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591: Chase Jarvis & Jordan Harbinger | Your Network Insurance Policy

2021-11-25 | 🔗

Jordan digs into what it takes to push past the mental boundaries that keep you from realizing your full potential — with Chase Jarvis (@chasejarvis) of The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show.

What Jordan and Chase Discuss:
  • Handling debt after graduation.
  • Zooming out on the timeline of your career and understanding why patience is key in the long term.
  • Why nothing you do is ever wasted. Even if you’re working as a barista at Starbucks, you are building skills that can be applied in other areas later on.
  • Why the phrase “Burn the boats” is misleading and unnecessary.
  • How to overcome feeling “unemployable” because you have taken a non-traditional path.
  • And much more...

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wife Jen is an amazing to have people in your world that can call you when you shit, you know you're, saying one thing and one another, and then you double down, and you are comparing yourself to what you are capable of, and you know what you are capable of inside your head and heart more than others do and now have fun again Welcome to the show, I'm Jordan Harbinger on the Jordan Harbinger show we code the stories, secrets and skills of the world's most fascinating people. We have enough conversations with people at the top of their game. Astronauts, entrepreneurs, spies and psycho I will just even the occasional rocket scientist, extreme athlete or tech mobile. Each episode turns our guests. Wisdom into practical advice that you can use to build a deeper understanding of how the world works and become a better critical thinker. if you're new to the Show- or you want to tell your friends about the Show- and I always appreciated when you do- that- I recommend our started packs. These are collections of your favorite episodes. Organ
as by topic that a whole new listeners get a taste of everything that we do here on the show just visit, Jordan, harbinger dot com slashed start to get started or to help somebody get started today on the show. I usually don't do this, but I appeared recently on an episode of Chase Jarvis lie. They went really well. I was a lot of people said I was on fire. I would never use that term to describe myself, but I appreciate all of those who did it felt like was able to deliver some great information on networking and relationship development among other topics. Chase is a lot of fun to talk to him go away back he's the ceo of creative live. If you ever seen any of those courses, our report was excellent on the episode, I thought it was worth sharing with you all is well. If you enjoy feedback Friday and the type of advice and systems thinking from those episodes, I think you'll enjoy this episode as well. I assume I plug six minutes working a lot during this episode, but I'm I do it one more time. Opportunities like this fall into my lap because of my network and I'm teaching you build your network for free over at Jordan.
Your dad come slash course. Most of the guests on our show, subscribe and contribute to the course so come join us you'll, be in smart company. Where you belong now. Peers me, unchaste, Jarvis life. you're funny. I used to have a background like everyone else, whereas, like let me get some books up there and then ahead a macbook with an hour. I thought you know what would change Jarvis. Do you wouldn't have some sloppy as background with it, staircase, and some chairs on the floor. I want to put a nice background out, especially when I do his job I come here had unlike thanks for even dry and shares this together? This, is what makes this a good up aside. There were twenty seconds in tell us a story how you describe yourself and an early childhood expire France or to that brought you to where you are right. Now right now. I focus on
interviewing amazing people kind of like what you're doing right now and the reason I say I honestly the therapies and where is it The reason I started do I promised myself. I wouldn't laugh online jobs and I just can't help it that you can tell me dad now cause all my jokes. Are the garbage better? The way this started was, I I thought I'm teaching networking at my law school at this point ran and the reason I'm doing that is because I figured I was gonna get fired from the law farm. Where I worked. If I didn't figure out how to bring in business, and now we know that as impostor syndrome, we're like I'm the personal slip through the cracks they're going to figure me How do I make myself scares? What do I do and I starting to learn how to network and bring in business for the firm cuz. That was what the partner said. If you want to stick around, you know what you want a bulletproof, your career. You got to generate business for the firm. You don't just keep your head down and work hard, because people will pass you So I took those Dale Carnegie Networking classes. I took these.
There were online learning platforms like creative live back then I am certainly not creative lie, but I don't think there is anything to learn on my back the regular, nor might be a dvd. They male death can yet little machine yeah, yeah yeah. If you're even had a dvd player back then, and that started to become me, teaching networking at bars and then it was like. Well all the people that want to learn networking from the loss of all the guys were like. I don't need this. Networking is for old people. And although women were like, we need this because the law, especially corporate, lie it's a boy's club. We need to stick together. We need to figure this out and that's what got teaching, that's got me learning social dynamics. That's what got me interviewing p bull as well, because I I knew I couldn't provide all the content myself because I mean who can who has that much and then I thought you know. I really like this. It's kind of like being a radio talk, show host, which I wanted to do. When I was a kid except now I can do it in this new thing called podcasting. This is two thousand and six.
And I'm really enjoying this too, but I went to law school instead of broadcasting school, but now it all makes sense right because back then you had to be put the radio you had to be put on a platform you had to get up, eight of job. I I don't know folding, try odds or whatever for five years now you can put your cell phone. I know, that's all What you teach a creative. I was like a you. Don't have to be somebody who is blessed to buy who's, the like a winter whatever to like take photos of people and put them up online or in magazines or let them or learn these skills like you can learn this stuff yourself. You can put yourself on you, build Europe. former, then suddenly wonder you wake up and change Jarvis talking you when you go, I have made it apparently like there's people You stating what I'm doing, who knew I didn't know. This could be my think, and here it was that you have made it for yourself from long here. I think what I wanna actually excavate, just a little bit is why
I am a lawyer in the first place, and was it actually did you believe in a heart that lawyer in was the right thing to do and then, when you landed, did you find it or did you know all along? You were scared to disappoint, mom and dad and be a career council and friend. And have a lower quote social status because you didn't want to your lawyer, doktor, whatever etc, and because the reason I asked a question, you know it because we ve talked before, but right now there are thousands of people listening or watching who are asking themselves the same question. You decided not to trade, this one precious life to do it. Everybody else wanted, but I know it wasn't easy cause you started out the Wall Street lawyer. Help me understand. This is a good thing to excavate, not some steel. In the word excavators, that's a great word for digging down into something the aid the reason I went to law school was, and I put that
there's no way to sugar quotas. The only reason I went was because, after graduating from the University of Michigan, with a degree in, like speaking, multiple languages by that point at age, twenty or whatever it was. When I graduated I was like hey, I worked for the Department of State. I worked at the embassy in pain I speak English and spanish and serve operation in German, like I am highly qualified and I had no clue how to get a job. No F include and my girlfriend was like hey. Why don't you try and get like a hold over job at some place nearby, Ann Arbor, I'm sorry started applying to place. and I was like, let me just apply to places like you know, best buy and I'm find the best by and I can live if you like round to of interviews d like we're thinking about higher in you. You know your competing with a few people for this position and I was a great what I want to build computers. I can do customer service there, like ie. How would you everyone starts? Often music, you're gonna be selling cities and I go but my friends little brother he's seventeen is a sophomore.
high school, he works in music and the like. He's gonna mentor you for the first few months or a year in that position, and then you can move up and I was like I have I'm quite what are you talking about here? seventeen. He just got a driver's license. You know like what would you too? he about I'm gonna be mentor by this can and it wasn't part of it was ego because I was older and I had her, but the rest of it was fuckin dead man like I've, sixty thousand I wish to pay back. I can't make seven twenty five an hour. You know this is gonna work and then I thought, okay I dont know how to get a regular job job. I dont know even awareness, are no one taught us that in school, hopefully their teaching that now I doubt it and then a bunch of people said why don't you just apply to graduate schools and then, of course, like your who's a gym teachers like what you like T argue. So you should just be a lawyer which is not based on reality, but ok fine mean all give that a shot and apply the law. Schools got into a bunch, got sky,
for ships to a bunch- and I thought well, that's a good sign right like if I can get in, should go The gun in Michigan LAW did not get a scholarship by the way to Michigan LAW, but that's a good law school was like top ten or somethin, whole country at the time and all of my dad's lawyer friends were like. Oh my. If you got in that school, that's like getting enough I dunno Harvard Medical School or something probably, if you're a doctor close to it, you gotta go. I have to go and they loved my international experience. They didn't love my grades or test scores just to be very, very clear. They weren't, like this guy's brilliant. They were like this guy's weird and we like weirdos at public schools. We gotta, diversify our thought here. So I went but the whole time I was like. I'm not. can it be a lawyer- and I remember my classmates all being like. I got sad news for you. This is a law school Everyone here is gonna end up being a lawyer in all of these career people that came in to talk to us. They were like how many of you think you're not gonna, be a lawyer. Unlike three hands went up in, they were like contacts,
in three years, any of a hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars worth of debt. You're all gonna become lawyers, and they were totally right. you're idealistic up until the second year. You An internship at a Wall Street law firm. They pay you thirty thousand dollars to eat fish and oysters and go see. Frickin blue man group. over the summer and you go yeah I'm doing this at least until I pay my debt and so that's I did. I got that job. Luckily, it was pretty cool set a guy's. Luckily, people Candide with me about what it's gonna take to become partner. I followed the train. Social Dynamics and networking and turned it into a dating thing, ended up moonlighting as a theory, The exam satellite radio talk, show host every Friday and then actually more during the week in my my law firm, we will do in real estate finance, so this is two thousand seven.
way through the year or maybe even early. Two thousand and eight the economy takes a dive. The first thing to go is real estate finance, so they're like dont, worry, you're, not fired probably gonna have to weigh all of you off in a few months, but in in time. Here's full pay full salary, for If its- and I was like you know- I'm doing this podcast that it started in a basement. I, like it do in satellite. Radio people are doing phone. Watching with me or they're, trying to like pay money to train them. I don't know much about that, but I'm gonna try and figure that out. Do I want to go and get another law job that I dont want just to continue making the same amount of money or am I gonna pull that like now we're. Never if this is what inspired. they'll goofy? One of my friends goes, you know what we're getting fired going play the guitar at bars, because I love music in might have a music career. This is the time to find out if I have when it takes- and I was like chuckling them self and I got unlike you probably don't like odds. Are you don't, but then I you know and who might say that and also
Maybe I want to do the radio thing and see if I have what it takes to do the radio thing, and I did the podcast thing and now I'm like wow. I can't leave. I even tried to go to law school I get it. It's were wanna be over, chivalrous congregate when they find out. They have no real employment prospects, that's accurate, but the idea. If I could do something, creative, never fostered he has a kid. Never fostered most of us as a kid in another, special in mine, neglect or self neglect of my creative pursued, but also, I know thought of myself ass, a creative person, and so it never occur to me that there was a job where I could do something that I like and then also get paid for it. It just didn't, occur to me and even people. I knew that were working in radio or work working in journalism. They were broke S man. They were not making any money, and so I thought like, but by what I try to two hundred thousand dollar your law job for a twenty five thousand, our ear journalism job. Don't move, I didn't know you could do
both and make money doing both. You know they neglected to tell me that there was a position like the Larry King of Podcasting is worth ink road or like that. Podcasting was anger that radio could be lucrative cause truthfully ban. You know this for TAT. He is your thing, the top one percent primate a bunch of money, the rest of the people. They work it other places to make their living and they do. Photography is happy. So it was a good that that I wasn't going to be able to monetize the thing that I loved now. You don't have to wait for somebody to put you on, like I said before, you can put your which increases your put, the odds, you're, no law. rolling role in the dice in hoping that somebody picture car right. That's mix metaphor, but you get me now you're goin. I don't have to roll the dice on carbon. My own dice verify six. To this day in our carbon is six on every single side. I'm gonna be fine, but you couldn't do that before and so You and I gotta came up during this time where you either
not really Evan lucky or you are super freakin, talented. Now you be a hard worker and build your talent and build your skill and you have a reasonable chance of success. A pretty good one honestly, just given the amount of time their wonders zoom out long enough on the timeline. I think you just hit the nail on them, they're in that last sentence is most people if they are doing the thing for you podcasting or for someone else is listening as a designer entrepreneur or whatever. If you can zoom out a little bit and say cool, I'm going to put one foot in front of the other and do this at first as a hobby and then as a side hustle it like that's. Actually, I would say, maybe not the preferred, because people impatient proven that actually the most realistic- and I actually did the same thing- I don't know- I mean it- sounds like it for you. There is a little moonlighting and then there is the name of people. Think you're, like twenty Robin says, burned about Sir turn and I put a second mortgage on house quit
but I'm all in asked richer, Branson, richer grants and, as you know, this idea of all in is actually really stupid. I agree with that. I haven't, I would say that, but I have two percent agree with that: yeah, that's like managing the downside and continuing to make progress and that's why that that last sentence ease it stuck with me. It's like if you can zoom out far enough. And look at this time line as I'm gonna continue to put one foot in from another toward the thing. I'm harking back to our conversation Your show about creative calling you just walking this path and when no went back great jog run sprint even, but that's not how ninety nine percent of the people that you and I either how on the show or our friends with or sounds like neither of in our case it didn't work like that, now and then is the myth that I think you and I are to continue working to Spain or you do a good job on yeah your show. I agree, man
I think it's what people do when they are in our position. Sometimes, is they go man? You know it's pretty unsafe. see to say I did a podcast case that nobody, about for a really long time? And then I pivoted to do this, and I was working at some. offer that I've switched it. You know whatever job and then I was doing odds and ends and as broke for a well, that's not really great. So what I want to do Who is like collapse this nine year period or this twelve year period into this like flash in the pan miss skip over all that and then just go, and then I believed it myself and then the you know, universe started raining money into my bank account and it's like that, doesn't help. So one right now, who's at home, figuring out focus length of lenses and saving money for their first or their second lens cause. They're, like fifteen hundred bucks or whatever those things cause, they're making burrito doing the bereaved a thing in their data. It doesn't help that person is that person goes. What am I doing wrong? We're I'm not getting success
I've been doing this for three years. When we tell the truth, we got three years. You ve got another decade, before you should start worrying about lack of progress. You know you're doing fine if you're, making a single dollar doing your hobby after work. If you're done this for three years and somebody's pay, you for anything and it's just Saturday afternoons you're, probably killing it don't work if the person whose, like I just picked up a camera now, unlike in Vogue magazine, this round up for twenty twenty one like that's, not real and when you, the people that are like that, and you dig deep enough and you put to women did you find out it's their aunt? Who, like is the editor of the magazine that put them on like they didn't just get lucky, and some people get lucky, that's true, but most people don't don't rely on it discard it. Don't worry about it. There's always time to catch. A lot of times, people who get lucky early. They Peter because they don't have often enough the work ethic to keep it going in
so maybe therein over their head to speak to Richard Branches, point about but going all in and the timeline thing we just mentioned you, don't want to go all in right because if we say all right look, I need to zoom and stretch out my timeline. Eight more years euro heavy, here's, if you just quit your job and you're like yeah. Now I'm going to don't leave live, eat, breathe, photography or podcasting. Now you got eight months because your savings is running out, so you have to stress that was added to the minutes. You have pressure. Now you ve got it runway, as laid on fire and quickly running out. Why would you do that to yourself because someone on Instagram some influence. Our was like burn. The boats go all in that person. Didn't do that, probably that person did not when I see and try not to mention names when I see these influence or guys be like burn them, let's go online. Unlike you worked at your dad Frickin convenience store for like two decades before you jumped off into this. You didn't bird they boats. He ain't burn a thing why you
telling kids to move out of their house with their parents and like this is unrealistic and it sounds good. but it is garbage and what you're doing is setting people up for me, Save amounts of stress in many people can't handle that and they quit it much better to build, a little bit at a time and again I could have done that in ten years instead of fifteen, you want that, Well I burned out in two years, cuz I ran out of money, and now I'm working raking leaves- and I hate my life like. Don't do that to yourself absolutely true and here's the thing at some point. I think this idea of burn the boats. You actually will face fear and say Josh, and I really good enough to go. animus podcasting thing or on this design thing or no leave my nine hundred and twenty five and do my five hundred and twenty nine and maybe still make some money on the side doing some other things to make sure my bills are paid. But there is still a fear moment. There is still a leap, it's just a leap of the small l and it's not a. I don't know anything about this, I'm going to
The second mortgage on my house. Don't worry, the leap is still there there. Still there leap at the end of your sort of experimentation. They just want to one I'm like minimize the amount of variables and I've heard you talk about this a lot. This I'm gonna share. This train reshape this conversation from the generic t. You specifically I've watched you pivot a couple times. I've watched you focus and the last time I looked at your nine thousand five star ratings are not cast and was in the top ten.
software element so with pivoting. Could you say that pivoting in navigating is a good thing that it help you get to where you are or did it slow you down and were you the classic person that did that we use talked about like I did it and fifteen? I probably could agenda in ten, or do you a tribute some of your success to actually being sort of like water and trying this thing figuring out realising what didn't work out have you know a different business or how ought we think of it? Yeah, that's a good question, because I just thought about this recently as well. I go you know it really tempting to go man if I hadn't spent all this time building a coaching company and talking about dating in relationships, which is what I did for like the first eleven years of my casting man. If I when that time. I probably would be so much further head work. You know where the Jordan Harbinger showed me so much further ahead, and then I go wait a minute. I spent eleven years in a row.
people coaching people so now when I'm interviewing people I might not be coaching them, but I'm using a coaching skill set to tease information out or ask them more specific questions or read between the lines which is like ninety nine percent of what coaching is like someone tells you something to go. What do you really mean? What is it and every Friday we do feel Friday, which is an advice, show. Could people right in with these listener questions? If I hadn't had a decade plus of coaching experience, I dont think I'd be able to go oh, you know- you say this, but I think baby. You mean this other. Thank you. I wouldn't miss, really be able to do that, and that has been a great skill set. A great addition to this the most popular episodes we have. You know I might have somebody on whose, like our famous- open shower a movie star or a famous entrepreneur. That episode gets as many downloads or slightly less as ever
the single weeks run of the mill me giving advice about somebody escaping a cold or try to do it. Negotiate there's our those are the most popular episode which tells you are people like that interviews on the Jordan Armand Rochelle, but what they really like is for me to go into someone's letter and be like you know. You said this. I think you cannot mean that, and also really should be thinking about this other thing I wouldn't or be able to do that if I hadn't spent eleven years coaching and so people, it's very tempting to look up and go man. You know I've been editing video for a deck it. But I'm really passionate about photography and I finally jumping photography- and you know wish I'd done this the whole time. I wasted all this time. Editing video! But then, if you talk to that person, they go oh well, you know I'm really good already with lightning, because I've been editing video and you dont really got already with. I don't want you cause photography but I camera relent angles and all his cause. I've been editing video for so long, and you know pretty good at getting the right angle on a person like getting the right emotional feel for photo because
narrowing video and I've seen those frames which are essentially photos, and I know like which ones like the best. So you have a hard time I'm convincing me that you wasted ten years, editing video when you know intuitively- and you have a great grasp on the software needed for me- changes in frames and things like that. That is hardly is the time now. Could you have gotten that, where to wear that needed to be in five years and jumped into photography. Maybe it's ten you say you could have, but you really know that right, like yeah, maybe I of pivoted, into different interviews on the Jordan arbiter. no earlier than eleven years in, but real Could I have or would they have been kind of like mediocre crap for awhile instead of what they are, which is ideal pretty good. You know, like you just don't know when you look backwards. You can't really see that rain? Very well because you're already like maybe on the top of the mountain, everything looks like a straight line and you go. How did I take me sodium long? They get there, but when you're, the ground you realize theirs
what a hills there's a lot of values, there's the shorter peaks. You know that you thought you were on before and the terrain is not flat. It just looks flat when you're up really high that's a problem, because you see other people talking about their journey and they go yeah. This terrain is flat. I don't know what your problem is. Why is it taking so long? Go all in burn the ships, etcetera, etcetera? Or you know you don't really need this experience. Wasting your time doing this other thing, it's very difficult for me. You'd have a hard time convincing me even that making if you're, making freakin coffee right now at Starbucks go. This is a waste of my time. I bet. If you really sat down what you are good at anyway you're getting out of it. You do well. I have client service experience, cuz, I'm making coffee I'm good at dealing with difficult people. We get in a whole every freakin day here at Starbucks. So when you, freelance video editor or something like that, you're bringing all of those bereaved skills in their, whether you know it or not. So nothing you're doing now is truly a waste
if your time, unless you hate every second of it, you also are refusing to learn outright which is why your attitude is so important going into anything, because it would be easy to that guy at their coffee story goes. You know what I hate this I hate everyone here and I'm not learning anything that is not really the right way to look at any experience that you're doing. Could it be so easy to do that with every single job and it is not the case that my friends is a master class in how to think about this transition that you're in now right now, you're jogging on the path of your sit on the park bench in your car commuting and you think it's different. It is exactly what Jordan just said. The phrase that I use is no effort is ever wasted. I think you said five times and this belief that you somehow discarding a part of you
Whatever the hard part is the European right now, even if it's not doing the thing, but you are preparing to do the thing, even if its thinking about having the conversation with your wife or spouse your partner about leaving those cycles, are actually part of the process, and everyone wants a short circuit, the process, and if you were listening for the last five minutes on Jordan's rant there, that defines what success looks like for you. You are on that path right this minute now you said a couple things in their speaking of excavating. I want excavate is too little further, whose u casually mentioned eleven years in prison, yeah, so just to be clear what it takes to get nine thousand five star views on your part, cast an to host radio shows and have your own pod gas with legendary gas, and I want to get into a couple specific guests in a second here, because I have a couple of do these eleven
Here's. How long did it take you, your eleven years in which we started having fun doing that. So that's a good question, because the rationale behind the current, the current Jordan your show that as nine thousand three hundred to be very specific reviews this morning, not that I check every single day at least twice the that's three years old sure I had before that had out until fourteen thousand or something like that, and it was over eleven years. I started having fun podcasting on day, one through day one thousand, and then I had learned fun for several years, because I was like I've gotta do this way and I am unhappy you look where I am in relation to other people. I should be doing this. I should be doing that and I a ruined my hobby by making it a job and then taking a negative attitude towards it needs. Instead of celebrating where I was looking at how far behind I was now that's good for
lighting a fire under your butt and making sure that you move faster. But you really- and I I didn't realize this at the time you really do need to balance compared herself to others for motivation with comparing yourself to us, because you're just self flagellate and beating yourself up constantly and whipping yourself. Every day and going I'm never going to be as good, Charlie rose, who is like sixty at the time that I probably started: pipes, testing Gator fifty five and has been doing it. thirty five years. You make all these on Comparisons and things like that in an eleven years in when I started the Jordan Harbinger shows so the current integration of the podcast I had been having fun. Syn year seven- and I remember it because my seven year anniversary of doing the previous show, I had this guest on raw green is an author who wrote forty eight laws of power and a lot of people probably know who he is, and I was like I can't messed up. Robert Freakin Green, and I got
we quit men and I worked until all the equipment, and then I read his whole book and then a red as other book and these things like six hundred freakin pages long and Robert I mean he doesn't right, two hundred pages, you know so taken lira, dance, their demands, books, and you cared mess with these. These are not like. Oh here's, a really long story. It's like now. This is like six hundred pay. Is in half of it. The end is footnotes and that's two hundred more pages so read these books took a bunch of note. Did the interview and at the end I said thank you so much as is really good news. Why did this take so long? We ve been talking by email for like five years, and I said I don't want to mess it up, you know, you're a real it like a really good author. I want waste your time and he said, I've done a lot of media, and this is one of the best interviews that I've ever done. This is seven years Let me do in the shop. So that told me what Robert Green says, that it was good that I'm probably pretty good at this- and I remember sitting there in going- I have to do everything to I I told my girlfriend at the time now: wife names, Jan. I go Jen Robber, green.
So this is one of the better interviews that he's done. She was what what did you do different? I go. I read all the books and I took all the notes and she goes. You probably should start doing that for every episode of each year Show- and I went read the book for every author that comes on the show. I can't prep like that, and she goes ok, I'm and I guess it is a choice on which shows you wanted you that form which shows you dont, and then I remember sitting down and gone. I have whether I want to do this really really well, every single time and work really hard or just do crappy ones and then do some good ones. I can't keep lying to myself and telling me that I can go to fifteen percent twenty percent effort and get a hundred percent results and she goes yeah. I mean used to brag about how you dont need to read the book, because you can wing it in everybody's like down with that, and I go yet on Facon it and Even if not everybody knows, if I'm the only person that knows, I'm not like respecting the crime, to put it in kind of an overly poetic way. If I really want to fulfil my, potential as an interviewer journalist, whatever you want to call it, I actually have to put the work in surprise. Surprise like that's how it works. So I started
that point honours like I have to read every book from ever person that comes on the show. I have to do like ten hours of prayer for every guest on the Jordan Harbinger Show and if I'm two or three hours in and I got this is boring, shoot me. I have to cancel that in view, because I'm not gonna do a good show- and this is what true professionals do they probably out a thousand photographs. They say this was obsession in the lighting Stockton. You delete five hours worth of work and planning and air fare in hotel and model fees or whatever and location these you throw that call when the garbage, because it's not your best work or it's not good enough to put your name on it, Am I started doing that? I realise this is actually way more fun, because every time I do a show or almost I'm like up against that curve where I go, this is good and
it did something better this time and I got a really good interview, Oughta Chase Jarvis, and he you know he liked it because he was smiling and laughing and like the producer and the south booth was not a guy that you work for me came out was like bout. That was good. I, like this chase Jarvis, get an wants to talk about the content that's how you know you did a good job. I remember there was a spot when I wasn't having fun. I wish I didn't have to admit this but I would be like checking my email during the interview you can hear me I bring the person would say some Can I go call so, and I look at my like pre the list of questions I had, and I go so tell me the story about how you got it. Instead of fur. You know you could just I was just checked out man and I hated it in the reason isn't because I didn't like podcast we arrive interviewing is because I wasn't challenging myself and I wasn't in that like red lines. Zone, where you are in the top ten percent of
Your own ability forget everyone else's ability. You want to be in that, like top ten percent top five, none of your own ability, George, if you do a photo shoot in everything sucks but you're like that lighting man, I crushed the lady, was so good. Look at that lighting two rather model sucks My shots were often the angles are reared and I use the wrong lens, but, like them lighting, you can take that victor. and you can be like I'm getting better this and then you do I think this is not a good, but, like you, you know you're getting better at it. That crap is fun like that's fine, not having a celebrity on that's a treat, but the fine is getting better at the craft like not getting the famous person to stand next to you for an hour. That's a tree. That's it! You should is rewind that last section, if you're watching right now aura listening and you walk because again to absolute missiles, just rating
temple as you're walking down your little path right now or in your commute fever. Throughs have been spoken in that amount of time. In the last forever. Eight minutes I want to review, you had fun at the beginning, because you were doing the thing that no one thought you could do, or you weren't sure and you felt like you were kind of getting away with that. You were getting better, you were engaged and then you flatlined, because you realize that you were good enough to keep playing you weren't, actually challenging yourself. there's a flat line period, where your checking your email during interviews, not preparing bragging that you don't have to prepare you get called out by them Girlfriend now wife Jen is an amazing to have peace. in your world, can call you and your shit and lake. How much do you owe Jen for your current level of happiness and success and fulfil because she is like iron. Artists doesn't sound like what we said the other day in the
you're saying one thing and doing another, and then you dumb, down, and you are comparing yourself to what you are capable of, and you know what you are capable of inside your head and heart, more than others do and now having fun again, your listening to the Jordan Harbinger show with our guest. Well me on Chase Jarvis life will be right back. This episode is sponsored in part by Glenn, thick Glenfern breaks from the single malt scotch whisky. Norman helps redefine what it means to be wrong. It so easy to get bogged down these days and material success, but the currency of the new Rich is more time and enjoyment out of what we ve already got and I'll have experiences, but so I got a shot out my family here, not just gin and my kid, but my parents, men, they are you know, and you are young. You think they're really lame, and then you girl, When you realize it's not true, and I got a good relationship with my parents they're both still round they their involved in charity. They treat people right there, not big on matters
it was em. It's just that you're not gonna lucked out right there. I realise that that is much better than being raised with millions of dollars and ten different cars, and I read we do value that. I think it's important to realize. Those kinds of winds do really make for a rich life back to Glenfiddich. When said, it was the first brand to open its distillery to visitors, especially starting whiskey tours in the scottish distilleries. Glenfiddich is also known for its numerous products. going process, innovations that have shaped the category over the years. It's no wonder Glenn This is the number one selling single malt scotch in the world. Skilfully crafted enjoy responsibly Glenn Physic, twenty twenty one imported by William Grant Incense Ink New York New York. Thank you so much for listening to and supporting the show all
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can't believe, I'm getting paid to play the piano. You know I'm doing this every week We can do it after work like now getting paid to play the piano. This is great and then as you become, let's see you become a professional pianist in your plan and a jazz bar there's gonna be a certain time where you go. I wanted had admired, it smells and there and I'm tired, but you go there and you play the piano but you're, not really, you might have a smile. your face because you have to but you're cottage aside, let that Tipp Jar, Philip and you bet I thought, oh here, that's fine to have a day like that, but when used doing that, all the time, that's bad for you, it's bad for your creative it's bad for your mental health. You know you're stuck you're stuck, but then, if you go, You know, there's these players that do these. I don't know anything about the piano, but there's these players that clay. Let's say they place one point five times faster than everyone else that's great energy, but I Don't know how to do that and then you start taking lesson, from some amazing jazz, pianist over Skype for fifty bucks an hour
he's like now. You gotta, move the really you do it as you move your hands faster, whatever that's the obvious, which should play the piano as engages in technique. And then you're going to this jazz bar and you're? Like I'm? Try that and you try it and then you start get it in your like hell, yeah I get it. Now you go there and you look forward to going there. Could you go I'm an tried at once on its faster than I can always messed up before, and you can and say to the audience. Alright, I'm to try song, and this is a fast I almost never get it right. Let's see if I get it right, but if I mess up no laughing and everyone's sort of like laughs and classes as you can do it right and you play song and you get it. You know, when you get it cause, you smiled yourself in the audience is gone crazy because they figure that that's the part that you never get your stoked now you're having so Twond again. Why not? Because that the people are cheering for you now, because you just have this new skill, but because you islands yourself and you jumped over a hurdle that you thought was too high for you you're. In the same
Kelly Ass bar they're still sticky crap beer on the floor. Your tip jar is still weak. because it's a college area. Nobody has any money right. The only thing that changed you and the way that you are attacking this creative pursuit, and that makes it all worth It makes it all way more fine and it makes me want to stick with it instead of get added side job as a barrister, because, yours, not improving and you hate go into that same place right, like people do that in their jobs in it doesn't matter you're in a creative pursuit or you're an account nor lawyer, you can challenge yourself and you can get in that sort of like that Red Zone, that top ten percent of those people in my career, my field, can't do this those are the areas that you attack and if you do that to three times your skill stack it right. you might never be in the top one percent piano photography. Podcasting. You might never get there, but what, if you're in the top ten percent of each of those, not many people are in the top ten percent in two three different areas: they're, not
now, you're, one of the only people in the world that has qualifications in those three areas. If you come, Those now you can make their top one percent money. That is just so much wisdom there. How do you keep going when it seems no one around. You is paying attention to your work, even when you're putting yourself out there. How do you stop feeling that you're pathetic at your craft? Because of that there is a big difference between being good at something and being good at marketing, something there are alive people that are really good at also media and showing that they have fun stuff on your Youtube legacy. You too, because this is such an easy won't like low hanging fruit. Some of the most popular you tubers? They jump on time both full of food they blow, things up with diet, coke and out though AIDS are our mental or whatever they jump.
because you right now you're a peaceful end to do without towards, and there is now working out there like this is. Georgia is a liar. I bought a Lotta Alto AIDS. I want my money back there, what it actually outwards might work, but they diameter, but like there's people doing that are those people super skilled, innovative creators, I mean the first people to do that may be were but the rest of Omar clones and are playing the Google algorithm. Those people are getting paid. Probably there doing. Ok, Don't ever cortical real jobs there making that sweet, sweet diet. Coke meant owes money on Youtube. That's not necessarily aircraft. It's gonna make somebody super happy, but if you are real Adobe flower arrangement, but there is not really a market for that year, addressing because you're just like uploading it to the internet and the algorithm hasn't bless you and you have a followers on Instagram because you don't know how to market it. That has nothing to do with your ability as a creator, so decouple them
marketing ability with from your craft creative ability. Now you may have to learn how to market. You may have to learn how to get more experience, getting your work out there, but don't for one. Second, when you're asking yourself I'm good at this: don't look to the amount of clicks. You have to decide that because visit Google's algorithm Youtube's algorithm, saying who is popular right like there are dogs that have more followers on Instagram that I will ever have on any platform on all my platforms combined, parasols dogs. Are they grade anything debatable, not really, but there's an addressing me. Get there now. It would be pretty damn depressing. If I decided that I had to be more popular than whoever it. algorithm favoured that day. In order to value my own work, so you should be left up? Where you are in your craft all the time, and you should be dipping
Tarzan and working on the marketing stuff, but dont for one second confuse those two and think that they're the same thing, because people who do that their depressed it s when they don't have the following: they want, as they think they're, not good at something, and then what they are popular? They think that their good at something but they're not doing shit, putting portmanteaus in frickin diet, coke bottles. There is no skill to that after awhile right. That's it you're, deluding yourself at both points on that spectrum when you're bad at it and when you're good at your line yourself on both of those points. Where do you Gonna be right? You don't wanna be anywhere on that spectrum. You want to have to separate grading scales, one for the craft and one for the marketing, and it's ok to be not good at both frankly is longer improving. I think that last thing as important as long as you're improving- and this idea successes- alchemy right. It's two parts this
when your heart leg of nude I've hawk in a weird is timing, is here we are on. Their learning is having its dance and amending this did for ten years, yeah gathered there are extra horses, but making your own dice to the point that you made earlier for stacking the deck in your favor, there's all kinds of metaphors that I think we could reach back to. But this idea of always getting better of comparing yourself to what you're capable of how are you telling people that, for example, you didn't want to air their podcast interview if you noticed that it wasn't a high in equality and I'm going to expand the footprint of that question for a little bit? How much of your success has been? Or could you at me to having tough conversations either with other people or I'm gonna include with yourself. First of all having to have conversations with yourself. That was like the example gave. When I talk to Jan in you,
for seven I'm on your fourteen. Now, seven years ago I said, can It continues and not really. I read the books and still do good and she is like you can Ok and as I do, I just do ok, you know that was a dove conversation cause. It was like. I have to rearrange my whole life so that I read more and at the time it was not a reader now Merida back then like this brutal, I had to come up with different habits at a rearrange my time, those difficult conversations. I hated sound cheesy, but that's like what you squeeze the real juice out of your craft and out of life right, you go, you might be using a bunch of stuff. Let's say I'd, take drawing photography, example and right. Let's go really awesome with a point and shoot disposable Cameron. That's how you get started, cause you're in the nineties. That's all you could afford and you're here these film cameras and then your grandfather gives you his old at an open tax or whatever, are using that you, like I'm so good at this and then people go hey, you know dsl hours of the future and you gotta get better with these lines: is, and you gotta know how to edit new go.
I don't really want to learn that there is going to take a ton of time. But then you have to sit down and go Am I really going to be really good at this on honest? I learn all that stuff in any sign up for creative live immediately, because that's where other learning knowledge is for all the software and all these different things, and you realize that you, we're getting better because you had the tough conversation with yourself having tough conversations with others. That does happen. Ideally it happens. A little bit less always take the blame you let's say you are doing a podcast with for somebody and Eureka. The conversation and it's horrible, you don't say, listen chase you too. didn't do well, that was not good year does not fall man. I'm sorry! You don't do that. You say chase It was not prepared adequately for this and I am ashamed, but I really don't want to hear it because it's not gonna make either of us look good. I would be honoured to do this again at another time. I will prepare
But I don't waste your time rescheduling right now. I want to come back in a year. One I've had a chance to really revamp everything and they might be like you just waste a bunch of my time. I don't ever want it. Do again and that fair that's why? please advise when people start something like. Does it go, don't go for the Richard Branson episode. Number five right. Do I don't wanna say pay your dues, but you got put skills in when people die of a great network of guests, I can get for the podcasting, go, don't call any of em yet do lies. You're, not really good. You're, not good. Do like thirty shows with your friend, in your family and people that don't even care and are never going to check. If the episode comes out and you can delete like twenty of those thirty and then you have your first ten in it Take him. Maybe gotta know what you're doing that's what you should be Those are the hard conversations and also its tough to do that because you go wait. You're saying put in thirty hours of recording with five hours approved three hours at present. Each one and then just delete them. Yes, that's what I'm saying that's exactly what I'm saying it's gonna like going to the gym
in working out before you get in a boxing ring its j? a pretty good idea. You're welcome to go into the ring punch twice and get knocked I have to go to the hospital, but it's a problem We better if you know a little bit about what you're doing before him. So true, you know- and I am speaking of Crap- read a bunch of interviews and it seems like there's this theme of freedom, I'm in the quota line from the Forbes conversation
What can you do to avoid? Some of these things are lean. Your career create freedom for yourself, so whether that's the ability to have hard conversations with yourself or others. This sort of this notion of doing the thing that you're supposed to be doing working on that craft. How important is this a important for you? Jordan, is concept of freedom, or are you advocating that what anyone is doing when they're pursuing something that they are good at and passionate about and having tough honest conversations with themselves and others around them? Is freedom, your your main vector in life, or is this a common theme for everyone who's trying to pursue their dreams. That's a good cause! It's tough right because when I think about that, when I buy time with phrases like that's a good question, I mean that
for me. I started off as unemployable. I don't know how many other people out there can identify with their right, but you go wait. I'm an after a boss to tell you to do. Oh ok, that's an immature outlook Of course, I need people to tell me what to do, but the whole impostors from of working on Wall Street. I'm gonna get fired. This isn't working for me that layer of sir hey over me, so I started by thinking. What can I do or I control my own sort of destiny, hears that I don't get kicked off. The boat kicked off the island before I figured out to do and then, as you get better and more evolved in your craft in your career in your business, you start to want freight. Because you go wait. A second Why am I on block step pay with all these are? people doing the same thing except I'm working harder. I'm doing more. I've got more skill, I'm generating business for the firm I'm doing. I should be getting more. So I always March to the beat of my own drama, I think a lot of creative people are like that. Again, I never thought of myself as creative, but I would imagine that somebody who is watching creative live
horses and watching change. Jarvis live here right now and you two were Facebook or wherever those people that are not, Necessarily thinking No, I want to work in an organisation with a rigid hierarchy that always delivers the exact same results for everyone, because that's the easiest path like these are people who have chosen difficult paths because they want to do something that they love generally speaking and that become freedom, because, whether you succeed or you fail, that is of your own making a lot of the time I mean. If things can happen to you and to your business, to be fair, but you you have the choice whether you get back up. and do it again or try all over again and that's both terrifying and all. extremely liberating, and now that I'm forty one years old and I ve got a kid and married- and things like that. I look at this and I go while thank goodness. I didn't just work in a row their job. Because now, what's that phrase chairs, were they always say this? It like entrepreneurs meet ups and stuff.
Like IE or disable being a bit. So an entrepreneur is like living here life for years. Nobody else will so that you can leave the rest, your life like nobody else, can and does not make sense, and I get married some along those It's right yeah, you does pull that nowhere, wow yeah. We basically punish yourself for a long time because you ve gotta, you know you're onto something, and then later on, you go oh, I can take like three months off every year or I can retire at age, fifty or forty five. If I two or I can only do things that I like doing because I'm in charge now, but you have to really set up for yourself. It helps to know that early on, so you don't wake up one day and go on so sick of running a software company type of cool, good thing, you do that for fifteen Here's a now you're the boss, like you, gotta, think about, etc.
diamond planet out it's tough, but it helps to be able to do that here, ten thousand hours of work to the starting line. That's where I believe, that's the guy in the door, let's use program, because it's a weird esoteric game. Yes, that is only three inner hundred people that are actually on the tour. Just take that as an ethical out. That may be true It may be even less than that, but there are several tours, but the main one and they're not looking around for high fives. Could they put in ten thousand hours that's to get to remotely possible to be differentiated in your space, and you can argue, there are all kinds of hacks, and I want to do this in that, but nobody that I know who had to their way there has long jeopardy and staying power and is a true authority and a bad ass in
any of these endeavors, because when they did, they hacked their way in there they got their foot in the door. Then they realized all the stuff that they skipped is actually really really valuable back to the point of ten thousand hours again, this is it little bit of a euphemism for just a lot of hard work to get there as soon as you cut those corners, you really think I need a different way of learning the same lessons and use you end up going back this idea of shortcuts. It's tempting and I'm not saying that don't go fast, because you know urgency is fantastic. I want to get good and I'm willing to put an extra time in order to do that, like no one's like going to fault you for that, expecting that you are somehow so gifted or blessed by some other mechanism that you don't have to work is where I dont want people to make a bet. You that's a really good points. A lot of people say
that same token, right, there's people that things are entitled to success, but there is also a lot of people that think that they don't have to do the hard stuff, the closer they get to a certain level of success. And it's kind of like the analogy I was uses like really fit: people you'll, never one that goes oh, no. I don't have to work out anymore, I'm really fit. I don't need to do that anymore right. That's ridiculous, right, the personalized six pack and can do fifty eight pull and runs marathons there always working out and working on their skill set and learning how to run better in their foot, he'll, striker or whatever. There's a lot of folks like that increase spaces where they go yeah. You know I used to work really hard on this and the kind of float in the middle of things and they I was watching this documentary called Tiger on HBO. Have you seen its but Tiger Woods haven't. But I have heard that it is a important watch study on my list. It I don't care about golf or sports at all, but I really enjoyed it and there were talking about there's a guy.
really wanted to beat. I can't remember the guy's name at all like filled Michael sinners, something I could even be yet in the wrong guy Mickelson. But Nicholson again. I vote. It was going to say that I thought that can't be it has to be Michael's it you I know a lot about golfer, so it might have been that guy bits said Tiger look down on him because he was Billy, talented, but he never really put in the work any thought man what a waste this guy could have been so much better than he was, but he was merely talented and really didn't put in the work and his leg up world champion. Golfer apply makes life forty million dollars a year playing golf and he's not entirely. Stan. I am against this guy's. Not that great you know, he's merely tells it. I was talking to somebody about interviewing and hosts, and I used to serious exam, as I mentioned before, and Howard Stern, is there any was on the same floor? Is me when I remember tat: the people and I go. How does a show work? Why does he run? And I want to learn everything about it and I'd have these conversations with these folks and people would say like all
just naturally so funny in the data in the people that worked within would go you I mean he is, but he watches the movie from the guests. Are coming and he reads the books and I what Howard Stern Red Anna goldsmiths by hell yeah. He did not only and he read it there's four in comedians or for whatever people back room somewhere. They, read it watched a bunch of videos watch a bunch of our staff there in the back writing jokes. They have some sort of like it was like slack, but before slack they have some sort of thing with, writing lines that he can throw out. There he is not only super prepared, but he's got super prepared people helping in real time. Meanwhile, all these sort of, like mid term, you're evening, Dr Shock jockey people there, would walk in like hung over and go out. Who do we have today gesture on his way to do it takes pictures. Are, as you take videos, I don't screw it whatever our mothers it'll, be doubly
and what is like, make fun of home and when he comes in and that'll be fine. Shows never one anywhere, because that's it, those guys we're doing to prep because they thought Didn't need to meanwhile Howard Stern with his legs hundred million dollars a year contract is like everybody, got your ass and read this book by to Morrow I already did walls Oh here's, three movies you have to watch by tumor. That's a demand! new job. So when you knew you prepare a bunch right, you work your ass off and then in the middle you slack and then, if you ever get to the top, it's because you want I gotta. Do I stuff that I wasn't do before right. Tiger woods was that driving range all the time he reworked his swing like a decade whatever into his career. Why would you start real? Can you swing when you're already the best in the world because he knew there was another level and he had on there everything in start over to get to that level that nobody else was that you have to do that with every craft.
this? Is the Jordan Harbinger show with me? Unchaste Jarvis life will be right back this episode, sponsored by Glenn, fitting Glenn, fitting break from the single malt Scotch whisky Norman helps redefine what it means to be. Rich, so easy to get bogged down in material success and by a bunch of crap. But the currency of the new Rich is getting more time and enjoyment out of what we ve already got and I believe, being riches spending most of your time doing what you love for me. My job is to read books and talk to smart people, most of it I'm, I'm not sit around and meetings. That, for me, is very fulfilling and makes me feel like I'm living that rich life Glenn physical sixth generation, dependent family run businesses, one of the few single malt scotch distilleries to remain entirely family owned and is still produced and the same distillery which,
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to be the best for your looking to emulate some of the characteristics of the attributes of the people who are world class performers that is recommended great place to start is like never being willing, and that's the cool thing go back to that. If you can play the long view it's not about how do I have the best part cast in two weeks are how do I get my sword about the door and get funding in two months or two anything's? It's about like what can I do that I want to do for a long time, because it brings me so much joy, the process, and how can I always be improving, even when I do find that combination of success and fulfilment? I think that is. I would underscore that having experienced that same sort of these different growth plateaus personally and as a characteristic of you before them the world's best performers and have had on the show what were the early examples of your work that are still
out there in the internet, that you would steer people toward in order to demonstrate how far you ve come and that you're living example of lifelong learning. There are two things are still out there, it's hard to say, because a lot of stuff up until three years ago, with the Jordan Harbinger show, has been removed. I a case but we re air old stuff great about that is people will say: oh it sounded a little bit like the other. You're, not a microphone problem. Are you at a microphone problem and I go? No. The truth is I wrote, where did that using, like my macbook keyboard microphone? An echo in Rome and my producer had to clamp down on the compressions. How much that it didn't sound like we were in a bathtub, so now it sounds like we're underwater instead and you dont, like them audio quality, bad microphones or use
studio, microphones in a non studio, environment and things like that. It there's a lot of that stuff out there and I now, like you know why I'll just say in the beginning. This is an old episode. You don't have to it, so perfectly people will understand. I deafened they want to go back into my those hard drives that I have for a million years ago and fine like episode, one because I remember listening to it a few years ago and I think it started off as what's goin on guys Tsar New so and we're gonna be like talk sing about a lot of different top, I mean it was horrible right, We don't really know what the next episodes gonna be add, but please join us and I dont know what I was thinking, but that we are having fun. That was the where's your level. I was that apparently, when I was having fun like they know what this stuff you see now from the best people in the world at whatever they do, like that's a high,
He curated kind of thing. You know you might take fifty selfies to put up a good one and then you're editing Photoshop. That's where the self comparison thing comes into play, so There are some older episodes out there. I definitely want to pose some of the old ones just for fun, but I think it's almost like the wrong question in a way because it seems like what he wants to whose entire wants to do is go, oh, look. They weren't, Is that good? But that's not even relevant right cause you're just gonna compare where you are and go ok at least I'm as good or better than that, but that's not even a relevant sort of comparison right, it's just not it doesn't it won't do anything for but it'll, make you laugh in a moment or make you feel better for a minute, but really do anything for you another comment. It's worth sharing hear this idea of maintaining relationships. Now, You are a relationship expert and how you would talk about the emphasis
you have in your early career in coaching and what not. This question is specifically from Eric dwelled how you maintain relationships and network. Is it different or similar to your close social circles? and I asked this question at this juncture in the show for two reasons: one because it it just popped up about ten minutes ago men. I marked it here, but I think it's important to hear you mention Jen earlier Mama, girlfriend now wife having people in your world that this is not a one mean. Certainly so many things come do come down to you,
but all of this success you just went through at length. The Howard stern example like surrounding yourself with great people and even if it's just being able to connect with other people to have as a guest on your show or to invest in your startup or, if you're, not the market or to join forces and to become a marketer. How important our relationships to six thus in any field, and would you please give some specific examples? You definitely I always referred it networking as the insurance policy that money could never by because when you're up on top, like Now, I'm sure you have people calling you ok, Jays do give me on your show. Give let me do a creative live cores. Man, where were you? before I had creative live and I wanted to use you're loft like you're busy Bro, now, there's a lot that you gotta dig the well before you get thirsty. I think that's a
book title by this guy, but want to say, like Harvey, make some sort of self help you type dude from the nineties dignity before you get Thirsty- and I say that a lot because you can't really bake relationships when you need them, it's very difficult to do that. You dont want some. He reaches out to you. After eight years you haven't talked to them and they went to college with them or something like that if they pop up your life is going to be able I for Scientology, like what are you trying to sell me? What you trying to get me into, I don't know, I'm a little bit suspicious, what's goin on here, but if you reach out to somebody and theirs just have USA air you not just on a bad job of keeping my network in my room, if ships and you are always really smart- dude Anna cattle on it that going I can't I want to get back in touch. I might still be suspicious, but I'll talk to you for a second and then you pop back up in three months once check again. Tell me what's going on with you. Tell you a little bit about. What's going on with me, are item less suspicious
You know you're later you pop back in hey. I noticed you did the show. I listen to this and here's what I'm doing and it's gonna interesting years picture. My kid cool, I'm not suspicious anymore, then you know we do that for a while and then two years, you come back and you go Hazel the last six months. I've been doing this graphic design thing and I was what, If you knew anybody that need a graphic design work now, I'm not like you ve, been buttering me up for eighteen months to ask before a favour. Large ridiculous now gonna go. Oh yeah, you know, let me see what your portfolio looks like and let me see if anybody asked me for this type of stuff and am happy to refer you. If you do that at scale. Europe generating trust your reengage in a relationship. So the drills and exercises that I recommend. I have like a free course on then I'll give away like a more freeze out. The whole thing is giving away, but these off everyone who is watching the show today. The special freely many gives everybody else now. Actually I was rather, I would love to what is this thing you're talking about, so it's called six
networking, because five minute networking was already taken and home and it only takes like four minutes a day, but four minute. Networking who's gonna believe that, and so, if you the Jordan Harbinger dot com, slash course. It's there, it's for again it's for your own united to put in credit card in you that crap it's out like tricky free. It is free and one the girls, and there is you make I caught lay off life because it's like our imagine your business blows up our implodes. You know doing well. You get laid off tomorrow, who are the fifteen people, you're gonna call your body from high school who runs accompany you're friends, dad who was a successful launch manure, your name I used to be this really successful. Restaurant owner that you haven't talked to cause. You moved make a list of those people you lost relationship with them. You haven't kept in touch their your, in german ties right or at least you're dormant ties in your network reach out to do. Before you need something, because there ago our belief for Scientology right, but then you go you're just kick in the rust off your creating
relationship again, your literally admitting hey, you know I moved and I never really reached back out to you. That was a mistake. I hope you're still running that successful restaurant, I'd love and update years. What I'm doing? Here's a picture! My kid! I don't really want anything other than to rekindle this because you're a super smallpox. I want. I want more people like that in my orbit. Do that you will be pleasant These surprised at how many people reach back out and go. I wondered what you gonna happen. You I just was just tell him I'll the other day that we wondered what you were doing and if you'd never got married and had a kid? You know that kind of thing: reengage, those weakened, dormant ties that all sort of teach you people do want to hear from you in the other thing that I always do as I reach out to the I open my phone up every day, ten, a M Pacific. I open up the text messaging. Am I squirrel all the way to the bottom, and that's where, like we're ex girlfriends? Are you can skip? Those are your ex boyfriends, whatever skipped those people, but
you can earn or not you know whatever, but those who are those those like a really week. Really dormant ties are right: it's like the guy who worked for creative live, who I went to lunch with that one day after I felt my course didn't really keep in touch with them. You normally what that guy doing, where's that guy now, oh, he moved to Colorado, he's, got a dog and he's a dog trainer and his part time and still works a creative lifelike remotely cool it's catch up with them. Let's catch up with this other person who I had lunch with once after a conference in San Diego, I call it connect fork, as I do with four people a day. Maybe half of them don't reply or ones like new phone who this and it's not even a person's phone anymore. You can you delete them, but two or three the out of the four people were applying like. Oh, my god, it's been forever. I haven't heard from you in ages, what's going on, I'm sellen bikes, over in Utah, I decided that tell with law and tell me what you're up to write your ray engaging those people as well, and if you do that, every day, five days
let's say five days a week. You dont for people a day. That's twenty people a week. the people a month that you are we engaging. Let's say you have a fifty percent response right. Just for the sake I thought be higher. It's really a lot of people that you are now top of mine for them and they are top of mine for you. So you know that this person just started a law practising could use. immigration law, clients. They know you're running a graphic design workshop, so they know to think of you and I will tell you We single day or close to it, an opportunity from my phone and from doing this pops up. You know seminal, go Hey Jordan, good talking with you to three months ago, VIII, a text for thirty seconds right. They dont turned a lunches and coffees. Don't worry about that? You should be so lucky Somebody'Ll go. I'm going to do a meeting right now, zoom meeting these days and we're picking our annual speak. Before our sails meeting do keynote speaking ye do here's my fee. Let me know if you can work with that. You get a speaking. I gotta go You know anybody that does really good
web design and I got ya. Do the guy did my sight he's great? Let me throw him a referral now that guy's thrilled with me in your throat with me, I'm built in social capital, some referral currency, because I texted people. At the bottom of my phone time. I would normally be wasting on frickin tik, Tok Social media Instagram. You know scrolling. Do cat photos, Europe now putting that time to work, and it takes almost no time. do this right. You just doing this everyday. It takes literally like five six minutes and you're getting opportune he's your getting opportunities to help other people, which is just as if not more important as healthy yourself and that's all. the networking there is you don't have to go to these meet ups, you'd have to drive across I want to go to mix or eat still cookies and frank, laid with a dude in a ninety nine dollar suit. You know run. drills, so you can memorize people's names. You not to do that stuff. You can just do this sort of consistent daily habit that creates more space
for you to maintain relationships with others, you don't have to spend a grand to go to fancy events to network and mingle. You can just use your existing connections and slowly build overtime, you're far more likely to go to the gym for twenty minutes. Day, four or five days a week, then you are to go to the gym once every other month and have fitness results come out of that right. It's all about that consistency, You don't have time to work out, go for a walk, everyday walk a mile. You can have better results than trying to run a ten k every ninety days. So true- and if you know we are our habits right, so you are the things that you repeatedly do with a yellow, get her not to put too fine a point on that you're talking about actual relationship crazy, surprise, surprise that actual relationships are what matters in this world and you just articulated
the difference between someone who needs something and who is a Griffith her very? As some of you have an actual relationship with it- maybe not as developed as you'd like then or Carter at it, but there's an actual connection there and if you'd die, just encourage people to add value over time before you talked about staying in touch, I think there's another one. I can you just showing up in people's comments and supporting you shall leaving a review all the things that ill seemed like basic knowledge points, but I want to go back in the true fashion of a full circle and as we wrap up here, excite my relies on keeping a little longer than I told you I would but are good. We opened this with the journey that we each put ourselves on in order to
either fulfil cultures, goals for us and the goals at the factory in the economy have for creating a good worker be and how those are largely outdated. I'm looking for some good closing advice for the folks that have may have peak their interest across the course for a conversation, and they need a place to start because most people in a having been running creative, live for ten years and serve million tens of millions of people. There is an unique, I believe, a distress that is embedded in us as young children, in the same way that distrust for creativity has been embedded in us. There's a distrust.
so that we can actually make a life that we care about, doing something as seemingly whimsical as hosting your own radio show or podcast. For example, there are people who are stuck there right now. You ve captured their hearts and their minds across the last hour and twenty minutes. What's the advice that you're gonna send them off with, because if we got more people to do the things that they were first you doing in the world. It would be a better place, but you need to get them started home it. I'm gonna, ask you right now: would you please help them get started? What would you say It's tough to think about where everyone should start at the same time. That's Ference, but I will say that the best idea and the best for whether its marketing Creativity has always from theirs, is ever see gluttony. Glenn Ross. It's a guess, movie about sales guises, always be closing ABC like ours course. It's an famous seen its right.
is Alec Baldwin calls for closer right you're, you know sit if you haven't made thousand dollars today. You know sellen. This, like First Prize is a car. second prizes, said estate, knives their prizes, you're fired, or something like that sales contracts. Anything Amy He always be closing and I would say always be Amy GI right always be giving are always be generous. The best, dear that I've gotten the best collapse, racial, that I've been able to do the best sort of like relationships that I built in my life have come not me going, how do I get what I want out of this your generally aimed in that direction right, but it's Why help other people get? what they want, build, what they want to build and build that refer currency and then just let it be known that this is what I'm aiming at. If you do that people are starting to pave the way for you ride like if I say man where they want to be a graphic designer. But
Canada CAFE right now make lattes. If I help enough people get what they want and help them build but there are wanting to build, and I'm not say and make a bunch of free crap for people right. I'm San help them find dentist, you know, if you, no one in the area that person just move their held them up eleven it a bad neighborhood. These are all real things by the way that happen to me, when I moved to allay somebody help me find a dentist when I had to think I didn't have insurance and theirs is pre. Uber needed to be in my neighborhood this guy, who working at a coffee shop. He gave me his portfolio, he told me, he was trying to be a graphic designer. He had help me find a dentist, his aunt in the area- and I said I owe you one man is like I'm just trying to be a graphic designer. I didn't have anything form, probably, for I say, four days later could have easily been a month later. I don't know it's been a long time, somebody regions at hey who did your website Jordan, harbinger dot com, I said. Well, you know this was done in house referendum. I did it for me, but there's a guy he's Hungary cause he's, make
what is right now he's a graphic designer? His portfolio looks like this. Let me know if you want an intra- and she said frankly, of desperate right now in this portfolio looks pretty good, so yeah believe me. This guy got an eighty thousand dollars a year, full time job doing all of her client website all of her design, all of it across the board for her whole company, because he helped me find a dentist on Facebook now I've never met that guy. In my life, in real life, he was just a right don't do that followed the podcast and happened befriend me on Facebook. This is probably eleven years ago, now so Imagine if he had been looking only for what's in it for him, he would go. What's this, knocking to hire me. So what do I give a crap about helping him find a dentist? That's not what I'm after him Can I get a job here and if I were just googling dentists, I never would have posted and said. Hey somebody help me with this. Does anybody know of a good Dennis in this area? This was me, not knowing what was over the horizon and say a b g.
Be giving always help. Others always be generous, whatever you want to say, but you don't know what opera Unities are over the horizon. You can't know. He's going to be able to help you. I know who you are going to be able to help to generate or foreign currency, so you should stop trying to figure out what's in it, for you and just be as generous as you can afford to be, with as many people as you can afford to be generous with because those opportunities that are over the horizon, by definition you dont, know where they are, our or that they are out there. So if you continually help other people get what they want you're a continually on the look out. You do in that area, Gee thing. Those people will start to come even if only one in a hundred people can help you back. That's fine, because this is very scalable. right? You could do it a hundred times a week hundred times a month All you need is one or two people out of that hundred to help you back and you ve got a great life and a great career for yourself. You look young, but you are
eyes like a lot of antioxidant casino. Keep the skin smooth. You know I've got some thoughts on pursued, but before I get into that, here's what you should check out next on the Jordan Harbinger show lotta people. You then impose your eye. what is this you just trying to get shot value? Can you tell us a bit a little bit of what was right is what is written in the book, and you said you just made it for a lecture. I was like, there's gotta be more to it than that nurseries, not really seriously It is said his chest, so they opened a criminal case and in two weeks after the performance was arrested, when your high from the cops and first week, dozens of cops dozens with me for us when they come I know it's so happy making them look like force said profession. How does it feel to
These world leaders are in these are private chambers, with their tea in their body guards and you're sitting in a russian prison there, like twenty two year old women there there screw in my world out man gotta, do something about this. A bad they are usually have put in Lisbon troubles because they definitely didn't expect things like that. Among other things, that I need to emigrate around. That's immediately, you still live in Russia. I can't hear you wrote future has never seemed so full of enriching wonderful possibilities as one I was in a labour camp and literally had nothing but dreams. What gives you the story? to go forward and you're worried about? Are they gonna try to blindly? Are they gonna try to beat the upper mean, though there were highly abusive to you while you were fine bars, I just refer not to think about it. For more. From pussy right in world renowned artist, naughty Ayatollah, going to cover an her time in russian prisons and, of course, their crusade. hence Vladimir Putin's regime check out episode, one eighteen
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