better that way, because inheritance like that, everyone would just go all while he was always going to have this and it would just sort of wash away part of the credibility you ve worked so hard to build self look. I think I don't believe in inherited money. I think it sucks the initiative our and I think parents think they're doing you a favor to their case, my purse, medical early on that I would not have one, and I think it's great. Thank you so much for your time fastened.
I've, been looking forward to this for a long time. My pleasure as usual. I've got some thoughts on this episode, but before I get into that, here's preview with a former undercover FBI agent, who infiltrated the Gambino Crime family in New York for nearly three years, resulting in the arrest and conviction of thirty five mobsters and get he's, not even italian. Here's a by your knives done everything I mean I have posed as money launderers work as a drug dealer. I worked as a trans border for drug deal. I worked there somewhere
outside the whole gamut, my career with twenty or twenty six years with solving dedicated work demanded come. If I was working for the F B, I would have been investigated by the EP. Yeah yeah, I woke up in the bar, make good looking young lady. He served mutually about which you, like, I usually my frank, was in the eternal one martini three hours by some water on the site. I finish to train the guy's, a man I'm gonna go go my pocket, take out a lot of money and not with the rubber band on it. I am giving you a hundred out you're, not a guy take sat a little leather wallet and he's going to change or no one can you imagine for gangsters, sit around border split it up. I had to get the Savage tribes prize, but what about the debt?
sometimes we get into bidding what that was your monies nobility in what he had stolen your power singly or may make a lad. Let me get forget to pay for it if I would have gone in there and became a guy who had never a penny, never went into his while than ever picked up a tat. Never had a time. Never kinda money have a gig tribute payment. Beyond my ass, they drove me out if you with the mob, I say here you're on record what that means that we protect you. Nobody could shake it now. We could shake down your own wreck. What for or including tricks, wise guys used to know who's legit and whose not mob culture and the rules that when the always upward flow of money and how Jack became so trusted by the highest level, of the organization that they offered him the chance to become a made man check out episode ninety two of the Jordan Harbinger Show with Jack Garcia? That was an interesting.
The station. I must do the same thing when I was younger. I wanted to do that job of going into rough areas in producing things, but it wasn't, it didn't, seem possible and I did think he had to get hired by a news channel Anna. A good writer, or at least I thought I wasn't turned out that I was great when I didn't have to write like book reports or some stupid nonsense for a class about a novel that I didn't understand how life that's the story of my whole life there. So when he was starting out, he got a flat jack. it from Channel one and when he opened it, there was a notice that It will not protect you from rifles which, by the way, that's exactly how people were lying in Sarajevo, back in the war from snipers, so this guy goes out right, you go with paper, thin walls, not exactly a vehicle fit for a war zone but kind of your only choice. This is the kind of stuff you do before you have kids in a family. I also asked him off air what some of the risk stun sore risk is actions he's done in his younger. You
to get a story turns out. It was more domestic. He tied a rope around his waist in a hurricane. I think it was Katrina. The producer could pull him out of the muck. If he fell in or got knocked over by the wind, it might have even been a different, whether event, but imagine having to have your producer yank you out of the muck or the one I mean it's not gonna happen you're dead. If you follow that a lot of what he covered early in his career was pretty grim Katrina, and things like that is really hard not to get a grim view of America when you're saying the same things in New Orleans as you're, seeing in Sri Lanka or other areas, don't have the same level of development as the United States, Pierre, you expect. Maybe help won't come or will take longer It should but not in a major. U S city like New Orleans, so you, you wouldn't expect in the United States to see dead bodies tied to signs by their shooting is to keep them from floating away, and yet that was the situation, so that, of course, would have an impact. No matter. What, although I did ask it
I am drawing up essentially Vanderbilt Flash Cooper. He found out. His mother was famous glory Vanderbilt at age twelve, so she at that time- was one of the most famous people of her time. You just thought it was normal to have all these famous people over the house all the time, but he also says he felt like his mother was a space alien and it was his job to show her how to exist in the real world. Probably not super healthy. For a kid, especially a father was kid to be responsible for his mother. Like that, on a lighter note, he thought dead people turned into statues when they died, because his relatives all had sculptures and statues of themselves after they passed away, and he actually thought a statue of Teddy Roosevelt. He was out of school trip. He thought a statue of Teddy Roosevelt was actually his and father, which was a point of embarrassment, but that sort of shows the level in which he grew up. Although he did not- and I will note really have me sort of inheritance. I think he very recently came
to a million and a half dollars- and you know, he's already making probably ten times that a year doing CNN so great conversation big. Thank you once again to Anderson Cooper links to all of his books and work will be in the shown us. Please use our website links. If you buy books from guests on the show it does help support the show. Yes, audio works. Yes, it works in foreign countries, were sheets for apples, during the shouts transcripts or in the shown. Its video of this interviews. Goin up argue to channel at Jordan, harbinger dot com, Slash Youtube, I'm at Jordan, Harbinger on both Twitter and Instagram, or hit me I'm linked in I'm teaching you how to connect with great people and manage relationships using the same software systems and tiny habits that I use to create. My own network teaching you how to dig the well before you get thirsty that six minute networking my free course, Jordan, harbinger dot com slashed course is where you can find it most of the guests on the show, contributes to the course come join us you'll, be in smart company where you belong. This shows created an association
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