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597: Gary Vaynerchuk | Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

2021-12-09 | 🔗

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) is the chairman of VaynerX, the active CEO of VaynerMedia, and the author of several bestselling books, including #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness.

What We Discuss with Gary Vaynerchuk:
  • With so many platforms at his disposal, why does Gary continue to write books?
  • Where does a workaholic like Gary stand on the concept of work/life balance?
  • When do we quit if something isn’t working?
  • How do you know if you’re hard-wired to be an entrepreneur?
  • How do we balance the hunger required to achieve Plan A while not taking too much comfort in Plan B?
  • And much more...

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Special thanks to our sponsor Glenn, fitting single malt scotch whisky for the next few weeks and for the past few weeks you heard me talk about Glenn finish their highly recognisable, stag icon, their new body of work that aims to challenge the traditional notions commonly portrayed in culture of what it means to be wealthy and live a life of riches. One fact believes that beyond them, cereal, a life of wealth and riches, about family community values and fulfilling work. These are the values that lead glenfern to become the world's leading single malt scotch whisky. This week's guest Gary Vainer Chuck exit, Five view these values you'll find out. Why, later on, in the episode more from our partners at Glenfern coming up later in the show coming up next on, the Jordan Harbinger Show win the marathon and lose the sprints like have three business failures. You know you ve gone from a nice apartment or worse apartment. Now you live in a rental studio. Now you live in a trailer, but then you
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initiate it when you share the share with others today, one from the vote, recorded a while back we're talking with Gary Vainer check if you ve been using social media at all for the past decade, or so this guy's been in your feed, possibly more than you'd like for quite some time now. He's built a piece of a business with them our media and he's always dishing advice for entrepreneurs and business owners. His brand of off the cuff frankness and almost manic delivery that stuff. Something of a trade mark Gary and I actually go back over ten years- might even be close to fifteen now. So this conversation is, unlike any other, that he's had before, especially when he's interviewed on podcast, we get pretty personal and we get pretty details with competitive instinct with young entrepreneurs, verses, older entrepreneurs and working inside and outside of this system. So there's so much here in traditional Gary these style so enjoy this one. I know you will hear we go with Gary Vainer Chuck.
My first question is: why do you keep reading books, and I say that when I put a little bit of stank on that now, it's a question here: it's not just cause. You have some mistake, as you got other platforms for that matter. It is not just a direct money play because people sucks for that generally, unless I'm missing something no I'd make way more money, speaking and other ways ties the personal brand right so as a street cried for speaking as or more to the story than address, and I don't get. I think cried for speaking for a lot of people in and if you listening and you're just getting going, you know even for you guys, I think, there's somebody you can start and other people I that happened. No, nine, ten, eleven! So on past. That too, there's really funny answer to this question. there is a lot of people that are the complete opposite of me. They actually consumer information, much better in written book form, and there is a stunning amount of people who love
reading books and consuming and don't wanna watch a twenty minute. Video and don't wanna follow every social media person. I click a link and read a medium that their choice, their preference to consume information- is in Kindle or print for when their travelling on vacation were before they go to sleep. They like really look. This is a literally eating my own dog food, of not being romantic about any platform and recognising there's a lot of ways. A lot of people consume information and every three years or so I kind of gathered up put it together. Twenty dollar book form you know and away. We go so I actually think it's. There is a real tremendous or a. Why to a lot of people that it costs twenty bucks, they can read three to five hours. They like it and so on.
trying to impose my will and how people shouldn't consume information. Instead, I'm just unromantic about it and on producing it in a medium that clearly millions, people still prefer tat. The sound so weird for someone like me, but I just got back into, reading and the reason that I like it so much what one I had two because everybody sends me galleys. Nobody says I made a twenty minute video that summarizes my new book. That's yet to happen. That would be awesome, but it doesn't happen. So I started again on the Kindle I place through stuff, but What I love about reading is its forces, the thought leader to really explain everything, because so many people are looking at these drafts and then there's an editor. Why doesn't care about what you do looking at it and it has to make sense to them, and the publishers got p looking at it who have no idea who the hell you are maybe so they're looking at it verses, a video which is great to get it off, antique feel for summons personality, but the information might not be as clear as it is in a book where there are so many people NIT picking. Everything is how I sent you a thing.
Whereas, like I think this is a mistake that you wrote the book and like a hopefully, we got that and then Alex assisting our back and was like not dude. I think you're, just misreading at non like mine on earth, has everybody smart risk when you're looking at a book- and I just realized, while I'm probably one of like a thousand people that sent in something like that and when something is getting picked, a part that much there's gonna be a lot more detail and some people of that. I like that. I think a lot of people- yeah Millennials- probably hate that stuff because they just want look. quick info and I'm with them on that most of the time you know what you also know the book is made in that way. I mean I'm talking about a ship to my audience. A perfectly parenthood- and I wish everybody was an immigrant and all these other books. I want to but I'll be honest with you, the early feedback from well that are getting to scratch. Both reaches the fact matters. I wrote in a way were its q and a Anders chapters, and so I ve been stunned by many people have me up that are reading it for reviewing purposes, and here is the punchline
people that don't even like me, they have to do it because the right further magazine or website and he's literally. I've got an email that are like premium I'll, be honest with you. I thought you were douche bag. I always have people around me, say no he's a good guy and smart something, and then I had read those because on the one responsible for revealing it and I gotta beyond would you man, I took great what I want I like best as I can write reach after thirteen that average hamper nineteen. When I went back to want it's built in a format aid for my brain and I think the format is gonna. Give me a chance to have a future. But I can go back to the well with and I think a lot of good will enjoy obviously you're a work alek of some kind. like me, you love, building things you have making things at least weaken, maybe agree on that people talk about work, life balance. This is like a buzz word saying people talk about it, a lot how it doesn't exist because of internet blah blah. Where do you stand on that? I stand on it being a very, very individual thing, meaning
no interest in imposing my work life balance on anybody else Gerardo. If you been seen but these daily bees, these kind of daily blogs I'm putting out and they really create an interesting storm for me in directions number one people emailing insane juice man. I follow you for seven years pretty talk about hustle from the day. I met you, I didn't get it. You're like really working at a level that makes me feel on First of all, I think that is a good thing and then, as other people, seeing him in cool and great great job, what are you gonna? Be a billion earned by the jets by your families? Can a union and regret this dialogue? We re here, and so Z- and I have our work life balance we communicate about it. We grew up a certain way. Both fathers are work, their faces, in different ways for different reasons. Mine, immigrant and ambitious lists is ambitious and incorporate superstar, and so I think that it's a common conversation, but I think it's kind of like raising kids right. I would never have
the audacity to tell somebody how to raise their children because every individual situations different people in my bedroom. They don't know what makes me my wife happy for me, my kids, or how things play out or the fact that when I'm home I mean this is literally one of the first times in three years that I'm actually doing a work thing on a weekend. Why is it These are forever comes out and I'm in that zone and ok, we're doing that once every three years, but I'm all in one I'm around a lot of people who judge my work, like a lot of people are gonna. Tweet about this podcast around this issue when their home there looking at their phone they're playing video games there not really engaging mentally with their spouse or their children, and so I don't think it's a quantity game. I think it's a quality game. I also think that speaking right now to a guy whose dad didn't even know until fourteen years old cuz. He worked every minute and I'm the greatest relationship in the world with my dad and I love him so much and I've been mass the old. If either one of us leave the earth tomorrow, I will feel phenomenal of the world
relationship and the depth and the time, and so I think people thinking micro moments. Yes, I get it you'll never get back the moment when a kid is three and they do the first test on the other thing, on the side? You never get back the moments in the twenty stories and Fortys I mean when my parents and I go on vacation together, like only in their bed until two in the morning. I talked to them and that comes out of hand. great relationship, and that doesn't happen for people who, for every whistle, ball game and every day, recital and then our kids to eighteen and never want to come back right. So right, I have no interest in town. People have to live their work. Life balance, I'm thrilled for anybody to critique mine, because I understand I put myself while there are so I deserve it. I have no interest in trying to defend against it. I just want everybody, no, the only all that I'm going to respond to around this conversation are the eleven people in my most inner circle of my family. Who are
people that I most care about around this issue. I think that wise, not Rick from Kansas, who I adore, who probably by fifteen copies this book Can I would love to talk about a million things about business? How to help him here for you, but trust me brother. I have no interest, on your point of view on something that I spend all my time and effort on every day communicating with those eleven people? I think that's really wise, because I think a lot of people spend way too much time listening to other people on every issue, but work life balance. It's a really intimate topic and it's not something that anybody's figured out for everyone else. It's impossible to do. It's intimate boy. It's intimate boy like to me, that's like getting into like your sex life teriyaki exactly exactly. I agree with that an end. I think, if your guy, let yourself who's, got everything turned up to eleven the lot of the time if you're turning up the family life stuff- and it's like. Ok, I'm done its work. We're not just gonna sit around a watch. Tv we got plant will go to the zoo.
and then after that we're gonna, go, have a nice launch number and above his grandma grandpa, and then we're gonna, take naps and then we're gonna get up and go to the movies. Your pack, it in great experience in its not just yeah you're, not just playing Mario CART, with your kids for five hours and be unlike I parenting today right, you have a by late and that's one to five hours, just showing what's everybody's point of view in four years, when I examined remission of every jets road game and we leave on Friday night, and we have all that when Saturday, because we want the sandy. I go on the road and we want the Sandy ago zoo, and then we went to the game at their meeting their favour football players on the field like there's one benefits from doing successful business things that, then you build up the leverage and then you get to deploy it I would, by the way, when I went to measures recital the other day from nine to eleven in the morning I didn't by looking something more in deciding that its unfortunate, and it makes me sick, I did my horror breaks for the thousands, tens of thousands hundreds of them. friends of individuals who can go to.
Recital, because a boss wouldn't give em off that. I read the army like this is a very in depth conversation. Yes, I work fifteen eighteen hours a day, all the time hundreds of days a year, but by the way, There are still one hundred days a year left one hundred twenty days a year left or right do enormous amounts of things. The end yeah. I feel like people impose this on others because of their own kind of guilt of horse, which is why look I'm so content and so ambitious at the same time. But out of my contentedness, I am no interest in judging others, because it's not gonna make me feel better about myself. I already feel the best about myself. That's great! Actually I like that. I don't know what else to do that. I mean it's a very one thing when you get into the best place with yourself: it's stunning how you try others. You know why I'm a good. Do you know why everybody that right
We knows me, undercover fields. What about me and what's building up as my reputation as I'm starting to chip away, and by the way, I'm only gonna get way stronger and weigh more liked and way, bigger and way better because of it becomes. Being happy with myself. You then give me limited ability to help. Others like it just use for me because I don't mean anything from anybody right. Your cup overflowed with is, as they say, somewhere Europe when we sit down. we need to do podcast for the book and the first words Another wish you could have thought was a guys. I just I didn't, do it now. long ago, unlike listen, if he comes back and says no, that's gonna make a lot of sense for me and please reply would like thank you. So much Is there anything we can do for you, because I d fault into wanting to provide fifty one percent. other person. I know what to do with my forty nine, I'm that talented, I'm not good, I'm that Hungary on that strong. I want to work that hard
get into that place when you get to that real, then place. Well, then, you become possibly if liked, because you become really not selfish. You really deploy empathy, gale, which is something I wrote about this spot on purpose you for really caring about what the other person cares about, and my thought is I'm so fucking jazzed up the sooner view- and I think the reason I body had two or three good things in a scenario- is, I feel so guilty that you're Bring me back on that. Unlike ok, I need to deliver like seven. team fucking fingers all times, singers that he can use, as micro quotes for his? maybe you want to use anchor and I'll take some of the audio from here, maybe he'll turn into. quote cards, maybe I'll say one of the best things I've ever said about becomes a gateway drug turn. The other day listers that wanted to the shock as I go. Jordan must be able to extract great stuff I don't know, but I
to tell you my mental energy level, like my work out this morning before this interview, even like was like man I'm again and I need to however, I think today, Jordan, I produce one of the best- singular apple, upon casts in our genera ever I'll. Take it and I've got plenty to throw at you. I know you can rocket back one of the questions that I get all the time that I can't answer, because I just don't know the answer. When do we quit if something isn't working. There's this whole idea, never stop till you wear and then there's this whole yo. This isn't working this ain't workin. It never will caught your losses and run I shut down. Vainer, live or live events. Division I shut down. Vainer sampling are sampling division. I'm about to integrate my great story: influence for marketing kept a business separated. Intervene. Armenia, media's division, human media once ran a social network called corked. I helped co found a developer designer committee called for
I started another video blogger. I was the producer. Half owner called obsess TB. I daily grape early. Eighty four episodes after I finished one thousand episodes of wine library, TB. I stop shit all the time and nobody and I mean nobody is more tenacious to me like. If I get into a fight to the death, I will die with the most effort you ve ever seen. If I'm down twenty two zero, I want to pick up, came to twenty one, I'm literally yelling at me for other homes. Thanks, guys, I'm not joking. I think we can run off twenty two street like I've, got nothing but tenacity, however, energy and time are your biggest assets, not the money, it's the energy and time. So I would say that there is a balance but he's got their own internal guiding light. What I wanted you here, and why I just granted seven or eight of nine. My recent failures, what I call my my
RO failures, not my macro failure is outside of light. You go into debt out of business and you have to get a job outside of like you get a divorce. If you don't want to out of sight of the deathblow outside of the death blow, you always fight if there is a death blow, but if it is just a, grow loss if it is just kind of like mortal combat or something if it just takes out half your energy or your oranges, often even die. What, then you can let that happen. You ve got accept micro losses. It's part of the game is over twenty, the solutions in time, others, because I've been using this analogy and last night it played out real true, I compared entrepreneurship. To you have seen in you see, everybody's gonna lose yes everybody. Lastly, both favorites that we wanted to win, lost right, they lost, and so it just happens. You're gonna lose its not boxing. You know it's not chess. You have very Samaranch: worship, there's gonna be losses along the way too many
listening right, now, are worried about their mom and dad what your girl friend, what their homes that told him not to do. It think when I've lost on the execution that they decided to do when they left their job and they don't want. Shame amongst Them- and I M here to tell you that those people don't fuck him are they matter in life, but they know in the meantime a bunch of and worship because they dont get it, because anybody that tells you did not do it is scared of it. Yes, I agree with that. I think when a lot of people are, taking a decision to quite whenever anybody asks me. This question could, like I said I get it all. The time of my answer seems to change a lot. It's always what are you most afraid of inferior? Rarely is it like losing my house. It's usually like that I counting on me or like they don't think I can do it and there's a part of me that just wants to proven wrong Ok, that's the reason, eliminate that for
your mind as much as possible, because then we just talking about ego- and you see people getting like a second mortgage on their house to show their Ex wife that there now loser. That's just a terrible calculation, but I understand it hundred percent, and I understand her tremendously and hears what else. one more time when the marathon and least sprints, I mean it's very simple right like it's all the same, hey, stop be willing to lose battles when wars right right, like have three business failures, you know you ve gone from a nice apartment or worse apartment. Now you live in a rental studio. Now you live in a frailer, but then you golden ten million dollar business. You want. You want a seventeen year period. You just happen to lose in a three month. Three year, five year period, bright like it's just about how does it end How does it- and I mean- by which I mean That'S- why I rolled away- I Roman, like I'm, not crippled by people, thinking on Fulla shit or douche bag or too much ego when
first consume me because I know where they end up. I know that fifty percent of the people that are listening right now or thirty percent is followed through people there. Listen now that I know who I am started off now loving me. I am one of those people I'll tell you all about it. I didn't know that I'm excited because that works out nicely does tell me: will you first soon me, I'm gonna guarantee was at a public forum because I'm putting a foul If I meet you in a private forum, because I'm a different kind of energy in that sector, I do know I do I do my friend pass, whose family shows is tie guy he's like are, I know, Gary venal truckers, we talk and you're not like what I got talks everybody unto her. You know I was like I don't like. Wine is a stupid and I wash episode of Wine library, and I was kind like always funny. I like that he said the wine tastes like racquetball, because that's what why wine for me days, like some version of rubber things that you dont want to eat, and then we did an interview weirdos one of our prior first or second, your pocket,
in your office in you're, really nice, and I thought ok he's a really nice guy personally by soldiers, about him, that's a lot of I don't know. Maybe I don't believe that he believes that is doing an ideology or stuff I'll and I was like he clearly really believes what he said. So I admire that, but I'm still not fully interested in a lot of the stuff, and then I saw the book and I was like there's a whole chapter that just says care. This is lazy, I'm not sure about this and I slowly came around, but it took like seven years or something I'm stubborn, but I mean for everybody. Listening that doesn't know. The care chapter was in Russia that Minister thousand nine yeah. So this what seven years later, and you also funny funny when ones mindset is in a certain place, how they decide to figure something out? No joke, and this is If you have sorted Lee number. One thing in my life that I've been emailed about over the last decade is chapter nine of crushing one word care
really yes, the number one thing not the web two point or talk that put me on the map: Smurfit up, stop watching fucking lost, not The real reason run up a lot of big heads like the Monday morning thing where you could have a bus, fuck you Monday, or the six minutes for next six years. Two things are going calling for viral for me not Daily B, which has been a game changer for me, these night episodes of this blog, not appearances on tv, not my first Conan appearance, not Twitter and Facebook going public get. There said they would, The snapshot phenomenon, it's happening for me right now like getting way too much credit for something I don't deserve and, like all you got people on Snapchat. It has been that chapter that work, and people literally emailed me saying: I've been selling nine hundred dollar ebooks, I'm askin bucket. I'm selling supplements I have no idea, what's in there almost come bucket and something about that chapter that word fucked with my head and you ve changed. My business is what
up until months. That chapter that word and you going the mentality of like cynicism, which is what you are referring to, yes, which, by the way, don't you understand, here is why it never bothers me. I agree with your citizens. I know that I'm not unusual I know that most people that so good our fullest should I know people having quantified that I didn't talk to the world until I was thirty years old and had already been fifty million dollar business, and that was wine, and I didn't the world about business or motivation, war, hooker, or marketing until I was thirty four years old and had already built- sixty million all business and have already invested in Twitter and Facebook, to NOS thirty, four years old, an accomplished business man before I came out and became the sky Maybe peddled things that the world would be cynical,
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that same comments that I do with a like this. This frickin loud mouth get em like no trust me, and I find myself saying exactly what somebody else would have said to me probably five years ago, when I said those things and it's funny, because, like many wines, it's an acquired, you don't you gotta, get past the stuff that bugs you and a lot of people love the energy up to eleven and stuff at first, though, I just thought he's using that overcompensate for a lack of whatever, and now I just realize, you're really excited about it know it's funny, it's funny for my grammar school in high school and like other people, because they remember when there was no camera on. I might get these emails all time. It makes me feel good. Does help me almost remind myself, because you know it's funny. I think the reason I really can pull it off is I always cynical about myself than anybody outside of me. I believe that Like those times. I brush my teeth on a Wednesday August forth and I'm like was literally weird I'm looking at their personal, like hey, don't forget, like don't, become a fuckin character, church yourself, Buckley
You came from nothing you're, not shit. You die tomorrow. Nobody gives a fuck. These are real talks. I haven't myself, I'm sure you. Meanwhile, I equally more than anybody think about under the end up all time, low Jordan, I literally secure with you right now and there's nothing the Euro doubt in my mind that I'm, the guy of the generation, that's a strong belief system. A spell so he went right now. Anybody listening knows that I'm dramatically behind Zack for Travis you on score, you know, even for kind of a personal brand simply to Ferris or twenty robins or twenty shea like and from a business like financial like Hundreds of thousands of people made more money already, but I know I'm doing. If I pull off what I think I gotta me. I think it's more hyper successful version on both ends of Richard Branson, both financially and impact on.
People I hope so that would be really cool people download a lot more. These interviews, they'll be looking for him at that point they still are. They already are funny about that, in spite of your brain things. I think about that. Sure too, though, that's funny Just said that you know what I'm gonna make you happy right now and I want to be ready here it s, because I think it's gotta make them understand how I think about the world. That statement is probably the thing, thank God for combating your mouth or on public or on a tweet or anything. I just like. you more than I ever had any good, because it means that thinking about the marathon you're able to project, twenty nine years? This I'm talking about my way, I'm forty years old, but I'm forty man like in twenty years only sixty I feel good about that. That's a long time the overlap left in the tank at sixty. I can make that protection about you a lot and so listen. I've been right about so many things when I bet on the virtual reality, Facebook and I own ten percent and under Peter teal- for that
I don't know Peter Tool and ten percent of Facebook. You made a lot of money in Paypal, but obviously made a lot more money with the peace babet. I'm convinced I'm gonna make that kind of my investing world, I'm in a building for me into a billion dollar company? Then we come from four two hundred million in revenue literally in four years. That's ridiculous agency self or two to three times revenue right now. People get it stupid. Jordan, people, Google, my network, that's the second biggest searched, there's some cockamamie website that puts my network the ten million. I saw that and that's what people think it is. I looked it up at thrive like that accurate and then ten minutes, later He told us about Vainer media and it made me wonder how they calculate those things, but it made me feel little bit better by myself for a minute, I mean forget, look. I don't wanna go here, but I want to teach people like how stupid things you read on the inner make more than ten million dollars a year like as my income like it. So
My call him to do is look up why libraries, property value, like the property that my wine business sits on is worth more than that. So people not smart about like things like people, a cure, hucksters, when they make their network is twenty five million and the like see he's better than Gary Vienna, like you're, a fucking idiot, this guy selling infomercial products like you're, an idiot and there's a million of them. When so many people- I don't get, it don't understand the game, and so for me, I like that you're thinking twenty five years out, because Europe cause you damn fuckin right, these two interviews that we done you're gonna, get off shit load more lessons in twenty, thirty one, then you are right now when everybody way up one morning and whatever the business insider Wall Street Journal whenever FUCK were listening to start with today, virtual virtual sold for forty seven billion dollars investor Gary Baynard Shock made a wise that eight years ago, on ten percent big day for him? Yes, he's gonna buy the jets. After all, one african, they happens. People go to Google.
but whatever the fuck, you're doing man, you gotta, find this anomalous and every fuckin word, and you know what let me actually take myself out of this moment and put myself in twenty years. Without anybody. That's right exactly. I always knew it because when you understand yourself and you deploy self awareness, you get to navigate at a surgical level and that's how you win whether you're doing what I'm doing what you become the best parent of all time for the greatest policymaker or the greatest nonprofit. You know fund rays or whatever you want to cheap in your life. It is nothing but being self aware and playing all your energy against it. Just like Lebron James did just like Whitney Houston did and just like every great entrepreneur did. I love that. I think there's gonna be people who email NGO. I turned it off when he started talking about all this stuff and it'll, be like the things you said in the last three minutes: british sugar. I truly hope not, and I truly think that the people that do that, if you
forward them to me, so I can have a five minute one on one conversation, I would do that because anybody that was scared of what I just said is wired for failure in the short term, the long term, a marathon theory in you mentioned this a lot. I think about it all the time, because a lot of people go, you know you should start charging for the episodes it as their premium content. You can't do now, oh you can have people sponsor. The show was recurring income and they donors. and the strategy, because I'm thinking about how do I become the next Larry King, only a little bit more dynamic and no suspenders? You know I'm thinking of that kind of thing, and most people are not interested in that. There are true think about how they can buy a ferrari, and so in the next two years or one year or whatever shorting you what's even scarier. So that's all right! Next
you're, not even thinking about buying the broader figure. But how do I went the ferrari? Take a picture and put an end to ram and make people think that I'm a winner than leverage that is even worse, there you're right, that's even more sort of matter, that's nineteen percent of it you what we know, what we're circled around with that ninety percent of it. If he she wanted to new the behaviour by the Ferrari. I mean more excited It's not even that not even that is how to arbitrage. Renting the ferrari I'm underwent a baby harassed, I'm gonna get some models or strippers from biggest in the shot I'm gonna put. an instant people, you think I'm living a lifestyle arbitrage that ETA me they're, gonna sell them on how to There are, even though I didn't, or some other or shit, it's all about those baby dress I don't know where that came from many of you have then the can for just talking at. I think I saw picture along the way. I don't know there was a bulgarian party or some horse shit like I was a baby.
How can you, rather than with somebody, was holding just like this, should is taking its it's one thing: to get your body to take his money out of the bank and put on a bed hotel room a hundred thousand, take a pension and put it back in the bank could go that way to another thing: to rent a big time watch for the day and need Odin But it's another thing to spend a couple: Jews to rent a became car together. for an act like you bought it. It's a whole mother, fucking thing to put a baby giraffe and your phone, That is your right. That is next level showmanship for sure this does lead into an interesting how do you know if you're an entrepreneur in the first place, because I think a lot of people are more interested in faking. It do you think people are hard wired for this, or is it developed over time I think, the winning entrepreneur and what I said by the winning explore as somebody economy, ass. A million dollars, I think, is outrageous when there are no words, even five hundred dollars, so that you can really do it and live a top five percent lifestyle on their own. I was in their own business. I think that's hard wired. I do think that people can become the best version of a bunch of nor of themselves. By studying
by putting themselves out there by learning their craft, but I think of it the same way think about what I really do. Do I think I can become a very good hockey player, even though I ve never learned. Had I escaped the interests? Yes really do. I think I could become somebody could ever be anything more than a guy who could be I would in the wreck league- hopefully not ok. I was like you I'm to go we're gonna, be in the future, so that the problem and that, where your head went We listening everybody reading all the stuff everybody thinks you're gonna, be on the pantheon of like a millionaire do hardest. Milliner below the data is what is the debt nine ever looked at it? Actually, the top one percent in the United States makes four hundred twenty eight thousand dollars a year and that's across all age groups. Suddenly, that's your gross income adjusted gross income, not even that right, and this is across all age groups, because its different for eighteen, thirty, four thirty forty!
forty, five or whatever. Yet this is the? U S. Tax return people right himself, but you know how that is the I actually I mean you know crazy. That is like early, I'm doing a sailor money calculator here ago, four hundred thousand a year, if you like four hundred thousand a year, you were better than ninety nine percent of the rest of America, I look forward to delve margin to talks yeah that does a great speaking. We would like guys this is math. do you know what happens when you, the top one percent basketball player or singer or surfer, or anything so what because you ve, read one of my fucking books and listen to respond. Cassa go to fuckin class, you all of a sudden Let me come that its ludicrous talent is absolutely part of the equation big time much, but no bar, I think, there's an element as well as stealing yourself to criticism in this is from the book. You say
If you want to be an entrepreneur, if that's what you really really want, you cannot give a shit about what other people think of you, not even your parents, I won't lie. People will criticise you. They will, You mean things, maybe even hateful things, often because their jealous that you have the guts to get out there and dear thing or because they love you very much and are scared for you and that's. Ok. If you truly trust and believe in yourself, you will learn to ignore them and they will learn to accept your decisions. I mean I was told I was a shrink loser from first reading to twelve greater sums should student yeah, you got terrible grades. What did your hard working parents? Think about doubt by the way is, it seems antithetical to be a jewish immigrant, yandah, terrible student and yet have a really great work. Ethic. I'm kind of makes me think something who's going on all along. Did you know really that you weren't cut out for the traditional path by fourth grade I started communicating with my mom and dad, maybe my mama's scared, shitless my fourth grade, I was saying like look, I'm different. I'm gonna sell stuff, I'm a businessman
They used to call myself a businessman. The word entrepreneur wasn't lexicon. You know what I was unwavering. My mom would slap me. Yes, european mothers punch in the face. My mom would punish me no tv, no nintendo. You understand. I wasn't that scary fighter Would they punches hard? Is you can and they would just like the blood, on the side and then looking dead back in the face that's where I was and that's why I am like I just what we feel like I just have always been. Very, very, very comfortable in the fact that I felt like I got appeared to properly I got the right DNA. I had the right skills, I knew This was all gonna end up. I knew it from us, very young age, my teacher, but tell me I was a leisure. I would be polite because my mentor, they too, but I wouldn't my head say: you're a fucking, leisure and I would say show yeoman sticking your fucking face, and so the other thing is doing. interesting. I've spent some time with myself. This me talking to me
felt in the last year of my cursing and being polarizing on purpose, because I actually get motivated by people under estimating me and the collecting me in saying I'm not good is that my motivator Michael this morning goes I'd like you to get six reps here and I've got a lot sleep last night and I'm really been on point fuck. You MIKE, and I got seven right and I like it was hard what I was doing so, but I don't think you ve said. Let me get the six year like. Let's try six Europe that you have seven. I e the adversely, if I love being adjusted Anton, I love the losing and so weird I'm asking myself hey man. Are you sabotaging yourself in front of people because you want them to us some of you because you love the aha. I told you so got you. I knew you'd come around like his vanity, but we're not proud of it, trade like it's not a very noble thing to kind of sandbag yourself, because you get off on people
under estimating you and then you stunning them right? It doesn't seem like it would motivate a lot of people it could demon. had a lot of people, that's right people, I think of the other white right. Am I I'm losing more than winning unjust built. That way, not a really mean, though that is not educative, super well and I'm sure there's a bunch of people right now that completely understand this, and when took anthropology as these are humanity or understand. Psychology, like I'm sure, it's very basic, but like built that women I love the journey. I can't lose the scheme because it's the hunt right, I on the hunt like island, the process of trying to bide in your jets I'll be fine. If I dont like I'm so scared all my friends who, like eighty and ninety in seventy winner? Look I'm sorry. They won't understand like I want it. Yes, I do, but it's the hunt that gets me off. You obviously have a super competitive instinct Agree with that. I'm the worst version of who I am as a human is at sporting events. I'm a really bad guy. I'm disrespectful
I'm way more alpha that I am onstage and public, as some of you could not imagine, I get into a fight verbally I'm willing to get physical, I'm disrespectful to kids. heavily in front of Thorn five and seven year old kids, even when the poor, turn around and Satan. the aim in and am I came here, nothing such faces a football fucking game. What are you crazy? That's in second, and I'm not proud of it. I'm proud of myself in every place, I'm even in the cursing on stage, even in the ego of certain moments, including parts of this interview. I feel proud because I know comes from a good place. I M not officially on record. I am not happy with who I am at sporting events. Is the worst version of myself. It is the place where I can't control my motion because, unlike busy Some real life were arming control, I'm not in control of Carmelo
company or Brandon Marshall, yet I care so much we'll fit right in when you buy the jets, yelling and screaming on the sidelines. I'm asking this because at some level in correct me, if I'm wrong as I'm imputing this you is there a little resentment or maybe that's not the right word. When you see someone in business. That's a little bit ahead of you are not sing and learn from them are anything, but I'm in a good place for that. I'm so happy for Anybody that's winning you couldn't. Imagine I'll. Tell you why I believe in meritocracy an idle the market place dynamics, and if that person has been able to make the right decisions they deserve it.
I do not believe that anybody on earth is winning at my expense. That is a great answer, because, honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect there do you feel, like other people, winning helps drive you forward, because their paving the way? Absolutely I mean I think, of Chrysophora and I think of Travis. These are my contemporaries five six years ago and they ve gone two billion and their status in a couple of great decisions. Travis caloric see over Goober, that's right, so an palmed I mean you couldn't imagine how feel about them in Ferris. I think one of the great personal brands in this space, like nothing, makes me happier than his winning and I want him to become the biggest like. I don't think anybody can eat up all the success. not even remotely close, and so I especially people I know and then When people I don't know, but I know from afar as long as people winning in an ethical way and are stealing or cheating or ripping off somebody. I'm we very happy for them, even if they are directly and my John Raw there's, a wine start up in Australia. That's crushing the
clear, my industry palmed for them, even like a gold stores Freeze wine and liquor, which is my name Gary's, want a marketplace which is the biggest. Why my a competitor, New Jersey, some people, the guy Onek as its Gary's Right guy Gary fish. I have a lot of love for him. I have respect for him. I've watched him execute for thirty years and he's not agree. job and he deserves all his success, even though every dollar he makes comes at a wine libraries expense. I a meritocracy, capitalism and marketplace dynamics. More than I like my own vested interest and you were born in the communist country. Anatomy is fucking they are wrong. I mean like an honestly some of the contradictions that confuse people about me, but these are my treats and they will play out over the next fifty years to solidify my place wherever I deserve to be in the eye proper, normal lexicon. How do you keep the competitive instinct from
in your personal anger, familial relationship, because you could drive your family friends at nuts trying to compete with them all the time you turn it off to curb it. Somehow I mean uncompetitive, I'm very competitive, my dad and very competitive my brother, with everybody? Yes, but I definitely act differently in human world than I do I put on my jersey every day, which is business world. You know yeah. Ok, I can see that it's better to get in a fight over categories than it is over what you're gonna do with your play: pension plan or something that could break the ship I need you to build a hundred billion dollar revenue business in five minutes and have had bigger fights on the basketball court and on the board game Corps. any day remotely on business, it makes sense that you galvanise to be on the same team when it actually counts and the competitive brotherly kind of be asked.
Comes out on the driveway about like we're on the other side of each other than that scenario, but in vain or media were the same to you right exactly. You talk in the book about plan a plan b, but I'm wondering if you have a plan b. Does that mean at some level you're setting yourself for failure? Should you never have a plan b because you're super confident plan? I am a big fan of pay. Be plan C plan d and people, are you mad at me for that right? No, Gary theirs! I quote. If you have a plan b, usurper failure like no. If you please So a like it fully. We have a plan b, maybe fully out what lacking a really dangerous that and getting to suicide backing. The boar second got getting to losing your family back and get into the pressure you like my current plan B. Is the Gary be brand, not carry baynard shook the entrepreneur, an operator right, yes, like, I would tell you why I'm doing this book may be more than anything deep, deep, deep down. It's me.
clear me my plan b is that I talk about. Burning out as an operator. What I did how I hundred million dollar business says. Why did I stop because either They all do. I got burned out, but I'm If an audience were you know, maybe I talk about work life balance or I obviously have sort of taking care of my health. But I we start the deck Your cliche thing forty years ago. That's probably why I started getting serious about it. When I started having thought that I would have a heart attack and forty six and then who d, where my plan B would chicken and that's what I would talk about, which is pay all the success. the world isn't worth your health you're. Two things. I did Isaac wait a minute, I'm foreshadowing! Let's get serious about myself, I mean it's unbelievable. The second is I'm talking to you, I'm in the best shape of my life. You can tell you look good by the way I appreciate and it's crazy. I see it a lobbies improving somebody the content and are doing a bunch of mashed, and I was a game I didn't think I looked back I was small frame. I wasn't obviously
we're way my way was proportioned, but I mean I look way different than I did twenty four months ago. You know- and so am I you'll different than its grey anyway, I don't get offered you want. A lot of only gets more info in year. Plan B is the Gary brand. I can make three to five million dollars, your speaking, if I had to even with a loss on my recipe. Yes, how do we balance the hunger required to achieve planet while not taking too much comfort in plan B by Canada, its emotional intelligence, Jordan, by knowing that's the case. I know down, I have that plan b, but it's always planet your boss, so it's like having it but relying on it. This is the Jordan Harbinger show with our guest Gary Vainer Chuck, we'll be right back. This episode, sponsored in part by Glenn Glenfiddich Glenfern breaks from the single malt Scotch whisky Norman helps redefine what it means to be rich lot of us get bogged down in material success, the currency
rich is getting more time in enjoyment out of what we ve already got. A Gary Vainer Chuck he's a very successful guy, there's gonna know if sands or buts about writing guy flies a jet to sit in a bar and look at the games, but he's constantly underlining the value of family work. The process you ve heard him say things like. I secretly wish I could lose it all so that I can rebuild it now. I've done that. I wouldn't recommend that, but you really can see how, if you have your head on straight and your loving the work, your loving the process. That is what makes you rich right. Ok, paying your bills got it, but if you are really enjoying the crap out of what you're doing and your manic about it, like some people, we know that, for many of us is true wealth thanks to Glenfern, for making this episode possible skilfully crafted enjoy responsibly Glenn, Frederick twenty twenty one imported by William Grant Incense Ink New York New York. This episode is also sponsor.
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passed out, lost any equation. I'm a million dollars in a bank account that I make pretend doesn't exist just in case. That's like my version of it, you just ass. I know it's there. I, like literally how to recall a right now, it's the first time I've thought about in the eleven months. What do you think separates the people who take your information and act on it versus people who simply find a motivation in it? I think the real talent Jean both work ethic desire the capability to actually pull it off the people. Listen to me and will never do anything about it. Use me as a comfort and escape is what people use television or sports for music? And I think that's great and I'm happy about that I actually think it provides value. I think for a lot of people see everybody is here, glass empty and I'm half Glasgow. Let me explain, I think those people a lot of
for my world. You no one talks about the fifteen people aid. If they got together. Talk about, it would say, are those people right? I don't. I yell at them sometimes go you're such an asshole Do you understand how much value brings a person you're there tonight show your there's Elda you're there near jets, you're there Leonardo Caprio newer their run DMZ when there, swimming you. They don't have to think about what they are in tune to which his ship, I'm not gonna, pull this off and I'm not be about it, you're there escapism and your providing them real value, because life is hard and complicated and for those thirty storing the Asker Review shower daily, being from the hour of the Jordan Parkers like your providing them comfort and value and that's a very powerful and then for smaller group your laying the motivation blueprint that you're gonna go out, change your wife. You draw the distinction between being students and being a practitioner. What is the difference in your opinion between us two things
Ninety nine percent of shit that everybody in social media, marketing and branding and content say every day and social media that I read and I laughed including some of it. list names on the game because they actually have never used a snapshot. Giovanni they ve never run hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. If not tens of thousands of dollars and Facebook adds yet they have very strong opinions about Facebook advertising. The people that write articles four Forbes are fortunate, How, then, are contradiction to the common conversation just grab the headline, yet there logic makes no sense, they don't never used. Periscope or Facebook live or a twitter GEO add is the difference between all the things I've been saying about snapshot and the fifty hucksters they ve been following me very carefully, packaged up all my clothes. Headlines and a couple of others and now so a three hundred dollars. a book on how to use now. So it there's no reason this stuff only deal what it sounds like you're saying you know what everything else in world. Yes, you know the way every athlete looks at every
honestly, when they have an opinion about it right. Every armchair quarterback- become very friendly with a lot of athletes. Cause athletes now care about. Best thing and care about personal brands and social media. So I've been in the sweet spot, as you can imagine for a lot of people that are turned off by me. An enormous amount of kids I grew up in. yet? Oh and had nothing became athletes. They love my business communications, diverse as others right. I've made a lot of friends about world and it is stunning I would have never thought as a Monday morning, quarterback the level of utter not disdain for, like just He wore an utter like they laughed at any of us to talk about stuff, because we have no clue the seven days a week. Getting paired for a sporting event on Sunday or the ground You have an mba schedule or want your life is like since
the age of nine being proved to be a world class athlete and the right I've become so like awakened by my own experiences and entrepreneurship shouldn't. Do you know how pumped I'm about daily day? I do not know, but I can only guess what do you know satisfying. It is for people that, like you, know very well, and I mean like your actual friends. We have dinner with them In times a year emailing you insane fuck man. I thought I knew but now that I think about it? That's right. We only see each other during these times cause you're fucking really work fucking sixty at midnight today. Aren't you like a monkey? Am here? What do you think you think I was lying to you like? You, think you think I'm trying to sell you something It made me feel better. What about your kids? You ve got these little kids and your teaching them these different gives you. Are you trying to push him in the way to become entrepreneurs? What are you doing to parent wise to get this rock and roll? Because I can't see you pushing the kids in the direction of go. Work for GM and Hr Department you'd be stunned.
This is another contradiction. I I'm gonna do exactly what my mom did for me and my dad I'm gonna support. I could hear less how their wired or what they decided to do, I'm going to support it in a way like you, ve, never seen before, meaning look when you were really successful. Father, mother, here's! What happens you look at that mountain They are meant to climb the shit out of that and I'm a fucking prove the world raw. I would have been great with a dad that was a billionaire to become a trillion, because I want my birthday right like I love that But who would have thought daddy? Did it my daddy's better than me- and I will go fuck- you daddy and the rest of the world, because that's why I'm right well yeah? We know that, but I think for my kids. They may do what ninety some kids do. What do they look about mountain and the like fuck that were they?
the mountain and they feel guilty that they took private planes to the suitable and they want to start a non profit or be an artist or bring other value to the world like in a different way than business. Does right. So if my kids want to be a teacher, if my kids wanna make statues in I were if my kids wanna be comedians I won't let my kids do, spend daddy's money in a bad way that doesnt work I value to somebody else, but if they want to provide value to people in a way that means a day the good work and be had of each hour. Gm because that's what makes them happy why were they react to the reality? I will support them as long as you're good human beings, as long as they dont bye, baby giraffes as long as I understand why they bought the baby draft. You know right prick me into saying you know dad I'm doing this because at the and I'm gonna go ah see this is all ship is like. If I know what you're doing is trying to provide value to something, somebody Amin, if they're just fucked, where, because of the wealth,
they were surrounded by or the notoriety undistorted, feel it a little bit because you know the last eighteen months for my brand. I'm pretty intense, ask Airy b, and this daily be especially and snapchat have changed the amount of people that come up in public on now add one two three people a day, verses, one every thirty days. Only eighteen months ago, right I'll come back out the show and knowing I content, has been on fuckin fire for the last eighteen months. fairly quiet for three years right, so you know me she's, noticing it right. Like you know she sees like people like getting excited and taking a selfie, and so it's gonna be interesting man, but what I can tell you is ominous support them on two percent. Now. Is it true that you play back? with your son, Zander in the living room and cries when you pick up the bark, as he knows, you're gonna, Blockin, very good,
by a majority picked it up, and I have to add a little bit. Zander has not scored a basket army at her ease to right away three three years old, I would say that gender is minimum, leave, not gonna score for the next ten years. Why do you blow your three year old son and living or basketball, you never let him score. He cries because, like I did it for a Jay, he's one person's enemy go the other way, but for now, until I realize I have to stop, I realised within J at six or seven. but I was doing the right thing right that it was getting him did he was working on his left hand, he he looked at adversity and decided to climb the mountain if, in five or six years for three years two years. I think Zander dropping the ball and walking away. I like leaving he doesn't have that gene and then I will support it, the different way, but for now I don't know- and this will be better if he wants to go that route. My prediction is one day he dunks on you and it's the most proud day of your in his life.
At that time, when it be me on one or one, many was seventeen. Eighty on sixteen nineteen, I don't when there is incorrect or feeling listen accomplishing something in a true environment is the greatest feeling, a biased. And that's why I love business. You want a lot about business like, for example, all these hucksters, anyone doing to any again. Just everybody knows one topic We're littered right now with marketers and coaches and experts that are just not back their hacking. Hacking system system do not win. We ve seen these guys and gals forever and yes, stable winning is winning, doesn't come just in the form of money. For example. Everybody old cares way more about how they made their money versus how much they made a good point. I have noticed that I never really thought about it, I spent a lot of time with old people and I did my early twenties. I've stopped because I think I got what I needed. I really want
We're stand in the way, people that lived it. What do they think about? They thought about family time there care about money. They cared about being respected. They cared about the legacy they were leaving. The unease were successful. People unjust. like old man. Magee there wasn't my playground. You know what I was Who, like work, that the Johnson Johnson for fifty years, you know like they care about the right stuff to stop its noble and that's right, about right now, some of those they may be able to bang some hotter checks. They may be able to make a couple more million bucks quicker faster. I mean it, in the long term. Nobody knows they are in ten years. More importantly, they're gonna have children who are gonna, be arrest about how their dad made their money doing I was, I know right now that I've husbands in whether its I'm a lamb or look, did something any order who literally don't tell other like I see them in settings, will be a business networking thing I all these things. We would all be talking Eu Jordan at some like business, cement and I'll, be going through the motions, but I'll actually be paying attention
to the conversations and left the boss, which is two wives and one of the way we'll say otherwise, like all what does your husband do, and I know that I ve been very well. I know exactly how he made his money, not good, and I see answer from the woman and it's fucking embarrassment and there's nothing worse. You can't be that guy can't be that guy and other people can the wire differently model tat. Do you I don't judge you, I don't. I do not judge you, however, when you try to tell the young unimpressionable or the old and desperate This is the way to do it. Fuck you that's. Why I'm loud now and that's why go on the orphans I walked through, you wonder to us. I don't win by chopping down other people's trees. Unjust build the biggest tree and amazingly like look at battery and I'm show them.
Right way to do it. Legacy is greater than currency forever. Homey you talk about playing in the white space working around the system, not within the system. What is the white space and how do we find it? That's tough show, I think, the White space right now, for me this fifty five minutes and forty six seconds? I know you it so also an example of times, but you know my current white spaces, I'm gonna be the purest spread most honest most. Noble entrepreneur in a world where I think we the emergence of hawks for entrepreneurs. That's my white space, where not interview was literally my white space per se. I'm gonna, write a nineteen dollar book that give so much value, nothing. I just wanted to cry out a book, but I want to kill to everybody else into making better books for everybody, because, like shit, ask everybody was so good. I want everybody is running. A business spoke, that's coming out. This fall next winter next year to read this, and we like shit and make a better book is better for the market. You know yeah, I do now
and I agree with raising the bar the other way to find the white spaces pay attention to what everybody is reacting to have become unbelievably cynical to it. What does that mean? It means if everybody's like it's all about snapshot and I'm saying that will then become cynical to it. When you become settled, Oh, you ve got to also be open to being right or wrong right. You can't be blindly cynical, so you got a poke kind of what you did with me to open new poked and then eventually said. Okay. This is real and you'll put the next person poke when everybody is doing. Why screaming the best? Ok poke! That means using the means watch. Fifty people use it come up in your own opinion, not because I say so, not because everybody says so right. Yeah right so basically tried out. Put me up. Taste taste taste, you know like kroner for delicious, but don't you say there delicious, because everybody is talking about him. Go eat one, not too many Kronos, but try couple correct right. I'll, give you good one. I will never meditate and meditations about to become huge. It's you
absolutely meditations could become coffee and full cycle in America, the next five years and I'll never do it, because I'm scared of current followed, my brain, and, if you like my brains, perfect, So we know everybody says it's great bright and everybody says I need to emphasise that the present what happened to them. I know myself, so why but I just follow that somebody used the white space. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. what I'm here and right now. That's for sure you have contact with tons of younger entrepreneurs, what's it for, between the way young entrepreneurs in their twenties in the older guys in, and I put that an air clothes and authorities and fortys do business. What are the differences and what can we learn from each other? Your gift is your course. Twenty year old entrepreneurs think anything is possible. And then they become overconfident and get caught by mistakes. It's also their gift. Thirty to forty year old people, tend to be more practical leave, learn from their strengthen the mistakes and they don't take his big of risk so every day I'm pulling in opposite directions of being twenty and forty I tried him.
keep challenging myself into random crazy shit like a daily glad we're like all the factors opening up Europe offers, keep challenge you myself, events, but I've learned from my other mistakes. It can't do everyday empower, people did it ended up, and so it's really a funny contradiction. The strength is the weakness, which is find naivete and faith and bravado an optimism and that can catch you. I also do think. There's a lot of fake aren't because right now, because there's an entitlement that if union twenties, you should be an entrepreneur because a sharp tank because of the Social network movie because of like this rock star status of entrepreneurship. So there's a cow more twenty year olds in the game? Now that shook number threes enforce instead a number ones and that's a little bit of it. This is why most forty year old word when selling blowpipe sincere and high school- yes, absolutely and they ve seen a recession, yes, which helps a lotta younger people haven't,
That's right. You mentioned earlier. One of the best ways to go out of business is to make a motion or decisions or get romantic about how you make your money or let your emotions get away the task. What does that mean to get round and think about how you make your money, and can you give us some examples of emotional decision making, but I'm glad that question I get the clarified here. Being romantic about you make money. This is how I define it. It means that, if you're successful right this minute, look at the way you're making your revenue and understand somebody's gonna. Try to describe that. If you are the top of your game, you know me should have invented goober, not Garrick, Camp and Travis, the guy that on the biggest cab fleet in the world Yeah. You would think you know who should have invented here baby, the the Starwood group, not three entrepreneurs in San Francisco. In ocean, but why library, Dotcom, Samson, Chicago or Zack ease? jerry lemons or came out the biggest liquor force at the time, so
you're at the height of your game. You need to understand that people can disrupt the young people. Listening to you right now, taking all their money can running, want affiliate arbitrage, Google, Adwords, Ophelia marketing, other arbitrage ways and its mainly on desktop computer conversion. I'm not the whole world's going mobile and their numbers aren't as good as mobile, and I've only got twenty four months of this fruitfulness. I dont know the answer to that, but I assume you do I have intuition. I don't have the exact the answer, but I know a lot of people are making their money on conversion based marketing when the marketing, immersion based changes. We have, optimization changes when it goes from desktop the mobile. Let's go back to emotional decisions. You mention that in the book is well examples of emotional decisions. Can you give us an example of an emotional decision? I called a cup, taxing guys and said, was coming and they said, will never work tv people that don't believe Netflix is really gonna win right and right now Time Warner Comcast can be winning they could be doing better job. Just your million. I mean podcasting
rolling right now, but you're comes anchor, could disrupt you like. You should be on anchor right now. I don't know you, you need to constantly I believe in your bullshit. I agree with that. What we do for the type of person and makes emotional decisions is there some way to stop ourselves from doing it is at a habit that can be cultivated are broken? I think that gets into What place rhino understand. I think that goes to you know going to therapists. Rewiring So I dont understand that I can just social commentary and give examples and then but he has to make their own decisions. You know like. I will myself to victory. I just mentally got my place until over a six month period to fix my house that wasn't working me for thirty years, but I can't sit here and be. I can have the Odessa. the decision will be like: hey everybody mentally. Will yourself right? Everybody does it differently. Everybody does it's basically mental, an emotional strength and stuff. It's like getting back in shape. This is awesome. I know you gotta run through what I think is the best interviewed ever had. I think it's really a damn good.
The last one we did is pretty damn good or too so might be tied brothers they well. If you're looking for another episode of the Jordan Harbinger show to sync your teeth into here's, a trailer with Vince Visor, it's all about sand. You heard me sand, it's actually quite fascinating. There are even sand if he is killing people over sand, if anybody told me three four years ago that I was gonna, be spending by every waking, our thinking in talking about sand. I would have just left its act. The most important, solid substance on earth these about fifty billion tons of sand every year. That's enough where the entire state of California, every single year every year we use- of concrete to build a wall. Ninety feet, high and ninety feet across right, The way around the planet at the equator, a bunch of sand might get Bro half of the mountain top down into a plain somewhere and then
that sand gets buried under subsequent geological layers and pushed down under the earth and compressed and turned into sandstone, then that sandstone may get pushed up it and by geologic forces over hundreds of thousands of years and worn away again and again broken down back into greens. So an individual grain of sand can be millions of years old was fully eclipsing the rate of creation probably sitting in a building made of just a huge pile of sand. the roads connecting all those governments also made. I've said the glass, the windows and all those buildings also made us in the microbes, The power computers are cell phones, Oliver, other Digital Betty's also from San too, sin. No modern civilization, craziest thing about it is. We are starting to run out for more
or on? Why sand as the next petroleum, like resource and some crazy stories about San pirates and the black market for sand check out episode? Ninety seven with Vince Visor right here on the Jordan Harbinger show big thanks to Gary View. It's always so much there, without, especially when you get him to open up and sort of like turn off the performer persona forbid, which, as you know, he's is used to that, but he's Mohammed go way way back. I mean this is probably fourteen years fifteen years now that we go back so it's always good to chat with Gary links to his stuff will be in the show notes. The website at Jordan Harbinger dot com. Please use our website links. If you buy books or anything from our guests, it does help support the show worksheets for episodes are in the show notes. Transcripts are in the shown us as well, I'm at Jordan Harbinger on both Twitter and Instagram, or hit me I'm linked in I'm teaching you how to connect with great me
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